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Still no terrorist attacks in France, just wait and see.  We (ROTHSCHILD-CHARLIE HEBDO) still have until the end of January (2015) to send you our best wishes!
Oy Vey!  Shalom! 

 by Basheer & Ghyslaine

12 November 2015 at 13:39
Muhammad: You are right, Akhi. Yes, let's go and instead help Basheer in kicking some butts in those Synagogues of Satan - the Churches and the Masajid!

13 November 2015 at 01:59
Satan: Jesus, I have to go now, my cannibal Jihadis are all waiting for me on the Killing fields! And you know what, my friend, they are all paid by your followers' tax money, those stupid Earthlings!

Sunday 15 November 2015

Tous les dirigeants musulmans sont TOUS DES SATANISTES !!!


 by Basheer & Ghyslaine
Achtung! (Not meant for the feeble-minded)


Salim Laibi - La Mecque infiltrée par les Satanistes  

Published on 11 Aug 2014


John Lennon Famous Words Of Wisdom

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In the name of freedom, truth, morality and justice, very rare and ever fading commodities, that is, of The One Creator God whether He exists or not, but as conceptualised  in the natural way of life known as Islam, which encompasses all older religions (including Atheism) and brings them to perfection. 
(To all our loved ones as well as adversaries)

This is not a Biblical Lamentation, but a friendly reasoned and reasonable (not ‘rational’ or ‘rationalist’!) account inviting dialogue (in vain) and not hostility or aggressiveness (although Earthlings do not deserve any show of friendliness, except for the very few and the genuinely innocent and compassionate, of course!) of a life-long battle (Jihaad) that great good and foolish humans like Napoleon Bonaparte or Herr Adolph Hitler (and their equally foolish followers) lost yesterday, and also and above all a warning to all Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim hypocrites, cowards and lazy materialists.  Hitler was and is the most hated human of the past, current and for all centuries to come because the Satanic rulers of the world kept his made up (mythical) evilness alive at gunpoint in order to distract the whole world from more evil (the worst ever in human history) that they are themselves perpetrating with our tax money and slave labour by hiring armies of gangsters, perverts and cut-throats (under various labels!) and six million times (to borrow the so-called and never-ending Jewish Holocaust dogmatic and sacred figure) worse than Hitler’s National Socialist armies and all the armies of the world put together!  By the way, there was no Jewish Holocaust or Shoah at the Auschwitz Labour Camp, but many Holocausts of Germans by the Allies and in the Swedish Jew Eisenhower’s Death Camps!  If you want to know where are the missing European Jews, go to America, Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Germany!  This is where they are hidden in plain sight!  And Herr Hitler and his wife Eva Brown never committed suicide but lived happily ever after in the Fourth Reich of Argentina and the US, UK, and EU Diaspora.   We are losing this battle today and will lose it tomorrow as there is indeed no hope of ever winning or even maintaining a semblance of balance between good and evil in this very mysterious world.  Military Europe or the so-called West decreed that this world can never belong to us, but only to a Satanic Judaic Elite and others and forever.

Yes, it is a pessimistic, but a not gloomy view of the world.  Paradoxical?  No!  The so-called West and Eretz Israel have proved to the conscious world to be the worst enemies of civilisation, freedom, justice, morality and humankind by systematically destroying any country or nation that tries to be independent of Western Judeo Satanic hegemony and emancipate itself from Western mental and physical slavery and Western perverted ways of life that would make Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah pale in comparison, if these ever existed, of course.  The days we use to travel freely from one country to the other are over for good because the Satanic imperialist monster is known as The West (Occident) has established geographical open prisons (boundaries) by merely sitting at their warmongering tables and drawing straight, zigzag and curved lines on a world map and dividing nations forever, and imposing military, political and economic frontiers and mass destruction embargoes, bloody regimes change, no-fly-zones for them to bomb and slaughter defenseless people with great ease and at  will, imposing forced usury, and all kinds of oppressive measures.  Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are only three recent examples of Western warmongering savagery and they dare call us primitives.  The uneducated or unconscious world seems to ignore what the West and the US did in the sixties to the biggest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia (or what Britain and their Judeo-Christian Freemasons did in past centuries to Hindustan) on the pretext that they had adopted Communism while they are best friends with Russia in so many domains: wars, culture, science, technology, Atheist religion, dictatorship and the Arts although this seems (just seems) to change slightly.  Iran, the most advanced and independent country in the entire Muslim world, the best Muslim nation in the world in my view is the next target of the Western-Israel hegemonists to be bombed “back to the Dark European Ages”.  Western savagery and hegemony will never stop unless we stop the savages, but we are far from being qualified!  

Because Muslim nations are not adequately armed (due to their own fault and inferior and incorrect world view) to resist Western weapons of mass destruction and deceit, this is where FAITH comes in, faith in a Supreme Intelligence Creator God for a better world to come.  But faith is useless without the effort (Jihaad) and the works.  However, as soon as we become strong, powerful, prosperous and successful materially we do not need God at all except when calamity and disease strike again!  Believers in God always believe in hope for better days here on earth or in a hypothetical afterlife, an almost impossibility, and a most unreasonable proposition, yet very comprehensible given the nature and status of most humans.  But, we, humans must be deluded, that is, mentally ill to have faith and hope in a God that does not exist in practice except in the minds of primitive and not well or not yet evolved apes, says (paid by our tax money and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen!) the Grand Pope of Atheism and anti-Godism Pr Richard Dawkins. But, faith or no faith, hope or no hope, God or no God, do humans not have the right to be free, to speak out the truth, and to expect justice at the hands of their rulers, and the right not to be molested, persecuted, vilified, fined, jailed, tortured, terrorised at the hands of the ruling classes when they freely chose a way of life and a type of education of their choice for their children and grandchildren that they see as moral over the ones that they see as immoral?  Apparently, humans do not have this right under the current totalitarian democratic dictatorships where only the extremely rich, their army generals and officers, their perverts, monsters, and the speculators have all the rights, and the masses are doomed to eternal slavery and are indoctrinated to be consumerism addicts forever.  

