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YUSUF KHAN, hinduised as DILIP KUMAR, my favourite Hindustani Actor, but only earlier in his film career! At the end, he was pathetic! A Muslim traitor too!


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Though Mohammed Rafi Sahaab began his playback singing career way back in 1941 (Gul Baloch) the system of conferring awards to film industry artistes had not been devised.  It was only in 1954 that the Filmfare Awards (then called Clare’s award after a promiment film critic) came to be instituted, and were to be given to honour and encourage artistes for outstanding performance in the films that had been released the previous years.  There were just five categories: Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Music Director.  The best playback singer award was instituted 1959 onwards but for a single category of male OR  female singer.  It was during this single-award phase that Rafi Sahaab won the Best Singer Awards for the years 1960, 1961 and 1964.  From 1966 onwards the Filmfare Awards were further enhanced to include both the categories, i.e. Male and Female Singer Awards.  Thus Rafi Sahaab won the Awards in 1966, 1968 and 1977.  He was nominated as many as 21 times.  Strangely, he was not even nominated for 1959 Awards.  They had conveniently forgotten the monumental ..tuu Hindu baneNgaa naa Musalmaan baneNgaa…  from Dhool ka Phool.  Then, according to a minority opinion certain  common error has crept in regarding Rafi Sahaab’s Award-winning number for the year 1968.  He had won it for maiN gaauun tum so jaao.. (see clippings with the photo) and not for ..dil ke jharoke meN…  Indeed that lullaby assures us a peaceful sleep, making us ready for the morrow with an everlasting hope of a better world.  It is noteworthy that Rafi Sahaab won all the three nominations that year – a feat which would be repeated in 1980, the last year of his life, when he was nominated for 1. Maine poochhaa chaand se; 2. Mere dost qissa yeh kyaa ho gayaa; and 3. Dard-e-dil dard-e-jigar…  They were the best songs of 1980.  It is a little surprising, therefore, that neither one of the three got the Filmfare Award.
Lastly, it goes without saying that had the Filmfare Best Singer Awards been instituted in 1953 itself, Rafi Sahaab would have won many more Awards.  Who can forget his duniya ke rakh waale … and mann taRpat hari darshan ko aaj…. in Baiju Bawra (1953)!  Or O duur ke musaafir  from Uran Khatola (1954); daulat ke jhooTe nashe meN ho choor from Unchi Haveli (1955); maine chaand aur sitaaroN kee tamanna kee theeh from Chandrakanta (1956) and for the same year duniya naa bhaaye mohe from Basant Bahaar; and yeh duniya agar mil bhee jaaye toh kyaa hai from Pyaasa (1957)!

Yes, we have restricted ourselves only to the Filmfare Awards and not the other Awards such as the National Film Awards that Rafi Sahaab won in 1964, 1966, 1967, and 1977; the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards in 1957 (Tumsa Nahin Dekha), 1965 (Dosti) and 1966 (Arzoo); Sur Sringar Award for Chitralekha in 1964, among other Awards.  In 1974 he was awarded the World Film Magazine Best Singer Award for his song in Hawas:  teree galiyoN meN naa rakkhenge qadam… In 2001, Mohammed Rafi Sahaab was honoured with the Best Singer of the Millennium Award by Hero Honda and Stardust Magazine.  In 2013, Rafi Sahaab won the CNN/IBN poll for the Greatest Voice in Hindi Cinema.   From the world of Hindi Cinema released between 1940-2010, Rafi’s bahaaroN phool barsaao from Suraj (1966) was voted the Best Song from a list of top 100 songs by the BBC Asian Network.

We all know that the young Rafi was honoured with the Silver Medal by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on the First Anniversary of Indian Independence Day.  In 1965 he was conferred the Padma Shri Award by the Government of India. No other playback singer had bagged that Award before.  The list of Awards and Achievements of Rafi Sahaab both as the Singer and an exceptionally good human being is very long and cannot be discussed in this short article.  There have been appeals to the Government of India to confer the Bharat Ratna Award on the Legendary Rafi Sahaab and our FB friend, Sanjeev Dixit, is at the forefront in organizing such events and writing appeals.  Indeed, it is high time for the Government to look into Rafi Sahaab’s considerable contribution to the world of cinema and entertainment.

As I had once said somewhere that value of Rafi Sahaab’s singing prowess can only be evident to those who have climbed up the higher wrung of musical appreciation. The higher one goes, the better and positive impression one gets about Rafi Sahaab. This is the reason why Manna Dey, a great playback singer himself, lost no opportunity in praising his colleague whether in his book or on the stage whenever he was asked about Rafi Sahaab.  The Legendary Yesudas and Balasubramanium  too have spoken very highly about Rafi Sahaab.  As for the millions of Rafi Sahaab’s fans, we instinctively love his songs so that successive generations are being mesmerized by his divine voice - which  explains his popularity even after 36 years of his sad demise.

Today, I have posted in YOU’RE A THEME FOR MY DREAM RAFI SAHAAB some 22 of the choicest songs for your listening pleasure.  Do visit the group in FB. 


Read more:

Rafi was a better singer than me: Manna Dey
Monday, May 11, 2009 12:53 IST
By Screen Weekly, Santa Banta News Network
/> Manna Dey turned 90 on May 1. The singing legend remains young at heart and keeps busy with shows and performances. He promises Screen 15 minutes on the phone from Bengalooru, but gives us more than half an hour of characteristically candid chat

We, however, begin on a false note, which the veteran singer has probably never delivered in front of a microphone in 3, 500-plus recordings and hundreds of performances over 60 years. For when asked how he feels about entering his 90th year on May 1, he thunders, "Listen, my age is not something I wish to discuss!

I will answer your questions if they are about me and not about my age. Age is just another year gone by - a mere birthday. It means nothing! I hope that this interview is about music and the wonderful time I have had with so many wonderful people!

I have worked for over 65 years now. If you have done your homework and are willing to discuss my career, I would love to answer your questions!"

But that's Manna Dey as he 's always been - a man who never minces words. As we are on a 'phone line, he naturally does not recollect our earlier meetings from the 1991 recording for Nana Patekar's Prahaar, his last significant Hindi film song, to an hour-plus interview at his Juhu bungalow in Mumbai and several other smaller meetings.

"Hamari hi mutthi mein akash saara was a beautiful number, the last of so many for Laxmi-Pyare!" he recollects. "I remember Nana Patekar being after me for days and insisting that only I could sing that song.

He even wanted me to lip-sync it on screen! Of course I flatly refused to be on screen an also said that my voice wasn't what it used to be and gently turned him down! Then Laxmi (Laxmikant) called up and requested me to come home and listen to the song."

Mannada requests me not to mention the few songs he was persuaded to record after that. But he clarifies that he is very much familiar with what is happening on the music front today.

"Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are doing some nice songs. Anu Malik has also done some good work over the years. But otherwise, it is the sound that has improved tremendously since our times.

But that's more to the credit of the arrangers and therefore with the packaging, right? We have some excellent instrumentalists today. But what's the use of such talent? Arrangements minus a good composition mean nothing! The lyrics too have degenerated so much."

What about the new blood in his own field - playback singing?

"I think Sonu Niigaam is very good, he is equipped with all the knowledge needed for a singer, is keen about doing good work and puts his heart into singing and understanding what he has to sing.

Shreya Ghoshal is very good. But I will ask you something: In our wonderful country there is so much wonderful music. Every state is rich in music. But when you switch on the television, do you get to listen to anything nice?"

So where does he think the malaise lies? "Look, music is dictated by the kind of films being made, which is decided by the filmmakers. It's a demand and supply situation.

A good singer like Udit Narayan has few takers. Why do you think a singer of the calibre of Kavita Krishnamurthi (Subramaniam) hardly records? It's a lie that it is because she is not based in Mumbai!"

We request Mannada to answer a hypothetical query: If Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh and he had all been active in today's scenario, would this decline had happened, and how would they have taken it?

And the veteran replies, "We would have very, very nobly retreated!! Today our kind of singers are not needed. How could we have sung a mukhda with the word Saala in it? We could never have been a part of such indignities!"

We go to the matter of his favourite composers. Having reiterated that Shankar-Jaikishan and Laxmikant-Pyarelal are the composers he rates high (which is what he has stressed in all our talks and has said on television even recently) he has mentioned R.D.Burman and Madan Mohan in other interviews. How does he reconcile this?

"It is silly to compare great composers, unless you are familiar with musical intricacies, " he says with characteristic punch. "Madan Mohan gave me few but such soulful songs, like Tum bin jeevan (Bawarchi) and Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare (Dekh Kabira Roya), so I am indebted to him.

Panchamda was so good. He deserves the entire credit for the complex classic that was Ek chatur naar - the song was his concept from beginning to end, and Kishore and I just executed it to out best!

See, it was less to do with the songs they called me for and more with the fact that they never got their dues in their lifetimes. Laxmi-Pyare were composers who have given me some fantastic songs right from Tum gagan ke chandrama ho in Sati Savitri - what a song that was! - to Prahaar.

As for Shankar-Jaikishan - I was closer to Shankar - they were truly magical!"

Mention that Rafi had once told a scribe, "You listen to my songs. I listen only to Manna Dey!" and he feels that it was Rafi's greatness. "I sang classical songs better than others, but soon came a time when I was called for every kind of song along with Rafi. The rest were all great singers, but had their limitations.

Rafi and I could sing everything, and he was such a gentleman. He was a better singer than me, and I will say this - that no one came even close to him! He deserved everything he got! We had a great understanding and it was never about one-upmanship, " he recalls.

A curious point: Why did a classicist like him barely sing for the classical music-oriented Naushad? "He had a terrific understanding with Mohammed Rafi, that's why!" he thunders.

Despite his classical inclinations, Mannada was very fond of Western music, and sang in his college choirs. Did that help in his Western numbers like Aao twist karen (Bhoot Bungla), Jodi hamari (Aulad) and others?

"It must have, because playback is about observation and learning from listening as well. My wife Sulochana was also responsible for teaching me a lot of Western nuances, and you may be interested in knowing that I used those finer points even in the way I rendered Aye mere pyare watan for Kabuliwala!"

Finally, we ask why he has sung in so many languages but opened his account in mother-tongue Bengali only after he made it in Hindi films? "I came to Mumbai then because I did not want to do what everyone was doing in Kolkata. But then came a time when distributors would refuse to touch a Bengali film if it did not have my song in it!"

About Rafi

For those people, who don’t know Mohd Rafi, I Quote that he is the only legendary singer in Indian Film Music. Following is about his life, his birth, his singing career etc..,
Mohd RafiRafi was born on 24th December 1924 in Kotla Sultan Singh, Amritsar, in a middle class Muslim family. His elder brother, Janab Hamid Sahab, was the first to take notice of the divine gift in Rafi’s voice. He decided to concentrate all his efforts in providing all the support needed by his brother to make it big in the music world.
At the age of seven, Rafi learnt Hindustani Classical music under the renowned Ustaad Bade Gulam Ali Khan and Vahida Khan.
Rafi along 
with his harmonium
time, Mohd Rafi has sung more than 26,000 superhit songs.

Mohd Rafi started his career at the age of 20, with a punjabi song, Soniye Hiriye, teri yaad ne bahut sataya for the movie Gul Baloch, which was released on 28th February, 1944. The producer was Sham Sunderji, who was very much impressed by Rafi’s style of singing and did not think twice on booking Rafi for all his future films. Rafi performing Live In 1944, Rafi was very famous as a singer. Many of his songs were sung by youths and school-going kids. Rafi was invited by Nasir, a well-known actor of those times to Bombay. From this point, there was no turning back. Rafi sang for Shamji Sundarji’s production Gaon Ki Gori. This movie was also a great hit. With this hit, Rafi was called Play Back Singer. He was famous and settled play back singer around 1948.
K.L.Saigal & Pandit Paulsikar had no words for Rafi’s praise. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, Rafi sang a song Suno Suno Ay Duniya Walon, Bapu ki Yeh Amar kahani written by Rajinder Krishan and music by Hunslal Bhagatram, which touched everyone and was a great hit.
Whenever there used be a fusion of Naushad’s music, Shakeel Badayuni’s lyrics and Rafi’s voice, that number would become super-duper hit. These three were quite a team then. Their songs were being heard in all corner of the streets. In fact, those songs are still equally melodious now. Rafi receiving Award 
from President Sanjiva Reddy Rafi had several opportunities to sing in public. The range of Rafi’s voice was very very high. This is noticeable from the number O Duniya Ke Rakhwale from the movie Baiju Bawara. Naushad was very impressed by Rafi’s performance.
Rafi Sahab receiving the National Rajat Kamal Award from President Sanjiva Reddy for his song ‘Kya Hua Tera Vaada’ in the film ‘Hum Kissise Kum Nahin’ in 1977. Rafi singing in 
NepalRafi could sing any type of song. Let it be pop, qawali, bhajan, gazal, romantic, rock’n'roll, light music, slow numbers, sad song, parody, fast numbers…, anything he was remarkeable. He was the first to fit into the playback singer role in a convincing way. His voice enhanced the brilliance of actors like Dilip Kumar. We could feel Guru Dutt’s heart beat when he sang Badi Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari.
Rafi Sahab was honored by the Indian
Government in 1965 with the prestigious PadmaShree Award. Here he is seen with President
Zakhir Hussain at the award ceremony in New Delhi.
Rafi Sahab with 
President Zakir Hussain With the start of the famous Binaca Geet Mala in 1952, the program aired the immortal songs of the film Baiju Bawra and this really launched Rafi as a popular singer for all ages. Thousands of request for Rafi’s songs poured into Sri Lanka Radio. If he stylised his voice for the Dev Anand’s mannerisms, he took the job of instilling emotions in deadpans Suhani Raat Dal Chukhi in Dulari. Rafi......a simple man It would not be an exaggeration to say that actors like Shammi Kapoor owe their career to this little man with the Voice of God.
No singer at that time or even now in this era, can match Rafi. Rafi’s singing style was so simple, that nobody could imitate it. Even if they tried, they were not successful. His verstality was very different and way too impressive. His contemporaries were either ineffective in this front or were unwilling to compromize.
Rafi with Amit KumarAll this was about his singing carreer. But as a person, he was much more. Rafi did not imitate any one nor did he stop any one from imitating him. Where there was cut-throat pressure, Rafi was always totally with himself. Through out his carreer Rafi has not been accused of anything. Nor did he stop any new singer from taking his position. He was such a whole-hearted person, who would agree to sing for producers who could’nt afford him in return to nothing. Listening to Rafi is like rowing down a river in a moonlit night.
So, when your eyes
focus and your finger points to the Rafi album displayed on the colorful rack aligned
along with Dhamakas and remixes, understand that it is nothing unnatural, just the triumph
of voice over noise.
Rafi with his SitarNow, Rafi is not amongst us, but that divine voice and soul will never fade from this earth. He was, and remains, a major force in film music, the music of love, despair, hope, humor…etc. Rafi’s voice had the healing capability. His music is as calm, as raging, as deep, as beautiful. It is the manifestation of the goodness and the divine.


Home » Meri awaaz suno » My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, Lucknow
Aadab Rafi friends, I visited the House of Rafi Sahab,”RAFI MANSION” and his holy Grave on 5th & 6th june 2010.
I reached mumbai in the morning of 5th june and Miraz ahmed saab (elder son in law of Rafi Sahab) has given the time to visit Rafi Mansion at 7:30pm to me. I reached to Rafi mansion at 7:30pm and met with Nasreen didi (elder daughter of Rafi sahab). Miraz saab could not arrived at time because he was in hospital for delivery of his grandson and Nasreen didi was also going there.


Rafi chowk in Mumbai
Rafi chowk in Mumbai
Family of Yasmeen didi was also there in hospital. I waited few mins. and then Miraz saab called to Irfan saab (son of Yasmeen didi). Irfan saab came to home  & we entered in Rafi mansion and then after I was in music room of RAFI SAHAB with Irfan sahab. It was very grand and all the trophies were there kept in his room. I was there approximately one hour and taken many photographs of that room. I also asked Irfan saab about his favourite singer and it is written in my survey register with his signature.

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab
Me with grandson of Rafi Saab
On the next day I visited the Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab and collected some holy soil from there. I was there approximately 30 minutes. It was very peaceful there at the holy grave of Rafi sahab.

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab
Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab
That evening I re-visited Rafi mansion again and this time I was fortunate to meet with Parwez Sahab & Yasmeen Didi. Irfan saab entered a while after. They all were too polite and humble with us and spent more than one hour with us. I also asked to Parwez ji and Yasmeen Didi for their favorite singer and written in my survey register with their signature. I invited to Parwez ji and Yasmeen didi to visit Lucknow & my home in near future and they accepted my invitation.
This was ONLY DREAM of my life which became true with the kind help of “Narayan sahab(Bangalore),Beena Didi(Bangalore),AS Murty sahab(Hyderabad),Srikant ji(Mumbai), Miraz Ahmed Sahab, Nasreen Didi, Parwez Ahmed Sahab,Yasmeen Didi & Irfan sahab.” I will always be grateful to them whole my life.
My visit to Rafi Mansion & Grave of Rafi sahab is like a PILGRIMAGE OF CHAR DHAM OR HAZ YATRA & after this visit no wish remains in my life for me“, because God has only given birth to me on this earth but Rafi Sahab has given the true direction to my life through his songs and his great character and personality.I can say proudly that Rafi Sahab has given me the SECOND LIFE, he was always with me in all difficult time of my life & my whole life will dedicate to Rafi Sahab.
I have one more dream for Rafi Sahab which I will disclose to you after some time.
I am sending some pictures regarding my visit of RAFI MANSION. Date on pictures is wrong because I forgot to set the date in camera. Pl don’t care about this.

Best playback singer of the millennium award
Best playback singer of the millennium award
Chair of Rafi Sahab
Chair of Rafi Sahab
HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition
HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition
Santoor of Rafi sahab
Santoor of Rafi sahab
Lamp of Rafi Sahab
Lamp of Rafi Sahab
National award to Rafi Sahab
National award to Rafi Sahab
Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab
Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab
Visiting card of our Farishta
Visiting card of our Farishta
Visiting card of our Farishta
Visiting card of our Farishta


Rafi Saab, is indeed the best singer of all times. Today, 29 years after his death, he lives on eternally. His songs today are just as popular as they were during his lifetime.

Mohammed Rafi’s association with composer Usha Khanna

July 5th, 2010
Rafi Sahab with Usha Khanna and Kishore Kumar
Rafi Sahab with Usha Khanna and Kishore Kumar
After Saraswati Devi who composed music for Bombay Talkies Film during 1930s & 1940s, Usha Khanna is a lone established female Music Director in the Indian Film Industry who was active for 3 decades from 1960s to 1980s. She was born in Gwalior in 1942 and her father, Manohar Khanna was a lyricist and singer. But she had no formal training in music, often take inspiration from Arabic Music. Popular music director O.P. Nayyar introduced Usha Khanna to Sashadhar Mukherjee initially who assigned her to compose two songs per day for one year. Later on Mukherjee hired her to composed music for his films like DIL DEKE DEKHO (1959) and HUM HINDUSTANI (1961). She started her career as a composer at the age of 17. Read the rest of this entry »

Letters for Bharat Ratna Campaign

July 5th, 2010
Rafi Sahab Ko Bharat Ratna Kyon Nahin?
Rafi Sahab Ko Bharat Ratna Kyon Nahin?
I have posted the letter requesting Bharat Ratna on 1st July 2010 to our respected PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Ramvilas Paswan and Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu. Navjot ji is a MP (BJP) from Amritsar which is the land of birth of our beloved Rafi Sahab,therefore requested Sidhu ji to please put our demand in parliament as well as in media. This letter also has been published in the article form in a magazine “Avijit” of lucknow and I am trying to publish in news papers also. Read the rest of this entry »

My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

June 27th, 2010
Aadab Rafi friends, I visited the House of Rafi Sahab,”RAFI MANSION” and his holy Grave on 5th & 6th june 2010.
I reached mumbai in the morning of 5th june and Miraz ahmed saab (elder son in law of Rafi Sahab) has given the time to visit Rafi Mansion at 7:30pm to me. I reached to Rafi mansion at 7:30pm and met with Nasreen didi (elder daughter of Rafi sahab). Miraz saab could not arrived at time because he was in hospital for delivery of his grandson and Nasreen didi was also going there. Read the rest of this entry »

Pheeko aur Hari Bhai

June 21st, 2010
Mohd Rafi and Sanjeev Kumar
Mohd Rafi and Sanjeev Kumar
Hari Bhai (Sanjeev Kumar) was my favourite actor. His association with our maestro Pheeko (Rafi Sahab) was great and unforgettable. Pheeko gave innumerable and mind blowing songs to this prominent Indian actor. Hari Bhai, ( Harihar Jariwala ), who was born in Surat, Gujrat on July 9, 1938 and died at a very tender age of 47, on November 6, 1985.
In the early part of 80’s, I remembered reading in “India Tribune” from Chicago, that Hari Bhai had coronary bypass surgery at Baylor’s Heart Institute, in Houston, Texas, USA. Read the rest of this entry »

Rafi-Lata Singers Enthrall Mumbai Music Lovers

June 7th, 2010
Mangalore Hanif
Mangalore Hanif
A ZIPPY MUSICAL PRESENTATION OF GOLDEN ERA SONGS of Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar songs enthralled the thousand odd music lovers at Mumbai Ville Parle’s Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall on Sunday May 23.
Star singers of the day Mangalore Hanif, Zee Saregama star Mona Kamath, Star tv awardee Prabhanjan Marathe, singer Aparna, composer Prem Kumar and singer Dinesh Parmar derived non-stop applause for each of their renditions.
The Chief Guest of the evening Mr Pascal Pinto, Managing Trustee of Mangalore Rafi Foundation, who had specially flown in from KUWAIT was visibly pleased and commented ” these talented singers must be in the film industry entertaining larger number of audiences”. Read the rest of this entry »

Diary of a Rafi fan

May 31st, 2010
Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi
The music and especially the film songs fascinated me from as early days as I can remember. Those were the days when radio and especially Vividh Bharti was the main source of access to film music. In early days, the songs of all singers like Rafi saab, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Talat Mehamood, Kishore Kumar etc. fascinated me with no specific favorites.
But slowly my liking graph of Rafi took an ascending path. His voice mesmerized me like a magical spell. While all singers were great but I found his voice having that something extra, something indescribable which can only be felt. The most notable feature being the wide spectrum of songs that he sang with seemingly effortless ease. In those days it was quite common that two or three consecutive songs of Rafi saab were played on Vividh Bharti. And more often than not, these songs used to be contrasting in nature. For example: Na kisi ki aankh kaa noor hoon……. followed by Baar baar dekho.… or Nain lad jaee hain to…… followed by ‘Yaad na jaaye beete dinin ki….’. I was wonder-struck by his range. Read the rest of this entry »

Dil Rafi Pe Kurbaan

May 23rd, 2010
Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi
I am a huge fan of Rafi. Here is my tribute to him in form of a ghazal I wrote and composed for him. It is only for Rafiana. This song is copyrighted and unauthorized copy or distribution of it is prohibited.
badhawaasi ke is shor mein
ek sukoon ki sadaa hain rafi
mohabbat ke noor ki
ek haseen adaa hain rafi
Read the rest of this entry »

Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur duets composed by Shankar Jaikishan

May 16th, 2010
Mohd Rafi with Suman and Hasrat
Mohd Rafi with Suman and Hasrat
Shankar Jaikishan in the 60s made immense number of experiments in bollywood film music. Right from westernized compositions to Indian classical songs to folk tunes, the compositions had a wide variety. Rafi was the automatic choice of the legendary musical duo, with his tremendous range and romantic appeal. Suman Kalyanpur sang landmark duet song with Rafi under the composition of giant composers during the 60s, including Naushad “dil-e-betaab ko sinese lagana hoga”, in Palki, Madanmohan “baad muddat ke yeh ghari aye”, Jahanara, Roshan “rahe na rahe hum”, in Mamta, Khayyam “parbaton ke pero par sham ka basera hai”, in Shagun, to name a few. Suman Kalyanpur sang many immortal duet songs with Rafi in the 60s and 70s under the composition of Shankar Jaikishan. Read the rest of this entry »

Rafi harmonic for versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar

May 9th, 2010
Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar
Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar

It is one of my beloved songs which depict the great personality of our beloved Rafi Sahab and the song was picturised on versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar in the film BADAL (1966). Long back in my school days, I had seen this song for first & last time in RANGOLI telecast by DD-1 at 07:00 AM. From that time, I was under presumption that it was being sung by Rafi Sahab. Since, I do not have collection of this song and recently with a plan to work on Rafi – Sanjeev Kumar combination; I searched the song details and disconsolately came to know that it is being sung by Manna Dey not by our beloved Rafi Sahab, though the song was composed by Rafi devotee composer Usha Khanna in the lyrics of Javed Anwar. Read the rest of this entry »
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    Monday, August 6, 2012

    Poster- Of-Fever-Tribute-to Rafi Sahab

    Bheegi Palkein - Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai - Mohd.Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar

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    Thursday, January 1, 2009


    Jan 1958


    Very rare picture of Rafi Saab in Cochin at my parents wedding.

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Thursday, January 1, 2009


    Jan 1958


    Very rare picture of Rafi Saab in Cochin at my parents wedding.

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Friday, December 26, 2008


    Postcard to Mr.Kaleen Sheikh from Filmfare containing Rafi Saab's address.

    Mohd Rafi Is The Best

    Jiski Aawaaz Dilon Jaan Mein Utar Jaati Hai'
    Jiska Andaaz Koi Aur Nahin Paa Sakta''
    Yun To Fankar Bahut Aayenge Is Duniya Mein'
    Ek Rafi Jaisa Koi Aur Nahin Aa Sakta''

    songs of mohd rafi

    1. A Aa E Ee O Oo-Yuvraaj*

    2. Aa Aa Chhori Aa Ja Jaa Chhora Jaa-Opera House*

    3. Aa Aa Mere Sapnon Ki Rani-Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi

    4. Aa Aaja Aaja Aa Gale Lag Jaa Aise Main Tu To Kahaan Chala-Street Singer*

    5. Aa Ba To Aaja Bahut Din Beet Gaye Aaja-Naach Utha Sansar*

    6. Aa Bata Den Ye Tujhe Kaise Jiya Jata Hai-Dost*

    7. Aa Bedardi Balma Preet Ka Hisaab Karen-Chhora Chhori*

    8. Aa Dance Karen Thoda Romance Karen-Khandaan*

    9. Aa Gale Lag Ja Mere Sapne Mere Aone-April Fool*

    10. Aa Gaya Hai Waqt Maut Ka-Alladin Ka Beta*

    11. Aa Gaya Lo Aa Gaya Haj Ka-Islamic*

    12. Aa Gaya Madaari Leke Jaadu Ki Pitaari-Zameen Ke Tare*

    13. Aa Gaya Re Tera Paagal Preetem O Diljaaniya-Naach Utha Sansar*

    14. Aa Gaye Yaaron Jeene Ke Din-Phir Wahi Raat*

    15. Aa Gayi Ab To Samajh Main Haqeeqat Pyaare-Sikka

    16. Aa Gayi Hai Ishq Pe Bahaar-Saaqi*

    17. Aa Gayi Re Main To Aa Gayi Re-Chacha Choudhary*

    18. Aa Ham Ahd E Vafa Kar Lein-Do Bhai*

    19. Aa Jao Tumhe Dil Ka Afsana Sunana Hai-Heer*

    20. Aa Lag Ja Gale Dilruba-Dus Lakh*

    21. Aa Lag Jaa Gale Mere Lehraake-Agar*

    22. Aa Main Bataoon Kya Tu Hai Kya-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    23. Aa Mere Dildaar Karke Hamse Naina Chaar-Mr. Lambu*

    24. Aa Mere Hamjoli Aa-Jeene Ki Raah*

    25. Aa Mere Saathi Tujh Ko Bula Rahi Hai-Romeo In Sikkim*

    26. Aa Meri Jaan Mujhko Gale Lagaale-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    27. Aa Raat Jaati Hai Chupke Se Mil Jaayen Donon-Benaam*

    28. Aa Saamne Chhupne Ki Zaroorat Tujhe Kya Hai-Non Film*

    29. Aa Sanam Baahon Main Aaja-Prem Ki Ganga

    30. Aa Zara Mere Nashi Thaam Le Mujhe Thaam Le Ham-Poonam*

    31. Aadhi Aadhi Raat Meri Paayaliya Baaje Bairi-Lagaam*

    32. Aadhi Raat Ko Khanak Gaya Mera Kangna-Toofan Main Pyaar Kahan*

    33. Aadhi Raat Saath Mera Choda-Pyaar*

    34. Aadhi Sachchi Aadhi Jhoothhi Teri Prem Kahaani-Fakira*

    35. Aadhi Tum Kha Lo Aadhi Ham Kha Le-Fifty Fifty*

    36. Aadho Aadho Bol Laje Badho Badho Bol-Bengali*

    37. Aadmi Ki Zidgi Ka Aurat Nasha Hai-Bheegi Palken*

    38. Aadmi Musaafir Hai Aata Hai Jaata Hai-Apnapan*

    39. Aadmi Wo Hai Jo Khela Kare Toofanon Se-Beti Bete*

    40. Aag Hai Lagi Hui Har Taraf Yahan Wahan-Swarg Nark*

    41. Aag Lagi Tan Man Dhan Sab Main-Rangbhoomi

    42. Aag Paani Main Lagi Oye Hoye Kaise-Jhoola*

    43. Aag Raag Se Aag Laga Do-Sultan E Aalam

    44. Aage Peechhe Dayen Bayen Dil Ko-Pick Pocket*

    45. Aaha Ayi Milan Ki Bela Dekho Ayi-Aayee Milan Ki Bela*

    46. Aaj Achanak Rooth Ke Mujh Se-Chakradhari*

    47. Aaj Apna Ho Na Ho Par Kal Hamaara Hai-Kal Hamara Hai*

    48. Aaj Ayeange Bhagwan Woh Hi Jinka Naam Hai Raam-Ram Leela

    49. Aaj Bhagwan Ke Charnon Men Jhuka Kar Sarko-Hamrahi*

    50. Aaj Ek Bazm Se Main Lut Ke Chala Aaya.-Pyar Bana Afsana*

    51. Aaj Galiyon Main Teri Aaya Hai Parwaana Tera-Sohni Mahiwal*

    52. Aaj Galo Muskuralo Mehfilen Sajalo(Happy)-Lalkar*

    53. Aaj Galo Muskuralo Mehfilen Sajalo(Sad)-Lalkar*

    54. Aaj Gham Kal Khushi Yehi Hai Zindagi-Jawab(Old)*

    55. Aaj Hai Pyaar Ka Faisla Ae Sanam-Leader*

    56. Aaj Hamen Ek Jaan Ka Dushman Jaan Se Pyara Lagta Hai-Kaala Aadmi*

    57. Aaj Hoga Wohi Tum Samajh Lo Sahi-Sakshi Gopal*

    58. Aaj Hua Mera Dil Matwaala-Chhote Nawab*

    59. Aaj Is Darja Peela Do Ki Na Kuchh Yaad Rahe-Vaasna*

    60. Aaj Is Khat Main Naye Baat Tumhen Likhni Hai-No Film*

    61. Aaj Is Nagri Kal Us Nagri-Naya Zamana*

    62. Aaj Jagat Main Ramban Hai Jisko Khushamad-Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpaty*

    63. Aaj Jang Ke Dar Se-Nai Maa

    64. Aaj Ka Din Bhi Feeka Feeka-Baat Ek Raat Ki*

    65. Aaj Kal Hamse Ruthe Hue Hian Sanam-Aamne Saamne*

    66. Aaj Kal Main Dhal Gaya-Beti Bete*

    67. Aaj Kal Shuq E Deedar Hai-Leader*

    68. Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche Har Zubaan Par-Brahmachari*

    69. Aaj Khushi Ka Din Phir Aaya-Bano*

    70. Aaj Ki Raat Aji Hothon Ko Chup Rahe Ne Do-Roop Sundari*

    71. Aaj Ki Raat Badi Shokh Badi Natkhat Hai-Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal*

    72. Aaj Ki Raat Hai Bas Jalwa Dikhaane Ke Liye-Jiyo Aur Jeene Do*

    73. Aaj Ki Raat Mere Dil Ki Salaami Le Le Dil Ki-Ram Aur Shyam*

    74. Aaj Ki Raat Mujhe Neend Nahi Aayegi-Aatma Aur Parmatma*

    75. Aaj Ki Raat Pee Ne De Saaqi Pee Ne De-Do Chehre*

    76. Aaj Ki Raat Yeh Kaisi Raat Ki Hamko Neend Nahin Aati-Aman*

    77. Aaj Kyon Hamse Parda Hai-Sadhna*

    78. Aaj Luta Do Aaj Luta Do-Qasam Khoon Ki*

    79. Aaj Mausam Bada Be Imaan Hai-Loafer*

    80. Aaj Mausam Ki Masti Main Gaaye Pawan-Banarasi Thug*

    81. Aaj Mera Haal Na Poochho-Meri Bhabhi*

    82. Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai-Aadmi Sadak Ka*

    83. Aaj Mili Ek Ladki Jise Dekh Tabiyat Phadki-Grihasti*

    84. Aaj Na Jaane Kya Se Kya Ho Jaata-Aatish*

    85. Aaj Puraani Raahon Se Koi Mujhe Aavaaz Na Dein-Aadmi*

    86. Aaj Rota Hai Kyon Jaan Khota Hai Kyon-Ghar Ka Chirag*

    87. Aaj Shishe Main Baar Dil Main Ek Jaane Tamanna Ne Jagha Pai-Benazir

    88. Aaj Socha Hai Khayaalon Main Bulaakar Tumko-Chehre Pe Chehra*

    89. Aaj Suhaani Raat Re-Naya Andaz*

    90. Aaj Tak Jo Bhi Hua Jhute Jhagdon Ne Kiya-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne

    91. Aaj Tera Gunahgaar Banda Gham Se-Khul Ja Sim Sim*

    92. Aaj Tere Naina Mil Ke Jhooke Kyon Kai Baar-Ehsan*

    93. Aaj To Jhunli Raat Ma Dharti Par Hai Aatma-Talash*

    94. Aaj Tumhaare Kore Badan Pe Ujale Ujale Gore Badan Pe-Play Boy*

    95. Aaj Udta Hua Ek Panchi-Gehra Daag*

    96. Aaj Watan Ne Humen Pukara-Aaj Watan Ne Humen Pukara*

    97. Aaj Yaar Ke Nazare Rab Dekha-Badmasho Ka Badmash*

    98. Aaj Yeh Bijli Kahan Giregi-Shamsheer*

    99. Aaja Aaja Aabhi Jaa(Doet)-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    100. Aaja Aaja Aabhi Jaa-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    101. Aaja Aaja Aaja Re Balam Wada Karke-Ustaad*

    102. Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera-Teesri Manzil*

    103. Aaja Aaja O Jaane Wale-Sabaq*

    104. Aaja Dil Nal Dil Nu Mila Le Ankhiyon The Ke Milna-Panjabi*

    105. Aaja Gori Nadiya Kinaare Tujhe Tera Mitva Pukaare-Phir Janam Lenge Hum*

    106. Aaja Jaane Tamanna Aa Bhi Jaa (Doet)-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    107. Aaja Karle Muqaabla-Detective*

    108. Aaja Ke Intezar Main Jaane Ko Hai Bahar Bhi-Halaku*

    109. Aaja Mere Humjuban Main Dhoondhoon Yahaan Tu-Rocket Tarzan

    110. Aaja Mere Qareeb Ke Soi Hui Hai Raat-Non Film*

    111. Aaja Mere Saathi Aaja-Saranga*

    112. Aaja Meri Jal Pari Tu Kyon Gumsum Khadi-Play Boy*

    113. Aaja Ni Baliye Meri Mongfalye(Walayati Babu)-Panjabi*

    114. Aaja Panchhi Akela Hai So Jaa Nindiya Ki Bela Hai-Nau Do Gyaarah*

    115. Aaja Re Aa Zara Bahaon Main Aa Zara-Love In Tokyo*

    116. Aaja Re Aaja Kahin Se Aaja-Naach Utha Sansar*

    117. Aaja Re O Prabhu Naam Tera Japoon-Hare Krishna

    118. Aaja Sodiyen Tera Yar Bulawe(Santo Banto)-Panjabi*

    119. Aaja Teri Yaad Aayee O Baalam Harjaye-Charas*

    120. Aaja Tujh Bin Saadhana Adhuri Hai-Ram Rajya*

    121. Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mere Geet-Geet*

    122. Aajo Madhuro Bansuri Baje-Bengali*

    123. Aakaash Ke Aanchal Main Sitaara Hi Rahega-Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh*

    124. Aakaash Ke Rahne Waale-Zewraat*

    125. Aakh Kudi Di Aande Wargi(Sherni)-Panjabi*

    126. Aakhri Geet Mohabbat Ka Sunaaloon To Chaloon-Neela Akash*

    127. Aam Chhum Tamchum Kala Har-Chhote Nawab*

    128. Aana Hai To Aa Raah Main Kuchh Pher Nahin Hai-Naya Daur*

    129. Aana Hai To Chale Aao Suhani Sham Hai-Taxi Stand*

    130. Aana Hi Padega Tujhe Aana Hi Paega-Tere Milne Ke Baad*

    131. Aana O Bhaai Jaan Khilaun Paan Lagaake Choona-Taxi Stand*

    132. Aana To Sajani Din Ko Aana-Raton Ka Raja*

    133. Aanchal Main Saja Lena Kaliyaan-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    134. Aanchal Pe Tera Hi Naam-Aakhri Sangharsh*

    135. Aandhiyaan Gham Ki Chalti Hai Chalne Bhi De-Kangan*

    136. Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar(Double)-Jeene Ki Raah*

    137. Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar-Jeene Ki Raah*

    138. Aane Waale Ko Aana Hoga Jaanewaale Ko Jaana Hoga-Sohni Mahiwal*

    139. Aankade Ka Dhandha-Satta Bazaar*

    140. Aankh Jhuki Si Chal Ruki Si-Burma Road*

    141. Aankh Main Ek Soorat Teri Lab Tera Afsaana-Chhoomantar*

    142. Aankh Milaye Na Muskuraaye Na-Milan Ki Raat*

    143. Aankh Mili Dil Mila-Matwala

    144. Aankh Milkar Waar Karoongi-Kaala Aadmi

    145. Aankhen Badi Hain Naimat Baaba-Apna Ghar*

    146. Aankhen Hamaari Ho Sapne Tumhaare Ho-Mere Arman Mere Sapne*

    147. Aankhen Teri Hamen Badi Pyaari Payaari Lage-Ham Pagal Premi*

    148. Aankhon Aankhon Main Na Jane Kya Ishare Hogaye-Bedaag*

    149. Aankhon Hi Aankhon Main Ishaara Ho Gaya-C.I.D*

    150. Aankhon Ko Mila Yaar Se-Bhagambhag*

    151. Aankhon Main Aankhen Daal Ke-Sipahsalar*

    152. Aankhon Main Chatki Seene Main Khatki-Do Aankhen*

    153. Aankhon Main Hai Tu Sanson Mein Hai-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    154. Aankhon Main Haya Ka Halka Sa Kaajal-Phir Bahar Aayi*

    155. Aankhon Main Tumhaare Jalwe Hain-Shirin Farhad*

    156. Aankhon Pe Bharosa Mat Kar-Detective*

    157. Aankhon Pe Palkon Ke Ghooghat-Main Wohi Hoon*

    158. Aankhon Se Aankh Mili Dil Se Dil Takrane Do-Mitti Main Sona*

    159. Aansu Ki Do Boonde-Forty Days/Chaalis Din

    160. Aansu Ko Paseene Main Badlo-Pyaar Ka Rishta*

    161. Aansu Na Baha Kar Yaad Use-Guru Ghantal*

    162. Aansu Na Bahana Mere Liye-Namoona*

    163. Aansu Thi Meri Zindagi-Bikhre Moti*

    164. Aao Aao Aate Kyon Nahin-Around The World*

    165. Aao Ae Momino Darbare Madena-Islamic*

    166. Aao Awaz Se Awaz Mila Ke Gaayein-Pyase Nain*

    167. Aao Baccho Katha Suno Tum-Ekaadash*

    168. Aao Chale Manwa More Door Kahin Re-Amar Prem*

    169. Aao Jee Aao Na Dil Main Samaao Na-Khiladi*

    170. Aao Mil Ke Badal Dayye(Daaj)-Panjabi*

    171. Aao Neele Gagan Ke Baadlon Main Jhoolen-Gumrah*

    172. Aao Sajan Khade Hain Dwar(A Short Clip)-Baabul*

    173. Aao Sikha Doon Tumhen Khat Likhana-Dimple*

    174. Aao Tumhen Main Pyaar Sikha Don-Upaasna*

    175. Aao Tumhen Pyaar Karna Sikha Don-Shatranj*

    176. Aao Yaaron Aao Pyaaro-Ek Ke Baad Ek*

    177. Aap Aaye To Ujaala Sa Hua Mehfil Main-Ek Din Aadhi Raat*

    178. Aap Chehre Pe Chadha Lijiye Laakhon Chehre-Maha Badmash*

    179. Aap Gar Mujhko Ijaazat De Den-Kora Aanchal*

    180. Aap Jab Hain Mere Paas-Na Maaloom

    181. Aap Jab Se Qareeb Aaye Hain Pyaar Ka Rang Dil Pe Chhaye Hain-Noor Jehan*

    182. Aap Jab Yaad Karengea Hamko-Murder On Highway*

    183. Aap Ka Chehra Maasha Allaah Zulf Ka Pahra Subhaan Allaah-Rootha Na Karo*

    184. Aap Ka Shukriya Aapki Meharbani-Anokhi Pehchan*

    185. Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe Aaj Naya Noor Hai-Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi*

    186. Aap Ke Pehlo Main Aakar Rodiye-Mera Saya*

    187. Aap Ki Qasam Ik Din Sanam-Lafangey*

    188. Aap Ki Raay Mere Baare Main Kya Hai-Elaan*

    189. Aap Ko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai-Tum Haseen Main Jawan*

    190. Aap Ko Pyaar Chupane Ki Buri Aadat Hai-Neela Akash*

    191. Aap Ko Pyaar Hua Pyaar Khuda Ki Kudarat-Vachan*

    192. Aap Mojood Yahan Phir Humain Hosh Kahan-Baghi*

    193. Aap Naraaz Khuda Kher Kare-Pyaar Mohabbat*

    194. Aap Ne Chheen Liya Dil Ise Kya Kehte Hain-Farmaish*

    195. Aap Ne Huzur Mujhe Kya Se Kya Bana Diya-Fariyad*

    196. Aap Ne Yaad Dilaaya To Mujhe Yaad Aaya-Aarti*

    197. Aap Se Dil Hi Manga Tha-Jaan Bachi Lakhon Paye*

    198. Aap Se Maine Meri Jaan Mohabbat Ki Hai-Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi*

    199. Aap Se Pyaar Hua Aap Khafa Ho Baithe-Aabroo*

    200. Aap Yoonhi Agar Hamse Milte Rahen-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    201. Aaps Ke Jhagdo Ne Dekho-Mere Geet*

    202. Aaraam Hai Haraam Bharat Ke Naujaawaanon-Apna Ghar*

    203. Aasha Aur Niraasha Hai Jeevan Ek Tamaasha Hai-Hazaar Haath*

    204. Aashaaon Ke Saawan Main Umangon Ki Bahaar Main-Aasha*

    205. Aashiq Agar Hai Pyaare-Insaniyat(Old)*

    206. Aashiq E Nabi Hokar Door Hon Madeene Se-Islamic*

    207. Aashiq Ek Haseena Do-Ek Arman Mera*

    208. Aashiq Hoon Apne Pyaar Ke Jauhar Dikhaoonga-Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya*

    209. Aashiq Hoon Ek Mehjabin Ka-Pagla Kahin Ka*

    210. Aashiquon Ka Kaafila Yeh Aashiquon Ka Kaafila-Sassi Punnu*

    211. Aasman Se Aaya Farishta Pyaar Ka Sabak Sikhlaane -An Evening In Paris*

    212. Aasman Waale O Aasmanwaale Jeene Nahin Dete-Aan Baan

    213. Aastaane Se Tere Koi Bhi Khaali Na Gaya-Aalam Aara*

    214. Aata Hai Zindagi Main Bhala Pyaar Kis Tarah-Balam*

    215. Aate Ho Sataane Ko Jaate Ho Rulane Ko Abhi Na Phero Nazar-Biradari*

    216. Aate Jaate Aankh Bachaaye Hai Tera Jawaab Nahin-Mehbooba*

    217. Aate Jaate Hue Main Sab Pe Nazar Rakhta Hoon-Shaan*

    218. Aate Jaate Roke Mujhe-Ek Sapera Ek Lutera*

    219. Aati Hai Mere Saamne Aanchal Ko Taan Kar-Shahzada

    220. Aawara Maajhi Aavaara Maajhi Jaayega Kahaan-Pyasi Shaam*

    221. Aawaz Deke Hamen Tum Bulao-Professor*

    222. Aawaz Do Ham Ek Hain-Non Film*

    223. Aawi Raseeli Chaandni(Satyavan Savitri)-Gujrati*

    224. Aaya Hai Tere Dar Pe Sawaali(Sad)-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    225. Aaya Hai Tere Dar Pe Sawaali-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    226. Aaya Hai Zamaana Aurat Ka-Laxmi*

    227. Aaya Holi Ka Tyohaar Le Ki Rangon Ki Bahaar-Daaku Mangal Singh*

    228. Aaya Hoon Ghar Baar Chhod Kar Banne Film Star-Bahke Kadam*

    229. Aaya Kaisa Zamaana O Baaba Kaisa Zamaana-Ramoo Ustad*

    230. Aaya Karke Bhesh Niraala-Sheru

    231. Aaya Re Aaya Khilone Waala Aaya-Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ka Haath*

    232. Aaya Re Khilone Waala Khel Khilaune Leke Aaya Re-Bachpan*

    233. Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke-Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke*

    234. Aaye Baaraat Baaje Gaaje Se-Aawaaz*

    235. Aaye Bahaar Banke Lubhaakar Chale Gaye Kya-Raj Hathh*

    236. Aaye Bahaaron Ki Shaam Na Jaane Kiske Naam-Wapas*

    237. Aaye Banke Chhabile Chhail-Lalkar*

    238. Aaye Barkha Bahaar Sajni-Sangeet Samrat Tansen*

    239. Aaye Diwaali Ki Dulhaniya-Non Film*

    240. Aaye Hain Badi Door Se Sarkar Ke Liye-Gunahon Ka Devta*

    241. Aaye Hain Baharen Mite Zulmu Sitam-Ram Aur Shyam*

    242. Aaye Hain Door Se Milne Huzoor Se-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    243. Aaye Hain Mehfil Main Dil Ko Thaam Ke-Shahi Chor

    244. Aaye Jawaani Jaaye Jawaani-Sheikh Chilli*

    245. Aaye Na Baalam Vaada Karke-Shabab*

    246. Aaye Re Woh Kali Ghata-Raj Tilak*

    247. Aaye They Huzoor Ban Thhan Ke-Main Bhi Ladki Hoon*

    248. Aayee Mohan Milan Ki Bela-Janam Janam Ke Phere*

    249. Aayee Zindagi Ki Raat Chodi Kal Pe Kal Ki Baat-Wanted*

    250. Aayega Aayega Ek Chhail Chhabila Aayega-Meharban*

    251. Aazadi Aayi Bhi To Kya Qaayam Hain Gulaami Ki Rasme-Gold Medal*

    252. Ab Aa Bhi Jaa Ke Tera Intzaar Kabse He-Society*

    253. Ab Aaye Gawanwa Ki Sari(Bhajan)-Na Maaloom*

    254. Ab Agar Hamse Khudaai Bhi Khafa Ho Jaaye-Laila Majnu*

    255. Ab Chaar Dinon Ki Chhutti Hai-Aas Ka Panchhi*

    256. Ab Dar Hai Kiska Pyaare Gam Bhaage Beta Saare-Amar Deep*

    257. Ab Dekh Ke Kya Kare Taron Ki Barat Ko-Veer Rajputani*

    258. Ab Do Dilon Ki Mushakil Aasan Ho Gaye Hai-Pooja Ke Phool*

    259. Ab Haale Dil Ya Haale Jigar Kuchh Na Puchhiye-Ek Thi Ladki*

    260. Ab Ham Bhi Banenge Dulha Apna Bhi Jalega Choolha-Daraar*

    261. Ab Jang Shuroo Kal Se Ab Kal Se-Netaji Subhashchandra Bose*

    262. Ab Jeene Ka Mausam Aaya Ki Ham Nikale The Do Qadam-Dillagi*

    263. Ab Ke Bahaar Aayi Hai Tumhaare Naam Se-Aulad*

    264. Ab Ke Bhagwan Daya Karenge-Sona Chandi

    265. Ab Kisko Sunaayen Gham Ke Fasaane-Khamosh Sipahi

    266. Ab Koi Gulshan Na Ujde Ab Vatan Aazaad Hai-Mujhe Jeene Do*

    267. Ab Kya Misaal Doon Main Tumhaare Shabaab Ki-Aarti*

    268. Ab Madad Farmaaiye Mehboob Subhaani Meri-Tatar Ki Hasina*

    269. Ab Main Kon Upayon Karun-Panjabi*

    270. Ab Meri Baari Aayee Jigar Tham Lo-Samrat*

    271. Ab Mohabbat Main Jo Pahele Thi Woh Tasir Nahin-Banarasi Thug*

    272. Ab Mujhe Chand Sitaron Ki Zarorat Na Rahi-Jogi*

    273. Ab Na Been Baja Sanehi-Sharbati Aankhen*

    274. Ab Raat Ho Gaye Jawaan Gesu Kamar Tak Dale-Bulandi*

    275. Ab Raat Milan Ki Beet Chuki-Jaadoo*

    276. Ab To Baha Le Aankhon Se Aansu-Jhoom Uthha Akash*

    277. Ab To Bata De Avagun Mere-Sant Tukaram*

    278. Ab To Raam Hi Jaan Bachaaye-Ram Balram*

    279. Ab Woh Hamaare Ho Gaye-Safar*

    280. Ab Woh Karam Karen Ke Sitam Main Nashe Main Hoon-Marine Drive*

    281. Ab Yeh Andhere Sathi Hain Mere-Do Matwale*

    282. Ab Yeh Jaana Ke Ise Kehte Hain Aana Dil Ka-Ladies Tailor*

    283. Ab Zindagi Ka Koi Sahra Nahi Raha-Sultan E Hind*

    284. Abdula Mera Naam Abbdula Sabka Yaar Hoon-Salam Memsaab

    285. Abdulla Naagin Waala Aa Gaya Jaadu Bankar Chha Gaya-Ishaara*

    286. Abhi Kamsin Ho Nadan Ho Jaane Jaana-Aaya Toofan*

    287. Abhi Na Jaao Chhodkar Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin-Hum Dono*

    288. Abhi Salaamat Abhi Hai Hai Jinda Aapka Khitamgaar-Pyaar Hi Pyaar*

    289. Abhi Shabab Ke Din Hen Nay Un Machal Ke Chalo-Ghar Sansar*

    290. Abhi To Dil Hai Jawaan-Pyaara Dushman*

    291. Abhi To Raat Baaqi Hai Yeh Dhal Jaaye To So Jaana-Bandish*

    292. Abhi Zindagi Ke Sahare Bahut Hain-Pyaar Ka Bandhan*

    293. Achchha Hi Hua Dil Toot Gaya-Maa Bahen Aur Biwi*

    294. Achchha Jee Main Haari Chalo Maan Jaao Na-Kaala Paani*

    295. Achchha Ji Maf Kardo-Musafir Khana*

    296. Ada Se Jhoomte Hue Dilon Ko Choomte Hue-Sindbad The Sailor*

    297. Adaayen Jab Ho Khatkedaar-Khota Paisa*

    298. Adaayen Teer Hain Aashiq Ka Dil Nishana Hai-Woh Subha Kabhi To Aayegi*

    299. Ae Aasman Waale Is Waqt Tu Kahaan Hai-Ziarrat E Hind*

    300. Ae Ae Mera Dil Churane Waale-Police Detective*

    301. Ae Baad E Saba Leja To Mera-Islamic*

    302. Ae Baagh Ki Kaliyon Sharm Karo-Jungle Main Mangal*

    303. Ae Baby Idhar Aa-Love In Shimla*

    304. Ae Bade Sba Yeh Khel Thha Kya-Shama Parvana*

    305. Ae Bhaarat Ke Logo Santon Ke Darshan Kar Lo-Sampoorna Sant Darshan*

    306. Ae Bibiji Maine Kahaan Jee Yeh Mausam Hai Suhaana-Milan*

    307. Ae Chaand Ki Zebai Tu Jhoolja Baahon Main-Chhoti Si Mulaqaat*

    308. Ae Chaand Zara Chhup Jaa Ae Waqt Zara Ruk Jaa-Laat Saheb*

    309. Ae Chaanda Tu Dena Gawaahi-Holiday In Bombay

    310. Ae Dil E Naakaam Ab Jeene Ki Tamanna Chhod De-Hamara Sansaar*

    311. Ae Dil E Zaar Bata Ashq Bahaaon Ke Nahin-Non Film*

    312. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahaan Zara-C.I.D*

    313. Ae Dil Meri Aahon Main Itna To Asar Aaye-Actress*

    314. Ae Dil Na Mujhe Yaad Dila Baatein Purani-Saawan Aaya Re*

    315. Ae Dil Tu Na Dar Is Jahaan Se-Johnny Walker*

    316. Ae Dil Tujhi Ko Neend Na Aayi Tamaam Raat-Shahnaz*

    317. Ae Dost Kisi Roz Tu Pachhtaayega-Mera Dost*

    318. Ae Dost Mere Maine Duniya Dekhi Hai-Sacchaai*

    319. Ae Duniya Tujhko Thenga Is Sansar Ki Chinta Kon Kare-Kisaan Aur Bhagwan*

    320. Ae Gulbadan Ae Gulbadan-Professor*

    321. Ae Gulshan Vi Ki Gulshan Hai(Geet Baharan De)-Panjabi*

    322. Ae Hamsafar Bata De Manzil Teri Kidhar Hai-Mohar*

    323. Ae Haseen Ae Mehjbeen Ruth Kar Jaana Nahin-Beti*

    324. Ae Haseena Main Tujhi Se Pyaar Karta Hoon-Main Hoon Alladin*

    325. Ae Haseenon Nazaninon Main Aa Gaya Hoon-Shart*

    326. Ae Husn Pari Chehra Kyon Itna Dardmand Hai-Aman*

    327. Ae Husn Zara Jaag Tujhe Iqsh Jagaye-Mere Mehboob*

    328. Ae Ishq Hamen Barbad Na Kar-Naach*

    329. Ae Ishq Ise Barbaad Na Kar-Zara Bachke*

    330. Ae Ishq Teri Jy Ho-Rakhi*

    331. Ae Jaane Bahaaran Jaane Karam-Jahan Pyaar Mile*

    332. Ae Jaane Bahaaran Ruhe Chaman Pehlu Main Mere Jab Aaogi-Purani Pehchan*

    333. Ae Jaane Jaan Chali Kahaan-Gustakhi Maaf*

    334. Ae Jaane Jahaan Jaate Ho Kahaan-Paataal Pari

    335. Ae Jaane Man Ae Jaane Man Le Gaya Dil Ko-Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan*

    336. Ae Jaane Nazar Chilaman Se Agar Halka Sa Ishara Ho-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    337. Ae Jaane Tamanna Ae Jaane Bahaara Mujhe Tum Mile-Ge Chahta Hai*

    338. Ae Jaane Wafa Aisa Bhi Kya Tum To Khafa Hamse Ho Gaye-Chhalia*

    339. Ae Jee Maine Puchha Aapko Huzoor Kiya Hua-Jisne Tera Naam Liya*

    340. Ae Jee O Jee Kaho Badi Aaj Ki Daraawani Raat-Chandi Pooja*

    341. Ae Jee Zindagi Hai Roshan-Apni Chhaya

    342. Ae Ji Na Na Na Karoji Karo Haan-Naya Paisa*

    343. Ae Ji Pahali Mulaaqaat Main Nahin Pyaar Jataaya Karte-Do Dilon Ki Dastan*

    344. Ae Jibane Jadi Aar Kono Din-Bengali*

    345. Ae Khalike Akbar-Sair E Paristan

    346. Ae Khuda Tere Sahaare Jee Rahe Hain-Shahi Bazaar*

    347. Ae Maa Meri Yaadon Ko-Shaheed Bhagat Singh*

    348. Ae Maa Tu Kahaan Meri Andhi Aankhen Dhoondh Rahi Hain-Aankh Ka Tara*

    349. Ae Maadre Vatan Maadre Vatan-Sipahsalar*

    350. Ae Maalik Iss Sansar De Ae Tu Khed Banai Ki(Derani Jethani)-Panjabi*

    351. Ae Maula Teri Dunya Main Aa Ke Pachtaye-Arab Ka Sona*

    352. Ae Mere Dil Yahan Tu Akela Nahin-Pagla Kahin Ka*

    353. Ae Mere Dost Ae Mere Hamdam-Meharban*

    354. Ae Mere Humnawan Tu Nahin Jaanta-Alladin And The Wonderful Lamp*

    355. Ae Mere Ladlo-Non Film*

    356. Ae Mere Man Main Hoon Magan Unse Milan Ki Shyaam Hai-Us Paar*

    357. Ae Mere Mushkil Kushan Mushkil Meri Aasan Kar-Sher Khan*

    358. Ae Mere Watan Mere Pyaare Vatan-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    359. Ae Meri Dilruba Aa Mere Paas Aa-Benazir*

