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Rabbi: ‘Jews can pray in mosques’

Last year, Israeli Rabbi Baruch Efrati told a questioner that Jews are permitted to pray in mosque but not in a church as the later houses idols.

It would be better to pray in a mosque and do so with meaning and after the sun rises, rather than at home, at dawn or at the airport and without meaning. Of course this solution is not perfect, but it’s the best option. There is no prohibition in praying in mosques,” – Israeli daily YNet, February 13, 2011.

Masjid Al-Iman in Parkchester (East Bronx) has put that in practice by allowing Chabad Jews to pray inside the mosque on regular basis. It shows centuries-old Islamic tolerance toward other religions at the time when mosques are torched and vandalized by Zionist Jew-Christian-Hindus around the world.
People have a misconception that Muslims hate Jews. But here is an example of them working with us,” says Yaakov Wayne Baumann who performs his Jewish prayers at the Masjid Al-Iman on regular basis. The mosque is established by Imam Sheikh Moussa Drammeh 49 – an immigrant from Gambia in West Africa.

Bronx which used to home to over 600,000-strong Jewish community – has lost most of its members to Israel. In 2002, the Jewish population dropped to 46,000. On the other hand the Muslim population of the borough is increasing due to Afro-American residents’ conversion to Islam and new emmigration from African countries. Currently, there are five Muslim worship places in Bronx including the Al-Iman mosque.
All Jewish rabbis are not Islam-hating Zionazis. For example, Rabbi Haim Ovadia at of Kahal Joseph Congregation in Los Angeles, California, in 2008 had claimed himself to be a Jew of Islam.

I am a Jew of Islam because Judaism under the rule of the crescent took a different course than that under the rule of the cross. The Jews of Islam, although decreed by the Pact of Omar as dhimmis, or second class citizens, never experienced the same level of hatred, anti-Semitism and persecution which were their daily bread in Christendom. They were not demonized as god killers and did not have to defend their religion in public disputations. They were not expelled en-masse on religious grounds from a Muslim country as they were from England, France and Catholic Spain,” wrote Rabbi Haim Ovadia.

Last year, a well-known Jewish poet and historian, Tamam Kahn, published a biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), entitled UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad in which she praised his great tolerance towards other Abrahamic religions by marrying among Jews (Juwayriya bint al-Harith and Safiyya bint Huyayy) and Christians (Maria al-Qibtiyya).

In 2010, Hebrew-speaking Israeli Muslim physician Dr. Izseldin Abuelaish, wrote a book, entitled ‘I shall not hate‘ in memory of his three daughters and a niece mudered by Jewish rockets while sleeping in their Gaza home.

American Jewish photographer and producer of documentary, ‘God’s House, Norman Gershman says: “To me Islam is poetry, is science, is to be with the Divine. Islam is beauty“. The documentary is based on the stories of Jewish families who were saved by Albanian Muslims by putting their lives at risk.

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“Masjid Al-Iman in Parkchester (East Bronx) has put that in practice by allowing Chabad Jews to pray inside the mosque on regular basis.”

THIS is called inviting the DEVIL into your home!

CHABAD LUBAVITCH is notorious as constituting the real terrorist sleeping cells (remember the Mumbai Attacks in India!) that pollute the entire Western world.

Here, in the United Kingdom of Judah, CHABAD LUBAVITCH and COMMON PURPOSE controls the local government, the MPs and the Councillors, including the Police, that is, the life of everybody at the regional level. At national level, the Jewish Lobby is omnipotent!

When Muslims (like me and my Brother, for example!) cannot even worship FREELY in their own Masajid (“mosques”), how is it good news that supporters of APartheid Israel can have TOTALLY FREE access to it? We have both kept away from the Masajid for nearly ten years, now, at least since 9/11 and completely since 2006, a year after 7/7.

When you play with fire, you always get burnt! Anyway, Muslims are already a half-dead people!

Ghyslaine ROC
Sunday 29th of January 2012


I endorse the above comment made by Ghyslaine ROC.

Before Jews are allowed into any Masjid to worship GOD, they must first denounce BY OATH the bastard apartheid entity known as Eretz Israel!


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