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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - Key to Unity (ISLAMIC CIVILISATION)

Pervert deputy head who secretly filmed boys could have been stopped two years before he was found hanged after trying to destroy evidence 

  • Martin Goldberg taught at Thorpe Hall School in Great Wakering, Essex
  • Police found hundreds of images they believe came from his hidden camera 
  • 75 indecent images from school's male changing rooms were recovered
  • 465 such images from local swimming pool and 38 from two other locations 
  • Officers spoke to him at his home in Shoeburyness but he was not arrested 
  • Next day police were alerted over concerns for him and he was found dead 
  • Mr Goldberg, 46, was single and lived alone in a £360,000 detached house  
 Deputy head: Martin Goldberg, 46, was found dead a day after police questioned him over allegations he had purchased child pornography from abroad
 Deputy head: Martin Goldberg, 46, was found dead a day after police questioned him over allegations he had purchased child pornography from abroad
A paedophile deputy headmaster who secretly filmed his pupils was left free to continue his abuse for more than two years after police failed to act on information that he could be a danger to children.
Martin Goldberg, who had worked at the £10,000-a-year private school for more than 20 years, was named to British authorities as a suspect in July 2012.
He was among 2,345 individuals suspected of having accessed child pornography whose names were handed to the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) following a major inquiry in Canada.
But the CEOP failed to act on the information from Toronto Police’s Operation Spade – and it was only in November last year that Essex Police were told that Goldberg had been buying videos of naked boys from a vendor based in Canada.
Even then, Essex Police did nothing about the 46-year-old until three weeks ago – almost a year after being informed.
Nor did officers warn Thorpe Hall School in Southend, where Goldberg, an IT expert, regularly took children away on school trips.
The blunders were compounded when officers failed in a bid to get a search warrant from a magistrate.
So they simply visited the paedophile’s home, just over a mile from the school, and politely asked if they could examine his computer. He refused and the officers left without arresting him.
Within hours, however, he tried to destroy the evidence by reportedly setting fire to his computer and other devices and paperwork – and then hanged himself in the garage of his £360,000 four-bedroom home.
Detectives were still able to recover 75 images taken on a camera that was hidden in a bag in the school’s male changing rooms.

Workplace: Mr Goldberg was employed at £10,600-a-year Thorpe Hall School in Great Wakering in Essex
'Well-regarded teacher': The school headmaster said governors and staff felt 'shocked, angry and betrayed'
'Well-regarded teacher': The school headmaster said governors and staff felt 'shocked, angry and betrayed'
There were 465 images from a local swimming pool and 38 from two other unknown locations.
Detectives said the victims are boys aged from nine to 12 and the images were taken from 2000 onwards. Four boys aged between nine and 12 have been identified as featuring in the images, and their parents informed.
But in many other cases, faces are not shown, or are out of focus, making it impossible to know the full tally of his victims.
Detectives who searched Mr Goldberg's home after he died discovered hundreds of images they believe came from a camera hidden inside a sports bag
Detectives who searched Mr Goldberg's home after he died discovered hundreds of images they believe came from a camera hidden inside a sports bag

Home: Mr Goldberg was single and lived alone in this £360,000 detached house in Shoeburyness, Essex
The case has sparked fresh fears about potentially thousands more paedophiles being left unchecked, despite evidence against them, because UK police are taking so long to act on masses of information from child sex investigations overseas.
Another name on the list of 2,345 suspects given to British authorities by Toronto Police was cancer specialist Myles Bradbury, 41. 
Last month Bradbury pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault and 12 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, with many of the offences taking place at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.
Shocked: School headmaster Andrew Hampton said everyone at the school felt 'surprised, angry and betrayed'
Shocked: School headmaster Andrew Hampton said everyone at the school felt 'surprised, angry and betrayed'
He was known to the authorities in 2012 – 16 months before he was arrested for abusing ill children – but investigations were ‘shelved’ until November 2013.
He is expected to be jailed when he returns to court for sentencing.
Last night shocked parents at the school where Goldberg taught were struggling to cope with the revelation. A source close to the school told the Daily Mail it was feared that as many as 25 pupils had been covertly caught on film.
He had also masterminded his school’s computer system, issuing iPads to all pupils. His digital mastery has led to fears of what else he could have done, and concealed.
Yesterday Essex Coroners’ Office confirmed an adjourned inquest had been told that Goldberg died by hanging. There were calls for a thorough investigation into the delays in the investigation. Local MP James Duddridge said: ‘Questions do need to be asked of Essex Police around how quickly this was dealt with.’
Nick Alston, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said: ‘I expect the independent watchdog to investigate thoroughly and rigorously. My initial judgement is that it is likely that something has gone badly wrong here.’
Police informed Thorpe Hall’s headmaster, Andrew Hampton, that his deputy had killed himself after he had been questioned about buying films of young boys.
Initially Mr Hampton planned a remembrance ceremony and paid a glowing tribute, telling a local newspaper: ‘It’s a cutting edge school and he was a cutting edge guy. He was an ideal deputy and I couldn’t have asked for better.’
Yesterday, however, Mr Hampton said in a statement: ‘Everyone at Thorpe Hall School feels surprised, angry and betrayed.’
Yesterday an Essex police spokesman said there was no evidence of physical abuse by Goldberg of any children. There had been insufficient evidence to arrest Goldberg, he added.
Yesterday, a resident in the cul-de-sac where Goldberg lived said: ‘I’ve heard he hanged himself in the garage and was burning papers in his office before then.’ Goldberg’s parents Harvey, 77, and Sheila, 72, live nearby. They were not available for comment.
Essex Police only yesterday reported itself to the IPCC for its long delay in investigating Goldberg – weeks after his death.
Last night an NSPCC spokesman said: ‘It is very concerning there appear to have been considerable delays in these cases before the police have taken action.’ 
Essex Police was alerted to concerns over Mr Goldberg as part of Operation Spade - a Canadian police operation which identified hundreds of suspected paedophiles. This graphic shows where leads were sent to
Essex Police was alerted to concerns over Mr Goldberg as part of Operation Spade - a Canadian police operation which identified hundreds of suspected paedophiles. This graphic shows where leads were sent to


Essex Police was alerted to concerns over Mr Goldberg as part of Operation Spade - a Canadian police operation which identified hundreds of suspected paedophiles.
A total of 35 files were passed to the UK force as part of this operation. All information of criminal offences has now been acted on with two people being charged and 18 people still under investigation.
MailOnline reported last November that hundreds of British suspected paedophiles had still not been arrested despite being identified by Canadian police 18 months earlier.
Canadian detectives said they sent police ‘hundreds of names’ of people who viewed ‘horrific’ child abuse videos distributed from Toronto by a crime ring.
Globally, as of last November, 348 arrests had been made and 386 children rescued. Last year the Daily Mail revealed only one in 15 people caught viewing such images is arrested.
Operation Spade started in 2010 and has worked with Interpol in more than 50 countries. 
More than 350,000 images and 9,000 videos of child sexual abuse have been found.
One case is known to be that of children's doctor Myles Bradbury, who earlier this month admitted a string of sexual offences against cancer sufferers in his care aged as young as 11. 
  • For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90, visit a local Samaritans branch or click here for details 

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Yonne : des parents jugés pour avoir refusé de faire vacciner leurs enfants

9 oct. 2014, 06h57 | MAJ : 11h22

ILLUSTRATION. Des parents originaires de l'Yonne comparaissent ce jeudi après-midi devant le tribunal de grande instance d'Auxerre pour maltraitance parce qu'ils n'ont pas voulu faire vacciner leurs deux enfants. LP/OLIVIER CORSAN

Des parents originaires de l'Yonne, en Bourgogne, comparaissent ce jeudi après-midi devant le tribunal de grande instance d'Auxerre pour maltraitance parce qu'ils n'ont pas voulu faire vacciner leurs deux enfants contre le tétanos, la poliomyélite et la diphtérie, vaccins obligatoires, selon une information de France Info. Ils encourent une peine de deux ans de prison et 30 000 euros d'amende. En , entre 3% et 5% des enfants ne sont pas vaccinés.

Cette comparution n'est pas sans intérêt puisqu'elle a l'avantage de mettre au jour un vrai débat de société et d'actualité. En début d’audience l' du couple déposera en effet une question prioritaire de constitutionnalité (QPC) sur la libre vaccination. «Ils ne font pas dans l'anti-vaccin primaire, ils n'appartiennent à aucune structure, aucune secte. Les vaccins, d'accord, mais sans adjuvants», explique Me Emmanuel Ludot, leur avocat, qui posera une question prioritaire de constitutionnalité (QPC) à l'audience. «Je vais très certainement obtenir la saisine du Conseil constitutionnel pour savoir si l'on peut imposer un vaccin», a-t-il ajouté. Interrogée ce jeudi matin sur i-Télé la ministre de la Santé Marisol Touraine a souligné de son côté que «la vaccination contre la polio, c'est obligatoire. On oublie à quoi servent les vaccins. La polio a fait une réapparition en Syrie notamment. »  (voir encadré)

Samia et Marc Larère estiment ne pas être des parents irresponsables ni des illuminés appartenant à un mouvement religieux. Ils ont choisi de ne pas vacciner leurs deux enfants âgés de 15 mois et 3 ans après s'être sérieusement documentés sur la vaccination. Et selon eux, les effets délétères de la vaccination sont plus importants que les bénéfices. «Des études sérieuses prouvent que les vaccins peuvent rendre malades nos enfants à cause des adjuvants comme le mercure et l’aluminium qui sont dangereux», explique Samia Larère.

Des avis très partagés dans le milieu médical

Marc et Samia sont adeptes des médecines douces et mangent bio quand ils le peuvent. Avec le temps, ils sont devenus très méfiants à l’égard de la «puissance» des laboratoires pharmaceutiques. Toutefois, en faisant ce choix, le couple s'est mis hors-la-loi et ne peut scolariser ses enfants. Leur organisation quotidienne est devenue également compliquée. Mais «je suis prêt à beaucoup de sacrifices pour ne pas jouer à la roulette russe avec mes enfants», affirme de son côté Marc, le père.

Le couple est soutenu par la Ligue nationale pour la liberté des vaccinations. En France, seuls trois vaccins sont obligatoires : la diphtérie, le tétanos et la poliomyélite. Des maladies devenues extrêmement rares, avancent les anti-vaccination. Oui, mais en raison d’une vaccination massive, rétorquent les autorités de santé.

Dans le milieu médical, les avis sont partagés. Il y a d'un côté ceux qui défendent âprement le système : «Actuellement, la polio réapparaît dans des pays où elle n’existait plus», constate le professeur Daniel Floret qui dirige le Conseil technique de la vaccination (organisme dépendant du Haut conseil de la santé publique). On sait très bien que si on arrêtait les vaccinations, les maladies réapparaîtraient».

Mais en septembre 2014, le Conseil technique de la vaccination a préconisé la levée de cette obligation. Car certaines épidémies, comme la coqueluche par exemple, sont aujourd’hui beaucoup plus graves et mortelles que la polio ou la diphtérie. La France est un des derniers pays d’Europe de l’Ouest à imposer certains vaccins.

Touraine préoccupée par la «défiance» envers les vaccins
La ministre de la Santé Marisol Touraine a lancé jeudi «un appel» pour qu'il n'y ait pas d'arrêt de vaccination en France, se disant préoccupée «par un mouvement de défiance envers les vaccins». La ministre a rappelé sur i-Télé que «les vaccins, c'est absolument fondamental pour éviter les maladies.»

«Il y a un mouvement de personnes qui refusent par principe la vaccination au nom de la liberté. La liberté s'arrête là où commence la santé publique et la sécurité de l'ensemble de la population», a déclaré la ministre. «Je lance un appel à ce qu'il n'y ait pas d'arrêt de vaccination, et que l'on ne prenne pas de risque avec sa santé et avec celle de l'ensemble des Français», a-t-elle poursuivi.

Concernant la comparution du couple devant la justice, la ministre a rappelé que la vaccination contre la polio était obligatoire. «Je préfère que les affaires puissent se régler autrement que devant la justice», a-t-elle toutefois ajouté. «Il n'y a pas de raison particulière d'avoir des inquiétudes sur ce que l'on appelle les adjuvants, un produit que l'on ajoute dans le vaccin pour permettre son efficacité maximale», a assuré la ministre. «Ce débat sur les adjuvants a pris une importance en France que l'on ne trouve pas dans les autres pays», a-t-elle déploré, rappelant qu'elle avait «lancé une étude pour rassurer, pour faire la transparence sur ces sujets-là car la transparence est la meilleure alliée de la confiance».

 Exposing the Criminal "Mother Theresa": Catholic Church and its deceitful plots exposed

Published on 20 Aug 2012
The Protect Your Children Foundation is committed to exposing all the lies and crimes of religion worlwide to alert the nations of the dangers these criminal organizations pose in our communities. For more information, visit: and

ALISON WEIR - Christian Evangelicals Increasingly Support Palestinian Human Rights

Roger Waters

Aletho News


Christian Evangelicals Increasingly Support Palestinian Human Rights
By Alison Weir | CounterPunch | September 29, 2014
An article in Middle East Quarterly, a pro-Israel publication, reports that support for Israel is eroding among American evangelical Christians, with only 30 percent in a recent survey stating support for Israel above Palestinians.

This trend is even more pronounced among youth, according to an article by David Brog, Jewish-American executive director of “Christians United For Israel (CUFI), a major pro-Israel organization. Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has called CUFI “a vital part of Israel’s national security” and columnist Charles Kauthammer has said, “I do not know of an organization in the world more important to Israel than CUFI.”

Brog’s article, “The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?” is largely pitched as a wake-up call to Israel partisans who, according to Brog, “must take this threat seriously.” (For more on Brog, see below.)

Brog quotes a journalist reporting in 2012 about the “the largest gathering of young evangelical leaders in America,” the Catalyst convention: “In dozens of random conversations, I noted that Millenians … expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and annoyance with Israel. This is a seismic shift in the American church and a serious threat to Israel’s one traditional area of support.”

A decade ago, Brog reports, “As if out of nowhere, a block of fifty to one hundred million friends of Israel were poised to enter the national debate and safeguard the U.S.-Israel relationship for generations to come.”*

Today, however, Brog describes a significant reversal. As more and more evangelicals learn the facts on Israel-Palestine (Brog calls such information an “anti-Israel narrative”) they are dropping their unconditional support for Israel.

While evangelical support for Israel has often been attributed to their theology, Brog’s article indicates that the significant factor in the shift is learning the true situation in Israel-Palestine.

Brog states that there is a precedent for such an about-face. While many mainline Protestant churches used to support Israel, he states that today “to the extent the mainline denominations act corporately in connection with the Jewish state, it is to divest from it.”

Similarly, as evangelicals learn more about the issue, Brog reports that “more leaders of this generation are moving toward neutrality in the conflict while others are becoming outspoken critics of Israel.”

Brog writes, “Questioning Christian support for the Jewish state is fast becoming a key way for the millennials to demonstrate their Christian compassion and political independence.”

Today, Brog writes, many of those 18 to 30 are “rebelling against what they perceive as the excessive biblical literalism and political conservatism of their parents. As they strive with a renewed vigor to imitate Jesus’ stand with the oppressed and downtrodden, they want to decide for themselves which party is being oppressed in the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Brog cites a 2010 Pew survey of evangelical leaders attending the Third Lausanne Congress of World Evangelization that “contained two bombshells. It showed that only a minority of those evangelicals polled sympathized primarily with Israel. And it demonstrated that American evangelical leaders were actually less inclined to support Israel than evangelical leaders in general.” The survey found that 49% of American evangelical leaders sympathize with both sides equally and 13% sympathize primarily with the Palestinians.
Brog also notes that the survey indicated that evangelical support for Israel was “never as universal as was commonly believed.”