GOD OR THE VIRTUES THAT HE REPRESENTS IS THE ONLY SAVIOUR OF THE OPPRESSED MULTITUDES AROUND THE GLOBE.  And autosuggestion is indeed a very powerful weapon to resolve many or most of humans’ problems.  But, our main obstacle is the lack of unity among the Believers in good and the incredible unity of the evildoers.  Right at the onset, we see where the problem lies.  The believers, for the most part, are talkers and not doers because they lack not only unity within one religion and among the religions, but also truthfulness, sincerity, dedication, perseverance, bravery, compassion and obey other Gods than God as they are unwilling or too weak to fight tyranny because this involves great sacrifice in their personal lives, comfort, and even in many cases the sacrifice of their own lives and that of their loved ones.  They waste their lives gossiping about the symptoms of the diseases that afflict humankind and are not interested in the least in tackling the causes.  European Christendom has solved this problem a very long time ago by crucifying God and then by joining the forces of darkness with a false religion: Love the sinner (Satan and his henchmen and henchwomen), but hate or condemn the sin, meaning, let Satan rule forever!  In other words, JUST BELIEVE AND DO NOTHING as they practice knowingly or unknowingly a religion that pleases Satan and not God who ordered them to obey Him Alone and His Commandments (for their success in this life) according to one Gospel:

“He who has my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me.  And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him” 
(Holy Bible, John 14:21).      

 As they hated God’s Son, they made him into his Father and worship him as God and ended up in hating God Himself!  And Jesus (whether he existed or not or said what was and is attributed to him or not) clearly said to the misled and corrupt Israelites (and not to the world) that his Father and his God are their Father and their God too, but the Churches (a European fabrication) who invented a new religion attributed to the same Jesus Christ said no, and that instead Jesus himself is the Father and God!  This false and Europeanised unchristian religion completely messed up the mind and faith of most of Christendom that eventually lost nearly half of its followers that have today for the most part joined the Anti-Christs or Dajjals under different labels: modern western materialist, consumerist and warmongering civilisation where are more acceptable only the usurers, warmongers, land thieves, exploiters, secret societies, seculars (laïques), libertarians, liberals, humanists, rationalists, anti-God philosophers and scientists, socialists, communists, Zionists, Racists, ethnic cleansers, feminists, abortionists, pornographers, prostitutes, homosexuals, gamblers, alcohol consumers, smokers, and on and on.  The terminology is varied but the evil is the same.  The super military powers decide what a human being is or is not and should be.   We have evolved from being a human into becoming an animal and they call this progress and freedom.   

We do not need François-Marie Arouet, that despicable character popularly known as “Voltaire” and idolised by the West European warmongers and anti-God and Deist intelligentsia alike to know and say with conviction that I would prefer State officials to be democratically elected (and not selected!) on the conditions that the citizens’ fundamental rights are inalienable (God-given rights) and not dependant on the whims and fancies of the manipulated and bought for electorate, and professionals, merchants, religious leaders, scientists, humans or look-like-humans we had to deal with or are frequently victims of, including our spouses, to genuinely believe in the One God or Gods (whether they conclusively exist or not) but with the above attributes of truth, freedom, justice and morality, to truthfully, sincerely, loyally, bravely and with dedication practice those Godly or highly civilised human virtues, because it is thus less likely that we shall be betrayed, deceived, cheated, swindled, robbed, enslaved, “cuckolded” and even annihilated.  And we further do not need “Voltaire” to tell us and to know that if God did not exist, it would be necessary (vital) to invent Him symbolically or otherwise as there is no survival of the human kind without a Merciful and Compassionate God or the Symbol of it.  We have seen how the world has turned out to be in the hands of the Godless and the Anti-God: some half a billion exterminated since “Christopher Colombus, Cristoforo Colombo, Cristóbal Colón, Cristóvão Colombo or whoever (Europeans have the sickening habit of translating and twisting proper names), and mounting every day, currently with Arabs, Middle Easterners and Muslims the main victims of the Satanic Totalitarian Zionist and Fascist World Order.  

God does not have to ‘exist’ to be ‘real’ in the lives of more than half of humanity, including myself, and nearly some 4 billion people worldwide out of 7 billion human and sub-human inhabitants of the planet.  Scientists have been lying all along to force us to believe that we are evolved apes or biologically evolved intelligent beings in permanent and eternal need of Jewish pharmaceutical poisons, public schools, Secret Services, Classified Truth, Satanic Cults, GMO and vaccines to survive, but even if this were true this will not change the above reality of our humanity and humanness in need of a civilised atheist and theist environment and culture.  Perverting the natural ways, stealing, dishonouring our parents, making false testimonies, coveting other people’s property, wives, worshipping the devil, greed, pride, lust, hedonism, selfishness, arrogance, indifference, deceit, tyranny, savagery, enslaving individuals and entire nations, political, social, cultural and State terrorism, and endless lies and false flag operations are all wrong, and as long as humans who prize freedom, truth, justice and a moral way of life will exist this world will know no peace and no happiness except for the tyrants, perverts, thieves and their acolytes (including the so-called Christian Churches, the Hindu and Muslim leadership) who run the world, many as mere puppet dictators and Kings, oppress, terrorise, mass murder, and enslave its inhabitants.  We saw recently Arabia, occupied since the Jewish World War I by the Saudis recently using the same CIA-ALQAEDA myth to crack down on dissenting Arabs and Muslims!  The Anti-God rulers use White European Racial Supremacy, Black racism, Black and White Christian Churches, White Royalties and Colonialism, warmongering Jewish ideologies like Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Zionism, Fascism, Feminism, and Totalitarian Parliamentary or Liberal Democracy to subjugate the entire planet.         