    360. Ae Meri Jaane Chaman Dilruba Shola Badan-Mujrim*

    361. Ae Meri Zindagi Tu Nahin Ajnabi-Pyaar Ka Sapna*

    362. Ae Mohabbat Unse Milne Ka Bahaana Mil Gaya-Bazaar(Old)*

    363. Ae Mominon Niyaaz Dilaao Imaam Ki-Niaz Aur Namaz*

    364. Ae Mot Bura Ho Tera-Chalbaaz*

    365. Ae Musawwir Mere Mehboob Ki Tasweer Bana-Insaan Aur Insaan*

    366. Ae Nargise Mastana-Aarzoo*

    367. Ae Nothing Is Impossible Kehta Hoon Main Sachch Bilkul-Zakhmee*

    368. Ae Phoolon Ki Raani Bahaaron Ki Malika-Aarzoo*

    369. Ae Phuljhadi Ae Guljhadi Jo Tune Ki Ulti Padi-Bhai Ho To Aisa*

    370. Ae Pyaar Di Kahani Sadiyon Purani(Nachdi Jawani)-Panjabi*

    371. Ae Qismat Tere Sadke Hamne Jo Maangi Thi-Shri Naqad Narayan*

    372. Ae Raaja Raaja Mere Dil Ke Raaja Kahaan -Raat Ke Andhere Main

    373. Ae Saamne Aanewaale Bata Kyun Chaand Mera Mujh Se Hai Khafa-Garibi*

    374. Ae Saba Unse Keh Zara-Ali Baba Aur 40 Chor*

    375. Ae Shehr E Lakhnao Tujhe Mera Salaam Hai-Palki*

    376. Ae Taaza Waridan E Hawa E Dil-Mirza Galib*

    377. Ae Taza Gul To Zeenate Gulzar-Pushto*

    378. Ae Waadiye Kashmir Ae Waadiye Kashmir-Ladka Ladki

    379. Ae Watan Ae Watan Hamko Teri Qasam(P1)-Shaheed*

    380. Ae Watan Ae Watan Hamko Teri Qasam(P2)-Shaheed*

    381. Ae Watan Ae Watan Hamko Teri Qasam(P3)-Shaheed*

    382. Ae Watan Ae Watan Hamko Teri Qasam(P4)-Shaheed*

    383. Ae Watan Ae Watan Hamko Teri Qasam(P5)-Shaheed*

    384. Ae Yaar Sun Yaari Teri Mujhe Zidagi Se Bhi Pyaari Hai-Suhaag*

    385. Ae Yaar Teri Yaari Hame Jaan Se Hai Pyaari-Waqt Ki Deewar*

    386. Aei Mambo Duniya Ye Duniya Akela-Mohabbat Ki Dawa Nahin*

    387. Aeji Biwi Ko Ghar Pe Bithla Ke Tum Baahar Kyon Jaate Ho-Minister*

    388. Aene Zor Di Marori Meri Baan(Teri Meri Ek Jindri)-Panjabi*

    389. Aesa Fanda Maare Gori Dil Pe Tera Pyaar-Tangewala*

    390. Aesa Kya Qasoor Kya-Naadan*

    391. Aesa Na Ho Ki In Waadiyon Main Main Kho Jaaon-Aakhri Daao*

    392. Aesa To Kabhi Mumkin Hi Nahin-Gunah Aur Kanoon*

    393. Aese Main Aaye Koi Mujh Ko Bachaye Koi-Rangeela Raja*

    394. Aese Na The Ham Jaisi Hamaari Ki Ruswaai-Saajan Ki Saheli*

    395. Aese Rasiya Ka Kya Aitbaar-Dholak*

    396. Aese To Na Dekho Ki Behak Jaaye Kahin Ham-Bheegi Raat*

    397. Aese To Na Dekho Ki Hamko Nasha Ho Jaaye-Teen Deviyan*

    398. Aesi Chal Na Chalo Kaleja Hil Jayega-Shola Jo Bhadke*

    399. Aesi Nainwa Ki Lage Kataar Jiya Bole Khusar Pusar-Insaniyat(Old)*

    400. Aesi Nazaren Na Daal Karke Khyaal-Riyasat*

    401. Affoo Khuda-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    402. Aga Bai Maike To Jawoo Nako-Shakka*

    403. Aga Pori Sambhal Daryala Tufan Aaye-Marathi*

    404. Agar Baabu Dil Hai Kaabu Dar Nahin Tu-Musafir Khana

    405. Agar Bewafa Tujhko Pahchaan Jaate-Raat Ke Andhere Main*

    406. Agar Dil Dil Se Takraye-Shola Aur Shabnam*

    407. Agar Dil Kisise Lagaaya Na Hota-Bada Aadmi*

    408. Agar Kamli Wale Ki Rehmat Na Hoti-Islamic*

    409. Agar Main Poochhoon Javaab Doge-Shikari*

    410. Agar Mil Gayi Mujhko Raahe Medina-Islamic*

    411. Agar Teri Duniya Main Yeh Gham-Sheru*

    412. Agar Teri Jalwa Numaayi Na Hoti-Beti Bete*

    413. Aha Aha Yeh Suhaana Safar-Suhana Safar*

    414. Aha Badla Vaah Vaah Badla Zamaana-Miss India*

    415. Ainni Gal To Gulabi(Sehti Murad)-Panjabi*

    416. Ajab Hai Dastan Teri Ae Zindgi-Shararat*

    417. Ajab Hai Maalik Tera Jahaan-Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan*

    418. Ajab Khel Qismat Ka-Purnima*

    419. Ajab Teri Karigari Re Kartaar(Happy)-Dus Lakh*

    420. Ajab Teri Karigari Re Kartaar(Sad)-Dus Lakh*

    421. Ajab Teri Maya Tera Bhed Na Paya-Punar Milan*

    422. Ajab Tori Duniya Ho More Raama-Do Beegha Zameen*

    423. Ajeeb Zindagi Hai Yeh Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham-Door Nahin Manzil*

    424. Ajhun Na Aaye Balma-Sanjh Aur Sawera*

    425. Aji Ab Kehna Maan Jaao Tumhi Bade Main Chhoti-Baraat*

    426. Aji Aeisa Mauqa Phir Kahaan Milega-An Evening In Paris*

    427. Aji Aesi Nazar Ko Kya Kahye-Johar Mehmood In Goa*

    428. Aji Ek Sang Udaao Rang Bhigaao Ang-Zamane Se Puchho*

    429. Aji Hamse Bachkar Kahaan Jaaiyega-Aarzoo*

    430. Aji Humna Kehte The Ki Duniya Gol Hai-Laharen

    431. Aji Kya Rakha Hai Gyanam Main-Akalmand*

    432. Aji Loot Liya Dil Ko Bahaane Karke-Dushman*

    433. Aji Main Kaha Salaam E Muhabbat To Lijiye-Spy In Goa*

    434. Aji Mera Bhi Koi Haal Suno-Khidki*

    435. Aji O Munda Boliya Damdi Da Satt(Chhai)-Panjabi*

    436. Aji Qibla Mohtarma-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    437. Aji Ruko Na Kehdo Haan Jee Na-Hunterwali (Dubbed)

    438. Aji Surat Ho To Aaisi Ho-Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye

    439. Aji Tum Mere Nazadik Ho Ab Dhadknon Ki Khair Ho-Heera Moti*

    440. Aji Ulfat Ko Khushiyon Ki Kahani Kon Kehta Hai-Basant*

    441. Aji Yun Lo Na Angdaai Jhoom Jayenge Sodaai-Nai Basti Naye Log*

    442. Ajnabi Duniya Main Ae Dil Kaun Hamaara-Ajnabi*

    443. Akad Kar Jaa Rahe Hain Jaaiye-Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai*

    444. Akad Ke Kahaan Chale Meri Jaan Karo Na Hai Itna Gumaan-Pyaar*

    445. Akela Hoon Main Hamsafar Dhoondhta Hoon-Jaal*

    446. Akela Hoon Main Is Duniya Main-Baat Ek Raat Ki*

    447. Akele Akele Kahan Ja Rahe Ho-An Evening In Paris*

    448. Akele Hain Chale Aao Kahaan Ho-Raaz*

    449. Akele Main Woh Ghabraate To Honge-Biwi*

    450. Akohai Mere Suta Lotey Rodaliye Sonehote-Assame*

    451. Alaap-Nadir Shah*

    452. Alga Korogo Khoper Badhon-Bengali*

    453. Ali Mushkil Kusha Khuda Ke Sher-Islamic*

    454. Alif Zabar Aa Alif Zer Ae Alif Pesh O-Love In Shimla*

    455. All Line Clear Aage Badho Aage Chalo-Chori Chori*

    456. Allaah Hai Nigaahbaan-Patal Pari*

    457. Allaah Hi Allaah Kar Payaare-Pavitra Papi*

    458. Allaah Hi Dega-Sangram*

    459. Allaah Ka Naam Pak Hai-Maan Gaye Ustad*

    460. Allaah Ki Rahmat Ka Ae Dil-Mehndi*

    461. Allaah Mere Allaah Mere-Non Film*

    462. Allaah Meri Jholi Main Chham Se Cahle Aao-Shabnam*

    463. Allaah Tere Sath Hai-Love And God*

    464. Allaah Teri Allaah Kare Rakhwaali-Aadil E Jahangir*

    465. Allaah Teri Kher Kare Mola Teri Kher Kare-Heer*

    466. Aman Ka Farishta Kahan Ja Raha Hai-Aman*

    467. Amar Hai Amar Hai Jhansi Ki Rani-Jhansi Ki Rani

    468. Amar Rahegi Is Jag Main Satiyon Ki Amar Kahaani-Sati Vaishalini

    469. Amba Di Dali De Utthe Hariyal Tota Bole-Panjabi*

    470. Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kaali-Navratri*

    471. Ambva Ki Daal Pe Jhoole Pade-Chalbaaz*

    472. Amiron Ke Bhagwaan Garibon Ko Sataaya Na Karo-Mastani*

    473. Amma Main Piya Ke Paas Kaise Jaaun-Paak Daman

    474. Andaaz Haseenon Ke Duniya Se Nirale Hai-Saat Samandar Paar*

    475. Andha Manwa Nain Deewane-Bhakta Puran*

    476. Andhakaar Main Jyoti Chhupi Khon-Maya Machhindra*

    477. Andhe Ne Bhi Sapna Dekha Kya Hai-Sujata*

    478. Andher Nagari Chaupat Raaja-Railway Platform*

    479. Angaaron Pe Hai Teri Zindagi Ki Gaadi-Lalkar(Old)*

    480. Anjaan Hai Koi Naadan Hai Koi-Anjaan Hai Koi*

    481. Ankh Mere Yaar Di Dukhe-Panjabi*

    482. Ankhiyan Apni Chhupa Ke Rakh Goriye-Mera Qasoor Kya Hai*

    483. Ankhiyan Gulaabi Jaise Mad Ki Hain Pyaliyan-Beqasoor*

    484. Ankhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyasi-Bhajan*

    485. Ankhiyan Milaake Zara Baat Karo Jee-Pardes*

    486. Ankhiyan Sang Ankhiyan Laagi Aaj-Bada Aadmi*

    487. Ankhiyon Main Samaate Ho Dil Na Churaalena-Maya Bazaar*

    488. Ankhiyon Se Tumne Nindiya Looti-Angarey*

    489. Annadata Annadata Oonche Parbat Bahta Paani-Annadata

    490. Apna Bana Ke Chhod Nahin Jaana-Meena Bazaar*

    491. Apna Banakar Tumne Humenko-Ghunghat*

    492. Apna Ghar Apni Kahaani Kya-Apna Ghar Apni Kahani*

    493. Apna Hai Phir Bhi Apna-Bhai Bhai*

    494. Apna Hai Tu Begaana Nahin-Mehboob Ki Mehndi*

    495. Apna To Faisala Hai Ladki Pasand Hai-Ladki Pasand Hai*

    496. Apne Aanchal Ki Zara Mujhko Hawa Dete Chalo-Namaste Ji*

    497. Apne Andar Zara Jhank Mere Watan-Naya Raasta*

    498. Apne Deewaanon Se Daaman Na Chhuda-Watan*

    499. Apne Dil Main Josh Hai-Mera Dhram Mera Karam*

    500. Apne Haathon Ko Pehchaan Murakh-Apna Haath Jagannath*

    501. Apne Liye Jiye To Zamaane Main-Saugandh*

    502. Apne Naam Ke Qareeb-Raat Ke Andhere Main*

    503. Apne Nainon Ko Samjha Le-Maa Aur Mamta*

    504. Apne Rukhasaar Zara Mere Labon Par Rakh De-Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thi*

    505. Apni Aadat Hai Sabko Salaam Karna-Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai*

    506. Apni Aankhon Main Basaakar Koi Iqraar Karoon-Thokar*

    507. Apni Aazaadi Ko Ham Hargiz Mita Sakte Nahin-Leader*

    508. Apni Apni Pasand Hai Apna Apna Khayaal Hai-Raja*

    509. Apni Baahon Se Koi Kaam To Lo-Budtameez*

    510. Apni Bahaar Deke Sajaake Kisika Ghar-Aulad

    511. Apni Bahon Pe Hain Tumko-Maya Bazaar*

    512. Apni Chhaya Main Bhagwaan Bitha Le Mujhe-Insaniyat(Old)*

    513. Apni Dhun Main Gayeja-Majboori*

    514. Apni Kamaai Pyar Ki- Pakhandi*

    515. Apni Khushiyaan Tujhko De Doon(Sad)-Aap Ke Deewane*

    516. Apni Manzil Apni Duniya-Saat Samandar Paar*

    517. Apni Nagariya Chhod Ke Raaja-Raj Mukut*

    518. Apni Nazar Se Door Wo Unki Nazar Door Ham-Bazaar(Old)*

    519. Apni Tasveer Se Kehdo Hame Dekha Na Karein-Sabz Baag*

    520. Apni To Har Aah Ek Toofan Hai-Kaala Bazaar*

    521. Apnon Ko Jo Thhukraega Gairon Ki Tthokren Khayega-Judaai*

    522. App Se Dil Hi Maanga Tha Jaan To Nahin- Na Maaloom*

    523. April Fool Banaaya To Unko Gussa Aaya-April Fool*

    524. Are Aaina Bhi Tera Un Pe Shaida Ho Gaya Hai-Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpaty*

    525. Are Aao Na Mohallewaalo Gali Sajaao Na-Kunwara Baap

    526. Are Ae Dukkhi Jeeva Beqrar Honako-Marathi*

    527. Are Apnon Se Muh Modke-Hum Paanch*

    528. Are Baaton Ke Ham Baadsha Baaten Karen Mahaan-Farishta Ya Qatil*

    529. Are Bhai Hai Hai Na Kar-Dhoop Chhaon*

    530. Are Bus Main Nazar Takraai-Lambe Haath*

    531. Are Chamki Zara Si Jo Bindiya Hamari-Khoon Ka Rishta*

    532. Are Dil Ho Qabu Main Tu Dildar Ki Aese Tesi-Gaon Ki Gori*

    533. Are Hey Oonchi Oonchi Baaton Se Kisika Pet Bharta Nahin-Mr. Natwar Lal*

    534. Are Ho Gaye Ham Aapke Qasam Se-Bombay 405 Miles*

    535. Are Jaane Waale Humri Gali Aana Aane Jaane Ka Yehi Hai Zamaana-Baraat*

    536. Are Jab Aankh Se Aankh Mile To Mulaaqaat Hoti Hai-Rahu Ketu*

    537. Are Kahan Chale Sone Jaise Pyaar Ko Samajh Liya Taamba-Lambe Haath*

    538. Are Kha Ke Zahar Mar Jaiyo Re Babua-Cobra Girl

    539. Are Koi Hai Dilwaala Deewaana-Professor Pyaarelal

    540. Are Kya Kahiye Insaan Se-Hum Paanch*

    541. Are Maine Tujhko Chaha Ye Hai Meri Mehabaani-Dharam Veer*

    542. Are Na Bandho Gori Bazu Pe Ghadi-Badmashon Ka Badmash*

    543. Are Na Na Tauba Tauba Main Na Pyaar Karoongi-Aar Paar*

    544. Are Naam Hai Mera Banto Jatti Ki Meri Kya Hai Baat-Sazaa*

    545. Are O Aane Waalo Husn Ki Rangeen Mahefil Main-Mulzim*

    546. Are Omeri Saas Ke Ladke Door Hat Ke-Chakradhari*

    547. Are Pyaar Ka Samay Kam Hai Jahaan-Rampur Ka Lakshman*

    548. Are Re Re Dil Kho Gaya Dhoondu Kahaan-Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai*

    549. Are Re Re Sambhaalo Mujhe Yaaron Maine Nahin Pee-Khuda Qasam*

    550. Are Re Re Sun Sun Dear Johny Mera Naam-Namaste Ji*

    551. Are Sar Uthega Sar Uthega Jo Bhi Mere Saamne Kat Jaayega-Ahinsa*

    552. Are Tune Jo Idhar Dekha-Ardhangini*

    553. Are Wahre Jadogar-Kisaan Aur Bhagwan*

    554. Ari O Albeli Naar Chal Ser Kara Don-Laal Dupatta*

    555. Arj Itni Hai Tumna Bhoolna Hamko-Indrasabha

    556. Arman Machal Rahay Hain Dile Beqrara Men-Non Film*

    557. Arman Tha Hame Jinka Woh Pyaar Ke Din Aaye-Aulad*

    558. Asa Chakki Nayo Peesni(Guru Manyo Granth)-Panjabi*

    559. Asa Channu Gawa Kitta(Billo)-Panjabi*

    560. Asa Takno Baaj Nai Rehna Balliye(Jugni)-Panjabi*

    561. Asa Yaar Ke Nazare Rab Dekhiya-Panjabi*

    562. Asan Yaar De Nazare Whicho Rab(Lachhi)-Panjabi*

    563. Asi Fakhr Allaha Da(Heer Ranjah)-Panjabi Opera*

    564. Asme Ere Chota Alatel-Bengali*

    565. Athara Bars Ki Tu Hone Ko Aayi Re-Suhaag*

    566. Ato Ramat Ramade Ram-Gujrati*

    567. Aulaad Waallo Foolofalo-Ek Phool Do Mali*

    568. Aur Kuchh Der Thahar-Aakhri Khat*

    569. Aurat Ke Dil Par Kya Gujre-Jeevan Saathi*

    570. Auraton Ke Dibbe Main Marad Aa Gaya-Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh*

    571. Ayga Ayga Ye Kya Hogya-Boy Friend*

    572. Ayi Ayi Ya Karun Main Kya Sukhu Sukhu-Italy*

    573. Ayi Ayi Ya Karun Main Kya Sukhu Sukhu-Junglee*

    574. Ba Hosh O Hawas Main Deewaana-Night In London*

    575. Ba Ma Ph.D Yeh Diplome Yeh Digri-Badnaam Farishte*

    576. Baaba Lu O Baaba Lu Chodh Ke Na Jaana Adhi Raat Ko-Mr. India*

    577. Baaba Sambhal Sambhal Pag Dharna(Bhajan)-Na Maaloom*

    578. Baabu Insurance Kara Le-Kaala Aadmi*

    579. Baabu Manejara We Hey Baabu Manejara We-Aatish*

    580. Baabu Tel Maalish Kara Lo Boot Polish-Baraat

    581. Baabul Kaun Ghadi Yeh Aayi Kal Thi Main Teri Laadli Beti-Umang*

    582. Baabul Ke Ghar Ke Baad Pee Ki Gali Aati Hai-Sunehra Sansar*

    583. Baabul Ki Duaayen Leti Jaa-Neel Kamal*

    584. Baad Mudadat Ke Yeh Ghdi Aayi Aap Aaye-Jahan Ara*

    585. Baadal Aaya Bahaar Miyan-Sindhi*

    586. Baadshah E Room Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    587. Baadshah E Vilayet Ali Murtuza-Islamic*

    588. Baag Main Phool Kisne Khilaaye Hain-Night In London*

    589. Baaghon Main Bahar Hai-Aradhana*

    590. Baaghon Main Kabutar Kaale-Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh*

    591. Baahon Main Teri Masti Ke Ghere-Kaala Patthar*

    592. Baaje Baaje Mridang Kaanha-Chota Bahi*

    593. Baaje Gagariya Pe Taal-Ram Navami

    594. Baaje Ghungroo Chhana Chhan Chhan-Baaje Ghungroo*

    595. Baal Bikhre Hue-Mitti Main Sona*

    596. Baala Jobanwa Sambhaala Na Jaaye-Rupa

    597. Baalam Deewaane Mujhe Chhod De-Haseenon Ka Devta*

    598. Baalam Tere Pyaaar Ki Thandi Aag Main-Ram Aur Shyam*

    599. Baaman Ho Jaat Bhikhaari Ho Ya Ho Samraat-Kaarigar*

    600. Baanke Teerandaaz Jaan Le Lo-Sun To Le Hasina

    601. Baansuriya Bole Madhur Ras Ghole-Insaniyat(Old)*

    602. Baap Bhala Na Bhaiyya Bhaiyya Sabse Bhala Rupaiyya-Sargam(Old)*

    603. Baap Gaaye Thumri Aur Garwa Gaaye Mayya-Oonchi Haveli

    604. Baapu Ki Yeh Amar Kahaani-Shaheed

    605. Baar Baar Dekho Hazar Baar Dekho-China Town*

    606. Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye Baar Baar Dil Yeh Gaaye-Farz*

    607. Baar Baar Tohe Kya Samjhaye Paayal Ki Jhankar-Aarti*

    608. Baar Baar Tumko Ham Sabka Pranaam-Kaalicharan*

    609. Baari Barsin Khatan Gaya(Laaiye Tod Nibhaaiye)-Panjabi*

    610. Baat Chalat Naye Chunri Rang Daari-Rani Roopmati*

    611. Baat To Kuchh Bhi Nahin Dil Hai-Thes*

    612. Baatan Kar Lo Gi-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai*

    613. Baaton Baaton Main Mere Dil Ko Churaaya Tumne-Hum Junglee Hain*

    614. Baaton Baaton Men Wo Yun Baat Bana Dete Hain-Teen Cheharey*

    615. Baaton Main Na Talo Jee-Kanch Ki Deewar*

    616. Baazi Aesi Aan Phansi Hai-Insaaf*

    617. Baazi Kise Ne Pyaar Ki Jeeti Ya Haar Di-Nazrana*

    618. Baazichae Atfal Hai Duniya Nere Aage-Mirza Galib*

    619. Bach Bach Ke Chalo Meri Guiyaan-Garma Garam*

    620. Bach Ke Balam Chal Ke Rasta Hai Mushkil-Johnny Walker*

    621. Bach Ke Jane Na Dongi-Prince*

    622. Bachche Main Hai Bhwaan-Nanha Farishta*

    623. Bachcho Suno Kehta Hoon Main Tumse Meri Sachchi Kahaani-Sabaq*

    624. Bachchon Par Balidaan Hai Karti-Ssh

    625. Bachchon Tum Taqdeer Ho-Didi*

    626. Bachiyan Jawan Te Bodiyan Sabhi Pehne Merri Choodiyan-Phaansi*

    627. Bachna Zara Yeh Zamaana Hai Bura-Milap*

    628. Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena(Sad)-Deedar*

    629. Bada He Martaba Roze Ka-Islamic*

    630. Bada Hi C I D Hai Woh Neeli Chhatriwaala-Chandan*

    631. Bada Qaatil Ha Mera Yaar-China Town*

    632. Badan Pe Sitaare Lapete Hue-Prince*

    633. Bade Bade Logon Ke Bade Bade Hain Raaz-Phandebaaz*

    634. Bade Bade Ran Baanke Aaye-Bhakta Prahlad*

    635. Bade Bewafa Hain Yeh Husnwaale-Roop Tera Mastana*

    636. Bade Hain Dil Ke Kaale-Dil Deke Dekho*

    637. Bade Khoobsurat Bade Woh Hansi Hain Magar Kya Karoon-Jashan*

    638. Bade Maze Se Guzar Jaayegi Yeh Zindagi-Chor Sipahi*

    639. Bade Miya Deewaane Aise Na Bano-Shagird*

    640. Bade Pyaar Se Milna Sabse Duniya Main Insaan-Sati Anusuya*

    641. Badhi Shaanwaali O Badhi Aanwaali-Teen Ustad

    642. Badi Buland Meri Bhabhi Ki Pasand-C.I.D. Girl*

    643. Badi Der Bhye Nand Lala-Khandaan*

    644. Badi Der Bhyi Kab Loge Khabar-Basant Bahar*

    645. Badi Door Se Aaye Hain-Samjhota*

    646. Badi Hai Shohrat Tumhaare Hothon Tumhaari Aankhon Ki-Dil Ka Raja*

    647. Badi Khushi Hui Aapse Milkar Milte Rahiaiga-Doctor X*

    648. Badi Mushkil Se Aisi Shaam Aayi Hai-Tarang*

    649. Badi Mushkil Se Mile Ho Phir Bhi Jaan Pe Tule Ho-Sachche Ka Bolbala

    650. Badi Pyaari Kahani Hai-Do Roti*

    651. Badla Kaisa Zamana-Paigaam*

    652. Badli Badli Duniya He Meri-Sangeet Samrat Tansen*

    653. Badli Main Chaand Hai To-Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaon*

    654. Bahaane Kyon Karti Ho-Saheli*

    655. Bahaar Ko Nazare Jaise-Farz Aur Pyar*

    656. Bahaar Nazr Karoon Apna Pyar Nazr Karun-Baghi*

    657. Bahaaren Aayengi Hoton Pe Phool Khilenge-Navratri*

    658. Bahaaro Phool Barsao-Suraj*

    659. Bahaaron Ki Baarat Aagaye-Yaqeen*

    660. Bahaaron Ne Chheda Khushi Ka Tarana-Majboori*

    661. Bahaaron Se Khenge Nazaaron Se Khenge-Ulfat*

    662. Bahut Aasaan Hai Chilman Se Lag Kar Muskurana-Rangeen Raaten*

    663. Bahut Haseen Hain Tumhari Aankhen-Aadhi Raat Ke Baad*

    664. Bahut Haseen Ho Bahut Jawan Ho-Main Wohi Hoon*

    665. Bahut Khoobsurat Hain Aankhen Tumhari-Sushila*

    666. Bahut Mayus Hokar Kucha E Qatil Se Ham Nikle-Ghunghat*

    667. Bahut Mukhtasar Hai Hamaari Kahani-Sharbati Aankhen*

    668. Bahut Purdard Hai Ae Sunanewaalo Dastaan Meri-Birha Ki Raat*

    669. Bahut Shukriya Badi Mehrbaani(Saat Saliyan )-Panjabi*

    670. Bahut Shukriya Badi Mehrbaani-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    671. Bailiya Bailiya Bailiya-Na Maaloom

    672. Bairan Ho Gaye Raat Piya Bin Bairan Ho Gaye-Adalat

    673. Baithe Hain Tere Dar Pe-Sona Chandi*

    674. Baj Jaayega Baaja Baj Jaayega-Toofan*

    675. Baje Nagaade Kaal Ke Uthe Qadam Bhoochaal Ke-Waman Avtar*

    676. Bakkamma Ekad Boto Ra-Shatranj*

    677. Bal Na Vidya Aur Na Saahas Kaam Aata-Maharaja Vikram*

    678. Balam Harjai Jaao Ji-Shikarpuri*

    679. Balkhaati Sharmaati Aaja Lehron Di Lehraati Aaja-Usne Kaha Tha*

    680. Balle Balle Ni Sohne Na Banaaye Mud Ke(Laaiye Tod Nibhaaiye)-Panjabi*

    681. Bambai Hamaari Bambai Yeh Raajdulaari Bambai-Street Singer*

    682. Bambai Puraani Calcutta Puraana Jaisi Meri Naaniji-Umar Qaid*

    683. Ban Kar Ke Insaan Banaayen Tumko Ham Bhagwaan-Vidyaarthi*

    684. Ban Ke Saathi Pyar Ki Rahon Men-Sweetheart*

    685. Ban Ki Lataaon Mujhe Batao Mere Prabhu Shriraam Kahaan-Bharat Milap*

    686. Bana De Prabhu Jee Tu Bigdi Gareeb Ki-Phagun*

    687. Banaane Waale Ne Rupaiyya Gol Kyon Banaaya-Sabse Bada Rupaiya

    688. Banaaye Jaa Bigaade Jaa-Ali Baba 40 Chor(Old)*

    689. Banane Waale Kya Tune Yehi Duniya Banai Hai-Jalpari*

    690. Banda Naawaaz Dekhiye Aisa Na Kijiye-Ek Din Ka Badshah*

    691. Banda Parvar Main Kahaan Yeh Aapki Mehfil Kahaan-Pocketmar*

    692. Banda Parvar Mohabbat Ka Salam Le Lijiye-Alladin And The Wonderful Lamp*

    693. Banda Parvar Thaam Lo Jigar-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    694. Bande Kis Par Kare Guman-Bhajan*

    695. Bandh Muthhi Laakh Ki-Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi*

    696. Bandho Ragupatie Karuna Nidhana-Tulsidas*

    697. Banenge Tere Bigade Kam-Love And God*

    698. Banjaara Hoon Main Kisika Pyaara Hoon Main-Aankh Ka Tara*

    699. Banke Aaya Hoon Dar Pe Sawaali-Mandir Masjid*

    700. Bansi Ki Dhun Sun Balman Pyaar Main Nachti Main-Hare Krishna

    701. Banwaari Sunle Araj Hamaari-Premi Gangaram*

    702. Barbaad E Muhabbat Ki Dua Saath Liye Jaa-Laila Majnu*

    703. Barbaad Hiroshima Ki Tasveer Dekh Lo-Aman*

    704. Bas Karo Bhabiyo-Heer*

    705. Bas Ke Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona-Non Film*

    706. Bas Main Nahin Duniya Bebus Hai Insan-Dukh Sukh*

    707. Bas Main Taqdeer Nahin Aah Main Taaseer Nahin-Indrasabha*

    708. Base Mora Tohre Main Pran(Kab Hoihain Gavanva Hamar)-Bhojpuri*

    709. Basi Hai Dil Main Nabi Ki Yaad-Islamic*

    710. Basti Basti Nagri Nagri-Aadmi Sadak Ka*

    711. Basti Basti Parbat Parbat Gaata Jaaye Banjaara-Railway Platform*

    712. Bata Ae Aasmaan-Mardangi

    713. Bata Ae Aasman Wale-Marine Drive*

    714. Bata Dil Ke Kafas Main-Alladin And The Wonderful Lamp*

    715. Bata Mujhe O Jahaan Ke Maalik-Ek Shola*

    716. Batao Kya Karungi Main Jo Gham Ki Raat Aayegi-Ek Ke Baad Ek*

    717. Batar Yas Bas Jote Padhe Itne Sir Pe-Kaala Chashma

    718. Be Dard Zamaana Kya Jaane-Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane*

    719. Be Gunahon Ka Lahoon Hai-Johar In Kashmir*

    720. Be Ikhtiyaar Ho Ke Pyaar Ka Shikaar Ho Ke-Johnny Walker*

    721. Be Khudi Main Sanam Uth Gaye Jo Qadam-Haseena Maan Jayegi*

    722. Be Muravvat Tujhe Samjhenge Zamaanewaale-Ustad Pedro

    723. Be Qaraar Hai Koi Aa Ae Mere Dildaar Aa-Shama Parvana*

    724. Be Sharmi Se Sharm Na Kar Hera Ferj Se Mat Dar-Teen Chor*

    725. Beech Chorahe Izzat Meri(Sukhi Parivar)-Panjabi*

    726. Beechwaale Sayyaan Pe Pad Gaye Nazariya-Sazaa*

    727. Beet Gaye Hai Aadhi Raat-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    728. Beete Dinon Ki Yaad-Non Film*

    729. Beta Dar Mat Dar Mat-Bhai Bahen*

    730. Beta Jamoore Kehde Duniya Ko Lalkaar Ke-Biradari*

    731. Beta Sambhal Ke Chalna-Mr. John*

    732. Beta Single Single Rehna-Meena Bazaar

    733. Bethe Bethe Dil E Nadaan Yeh Khayaal Aaya Hai-Maikhana*

    734. Bethha Beri Ban Ke Sayyan-Woh Din Yaad Karo*

    735. Bhaarat Ka Lal Dil Ka Sahara Chala Gaya-Non Film*

    736. Bhaarat Na Sahi England-Anand Bhavan

    737. Bhagton Ki Laaj Bachai O Mere Krishan-Lakhan*

    738. Bhagwaan Banane Ka-Patit Pawan*

    739. Bhagwaan Bhi Khush Khush Shaitaan Bhi-Sanskaar

    740. Bhagwaan Ek Insaan Ki Sunaata Hoon Kahaani-Dr. Z*

    741. Bhagwaan Ek Kasur Ki Itni Badi Saja-Gehra Daag*

    742. Bhagwaan Jo Pal Bhar Tu Insaan Bana Hota-Ganga*

    743. Bhagwaan Ki Dekho Bhool Ki Bichhada Daali Se Phool-Baalak*

    744. Bhagwaan Ki Yeh Leela-Maa Beta*

    745. Bhagwaan Mil Jaa Saamne Hamko Kabhi Ji Rah Main-Shiv Bhakta*

    746. Bhagwaan Pyare Apne Bhakat Ki Laaj Bachaana Re-Kisaan Aur Bhagwan*

    747. Bhagwaan Tera Insaan Dekh Le-Aastik*

    748. Bhagwaan Tera Pyaar Hai Kaanton Ka Raasta-Shiv Bhakta*

    749. Bhagwaan Tere Ghar Ka Shringaar Jaa Raha Hai-Naag Panchami*

    750. Bhagwaan Tumhaari Duniya Main-Aan Baan*

    751. Bhagwaan Tune Kya Kaya Ye Konsa Badla Liya-Shri Ganesh Vivah

    752. Bhagya Chakra Nit Chale Na Taale Tale-Seetaram Radheshyam*

    753. Bhagya Ki Maari Radherani Deewani Ban Ban Bhatke-Seetaram Radheshyam *

    754. Bhai Re Maine Is Aalam Main Paaye Hain-Gul E Bakavali*

    755. Bhaiyya Re Bhaiyya Naiya Chhuaao Na-Bharat Milap*

    756. Bhaj Man Kamal Nayan Kamlesh-Sant Janabai*

    757. Bhajan Bina Baware Tune Hira Janm-Roop Lekha*

    758. Bhajore Man Raam Govind Hari-Bhajan*

    759. Bhakti Bhajan Main Chitt Rame To Samya Ka-Badrinaath Dhaam*

    760. Bhakti Ki Gaagri-Sant Janabai*

    761. Bhala Karnewaale Bhalaai Kiye Jaa-Ghar Sansar*

    762. Bhalaai Duniya Ki Jo Subah Shaam Karte Hain-Shan E Hatim*

    763. Bhalaai Kar Bhala Hoga-Khul Ja Sim Sim*

    764. Bhar Bhar Aayen Ankhiyan-Samrat Chandragupt*

    765. Bhar De Jholi Allaah Naam-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    766. Bhari Duniya Main Aakhir Dil Ko-Do Badan*

    767. Bhari Mehfil Se Tujhe Na Utha Doon To Mera Nam Nahin-Jurm Aur Saza*

    768. Bhatke Hue Raahi Tujhe Manzil Ne Pukaara-Paak Daman*

    769. Bheega Bheega Pyaar Ka Sama Bata De Tujhe Jaana Hai Kahaan-Saawan*

    770. Bheege Hue Jalwon Par Aise Na Nazar Daalo-Shankar Shambhu*

    771. Bheegi Bheegi Rut Ha Umango Pe Nikhar Hai-Taqdeer Ka Badshah*

    772. Bheegi Bheegi Waadi Main-Dil Hi Dil Mein*

    773. Bheegi Palken Utha Meri Jaan-Do Gunde*

    774. Bhej De Bhej De Bhej De 56 Karod Ki Chotai-Ab Dilli Door Nahin*

    775. Bhgwaan Na Maangu Men Tera Jahan-Raja Vikram*

    776. Bhojan Se To Pet Bhare-Zindagi Ke Mele

    777. Bhole Baale Insaanon Ka Is Duniya Main Kaam Nahin-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    778. Bhookh Hi Bhookh Hai Insaan Se Haiwaan Tak-Mazdoor Zindabad*

    779. Bhookh Pyaas Aur Zulm Ki Duniya-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    780. Bhool Chuke Mulakat-Gujrati*

    781. Bhool Jaaye Saare Gham-Nausherwan E Aadil*

    782. Bhoola Hua Fasaana Hamko Na Tha Sunaana-Sau Saal Baad*

    783. Bhoole Afasaane Phir Yaad Aaye-Samay Bada Balwan*

    784. Bhula Nahin Dena Jee Bhula Nahin Dena-Baaradari*

    785. Bichhde Hue Milenge Phir Qismat Ne Gar Mila Diya-Post Box 999*

    786. Bigad Gai Bante Bante Baat-Sagaai(Old)*

    787. Bijli Giri Aakash Se-Subha Kahin Shaam Kahin*

    788. Bijli Giri Kahaan Se Begaane Ho Gaye Ham-Picnic*

    789. Bijuriya Chamke Jamana Paar Man Main Chhupaaye-Do Ladkiyan*

    790. Bin Ma Ke Bachchey Phirate Maare Maare-Bin Maa Ke Bachchey*

    791. Bin Pagdi Milta Nahin Makaan-Hindustan Hamara

    792. Bin Paisa Har Khel Hai Jhootha-Paisa Hi Paisa*

    793. Bina Tumhaare Maza Kya Hai Aise Jeene Main-Street Singer*

    794. Bind Jaye Jo Moti Kaanha-Bhajan*

    795. Birah Ki Rain Sooni Sooni Sijariya-Tanhaai*

    796. Bishan Chacha-Yaarana*

    797. Biwi Ho To Aisi Ho-Panna

    798. Bojh Utha Le Saathi Bojh Utha Le-Pyaar Ka Bandhan*

    799. Bol Bol My Little Love-Baap Bete*

    800. Bol Bol Sachch Sachch Bol Khol Khol Duniya Ka Paalam Pol-Laxmi*

    801. Bol Mere Saathiya Kitna Mujhe Se Pyaar-Lalkar*

    802. Bol Re Munna Duniya Main Hai Kaun-Sabse Bada Rupaiya

    803. Bol Satnam(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    804. Bole So Nihaal Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Shri Akaal-Gyani Ji

    805. Bolo Bolo Dishaao Bolo Hawaao Tumko Bharat Pukaare-Bharat Milap*

    806. Bolo Bolo Kuch Bolo-Dil Deke Dekho*

    807. Bolo Bolo Tum Mere Ho Bolo-Murder In Circus*

    808. Bolo Dil Mera Machal Raha Kis Liye-Rickshawala*

    809. Bolo Jai Badrivishal Kuaan Pas Tu Phir Bhi-Mulzim

    810. Bolo Jay Jay Kar Prabhu Ki-Insaniyat(Old)*

    811. Bolo Jee Dil Loge To Kya Kya Doge-Patanga(Old)*

    812. Boonden Nahin Sitare-Saajan Ki Saheli*

    813. Botal Main Band Jawaani Pee Le Pee Le Dil Jaani-Taqdeer*

    814. Botal Se Ek Baat Chali Hai-Ghar*

    815. Brajo Gopi Khele Hori-Bengali*

    816. Buddha Peechhe Pad Gaya(Premi Gangaram)-Panjabi*

    817. Buddha Peechhe Pad Gaya-Premi Gangaram*

    818. Buddham Sharanam Gachchhaami-Anjali*

    819. Budha Ki Pukaar Sun Badho-Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara*

    820. Budtameez Kaho Ya Kaho Janwar-Budtameez*

    821. Bujh Gaya Deep Ghira Andhiyaara-Mere Lal

    822. Bul Tere Ne Chndigadh Di-Nanak Naam Jahaz*

    823. Bulaalo Dar Pe Habeebe Khuda Khuda Ke Liye-Aakhri Sajda*

    824. Bulbul Main Hai Nagme Tere-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    825. Bura Hai Na Gaana Bura Itna To Jaan-Road No. 303*

    826. Bura Hua Jo Inse Hamare Naina Lad Gai Ji-Laadla*

    827. Bura Maan Gaye Pyaar Aankhon Se Jataya To-Aayee Milan Ki Bela*

    828. Bura Mat Suno Bura Mat Dekho-Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke*

    829. Bura Na Maano Yaar Dosti Yaari Main-Aadmi Sadak Ka*

    830. Bura Tum Mana Chahe Bhala(Dharamjeet)-Panjabi*

    831. Bura Tum Na Maano To Ek Baat Keh Doo-Inspector*

    832. Chaahe Dekhe Ghurke Chahe Dewe Galiya -Sachche Moti*

    833. Chaahe Jal Jal Mere Saari Duniya-Baalak Aur Janwar*

    834. Chaahe Koi Jor Laga Le-Mera Ghar Mere Bachche*

    835. Chaahe Koi Mujhe Bhoot Kaho Chaahe Koi Yamdoot Kaho-Waris*

    836. Chaahe Koi Mujhe Jangli Kahe-Junglee*

    837. Chaahe Paas Ho Chaahe Door Ho-Samrat Chandragupta*

    838. Chaahe Qismat Hamko Rulaye-Neelam Pari*

    839. Chaahoon Bhi To Soch Na Mera Man Kiya-Kirchen*

    840. Chaahun Bhi To Soch Na Paaon-Kirchen*

    841. Chaahunga Main Tujhe Saanjh Savere-Dosti*

    842. Chaal Men Maal Leke Aaya Hai-Gehra Zakham*

    843. Chaal Suhaani Hai Baat Raseeli Hai-Preetam*

    844. Chaand Hain Tare Bhi Hain Aur Yeh Tanhai Hai-Roop Lekha*

    845. Chaand Jaane Kahan Kho Gaya-Main Chup Rahungi*

    846. Chaand Jesa Badan-Rustam E Bagdad*

    847. Chaand Ki Sunder Nagri Main-Dholak*

    848. Chaand Kitni Door Tha Sitaare Kitni Door The-Afsana*

    849. Chaand Ko Dekho Jee-Chand Mere Aja*

    850. Chaand Mera Dil Chaandni Ho Tum-Hum Kisise Kam Nahin*

    851. Chaand Nikala Bhi Nahin Aur Chaandni Hai Saamne-Bhai Bahen*

    852. Chaand Raat Hai Tu Bhi Saath Hai-Qismat

    853. Chaand Sa Chehra Raat Si Zulfen Hirni Jaisi Chaal-Gehra Zakham*

    854. Chaand Sa Mukhda Kyon Sharmaaya-Insaan Jaag Utha*

    855. Chaand Sard Sard Hai-Jaali Note*

    856. Chaand Takta Hai Idhar Aao Kahin Chhup Jaaye-Dooj Ka Chand*

    857. Chaandi Ka Badan Sone Ki Nazar Us Par Yeh Nazaaqat-Taj Mahal*

    858. Chaandi Ka Gol Gol Chanda Ke Dal Raha Duniya-Piya Milan Ki Aas*

    859. Chaandi Loota Le Chaahe Sona Loota Le-Raj Kanya*

    860. Chaandni Chhitki Hui Hai-Hamara Ghar*

    861. Chaandni Raat Main Yon Dil Ko Jala Ke To Na Ja-Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati*

    862. Chadh Gaye Chadh Gaye Angor Ki Beti Chadh Gaye -Do Jasoos*

    863. Chadhte Phagun Jiyara(Balam Pardesia)-Bhojpuri*

    864. Chadhti Jawaani Meri Chaal Mastaani-Carvan*

    865. Chakaie Ke Chakdam Aaya Deewaana-Pyaar Ki Dastan*

    866. Chakke Pe Chakka Chakke Pe Gaadi-Brahmachari*

    867. Chakravyuh Ka Chakra Ghira Hai-Mahabharat*

    868. Chal Beta Left Chal Beta Right Vah Vah Re Teri Chal-Do Dilon Ki Dastan*

    869. Chal Chal Aage Nikal Tere Peechhe Bhaage Tera Saya-Chakravyuha*

    870. Chal Chal Jhoom Ke Chal-Rustam E Bagdad*

    871. Chal Chal Mere Bhai Tere Haath Jodta Hoon-Naseeb*

    872. Chal Chal Re Musaafir Chal-Pooja*

    873. Chal Chal Re Naujawaan Jeena Tera Kaam Nahin-Ek Phool Do Mali*

    874. Chal Chal Ri Goriya Pi Ki Nagariya-Ganga Jamuna*

    875. Chal Diye Banda Nawaaz Chhedke Mere Dil Ka Taar-Mr. & Mrs. 55*

    876. Chal Diye Tum Kahaan Rukiye Mehrbaan-Ek Kunwari Ek Kunwara*

    877. Chal Gori Chal Kithe Chaliye-Heroine Ek Raat Ki*

    878. Chal Mere Dil Se Udan Khatole-Gateway Of India*

    879. Chal Meri Gaddye Tu Chhuk Chhuk-Ek Do Teen*

    880. Chal More Manwa Shyaam Ke Dwaare-Krishna Sudama*

    881. Chal Musaafir Teri Manzil Door Hai To Kya Hua-Ganga Ki Saugandh*

    882. Chal Pade Jawaan Badan Raahen Ban Gaye Chaman-Tu Meri Main Tera*

    883. Chal Prem Nagar Jayega Batla O Tange Wale-Jeet*

    884. Chal Shuru Ho Jaa One Two One Two-Humjoli*

    885. Chal Ud Jaa Re Panchhi Ki Ab Yeh Desh Hua Begaana-Bhabhi*

    886. Chala Chal Chala Chal Gar Hai Andhera-Baarood*

    887. Chala Chal Musaafir Kabhi To Milengi Madeene Ki Galiyan-Maa Ke Ansoo*

    888. Chala Ke Teer E Nazar Ab Na Churao Aankhen-Shahi Lutera*

    889. Chale Aa Rahen Hain Woh Zulfen Bikhere-Non Film*

    890. Chale Aaj Tum Jahaan Se-Udan Khatola*

    891. Chale Bhole Baaba Chale Shankar Baaba-Kailashpati*

    892. Chale Gaye Gopal-Krishna Sudama

    893. Chale Hain Kahaan Sarkaar Hamen Beqaraar Karke-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    894. Chale Hain Qaba E Aqdas Ko Haji-Islamic*

    895. Chale Ho Kahaan Karke Jee Beqaraar-Bhagambhag*

    896. Chale Jaa Chale Jaa Chale Jaa Jahaan Pyaar Mile-Jahan Pyaar Mile*

    897. Chale Jana Tum Door Bade Shoq Se Huzoor-Amber*

    898. Chale Kahaan Leke Mere Dil Ka Karaar-Kar Bhala*

    899. Chale Mohabbat Karne Nashe Main Jhoom Ke-Apsara*

    900. Chale The Saath Mil Ke Chalenge Saath Milkar-Haseena Maan Jayegi*

    901. Chalenge Teer Jab Dil Par-Kohinoor*

    902. Chali Aaj Tu Rajbhavan Se-Mera Suhaag

    903. Chali Chali Re Patang Meri Chali Re-Bhabhi*

    904. Chali Jawaani Thokar Khaane-Abhiman(Old)*

    905. Chali Kahaan Hansti Gaati Chanchal Nadiya Shor Machati-Jawab*

    906. Chali Meri Dulhan Ki Doli-Darpan*

    907. Chali Re Chali Aaj Mehlon Ki Raani-Naag Jyoti*

    908. Chali Sajan Ghar Jaaye Aaj Dulhaniya Kes Sanwaare-Shadi Se Pehle*

    909. Chali Yeh Fauj Hamaari Re-Ek Ke Baad Ek*

    910. Chalna Sambhal Ke Jee Sambhal Sambhal Ke Chalna-Raj Tilak*

    911. Chalna Zindagani Duniya Bahta Pani-Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha*

    912. Chalo Chalein Dil Le Chale Jahaan-Miss Good Night

    913. Chalo Chalo Chale Ham Babool Ke Tale-Ali Baba 40 Chor(Old)*

    914. Chalo Chalo Darshan Karne Ko-Christian Hindi Song*

    915. Chalo Dildaar Chalo Chaand Ke Paar Chalo-Pakeezah*

    916. Chalo Ho Gaye Tayyar-Shadi Se Pehle*

    917. Chalo Jamuna Ke Paar-Laal Dupatta*

    918. Chalo Koi Khel Khelen Ham-Toofan*

    919. Chalo Madine Mohd Ka Naam-Islamic*

    920. Chalo Mana Ki Mahafil Main Hame Gana Nahin Aata-Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai*

    921. Chalo Raani Karo Na Manmaani-Sau Ka Note*

    922. Chalo Re Doli Utthaao Kahaar-Jaani Dushman*

    923. Chalo Ziarrat Ko Ale Imaa (P1)-Ziarrat E Hind*

    924. Chalo Ziarrat Ko Ale Imaa (P2)-Ziarrat E Hind*

    925. Chalta Jeevan Chalti Zameen-Subah Kahin Sham Kahin*

    926. Chalte Chalo Chalta Hua Saahil Hai Zindagi-Insaan Aur Shaitan*

    927. Chalte Hi Jana Jahan Tak Aaj Yeh Rah Chale-Usne Kaha Tha*

    928. Chalti Ko Hawa Kehte Hain Kehte Hain-Shatranj Ke Mohre*

    929. Chaman Ke Phool Bhi Tujhko Gulab Kahete Hai-Shikari*

    930. Chameli Mera Naam Aur Champa Mera Naam-Sabaq*

    931. Chamke Matthe Daag Umar De-Panjabi*

    932. Chamkenge Banke Sitaare-Laal Quila*

    933. Champa Kaili Daar Palak Jhule Pyaar-Aaj Raat Ko*

    934. Champa Kali Dekho Jhuk Hi Gaye-Ziddi*

    935. Chan Chadiya Te Mit Gaye Andhere(Sapni)-Panjabi*

    936. Chan De Matthe Dag(Dharti Veeran Di)-Panjabi*

    937. Chana Jor Garam Baapu Main Laye Mazedaar-Kranti*

    938. Chanda Ka Dil Toot Gaya Hai-Khoj*

    939. Chanda Ki God Main Taaron Ki Chhaon Main-Jeevan Saathi*

    940. Chanda Ko Dhundne Tare Nikal Pade-Jeene Ki Raah*

    941. Chanda Mama Se Pyaara Mera Mama(Sad)-Kartavya *

    942. Chanda Mama Se Pyaara Mera Mama-Kartavya*

    943. Channa Mukk Gayi Judai(Walayati Babu)-Panjabi*

    944. Che Khush Nazare-Pyaar Ka Mausam*

    945. Chehra Kya Gulab Hai Jalwa-Dilli Ka Dada

    946. Chehra Tera Allaah Baaten Teri Masha Allaah-Tum Haseen Main Jawan*

    947. Chehre Pe Giri Zulfen Kehdo To Hata Doon Main-Suraj*

    948. Chehre Se Apne Aaj To Parda Uthaiye-Palki*

    949. Chethi Chethi Wagh O Chana Deya Paniya(Heer Ranjah)-Panjabi Opera*

    950. Cheyona Shunoyona-Bengali*

    951. Chha Gaye Badal Nilgagan Par Dhul Gaya Kajra-Chitralekha*

    952. Chhad Ke Lobh Jagat Da Bande-Panjabi*

    953. Chhadi Re Chhadi Kaise Gale Main Padi-Mausam*

    954. Chhail Chabila Chhokara Mujhe Le Gaya Nadiya Par-Hamari Yaad Aayegi*

    955. Chhail Chabila Rang Rangila Kaun Nagar Se Aaya-Madan Manjari*

    956. Chhak Chhak Gaddi Chaldi Jaandi(Mama Ji)-Panjabi*

    957. Chhakke Ke Upar Chhakka-Mr. John

    958. Chhalkaaye Jaam-Mere Humdum Mere Dost*

    959. Chhalke Teri Aankhon Se Sharaab Aur Zyaada-Aarzoo*

    960. Chhalla De Diya Ho Chhalla De Diya-Indrasabha*

    961. Chhalla De Jaa Nishaani Teri Mehrbaani-Bazaar(Old)*

    962. Chham Chham Naache Mere Nainon Main Pyaar-Nav Durga*

    963. Chhan Chhan Karti Daulat Bole-24 Ghante*

    964. Chhanke Meri Paayal Ki Jhankaar Tere Aage-Main Hoon Alladin*

    965. Chhaya Hai Sama Mera Dil Hai Jawan-Qaidi*

    966. Chhaya Hua Hai Kadki Ka Mausam Aur Pet Khali-Pick Pocket*

    967. Chhaya Sama Suhana-Naach*

    968. Chhayee Ghata Bahagon Main Mor Bole-Ustad Pedro*

    969. Chhed Mere Hamraahi Geet Koi Aisa-Mastana*

    970. Chheda Jo Dil Ka Fasana-Naqli Nawab*

    971. Chheda Mere Dil Ne Taraana Tere Pyaar Ka-Asli Naqli*

    972. Chhedo Dhun Matwaalon Ki-Ghar Sansar*

    973. Chhedoge Mujhko Agar Jan Ke-Sunehari Naagin*

    974. Chheen Ke Dil Kyon Pher Lee Aankhen-Chandni Raat*

    975. Chheti Chheti Bag O Chanab De Paniya-Panjabi*

    976. Chho Lene Do Nazuk Hoton Ko-Kaajal*

    977. Chhod Are Jaa Mujhe Na Pakad Hai Meri Jaan-Mehman*

    978. Chhod Bhi De Majhdhaar Naav-Barkha*

    979. Chhod Chale Jhoothhi Duniya Ko-Bhagambhag*

    980. Chhod Diya Ghar Baar Rani Tere Liye-Meena Bazaar*

    981. Chhod Ke Teri Duniya-Mirza Sahibaan*

    982. Chhodiye Gussa Huzoor Aisi Naaraazagi Bhi Kya-Detective*

    983. Chhodo Baat Purani Dekho Aaya Samey Naveen-Chota Pariwar*

    984. Chhoom Chhnanan Paayal Boli-Ghar Ghar Main Diwali*

    985. Chhoot Gaye Sakhiyan-Daraar*

    986. Chhoota Watan Humara Hafiz Khuda Tumhara-Khuda Ka Banda*

    987. Chhota Pariwar Honda Sukhi Pariwar-Panjabi*

    988. Chhota Sa Fasaana Hai Tere Mere Pyaar Ka-Birha Ki Raat*

    989. Chhota Sa Sansaar Hamaara-Ulfat Kee Nayee Manzilen*

    990. Chhoti Si Ek Banaayenge Naiya-Hamara Sansaar*

    991. Chhoti Si Mulaqat Pyaar Ban Gye-Chhoti Se Mulaqaat*

    992. Chhudane Paap Se Sabko-Christian Hindi Song*

    993. Chhun Chhun Karti Ayee Chidiya-Ab Dilli Door Nahin*

    994. Chhupa Kar Meri Aankhon Main-Bhabhi*

    995. Chhupne Wale Samne Aa-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    996. Chhuri Ban Kaanta Ban O My Son-Jaali Note*

    997. Chikna Chehra Honth Gulaabi Gore Gaal Pe Zulf Ude-Duniyadari*

    998. Chirag Dil Ka Jalaao Ke Bahut Andhera Hai-Chirag*

    999. Chirag Kis Ke Ghar Ka Hai Tu Laal Kis Jigar Ka Hai-Ek Nari Ek Brahmchari*

    1000. Chitda Ni Chaandni Ma Aao(Chandu Jamadar)-Gujrati*

    1001. Chitte Dand Hasno Nahin Rahnde (Bhangara)-Panjabi*

    1002. Chodhvi Ka Chaand Ho Ya Aaftaab Ho-Chaudhvin Ka Chand*

    1003. Choodiyan Bazaar Se-Suhana Safar*

    1004. Choodiyan Le Le Gori Pahaan Le Chhori-Papi

    1005. Choom Lon Ek Bar Aankhon Se Yeh Nurani Zameen-Dayaar E Madina*

    1006. Chopati Pe Kal Jo Tujhse-Afsana*

    1007. Chori Chori Aana Na Khidki Tale Tum-Miss Mala*

    1008. Chori Chori Ek Ishaara Ho Gaya-Basant*

    1009. Chori Chori Mat Dekh Balam Bholi Dulhan Shamayegi-Hamara Ghar*

    1010. Choron Ki Tarah Chupke Chupke Chhupa Kar Peete Hain-Do Roti*

    1011. Chorwa Na Le Jaaye Ta Jagat Raha Bhaiyya(Balam Pardesia)-Bhojpuri*

    1012. Chun Chun Taareyaan Nu(Chambe Di Kali)-Panjabi*

    1013. Chunni Apni Nu(Pardesi Dhola)-Panjabi*

    1014. Chup Chup Chup Kyon Baithi Ho-Humrahi*

    1015. Chupke Chupke Dil Main Aane Wale-Hamara Ghar*

    1016. Chupke Se Aaya Koi Chor-Meena Bazaar*

    1017. Chupke Se Dil Ne Kuchh Kaha-Khubsurat Dhoka*

    1018. Chupke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase Kuchh Ham Kuchh Tum-Manzil*

    1019. Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko-Yaadon Ki Baarat*

    1020. Congress Ko Vote Do- Non Film*

    1021. Cycle Pe Haseenon Ki Toli-Amanat*

    1022. Daal Bhi De Zulfon Ki Chhaon-Ramu Dada*

    1023. Daalenge Rang Daalenge-Mera Dost

    1024. Daaman Mai Dag Laga Bethe-Dhool Ka Phool*

    1025. Daata Jee Tera Bhed Na Paaya-Sona Chandi

    1026. Daawat E Rasool Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    1027. Dade Lambe Phende Ne Bahi Iss Jeevan De-Panjabi*

    1028. Dafli Wale Dafli Baja-Sargam*

    1029. Dagmag Tore Naina(Gori Tore Naina)-Bhojpuri*

    1030. Dam Ghutta Hai Dil Roota Hai-Khoj*

    1031. Dam Todte Hain Armaan Roti Hain Hasraten-Shagun

    1032. Damaadam Mast Qalandar-Mast Qalandar

    1033. Damdi Tha Satt(Chhai)-Panjabi*

    1034. Dana Pani Khich Ke Leyanda(Guddi)-Panjabi*

    1035. Dandaan Wich Mekhaan Ne(Pagri Sambhal Jatta)-Panjabi*

    1036. Dar Kya Hai Toofan Ka Leke Naam-Panna

    1037. Dar Lage To Gaana Gaa-Yaar Mera*

    1038. Dar Vat Zamana Kat Bhale Din Avenge(Jugni)-Panjabi*

    1039. Darbar E Madina Dekhen-Islamic*

    1040. Dard E Dil Dard E Jigar-Karz*

    1041. Dard E Mohabbat Buri Bala Hai-Captain Kishore*

    1042. Dard Main Doob Gaye Shyaam Na Jaane Kya Ho-Mandir Masjid*

    1043. Dard Minnat Kashe Dawa Na Hua-Dholak*

    1044. Dard Minnat Kashe Dawa Na Hua-Non Film*

    1045. Dardan Ji Maari Vechari-Sindhi*

    1046. Darshan Dena Raam Tars Rahe Ham-Ram Aur Rahim

    1047. Darshan Kab Doge Bolo Na-Bhagambhag*

    1048. Das Gaye Das Gaye-Himmat*

    1049. Das Meriya Dilbaran We(Sassi Punnu)-Panjabi*

    1050. Das Na Jaayen Tulhko Zulfen Kaliyan-Malika*

    1051. Daton Tale Dabaakar Honth Aankhen Karke-Doli*

    1052. Daur Woh Aa Gaya Dil Ke Armaan Bike-Dhuen Ki Lakeer*

    1053. Dayya Re Dayya-Leader*

    1054. De Deedaar O Dildaar Jhaank Jharokhe Se-Sun To Le Hasina*

    1055. Dede More Mundari-Classical*

    1056. Deen Bandhu Bhav Sindhu Taarak-Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

    1057. Deepak Hai Tu Piya Main Teri Jyoti-Gayatri Mahima*

    1058. Deepak Jalaao Jyoti Jagaao-Sangeet Samrat Tansen*

    1059. Deepak Jalte Bhujte Aaye-Arpan*

    1060. Deewana Admi Ko Banaati Hai Rotiyaan-Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal*

    1061. Deewana Hoon Deewaana Ae Malika-Sarhadi Lutera*

    1062. Deewana Hoon Main Pyaar Ka-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    1063. Deewana Hua Badal Saawan Ki Ghata Chhai-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    1064. Deewana Kehke Aaj Mujhe Phir Pukaariye-Mulzim*

    1065. Deewana Mastaana Hua Dil-Bambai Ka Babu*

    1066. Deewana Mujhsa Nahin Is Ambar Ke Neeche-Teesri Manzil*

    1067. Deewane Agar Magar Kaahe Soche-Kar Bhala

    1068. Deewane Hain Deewaanon Ko Na Ghar Chaahiye-Zanjeer*

    1069. Deewane Ka Naam To Puchho-An Evening In Paris*

    1070. Deewane Ko Kuchh Aaj Paana To Hai-Jay Vijay*

    1071. Dehli Waale Saahab Gazab Kar Daala Re-Bhikhari/Satyanarayan

    1072. Deke Badnami Zamaane Bhar Ki-Madhu

    1073. Dekh Badal Bulata Hai-Doud Dhoop*

    1074. Dekh Hamen Awaz Na Dena (P1)-Amar Deep*

    1075. Dekh Hamen Awaz Na Dena (P2)-Amar Deep*

    1076. Dekh Idhar Ae Haseena June Ka Hai Mahina-12 O Clock*

    1077. Dekh Kar Meri Tarf Khamosh Ho Jaana-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    1078. Dekh Ke Teri Nazar Beqaraar Ho Gaye-Howrah Bridge*

    1079. Dekh Liya Maine Qismat Ke Tamaasha-Deedar

    1080. Dekh Mera Dil Na Jala-Zimbo Comes To Town*

    1081. Dekh Tere Bhagwaan Ki Halat Kya Ho Gaye Insaan-Railway Platform*

    1082. Dekha Chaand Ki Aur Musafir-Aag*

    1083. Dekha Hai Sabhi Ne Chaand Ko-Dil Ne Pukara*

    1084. Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Main-Pyaar Hi Pyaar*

    1085. Dekha Liya Main Ne-Deedar*

    1086. Dekhati Hi Raho Aaj Darpan Na Tum-Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal

    1087. Dekhen Kahaan Par Girti Hai Bijli-Aakhri Daao*

    1088. Dekhi Zamaane Ki Hamne Yeh Reet-Roop Rupaiya*

    1089. Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari(P1)-Kaagaz Ke Phool*

