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I never begged anybody to obtain or keep a job!

I was the former Manager JACK-OF-ALL-TRADE and shareholder of the Windsor Hotel in Paris X (1975-1988) - Building owned by a Jewess of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Madame HESSE - obviously not a coincidence at all?  
JUDAICS owned or control almost everything and businesses (including clinics, doctors' surgeries, shops, law firms, ready-to-wear and fashion industry, including brothels, sex shops, cabaret, artists, media,cinema, etc.  I had to deal with them in that region of Paris, and many lived in Occupied Palestine called Israel thanks to decadent Christendom, the so-called ecularit (Atheists), and the Zionist UNO!

 In France and Britain as it was the case in the USSR, I had to deal with "JEWS" of all kinds, Atheists, Socialists, Communists, as well as innocent and harmless religious and non religious "Jews" like my host Stepanovitch Drinkin, his wife who I called Mama, and his son Mikhail who was my best friend or one of my best university friends with whom I socialised.

After the British "LAW" allowed my beautiful, lovely, treacherous and unfaithful French wife and my business partners Christopher Dean and Jayne Harrington, two members of the Freemasonic Sect of the "Jehovah Witnesses", with the complicity of Christopher's father, to steal 100% of all my son's and my assets and investment funds in all legality in the venture my wife, our son and I financed 100% "Westminster Court" (the building of 22 flats on a heavily mortgaged piece of land belonging to the Harringtons and that they had put on sale, and which I was saving from repossession), and that I was managing, I also lost my Stanway home (Colchester, Essex) due to a corrupt Court system and a dishonest barrister, and both my 14 year-old son and I were kicked out of our home in 1997, seriously damaging our son's health and education, and this is how we were stranded in London and fell under the corrupt, capitalist, racist and discriminatory Royal Judeo-British "welfare" and judiciary system!  Harry Cohen, the Jewish Member of Parliament of Leyton ignored my 1997 letter.  Dumped in a Walthamstow attic in a "Black ghetto" in 1998, I had to complain to the Walthamstow Jewish Member of Parliament Neil Gerrard and to Prime Minister John Major, and informed Paris, because we are French, but to no avail!  My son who was then 14 years old received no protection whatsoever!  In 1997, for more than six months the London agencies refused to even acknowledge that my son was indeed my biological son, and they finally did they dumped me into the hands of a "Black Housing Association"!  A document signed by both my wife and me giving me full custody of our son was confiscated by my wife and not filed in Court!  There was no appeal allowed!         

And, not one single penny was paid to either me or my son for our investment in Westminster Court and we had no legal recourse.  My wife, and the Harringtons, including the father, benefited 100% of our investment!  A legal con!

And seeking employment in London was out of the question given the level of corruption and discrimination where even university graduates could hardly find a job.  Mind you, I am not crying over spilled milk or complaining!  And there is much more to it, but Ken Loach gave me the opportunity and reason to bring this up to the notice of my "readers" as I am currently writing part of my autobiography for the benefit or to the attention of my grand children, all of them!  

A battle against the Judeo-Zionist Judiciary and establishment is lost in advance!

Broken Hearts & Broken Homes In Akhir Al Zaman In Southall By Sheikh Imran Hosein

Published on 5 May 2019


Noam Chomsky - Exposing Religious Lies

Chomsky's Philosophy

Communist Manifesto becoming reality!
 Agenda 21 and Mini Holland Schemes in London
Windows On The World

Conférence avec les auteurs de Kontre Kulture 2016 (Alain Soral)


 This is how France joined NATO under a Judaic-Israeli government and started bombing Africa!

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British Academic and Historian Professor Catherine Hall [of University College London] rejects the Dan David Prize of $330,000 (a share of a total prize of $1mil) which she was due to receive from Tel Aviv University.

Professor Hall cited Israel's conflict with Palestine as the reason and further added in a statement..

"This was an independent political choice, undertaken after many discussions with those who are deeply involved with the politics of Israel-Palestine, but with differing views as to how best to act”
"Listen to Israel, but not to George Galloway!
The analogy with Churchill's genocidal WWII is simply out of place!"

  George Galloway Call for Brexit Alongside Nigel Farage Sparks Walkouts, Reports Say
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A battle against the Judeo-Zionist Judiciary and establishment is lost in advance! 

I, Daniel Blake (2016) Extrait [French Subs]

Cine Art

Published on 14 May 2016
For the first time in his life, Daniel Blake, a fifty-nine-year-old British carpenter, is obliged to apply for welfare after suffering heart problems. Although his doctor has put him on sick leave and told him he mustn't work, he is obliged to go job-hunting or else he'll be penalized. During his regular meetings at the job center, Daniel crosses paths with Rachel, a single mother with two children, who has been obliged to accept accommodation 280 miles from her home town to avoid having to stay in a hostel. Both caught up in the administrative absurdities of Britain today, Daniel and Rachel will try to help each other.

David Icke - What Others Dare Not Say

David Icke

Many factors played into Khan's comfortable victory: his persona is, however, not to be credited.
For one thing, many saw in a vote for Khan a means by which to support Jeremy Corbyn, who was by the time of the mayoral election bogged down in a fabricated scandal over alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
It is also worth noting that the Tory Party is well into its second term in office. Mid-term elections are often a way by which electorates punish the party in government. London's mayoral election was no exception.
Ultimately, while Sadiq Khan's score remains impressive, he won on the back of Corbyn's popularity and Cameron's increasing lack of it.
But international headlines never really looked at the bigger picture of British politics and instead chose to focus on the attractive buzzword that London had elected its first Muslim mayor.
Hardly a feat, since London has only had two others in its history; a third one emanating from the largest minority in the capital is barely surprising.
After all, would anyone ever express surprise at New York electing a Jewish mayor?
Admittedly, the current climate of Islamopse.
The ambitious Khan was in fact never really courting the "Jewish" vote which is relatively small, but rather the powerful Zionist lobby that boasts a vast network embedded at the highest echelons of Britain's political establishment.
This is something countless Jewish voices have denounced in recent weeks to a deaf media intent on presenting all of Britain's 250,000 Jews as pro-Israel.
The clout enjoyed by Zionist organisations in the UK is unquestionable. How else could an innocuous Facebook post, first posted by Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein, almost lead to the implosion of Britain's main opposition party?
Sadiq Khan realised which way his bread would be buttered and decided that courting one particular group over all others would be the way to go.
His first official engagement as Mayor of London was alongside the former face of Israel's operation Cast Lead, Mark Regev, a face many Holocaust survivors or their descendants would deplore being associated with.
Khan, who made his father's profession a major feature in his campaign maintained that his working-class credentials - he is the son of a bus driver in case anyone missed this - would make him the "inclusive" mayor par excellence.
Yet when the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) invited him to an event commemorating the Nakba or catastrophe, marking the expulsion and ethnic cleansing by Zionist terrorists in 1948 of Palestinians, Khan simply ignored it.
Perhaps even more shocking is his response to a question from a listener to a rad
The subliminal link Khan was making is very alarming and forces one to ask serious questions about Khan's ability to be London's "inclusiv

As the anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism row continues to rock the Labour Party, one thing at least has emerged since May's election: you do not have to be Jewish to be Zionist, in fact, you can be a Muslim and a Zionist. Mayor Khan has a
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Photo: Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is seen outside City Hall in central London, on 19 May 2016 (AFP). 
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