Forget about God, the Gods, Jesus, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, because we have for the most part already surrendered to the UNO, the Devil in person!  We are not Muslims anymore, but Satanists!  If we want to survive, we need first to unite upon common values like freedom, truth, morality and justice, and then FIGHT not only against ourselves (Jihaad an Nafs) but also against those who have invaded our lands, killed our loved ones, stolen our wealth, enslaved us and destroyed our cultures and civilisation.  All struggle requires strength of body and mind, sincerity, dedication, perseverance, patience and sacrifice, sacrifice to the last man, woman, child and baby, and to the last drop of blood.  And if we refuse this cure, then, let us die and condemn our children and grandchildren to do the job in our place or be exterminated!  

We are no more in the context of ALLAH HU AKBAR but of


And we would be wrong and stupid to blame God for it when we are the ones who made this happen!  And you stupid earthlings, stop hoping for a heavenly Paradise and fearing Hell because they are both right here on Earth and we refuse to see them!  We have become cannibals and we do not even see this and almost everything we take into our body is artificial, Satan manufactured as well as almost everything we put in our reptilian brain incapable of compassion and human warmth.


Enjoy slavery under Shaytaan or freedom under God.  It is our choice and this will definitely benefit our progeny!  Judaism and Christ have both been hijacked.  Who said so: Christ and Muhammad, you dummies!  And Islam is half dead because Muslim nations (people)  stopped worshipping God and belonging to the Universal Nation of Muhammad, and followed the Ways of Shaytaan instead (usury and so on) , and have been conquered and are slaves to the Empire of Satan.  Lamenting, talking, demonstrating, petitioning the tyrants, all this is useless.  The only weapon we are left with is TOTAL BOYCOTT and GLOBAL RESISTANCE!  And without this REVOLUTION, we will achieve nothing! And no Gods will come to rescue us because THAT God does not exist!  And Jesus will not return you dummies!  Use your brains!  And we do not wish you Happy New Year as you do not deserve it!

 If you did not know Ancient Arabic came before Hebrew despite what the racists tell us, and Hebrew is just a dialect of Ancient Arabic, the same Arabic that Arabic-speaking literates can read on the Rashida (Rosetta) Stone! Beware of YAUM KIPPUR because it is the Day of Atonement when the modern Hebraics and Judaics (those pseudo Semites) become One with God (which one is still a mystery!) and promise everything but fulfil nothing! Read about the Aramaic KOL NIDRÉ vows introduced into the Judaic liturgy and recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yaum Kippur.

"All [personal] vows we are likely to make, all [personal] oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce.  Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established.  Let our [personal] vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths."

  Trust the Judaic Kippurists and you die! Why do you think decadent Christendom and Freemasonry (Satanists) hired them and gave them all the top jobs?


Basheer & Ghyslaine
Sovereign Freeman and Freewoman-on-the-land
Servants of God Alone and of no man or woman
We do not belong to any political or religious Group
We are one Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood
We never voted in our entire lives

31st of December 6014


Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:38AM
Police investigators search for evidence during an operation in the eastern French city of Reims, January 8, 2015.
Police investigators search for evidence during an operation in the eastern French city of Reims, January 8, 2015.
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo would never have been caught had they not made one fatal mistake: They conveniently left an ID card in their abandoned getaway car.

Since when did criminals leave their identification cards in abandoned getaway cars?

An ordinary citizen, taking no precautions, might accidentally leave a wallet or purse in their parked car. I have driven automobiles approximately 50,000 times in my life, and I think my wallet might have slipped out of my pocket and fallen into the crack between the driver’s seat and the door...once.

What are the odds that skilled terrorists who have just carried out an ultra-professional special-forces style attack will accidentally leave their ID card in the abandoned getaway car? Answer: Effectively zero.
So why are police reporting an event that cannot have happened?
Assuming that French police really did find “terror suspect” Said Kouachi’s ID card in an abandoned getaway car, that ID card must have been planted by someone wishing to incriminate Kouachi. Even the legendary French idiot detective, Inspector Clouseau, could not fail to make this thunderingly obvious inference.
The discovery of Kouachi’s ID does not implicate him; it exonerates him. It shows that he is an innocent patsy who is being framed by the real perpetrators of the attack.

Police and intelligence agencies routinely plant evidence to support false narratives, convict innocent people, and exonerate themselves. American police who kill unarmed citizens often plant a gun on the corpses to support their claims of having killed in self-defense. Such throw-down guns, which the police call “ham sandwiches,” are kept in police locker rooms and carried in police cars in case they are needed.

Likewise, throw-down ID cards and other “incriminating” documents are routinely used by the military, intelligence, and special forces professionals who orchestrate false flag operations. Consider the ludicrously-obvious planted evidence used in the mother of all false-flag operations: the September 11th, 2001 inside job.

Intelligence agents planted not just one, but two “magic suitcases” designed to incriminate Mohamed Atta, the innocent patsy framed for the crimes of September 11th. According to Der Spiegel’s book Inside 9/11: What Really Happened, the first Atta suitcase was handed to German police by a self-described “good Samaritan burglar.” The so-called burglar claimed to have stolen Atta’s suitcase during the course of a burglary and discovered terrorism-related information in it. As an honorable citizen, this kind-hearted burglar felt compelled by his conscience to deliver the suitcase to the authorities.

According to Der Spiegel, the German police, not being fools, knew that the self-styled burglar was not really a burglar at all, but an intelligence agent planting fake evidence against Atta. Der Spiegel quotes German police as saying: “The only question is, which intelligence agency was he working for?”  (“CIA and Mossad,” answered former German Intelligence Minister Andreas Von Bülow in his book The CIA and September 11th.)