    1090. Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari(P2)-Kaagaz Ke Phool*

    1091. Dekhin Hazaaron Mehfilen Par Yeh Fiza Kuchh Aur Hai-Naukar*

    1092. Dekhiye Aap Hamen Is Tarha Na Dekha Kijiye-Rajkumar Suraj*

    1093. Dekhiye Huzoor Mujhse Rah Rah Ke Door-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    1094. Dekhiye Sahibon Woh Koi Aur Thi-Teesri Manzil*

    1095. Dekhiye Sue Haram Mola Ke Deewane Chale-Islamic*

    1096. Dekhne Waale Dekh Karishma Yaaron Ka-Love And Murder*

    1097. Dekho Aayi Bahaare Layi-First Love

    1098. Dekho Ab To Kisiko Nahin Hai Khabar-Jaanwar*

    1099. Dekho Bina Saawan Baras Rahi Badli-Saawan*

    1100. Dekho Chakkar Main Hai Saari Duniya Chakkar-Chand Ki Duniya*

    1101. Dekho Dekho Huzur Ye Hain Khatte Angoor-Ali Baba 40 Chor(Old)*

    1102. Dekho Dekho Jhoomti Jhoomti Barsaat-Mastani

    1103. Dekho Dekho Madam-Pyaar Mohabbat*

    1104. Dekho Dekho Paaon Main Pahan Kar Paayaliya-Janmashtami*

    1105. Dekho Dekho Ye Nazara Dekho-Ladaaku*

    1106. Dekho Dharma Ke Khatir Chhod Ke Apna Raajpat-Jai Ambe*

    1107. Dekho Dil Na Kisi Ka Toote-Pyaar Ka Rishta*

    1108. Dekho Jaata Hai Koi Gham Ka Sahaara Lekar-Aadil E Jahangir*

    1109. Dekho Ji Akeli Aaya Jaaya Na Karo-Pyaar Ki Rahen*

    1110. Dekho Ji Dekho Meethi Ada Se-Mai Baap*

    1111. Dekho Ji Ek Baala Jogi Matwaala Jogi-China Town*

    1112. Dekho Ji Hamen Bhool Jana-Vachan

    1113. Dekho Ji Ye Wada Karo(Unreleased)-Teri Nazar Teri Adda*

    1114. Dekho Logon Yeh Kaisa Zamaana-Humse Badhkar Kaun*

    1115. Dekho Loko Kiran To Pelo(Sardar Bhgat Singh)-Panjabi*

    1116. Dekho Mehnat Se Dolat Ki Yaari-Rakhi*

    1117. Dekho Mohe Laaga Solva Saal-Solvah Saal*

    1118. Dekho Qasam Se-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    1119. Dekho Raakhi Ka Aaya Tyohaar Hai-Dhoop Chhaon*

    1120. Dekho Re Pehli Baar Meri Zindagaani Phali-Shri Ram Bharat Milap*

    1121. Dekho Roothha Na Karo Baat Nazron Ki Suno-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*

    1122. Dekho Sapne Saje Dhol Taashe Baje-Ganga Ki Saugandh*

    1123. Dekho Shaam Dhali Jaaye Faile Zulfon Ke Saaye-Rocket Girl*

    1124. Dekho Taanga Mera Niraala-Tangewali*

    1125. Dekho Woh Chaand So Gaya Hai Intzar Main-Zeenat*

    1126. Dekho Zara Ulfat Ka Asar-Tatar Ka Chor*

    1127. Dekhta Chala Gaya Main Zindagi Ki Rah Main-Gateway Of India*

    1128. Dekhya Pishor Bhi Goomiya Lahore Bhai(Lado Rani)-Panjabi*

    1129. Desh Di Khatar Sade Lahu Da Katra Katra(Guru Manio Granth)-Panjabi*

    1130. Desh Main Sankat Aaya Hai-Aap Ki Sewa Main*

    1131. Dev Udu Okade-Kannad*

    1132. Deva O Deva Ganapati Deva Tumse Badhkar Kon-Humse Badhkar Kaun*

    1133. Devi Jee Picha Chhodo Is Ishq Se Meri Tauba-Chale Hain Sasural*

    1134. Devo Maa Tu Mahadev(Sati Jasama Odan)-Gujrati*

    1135. Devta Tum Ho Mera Sahara Mene Thama Hai Daman Tumhara-Daera*

    1136. Dhadak Dhadak Dil Dhadke-Dastan(Old)*

    1137. Dhadakne Lagta Hai Mera Dil Tere Nam Se-Dil Tera Deewana*

    1138. Dhadkan Hai Tu Har Dil Ki-Tere Bagair*

    1139. Dhai Inch Ki Kamar Hai Teri-Woh Main Nahin*

    1140. Dhak Dhak Se Dhadkana Bhoola De-Aasha*

    1141. Dhal Chuki Shaam E Gham-Kohinoor*

    1142. Dhal Gaya Din Hogi Shyaam Jaane Do Jaana Hai-Humjoli*

    1143. Dhalti Jaaye Raat Kehde Dil Ki Baat-Razia Sultana*

    1144. Dhamo Ham Mastaana-Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki

    1145. Dhan Se Baandhe Preet Ka Bandhan-Zindagi Ke Mele*

    1146. Dhanwanon Ki Dhan Nagri Ki Sun Lo Raam Kahaani-Dasavtar*

    1147. Dhanya Ghadi Shubh Aayi-Ram Navami

    1148. Dhanyawaad Kavichand Pukaare-Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan

    1149. Dharm Ke Khatir Bik Gaya Raaja-Harishchandra Taramati*

    1150. Dharti Aazad Hai-Sindbad The Sailor*

    1151. Dharti Gaye Re Aaye Re Khushi Ke Din Aaye Re-Daaku Aur Jawan*

    1152. Dharti Hai Humaari Jaan-Anokha*

    1153. Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke-Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke*

    1154. Dharti Ma Ka Maan Hamaara Pyaara Laal Nishaan-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    1155. Dheere Chal Dheere Chal Ae Bheegi Hawa-Boy Friend*

    1156. Dheere Chal Zara O Paagal Puraiya-Hum Paanch*

    1157. Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sunle Na Bol-Actress*

    1158. Dheere Dheere Bol-Sayyaan Se Bhaile Milanva (Bhoj)

    1159. Dheere Dheere Chal Chand Gagan Main-Love Marriage*

    1160. Dheere Dheere Muhabbat Jawaan Ho Gaye-Bhai Bahen*

    1161. Dheere Dheere Sang Mere Gaao Babuji-Rangeela*

    1162. Dhokha Khayegi Na Yaaron Ki Nazar-Singapore*

    1163. Dhol Dhappa Dhaye Dhappa-Chandu*

    1164. Dhool Bajda(Santo Banto)-Panjabi*

    1165. Dhoom Mach Gaye Dhoom-Gora Aur Kala*

    1166. Dhoom Mache Dhoom Aaj Ki Raina-Kaala Patthar*

    1167. Dhoon Chhaon Ka Khele-Ishwar Bhakti*

    1168. Dhoti Our Patlun Main-Malkin*

    1169. Dil Aaj Mera Gaane Laga Geet Pyaar Ke-Rangeela*

    1170. Dil Aawara Kare Nazara Achchi Surat Walon Ka-Ustad 420*

    1171. Dil Achchha Hai Achchhi Hai Surat-Tum Haseen Main Jawan*

    1172. Dil Beqarar Sa Hai Hamko Khumar Sa Hai-Ishaara*

    1173. Dil Chhad Na Himmtan Haar Kare Himmat Beda Paar(Chunni)-Panjabi*

    1174. Dil De De Dil Le Le Teri Haan Teri Na-Jaal*

    1175. Dil De Diya Hai Tujhko Nikalkar-Naach*

    1176. Dil Deke Dekho-Dil Deke Dekho*

    1177. Dil Deke Dil Liya-Na Maaloom

    1178. Dil Dhadak Raha Hai Iska Kya Sabab Hai-Jyoti Bane Jwala*

    1179. Dil Dhadka Main Fadka Shola Ulfat Ka Bhadka-Halla Gulla*

    1180. Dil Diye Chale Dil Liye Chale-Begum*

    1181. Dil E Betab Ko Seene Se Lagana Hoga -Palki *

    1182. Dil Ek Mandir Hai-Dil Ek Mandir*

    1183. Dil Faanse Deke Jhaanse-Lale Rukh*

    1184. Dil Gaya Dil Ka Aaitbaat Gaya Zindagi Bhar-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    1185. Dil Hai Aapka Huzoor Lijiye Na Lijiye-Jaali Note*

    1186. Dil Hai Hamaara Phool Se Nazuk-Faulad*

    1187. Dil Hai Ki Dhadakta Rahta Hai-Jahan Pyaar Mile*

    1188. Dil Ham To Haare-Ardhangini*

    1189. Dil Ho Unhe Mubarak Jo Dil Ko Dhoondhate Hain-Chandni Raat*

    1190. Dil Jawaani Ke Nashe Se Choor Hai-Birha Ki Raat*

    1191. Dil Jo Na Keh Saka Wohi Raaz E Dil-Bheegi Raat*

    1192. Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukar-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*

    1193. Dil Ka Dard Nirala Kis Ko Sunaoon-Kaise Kahoon*

    1194. Dil Ka Lena Dena Hamne Chhoda-Maryada*

    1195. Dil Ka Na Karna Etbaar Koi-Halaku*

    1196. Dil Ka Suna Saaz Tarana Dhoondhega-Ek Nari Do Roop*

    1197. Dil Kabhi Tumne Diya Tha Yeh Tumhen Yaad Rahe-Rocky Mera Naam*

    1198. Dil Kahe Ruk Jaa Re Ruk Jaa Yehi Pe Kahin-Man Ki Aankhen*

    1199. Dil Karne Laga Hai Pyaar-Nateeja*

    1200. Dil Ke Aaine Main Tasveer Teri Raheti Hai-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    1201. Dil Ke Chor Mann Ke More Sajna-Hamen Bhi Jeene Do

    1202. Dil Ke Dhokhe Main Na Aana-Shaan(Old)*

    1203. Dil Ke Jharokhe Main Tujhko Bithakar-Brahmachari*

    1204. Dil Ke Phaphole Jal Uthhe-Na Maaloom*

    1205. Dil Ke Sode Main Faristye Bhi-Aashiyana*

    1206. Dil Khush Hai Aaj Unse Mulaaqaat Ho Gaye-Gazal*

    1207. Dil Ki Aawaz Bhi Sun Mere Fasane Pe Na Jaa-Humsaya*

    1208. Dil Ki Baat Kahi Nahi Jaati-Non Film*

    1209. Dil Ki Baji Jeet Ke Bhi Hare-Madan Manjari*

    1210. Dil Ki Dil Hi Main Rahi Baat Na Hone Paayr-Chakori*

    1211. Dil Ki Haalat Jaan Gaye Ham-Superman*

    1212. Dil Ki Kali Yoon Hi Sada Khilti Rahe(Sad)-Inkaar*

    1213. Dil Ki Kali Yoon Hi Sada Khilti Rahe-Inkaar*

    1214. Dil Ki Kitaab Kori Hai Kori Hi Rehne Do-Yaar Mera*

    1215. Dil Ki Lagi Ne Hamko Deewaana Kar Ke Chhoda-Paras*

    1216. Dil Ki Mehfil Saji Hai Chale Aaiye-Saaz Aur Aawaaz*

    1217. Dil Ki Tamanna Thi Masti Main(Doet)-Gyaarah Hazar Ladkiyan*

    1218. Dil Ki Tamanna Thi Masti Main(Sad)-Gyaarah Hazar Ladkiyan*

    1219. Dil Kisiko Dijiye Dil Kisika Lijiye-Ghunghru

    1220. Dil Kisise Lagaake Dekh Liya-Aadhi Raat

    1221. Dil Ko Hamaare Chain Nahin Hai-Ram Aur Rahim

    1222. Dil Ko Hamare Chain Nahin Hai(Telugu)-Bhakta Ramadasu*

    1223. Dil Ko Lagela Mohabbat Ka Chaska-Police*

    1224. Dil Ko Na Mere Tadpaao Ab To Hamaare Ho Jaao-Budtameez*

    1225. Dil Ko Teri Tasveer Se-Dastan(Old)*

    1226. Dil Ko Woh Chhodati Hai-Lachak

    1227. Dil Lagane Wale Aapse Hazaron Hain-Husn Ka Chor*

    1228. Dil Laya Main Bacha Ke Panjab Se Kitna Pyaar-Aandhi Aur Toofan*

    1229. Dil Le Gaya Koi Rab Ji(Lachhi)-Panjabi*

    1230. Dil Le Gaye Le Gaye Ek Chulbuli Chulbuli Naazanin-Laat Saheb*

    1231. Dil Leke Chhupanewaale Tu Hai Kahaan-Paras*

    1232. Dil Leke Dil Diya Hai Ehsaan Kiya Kya Hai-Stage*

    1233. Dil Leke Na Jana O Mera Dil Leke Na Jana-Goonj*

    1234. Dil Leliya To Mat Beqrar Karna-Shagird*

    1235. Dil Main Basaale Apna Bana Le-Rangeela*

    1236. Dil Main Chhupaake Pyaar Ka Toofaan Le Chale-Aan*

    1237. Dil Main Ek Jaan E Tamanna Ne-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan*

    1238. Dil Main Jo Aaya Apun Kiya-Zamane Se Puchho*

    1239. Dil Main Kya Hai-Jigri Dost*

    1240. Dil Main Tera Khyaal Basaaye Hue Hai Ham-Non Film*

    1241. Dil Main Teri Yaad Sanam Lab Pe Tera Naam-Bin Badal Barsaat*

    1242. Dil Manne Na Dibar Manne-Panjabi*

    1243. Dil Mera Aaj Kho Gaya Hai Kahi-Door Ki Aawaz*

    1244. Dil Mera Ja Takraya Landan Wali Se-Videsh*

    1245. Dil Mera Le Gaye Laal Batuai Main-Rootha Na Karo*

    1246. Dil Mera Naache Thunk Thunak-Mera Ghar Mere Bachche*

    1247. Dil Mera Tere Khayaalon Main Yoon Kho Jaata Hai-Mera Salaam*

    1248. Dil Mera Tumhari Adayen Le Gye-Gauri*

    1249. Dil Mujhko Jalaata Hai Main Dil Ko Jalaati Hoon-Rasili*

    1250. Dil Na Dukh Jaaye Gareebon Ka-Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki*

    1251. Dil Ne Dil Se Na Jane Kya Kaha-Anjaana*

    1252. Dil Ne Manga Pyaar Tune Dard Peda Kar Diya-Paisa Hi Paisa*

    1253. Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya-Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya*

    1254. Dil Ne Pyaar Kiya Hai Ek Bevafa Se-Shararat*

    1255. Dil Noor Se Tere Hai Musalma Ka Munawar-Sair E Paristan*

    1256. Dil Par Hua Aisa Jaadu -Mr. & Mrs. 55*

    1257. Dil Pukare Aa Re Aa Re Aa Re-Jewel Thief*

    1258. Dil Se Dil Takralo Apna Koi Bana Lo-Shahi Lutera*

    1259. Dil Se Dil Takraye Phir Dono Ghabraaye-Love Marriage*

    1260. Dil Tadpe Tadpaye Jinke Milan Ko Tarse-Poonam Ki Raat*

    1261. Dil Tera Deewana Hai Sanam-Dil Tera Deewana*

    1262. Dil Tham Chale Ham Aaj Kidhar-Love In Shimla*

    1263. Dil To Dil Hai Kisi Din Machal Jaayega-Kab? Kyon? Aur Kahan?*

    1264. Dil To Hai Deewaana Na Maane Na-Manzil*

    1265. Dil To Kisi Ko Doge-Ek Saal*

    1266. Dil To Pehle Hi Se Madhosh Hai-Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi*

    1267. Dil Todne Waale Aaja Re-Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan*

    1268. Dil Todne Waale Tujhe Dil Dhoondh Raha Hai-Son Of India*

    1269. Dil Toot Gaye Milan Ton Pehlan-Panjabi*

    1270. Dil Toota Aur Armaan Lute-Roomal*

    1271. Dil Tu Bhi Gaa Pyaar Main Musukura-Humrahi*

    1272. Dil Tumko De Diya Jaan E Jigar-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    1273. Dil Use Do Jo Jaan De De-Andaz*

    1274. Dil Waale Ab Teri Gali Taq Aa Pahunche-Kaala Paani*

    1275. Dil Waale Karte Hain Gulami-Harfan Mola*

    1276. Dil Waalo Ki Toli Nikali(Unreleased)-Teri Nazar Teteri Ada*

    1277. Dil Waalon Se Pyaar Kar Lo-Zoro*

    1278. Dil Zakhmon Se Choor Magar Tu Kya Jane-Aadhi Raat*

    1279. Dila Do Ek Roti Ka Tookda-Aadhi Roti*

    1280. Dilbar Dilbar Kahete Kahete Hua Deewana-Haseena Maan Jayegi*

    1281. Dilbar Dilbar O Dilbar-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    1282. Dilbar Pe Ho Na Kaabu Photo Khichale Babu-Pehli Raat*

    1283. Dildar Hamare Dil Ko Tum Hamse Hi Chhupaye Bethe-Sangram*

    1284. Dilli Se Rail Gadi Chhuk Chhuk Aayegi- Suhaag Sindoor*

    1285. Dilruba Aa Nazar Mila-Kar Bhala

    1286. Dilruba Dil Pe Tu Yeh Sitam Kiye Jaa-Rajkumar*

    1287. Dilruba Mene Tere Pyaar Main-Dil Diya Dard Liya*

    1288. Dilruba Sun Tujhpe Mera Dil Nisaar Hai-Mastani*

    1289. Din Bure Hote Hai Halaat Bure Hote Hai-Sangdil*

    1290. Din Dhal Jaaye Hai Raat Na Jaaye-Guide*

    1291. Din Hain Ye Bahaar Ke Phool Chun Le Pyaar Ke-Honeymoon*

    1292. Din Ho Ya Raat Ham Rahen Tere Saath-Miss Bombay*

    1293. Din Main So Bhaiyya Din Mat Khona Re-Hamen Bhi Jeene Do

    1294. Din Pyaar Ke Aaye Re Nazar Mil Jaaye To Gori Sharmaae-Aansoo*

    1295. Din Pyaar Ke Dheere Dheere Hote-Ek Ke Baad Ek*

    1296. Din Saara Guzaara Tore Angna-Junglee*

    1297. Div So Judai Na Jaaye Chhi-Gujrati *

    1298. Diya Bujha Jhatapat-Taxi 555*

    1299. Diya Jale Chamke Taara Nyaara Nyaara-Rangeela

    1300. Diya Ye Dil Agar Usko-Non Film*

    1301. Do Akalmand Hue Fikramand Ab Soch Rahe Kya Karna Hai-Akalmand*

    1302. Do Chaahne Walon Ki Mulaqat Hai Wallah-Ladies Tailor*

    1303. Do Deewaane Aaye Ek Tamaasha Laaye-Tangewala*

    1304. Do Din Ginti Ke Umariya Beeti Jaaye-Do Dil*

    1305. Do Din Ki Khushi Raas Na Aayi Mere Jee Ko-Chandni Raat

    1306. Do Din Ki Zindagi Hai-Zimbo Ki Beti*

    1307. Do Din Ki Zindagi Main-Ajeeb Ladk*

    1308. Do Do Aane Chaakoo Chaar Chaar Aane Kataari-Raj Sinhasan*

    1309. Do Do Haath Do Do Paaon Kaam Jo Lega In Chaaron Se-Sharabi*

    1310. Do Do Hain Deewaane-Baazigar

    1311. Do Ekam Do Do Dooni Chaar-Dil Deke Dekho*

    1312. Do Ghadi Baitho Tumhara Roop Aankhon Mein Basa Loon-Non Film*

    1313. Do Ghadi Saath Rahe-Pooja Ke Phool*

    1314. Do Ghadi Woh Jo Pas Aa Bethe-Gateway Of India*

    1315. Do Ghadi Zara Chain Se Jeena Mujhe Humraaz Do-Raaz Ki Baat*

    1316. Do Ghoont Chai Pee Aur Sair Duniya Ki-Sanjog*

    1317. Do Jaasoos Karen Mehsoos Ki Duniya Badi Kharaab Hai-Do Jasoos*

    1318. Do Labzon Main Bayaan Ho Husn Tera Mumkin Hi Nahin-Arabian Nights

    1319. Do Qadam Aur Ae Saathi-Khubsurat Dhoka*

    1320. Do Roz Ki Yeh Zindagi-Taqdeer*

    1321. Do Sitaron Ka Zameen Par Hai Milan Aaj Ki Raat-Kohinoor*

    1322. Do Wida Do Praan Mujhko-Adalat*

    1323. Dodo Jee Chor Chor Bhaga Dil Churaake-Char Minar*

    1324. Dolat Agar Ho Paas To Duniya Khareed Lo-Naya Aadmi*

    1325. Dolat Ke Andhere Main Tera Kho Gaya Imaan-Insaaf*

    1326. Dolat Ke Jhoothhe Nashe Main Ho Choor-Oonchi Haveli*

    1327. Dolat Ke Laalach Main Yeh Duniya-Allauddin Laila*

    1328. Dole Re Dole Re Pren Hamko Mila Vardan-Sampoorna Ramayana*

    1329. Doli Doli Ho Doli-Rajpoot*

    1330. Dono Ne Kya Tha Pyaar Magar-Mahua*

    1331. Doobi Naiya Aa Ke Kinaare-Jeene Do*

    1332. Doobte Hue Dil Ko Tinke Ka Sahaara Bhi Nahin-Kahin Aur Chal*

    1333. Door Desh Se Aaya Aaya Mithai Wala-Black Prince*

    1334. Door Hai Woh Aanchal Jo Ponchhe Tere Aason-Wapas*

    1335. Door Hui Deepak Se Bati Bichhude Jeevan Saathi-Chakravarty Vikramaditya*

    1336. Door Kahin Tu Chal Dil Raha Hai Machal-Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane*

    1337. Door Koi Gaaye Dhun Yeh Sunaaye-Baiju Bawra*

    1338. Door Rehkar Na Karo Baat Qareeb Aa Jaao-Amaanat*

    1339. Door Se Ek Pardesi Aaya-Soorajmukhi*

    1340. Door Se Tera Deewaana Aaya Hai Rukh Jaana-Raton Ka Raja*

    1341. Dori Pyaar Ki Na Tute Chaahe Jitna Zor Laga Le Duniya-Harfan Mola*

    1342. Dost Banke Aaye Ho Dost Banke Hi Rehna-Bin Phere Hum Tere*

    1343. Doston Main Koi Baat Chal Jaati Hai-Prem Kahani*

    1344. Dua Hai Yahi Shaher Yaar E Madeena-Eid Ka Chand*

    1345. Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam Ji(Gurbani)-Panjabi*

    1346. Dukh Bhare Din Beete Re Bhaiyya-Mother India*

    1347. Dukh Jo Diye Hain Duniya Ne-Naach Ghar*

    1348. Dukh Sukh Donon Tan Ke Kapade Kis Karan Pehnaye-Bhakti Main Shakti*

    1349. Dukh Sukh Doye Tan De Kapde(Dhyanu Bhagat)-Panjabi*

    1350. Dukh Sukh Ki Har Ek Mala Qudrat Hi Piroti Hai-Qudrat*

    1351. Dulhan Ka Ishq Hai-Non Film*

    1352. Dulhan Maarwaad Ki-Anpadh(Old)*

    1353. Duniya Ameero Kiby-Street Singer*

    1354. Duniya Chhutte Yaar Na Chhutte -Dharam Kanta*

    1355. Duniya Ek Kahaani Re Bhaiyya-Afsana*

    1356. Duniya Hai Aesi Chaalbaaz-Chalbaaz*

    1357. Duniya Hai Badi Zaalim Duniya Se Bachalo Ji-Hathkadi*

    1358. Duniya Hai Barbad Dil Ki-Meena Bazaar*

    1359. Duniya Hai Isi Ka Naam-Sohni Mahiwal*

    1360. Duniya Hai Yeh Gorakh Dhandha-Alakh Niranjan

    1361. Duniya Hanse Hansti Rahe Main Hoon Ganwaar-Ganwaar*

    1362. Duniya Ik Paase Assi Donve Kalle(Laaiye Tod Nibhaaiye)-Panjabi*

    1363. Duniya Jawaan Hai Dil Mehrbaan Hai-Rail Ka Dibba*

    1364. Duniya Jidhar Jhuke Jhuke Jaa-Aplam Chaplam*

    1365. Duniya Ke Bazaar Main Sayyaan-Naya Andaz*

    1366. Duniya Ke Saare Gamo Se Begaana-Mastana*

    1367. Duniya Ki Haalat Naram Naram-Guzaara*

    1368. Duniya Ki Kitaabon Se Ek Din Mushakil-Jwala*

    1369. Duniya Ki Nazar Hai Buri-Agra Road*

    1370. Duniya Ki Tijori Main Dher Saara Maal-Kanhaiya*

    1371. Duniya Kya Hai Daffa Karo Thokar Maaro Maza Karo Dafa Karo-Sahad*

    1372. Duniya Main Aaya Hai To Phool Khilaye Ja-Mere Arman Mere Sapne*

    1373. Duniya Main Ameeron Ko Aaraam Nahin-Kaneez*

    1374. Duniya Main Badshah Hai-Mr.Chakram

    1375. Duniya Main Dilwale Honge Hazaron-Pyasi Shaam*

    1376. Duniya Main Hain Bande Pyaare Daulat Ke-Husn Ka Chor*

    1377. Duniya Main Meri Aaj Andhera Hi Andhera-Do Bhai*

    1378. Duniya Main Nahi Kio Yaar Vafadar-Amber*

    1379. Duniya Main Paise Bina Kaise Ham Jiyenge-Phandebaaz*

    1380. Duniya Main Sada Rehne Ko Aata Nahin Koi-Amar Deep(New)*

    1381. Duniya Main Ujala Hai Tumse Kis-Zarak Khan*

    1382. Duniya Na Bhaaye Mohe Ab To Bulaale-Basant Bahar*

    1383. Duniya Ne Mujh Ko Hai Samjha-Nalayak*

    1384. Duniya Paagal Hai Ya Phir Main Deewaana-Shagird*

    1385. Duniya Pagalon Ka Bazaar(Sad)-Chacha Choudhary*

    1386. Duniya Pagalon Ka Bazaar-Chacha Choudhary*

    1387. Duniya Pakki Four Twenty-Basant*

    1388. Duniya Sharaabi Kaun Nahin Peeta Sab Peete Hain-Tangewala*

    1389. Duniya Us Ki Sunti Hai-Dus Lakh*

    1390. Duniya Waalo Mujhe Batao Kiya Hai Saccha Pyaar-Balam*

    1391. Duniya Yeh Kehti Hai-Miss Bombay*

    1392. Dupatta Odhe Nikale Baharan Dekh Yaaran Yeh Gulbadni-Dillagi*

    1393. Dushama E Dil Kahoon Dushman E Jaan Kahoon-Murder In Circus*

    1394. Dushman Hai Yeh Duniya Do Dil Ki-Lutera*

    1395. Dushman Hai Zamana Thhenge Se-Patthar Ke Sanam*

    1396. Dushman Mare Te Khusi Na Kariye-Panjabi*

    1397. Dushmanon Saavdhan Shatruo Saavdhan -Netaji Subhashchandra Bose

    1398. Dwapar Yug Main Janam Liy Prabhu Ne-Vishnu Puran*

    1399. Ebar Ta Hale Ami Jai-Bengali*

    1400. Ee Se Banti Imli Aa Se Banta Aam-Yeh Bombai Hai*

    1401. Eh Morakh Pailan Pondi Ne(Mahi Munda)-Panjabi*

    1402. Eh Nakhre Wali Kudi(Gunjhlaan)-Panjabi*

    1403. Ehsaan Mere Dil Pe Tumhaara Hai Doston-Gaban*

    1404. Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar Dil Chaahta Hai Woh Kehne Do-Junglee*

    1405. Eid Ka Din Hai-Deedar E Yaar*

    1406. Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja-Teesri Aankh*

    1407. Eid Ke Din Sab Milenge-Sohni Mahiwal*

    1408. Eint Ki Duggi Pan Ka Ikka-Howrah Bridge*

    1409. Ek Aag Mere Dil Main Mohabbat Ki Lgadi-Khiladi*

    1410. Ek Abr Chhaya-Rahnuma*

    1411. Ek Aesa Mahaan Banaayen-Rahnuma

    1412. Ek Baaju Dhoti Te Beeji Baaji Sadi(Ghar Diwdi)-Gujrati*

    1413. Ek Baaju Nari Ne Biji Baaju Khar(Ghar Diwdi)-Gujrati*

    1414. Ek Baar Hamse Pyaar Karke-Sheikh Chilli*

    1415. Ek Baar Prabhu Ke Ban Jaa O Sansaari-Alakh Niranjan*

    1416. Ek Baar Rakh De Qadam Zara Jhoom Ke-Mela*

    1417. Ek Baar Unhe Mila De Phir Meri Tauba Moula-Pehle Aap*

    1418. Ek Baat Hai Kehne Ki Aankhon Se Kehne Do-Samson*

    1419. Ek Baat Poochon Dil Ki Baat Poochon-Kathputli*

    1420. Ek Banjaara Gaaye Jeevan Ke Geet Sunaaye-Jeene Ki Raah*

    1421. Ek Bechaara Pyaar Ka Maara-Waris*

    1422. Ek Biwi Dayen To Doosri Hai Bayen-Durga Pooja*

    1423. Ek But Banaaoonga Tera Aur Pooja Karoonga-Asli Naqli*

    1424. Ek Chakkar Paaon Main Hai-Shaadi Ki Raat

    1425. Ek Chameli Ke Mandve Tale-Cha Cha Cha*

    1426. Ek Chhatri Ham Hain Do-Maan Gaye Ustad*

    1427. Ek Chhori Hai Gori Gori Hai Thodi Chhoti Hai-Lagan*

    1428. Ek Chingaari Aankhon Ki Dil Ki Lagan Ban Jaati Hai-Munimji*

    1429. Ek Daal Par Tota Bole Ek Daal Par Maina-Chor Machaey Shor*

    1430. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan Hai Ek Jaan E Jaan Jaan E Jaan Mile Jahaan-Shaque*

    1431. Ek Dil Hamaare Paas Hai Neelam Karega-24 Ghante*

    1432. Ek Dil Ke Tukde Hazar Hue-Pyaar Ki Jeet*

    1433. Ek Dil Liya Ek Dil Diya-Daughter Of Sindbad

    1434. Ek Dil Ne Kaha Ek Dil Ne Suna-Parda*

    1435. Ek Din Bande Dena Padega Har Di N Ka Lekha-Do Sholay*

    1436. Ek Din Ek Armaan Bhara Dil Ulfat Se Do Chaar Hua-Garibi*

    1437. Ek Do Teen Dil Gaye Chheen-Naya Paisa*

    1438. Ek Dukhiya Jawaani Ki Hai Bas Itni Kahaani-Chakori*

    1439. Ek Dukhiyaari Apne Piya Ko-Apsara*

    1440. Ek Ek Ankh Teri Sawaalaakh Di-Mitti Main Sona*

    1441. Ek Ek Ankh Teri(Dera Ashaqan Da)-Panjabi*

    1442. Ek Ek Chaay Pyaali Ek Chaay Bananewaali-Zamana Badal Gaya

    1443. Ek Ek Tinke Par Yun Kab Tak-Baghi Haseena*

    1444. Ek Ganga Sabko Taare Sangam Main Nahaalo-Sampoorna Sant Darshan

    1445. Ek Ghar Banaonga-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*

    1446. Ek Haath Main Talwaar Baandhe Tha Kamarband-Raj Kanya

    1447. Ek Hai Jharna Ek Hai Nadiya-Harishchandra Taramati*

    1448. Ek Haseen Shaam Ko Dil Mera Kho Gaya-Dulhan Ek Raat Ki*

    1449. Ek Hi Baat Zamane Ki Kitabon Men Nahi-Non Film*

    1450. Ek Jaanib Sham E Mehfil-Abhilasha*

    1451. Ek Jhalak Dikha Gaye Bijaliya Gira Gaye-Roop Sundari*

    1452. Ek Jhoothh Hai Jiska Duniya Ne Rakkha Hai Muhabbat Naam-Jaadoo*

    1453. Ek Khoobsurat Ladki Mujhe Raat Ko Mili The-Shaadi Ke Baad*

    1454. Ek Ki Arthi Ek Ki Doli-Rivaaj*

    1455. Ek Ladka Ghar Se Nikal Gaya-Khushboo*

    1456. Ek Ladki Bholi Bhaali Si-Chowkidar*

    1457. Ek Ladki Hai Jisne Jeena Mushkil Kar Diya-Gumnam*

    1458. Ek Ladki Se Mujhe Preet Hai Teri Aankhon Ki-Suhaag Sindoor*

    1459. Ek Lali Ghar Se Chali-Cha Cha Cha*

    1460. Ek Main Ek Tu I Love You Kitna Beqaraar Yeh Shabaab Hai-Shankar Dada*

    1461. Ek Main Hoon Ek Tum Ho Mausam Hai-Rocket Girl

    1462. Ek Matwaala Aaj Chala Apni Manzil Ko-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan*

    1463. Ek Meethi Nazar Phool Barsa Gaye-Beti*

    1464. Ek Mehal Ho Sapno Ka-Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka*

    1465. Ek Mehal Ma Chham Chham Karti Rehti Hui Do Shazaadi-Swayamvar*

    1466. Ek Meri Gali Ka Ladka-Milan*

    1467. Ek Muddat Se Deewaana Dil-Naata*

    1468. Ek Musaafir Ko Duniya Main Kya Chahiye-Door Ki Aawaz*

    1469. Ek Nakhre Waali Kudi Kaalza Kadke Le Gaye-Panjabi*

    1470. Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thiveh Bilkul Tere Jesi Thi-Ek Nanni Munni Ladki Thi*

    1471. Ek Nanhi Se Kali Roye Daali Ke Liye-Aanchal Ke Phool*

    1472. Ek Nazar Ek Ada Qeemat E Dil-Raat Ke Rahi*

    1473. Ek Nazar Teri Ek Nazar Meri-Gangu Dada*

    1474. Ek Pal Ruk Jaana Sarkaar-Dholak*

    1475. Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Legaya-Phagun*

    1476. Ek Pate Ki Baat Bataaoon Sun Mere Humjoli-Pyaar Ki Kahani*

    1477. Ek Patthar Dil Ko Main Dil De Baithi-Dil Ka Heera*

    1478. Ek Pind Do Lachhiyan(Tui Jave Rail Gadi)-Panjabi*

    1479. Ek Pyaar Bhara Dil Laya Hoon-Lutera*

    1480. Ek Pyaar Karne Waale Ne-Gaon Hamara Shaher Tumhara*

    1481. Ek Pyaar Se Bhare Hue-Baghi Haseena

    1482. Ek Pyaar Se Yaara Dekho Badle Rang Hazaar-Gyani Ji

    1483. Ek Raaja Ki Sun Lo Kahaani-Meharban*

    1484. Ek Rasta Aa Ha Aa Ha Do Raahi Aa Ha-Ram Balram*

    1485. Ek Saathi Mera Bada Puraana-Maa Baap*

    1486. Ek Sapna Maine Dekha Hai-Sharaafat Chhod Di Maine*

    1487. Ek Sawaal Main Karu Ek Sawal Tum Karo-Sasural*

    1488. Ek Se Karta Nahin Kyon Doosara Kuchh Baatchit-Shaheed

    1489. Ek Se Phool Gulistaan Main Khila Karte Hain-Sanjog*

    1490. Ek Shahinsha Ne Banwake Hasin Tajmahal-Leader*

    1491. Ek Shararti Nazar Gaye Dil Main Utar-Howrah Express

    1492. Ek Shokh Haseena Se Arman Bhari Shadi-Chandi Sona*

    1493. Ek Tarf Hai Ma Ki Chhaya Ek Taraf-Aandhi Aur Toofan*

    1494. Ek Tarf Hai Yeh Zamaana Ek Taraf Hai Dil Deewaana-Chor Sipahi*

    1495. Ek Tera Saath Hamko Do Jahaan Se Pyaara Hai-Wapas*

    1496. Ek Tera Sunder Mukhda Ek Tera Pyaar Bhara Dil-Bhai Bhai*

    1497. Ek Tha Gul Aur Ek Thi Bulbul-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    1498. Ek Tha Raaja Ek Thi Rani-Yeh Kaisa Insaaf*

    1499. Ek Thi Ma Punyakoti Hai Usi Ki Yeh Katha-Godhuli*

    1500. Ek To Surat Pyaari Aur Upar Se Yeh Naaz-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai*

    1501. Ek To Thhanda Thhanda Paani-Shehar Se Door*

    1502. Ek Var Ajmale Manthar Santa Da(Sajan Thug)-Panjabi*

    1503. Ek Woh Bhi Hain Jinko Muraaden Mili-Ek Masoom*

    1504. Ekhoni Biday Bolo Naa-Bengali*

    1505. Elaahi Kaisi Kaisi Suraten Tune Banayi-Jadugar Daku*

    1506. Elaahi Tu Sunle Hamari Dua-Chhote Nawab*

    1507. Falak Bola Khuda Ke Noor Ka Main Aashiyana Hoon-Khuda Ka Banda*

    1508. Falak Milrga Tujhe Kya Hame Mitane Se-Ghar Ghar Main Diwali*

    1509. Falak Se Todke Dekho Sitaare Log Laye Hain-Aan Milo Sajna*

    1510. Falak Se Utre Zamin Pe Taare-Non Film*

    1511. Falsaf E Ishq Mein Paish Aaye-Non Film*

    1512. Falsafa Pyaar Ka Tum Kya Jano-Duniya*

    1513. Fariyaad Karen Ham To Zamaane Se Bure Hain-Chambal Ki Rani*

    1514. Fariyaad Na Karna Hai Kahin Fariyaad Na Karna-Gharana*

    1515. Fazilat Mahe Ramzan-Islamic*

    1516. Fazle Rab Hogaya Haj Ada-Islamic*

    1517. Fulwa Niyar Naar(Sayan Se Neha Lagaibe)-Bhojpuri*

    1518. Gaa Re Gaa Man Aaj Yehi-Koi Gulam Nahin

    1519. Gaal Gulaabi Kiske Hain Nain Sharaabi Kiske Hain-Love In Shimla*

    1520. Gaao Re Gaao Re Khushiyon Ka Taraana-Samundar*

    1521. Gaao Seo Senorita Jhoom Ke Geet Pyar Ke-Jaane Jaan*

    1522. Gaao Tarane Man Ke-Aan(Unreleased)*

    1523. Gaaon Hame Gardan Se Pyaara Dil Se Pyaara Desh-Fauji*

    1524. Gaaon Main Peepal Peepal Main Chaaiyan-Suraj Aur Chanda*

    1525. Gaaoonga Naachoonga Rounga Hasoonga-Maa*

    1526. Gaayeja Gaayeja Bhool Ja Apne Geet-Ghunghat*

    1527. Gaddi Jaandi Chhalaanga Maardi-Dada*

    1528. Gadhon Par Baithkar Ham Baahar Ke Chakkar Lagaayenge-Mr

    1529. Gagan Se Aaya Taar Ke Ab Gam Mat Kar-Bade Ghar Ki Bahu*

    1530. Gagari Sookhi Laden Pyaasa Kaale Badra-Sitaron Se Aage*

    1531. Gal Sun O Yaar Pardesi Jerda Likhiya O Rab Dessi-Panjabi*

    1532. Gali Gali Goonje Ali Ali(New)-Paigaam*

    1533. Gali Gali Seeta Roye Aan Mere Desh Main-Chhalia*

    1534. Gallan Goriyan Te Hat Gulabi(Pagdi Sambhal Ke)-Panjabi*

    1535. Gam Chhupaate Raho Muskuraate Raho-Nazrana Pyaar Ka*

    1536. Gam Is Qadar Badhe Ke Main Ghabraake-Pyaasa*

    1537. Gam Ki Andheri Raat Main Dil Ko Na Beqaraar Kar-Sushila*

    1538. Gam Ki Badli Main Chamakta-Kal Hamara Hai*

    1539. Gam Leke Tere Ishq Ka (A Short Clip)-Heer*

    1540. Gam Leke Tere Ishq Ka-Heer*

    1541. Gam Na Kar Muskura Jeene Ka Lele Maza-Chhoomantar*

    1542. Gam Ne Hasne Na Diya-Aatma Aur Parmatma*

    1543. Gam Utthaane Ke Liye Main To Jiye Jaaoonga-Mere Huzoor*

    1544. Game Hasti Se Bas Begaana Hotha-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai*

    1545. Ganga Ban Jaaun Kahaan-Aan Aur Shaan*

    1546. Ganga Ki Qasam Jamna Ki Qasam-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    1547. Ganga Main Nahin Jamuna Main Nahin-Shri Krishna Bhakti*

    1548. Ganga Meri Maa Ka Naam Baap Ka Naam-Tumse Achcha Kon Hai*

    1549. Ganga Ram Se Na Ankhiyaan Mila-Premi Gangaram*

    1550. Ganga Tera Paani Amrit Jhar Jhar Bahta Jaaye-Ganga Tera Pani Amrit*

    1551. Gar Pyaar Hamaara Sachcha Hai Har Taaqat Ko Lalkaarega-Tarzan In Fairyland*

    1552. Gar Tum Bhula Na Doge Sapne Yeh Sachch Bhi Honge-Yaqeen*

    1553. Garaz Ho To Nakhare Dekhati Hai Biwi-Sachche Moti*

    1554. Gareeb Jaanke Hamko Na Tum Mita Dena-Chhoomantar*

    1555. Gareebon Ka Jeena Bhi Hai Koi Jeena-Nai Roshni*

    1556. Gareebon Ka Paseena Bah Raha Hai-Naya Aadmi*

    1557. Gareebon Ki Qismat Main Rona Hi Rona-Meena Bazaar*

    1558. Gareebon Ki Suno Woh Tumhaari Sunega-Dus Lakh*

    1559. Gareebon Ko Tum Sath Apne Milao-Shankar Dada*

    1560. Gaya Andhera Hua Sabera-Karwat

    1561. Gaya Seena Chhan Gaya Dil Bhi Chhan-Parvin

    1562. Gazab Hua Raam Sitam Hua Raam-Agra Road*

    1563. Gazab Kya Tere Wade Pe-Non Film*

    1564. Gazal(Mushayera)-Palki*

    1565. Geet Jeet Ke Zameen Aasmaan Gaa Rahe-Lanka Dahan*

    1566. Geet Nahin Ban Sakte Kuchh Saaz Aise Hote Hain-Do Bhai*

    1567. Geet Wafa Ke Dil Se Zuban Pe Aane Lage Hain-Dil Hi Dil Mein*

    1568. Ghadi Milan Ki Aayi Aayi Tu Chhuti Le Kar Aaja-Ek Baap Chhe Bete*

    1569. Ghar Da Halva Puree Chad Ke(Sajan Thug)-Panjabi*

    1570. Ghar Ke Andar Ammi Abba Baahar Duniya Hai Rabba-Anpadh(New)*

    1571. Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar-Street Singer*

    1572. Ghar Se Doli Chali Laadli Ki-Non Film*

    1573. Ghar Se To Kat Chuka Hai Patta-Kal Hamara Hai*

    1574. Ghar Waale Ghar Nahin Hame Kisika Dar Nahin-Pyaar Ki Rahen*

    1575. Ghata Hai Bagh Hai Mae Hai-Non Film*

    1576. Ghir Ghir Aaye Badarwa Re Bhaiyya-Hamlet*

    1577. Ghir Ke Barsein Yeh Ghataein-Do Roti*

    1578. Ghoda Pishori Mera Tanga Lahori Mera-Pyaar Ka Bandhan*

    1579. Ghodi Pe Ho Ke Sawaar Chala Dulha Yaar-Ghulam Begum Badshah*

    1580. Ghoom Ke Aaya Hoon Main Bamdhu-Basant*

    1581. Ghoonghat Se Kyon Naina Jhaanke-Aangan*

    1582. Ghoor Ke Mainu Kyon Takde Ho(Walayati Babu)-Panjabi*

    1583. Ghungarwa Mora Chham Chham Baje-Zindagi*

    1584. Ghunghat Uthha De Parda De-Zindagi Ke Mele*

    1585. Ghungroo Baje Chhun Chhun-Shola Jo Bhadke*

    1586. Gi Lagta Nahin Apna In Desi Nazaron Men-Pyaar Ka Sana*

    1587. Gir Gaya Shere Babbar Ran Main Garjne Waala-Maharani Padmini*

    1588. Gokul Gaaon Qadamb Ki Chhaaon-Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

    1589. Gokul Main Chhaaya Ujiyaala-Neel Mani

    1590. Gopichand Raaja Nahaane Ko Baitha-Alakh Niranjan

    1591. Gora Rang Chunariya Kaali -Howrah Bridge*

    1592. Gora Rang Na Ho Jaye Kala(Do Lachhian)-Panjabi*

    1593. Gora Rang Tikha Lak Shawa Shawa(Dharti Veeran Di)-Panjabi*

    1594. Gore Gaal Pe Til Kaala Kaala-Sachche Ka Bolbala*

    1595. Gore Gaalon Se Chilman Hata Dijiye-Thakur Diler Singh*

    1596. Gore Gore Gaalon Pe Kaala Ye Til-Chandu*

    1597. Gore Gore Gaalonwali Kale Kale Balonwali-Haseenon Ka Devta*

    1598. Gore Haathon Par Na Zulm Karo-Pyaar Kiye Jaa*

    1599. Gori Baahon Main Chudiyaan Kaali Saja Lo-Meena Bazaar

    1600. Gori Chalo Na Hans Ki Chaal Zamana Dushman Hai-Beti Bete*

    1601. Gori Gori Patli Kalaai Re Balamwa-Hill Station*

    1602. Gori Jhatpat Natkhat-Bhojpuri*

    1603. Gori Karle Tu Aaj Shingaar-Insaniyat(Old)*

    1604. Gori Ke Aanchal Main Atak Gaya Dil Mera-Haseenon Ka Devta*

    1605. Gori Ke Haath Main Jaise Yeh Chhalla-Mela*

    1606. Gori Milna Ho Milna Re Nadiya Ke Paar-Subah Zaroor Aayegi*

    1607. Gori Milna Ho Milna-Sushila

    1608. Gori Naagin Banke Mat Chala Karo-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    1609. Gori Odhke Malmal Nikli-Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal*

    1610. Gori Tore Nain Kajar Bin Kare-Main Suhaagan Hoon*

    1611. Gori Tore Naina(Vidhana Naach Nachave)-Bhojpuri

    1612. Gori Yoon Hi Sharam Mujhse Jo Karti Rahi-Anjaam*

    1613. Gori Zara Hans De Too-Asli Naqli*

    1614. Goriyan Kaha Tera Des Re-Carvan*

    1615. Goriye Baliye Kahaan Leke Chali Hai-Tel Malish Boot Polish*

    1616. Goriye Chadiya Solvan Saal(Lachchi)-Panjabi*

    1617. Goriye Ganney Di Poriye(Posti)-Panjabi*

    1618. Gorki Patraki Re Maare Gulelwa Jiyaara(Balam Pardesia)-Bhojpuri*

    1619. Govinda Aala Re Aala Zara Matki Sambhaal Brijbaala-Bluff Master*

    1620. Gudiya Si Meri Ladli-Wapas*

    1621. Gul Khile Na Khile Bahar Main Hai Rang Bahar Ke-Raat Ki Uljhan(Unr)*

    1622. Gulaabi Aankhen Jo Teri Dekhi Sharabi Yeh Dil Ho Gaya-The Train*

    1623. Gulaabi Gulaabi Aankhon Se Tu Pila Deti-Ban Phool*

    1624. Gulaabi Raat Gulaabi-Upkar*

    1625. Gulabi Najare Najare Gujabi-Lakhpati *

    1626. Gulmoharer Phool Jhare Jaay-Bengali*

    1627. Gulon Ka Rang Jo Nikhara Tere Badan Ki Tarh-Dayaar E Madina*

    1628. Gulon Ke Rang Sitaron Ki Roshni Dedon-Salame Mohabbat*

    1629. Gulon Se Rang Chura Ke Karun Tera Singar-Jaago*

    1630. Gulshan Aur Gulzaaron Main-Lahoo Pukarega

    1631. Gulshan Gulshan Pyaar Ki Baaten Hain-Do Ladkiyan*

    1632. Gulshan Gulshan Sehra Sehra-Love And God*

    1633. Gumma Gumma Guma-Telgu*

    1634. Gun Govind Gayo Nahi(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    1635. Gunaahon Ka Chiraag Kabhi Na Jal Sakega-Agra Road*

    1636. Gunguna Rahe Hain Bhanvare-Aradhana*

    1637. Gussa Fazool Hai Hame Kabool Hai-Reporter Raju*

    1638. Gusse Main Tum Aur Bhi Achchi Lagati Ho-Char Darvesh*

    1639. Gustaakh Nazar Chehre Se Hata-Jaali Note*

    1640. Guzarti Hai Jo Mujh Par Ay-Islamic*

    1641. Guzre Hain Aaj Ishq Main Ham Us Maqaam Se-Dil Diya Dard Liya*

    1642. Ha Chhand Jivala Lavi Pise-Marathi*

    1643. Ha Rusava Sod Sakhe Purha-Marathi*

    1644. Haafiz E Quran Bane Ga-Sultan E Hind*

    1645. Haal Dekha Jo Beqraron Ka-Non Film*

    1646. Haal Ye Kar Diya Zalim Tere Tadpane Ne Aag Daman Main Laga -Panchayat*

    1647. Haan Hamne Pyaar Kiya Kehde Zamaane Se-Gunda*

    1648. Haan Jee Baaba Haan Jee Baaba-Mere Sanam*

    1649. Haathon Main Haath Hothon Pe Afasane-Door Ki Aawaz*

    1650. Haathon Se Hajamat Kahin-Khuda Ka Banda*

    1651. Hai Agar Dushman Zamaana Gham Nahin-Hum Kisise Kam Nahin*

    1652. Hai Baabu Yeh Hai Zamaana Tera He Baabu-Bhagambhag*

    1653. Hai Bachna Pare Pare Paimaane Hai Bhare Bhare-Ham Bhi Kuchh Kum Nahin

    1654. Hai Badhke Farishton Se Bhi Insan Teri Shan-Maa Ke Ansoo*

    1655. Hai Badi Zor Ki Dhup Jale Is Dhup Main Mera Roop-Mere Arman Mere Sapne*

    1656. Hai Bahaar Bag Duniya Chand Roz-Bombay Ka Chor*

    1657. Hai Bahut Dinon Ki Baat(Notanki Laila Majnu)-Bhabhi*

    1658. Hai Banseewaale Teri Gali Aaye Hain Gwaale-Phir Janam Lenge Hum*

    1659. Hai Baski Har Ek Unke-Mirza Galib*

    1660. Hai Bhagwaan Kit Jaaye Base Ho-Shrimati 420

    1661. Hai Dhany Sohagan Woh Jisne Bharat Ko-Tulsidas*

    1662. Hai Door Badi Door Door Thikaana-Madhur Milan*

    1663. Hai Duniya Usiki Zamaana Usika-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    1664. Hai Har Ek Lab Pe Dua-Non Film*

    1665. Hai Jamalo Ho Baba Hejamalo-Pooja Ke Phool*

    1666. Hai Kaam Mohabbat Ki Fariyaad Kiye Jaana-Jal Tarang*

    1667. Hai Kali Kali Ke Lab Par Tere Husn Ka Fasaana-Laala Rukh*

    1668. Hai Kitna Meetha Sabar Ka-Islamic*

    1669. Hai Lalla Hai Re Lalla Jhoomo Zara Jhoomo Naacho Zara-Chacha Bhatija*

    1670. Hai Mahadev Meri Laj Rahe-Tulsidas*

    1671. Hai Man Ki Lagan Bharpur-Maya Machhindra*

    1672. Hai Mana Aaj Koni-Marathi*

    1673. Hai Meri Mehboob Maang Le-Mano Na Mano

    1674. Hai Na Bolo Bolo-Andaz*

    1675. Hai Naam Re Sab Se Bada Tera Kaam-Suhaag*

    1676. Hai Rakhi Bandhwane Waale Kahan Chchupe Ho-Mahabharat*

    1677. Hai Shivshambho Hai Tripuraari-Swami Vivekananda*

    1678. Hai Shukr Ki Tu Hai Ladka Tujhe Dekh Mera Dil Dhadaka-Himmat*

    1679. Hai Suno Suno Kanyaon Ka Varnan Karta Hai Gayni-Haseena Maan Jayegi*

    1680. Hai Tera Mukhda Bada Salona Hai-Dhokhe Baaz*

    1681. Hai Tujhse Pyaar Sun Le Pukaar-Aastik*

    1682. Hai Zindagi Ek Safar-Pyaara Dushman*

    1683. Hain Abhi Aur Ae Dil Tere Imtahan-Shaheed Bhagat Singh*

    1684. Hal Na Kar Paye Jise Tu-Do Dulhe*

    1685. Halka Halka Sa Rang Gulaabi Sa Tera Chehra Lag Raha Hai-Khoj*

    1686. Halla Gulla Lai La-Dholak*

    1687. Ham Aa Gaye Phir Dar Kaahe Ka-Pyaar Hi Pyaar*

    1688. Ham Aaj Safar Ko Chale-Raja Vikram

    1689. Ham Aap Ki Mehfil Main Bhole Se Chale Aye-Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai*

    1690. Ham Aapke Hain Hamse Parda Na Kijiye-Guru Ghantal

    1691. Ham Aapki Aankhon Main Is Dil Ko Basa Lein To-Pyaasa*

    1692. Ham Abhi Aata Tum Abhi Jaata-Gateway Of India*

    1693. Ham Albele Saudaagar Chhoti Si Dukaan Sajaakar-Nateeja*

    1694. Ham Apne Dil Ka Fasaana Unhe Suna Na Sake-Actress*

    1695. Ham Aur Tum Aur Ye Sama-Dil Deke Dekho*

    1696. Ham Aur Tum Aur Yeh Sama Lovely Lovely Lovely-College Girl*

    1697. Ham Aur Tum Jo Mil Gaye To Khil Gaye-Nav Durga*

    1698. Ham Bachapan Ke Donon Yaar Yaar Se Ban Gaye Rishtedar-Apna Khoon*

    1699. Ham Banjaare Sang Hamaare Dhoom Machaale Duniya-Sajan*

    1700. Ham Bekhudi Main Tum Ko Pkare Chle Gaye-Kaala Paani*

    1701. Ham Bhi Agar Bcche Hote-Door Ki Aawaz*

    1702. Ham Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Duniya Ka Dar Kya-Salam Memsaab*

    1703. Ham Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele-Shaan(Old)

    1704. Ham Bhi Karte Hen Pyar Samajh Men Aaya-College Girl*

    1705. Ham Bhi Musafir Tum Bhi Musafir-Khazana*

    1706. Ham Bhi Naye Tum Bhi Naye Dekho Sambhalna-Raaka*

    1707. Ham Bhi Tere Diwane Dil Bhi Tera Diwana-Pavitra Ganga*

    1708. Ham Bhi To Tere Deewaane Hai-Kaala Aadmi*

    1709. Ham Bulaate Hi Rahe Tum Jalaate Hi Rahe-Dekh Kabira Roya*

    1710. Ham Chale Door Ham Chale Door-Ek Thi Ladki*

    1711. Ham Dam Mere Khel Na Jano-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    1712. Ham Dam Mere Maan Bhi Jao-Mere Sanam*

    1713. Ham Deewaane Tere Dar Se Nahin Talanewaale-Naqli Nawab*

    1714. Ham Dil Ka Haal-Mast Qalandar

    1715. Ham Dil Ke Sachche Ham Baat Ke Pakake-Chakkar Pe Chakkar*

    1716. Ham Dil Ki Dhadkan Ki Le Par-Khamosh Sipahi*

    1717. Ham Do Ladke Jeb Ke Kadke-Jalwa

    1718. Ham Do Sharif Laaye Tashrif-Khoon Ki Takkar*

    1719. Ham Dono Deewaane Ham Dono Mastane-Madam Zorro*

    1720. Ham Donon Kabootar Hote Agare-Aalam Aara*

    1721. Ham Gareeban Se Bhail Pyaar Sanam(Bhouji)-Bhojpuri

    1722. Ham Hain Awara To Kya Hai Dil To Duniya Se Juda Hai-Awara Abdulla

    1723. Ham Hain Pyaar Ki Dar Ke Do Musaafir-Do Musafir*

    1724. Ham Hain Tumhare Tum Ho Hamare-Salam Memsaab*

    1725. Ham Hi Jaanen Ek Tore Manwa Ki Peer-Ek Nari Do Roop

    1726. Ham Hind Ke Mazdoor Kabhi Mar Nahin Sakte-Soldier

    1727. Ham Intazaar Karenge Tera Qayaamat Tak-Bahu Begam*

    1728. Ham Ishq Main Barbaad Hain Barbaad Rahenge-Aankhen*

    1729. Ham Jab Chale To Yeh Jahaan Jhoome-Ham Hindustani*

    1730. Ham Jab Ek Saath Hain Phir Ye To Koi Taur Nahi-Bulandi*

    1731. Ham Jahan Hain Wo Maqam Husn Aur Ishq Hai-Husn Aur Ishq*

    1732. Ham Jhoot Bolte Hain Mante Hain-Imaan Dharam*

    1733. Ham Kaala Tum White Ab Apna Hai Day Night-Ek Shola*

    1734. Ham Kaale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwaale Hain-Gumnam*

    1735. Ham Kaam Sabhi Kar Sakta Fata Fat-Miss Good Night

    1736. Ham Kheton Ke Mahaaraaj Hame Dar Kaahe Ka-Sheesh Mahal

    1737. Ham Kho Gaye Jo Dil Kho Gaya-Kaanch Ki Gudiya*

    1738. Ham Khoob Jante Hain-Film Hi Film (Unreleased)*

    1739. Ham Kis Se Kare Shikva-Hamara Sansar

    1740. Ham Ko Bhi De De Sahaara-Zabak*

    1741. Ham Ko Bhi Munna Dil De Uparwaale-Sultana Daku*

    1742. Ham Ko Chod Ke Kahan Jaoge-Shrimati 420*

    1743. Ham Ko Dena Hai Dharti Maa-Love In Canada*

    1744. Ham Ko Duaayen Do Tumhe Qatil Banadiya-Pehli Raat*

    1745. Ham Ko Hanste Dekh Zamaana Jalta Hai-Hum Sab Chor Hain*

    1746. Ham Ko Hone Laga Hai Pyaar Tumse-Dil Ne Pukara*

    1747. Ham Ko Mita Sake Yeh Zamane Main Dam Nahi-Non Film*

    1748. Ham Ko To Barbaad Kiya Aur Kise Barbaad Karoge-Gunahon Ka Devta*

    1749. Ham Ko To Jaan Se Pyaari Hain Tumhaari Aankhen-Naina*

    1750. Ham Ko Tumhaara Hi Aasra-Saajan(Old)*

    1751. Ham Ko Tumhaare Ishq Ne Kya Kya Bana Diya-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    1752. Ham Ko Tumse Ho Gya Ha Pyaar-Amar Akbar Anthony*

