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"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"
 The Madness of Sports Addiction


New York Times: Francesco Totti Leaves the Field, and Romans Weep for a Living Monument

It is unusual for the "paper of record" to carry a sports-related story on its front page. But because this particular event, which took place in Italy, was so emotional for the people of Rome, the Slimes evidently deemed it newsworthy. Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times also found it notable, albeit for a far different reason.
We are not such "sticks in the mud" that we can't enjoy an occasional ball game, and we find nothing wrong with sports aficionados cheering for the home team. A bit of fun and games is an important part of life, as is the physical development of our young people. But when mass numbers of grown men are moved to tears by the retirement of a 40-year old soccer (aka football) player, --- Roma: we have a problem.
Adding to the insanity of it all is that Italy -- where the maternal side of your favorite reporter's family is from -- is in a not-so-slow-motion meltdown. The country's birth rates are among the lowest in the world. High youth unemployment and the sad social phenomenon of so many "millennials" living at home have been the "new normal" for the past 25 years. Corruption is rampant. Turd Worlders just keep coming and coming and coming by the boatload. And major cities such as Rome are getting dirtier and more dangerous by the day. Football fans of Rome! Weep for your dying country, not a retiring football player!
1. Roman fans loses lose their minds for Number 10, Francesco Totti. 2. Meanwhile, Soros' invaders keep pouring in from Libyan ports. 3. Stupid and half-naked Italian libtard greets the all-male "migrants" who would just love to gang-rape her!
From the article:
“It’s a sad day,” said Luigi Carinci, 65, who had sat in the front row in Testaccio, the neighborhood that is the club’s spiritual home, and dabbed his eyes whenever the screen showed Totti stretching his legs or sipping water on the bench. “Rome is a mess. The bus never comes, they don’t pick up the garbage and the cops do nothing. Now Totti’s leaving. It’s the last thing we need.”
Totti’s final game on Sunday, after a quarter century with Roma that has made him the most celebrated and beloved player in the club’s history, was a kick in the stomach to a city already knocked to the ground and then rolled into a pothole filled with trash.
The past decade or so has not been kind to Rome. Garbage piles up in the piazzas. The parks look like littered Iowa cornfields. The city’s sputtering economy hemorrhages jobs, and the mayor’s name has become a national byword for urban disaster.
As the theme from “Gladiator” gave way to Elton John’s “Circle of Life,” Totti started weeping. Bawling. So did the members of the Roma Club, old and young, men and women. They sang the chorus of the team song — “Roma Roma Roma” — and wept. They held their children and wept. They screamed “mortacci loro” and wept. 
As Totti read out a letter, the faces of thousands of fans contorted with tearful anguish.",f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/msiasc9yjjqdipky2g9g.jpg
Are you people frickin' kidding me??? We can certainly understand Mr. Totti (Image 1) getting choked-up because he is leaving his livelihood of 20 years, but the fans?

Oh if only such mass passion could be harnessed and applied to a popular movement to save and resurrect the Western Civilization which Rome -- "The Eternal City -- symbolizes for all those of European heritage. We could knock out the New World Order in a few days! The reason that such passion for the things that really matter no longer exists is largely because of the deliberately-engineered diversion of organized sports. At a time when very few people took any interest in following the daily happenings of the barely even noticeable "sports world," the spooky-prescient Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (written by parties unknown circa 1900) made this, among many other, prophetic and amazing forecasts:

"In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they (political objectives) are about, we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions ... Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them."
Wow! Is that not exactly what we have seen play out over the past 100 + years? Sports -- sports -- sports! That's all the typical TV-addicted European or American male seems to be able to get excited about, is it not? With his mind, his passion and his natural warrior spirit thusly diverted towards endless games and inane "round-table" commentaries about the game, Boobus Athleticus is left with neither the time nor the interest to study the dangerous illusions that have been and continue to be pulled over his eyes --- illusions that are enslaving him and destroying his own family's future. Adding insult to injury, the sports press openly mocks Boobus Athleticus by referring to him as a "fan" -- short for "fanatic."
Mamma mia! What a tragic farce.$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvsm1zvO7R66rw9VtEBaFNEWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg
As Roman sports fans weep for Totti, Rome's Communist Pope washes and kisses the feet of welfare-receiving "migrants" --- while poor White Romans are left to sleep in the street.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how all of Rome is mourning the retirement of some soccer player.
Boobus Americanus 2: Italians are really fanatical about their soccer. It's crazy.

  Sugar: Sso ssays the cluelesss clod who watchess three hourss of gamess and commentariess every day of the frickin' week.
 Editor: And listens to Sports Radio while he is commuting to and from work.