Despite its absurd origins, this suitcase full of fabricated documents provides virtually the only purported evidence supporting the official story of Atta’s supposed terrorism-related activities in Germany. Aside from the good Samaritan burglar’s suitcase, it seems that the original Egyptian Atta – the one in Germany – was a gentle, shy, sensitive, soft-spoken architecture student with no connections to terrorism of any kind. Yet the “Atta” who made a spectacle of himself in Florida before 9/11, staging memorable public scenes while all but wearing an “I am an al-Qaeda terrorist” sign around his neck, was a coarse, obscene, violent loudmouthed braggart who dated strippers, disemboweled kittens, and spoke fluent Hebrew.

The Hebrew-speaking Atta’s second and better-known “magic suitcase” was the one he allegedly checked in on his early morning flight from Portland, Maine to Boston on September 11th, 2001. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, the suitcase was miraculously preserved and delivered to the authorities when it somehow failed to make the transfer from Atta’s Portland-to-Boston commuter flight onto Flight 11, which Atta supposedly piloted into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Had the suitcase been transferred as it should have been, we are told, it would have been destroyed in a fireball at the World Trade Center.

This magic suitcase provided the only evidence allowing authorities to identify the alleged 19 hijackers within 24 hours of the event. (None of the 9/11 passenger lists contained any Arab names; no airline employees remember having ticketed or boarded any of the alleged hijackers; and none of the hundreds of security cameras at Boston’s Logan Airport, Washington D.C.’s Dulles Airport, or Newark Airport took a single authenticated frame of any of the 19 Arabs blamed for 9/11.)

This suitcase not only contained a list of the 19 patsies, but also Atta’s supposed last will and testament. (Why would a suicide hijacker check his will onto a doomed plane?) Britain’s dean of Middle East journalism Robert Fisk has ridiculed Atta’s alleged will, pointing out that it begins with a botched bismillah: “In the name of God, myself, and my family...” No Muslim would ever write such a thing. As Fisk suggests, the document purporting to be Atta’s will must have been forged by an incompetent intelligence agent. The suitcase was obviously planted.

And that is not just Robert Fisk’s opinion. Seymour Hersh, the dean of American investigative journalism, quotes a senior US intelligence source as saying, with regard to Atta’s magic suitcase: “Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the FBI to chase.”

Atta’s two magic suitcases are not the only examples of clumsily-planted 9/11 evidence. Another is the “magic passport” of alleged 9/11 hijacker Satam al-Suqami. That passport, looking as pristine as the “magic bullet” of the JFK assassination, was allegedly discovered by an anonymous individual, with no chain of custody, near the two flat spots of smoking ground where two 110-story towers somehow exploded into very fine dust.

But Atta’s magic suitcases, the magic passport, beside the most pathetically-planted 9/11 item of them all: The “Fatty Bin Laden confession video” supposedly discovered in December 2001 by an anonymous US soldier in Jalalabad, and delivered with no chain of possession to be brandished by the Bush Administration as supposed proof of Bin Laden’s guilt.

Professor Bruce Lawrence, a respected expert on Bin Laden, has categorically stated of this video: “It’s bogus!” Lawrence adds that his many acquaintances in the US intelligence community’s Bin Laden units know that the video is bogus – but are afraid to say so in public, because they are afraid of the implications of Bin Laden’s innocence.

These and other examples show that the intelligence agents who orchestrate false-flag terror spectacles often do not even bother to disguise the blatantly-fabricated nature of the planted evidence used to implicate patsies.

So we should not be terribly surprised when the French police tell us – with a straight face – that a highly professional fleeing terrorist would leave his ID card in an abandoned getaway car.




Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is www.truthjihad.com.


  12 November 2015 at 13:39
Muhammad: You are right, Akhi. Yes, let's go and instead help Basheer in kicking some butts in those Synagogues of Satan - the Churches and the Masajid!

13 November 2015 at 01:59
Satan: Jesus, I have to go now, my cannibal Jihadis are all waiting for me on the Killing fields! And you know what, my friend, they are all paid by your followers' tax money, those stupid Earthlings!

Sunday 15 November 2015


The Bitter Truth

  (Useful as it accumulates a lot of the known information)
The 'reality' of ISIS (aka ISIL aka Daa3ish) is even more sinister:

The Reality Behind ISIS.pdf

The Only Way to Stop the Empire

The Only Way to Stop the Empire 

By Gary Flomenhoft
December 02, 2014 "ICH" - "ClubOrlov"
The final days of US empire are fast approaching. Perhaps its end will pass slowly and gradually, or perhaps the event will unfold rapidly and catastrophically. Maybe chaos will break loose, or maybe its demise will be organized well and proceed smoothly. This nobody knows, but the end of empire is coming as surely as day follows night and sun follows rain. Overexpansion, overreach and over-indebtedness will take their toll—as all past empires have discovered. Empires are like bacteria in a Petrie dish; unthinking, unseeing, unfeeling, they expand until they run out of food or contaminate their environment with their waste, and then they die. They are automatons, and they just can’t help it: they are programmed to expand or die, expand or die, and, in the end, expand and die. 

What does the empire feed on? It feeds on money and fear; your money and your fear, both obtained with your cooperation. It is bigger now than when it faced an actual adversary in the Soviet Union. Russia is no adversary; all it wants is to be a normal country, at peace with the world. But the empire won’t let it, will it? It must create enemies. Who are our enemies? According to the authors of endless war they are North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Islamic terrorists. Are any of them actually capable of threatening the US? Well, yes, but they are all quite easy to deter. But the plan of the authors of endless war is not to deter them; it is to back them into a corner with political instability and sanctions, while whipping up the population on both sides into fear-filled frenzy. 