    1753. Ham Laaye Hain Toofaan Se Kashti Nikal Ke-Jaagriti*

    1754. Ham Maati Se Sona Banaayenge-Roomal

    1755. Ham Main Hai Kya Ke Hume Koi Haseena Chahe-Nawab Saahib*

    1756. Ham Mil Gaye Dil Khil Gaye-Yehi Hai Zindagi*

    1757. Ham Na Sochenge Apne Bachhon Ki-Non Film*

    1758. Ham Nahin Bhoolenge-Intaqam Ki Aag*

    1759. Ham Ne Aaj Se Tumhen Yeh Naam De Diya-Raja Saab*

    1760. Ham Ne Aesa Pyaar Nibhaya Chhoti Kar Di-Sabaq*

    1761. Ham Ne Bhi Pyaar Kiya Nazaron Ko Chaar Kiya-Maall Road*

    1762. Ham Ne Bhi Pyaar Kiya Pyaar Kiya-Nakhare*

    1763. Ham Ne Dekha Hai Tumhe-Ge Chahta Hai*

    1764. Ham Ne Dekha Hai Tumhen Aaisa Guma Hota Hai-Jeevan Saathi

    1765. Ham Ne Jab Dil Tha Diya Koi Vaada Tha-Chhoomantar*

    1766. Ham Ne Jafa Na Seekhi Unko Vafa Na Aayi-Zindagi*

    1767. Ham Ne Kya Pyaar Pyaar Ka Badala Na Mila-Naag Mohini*

    1768. Ham Ne Maana Ke Ham Hin Musalman Magae-Lakhpati*

    1769. Ham Ne Suna Tha Ek Hai Bharat-Didi*

    1770. Ham Ne Tere Se Pyaar Pa Liya Gal Mein Kandon Ka Har Pa Liya-Panjabi*

    1771. Ham Ne Tere Se Pyaar Pa Liya-Lachchi(Old)*

    1772. Ham Ne Teri Jafa Ka Vafa Naam Rakh Diya-Chale Hain Sasural*

    1773. Ham Ne To Darde Dil Ko Tamanna Bana Liya-Dard E Dil

    1774. Ham Ne To Dil Ko Aapke Qadamon Pe Rakh Diya-Mere Sanam*

    1775. Ham Panchhi Ek Dal Ke-Hum Panchhi Ek Dal Ke*

    1776. Ham Panjaabi Ham Bangaali Ham Hai Maraatha-Hum Ek Hain*

    1777. Ham Pe Dil Aaya To Bolo Kya Karoge-Do Ustad*

    1778. Ham Premi Prem Karna Jane-Parvarish*

    1779. Ham Pyaar Tumhe Karte Hai-Apna Banake Dekho*

    1780. Ham Pyar Ke Matwale Raahi-Paanch Ratan*

    1781. Ham Sab Ke Sab Hoshiyaar-Roomal*

    1782. Ham Safar Aapna Saath Chod Chale-Aakhri Daao*

    1783. Ham Se Badhakar Kaun Hoga Aapka Deewaana-Aag Aur Daag*

    1784. Ham Se Koi Pyaar Karo Jee-Nagina*

    1785. Ham Se Na Pucho Ham Kahaan Chale-China Town*

    1786. Ham Se To Achchhi Teri Pyaal Gori-Ganwaar*

    1787. Ham Teenon Ki Woh Yaari Jo Laakhon Pe Hai Bhaari-Neeyat*

    1788. Ham The Pyaar Ki Dagar Ke Do Musafir-Do Musafir*

    1789. Ham To Aapke Deewaane Hain-Aap Ke Deewane*

    1790. Ham To Chale Apne Gaaon Sabko Mera Raam Raam-Patit Pawan*

    1791. Ham To Chale Pardes Ham Pardesi Ho Gaye-Sargam*

    1792. Ham To Hain Tum Par Dil Se Fida-Bewaqoof*

    1793. Ham To Jis Rah Pe Jate Hain-Anari(New)*

    1794. Ham To Lut Gaye Mohabbat Main Hay Rama-Do Dilon Ki Dastan*

    1795. Ham To Pahli Hi Nazar Main-Bachpan*

    1796. Ham To Pehli Hi Nazar Main-Apna Banake Dekho

    1797. Ham To Tere Hain Deewaane Tu Jaane Ya Na-Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong*

    1798. Ham Tujhe Dhoondh Lenge-Mahal*

    1799. Ham Tujhko Pilane Aaye Hain-Dhokhe Baaz*

    1800. Ham Tum Jise Kehta Hai Shaadi-Kaagaz Ke Phool*

    1801. Ham Tum Pe Mar Mitenge Tumko Khabar Na Hogi-Mandir Masjid

    1802. Ham Tum Se Juda Ho Ke-Ek Sapera Ek Lutera*

    1803. Ham Tum Yeh Bahaar Dekho Rang Laaya Pyaar-Amber*

    1804. Ham Tumhaare Liye, Tum Hamaare Liye-Intaqam*

    1805. Ham Tumko Mana Rahe Hai-Rocket Tarzan

    1806. Ham Tumse Muhabbat Karte Hain-Noor Yaman

    1807. Ham Tumse Poochhte Hain-Hamari Shaan*

    1808. Ham Tumse Shaadi Banaana Maangta-Kal Hamara Hai(New)*

    1809. Ham Tumse Wafa Karte Tum Hamse Wafa Karte-Shaan(Old)*

    1810. Ham Yaar Ki Gali Main Pukaare Chale-Girls Hostel*

    1811. Hamara Bhaarat Hamari Jannani-Subhash Chandra*

    1812. Hamara Pyaara Hindusthan-Jhansi Ki Rani

    1813. Hamara Yaar Hai Ham Hain Mohabbat Hai Jawaani Hai-Neelima*

    1814. Hamare Dil Ko Tumne Dil Bana Diya-Aalingan*

    1815. Hamare Pyaar Ke Qisse-Sohni Mahiwal*

    1816. Hamari Mohabbat Zamaana Hamaara-Bahadur*

    1817. Hamen Bhi De Do Sahaara Ke Be Share Hain-Seema(Old)*

    1818. Hamen Diya Dene Wale Ne Chappar Phar Ke-Sangeeta*

    1819. Hamen Duniya Ko Dil Ke Zakhm Dikhlaana Nahin Aata-Aadhi Raat*

    1820. Hamen Fareb Na Do Yon Janab Chehre Se-Sikka*

    1821. Hamen Itna Bata De Bhagwaan-Ratan Manjari*

    1822. Hamen Koi Gam Hai-Bhagambhag*

    1823. Hamen Kya Jo Harsu Ujaale Hue Hain-Namaste Ji*

    1824. Hamen Na Bisaaro Hame Taaro Saanware-Harihar Bhakti

    1825. Hamen Pyaar Karne Na Dega Zamaana-Pyaar Ki Kahani*

    1826. Hamen Raste Main Chhede Kyon-Dr. Shaitan*

    1827. Hamen Tumse Tumhen Hamse Shikayat Ho To Aisi Ho-Chahat*

    1828. Hamin Se Mohabbat Hamin Se Ladai-Leader*

    1829. Hamra Mukhda Chand Ka Tukda-Anpadh(New)*

    1830. Hans Baliye Nai Hasna-Panjabi*

    1831. Hans Do To Mohbaat Ho Tum-Gunah Aur Kanoon*

    1832. Hans Ke Na Teer Chalaana-Beqasoor*

    1833. Hansa Gagan Beech Roye-Na Maaloom*

    1834. Hanst Khelat Prabhu Puni Ghar Lawate(Hamaar Sansaar)-Bhojpuri

    1835. Hanste Mukh Taj Diya Taj-Raja Harishchandra*

    1836. Haq Maangte Hain Apne Paseene Ka-Baap Bete*

    1837. Har Bekas Ke Ghamkhar Ho Thum-Islamic*

    1838. Har Cheez Pe Jawani Hai Yeh Dil Bhi Jawaan-Unreleased *

    1839. Har Chehra Yahaan Chaand To Har Zara Sitaara-Aabroo*

    1840. Har Dam Rahe Tu More Sang Main-Danveer Karna

    1841. Har Ek Dil Main Koi Arman Hai Amanat-Amanat*

    1842. Har Ek Shya Se Aala Har Ek Shya Se Afzal-Madine Ki Galiyan*

    1843. Har Jalwa Tera Jalwa-Harjaye*

    1844. Har Ko Naam Sada Sukhdai(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    1845. Har Phool Main Masti Hai-Maya Bazaar*

    1846. Har Saal Janam Din Mera To Kuch Dost Manaya Katrte Hai-Naina*

    1847. Har Sapna Ek Din Toote Is Duniya Mein-Unreleased*

    1848. Hari Ka Dhyan Laga Man Mere-Bhajan*

    1849. Hari Naam Mejn Madhu Hai Bhara-Alakh Niranjan*

    1850. Haridwar Mathura Kashi Shirdi Men-Shri Sai Darbar*

    1851. Hariyaan Pailiyaan Bhariyaan Pailiyaan(Chaudhari Kanail Singh)-Panjabi*

    1852. Hasa Mulanno Hasa-Marathi*

    1853. Haseen Dilruba Qareeb Aa Zara-Roop Tera Mastana*

    1854. Haseen Ho Tum Khuda Nahi Ho-Budtameez*

    1855. Haseen Raat Main Allah Qasam-Magroor*

    1856. Haseen Waadiyon Hawaaon Se Kehdo-Laal Bangla*

    1857. Haseenon Ka Bura Ho Jo Hamen Barbaad Karte Hain-Kitna Badal Gaya Insan*

    1858. Haseenon Ke Jalwe Pareshaan Rehte-Baabar*

    1859. Haseenon Ki Aankho Ka Tara Banonga-Pyaar Ka Sapna*

    1860. Haseenon Ki Adayein Bhi Haye Ye Bholi Surat Wale-Chaar Din*

    1861. Haseenon Ki Gaadi Main Ashiq Ka Ghoda-Sagaai(Old)*

    1862. Haseenon Ki Sawari Hai-Love In Shimla*

    1863. Haseenon Sambhaalo Apni Yeh Duniya-Khota Paisa*

    1864. Haseenon Se To Bas Saahab Salaamat Door Ki Achchhi-Ustadon Ke Ustad*

    1865. Hasna Gaana Mauj Manana Duniya Se Kya-Chacha Choudhary*

    1866. Hat Jaao Deewaane Aaye-Singapore*

    1867. Hat Kar Tere Qadmon Se-Pakeezah Unreleased*

    1868. Hata Do Chehre Se Ye Zulfen-Shahi Lutera*

    1869. Hataari Main Shikaari Dekh Saathi Yeh Sher Haathi-Maa*

    1870. Hato Hato Jaao Je Jaao Jhothi Bate Na Banao-Khiladi

    1871. Hato Jaao Mat Chhedo Balam-Ram Rajya*

    1872. Hawa Hai Thandi Thandi Chaandni Hai Yaar Hai-Hangama*

    1873. Hawa Tu Unse Jaakar Kehde Ek Deewana Aaya Hai-Rim Jhim*

    1874. Hawayen Geet Gaayien Fizaayen Jagmagein(Sad)-Main Qaatil Hoon*

    1875. Hawayen Geet Gaayien Fizaayen Jagmagein-Main Qaatil Hoon*

    1876. Haye Haye Dil Jawaani Main Sambhaalo Naya Hai Raasta-Ustad 420*

    1877. Haye Haye Teri Aankh Ka Wo Kamal Hai-Na Maaloom

    1878. Haye Kuchh Aisi Ada Se Wo Mera Yaar Chala-Yaar Mera*

    1879. Haye Kuchh Ho Gaya Gi Dil Kho Gaya Gi-Saawan*

    1880. Haye Mehmaan Kahan Ye Game Janan Hoag-Non Film*

    1881. Haye Ni Main Sadke Utton Nakhra(Kankan De Ohle)-Panjabi*

    1882. Haye Re Duniya Kitni Dil Aazaar Hai Duniya-Zeenat*

    1883. Haye Re Haye Neend Nahin Aaye-Humjoli*

    1884. Haye Re Haye Re Meri Murgi Me Tang Pakdi-Laadla*

    1885. Haye Re Hyae Masoom Ishare-Dekha Pyar Tumhara*

    1886. Haye Re Insaan Ki Yeh Majbooriyaan-Ghunghat*

    1887. Haye Re Paisa Paise Ka Hai Kya Yakin-Suhana Safar*

    1888. Haye Re Shabab Aur Wo Dil Ka Zamana-Chor Mandali*

    1889. Haye Re Zara Dekho Gori Mudke-Chand Mere Aja*

    1890. Haye Tabassum Tera Dhoop Khil Gaye Raat Main-Nishan*

    1891. Haye Tera Jawaab Nahin-Mehbooba

    1892. Haye Teri Aankh Main O Kamal Hai-Mr. India

    1893. Haye Yeh Bholi Soorat Waale-Char Din*

    1894. Haye Yeh Tune Kya Kiya-Duniya*

    1895. Hazaaron Hasraten Aisi Ke-Devar Bhabhi*

    1896. Hazaaron Rang Badlega Zamaana-Shirin Farhad*

    1897. Hazrat Aadam Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    1898. Hazrat E Ayyub Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    1899. Hazrat E Nooh Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    1900. Heera Moti To Matha Hio Aashiqan Ja Insaaf-Sindhi*

    1901. Hello Hello Le Lo Salaam Mera-Band Master*

    1902. Hello Hello Mizaaz To Huzoor Ke Hain Achchhe-Minister*

    1903. Hello Hello O Meri Chhammak Chhallo-School Master*

    1904. Hello Hello Sun Sun Re Balam-Pyaar Mohabbat*

    1905. Hello Sweet Seventeen Kaisi Hai Tabeeyat-Dr. Z*

    1906. Himmat Badi Hai Himmat Se Koi Kam Le-Jalpari*

    1907. Himmat Kare Insaan To Kua Ho Nahin Sakta-Himmat*

    1908. Hindustaan Ke Ham Hain Hindustaan Hamaara-Pehle Aap*

    1909. Hindustaan Ki Qasam Na Jhookega Sar Vatan Ka-Hindustan Ki Qasam*

    1910. Hindustan Ki Khatir-Gaon Ki Gori*

    1911. Hip Hip Hurrah Apna Ek Aur Unke Gyaarah-College Girl*

    1912. Ho Band Hua Ye Dwar Kabhi Na-Sadhna*

    1913. Ho Chat Mangni To Pat Shaadi-Chalbaaz*

    1914. Ho Chunri Dhar Ke Kinaare Gori-Garam Masaala*

    1915. Ho Chup Ke Se Peechhe Se Aake Muskake-Pal Do Pal Ka Saath*

    1916. Ho Ek Baar Aata Hai Din Aisa Roz Nahin-Suraj*

    1917. Ho Gaya Tere Majnu Ko Ishq Ka Bukhar-Husn Ka Chor*

    1918. Ho Ghoonghat Se Kyon Naina Jhaanke-Angan

    1919. Ho Girdhaari Taari Gali(Janam Janam Na Saathi)-Gujrati*

    1920. Ho Gori Zulm Kare Zulf Ka Bikhar Jaana-Main Aur Mera Bhai*

    1921. Ho Kaale Kaale Baadal Chhaaye Piya-Apni Chhaya

    1922. Ho Kaali Ghata Ghir Aayi Re O Madhur Milan Hai Sajana-Kaali Ghata(Old)*

    1923. Ho Ke Maayus Tere Dar Se Sawaali Na Gaya-Laila Majnu

    1924. Ho Ke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga-Haqeeqat

    1925. Ho Ke Rocket Pe Sawaar-Chand Ki Duniya*

    1926. Ho Koi Pyaar Se Tohe Dekhe Saanwariya-Nirdosh*

    1927. Ho Laakh Museebat Raste Mein-Pyaasa*

    1928. Ho Meri Baby Dol Han Ya Na Are Kuchh To Bol-Ek Phool Char Kaante*

    1929. Ho Meri Jaan Tu Khafa Hai To Kya Hua-Teesra Kaun*

    1930. Ho Pyar Di Kahani Sadiya Purani(Nachdi Jawani)-Panjabi*

    1931. Ho Raaja More Doli Leke Aaja-Miya Biwi Raazi*

    1932. Ho Sake To Dil Ke Badle Dil Inayat Kijiye-Alladin And The Wonderful Lamp*

    1933. Ho Tera Pyaar Khuda Na Hona Mujhse Juda-Do Chattanen*

    1934. Ho Wah Oye Jadugar-Panjabi*

    1935. Hoga Tumse Kal Bhi Saamna-An Evening In Paris*

    1936. Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bulaaya Hoga-Haqeeqat*

    1937. Hole Hole Dheere Dheere Dil Mera Leke Chale-Gauhar

    1938. Hole Hole Ghoonghat Pat Khole-Goonj Uthi Shehnai*

    1939. Holi Aayi Pyaari Pyaari Bhar Pichkaari-Pooja*

    1940. Holi Aayi Re Aayi Re Dil Jhoom Rahe Masti Main-Bin Maa Ke Bachchey*

    1941. Holi Aayi Re Holi Aayi Re Chunar Mori Kori-Naya Raasta*

    1942. Holi Aayi Re Rang Rangeelon Ki Toli Aayi Re-Khoon Kharaba*

    1943. Holi Khelat Nand Lal Biraj Main-Go Daan*

    1944. Holi Main Hole Hole Dil Dole-Insaan*

    1945. Hona Hi Pada Mael Wa Karam-Non Film*

    1946. Honewaali Hoke Rahegi Gaao Ek Taraana-Halla Gulla

    1947. Honhar Balwaan Re Manwa-Raja Harishchandra*

    1948. Hont Gulaabi Gaal Katore-Ghar Sansar*

    1949. Hont Hain Tere Laal Heere Inhein Khol Na Tu-Heera Moti*

    1950. Honton Pe Aaye Saari Duaayen-Taaqat*

    1951. Honton Pe Hansi Aankhon Main Nasha-Saawan Ki Ghata*

    1952. Honton Pe Inkaar Thoda Thoda-Raat Ke Andhere Main*

    1953. Hosh Ke Sahil Pe Mujhko Ab Na Aane Deejiye-Ehasaan Aap Ka*

    1954. Hoton Ki Hansi Kiya Hai-Hawai Khatola*

    1955. Hoy Dhumk Dhumk Dham Dholak Baaje-Ahinsa*

    1956. Hua Yeh Yehi-Shan E Hatim

    1957. Hue Hain Tumpe Aashiq Ham-Mere Sanam*

    1958. Hue Ham Jinke Liye Barbaad-Deedar*

    1959. Hue Mehrbaan Aur Dil Ke Sare Taar-Main Suhaagan Hoon

    1960. Hui Shaam Unka Khayaal Aa Gaya-Mere Humdum Mere Dost*

    1961. Husan Ishq Da Kol Pe Gaya-Panjabi*

    1962. Husn Chala Kuchh Aesi Chal-Bluff Master*

    1963. Husn Hai Ya Koi Qayaamat Hai-Saudagar*

    1964. Husn Jab Jan Ishq Se Takra Gaya-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare*

    1965. Husn Jawaan Ishq Jawaan-Chengiz Khan

    1966. Husn Ki Raani Teri Zulf Deewaani-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    1967. Husn Maange Ya Koi Meri Jawaani Maange-Maama Bhanja*

    1968. Husn Se Chaand Bhi Sharmaaya-Door Ki Aawaz*

    1969. Husn Tera Ek Chhalakta Jaam Hai-Deedar*

    1970. Husn Wale Husn Ka Anjaam Dekh-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    1971. Husn Wale Tera Jawab Nahi-Gharana*

    1972. Husn Yahaan Ishq Yahaan Dono Jawaan-Jallad*

    1973. Husne Magrur Ne Palkon Ko Yoon Mile Ki-Sarfarosh*

    1974. Huzoor Aapka Tha Intezaar Barson Se-Dilawar

    1975. Ib Lagan Lagi Kya Karna-Lafangey*

    1976. Idhar Bhi Haseena Udhar Bhi Haseena-Girls Hostel*

    1977. Idhar Hai Jantar Udhar Hai Mantar-Haqdaar*

    1978. Idhar Main Khoobsurat Hoon-Basant

    1979. Idhar To Haath La Pyaare-Aakhri Daao*

    1980. Ieriye Pambhiriye(Guru Manyo Granth)-Panjabi*

    1981. Ik Gall Puchhaan(Gori Diyan Jhanjhran)-Panjabi*

    1982. Ik Supna Mainu Aaya Si(Chambe Di Kali)-Panjabi*

    1983. Imaam E Jaafar Sadiq Ki Ye Dilkash Hikayat Hai-Islamic*

    1984. Imthaam Aata Hai Tab-Hamari Manzil*

    1985. In Bahaaron Main Akele Na Phiro-Mamta*

    1986. In Pyaar Ki Rahon Main Tera Hi Sahaara Hai-Punar Milan*

    1987. Insaaf Ka Mandir Hai Yeh Bhagwan Ka Ghar Hai-Amar*

    1988. Insaaf Waala Jo Bhagwan Hota To-Suhaag Sindoor*

    1989. Insaan Bano Insaan Bano Karlo Bhalaye Ka Koi Kaam-Baiju Bawra*

    1990. Insaan Hokar Insaniyat Ko Na U Mitaao-Howrah Express

    1991. Insaan Khilona Hai Halat Ke Haath Ka-Qasam Bhawani Ki*

    1992. Insaan Khota Koi Nahin Khote Hote Hain Kaam-Parmatma

    1993. Insaan Ki Sabse Badi Takseer Dekhlo-Aman*

    1994. Insaan Ki Zindagi Hai Dukh Sukh Ka Ek Jhoola-Jhoola*

    1995. Insaan Kitne Yug Bite Moorakh Hai Insaan-Main Aur Mera Bhai*

    1996. Insaan Ko Hai Kartaar-Jogi*

    1997. Insaan Samay Pehchaan-Shiv Bhakta

    1998. Insaan Tu Insaan Hai Insaan Ban-Samundar*

    1999. Insaanon Se Kyon Jhookte Ho Tum Bhi To Insaan Ho-Chowkidar*

    2000. Iraada Na Tha Aapse Pyaar Ka-Aandhi Aur Toofan*

    2001. Is Bhari Duniya Main Koi Bhi Hamaara Na Hua-Bharosa*

    2002. Is Desh Ka Socho Kya Hoga Ab Ham Kaise Batlaayen-Apne Dushman*

    2003. Is Dharati Is Khule Gagan Ka Kya Kahaana-Ganga Tera Pani Amrit*

    2004. Is Dharti Par Basne Waalo Is Dharti Se Pyaar Karo-Sardaar*

    2005. Is Dil Main Rah Chuke Hain Woh Armaan Ki Tarh-Do Ladkiyan*

    2006. Is Dil Se Teri Yaad Bhulai Nahi Jaati-Kaneez*

    2007. Is Dorangi Duniya Main-Raj Kanya*

    2008. Is Duniya Main Ae Dilwaalon Dil Ka Lagaana-Dillagi*

    2009. Is Duniya Main Kon Bada Hai-Kaafila*

    2010. Is Duniya Main O Duniyawaalo Bada Mushakil Hai-Do Bhai*

    2011. Is Gulshan Ko Aag Laga Do Aag Laga Do-Zarak Khan*

    2012. Is Ishq Muhabbat Ki Kuchh Hain Ajeeb Rasmen-Zulm Ki Pukar*

    2013. Is Jag Ke Vishaal Pinjre Main-Chakradhari*

    2014. Is Jag Main Kahi Bhi Rahiyon Meri Preet Bhool Na-Pyaar Ki Jeet

    2015. Is Jahaan Ka Pyaar Bhi Jhoothha-Amar Deep*

    2016. Is Mulaqat Ka Bas Maza Lijiye-Jaane Man*

    2017. Is Raat Diwali Ye Kaise Is Raat Ujala Ye Kesa-Sabse Bada Rupaiya*

    2018. Is Rang Badalti Duniya Main Insan Ki Niyat Thik Nahin-Rajkumar*

    2019. Is Reshmi Paazeb Ki Jhankaar Ke Sadake-Laila Majnu*

    2020. Is Taqdeer Ke Aage Jhuk Gaye-Taqdeer*

    2021. Is Tarh Jaao Nahin Jaao Nahin-Aalingan*

    2022. Is Tirange Ko Karke Salaam Mera-Badla Aur Balidan*

    2023. Is Waade Ka Matlab Kya Samjhoon-Duniya*

    2024. Isharon Isharon Main Dil Lene Wale-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    2025. Ishq Deewana Husn Bhi Ghayal-Sangharsh*

    2026. Ishq Ka Jo Dawa Karte The-Ustadi Ustad Se*

    2027. Ishq Ki Garmiye Jazabat Kise Pesha Karoon-Gazal*

    2028. Ishq Main Ham To Jaan Se Guzar Jaayenge-Farishta Ya Qatil*

    2029. Ishq Main Kiya Kiya Mere Junun Ki-Non Film*

    2030. Ishq Ne Todi Sar Pe Qayaamat Jore Qayaamat Kya Kahiye-Junoon*

    2031. Ishwar Allaah Tere Naam Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwaan-Naya Raasta*

    2032. Iski Ho Gaye Uski Ho Gaye Sabki Ho Gaye Shaadi-Aag Aur Daag*

    2033. Iski Topi Uske Sar Uski Topi Iske Sar-Miss Bombay*

    2034. Isko Bhi Apnaata Chal Usko Bhi Apnaata-Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal*

    2035. Islaam Hai Jamhoor Ki Har Baat Ka Haami-Islamic*

    2036. Itna Hai Tumse Pyaar Mujhe Mere Raazdaar-Suraj*

    2037. Itna Haseen Saathi-Aatma Aur Parmatma*

    2038. Itna To Bata De O Rasiya Hota Hai Kaisa Yeh Pyaar-Roop Kumari*

    2039. Itna To Yaad Hai Mujhe Ki Unse Mulaaqaat Hui-Mehboob Ki Mehndi*

    2040. Itni Badi Duniya Jahaan Itna Bada Mela-Nazrana*

    2041. Itni Badi Duniya Main Main Lachar Akela-Toofan Main Pyaar Kahan*

    2042. Itni Haseen Itni Jawaan Raat Kya Karen-Aaj Aur Kal*

    2043. Itni Naazuk Na Bano Hai Itni Naazuk Na Bano-Vaasna*

    2044. Itni Si Baat Ka Fasana Na Banao-Ek Ladki Saat Ladke*

    2045. Itni Si Baat Pe Bigad Gaye Kyon-Maine Jeena Seekh Liya*

    2046. Itni Si Hai Meri Pukaar-Laxmi Pooja*

    2047. Ja Ja Jaa Re Tujhe Ham Jan Gaye-Sehra*

    2048. Ja Raha Hai Kahan Tu Bazi Haar Kar-Girah Laxmi*

    2049. Ja Teri Meri Meri Teri Tutu Tu-Mukhda*

    2050. Jaa Chali Jaa O Ghata Mere Piya Ka Sandesawa-Aag Ka Dariya

    2051. Jaa Jaa Jaa Jaa Re Dekho Raat Aayi Hai-Madhur Milan

    2052. Jaa Jaa Laut Jaa Parwaane-Ham Bhi Kuchh Kum Nahin

    2053. Jaa Jaa Na Chhed Maan Bhi Jaa-Satta Bazaar*

    2054. Jaa Jaa Re Jaa Deewane Jaa Maine Jo Chaaha Tujh Ko-Grihasti*

    2055. Jaa Meri Chhod De Kalai-Phagun*

    2056. Jaa Re Gokul Ke Natkhat Chior-Laal Quila*

    2057. Jaa Re Jaa Jaa Re Jaa Kyon Mere Peechhe Pada-Chakma*

    2058. Jaa Re Jaa Mera Dil Na Chala-Jawaani Ki Hawa*

    2059. Jaa Re Jaa Re O Makhan Chor-Champakali*

    2060. Jaa Tose Nahi Bolon-Samrat Chandragupt*

    2061. Jaach Mainu Aa Gai Gham Khan Dee-Shiv Kumar Batalvi*

    2062. Jaadu Bhara Tarana Sun Lo-Ajeeb Ladki

    2063. Jaadu Dekhe Toone Dekhe-Jantar Mantar*

    2064. Jaadu Hai Kya Jaadu Hai-Matwala

    2065. Jaadu Hai Meetha Meetha Jaanan Meri Baton Main-Thalirita Kinakal*

    2066. Jaag Dil E Diwana-Oonche Log*

    2067. Jaag Jaag O Shaktivaan Ab Prat Ho Gaya-Devyani*

    2068. Jaaga Naya Savera Andhiyaara Dhal Gaya-Sant Tukaram*

    2069. Jaago Hay Bajrangbali Ab Soch Hi Soch-Mahabali Hanuman

    2070. Jaago Jaago Aankhen Kholo-Badrinaath Dhaam

    2071. Jaago Jaago Re Gopal Dwaar Aaye Hain Gopal-Patit Pawan*

    2072. Jaago Re Jaago Jaago Re Mahaakal-Jagadguru Shankaracharya*

    2073. Jaaiye Jaaiye Huzoor Aapko Kisne Roka Hai-Bandish*

    2074. Jaake Pardes Piya Bhula Na Jaana-Mera Geet*

    2075. Jaako Raakhe Saaiyaan Maar Sake Na Koy-Aisa Bhi Hota Hai*

    2076. Jaako Raakhe Saaiyan Mar Saka Na Koi-Zara Bachke*

    2077. Jaam Chalne Ko Hai Sab Ahale Nazar Baithe Hai-Maall Road*

    2078. Jaam Se Peena Hain Mana-Pehli Raat*

    2079. Jaan Chali Jaaye Jiya Nahin Jaaye-Anjaana*

    2080. Jaan Leleti Hain Lambe Bal Wali Ladkiya-Saat Phere*

    2081. Jaan Pehchaan Ho Jeena Aasaan Ho-Gumnam*

    2082. Jaan Sake To Jaan Tere Man Main Chhupkar Baithe-Ustad*

    2083. Jaan Se Bhi Pyaari Hai Dosti Hamaari-Yaari Zindabad*

    2084. Jaane Bahaar Husn Tera Bemisal Hai-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    2085. Jaane Chaman Aaja O Gulbadan Aaja-Raat Andheri Thi*

    2086. Jaane Chaman Shola Badan-Gumnam*

    2087. Jaane Ham Sadke Logon Se Mehlonwaale Kyon Jalte Hai-Aasha*

    2088. Jaane Jigar To Hai Haseen-Shararat*

    2089. Jaane Jigar Yoon Hi Agar Hota Rahe-Mujrim*

    2090. Jaane Kab Ka Punya Uday Ho Aaya-Aatish*

    2091. Jaane Kahaan Gaye Dil Mera Le Gaye Wo-Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai*

    2092. Jaane Kahaan Gaye Tum-Aaja Sanam*

    2093. Jaane Kahaan Mera Jigar Gaya Jee-Mr. & Mrs. 55*

    2094. Jaane Kis Roop Ki Jaadu Bhari Parchhai Ho-Archana*

    2095. Jaane Kya Dhoondhati Rehti Hai-Shola Aur Shabnam*

    2096. Jaane Kya Ho Jaye Jab Dil Se Dil Takraye-Aaina*

    2097. Jaane Man Aap Hamse Muhabbat Na Kijiye-Anokha*

    2098. Jaane Mera Dil Kise Dhoondh Raha Hai-Laat Saheb*

    2099. Jaane Meri Ankhiyon Ne Dekha Hai Kya-Pyaar Ki Jeet

    2100. Jaane Mohabbat Jaan E Tamanna Mujhko Tumse Pyaar Hai-Saat Sawal*

    2101. Jaane Tamanna Kya Kar Daala-Na Maaloom

    2102. Jaane Teri Nazaron Ne Kya Kar Diya-Grihasti*

    2103. Jaane Waale Aaja Teri Yaad Sataaye-Man Ki Aankhen*

    2104. Jaane Waale Hamaari Gali Aana-Baraat

    2105. Jaane Waale Khuda Ki Rahmaton Ka Tujhpe Saya-Hatim Tai*

    2106. Jaane Waale Zara Hoshiyaar-Rajkumar*

    2107. Jaane Waalon Ka Gham Hota Hai-Kaali Ghata*

    2108. Jaane Waalon Zara Mudke Dekho Mujhe-Dosti*

    2109. Jaane Wafa Jaane Jahan Jaane Tamanna Kahon-Dil Tera Deewana*

    2110. Jaane Woh Kaun Hai Kya Naam Hai-Bheegi Raat*

    2111. Jaanoon Kya Mera Dil Ab Kahaan Kho Gaya-Ziddi*

    2112. Jaanoon Meri Jaan Main Tere Qurbaan-Shaan*

    2113. Jaao Jaao Tum Bhi Jaao Samjhte Kya Ho-Dil Ka Raja*

    2114. Jaao Jee Hamne Maaf Kiya-Dekha Pyar Tumhara*

    2115. Jaao Jee Jaao Dekhe Hain Bade Tum Jaise Chor Lootere-Sharabi*

    2116. Jaata Hon Main Mujhe Ab Na Bulana-Dadi Maa*

    2117. Jaate Jaate Ek Nazar Bhar Dekh Lo-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    2118. Jaate Jaate Ishaaron Se Maar Gaye Re-Bhai Bahen*

    2119. Jaayega Jab Yahaan Se Kuchh Bhi Na Paath Hoga-Baaradari*

    2120. Jab Aati Hogi Yaad Meri Tera Dil To Machalta Hoga-Phaansi*

    2121. Jab Baithe Baithe Dil Bhar Aaye-Dak Bungla*

    2122. Jab Bhi Ye Dil Udas Hota Hai-Seema(New)*

    2123. Jab Cheer Ke Dekhoge Seena-Islamic*

    2124. Jab Dekh Liya To Chhupenge Kahaan-Chirag*

    2125. Jab Dil Haseen Dil Ho Jawaan-Na Maaloom

    2126. Jab Dil Se Dil Takrata Hai-Sangharsh*

    2127. Jab Dil Takra Gaya Tumse Dil-Andha Insaaf

    2128. Jab Din Haseen Dil Ho Jawaan-Adalat*

    2129. Jab Ek Qaza Se Guzro To Ek Aur Qaza Mil Jaati Hai-Devta*

    2130. Jab Ghadi Bole Chaar-Gambler*

    2131. Jab Is Dharti Par-Mitti Main Sona

    2132. Jab Jab Apna Mail Hua To Dil Yeh Hi Pukaara-Mahua*

    2133. Jab Jab Bahaar Aayi Aur Phool Muskuraaye-Taqdeer*

    2134. Jab Jab Bheed Padi Bhaktan Par-Johar Mehmood In Hongkong*

    2135. Jab Jab Dekhoon Tere Roop Ki Bahaar-Dost Aur Dushman*

    2136. Jab Jeb Hai Garam Garam-Garma Garam

    2137. Jab Koi Kisi Ka Hohi Jata Hai-Musafir Khana

    2138. Jab Ladka Kahe Han Aur Ladki Kahe Na-Anjaan

    2139. Jab Ladka Kehde Haan-Anjaam*

    2140. Jab Lagi Chot Pe Chot Dil Choor Ho Gaya-Johari*

    2141. Jab Liya Haath Main Haath-Vachan*

    2142. Jab Mera Anchal Dhalega Saanp Dilon Par Chalege-Picnic*

    2143. Jab Mohabbat Jawan Hoti Hai-Jawan Mohabbat*

    2144. Jab Mukhda Vekhya Yaar Da(Sassi Punnu)-Panjabi*

    2145. Jab Roop Hi Pyaasa Hokar-Ratna Manjari

    2146. Jab Roop Hi Pyaasa Ho-Ratan Manjari*

    2147. Jab Se Aankhen Ho Gaye Tumse Char-Dharti*

    2148. Jab Se Dekh Lee(Sayan Se Bhaile Milanva)-Bhojpuri

    2149. Jab Se Dekha Hai Tujhko Hosh Nahin Mere Dil Ko-Hum Junglee Hain*

    2150. Jab Se Ham Tum Bahaaron Main-Main Shaadi Karne Chala*

    2151. Jab Se Main Ho Gaye Young Dil Karne Laga Hai Tang-Haye Mere Dil*

    2152. Jab Se Mili Tumse Nazar Betaab Hai Dil-Sun To Le Hasina

    2153. Jab Se Nabin Aankho Men Samaye-Islamic*

    2154. Jab Se Tujhe Dekha Hai Jab Se Tujhe Chaha Hai-Tere Bagair*

    2155. Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai Aankhon Main Tum Hi Tum Ho-Gharana*

    2156. Jab Shama Hansin Jalti Hai Kahi Parwane Wohi Aa Jate Hain-Captain Sheru*

    2157. Jab Tak Desh Aazad Nahi Hoga Mera(Sardar E Azam)-Panjabi*

    2158. Jab Tak Duniya Rahi Rahega-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    2159. Jab Tak Ham Hai Ham Hi Ham Hai-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    2160. Jab Tak Khada Himaley Hai-Sati Basalvi*

    2161. Jab Tak Tu Bhagawan Se Apna Aab Cupaye Ga-Jailor*

    2162. Jab Tak Yeh Duniya Rahegi-Durga Pooja*

    2163. Jab Talak Jal Rahe Hain Parwane-Sanjog*

    2164. Jab Tere Pyar Ka Afsana Likha Hai Mene-Non Film*

    2165. Jab Teri Nazar Ke Teer Chale-Noor Yaman

    2166. Jab Tujhe Yaad Kiya Maine Bahut Yaad Kiya-Non Film*

    2167. Jab Tum Ho Mere Hamsafar Khob Soorat-Aan Baan*

    2168. Jab Unka Khyaal Aa Jaata Hai-Pehla Pehla Pyaar*

    2169. Jab Yaad Kiya Ham Aa Bhi Gaye-Chilman*

    2170. Jab Yaad Tuhari Hamen Aa Aa Ke-Bin Maa Ke Bachchey *

    2171. Jadon Ishq De Kam Nu-Heer*

    2172. Jag Main Chalti Ka Naam-Halla Gulla*

    2173. Jag Rootthe Ya Sab Chhute-Yaarana

    2174. Jag Tere Charnon Main Aayo Bholi Ma-Bhakti Main Shakti*

    2175. Jag Tere Mandranch Aayo Bhooli Maa(Dhyanu Bhagat)-Panjabi*

    2176. Jagat Ka Rakhwaala-Naya Aadmi*

    2177. Jagat Main Ho Raam Bharat Jaise Bhai-Shri Ram Bharat Milap*

    2178. Jagdishwar Jag Ke Pita-Jagadguru Shankaracharya

    2179. Jagwala Mela Yaro(Lachhi)-Panjabi*

    2180. Jahaan Bachapan Bitaaye Aaj Woh Aangan Paraaya Hai-Bin Maa Ke Bachchey*

    2181. Jahaan Daal Daal Par Sone Ki Chidiyan Karti Hai Basera-Sikandar E Azam*

    2182. Jahaan Jahaan Kyaal Jaata Hai-Bade Sarkar*

    2183. Jahaan Kaamna Ka Teri Bhaawana Ka-Saajan Mere Main Saajan Ki*

    2184. Jahaan Main Aisa Kaun Hai-Hum Dono

    2185. Jahaan Main Log Sachhe Aashiquon Ko-Hazar Raaten*

    2186. Jahaan Mile Dhrti Aakash-Tere Bagair*

    2187. Jahaan Nazaren Mili Dil Kho Hi Jaata Hai-Pyaara Dushman

    2188. Jahaan Sati Wahan Bhagwan(P1)-Jahan Sati Wahan Bhagwan *

    2189. Jahaan Sati Wahan Bhagwan(P2)-Jahan Sati Wahan Bhagwan*

    2190. Jahaan Tu Hai Wahan Phir Chaandani Ko Kon Pochhega-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    2191. Jahaan Waale Tune Ye Kya Zindagi Di-Gul E Bakavali*

    2192. Jaildaara Put Nu Tu Samjha Lai(Pind Di Kudi)-Panjabi*

    2193. Jaisa Kiya Hai Tune Waisa Hi Tu Bharega-Shaadi*

    2194. Jaise Aankhon Se Aansu Aise Nikale Ho Tum-Harishchandra Taramati*

    2195. Jaise Chaahe Rakhe Woh Daata Apna Kya Hai Jee-Rickshawala*

    2196. Jaisi Karni Wesi Bharni-Shravan Kumar*

    2197. Jal Jal Jal Re Deepak Jal-Waman Avtar*

    2198. Jal Jal Ke Shama Ki Tarah Fariyaad-Faryadi*

    2199. Jala Do Duniya Yehi Duniya Hai To Duniya Ko Jala Do-Rivaaj*

    2200. Jaldi Jaldi Chalo Re Kahra-Dharti Mayeya*

    2201. Jale Jalaanewaale Hamko Jaise Mom Batti-Chilman*

    2202. Jalte Bhi Gaye Kehte Bhi Gaye Aazaadi Ke Parwaane-Shaheed

    2203. Jalte Deep Bujh Gaye Chha Gaya Andhera-Jalte Deep*

    2204. Jalwa Waqt E Zarf E Nazar Dekhte Rahe-Non Film*

    2205. Janam Diya Jinko Tumne Kyon Das Liya Unko Naag Devta-Shalimar*

    2206. Janam Diya Jis Maa Ne-Badi Maa*

    2207. Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai Nibhaane Ko-Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    2208. Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai Tumhaara Hamaara-Bheegi Palken*

    2209. Janam Janam Ke Fere Saanjh Savere Sabko Ghere-Janam Janam Ke Phere*

    2210. Janam Janam Ke Paap Kate-Sakshi Gopal*

    2211. Janam Janam Par Mat Phiryo(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    2212. Jangal Ghooma Basti Ghooma-Badshah Salamat*

    2213. Jangal Main Mor Naacha Kisine Na Dekha-Madhumati*

    2214. Jannat Ki Hai Tasveer Yeh Tasveer Na Denge-Johar In Kashmir*

    2215. Jannat Ki Hoor Aapki Mehfil Main Aayi Hai-Sarhadi Lutera*

    2216. Jat Kudiyan To Darda Mara(Jatta Aye Visakhi)-Panjabi*

    2217. Jawaab Nahin Gore Mukhde Par Til Kaale Ka-Kangan*

    2218. Jawaan Ho Ya Budhiya Ya Nanhi Si Ho Gudiya-Bhabhi*

    2219. Jawaan Jawaan Husn Ke Rangeen Yeh Kafile-Adventure Of Robin Hood & Ba*

    2220. Jawaan Muhabbat Jahaan Jahaan Hai-Jawan Mohabbat*

    2221. Jawaan Sama Jawaan Bahaar Chaman Muskuraya-Zehreeli*

    2222. Jawaan Tum Ho Jawaan Ham Hain-Duniya*

    2223. Jawaani Chaand Salona Chamke Aur Chhup Jaaye-Saudamini

    2224. Jawaani Ka Guzara Zamaana Mujhe Yaad Aane Laga Hai-Waqt Ki Deewar*

    2225. Jawaani Main Akelepan Ki Ghadiyaan-Paigaam*

    2226. Jawaani Main To Ek Dil Ki Jaroorat Ho Hi Jaati Hai-Rickshawala*

    2227. Jawaani Mast Hai Dagar Zara Sambhal Ke Chalo-Vachan*

    2228. Jawaaniyaan Yeh Mast Mast Bin Piye-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    2229. Jawab Jiska Nahin Who-Dil Hi Dil Mein*

    2230. Jay Ambe Maa Bolo Jai Durge Maa-Khoon Ki Pukar*

    2231. Jay Bhavaani Jay Bhavaani-Jay Bhavani

    2232. Jay Bolo Bholenaath Ki Taadi Charas Tambaaku Chhodo-Bhookh*

    2233. Jay Bolo Siyaawar Raam Ki-Pawan Putra Hanuman*

    2234. Jay Bolo Un Logon Ki Jo Toofaanon Se Takraaye-Shankar Khan*

    2235. Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh Dewa-Maha Pooja*

    2236. Jay Gange Maa-Sampurn Teerth Darshan*

    2237. Jay Govind Gopal Jay Govind Gopal-Narsi Bhagat*

    2238. Jay Hind Yeh Hind Ki Kahniyan-Manasarovar*

    2239. Jay Jay Raam Jai Shri Raam Do Akshar Ka Pyaara Naam-Hanuman Vijay*

    2240. Jay Main Jaan Di Jagah Mar Jana(Jagga)-Panjabi*

    2241. Jay Raghunandan Jai Siya Ram-Gharana*

    2242. Jay Shankaryantar Band Kiyato Kya-Aadmi Sadak Ka

    2243. Jayta Samundara Neer(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    2244. Jazba E Dil Jo Salaamat Hai To Insha Allaah-Main Shaadi Karne Chala*

    2245. Je Killa E Majboot Majj Nahio Nasdi(Chaska)-Panjabi*

    2246. Je Tu Beliya Tan Man De Naal Seva Karda Javenga*Panjabi*

    2247. Je Tu Inni Gori Sodi Na Hondi(Chambe Di Kali)-Panjabi*

    2248. Je Tu Mundia Meri Chal Vekhni(Do Posti)-Panjabi*

    2249. Jeda Jagda Ae(Taakra)-Panjabi*

    2250. Jee Chaahata Hai-Basant

    2251. Jee Chaahta Hai Aaj Kahin Door Jaaiye-Chandrakanta*

    2252. Jee Jee Sarkar Do Aur Do Aankhen Hui Chaar-Aalam Aara

    2253. Jeena Hai Tera Ban Kar Marna Hai Tere Dar Par-Do Bhai*

    2254. Jeena Marna Hai Ab Din Raat Tere Saath Baahon Main-Suraj Aur Chanda*

    2255. Jeena Na Sake Gi Preet Kunwari-Non Film*

    2256. Jeena To Hai Usi Ka Jisne Ye Raaz Jaana-Adhikar*

    2257. Jeene Ka Raz Mene Mohabbat Men Pa Liya-Non Film*

    2258. Jeene Waale Khushi Se Jiye Jaa-Santaan*

    2259. Jeene Waale Muskurake Jee Khushi Ke Jaam-Chhote Nawab*

    2260. Jeet Hi Lenge Baazi Ham Tum-Shola Aur Shabnam(Old)*

    2261. Jeevan Dhoop Chhaon Ka Khel-Ishwar Bhakt*

    2262. Jeevan Hai Anmol Musaafir-Shaanti*

    2263. Jeevan Main Piya Tera Saath Rahe-Goonj Uthi Shehnai*

    2264. Jeevan Path Par Pyaar Ne Chhedi-Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati*

    2265. Jeewan Kya Hai Dhalta Suraj-Danapani*

    2266. Jeh Vikhya Sagli Taji(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    2267. Jehde Desh Te Jaan Lauta Jaande(Sawa Laakh Se Ek Ladaaun)-Panjabi*

    2268. Jehi Sumirata Sidhi Hooi-Tulsidas*

    2269. Jeko Sabahi Siyapa Sate-Sindhi*

    2270. Jhaank Kar Tumne Jo Chilman Dal Di-Gulami Ki Zanzeer*

    2271. Jhaankar Jo Tumne Chilman Daal Di-Atyachaar

    2272. Jhaankh Jharokhe Se Tu Mahalonwaale-Sabaq*

    2273. Jhalk Dikha De Sanam Yeh Dil Tera Deewaana Hai-Hamara Adhikar*

    2274. Jhana Nan Jhan Baje Payaliya-Rani Roopmati*

    2275. Jhankaar Paayal Ki Tose Binti Karen-Naag Devta

    2276. Jhhan Jhhan Paayal Jhanke O Raja Mere Man Ke-Na Maaloom*

    2277. Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga-Jeevan Mrityu*

    2278. Jhin Chak Jhin Chak Pyaar Karo-Laal Quila*

    2279. Jhoole Main Goli Aur Chutki Main Gutaki-Piya Milan Ki Aas

    2280. Jhoole Main Pavan Ke Aayi Bahaar-Baiju Bawra*

    2281. Jhoom Jhoom Kar Baadal Aaye-Khamosh Sipahi*

    2282. Jhoom Jhoom Kar Bahaar Naache Pawan Phool Barsaye-Guzaara*

    2283. Jhoom Jhoom Ke Do Deewaane Gaate Jaayen Gali-Mastana*

    2284. Jhoom Kar Aaya Achaanak Sar E Mehfil Qaatil-Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ka Haat*

    2285. Jhoom Ke Gaa Yoon Aaj Mere Dil-Patanga*

    2286. Jhoom Ke Matwaala Mera Pyaar-Ek Shola

    2287. Jhoom Rahi Hain Mast Bahaaren-Chand Ki Duniya*

    2288. Jhoomta Saawan Dekho Aaya Barkha Ne Pyaar Barsaaya-Do Khiladi*

    2289. Jhoomti Hai Nazar Jhoomta Pyaar-Hatim Tai*

    2290. Jhoothhe Ka Mu Kala-Sheikh Chilli*

    2291. Jhoothhe Zamaane Bhar Ke-Musafir Khana

    2292. Jhuk Ke Zameen Choom Raha Aasmaan-Dhoop Chhaon

    2293. Jhuka Jhuka Ke Yeh Nazar Kyoon Uthaai Jaati Hai-Mere Sartaj*

    2294. Jhuka Kar Sar Ko Baithe Hai Magar Katil Nahin Aaya-Pyaase Panchhi

    2295. Jhuke Hain Baadal Baalon Ke Khule Hai Gulshan-Kal Hamara Hai*

    2296. Jhukti Hai Duniya Jhukaane Waala Chaahiye-Sagaai(Old)*

    2297. Jidhar Bhi Main Dekhoon Udhar Tu Hi Tu Hai-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    2298. Jigar Ka Dard Badhta Jaa Raha Hai-Street Singer*

    2299. Jin Raaton Main Neend Ud Jati Hai-Raat Ki Rani*

    2300. Jin Veeron Ne Vatan Ka Sar Ooncha Kiya Hai-Gulami Ki Zanzeer*

    2301. Jina Na Sake Gi Preet Kunwari-Non Film*

    2302. Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind Par Woh Kahaan Hai Kahaan Hain-Pyaasa*

    2303. Jinhen Rukh Se Parda Uthhana Na Aaya-Haqdaar*

    2304. Jinke Liye Main Deewana Bana-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    2305. Jinke Paas Haathi Ghoda Unke Paas Dil Hai Thoda-Dil Ka Raja*

    2306. Jinki Qismat Main Kaante O Khwaab Na Dekhen-Raja Saab*

    2307. Jinki Tasveer Nigaahon Main Liye Phirata Hoon-Husn Aur Ishq*

    2308. Jis Bharam Main To Khoya Hua Hai-Do Bhai*

    2309. Jis De Naal Mohabbata Lagya(Sapni)-Panjabi*

    2310. Jis Dil Main Lagan Manzil Ki Ho-Matwala*

    2311. Jis Din Is Duniya Se Nafrat Aur Khudgarze Mit Jayegi-Maa Baap*

    2312. Jis Din Se Main Tumko Dekha Hai-Parwana*

    2313. Jis Ghar Ke Logon Ko-Hum Panchhi Ek Dal Ke*

    2314. Jis Ka Man Ho Prem Ka Darpan-Raeeszada*

    2315. Jis Ka Palla Bhaari Dekhe-Kal Kya Hoga

    2316. Jis Ka Saathi Hai Bhagwaan-Aastik*

    2317. Jis Ke Darshan Karne Ko Suraj Nikalta Hai-Kaaran*

    2318. Jis Ke Liye Sabko Chhoda Usi Ne Mere Dil Ko Toda-Saajan Ki Saheli*

    2319. Jis Ke Liye Tadpe Ham Saara Jeeven Bhar-Sanjh Aur Sawera

    2320. Jis Ke Sirh Oopar Toon Swami(Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa)-Panjabi*

    2321. Jis Ki Laagi Lagan-Patit Pawan

    2322. Jis Ko Mile Padosi Achchha Woh Hai Qismatwaala-Padosi*

    2323. Jis Ko Us Malik Ki Rehmat Ka Sahara Mil Gya-Son Of Hatim Tai*

    2324. Jis Kudi Ne Chura Dil Mere-Panjabi*

    2325. Jis Mitti Main Khel Rehe Bachche Rajsthani-Maharani Padmini*

    2326. Jis Pyaar Main Yeh Haal Ho Us Pyaar Se Tauba-Phir Subha Hogi*

    2327. Jis Raah Se Guzron Tu Mere Sath Rahegi-Aman*

    2328. Jis Raat Ke Khwab Aaye-Habba Khatoon*

    2329. Jis Rang Raakhe Prabhu-Krishna Sudama

    2330. Jise Dhoodhati Phirati Hai Meri Nazar-Sheesh Mahal*

    2331. Jitani Likhi Thi Muqaddar Main Ham Utni Pee Chuke-Nai Roshni*

    2332. Jitna Chota Ho Priwar Utna Sukhi Rahe Gharbar-Non Film*

    2333. Jitni Haseen Ho Tum Utni Hi Bevafa Ho-Mangu Dada*

    2334. Jiya Ho Jiya Ho Jiya Kuchh Bol Do-Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai*

    2335. Jiya Kasak Mask Mor Rahe Laagal(Naihar Chhutal Jaye)-Bhojpuri*

    2336. Jiyo To Aise Jiyo Jaise Sab Tumahara Hai-Bahu Beti*

    2337. Jo Baat Honi Hai Woh Baat Ho Ke Rahegi-Khakan*

    2338. Jo Baat Tujhme Hai Teri Tasveer Main Nahin-Taj Mahal*

    2339. Jo Bijliyon Ki Shaakh Pe Banale Aashioyana-Duniya Jhukti Hai*

    2340. Jo Bor Kare Yaar Ko-Aan Baan

    2341. Jo Chaahe Saza De Do Kaisi Bhi Qasam Lelo-Vandana*

    2342. Jo Dil Ki Baat Hoti Hai Nazar Tak Aa Hi Jati Hai-Baaz*

    2343. Jo Dilon Ke Naate Hain-Samjhota*

    2344. Jo Diye Ye Moram Hoi Ye Moram Ki Manbhai-Assame*

    2345. Jo Ek Baar Kehdo Ke Tum Ho Hamare(Sad)-Pooja*

    2346. Jo Ek Baar Kehdo Ke Tum Ho Hamare-Pooja*

    2347. Jo Guzar Rahi Hai Mujh Par Use Kaise Main Bataaoon-Mere Huzoor*

    2348. Jo Hain Deewaane Pyaar Ke-Baat Ek Raat Ki*

    2349. Jo Ijaazat Ho To Ek Baat-Baat Ek Raat Ki*

    2350. Jo Ishq E Haqiqi Rakhata Ho-Son Of Hatim Tai*

    2351. Jo Ishq Ki Aag Main Jalte Hain-Hatim Tai*

    2352. Jo Kehne Se Tum Sharmati Ho Woh Baat Kaho To-Chandi Ki Diwar*

    2353. Jo Kuchh Hame Kehna Hai-Sabz Baag*

    2354. Jo Main Aisa Janda(Chhai)-Panjabi*

    2355. Jo Mere Pyaar Pe Ho Shak To Kar Lo Saaf Dil Beshak-Ek Thi Reeta*

    2356. Jo Soch Ke Karega Woh Pyaar Kya Karega-Jalan*

    2357. Jo Tud Bhave Sai Bali Ka(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    2358. Jo Unki Tamanna Hai Barbaad Ho Jaa-Intaqam*

    2359. Jo Waada Kiya Woh Nibhana Pade Gaa-Taj Mahal*

    2360. Jo Waqt Pe Kaam Aa Jaaye Wohi Sahaara Achchha-Farishta*

    2361. Jogiya Mera Thirke Badan Dekh Kar Tujhko-Wohi Raat Wohi Aawaaz

    2362. Jogiya Mera Thirke Badan-Wohi Raat*

    2363. John Jaani Janaardhan Tara Rumpum Pumpum-Naseeb*

    2364. Joode Main Gajra Mat Baandho-Dhoop Chhaon*

    2365. Juda Na Kari Chalti Saanse Jisma Se-Habari*

    2366. Ka Karoon Sajni Aaye Na Baalam (Parody)-Main Chup Rahungi*

    2367. Kaabe Main Raho Ya Kashi Main-Dharmputra

    2368. Kaafir Nazar Takrayi Dil Ki Hui Ruswaai-Aadhi Raat Ke Baad*

    2369. Kaahe Bindiya Lagaye Maine Nindiya Gawaye-Sharda*

    2370. Kaahe Dhoondhe Raam Ko Dharti Gagan Main-Hanuman Vijay*

    2371. Kaahe Itna Guman Choriye Yeh Mela Do Din Ka-Bharosa*

    2372. Kaahe Ka Bhejal Bides Re(Sayan Se Neha Lagaibe-Bhojpuri

    2373. Kaahe Ka Rona Dhona Hai Hoke Rahega Jo Hona Hai-Ram Aur Rahim

    2374. Kaahe Ka Rona Dhona Hai(Bhakta Ramadasu)-Telugu*

    2375. Kaahe Ko Bisaara Hari Naam-Chakradhari*

    2376. Kaahe Ko Bulaaya Mujhe Baalma Pyaar Main Naam Se-Humshakal*

    2377. Kaahe Ko Chhipke Door Bhaagti Aise Ruth Ke Chhori-Baghdad*

    2378. Kaahe Ko Teerath Jaata Re Bhai-Na Maaloom*

    2379. Kaahe Mujhse Kare Chhed Chhad Buddhaya-Zamaanat*

    2380. Kaahe Paap Kamaye Re Bande Kuch Bhi Kaam Na-Chander Shekhar*

    2381. Kaajal Waale Nain Milaake Kar Dala Baichain-Devar*

    2382. Kaali Billi Rasta Kate-Heroine Ek Raat Ki*

    2383. Kaali Ghata Chhayi Prem Rut Aayi-Kaali Ghata*

    2384. Kaali Kaali Yeh Ghata Thandi Thandi Yeh Hawa-Zindagi

    2385. Kaali Kamli Waale Tum Pe Laakhon Salaam-Hatim Tai Ki Beti*

    2386. Kaali Kangi Nal(Lachhi)-Panjabi*

    2387. Kaam Karo Mat Aaraam Karo-Balyogi Upmanyu*

    2388. Kaam Ki Pooja Karnewaale-Mazdoor Zindabad*

    2389. Kaam Lenge Aansoo Aur Na Faryaad Se-Non Film*

    2390. Kaam Na Aayega-Ram Bhakti*

    2391. Kaam Roop Ki Jadu Nagri-Naag Pooja*

    2392. Kaan Main Jhumka Chaal Main Thumka-Saawan Bhado*

    2393. Kaanha Murali Bajayee-Shri Ganesh Mahima*

    2394. Kaanha Toone Peer Na Jaani-Bhajan*

    2395. Kaante Banenge Kaliyaan Kaanton Se Khelta Jaa-Hamari Manzil*

    2396. Kaanton Mein Phansa Aanchal Zulfon Mein Phansa Yeh Dil-Do Dil*

    2397. Kaara Gagan Ne(Leeludi Dharti)-Gujrati*

    2398. Kaari Kaari Ankhiyon Se Pyaari Pyaari Batiyon Se-Tarzan Comes To Delhi*

    2399. Kaarvaan Guzar Gaya Gubaar Dekhte Rahe-Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal*

    2400. Kaash Khwabon Mein Hi Aa Jao-Non Film*

    2401. Kab Se Dhari Hai Saamne Botal Sharaab Ki-Sacchaai*

    2402. Kab Tak Khelu Pyaar Ka Khel-Pyaase Panchhi*

    2403. Kab Tak Tu Bhagwaan Se-Fifty Fifty*

    2404. Kab Tak Uthaaye Aur Yeh Gham Intezaar Ka-Naqab*

    2405. Kabeera Khada Bazaar Main Sabki Maange Khair-Sab Ka Saathi*

    2406. Kabhi Aage Kabhi Peechhe Kabhi Upar Kabhi Neeche-Sadhu Aur Shaitan*

    2407. Kabhi Aansu Bahate Hen Kabhi Faryad Karte Hen-Madhur Milan*

    2408. Kabhi Dushmani Kabhi Dosti Kabhi Baat Baat Main-Bharosa*

    2409. Kabhi Hamne Nahin Socha Tha Aisa Din Aayega-Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    2410. Kabhi Ithlaake Chalte Ho Kabhi Balkha-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan*