Much of the increased awareness of the situation, Brog reports, comes from evangelical experts on the Middle East who are speaking and writing widely on this issue, producing documentaries, organizing trips to the region, and creating conferences to inform Christians on the facts.

In the last few years three documentaries were made by Christians specifically for Christians to inform them on Palestine: With God on Our Side, Little Town of Bethlehem, and The Stones Cry Out. They were created by, respectively, Porter Speakman, a former Youth with a Mission member, Mart Green, chairman of the board of trustees of Oral Roberts University, and Yasmine Perni, an Italian journalist. Brog also names evangelicals such as Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Serge Duss and sons Brian and Matt, and Palestinian Christians such as Sami Awad and Naim Ateek as among those educating Christians on Palestine.

Christian Universities and Palestine
Brog reports that while numerous people are aware of the work on college campuses for justice in Palestine, “many observers do not realize that such efforts are also “being waged on America’s Christian campuses.”
In his article Brog describes activities on four of America’s major Christian colleges:

Wheaton College
Brog reports that Wheaton College in Illinois is “commonly referred to as the “evangelical Harvard,” noting, “Some of the most prominent church leaders in America have graduated from Wheaton, including the Rev. Billy Graham, Sen. Dan Coats (Republican, Indiana), and George W. Bush’s former speechwriter Michael Gerson.”
Today, Wheaton is the home of Professor Gary Burge, an author who speaks widely on Israel-Palestine. “When Christians United for Israel (CUFI) announced plans to hold an event at Wheaton in January 2009, Burge went on the offensive,” Brog reports. “CUFI’s student members came under such intense pressure that they moved their event off-campus: There would be no pro-Israel event at the evangelical Harvard.”

Oral Roberts University
Brog writes that Oral Roberts University “has deep conservative Christian roots.” “Oral Roberts himself was a Pentecostal televangelist and a strong friend of Israel,” a number of major preachers in America graduated from the school, and pro-Israel preacher John Hagee has been on its board of trustees.
Today, however, the chair of the board of trustees chair is the aforementioned Mart Green, whose film is a powerful depiction of the Palestinian nonviolence movement. The university’s current president is Dr. William “Billy” Wilson, who was named as a speaker for what Brog calls “the leading anti-Israel Christian conference,” Christ at the Checkpoint, held at Bethlehem Bible College in March 2014.

Bethel University
Brog writes that Bethel is “representative of the direction that America’s Christian colleges are taking.” He notes, “Like many Christian schools, Bethel emphasizes racial reconciliation and cultural openness and has accordingly developed numerous opportunities for its students to study abroad.”

In 2010 Bethel’s president Jay Barnes and his wife visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority to explore establishing a study abroad program in the area. During the trip they visited Bethlehem.
Upon their return Barnes posted a poem on the university’s website:
Incredible conflict exists in the land of Jesus’ birth/ I believe God mourns.
The wall is a constant reminder of many lost freedoms/ I believe God mourns.
For more than 60 years, people have lived in poverty in refugee camps/ I believe God mourns.
Apartheid has become a way of life/ I believe God mourns.
Extreme disproportional distribution of resources, such as water, exists/ I believe God mourns.
Hundreds of villages have been demolished to make room for settlements/ I believe God mourns.
Human rights violations occur daily/ I believe God mourns.
The Christian population is declining as many are leaving to avoid persecution/ I believe God mourns.*
In 2012, Brog reports, President Barnes hosted a “Hope for the Holy Land” evening at Bethel, featuring “long-standing Christian critics of Israel.”
A growing trend
A similar transformation involves the son of leading evangelical publisher Steven Strang, who has been a regional director for CUFI. The younger Strang, Cameron, has his own publishing organization, Relevant, whose website says it reaches over two million twenty- and thirty-something Christians a month.
Less than a decade ago Relevant was extremely pro-Israel. But then, Brog writes, Cameron Strang visited Israel and the Palestinian territories, “and everything changed.”
Relevant’s May/June 2012 cover featured prominent author Donald Miller. In 2008 Miller had been chosen to deliver the first night’s closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention, and, according to Brog, Miller “is considered a rising star among America’s 20-something evangelicals.”
After visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories with Strang, Miller began to discuss the situation in Palestine, writing:
“In September a group of journalists and I visited Israel and stood on a hill overlooking the wall separating Israel from Gaza. From our viewpoint, we could see the controversial territory where 1.6 million Palestinians have been walled in and secluded from the outside world. They are, essentially, imprisoned.
“The walls erected around the West Bank and Gaza separate families from families. Many mothers will not see their children again. Millions will never return to the homes their families had occupied for hundreds of years. … Thousands of Palestinian students at American universities will never see their families again.
“Israel gives most Palestinians fresh water once each week. … In Gaza, Israel also rations their food, allowing only so many calories per human being.”
The beginning of the end?
Brog warns that Israel partisans “must take this threat seriously,” despite the fact that the pro-Israel side “is still far ahead in the battle for the hearts and minds of America’s evangelicals. Just one pro-Israel organization, Christians United for Israel, has over 1.6 million members, chapters on more than 120 college and university campuses, and sponsors thirty-five pro-Israel events across the country every month. Anti-Israel Christians do not come close to matching CUFI’s size, activity, or influence.”
He writes, however, that the long-term trend described above presents a challenge, stating that what he calls “anti-Israel Christians” are “on a roll” and “are reaching an ever expanding network of evangelicals in the United States.”

Brog warns:“The day that Israel is seen as the moral equivalent of Hamas is the day that the evangelical community—and by extension the political leaders it helps elect—will cease providing the Jewish state any meaningful support.

He continues: “Those who reject such facile moral equivalence must take this threat seriously. They cannot let the evangelical community go the way of the mainstream Protestant leadership.” Their “lies,” he says, “must be confronted early and often.”

Brog’s article appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Middle East Quarterly.

A few months later Israel launched its August 2014 “Protective Edge” invasion of Gaza, killing 2191 Palestinians, the vast majority of them civilians – 521 of them children and infants. During the same period Hamas resistance fighters killed 71 Israelis, the large majority of them soldiers, one a child.

During its massive invasion, Israeli forces destroyed 61,800 homes, damaged or destroyed 62 hospitals, 220 schools, and caused $7.8 billion in damage to Gazans– and this was the third major invasion in five years.
Then within two weeks after a ceasefire had been agreed to, Israeli forces had already killed at least two Palestinians, one sixteen years old; kidnapped several dozen Palestinians, including two seven year olds and an eight year old; confiscated 1,500 acres of Palestinian land; destroyed dozens of homes and buildings; and committed numerous other violations of human rights. During the same period Hamas forces had not not fired a single rocket, attacked an Israeli target, or committed any actions to break the terms of the ceasefire.***
Brog’s concern is justified. Many Americans who are finally learning such facts are beginning to suspect that Israel is not morally equivalent to Hamas. It is inferior.

Brog’s article suggests that the coming months will see a renewed propaganda effort from CUFI and other members of the multi-billion dollar Israel lobby.

However, as a leader of the lobby once said, a lobby thrives in the dark. As Brog reports, numerous people from across the religious and political spectrum are now turning on the light.

Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew, president of the Council for the National Interest, and author of Against Our Better Judgment: How the U.S. was used to create Israel.

* This wasn’t entirely “out of nowhere.” Groups and individuals working to create Israel during the first half of the 20th century had specifically undertaken efforts to influence Christians to support this project.  For more on this see Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the US Was Used to Create Israel.) After Israel was established through its 1947-49 founding war, Israel and its partisans continued such efforts, including providing a jet plane to Jerry Falwell, facilitating his ability to reach Christians with a version of theology that benefited Israel.
** For more information and additional statistics on the August 2014 Israeli invasion of Gaza and its aftermath see

Two articles discuss David Brog and his influential role in “Christian” Zionism:

 1. An article by journalist Troy Anderson in Charisma magazine, “Where Your Israel Donation Really Goes,” reports:

“Brog is the powerhouse behind the Christian organization, yet he’s also a conservative (non-Messianic) Jew. He brought two other Jews on board: Shari Dollinger from Atlanta as one of his coordinators and Ari Morgenstern as communications director. Morgenstern ensures CUFI’s messaging is consistent with what Brog wants—which is to convey that evangelical Christians support Israel, yet (to his Jewish supporters) are also “safe” because CUFI will never proselytize.
“Brog, who was chief of staff to liberal Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania for seven years, is said to run CUFI like a political campaign. He has talking points, stays focused and rallies his constituency. He’s well liked by those who work with him and known for being a brilliant strategist. But one by one, the higher-profile Christian leaders who helped Hagee start CUFI are dropping off as the organization becomes more focused on political lobbying.

“It’s no secret that one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, D.C., the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has long wanted a “Gentile arm,” and some believe they now have it in CUFI. Jewish leaders and philanthropists love to attend CUFI’s events to see the genuine enthusiasm and love expressed for Israel. Though there’s still rousing Christian music and prayer at these events, there’s most certainly no proselytizing. As a result, many wealthy Jews have pumped tens of thousands of dollars into CUFI.

“Like Hagee, Brog has learned how to straddle the line between the evangelical and Jewish communities, and it shows in CUFI’s growth. The organization boasts of having more than 1 million “members,” though insiders know such membership consists of nothing but CUFI having your email address. There’s nothing to pay, nothing to sign. And even if you drop out, you’re still counted as a member. Given this, insiders say the number of actual donors is closer to 30,000 to 50,000.

“Meanwhile, little is known about CUFI’s finances other than funds raised. The organization says neither Hagee nor his wife, Diana, receives any compensation from CUFI. Yet when Charisma asked CUFI the same questions asked of other organizations in this report—particularly about administrative costs, leader salaries and budgetary breakdown—Morgenstern declined to comment…”

2. The excerpts below are from “How Christian is Christian Zionism? An Update on its Uneasy Interaction with Jewish Missions and Evangelism” by David Brickner, Executive Director, Jews for Jesus [a pro-Israel organization.] Presented at the 26th Annual Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism-NA, March 2-4, 2009, Phoenix, Arizona

“This century has seen the rise of two powerful organizations…  They are the most sophisticated, financially powerful and prominent Christian Zionist organizations today. They, more effectively than their forebears in the ’80s and ’90s, have diluted the gospel message, diverted gospel resources and discouraged a balanced perspective toward the Israeli/Arab conflict.  In fact, unbelieving Jewish men run both organizations.”
The two organizations are “International Fellowship of Christian and Jews” and “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI)

Regarding CUFI, Brickner writes:
“Though headlined by well-known charismatic pastor and preacher John Hagee, CFI’s executive director is David Brog, an unbelieving Jewish attorney who served in various positions in the Senate including chief of staff to Senator Arlen Specter.  Brog, author of Standing with Israel: Why Christians Support the Jewish State, has been quite plain about Christians United for Israel’s rejection of evangelism…

“Brog made it clear in an interview in the Washington Jewish Week that ‘all Christians United for Israel events are strictly non-conversionary and that the group will have no Jewish converts as speakers at events or on the organization’s Board.’ Brog went on to say; ‘The group tells people that if you cannot put aside your desire to share the gospel with Jews there’s the door.’

“Of course this would be expected policy coming from any organization run by unbelieving Jews.  The fact that the organization states that it is Christian yet excludes fellow Jewish Christians from participation is both racist and unchristian.  Tuvya Zaretsky tells the story of having been invited apparently accidentally to a program sponsored by Christians United for Israel and the Israel Christian Nexxus, a pro-Israel lobby group.  When he called to confirm participation, Patricia Johnson, who was working on the event, told him that he was invited by accident and because he was a Jewish believer in Jesus was not welcome.  Said Zaretsky,

“’Somehow these Christians do not realize that if they want to bless Israel, they must extend that blessing to all of Israel – including those within the Body of Messiah and those who still need to be introduced to Him.’
“Sadly, it is not just that Jewish believers are not welcomed in Christians United for Israel.  Neither is the gospel. And not just because of the Jewish unbelievers.  The well-known figurehead of CUFI and perhaps the most prominently known Christian Zionist today is John Hagee…”

“Unfortunately it’s not easy to tell what the scope of resources is behind the Christians United for Israel group.  They have not filed a form 990 with the IRS.  Hagee’s Global Evangelism Television Inc. does have filings, but only as recently as 2004.  At that time they had an annual income of over $10,000,000 and Hagee’s compensation from the company was $500,000 a year.  Of course the 18,000-member church that he pastors, Cornerstone, is separate from the television ministry. One presumes he receives a salary from the church as well as whatever royalties his more than a dozen books provides.

“Christians United for Israel, as I said, has not registered any financial information, although news articles can give us an indication.  In October of 2007, according to the Jewish News Weekly, CUFI raised 8.5 million dollars for Israeli causes at Hagee’s “Night to Honor Israel” event.   If you look on the CUFI website you will see several “Night to Honor Israel” events scheduled each month.

“CUFI does identify its regional directors, some of whom are well known political Christian Zionists.  One of the better known is Robert Stearns of Robert Stearns International Incorporated, doing business as Eagles’ Wings Ministries.  Stearns’ organization is best known for organizing the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.  It reported income of $2,800,000 for the year 2007, and states its purpose is to “promote the message of Christianity.” However, Eagles’ Wings Ministries does not encourage prayer for the salvation of Israel, the only true hope for peace…”

I believe God mourns.* 
From stupidity to stupidity, Christians will never win and become at lasy human if they do not change this stupid attitude and those stupid concepts they call Christianity! (BAFS - Wednesday 1st October 2014)

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Kissinger Planned Attacks on Cuba

National Security Archive | October 1, 2014
 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ordered a series of secret contingency plans that included airstrikes and mining of Cuban harbors in the aftermath of Fidel Castro’s decision to send Cuban forces into Angola in late 1975, according to declassified documents made public today for the first time. “If we decide to use military power it must succeed. There should be no halfway measures,” Kissinger instructed General George Brown of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during a high-level meeting of national security officials on March 24, 1976, that included then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. “I think we are going to have to smash Castro,” Kissinger told President Ford. “We probably can’t do it before the [1976 presidential] elections.” “I agree,” the president responded.
The story of Kissinger’s Cuban contingency planning was published today in a new book, Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havanacontinue

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Three Mile Island, Global Warming and the CIA

By Aletho News | January 9, 2012
This article will examine some of the connections between the US and UK National Security apparatus and the appearance of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory beginning after the accident at Three Mile Island. … continue
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        On Israel’s little-known concentration and labor camps in 1948-1955