We all know that the US military-industrial complex has become a self-perpetuating and uncontrollable organism, just like Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us in 1961. Everyone knows the phrase and Eisenhower's warning—it is part of our collective memory. At a trillion dollars a year and growing, with over 1000 bases ringing the planet, it has expanded far beyond what Eisenhower could have imagined in his worst nightmare. We can’t say we didn’t know: he warned us. After the National-Socialist episode in Germany, many good Germans voiced regrets at not speaking up, claiming that they didn’t know what was being done in their name. But we do not have that excuse: we all knew all along. 

Nor was it the first time we were warned. General Smedley Butler told us before, in 1933, and his words are still with us, posted online. Why is it that everyone, generals included, suddenly gain wisdom immediately upon reaching retirement? Butler offered an explanation: his “mind was in suspended animation while serving as a soldier and following orders.” In 1933 Butler told us that he “was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.” He said: 
I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912…I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
This empire is nothing new, and we knew what it is and what it does all along. We can’t say we didn’t know. We have watched throughout our lives as the US put down every popular uprising against local autocrats and oligarchs, placed countries under US control, then helped organize and train the death squads that killed off the opposition. Think of Indonesia, Argentina, or Honduras. We watched as the empire crushed every democratic government that threatened US business interests under the false pretext of “anti-communism,” starting with Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, and proceeding to Congo, Haiti (numerous times), and most notably and infamously Chile in 1973 (assassinating president Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973), Nicaragua in the 1980’s, and many, many others. (For details see William Blum’s Killing Hope.) And of course, many of us lived through the epic lies and genocide of millions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the so-called “Vietnam War.” We knew, we watched, and we paid taxes that paid for the bullets and the bombs. 

More recently we’ve seen the barefaced lies of empire laid out for all to see in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Georgia, Pakistan, Yemen, Ukraine... they never end! But the trouble we stir up in other places never seems to come home and ring our doorbell, does it? Maybe that’s why it keeps on going. We think that we can just ignore it and go on with our lives—that it won’t affect us. Or does it? 

Let’s leave aside the destruction of democracy that always accompanies a militarized, fascist police state that the US has gradually turned into. And let’s ignore the violence that pervades US society, or the vast gulag of incarceration that disposes of our useless eaters. Consider that the only military attack on US soil that actually scored a palpable hit since Pearl Harbor was 9/11. Pearl Harbor was on the periphery, way out in the Pacific, “A Day that will live in Infamy,” the more so since FDR knew it was coming and did all he could to provoke it by cutting Japan off from oil supplies, directly provoking it into launching the attack. But Hawaii is the periphery while 9/11 struck at the heart of the empire, the financial center in New York that drives the imperial wealth pump, and the Pentagon, which is charged with the mission of US world domination. 

Whether you believe that 19 Arabs armed with box cutters who couldn’t fly propeller planes took down 3 World Trade buildings that plummeted straight down at the speed of freefall in what looked like controlled demolition (yes there were 3, look up “Building 7”), and destroyed a section of the Pentagon, or whether you believe it was an inside job, doesn’t matter. The point is, in that act of destruction, the wars of the empire finally came home. 

What was the result? Did these events cause us to reconsider what we are doing? Of course not! Instead, we went all-in for war. Remember, the empire is an automaton, a self-perpetuating organism, living on money and fear. What better way to whip up fear than to stage, or to allow, or to simply fail to prevent, an attack on the “homeland”—which is, by the way, a Nazi propaganda term. The purpose of war is simply to cause more war, since it is so profitable for the badly misnamed “defense industry.” Butler told us in 1933 that “war is a racket,” and documented massive war profiteering during WWI. Do you know how much money Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon et al. are making from the “War on Terror”? The sums are astronomical.

As you read these words, the empire is busy doing its work in Ukraine. Here is how that works. First, it overthrows the elected government in a US-backed coup. Next, it directs its local puppet regime to unleash a military attack and organize death squads to deal with the population in the east that won't go along with the US-backed coup, in this case using actual Nazi-branded death squads, complete with Nazi SS Insignias. (Anyone can verify these facts with the most cursory internet search.) And for the final, consummate imperialist touch, it votes in the UN (together with Canada) against a resolution condemning the Ukrainian Nazis and other racist murderers, while the Europeans shamefacedly abstain. This sort of plan used to work really well, and so the empire keeps repeating it over and over again, even though the results are worse every time.

Vast numbers of Americans support the empire’s wars of conquest because they help maintain their lavish lifestyles. They bother some of us more than others. Many of us are adamantly against them, but only a few find it emotionally unbearable to countenance the destruction of millions of lives in our names and with our money. What makes them different? Who knows, you would have to ask a psychologist. 

The question for those who oppose endless war is, What have we done about it? A mass movement in the 1960’s that added up to an uprising by a vast segment of society perhaps had something to do with ending the conflict in Vietnam. In spite of these protests, the empire was able to extend the war by an extra five years all the way to 1973, when it agreed to end it on the same terms that had been offered in 1968 to Nobel “peace laureate” Henry Kissinger. There has been no significant anti-war protest since then, and certainly none that succeeded in preventing or ending war. Why? 

First, the draft was ended. This put an end to the involvement of average US families in the wars of empire, and therefore ending the requirement for consent of the governed. The strategists realized that the draft was a disaster for the empire. The new, much better and cheaper way to procure cannon fodder for the endless war is to enlist the children of the underclass, by using economic oppression in order to deprive them of any other means of advancement except military service. 

Second, the military has been outsourced and privatized, requiring even less involvement by US families in the military, and less need for their consent. “You’re all volunteers, so shut up” is the attitude. 

Third, the vastly increased scope of domestic spying by the NSA and other government agencies has helped keep everyone under control and stifle dissent. 

Fourth is the tight government/corporate control of the US media, which has become consummately successful in brainwashing and propagandizing the population. 

