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Muslims By Birth, Not By Faith (Part I) – by Mohamed Khodr

One must ask the Muslim militants this most important and basic of all questions. What Revelation or Book and Prophet or Messenger do you follow to commit such crimes against Islam and humanity? It most certainly is not the Holy Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad given that all your crimes against humanity directly violate and contradict God’s Book and His Prophet Muhammad.
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United States, Zionism

Hagel In The Dock: The Aipac Dog Bites A Man – by Dr. Alan Sabrosky

There may not be a magic bullet to end the Zionist domination of the American political process, but in Chuck Hagel, we got a dud. I do not regret supporting him at the beginning, but I wish he had shown more fortitude as the process degenerated — admittedly a lot to ask, but then the position to which he was nominated cries out for someone like that, which it has not had for many years. Well, perhaps next time — if there is one — it’ll be a Marine in his place.
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Israel, Judaism, Religion
Haredi Jews

Israel’s Coming “Civil War”: Haredim Jews Confront the Militarized Secular Zionist State – by Prof. James Petras

The Haredim share a common plight with Israel’s Arab population: Both communities face increasing police harassment, discrimination, religious persecution and rising levels of poverty. A Haredim-Arab alliance would unite 30% of the population against a common secular militarist and plutocratic enemy. A study in 2006 claimed that over a third of Israeli Jews identified the Haredim as the most unpopular group in Israel .
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History, Israel

Jamal Kanj: The myth of the Jewish people

Jamal Kanj highlights recent scientific research which proves that in 1948 “the children of the original Jews” – the Palestinians – were replaced by 8th century converts with no roots in the Middle East.
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Israel, UK, Zionism

Stuart Littlewood: Britain’s UKIP – another Zionist lobby tool

Stuart Littlewood considers the latest Israeli stooge on Britain’s political scene, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), whose allegiance to Israel completes a circle of allies that has some of Europe’s most odious parties.
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Palestine, United States

Alan Hart: What do Obama and Abbas have in common?

Alan Hart examines what it would take for Obama and Abbas to stop being grovellers to Israel and the Zionist lobby, and wonders if they’d both be assassinated if they ceased grovelling.
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Terrorism, War

Lawrence Davidson: US presidents, war and institutionalizing abuse

Lawrence Davidson analyses the conditions that have led to the institutionalization of abuse of power, including the creation and rationalization of criminal conspiracies, by US presidents sworn to uphold the law.
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what if

Paul Craig Roberts: What If?

What ifs are provocative, and that is what makes them fun. Thinking is America’s national disability. I’m all for anything that provokes Americans to think.
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Israel, United States, War Crimes

Israeli Operation Cast Lead Gaza Massacre, Israeli & American War Crimes

This “Video” graphically depicts in part the most vile, evil, inhuman Zionist Israeli behavior and actions against the ever suffering practically defenseless Palestinian people of Gaza who have no military or sophisticated American made weapons as Israel has, to defend and protect them from the unwarranted cowardly Israeli military attacks, mayhem and massacres.
This presentation is a Memorial and a Requiem for the Dead of Gaza, Honouring the Valiant Palestinian People and a Monument to the People of Gaza.
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Peace, War, Zionism

Bishop Donald R. Corder: People of Good Conscience

Those who are of good conscience must consider these things, whether they be so. And find for themselves whether wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness or is it better to have a mind positioned in nothingness? Political realities are issues of the heart of leadership and although prayer changes things. Change must begin in our own hearts and wisdom manifests within the spirit of our minds. Where regard is rendered unto knowing that through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: Wherewith, by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Then, let us all learn from a truth, “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with the spirit of all wisdom.” From such a place shall we not be made free indeed?
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Boycott, Freedom of Speech, Grassroots Activism

Lawmakers Threaten Funding of Brooklyn College for Hosting Event on BDS Campaign Against Israel

New York politicians are threatening to cut funding to Brooklyn College if the school hosts a forum Thursday night about the BDS movement. The council members’ threat is just one of several efforts by local lawmakers, from Congress on down, to pressure Brooklyn College to remove its sponsorship or even cancel the event. The school is vowing to proceed with the event.
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Politics, UK

Paul Moss: I am an Englishman

England! What of England is it the USAF aircraft carrier? Is it a small part of Europe? Or is it the seat of the powers that Empirically strip the world of its dignity, I personally believe that these seats are spread far and wide, all I know is I am ashamed when I now say I am an Englishman and I sorely wish I were not ashamed, for that England was a Dream that nearly came into being, but now blood is everywhere.
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Israel, War Crimes
The Gatekeepers

Lawrence Davidson: The Gatekeepers – demolishing the Zionist narrative

To date, Israel’s leaders and Zionist supporters have shown an amazing capacity to ignore all criticism. The newly re-elected prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has let it be known that he has no intention of watching The Gatekeepers. It is also questionable how many of those who voted for him, or other right-wing politicians, will bother to seek the documentary out.
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Human Rights, Israel, War Crimes, Zionism

William A. Cook: Neither Justice Nor Morality – Just Impunity From Crimes Against Humanity