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  When you really have God, you never need drugs of any kind!

 Achtung!  Never believe what the "Guardian" propaganda rags write!  Or the British Heart Foundation!  Or the World Health Organization!  They all work for the interest of same Corporations that are behind the cigarette drug and other trafficking industries!

Do your own research!

Muslim sounding-name SMOKER?

Muslim sounding-name REPORTER? 

Smoking shisha: how bad is it for you?

It is growing in popularity but some experts (???) say a single shisha session is the same as smoking 200 cigarettes 
Jawad Rezavi
"It relaxes me." Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian 

A shisha smoker in London

For Jawad Rezavi, 26, smoking shisha is the perfect way to unwind in an evening. "After a long day, I'll go to a shisha lounge. It relaxes me. In the same way that some people will enjoy a glass of red wine or need a cigarette to keep going while they're working, I like to enjoy my shisha. If I don't do it, it feels like I'm missing something."
Shisha, the origins of which are disputed (some say India, others Persia or Turkey) is a glass-bottomed water pipe in which fruit-flavoured tobacco is covered with foil and roasted with charcoal. The tobacco smoke passes through a water chamber and is inhaled deeply and slowly; the fruit-flavoured tobacco tastes smooth and smells sweet, enthusiasts say, making it an enjoyable and unrushed experience.
Rezavi, a student from London, tried his first shisha when he was 16. He began smoking regularly five years ago and helped his father establish a shisha cafe. The cafe closed down after the smoking ban came into effect in 2007, but Rezavi still smokes six times a week, either at home or at one of his favourite shisha bars with friends. "It's part of my routine. It's just nice to have it bubbling in the background when I'm studying."
And he's not alone. Usually shared between friends shisha is now associated with Middle Eastern cafe culture, but has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years with cafes popping up in cities across the country. It's a phenomenon that has worried primary care trusts (PCTs) across the UK, which think that, unlike cigarette smokers, shisha users are unaware of the health risks.
Earlier this year, Leicester PCT's Stop Smoking service said it had seen an alarming rise in the number of teenagers in the city smoking shisha. And this summer, Birmingham's three PCTs will launch a city-wide tobacco control strategy, which includes increasing the awareness of shisha smoking. Meanwhile, the Niche Tobacco Advisory Group (NTAG) for North England recently introduced an educational campaign on shisha smoking.
Dr Khalid Anis, chairman of NTAG in Manchester, says: "There's a misconception that shisha is not as bad for you as cigarettes, because the tobacco is flavoured and passes through water first. But the carcinogens and nicotine are still there. So a regular shisha smoker can expect to be at risk to the similar health problems that cigarette smokers face, whether that's respiratory, heart disease or cancer. As with any other tobacco product, I expect regular shisha smokers will find it addictive, to the point that they may need it every day."
According to research carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the volume of smoke inhaled in an hour-long shisha session is estimated to be the equivalent of smoking between 100 and 200 cigarettes. The estimated findings go on to show that, on average, a smoker will inhale half a litre of smoke per cigarette, while a shisha smoker can take in anything from just under a sixth of a litre to a litre of smoke per inhale.
But a niche tobacco expert from a London local authority suggests the WHO findings are "alarmist", pointing out that there's not yet been enough research into the long-term effects of shisha smoking. Dr Kamal Chaouachi, a tobacco expert who teaches at Paris IX University and has researched shisha for 15 years, says comparing shisha with cigarettes "amounts to comparing oranges to apples".
According to Chaouachi, studies led by independent researchers at the Royal University of Saudi Arabia have shown that shisha smoke is 30 times less concentrated in chemicals than cigarette smoke, contradicting the WHO's warnings. "It is ludicrous and anti-scientific to claim that hookah or shisha smoke is 200 times more toxic than cigarette smoke," he says. "While about 5,000 chemicals have been identified so far in cigarette smoke, chemists and pharmacologists from Saudi Arabia only found 142 chemicals in shisha smoke. Also, a medical team in Pakistan found that shisha smoke can be much less carcinogenic and radioactive than cigarette smoke."
In March, the BBC published a news story claiming that GPs in Leicester "are seeing an increase in teenagers with health problems linked to shisha pipe smoking". But Leicester PCT now says the story was erroneous; while it maintains the number of teenagers in the city smoking shisha is on the rise, it says GPs have not confirmed an increase in treating patients with health problems caused directly by shisha.
So, with all the conflicting evidence, are the health concerns around shisha just a load of hot air? "The research on shisha is admittedly limited," concedes Anis. "But I have to concur with the WHO. If you watch the way people smoke shisha, they take deliberate, deep breaths before exhaling so there is a lot of smoke being inhaled."
Rezavi is unconvinced by the arguments. "Sure, inhaling tobacco smoke, whether it's from shisha or cigarettes, is never going to be good for you," he says. "I know that, but at the end of the day it's just something I enjoy."