Finally, there is the war on whistleblowers and journalists who expose the truth, from Tom Drake to William Binney, Sibel Simons, Jesselyn Radack, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. If necessary, the police, who are vastly more militarized than in the past, together with national guard troops, can squash any dissent like a bug. All these measures ensure that efforts at reform pursued through legal, nonviolent means such as voting, protest, civil disobedience, civil resistance, etc. will have absolutely no effect. The only action that can possibly stop the empire in its tracks is cutting off its food supply—the tax money on which it lives. We have to starve the beast through divestment, capital expatriation, tax resistance, tax refusal and tax revolt. Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig told us this flat out in the 1980’s when, being confronted with huge protests over US Central American policy, he said: “Let them protest all they want as long as they pay their taxes.” Truer words were never uttered by a US official. Is there any evidence to contradict his statement? Has any other measure had any impact on the war machine? The honest answer is no. Millions of people around the world protested before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. These protests were ignored. No amount of protest or other efforts can stop it, because it doesn’t cut off the empire’s food supply of money and fear. Only by cutting off its funds by not paying taxes can we stop the empire. 

Many have said that the US doesn’t need tax money as it survives on endless debt. Yes, the empire lives on debt, but the ability to sell debt is based on the bond rating of US treasury bonds. Most recently in June, 2014 S&P gave the US a AA+ rating with “stable outlook.”

If there is any doubt about the US credit rating, the ability to sell debt to continue financing the empire comes into question. The ability to collect taxes is what maintains the US bond rating. Any reduction of the US bond rating, and interest rates have to go up in order to continue attracting more investment. Then the interest on the debt balloons out of control and becomes unrepayable—never mind the principal, which they have no intention of ever paying back. By the way, the Tea Party’s efforts to shut down government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling was helping this effort for a time, although for different reasons. They thought that the welfare system is bankrupting the country. This is a laughable claim, because welfare spending looks negligible when compared to military spending. Still, they did manage to lower the bond rating for a time. Shutting down the federal government is a step in the right direction, and since in recent years only the Tea Party has managed to do it, lets give them some credit 

If the US became unable to reliably collect taxes, then its ability to finance the empire with debt would be diminished, and the US would have to turn to increasing taxes—another politically unpalatable choice, especially in the age of the Tea Party, when the empire’s main constituency is dead-set against more taxes.
So it is absolutely clear that the only thing that could stop the empire is a tax revolt. It wouldn’t even have to be that big; the slightest question about the ability of the federal government to collect taxes could reduce the bond rating. Even a minor reduction could raise interest rates enough to make the US debt unrepayable. 

Let's get down to brass tacks: How do you avoid paying taxes, when the IRS withholds our salaries, and the tables are rigged to withhold about 15% more than necessary on average, so 80% of people get a refund? Did you think that this is a coincidence? No, this is a one-year interest-free loan to the empire from taxpayers. But it’s actually quite simple not to pay taxes. Get a W-4 form, write EXEMPT in the space provided, and turn it in to your friendly HR office. Your employer is not allowed to change it unless directed by the IRS. Normally they have no reason to question it. 

Here’s what happened last time it was tried on a big scale. In 2007, Code Pink joined the War Resisters League to organize a national project for war tax refusal, to “Stop Bush’s Wars.” This was not a true tax revolt, just more or less a referendum on how many people would potentially support withholding a portion of their taxes owed, even a token amount. The online petition asked people if they would be willing to commit to withhold some of their taxes, even $1, if 100,000 other people would agree to do the same. Out of the US population of 316 million, how many people do you think signed it? About 2,000. So you see, there is not much evidence that people will do the only thing that could stop the empire: a true Tea Party tax revolt. 

What this implies is that the empire will continue to churn along, and debt will continue to build up, because any other approach to paying for it is not feasible, and therefore collapse is inevitable. The aftermath of collapse is unpredictable; maybe there will be a soft landing, maybe not. But unless you are willing to engage in some form of tax revolt, collapse is inevitable. You will get to live with the results: stage a tax revolt now, or face collapse later. 

Are you sure you want to take your chances on collapse? The results of a personal tax revolt are predictable: retribution with penalties and interest from the IRS; living in fear of having your salary, your property, even your house seized, or worse, your door broken down by federal agents (although these extreme measures don’t happen too often, they happen often enough to instill fear). Perhaps there would be loss of income, or even your job. Losing one’s job often leads to depression, divorce, drug or alcohol abuse, etc. So you may prefer collapse after all: loss of your savings, no heat, electricity or trash removal, shops looted or closed, armed gangs roaming the streets... Your choice! 

On the other hand, collapse might go well! Hope springs eternal in the optimistic American heart. We are (or used to be) the “can-do” people. Maybe we can-do collapse better than anyone else? Doubtful though if you read Dmitry Orlov’s Collapse Gap presentation.

The results of collapse later are likely to be worse then the effects of tax revolt now. Especially, since the IRS takes years to catch up to exempt W-4 forms, and it would be even harder to crack down if it were being was done en masse. But it’s perfectly understandable if you opt to do nothing now and suffer no consequences, while engaging in ineffective protest to assuage your conscience. You probably have a family to support, an expensive hobby, or some other excuse. So you decide to take your chances with collapse later. After all, collapse might turn out OK for you! This psychology is quite understandable. I truly hope that collapse will be as painless as you wish it will be, but somehow I doubt it. Good luck though! Whatever happens, you will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life—be it long or short. 
Signed, expat and long-time conscientious tax refuser, Gary Flomenhoft.

Veterans Today

US media ‘complicit in mass murder of Muslims’

Media hatemongers help kill millions


Watch the video at Press TV

The media in the United States is helping to create mass murder of Muslims by hiding the shooting deaths of three American Muslim students in the country, an American scholar says.
Kevin Barrett, founding member of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday while commenting on the murder of three Muslim students in a shooting incident in the US state of North Carolina.
The incident has not been given coverage “worldwide or here in the United States as Charlie Hebdo incident,” Barrett said because “the media here is complicit in the mass murder of Muslims.”
He added the media is “actually helping to create more such incidents.”