    2411. Kabhi Kabhi Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Zindagi Main-Waris*

    2412. Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Haalaat Pe Rona Aaya Baat-Hum Dono*

    2413. Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahi Na Kahi Koi Na Koi To Aayega-Sharabi*

    2414. Kabhi Pehle Dekha Nahin Yeh Saman-Jab Jab Phool Khile

    2415. Kabhi Raat Din Ham Door The-Aamne Saamne*

    2416. Kabhi Sukon Ko Kabhi Ghamgusar Ko Royen-Non Film*

    2417. Kabhi Tera Daaman Na Chhodenge Ham-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare*

    2418. Kabhi To Haan Kaho Na-Son Of Sindhbad*

    2419. Kabtak Na Doge Dil-Aabroo

    2420. Kadi Haak Na Chandriye Mari(Punjabi Non Film)-Panjabi*

    2421. Kadi Na Banni Gori Bahn Uttey Ghadi(Lachh)-Panjabi*

    2422. Kadki Tera Hi Naam To Ladki-Aji Bas Shukriya*

    2423. Kagon Hans Kare(Man Jeete Jag Jeet)-Panjabi*

    2424. Kahaan Chal Diye Idhar To Aao-Jhuk Gaya Aasman*

    2425. Kahaan Chali Cham Se Bacha Ke Aankh-Mr. India*

    2426. Kahaan Chali Re Kahaan Chali-Pyaar Ki Dastan*

    2427. Kahaan Chali Vahaan Chali-Keechak Vadh

    2428. Kahaan Gaye Bhagwaan Bata De-Shyam Ki Jogan*

    2429. Kahaan Hai Meri Pyaar Ki Manzil-Hariyali Aur Raasta

    2430. Kahaan Jaa Raha Hai Tu Ae Jaanewaale-Seema(Old)*

    2431. Kahaan Jaa Rahe The Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham-Love Marriage*

    2432. Kahaan Jaiyho Nazariya Churai Ham Se-Namaste Ji*

    2433. Kahaan Jaye Teri Mehfil Se-Mirza Galib*

    2434. Kahaan Tera Insaaf Hai Kahaan Tera Dastoor Hai-Sargam*

    2435. Kahaan Teri Manzil Kahaan Hai Thikaana-Nai Rahen*

    2436. Kahaaniya Sunati Hai Pawan Aati Jaati-Rajpoot*

    2437. Kahan Chhupe Ho Raja Ram-Tulsidas*

    2438. Kahan Dhoondhi Tumein Kahan Paayin(Goswami Tulsidas)-Avadhi*

    2439. Kahin Aesa Na Ho Tum Ajnabi Raahon Main Kho Jaao-Milap*

    2440. Kahin Bekhyaal Ho Kar Yoon Hi Chhoo Liya Kisi Ne-Teen Deviyan*

    2441. Kahin Chal Na De Raat Ka Kya Thikana-Ek Shola*

    2442. Kahin Dekha Na Kahin Dekha Na Shbaab Aisa-Farishta Ya Qatil*

    2443. Kahin Ek Maasoom Naajuk Si Ladki-Shankar Hussain*

    2444. Kahin Ghani Chawn Hai-Devdas*

    2445. Kahin Khilte Hain Phool Kahin Udti Hai Dhool-Badnaam Farishte*

    2446. Kahin Mangni Ki Baate Hain-Wanted*

    2447. Kahin Naam Na Apna Likh Dena-Aatish*

    2448. Kahin Qarar Na Ho Aur Kahi Khushi Na Mile-Chandi Ki Diwar*

    2449. Kahin Se Maut Ko Laao Ke Gham Ki Raat-Mera Qasoor Kya Hai*

    2450. Kahin Se Oonchi Kahin Neechhi-Malkin*

    2451. Kahiri Karyan Mehmani-Sidnhi*

    2452. Kahiye Kaisa Mijaaz Hai Apka-Memsaab*

    2453. Kaho Ji Tumhen Kis Se Pyaar Hai-Pyar Bana Afsana*

    2454. Kaho Khatir Se Hardam Raam Raam-Ram Aur Rahim

    2455. Kaho Meri Sarkaar Tabeeyat Kaisi Hai-Trunk Call*

    2456. Kahoon Chhun Jawani Ne Paachhi Vali Ja-Gujrati*

    2457. Kahoon Kya Ke Kon Hon Kayn Hoon Main-Pehli Tarikh*

    2458. Kahoon Kya Tumse Apni Daastaan-Ginny And Johney*

    2459. Kaisa Hain Yeh Shraap Hai Re Kaisa Hai Paap-Sati Renuka*

    2460. Kaisa Jadu Daala Ma Banarasi Rumaalwaala-Watan Se Door*

    2461. Kaise Baje Dil Ka Sitaar-Chandni Raat*

    2462. Kaise Bhige Bhige Pyaare Hain Nazaare-Apna Ghar*

    2463. Kaise Bijli Chamak Gaye Ho Kaise-Do Gunde*

    2464. Kaise Diwaali Manaayen Ham Laala-Paigaam*

    2465. Kaise Jeet Lete Hain Log Dil Kisi Ka-Saajan Bina Suhaagan*

    2466. Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Bager(Mela Aanchal)-Tere Bagair*

    2467. Kaise Koi Jaane Bhala Khaawaabon Ki Taabir-Taqdeer*

    2468. Kaise Rishte Kaise Nate-Choki No11*

    2469. Kaise Samjhaaoon Bade Nasamajh Ho-Suraj*

    2470. Kaisi Haseen Aaj Bahaaron Ki Raat Hai(With Mahendra Kapoor)-Aadmi*

    2471. Kaisi Haseen Aaj Bahaaron Ki Raat Hai-Aadmi*

    2472. Kaisi Mehfil Hai Yeh Kaisa Mela Hai Yeh-Aashiana

    2473. Kaisi Mehfil Hai Yeh Kaisa Mela Hai Yeh-Ek Mousam Chota Sa*

    2474. Kaisi Padi Maar Aaya Maza Bhool Gaye Pyaar Aaya Maza-Vachan*

    2475. Kaisi Shyaam Suhaani Aayi Re-Pasand Apni Apni*

    2476. Kajar Bin Kare Tori Ankhiyan-Maghadi*

    2477. Kajre Ki Qasam Gajre Ki Qasam-Ram Qasam*

    2478. Kal Chaman Tha Aaj Ek Sehra Hua-Khandaan*

    2479. Kal Jo Mila Tha Khwab Main-Woh Koun Thi*

    2480. Kal Ki Baaten Kal Pe Chhedo-Light House*

    2481. Kal Ki Daulat Aaj Ki Khushiya Unki-Asli Naqli*

    2482. Kal Meri Tarh Mujhko Salaam Aap Karenge-Mere Garib Nawaaz*

    2483. Kal Raat Sapne Main Aaye The Tum-Shararat*

    2484. Kal Raat Waali Mulaaqaat Ke Liye-Raja Saab*

    2485. Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaqaat Ho Gaye-Palki*

    2486. Kal Saajna Milna Yahaan Hai-Ardhangini*

    2487. Kal Talak Ham Thik Tha Aaj Hame Kya Ho Gaya-Detective*

    2488. Kalangi Ae Wara Laal-Sindhi*

    2489. Kali Ek Tumse Puchhun Baat-Sakshi Gopal*

    2490. Kali Kaal Karal Maha Sagar-Sant Janabai*

    2491. Kali Kab Tak Chupegi Ek Bhanvare Ki Nigaahon Se-Sehra

    2492. Kali Ke Roop Main-No Do Gyaarah*

    2493. Kali Muraad Ki Pal Bhar Main Khila Dete Hain-Mere Garib Nawaaz

    2494. Kaliyon Main Jawaani Aayi Kaliyaan Lagi Foolne-Roshni*

    2495. Kaliyon Ne Ghughat Khole Har Phool Pe Bhanvara-Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya*

    2496. Kalusukunna Bublaye(Akbar Salim Anarkali)-Telugu*

    2497. Kam Tera Kamiya Jawan Tere Ho Gaye-Panjabi*

    2498. Kamal Ke Phool Jaisa Badan Tera Chikna Chikana-Do Aankhen*

    2499. Kamar Bandhe Hue Chalne Ko-Non Film*

    2500. Kamli Wale Hum Par Karam Kijiye-Madine Ki Galiyan*

    2501. Kamli Wale Ka Roza Nigahaon Main Hai-Deen Aur Imaan*

    2502. Kamli Wale Mohd Ke Darbar Mai-Islamic*

    2503. Kan Kaan Nu Paye Dhane(Heer Ranjah)-Panjabi Opera*

    2504. Kandhe Pe Kawar Le Kar Chala-Shravan Kumar*

    2505. Kandhotar Deekarani Monji(Piyaar Viaat)-Gujrati*

    2506. Kankan De Ohle(Kankan De Ohle)-Panjabi*

    2507. Kanna Manna Kur Meri Phirki Bole Fur-Trunk Call*

    2508. Kantar Korun- Konkani*

    2509. Kar Babal Da Chadke Tiye(Chaudhari Kanail Singh)-Panjabi*

    2510. Kar Chale Ham Fida Jaan O Tan Saathiyon-Haqeeqat*

    2511. Kar De Bhala Bhagwan-Raju Vikram*

    2512. Kar Ke Jiska Intezaar Mera Dil Gaya Haar-Humrahi*

    2513. Kar Loongi Dooja Koi Rah Jaayega Tu Re-Goonj*

    2514. Kar Solah Singar Suhaga Chali Piya Ke Dware-Indar Lila*

    2515. Karam Ho Ya Ali Ye Waqat Hai-Islamic*

    2516. Karam Nahin Nahia Mitata-Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha*

    2517. Kare Jo Door Mushkilen Usi Ka Naam Le-Bada Bhai

    2518. Karle Baabu Guzaarakarle-Guzaara*

    2519. Karle Kisise Pyaar Jawaani Do Dinki-Lekh

    2520. Karle Na Kisise Pyaar Kahin-Prince

    2521. Karo Zindagi Ko Vatan Ke Havale-Non Film*

    2522. Karta Hai Ek Raavi Dil Soj Yeh Bayaan-Aalam Aara*

    2523. Kartab Hai Balwaan Jagat Main-Shri Ganesh Mahima*

    2524. Karte Ho Mujhe Se Kitni Muhabbat-Bekhabar*

    2525. Kashtiyaan Sabki Lehar Chup Hai-Daughter Of Sindbad

    2526. Katha Chhilo Dekha Hale-Bengali*

    2527. Kavita Naam Hai Gyaan Ka-Kavi*

    2528. Kawwa Chala Hans Ki Chal-Around The World*

    2529. Ke Badliya Chha Gayeyan Chal Aa Baghan Wich-Panjabi*

    2530. Ke Sahiba Maara(Chandu Jamadar)-Gujrati*

    2531. Kehdo Hame Na Beqaraar Karen-Sabaq*

    2532. Kehdo Kehdo Jahaan Se Kehdo-April Fool*

    2533. Kehdo Koi Na Kare Yahaan Pyaar-Goonj Uthi Shehnai*

    2534. Kehdo Yeh Gaon Ke Jaat Ko-Kya Baat Hai*

    2535. Kehke Bhi Na Aye Mulaqat Ko-Non Film*

    2536. Kehke Bhi Na Aye Tum Ab Chhupne Lahe Taare-Safar*

    2537. Kehne Ki Baat Nahin Magar Ab Zor Se Kehna Hai-Pyaar Kiye Jaa*

    2538. Kehne Pe Gar Main Aaya Ek Baat Kahoonga-Teen Cheharey*

    2539. Kehne Waale Bhi Keh Le Jee Dil Ki Baat-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    2540. Kehne Waale Sachch Keh Gaye Hai-Nirala*

    2541. Kehta Tha Zamana Magar Hum Ne Na Mana-Aag Ka Dariya*

    2542. Kehte Hain Jise Duniya Har Ek Yahaan Paagal-Taxi 555*

    2543. Kehti Hai Mujhko Duniya Deewana Nashe Main Hai-Khelagher*

    2544. Kehti Hoon Main Sachch Sachch-Delhi Junction

    2545. Kha Gaye Phal Ho Gaye Barbadiya-Gul E Bakavali

    2546. Kha Kar Tune Paan Qasam Se Le Lee Meri Jaan-Taxi Driver*

    2547. Khaali Jeben Ho Kadki Ho Mera Dil Mange Who Ladki Ho-Chora Chori*

    2548. Khaali Jeben Ki Karki Ho-Chhora Chhori

    2549. Khaamosh Kyon Ho Taaro Ummeed Ke Sahaaron-Alif Laila*

    2550. Khaamosh Zindagi Ko Aawaaz De Rahi Ho-Naag Mandir*

    2551. Khabar Kisiko Nahin Woh Kidhar Ko Dekhte Hain-Beqasoor*

    2552. Khabar Kya Thi Gham Khana Padega-Chandni Raat*

    2553. Khadi Re Khadi Re Kab Se Dekh Raaja Jaani-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    2554. Khanke Kangna Khan Khan Re-Saugandh*

    2555. Khanke To Khanke Kyon Khanke Mera Kangna-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai*

    2556. Kharido Koi Kharido Kharido Mujhe Kharido-Raja Harishchandra*

    2557. Khatam Hua Din Jalte Jalte Ho Gaye Gham Ki Raat-Raste Aur Manzil*

    2558. Kheench Kaata Kheench Kaata Saathi Banke Dil Ke Darda Ka-Do Aankhen*

    2559. Khel Re Khilone Teri Kaya Aani Jaani Re-Dasavtar*

    2560. Khel Tuza Nayara-Marathi*

    2561. Khilona Jaankar Tum To Mera Dil Tod Jaate Ho-Khilona*

    2562. Khol Ke Aankhen Chalo Seth Jee-Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi*

    2563. Khoya Khoya Chaand Khula Aasmaan-Kaala Bazaar*

    2564. Khud Samajh Lo Ki Iltaja Kya Hai-Rangbhoomi*

    2565. Khud To Badnam Hue-Chanda Aur Bijli*

    2566. Khuda Bhi Aasmaan Se Jab Zameen Par Dekhta Hoga-Dharti*

    2567. Khuda Hi Jaane Yaar Aaye Na Aaye-Non Film*

    2568. Khuda Hi Juda Kare To Kare-Aap To Aise Na The*

    2569. Khuda Ka Aitbar Kar-Lutera Aur Jadugar*

    2570. Khudaara Yoon Na Dil Todo-Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai*

    2571. Khudi Ko Kar Bulan Itna-Maa Ke Ansoo*

    2572. Khuli Palak Main Jhuta Gussa Band Palk Pe Pyaar-Professor*

    2573. Khuli Waadiyon Ka Safar Hai-Aayega Aane Wala*

    2574. Khush Kar Diya Tone Mere Rama-Jeet*

    2575. Khush Rahe Tu Sada Yeh Dua Hai Meri-Khilona*

    2576. Khush Raho Ahale Chaman Ham To Chaman Chodh-Main Chup Rahungi*

    2577. Khushbu Hoon Main Phool Nahin Hoon Jo Murjhoonga-Shaayad*

    2578. Khushi Ka Zamaana Gaya-Chhoti Bhabhi*

    2579. Khushiyan Manaao Khushiyan Manaao Door Vatan Se-Prisoner Of Golconda

    2580. Khushiyon Ke Zamaane Aaye-Farmaish*

    2581. Khwaab Main Kahaan Miloge-Bindiya*

    2582. Khwaaja Niraale Mere Ajmerwaale-Mere Garib Nawaaz*

    2583. Kis Bed Ko Nabz Dikhaun-Kaali Basti*

    2584. Kis Ka Intezaar Hai Janabe Man Kyon Khade Hain-Captain Sheru*

    2585. Kis Kaam Ke Yeh Heere Moti Jis Main Na Dikhen Ram-Mahabali Hanuman*

    2586. Kis Kaaran Jogan Jog Liya-Jawab*

    2587. Kis Ke Liye Beqaraar Gori Aaj Tera Pyaar-Ustad*

    2588. Kis Ke Liye Ruka Hai(P1)-Ek Saal*

    2589. Kis Ke Liye Ruka Hai(P2)-Ek Saal*

    2590. Kis Kis Kis Se Pyaar Karoon-Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    2591. Kis Ne Dard Hamara Jaana- Apna Ghar*

    2592. Kis Ne Mujhe Sada Di Kisne Mujhe Pukaara-Saaz Aur Aawaaz*

    2593. Kis Pe Hai Tera Dil Naam Lena Mushakil-Seema*

    2594. Kis Tarh Jeete Hain Yeh Log Bata Do Yaaron-Nai Roshni*

    2595. Kisi Aasmaan Pe To Saahil Milega-Kashish*

    2596. Kisi Akeli Ladki Ko Bolo O Bolo Phir Sataaoge-Jeet*

    2597. Kisi Ka Husn Rahe Ham Rahe Sharab Rahe-Kaajal*

    2598. Kisi Ka Kuch Kho Gaya He-Dulhan Ek Raat Ki*

    2599. Kisi Ke Waade Ka Dil Jo Aetabaar Na Ho-Non Film*

    2600. Kisi Ki Muhabbat Main Sab Kuchh Bhulake-Kaise Kahoon*

    2601. Kisi Ki Yaad Main Duniya Ko Hai Bhulaaye Hue-Jahan Ara *

    2602. Kisi Ki Yaad Main Payi Hai Jab Kami Hamne-Non Film*

    2603. Kisi Ko Hansi Mili To Kisiko Roolaai-Shankar Seeta Ansuya*

    2604. Kisi Ko Iska Pata Na Ho-Johari*

    2605. Kisi Meharban Ki Nazar Dhondhte Hain-Raja Saab*

    2606. Kisi Na Kisise Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahi Na Kahi-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    2607. Kisi Ne Phir Na Suna Dard Ke Fasaane Ko-Non Film*

    2608. Kisi Se Hamne Yeh Puchha Mohabbat Kis Ko Kehte Hain-Garibi*

    2609. Kit Jaaoge Ghanshyam Murari-Mordhawj

    2610. Kithey Chalien Ni Tu Muttyare(Billo)-Panjabi*

    2611. Kitna Pyaara Vaada Hai In Matwaali Aankhon Ka-Carvan*

    2612. Kitna Rangeen Hai Ye Chand-Film Hi Film*

    2613. Kitni Anjaani Sooraten Lekar Jaane Kahaan Dekha Hai-Biwi Aur Makaan*

    2614. Kitni Haseen Ho Tum-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    2615. Kitni Jawaan Hai Zindagi Kitni Jawaan Bahaar-Shehnai*

    2616. Kitni Rahat Hai Dil Toot Jane Ke Bad-Non Film*

    2617. Kitti Jisdi Intzar Aagaye O Sham Suhani(Mahi Munda)-Panjabi*

    2618. Koi Aane Ko Hai Dil Machalne Laga-Chhote Nawab*

    2619. Koi Aata Hai Koi Jaata Hai-Naya Qadam*

    2620. Koi Amir Hai Koi Gareeb Hai-Danapani*

    2621. Koi Aur Dunia Main Tumsa Hasin Hai-Pyaar Ki Kahani*

    2622. Koi Bata De Dil Hai Jahaan-Main Chup Rahungi*

    2623. Koi Beli Na Saathi-Ghar Aakhir Ghar Hai*

    2624. Koi Bhala Kahe Chaahe Koi Bura Maane-Jyot Jale*

    2625. Koi Bhor Ko Jaaye Re Koi Sham Ko-Shri Krishna Bhakti*

    2626. Koi Bole Ram Ram Koi Khudye-Panjabi*

    2627. Koi Bura Kahe Ya Kahe Bhala-Main Shaadi Karne Chala*

    2628. Koi Bura Na Maane Meri Baat Ka-Ram Bhakti*

    2629. Koi Chaand Koi Taara-Taxi 555*

    2630. Koi Chal Diya Akela Koi Reh Gaya Akela-Rut Rangilee Ayee*

    2631. Koi Chor Lutera Daku-Daaku Aur Mahatma*

    2632. Koi Deewaana Tumhe Chaahega-Teri Talash Main*

    2633. Koi Ek Aana Koi Do Aana Koi Chaar Aana-Dhun*

    2634. Koi Gori Gulabi Se Ladki-Kismat Palat Ke Dekh*

    2635. Koi Hai Jawaani Ko Jagaao Na-Chacha Choudhary

    2636. Koi Jab Dard Ka Maara Kabhi Aansu Bahaata Hai-Miss Coca Cola*

    2637. Koi Jab Rah Na Paye Mere Sang Aaye Ki-Dosti*

    2638. Koi Kaam Nahin Mushkil Jab Kya Irada Pakka-Aadmi Sadak Ka*

    2639. Koi Kahe Raam Koi Sham Ghansham-Shri Krishna Bhakti*

    2640. Koi Kuchh Bhi Kahe Yeh To Qismat Hai Meri-Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki*

    2641. Koi Mane Ya Mane Sach Keh Gaye Hainlo Purane-Chacha Bhatija*

    2642. Koi Nahi Hai Mera Sab Ke Rehte Lagta Hai Jaise-Samjhota*

    2643. Koi Nahin To Sitaare Kahenge Nazaare Kahenge-Jurm Aur Saza*

    2644. Koi Phool Na Khilta Ye Kali Bhi Na Hoti-Paise Ki Gudiya*

    2645. Koi Pyaar Ki Dekhe Jadugari-Kohinoor*

    2646. Koi Roko Ki Ham Pyaar Karne Lage-Kaala Paani*

    2647. Koi Sagar Dil Ko Behlata Nahi-Dil Diya Dard Liya*

    2648. Koi Sone Ke Dilwaala Koi Chaandi Ke Dilwaala-Maya*

    2649. Kon Apna Kon Praya(Slow)-Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya*

    2650. Kon Apna Kon Praya-Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya*

    2651. Kon Bhale Kaun Mande(Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar)-Panjabi*

    2652. Kon Hai Jo Sapno Main Aaya-Jhuk Gaya Aasman*

    2653. Kon Jaane Ni Hakim Taarachand-Apna Khoon*

    2654. Kon Jaane Re Baaba Duniya Main Pir Paraayi-Jawaani Ki Hawa*

    2655. Kon Kisi Ko Bandh Saka Hai-Kaalia*

    2656. Kon Pari Neel Gagan Ki Chali Aayi Re Paayaliya Jhankaaye-Prem Ki Ganga*

    2657. Kon Tujhe Roke Kaun Tujhe Toke-Black Cat*

    2658. Kon Tujhko Ma Kahega Tu Kisiki Ma Nahin-Laadla

    2659. Kon Yeh Aaya Mehfil Main Bijli Si Chamki Dil Main-Dil Deke Dekho*

    2660. Kono Chalbajer Mukhe-Bengali*

    2661. Koyal Boli Duniya Doli Samjho Dil Ki Boli-Sargam*

    2662. Koyal Kyon Gaaye Koyal Kyon Gaaye-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee*

    2663. Kuchh Aankh Mili Kuchh Paisa Mila-Musafir Khana*

    2664. Kuchh Aese Ashiq Samne Main Lane Wali Honi-Hero Ka Chor*

    2665. Kuchh Aesi Pyaari Shakla Mere Dilrunba Ki Hai-Naya Qanoon*

    2666. Kuchh Aur Nahin Bas Dhyana Tera-Heera Moti*

    2667. Kuchh Bolo Zara Mookh Kholo Zara-Pyaara Dushman*

    2668. Kuchh Kahe To Khafa Chup Rahe To Khafa-Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati*

    2669. Kuchh Kehta Hai Yeh Saawan Kya Kehta Hai-Mera Gaon Mera Desh*

    2670. Kuchh Log Yahaan Par Aise Hain-Vardan*

    2671. Kuchh Na Mila Kisiko Nafart Ke Dwaar Se-Ek Gaon Ki Kahani*

    2672. Kuchh Nek Kaam Kar Jaa-Khuda Ka Banda*

    2673. Kuchh Soch Ke Pyaar Kiya Hai Dil Diya Hai Aur Liya Hai-Charandas*

    2674. Kuhoo Kuhoo Bole Koyaliya-Suvarna Sundari*

    2675. Kuwan Pass Tu Phir Be Pyaasa-Mulzim*

    2676. Kya Ajab Saaz Hai Yeh Shehaai-Shehnai*

    2677. Kya Bataun Mohabbat Hai Kya-Parbat*

    2678. Kya Dekhte Ho Surat Tumhaari-Qurbani*

    2679. Kya Gam Hai Jo Andheri Hain Raaten-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    2680. Kya Hamne Soch Tha Kya Hogya-O Tera Kya Kehna*

    2681. Kya Haseenon Ka Dil Nahin Hota-College Girl*

    2682. Kya Hua Main Agar Ishq Ka Izhar Kiya-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    2683. Kya Hua Tera Vaada Woh Qasam Woh Iraada-Hum Kisise Kam Nahin*

    2684. Kya Hua Yaad Nahin Kaise Hua Yaad Nahin-Madadgar*

    2685. Kya Jaaane Dam Koi O Yaar-Sindhi*

    2686. Kya Jalva Kya Nazara-Teesri Aankh*

    2687. Kya Jawaan Raat Hai Bahaaron Ki-Sindbad Ali Baba Aladin*

    2688. Kya Jhoothha Lagta Hai Kya Sachcha Lagta Hai-Devi*

    2689. Kya Kar Diya Bata Do Zara-Rani Aur Jaani*

    2690. Kya Karega Zindagi Apne Dil Ko Marker-Do Preme*

    2691. Kya Kehne Masha Allaah(P1)-Ge Chahta Hai*

    2692. Kya Kehne Masha Allaah(P2)-Ge Chahta Hai*

    2693. Kya Khoobi Ki Bhagwan Ne-Dasavtar

    2694. Kya Kya Dil Mein Chhipa Hai Tere-Ustaad*

    2695. Kya Kya Na Sahe Hamne Sitam Aapki Khatir-Mere Huzoor*

    2696. Kya Kya Na Sitam Tujhpe Hue Mahalon Ki Rani-Mohini*

    2697. Kya Kya Rang Dikhaye Zindagi-Badi Didi*

    2698. Kya Mausam Hai Ae Deewaane Dil-Doosra Aadmi*

    2699. Kya Mil Gaya Haai Kya Kho Gaya-Sasural*

    2700. Kya Miliye Aise Logon Se Jinki Fitarat Chhupi Rahe-Izzat*

    2701. Kya Pyaar Nahin Mujhse Batla De Meri Jaan-Salam Memsaab*

    2702. Kya Raat Suhaani Hai-Alif Laila*

    2703. Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya Bevafa Tere Pyaar Main-Guide*

    2704. Kya Shaadi Hui Meri Barbaadi Hui Meri-Mahasati Savitri

    2705. Kya Shaan Tumahri Allaah Ho-Mere Garib Nawaaz*

    2706. Kya Soch Raha Matwaale Duniya Ke Khel Nirale-Mr. India*

    2707. Kya Takalluf Hai Wallah-Jail Yatra*

    2708. Kya Teri Mahefil Hai Sanam Kho Gaye Ham-China Town*

    2709. Kya Tujhe Bhi Hai Pata Yeh Dil Tera-Chhoomantar

    2710. Kya Tum Ne Dil Liya Nahin-Non Film*

    2711. Kya Tum Wohi Ho Jo Neendon Main-Man Ki Aankhen*

    2712. Kya Yaad Hai Tumko Woh Din Jee-Satyanarayan

    2713. Kya Yaad Tumhain Ham Aayeinge-Non Film*

    2714. Kya Yun Hi Rooth Ke Jane Ko Mohabbat Ki Thi-Door Ki Aawaz*

    2715. Kyon Bichhad Gaye Jeevan Saathi-Adalat*

    2716. Kyon Chamke Kyon Chamke Bol Kuchh Bol Ras Ghol Goriye-Daraar*

    2717. Kyon Garm Sard Hote Ho Takraar Nahin Hai-Chakori*

    2718. Kyon Jee Mujhe Pehchaana O Ho Nahin Pehchaana-Boy Friend*

    2719. Kyon Jhuki Jhuki Hai Palken-Chhaila Babu

    2720. Kyon Karta Maan Jawaani Ka-Naach*

    2721. Kyon Main Sharmaaoon Tumse Mujhko Chheden Meri Sakhiyaan-Mangetar*

    2722. Kyon Mile Tum Ham Bewafa O Sanam-Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane*

    2723. La De Mohe Baalma Aasmaani Chudiyaan-Rail Ka Dibba*

    2724. Laagi Chhoote Na Ab To Sanam-Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal*

    2725. Laagi Lag Jaaye Logo Lagaayi Nahin Jaaye Re-Poonam*

    2726. Laahol Wala Aji Maasha Allah-Zamana Badal Gaya*

    2727. Laaj Lage Ghoonghat Na Khol Baalma-Shiv Bhakta

    2728. Laaj Meri Tere Haath Hai Ab Sanam-Chetnaa Doraahe Par*

    2729. Laake Majhdhar Mai Majhi Ko-Non Film*

    2730. Laake Tere Banda Wich-Panjabi*

    2731. Laakh Bura Koi Chaahe-Raja Vikram*

    2732. Laakh Mana Karle Yeh Nadan Zamaana Shama Pe Jal Jaayega-Banke Sawariya*

    2733. Laakhon Hai Nigah Main-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    2734. Laakhon Rangon Se Rangna Hai Apna Hindustaan-Do Sholay*

    2735. Laal Batti Ka Nishaan Neeche Paan Ki Dukaan-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    2736. Laal Chhadi Maidan Khadi Kya Khoob Ladi-Jaanwar*

    2737. Laal Laal Gaal Jaan Pe Hai Laagu-Mr. X*

    2738. Laanat Hai Aesi Mohabbat Pe-Holiday In Bombay*

    2739. Laaralappa Laaralappa Laayi Rakhda-Ek Thi Ladki*

    2740. Laaya Tha Kya Sikandar Allaah Ke Nek Bande-Sarfarosh*

    2741. Lab Pe Fariyaad Hai Dil Barbaad Hai-Naach*

    2742. Labbek Ya Haram-Islamic*

    2743. Labon Pe Dekho Jee Pyaar Karo-Annadata

    2744. Lad Gaye Lad Gaye Bichchhu Booti-Oot Pataang*

    2745. Lad Gaye Nazar Meri Lad Gaye-Hangama

    2746. Ladi Aankh Se Aankh Muhabbat Ho Gaye-Pocketmar*

    2747. Ladka Aur Ladki Mile Pyaar Ka Gaana-Chhoti Bhabhi*

    2748. Ladki Gali Ki Le Gaye Dekho Mera Dil-Angarey*

    2749. Ladki Panjaab Di Mauj Chaab Di-Mom Ki Gudiya*

    2750. Ladki Pasand Ki Mushkil Se Milti Hai-Ram Balram*

    2751. Lag Gai Ankhiyaan Tumse Mori O More Balam-Jeevan Jyoti*

    2752. Lage Koi Laatri Koi Jaikpaat Lage-Rivaaj*

    2753. Lagi Hai Aag Dil Main-Halchal*

    2754. Lagi Mast Nazar Ki Katar Dil Ke Utar Gaye Paar-Sehra*

    2755. Lagi Wale Te Kadi Nahin Sonde(Sassi Punnu)Panjabi*

    2756. Lagoon Main Kaisi Tumko Sanam-Tipu Sultan*

    2757. Lagta Nahin Hai Jee Mera Ujade Dayaar Main-Laal Quila*

    2758. Lahu Ko Lahu Pukaarega-Geeta Mera Naam*

    2759. Laila Ki Ungaliyaan Bechoon-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    2760. Laila Nirupeda Manusune (Aradhana)-Telugu*

    2761. Lak Hille Maja Jan Jandi Da(Jatt Aai Visakhii)-Panjabi*

    2762. Lak Patla Te Gaghar Bhaari(Guddi)-Panjabi*

    2763. Lakhan Rangan Vich Rangeela Ye Panjab(Do Sher)-Panjabi*

    2764. Lambi Joroo Badi Museebat Are Din Dekhe Na Raat-Ek Thi Ladki*

    2765. Landan Ki Ek Mil Main-Videsh*

    2766. Laraki Rang Na Muh Na Tan-Ladaki*

    2767. Laut Bhi Aao O Girdhari Radha Neer Bahaye-Naagin Aur Sapera*

    2768. Le Chal Naal Sapere(Sapni)-Panjabi*

    2769. Le Chala Jidhar Yeh Dil Nikal Pade-Miss Bombay*

    2770. Le De Sayyaan Odhani Panjaabi Tileedaar Hoya-Pavitra Papi*

    2771. Le Gaya Dekho Dekho Dil Bhi Hamaara-Samundar*

    2772. Le Gaya Zaalim Ghadi Samjh Ke Mear Dhadakta Dil-Bombay Race Course*

    2773. Le Gaye Dil Gudiya Jaapaan Ki-Love In Tokyo*

    2774. Le Gaye Ek Haseena Dil Mera-Benazir*

    2775. Le Jaa Uski Duaayen Jo Tera Ho Na Saka-Heer*

    2776. Le Le Gori Pehenle Chhori-Papi(Old)*

    2777. Le Le Rab Ka Naam Gaafil-Abdullah(Old)*

    2778. Le Lo Baabu Pudiya Yeh Jaaduwaali-Madan Manjari

    2779. Le Lo Chudiyaan Haan Le Lo Chudiyaan-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    2780. Le Lo Jee Gubbaare Hamaare Pyaare Pyaare-Bandish(Old)*

    2781. Le Lo Le Lo Do Phool Jaani Le Lo-Jaadoo*

    2782. Le Lo Le Lo Duaayen Ma Baap Ki-Maa Baap*

    2783. Le Lo Le Lo Jee Maharaja Dupatta Mera Saat Rang Ka-Meena Bazaar*

    2784. Lehra Ke Aaya Hai Jhonka Bahaar Ka-Waris*

    2785. Lehriyo Na Aawe Tohaar Kaatal Naginiya-Solaho Singaar Kare Dulhiniya

    2786. Lehron Main Jhool Ke Khushiyun Main Phool Ke-Do Gunde*

    2787. Leke Main To Champa Chameli Baabu-Rut Rangelee Aayee*

    2788. Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar Bharke Aankhon Main Khumaar-C.I.D*

    2789. Leke Phulkari Suhe Suhe Rang Di(Dharamjeet)-Panjabi*

    2790. Leke Sahaara Tere Pyaar Ka-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    2791. Lena Dena Kaam Bura Hai Pyaar Badi Chiz Hai-Do Matwale*

    2792. Lene Se Inkaar Nahin Aur Dene Ko Tayyaar Nahin-Amar Deep*

    2793. Lete Jaao Baabu Lete Jao Laala-Chander Shekhar*

    2794. Lijiye Dil Ka Nazaraana Lijiye Aankh Ka Shukraana-Naya Qanoon*

    2795. Likh Le Karam Ke Lekh(Sita Maiya)-Bhojpuri*

    2796. Likhkar Tera Naam Zameen Par Usko Sajde Karta Hai-Laila Majnu*

    2797. Likkha Karm Ke Lekh Kehoo Samujh Na Paawela(Seeta Maiya)-Bhojpuri

    2798. Likkhe Jo Khat Tujhe Woh Teri Yaad Main-Kanyadaan*

    2799. Likkhi Hai Yeh Bidhana Ne Qismat Gareeb Ki-Teen Cheharey*

    2800. Likkho Padhoge To Aage Badhoge-Baarood*

    2801. Lo Aa Gaya Haj Ka Mahina Aa Gaya-Islamic*

    2802. Lo Aaj Suno Apne Shaheedon Ki Kahaani-Minister*

    2803. Lo Aaya Japan Waala Sabse Aalishan-Tel Malish Boot Polish*

    2804. Lo Aaye Jhoom Ke Pilpili-Pilpili Saheb*

    2805. Lo Aayi Hai Jawaani Roop Ke Nagamen Gaati-Pehchan

    2806. Lo Bhor Hui Panchhi Nikle-Aawaaz*

    2807. Lo Chehra Surkh Sharaab Hua-Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya*

    2808. Lo Ek Kali Muskayee-Ek Kali Muskaye*

    2809. Lo Ham Aaye Dulha Bhyya Ke-Aan Baan*

    2810. Lo Ham Chale Chodke Ghar-Meri Bhabhi*

    2811. Lo Jee Fauji Main Aa Gaya Pahaan Ke Wardi Khaaki-Imaan Dharam*

    2812. Lo Kaamna Puri Hue-Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan*

    2813. Lo Khoon Se Khoon Juda Hua-Main Nashe Main Hon*

    2814. Lo Pakdo Pakdo Saajanwa-Raj Rani*

    2815. Lo Rukh Badal Raha Hai-Bano*

    2816. Log Kehte Hain Ke Ham Tumse Kinaara Kar Lein-Bahu Begum*

    2817. Log To Baat Ka Afsana Bana Dete Hain-Shaadi*

    2818. Log To Markar Jalte Honge-Gauri*

    2819. Logon Ka Dil Agar Haan Jeetna Tumko Hai To-Manpasand*

    2820. Logon Ye Kis Ki Arthi Chali-Dil Aur Deewar*

    2821. Loot Lo Meri Duniya Lutayegne Ham-The Revenger*

    2822. Loot Lo Meri Duniya Lutayenge Ham-The Revanzar*

    2823. Loshe Jhoothh Nahin Loot Nahin-C.I.D. Girl*

    2824. Lot Ke Aa Lot Ke Aa Chhod Na Jaa Veeraane Main-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    2825. Love Ka Matlab Ha Pyaar-Love In Shimla*

    2826. Lushka Lushkaa Luilusa Tu Mera Copy Right-Shararat*

    2827. Lut Gaya Ho Dil Lut Gaya-Lahu Pukarega*

    2828. Lut Gaya Mere Sapnon Ka Dera-Pyaar Ki Dastan*

    2829. Lut Gaye Ho Pyaar Main Tere Lut Gaye-Chhoti Bhabhi*

    2830. Lut Lao Naina Waaliyo(Sawa Laakh Se Ek Ladaaun)-Panjabi*

    2831. Maa Hai Muhabbat Ka Naam Ma Ko Hazaaron Salaam-Maa Ka Aanchal*

    2832. Maa Ki Mamta Taj Taj Baaba Ka Pyaar-Neel Mani

    2833. Maa Maa Karta Phire Laadla-Suvarna Sundari*

    2834. Maa Na Mare Bachpan Main Kisiki-Zameen Ke Tare*

    2835. Maa Sirf Naat Nahin Hai Woh Kuchh Aur Bhi Hai-Amar Akbar Anthony

    2836. Maa Tere Darbaar Jhuke Saara Sansaar-Bhakti Main Shakti*

    2837. Maa Tere Darbar Leke Aaya Main Pukar-Panjabi*

    2838. Maa Tujhe Dhoondhe Kahaan Maine Mamta Ko Pehchaana-Maa*

    2839. Maahi Ho Maahi Ho Dupatta Mera De De-Meena Bazaar*

    2840. Maaina Wat Podiya-Panjabi*

    2841. Maajhi Chal O Maajhi Chal-Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke*

    2842. Maakhan Chor Nand Kishore Manmohan Ghanshyam Re-Takkar*

    2843. Maan Bhi Jaao Sanam Ruth Ke Jaaya Na Karo-Ladki Pasand Hai*

    2844. Maan Jaaiye Maan Jaaiye Baat Mere Dil Ki Jaan Jaaiye-Himmat*

    2845. Maan Mera Ehsaan Arre Naadan Ki Maine Tujhse Kiya Hai Pyaar-Aan*

    2846. Maana Ki Khudayee Ka Teri-Sangeet Samrat Tansen*

    2847. Maana Mere Haseen Sanam Tu Rashake-Adventure Of Robin Hood And Ba*

    2848. Maana Tumna Rahoge Mana Humna Rahege-Naag Jyoti*

    2849. Maane Nahin Yeh Jiya Ki Umang-Ujala Hi Ujala*

    2850. Maang Ke Saath Tumhaara Maine Maang Liya Sansaar-Naya Daur*

    2851. Maang Raha Hai Hindusthan-Bazaar(Old)

    2852. Maangi Muhabbat Paayi Judaai-Gauna*

    2853. Maango Na Paisa Sage Baap Se-Char Minar*

    2854. Maar Gayo Re Rasgulla Ghumaai Ke Maar Gayo Re-Jaan E Bahaar*

    2855. Maarenge Kas Kas Ke Baan Sayyaan-Jashan*

    2856. Maaria Kitne Sobhito Maaria(Holiday In Goa)-Konkani*

    2857. Maarne Wale Zindagi Se Pyaar Kar-Grah Luxami

    2858. Maasoom Chehra Yeh Qatil Adaye-Dil Tera Deewana*

    2859. Maathe Ki Bindiya Bole Kaahe Ko Gori Dole(Sad)-Lahu Ke Do Rang*

    2860. Maathe Ki Bindiya Bole Kaahe Ko Gori Dole-Lahu Ke Do Rang*

    2861. Maati Ke Jalte Deepak Ki Jot To Ek Din Bujh Jaani Hai-Khoon Khoon*

    2862. Maaya Anchal Jale Kaya Ka Abhimaan-Kinare Kinare*

    2863. Maaya Ka Sansaar Hai Saara Maaya Ka Sansaar-Ram Aur Rahim

    2864. Maaya Man Ka Rog-Rishta*

    2865. Maayus Na Ho Ae Mere Watan-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    2866. Maayus To Hoon Waade Se Tere-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    2867. Macha Di Dhoom Duniya Main-Arab Ka Sitara*

    2868. Madad Kijiye Tajdare Madina-Islamic*

    2869. Madhosh Hawa Matwaali Fiza Sansaar Suhaana Lagta Hai-Prince*

    2870. Madhuban Me Radhika Nache Re-Kohinoor*

    2871. Madhur Ram Ka Naam-Bhajan*

    2872. Madine Waale Se Mera Salaam Keh Dena-Mera Salaam*

    2873. Magan Masat Ghar Ghar Main-Do Dost*

    2874. Magar Ae Haseena E Bekhabar-Dholak*

    2875. Maha Kavi Shri Vedvyaas Ki Aarti-Mahabharat*

    2876. Maidaan Main Ham Jo Aa Jaayen-Paayal*

    2877. Maidan Bulate Jaan Ladate Chale Chalo-Veer Rajputani*

    2878. Maike Se Aaja Biwiri Teri Yaad Main Ho Gaye Tb-Devar Bhabhi*

    2879. Main Aisa Ek Khilauna Ghoom Jaaoon-Shandaar*

    2880. Main Akela Jaa Raha Tha Kya Khabar Thi Mere Peechhe Hai-Gauri*

    2881. Main Albela Aashiq Hon Tu Karle Mujhse Pyaar-Johar In Kashmir*

    2882. Main Albela Hindustani Sabko Mera Salaam-Non Film*

    2883. Main Albela Home Gaurd Tu Karle Mujhse Pyaar-Johar In Kashmir*

    2884. Main Albela Jawaan Hoon Rangeela Ae Dil Manzil Hai Pyaar Ki-Humrahi*

    2885. Main Apne Aaap Se Ghabra Gaya Hon-Bindiya*

    2886. Main Baaze Wala Baba Na Bhoot Na Koyi Chhalawa Mulzim*

    2887. Main Bahut Door Chala Aaya Hoon-Raste Aur Manzil*

    2888. Main Bairagi Nachon Gaon-Bairaag*

    2889. Main Bajaaoon Jhoom Ke Maandal-Naach Utha Sansar*

    2890. Main Bambai Ka Baabu Naam Mera Anjaana-Naya Daur*

    2891. Main Bandar Hoon Shehr Ka Tu Ban Manoos-Insaniyat(Old)*

    2892. Main Bewafa Nahin Hoon Tere Pyaar Ki Qasam-Preet Na Jane Reet*

    2893. Main Bhi Jawaan Tu Bhi Jawaan-Do Dulhe*

    2894. Main Budhha Hon To Kya Hua-Night In Calcutta*

    2895. Main Chali Main Chali Peechhe Jahaan-Professor*

    2896. Main Chalta Hoon Mujhe Jaane Do-Raksha*

    2897. Main Deep Jalaye Baitha Hoon-Non Film*

    2898. Main Dhoondhati Hoon Kahaan Hai Sanam-Shrimati 420*

    2899. Main Dil Tenu Dittaye(Daku Jagat Singh)-Panjabi*

    2900. Main Ek Raaja Hoon Tu Ek Raani Hai-Uphaar*

    2901. Main Gaaoon Tum So Jaao Sukh Sapnon Main Kho Jaao(Sad)-Brahmachari*

    2902. Main Gaaoon Tum So Jaao Sukh Sapnon Main Kho Jaao-Brahmachari*

    2903. Main Gawalo Rakhwalo Mayya-Bhajan*

    2904. Main Hoon Allauddin Mere Paas Chiraag E Chin-Sargam(Old)*

    2905. Main Hoon Baanka Chhabila Jawaan Re-Halla Gulla*

    2906. Main Hoon Bada Naseebon Waala-Pardes

    2907. Main Hoon Bhola Viyapaari-Miya Biwi Raazi*

    2908. Main Hoon Gori Naagin-Nache Naagin Baje Been*

    2909. Main Hoon Hansi Tumne Kaha Main Hoon Jawaan-Harfan Mola*

    2910. Main Hoon Jaani Tera Tu Hai Janiya Meri-Bhai Bhai*

    2911. Main Hoon Jaipur Ki Banjaaran-Sajan*

    2912. Main Hoon Mister Jaani Maine Sab Mulkon Ka Piya Hai Paani-Mai Baap*

    2913. Main Hoon Mister John-Naach Ghar

    2914. Main Hoon Paapa Khaan Khel Dikhaata Hoon Jaadu Ke-Post Box 999*

    2915. Main Hoon Saaqi Tu Hai Sharabi-Ram Aur Shyam*

    2916. Main Hoon Shaahi Lakadhaara-Jalwa*

    2917. Main Hoon Tera Geet Gori Tu Hi Meri Taan Hai-Mahua*

    2918. Main Idhar Jaon Ya Udhar Jaon-Palki*

    2919. Main Is Maasoom Chehre Ko Agar Chhu Lon To-Baghi Shahzada*

    2920. Main Is Paar Tu Us Paar Kiya Apni Taqdeer Hai-Agni Rekha*

    2921. Main Jaadugar Hoon Kaarigar Hoon-Oot Pataang*

    2922. Main Jaadugar Matwaala-Ram Bhakti*

    2923. Main Jaan Gai Tujhe-Howrah Bridge*

    2924. Main Jaan Gaye Tujhe Sayyaan-Shradhanjali

    2925. Main Jab Gaun Geet Suhana-Amar Raaj*

    2926. Main Jangle Ka Raja Mere Rani Kesi Ho-Maa*

    2927. Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewaana Ho Rabba Ittisi Baat Na Jaana-Pratigya*

    2928. Main Jatt Desh Punjab Da(Jagga)-Panjabi*

    2929. Main Jeeta, Jag Haara-Jeevan Saathi

    2930. Main Kab Gata Mere Swar Main Payar Kisi Ka Gata Hai-Non Film*

    2931. Main Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaaon Tere Pyaar Main Ae Kavita-Pyaar Hi Pyaar*

    2932. Main Kaise Keh Doon Tumse Apne Dil Ki Baaten-Jeevan Saathi*

    2933. Main Kaisi Kahoongi More Raaja-Ratna Manjari

    2934. Main Kal Phir Milungi Isis Gulsitan Main-Dr Vidya*

    2935. Main Keh Doon Tumko Chor To Bolo Kya Karoge-Sanam*

    2936. Main Khidki Pe Aaoongi-Kalpana*

    2937. Main Kho Gaya Yhin Kahin-12 O Clock*

    2938. Main Koi Jhoot Boliya Koi Na -Jaagte Raho*

    2939. Main Kon Hoon Main Kaha Hoon Mujhe Yeh Hosh-Main Chup Rahungi*

    2940. Main Kon Tu Jadugar-Dushman Dost*

    2941. Main Kundal Waaliyan Zulfaan Nu(Jija Ji)-Panjabi*

    2942. Main Laawan Chuna Katthha(Bhaiya Jee)-Panjabi*

    2943. Main Maali Ka Chhokra Mera Baag Hai Jamna Paar-Sarkaar*

    2944. Main Main Kartoon Baj Raha Hai Bar Bar Dil Ka Teliphon-Mr. Kartoon M.A.*

    2945. Main Marne Chala Hon-Suhaag Raat*

    2946. Main Nahin Maanonga-Chandrakanta*

    2947. Main Nashe Me Hoon-Do Gunde*

    2948. Main Nigaahen Tere Chahere Se Hataoon Kise-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan*

    2949. Main Pandit Tu Pathan-Pandit Aur Pathan*

    2950. Main Pyaar Ka Deewaana Sab Se Mujhe Ulfat Hai-Aayee Milan Ki Bela*

    2951. Main Pyaar Ka Raahi Hoon Teri Zulf Ke Saaye Main-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    2952. Main Raahi Anjaan Raahon Ka-Anjaana*

    2953. Main Rawan Lanka Nresh-Insaniyat(Old)*

    2954. Main Riksha Waala Hai Chaar Ke Baraabar-Chhoti Bahen*

    2955. Main Sharabi Nahi-Khilona*

    2956. Main Soya Ankhiyaan Meeche-Phagun*

    2957. Main Sunaata Hoon Tujhe Ek Kahaani Sunle-Khandaan*

    2958. Main Suraj Hon To Meri Kiran-Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya*

    2959. Main Suraj Ki Roshani Tu Chanda Ki Chaandni-Shaayad*

    2960. Main Teri Gunehgaar Hoon Main Tujhse Sharmsaar Hoon-Dharma*

    2961. Main Teri Heer Hon Teri Taqdeer Hoon-Raftaar*

    2962. Main Teri Rukhasana Tu Mera Parwaana Antul Mahboobi-Begunah*

    2963. Main Teri Tu Mera Dono Ka Sang Sang Ho Basera-Aap Ki Sewa Main*

    2964. Main Tho Raahon Pada Patthar Hoon-Rah Pada Patthar*

    2965. Main To Banke Naino Wali-Chhoomantar*

    2966. Main To Bapu Se Poonch Ki Bataungi-Shehar Se Door*

    2967. Main To Chhuriyon Ki Dhaar Pe-Ek Se Badhkar Ek*

    2968. Main To Tere Haseen Khayaalon Main Kho Gaya-Sangram(Old)*

    2969. Main To Tumhari Seeta-Mangetar*

    2970. Main Tooti Hui Ek Naiyya Hoon-Aadmi*

    2971. Main Tujhse Milne Aayi Mandir Jaane Ke Bahaane-Heera*

    2972. Main Tumahara Ho Liya Aur Tu Hamaari-Maya Jaal*

    2973. Main Tumhi Se Yeh Poochhti Hun Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Kyon-Black Cat*

    2974. Main Woh Hi Woh Hi Baat Mere Liye To Har Din-Naya Din Nai Raat*

    2975. Main Yahaan Tu Kahaan Mera Dil Tujhe Pukaare-Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane*

    2976. Main Yamla Jatt O Hat Bhay Hat(Yamla Jatt)-Panjabi*

    2977. Main Ye Sochkar Uske Dar Se Uthhha Tha-Haqeeqat*

    2978. Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya-Hum Dono*

    2979. Main Zindagi Main Hardam Rota Hi Raha Hon-Barsaat*

    2980. Maine Ae Jaan E Vafa Tumse Muhabbat Ki Hai-Bedaag*

    2981. Maine Chaand Aur Sitaaron Ki Tamanna Ki Thi-Chandrakanta*

    2982. Maine Chaand Dekha Hai Jhilmilaate Sitaaron Main-Woh Din Yaad Karo*

    2983. Maine Jab Se Tujhe Ae Jane Gazal Dekha Hai-Non Film*

    2984. Maine Kab Chaha Ke Dulha Banunga-Kehte Hain Mujhko Raja*

    2985. Maine Kaha Baabuji Itna Bataaoge-Chhoti Bhabhi*

    2986. Maine Kaha Miss What Is This-Mitti Main Sona*

    2987. Maine Kaha Suno Zara Kyon-Gypsy Girl*

    2988. Maine Kaha Tha Aana Sunday Ko-Ustadon Ke Ustad*

    2989. Maine Pee Hai Pee Hai Pee Hai-Raat Ke Rahi*

    2990. Maine Pee Sharab Tumne Kya Piya-Naya Raasta*

    2991. Maine Peena Seekh Liya-Goonj Uthi Shehnai*

    2992. Maine Poochha Chaand Se Ke Dekha Hain Kahin-Abdullah*

    2993. Maine Rakkha Hai Muhabbat Apne Afsaane Ka Naam-Shabnam*

    2994. Maine Sau Baar Khayalon Ke Banaye Khake-Parchhaiyan*

    2995. Maine Shaayad Tumhe Pehle Bhi Kabhi Dekha Hai-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    2996. Maine Socha Tha Agar Mot Se Pehle-Non Film*

    2997. Maine Thodisi Chadhaai To Aisi Chadhi-Kartavya*

    2998. Maine To Maangi Hai Bas Yeh Dua(Sad)-Duniya Meri Jeb Main*

    2999. Maine To Maangi Hai Bas Yeh Dua-Duniya Meri Jeb Main *

    3000. Maine Tujhe Jeet Liya Tune Mujhe Jeet Liya-Nishana*

    3001. Maine Tujhse Kiya Hai Pyaar O Meri Mehbooba-Khoj*

    3002. Maira Paigam Mohabbat Ke Siwa-Tere Bagair*

    3003. Makhmal Ho Ya Tat Ka Parda-Soorma Bhopali*

    3004. Mal Mal Ke Jaaye Mera Jiya-Ek Ladki Saat Ladke

    3005. Man Dole Ho Man Dole Nadi Kinare-Paras*

    3006. Man Ka Moji Hon Sanam-Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi*

    3007. Man Ke Khazaane Main Maaya Hi Maaya-Teen Chor*

    3008. Man Ki Been Matwaari Baaje-Shabab*

    3009. Man Ki Gagariya Main Tu Chamka-Piya Milan Ki Aas*

    3010. Man Ki Sooni Nagariya Suhaani Bani-Sona Chandi*

    3011. Man Mera Tera Jogi Asha Poori Kab Hogi-Aashiana*

    3012. Man Mohan Man Main Ho Tumhin More-Kaise Kahoon*

    3013. Man Mora Baawra Nis Din Gaaye Geet Milanke-Raagini*

    3014. Man Re Tan Hai Dukh Ka Gaaon-Bhajan*

    3015. Man Re Too Kahe Na Dheer Dhare-Chitralekha*

    3016. Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj-Baiju Bawra*

    3017. Mandir Ko Tod Masjid Ko Tod-Mera Geet*

    3018. Mandir Lakhaan Da Howe Per Os Ander-Panjabi*

    3019. Manwa Hari Sumiran Kar Leeje Manwa-Baalak Dhruv*

    3020. Manwa Kaahe Dheer Ganwaaye-Pensioner

    3021. Manzil Bhi Door Hai-Qatil

    3022. Mard Ke Sar Dard Hai-Khushboo

    3023. Mareez E Ishq Hoon Ae Jaan E Man Meri Dua Karna-Bin Badal Barsaat*

    3024. Marna Teri Gali Mein-Shabab*

    3025. Marte Ko Maare Duniya Jhukti Hai Duniya-Saaqi

    3026. Mast Bahaaron Ka Main Aashiq-Farz*

    3027. Mastaana Ada Behki Behki-Trip To Moon*

    3028. Masti Jo Teri Aankhon Main Hai Woh Nazaaron Main Nahi-Ek Se Badhkar Ek*

    3029. Masti Main Chhedke Taraana Koi Dil Ka Aaj-Haqeeqat*

    3030. Mat Bhool Are Insaan-Mastana*

    3031. Mat Bhool Ki Tu Ek Ma Hai-Bezuban

    3032. Mat Pooch Mera Hai Kon Watan Aur Main Kahan Ka Hon-Miss India*

    3033. Mat Poochh Ke Kis Ke Aashiq Hain-Meharbani*

    3034. Mat Poochiye Dil Hai Kahan Dil Ke Manzil-Hum Matwale Naujawan*

    3035. Mat Pyaar Main Dhokha Khaana-Aadhi Roti*

    3036. Mat Ro Suhaagan Tere Liye Ab-Naagin Aur Suhaagan*

    3037. Mat Samajh Mujhe Tu Kangla Tujhe Banwadoon Ek Bangla-Do Dost*

    3038. Matlab Di Ye Duniya Yaaro(Sajjan Thug)-Panjabi*

    3039. Matlab Ke Liye Duniya Ne Paise Ko Banaya Khuda-Mohabbat Ki Koi Dawa Nahin*

    3040. Matlab Nikal Gaya Hai To Pehchaanate Nahin-Amanat*

    3041. Matwaala Jiya Dole Piya-Mother India*

    3042. Matwaale Nain Kaahe Ham Par Jaadu Daale-Rangeela

    3043. Matwaali Aankhon Walay O Albele Dilwaale-Chhote Nawab*

    3044. Maujon Ka Ishara Hai-Naata*

    3045. Maujon Main Chhupa Saahil Saahil Hai Teri Manzil-Arabian Nights*

    3046. Mausam Lahara Gaya Nasha Sa Chha Gaya-Picnic*

    3047. Mausam O Mausam Mausam Suhaane Aa Gaye-Judaai*

    3048. Mausam Pe Jawaani Hai-Do Preme*

    3049. Maye Na Wat Puniyan(Bidai Geet)-Panjabi*

    3050. Meet Mere Man Ke Mera Yeh Vaada Hai-Unees Bees*

    3051. Meethadi Najron Vaagi(Satyavan Savitri)-Gujrati*

    3052. Megha Re Bole Ghanana Ghanan-Dil Deke Dekho*

    3053. Mehanga Ho Ya Sasta-Pyaara Dushman*

    3054. Mehbooba Dil Walon Ki Shehzaadi Mere Khwabon Ki-Anjaan Hai Koi*

    3055. Mehbooba Mehbooba Bana Lo Mujhe Dulha-Sadhu Aur Shaitan*

    3056. Mehbooba Mehbooba-Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong

    3057. Mehbooba Teri Tasveer Kis Tarah Main Banaaoon-Ishq Par Zor Nahi*

    3058. Mehfil Main Meri Kon Yeh Deewaana Aa Gaya-Albela*

    3059. Mehfil Main Nahin To Dil Main Sahi-Watan Se Door*

    3060. Mehfil Main Sayanon Ki Ek Deewan Aagya-Khazana*

    3061. Mehfil Main Tere Husn Ka Deewaana Kaun Hai-Roop Lekha*

    3062. Mehfil Main Teri Yon Hi Rahe Jashne Charagan-Kaajal*

    3063. Mehfil Mein Tera Diwana Aaya-Rakh Aur Chingari*

    3064. Mehfil Se Utth Jaane Waalon Tum Logon Par Kya Ilzaam-Dooj Ka Chand*

    3065. Mehka Mehka Roop Tumhaara Behki Behki Chaal-Ganwaar*

    3066. Mehlon Main Rahnewaale Hame Tere Dar Se Kya-Shabab*

    3067. Mehmaan Ban Ke Aaye Thhe(Solo)-Shoharat*

    3068. Mehnat Kar Insaan Jaag Utha-Insaan Jaag Utha*

    3069. Mehnat Se Na Kabhi Daro Kaam Karo Baye Kaam Karo-Bhookh*

    3070. Mela Do Din Da(Jugnee)-Panjabi*

    3071. Mera Baanka Desh Panjab(Jagga)-Panjabi*

    3072. Mera Ban Jaaye Koi Yeh Meri Taqadir Nahin-Ek Sapera Ek Lutera*

    3073. Mera Bandar Chala Hai Sasural-Zindagi Aur Khwab*

    3074. Mera Bichhda Yaar Mila De-Sohni Mahiwal*

    3075. Mera Dil Aashiqana Hai-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    3076. Mera Dil Dhadak Raha Sare Shaam Bekhudi Main-Phir Bahaar Aaye*