        Civilians captured during the fall of Lydda and Ramle around the time of July 12, 1948 and taken to labour camps. In the July heat they were thirsty and were given a drop of water carried by a child under soldiers’ guard. (Photo: Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine Land Society)
        By Yazan al-Saadi | Al-Akhbar | September 29, 2014
        Much of the grim and murky circumstances of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the late 1940s have gradually been exposed over time. One aspect – rarely researched or deeply discussed – is the internment of thousands of Palestinian civilians within at least 22 Zionist-run concentration and labor camps that existed from 1948 to 1955. Now more is known about the contours of this historical crime, due to the comprehensive research by renowned Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta and founding member of the Palestinian resource center BADIL Terry Rempel.
        The facts are these.
        The study – to be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies– relies on almost 500 pages of International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) reports written during the 1948 war, that were declassified and made available to the public in 1996, and accidentally discovered by one of the authors in 1999.
        Furthermore, testimonies of 22 former Palestinian civilian detainees of these camps were collected by the authors, through interviews they conducted themselves in 2002, or documented by others during different moments of time.
        With these sources of information, the authors, as they put it, pieced together a clearer story of how Israel captured and imprisoned “thousands of Palestinian civilians as forced laborers,” and exploited them “to support its war-time economy.”
        Digging up the crimes
        “I came across this piece of history in the 1990s when I was collecting material and documents about Palestinians,” Abu Sitta told Al-Akhbar English. “The more and more you dig, the more you find there are crimes that have taken place that are not reported and not known.”
        At that time, Abu Sitta went to Geneva for a week to check out the newly-opened archives of the ICRC. According to him, the archives were opened to the public after accusations that the ICRC had sided with the Nazis during World War II. It was an opportunity that he could not miss in terms of seeing what the ICRC had recorded of the events that occurred in Palestine in 1948. It was there he stumbled onto records discussing the existence of five concentration camps run by the Israelis.
        He then decided to look for witnesses or former detainees, interviewing Palestinians in occupied Palestine, Syria, and Jordan.
        “They all described the same story, and their real experience in these camps,” he said.
        One question that immediately struck him was why there were barely any references in history about these camps, especially when it became clearer the more he researched that they existed, and were more than just five camps.
        “Many former Palestinian detainees saw the concept of Israel as a vicious enemy, so they thought their experience labouring in these concentration camps was nothing in comparison to the other larger tragedy of the Nakba. The Nakba overshadowed everything,” Abu Sitta explained.“However, when I dug into the period of 1948-1955, I found more references like Mohammed Nimr al-Khatib, who was an imam in Haifa, who had written down interviews with someone from al-Yahya family that was in one of the camps. I was able to trace this man all the way to California and spoke with him in 2002,” he added.
        More references were eventually and slowly discovered by Abu Sitta that included information from a Jewish woman called Janoud, a single masters thesis in Hebrew University about the topic, and the personal accounts of economist Yusif Sayigh, helped to further flesh out the scale and nature of these camps.
        After more than a decade, Abu Sitta, with his co-author Rempel, are finally presenting their findings to the public.
        From burden to opportunity: concentration and labor camps
        The establishment of concentration and labor camps occurred after the unilateral declaration of Israel’s statehood on May 1948.
        Prior to that event, the number of Palestinian captives in Zionist hands were quite low, because, as the study states, “the Zionist leadership concluded early on that forcible expulsion of the civilian population was the only way to establish a Jewish state in Palestine with a large enough Jewish majority to be ‘viable’.” In other words, for the Zionist strategists, prisoners were a burden in the beginning phases of the ethnic cleansing.
        Those calculations changed with the declaration of the Israeli state and the involvement of the armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Transjordan, after much of the ethnic cleansing had occurred. From that moment, “the Israeli forces began taking prisoners, both regular Arab soldiers (for eventual exchange), and – selectively – able-bodied Palestinian non-combatant civilians.”
        The first camp at Ijlil, which was about 13 km northeast of Jaffa, on the site of the destroyed Palestinian village Ijlil al-Qibiliyya, emptied of its inhabitants in early April. Ijlil was predominately made up of tents, housing hundreds and hundreds of prisoners, categorized as POWs by the Israelis, surrounded by barbed wire fences, watchtowers, and a gate with guards.
        As the Israeli conquests grew, in turn exceedingly increasing the number of prisoners, three more camps were established. These are the four “official” camps that the Israelis acknowledged and were actively visited by the ICRC.
        The study notes:
        All four camps were either on or adjacent to military installations set up by the British during the Mandate. These had been used during World War II for the interment of German, Italian, and other POWs. Two of the camps – Atlit, established in July about 20 kms south of Haifa, and Sarafand, established in September near the depopulated village of Sarafand al-Amar in central Palestine—had earlier been used in the 1930s and 1940s to detain illegal Jewish immigrants.
        Atlit was the second largest camp after Ijlil, it had the capacity of holding up to 2,900 prisoners, while Sarafand had the maximum capacity of 1,800, and Tel Letwinksy, near Tel Aviv, held more than 1,000.
        All four camps were administered by “former British officers who had defected their ranks when British forces withdrew from Palestine in mid-May 1948,” and the camp’s guards and administrative staff were former members of the Irgun and the Stern Gang – both groups designated as terrorist organizations by the British before their departure. In total, the four “official” camps were staffed by 973 soldiers.
        A fifth camp, called Umm Khalid, was established at a site of another depopulated village near the Zionist settlement of Netanya, and was even assigned an official number in the records, but never attained “official” status. It had the capacity to hold 1,500 prisoners. Unlike the other four camps, Umm Khalid would be “the fist camp established exclusively as a labor camp” and was “the first of the “recognized” camps to be shut down… by the end of 1948.”
        Complementing these five “recognized” camps, were at least 17 other “unrecognized camps” that were not mentioned in official sources, but the authors discovered through multiple prisoner testimonies.

        Civilians in a labour camp in Ramleh, July 1948. (Photo: Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine Land Society)
        “Many of [these camps],” the authors noted, “[were] apparently improvised or ad hoc, often consisting of no more than a police station, a school, or the house of a village notable,” with holding capacities that ranged from almost 200 prisoners to tens.
        Most of the camps, official and unofficial, were situated within the borders of the UN-proposed Jewish state, “although at least four [unofficial camps] – Beersheba, Julis, Bayt Daras, and Bayt Nabala – were in the UN-assigned Arab state and one was inside the Jerusalem “corpus separatum.”
        The number of Palestinian non-combatant detainees “far exceeded” those of Arab soldiers in regular armies or bona fide POWs. Citing a July 1948 monthly report made by ICRC mission head Jacques de Reynier, the study states that de Reynier noted, “that the situation of civilian internees was ‘absolutely confused’ with that of POWs, and that the Jewish authorities ‘treated all Arabs between the ages of 16 and 55 as combatants and locked them up as prisoners of war.’” In addition, the ICRC found among the detainees in official camps, that 90 of the prisoners were elderly men, and 77 were boys, aged 15 years or younger. The study highlights the statements by an ICRC delegate Emile Moeri in January 1949 of the camp inmates:
        It is painful to see these poor people, especially old, who were snatched from their villages and put without reason in a camp, obliged to pass the winter under wet tents, away from their families; those who could not survive these conditions died. Little children (10-12 years) are equally found under these conditions. Similarly sick people, some with tuberculosis, languish in these camps under conditions which, while fine for healthy individuals, will certainly lead to their death if we do not find a solution to this problem. For a long time we have demanded that the Jewish authorities release those civilians who are sick and need treatment to the care of their families or to an Arab hospital, but we have not received a response.
        As the report noted, “there are no precise figures on the total number of Palestinian civilians held by Israel during the 1948-49 war” and estimates tend to not account for “unofficial” camps, in addition to the frequent movement of prisoners between the camps in use. In the four “official” camps, the number of Palestinian prisoners never exceeded 5,000 according to figures in Israeli records.
        Taking account of the capacity of Umm Khalid, and estimates of the “unofficial camps,” the final number of Palestinian prisoners could be around the 7,000 range, and perhaps much more when, as the study states, taking into account a November 17, 1948 diary entry by David Ben-Gurion, one of the main Zionist leaders and Israel’s first prime minister, who mentioned “the existence of 9,000 POWs in Israeli-run camps.”
        In general, the living conditions in the “official” camps were far below what would be considered appropriate by international law at that time. Moeri, who visited the camps constantly, reported that in Ijlil in November 1948:
        “[m]any [of the] tents are torn, that the camp was “not ready for winter,” the latrines not covered, and the canteen not working for two weeks. Referring to an apparently ongoing situation, he stated that “the fruits are still defective, the meat is of poor quality, [and] the vegetables are in short supply.”
        Furthermore, Moeri reported that he saw for himself, “the wounds left by the abuse” of the previous week, when the guards had fired on the prisoners, wounding one, and had beaten another.”
        As the study shows, the civilian status of the majority of the detainees were clear for the ICRC delegates in the country, who reported that the men captured “had undoubtedly never been in a regular army.” Detainees who were combatants, the study explains, were “routinely shot on the pretense that they had been attempting to escape.”
        The Israeli forces seemed to always target able-bodied men, leaving behind women, children, and the elderly – when not massacring them – the policy continued even after there were low levels of military confrontation. All in all, as the Israeli records show and the study cites, “Palestinian civilians comprised the vast majority (82 percent) of the 5,950 listed as internees in the POW camps, while the Palestinians alone (civilian plus military) comprised 85 percent.”
        The wide-scale kidnapping and imprisonment of Palestinian civilians tend to correspond with the Israeli military campaigns. For example, one of the first major roundups occurred during Operation Danj, when 60-70,000 Palestinians were expelled from the central towns of Lydda and Ramleh. At the same time, between a fifth and a quarter of the male population from these two towns who were over the age of 15 were sent to the camps.
        The largest round-up of civilians came from villages of central Galilee who were captured during Operation Hiram in the fall of 1948.
        One Palestinian survivor, Moussa, described to the authors what he witnessed at the time.
        “They took us from all villages around us: al-Bi’na, Deir al-Asad, Nahaf, al-Rama, and Eilabun. They took 4 young men and shot them dead… They drove us on foot. It was hot. We were not allowed to drink. They took us to [the Palestinian Druze village] al-Maghar, then [to the Jewish settlement] Nahalal, then to Atlit.”
        A November 16, 1948 UN report collaborated Moussa’s account, stating that some 500 Palestinian men “were taken by force march and vehicle to a Jewish concentration camp at Nahlal.”
        Maintaining Israel’s economy with “slave labor”
        The policy of targeting civilians, particular “able-bodied” men, was not accidental according to the study. It states, “with tens of thousands of Jewish men and women called up for military service, Palestinian civilian internees constituted an important supplement to the Jewish civilian labor employed under emergency legislation in maintaining the Israeli economy,” which even the ICRC delegation had noted in their reports.
        The prisoners were forced to do public and military work, such as draining wetlands, working as servants, collecting and transporting looted refugee property, moving stones from demolished Palestinian homes, paving roads, digging military trenches, burying the dead, and much more. As one former Palestinian detainee named Habib Mohammed Ali Jarada described in the study, “At gunpoint, I was made to work all day. At night, we slept in tents. In winter, water was seeping below our bedding, which was dry leaves, cartons and wooden pieces.”
        Another prisoner in Umm Khalied, Marwan Iqab al-Yehiya said in an interview with the authors, “We had to cut and carry stones all day [in a quarry]. Our daily food was only one potato in the morning and half dried fish at night. They beat anyone who disobeyed orders.” This labor was interspersed with acts of humiliation by the Israeli guards, with Yehiya speaking of prisoners being “lined up and ordered to strip naked as a punishment for the escape of two prisoners at night.”
        “[Jewish] Adults and children came from nearby kibbutz to watch us line up naked and laugh. To us this was most degrading,” he added.
        Abuses by the Israeli guards were systematic and rife in the camps, the brunt of which was directed toward villagers, farmers, and lower class Palestinians. This was so, the study said, because educated prisoners “knew their rights and had the confidence to argue with and stand up to their captors.”
        What is also interestingly noted by the study is how ideological affiliations between prisoners and their guards, had another effect in terms of the relationship between them. The study, cites the testimony of Kamal Ghattas, who was captured during the Israeli attack in the Galilee, who said:
        We had a fight with our jailers. Four hundred of us confronted 100 soldiers. They brought reinforcements. Three of my friends and I were taken to a cell. They threatened to shoot us. All night we sang the Communist Anthem. They took the four of us to Umm Khaled camp. The Israelis were afraid of their image in Europe. Our contact with our Central Committee and Mapam [Socialist Israeli party] saved us .… I met a Russian officer and told him they took us from our homes although we were non-combatants which was against the Geneva Conventions. When he knew I was a Communist he embraced me and said, “Comrade, I have two brothers in the Red Army. Long live Stalin. Long Live Mother Russia”.
        Yet, the less fortunate Palestinians faced acts of violence which included arbitrary executions and torture, with no recourse. The executions were always defended as stopping “escape attempts” – real or claimed by the guards.
        It became so common that one former Palestinian detainee of Tel Litwinsky, Tewfic Ahmed Jum’a Ghanim recounted, “Anyone who refused to work was shot. They said [the person] tried to escape. Those of us who thought [we] were going to be killed walked backward facing the guards.”
        Ultimately, by the end of 1949, Palestinian prisoners were gradually released after heavy lobbying by the ICRC, and other organizations, but was limited in scale and very focused to specific cases. Prisoners of Arab armies were released in prisoner exchanges, but Palestinian prisoners were unilaterally expelled across the armistice line without any food, supplies, or shelter, and told to walk into the distance, never to return.
        It would not be until 1955 that most of the Palestinian civilian prisoners would finally be released.

        Forced Labour Camps Atlas. (Source: Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine Land Society)
        An enduring crime
        The importance of this study is multi-faceted. Not only does it reveal the numerous violations of international law and conventions of the age, such as 1907 Hague Regulations and the 1929 Geneva Conventions, but also shows how the event shaped the ICRC in the long run.
        Because the ICRC was faced with an Israeli belligerent actor who was unwilling to listen and conform to international law and conventions, the ICRC itself had to adapt in what it considered were practical ways to help ensure the Palestinian civilian prisoners were protected under the barest of rights.
        Citing his final report, the study quotes de Reynier:
        [The ICRC] protested on numerous occasions affirming the right of these civilians to enjoy their freedom unless found guilty and judged by a court. But we have tacitly accepted their POW status because in this way they would enjoy the rights conferred upon them by the Convention. Otherwise, if they were not in the camps they would be expelled [to an Arab country] and in one way or another, they would lead, without resources, the miserable life of refugees.
        In the end, the ICRC, and other organizations, were simply ineffective as Israel ignored its condemnations with impunity, in addition to the diplomatic cover of major Western powers.
        More importantly, the study sheds more light on the extent of the Israeli crimes during its brutal and bloody birth. And “much more remains to be told,” as the final line of the study states.
        “It is amazing to me, and many Europeans, who have seen my evidence,” Abu Sitta said, “that a forced labor camp was opened in Palestine three years after they were closed in Germany, and were run by former prisoners – there were German Jewish guards.”
        “This is a bad reflection of the human spirit, where the oppressed copies an oppressor against innocent lives,” he added. The study essentially shows the foundations and beginnings of Israeli policy towards Palestinian civilians that comes in the form of kidnapping, arrest, and detainment. This criminality continues till this day. One merely has to read the reports on the hundreds of Palestinians arrested prior, during, and after Israel’s latest war on Gaza mid-summer of this year.
        “Gaza today is a concentration camp, no different than the past,” Abu Sitta concluded to Al-Akhbar English.
        Yazan is a staff writer for Al-Akhbar English. Follow him on Twitter: @WhySadeye


 London United Kingdom of Great Israel - 24 September 2005

L'interview Vérité de Robert Faurisson - Meta Tour - (exclusif)


Meta TV

(Unfortunately I do not know Arabic!  Colonised or not, Arab and Muslim political and religious leaders (including the Ottoman imperialists) did not want us to learn Arabic and non Muslim conquistadors, imperialists, colonisers and neo-colonisers banned Islam and Arabic (in my days) in their National Curricula !  So, I'll die an ignoramus in that matter.  Even my cultural langauages Urdu and Hindi were banned by the slave masters in my days.  I know only a few words and sentences.)