Until and unless we eradicate injustice, we have no reason to know beauty, for all that we create is tainted by that injustice pretending all is well with our world. Truth does not exist if injustice surrounds us and we are silent in our complicity. Proclaiming moral virtue in a world awash in crimes against humanity is condoning the crimes unless we act to eradicate the crimes.
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Grassroots Activism, United States

Mohamed Khodr: A Petition to Reclaim Our Government, Our Democracy, Our Future from Israel

America, two hundred and thirty seven years ago we overthrew a colonial foreign power that occupied our land, stole our treasury, and dictated its interests upon Americans. Americans launched a revolution against the most powerful military in the world and won. The United States of America was founded as a FREE, independent, and SOVEREIGN NATION, only to see another foreign nation, ISRAEL, use insidious stealth power of money, media, and lobbies to once again dictate its will and policies upon a most obliging compliant federal government.
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Failures, United States

Stephen Lendman: Hillary Clinton – Profile of Imperial Arrogance and Lawlessness

Hillary Clinton represents the worst of imperial arrogance. She supports the worst of Israeli lawlessness. She was one of the largest recipients of defense contractor cash. She backed war on Afghanistan and Iraq. She opposed a Democrat resolution. She supported restriction-free nuclear cooperation with Israel and other US allies violating NPT provisions. She endorsed nuclear weapons use in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She calls them deterrents that “keep the peace.
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Human Rights, United States, War Crimes

Clive Hambidge: The American Manifest Destiny

American progress is, has been, constructed on abuse and contempt for the sovereignty of other nations and their people and is thereby racist. American peace, American liberty, American freedom, and the ruthless pursuit of happiness for American citizens is the dream, but the manifest truth is, that American citizens are facing social meltdown and immizeration at home as their military and intelligence agencies kill abroad for profit. This America we hold to be self evident. “The idea of rights is nothing but the concept of virtue applied to the world of politics. By means of the idea of rights men have defined the nature of licence and of tyranny …  no man can be great without virtue, nor any nation great without the respects for rights.” (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America [1835] 1991:219). This America must be your manifest duty to understand. How can you export American Democracy to a distrusting world when “you have no product?” (Cindy Sheehan).
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Syria, War

Jamal Kanj: Megalomaniac vs monomaniacs in Syria

Regardless of the conqueror, Syria – even if it remains united – will emerge as a devastated nation that relies on international benefactors to rebuild its infrastructure and economy. To Israel’s delight, the outcome of the conflict will leave the US and Russia, after the people of Syria, as the biggest strategic losers.
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Israel, UK, Zionism

Stuart Littlewood: The curious case of David Ward’s scalp

If you call yourself “the Jewish State” (even though it’s really a Zionist state), and tell everybody it’s the “Jewish Homeland” and hide behind the Jewish faith, your crimes will inevitably reflect badly on ‘the Jews’, or Jewish people generally. So how is this new language rule going to work? In what circumstances, exactly, mustn’t David Ward or other Liberal Democrats use that dreaded phrase ‘the Jews’?
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Israel, Zionism

Alan Hart: Anti-Semitism: What it IS and is NOT

it is perfectly possible to be passionately anti-Zionist (anti Zionism’s colonial enterprise), and fiercely condemnatory of the policies of Zionism’s in-Israel leaders, without being in any way, shape or form anti-Semitic. An anti-Semite today is a truth-telling person Jews who support the Zionist state of Israel RIGHT OR WRONG not only dislike but want to silence.
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911, Human Rights, Terrorism, United States

Richard Falk: Zero Dark Thirty & American Exceptionalism

The particulars of this Operation Neptune Spear (the US Government code name) are ventures that only the United States, and possibly Israel, would undertake, and that their unabashed victory claim, is a notorious instance of American Exceptionalism, namely, an assertion that the United States can do what others must not dare to do, and can even provide for itself a legal rationale with the arrogant label ‘not for use by others.’
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Israel, Zionism
israel nazi

Israel: Third Term or Third Reich?

The lens of reality is not one used by mainstream American media, unfortunately, and so the Palestinian internment progresses largely unchecked. At the end of the day the Israelis will go on governing themselves. What’s worse is that Netanyahu will be forced, as usual, to form a coalition within the Knesset and will likely align with the ultraconservative rather than move to the center. Palestinians live without autonomy in a land that was originally theirs, ever heard this storyline before?
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Freedom of Speech, Grassroots Activism, Human Rights, War

Glenn Greenwald: Obama’s non-closing of GITMO, kind NYT headlines, and US government irony

The excuse used to justify Obama’s failure to close GITMO is incomplete and misleading. Obama’s plan was never to close Gitmo as much as it was to re-locate it to Illinois: to what the ACLU dubbed “Gitmo North”.
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Bleeding Edge, Egypt

Stephen Lendman: Islamofascist Rule in Egypt

Doublespeak duplicity conceals tyranny. Democracy is verboten. It’s not tolerated. Hardline rule is policy. So are social injustice and anti-worker practices. Egypt’s new constitution establishes Islamofascist rule. Junta power heads it. Repression confronts resisters. Morsi claims dictatorial executive powers. Constitutional rights don’t matter. Nor does press freedom. Security forces can detain protesters indefinitely.
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Israel, Racism