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 MY FIRST-BORN ARMANEL (OLYEG) was said to have died at birth on 10 September 1968.  Two years later, I was told Olyeg (Alyosha) was alive.  To this day I have not met him although I spoke to him on the telephone a few times.  He called me father, but he declined my invitation to join us here in the United Kingdom.  His half-sister Nina wanted to come to the UK, but at the last minute her mother changed her mind.  After a last telephone call many years ago, I spoke to my step-daughter Nina who called me father too (her father having passed away), I lost all contacts with them. She told me her mother was in hospital because of a bone fracture.  
I RELIGIOUSLY MARRIED a 19 year-old Polish girl in 1980, Matgorzata Skrobut (Margaret) and we were living together in Paris.  She had embraced Islam and agreed to bear our children.  My wife Shirin who could not bear children had gone back to Mauritius to her parents to take care of her grandmother Anne Marie de Rhune (Aziza) who was wrongly diagnosed with cancer.

THIS IS WHEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE because the wife of my boss, Sylviane Paulette (born Garnier) got jealous.  She offered to bear our children instead despite of the fact that we were not together anymore, and that she was married.  She said her husband was impotent and could not bear children, and had agreed to allow her to have children with me.  This is how my son was initially registered in his name Gérard Frémaux instead of mine, and baptized as well.

Małgorzata Skrobut

Beloved Bash.

My love, Mishkou,

I love you and it is very painful for me when you are far away.  I wish so much I was with you; far from decreasing my feelings are getting stronger.  You cannot imagine how strongly I wish to be in your arms, close to your heart.  When I shall come with the baby, I want to see you strong and in good health like a real father.  Tell, me, what would you like, a daughter or a son?  

I want to have this baby so much.  I now feel that my life without it will be worth nothing.

Take care of yourself Mishinkou.

I kiss you very strongly.
I love you.

Your Margoshia.
Warsaw 8 April 1981”

MY SON, this is how it took me 4 marriages and four women (in today's Satanic world men can "marry" men!) to finally have you.  Your mother forced both of us out of our home and business when you were only fourteen.  You were made to pay the consequences of your mother's treachery with the complicity of her own son Joachim Garnier who was not adopted by her husband because of religious reasons, and our own business partners, Dean Christopher and Jayne Harrington, husband and wife, both Jehovah Witnesses.  I was informed in writing by your mother's lawyer that she had joined the Jehovah Witnesses' Sect and that I was giving them or her a bad name.

I DID NOT WANT TO WAIT until your are 36 to post this.  I may not be alive then.
Whether you like it or not, you have never really understood (for whatever reason) or shown that you did understand what all these life tribulations meant for me and you, and because of which you had to bear the worst consequences.  My being a purely spiritual person destroyed my material life and impacted on you.   

US AMERICAN FIELD MC CONNELL, a Christian correspondent of mine, said he was never loved by the women he married.  When he was 60 however he finally married Denise, a 50 year old British woman who loves and respects him, and even shares his current struggle against the evil forces that run this world, including the USA.

MY SON, NOTHING IS YOUR FAULT, but do not ignore these facts now that you too are a husband and a father of four.  My two daughters "in-law" (a law that I do not recognize) will read this and I can easily guess what would be their feelings or even reaction.  But, I do not give a damn, as if the present one REALLY LOVES YOU, all praise be to God even if I know for a fact that there is NO SUCH GOD.  I also know for a fact, that without GOD, we will all lose our humanity as most of us have already done!

LOSING MY WIFE, and seeing the plight of my son and grandchildren, has broken more than my heart.  My very soul has been affected and I was devastated when I found out the truth about God (I may be wrong!) and so-called believers and even non believers.  This is why I tried to fill the void in my life by marrying a fifth time, not for me this time, but, for the children, but, even that did not work and lasted only 3 years, 2012-2015. But, I kind of expected it and regarded it as my redemption.
 But, as the void was still there, I adopted Brendon O'Connell, a genuine Freedom-Fighter, as my son as he too needed support.  He is two years younger than Olyeg and he calls me father. 