“It seems that the mainstream media as well as the extremist media here in the United States are both complicit in genocide against Muslims and the religion if Islam, and that they are also trying to propagandize the world into a convincing…that Muslims don’t have right to defend themselves against this kind of genocidal violence,” Barrett said.

“They are simply the latest victims of anti-Muslim genocide which has been created by elements that own most of the media here in the United States,” he noted.
As an example for the ongoing “genocide” of Muslims, Barrett mentioned the occupied Palestinian territories where “the Zionists have been conducting slow motion genocide since the World War I really, and certainly since the Nakba, or the mass murder of Palestinians and the expulsion of the rest in 1948.”
Palestinians refer to the May 15, 1948 occupation of Palestine as the Nakba Day, which means the Day of the Catastrophe in Arabic, to solemnly commemorate the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland in 1948.

Israeli forces have wiped nearly 500 Palestinian villages and towns off the map, leaving an estimated total of 4.7 million Palestinian refugees hoping for an eventual return to their homeland more than six decades later.

“So we are facing a genocide of over a million people and Muslims absolutely have the duty, not just the right but the duty, to defend themselves by any means necessary against this genocide,” Barrett stated.

“Every good person on earth also has this duty to stop this genocide and bring the perpetrators, including those who own the American and Western mainnstream media, to justice,” he concluded.

Purim – Esther as Concubine and the Acolyte of Ishtar.

Art reveals so much more than nipples
The celebration of Purim is a yearly ritual and is enacted and carried out in the Judaic tradition in the last days of winter before spring arrives.
A brief synopsis of the story behind Purim: 
As a young child Esther was orphaned and adopted by  Mordecai. When she came of age he sold her into the King’s Harem. Eventually the King became so enamoured with Esther that he made her his Queen.  Due to Esther’s influence over the King, Mordecai was given permission to slaughter his enemies, every man woman and child. Not only were the people responsible for plotting to kill the Jews murdered, but also whole families, the innocent, who had been caught up in this political disaster. 
We see the same thing happening in the West Bank and on the Gaza Strip today. The innocent are murdered, their homes are destroyed, their olive trees are cut down and their land is taken from them in yet another “holocaust,” reminiscent of Purim. 
The celebration of Purim is the celebration of the holocaust that took place when the Jews in Persia, during the Babylonian exile, laid waste to almost 100,000 people thanks to an edict granted to them by King Ahasuerus and made possible due to Esther’s position in the King’s palace.
The Middle East for thousands of years, even in the 21st Century, regards women as commodities. Young girls are sold into slavery, prostitution or both. Many young girls who are exceptionally beautiful and “comely,” a rather censored word used in Biblical passages for “sexy,”are often part of trade and political agreements and are “sold off” in marriage.
Orphans are particularly vulnerable and susceptible, often “adopted” by older men, who nurture them and depending on how pretty, beautiful or “comely” they are, sell them off, either as slaves or in marriage, as one would sell off a prized piece of art in exchange for some other thing of value.
In this story we see Mordecai gaining power and influence through a young girl who he has nurtured and adopted. These young women were also often used as spies, the lure of their charms was encouraged from a young age and adapted for the purposes of espionage and political influence. Their beauty and their sexual prowess was imperative in order for them to fulfil their obligations to their “adopted” father figure. Esther in all cases fits the profile. She is the ultimate  Jewish spy and concubine of the Middle East in Judaic culture.
Not only does Esther fit the spy/concubine role, she also fits the profile of the sacred whore and the Goddess Ishtar. Most of the symbols associated with her, including her name, have been plagiarised and adapted from Sumerian belief into a Judaic myth of… “Biblical proportions. ”
Esther is  called  “Hadassah,”  which means “Myrtle” in Hebrew. The myrtle flower was sacred to Venus, Aphrodite and Ishtar. It was also considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. We are told that Esther was born Hadassah, which could be read in the context that she was a born aphrodisiac. Many things over time either get lost in translation or are slightly altered from their original form. The word “hadassah” is almost similar to the word “kadeshah,” which was a sacred prostitute.
If we look at the story of Esther, her upbringing, her eventual position in the King’s harem and her later rise to power, she most definitely fits the definition of “kadeshah.” She also fits the definition of the Japanese concubine and the many women in European history known openly as “The King’s Mistress.” Trained for service both physically and intellectually in order to spy on and be of influence in the highest escutcheons of power. As such she is given “Goddess” status.
Ishtar is the Goddess of love, war , fertility and sexuality. The town of Uruk in Babylonia was known as the “town of the sacred courtesans.” She is also referred to as the “courtesan of the gods”.
The monarchy at the time regarded themselves as “Gods,” King  Ahasuerus  was seen as the son of the Gods, Esther as his courtesan and concubine, is a courtesan of the “God.”
Ishtar is often associated with Isis. But these two “Goddess” figures come from two different nations and represent completely different aspects of women.
Ishtar is a concubine, courtesan and a second wife to the King/God. This is a    polygamous relationship.  
Ishtar in cosmology is the planet Venus
Ishtar is the Goddess of war.
Isis is a Goddess in her own right and the only wife of Osiris. This is a  monogamous  relationship. 
Isis in cosmology is the star Sirius
Isis is the Goddess of fertility, her star Sirius, rising at  the annual flooding of the  Nile  River which brought fertile silt giving abundance to the whole of Egypt. Isis is the mother  figure, of the God King Horus. 
A comparative study of Egyptian Goddesses would rather place Ishtar and in turn Esther, on a similar level to Lioness Goddess,  Sekhmet, the “alter” of the Goddess  Hathor. Ishtar was also associated with Lions.
Sekhmet at Kom Ombo copyright Gerard Ducher
 In her negative aspect as Sekhmet, she is the Goddess of war and destruction. Also known as the destructive “eye” of the sun. Or the “eye of Ra.” In her positive aspect she turned into Hathor, the goddess of love. Much in the same way Esther is the concubine and lover of the God/King, but is also the engineer of the holocaust and the total destruction of Mordecai’s enemies.
 Hollywood seems to have adopted this duality of Ishtar, through mind control and creating “alters.” The “kitten” training, the violence and the blatant promiscuity, coupled with duel personality types very often leading to mental breakdown and often suicide. A full in depth study on this subject can be found at: Vigilante Citizen. 
In closing, the story of Esther is not part of the original Torah reading. It is a story that has been adapted from Sumerian myths, the Babylonian exile and the story of one tribe, being the Jews, descendants of Judah. Whether there was an Esther or not, whether this holocaust actually took place or not, is debatable. The whole rendering of the story of Esther could be plagiarised from Babylonian history and religion. The Samaritans, the descendants of Joseph and his sons, Ephraim and Mannasheh, do not celebrate Purim. They only mark the holidays set by the Pentateuch.