FW: هديّة بسيطة

هديّةقيمة من الأخ ياسر عبد المطلب، أثابه الله.
يعاني من شدة المرض:
ادعوا له بالشفاء والفرج العاجل
خصوصاً منكم معشر حجيج بيت الله الحرام، وأهله
From: Yassir Abdelmouttalib 
Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2014 23:06
To: MAHREZ MOON; Muhammad Al-Massari; zouhair; zahrahrifa; zouhair guessous
Subject: Fwd: هديّة بسيطة




(leaked video from a US Base)

(فيديو مسرب من قاعدة عسكرية أمريكية )

Bill Maher Destroyed Again And Again By Reza Aslan

The Young TurksThe Young Turks

Published on 30 Sep 2014
"Religious scholar Reza Aslan took some serious issue on CNN Monday night with Bill Maher‘s commentary about Islamic violence and oppression. Maher ended his show last Friday by going after liberals for being silent about the violence and oppression that goes on in Muslim nations. Aslan said on CNN that Maher’s arguments are just very unsophisticated.

He said these “facile arguments” might sound good, but not all Muslim nations are the same. Aslan explained that female mutilation is an African problem, not a Muslim one, and there are Muslim-majority nations where women are treated better and there are even female leaders."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:


Bill Maher vs. Rexa Aslan, George Zimmerman, Eric Cantor, White House Invaders - The Young Turks 9/30/2014 News & Politics


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But, these ones are not lies, David!












N.B.  As authentic Muslims do not "turn themselves in" because of Satan's lies, MUSLIMS FIGHT BACK, I did not offer to join Pr Nicholas Kollerstrom to turn ourselves in to the Satanic Forces of Britain-Israel!
And, I am also a very busy grandfather with three grand daughters to take care of.  So, I am not yet available for "Her Majesty's" prisons unless THEY (who you know) decide otherwise!  In the afternoon, I was at school picking up the girls, the same school where one of the governors (it seems), was the untouchable and suprematist Jewish homosexual (so it seems again) and paedophile MARTIN GOLDBERG.  I am told by an insider that British public schools and agencies are staffed with an army of lesbians and homosexuals even at the top levels!    

9/11 activist hands himself in over Cameron remarks
Wed Oct 1, 2014 12:43AM GMT
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A 9/11 British activist hands himself in to UK’s counter terrorism police following British Prime Ministers David Cameron’s speech at the UN General Assembly last week, Press TV reports.

In response to Cameron’s remarks equating people, who question 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in the US and UK as well as the West’s policy towards the Middle East, with Takfiri preachers who radicalize extremists, Nick Kollerstrom handed himself in.

“As the evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. And we know what this world view is, the peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or the 7/7 London attacks were staged; the idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy,” Cameron said while addressing the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 25.
Explaining his actions to the Press TV correspondent in London, Kollerstrom said, “David Cameron has redefined terrorism at the UN to include people, who believe that the London bombings involve government complicity, were to some degree arranged, which I certainly do believe, and I’ve published a book on the subject and also I believe the 9/11 was an inside job. I do think Islamic nations are being selectively targeted, it’s perfectly obvious, and if the police force are going by his directive what constitutes terrorism, it seems to me that they need to arrest me.”
The Press TV correspondent was present while Kollerstrom handed himself in.

“We want to report a possible terror threat, we've got a bit of evidence and wonder if we could come in and report it,” Kollerstrom said at Scotland Yard headquarters in London.

The British police refused to arrest Kollerstrom, but he said that Cameron’s definition of nonviolent extremism will lead to the arrest of many Muslims, who share his views, and described it as another example of racial profiling.

 Kev Baker Show

Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hosts Johnny Whistles and Martin Hardy, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

Seeking the answers to age old questions and dechipering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show!

And remember...


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    Pourquoi j'accepte d'aller en prison

    Vincent Reynouard

    Freda Utley “The High Cost of Vengeance” 1949, page 183

    Friday, 29 August 2014




    Ben Affleck s'énerve en direct à la télévision américaine pour défendre l’islam

    Le 05/10/2014à 14:59 

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    Très discret sur sa vie privée, Ben Affleck n’hésite pas à hausser la voix pour défendre la religion musulmane. Face au commentateur politique Bill Maher, l’acteur ne s’est pas dégonflé.

    Alors qu’il s’attendait à parler de son nouveau film Gone Girl, Ben Affleck s’est vite engagé dans un débat politique et concernant la religion musulmane. Condamnant les propos de ses interlocuteurs Bill Maher et l’auteur Sam Harris, l’acteur n’a pas mâché ses mots.

    Des propos "dégoûtants et racistes" selon Ben Affleck

    Lors de l’émission Real Time With Bill Maher, vendredi 3 octobre 2014, Ben Affleck ne s’attendait pas à entrer dans un débat concernant l’islamophobie. Venu présenter son nouveau film Gone Girl, le nouveau Batman n’a pas pu résister à l’envie de réagir face aux propos de Bill Maher et de l’écrivain Sam Harris. L’acteur n’hésite pas à dénoncer le débat en plein direct en répliquant : "Votre caractérisation est brute et raciste". Alors que les deux hommes tentent de se défendre, Ben Affleck poursuit en déclarant : "Que diriez-vous des plus d'un milliard de personnes qui ne sont pas fanatiques, qui ne punissent pas les femmes, qui veulent juste aller à l'école, avoir des sandwiches, et ne pas faire l'une des choses que vous dites que tous les musulmans font ?". Visiblement irrité, Ben Affleck ne s’arrête pas là en leur demandant : "Quelle est votre solution ? De condamner l'islam ? Nous avons tué plus de musulmans et nous avons envahi plusieurs pays islamiques. Mais sommes-nous exemptés de ces choses ?".

    Une carrière qui reprend

    Après avoir consacré quelques années à sa femme Jennifer Garner et ses enfants, Ben Affleck est de nouveau prêt à revenir sur le devant de la scène. Bientôt à l’affiche de Gone Girl, l’acteur reprend également le fameux rôle de Batman. Très occupé par sa période de promotion, l’acteur a même raté le mariage deGeorge Clooney. En tout cas, Ben Affleck n’est pas prêt de se reposer puisqu’il sera à l’affiche en 2016 de A Speck In The Sea aux côtés de Matt Damon, qu’il retrouvera également dans The Trade l’année suivante. Enfin, Ben Affleck sera de retour derrière la caméra avec deux projets, un en 2016 baptisé Live by Night puis en 2018 avec Line Of Sight.
    Ben Affleck dérape en direct à la télévision américaine


    Le Coran déclare que la Terre Sainte a été donnée aux israélites - Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Ilmu Akhir ul-Zaman






Libiamo - Brindisi from Traviata - Joan Sutherland and Pavarotti


Sunday, 29 June 2014



Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Eid Mubarak from Sandala - Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Mark Hanson



I feel great being a Muslim at the individual level, but I am extremely ashamed and disappointed of being one at the global level.  I have known both Hell and Paradise on earth.  All my adult life I have witnessed so-called Muslims worshipping strange Gods and practicing strange religions they call Islam.  Of course, they would hate me for saying that!  Why?  Because it is the truth!  This morning a Muslimah (Muslim lady) visited me and again I had to be exposed to that fabricated religion she too calls Islam where she too is convinced and staunchly believes that there would be a Final Day of Divine Judgement and a Heavenly Paradise and Hell.  Whatever she is and has been doing here on earth is geared towards inheriting Paradise who nobody knows what it is in reality.  Muslims cannot even think with their brain and show little compassion for not only Muslims but for the rest of human and animal kind, and little consideration for Nature in general.  Muslims are a conquered Nation, and they live in slavery owning practically nothing on this planet except the powerful who are agents of the conquerors.  Islam is as well as dead when I never found a single Muslim country (with a Muslim majority) in the entire world whose government implements the Islamic Shari’a or Law.  They are all subservient to the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and to their respective conquerors’ motherlands and worldviews politically, scientifically, culturally, socially, technologically, and often even religiously and spiritually because it is their Satanic Masters who tell them how to live and when to die. 

Anyway, I am not writing this for anybody to read as I always put readers off, but I do not give a damn about it!  I write for myself and I feel great and I am one of the happiest human being on earth not for the good I received, but for the good I gave freely even though everything is upside down in this Satanic world where God is present only at the individual level.  Human Babies are my Paradise.  

Muslims never get together except when they have joined Sects which is strictly forbidden in Islam.  But, the hypocrites practice almost everything that is forbidden (at the head of which is usury – Riba) and forbids many things that have never been forbidden by Islam, like music, singing and dancing, in short enjoying the good of this world.  Yet, they pray five times a day asking God to grant them the good of this world as well as that of the Hereafter.

La Traviata, Maria Callas,Giuseppe di Stefano, Libiamo.

My promise when I was a teenager was never to set my foot in Occupied Arabia until the day it is freed from its American, British, French and Israeli Satanic occupiers and their Saudi puppets, and this promise still stands today!  Yet, I have performed Hajj so many times in my life (a unique experience) without ever spending a single penny, and worshipped God, the One and Only in many religions, including Hinduism, for most of my life without ever expecting or asking for Paradise, but I do ask for protection from Satan the Accursed every second of my life including in my dreams whenever needed or possible.  Most of humankind is under the spell of Satan and the Jewish Qabbalah. 


Avertissement sévère aux Musulmans pacifistes et intégrationnistes !
  On ne vote pas pour un gouvernement anti-islamique (islamicide) quel qu’il soit, en pays musulman ou non, en abandonnant Al-Jihaad sans qu’on ne soit humilié ! 

To write or not to write that is the question!

Saturday 4th of October 2014

Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar's photo.
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  • Zeshan RazaThe Shahaadah is useless anytime if the job is not accomplished to the best of our ability! My Last Words will be, insha'Allah: OH ALLAH! I did the best I could, JIHAAD in the Way of Allah in all sincerity, with dedication, perseverance and patience despite all my imperfections. But, I do not even have to utter these words: ALLAH ALREADY KNOWS IT!
  • Jodi DamronNah but this your opinion. . So ma shaa Allah. Xoxo
  • Zeshan RazaI do rarely give my opinion about these matters. Either it is inspired (Muslims call it revealed) Islamic truth or it is simply made up! It is obvious and sad you did not understand that the Shahaadah is useless if the work has not been accomplished. It is not my opinion!
  • Jodi DamronIm rolling my eyes.. tell me why I have been suffering from a fever that i have no understanding or knowledge? People need to get off me. Im allowed to have my opinion.
  • Jodi DamronLet me just say this.. if the shahada was useless.. astfiragullah why as Muslim's do we say it while making salat. Its ur testament of faith.. if you say something afterwards who cares.. im not going to argue my opinion. . because its mine.. Allah knows best. Alhamdulillah
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  • Zeshan Raza"The Shahaadah is useless anytime if the job is not accomplished to the best of our ability! " It is the same with IMAAN! Prove me wrong but do not say it is my opinion! If I tell you MY OPINION you will be shocked! For example, THERE IS NO GOD AS WE BELIEVE IT! As for a heavenly Paradise and Hell, MY OPINION is there are none and they are right here on Earth! ANOTHER OPINION: it does not make sense that there can ever be a Final Divine Judgement! And I apologise if I have shocked you. "People need to get off me. Im allowed to have my opinion." Me too!
  • Abdi WamoSelamu aleykum the name of allah most gracious and most mercifull..all brothers and sisters..i would like to say for this issue..The shahada is usefull all the time starting from when you enter the islam ..until we ll die ..I would like to give you more reference for the sunnah\ Hadith..let us take more example...when the our prophet muhammed s.a.w was entred his uncle's before his the last munites ...then our phrophet could tried to say with him SHAHADAH..then he refused our prophet.s,a.w.. for based on this event we understood that every muslim before his\her died may take shahadah.......I mentioned you one hadith that explained what I said before...look at the below picture....(.i would try to translate the meaning of the hadith is : He who last his words say there is no god except ALLAH he enter the paradise /JANNAH).....

    Abdi Wamo's photo.
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  • Jodi DamronWalaikum assalaam
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  • Jodi DamronMaybe dear sibling in faith that ur wording is rather forceful seeming
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  • Abdi WamoAllah will help us the righ way of islam...if we are united together and support each other, creating among us trustingt, loving each other for sake of allah then we ll success our life in this dunya and ahirah
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  • Zeshan RazaAbdi Wamo: "He who last his words say there is no god except ALLAH he enter the paradise /JANNAH)" - a stupid fanatical tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Islam is Revelation and not Arab and Muslim Traditions! I've met mostly ignorant and stupid preachers in my life - of all religions! You are not an exception!
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    Posted by Hindu fanatics!

    Pakistan’s polytheistic Kalash tribe threatened with death by Taliban

    Pakistan’s polytheistic Kalash tribe threatened with death by Taliban

    The Pakistani Taliban have announced an “armed struggle” against an indigenous tribe and Ismaili Muslims in the picturesque northern Chitral valley, calling on Sunnis to support their cause in a video. The valley was once dominated by moderate Ismailis and is also home to the Kalash, a polytheistic people who claim descent from Alexander the Great and who have maintained separate cultural traditions in the predominantly Muslim country.
    But migration in recent decades has meant Sunni Muslims are now the majority in the area, while the Kalash way of life has come under threat from the Taliban, which has also carried out a number of attacks against security forces in the area.

    The Taliban’s 50-minute video, released on 2 February on their media wing’s website, opens with a scenic view of the mountainous valley, which is popular among domestic tourists and stages an annual polo festival.

    The narrator warns the Kalash, who are thought to number only 3,500, to convert to Islam or face death.

    “By the grace of Allah, an increasing number of people from the Kalash tribe are embracing Islam and we want to make it clear to the Kalash tribe that they will be eliminated along with their protectors, the western agents, if they do not embrace Islam,” he says.The video also accuses international NGOs of creating an Israel-like state in Chitral by attempting to protect the Kalash culture and take people away from Islam, and vows to foil their plans.

    A charitable organisation headed by the Aga Khan, the Ismailis’ spiritual leader and a globally renowned philanthropist, is singled out for condemnation.

    “The Aga Khan Foundation is running 16 schools and 16 colleges and hostels where young men and women are given free education and brainwashed to keep them away from Islam,” the narrator says.

    He adds that the foundation’s schools and hospitals, which are free for members of the public, are espionage tools in the hands of foreign powers.The Kalash are also warned to stop producing wine, which they make from apples, mulberries and grapes.

    “Western NGOs are promoting Kalash wine and we warn all those individuals and hotels selling it, they should stop production and selling of wine otherwise they will be sent to hell by the will of God.



B.A.F.S. Débutant (amateur) teacher. Head of Biology at private Trinity College (Mauritius early 1970).

Dr Kent Hovind's great truths:  
1. Macro Evolution
2. Lies in the text-books
3. Taxes
4. Abortion

Dr Kent Hovind's colossal lies:
1. Adolph Hitler
2. The 6 million Jewish Holocaust (Shoah)
3. Jesse Owens - 1936 Berlin Olympics
4. Japan
5. Islam and Muslims 
6. The Bible
7. Creation


Creation Seminar 5 The Dangers of Evolution Dr Kent Hovind (With Subtitles)

Planet Zion

 Kent Hovind Why Evolution is Stupid

John 16:13


 Le seul exorcisme catholique authentique filmé pour la TV

This video undisputedly (except for liars, ignoramuses and agents of the devil) proves the existence of invisible malefic forces, but at the same time it proves beyong doubt that modern Catholic exorcists are very incompetent, almost powerless against the forces of Evil.  From experience, Hindu exorcism has proved hundreds of times over more efficient than this grotesque but very sincere experiment at exorcising a demon possessed person.