I never begged anybody to obtain or keep a job!
 I was the former Manager and shareholder of the Windsor Hotel in Paris X (1975-1988) - Building owned by a Jewess of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Madame HESSE - obviously not a coincidence at all?  
Jews owned or control almost everything and businesses (including clinics, doctors' surgeries, shops, law firms, ready-to-wear and fashion industry, including brothels, sex shops, cabaret, artists, media,cinema, etc.  I had to deal with them in that region of Paris, and many lived in Occupied Palestine called Israel thanks to decadent Christendom, the so-called ecularit (Atheists), and the Zionist UNO!


      A WOMAN MAKES OR BREAKS A MAN.  This is why many men do not allow themselves to be easily fooled by women.  Your mother abandoned you when you were 14, but your father has never abandoned you for 35 years, nor your four children ever since they were born.  This is called real love, dedication, loyalty, and sacrifice.

 In France and Britain as it was the case in the USSR, I had to deal with "JEWS" of all kinds, Atheists, Socialists, Communists, as well as innocent and harmless religious and non religious Jews like my host Stepanovitch Drinkin, his wife who I called Mama, and his son Mikhail who was my best friend or one of my best university friends with whom I socialised.

After the British "LAW" allowed my beautiful, lovely, treacherous and unfaithful French wife and my business partners Christopher Dean and Jayne Harrington, two members of the Freemasonic Sect of the "Jehovah Witnesses", with the complicity of Christopher's father, to steal 100% of all my son's and my assets and investment funds in all legality in the venture my wife, our son and I financed 100% "Westminster Court" (the building of 22 flats on a heavily mortgaged piece of land belonging to the Harringtons and that they had put on sale, and which I was saving from repossession), and that I was managing, I also lost my Stanway home (Colchester, Essex) due to a corrupt Court system and a dishonest barrister, and both my 14 year-old son and I were kicked out of our home in 1997, seriously damaging our son's health and education, and this is how we were stranded in London and fell under the corrupt, capitalist, racist and discriminatory Royal Judeo-British "welfare" and judiciary system!  Harry Cohen, the Jewish Member of Parliament of Leyton ignored my 1997 letter.  Dumped in a Walthamstow attic in a "Black ghetto" in 1998, I had to complain to the Walthamstow Jewish Member of Parliament Neil Gerrard and to Prime Minister John Major, and informed Paris, because we are French, but to no avail!  My son who was then 14 years old received no protection whatsoever!  In 1997, for more than six months the London agencies refused to even acknowledge that my son was indeed my biological son, and they finally did they dumped me into the hands of a "Black Housing Association"!  A document signed by both my wife and me giving me full custody of our son was confiscated by my wife and not filed in Court!  There was no appeal allowed!         

And, not one single penny was paid to either me or my son for our investment in Westminster Court and we had no legal recourse.  My wife, and the Harringtons, including the father, benefited 100% of our investment!  A legal con!

And seeking employment in London was out of the question given the level of corruption and discrimination where even university graduates could hardly find a job.  Mind you, I am not crying over spilled milk or complaining!  And there is much more to it, but Ken Loach gave me the opportunity and reason to bring this up to the notice of my "readers" as I am currently writing part of my autobiography for the benefit or to the attention of my grand children, all of them!  

A battle against the Judeo-Zionist Judiciary and establishment is lost in advance!  This is what I told Brendon O'Connell.

YOU HAVE HEARD what Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala said in his show about his Senegalese or Malagasy wife to make us laugh!  This is real life and he knows it.  So, my son, life goes on, and soon I will be out of the picture given the kind of education I see my grandchildren are having!  This is life and I have no complaint.  

I AM NOT THE TYPE to send Birthday Greetings just as a formality.  Your father is not the type to say: Happy Birthday, Son, and good bye!

THIRTY-FIVE YEARS, two wives and four children; all I can say is GOOD LUCK, MY SON, AND GOD BLESS YOU!  This is how Destiny works.  Some call it Karma.


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The roots of the sect which now rules the world

What’s really happening on this planet, and it’s not from today?

We are dealing with a conspiracy whose goal is to rule the planet.

Sabbateans or Sabbatians – is a complex general term that refers to a variety of followers of, disciples and believers in Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676), a Jewishrabbi who was proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah in 1665 by Nathan of Gaza.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Sabbatai Zevi

Sabbatai Zevi

Phenomenon of his beliefs was- to make people believe that they live in harmony with the 10 commandments they are not sure about what means sin exactly.  People, when they will pass by the sins will know whether or not to sin still, because at the moment they know nothing about sin. A few thousand wealthy people started to follow him from  the jewish spheres in those days. They liked that finally the time has come free from 10 commandments. The sect also popularized sexual orgies, after which new children were born as descendants of Sabbatai Zevi. He came to Constantinople to convince  Khalif that finally he came to the earth as the expected messiah including by Muslims also. Caliph not really be persuaded and he told Sabbatai about the possibilities for him , first to convince to islam or he will kill him. So Sabbatai and his sect converted to islam. Since then they became crypto Jews. After some time they managed to penetrate into the spheres of the ruling class in Turkey.