    3077. Mera Dil Ghaayal Kar Ke Bairi Jag Se Dar Ke-Bhikhari*

    3078. Mera Dil Ghabraaye Meri Aankh Sharmaaye-Mr. Kartoon M.A*

    3079. Mera Dil Hai Tera Tera Dil Hai Mera-An Evening In Paris*

    3080. Mera Dil Tujhpe Qurbaan Hai-Naya Paisa*

    3081. Mera Dil Tum Pe Aa Gaya Mere Pehlu Se Dil Gaya-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    3082. Mera Dulha Shehr Se Aaye Re-Do Dulhe*

    3083. Mera Duniya Lut Rahi Thi-Na Maaloom

    3084. Mera Ek Sawal Hai Sawaal Ka Jawab Do-Maan Gaye Ustad*

    3085. Mera Gadha Gadhon Ka Leedar-Meharban*

    3086. Mera Haale Dil Kon Pechaanta Hai-Ajeeb Ladki*

    3087. Mera Husn Chamakta Sona-Laal Nishan*

    3088. Mera Man Hai Magan Laagi Tumse Lagan-Durga Pooja

    3089. Mera Man Tera Pyaasa Mera Man Tera-Gambler*

    3090. Mera Mizaj Ladkpan Se-Saaqi*

    3091. Mera Mujhse Kichhu Nahin Jo Kuchh Hai So Tera-Gyani Ji

    3092. Mera Naam Ajanon Main-Ustadi Ustad Se*

    3093. Mera Naam Fataafat Mera Kaam Jhataapat-Shahzada

    3094. Mera Nanha Sa Dil Mushkil Hai-Oot Pataang*

    3095. Mera Paigam Mohabbat Ke Siwa-Tere Bagair*

    3096. Mera Pyaar Jawaan Dildaar Jawaan-Dil Aur Patthar*

    3097. Mera Qaraar Hai Tu Meri Zindagi Hi Tu Hai-Beti*

    3098. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola-Shaheed Bhagat Singh*

    3099. Mera Roop Mera Rang Mere Chalne Ka Dhang-Woh Main Nahin

    3100. Mera Salaam Lelo-Mera Salaam*

    3101. Mera Swapn Bada Suhaana-Mera Geet

    3102. Mera Tenu We Salam(Premi Gangaram)-Panjabi*

    3103. Mera To Dil Dil Dil Gharbraaye-Kaala Aadmi*

    3104. Mera To Jo Bhi Qadam Hai Woh Meri Raha Main Hai-Dosti*

    3105. Mera Tujhe Bhi Salaam-Premi Gangaram*

    3106. Mera Tumhaara Saath To Sadiyon Ka Saath Hai-Ek Paheli*

    3107. Mera Yaar Bana Hai Dulha-Chaudhvin Ka Chand*

    3108. Mere Aaqa Hai Shaahi Madina-Sim Sim Marjina*

    3109. Mere Aaqa Mere Sarkaar Madine Wale-Islamic*

    3110. Mere Bechain Dil Ko Chain Tune Diya-Aamne Saamne*

    3111. Mere Bhaag Ke Vidhata Sukh Dukh Ke O Data-Brahma Vishnu Mahesh*

    3112. Mere Bhagwan Tu Mujhko Yoon Hi Barbaad Rahne De-Bazaar(Old)*

    3113. Mere Budhape Ko Tu Cash Kar Le-Apna Khoon*

    3114. Mere Chaaht-Mehman

    3115. Mere Desh Ke Rang Pyaare Pyaare-Daaku Aur Jawan*

    3116. Mere Desh Main Pavan Chale Purvaayi-Jigri Dost*

    3117. Mere Desh Premiyon Aapas Main Prem Karo-Desh Premi*

    3118. Mere Dil Door Bahut Door Kahin Bhi Le Chal-Naina*

    3119. Mere Dil Ka Dil Meri Jaan Ki Jaan-Lamboo In Hongkong*

    3120. Mere Dil Ke Andar Chalati Hai Khanjar-Phool Aur Patthar*

    3121. Mere Dil Ke Musaafir Khaane Main Ho Dekho-Hazar Raaten*

    3122. Mere Dil Ki Ho Mere Dil Ki Duniya Basa Di Kisi Ne-Paras*

    3123. Mere Dil Ki Sunle Kahaani O Dilbar Jaani-Chahat*

    3124. Mere Dil Ko Jalaaya Na Karo-Gauna*

    3125. Mere Dil Ko Jiski Talaash Thi Main Woh Sitamgar Paliya-Ustadon Ke Ustad*

    3126. Mere Dil Main Aanewaale-Baap Bete*

    3127. Mere Dil Main Jo Hota Hai-Aap Ke Deewane*

    3128. Mere Dil Pe Andhra Sa Chhane Laga-Ek Phool Ek Bhool*

    3129. Mere Dil Pe Laga De Darling-Basant*

    3130. Mere Dil Se Aake Lipat Gaye-Neela Akash*

    3131. Mere Dilbar Mujh Par Kafa Na Ho-Dharmputra*

    3132. Mere Dildaar Ka Baankpan Allaah Allaah-Deedar E Yaar*

    3133. Mere Dost Kissa Ye Kya Ho Gaya-Dostana*

    3134. Mere Dost Tujhe Tera Meet Mubarak-Dharkan*

    3135. Mere Dushman To Meri Dosti Ko Tarse-Aaye Din Bahar Ke*

    3136. Mere Geet Hain Anaam Anaam Shahidon Ke Naam-Jurm Aur Saza*

    3137. Mere Geeton Ka Shringar Ho Tum-Non Film*

    3138. Mere Ghar Se Pyaar Ki Paalki Chali Gaye-Palki*

    3139. Mere Gore Gore Gaal Mere Kale Kale Baal-Dulhan*

    3140. Mere Gunaah Maaf Kar Mera Zameer Saaf Kar-Sacchaai*

    3141. Mere Haseen Saathiya-Mangti*

    3142. Mere Himalay Ke Pasbaano Tumhen Vatan Phir Pukaarta-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    3143. Mere Jaisa Nahin Milega-Fifty Fifty*

    3144. Mere Jaisi Nahin Milegi Bholi Bhaali Naar-Khamosh Sipahi

    3145. Mere Jungli Kabotar Mera Dil Ekmandir-Ek Kali Muskaye*

    3146. Mere Kooche Main Zalim Apni Galiyaan-Inqualab

    3147. Mere Lahange Main Ghunghru Laga De-Basant*

    3148. Mere Liye Aati Hai Shaam Chanda Bhi Hai Mera Gulaam-Raton Ka Raja*

    3149. Mere Liye To Bas Wahi Pal Hain Hasin Bahar Ke-Non Film*

    3150. Mere Maalik Ki Dukaan Pe-Dashera

    3151. Mere Man Main Hai Raam Mere Tan Main Hai Raam-Pawan Putra Hanuman*

    3152. Mere Mehbob Mere Dil Ki Nao Kiya She Hai-Non Film*

    3153. Mere Mehboob Tere Dam Se Hai Duniya Main Bahaar-Bhai Bhai*

    3154. Mere Mehboob Tujhe Meri Muhabbat Ki Qasam-Mere Mehboob*

    3155. Mere Mehboob Tujhe Salam-Bagaawat*

    3156. Mere Mehboob Tum Ho Tum Hi Ho-Ladies Tailor*

    3157. Mere Mitwa Mere Meet Re(Duet)-Geet*

    3158. Mere Mitwa Mere Meet Re(Solo)-Geet*

    3159. Mere Naal Bolega(Heer Syal)-Panjabi*

    3160. Mere Paas Aao De Do Sahaara-Dukh Sukh*

    3161. Mere Paas Aao Mere Bhole Sajan Jee-Roshni

    3162. Mere Pairon Main Ghunghroo Bandha De-Sangharsh*

    3163. Mere Pardesi Mehmaan Kahaan Mera Maan-Andher Nagri Choupat Raja*

    3164. Mere Pehlu Main Aa Ke Baitho Khuda Ke Waaste-Rustam E Hind*

    3165. Mere Pyaar Ki Aavaaz Pe Chali Aana-Raaj Mahal*

    3166. Mere Pyaar Main Tujhe Kya Mila-Suhaagan*

    3167. Mere Pyar Ka Aaj Mahurat Hai-Shehar Se Door*

    3168. Mere Qaasid Tu Jab Poohenche Mere Dildaar Le Aage-Laila Majnu(Old)

    3169. Mere Raam Kahaan Ho Tum-Pawan Putra Hanuman

    3170. Mere Saaqiya Mere Dilruba Yeh Naqaab Utha-Rootha Na Karo*

    3171. Mere Saathi Aaja-Saaranga*

    3172. Mere Saathi Meri Aawaaz Pe-Milap

    3173. Mere Sajre Haaniyan Jaa(Wangar)-Panjabi*

    3174. Mere Sapnon Ki Raani Kidhar Ko Jaati-Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi

    3175. Mere Sapnon Ki Raani Tum Nahin Ho-Jawan Mohabbat*

    3176. Mere Sapnon Ki Rani Roohi Roohi-Shahjahan*

    3177. Mere Seene Cho Dil De Chori Na Hundi(Satluj De Kande)-Panjabi*

    3178. Mere Shyaam Tera Naam-Bhajan*

    3179. Mere To Shri Hari Naahi Duja-Sant Janabai*

    3180. Mere Uljhe Re Naina(Vidhana Naach Nachave)-Bhojpuri

    3181. Mere Yaar Ki Yaari Dekh Ke-Insaniyat(New)*

    3182. Mere Yaar Tu Chhod Gam-Love In Canada*

    3183. Mere Yaar Ye Din Ho Mubarak Tujhe-Neeyat*

    3184. Meri Aabaru Tere Haath Hai Tu Dilon Ka Haal Hai-Raaka*

    3185. Meri Aankhon Ke Taare-Aap Ki Sewa Main*

    3186. Meri Aankhon Ke Ujaale Meri Chaahat Mere Bhai-Aabroo*

    3187. Meri Aanknho Mein Ek Sapna Hai-Videsh*

    3188. Meri Aawaaz Suno Pyaar Ka Raaz Suno Maine Ek Phool-Naunihal*

    3189. Meri Ankhon Ki Nindiya Churaale Gaya-Jhuk Gaya Aasman*

    3190. Meri Biwi Jahan Se Nirali Hai-Subho Sham*

    3191. Meri Chahat Rahegi Hamesha Jawan-Chahat*

    3192. Meri Dilruba Mere Paas Aa-Malika*

    3193. Meri Dulhan Aayi Sang Doli Na Kahaar-Sab Ka Ustad*

    3194. Meri Duniya Lut Rahi Thi Aur Main Khamosh Tha-Mr. & Mrs. 55*

    3195. Meri Duniya Main Tum Aayeen Kya Kya Apne Saath Liye-Heer Raanjha*

    3196. Meri Gaadi Udan Khatol Koi Kahe Raaja Ka Rath-Aurat*

    3197. Meri Gagri Noon Ghunghru Lawa De-Saawan*

    3198. Meri Gali Chhokare Jee Aaya Na Karo-Hum Matwale Naujawan*

    3199. Meri Gudiya Ko Gudda Lrjaayega-Dhokhe Baaz*

    3200. Meri Hasrato Ki Duniya-Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi*

    3201. Meri Hirni Jaisi Chaal-Jailor*

    3202. Meri Jaan Anadi Hai Uspe Chaal Aadi Hai-Scekret Agent*

    3203. Meri Jaan Apne Aashiq Ko Sataana Kis Se Seekha Hai-Mere Huzoor*

    3204. Meri Jaan Gair Ko Tum Paan Khilaaya-Kundan*

    3205. Meri Jaan Hai Sona Kabhi Door Na Hona-Mehmil*

    3206. Meri Jaan Meri Jaan Main Janata Hoon Tu Hai Khafa-Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye*

    3207. Meri Jaan Na Sata Tu Mera Jee Na Jala Tu-Bahu Beti*

    3208. Meri Jaan Pyaar Se Kab Tak Jawaani Ko Bachaogi-Faisla*

    3209. Meri Jholi Ko Bhar De Ae Khuda Sadqe Mohammad Ke-Maa Ke Ansoo*

    3210. Meri Kaamini O Meri Raagini Dharti Pe Chaand Laaoon-Prem Ki Ganga

    3211. Meri Kahaani Bhoolnewaale Tera Jahaan Aabaad Rahe-Deedar*

    3212. Meri Laash Ki Mitti Kharaab Na Ho-Badla Aur Balidan*

    3213. Meri Lut Gaye Duniya Pyaar Ki-Khamosh Sipahi*

    3214. Meri Mehboob Kahin Aur Milakar Mujhse-Gazal*

    3215. Meri Mehboob Mere Saath Hi Chalna Hain-Gyaarah Hazar Ladkiyan*

    3216. Meri Mehfil Main Aa Ke Dekh-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    3217. Meri Mohabbat Jawaan Rahegi Sada Rahi Hai Sada Rahegi-Jaanwar*

    3218. Meri Mohabbat Paak Mohabbat-April Fool*

    3219. Meri Mohabbat Qubool Karlo-Non Film*

    3220. Meri Mohabbat Teri Jawaani-Anjaana*

    3221. Meri Morni Sachch Kaheta Hoon-Night In Calcutta*

    3222. Meri Nazar Main Srif Tum Ho Kuchh Aur Mujhko Pata-Pyaar Ka Mausam

    3223. Meri Nigaah Ne Kiya Kam Kya-Musafir Khana*

    3224. Meri Nigaah Ne Kya Kaam Laajavaab Kiya-Mohabbat Isko Kahte Hain*

    3225. Meri Nigaah Ne Yeh Kaisa Khwaab Dekha Hai-Lubna*

    3226. Meri Padosan He Dil Ki Dushmaan-Shimla Road*

    3227. Meri Pehli Aarzoo Ka Yeh Salam Yaad Rakhana-Pyaar Ka Bandhan*

    3228. Meri Qismat Soyi-Roomal

    3229. Meri Raakhi Ki Rakhiyo Tu Aan Re-Naya Qanoon

    3230. Meri Raani Mat Jaa Pyaar Tujhe Kar Loon-Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha*

    3231. Meri Raaton Ka Mahtaab Tu Hai-Smuggler*

    3232. Meri Sakhi Bata-Hangama*

    3233. Meri Sakhiyon Bolo Zara Mukhda To Kholo-Mela*

    3234. Meri Sun Le Deen Dyaal Kar De Mujhko Maalaamal-Thokar*

    3235. Meri Sun To O Pardesi Dil Se Dil Takrane De-Naach Ghar*

    3236. Meri Tasveer Lekar Kya Karoge Tum-Kaala Samundar*

    3237. Meri Vinti Suno Bhagwaan-Taj*

    3238. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu Mujhko Teri Justaju-Papi*

    3239. Meri Zindagi Ke Sahaare-Kar Bhala

    3240. Meri Zindagi Main Aate To Kuchh Aur Baat Hoti-Kanyadaan*

    3241. Meri Zindagi Tere Pyaar Main Ham Kahaan Kahaan-Jeevan Saathi

    3242. Meri Zindagi Tere Pyaar Main-Ge Chahta Hai*

    3243. Meryaa Malika Aye Ki Khel Rachya(Laadlee )-Panjabi*

    3244. Micel Ki Qismat Hai Achhi Wali Re-Scekret Agent*

    3245. Mil Gaya Mil Gaya Dhoondhate The Jise Mil Gaya-Unees Bees*

    3246. Mil Gaya Taqdeer Se-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    3247. Mil Gayee Mil Gayee Mere Sapnon Ki Rani-Jawan Mohabbat*

    3248. Mil Gayee Mil Gayee Re Mujhko Mohabbat Mil Gayee-Pyaar Mohabbat*

    3249. Mil Jaati Hai Sansaar Main Sansaar Se Mukti-Mukti

    3250. Mil Ke Bethho Jodo Bandhan-Panchayat*

    3251. Mil Le Mil Le Mujhe Chho Nahin Vaise Hi Mil Le-Paisa Ya Pyaar*

    3252. Mil Mil Ke Gaayenge Ho Ho Do Dil Yahaan-Dulari*

    3253. Milaad Shareef-Islamic*

    3254. Milan Na Deepak Sau Bujhaye Gaya Chhe(Sneha Bandhan)-Gujrati*

    3255. Mile Jo Kadi Kadi Ek Zanjeer Bane-Kasme Vaade*

    3256. Mile Khaak Main Naujawaan-Chalbaaz

    3257. Mili Khaak Main Mohabbat Jala Dil Ka Aashiyaana-Chaudhvin Ka Chand*

    3258. Mili Na Phool To Kaanton Se Dosti Kar Li-Anokhi Raat*

    3259. Mili Nigaah Tujhse Kaise Mili Kya Kahiye Hai-Jaalsaaz*

    3260. Milkar Jaaye Ham Preet Ke Deewaane-Jeevan Saathi*

    3261. Milna Tha Unka Mere Liye Dard Ban Gaya-Pujye Gandhi Ji*

    3262. Milta Hai Kya Namaz Main Sajde Main Ja Ke Dekh Le-Arab Ka Sitara*

    3263. Milte Hi Nazar Tumse Ham Ho Gaye Deewaane-Ustadon Ke Ustad*

    3264. Milti Hai Agar Nazaron Se Nazar Sharmaate Ho Kyon-Do Dilon Ki Dastan*

    3265. Mittar Pyare Nu(Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai)-Panjabi*

    3266. Mitti Main Mil Gaya Hai Tera Naam Dekh Le-Modern Girl*

    3267. Mizaaj E Garaami Dua Hai Aapki-Jaal*

    3268. Mohabbat Choome Jinke Haath-Aan*

    3269. Mohabbat Hi Mohabbat Hai-Geeta Mera Naam*

    3270. Mohabbat Ho Gai Bas-Sagaai(Old)*

    3271. Mohabbat Hue Mere Sayyan-Shakka*

    3272. Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hain-Hanste Ansu

    3273. Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hain-Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai*

    3274. Mohabbat Ka Haath Jawaani Ka Palla-Shradhanjali*

    3275. Mohabbat Ka Naghma Juban Par Na Aata-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    3276. Mohabbat Kar Lo Jee Bhar Lo Aji Kisne Roka Hai-Aar Paar*

    3277. Mohabbat Karegi Asar Dhire Dhire(Unreleased)-Teri Nazar Teteri Ada*

    3278. Mohabbat Karke Kya Loge-Lambe Haath*

    3279. Mohabbat Karo To Karo Chup Chupake-Kaala Samundar*

    3280. Mohabbat Ke Dhaage Main Kaliyaan-Mere Garib Nawaaz

    3281. Mohabbat Ke Dhokhe Main Koi Na Aaye-Badi Bahen*

    3282. Mohabbat Ke Khuda Ham Hai-Brahmachari*

    3283. Mohabbat Ke Liye Waise To Taanhai Zaroori Hai-Amar Shakti*

    3284. Mohabbat Ke Maaron Ka Haal Yeh Duniya Main Hota Hai-Bawre Nain*

    3285. Mohabbat Ke Suhaane Din Jawaani Ki Haseen Raate-Maryada*

    3286. Mohabbat Khuda Hai-Love And God*

    3287. Mohabbat Ki Aankhon Se Aaj Pehla Aansu Chhalka Hai-Wohi Ladki*

    3288. Mohabbat Ki Bas Itni Daastaan Hai-Baaradari*

    3289. Mohabbat Ki Motor Main-Do Dulhe*

    3290. Mohabbat Ki Raahon Main Chalna Sambhal Ke-Udan Khatola*

    3291. Mohabbat Main Aji Kya Aap Apna Imtahaan Denge-Phandebaaz*

    3292. Mohabbat Main Khudaaya Aise Gujare Zindagi Apni-Shahnaz*

    3293. Mohabbat Main Nazar Milte Hi Ban Jaate Hain Afsaane-Khiladi

    3294. Mohabbat Naam Hai Jiska-Chengiz Khan(Unreleased)*

    3295. Mohabbat Rang Laayegi Janaab Aahista Aahista-Poonam*

    3296. Mohabbat Rog Bankar-Jeevan Saathi*

    3297. Mohabbat Se Dekha Khafa Ho Gaye Hain-Bheegi Raat*

    3298. Mohabbat Se Tumhen Dekha Magar Tum Jaane Kya Samjhe-Raton Ka Raja*

    3299. Mohabbat Yon Bhi Hoti Hai-Marine Drive*

    3300. Mohabbat Zinda Rehti Hai Muhabbat Mar Nahin Sakti-Chengiz Khan*

    3301. Mohammad Shaah Rangeele Re-Nadir Shah*

    3302. Mohan Main Ek Bhatka Raahi-Baraat

    3303. Mohd Ka Naqshe Qadam Choom-Islamic*

    3304. Momino Sun Lo Bayan Hai Ahmade Mukhtar Ka-Islamic*

    3305. Mooli Raam Aur Bhindimal Ka Nikal Gaya Hai Diwaala-Dulhan*

    3306. Mor Bhangia Ka Manni De O Bhole Naath-Gangadham*

    3307. More Nainon Main Nandlaala Base Jeevan Main-Shadi Se Pehle

    3308. More Raaja Ho Le Chal Nadiya Ke Paar-Nadiya Ke Paar*

    3309. More Raam Re Tori Nagari Ajab Veeraani-Prem Ki Ganga*

    3310. More Shyaam More Shyaam-Bhajan*

    3311. Mose Rooth Gayo Banwari-Vidhiyapati*

    3312. Mubaarak Ho Dulha Dulhan Ko Yeh Shaadi-Paak Daman*

    3313. Mubarak Hai Ye Din Hajiyo-Islamic*

    3314. Mubarak Tamo Ne Ye Rupiya Ni Dheli(Chundadi Chokha)-Gujrati*

    3315. Mud Mud Ke Har Koi Dekhe-Mera Ghar Mere Bachche*

    3316. Muddat Hue Hai-Nom Film*

    3317. Muhre Nabuwat Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    3318. Mujh Hi Main Chhup Kar Mujh Hi Se Door-Jailor*

    3319. Mujh Ko Apne Gale Lagaalo Ae Mere Humraahi-Humrahi*

    3320. Mujh Ko Bacha Lo Meri Ma-Garam Masaala*

    3321. Mujh Ko Jeene Ki To Dua Sabhi Dete-Naach Utha Sansar*

    3322. Mujh Ko To Qaatil Ki Itni Pehchaan Hai-Uljhan*

    3323. Mujh Ko Tujhko Do Ginte Jo-Ek Aur Ek Gyaarah*

    3324. Mujh Se Bhala Ye Kajal Tera-The Train*

    3325. Mujh Se Mat Ruthho Meri Jaan Meri Jaan Chali Jaayegi-Sapna*

    3326. Mujh Se Nazren Milane Ki Zurrat Na Kar-Maan Gaye Ustad*

    3327. Mujh Se Shaam Suhaani Poochhe Prem Kahaani-Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi*

    3328. Mujh Se Yeh Keh Rahi Hain Tasveer Ki Lakeeren-Gauna*

    3329. Mujhe Ankhiyon Pe Apni Yakin Hai-Do Dilon Ki Dastan*

    3330. Mujhe Apna Yaar Bana Lo (Fast) -Boy Friend*

    3331. Mujhe Apna Yaar Bana Lo(Sad)-Boy Friend*

    3332. Mujhe Apni Sharan Main Le Lo Raam-Tulsidas*

    3333. Mujhe Apni Sharan Main-Honey Moon

    3334. Mujhe Bhool Jaana Agar Ho Sake-Taqdeer*

    3335. Mujhe Chhoo Rahi Hain Teri Garm Saansen-Swayamvar*

    3336. Mujhe Darde Dil Ka Pata Na Tha-Akash Deep*

    3337. Mujhe Dedo Raseele Hont Ye-Meharbani*

    3338. Mujhe Dekh Na Kudiye Mud Ke Ki Dil Beqaraar Ho Gaya-Reporter Raju*

    3339. Mujhe Dekhkar Aapka Muskurana-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    3340. Mujhe Dekho Hoti Der Khade Kyon Mera Rasta Gher-Mr. John*

    3341. Mujhe Doston Tum Gale Se Laga Lo-Naya Daur(New)*

    3342. Mujhe Duniya Walo Sharabi Na Samjho-Leader*

    3343. Mujhe Ek Ladki Chahiye-Muqable Ki Raat*

    3344. Mujhe Gale Se Lagaalo Bahut Udaas Hoon Main-Aaj Aur Kal*

    3345. Mujhe Ishq Hai Tujhi Se Meri Jaan E Zindagaani-Ummeed*

    3346. Mujhe Jag Di Banade Malika-Dark Street*

    3347. Mujhe Jaldi Bana De Mallka-Dark Street

    3348. Mujhe Kitna Pyaar Hai Tumse-Dil Tera Deewana*

    3349. Mujhe Le Chalo Aaj Phir Us Gali Main-Sharabi*

    3350. Mujhe Mat Roko Mujhe Gaane Do-Sargam*

    3351. Mujhe Mil Gaya Bichhada Yaar-Badla Aur Balidan*

    3352. Mujhe Preet Nagariya Jaana Hai-Ek Nazar (Old)*

    3353. Mujhe Pyaar De Do Ma Apna Dulaar De Do Ma-Aankh Ka Tara*

    3354. Mujhe Pyaar Ka Tohfa Deke-Kaala Patthar*

    3355. Mujhe Pyaar Ki Zindagi Dene Waale-Pyaar Ka Saagar*

    3356. Mujhe Tadpaati Rahi Roz Sataati Rahi-Damaad*

    3357. Mujhe Teri Mohabbat Ka Sahaara Mil Gaya Hota-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee*

    3358. Mujhe To Shiv Shankar Mil Gaye-Shiv Bhakta*

    3359. Mujhe Tumse Bahut Hai Pyaar-Khazaana*

    3360. Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai Magar Main Keh Nahin Sakta-Bachpan

    3361. Mujhe Tumse Muhabbat Hai Yeh Meri Chaak Daamaani-Shahnaz*

    3362. Mujhe Tune Maar Daala Tere Dekhne Ke Sadke-Naina*

    3363. Mujhe Yeh Phool Na De Tujhko Dilbar Ki Qasam-Gazal*

    3364. Mukhde Pe Tere Bijli Si Chamak-Aadhi Raat Ke Baad*

    3365. Munda Jambu Da(Mahi Munda)-Panjabi*

    3366. Munda Kudian Takkan Da(Dupatta)-Panjabi*

    3367. Munda Maar Gaaye Kamaiya Karde-Panjabi*

    3368. Munh Chhipaao Suratiya Dikhaao-Baarood

    3369. Munh Se Mat Laga Cheez Hai Buri-Johnny Walker*

    3370. Muqaabla Hamse Na Karo-Prince*

    3371. Muqaddar Aazmana Chaahta Hoon-Door Ki Aawaz*

    3372. Musaafir Hai Ham Tum Yeh Duniya Saraay-Sim Sim Marjina

    3373. Musaafir Raah Kar Paida Khuda Manzil Banaayega-Sun To Le Hasina

    3374. Musaafir Sada Geet Gaaye Chala Chal-Jal Tarang*

    3375. Museebat Itni Jheli Hai Ki Batlaayi Nahin Jaati-Jalte Deep*

    3376. Mushkilen Aasan Kar De(New)-Paigaam*

    3377. Muskuraati Hui Ek Husn Ki Tasveer Ho Tum-Daaman Aur Aag*

    3378. Muskurayen Khet-Love In Shimla*

    3379. Muslim Ke Bachhon Ki Shahdat-Islamic*

    3380. Muza Anso Betlows-Konkani*

    3381. My My My Dear Aao Near-Nagina*

    3382. Na Aadmi Ka Koi Bharosa-Aadmi*

    3383. Na Bhanvara Na Koi Gul-Aarti*

    3384. Na De Ilzam Dil Un Ko Na Kar Shikwa Zamane Se-Majboori*

    3385. Na Dekho Humain Ghoor Ke Jaadugar Sayyaan-Gharana*

    3386. Na Disse Tu Na Disse Parchhwan(Satlaj De Kande)-Panjabi*

    3387. Na Geet Muke Na Raat(Maa Ki Godh)-Panjabi*

    3388. Na Itna Sitam Mujh Pe Dhhaya Karo (Laila Majn Opera)-Geet*

    3389. Na Ja Mere Saathi Naja-Saranga*

    3390. Na Jaa Kahin Ab Na Jaa Dil Ke Siva-Mere Humdum Mere Dost*

    3391. Na Jaane Kahaan Kho Gaya Woh Zamaana-Begaana

    3392. Na Jaane Kaise Pal Me Badal Jate Hain-Badalte Rishtey*

    3393. Na Jaane Kyon Hamaare Dilko Tumne-Mohabbat Zindagi Hai*

    3394. Na Jaiyo Raadha Chhedenge Shyaam-Sau Saal Baad*

    3395. Na Jhatko Zulf Se Paani Ke Moti Phoot Jaayenge-Shehnai*

    3396. Na Karon Band Tere Chhand-Madhavi*

    3397. Na Kisiki Aankh Ka Noor Hoon Na Kisiki Dil Ka Qaraar Hoon-Laal Quila*

    3398. Na Koi Paisa Na Elam Lo Banao Bambai Main Filam-Bansi Birju*

    3399. Na Maano To Koi Shikaayat Nahin-Ustad 420*

    3400. Na Main Bhagwaan Hoon Na Main Shaitaan Hoon-Mother India*

    3401. Na Main Koi Walli Aulea Na Main Koi Peer(Mama Ji)-Panjabi*

    3402. Na Mangan Main Mahal Mariyan-Panjabi*

    3403. Na Mujhko Hichaki Aayi Na Paaon Mera Fisla-Do Jhooth*

    3404. Na Mukhda Mod Ke Jaao Baharon Ke Din Hain-Chhoti Si Mulaqaat*

    3405. Na Na Karte Pyaar Tumhi Se Kar Bethe-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    3406. Na Na Na Pakhitar Buke Jeno-Bengali*

    3407. Na Na Na Na Na Jaane Na Doongi O Re Kanhaai-Priyatama*

    3408. Na Ro Bhai Na Ro-Deep Jalta Rahe*

    3409. Na Roko Ram Ko Logo Vidhi Ka Kam Hone Do-Shri Ram Bharat Milap*

    3410. Na Roottho Roottho Na Roottho Na Roottho Meri Jaan-Jawan Mohabbat*

    3411. Na Rus Heere Meriye(Chan Pardesi)-Panjabi*

    3412. Na Satra Se Upar Na Solaah Se Kam-Dharma*

    3413. Na Sharaab Se Koi Waasta Na Silsila Koi Jaam Se-Salam Memsaab(New)*

    3414. Na Shauqe Wasl Dawa Na Zauqe Aashnaye Ka-Non Film*

    3415. Na Taajshaahi Na Badshaahi-Shirin Farhad*

    3416. Na Thamte Hain Aanso-Meena Bazaar*

    3417. Na Thehr Sake Na Tadap Sake-Aakhri Paigam

    3418. Na To Kaarvaan Ki Talaash Hai Na-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    3419. Na Toofaan Se Khelo-Udan Khatola*

    3420. Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai Na Aasmaan Ke Liye-Dastan*

    3421. Na Tujhse Door Jaa Sakoon Na Tere Paas Aa Sakoon-Pocketmar*

    3422. Na Tum Hato Na Hum Haten-Shaadi Kar Lo*

    3423. Na Ye Zamin Thi Na Aasman Tha-Sagaai*

    3424. Naache Man Mora-Meri Sorat Teri Aankhen*

    3425. Naache More Angna Main Munna Pyaara Pyaara-Mastana

    3426. Naache Naache Yeh Man Mora Naache-Dhoop Chhaon

    3427. Naacho Rang Udaao Holi Hai-Dukh Sukh*

    3428. Naadan Hain Samjhte Nahin Samjhaana Padega-Fauladi Mukka*

    3429. Naadan Na Ban O Matwaale-Rangeela

    3430. Naagan Sa Roop Hai Tera-Bagaawat*

    3431. Naam Hai Jhatpat Main Jaadugar Bangaal Ka-Dushman *

    3432. Naam Nahi Koi Dham Nahi-Aan Baan*

    3433. Naaraazgi Yeh Aapki Hame Jeene Nahin Degi-Unees Bees*

    3434. Naari Ko Puja Lokgon Ne-Kaafila*

    3435. Naari Tere Jeevan Ki Ye Karun Kahani-Veer Babruvahan*

    3436. Naaw Kaagaz Ki Gahara Hai Paani-Duniyadari*

    3437. Naazuk Naazuk Badan Mora-Aulad*

    3438. Nabiyoon Ke Sardar Mohd-Islamic*

    3439. Nach Badal Do Rang Badal Do-Zamana Badal Gaya

    3440. Nachh Sodiyan Mere Yaar Di Barat Hai(Do Posti)-Panjabi*

    3441. Nadi Kinaare Koi Pukaare-Chandramukhi*

    3442. Nadi Kinaare Saath Hamaare Shaam Suhaani Aayi-Baabul

    3443. Nadiya Ke Paani Main Jawaani Dekho Aag Lagati Hai-Teen Chor*

    3444. Nadiya Main Utha Shor Chhayi Hai Ghata Ghan Ghor-Baabul*

    3445. Nafrat Ki Duniya Ko Chhod Ke Pyaar Ki Duniya Main-Haathi Mere Saathi*

    3446. Naghma Hamaara Gaayega Yeh Zamaana-Bandal Baaz*

    3447. Nahin Ishq Men Iska To Rang-Mirza Galib*

    3448. Nai Ba Porile Aaj Mala-Bengali*

    3449. Naian Tumhaare Daras Ko Tarse-Aastik*

    3450. Nain Chakchoor Chhe(Mehndi Rang Lagyo Akhan)-Gujrati*

    3451. Nain Lad Jai Hai To Manva Ma Kasak Hoi Bekari-Ganga Jamuna*

    3452. Nain Mila Ke Pyaar Jaga Ke-Mera Bhai Mera Dushman*

    3453. Nain Milaakar Chain Churaana Kiska Hai Yeh Kaam-Aamne Saamne*

    3454. Nain Nashile Honth Gulabi Mukhda Gora Gora-Kaala Chashma*

    3455. Nain Se Nain Mila Chain Churaaya Tumne-Vidyaarthi*

    3456. Naina Chaar Karna Dil Pe Waar Karna-Qatil

    3457. Nainon Ke Teer Jidhar Toot Pade-Halla Gulla

    3458. Nainon Main Kajara Maasha Allaah-Noor Mahal*

    3459. Nainon Main Kyon Aan Base-Warrant

    3460. Nainon Main Sooraj Ki Kirnen-Basant*

    3461. Nainon Se Naina Mila Le-Shahkaar*

    3462. Nainon Wali Tere Naina Jado Kar Gaye-Beti Bete*

    3463. Naiya Jaldi Le Chalo Mujhe Sayyaan Ke Angna-Tulsidas*

    3464. Naiya Ka Meri Tu Hi Khevayya-Zamana*

    3465. Naiya Meri Chalti Jaaye Sahaarre Tere Badhti Jaaye-My Friend*

    3466. Naiya Teri Manjhdhar-Barsaat*

    3467. Nakhre Dikhla Ke Dil Le Liya-Nazneen*

    3468. Nako Aarti Ki Nako Pushpamala-Marathi*

    3469. Nako Bhavya Vada Nako Gadi Ghoda-Marathi*

    3470. Namaste Jee Namaste Jee Hamra Tumra Jeevan Beete Hanste Hanste-Naach*

    3471. Namkeen Tumhaari Surat Hai-Jalpari

    3472. Nandlaala Holi Khelen Biraj Main Dhoom Machi Hai-Mastana*

    3473. Nange Jag Men Aaye The-Pandit Aur Pathan*

    3474. Nanhe Munhe Bacche Teri Mutthi Main Kya Hai-Boot Polish*

    3475. Nanhi Si Jaan Main Hai Jawaani Ka Siam Kyon-Nadiya Ke Paar*

    3476. Naqaab Rukh Se Hayen Mere Naseeb Kahan-Non Film*

    3477. Naram Naram Yeh Garam Garam Yeh Chane-Rangeela*

    3478. Narayan Ki Esi Murti Se-Bhagwan Baala Ji*

    3479. Naseeb Dar Pe Tere Aazmaane Aaya Hoon-Deedar*

    3480. Naseeb Main Jiske Jo Likha Tha-Do Badan*

    3481. Nasha Sharaab Main Hota To Naachati Botal-Munimji*

    3482. Nashe Main Ham Nashe Main Tum-Black Cat*

    3483. Nasheeli Hawa Hai Saman Hai Gulabi-Commercial Pilot Officer*

    3484. Nath Chehre Pe Sajaale-Teen Chor*

    3485. Nav Kalpana Nav Roop Se Rachana Rachi Jab Naar Ki-Mrig Trishna*

    3486. Naye Hawa Main Udne Dekho Ban Ka Mor-Gaon Hamara Shaher Tumhara*

    3487. Naye Rees Punjab Di-Mirza Sahibaan*

    3488. Naye Seeta Ki Suno Nayi Kahaani-Roop Sundari*

    3489. Naye Zindagi Se Pyaar Karke Dekh-Shikast*

    3490. Nazaaron Se Khelun Bahaaron Se Khelun-Shahnaz*

    3491. Nazar Aati Nahi Manzil-Kaach Aur Heera*

    3492. Nazar Bacha Kar Chale Gyae Wo-Dil Tera Deewana*

    3493. Nazar Jab Uthhai Qaza Ban Gaye-Naina*

    3494. Nazar Ka Yeh Paigaam Diya Jo Aapne Mere Naam-Barkha Bahar*

    3495. Nazar Main Bijli Ada Main Shole-Prince*

    3496. Nazar Meeli Hai Ek Qatil Se-Reporter Raju*

    3497. Nazar Mila Le O Dilruba-Dhun*

    3498. Nazar Na Lag Jaaye Kisiki Rahon Main-Night In London*

    3499. Nazar Ne Luta Hai Ada Ne Mara Hai-Police Detective*

    3500. Nazar O Niaz Imam Jaffar-Islamic*

    3501. Nazar Tamaari(Jee Peed Paraai Jaane Re)-Gujrati*

    3502. Nazar Yeh Teri Tikhi Na Maar Goriye-Mr. India*

    3503. Nazariya Na Maaro Najar Lag Jaayegi-Bachpan*

    3504. Nazaron Ke Teer Maare Kas Kas-Do Ustad*

    3505. Nazaron Ne Maara Ham Kya Kare-Zimbo Comes To Town*

    3506. Nazaron Se Nazar Ka Takarana-Faryadi

    3507. Nede Ee Naade-Kannad*

    3508. Nede Thelisindi Eenade Thelisindi (Aradhana)-Telugu*

    3509. Neekela Intha Nirasha-Gujrati*

    3510. Neel Gagan Par Udte Baadal Aa Aa-Khandaan*

    3511. Neeli Neeli Ankhiyon Main Dubi Janoon Kahaan Hai Kinaara-Naag Mohini*

    3512. Neend Udegi Tera Chain Udega-Ram Bharose*

    3513. Neenelli Nadeve Doora (Onde Balliya Hoogalu)-Kannada*

    3514. Neer Tata Dhang-Chandan Ka Palna*

    3515. Nehiyon Lagda Bin Tere Heere Ni Dil(Heer Ranjah)-Panjabi Opera*

    3516. Ni Chambe De Daaliye(Kankan De Ohle)-Panjabi*

    3517. Ni Chittiye Kabootariye(Jija Ji)-Panjabi*

    3518. Ni Gal Sun Yaara Di(Daku Jagat Singh)-Panjabi*

    3519. Ni Gut Nu Sambhal Goriye Sanu Sap Da(Lado Rani)-Panjabi*

    3520. Ni Lut Lai Aayi Goriye Ke Lut Gaye Lakhon-Do Yaar*

    3521. Ni Sun Meri Gal Baliye-Panjabi*

    3522. Nigaahe Shokh Se Kehdo Hamen Salam Kare-Wanted*

    3523. Nigaahe Shokh Se Rahmat Ka Jaam De Saaqi-Aakhri Sajda*

    3524. Nigaahen Milaane Ko Jee Chaahta Hai-Parai Aag*

    3525. Nigaahen Na Phero Chale Aayenge Ham-Black Prince*

    3526. Nigaahon Main Haseen Sapne Sajane Ki Bahar Aayye- Na Maaloom*

    3527. Nigaahon Ne Phenka Hai Panje Pe Chakka-Jaali Note*

    3528. Night In London Zulfon Ki Kahaani Hai-Night In London*

    3529. Nikal Pado Maidaan Mein-Non Film*

    3530. Nisultana Re Pyaar Ka Mausam Aaya-Pyaar Ka Mausam*

    3531. Nojawanon Nojawanon Bharat Ki Taqdeer Bana Do-Kundan

    3532. Nojawanon Qasam Khao Aao Mil Badal De(Daaj)-Panjabi*

    3533. Noulo Kishoro Shyam Shundaro-Bengali*

    3534. Nukta Cheen Hai Game Dil-Non Film*

    3535. Nyaay Karo Nyaay Karo Jee Kul Devta-Chamak Chandni

    3536. O. Aasman Waale Apni Dharti Ke Dukhde Zara Dekh Le-Sant Raghu*

    3537. O. Aawara Abdulla Yeh Pyaar Ka Halla Gulla-Awara Abdulla*

    3538. O. Aaye Baithe Khaaye Piye Khiske-Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati*

    3539. O. Achchhi O Lachchhi Tu Man Ko Laage Achchhi-Roomal*

    3540. O. Baablan Eh Ki Kehar Kamaya(Dukh Bhajan Tera Naam)Panjabi*

    3541. O. Baabu Gali Main Teri Chaand Chamka-Sajan*

    3542. O. Balle Soch Ke Mele Jaana Saara Shehr Tera Diwan-Khandaan*

    3543. O. Barkha Mujhe Sachch Sachch Bata-Toofan*

    3544. O. Beta Alfu Farmaao Chacha Salfu-Ham Bhi Kuchh Kum Nahin*

    3545. O. Bichhde Huye Saathi-Halchal*

    3546. O. Chhaliya Re Man Main Hamar-Ganga Jamuna*

    3547. O. Chhokri Woh Tu Hai Ras Bhre Falon Ki Tokri-Bhai Bahen*

    3548. O. Daarling I Love You Kahe Karta Hai Tu Itna Shor-Ek Paheli*

    3549. O. Daata De Hamko Bhi Ek Nyaara Bangla-Aji Bas Shukriya*

    3550. O. Deewane Chhokre Raah Meri Na Rok-Lambe Haath*

    3551. O. Dil Main Basane Waale Nainon Ne Hame-Jeevan Nauka*

    3552. O. Dil Pukare Aaja Na Tadpaana-Halla Gulla*

    3553. O. Dilbar Jaaniye Tere Hain Ham Tere-Haseena Maan Jayegi*

    3554. O. Dilwalon Matwaalo Hamse Shaadi Karwa Lo-Taqdeer*

    3555. O. Door Ke Musaafir Hamko Bhi Saath Le Le-Udan Khatola*

    3556. O. Duniya Ke Malik Kehlane Wale-Shiv Bhakta*

    3557. O. Duniya Ke Rakhwaale Sun Dard Bhare Mere Naale-Baiju Bawra*

    3558. O. Gaadi Waley Gaadi Dheere Hak Re-Mother India*

    3559. O. Ganga Tere Pyaar Mein Jgere Re-Ganga*

    3560. O. Gori Aankhon Main Dale Kajra-Na Maaloom*

    3561. O. Gori Kabul Aur Bukhara Teri Ek Nazar Pe Waara-Khiladi*

    3562. O. Gori Sukumar Hamari Sarkar-School Master*

    3563. O. Gwaalan Kyon Mera Man Teri Chitwan Le Gaye-Champakali*

    3564. O. Hamdam Jhoom Le Zara Ki Mausam Bhi Hai Pyaara Ka-Haiwan*

    3565. O. Haseena Zulfon Wali-Teesri Manzil*

    3566. O. Jaane Waale Yeh Kya Kiya-Kisi Ki Yaad*

    3567. O. Jaane Waali Ruk Jaa Jaane Se Pehle Yeh To Bata-Toofan Aur Bijlee*

    3568. O. Jaane Wale Babu Ek Paisa Dede-Vachan*

    3569. O. Jaane Wale Chand Zara Muskura Ke Ja-Bazaar(Old)*

    3570. O. Jaane Wale Sun Zara Ye Dil Ka Maajra-Preet Na Jane Reet*

    3571. O. Jaani Aaafat Tumhari Chunri Ka Palla Hoiga-Ek Aur Ek Gyaarah*

    3572. O. Jag Ke Basane Wale Raam-Ram Bhakt Hanuman*

    3573. O. Jamila O Jamila Chhumk Chhalo Jamila-Parwana*

    3574. O. Jee Piya Jo Bulaye To Kahoon-Ek Do Teen*

    3575. O. Jhuke Jhuke Nainonwaali Aja Mere Paas-Chhote Sarkar*

    3576. O. Kaal Teri Jholi Main Kya Kya Bhare-Rajrani Damyanti*

    3577. O. Kaali Topiwaale Zara Naam To Bata-Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal*

    3578. O. Laxmi O Saryoo O Shila O Rajni-Kahin Aur Chal*

    3579. O. Lutne Waale Duniya Ko Ek Din Tu Bhi-Dushman*

    3580. O. Maama Ho Maama Ho Maama-Parvarish(Old)*

    3581. O. Madam Nancy You Are My Fancy-Basant*

    3582. O. Mati Ke Putle Itna Na Kar Tu Guman-Sheru*

    3583. O. Mere Dildaar Are Na Kar Tu Inkaar-Choron Ka Chor*

    3584. O. Mere Khuda Mera Koi Nahin Hain Tere Siwa-Saat Sawal*

    3585. O. Mere Pyaaro Zameen Ke Taaro-Zameen Ke Tare*

    3586. O. Mere Shaah E Khooba O Meri Jaan E Jaanaana-Love In Tokyo*

    3587. O. Mere Sona Re Sona Re Sona Re-Teesri Manzil*

    3588. O. Mere Yaar Tomi Deta Hon Main Salami-Night In London*

    3589. O. Mere Yaar Tu Meri Zindagi Hai-Pandit Aur Pathan*

    3590. O. Meri Gaadi Gaadi Kon Kehta Hai Khataari-Black Tiger*

    3591. O. Meri Laadli Pyaari Bahena Raani Bahina-Aatish*

    3592. O. Meri Maina Sunle Mera Kahaana-Karorepati*

    3593. O. Meri Mehbooba Tujhe Jaana Hai To Jaa-Dharam Veer*

    3594. O. Meri Morni O Meri Chorni-Qatilon Ke Qatil*

    3595. O. Meri Pyaari Mona Khali Hai Dil Ka Kona-Goonj*

    3596. O. Merya Malika Ae Ki Khel Rachaya-Panjabi*

    3597. O. Mister Banjo Kuchh Tum Bhi To Samjho-Hum Sab Chor Hain*

    3598. O. Mister Dil Badi Mushkil Main Tune Aaj Daala-Jaali Note*

    3599. O. Moorakh Insaan Apne Ko Pahchaan-Annadata*

    3600. O. More Balma Kahe Mari Kataar-Shayar*

    3601. O. Murliwaale Jaadugar-Shri Krishna Bhakti*

    3602. O. My God Haseenon Ko Kyon De Di Tune Etni Beauty-Hong Kong*

    3603. O. My Love Nazar Na Lag Jaaye Kisiki Rahon Main-Night In London*

    3604. O. My Lovly Darling-Return Of Johny (Dubbed)*

    3605. O. Nanhe Se Farishte Tujhse Yeh Kaisa Naata-Ek Phool Do Mali*

    3606. O. Paise Tu Bhagwan Nahin Par Gun Tujhe Main-Main Shaadi Karne Chala*

    3607. O. Paise Waalon Kaisa Tumhaara Yeh Sansaar Hai-Chand Mere Aja*

    3608. O. Phirki Waali Tu Kal Phir Aana-Raja Aur Rank*

    3609. O. Piyo Peene Ka Zamaana Aaya-Himmat*

    3610. O. Priyatama Na Madi Ninnu Pilchindi(Aradhana)-Telugu*

    3611. O. Raat Ke Musafir Chanda Zara Batde-Miss Merry*

    3612. O. Rekha Tujhe Dekha Jabse Dekha Jabse-Naya Bakra*

    3613. O. Ri Chatpat Chatpat Chhori-Bhakta Prahlad*

    3614. O. Roop Raseeli(Satyavan Savitri)-Gujrati*

    3615. O. Sanam Main Tujhe Pukaaroon-Sanam*

    3616. O. Sanam Mera Saath Dena Pyaar Main-Beqasoor*

    3617. O. Sanam Tere Ho Gay Ham-Aayee Milan Ki Bela*

    3618. O. Saperan Chal Chaliye Ni Sherawaali-Yaadon Ki Zanjeer*

    3619. O. Sapnon Ke Raja-Ban Phool*

    3620. O. Sathiya O Beliya O Haniya(Jugni)-Panjabi*

    3621. O. Soniye Jab Jeet Hui Hamaari-10 O Clock*

    3622. O. Yaad Aane Lagi Dil Dukhaane Lagi-Daaman*

    3623. O. Zaaliman Chala Kahaan-Zimbo*

    3624. O.Chanda Re Door Na Jaa Re-Chakravarty Vikramaditya*

    3625. O.Gori Laakhon Janam Se-Namaloom

    3626. O.Meri Bulbule Baghdaad-Naya Paisa*

    3627. Oh Kahaan Chale Sarkar Aao Khana Hai Tayyaar-Hangama*

    3628. Oi Dur Diganta Pare-Bengali*

    3629. Om Bhagwati Dharm Ke Sachhai Hai To Jhot Ka Na Darr-Jai Bhawani*

    3630. Om Shantiman Main Basi Jo Murat-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    3631. One Two Three Four Dil Ka Tu Chor-Black Cat*

    3632. Oonche Oonche Mahalonwaale Ban Bethe Bhagwaan-Jaagir*

    3633. Oonchi Adi Hai Maang Tedhi Tedhi-Miss Bombay*

    3634. Oonchi Aidiwaale Ne-Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane*

    3635. Ore Mon Ke Amon Daga Diye(Prahaari)-Bengali*

    3636. Oui Maa Oui Maa Oui Maa-Ustaad*

    3637. Oye Gal Gulabi Nai Shrabi-Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi*

    3638. Oye Lamba Choda Jaat Jaat Re Khudko Samjhe Laat-Milan*

    3639. Oye Pape Na Sharma-Sagaai*

    3640. Oye Sona Jeya Mukhda Ni Chan Da Ye Tukda-Panjabi*

    3641. Paagal Chanda Mere Man Ki Aag-Non Film*

    3642. Paagal Zamaane Main Is Paagalkhaane Main-Mazaaq*

    3643. Paaon Chhu Lene Do Phoolon Ko Inaayat Hogi-Taj Mahal*

    3644. Paaon Main Dori Dori Main Ghooghru-Chor Machaey Shor*

    3645. Paaon Padoon Tore Shyaam(Bhajan)-Na Maaloom*

    3646. Paaon Uthe Na The Sultan Ke-Maharani Padmini*

    3647. Paapi Judia Bol Satinam(Man Jeete Jag Jeet)-Panjabi*

    3648. Paar Nadi Ke Deep Jalaye-Non Film*

    3649. Paas Aakar To Na Yoon Sharmaaiye-Laadla*

    3650. Paas Aake Hue Ham Door-Meena Bazaar*

    3651. Paas Baitho Tabiyat Bahal Jaayegi-Punar Milan*

    3652. Paas Hamaare Aaiye-Bus Conductor*

    3653. Paayal Khul Khul Jaaye Raam Mori-Grihasti*

    3654. Paayaliya Chhanki Ke Na-Do Preme*

    3655. Pachchhim Se Nikal Kar Sooraj Bhi Poorab Main Jal Jaye-Veer Rajputani*

    3656. Pada Tumhaara Kabhi Bijliyon Se Kaam Nahi-Ganga Aur Suraj*

    3657. Pade Aag Mein Jab Ke Hazrat Khaleel-Saat Sawal*

    3658. Padhe Likhe Kuchh Khak Nahin Par Naam Hai-Maall Road*

    3659. Pagdi Sambhal Jaata Pagdi Sambhal-Panjabi*

    3660. Pagdi Sambhal Jaata Pagdi Sambhal-Shaheed*

    3661. Pagdi Sambhal Jatta(Sad)-Shaheed*

    3662. Pagdi Sambhal Oye Jatta(Sb Singh)-Panjabi*

    3663. Pai Jao Pai Jao Jo Milda Hai Le Jaao(Yamla Jatt)-Panjabi*

    3664. Paigaam Qyamat Ka Qatil Ne De Diya-Kshitij*

    3665. Paijaama Tan Hai Kurta Dheela-Shimla Road*

    3666. Paijaniya Khanke Raam-Wapas*

    3667. Paisa Hi Rang Roop Hai-Paisa*

    3668. Paise Ka Khel Niraala Niraala Re-Biwi O Biwi*

    3669. Paise Ki Pehchaan Yahaan Insaan Ki Qeemat Koi Nahin-Pehchan*

    3670. Pakdo Pakdo Daalo Zulfon Ki Dor-Laal Nishan

    3671. Pakdo Pakdo Re Jawaani Mere Haath Se-Roop Tera Mastana*

    3672. Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hamaara-The Burning Train*

    3673. Pal Pal Beet Raha Hai Jevan Kahe Kare Abhiman-Sant Gyaneshwar*

    3674. Palko Ke Pichhe Se Kya Tumne Kehdala-Talash*

    3675. Palkon Pe Bhi Charag Jale Hain-Non Film*

    3676. Panchar Suno Suno Are Taaza Taaza Ae Garmagarm Panchar-Kangan*

    3677. Panchhi Gaane Lage-Indar Lila*

    3678. Panchhi Re O Panchhi Ud Jaa Re O Panchhi-Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan*

    3679. Pandit Ho Ya Laala-Rickshawala

    3680. Panghat Pe Dekho Aayi Milan Ki Bela-Naujawan*

    3681. Parda Hai Parda Parde-Amar Akbar Anthony*

    3682. Parda Hataade Mukhda Dikha De-Madhavi*

    3683. Parda Uthaao Saamne Aao-Paak Daman

    3684. Parda Zara Hatao To Phir Koi Baat Ho-Murder In Circus*

    3685. Parde Main Koi Baitha Hai Parda Karke-Dada*

    3686. Pardesi Piya Ho Pardesi Piya Mora Jiya Kahin Leke Chale-Pardesi*

    3687. Pardesiya Tere Desh Main-Garam Khoon*

    3688. Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhiyan Milaana(Sad)-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    3689. Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhiyan Milaana-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    3690. Parmatma Hai Pyare Teri Aatma Ke Andar-Parmatma*

    3691. Parvardigar E Aalam Tera Hi Hai Sahara-Hatim Tai*

    3692. Parvat Dera Pyaar Bhara-Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara*

    3693. Parvat Ke Us Paar Goonj Uthi Meri Paaya Ki Jhankar-Sargam*

    3694. Parvaton Ke Pedon Par Shaam Ka Basera Hai-Shagun*

    3695. Pasand Aa Gaye Hai Ek Kaafir Haseena-Mehboob Ki Mehndi*

    3696. Paseena Paseena-Nai Roshni

    3697. Pashaner Bhangaley Ghoom-Bengali*

    3698. Pata Note Karo Hamaara Hamse Aa Milna Dobaara-Zara Bachke*

    3699. Patanga Jal Jal Jal Mar Jaaye-Patanga*

    3700. Pati Ke Karn Sati Bhikharan Banke Ban Main-Naag Jyoti

    3701. Patta Patta Boota Boota Haal Hamaara Jaane Hai-Ek Nazar*

    3702. Patthar Ka Dil Na Hota Kaash Iss Badan Mein-Na Maaloom*

    3703. Patthar Ke Sanam Tujhe Hamne-Patthar Ke Sanam*

    3704. Pattharon Tum Mujhe Ek Patthar Bana Do-Unreleased*

    3705. Pawan Chale To Uthe Nadi Main Lehar Si-Bambai Ka Babu*

    3706. Pee Aaye Aakar Chal Bhi Diye-Bazaar(Old)

    3707. Pee Kar Sharaab Khelunga-Ganwaar*

    3708. Pee Lee Thodi Bhang Thumka Are Thumaka-Insaan*

    3709. Pee Lo Aaj Pee Lo Mar Ke Zara Jee Lo-Patanga*

    3710. Peehu Peehu Re Karat Hai Papeeha(Raag)-Baiju Bawra*

    3711. Peeran E Peer Ghus E Aazam-Islamic*

    3712. Peete Peete Kabhi Kabhi Yoon Jaam Badal Jaate Hain-Bairaag*

    3713. Pehchaan Sake To Pehchaan-Jagadguru Shankaracharya*

    3714. Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hua Yeh Mera Dil Kiske-Manchali

    3715. Pehla Pehla Pyaar Ka Ishaara-College Girl*

    3716. Pehle Aankh Ladaye-Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai*

    3717. Pehle Aayi Murgi Ki Pehale Aaya Andda-Raja*

    3718. Pehle Mile The Sapnon Main Aur Aaj Saamne Paaya-Zindagi*

    3719. Pehle Na Tha Ye Mosam Kabhi Itna Suhana-Zulm Ka Badla*

    3720. Pehle Paisa Phir Bhagwaan-Miss Merry*

    3721. Pehle To Aankh Milana-Shola Aur Shabnam*

    3722. Pehle To Ho Gai Namaste-Patanga(Old)*

    3723. Pehli Nazar Main Hamne To Apna Dil Diya-The Burning Train*

    3724. Pehli Nazar Tere Pyaar Ki Ho Mere Dil-Tel Malish Boot Polish*

    3725. Pehli Pehli Baar Mile Hain Do Deewane-Road No. 303*

    3726. Pehli Pehli Baar Mujhko Yeh Kya Ho Gaya-Yaaron Ka Yaar*

    3727. Phinjauda Bhk Gaye Phinjauda Bhak(New)-Umar Qaid*

    3728. Phir Aane Laga Yaad Wahi Pyaar Ka Aalam-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    3729. Phir Miloge Kabhi Is Baat Ka Vaada Karlo-Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi*

    3730. Phir Tere Shehr Main Lutne Ko Chala Aaya-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    3731. Phir Teri Yaad Naye Geet Sunaane Aayi-Bekhabar*