The Vatican having been taken over by the Jewish Qabbalah and Jewish financiers (Rothschilds and Company), Catholics have adopted Jewish psychiatry as a solution to demonic possession because they do not believe in Satan anymore nor in God as a matter of fact.

Qabbalist Jews are the greatest exorcists and black magicians in the world because unlike Hindus and Muslims they offer human sacrifices by the millions to their Gods and Demons.  

Modern Muslims (mainly of CIA-SAUDI and colonised/neo-colonised countries!) having gone more and more away from their religion, after being divided into many Sects (which is strictly forbidden in Islam), do not show much efficiency in matters of exorcism. With their ZIONIST CIA-SAUDI AND COLONISED ISLAM no wonder they are living in slavery and are being exterminated at will by the forces of Evil, and their countries and way of live destroyed.

Sunday 5th of October 2014

Spirit World 1 Part 10 (Léon Denizard Rivail aka Allan Kardec)

Achtung! Handle with great care!

Spirit World 2 La Kabbalah Aliengena Parte 1 & 2






Muhammad al-massari
Oct 5 at 6:40 PM
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Definition of Hypocrisy: 'The assumption or postulation of moral standards to which one's own behaviour does not conform'.




 Liste des procès en cours impliquant Alain Soral et Égalité & Réconciliation

Dernière mise à jour : 8 octobre 2014

Voici un bref récapitulatif des procès en cours impliquant Alain Soral et l’association Égalité & Réconciliation au 8 octobre 2014.

Les dernières mises à jour et échéances importantes sont indiquées en rouge, ainsi que les montants requis contre Alain Soral ou E&R.
Le total des sommes demandées par les parties adverses s’élève à ce jour à 466 792 euros.

Affaire de la mairie de Toulouse

Objet : suite à la vidéo de l’entretien d’Alain Soral de novembre 2011 (partie 2), plainte d’un employé de la mairie de Toulouse pour diffamation, injure publique, atteinte à la vie privée.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Toulouse.
Progression :
- l’instruction est terminée ;
- la vidéo a été modifiée afin de biper le nom de l’employé et un constat d’huissier a été réalisé ;
- Alain Soral a été mis en examen pour diffamation envers un particulier ;
- l’audience de plaidoirie a eu lieu le 3 février 2014 ;
- le procureur a requis une condamnation, l’infraction étant selon lui constituée.
Somme réclamée : la partie-civile a sollicité 12 000 euros de dommages et intérêts (!) et 3 000 euros sur le fondement de l’article 475-1 du Code de procédure pénale (frais de justice).

Réaction de maître Lahcène Drici, avocat d’Alain Soral, à la sortie de l’audience de plaidoirie du 3 février 2014 :

Jugement : le 13 mars 2014, Alain Soral a été condamnéà 1 500 euros d’amende pour diffamation, peine assortie de 3 000 euros de dommages et intérêts ainsi que 1 000 euros de frais de justice, soit 5 500 euros au total.
Alain Soral a fait appel.

Affaire Louis Alliot

Objet : suite à la vidéo de l’entretien d’Alain Soral du mois de décembre 2011, plainte de Louis Alliot pour diffamation et injure publique (Louis Alliot y est qualifié de « con du mois »).
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression : le délibéré a été rendu le 16 septembre 2014.
Jugement : Alain Soral a été condamné à 2 000 euros d’amende, et devra verser 2 000 euros à Louis Aliot en dommages et intérêts. Le directeur de la publication d’E&R a été condamné à 1 500 euros d’amende. Les frais de justice s’élèvent à 3 000 euros. Au total, Alain Soral et E&R devront donc verser 7 000 euros dans cette affaire.

Affaire Frédéric Haziza

Objet : suite à l’entretien du mois de novembre 2012 (partie 6) où Alain Soral a détourné une chanson visant le journaliste Frédéric Haziza, celui-ci porte plainte contre Égalité & Réconciliation et Alain Soral (directeur de la publication), le mettant en demeure de supprimer des messages mis en ligne sur le site Internet
Motifs de la plainte :
- invective constitutive d’une injure et portant gravement atteinte à l’honneur et à la considération de Monsieur Haziza ;
- délit d’injure publique commise envers une personne en raison de son appartenance à une religion déterminée ;
- délit de contestation publique de crime contre l’humanité ;
- délit de provocation publique à la discrimination, à la haine ou à la violence à l’égard d’un groupe de personnes en raison de leur appartenance à une religion déterminée.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression :
- en cours d’instruction ;
- Alain Soral a été convoqué le 10 décembre 2013.
Prochaine échéance : l’audience du 16 septembre 2014 a été renvoyée au 17 octobre 2014 à 13h30 à la 17e chambre du tribunal de grande instance de Paris.

Affaire Bertrand Delanoë

Objet : suite à l’entretien d’Alain Soral de mars-avril 2013 (partie 6), plainte de Bertrand Delanoë pour diffamation et injure publique.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Somme réclamée : 30 000 euros.
Progression :
- audience en septembre 2013 ;
- Bertrand Delanoë a gagné devant le tribunal correctionnel ;
- Alain Soral a été condamné à payer en tout 15 000 euros ;
- Alain Soral a fait appel.
Prochaine échéance : l’audience de plaidoirie a été fixée au 4 septembre 2014 à 13h30.

Affaire LICRA 1

Objet : la Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme (LICRA) a demandé l’interdiction de la publication de l’ouvrage Anthologie des propos contre les juifs, le judaïsme et le sionisme de Paul-Éric Blanrue et le caviardage des ouvrages suivants : Le Juif international d’Henry Ford, La France juive d’Édouard Drumont, Le Salut par les juifs de Léon Bloy et La Controverse de Sion de Douglas Reed pour trouble manifeste à l’ordre public.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Bobigny, juge des référés.
Somme réclamée :125 000 euros.
Progression :
- audience en septembre 2013 ;
- la LICRA a gagné en première instance sur l’interdiction de l’Anthologie des propos contre les juifs, le judaïsme et le sionisme de Paul-Éric Blanrue et le caviardage des autres livres.
- Alain Soral a fait appel.
Prochaine échéance : l’affaire sera plaidée devant la Cour d’appel de Paris le 24 novembre 2014 à 14h.

Affaire LICRA 2

Objet : la LICRA a demandé la réparation du préjudice subi pour incitation à la haine raciale et à l’antisémitisme par l’édition du livre Anthologie des propos contre les juifs, le judaïsme et le sionisme de Paul-Éric Blanrue.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Bobigny .
Somme réclamée :12 500 euros.
Progression :
- l’audience de mise en l’état (audience administrative) a eu lieu le 10 février 2014.
- l’audience de plaidoirie a eu lieu le 7 octobre 2014.
Prochaine échéance : délibéré le 2 décembre 2014.

Affaire Caroline Fourest

Objet : plainte de Caroline Fourest contre l’association Égalité & Réconciliation et Alain Soral pour l’article « 11 Septembre : Caroline Fourest prise en flagrant délit de bidonnage », initialement diffusé sur, au motif que certains des propos tenus dans cet article porteraient atteinte à l’honneur de Mme Fourest.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression :
- l’instruction est close ;
- Alain Soral a été convoqué devant le tribunal correctionnel début mars 2014.

Affaire Jean-Marc Moskowicz

Objet : le président de l’association Europe-Israël Jean-Marc Moskowicz attaque conjointement Alain Soral (directeur de publication du site Égalité & Réconciliation), Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, Google et Dailymotion pour avoir diffusé sa photo lors de la vidéo conjointe d’Alain Soral et Dieudonné sur l’agression d’Alain Soral du 5 avril 2013. Ils auraient ainsi porté atteinte à sa vie privée et à son droit à l’image.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal de grande instance de Paris.
Somme réclamée :126 040 euros.
Progression : audience de mise en l’état (audience administrative) le 15 janvier 2014.
Prochaine échéance : l’audience de plaidoirie est fixée au 4 mars 2015 à 14 heures 30 devant la 17ème chambre du TGI de Paris.


Demandeur : Alain Soral

Objet : suite à la création d’un site, plainte d’Alain Soral contre X.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression :
- constat réalisé par huissier en septembre 2012 ;
- le propriétaire du site a été formellement identifié.

Affaire UEJF

Demandeur : Alain Soral

Objet : Alain Soral porte plainte en diffamation suite à une interview de Jonathan Hayoun, président de l’Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF), dans laquelle celui-ci affirmait qu’Alain Soral est une source d’inspiration pour les terroristes islamistes.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression :
- en cours d’instruction ;
- l’audience de fixation a eu lieu le 20 février 2014 devant la 17ème chambre.
- l’affaire a été renvoyée au 10 juin 2014 pour plaider sur des nullités soulevées par M. Hayoun.

Affaire Sébastien Thoen/Sandrine Sebbane

Demandeur : Alain Soral

Objet : Alain Soral porte plainte contre X pour injures publiques suite aux propos de Sébastien Thoen et Sandrine Sebbane le 1er octobre 2013 sur la Radio de la communauté juive (RCJ), où ils ont respectivement qualifié Alain Soral de « malade mental » et d’« ordure ». Sébastien Thoen a en outre qualifié Alain Soral de « salopard » le 3 octobre 2013 dans les locaux de l’association Europe-Israël.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Progression : en attente de désignation d’un juge d’instruction.

Affaire UEJF 2

Objet : plainte de l’Union des étudiants juifs de France et de l’association « J’accuse – Action internationale pour la justice » contre Alain Soral pour avoir fait une quenelle au mémorial de la Shoah à Berlin.
Sommes réclamées :
- 50 000 euros de dommages et intérêts pour l’UEJF ;
- 50 000 euros de dommages et intérêts pour « J’accuse – AIPJ » ;
- 1 euro symbolique pour chacune des associations ;
- 5 publications dans des journaux du jugement, payables par Alain Soral à hauteur de 10 000 euros par journal, soit 50 000 euros ;
- 750 euros de frais de justice.
Soit la somme totale de 150 752 euros.
Parties civiles : se sont d’ores et déjà constituées parties civiles l’UEJF, J’accuse, l’Association Mémoire 2000 et la Ligue des droits de l’homme.
L’Association Mémoire 2000 a indiqué au tribunal qu’elle citera comme témoins 12 rescapés de la Shoah.
Prochaine échéance : l’affaire a été renvoyée pour plaidoirie au 12 mars 2015. L’audience ne sera consacrée qu’à ce dossier en raison des nombreux témoins que vont faire citer les parties civiles.

Éditions First

Alain Soral a reçu une mise en demeure de la maison d’édition First le sommant de retirer un dessin détourné intitulé « Les chambres à gaz pour les nuls » alors que le site E&R ne faisait que relayer le dessin, initialement présent sur un autre site. De plus, ce dessin entre clairement dans le droit de parodie prévu au Code de la propriété intellectuelle.

Convocations inexpliquées

Au cours du mois de janvier 2014, deux proches collaborateurs d’Alain Soral ont été convoqués par la police – par la brigade de répression spécialisée dans les délits liés à la presse – et ce alors qu’eux-mêmes ne sont ni auteurs, ni rédacteurs du site Égalité & Réconciliation.
Le cours des interrogatoires laisse à penser qu’il s’agirait peut-être d’une plainte initiée par M. Pierre Bergé.

Arno Klarsfeld

Égalité & Réconciliation a reçu début mars 2014 une mise en demeure rédigée par l’avocat de Monsieur Arno Klarsfeld nous sommant de retirer l’article intitulé « Jackpot ». Mis en ligne le 5 février 2014, il reprenait des informations publiées initialement dans le magazine Capital.
Selon l’avocat de M. Klarsfeld, cet article contiendrait des imputations qui mettraient gravement en cause l’intégrité et la probité de son client.

Affaire Cyril Astruc

Objet : Cyril Astruc, par la voix de son avocat Richard Malka, poursuit Égalité & Réconciliation pour diffamation suite à l’article « Le braquage du siècle est sépharade », où nous reprenions une information du Monde indiquant qu’avant d’être arrêté pour escroquerie à la taxe carbone (coût pour le contribuable français : 1,6 milliard d’euros...), il avait été mis en examen au préalable pour une affaire liée à l’affaire Neyret et au trafic de drogue.
Tribunal concerné : tribunal correctionnel de Paris.
Somme réclamée :25 000 euros.
Prochaine échéance : audience de plaidoirie le 7 juillet 2015
Voir notre article consacré à cette affaire :« Cyril Astruc poursuit Égalité & Réconciliation pour diffamation »

Somme totale demandée contre Alain Soral et E&R à ce jour :
466 792 euros

Pour apporter votre aide à Égalité & Réconciliation :

Aider Alain Soral en signant les pétitions :

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Pourquoi j'accepte d'aller en prison

Published on 10 Oct 2014
Dans cette éditorial, après avoir réfuté le discours antirévisionniste du Mémorial de la Shoah et après avoir souligné le caractère discipliné et non sanglant de la révolution national-socialiste, Vincent Reynouard expose le principe n° 1 de la non-violence et explique pourquoi, en vertu de ce principe, il viole délibérément la loi antirévisionniste et accepte d'aller en prison.


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Deux gravissimes erreurs de Vincent Reynouard, à mon avis.
1.     « Tendre l’autre joue », attribué à Jésus.
2.     L’absurdité de la « non-violence » de Gandhi ou de Lanza del Vasto

Introduire des faits de l’histoire non-vérifiables, que ce soit l’existence d’un personnage appelé Jésus le Christ, ou des propos lui étant attribués, affaiblissent votre position concernant des faits historiques bien établis par vous-même et d’autres au prix de tant de sacrifices.  Mais, je ne tiens nullement à parler de la foi des gens que je respecte aussi longtemps qu’elle ne nuise pas à autrui ou à soi-même.  Ne pas oublier que s’il est prouvé que Jésus n’a jamais existé, tel qu’on le connait, cela pose problème pour l’Islam aussi.

Selon mes recherches, l’Empire britannique, le digne successeur de l’Empire romain, aussi cruel et pervers, et aussi menteur, inventa la « non-violence » ‘hindouiste’ de Mohundas Karamchand Gandhi (c’est facile à prouver) afin de nuire à la résistance armée des Musulmans et d’autres.  Les Hindouistes et les Sikhs ne se sont jamais révoltés contre les Britanniques, seuls les Musulmans se sont battus, et se sont fait massacrer.

Lanza del Vasto ne dit pas ou ne sait pas toute la vérité sur Gandhi, un pervers bisexuel, mauvais époux et mauvais père, avoué (attorney-at-law) et homme politique incompétents que les Britanniques utilisèrent pour distraire et tromper les masses.  Je connais Gandhi comme je connais mon propre père !  Que de mensonges furent racontés sur Gandhi par l’Empire !

Deux créatures identiques furent le pervers sexuel et sioniste Michael King, plus connu comme le Dr Martin Luther King Jr (qui n’est pas son vrai nom d’ailleurs !), et le combattant sud africain Nelson Mandela, passé à l’ennemi après sa sortie de prison orchestrée par les occidentaux et l’État de l’Apartheid.  Un Mandela de fabrication occidentale fut catapulté au pouvoir tout comme un Obama de fabrication judéo-sioniste fut catapulté au pouvoir aux États-Unis d’Amérique.    