By Mike King 

NY Times: Paris Attacks Kill More Than 100, Police Say; Border Controls Tightened

The Paris area reeled Friday night from a shooting rampage, explosions and mass hostage-taking that President François Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack on France. 

In answering the question of 'Whodunnit' in regard to the horrific 'Friday the 13th' massacre in Paris (11-13-15), your normally cautious reporter here at The Anti-New York Times finds it completely unnecessary to go through a criminological version of the 'scientific method'. Sugar the Cat is instinctively calling this one a false-flag, and Papa Mike stands behind her 100%.

General view of the scene with rescue service personnel http://www.smh.com.au/content/dam/images/g/k/y/y/r/o/image.related.articleLeadwide.620x349.gkyxqj.png/1447466197123.jpg http://nonalignedmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/JSIL.jpg

It is too early to tell if this was a real massacre or a crisis actor deal. Some early photos seem a bit strange. Either way, the true culprits and the intended effect are well known to those of us who understand how the world really works.

We don't need no stinkin' hypothesis -- no observation of data -- and no investigation here. It's all about precedent, precedent, precedent (King David Hotel Bombing (1946), Lavon Affair (1954), USS Liberty (1967)) combined with motive, means, opportunity - and still more precedent, precedent, precedent (Marine barracks attack in Lebanon (1983), German Nightclub bombing (1986), Pan Am Flight 103 (1988)), and also, let us add, precedent, precedent, precedent (9/11 attacks (2001), anthrax attacks (2001), 7/7 attacks (2005)).
Regardless of whatever 'Muslim' patsies (now all declared to have been conveeeeeniently suicided!) carried out the attacks, this bloodbath (whether real or faked) is the work of the clandestine intelligence services of the western / Zionist Axis of Evil. Case closed -- no doubt about it -- done deal -- take it to the bank!

 http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2015-10-07-1444225364-1378581-13120616011401panam1206restrictedhorizontallargegallery.jpg http://static2.businessinsider.com/image/5230798c69bedd671ea48e7d-1200/911-september-11th-attacks.jpg https://caseclosedbylewweinstein.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/anthrax-letter.jpg
It's them -- it's them -- it's always bloody them! (cough cough)
It will be interesting to see if Mossad's patsie attackers were recent 'migrants'. Though if they were, Francois Hollande -- that fiendish faker who is finishing off France -- that slippery, sleazy, slimy piece of human escargot, isn't likely to tell us. Only now is Hollande le Horrible even talking about "tightening the borders". Damn traitorous swine!
Clearly, France, and its Allies, are going to have to go into Syria and "do something" about 'ISIS' now. Russia is already there. China and Iran have been sniffing around as well. And U.S. Secretary of Offense Ass Carter had recently deployed an undetermined number of Special Forces.
Said Homo-Obongo of the attacks, which oh-so-conveeeeeniently occurred during, and physically close to, a heavily watched soccer match between the main political powers of the EU -- France and Germany:
"This is an attack not just on Paris; it's an attack not just on the people of France. But this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share."
"We're going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice."

  Israel's nuclear missiles can be fired from state-of-the-art German submarines, and blamed on _____ ?

The combustible elements of World War III are being gathered all in one place -- suggesting that a dangerous East vs West conflict - as depicted on that spooky and cryptic magazine cover of the Rothschild-owned (partly) Economist Magazine back in January 2015 - is about to unfold. Will an Israeli match spark the long-awaited Great War for Globo-Zion? Stay tuned.
https://socioecohistory.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/economist_magazine_jan2015.jpg http://vigilantcitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/dirt.jpg
The two numbered arrows from the controversial 'The World in 2015' Economist Magazine cover (January 2015) unscramble into 11.13.15. The woman in the portrait near the arrows is very similar to the Paris-based Mona Lisa painting (they can't make it too obvious). Behind little Alice in Wonderland is what could be an abandoned soccer ball (football) -- which may symbolize the internationally televised France-Germany soccer match that was interrupted by the attacks.

Little Alice in Wonderland (the masses) turns her attention away from the ball to the ongoing geo-political freak-show.
 You will also notice Angela Merkel making the Illuminati triangle over a button on her jacket (the Illuminati eye), the Globe divided against itself (East vs West), a game called 'Panic' with "Federal Reserve' written on it (in tiny letters), the turtle that symbolizes the Fabian Socialist Society, Alice in Wonderland symbolizing the fake world of 'the rabbit hole', and a nuclear device detonating.
https://socioecohistory.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/economist_magazine_jan2015.jpg https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/angela-merkel.jpg
The Frumpy Frau is the NWO's Golden Girl.