Stephen Lendman: Netanyahu’s Apartheid Government

Polls show they favor defense and settlement construction cuts. Netanyahu prioritizes increasing them. He dismisses public sentiment out of hand. He’s favored to remain prime minister anyway. Israelis will have themselves to blame. They’ll have to explain why they voted the wrong way. They repeat the same mistakes and expect change. They’re stuck in the rut they themselves dug. Nothing post-election looks promising.
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Podcast, Religion, Zionism
Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi: Christian Zionism and American Islamophobia [podcast]

Philip Giraldi, Director of the Council for the National Interest, discusses the “Christian Zionism and American Islamophobia” conference on January 30 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.; the peculiar interworking of American end-times theology and Israeli politics; the CIA’s skepticism on the effectiveness of drone strikes; and how fleeing Syrians are creating a refugee crisis and security problems.
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Israel, Nuclear Weapon, United States, Videos
Abby Martin talks to Grant Smith, Director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, about NUMEC, Israel's nuclear ambiguity and nuclear secrets.

Nuclear Weapons: What’s worse, poisoning by Israel, or gagging by U.S. government?

Grant F. Smith appeared on Abby Martin’s global broadcast today to discuss the Israeli nuclear weapons program. Topics covered included the diversion of weapons-grade uranium from Apollo, Pennsylvania, the U.S. government’s ongoing fight against releasing classified documents on Israeli nukes, the bankruptcy of “nuclear ambiguity.”
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UK, Zionism
Copy of Alistair Carmichael’s letter to Karen Pollock CEO of Holocaust Education al Trust

Stuart Littlewood: Truth-telling British MP in Zionists’ crosshairs

The challenge to Zionist’s unspeakable behaviour is not going away, nor should it until the regime’s attitude changes fundamentally and the occupation ends. In the meantime those who support, defend and perpetuate it must accept some of the blame.
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Economics, Syria, War

Michel Chossudovsky: US-NATO “Economic Terrorism”: The Collapse of Syria’s Industry and Agriculture

The Syrian economy is being hit by the combined impacts of the US-NATO sponsored terrorist attacks and the economic sanctions regime. The ultimate objective of the US-NATO covert war on Syria is the destabilization of the Syria economy and the destruction of Syria as a nation state.
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Human Rights, Israel, War Crimes

Stephen Lendman: Medical Negligence Kill Palestinians in Israeli Prisons

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners suffer needlessly. Many are disabled. Some are paralyzed. Prison authorities don’t help. Israel is a serial abuser. Palestinians suffer most. Murder by medical neglect is policy. Gulag prison hell enforces it. Justice is systematically denied.
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Democracy, Israel, Zionism
Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews

Elias Akleh: Israeli Election; Fake Democracy

A lot had been written about last week’s Israeli election. Unfortunately, most of these writings lack real substance and discuss only results, political parties, personality profiles, anticipated future coalition partners, and unrealistic delusional predicted effects on peace process and on the Palestinians. All these writings gave the illusion that Israel is democratic rather than extreme racist theocratic colonial state.
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Israel, Zionism
Yair Lapid, Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s left turn to the far right

This election has been a personal blow to Netanyahu, but not to the right. Netanyahu misread the public mood, but not on the central issues that should define the left-right divide in Israel: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and decades of belligerent Israeli occupation. Far from a collapse of the right, the election demonstrated that the right is continuing to push the center of political gravity ever further rightwards.
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Israel, UK, Zionism
Palestine holocaust

William A. Cook: Verbal Defecation Buries Jews Truth

If truth be told, it did not take “a few years” for the Jews to inflict “unbelievable levels of persecution” on the indigenous people of Mandate Palestine; the persecution began in earnest in 1939 against the British, the British Mandate Government established in 1922 by the League of Nations to maintain order and peace in Palestine. The Zionists undertook “a war against the British Mandate Government, its Police and Soldiers” while it lobbied and subverted the MP’s in Westminster with propaganda and money.
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Israel, United States, Zionism
Hagel lost and sold his soul, honor, dignity, self respect, courage, and principles to a powerful minority to secure a government job.

Mohamed Khodr: Amendment to U.S. Constitution. President Nominates Hagel, Israel Lobby Gives “Advise and Consent”, Not U.S. Senate

In effect, Hagel imbibed, adopted, and swallowed Israel’s laundry list of demands. NOTHING BUT ISRAEL is the concern of Jewish Americans in and out of government, the rest of the world can go to hell. Hagel lost and sold his soul, honor, dignity, self respect, courage, and principles to a powerful minority to secure a government job.
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UK, Zionism
Liberal Democrat MP in the UK, David Ward

Stuart Littlewood: UK Liberal Democrats in a funk over free speech (again)

The UK Liberal Democrats track record is one of gutlessness and hypocrisy. They have the oldest Friends of Israel setup in the British parliament and now are in coalition with the Conservative Party, 80 percent of whose MPs are said be signed-up Friends of Israel. What an appalling bunch of people, this admiration society who promote the ambitions of some of the worst criminals on the planet.
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