De même, il n’est pas étonnant de comprendre que Rome eut inventé la « non-violence » d’un Messie dont tout le monde de l’époque ignorait l’existence.  Même « rendre à César ce qui appartient à César » est de fabrication romaine !  « Tendre l’autre joue » et « rendre à César ce qui appartient à César » sont les deux armes dont disposait Rome pour contrôler la résistance palestinienne ou judéenne.  Par contre, les Israélites collaboraient avec César, comme les Hindouistes avec les Britanniques.  Seuls un petit groupe de Palestiniens se révolta, et avait comme leader un nommé Jésus, le Fils du Père (Bar Abbas).

Qui peut prouver que Jésus, Fils du Père (Barabbas), ne fut pas celui que Rome mit à mort sur la croix (ou un pieux, selon les « Témoins de Jéhovah »), condamné pour sédition et actes « terroristes », celui qui se disait ou qui fut connu comme le ROI DES JUDÉENS ?  Ce qui fait que les Romains le reconnurent comme tel en mettant une inscription à cet égard en haut du pieu ou de la croix au dessus de sa tête : INRI, Jésus de Nazareth, Roi des Judéens ! (Et, non Roi des Juifs !)
Ce qui fait que d’autres furent d’avis que Jésus, Fils de Maryam (Marie), ne mourut pas sur la croix, selon certaines sources !  La BBC dit qu’il voyagea jusqu’en Inde, après sa « crucifixion » !

En conclusion, Gandhi avait opté pour la « non-violence » QU’EN PREMIER LIEU SEULEMENT.  Il avait clairement dit, comme l’a rapporté son petit-fils Rajmohan Gandhi dans son livre « The Good Boatman » (j’ai le livre, mais je n’ai pas le temps de citer les propos exacts, et de vous indiquer la page), que si la non-violence ne produisait pas de résultats positifs, qu’il fallait avoir recours à la lutte armée, À LA VIOLENCE, qui est mieux que la soumission totale ! 

Désolé, mais, je ne puis écrire davantage.

Très respectueusement et amicalement

P.S. La crucifixion de Jésus n’ayant pas servi à apporter la paix dans le monde, donc, mon ami, mon Frère en humanité, il ne sert à rien de retourner en prison.  Ce peuple ingrat ne mérite pas votre sacrifice !
Merci pour cette piqûre de rappel si habilement formulée.

La croyance de Vincent est intéressante au sens où sa bonne foi ne peut pas être mise en cause dans ses investigations acharnées, alors qu'un athéisme revendiqué l'eût rendu par exemple taxable de nihilisme et eût par là même affaibli sa position, mais elle l'aveugle passablement aussi. Il est peut-être regrettable qu'il ait mêlé la religion à ses recherches. Je ne doute pas qu'il risque d'être tôt ou tard victime de ce système pervers mais du moins aura-t-il ouvert les yeux à nombre d'internautes.

Bien à vous
Monsieur Reynouard ira en prison de nouveau si les Françaises et les Français, cette merdasse, ne se réveillent pas et fichent le bordel dans ce bordel de régime totalitaire, fasciste, raciste, juifiste, et sioniste.  Cette France-là me fait si peur (me terrorise !) que j’hésite à y venir en visite même pour la journée !


« N.B. Étant donné que les Musulmans authentiques ne vont jamais en prison volontairement, LES MUSULMANS SE DÉFENDENT, je n’ai pas offert au Professeur Nicholas Kollerstrom de nous y rendre pour y être volontairement incarcérés par les Forces sataniques de la Grande Bretagne-Israël (Scotland Yard).

Et, je suis aussi très occupé comme grand-père de mes trois petites filles.  Donc, je ne suis pas encore disponible pour me faire héberger (et sodomiser !) dans les prisons de « Sa Majesté » à moins qu’ils (ceux que vous connaissez !) en décident autrement.  L’après-midi, j’étais à l’école pour prendre les filles, la même école dont l’un des gouverneurs (parait-il) fut le Juif homosexuel (semble-t-il encore), le pédophile MARTIN GOLDBERG, intouchable et suprématiste.  J’ai appris par l’un des employés que les écoles britanniques emploient une armée de lesbiennes et d’homosexuels, même au plus haut niveau de l’administration ! (2 octobre 2014)”    


N.B.  As authentic Muslims do not "turn themselves in" because of Satan's lies, MUSLIMS FIGHT BACK, I did not offer to join Pr Nicholas Kollerstrom to turn ourselves in to the Satanic Forces of Britain-Israel!

And, I am also a very busy grandfather with three granddaughters to take care of.  So, I am not yet available for "Her Majesty's" prisons unless THEY (who you know) decide otherwise!  In the afternoon, I was at school picking up the girls, the same school where one of the governors (it seems), was the untouchable and suprematist Jewish homosexual (so it seems again) and paedophile MARTIN GOLDBERG.  I am told by an insider that British public schools and agencies are staffed with an army of lesbians and homosexuals even at the top levels!    (2 October 2014)


P.S.  Cette vidéo est d’une vérité remarquable, mais malheureusement la nouvelle religion de l’État bolchevique a pour doctrine : LA VÉRITÉ NE CONSTITUE NULLEMENT UNE DÉFENSE !
C’est aussi le cas aux États-Unis d’Amérique.  



1.  I am interested more in the language and poetry side.
2.  The highlighted parts have to be investigated and the terms "Hindu" and "Hindu" have to be defined!!!
3.  Some things literally stink in Dr Pankaj Jain "teaching and researches".

Quite interesting that the terms Urdu, Muslims and Islam do not appear here, but strangely enough "beef" is mentioned and in a daming manner, and "Hindu Christian Studies" are also mentioned!

HIND OR HINDUSTAN (from Persian) is a geographical region and not a religion!

"The Bishnois, a Hindu community in Northern India, is famous for its earliest ecological sacrifice in 1730, in which a woman named Amrita Devi led 362 other Bishnois to sacrifice their lives to protect their sacred tree. The public memory of this event continues to inspire environmental movements, such as the Chipko and the Appiko."


Dr. Pankaj Jain

Teaching and researching religions, languages, literatures, films, and ecology of India:
My Photo
Dr. Pankaj Jain is the author of Dharma and Ecology of Hindu Communities: Sustenance and Sustainability (May 2011), which won the 2012 DANAM Book Award and the 2011 Uberoi Foundation Book Award, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the department of Philosophy & Religion. He has published articles in journals such as Religious Studies Review, Worldviews, Religion Compass, Journal of Vaishnava Studies, Union Seminary Quarterly Review, and the Journal of Visual Anthropology. He also contributes to the Huffington Post, Washington Post’s forum On Faith, and Patheos.

His research has been supported by the Fulbright fellowship and by the Wenner Gren grant. His teaching interests include Religion and Ecology, Indian films, and Religions and Cultures of South Asia and South Asian Diaspora in North America. Before joining UNT, he taught at North Carolina State University, Rutgers, Kean, and New Jersey City University. Interested in connecting ancient practices with contemporary issues, he is exploring the connections between religious traditions and sustainability in Hindu and Jain communities in India and the Indian diaspora. He serves as a research affiliate with Harvard University’s Pluralism Project, as scholar-in-residence with GreenFaith, as a board member of the Society for Hindu Christian Studies, and as a board member of the Executive Advisory Council of Hindu American Seva Charities, an NGO working with the White House Office for the faith-based initiatives. He has presented his research at Columbia University, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, University of South Florida, Florida International University, University of Toledo, Texas Christian University, High Point University, Lancaster University (UK), Andhra University (India), Univ of Rajasthan (India), and several conferences, high schools, radio and TV stations, temples, churches, Yoga centers, and other community centers.

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and an M.A. from Columbia University (both in Religious Studies). In his “previous life” he had also earned a B.S. in Computer Science from India and had worked as a software engineer in India and in New Jersey. Dr. Jain is an active member of several academic and community organizations, is fluent in several Indian languages, and has published poems in Hindi. He was born in Rajasthan and had also lived in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Karnatak (in India) and in New Jersey, Iowa, North Carolina, and Texas (in the USA). Some of his papers and articles are at: and videos are at The Facebook page for his book is at:
"India, which has ranked first in food sustainability in every Greendex, came out far ahead again, thanks to its culturally dictated eating habits. Nearly one in four Indians is a vegetarian, and those who aren't tend to avoid beef, the most environmentally damaging meat. Indians have reduced the amount of imported food they eat and increased their consumption of locally produced, homegrown, and organic foods." 

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Bollywood and Beyond: Hinduism Changing the World

By: Prof. Pankaj Jain on Sep 12, 2014 | 687 Views | 7 Responses

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The ideals of Hinduism, such as pluralism, dharma, ritam, and nonviolence hold important lessons for the future of Hinduism in particular and for humanity in general.

In his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers." I think the future of humanity is nicely summarized in these words. In addition to living together with humans, we also need to learn how to live harmoniously with our environment. The threat of climate change challenges us to learn and practice new ways of relating to our natural resources. Can Hinduism present us some ideas to deal with these issues challenging the present and the future of our world?

The challenges of interconnectivity are both increasingly globalized and increasingly local. Just as an example, now within the U.S., there are more than 700 Hindu temples and their associated communities, according to the Pluralism Project of the Harvard University. Although the United States is often referred to as a melting pot absorbing different ethnicities and races, the history of Hindus living in India presents a much longer tradition of accepting even larger number of diverse people, such as the Greeks, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Zoroastrians, and Huns in ancient times, and the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhists in the last century.
It is this Hindu past of religious acceptance and harmony that goes even beyond the human species. Hindus not only have accepted humans of diverse races but have also accepted divinity in non-Human forms. A Hindu can worship a stone and/or a specific mountain, the water and/or a specific river and/or the ocean, a plant, an animal (not just a cow but a snake or a rat or any other species), a bird, the earth, the sky, the sun, the fire, and so on. It is widely mentioned that Hindus have 330 million gods, but perhaps it is better to say that Hindus have infinite number of gods and goddesses, because everybody and everything is potentially divine according to its philosophy. Its practitioners are simply trying to live up to the Hindu ideal of visualizing divinity in every part of the universe, every particle of the ecology. And following this infinite number of divinities, there arose thousands of different castes, tribes, and other socio-religious communities who not only tolerated each other but even accepted each other's spiritual path. Thus, there is no false god or true god for Hindus.

The most fundamental concept of Hinduism is Dharma, which etymologically means "that which sustains." Indeed, the very foundation of dharma is based on sustainability of not just the human society but its related Vedic concept of Ritam, which includes the entire universe. There is a famous hymn in the Rigveda that describes the creation of the entire universe: how a cosmic person is transformed into the ecological entities (the sun, the moon, the wind, the sky, and so on) and the human society (different social classes). This interconnectedness of humans with the ecology can be a very promising message for the contemporary problems of global climate change.

It was the Hindu idea of non-violence as immortalized by Mahatma Gandhi that Dr. King witnessed in his 1959 visit to India and later adopted in his own movement in the U.S. The Hindu practices of yoga and meditation are now helping millions of Westerners improve their health. Hindu idea of revering the Mother Earth is also increasingly shared by many Westerners in their quest to save the planet. In August 2009, Newsweek ran a story titled "We Are All Hindus Now"based on the Pew Forum Survey showing that 65 percent of Americans believe in multiple paths leading to God. Similarly 24 percent of Americans say they believe in reincarnation, according to a 2008 Harris poll, another major Hindu (also Buddhist and Jain) belief. More than a third of Americans now choose cremation, according to the Cremation Association of North America, up from 6 percent in 1975, which is yet another practice of the majority of Hindus.
Another major cultural presence largely representing the Hindu way of life is "Bollywood," a popular name for the Indian film industry. India not only produces the largest number of films each year (in Hindi and other Indian languages) but Indian films are now enjoyed in African countries, Middle Eastern countries, South East Asian countries, and Australia, Europe, and North America. According to a Businessweek report, Bollywood sold more than 3.2 billion movie tickets in 2009, much more than Hollywood. This globalization of Indian films has not only shown a glimpse of Hindu culture worldwide but in turn Bollywood films themselves have now started becoming more global in appeal, for instance, by deemphasizing the village life and the caste system. The future of Hinduism, as depicted in Bollywood at least, seems to be led by the urban globalized Hindus.

Ironically, Hindus themselves need to be reminded of Hindu ideas now to save their land of origin India from the assaults of all kinds of pollution. The Bishnois, a Hindu community in Northern India, is famous for its earliest ecological sacrifice in 1730, in which a woman named Amrita Devi led 362 other Bishnois to sacrifice their lives to protect their sacred tree. The public memory of this event continues to inspire environmental movements, such as the Chipko and the Appiko. However, Indian rivers, mountains, forests, and air are under tremendous pressure due to rising economy and growing population. The future of Hinduism is thus increasingly dependent on how successfully Hindus learn and apply their teachings in everyday life.

To conclude, Hindu ideas and practices are slowly entering and transforming the Western lifestyle. Hindus in turn are becoming more aware of the global problems such as the climate change. The ideals of Hinduism, such as pluralism, dharma, ritam, and nonviolence are some important lessons for the future of Hinduism in particular and for humanity in general. If today's Hindus can take inspiration from their own teachings, they can ensure a healthy and prosperous future for themselves, their diverse neighborhoods, and their natural resources.
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Hindi songs based on classical raga(Dr Pankaj Jain)

Raga: Abhogi Kanada
Jiya lage kya karu sajna
Na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya

Raga: Adana
Manmohan man men ho tumhi - Kaise Kahoon
Jhanak jhanak payal baje - Jhanak Jhanak Payel Baje
Radhike toone bansari choorayee - Bhai Bhai

Raga: Ahir Bhairav
Puchho na kaise maine rain bitai - Meri Surat Teri Aankhen
Koi Lauta de mere – Door gagan ki chhaon main
Vandana karo, archana karo
Ramka gun gaan kariye - Ram Shyam Gun Gaan (Anon film album)
Meri bina tum bin roye - Dekh Kabir Roya
Main to kabse teri sharan men hun - Ram Nagari
Zindagi ko sanvarana hoga - Alaap
Sola barasaki bali umarko salam - Ek Duje Ke Liye
Mai ri mai, kaise jiyun ri - Chala Vahi Desh(non film album)
Apne jeevan ki uljhan ko - Uljhan
Man Anand Anand Chhayo - Vijeta
Waqt karta jo wafa aap hamare hote - Dilne Pukara
Ram teri ganga maili ho gayi... - Ram Teri Ganga Maili
Dhire Dhire Subah Hui He Jag Uthi Jindagi - Haisiyat
Meri galiyonse logonki yari badh gai - Dharmatma
Chalo man jayen ghar apne - Swami Vivekananda
Albela sajan aayo re - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Ruke ruke se qadam – Mausam

Raga: (Alaiya) Bilawal
Jana gana mana - National Anthem
Bhor ayi, gaya andhiyara - Bawarchi
Sare ke sare ga ma ko lekar gate chale - Parichay
Patthar ke sanam
Barbade mohabbat - Laila Majnu
Likhkar tera naam – Laila Majnu

Raga: Asavari
Mujhe galese lagalo bahut udas hun main - Aaj aur Kaal
Piya te kaha - Toofan aur Diya
Chale jana nahin naina milake - Badi Bahen
Likhe jo khat – Kanyadaan
Radha ke to ne bansri churai Taala Sitarkhani Film: Beti Bete
Subah na aayi shaam na aayi – Cha Cha Cha