    3732. Phir Tumhaari Yaad Aayi Ae Sanam-Rustam Sohrab*

    3733. Phir Woh Bhooli Si Yaad Aayi Hai-Begaana*

    3734. Phir Wohi Shyaam Aayi Hai Aaja-Pal Do Pal Ka Saath

    3735. Phool Bagiya Ka Saari Bole(Nautanki)-Bhojpuri*

    3736. Phool Bagiya Main Bulbul Bole-Rani Roopmati*

    3737. Phool Hai Bahaaron Ka Baag Hai Nazaaron Ka-Jigri Dost*

    3738. Phool Ka Shabab Kya Husn Maahtaab Kya-Farz Ki Jung*

    3739. Phool Khilenge Gulshan Gulshan-Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan*

    3740. Phool Ko Bhool Ke Baitha Khaar-Chunariya*

    3741. Phool Ko Dhunde Pyaasa Banwara-Shola Aur Shabnam*

    3742. Phool Sa Chehra Chaand Si Rangat-Raat Aur Din*

    3743. Phoolon Jaise Phoolo Phalo-Sant Gyaneshwar*

    3744. Phoolon Ki Tarah Woh Hansti Thi-College Girl*

    3745. Phoolon Se Dosti Hai Kaanto Se Yaari Hai-Duniya Jhukti Hai*

    3746. Phoolon Se Hai Meri Dosti-Hero Ka Chor*

    3747. Phoolon Se Mukhde Waali Nikali Hai Ek Matwaali-Aaye Din Bahar Ke*

    3748. Phoot Gaile Qismatiya Hai Phoot Gaile Qismatiya(Dangal)-Bhojpuri*

    3749. Phulwa Niyar Naar Sukwaar Gagariya(Sayan Se Neha Lagaibe)-Bhojpuri*

    3750. Phur Se Ud Jaati Thi Bulbul Mere Haath Nahin Aati Thi-Shaadi Ke Baad*

    3751. Pila De Magar Shart Yeh Hogi Saaqi-Sab Ka Ustad*

    3752. Pind Chhod Chale Ne Posti(Do Posti)-Panjabi*

    3753. Pipra Ke Pathva Sarikhe Dole Manva-Go Daan*

    3754. Pitu Mat Sahayak Swaami Sakha-Shiv Parvati*

    3755. Piyaale Se Agar Mile-Non Film*

    3756. Polam Pol Duniya Mein Hai Polam Pol-Lakshmi*

    3757. Ponchh Kar Ashq Apni Aankhon Se-Naya Raasta*

    3758. Poochh Le Dil Se Mere Ho Na Agar Yakin-Ek Masoom

    3759. Poochh Na Mujhse Dil Ke Fasane-Non Film*

    3760. Poochhe Jo Koi Mujhse Bahaar Kaisi Hoti Hai-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee*

    3761. Poochhiye Na Hal Jee Palle Nahi Mal Jee-Mukhda*

    3762. Poochho Koie Sawal Baccho Bachho Pucho-Nartaki*

    3763. Poochho Na Hamse Ki Ham Hain Kis Haal Main-Chor Darwaza*

    3764. Poochho Na Yaar Hua(Doet)-Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai*

    3765. Poochho Na Yaar Kya Hua(Solo)-Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai*

    3766. Poochho To Naam Bhi Apna Bata Nahin Sakte-Dillagi*

    3767. Praan Tyaag Kar Tune Deewaani-Amar Raaj*

    3768. Prabhu Ji Raakho Laaj Hamari-Beti Bete*

    3769. Prabhu Na Bisariye Jee Hari Na Bisariye Jee-Raja Harishchandra*

    3770. Prabhu Re Khel Tuja Nyara-Marathi*

    3771. Prabhu Tu Dayalu Kripabant Data-Marahi*

    3772. Preet Jaga Ke Meet Banake-Halchal*

    3773. Preet Ka Rogi Ho Ya Jogi Allaah Teri Khair Kare-Heer*

    3774. Preet Main Dukh Hi Dukh Hai Pyaare-Sinhaldweep Ki Sundari*

    3775. Prem Hai Kya Ek Aanson-Prem Kahani*

    3776. Prem Ke Suhaane Geet Gaa Zindagi Ke Saaz Par-Jeevan Nauka

    3777. Prem Ki Naiya Dol Rahi Hai-Utho Jago*

    3778. Pujaari Husn Ka Hoon Main-Na Maaloom*

    3779. Pukaar Prabhusun Dheere Bhakton Ki Pukaar-Ram Aur Rahim

    3780. Pukaarta Chala Hoon Main-Mere Sanam*

    3781. Pukaarti Hai Muhabbat Qareeb Aa Jaao-Dastan E Laila Majnu*

    3782. Putrahin Ko Pita Banakar-Sati Renuka

    3783. Pya Jabse Liya Tune Haathon Main Haath-Hathkadi

    3784. Pya Kaise Miloon Tujh Se-Saranga*

    3785. Pya Ki Nagariya Saj Ke Gori Jaaye Re-Pujarin*

    3786. Pyaar Beqarar Hai Pyaar Ki Pukar Sun-Yahudi Ki Ladki*

    3787. Pyaar Bina Hai Mushakil Jeena-Chale Hain Sasural

    3788. Pyaar De Bhuleke Kinne Sode Sode Kha Gaye(Guddi)-Panjabi*

    3789. Pyaar Diwaana Bane Kyon-Pyaar Bana Afsana*

    3790. Pyaar Hai Ek Nishaani Qadmon Ka(P1)-Mukti*

    3791. Pyaar Hai Ek Nishaani Qadmon Ka(P2)-Mukti*

    3792. Pyaar Ka Fasaana Banaale Dil-Teesra Kaun

    3793. Pyaar Ka Lekar Uadan Khatola-Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    3794. Pyaar Ka Mara Hoon Main Juli-Private Secretary*

    3795. Pyaar Kar Dhaar Kar Ankhiyaan Do Chaar Kar-Toofan*

    3796. Pyaar Karna Hi Padega Ek Din-Sharbati Aankhen*

    3797. Pyaar Ke Daman Se Lipte Ham Kahaan Tak Aagye-Char Darvesh*

    3798. Pyaar Ke Sagar Se Nikli Moti Ke Badle Ret-Jaadoo*

    3799. Pyaar Ki Baate Koi Na Jaane Yaad Teri Phir Aaye-Magic Carpet*

    3800. Pyaar Ki Boliya Bolti-Aarti

    3801. Pyaar Ki Hasraten Khakh Main Mil Gaye-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    3802. Pyaar Ki Manzil Mast Safar Tum Ho Hansi Ham Hain Jawaan-Ziddi*

    3803. Pyaar Ki Pyaas Kya Dharti Aur Kya Aakash-Pyaar Ki Pyas*

    3804. Pyaar Ki Qasam Hai Na Dekh Aise Pyaar Se-Dil Deke Dekho*

    3805. Pyaar Ki Raah Bahaar Ki Manzil-Saaz Aur Aawaaz*

    3806. Pyaar Ki Raah Dikha De Duniya Ko-Lambe Haath*

    3807. Pyaar Kiya Hai Aise(Unreleased)-Teri Nazar Teteri Ada*

    3808. Pyaar Kiya Hai Pyaar Nibhaana-Badla Aur Balidan*

    3809. Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaata Ho Jata Hai Meri Jaan-Barkha*

    3810. Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaata Ho Jata Hai-Barkha*

    3811. Pyaar Kiya To Pyaar Nibhaana-Pyaar Ki Kahani*

    3812. Pyaar Kiye Jaana Ho Pyaar Kiye Jaana-Panna*

    3813. Pyaar Ko Madhur Madhur Iqraar Ko-Phoolon Ki Sej*

    3814. Pyaar Koi Kam Kam Kare Hai Allaah-Khiladi*

    3815. Pyaar Maanga Tha Tabahi To Nahin Maangi Thi-Lakhpati*

    3816. Pyaar Main Jokar Ban Gaye Ham-Duniya Jhukti Hai*

    3817. Pyaar Main Mitna Hi Padta Hai-Rachna*

    3818. Pyaar Milega Jab Na Kahi Aana Padega Tumhe Yahin-Woh Koi Aur Hoga*

    3819. Pyaar Mohabbat Ke Siwa Yeh Zindagi Kya Zindagi-Pyaar Mohabbat*

    3820. Pyaar Se Dil Bhar De Nahin Nahin-Kab? Kyon? Aur Kahan?*

    3821. Pyaar Tha Soda Mosam Aaya-Panjabi*

    3822. Pyaar To Ek Din Hona Tha Hona Tha Ho Gaya-Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati*

    3823. Pyaar Woh Shai Hai Ae Mere Yaaron-Neela Akash*

    3824. Pyaara Lage Pyaar Ki Raahon Ka Pyaara Safar-Habari*

    3825. Pyaara Pyaara Hai Sama-Kalpana*

    3826. Pyaare Pyaare Tere Andaaz Ke Qurbaan Gaye-Watan Se Door*

    3827. Pyaari Bole Bulbul Padosi Bole Kavva-Ham Bhi Insan Hain*

    3828. Qad O Gaisu Mein Qais O Kohkan Ki Aazmaesh-Non Film*

    3829. Qadam Badhaaye Jaa Na Dar Qadam Badhaaye Jaa-Bada Bhai*

    3830. Qadam Qadam Pe Bahaaren Lutaata-Main Lahu Luhaan Hoon*

    3831. Qadam Qadam Pe Likh Rahi Hai Zindagi Kahaniyan-Sarkaar*

    3832. Qadam Suye Manzil Badhaaye Chala Chal-Rangbhoomi*

    3833. Qadmon Main Tere Ae Sanam-Tere Bagair*

    3834. Qasam Khuda Ki Yakin Karlo-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina

    3835. Qayaamat Hai Yeh Kaisi Gham Ki Shyaam Hai-Mr. Natwar Lal*

    3836. Qayamaat Naam Kiska Hai-Intaqam Ki Aag*

    3837. Qismat Fati Hui Thi Taanke Laga Rahe Hain-Ali Baba 40 Chor(Old)*

    3838. Qismat Hamare Saath Hai-Khidki*

    3839. Qismat Ka Khel Dekho Kahaan Se Humain Laayi-Chale Hain Sasural

    3840. Qismat Ka Likha Na Tale Na Koi Bas Chale-Parichay*

    3841. Qismat Ke Likhe Ko Mita Na Sake-Duniya*

    3842. Qismat Se Koi Kya Bole Dil Chupke Chupke-Rahnuma*

    3843. Qismat To Dekho Ham Safar Chaar Qadam-Adalat

    3844. Qurbaan Main Us Muswwir De(Laiye Tod Nibhaiye)Panjabi*

    3845. Raadha Jee Ke Kunwar Kanhaiya-Tulsidas*

    3846. Raadha Waale Shyaam-Shri Krishna Bhakti

    3847. Raadhe Shyaam Bol Manva-Bhagat Nar Singh Mehima *

    3848. Raadhe Shyaam Duniya Door Se Sunaani-Aadmi*

    3849. Raadhike Tune Bansuri Churaayi-Beti Bete*

    3850. Raah Chalti Hai Ki Raahi Chalte Hain-Khoon Kharaba*

    3851. Raahe Wafa Main Nikale Hain-Kashmir

    3852. Raahi Manwa Dukh Ki Chinta Kyon Sataati Hai-Dosti*

    3853. Raahi Mil Gaye Raahon Main-Dil Deke Dekho*

    3854. Raaj Guru Ne Jhansi Chhodi-Jhansi Ki Rani

    3855. Raaj Kaaj Se Kya Lena Jab Man Main-Laxmi Pooja*

    3856. Raaj Kapoor Ki Neeli Aankhen-Maa Aur Mamta

    3857. Raaja Beta Bada Hoke Jaayega School-Insaniyat(Old)*

    3858. Raaja Hiranyakashyap-Bhakta Prahlad*

    3859. Raaja Jee Zara Samjho Paayal Ki Boli-Sati Madalsa*

    3860. Raaja Ji Raajaji Tum Meri Kahaani Kya Jaano-Hazar Raaten

    3861. Raaja Ka Haathi Le Le Gudiya Ka Saathi Le Le-Mastana

    3862. Raaja Mere Dil Ke Raja Kahan Chala Aaja-Ranga Aur Raja*

    3863. Raaju Ha Hai Ek Khawaab Raaju Raaja Raaja Saab-Raja Saab*

    3864. Raakhi Dhaago Ka Tyohar-Rakhi*

    3865. Raakhi Kehti Hai Tumse Bhaiyya-Ek Phool Ek Bhool

    3866. Raam Ayodhya Chhod Chale Chhod Chale Chhod Chale-Ramayan*

    3867. Raam Chandra Ki Amar Kahaani Hai-Sati Naag Kanya*

    3868. Raam Jee Jo Chaahen To-Dashera*

    3869. Raam Jee Ki Nikli Savaari Raamji Ki Leela Hai Nyaari Nyaari-Sargam*

    3870. Raam Kare Allaah Kare-Aap Ke Deewane*

    3871. Raam Kare Phir Ho Hamra Milanva-Insaan Aur Insaan*

    3872. Raam Ki Mahima Aparampaar-Pawan Putra Hanuman*

    3873. Raam Ki Mahima Nyaari Re Manwa-Khandaan*

    3874. Raam Krishna Ki Dharti Par-Amar Shaheed

    3875. Raam Naam Japna Paraaya Maal Apna-Suvarna Sundari*

    3876. Raam Naam Se Jaada Bhai-Ram Aur Rahim

    3877. Raam Raam Japana Paraaya Maal Apna-Do Dil*

    3878. Raam Raam Se Zyada Bhai(Telugu)-Bhakta Ramadasu*

    3879. Raam Shri Ram Yahan Janki Jape Neranter-Ram Rajya*

    3880. Raam To Sab Ka Rakhwala-Chhota Bhai*

    3881. Raani Nacho Jani Naacho-Love In Bombay*

    3882. Raanjha Jaan Ke Sharaabi Bana Heer Se Baanaaye Batiyaan-Do Sholay*

    3883. Raat Andheri Gaye Gaye Gaye-Rangeela Raja*

    3884. Raat Bhar Ka Hai Mehman Andhera(Sad)-Sone Ki Chidiya*

    3885. Raat Bhar Ka Hai Mehman Andhera-Sone Ki Chidiya*

    3886. Raat Din Guru Ke Geet Gaye Ja-Na Maaloom*

    3887. Raat Jhoomti Dil Ko Chumti Bachana Zara Zulfen-Reporter Raju*

    3888. Raat Kaali Jugnu Chamke-Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh*

    3889. Raat Ke Hamsafar Thak Ke Ghar Ko Chale-An Evening In Paris*

    3890. Raat Rangili Mast Nazaare-Dulari*

    3891. Raat Sard Sard Hai Chaand Zard Zard Hai-Jaali Note*

    3892. Raat Suhaani Jaag Rahi Hai-Jigri Dost*

    3893. Raat Yun Dil Main Teri Kho Huye Yad Aaye-Jaanwar*

    3894. Raat Zulm Ki Kat Jaayegi Bhaagega Andhiyaara-Amar Shaheed*

    3895. Raaton Ki Siyaahi Hai Aur Din Ka Ujaala Hai-Raat Andheri Thi*

    3896. Raaz E Dil Unse Chhupaya Na Gaya-Apna Banake Dekho*

    3897. Raaz Ki Baat Keh Doon To Jaane Mehfil Main Phir Kya Ho-Dharma*

    3898. Rab Mere Araz Sun Meri Sharan Ab Teri-Aag

    3899. Rab Na Kare Jeh Chala Jayen Tubichard Ke(Bhangra)-Panjabi*

    3900. Rabba Ve Teriyan Beparwahiyan(Kankan De Ohle )-Panjabi*

    3901. Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aaye-Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye*

    3902. Raghupati Raghav Raja Raam-Unees Bees*

    3903. Raha Gardishon Main Hardam Mere Ishq Ka Sitaara-Do Badan*

    3904. Rahe To Kaise Rahe Dil Ke Ikhtyaar-Room No 9*

    3905. Rahoge Kab Tak Hamse Door-Wohi Ladki*

    3906. Rahoon Kaise Main Tumko Nihaare Bina-Tulsidas*

    3907. Rakhe Raam Salaamat Ek Hal Do Bailon Ki Jodi-Daaku Aur Jawan

    3908. Rakhna Dil Main Dil Ki Baat-Garma Garam*

    3909. Ramayya Wasta Wayya Maine Dil Tujhko Diya-Shri 420*

    3910. Ramzaan Ki Azmat Ek Ladka Thha Kahin-Islamic(New)*

    3911. Ramzaan Ki Azmat Ek Ladka Thha Kahin-Islamic(Old)*

    3912. Rang Aur Noor Ki Barat Kise Pesh Karon-Gazal*

    3913. Rang Barsaao Aaya Baad Bars Ke Holi Ka Tyohaar-Bhookh*

    3914. Rang Basanti Chha Gaya-Raja Aur Rank*

    3915. Rang Bhari Holi Aaye-Hamara Ghar*

    3916. Rang Bhi Uda Uda Hai Qadam Bhi Ruke Ruke-Ban Maanush*

    3917. Rang De Basanti Chola(Sardar Bhgat Singh)-Panjabi*

    3918. Rang Jama Ke Jayenge Chakkra Chala Ke Jayenge-Naseeb*

    3919. Rang Khelo Rasiya Suratiya Pehchaan-Pooja*

    3920. Rang Rang Ke Phool Khile Mohe Bhaaye Koi Rang Na-Aan Milo Sajna*

    3921. Rang Rang Ki Chunri Pyaari-Jhanak Jhanak Paayal Baje*

    3922. Rang Rangila Mausam Leke Chala-Ge Chahta Hai*

    3923. Rang Rangili Botal Ka Dekh Lo Jaadu-Shriman Satywadi*

    3924. Rang Se Roop Se-Love In Canada*

    3925. Rang Udaao Dhoom Machao Sabhi Ko Ek Rang Main-Biradari*

    3926. Rangat Teri Surat Si Kisi Main Nahi-Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    3927. Raqqaasa Mera Naam Ae Saahab Sabko Salaam-The Great Gambler*

    3928. Rassa Sayung Re Rassa Sayung(Title Music)-Singapore*

    3929. Raste Main Do Anjaane Aaise Mile Deewaane-Akeli Mat Jaiyo*

    3930. Raste Main Tere Kab Se Hain Khade-Opera House*

    3931. Rasware Matware Kajrare-Holiday In Bombay*

    3932. Ratan Hai Anmol Do Hamaare-Krishna Sudama*

    3933. Reham Kabhi To Farmaao-Society*

    3934. Rehmat Ka Khazeena Niklega-Islamic*

    3935. Rehne Do2 Gile Shikave Chhodo Bhi Takaraar Ki Baaten-Rakhwala*

    3936. Rekha O Rekha Jab Se Tujhe Dekha-Adhikar*

    3937. Resham Ki Dori Ho Kahaan Jaiho Nidiya Churaake Chori Chori-Saajan*

    3938. Reyi Aagi Poindhi(Akbar Salim Anarkali)-Telugu*

    3939. Ricshe Pe Mere Tum Aa Bethhe-Dil Tera Deewana*

    3940. Rik Rik Tiktik Tere Mere Do Dil Ho Gaye Ek-Do Ustad*

    3941. Rim Jhim Ke Geet Saawan Gaye-Anjaana*

    3942. Rim Jhim Ke Taraane Leke Aayi Barsaat-Kaala Bazaar*

    3943. Ro Ro Ke Yaad Kare Mamta Fariyaad Kare-Mastana*

    3944. Roka Kayi Baar Maine Dil Ki Umang Ko-Mere Sanam*

    3945. Roko Manaao Vaah Chala Mera Dilwar Jaani Mud Ke-Badnaam*

    3946. Rome Ki Vaadiyon Se Do Dil Guzar Rahe Hai-Spy In Rome*

    3947. Rona Hai To Ro Chupke Chupke Aansu Na Bahe-Duniya*

    3948. Rona Tera Ghadi Ghadi Mujhe Rula Na De-Hamara Adhikar*

    3949. Rookhi Sookhi Main Kha Loongi-Insaaf*

    3950. Roop Ki Doop To Dhal Ke Rahegi-Jiyo Aur Jeene Do*

    3951. Roop Ki Raani Dekh Phool Woh Kali Se Lipta Jaaye-Sazaa*

    3952. Roop Nirala Dharke Aaya-Hazar Raaten

    3953. Rootth Ke Jaane Waali Sun-Johar In Bombay*

    3954. Rootthe Rab Ko Manaana Aasaan Hai-Majboor*

    3955. Roottho Na Tum Is Bahaar Main-Rangmahal*

    3956. Roshan Ho Jisse Duniyaitna Asar Ho Dharti Pe-Bhookh

    3957. Roshan Sa Ek Sitara Islam Hai Hamara-Arab Ka Sitara*

    3958. Roshan Tumhi Se Duniya Ronak Tumhi Jahaan Ki-Parasmani*

    3959. Rote Hain Naina Gam Ke Mare-Amber*

    3960. Roye Avdhpur Vaasi Banke Banvaasi Ho Raaja Raam Chale-Bharat Milap*

    3961. Roz Takdi Phiran Men Tera Raah(Long Da Lishkara)-Panjabi*

    3962. Ruk Ja O Are Jaane Walo Dil Tod Ke Jaana Theek Nahin-Pehredar*

    3963. Ruk Jaa Tere Haath Bandhe Hain Karmo Ki Zanzeer Main-Papi(New)*

    3964. Ruk Jaao Sajno Thoda Jinna Hor(Dupatta)-Panjabi*

    3965. Ruk Ruk Chamke Jhuk Jhuk-Pehli Raat*

    3966. Ruk Ruk Meri Raani Meri Raani O Deewaani-Chalu Mera Naam*

    3967. Ruk Ruk Ruk Kahaan Chali Deewaani-Do Ustad*

    3968. Ruke Na Raah Main Qadam-Sakhi Hatim*

    3969. Rukh Se Parda To Hata Zara Nazren To Mila-Shahi Mehman*

    3970. Rukh Se Zara Naqab Hata Do-Mere Huzor*

    3971. Rukhsaana Rukhsaana Dekho Jee Mere Peechhe Mat Aana-Beqasoor*

    3972. Rum Jhum Ke Bajaao Bansari Muraari-Pooja*

    3973. Run Jhun Jhun Paayal Jhanke-Maya Machhindra*

    3974. Rupaiya Jahaan Hain Vahaan Hai Roop-Roop Rupaiya*

    3975. Rus Ke Tu Chali Gayyo(Papi Tarey Anek )-Panjabi*

    3976. Rut Beqaraar Hai Shyaam E Bahaar Hai-Maa Aur Mamta*

    3977. Rut Hai Milan Ki Saathi Mere Aa Re-Mela*

    3978. Rut Mastani Saamne Hai Rani-Anjaan*

    3979. Sa Re Gaa Ma One Two Three Four-Chupke Chupke*

    3980. Saagar Nahi To Kya Teri Aankh Ka Nasha To Hai-Naatak*

    3981. Saahil Jo Doobo De Kashti Ko-Baawara*

    3982. Saai Baaba Bolo Dagmag Jag Yeh Dole-Shirdi Ke Sai Baba*

    3983. Saai Naath Tere Hazaaron Haath-Shirdi Ke Sai Baba*

    3984. Saajan Ki Ot Leke Haathon Main Haath Leke Koi Hame Na Dekhe-Zewraat*

    3985. Saajan Saajan Pukaaroon Galiyon Main-Saajan*

    3986. Saal Mubarak Sahib Ji Lo Aaj Piyo Hans Ke-Do Jasoos*

    3987. Saamne Aa Parda Hata Dekhoon Zara Tujh Main Hai Kya-Ek Din Aadhi Raat*

    3988. Saamne Rakh Lein Tujhe Didar Ki Baate Karen-Main Shaadi Karne Chala*

    3989. Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin Pyaare-Guest House*

    3990. Saanchi Ho Lagan Jo Man Main-Gayatri Mahima*

    3991. Saanchi Tumhaari Preet Ho Raam-Bedaag*

    3992. Saanson Main Kabhi Dil Main Kabhi-Parchhaiyan*

    3993. Saanu Buk Nal Pani(Laadlee)-Panjabi*

    3994. Saanu Tak De Na Sangiya Karo-Panjabi*

    3995. Saanwariya Bansiwaala Nand Laala Matwaala-Janmashtami

    3996. Saaqi Ki Har Nigah Pe-Non Film*

    3997. Saaqi Ki Nigaahon Se Bachkar Aeji Hoga Kya Aage-Khoon Ka Badla Khoon*

    3998. Saara Jahan Chhod Ke Tujhe Maine Salaam Kya Hai-Wardat*

    3999. Saara Mora Kajra Chhudaaya Tune-Do Dil*

    4000. Saaranga Teri Yaad Main-Saranga*

    4001. Saare Jahan Se Achchha-Dharmputra*

    4002. Saare Shehr Main Aap Sa Koi Nahin Koi Nahin-Bairaag*

    4003. Saare Zamaane Pe Mausam Suhaane Pe-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee*

    4004. Saari Khushiyan Hain Muhabbat Ki Zamaane Ke Liye-Suhana Safar*

    4005. Saari Umran Dey Pay Gay Wichoray(Do Lachhian )-Panjabi*

    4006. Saat Ajoobe Is Duniya Main Aathvin Apni Jodi-Dharam Veer*

    4007. Saath Do Dilon Ka Hua Tha-Hamari Shaan

    4008. Saath Ham Tum Chale The Kahin-Ladki Jawan Ho Gai*

    4009. Saathi Banega Saath Apne Chalega Jo-Aadha Din Aadhi Raat*

    4010. Saathi Haath Badhana-Naya Daur*

    4011. Saathi Mere Saathi Rut Aati Jaati-Aahuti*

    4012. Saathi Na Koi Manzil-Bambai Ka Babu*

    4013. Saathi O Saathi Hamne Tumko Kitni Khushi Se-Ghamand

    4014. Saathi Re Gham Nahin Karna-Iqraar*

    4015. Saathi Utha Baadbaan Tera Allaah Beli-Sindbad The Sailor*

    4016. Saathiya Nahin Jaana Ki Jee Na Lage-Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke*

    4017. Saathiya Tu Mere Sapnon Ka Meet Hai-Insaan*

    4018. Saathiyo Sun Lo Zara Yeh Daastan-Samaanta*

    4019. Saawan Aaye Ya Na Aaye Jiya Jab Jhoome Saawan Hai-Dil Diya Dard Liya*

    4020. Saawan Barse Kaari Badariya-Tarang*

    4021. Saawan Ke Mahine Main Ek Aag Si Sine Main (Happy)-Sharabi*

    4022. Saawan Ke Mahine Main Ek Aag Si Sine Main (Sad)-Sharabi*

    4023. Saawan Ke Nazare Hain-Khazanchi*

    4024. Saawan Ki Ghataaon Dheere Dheere Aana-Aage Badho*

    4025. Saawan Ki Pari Chup Chup Hai Khadi-Murder On Highway*

    4026. Saawan Megh Ude Thodaasa Gulaal Tu Bhi-Shri Krishna Bhakti

    4027. Saaz E Dil Ched De Kya Hasin Raat Hai-Pass Port*

    4028. Saaz Ho Tum Aavaaz Hoon Main-Saaz Aur Aawaaz*

    4029. Sab Din Hota Na Ek Saman-Senapati*

    4030. Sab Jawaan Sab Haseen Koi Tumsa Nahin-Main Suhaagan Hoon*

    4031. Sab Ke Jeevan Pran Hazar-Bhajan*

    4032. Sab Ke Lab Par Naam Hamaara-Harfan Mola*

    4033. Sab Ki Ho Khair Baaba Sab Ka Bhala-Phir Subha Hogi*

    4034. Sab Ko Pata Hai Yeh Sabko Khabar Ha-Amar Shakti*

    4035. Sab Kuchh Lutaaya Hamne-Chunariya*

    4036. Sab Main Shaamil Ho Magar Sabse Juda Lagti Ho-Bahu Beti*

    4037. Sab Ne Kahi Par Ek Na Maani Jo Honge Agar Do Laal-Saat Phere*

    4038. Sab Sapne Poore Aaj Hue Chmake Aasha Ke Tare-Veer Babruvahan*

    4039. Sab Se Bada Hai Jee Sabse Bada Hai-Sabse Bada Rupaiya*

    4040. Sab Se Mehngi Cheez Muhabbat-Anjaan*

    4041. Sab Se Pyaara Sabse Nyaara Prabhuji Naam Tumhaara-Taksaal*

    4042. Saba Janaabe Ali Se Salaam Keh Dena-Islamic*

    4043. Sabak Sabro Raza Ka De Gaye Hai-Shan E Hatim

    4044. Sabaq Sabr O Raza Ka De Gaye Hain Karbala Wale-Islamic*

    4045. Sabhi Kuchh Luta Kar-Indrani*

    4046. Sachch Kahoon Sachch I Love You Very Much-Akalmand*

    4047. Sachch Kehta Hoon Bahut Haseen Ho-Jaali Note*

    4048. Sachcha Hai Gar Pyaar Mera Sanam(Happy)-Jhuk Gaya Aasman*

    4049. Sachcha Hai Gar Pyaar Mera Sanam(Sad)-Jhuk Gaya Aasman*

    4050. Sachchaai Ka Sooraj Nikala-Shiv Shakti*

    4051. Sada Japu Main Ek Hi Naam-Mahabali Hanuman*

    4052. Sada Rahe Din Yhi Hamare-Saawan Bhado*

    4053. Sadde Khetan Wich Rab Vasda(Nanak Dukhia Sab Sansar)-Panjabi*

    4054. Sade Naal Na Tu Ankheyan Milaen Ni Kudiye(Premi Gangaram)-Panjabi*

    4055. Sadi Rus Gaye Chanjaran Wali-Panjabi*

    4056. Sadi Sone Di Ae Dharti(Sardar E Azam)-Panjabi*

    4057. Sadiyon Puraani Apni Kahaani-Shehnai*

    4058. Sadke Teri Chaal Ke Kajra Vajra Daal Ke-Mr. X*

    4059. Sadqe Heer Tujhpe Ham Fakir Sadake-Mera Naam Joker*

    4060. Saheb Jai Agote Bhokot Jai Pasote-Bengali*

    4061. Saj Dhaj Ke Jab Chale Kaamini-Shamsheer

    4062. Saj Dhaj Ke Jab Tu Nikale-Mangu Dada*

    4063. Saj Dhaj Ke Samjhaane Aaye Aur Hame Bahkaane Aaye-Nek Parveen*

    4064. Saj Rahi Gali Meri Maa Sunhare Gote Pe-Kunwara Bap*

    4065. Sajan Tere Pyaar Main-Mahua*

    4066. Sajaniya Kit Bhaage Karke Mera Dil Chori-Birha Ki Raat*

    4067. Sajna Nu Yaar Leaaya-Aasha*

    4068. Sajna Saath Nibhana-Doli*

    4069. Sajna Saawan Aaya Dil Udke Ke Chala Hai Badal Mein-Band Master*

    4070. Sakhi Ki Kher-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    4071. Sakhi Sarkar Hai Tere Gareebon Ka Tu Daata-Mirza Galib*

    4072. Salaam Aapki Meethhi Nazar Ko Salaam-Boy Friend*

    4073. Salaam Kijiye-Aandhi*

    4074. Salaam Salaam,Main Aagya-Teesri Aankh*

    4075. Salaamat Rahe Dostana Hamara(Happy)-Dostana*

    4076. Salaamat Rahe Dostana Hamara(Sad)-Dostana*

    4077. Sallallaaho Wale Hi Wasllam-Islamic*

    4078. Salle Ala Zulf Kali Kali-Kaabuli Khan*

    4079. Sama Pyara Hai Din Hein Bade Kaam Ke-Samundari Daku*

    4080. Samaaj Ko Badal Dalo Zulm Aur Loot Ke Riwaaz Ko-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    4081. Samay Ka Chakker Sao Bal Khaye-Raaz(Old)*

    4082. Samay Ka Khail Nirala Re Bhai-Bhajan*

    4083. Sambhaal Dariyala Toofan Aaya-Marathi*

    4084. Sambhal Ae Dil Tadapne Aur Tadpaane Se Kya Hoga-Sadhna*

    4085. Sambhal Kar Haseenon Se Aankhen Ladaana-Yaari Dushmani*

    4086. Sambhal Kar Ishq Farmana Muhabbat Andhi Hoti Hai-Pyaar Ka Bandhan*

    4087. Sambhal Sambhal Ke Jaiyo Ho Banjaare-Sajan(Old)*

    4088. Samjha Main Qismat Khul Gaye-Paanch Dushman*

    4089. Samjhe The Ke Guzrenge Din Chain Aur Khushi Main-Banu*

    4090. Samjho Zara Samjho Zara Kehti Hai Kya Meri Nazar-Shatranj*

    4091. San San San Woh Chali Hawa-Kaagaz Ke Phool*

    4092. San Sananan Chale Pawan Aaj Rutuon Ka Raaja Aaya-Chandramukhi*

    4093. Sanam Apni Palkon Pe Tujhko Bitha Kar Deekhata Hoon-Pooja Ke Phool*

    4094. Sanam O Mere Pyaar Ka Banaayta Kaahe Raayta-Dost Aur Dushman*

    4095. Sanam Tu Chal Diya Rasta Mere Bina-Maya*

    4096. Sandesh Mera Pa Ke Mujhe Daras Dikhana-Veer Ghatotkach*

    4097. Sang Sang Beti Apan Din Ratiya(Nautanki)-Bhojpuri*

    4098. Sang Sang Rahenge Tumahare Jee Huzoor-Mulzim*

    4099. Sang Sang Rahenge Tumhare(Sad)-Mulzim*

    4100. Sansaar Bananewaale Gareebon Ko Bhi Yaad Rakhna-Aansoo*

    4101. Sansaar Ko Sudharenge Auron Ke Khol Utaarenge-Hum Nahin Sudhrenge*

    4102. Sansaar Tumhaara Yahaan Vahaan-Shiv Bhakta*

    4103. Sanwaar De Jo Pyaar Se Bahaar Ki Bhi-Adventure Of Robin Hood & Ba*

    4104. Sapna Dekha Raat Ki Jaise Tu Hai Mere Saath-Raat Andheri Thi

    4105. Sar Jo Tera Chakaraaye Ya Dil Dooba Jaaye-Pyaasa*

    4106. Sar Ko Hatheli Par Liye Jo Saamne Aaya Nahin-Raj Ratan

    4107. Sar Par Lamba Top Leke Aayega-Izzat*

    4108. Sar Par Topi Laal Haath Main Resham Ka Roomaal-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    4109. Sar Pe Chat Ho Pet Men Roti-Taqdeer Ka Badshah*

    4110. Sardara Ve Mera Dil Dhadka-Maa Ki Saugandh*

    4111. Sare Jag Nu Chalown Wala Rab Ek Rab-Panjabi*

    4112. Sare Mehfil Jo Jala Parvaana-Shama Parvana*

    4113. Sare Mehfil Mera Imaan Beimaan Ho Gaya-Ab Kya Hoga*

    4114. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Main Hai-Shaheed Bhagat Singh*

    4115. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Main Hai-Shaheed Bhagat Singh(Old)*

    4116. Sarkar Ayeye Tashreef Layeye-Gul E Bakkavali*

    4117. Sarkar E Do Jahan Ka Ejaz-Islamic*

    4118. Satgur Nanak(Shabad)-Panjabi*

    4119. Sau Baar Banaakar Maalik Ne Sau Baar Mitaaya Hoga-Ek Raat*

    4120. Sau Baar Janam Lenge Sau Baar Fana Honge-Ustadon Ke Ustad*

    4121. Sau Baras Ki Zindagi Se Achche Hain Pyaar Ke Do Chaar Din-Sacchaai*

    4122. Sau Do Sau Ki Naukari Kahaan Se Laaon Kaar-Hum Nahin Sudhrenge*

    4123. Sau Ka Note Hai Baabu-Sau Ka Note

    4124. Sau Saal Pehle Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Tha-Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai*

    4125. Saun Mahina Aaya(Jindri Yaar Di)-Panjabi*

    4126. Sawere Waali Gaadi Se Chale Jaayenge-Laat Saheb*

    4127. Sayyan Chod De Mera Haath Haye Dhadke Jiya-Dev Kanya*

    4128. Sayyan Dekh Dekh Dekh Main Hoon Laakhon Main Ek-Police Detective*

    4129. Sayyan Kyon Aaye Mujhe Angdaai-Duniya Rang Rangili*

    4130. Seedhe Raaste Chaloge To Aisa Zamaana Milega-Heeralal Pannalal*

    4131. Seedhe Saade Insaanon Ka Is Duniya Main Kaam Nahi-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    4132. Seene Main Mohabbat Ka Pehla Arman Tumhari Daulat Hai-Laadla*

    4133. Seeta Ke Liye Likha Hai Yahi-Jiyo Aur Jeene Do*

    4134. Shaadi Ke Liye Razamaand Kar Lee-Devi*

    4135. Shaam Dekho Dhal Rahi Hai Panchhi Dekho Jaa Rahe Hain-Anjaan Hai Koi*

    4136. Shaam Ke Deepak Jale Man Ka Diya Bjhne Laga-Non Film*

    4137. Shaam Suhaani Ho Nadi Ho Paani Ho-Kaala Chor*

    4138. Shaame Bahaar Aayi Karke Singaar Aayi-Shama Parvana*

    4139. Shaame Bahara Subhe Chaman-Aaja Sanam*

    4140. Shaayar To Nahin Hoon Lekin Shaayar Ki Nazar Paai Hai-Insaaf Ka Mandir*

    4141. Shab Ki Tanhaai Main Jab Bhi Mujh Ko Yaad Aate Ho Tum-Non Film*

    4142. Shaheedi Yaar Di Sanu Lalkar Di(Sarafrosh)-Panjabi*

    4143. Shaheedon Amar Hai Tumhaari Kahaani-Prisoner Of Golconda*

    4144. Shaheedon Ki Mazaron Par-Laal Quila*

    4145. Shaheedon Tum Ko Mera Salam-Bazaar(Old)*

    4146. Shak Shak Gadi Chaldi(Mamma Ji)-Panjabi*

    4147. Shama Jali Parwana Aaya-Amber*

    4148. Shama Jalti Hai To Parwaane Chale Aate Hain-Bawra*

    4149. Shamma Bujhne Ko Chali-Ganga Ki Lehren*

    4150. Shamma Main Taakat Kahaan Jo Ek Parwaane Main Hai-Naya Qanoon*

    4151. Sharaab Hai Haan Sharaab Hai Shabaab Hai-Aatish*

    4152. Sharaab Ka Sahaara Leke-Commercial Pilot Officer*

    4153. Sharma Ke Na Jaa Tadpa Ke Na Jaa-Shehnai*

    4154. Sharma Ke Yoon Na Dekh Ada Ke Mukaam Se-Neel Kamal*

    4155. Shatranj Ki Chaal Hamaari Shatranj Shataranj-Shatranj*

    4156. Shauq Har Rang Raqeeb-Mirza Galib*

    4157. She Ne Khela He Se Aaj Cricket Match-Love Marriage*

    4158. Sheeshe Ka Ho Ya Patthar Ka Dil-Baat Ek Raat Ki*

    4159. Shehar E Mohabbat Ujda-Ek Aur Suhagan*

    4160. Shehar Main Charcha Hai-Aas Paas*

    4161. Sher Ka Husn Ho Nagmain Ki Jawaani Ho Tum-Chambal Ki Qasam*

    4162. Sher Se Ladne Aayi Dekho Shehar Ki Ek Billi-Preetam*

    4163. Shirdi Waale Sai Baaba Aaya Tere Dar Pe Sawaali-Amar Akbar Anthony*

    4164. Shodhisi Manava Rahooli Mandiri-Marathi*

    4165. Shokh Aankhen Dekhakar Soorat Par Pyaar Aa Hi Gaya-Kahin Aur Chal*

    4166. Shokhiyaan Nazar Main Hain Mastiyan Hain Chaal Main-Aasra*

    4167. Shola Ulfat Ka Bhadaka Ke Mere Dil Main Aag Lagaake-Aurat*

    4168. Sholey Sholey Meri Jawaani-Locket*

    4169. Shri Krishan Sudama Katha-Bhajan*

    4170. Shubh Din Aaye Ho Shubh Din-Rangeela

    4171. Shukr Hai Tera Khaliq Bari-Islamic*

    4172. Shukriya Aapki Inaayat Ka Mehrbaan Shukriya-Chalbaaz*

    4173. Shyaam Abhimaani O Shyaam Abhimaani-Geet Gata Chal*

    4174. Shyaam Se Neha Lagaye-Bhajan*

    4175. Simti Hui Yeh Ghadiyaan Phirse Na Bikhar Jaayen-Chambal Ki Qasam*

    4176. Sinh Ki Hoonkaar Le-Navratri

    4177. Sipaayi O Sipaayi(Akbar Salim Anarkali)-Telugu*

    4178. Sirf Tum Hi To Ho Jispe Marte Hain Ham-Budtameez*

    4179. Sitam Bhi Tumhaare Karam Bhi Tumhaare-Mukti(Old)*

    4180. Sitamgar Dil Men Tere-Aan(Unreleased)*

    4181. Sitamgar Se Leta Hai Tu Inteqaam-Parda

    4182. So Jaa Sanam Teri Jawaan Palkon Tale Needen Saja Doon-Rocky Mera Naam*

    4183. Soch Na Manwa Tera Taqdeer Bananewaala Sochega-Pooja*

    4184. Sochne Ko Laakh Baaten Soche Insaan-Baap Bete*

    4185. Socho Jee Socho Jee Zamaana Kya Kehta Hai-Zamana Badal Gaya*

    4186. Sochta Hoon Ke Tumhen-Raaz*

    4187. Sohneyo Makhno Malai De Dono(Daaj )-Panjabi*

    4188. Soja Baaba Mere Nanahe Baba Mere Soja-Koshish*

    4189. Soja Sanam Teri Jawn Palkon Ke Tale-Rocky Mera Naam*

    4190. Solah Baras Ki Bhayi Umariya-Aag*

    4191. Solah Singar Karke Jo Aaye Suhaag Raat-Gaban*

    4192. Sona Re Tujhe Kaise Miloon Kaise Kaise Miloon Ho-Aakhin Dekhi*

    4193. Sone Deti Hai Na Yeh Raat Koi Baat Karo-Patanga*

    4194. Sone Ke Gehne Kyon Tone Pehne-Resham Ki Dori*

    4195. Sone Ke Tere Jhoomke Chaandi Ki Angoothi Hai-Daaku Mangal Singh*

    4196. Sone Rab Diyan Siftan Ki Karye(Geet Baharan De)-Panjabi*

    4197. Sone Sone Kapde Te Lal Lal Chudiya-Panjabi*

    4198. Soniya Matwaaliya Main Jaan Gaye Dilwaaliya-Tamanna*

    4199. Soniye Tere Chahe Jo Bhi Naam-Sweetheart*

    4200. Soniye Haan Jee Soniye Jo Main Tujhko Chori Se Baandh Loon-Qasam*

    4201. Soniye Jad Leni Ae Aangdaiyan-Panjabi*

    4202. Sonwa Ke Pinjara Main Band Bahil Hai-Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyri Chadhai*

    4203. Sonwa Ke Pinjara Men(Ganga Mayya Tohe Pyari)-Bhojpuri*

    4204. Soo E Haram Mula Ke Dewane-Islamic*

    4205. Soona Soona Laage Biraj Aka Dham-Neel Mani*

    4206. Soone Dharti Gagan Paataal-Sakshi Gopal*

    4207. Sooni Kisine Bekahi Hamaari-Qatil

    4208. Sooni Sooni Lag Rahi Hai Chaandni Tere Bagair-Chalbaaz*

    4209. Sooraj Ghoome Chaand Ghoome-Ishwar Bhakti

    4210. Sooraj Ke Jaisi Golaai-Kaala Bazaar

    4211. Sooraj Se Aankhen Mila Taaron Ko Dharti Pe La-Muqaddar*

    4212. Sooraj Se Jo Kiran Ka Naata-Hangama

    4213. Soorat Ho To Aesi Ho Dekh Jise Chanda Shatmaye-Baarish*

    4214. Sorry Sorry Very Sorry Aapki Qasam-Road No. 303

    4215. Subah Na Aayi Shaam Na Aayi-Cha Cha Cha*

    4216. Subah Uth Ke Mirje Yaar Ne-Mirza Sahibaan*

    4217. Subhaan Allaah Hai Haseen Chehra Hai-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    4218. Sudaama Mandir Dekh Dare-Krishna Sudama

    4219. Sudh Bisar Gaye Aaj-Sangeet Samrat Tansen*

    4220. Suhaana Saman Tum Kahaan Ham Yahaan-Tu Hi Meri Zindagi*

    4221. Suhaani Raat Dhal Chuki Na Jaane Tum Kab Aaoge-Dulari*

    4222. Sukh Dukh Ke Ham Saathi Hen-Dharam Veer*

    4223. Sukh Ke Sab Saathi Dukh Main Na Koi-Gopi*

    4224. Sukun E Dil Jahaan Milaata Hai Sabko-Sangram

    4225. Sulag Rahi Hai Husn Ki Sigdi-Madmust

    4226. Sultaan E Madina Sultaan E Madina Maula Ke Dulaare-Rahnuma*

    4227. Sun Ae Mahejabi Mujhe Tujhse Ishq Nahin-Dooj Ka Chand*

    4228. Sun Bhaai Chaacha Arre Haan Bhatija-Chor Ke Ghar Chor

    4229. Sun Gori Khol Zara Ghooghat Ka Dor-Phool Bane Angare*

    4230. Sun Le Tu Dil Ki Sada Pyaar Se Pyaar Saja-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*

    4231. Sun Lo Chhoti Arajiya-Nai Maa

    4232. Sun Lo Dil Ka Afsana-Andaz(Unreleased)*

    4233. Sun Lo Meri Fariyaad Khudaara Abdul-Aulea E Islam*

    4234. Sun Lo Sunaata Hoon Tumko Kahaani-Andaz*

    4235. Sun Mere Mahi Kis Dil Jada(Satlaj De Kande)-Panjabi*

    4236. Sun Mere Saajna Dekhoji Mujhe Bhool Na Jana-Aansoo*

    4237. Sun Pengiya We Bade Mengiya We(Sapni)-Panjabi*

    4238. Sun Sajana Mujhe Aaj Tumhe Kuchh Kehna Hai-Apna Khoon*

    4239. Sun Sun Madraasi Chhori-Mujrim

    4240. Sun Sun Mere Bhai Yeh Rupaya Aana Payi-Banarasi Thug*

    4241. Sun Sun Meri Kahaani Mushkil Hai Jaan Bachaani-Rangeela

    4242. Sun Sun Paalan Haare Koi Teri Bhakti Ko Aaja-Laxmi Pooja

    4243. Sun Sun Re Zara Insaan-Sati Anusuya*

    4244. Sun Sun Sun O Gulaabi Kali-Saawan Bhado*

    4245. Sun Sun Sun Sun Zaalima Pyaar Hamko Tumse Ho Gaya-Aar Paar*

    4246. Sun To Lo Mera Afsaana-Raat Ki Rani*

    4247. Suna Sajna Kya Sajni Kuchh Kehne Waala Tha Main Par Bhool Gaya-Durga*

    4248. Sundar Ho Aesi Tum Jidhar Chalo Ek Baar-Dil Ka Raja*

    4249. Suniye Suniye Hamaara Fasaana-Daughter Of Sindbad*

    4250. Suniyo Araj Hamari-Bhajan*

    4251. Suno Ae Duniya Walo Ek Nya Paigam Laya Hon-Film Hi Film*

    4252. Suno Meri Sarkaar Zamaana Ulta Hai-Chhoti Bhabhi*

    4253. Suno Na Logon Raag Purana-Na Maaloom*

    4254. Suno Raadheshyaam-Shri Naqad Narayan*

    4255. Suno Ramzaan Ki Daastaan To Suno-Aalam Aara*

    4256. Suno Seeta Ki Kahaani-Biraj Bahu*

    4257. Suno Sunaate Aaj Tumhe Ham Nehru Jee Ki Amar Kahaani-Vidyaarthi*

    4258. Suno Suno Ae Duniya Waalon(Fast)-Bapu Ki Amar Kahani*

    4259. Suno Suno Ae Duniya Waalon(Slow)-Bapu Ki Amar Kahani*

    4260. Suno Suno Ek Baat Kahoon-Memsaab*

    4261. Suno Suno Ek Nayi Kahaani-Naata*

    4262. Suno Suno Gagan Ke Taare-Jalpari*

    4263. Suno Suno He Sunne Waalo Ham Dukhiyo Ki Karun Kahaani-Aankh Ka Tara*

    4264. Suno Suno Miss Chaterji-Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi*

    4265. Suno Suno Re Bhaiyya-Paigaam*

    4266. Suno Ye Zamane Ki Kahani Hai Aansu Ki Zabani-Aansoo*

    4267. Sunte The Shoqe Se Ham Yeh Naam Door Se-Jaane Man

    4268. Sur Badle Kaise Kaise Dekho(P1)-Barkha*

    4269. Sur Badle Kaise Kaise Dekho(P2)-Barkha*

    4270. Suraahidaar Gardan Koyal Si Hai Aavaaz-Aman*

    4271. Surya Pataaka Chhaaya Main-Ramayan*

    4272. Taana De Re Taana De Re-Rangeela Raja*

    4273. Taane Tandaane Bhai Tandaane Taane-Bindiya*

    4274. Taaqat Watan Ki Tumse Hai-Prem Pujari*

    4275. Taar Chokhe Neme Asha-Bengali*

    4276. Taare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee*

    4277. Taari Aankhon Maan Jadu Na Teer Bhariya Re-Gujrati*

    4278. Taaron Bhari Raat Hai Par Tu Nahin-Kaajal*

    4279. Taaron Ka Yeh Khazaana-Nisbat*

    4280. Taaron Ki Chhaaon Main Sapnon Ki Gaon Main-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    4281. Taaron Ki Chhaaon Tale Shama Parwane Mile-Zarak Khan*

    4282. Taaron Ki Zubaan Par Hai Muhabbat Ki Kahaani-Nausherwan E Aadil*

    4283. Tadap Tadap Ke Jiyawa Dehiya Main-Solaho Singaar Kare Dulhiniya

    4284. Tadpa Ke Mujhe Ab Chhod Diya-Namoona*

    4285. Tadpake Wo Bhi Tadpe Hain-Kaala Cot*

    4286. Tak Tak Dhin Dhin Chala Jaye Raat Din Jeevan Ka Ghoda-Chand*

    4287. Takht Na Hoga Taj Na Hoga-Aaj Aur Kal*

    4288. Takra Gaya Tumse Dil Hi To Hai-Aan*

    4289. Talkhi E Maaye Main Zara-Non Film*

    4290. Tam Ta Thhye Ya-Panchayat*

    4291. Tambakto Se Aaya Hon-Amber*

    4292. Tan Fukata Hai Dil Jalta Hai-Raat Ki Rani*

    4293. Tan Main Agnee Man Main Chubhan-Laat Saheb*

    4294. Tan Rang Lo Jee Aaj Mera Man Rang Lo Jee-Kohinoor*

    4295. Tang Aachuke Hain Kashmakshe Zindagi Se Ham-Pyaasa*

    4296. Tang Ponchiya Di Pake Latye Di Shalwar(Billo)-Panjabi*

    4297. Taqdeer Ka Fasaana Jaa Kar Kise Sunayer-Sehra*

    4298. Taqdeer Kahaan Le Jaayi Maaloom Nahin-Sanjh Aur Sawera*

    4299. Taqdeer Ke Chakkar Main-Nai Maa*

    4300. Taqdeer Ke Qalam Se Koi Bach Nahin Paayega-Be Reham*

    4301. Taqdeer Ne Kya Angdai Lee Jeene Ki Fiza-Sunhere Qadam*

    4302. Tara Ri Yara Ri Yeh Saawan Rut Tum Aur Ham-Dastan(Old)*

    4303. Tarasi Hui Nazar Se Na Chehra Chhupaiye-Woh Koi Aur Hoga

    4304. Tasveer Banaata Hoon Teri Khoon E Jigar Se-Deewana*

    4305. Tasveer Nainan Main Thi Jin Ki-Raj Kanya*

    4306. Tasveer Teri Dil Main Jis Din Se Utaari Hai-Maya*

    4307. Tasveere Ni Husn Diye(Laaiye Tod Nibhaaiye)-Panjabi*

    4308. Tatayya Ne Dank Maara-Jal Mahal*

    4309. Tauba Re Ye Shararat Qurbaan Is Ada Ke-Jung Aur Aman*

    4310. Tauba Tauba Nain Na Milaai(Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun)-Panjabi*

    4311. Tauba Tauba Yeh Adaayen-Naya Paisa*

    4312. Tauba Yeh Adayen Dekhe Se Khumaar Aaye-Ehsan*

    4313. Tauba Yeh Nazaare Yeh Kaatil Ishaare-Dillagi*

    4314. Tayyab Ali Pyaar Ka Dushman Hai Hai-Amar Akbar Anthony*

    4315. Te Badliyan Cha Geyian Chal Aa Baghan Wich(Bhaiya Jee)-Panjabi*

    4316. Teen Batti Waala Govinda Aala-Muqabla*

    4317. Teen Kanaster Peet Peet Kar-Love Marriage*

    4318. Teer Chalaake Zaalim Jaana Na- Na Maaloom*

    4319. Teer Haseenon Ke Khaaye Na Jisne-Lalkar

    4320. Teer Pe Teer Khaaye Jaa Zulmon Sitam Uthaaye Jaa-Roop Lekha*

    4321. Tenu Ek Gal Puchhan Jag De Asayyan(Til Til Da Lekha)-Panjabi*

    4322. Tera Aana Bhi Dhokha Tha Tera Jaana Bhi-Mere Arman Mere Sapne*

    4323. Tera Badan Hai Raaz Khuda Ka-Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai*

    4324. Tera Bhi Kisi Pe Dil Aaye-Ek Sapera Ek Lutera*

    4325. Tera Bitwa Jawaan Hoyi Gawa-Gautam Govinda*

    4326. Tera Chikana Roop Hai Aisa Roop Hai Aisa Anaar Jaise Gadrila-Ganwaar*

    4327. Tera Haath Haath Men Aagaya-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    4328. Tera Husn Morarabadi-Ghar Grihasti*

    4329. Tera Husn Rahe Mera Ishq Rahe-Do Dil*

    4330. Tera Jalwa Jisne Dekha Woh Deewaana Ho Gaya-Laila Majnu(Old)*

    4331. Tera Jalwa Touba Tera Jalwa-Aap Ke Deewane*

    4332. Tera Jogi Aaya Tu Daal De Bhiksha Pyaar-Mera Jeewan*

    4333. Tera Kaam Hai Jalna Parvaane Chaahe Shama Jale Ya Na Jale-Papi(Old)*

    4334. Tera Khilona Toota Baalak-Anmol Ghadi*

    4335. Tera Koi Naio Beli Tera Koi Naioyaar(Siadan Jogan)-Panjabi*

    4336. Tera Mera Amar Pyaar Hai-Maya Machhindra*

    4337. Tera Mera Ho Gaya Prem Main Hoon Saheb Tu Hai Mem-Farmaish*

    4338. Tera Mera Manwa Kaise Ek Hoyi Re-Aakhin Dekhi*

    4339. Tera Mera Mera Tera Pyaar Ho Pyaari-Mamta

    4340. Tera Muskurana Bana Ek Fasaana-Pyaar Ki Dastan*

    4341. Tera Naam Leke-Na Maaloom

    4342. Tera Naam Liya Dil Tham Liya-Dharam Kanta*

    4343. Tera Rang Bada Hai Gora Gora Ho Gora-Aakhri Qasam*

    4344. Tera Rang Sunehara Ho Kajara Gahra Gahra-Mahua*

    4345. Tera Sheeshe Ka Saamaan Maine Toda Meri Jaan-Chacha Bhatija*

    4346. Tera Shukriya Ke Tone-Humsaya*

    4347. Tera Wo Rasta Mera Wo Rata-Shakka*

    4348. Tere Aage Bolna Dushwaar Ho Gaya-Hum Sab Chor Hain*

    4349. Tere Aane Ke Aas Hai Dost-Aas Paas*

    4350. Tere Andaron Mail Na Jawe(Morni)-Panjabi*

    4351. Tere Atharoo Chun Lewaan Main-Shahzada*

    4352. Tere Bharose He Nand Lala-Bhajan*

    4353. Tere Bin Soone Nain Hamare-Meri Surat Teri Aankhen*

    4354. Tere Chehre Main Hai Jo Baat Kisi Aur Main Nahin-Chhote Sarkar*

    4355. Tere Chehre Se Hate Aankh To Duniya Dekhoon-Pyaar Ka Sapna*

    4356. Tere Chehre Se Parda Hatana Bhi Hai-Muqaddar*

    4357. Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hoon Kuchh Karke Jaaoonga-Laila Majnu*

    4358. Tere Dar Pe Jhooke Mera Sar Hai Yeh Hi Aarzoo-Niaz Aur Namaz*

    4359. Tere Dil Ka Makaan Sayyaan Bada Alishaan-Do Ustad*

    4360. Tere Dil Ki Dhadkane Mere Dil Main Aaye-Ghamand*

    4361. Tere Dil Main Zara Si Jagah Agar Mile-Anokhi Ada*

    4362. Tere Gesuon Ka Saaya Meri Jaan Jisne Paaya-Love And Murder*

    4363. Tere Ghungru Jo Chham Chham Baaje-Naya Paisa*

    4364. Tere Haathon Main Pehna Ke Chudiyan-Jaani Dushman*

    4365. Tere Ham O Sanam Tu Jahaan Main Wahaan-Bachpan*

    4366. Tere Husn Ki Kya Tareef Karon-Leader*

    4367. Tere Is Pyaar Ka Shukriya Mere Meharban-Aag Aur Daag*

    4368. Tere Ishq Ka Mujhe Pe Hua Yeh Asar Hai-Naagin*

    4369. Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai Tere Jaisa Koi Nahin-Tamanna*

    4370. Tere Karam Ki Dhoop Jahaan Main Kahaan Nahin-Char Darvesh*

    4371. Tere Kheton Ki Rakhwali Ab Me Nayo Jana-Deedar(New)*

    4372. Tere Kooche Main Armaanon Ki Duniya Leke Aaya Hoon-Dillagi*

    4373. Tere Kooche Main Tera Deewaana Aaj Dil Kho Baitha-Heer Raanjha*

    4374. Tere Mere Pyaar Ka Dil E Beqarar Ka-Na Maaloom*

    4375. Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hain-Guide*

    4376. Tere Mere Yarane-Naagin*

    4377. Tere Mukhde Ka Til Kaala Kaala-Minister*

    4378. Tere Naam Ka Deewaana Tere Ghar Ko Dhoodhata Hai-Suraj Aur Chanda*

    4379. Tere Nain Nashe De Pyaale-Gora Aur Kala*

    4380. Tere Naino Ke Main Deep Jalaunga-Anuraag*

    4381. Tere Nainon Ne Jaadu Daala-Tangawali*

    4382. Tere Nazdik Jaate Hain Na Tujhse Door Hote Hain-Shahnaz*

    4383. Tere Paas Aake Mera Waqt Guzar-Neela Akash*

    4384. Tere Peechhe Firte Firte Ho Gaya Poora Saal-Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh*

    4385. Tere Pujan Ko Bhagwan Banaon Bank Main Aalishaan-Shaadi*

    4386. Tere Pyaar Ne Mujhe Gham Diya-Chhaila Babu*

    4387. Tere Roop Ne Yeh Kaam Mere Pyaar Ko Badnaam Kiya-Maa Aur Mamta*

    4388. Tere Sadake Mila De Mera Yaar Uperwaale-Apna Banake Dekho*

    4389. Tere Sang Jeena Tere Sang Marna-Naach Utha Sansar*

    4390. Tere Shehron Se Raaja Hame Ban Hi Bhale-Naach Ghar

    4391. Tere Teere Nazar Ka Balam-Bhagambhag*

    4392. Teri Aankh Ka Jo Ishaara Na Hota-Nai Roshni*

    4393. Teri Aankhon Ka Rang Niraala Hai-Baarood*

    4394. Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa Duniya Main Rakha Kya Hai-Chirag*

    4395. Teri Aankhon Main Pyaar Maine Dekh Liya-Chand Mere Aja*

    4396. Teri Aankhon Main Rahoongi Tasveer Banke-Mangetar*

    4397. Teri Aawaaz Ki Jaadugari Se-Teri Talash Main*

    4398. Teri Ada Pe Qurbaan-Naach Ghar*

    4399. Teri Bane Na Koi Par Jaaye(Ishtilli)-Panjabi*

    4400. Teri Bhi Chup Aur Meri Bhi-Halla Gulla*

    4401. Teri Bindiya Re Aay Hai Teri Bindiya-Abhimaan*

    4402. Teri Chaal Atpat Naina Natkhat-Ghar Grihasti*

    4403. Teri Dhoom Har Kahin-Kaala Bazaar*

    4404. Teri Duniya Se Door Chale Hoke Majboor Hame Yaad Rakhna-Zabak*

    4405. Teri Galiyon Main Na Rakhenge Qadam Aaj Ke Baad-Hawas*

    4406. Teri Haseen Nigaah Ka Ehsaanmand Hoon-Devi*

    4407. Teri Hifazat Khuda Karega-Paristan

    4408. Teri Jawaani Tapta Mahina Ae Naazanina-Amanat*

    4409. Teri Juroowa Lagegi Bhali-Shoharat

    4410. Teri Jyot Jale Subho Shaam Meri Ma-Jai Jwala*

    4411. Teri Kanak Di Rakhi Mundiya(Do Lachhian)-Panjabi*

    4412. Teri Khudaai Dekhi-Char Minar

    4413. Teri Latka Laga Hai Latka-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    4414. Teri Main Zaat Se Bhagwan Kahin Munkir Na Ho Jaon-Jwalamukhi*