Now in the government of the Turkish it is  alot of  their successors.

Generally their aim is to destroy Iudaism. And they are working by muslim states. Another side of this image is – 100 years after the death of Sabbatai Zevi somewhere in Podolia (Poland)  was born Jaakow ben Juda Lejb ( Jacob Frank).

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania jakub frankHis philosophy was similar to Sabbatai, therefore, he encouraged people to do what they want, because really we know nothing about sin. Frank arguably created a new religion, now referred to as Frankism, which incorporated some aspects of Christianity into Judaism. So he allowed people to do which was in line with their needs and instincts creating a new world and new order, those who follow Moses, we exclude. So let’s play, let us rejoice, because until we dont know about sin, we dont know from what we should be purify.

And similar like Sabbatai who was convert to islam Jaakow was converted to christianity. That whay many crypto-jews a lot in Church. So we have two ways which came to islam and christianity to modifite it not necessarily in a good way.  So we can talk about the two-headed snake. 

 Now these people have significant influence. With them operable Jesuits, bankers of Rothschilds level.

And another example – Ataturk. His father was opposite each religion but Ataturk’s mother really wanted that son was brought up a Muslim. Initially, the father agreed that son taught in the Muslim school, but after some time he took him to the school where they were taught by the British thought. That’s why Ataturk changed Turkey into a European country. He supported the creation of the Zionist state in present-day Palestine. Ataturk always called himself a crypto Jew and said that his father gave him the foundations of Sabbatai and he also wanted that jews will convert into normal free life because this life can look like normal style of life without religions. In conclusion I want to say that these people derived from the philosophy of Sabbatai Zevi, have some psychological defect called morbid rule over the world. Like we as normal people think about next day, what we will do next day, that like they think about next generation and how to prepar it for next century. These people think  other categories.

ANOTHER EXEMPLES- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , he came from a Jewish family which left Judaism, Mu’ammar al -Kaddafi, Saud family which created wahhabism - a fanatical sect.

As long as people do not understand who really pulls the strings, riots, wars, and conflicts last continuously.

George Soros  - "right hand of  Rothschild”, wherever this man appears to form some foundations, actions charitable there, after some time, there are conflicts.

 Our society is like a dog which is pulling the cart and chasing the sausage hung on the rod. That why it is time to wake up.

Daria Anna

My name is Daria. From birth I live in Poland. I study psychology at the University of Lodz. My interests are focused on the problems of people, observation of relationships between them, getting to know the spiritual sphere and also their views of life. I’m interested in the influence of culture and religion on human life, its role and place in the world.
In my free time I train archery and write novels and essays. Since childhood I have liked writing poetry, short stories, which were published then. In 2015 I wrote my first book entitled “The natural order of the universe, that is the story of True God”, which is a philosophical treatise containing an attempt to answer the following questions: What should be the humanity aim? What is the meaning of our existence and other entities? How can we reconcile science with religion?

Dearest Daria Anna
My name is Basheer, and my second wife was Polish: Małgorzata Skrobut (Margaret).
As a well educated person, I expect that you will not mind me responding briefly on your Blog as I hold similar views regarding the Zevites and the Frankists. As a Christic Muslim, I have always been interested in the welfare of humanity and I never stopped fighting for freedom, truth, justice, and a moral way of life. I have researched the spiritual spheres and even what some call NED (Near Death Experiences), the occult or what is also called the Paranormal. I never belonged to any political or religious group, and never voted in my life, and regard myself as a sovereign Freeman-on-the-land.
Most people take culture for religion, which is a big mistake. I would love to read your essays. Margaret and I loved poetry. Is your book “The natural order of the universe, that is the story of True God”, available in English or French? Hellenistic Christianity and Islam already laid down the aims of Believers. The meaning of our existence is still a mystery to me, even at 72. As to the question “How can we reconcile science with religion”, I have a different concept about “science”. To me SCIENCE (KNOWLEDGE) should comprise both the material and the spiritual, but unfortunately most materialist scientists always reject what they cannot explain and understand, mainly because they belonged to Corporations and it is not in their interest to accept any religion as the main moving force of humanity for the Greater Good or the Common Good.
Saturday 21st of July 2018