Raga: Bageshri
Aaye bahaar banke lubhakar chale gaye - Rajahath
Jag dard-e-ishq jag - Anarkali
Radha na bole na bole - Azad
Bedardi dagabaz ja tu nahin balma mora - Bluff Master
Bedardi hua balma
Ja re, beiman tujhe jan liya
Divane tum, divane hum
Shubh ghadi ai re
Chah barbad karegi - Shah Jahan
Jao jao nand ke lala - Rangoli
Chhalak rahi bunden
Aja re, paradesi - Madhumati
Ghadi Ghadi mera dil dhadke – Madhumati
Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichaara yahi paigaam hamara
Hamse aya na gaya - Dekh Kabir Roya
Poochhta jaa mere marghatse guzarne waley - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Chaman men rang-e-bahar utara to maine dekha - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Seene main jalan - Gaman
Aapse kya gila – CS (with kaafi)

Raga: Bahar
Re re bahar ayi
Chham chham nachat ayi bahar - Chhaya
Sakal bana gagan chalat puravai - Mamta

Raga: Bairagi
Kisi nazar ko tera intazar aja bhi hai - Aitbaar
Mein ek raja hun - Upahaar

Raga: Barawa
Khai hai re humne kasam - Talash

Raga: Basant
Ketaki, gulab, juhi champaka bana phule - Basant Bahar

Raga: Basant-Bahar
Manki bin matavari baje - Shabaab

Raga: Bibhash
Sanjh dhale gagan tale hum kitane ekaki - Utsav
Neelam ke nabh chhayi - Utsav

Raga: Bhairav
Mohe bhul gaye sanvariya - Baiju Bawra
Sitaronki mahafil
Sun ri pavan, pavan puravaiya - Anuraag
Jaago, Mohan pyare jaago - Jaagte Raho

Raga: Bhairavi
Khilona jaankar - Khilona
Tu hindu banega na – Dhool ka phool
Babul mora, naihar chhooto hi jaaye - Street Singer
Sajna, sajna kahe bhul gaye din pyar ke - Chand Mere Aja
Insaf ka mandir hai, yeh bhagavan ka ghar hai - Amar
Kaise jaun jamunake tir - Devta
Laga chunari men dag - Dil Hi To Hai
Jyotse jyot jagate chalo - Sant Gyaneshwar
Jo bhaje hari ko sada - Bhajan
Tu gangaki mauj - Baiju Bawra
Nas nas men agan
Jab dil hi tut gaya - Shahjehan
Ai diwali, ai diwali - Rattan
Tumhare sang main bhi chalungi
Do hansonka joda bichhad gayo re - Ganga Jamuna
Mere pas ao, nazar to milao
Mai to pyarse teri piya mang sajaungi
Barasat men, hamse mile tum - Barsaat (old)
Dost dost na raha - Sangam
Bol radha bol sangam hoga ke nahin - Sangam
Mera juta hai japani - Shri 420
Ramiya vasta vaiya - Shri 420
Mohabbatki dastan
Suno chhotisi gudiya ki lambi kahani - Seema
Khamosh hai khevanahara mera - Amar
Mori chham chham baje payeliya
Mere ai dil bata - Jhanak Jhanak Payel Baje
Sanvare sanvare - Anuradha (Composed by Ravi Shankar)
Nache man mora magan dhik dha dhigi dhigi - Meri Surat Teri Aankhen
Apki yaad ati rahi, ratbhar - Gaman
Yaha barakha sautaniya ke dvar
Tera jana - Anadi
Tute na dil Tute na - Andaaz (Old)
Ai mere dil kahin aur chal - Daag
Mile sur tera hamara - Doordarshan Sangeet
Kaise samjhaun bade nasamajh ho - Sooraj
Chali gori pi ke milan ko chali
Bhor bhaye panghatpe - Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Jare, jare ud ja re panchhi - Maaya
Dilka khilona haye tut gaya - Goonj Uthi
Jay bolo beiman ki - Beiman
Tumhe aur kya dun main dil ke sivay - Ayee Milan ki Bela
Lage tose naina lage
Mein piya teri - Basant Bahar
Mithe bol bole - Kinara
Mitwa re mitwa purab na jaio - Jawab
Heer ( doli chadhke heer) - Heer Ranjha (old)
Phir kisi raah guzar par shayad - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Meri tanhaiyon tum hi lagalo mujhko sinese - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Yeh dil yeh paagal dil mera (awaargi) - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Beshaq mandir masjid todo - Bobby
Bhari duniya men akhir dil ko samajhane kahan jaayen - Do Badan
Hato kaheko juthi banao batiyaan - Manzil
Mata saraswati sharda vidya dayi dayani - Bhajan
Sunai deti hai jiski dhadkan (Zihaal-e-muskeen) - Ghulami
Jiya jale jaan jale nainon tale - Dil Se...
Baaki kuchh bacha to menhagai maar gayi - Roti Kapda aur Makaan
Phool gendava na maaro - Dooj Ka Chaand
Dhanya bhag seva ka avsar paaya - Sur Sangam
Kabhi neki bhi uske ji men gar aa jaye hai mujhse - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Mukund Madhav hari Hari bol
Mile jo kadi kadi, ek zanjeer bane - Kasme Wade
Hame tumse pyar kitana – Kudarat
Samjhauta ghamo se karlo - Samjhauta
O Nanhe se farishte - Ek Phool Do Maali
Hai isi main pyar ki - Anpadh
Hum hain mata e koocha e - Dastak
Mujhko is raatki tanhaayee main
Hai isi main pyar ki - Anpadh

Raga: Bhatiyar
Ek ritu aye ek ritu jaye

Raga: Bhimpalashri
Panthi hoon main us path kaa – Door ka rahi
Manbhora hua matavala
Duniyase ji ghabra gaya
Eri main to premdivani - Navbahar
Bansuri bajaye koi
Maine chand aur sitaronki - Chandrakantaa
Ye na thi hamri kismat - Mirza Ghalib
Mein garibonka dil hun vatanki zuban
O nirdayi pritam - Stree (1961)
Bhulya na gaya
Dilke tukade hue aur jigar lut gaya
More manka bavara panchhi
Tum suno suno ghanashyam
Dilmen tuze bithake puja karungi teri - Fakira
Nainon main badra chhaye - Mera Saaya
Tere sadpe balma
Bina madhur madhur kachhu bol
Jhanakar payalaki tose binati kare - Naag Devata
Kahan chali a, mera lutake jiya
Ja dur kahin
Ham giridharake ghar jaun - Meera Bhajan
Samay dire chalo - Rudaali
Zindagimen to sabhi pyar kiya karte hai - A Ghazal by Mehdi Hassan
Om nao Bhagavate Vasudevay - A bhajan by Pandit Jasra
Kismat Se Tum Ham Ko Mile Ho - Pukar
Ae Ajnabi Tu Bhii Kahiin Aawaz De Kahiin Se - Dil Se...
Khiltey Hain Gul Yaha - Sharmilee
O beqarar dil - Khamoshi
Kuch dil ne kaha - Anupama
Tum mile dil khile - Criminal
Naghma-o-sher ki saughaat - Ghazal
Yeh aaine se akele men guftagu kya hai - A ghazal from Hariharan's album 'Kaash'
Hai chaand sitaaron men chamak tere badan ki - A ghazal by Ahmed Hussain -mohmad Hussain
beena madhur madhur kuch bol Singer: Lata

Raga: Bhupali
Luka chhupi – Rang De Basanti
Beete huye lamho ke kasak - Nikaha
Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu - Aradhana
Sayonara, sayonara - Love in Tokyo
Pankh hote to ud ati re - Sehraa
Jyoti kalash chhalake - Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan
Jab nil gagan ki chhaonmen - Amrapali
Achyutam keshavam ram narayanam
Panchhi banu udti firun mast gagan men - Chori Chori
Sanvare rang rachi - Meera Bhajan
Dekha ek khvab to yeh silsile hue - Silsila
In ankhonki mastike mastane hazaron hai - Umrao Jaan
Mana ke musht-e-khak se badhkar nahin hun main - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Jaun tore charan kamal par vari - Sur Sangam
Yeh hava...yeh phiza...aa bhi jaa - Gumraah
Om namah shivay - Bhairavi
Dil hun hun kare - Rudaali
Sansaarki har shay ka - Dhoond
He Govind, He Gopal, He Dayaal Lal - Bhajan by Jagjeet Singh
Ham tum se na kuchh kah paaye, tum ham se na kuchh kah paaaye – Ziddi
Falsafa pyar ka - Duniya

Raga: Bhupali Todi
O, zindagi ke denevale - Nagin

Raga: Bihag
Koi gata, main so jata - Alaap
Banke chakori gori, jhum jhum nachegi
Tere sur aur mere geet - Goonj Uthi Shahanai
Tere pyar men dildar - Mere Mehboob
Bole re surili boliyan - Grih Pravesh
Tum murli madhur bajao
Ai dil beqarar jhum - Shah Jahan
Hamare dilse na jana, dhokha na khana - Udan Khatola
Chalenge tir jab dil par - Kohinoor
Zindagi ke safar men gujar jate hain jo makam - Aap Ki Kasam
Pal bhar ki pahechan aapse - A non-film song by Manna Day
Yeh kya jagah hai doston - Umrao Jaan
Meri ladli re, meri ladli - Andaaz(old)

Raga: Bilaskhani Todi
Jhoothay naina bolay - Lekin
Diya na bujhegi, aaj hamara

Raga: Basant Mukhari
O basanti pavan pagal - Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai
Vada kar le sajna - Haathki Safai

Raga: Chandrakaush
Tu hi tu main seva karu
San sanna sanna sanna, jao re o pavan
Majhi re himmat na har

Raga: Chayanat
Chanda re, ja re ja re - Ziddi
Ham bekhudi men tumko pukare chale gaye - Kaala Paani
Tere naina talash kare jise – Talaash (Mishra Khamaj ?)
Baad muddat ki yeh ghadi ayi - Jahan Ara
Chaina nahin aye, kahan dil jaye - Samundar
Zan Zan Zan Zan payal baje

Raga: Charukeshi
Bainya na dharo - Dastak (old)
Aaj dilpe koi jor chalta nahin - Milan
Kabhi raat din hum dur the - Aamne Saamne
Mohabbatke suhane din, javani ki hansi raaten
Ek tu na mila - Himalay ki Godmen
Akele hain chale ao - Raaz
Bekhudimen sanam
Kisi rahamen kisi modpar - Mere Hamsafar
Dukh ki laharne cheda hoga - A Ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Shyam teri bansi pukare radha naam - Geet Gata Chal
Chhod de sari duniya kisike liye - Saraswati Chandra
Megha re Megha re... - Pyaasa Saawan
Aisa lagta hai zindagi tum ho - A Ghazal by Chitra Singh
Patthar ke khuda - JS
Main khayaal hoon kisi aur ka - JS
Teri ummid tera intzaar karte hai - Diwanaa
Jaan-e-jaana...Jab jab teri surat dekhun – JaanBaaz
Mujhe ishq hai tujhi se

Raga: Darbari
Ye Hawaa Ye Raat Ye Chaandni - Sangdil
Dil jalta hai to jalne de - Pahli Nazar
Hum tumse muhabbat karake sanam - Aawara
O duniyake rakhavale - Baiju Bawra
Meri duniya badal gayi
Kabhi dil dilse takarata to hoga
Tumse ghar ghar kahalaya
Mitava laut ayo re
Tu pyarka sagar hai - Seema
Tuthe hue khvabonne - Madhumati
Basti basti parabat parabat - Baadal
Mujhe tumse kuch bhi na chahie - Kanhaiya
Muhabbat ki jhuthi kahani pe roye - Mugal-e-azam
He ram tumhari ramyan - Sampurna Ramayan
Pyarki aagmen tanbadan - Ziddi
Tora man darpan kahalay - Kaajal
Daiya re daiya laj mohe lage - Leader
Guzre hai aaj ishqmen - Dil Diya Dard Liya
Raha gardishonmen haradam - Do Badan
Jhanak jhanak tori baje payeliya - Mere Huzur
Chandiki divar na todi - Vishvaas
Ab kahan jayen ham - Ujala
Sarfaroshi ki tammana - Shaheed
E dil mujhe aisi jagah le chal - Arzoo (old)
Teri duniya mein dil lagta nahin - Baware Nain
Mere mehboob shayad aaj kuchh - Kitne Paas Kitne Door
Ghoonghat ke pat khol re - Jogan
Dekha hai pehli baar - Saajan
Tumhe zindagi ke ujale mubarak - Poornima
Ishwar satya hai - Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Kitna hasin hai mausam - Azad
Hum tum se juda ho ke - Ek Sapera Ek Lutera
Ab meri vinti suno bhagwaan
Aap ki nazaron ne samajha - Anpadh
Hangama hai kyon barpa - A Ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Ud ja bhanwar maya kamal ka - Rani Roopmati
Koi matwala ayaa more dware - Love In Tokyo
Pag ghoongroo bandh meera naachi thi - Namak Halal
Yaad mein teri jaag jaag ke hum - Mere Mehboob
Agar mujhse muhobbat hai, mujhe sab apne gam de do
Dene wale mujhe maujon ki rawani de de - A Ghazal By Jagjit Singh
Mein tere darpe ayaa hun, kuchh karke jaunga - Laila Majnu
Sanvare mat ja
Nainheenko raah dikha prabhu - Bhakta Surdaas
Suhani chaandni raaten hamen sone nahi deti - Mukti
Mere mehboob na jaa, aaj ki raat na jaa - Noor Mahal
Shayerana se hai zindagi ke adaa - Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aye
Jay Radha madhav Jai kunjbihari - Bhajan by Jagjit Singh
Bahon Ke Darmiyan Film Khamoshi
Ku-ba-ku fail gai baat shanaasai ki Mehdi Hassan
Daiya re daiya, laaj mohe lage Taal Kehrva Film: Leader
Dil jalta hai to jalne de Taal Kehrva Film Pehli Nazar
Jo chala gia use bhool ja Film Saathi
Chandi ki dewar na tori Film Vishwas
Suhani chandni ratein hame sone Film Mukti

Raga: Desh
Dukhke din ab bitat nahi
Gori tore naina kajar bin kare kare - Main Suhagan Hun
Apko pyar chupaneki buri adat hai - Neela Akash
Takdir ka fasaana - Sehra
Eri ayi barakha ritu
Chali re chali re mai to des paraye
Aji ruthhkar ab kahan jaiega - Aarzu
Vande mataramh - Anand Math
Phir kahin koi phul khila - Anubhav
Bekasi hadse jab guzar jaye - Kalpana
Chadariya jhini re jhini - A Kabir bhajan by Anup Jalota
Door Koi Gaaye - Baiju Bawra
Kyun Naye Lag Rahe - 1942, A Love Story
Sainya jao mose na bolo kahe ko neha lagaye - Jhanak Jhanak Paayal Baaje

Raga: Desi
Aaj gaavat man mero jhumke - Baiju Bawra

Raga: Devagandhar
Jhule na jhul
Jab dilko satae gam

Raga: Durga
Geet gaya pattharonne - Geet Gaya Pattharonne
Chanda re mori patiya le ja - Miss Mary