    4415. Teri Mast Nigaahon Ne Banaya Hai-Magic Box

    4416. Teri Mehfil Main Aayen Hain-Mera Shikar*

    4417. Teri Mehfil Main Dil Thamain Tera Deewaana Aata Hai-Sheesha*

    4418. Teri Mehfil Tera Jalwa Teri Sorat-Sohni Mahiwal*

    4419. Teri Mehrbaani Hogi Teri Mehrbaani Hai-Raaka*

    4420. Teri Mere Baat Nahin Qismat Ka Khel Hai Saara-Koi Jeeta Koi Hara*

    4421. Teri Meri Ik Jindari(Pind Di Kudi)-Panjabi*

    4422. Teri Meri Muhabbat Bhi Ek Amar Kahaani Hai-Khoon Ki Takkar*

    4423. Teri Meri Preet Purani(Theme)-Son Of India*

    4424. Teri Nazar Ki Chaabi Ne Khola-Laal Nishan*

    4425. Teri Nazar Main Main Rahoon-Band Master*

    4426. Teri Nazar Ne Mara Tu Ne Mujhe Pukara-Saahil*

    4427. Teri Nazar Teteri Ada(Unreleased)-Teri Nazar Teteri Ada*

    4428. Teri Nazaron Ne Aaisa Kata Do Tukdon Main Dil Ko Bata-Neeli Aankhen*

    4429. Teri Neeli Neeli Aankhon Ke Dil Pe Teer Chal Gaye-Jaane Anjane*

    4430. Teri Neeli Neeli Jaakit Teri Jaakit Main Ek Paakit-Taxi Driver*

    4431. Teri Palkon Main Kaajal Ae Haseena Hamse Behtar Hai-Jay Vijay*

    4432. Teri Parchhaiyan Meri Raho Men Hain-Log Kya Kahenge*

    4433. Teri Pasand Kya Hai Ye Mujhko Khabar Nahi-Ek Din Ka Badshah*

    4434. Teri Patli Qamar Teri Baali Umar-Dus Lakh*

    4435. Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat Ko Kisiki Nazar Na Lagye-Sasural*

    4436. Teri Qasam O Dilruba-Shola Jo Bhadke*

    4437. Teri Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Tu Haan Kar Ya Na Kar Yaara-Suhaag*

    4438. Teri Sanson Main Kaisi Khushboo Hai-Shadi Se Pehle*

    4439. Teri Shehnai Bole Sunke Mera Man Dole-Goonj Uthi Shehnai*

    4440. Teri Surat Se Nahin Milti Kisiki Surat-Ziddi*

    4441. Teri Talaash Mujhe Ko Laaye Kahan Kahan Se-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    4442. Teri Taqdeer Ka Sitaara Kamal Hai-Zabak*

    4443. Teri Tasweer Bhi Tujh Jaisi Haseen Hain-Kinare Kinare*

    4444. Teri Tasweer Se Aankhen Meri Kyon Hati Nahin-Samay Bada Balwan*

    4445. Teri Tirchhi Nazar Teri Patli Qamar-Hamara Ghar*

    4446. Teri To Chaand Sitron Men Baat Hoti Hai-Non Film*

    4447. Teri Yaad Aa Rahi Hai Dil Main Basnewaale-Hazar Raaten*

    4448. Teri Yaad Ki Gaaoon Sargam-Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan*

    4449. Teri Yaad Sataaye Ghadi Ghadi-Bansaria*

    4450. Teri Zulfen Pareshan Teri Nazaren Psheman-Preet Na Jane Reet*

    4451. Teri Zulfo Ke Saaye Main Jeena Hai Ji-Ek Ladki Saat Ladke*

    4452. Teri Zulfo Se Judaai To Nahin Mangi Thi-Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai*

    4453. Thaane Kaajaliyo Banaaloon-Veer Durgadas

    4454. Thaara Lenthaga Meri Senu(Akbar Salim Anarkali)-Telugu*

    4455. Thane Meli Musugu(Akbar Salim Anarkali)-Telugu*

    4456. Thap Thup Thip Ki Taal Pe Mera Ghoda Chaal Dikhaaye-Tangewala*

    4457. The She I Love Beautiful-English*

    4458. The World Is One-English*

    4459. Thhaggi Mitra Naal Na Kariye(Dhol Jaani)-Panjabi*

    4460. Thhakur Tum Saranai Aya(Shabad)Panjabi*

    4461. Thhanda Thhanda Ni Subaji Kende(Sukhi Parivaar)-Panjabi*

    4462. Thhandi Hawaayen Kaali Ghataayen-Sitara*

    4463. Thheher Zara O Jaan E Man Na Haath Laga Na Jaan E Man-Ladki Bholi Bhali*

    4464. Thhehriye Hosh Main Aalun To Chale Jaaiyega-Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hain*

    4465. Thher Ja Ve Ther Ja-Panjabi*

    4466. Thhukra Ke Hamen Chal Diye Begana Samajh Kar-Balam*

    4467. Thhumak Thhumak Chaal Chale Aankh Main Kaajal-Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpaty*

    4468. Thhumak Thhumak Chali Hai-Ek Ke Baad Ek*

    4469. Thoda Ruk Jaayegi To Tera Kya Jaayega-Patanga*

    4470. Thoda Sa Dil Lagake Dekh-Musafir Khana*

    4471. Thoda Sa Humko Sharbat E Deedar-Ghulam Begum Badsha*

    4472. Thodi Se Zindagi Kyon Na Govind Ke Gun Gaaye-Laxmi Pooja

    4473. Thodi Thodi Gori Hai Thodi Thodi Kaali Hai-Superman*

    4474. Tik Tik Mera Dil Dhadke-Humjoli*

    4475. Tip Tip To To Mera Dil Hain Do-Mr. John*

    4476. Tirchhi Nazar Se Yoon Na Dekh-Ek Phool Char Kaante*

    4477. Tiyag Siya Ko Prabhu Ke Man Men-Ram Rajya*

    4478. To Hi More Lagan Kagaye Re-Bhajan*

    4479. Tod Diya Chshama Mera Tune Ari O-Modern Girl*

    4480. Tod Do Ahde Mohabbat Ye Tumhari Marzi-Non Film*

    4481. Todo Todo Dil Ke Taar-Amar Raaj*

    4482. Tofan Toofaan Hai Mera Naam Main Hoon Ek Jhonka Hawa Ka-Toofan*

    4483. Tohe Jana Hanste Hanste Jana-Shaanti*

    4484. Tohi Mori Lagan Lagaye Re-Bhajan*

    4485. Tomader Ashirbader-Bengali*

    4486. Tomar Haather Sonar Rakhee-Bengali*

    4487. Tomar Neel Dupati Chokh-Begali*

    4488. Toofanon Se Khele Jaa-Son Of Sindhbad

    4489. Toon Aahin Sahib Soorat-Sindhi*

    4490. Toot Gaya Hai Toot Gaya Woh Saaze Muhabbat Toot Gaya-Magroor*

    4491. Toot Gaye Sab Saath Hamaare-Raj Darbar*

    4492. Toot Gye Sukh Ki Shehnai-Naag Pooja*

    4493. Toota Hua Taara Nadiya Ki Dhaara-Lalkar

    4494. Toote Dilon Ka Le Pyaar Jogi-Raja Jogi*

    4495. Toote Hue Dil Ko Ulfat Ka Bas Itna Fasaana Yaad Raha-Hamari Manzil*

    4496. Toote Hue Khwaabon Ne Hamko Yeh Sikhaaya Hai-Madhumati*

    4497. Toote To Toote Koi Dil Ka Sahaara-Lagan*

    4498. Tooti Sach Di Boldi(Gunjhlaan)-Panjabi*

    4499. Tora Dhekhe Jaa Amina-Bengali*

    4500. Tose Laage Nain Kal Na Parat-Nai Rahen*

    4501. Trumar Nil Bhati Cho-Bengali*

    4502. Tu Aap Hai Apna Chor-Patang*

    4503. Tu Aas Ka Deepak Jala Ke Tera Bhagwan Karega Bhala-Jay Maha Laxmi*

    4504. Tu Akela Nahin Tere Jaise Kayi Log Hain-Sister*

    4505. Tu Bande Kya Jaane Mata Ke Chamtkaaron Ko-Ambe Maa Jagdambe Maa*

    4506. Tu Bandia Ki Jaane(Mittar Pyare Noon)-Panjabi*

    4507. Tu Been Baja Sajna Main Nacho-Khoon Ki Takkar*

    4508. Tu Bemisaal Hain Teri Taarif Kya Karoon-Brahmachari*

    4509. Tu Bhi Aaja Ki Aa Gaye Rut Mastaani-Maryada*

    4510. Tu Bhi Rahe Main Bhi-Ek Kadam

    4511. Tu Chali Aa Chali Aa Meri Mehbooba-Kaali Ghata*

    4512. Tu Chanda Main Chaandni Ho Teri Meri Preet Hai-Raja Harishchandra*

    4513. Tu Das Kitthe Jawan(Do Posti)-Panjabi*

    4514. Tu Dil Ka Khuda-Parda*

    4515. Tu Dil Mera Lauta De Angrezi Sahbzade-Mai Baap*

    4516. Tu Diya Toofaan Ka Nam Le Bhagwan Ka-Sati Madalsa*

    4517. Tu Gaddaar Sahi Tu Makaar Sahi-Gaddar*

    4518. Tu Ganga Ki Mauj Main Jamuna Ki Dhaara Ho-Baiju Bawra*

    4519. Tu Hai Dilber To Main Hoon Deewaana-Non Film*

    4520. Tu Hai Ki Nahin Hai Mujhe Bhagwaan Bata De-Inaam*

    4521. Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta-Kalpana*

    4522. Tu Hai Ya Nahi Bhagwaan-Janam Janam Ke Phere*

    4523. Tu Hi Meri Laxmi Tu Meri Chhaya-Duniya*

    4524. Tu Hi Woh Haseen Hai Jiski Tasveer Khayaalon Main-Khwab*

    4525. Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan Banega-Dhool Ka Phool*

    4526. Tu Husn Hai Tu Jawaani Hai Ek Aag Hai-Yuvraaj*

    4527. Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Main Shaamil Hai-Aap To Aise Na The*

    4528. Tu Itna Samajh Le Sanam Koi Rakhwala Hin Main Tera-Rakhwala*

    4529. Tu Jangal Ki Morni Main Baagaan Da Mor-Raja Saab*

    4530. Tu Jo Likhe Qismat Aisi Kaun Tujhe Bhagwaan Kahe-Laadla

    4531. Tu Kaala Main Gori Balam Tori Mori Bhala Ab Kaisi-Light House*

    4532. Tu Kahaan Hein Balam Mere Aaja-Gharana*

    4533. Tu Kahaan Yeh Bata Is Nasheeli Raat Main-Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*

    4534. Tu Ladki Main Ladka-Do Ustad*

    4535. Tu Le Le Allaah Naam Tu Le Le Mola Naam-Allauddin Laila*

    4536. Tu Maalike Najoom Hai Ae Rabbe-Lutera Aur Jadugar*

    4537. Tu Mera Main Teri Duniya Jale To Jale-Pyaar Hi Pyaar*

    4538. Tu Mera Raanjha Main Teri Heer We-Qasam*

    4539. Tu Mere Saamne Hai Teri Zulfen Hain Khuli-Suhaagan*

    4540. Tu Mere Sapno Ki Rani Banegi-Gora Aur Kala*

    4541. Tu Meri Heroine Main Tera Hero-Zindagi Ke Mele

    4542. Tu Mujhe Thaam Le Ki Main Gir Na Jaaoon-Suraj Aur Chanda*

    4543. Tu Ping Te Main Parchawan(Posti)-Panjabi*

    4544. Tu Prem Nagar Ka Saadhu-Masoom

    4545. Tu Raat Khadi Thi Chhat Pe-Himalay Ki God Main*

    4546. Tu Shokh Kali Main Mast Pavan-Main Suhaagan Hoon*

    4547. Tu Sun Meri Raaniye(Jija Ji)-Panjabi*

    4548. Tu Yun Aasmaan Pe Khada Muskaaye-Sabaq*

    4549. Tu Zara Si Baat Pe Khafa Na Ho Tu Mera Dilruba-Mr. Lambu*

    4550. Tujh Ko Dekh Ke Nasha Cha Gaya-Kaala Chashma*

    4551. Tujh Ko Main Jaan Gaye Maan Ya Na Maan-Zabak*

    4552. Tujh Main Hoon Main Mujh Main Hai Tu-Rivaaj*

    4553. Tujh Se Ho Jaye Na-Do Bhai*

    4554. Tujh Se Milake Naina-Roomal*

    4555. Tujhe Chaand Kahoon Ya Phool-Sunehari Naagin

    4556. Tujhe Dekha Tujhe Chaaha Tujhe Pooja Hai Maine-Chhoti Si Mulaqaat*

    4557. Tujhe Jaan E Vafa Keh Doon Tujhe Jaan E Ada Keh Doon-Phanda*

    4558. Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se Baandh Liya Hai-Asli Naqli*

    4559. Tujhe Kya Sunaon Main Dilruba-Aakhri Daao*

    4560. Tujhe Pyaar Karte Hain Karte Rahenge-April Fool*

    4561. Tujhko Na Koi Gham Mujh Ko Na Koi Gam-Duniya Rang Rangili*

    4562. Tujhko Pukaare Mera Pyaar Aaja Main To-Neel Kamal*

    4563. Tukade Hain Mere Dil Ke Ae Yaar Tere Aansu-Mere Sanam*

    4564. Tum Aao Rumjhum Karti-Non Film*

    4565. Tum Aise Base More Nain Ki Ab Kuchh Soojhat Naahin-Jawani Mastani*

    4566. Tum Akele To Kabhi Baug Main Jaya Na Karo-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    4567. Tum Apni Saheli Ko Itna Bata Do Ki Usse Koi Pyaar-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    4568. Tum Arabon Ka Her Pher Kar Neewaale Raam Ji-Chori Chori*

    4569. Tum Bin Jaaon Kahan(Sad)-Pyaar Ka Mausam*

    4570. Tum Bin Jaaon Kahan-Pyaar Ka Mausam*

    4571. Tum Bin Sajan Barse Nayan-Gaban*

    4572. Tum Chali Jaaogi Parchaayian Reh Jaayengi-Shagun*

    4573. Tum Chupe Hue Ho Ankhion Mein-Shiv Parvati*

    4574. Tum Dili Main Agre Main-Pehle Aap*

    4575. Tum Ek Baar Mohabbat Ka Imtehaan To Lo-Bahaar*

    4576. Tum Hame Bhool Gaye Humna Tumhe Bhool Sake-Balam*

    4577. Tum Hanse To Gham Sharmaya-Danapani*

    4578. Tum Hi Khevanhaar-Mordhawj

    4579. Tum Hi Ne Dil Mera Chheen Ke Mujh Ko Rula Diya-Air Mail*

    4580. Tum Hi Se Hui Shuroo Aur Tumhin Se Sanam Khatam-Mera Dost*

    4581. Tum Hi Tum Ho Mere Jiwan Main-Ek Dil Sau Afsane*

    4582. Tum Ho Hansin Kahaan Ke Ham Chaand Aasmaan Ke-Sharabi*

    4583. Tum Ho Jao Hamare Hum Ho Jayen Tumhare-Roop Lekha*

    4584. Tum Ishq Ki Mehfil Ho Tum Husn Ka Jalwa Ho-Saaz Aur Aawaaz*

    4585. Tum Jahaan Jaaoge Mujhko Wohi Paaoge-Chor Darwaza*

    4586. Tum Jispe Nazar Daalo Us Dil Ka Khuda Hafiz-Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke*

    4587. Tum Jo Ho So Ho Lekin Khuda To Nahin-Biradari*

    4588. Tum Jo Hue Mere Hamsafar Raste Badal Gaye-12 O Clock*

    4589. Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho To Yeh Lagta Hai Ke Jahaan Mil Gaya-Hanste Zakhm*

    4590. Tum Kahaan Le Chale Ho-Poonam Ki Raat

    4591. Tum Kamsin Ho Naadan Ho Naazuk Ho-Aayee Milan Ki Bela*

    4592. Tum Ko Dil De Baithe Hain-Aabroo*

    4593. Tum Ko Jyon Hi Mere Naina Choomain-Return Of Johny (Dubbed)*

    4594. Tum Ko Kush Dekhker Main Bahut Khush Hua-Aap Ke Deewane*

    4595. Tum Ko Salaam Hai Ho Tumko Salaam Hai-Aasha*

    4596. Tum Kon Maamul Main Kaun Aamil Jo Poochhunga-Phool Aur Patthar*

    4597. Tum Laakh Chhupaana Chaahoge Par Pyaar Chhupa Na Paaoge-Singapore*

    4598. Tum Mard Nikaaloge Ghoonghat Jab-Reporter Raju*

    4599. Tum Mere Pyaar Ki Duniya Main-Bombay Talkie*

    4600. Tum Mere Saath Ho-Miya Biwi Raazi*

    4601. Tum Mere Sapnon Main Aana Chod Do-Madhavi*

    4602. Tum Meri Ho Meri Siwa Kisi Ki Nahi-Aan Baan*

    4603. Tum Meri Zindagi Ho-Dillagi

    4604. Tum Mile Woh Din Dhale-Dr. Shaitan*

    4605. Tum Mujhe Yoon Bhula Na Paaoge-Pagla Kahin Ka*

    4606. Tum Nahi Ya Ham Nahi-Karmyogi*

    4607. Tum Nahin Bhoolte Jahan Jaon-Non Film*

    4608. Tum Ne Kisi Ki Jaan Ko Jate Hue Dekha Hai-Rajkumar*

    4609. Tum Ne Mujhe Dekha Hokar Mehrbaan-Teesri Manzil*

    4610. Tum Ne Pukara Aur Hum Chale Aaye-Rajkumar*

    4611. Tum Pe Ham Qurbaan Qismat Ban Jaaye-Baghdad*

    4612. Tum Pe Naazil Hua Quran-Deen Aur Imaan*

    4613. Tum Poochhte Ho Ishq Bhala Hai Ke Nahin Hai-Naqli Nawab*

    4614. Tum Roothh Ke Mat Jana-Phagun*

    4615. Tum Sa Nahin Dekha-Tumsa Nahin Dekha*

    4616. Tum Saamne Aakar Jis Dam-Khazanchi*

    4617. Tum Sab Ko Chhod Kar Aa Jaao Aa Jaao-Dil Ek Mandir*

    4618. Tum Se Achchha Kaun Hai Dil Lo Jigar Lo Jaan Lo- Tumse Accha Kon Hai*

    4619. Tum Se Dil Kya Lagaaya Gaye Kaam Se-Duniya Rang Rangili*

    4620. Tum Se Door Rehke Hamne Jaana Pyaar Kya Hai-Adalat(New)*

    4621. Tum Se Izhaar E Haal Kar Baithe-Mere Mehboob*

    4622. Tum Se Kahoon Ek Baat Paron Se Halki Halki-Dastak*

    4623. Tum Se Lagan Lagi Hai Aesi Agan Jaagi-Madhu*

    4624. Tum Se Mano Na Mano Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai-Cha Cha Cha*

    4625. Tum Se Milake Naina-Raaz(Old)*

    4626. Tum Se Nahin Pehchaan Meri Lekin Aise Lagta Hai-Ek Hi Raasta*

    4627. Tum Se O Hasina Kabhi Mohabbat Na Mene Karni Thi-Farz*

    4628. Tum Shamma Har Ek Bazam Ki Ban Kar Na Jalao-Non Film*

    4629. Tum To Pyaar Ho Sajna Mujhe Tumse Pyaara Aur Na Koi-Sehra*

    4630. Tum Tum Na Rotho Mujhse-Mohabbat Ki Dawa Nahin*

    4631. Tumhaare Bin Guzaare Hain Kayi Din-Atmaram*

    4632. Tumhaare Hain Tumse Dua Maangte Hain-Boot Polish*

    4633. Tumhaare Pyaar Main Ham Beqaraar Ho Ke Chale-Shikar*

    4634. Tumhaari Adayon Pe Aayi Husn Waalo Agar Humna Marte-Hong Kong*

    4635. Tumhaari Chaand Si Surat Pe Hamko Pyaar Aaya-Apna Khoon Apna Dushman*

    4636. Tumhaari Hoon Mere Ho Tum Tumhaari Meri Preeti Hai-Vishnu Puran*

    4637. Tumhaari Mulaaqaat Se Mujhko Pata Yeh Chala-Mohabbat Zindagi Hai*

    4638. Tumhaari Nazar Kyon Khfa Ho Gayee(Sad)-Do Kaliyan*

    4639. Tumhaari Nazar Kyon Khfa Ho Gayee-Do Kaliyan*

    4640. Tumhaari Zulf Ke Saaye Main Shaam Kar Loonga-Nau Nihal*

    4641. Tumhara Raaz Tu Se Hi Na Keh Paaye To Kiya Hoga-Non Film*

    4642. Tumhen Chupke Se Dil Jo Diya Hai-Ek Do Teen*

    4643. Tumhen Dekha Hai Maine Gulsitan Main-Chandan Ka Palna*

    4644. Tumhen Dil Se Chaaha Tumhen Diya Hai-Chand Aur Suraj*

    4645. Tumhen Husn Deke Khuda Ne Sitamgar Banaya-Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai*

    4646. Tumhen Kaise Kahoon O Jee-Naach Ghar*

    4647. Tumhen Main Agar Apna Saathi Banalon-Shatranj*

    4648. Tumhen Mohabbat Hai Hamne Mana-Ek Musafir Ek Hasina*

    4649. Tumhen Paa Ke Hamne Jahaan Pa Liya Hai-Gehra Daag*

    4650. Tumhen Sunaaye Ek Kahaani Hai Yeh Badi Suhaani-Jal Tarang*

    4651. Tumhen Woh Bheegi Hui Raat Yad Hai Ki Nahin-Ooparwala Jane*

    4652. Tunak Tun Tun Bole Jiya Chhun 3 Dole Jiya-Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye*

    4653. Tune Kaajal Lagaya Din Main Raat Ho Gaye-Do Raaste*

    4654. Tune Le Liya Hai Dil-Miya Biwi Raazi*

    4655. Tune Maar Ke Pyaar Ki Bom-Mr. Kartoon M. A.*

    4656. Tune Mera Yaar Na Milaaya-Shama Parvana*

    4657. Tune Mujhe Bulaaya Sherawaaliye-Aasha*

    4658. Tune Muskurake Dekha Mrei Chhutti Ho Gaye-Shankar Khan*

    4659. Tune Roop Churaaya Goriye Meri Faslon Se-Badla Aur Balidan*

    4660. Tune Teri Nazar Ne To Kafir Bana Diya-Fariyad*

    4661. Tune Zindagi Mein Agar-Madmust*

    4662. Uchatano Mon Gharey Roi Na-Bengali*

    4663. Uden Jab Jab Zulfen Teri-Naya Daur*

    4664. Udhar Daulat Idhar Dil Hai Utha Le Jo Bhi Tu Chahe-Bank Robbery*

    4665. Udhar Se Tu Aa Idhar Se Ham-Zamana Badal Gaya*

    4666. Udhar Tum Haseen Ho Idhar Dil Jawaan Hai-Mr. & Mrs. 55*

    4667. Uf Na Karna Ki Muhabbat Meri Badnaam Na Ho-Paisa Hi Paisa*

    4668. Uf Ye Jawaani Ye Ada Tujhpe Zamaana Hai Fida-Mehman*

    4669. Uf Ye Zindagi Uff Ye Doud Dhoop-Doud Dhoop*

    4670. Ujad Gaya Panchhi Ab Tera Basera-Ghar Ki Laaj*

    4671. Ujle Samay Ki Kaali Chaadar Main Munh Chhipaaye-Badnaam Farishte*

    4672. Uljhan Ho Koi Chahe Aajye Mushkil-Chambal Ke Daaku*

    4673. Ulte Seedhe Daaon Lagaaye-Kaagaz Ke Phool*

    4674. Umangon Main Ek Inqlab Aagya Hai-Heroie Ek Raat Ki*

    4675. Un Par Kaun Kare Ji Vishwaas-Kavi Kalidas*

    4676. Unhen Manzil Nahin Milti Jo Qismat Ke Sahaare Hai-Vidyaarthi*

    4677. Unhen Qissa E Gam Jo Likhne Ko Bethe-Naya Qanoon*

    4678. Unjh Vekhan Nu Assi Do(Pind Di Kudi)-Panjabi*

    4679. Unke Khayaal Aaye To Aate Chale Gaye-Laal Patthar*

    4680. Unse Rippi Tippi Ho Gaye-Agra Road*

    4681. Upar Dekho Ya Neeche-Aan Baan*

    4682. Upar Se Ujale-Fashionable Wife*

    4683. Uparwaale Ne Jaldi Main Likhi Meri Taqdeer-Ghar Ghar Ki Baat*

    4684. Ure Laagal Chunari(Kab Hoihain Gavanva Hamar)-Bhojpuri*

    4685. Us Chaand Se Pyaare Chaand Ho Tum-Raat Ki Rani*

    4686. Us Jaane Doaalam Ka Jalwa Parde Main Bhi Hai-Nawab Saahib*

    4687. Us Maalik Ki Dya Se Ab To Khushiyon Ki Barsaat Hui-Bhookh*

    4688. Us Mulk Ki Sarhad Ko Koi Chho Nahi Sakta-Aankhen*

    4689. Us Paar Is Deewar Ke Jo Rehte Hain-Sau Din Saas Ke*

    4690. Usi Ka Main Hoon Deewaana-Mastani

    4691. Uthh Ae Watan Ke Naujawaan-Kashmir*

    4692. Uthh Jaa Musaafir Bhor Bhai Ab Rain Kahaan Jo-Aakhin Dekhi*

    4693. Uthh Neend Se Mirziya Jaag Jaa-Pratigya*

    4694. Uthha Hai Toofan Zamana Badal Raha-Chander Shekhar*

    4695. Uthha Ke Sar Chalo Jawaanon-Prisoner Of Golconda*

    4696. Uthha Suraahi Yeh Sheesha E Jaam Le Saaqi-Non Film*

    4697. Uthho Ae Momino Maahe Ramzab Aaya-Arab Ka Lal*

    4698. Uthho Bulbulo Todo Teeliyaan-Khamosh Sipahi

    4699. Vai Vai Loshey Loshey-Do Dushman*

    4700. Vallaah Kya Baat Hai-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai*

    4701. Veeran Mera Dil Hai Dil Ki Bahaar Aaja-Lutera*

    4702. Vekho Loko Kirano Pelo(Sardar Bhagat Singh)-Panjabi*

    4703. Vidhi Ne Dekho Virah Milan Ka Kaisa Khel Rachaaya-Ram Rajya*

    4704. Vidhiye Lakheli Vaat(Vidhi Na Lekh)-Gujrati*

    4705. Vijay Main Aas Hai Pralay Bhi Paas Hai-Alakh Niranjan*

    4706. Vrindaavan Ka Krishna Kanhaiya Sabki Aankhon Ka Taara-Miss Merry*

    4707. Waada Bhool Na Jaana O Jaane Waale Laut Ke Aana-Jalte Badan*

    4708. Waada Karle Sajna Tere Bin Main Na Rahoon-Haath Ki Safai*

    4709. Waadiyaan Mera Daaman Raaste Meri Baahen-Abhilasha*

    4710. Waah Re Tikdam Baaji-Sanskaar

    4711. Waah Re Waah Bhagwan Kaisi Banai Duniya Tune-Raja Harishchandra*

    4712. Waah Re Zamaane Kya Ran Dikhaaye-Ghar Ki Izzat*

    4713. Waaqif Hoon Khoob Ishq Ke Tarj E Bayan Se Main-Bahu Begam*

    4714. Waaqiya Ranjo Musibat Ka-Islamic*

    4715. Wafa Tumhaare Liye Hame O Sangdil Tumse Muhabbat-Mastani

    4716. Waghde Chana Vich(Heer Ranjah)-Panjabi Opera*

    4717. Wai Wai Qurbaan O Meri Jaan-Khufia Mahel*

    4718. Waise To Saath Jel Main Har Ek Yaar Tha-Saajan Ki Saheli

    4719. Wakra Tund Mahakaye-Shlok*

    4720. Wallaah Hamse Poocho Tum Kitni Haseen Ho Rangeen Ho-Achha Bura*

    4721. Waqt Se Din Aur Raat Waqt Se Kal Aur Aaj-Waqt*

    4722. Wardi Hai Bhagwaan Fauji Mera Naam-Fauji*

    4723. Warli Ka Naaka Duniya Dhumka-Do Ustad*

    4724. Watan Ka Kya Hoga Anjam-Aadmi Aur Insan*

    4725. Watan Ki Aawam Khatre Main Hai-Non Film

    4726. Watan Ki Amaanat Meri Zindagi Hai-Rupa*

    4727. Watan Ki Raah Main Watan Ke Naujawaan Shaheed Ho(Happy)-Shaheed*

    4728. Watan Ki Raah Main Watan Ke Naujawaan Shahid Ho(Sad)-Shaheed*

    4729. Watan Par Jo Fida Hoga Amar Wo Nojawan Hoga-Phool Bane Angare*

    4730. Watan Se Pardes Jaane Wale-Gul E Bakavali*

    4731. Wo Tera Chhup Chhup Ke Chale Aaana-Sangram*

    4732. Woh Aaj Apni Mehfil Main Aaye-Mehndi*

    4733. Woh Apni Yaad Dilane Ko-Jugnu(Old)*

    4734. Woh Aur Zamaana Tha-Hamari Manzil*

    4735. Woh Aurat Hai Jo Insaanon Ki Oonchi Shaan Karti Hai-Grihasti*

    4736. Woh Bijli Hain Ham Shola Aaj Na Jaane Kya Hoga-Vallaah Kya Baat Hai

    4737. Woh Chaand Sa Chehra Liye Chhat Par Tera Aana-Qawwali Ki Raat*

    4738. Woh Chale Jhatke Daman Meri Aarzoo Mitake-Humrahi*

    4739. Woh Din Yaad Karo Woh Chup Chup Ke Milna-Humrahi*

    4740. Woh Door Jo Nadiya Behti Hai-Barkha*

    4741. Woh Ek Taraf Tanha Hai Udhar Saara Zamaana-Lahoo Pukarega*

    4742. Woh Hain Zara Khafa Khafa-Shagird*

    4743. Woh Ham Na The Wo Tum Na The-Cha Cha Cha*

    4744. Woh Jab Yaad Aaye Bahut Yaad Aaye-Parasmani*

    4745. Woh Jeena Kis Kaam Ka Hai-Doud Dhoop*

    4746. Woh Jo Chaahne Waale Hain Tere Sanam-Duniya Rang Rangili*

    4747. Woh Kaun Se Mushakil Hain Jo Na Ho Sake-Maa Beta*

    4748. Woh Marne Se Nahin Darte-Shama Parvana*

    4749. Woh Mohabbat Wo Wafaen-Noor Jahan*

    4750. Woh Nahin Paapi Kehlaata Jo Anjaane Main Paap Kare-Kaala Aadmi

    4751. Woh Nazar Leke Rahi Dil Tanaana Hayya Hoo-Suraag*

    4752. Woh Phoole Phoole Phirte Hain Jinki Qismat Ko Phool Mile-Amar Jyoti*

    4753. Woh Saadgi Kahe Ise Ya Deewaangi-Shama*

    4754. Woh Saans Hon Labon Pe Jo Aaya Nahin-Non Film*

    4755. Woh Shola Badan O Jaane Chaman-Dil Aur Deewar*

    4756. Woh Teer Dil Pe Chala Jo Teri Kamaan Main Hai-Aarti*

    4757. Woh To Chutki Main Dil Leke Chalte Hue-Shaadi Ki Raat

    4758. Woh Woh Na Rahe Jinke Liye Ham The Beqaraar-Badalte Rishtey*

    4759. Woh Zamaana Aur Tha-Aag Ka Dariya

    4760. Ya Allaah Ya Habibi Mere Dil Ke Karibi-Kaabuli Khan*

    4761. Ya Ilaahi Ek Haseena Ne Machayi-Unreleased*

    4762. Ya Kehde Ham Insaan Nahin-Chhaya*

    4763. Ya Khuda Ek Din Jazba E Aashiqi-Islamic*

    4764. Ya Khuda Soi Kismat Jagade-Mere Garib Nawaaz*

    4765. Ya Maalik Dilwa De Ek Ladki Bholi Bhali-Laadla

    4766. Ya Meri Manzil Bata Ya Zindagi Ko Chin Le-Rakhi*

    4767. Ya Mohd Gum Ke Mare Aye Hai-Islamic*

    4768. Ya Nabi Salaam Alyeka-Islamic*

    4769. Ya Qurbaan O Saba Kahaana Mere Dildaar Ko-Kaabuliwala*

    4770. Ya Ra Ra Radholak Khub Bajaao-Rajpoot

    4771. Yaad Karoon Teri Batiyaan Ro Ro Guzaari Maine Ratiyaan-Mr. Lambu

    4772. Yaad Main Teri Jaag Jaag Ke Ham-Mere Mehboob*

    4773. Yaad Na Jaaye Beete Dinon Ki-Dil Ek Mandir*

    4774. Yaadon Ki Baaraat Nikli Hai Aaj Dil Ke Dwaare-Yaadon Ki Baarat*

    4775. Yaar Chulbula Hai Haseen Dilruba Hai-Dil Deke Dekho*

    4776. Yaar Jinhe Tum Bhool Gaye-Woh Din Yaad Karo*

    4777. Yaar Mera Dekho Kaise Rooth Ke Chala-Woh Koi Aur Hoga*

    4778. Yaar Mere Banke Bahaar Aaja-Pyar Ke Do Char Din*

    4779. Yaar Mere Meri Baahon Main Aaja-Jeevan Rekha*

    4780. Yaar Mil Gaya To Khuda Mil Gaya-Ganga Meri Maa*

    4781. Yaar Tere Sab Naach Rahe-Shakka*

    4782. Yaaran Naal Baharan(Jindadi Yara Di)-Panjabi*

    4783. Yaarane Mustafa Ki Mohabbat To Dekhiye-Islamic*

    4784. Yaari Meri Yaar Se Na Chhute-Kaise Kasie Log*

    4785. Yaaron Ka Pyaar Liye Nakhre Hazaar Liye-Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal*

    4786. Yaaron Main Bada Pareshaan-Roop Rupaiya*

    4787. Yaaron Mera Saath Nibhao Roz Aisi Mehfil Kahaan-Pyasi Shaam*

    4788. Yaaron Ne Mujhko Bulaaya Jaan Hatheli Pe Le Aaya-Unees Bees*

    4789. Yaaron Soorat Hamari Pe Mat Jana-Ujala*

    4790. Yaaron Yeh Jo Duniya Hai Main Ise Dekha Hai-Bharosa

    4791. Yaas Ke Dar Pe Jhuka Jaata Hai Sar Aaj Ki Raat-Shama*

    4792. Yahaan Badla Vafa Ka Bevafaai Ke Siva Kya Hai-Jugnu(Old)*

    4793. Yahaan Bhi To Nahin Hai Vahaan Bhi To Nahin Hai-Preet Na Jane Reet*

    4794. Yahaan Ham Wahan Tum-Shrimati 420*

    4795. Yahaan Jo Jhoothh Bolega Wohi Nonton Se Khalega-Sara Jahan Hamara*

    4796. Yahaan Kitne Hi Dil Tute O Duniya Teri Reet Nahin Badli-Khoon Kharaba*

    4797. Yahaan Koi Nahin Tera Mere Siva-Dil Ek Mandir*

    4798. Yahaan Main Ajnabi Hoon-Jab Jab Phool Khile*

    4799. Yahaan Se Ham Uthen To Phir Kahaan Apna Thikaana Hai-Chor Ho To Aisa*

    4800. Yahi Arman Lekar Aaj Apne Ghar Se Hamnikle-Shabab*

    4801. Yahi Hai Duniya Teri Bhagwaan-Resham*

    4802. Yahi Hai Tamanna Tere Ghar Ke Saamne-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan*

    4803. Yahi Hai Wo Sanjh Aur Sawera-Sanjh Aur Sawera*

    4804. Yahi To Din Hai Bahaaron Ke-Main Bhi Ladki Hoon*

    4805. Yahi To Hain Who Yahi To Hain-Solvah Saal*

    4806. Yamma Yama Tu Parwaana Main Shamma-China Town*

    4807. Yamma Yamma Yeh Khoobsurat Samaan-Shaan*

    4808. Yanta War Gaani-Telugu*

    4809. Yaqeen Karlo Mujhe Mohabaat Hai-Yaqeen*

    4810. Yeh Aankhen Uff Umma-Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hata Hai*

    4811. Yeh Aansoo Mere Dil Ki Zuban Hain-Humrahi*

    4812. Yeh Aapne Kya Keh Diya-Khuda Qasam*

    4813. Yeh Aasmaan Yeh Baadal Yeh Raaste Ye Hawa-Aap To Aise Na The*

    4814. Yeh Ab Aap Sochiye-Mera Sanam*

    4815. Yeh Albela Tour Na Dekha-Sasural*

    4816. Yeh Albeli Pyaar Ki Raahen Yeh Jaan E Pehchaane Raaste-Dharti*

    4817. Yeh Anjaan Raahen Ye Manzil Paraye-Rakh Aur Chingari*

    4818. Yeh Anjuman Yeh Khushiyan Yeh Rang Yeh Nazaare-Garibi Hatao*

    4819. Yeh Baat Hai Kal Shaam Ki-Basant*

    4820. Yeh Baat Hoti Hai Paida Janab Barson Main-Majboor*

    4821. Yeh Bahaaron Ke Din Yeh Suhaana Samaan-Kundan*

    4822. Yeh Bahekti Ghatayen Yeh Mahekti Hawayen-Rustam E Rome*

    4823. Yeh Bata Ae Zindagi Ke Paasbaan-Chhora Chhori*

    4824. Yeh Bheegi Bheegi Raat-Dr. Z*

    4825. Yeh Bheegi Fizaaen Aao Inhi Main Kho Jaayen-Kaanch Aur Heera*

    4826. Yeh Bhool Hui Bhoole Se Kabhi Ham-Fifty Fifty*

    4827. Yeh Bombay Shehr Ka Bada Naam Hai-Yeh Bambai Hai*

    4828. Yeh Chaand Sa Roshan Chehra Zulfon Ka Rang Sunehra-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    4829. Yeh Chaand To Mrudang Hai Taare Hain Majeere-Shri Krishna Arjun Yuddh*

    4830. Yeh Chaand Yeh Sitaaren Yeh Raat Yaad Rakhna-Laal E Yaman

    4831. Yeh Chanda Roos Ka Na Yeh Japan Ka-Insaan Jaag Utha*

    4832. Yeh Chehra Yeh Zulfen Jaadu Sa Kar Rahe Hain Tauba-Duniya Ka Mela*

    4833. Yeh Chudiyaan Nahin Nahin Hathkadiyaan Hain-Balika Badhu*

    4834. Yeh Collige Ka Zamaana-College Girl*

    4835. Yeh Cycle Ka Chhakar-Akeli Mat Jaiyo*

    4836. Yeh Daawa Aaj Duniya Bhar Se Manwaane-Laila Majnu*

    4837. Yeh Deepak Ae Malik-Lakhpati*

    4838. Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Ka-Naya Daur*

    4839. Yeh Dil Deewaana Hai Dil To Deewaana Hai-Ishq Par Zor Nahi*

    4840. Yeh Dil Kis Ki Doon Log Kehte Hai To Sach Hi Kehate-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon*

    4841. Yeh Dil Mera Le Lo Bahak Gaye Ae Lo-Picnic*

    4842. Yeh Dil Nahin Ki Jiske Sahaare Jeete Hain-Aabroo*

    4843. Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin Ham Kya Karen-Izzat*

    4844. Yeh Do Deewaane Dil Ke Chale Hain Dekho Mil Ke-Johar Mehmood In Goa*

    4845. Yeh Duniya Badi Luteri-Patang*

    4846. Yeh Duniya Do Rangi Hai Ek Taraf Se Resham-Chandi Ki Diwar*

    4847. Yeh Duniya Gol Hai Upar Se Khol Hai-Chaudhvin Ka Chand*

    4848. Yeh Duniya Hai Aani Jaani-Pyaara Dushman*

    4849. Yeh Duniya Hai Sab Prem Ki Tu Prem-Shahkaar*

    4850. Yeh Duniya Khel Tamaasha-Laakhon Main Ek*

    4851. Yeh Duniya Ki Rail Musaafir-Sitara*

    4852. Yeh Duniya Nahin Jagir Kisi Ki-Chowkidar*

    4853. Yeh Duniya Patang Nit Badle Yeh Rang(Happy)-Patang*

    4854. Yeh Duniya Patang Nit Badle Yeh Rang(Sad)-Patang*

    4855. Yeh Duniya Rail Niraali-Paayal*

    4856. Yeh Duniya Tere Dil Ki Tasveer Baaba-Shrimati 420*

    4857. Yeh Duniya Thi Dil Ki Jo Hamne Lutaai-Daaku*

    4858. Yeh Duniya Usi Ke Jo Pyaar Karle-Gharana

    4859. Yeh Duniya Woh Duniya Hai Jahaan-Bhaavna*

    4860. Yeh Duniya Yeh Duniya Hai Hamaari Yeh Duniya-Yahudi*

    4861. Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil Mere Kaam Ki Nahin-Heer Raanjha*

    4862. Yeh Geet Kaun Mere Man Madhuvan Main Ga Raha Hai-Maan Apman*

    4863. Yeh Gora Gora Mukhda Yeh Kala Kaala Til-Gangu Dada*

    4864. Yeh Gotedaar Lehnga Niklon Jab Daal Ke-Dharam Kanta*

    4865. Yeh Hai Duniya Ka Bazaar-Bazaar(Old)*

    4866. Yeh Haseen Raat Yeh Bahaar Yeh Saman-Girls Hostel*

    4867. Yeh Hasrat Thi Ki Duniya Main-Nausherwan E Aadil*

    4868. Yeh Haste Huye Phool-Pyaasa*

    4869. Yeh Hawa Nadi Ka Kinara-Ghar Sansar*

    4870. Yeh Hawa Ye Mastana Mausam-Akeli Mat Jaiyo*

    4871. Yeh Hokar Rahega Yeh Hona Likha Hai-Chengiz Khan*

    4872. Yeh Husn Yeh Ada Ye Nazakat To Dekhiye-Laal Nishan*

    4873. Yeh Jaan Lo Pehchaan Lo Yahaan Kaun Paraaya Hai-Sab Ka Saathi*

    4874. Yeh Jawan Jawan Mohabbat Yeh Hasin Nazare-Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai*

    4875. Yeh Jawani Hai Meri Jaan-Hero Ka Chor*

    4876. Yeh Jhuke Jhuke Naina Yeh Lat Balkhati-Bharosa*

    4877. Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Jhuki Nigaahe Teri-Aao Pyaar Karen*

    4878. Yeh Jo Chilman Hai Dushman Hai Hamaari-Mehboob Ki Mehndi*

    4879. Yeh Jo Ladki Hai Yeh Jo Ladka Hai-Bikhre Moti*

    4880. Yeh Kaali Kaali Zulfen Aur Gora Gora Chehra-Lamboo In Hongkong*

    4881. Yeh Kaise Yog Liya Sarkaar-Guru Ghantal

    4882. Yeh Kaisi Deewaar Hai Duniya-Batwara*

    4883. Yeh Kaisi Maine Madhur Si Aajb Si Aaj Suni Sargam-Rakhwala*

    4884. Yeh Khamoshiyan Yeh Tanhaiyan-Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke*

    4885. Yeh Khidki Jo Band Rehti Hai-Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki*

    4886. Yeh Kis Ki Ankhon Ka Noor Ho Tum Rafi Pakeezah*

    4887. Yeh Kya Zindagi Hai Samajh Main Na Aaye-Heroine Ek Raat Ki*

    4888. Yeh Ladka Hai Allaah Kaisa Hai Deewaana-Hum Kisise Kam Nahin*

    4889. Yeh Lakhnow Ki Sarjamin-Chaudhvin Ka Chand*

    4890. Yeh Leharaate Balkhate Raaste-Goonj

    4891. Yeh Maana Dil Jaise Dhoondhen-Zimbo*

    4892. Yeh Maana Meri Jaan Muhabbat Saza Hai-Hanste Zakhm*

    4893. Yeh Main Kahan Aa Gye Raata Bhool Ke-Pyaar Ki Sej*

    4894. Yeh Mard Bade Dil Sard Bade-Miss Merry*

    4895. Yeh Mausam Bheega Bheega Hai Hawa Bhi Zyaada Zyaada Hai-Dharti*

    4896. Yeh Mausam Ye Khuli Hawa-Samaj Ko Badal Dalo*

    4897. Yeh Mehalon Yeh Takhton Yeh Taajon Ki Duniya-Pyaasa*

    4898. Yeh Mehfil Yeh Botal Yeh Rangeen Paani-Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai*

    4899. Yeh Mera Prem Patra Paddhkar Ke Tum Naaraaz Na Hona-Sangam*

    4900. Yeh Mere Haath Main Tera Haath Naye Jazabat Meri Jan-Kashmir Ki Kali*

    4901. Yeh Munh Masoor Ki Daal-Shri Naqad Narayan*

    4902. Yeh Na Hamse Poochhiye Mil Gaya Hai Kya Hame-Purani Pehchan*

    4903. Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat-Non Film*

    4904. Yeh Naach Waach Kya Hai-Ek Hasina Do Diwane*

    4905. Yeh Nadanon Ki Duniya Hai-Love And God*

    4906. Yeh Nain Kyon Sharma Gaye-Rasili*

    4907. Yeh Parda Hataado Zara Mukhda Dikha Do-Ek Phool Do Mali*

    4908. Yeh Parvaton Ke Daayre Yeh Shaam Ka Dhuaan-Vaasna*

    4909. Yeh Phoolon Ka Mausam Yeh Thandi Hawaayen-Jeevan Nauka

    4910. Yeh Powder Yeh Surkhiyaan-Pehli Raat

    4911. Yeh Purnoor Chehra Yeh Dilkash Ada-Mohabbat Zindagi Hai*

    4912. Yeh Pyaar Ka Jhagda Hai To Pyaar Se Te Kijiye-Aag Aur Daag*

    4913. Yeh Raat Aashiqaana Chhaya Samaan Suhaana-Naya Andaz*

    4914. Yeh Raat Bahut Rangeen Sahi-Shagun*

    4915. Yeh Raat Hai Peene Ki Is Raat Main Peena Hai-Na Maaloom*

    4916. Yeh Raat Hai Pyaasi Pyaasi-Chhoti Bahu*

    4917. Yeh Raat Yeh Fizaaen Phir Aaye Ya Na Aaye-Batwara*

    4918. Yeh Raat Yeh Nazaaren-Trolly Driver

    4919. Yeh Rang Bhare Baadal-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi*

    4920. Yeh Rang Na Chhootega Ulfat Ki Nishani-China Town*

    4921. Yeh Ras Teri Baton Ka Choklet-Ghar Basake Dekho*

    4922. Yeh Reshmi Zulfen Yeh Sharbati Aankhen-Do Raaste*

    4923. Yeh Roza Yeh Roze Ki Shaan Allaah-Shan E Khuda

    4924. Yeh Sach Hai Ae Jahan Walo-Kal Hamara Hai*

    4925. Yeh Sach Hai Koi Kahani Nahi-Amar Akbar Anthony*

    4926. Yeh Samaan Yeh Rut Yeh Nazaare Dil Mera Machalne Laga-Do Kaliyan*

    4927. Yeh Sar Rahe Na Tan Rahe Magar Tera Vatan Rahe-Watan

    4928. Yeh Shaam Hai Dhuaan Dhuaan Pyaar Se Tu Pukaar-Ek Naav Do Kinare*

    4929. Yeh Shama To Jali Roshni Ke Liye-Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke*

    4930. Yeh Shokh Sitare-Ek Thi Ladki*

    4931. Yeh Shor Hai Gali Gali Ke Wo Jawaan Ho Chali-Ek Thi Reeta*

    4932. Yeh Soye Insaan Jaag Uthe-Hum Paanch*

    4933. Yeh Surkh Joda Yeh Badan Aur Yeh Tumhaara Baankapan-Shadi Se Pehle*

    4934. Yeh Surkhiyan Yeh Laaliyaan Yeh Zulfen Bhi Haseen-Guru Aur Chela*

    4935. Yeh Taaron Bhari Raat Hame Yaad Rahegi-Hamari Shaan

    4936. Yeh Tera Husn Nashaa Hai-Tere Bagair*

    4937. Yeh Teri Saadagi Yeh Tera Baankpan-Shabnam*

    4938. Yeh Thandi Hawa Yeh Rangin Samaan-Pyaar*

    4939. Yeh To Allaah Ko Kahbar-Qatilon Ke Qatil*

    4940. Yeh To Kaho Kaun Ho Tum-Akeli Mat Jaiyo*

    4941. Yeh To Mumkin Hi Nahin Hai Hai Ki Main Bahak Jaaoon-Puja Aur Payal*

    4942. Yeh To Pattharon Ka Shehar Hai-Pattharon Ka Shehar*

    4943. Yeh Tumhaare Raaste Main Phool Kyon Khilaati Nahin-My Love*

    4944. Yeh Vedon Ki Hai Vaani Santon Ke Mukh Se Jaani-Sampoorna Sant Darshan*

    4945. Yeh Waada Pyaar Ka-Waqt Ki Pukar*

    4946. Yeh Waada Raha Dilruba-Professor Pyaarelal*

    4947. Yeh Waadiyaan Yeh Fizaaen Bula Rahi Hain Tumhe-Aaj Aur Kal*

    4948. Yeh Zameen Hai Do Dilon Ke Pyaar Ki-Mukti(Old)*

    4949. Yeh Zidagi Ka Mosam Aur Ye Sama Suhansa-Ghunghat*

    4950. Yeh Zindagi Ka Kaarwan-Bagdad Ka Jaadoo*

    4951. Yeh Zindagi Ke Mele Duniya Main Kam Na Honge-Mela(Old)*

    4952. Yeh Zulf Agar Khulke Bikhar Jaaye To Achchha-Kaajal*

    4953. Yeh Zulf Kaisi Hai Zanjeer Jaisi Hai-Piya Ka Ghar*

    4954. Yovan De Peengh Hulare(Dera Aashqan Da)*

    4955. Yug Yug Se Bol Raha Hai Dharti Ko Aakaash-Jai Mahalaxmi Maa*

    4956. Yug Yug Se Gaate Aaye Hai Dharti Aur Aasmaan-Jahan Sati Wahan Bhagwan*

    4957. Yug Yug Se Hai Saath Hamaara-Shaitan Mujrim*

    4958. Yun Bekhudi Se Kam Liya Hai Kabhi Kabhi-Non Film*

    4959. Yun Chaal Chalo Na Matwali-Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya*

    4960. Yun Hans Hans Kar Dekho Na Idhar-Dr Vidya*

    4961. Yun Hi Tum Mujse Bat Karti Ho-Sachaa Jhutha*

    4962. Yun Hi Ulfat Ke Maron Par-Alladin Ka Chirag*

    4963. Yun Muskurake Samne Aaya Na Kijiye-Qaidi*

    4964. Yun Na Chhedo Balam Koi Aa Jaaye-Halla Gulla

    4965. Yun Na Dekho Hame Baar Baar-Preet Na Jane Reet*

    4966. Yun Na Hamain Dekhiye Ham Baar Baar Kehte Hain-Jantar Mantar*

    4967. Yun Na Sharma Faila De Apni Gori Baanhen-Parwana*

    4968. Yun Rootho Na Hasina-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare*

    4969. Yun To Aapas Main Bigadte Hain-Andaz(Old)*

    4970. Yun Zindagi Ke Raste Sawarte Chale Gaye-Love In Shimla*

    4971. Zaalim Kehna Maan-Baraat*

    4972. Zaalim Teri Ada Mere Dil Main Utar Gaye-Bambai Ki Billi

    4973. Zahe Qismat Teri Mehfil Main Jo Paigaam Aaya Hai-Chilman*

    4974. Zahe Qismat Teri Mehfil Se Jo Paigaam Aaya Hai-Jannat*

    4975. Zakhmi Hain Paaon Mere Manzil Bhi Door Hai-Alladin Ka Beta*

    4976. Zamaana Hai Agar Ik Hum Na Honge-Watan*

    4977. Zamaana Hai Pyar Ka Suno Dilwalo-Aahat*

    4978. Zamaana Hanse Bhool Aisi Na Karna-Ghar Sansar

    4979. Zamaana Hi Aankhen Dikhaata Hai Tujhko-Man Ka Meet

    4980. Zamaana Ho Gaya Fariyaad Karte-Shaan(Old)*

    4981. Zamaana Pyaar Ka Mausam Bahaar Ka-Pehli Raat

    4982. Zamaane Ki Aankhon Ne Dekha Hai Yaaron-Ek Baar Muskura Do*

    4983. Zamaane Ne Mare Jawaan Kaise Kaise(Happy)-Baharon Ke Sapne*

    4984. Zamaane Ne Mare Jawaan Kaise Kaise(Sad)-Baharon Ke Sapne*

    4985. Zameen Aur Aasman Ka Waqiya-Islamic*

    4986. Zameen Bhi Wohi Hai Wohi Aasmaan-Chandni Chowk*

    4987. Zameen Se Hame Aasmaan Par Bithaake Gira To Na Doge-Adalat*

    4988. Zara Aankhiyan La Liye O Zara Khushiyan Mana Laiye-Parchhaiyan*

    4989. Zara Bachke Chalna Zara Hatke Chalna-Yeh Bombai Hai*

    4990. Zara Bhi Jis Ki Wafa Ka Yaqeen Aaya Hai-Non Film*

    4991. Zara Dekh Idhar-Badshah Salamat*

    4992. Zara Dekh Ke Chalna Hai Hai Hai-Bikhre Moti*

    4993. Zara Hans Ke Darshan De De-Shri Krishna Bhakti*

    4994. Zara Idhar To Aa Matwaali-Sazish*

    4995. Zara Jhoom Le Jawani Ka Zamaana Hai Suhana-Naujawan*

    4996. Zara Man Ki Khivadiya Khol-Kohinoor*

    4997. Zara Mud Ke To Dekh Goriye Jaate Jaate-Lalkar*

    4998. Zara Rakhna Bharosa Bhagwaan Main-Dashera*

    4999. Zara Ruk Jaa Pyaare Ruk Jaa-Sitaron Se Aage*

    5000. Zara Saamne To Aao Chhaliye-Janam Janam Ke Phere*

    5001. Zara Si Aur Pila Do Bhaang-Kaajal*

    5002. Zara Si Baat Pyaar Ki Zaban Se Nikal Gaye-Salam Memsaab*

    5003. Zara Si Gareebi Yhi Kam Naseebi-Ujala

    5004. Zara Sun Haseena Ae Naazneen-Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya*

    5005. Zara Suno Jee Yeh Are Hato Jee Dil Ko Dil Ki-Dilli Ka Dada

    5006. Zara Thehro Jee Abdul Gafaar-Satta Bazaar*

    5007. Zara Tum Ne Dekha To Pyaar Aa Gaya-Jal Tarang*

    5008. Zikr Us Parivash Ka-Non Film*

    5009. Zinda Hai Zinda Hamse Wafa Ka Naam-Ramu Dada*

    5010. Zindaabaad Zindabaad Ae Muhabbat Zindaabaad-Mugal E Azam*

    5011. Zindagani Rut Suhaani-Panchayat

    5012. Zindagi Aaj Mere Naam Se Sharmati Hai-Son Of India*

    5013. Zindagi Ab To Tere Naam Se Dar Lagata Hai-Shandaar*

    5014. Zindagi Bhar Gham Judaai Ka Mujhe Tadpaayega-Miss Bombay*

    5015. Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bholegi Wo(Doet)-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    5016. Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bholegi Wo(Solo)-Barsaat Ki Raat*

    5017. Zindagi Bhar Yehi Iqraar Kiye Jayenge-Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya*

    5018. Zindagi Dulhan Hai Aadhi Raat Ki-Dulhan Ek Raat Ki

    5019. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana-Andaz*

    5020. Zindagi Guzaarne Ko Saathi Ek Chaahiye-Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka*

    5021. Zindagi Hai Kya Sun Meri Jaan Pyaar Bhara Dil Meethi-Maya*

    5022. Zindagi Ka Carvan Ab Leke Jayen Kahan-Mela Aanchal*

    5023. Zindagi Ka Hai Yeh Fsana-Midnight*

    5024. Zindagi Ka Yoon Zubaan Par Naam Aana Chaahiye-Dil Ka Heera*

    5025. Zindagi Ke Mod Par Jo Koi Raasta Mila-Bedaag*

    5026. Zindagi Ke Safar Main Akele The Ham Tum-Nartaki*

    5027. Zindagi Ke Safar Main Na Jane-Damaad*

    5028. Zindagi Ki Raah Main Tej Chal-Shahnaz*

    5029. Zindagi Kya Hai Gham Ka Dariya Hai-Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya*

    5030. Zindagi Main Aaya Toofan-Aaya Toofan*

    5031. Zindagi Main Rang Bhara Hai Pyaar Ka-Bus Conductor*

    5032. Zindagi Mujh Ko Dikha De Raasta-Sanjh Aur Sawera*

    5033. Zindagi Naam Hai Waqt Ki Maar Ka-Hatyaara*

    5034. Zindagi Sanwar Gaye Mastiyon Se Bhar Gaye-Sindbad The Sailor*

    5035. Zindagi Se Bhi Mujh Ko Aziz Ho Tum-Raaz Ki Baat*

    5036. Zindagi Tang Hai-Chandrakanta*

    5037. Zindagi Teri Yaadon Main-Darinda*

    5038. Zindagi To Bewafa Hai Ek Din Thukaraayegi-Muqaddar Ka Sikandar*

    5039. Zindagi Tu Jhoom Le Zara-Kaise Kahoon*

    5040. Zindagi Wo Kya Na Pyaar Jismain Ho-Jawab*

    5041. Zindagi Zindadili Ka Naam Hai-Zinda Dil*

    5042. Zulf Bikhraati Chali Aayi Ho-Ek Kali Muskaye*

    5043. Zulf Ke Fande Fans Gaye Jaan-Mujrim*

    5044. Zulf Ki Chhaaon Main Chehre Ka Ujaala Lekar-Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon*

    5045. Zulf Lehraayi Teri Aur Meri Taqdeer Bani-Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke*

    5046. Zulfon Ko Aap Yoon Na Sanwaara Karo-Chandan Ka Palna*

    5047. Zulfon Ko Hataade Chehre Se Thodaasa Ujaala Hone Do-Saawan Ki Ghata*

    5048. Zulfon Waalon Se Na Bhoolke Bhi Pyaar Kijiye-Baghdad Ki Raaten*

    5049. Zulm Bhi Karte Hain-Sim Sim Marjina*

    5050. Zulm O Sitam Ko Bhi Ham To Ada Samjhe-Jawan Mohabbat*

    5051. Zulm Sahe Na Zulm Kare Na-Insaniyat(Old)*

    5052. Zulm Sehna Bhi Paap Hai(Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun)-Panjabi*


    1 comment:

    1. saala
      Saala is the Hindi term for your wife's brother. However it's most commonly used as an insult, with the implication being that you are sleeping with the insulted persons sister.

      In everyday usage nobody takes the original meaning too seriously. It can be substituted as a generally insulting term for any person. e.g "Saala kutta" where "kutta" is Hindi for dog. Doesn't make sense if you think of the meaning of the word, but it is a widely used insult anyway.
      Can't think of any way of using it in an English sentence that wouldn't sound terribly awkward. The best you can do is just say "Saala".