Raga: Dhani
Prabhu tero nam - Hum Dono
Badan pe sitare - Prince

Raga: Gara
Mohe panghatpe nandalal ched gayo re - Mugal e Azam
Unke khayal aye to ate chale gaye - Laal Pathhar
Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain - Guide
Jivanmen piya tera sath rahe - Gunj Uthi Shehnai
Raghupati raghav raja ram - Bhajan
Thumak chalat ram chandra - Bhajan
Aise to na dekho - Teen Deviyan
Hamsafar saath apna chhod chale
Diwana kahke aaj mujhe phir pukariye - Muzlim
Kabhi khud pe kabhi haalaath pe ronaa aayaa - Hum Dono
Aap aaye toh khayale – Gumrah
Khuda bhi aasmaan se jab
Raga: Gour Malhar
Garajat barsat savan ayo re - Barsaat Ki Raat (old)
Sharabi sharabi ye savanka mausam
Jhir jhir barase savani ratiyan - Ashirvad
Raga: Gour Sarang
Allah tero naam - Hum Dono

Raga: Gurjari Todi
Sanvaro nand-nandana - Chala Vahi Desh (A non film album)
Ek tha bachapan - Aashirwad
Jaa-jaa re ai pathikwa - Lekin

Raga: Hamir/Hamvir
Surki gati main kya janun
Madhuban men radhika nache re - Kohinoor

Raga: Hamir/Hamvir Kalyani
Jao Re Jogi Tum Jao Re - Amrapali

Raga: Hangshadhwani
Ja tose nahin bolun kanhaiya - Parivaar
Ranga de de madhubanaki hiraniya
Santo karamki gati nyari - Chala Vahi Desh (album)

Raga: Hemant
Sudh bisar gai aja
Yad piyaki aye - A Thumri by Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
Balma anadi man bhaye - Bahurani
Tumbin jeevan kaise - by Manna Dey
Udajare ja re kaga - Meera bhajan by Lata Mangeshkar

Raga: Jaijaiwanti
Manmohana bade jhuthe - Seema
Bairan ho gai raina - Dekh Kabir Roya
Zindagi aaj mere namse sharamati hai
Yeh dilki lagi kam kya hogi - Mugal e Azam
Dost bankar bhi nahin saath nibhanevala - A Ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Suni suni saans kay sitaar par - Lal Patthar
Thumak chalat Ramchandra, baajat paijaniya – Bhajan

Raga: Jhinjhoti
Badli badli duniya hai meri
Chhup gaya koi re durase pukarake - Champakali
Mere maheboob tujhe meri muhabbatki qasam - Mere Mehboob
Jaun kahan bata e dil - Chhoti Bahen
Tum mujhe yun bhula na pao ge - Pagla Kahin Ka
Teri ankhoke siva duniyamen - Chirag
Main to sare bandhan tod chali
Ghungharuki taraha, bajtahi raha hun main - Chor Machaye Shor
Chita nandan aage nachungi
Mose chal kiye jaye hai re hai hai dekho saiyan beiman - Guide
Ja ja re ja, balmava - Basant Bahar
Koi hamdam na raha, koi sahara na raha - Jhumroo

Raga: Jogakauns
Baje re payela baje

Raga: Jogiya
He natraja gangadhar shambho
Piya bina suna gita
Raatbharka hai maheman andhera - Sone Ki Chidiya
Dil ek mandir hai - Dil Ek Mandir
Keh Do Koi Na Kare Yahan Pyaar - Goonj Uthi Shehnaai
Gazab kiya tere vaade pe - MH

Raga: Jaunpuri
Vo duniyako yad rahega
Dil ched koi aisa nagma
Piya te kahan gayo
Ghunghatke pat khol(Kabir Bhajan) - Jogan
Meri yad men tum na ansu bahana - Madhosh
Jaye to jayen kahan samjhe ga kaun yahan - Taxi Driver
Jaba dilko sataye gam tu uuu ched sakhi sargam - Sargam (Old)
1. Jaye to jayen kahan samjhe ga kaun yahan Taal kehrva Film Taxi Driver
2. Meri yadmen tum na ansu bahana Taal kehrva Film Madhosh Listen Midi
3. Vo duniyako yad rahega
4. Dil ched koi aisa nagma Taal kehrva Film Inspector
5. Ghunghatke pat khol (Kabir Bhajan) Taal kehrva Film Jogan
7. Muhabbat ki jhoothi kahani pe roye Taal kehrva Film: Mughal-E-Azam
8. Jab dilko sataye gam tu uuu ched sakhi sargam - Sargam (Old)

Raga: Kafi
Kase kahun manki bata
Balma aan baso more manmen
Ishqki garmie jajabta kise pesha karun
Kali ghodi dwar khadi - Chashm-e-Bud-Dur
Tum nahin, gam nahin, sharab nahin - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Gaironpe karam apnonpe sitam - Aankhen
Biraj me holi khelat nand lal - Godaan
Ye haqeeqat hai – CS

Raga: Kalavati
Hay re vo din kyun na aye - Anuradha
Kahe tarasae jiyara - Chitralekha
A ja re mere pyarke sahi
Koi sagar dilko bahalata nahin - Dil Diya Dard Liya
Kabhi to miloge jivansathi
O ghath savari thodi thodi bavari
Sanam tu bevafake namse - Khilona
Subah aur sham kamhi kam - Uljhan
Dil men aur to kya rakha hai - A Ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Maika piya bulave - Sur Sangam
Hai agar dushman zamana - Hum Kisise Kum Nahin
Bhajan bina chain naa aye ram - Rafoochakkar
Meri Awaaz suno - Naunihal

Raga: Kalyan
Do naina matavale tihare - Choti Bahan
Janevalese mulakat na hone payi - Amar
Ansu bhari hai ye jivanki rahe - Parvarish
Ye chaman hamra apna hai
Jiya le gayo ji mora savariya - Anpadh
Ja re badra bairi ja - Bahana
Chhodo chhodo chhodo mori bahiya
Bhuli hui yadon - Sanjog
Mausam hai ashikana - Pakeezah
Inhi logone le lina dupatta mera - Pakeezah
Kenu sang khelun hori - Chala vahi desh ( non filmi album)
Jab dip jale ana - Chit Chor
Woh sham kuchh ajib thi - Khamoshi (old)
Chandansa badan chanchal chitavan - Saraswati Chandra
Re man surmen ga
Jay jay he jagadambe mata
Jivan dor tumhi sang bandhi - Satyavaan Savitri
Apke anurodhpe main ye geet - Anurodh
Ranjish hi sahi, dil hi dukhane ke liye aa - A Ghazal by Mehdi Hasan
Dil jo na kahe saka - Bhigi Raat
Shola hun bhadakne ki gujarish nahin karta - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Suni jo unke aane ki aahat - Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Woh haske mile humse - Baharen Phir Bhi Aayegi
Bada dukh dina tere lakhanne - Ram Lakhan
Yaad rahega, pyarka yeh rangin zamanaa yaad rahega - Umar Qaid
Sochte aur jaagte sansonka ek dariyaa hun mein - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Meri duniyamen tum aaye - Heer Ranjha
Koi jo mila tha mujhe "Breathless" - Breathless
Main kya janun kya jadu hai
Sinemen sulaghate hai arman - Sangdil
Lagta nahin hai dil mera - Laal Quila
Man re tu kahe na dhir dhare - Chitralekha
Panv padun tore shyam - Tere bharose Nandalal (A non film Album)
Dhadkate dilka payam le lo
Pritam aan milo
Saranga teri yaadmen - Saaranga
Phir na kije meri gustakh...Dekhiye apne phir pyarse - Phir Subah Hogi
Tum mujhe bhul bhi jao - Didi
Bade bhole ho
Nigahen milaneko ji chahata hai - Dil Hi To Hai
Zindagi-bhar nahin bhulegi - Barsaat Ki Raat (old)
Sansarse bhage phirte ho - Chitralekha
Tum agar mujhko - Dil Hi To Hai
Tum bin jivan kaise bita - Anita
Intazaar aur abhi
Abhi na jao chhodkar - Hum Dono
Ansu samjhke kyun mujhe - Chhaaya
Chhupa lo yun dil men pyar mera - Mamta
Woh jab yaad aye bahut yaad aye - Parasmani
Tum gaganke chandrama - Sati Savitri
Jara si ahat hoti hai...kahin yeh woh to nahin - Haqueeqat
Dil e betabko sinese - Palaki
Dil diya dard liya - Dil Diya Dard Liya
Tere huns ki kya tariph karun - Leader
Biti na bitai raina - Parichay
Savereka suraj tumhare liye - Ek Baar Muskuraa Do
Ang ang rang jhalakae - Sankalp
Is modse jate hai - Aandhi
Ehasaan tera hoga mujhapar - Junglee
Roj roj dalidali kya likh jaye - Angoor
Lau laga ke geet gaa ke - Bhabi Ki Chudiyan
Shreeramchandra kripalu bhajamana
Sine men sulagte hain arman -- Tarana
Saptasurana teen gram - Tansen
Mere hamsafar mere hamsafar mere paas aa mere paas aa - Refugee
Ghar se nikalte hi - Papa Kehte Hain.
Pyar mein hota hai kya jadoo - Papa Kehte Hain.
Aapke anurodh pe - Anurodh
Aaye ho meri zindagi me - Raja Hindusthaani
Sochenge tumhe pyaar kare ki nahi - Deewana
Navkalpana (Rafi) – Mrig Trishna (1975)

Raga: Khamaj
Ab kya misal dun
Kya se kya ho gaya – guide
Din dhal jaye
Naina lad jayee hain – ganga jamuna
Vo na aenge palatkar - Devdaas
A dilse dil mila le - Navrang
Chunariya katati jae
O sajna, barkha bahara ayi - Parakh
Dhal chuki shame Gam - Kohinoor
Sham dhale jamuna kinare - Pushpanjali
Ang ang dole mera
Ayo kahanse ghanashyam - Buddha Mil Gaya
Bada natkhat hai...ka kare yashoda maiya - Amar Prem
Khat likha de savariyake nam babu
Bata do sakhi kaun gali gayo shyam
Mere to giridharagopala - Meera
Tere bina sajna lage na jiya hamar - Aarti
Vaishnav jan to - Narsinh Bhajan
Nazar lagi raja tore bungle par - Kaala Pani
Kuch to log kahenge - Amar Prem
Chain se humko kabhi
O Milan – Tohfa
Akhiyo ko – Bobby
Mora Gora Ang – Bandini
Ek Chatur Naar – Padosan
Aayo kahaan se Ghanshyam – Buddha Mil Gaya

Raga: Kamod
Eri jane na dungi - Chitralekha
Jao re jogi tum jao re - Amrapali
Tumko dekha to ye khayal aya - Saath Saath

Raga: Kedar
Bekaspe karam kijie - Mugal e Azam
Darashan do ghanashyam
Kanha ja ja
Mil ja mil ja janena
Hamko manki shakti dena - Guddi
Bole to basuri kahi - Saawan Ko Aane Do
Panchhi bawra chhand se prit lagaye
Aap yun hi agar humse milte rahe dekhiye ek din pyaar ho jaayega - Ek Musafir Ek Hasina
Pal do pal ka saath hamara - The Burning Train
Aapki ankhonmen kucch - Ghar
Uthaye ja unke sitam - Andaaz(old)r
Raga: Kaushik Kanada
Sau bar janam lenge - Ustaadon Ke Ustaad
Ab to madhava mohe ubar
Mai jajyo na prabhuko milna kab

Raga: Kirwani
Mera dil ye pukare a ja – Nagin
Jo Tum Todo Piya – Silsila
Tumhi mere mit ho
Yad na jaye bite dinonki - Dil Ek Mandir
Meri bhigi-bhigisi palakonpe - Anamika
Ye raten ye mausam nadika kinara - Delhi Ka Thug
Nind na mujhako ae - Post box No. 999
Pukarta chala hun main - Mere Sanam
Geet gata hun mai - Laal Pathhar
Mai pyarka rahi hun - Ek Musafir Ek Hasina
Aayi jhum jhum raat ye suhani - Love Marriage
Ankhonse hai utari ye dilmen - Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon
Anevala pal janevala hai - Gol Maal
Shola tha jal bujha hun - A Ghazal by Mehdi Hassan
Beqaraar dil tu gayeja - Dur Ka Raahi
Ek radha ek meera - Ram Teri Ganga Maili
Para para hua pairahan-e-jaan - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
E hush-e-beparvah tujhe shabnam kahun, shola kahun - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali
Be-sabab baat badhaneki zaroorat kya hai - Ghazals from Jagjit Singh's 'Face to Face'
Mera dil yeh pukare aaja - Nagin (old)
Rim jhim gire sawan sulag sulag jaye man…(Manzil)

Raga: Lalit
Pritam daras dikhao - Chacha Zindabad
Tu hai mera prem devta - Kalpana
Ik shahenshahne banvake hansi - Leader
Koi paas aya savere savere - A Ghazal by Jagjit Singh
Tu nahin to mere liye - Tum Yaad Aaye
Raina biti jaye - Amar Prem
Raga: Madhuvanti
Rasme ulfatako nibhae to nibhae kaise - Dilki Rahen
Ko birahini ko dukh jane - Chala Vahi Desh

Raga: Madhumadhavi Sarang
A lautke aja mere meet - Rani Roopmati

Raga: Manj Khamaj
Kaanha kanha aan padi re tere dwar - Aman
Jane kaise sapano me kho gai ankhiyan - Anuradha
Kaise dina bite kaise biti ratiyan piya jane na - Anuradha
Dil main ek lahar see uthi – Ghulam Ali
Shyamal Shyamal Baran Komal Komal Charan – Navrang

Raga: Malkauns
Man tarapat hari darshanko - Baiju Bawra
Adha hai chandrama rat adhi - Navrang
Tu chhupi hai kahan - Navrang
Ye kahani hai diyeki aur tufanaki - Tufan aur Diya
O pavanvegase udanevale ghode - Jai Chaittaur
Zindagibhara Gam judaika mujhe
Ankhiyana sang ankhiya lagi aaj - Bada Aadami
Balma manena
Paga ghungharu bole chananana chanh
Savanki rat kari kari
Mujhe na bula - Suvarna Sundari
Ai man tere bachche kai karoda
Saghan ban phulyo re - A bhajan by Pandit Jasraj
Dip jalaye jo ggton ke maine - Kalakaar
Aaye sur ke panchhi aaye - Sur Sangam
E Roshniyo ke shahar bata – mehdi hassan

Raga: Malagunji
Nainaso nain nahi milo - Jhanak Jhanak Payel Baaje
Ghar a ja ghir aye badra - Chhote Nawab
Unko yeh shikayat hai - Adaalat (old)
Na jiya lage na - Anand

Raga: Mand
Tu chanda main chandani - Reshma aur Shera
Kesariya Balma - Lekin
Suniyo Jee Araj – Lekin
Ab to hai tumse har khushi apni - Abhimaan
Piya piya bole mora kangana - Swarg Nark
Bachpan ki mohabbat ko - Baiju Baawara
Jo me jaanthi bisarat - Shabaab
Dheemo re chale re vaayariyo - Sultan Khan / Chitra's album Piya Basanti
Thade Rahiyo - Pakiza

Raga: Maru Bihag
Payelavali dekha na
Tum to pyar ho sajna - Sehra
Matavali nar thumak thumak
Radha jaye na
Jamunaa kinare aaja chaliya pukare aaja raadha jaye naa - Mehbooba

Raga: Marwa
Payeliya bavari - Saaz aur Aawaz

Raga: Megh Malhar
Ghata ghana ghora ghora - Tansen
Ghanana ghanana ghana baraso
Dukhabhare din bite re bhaiya - Mother India
Kare kare badra
Tan rangalo ji aaj man ranga lo baraso re - Tansen
Raga: Megh
Mahefil men baar baar kisi par nazar gai - A Ghazal by Gulam Ali.
Konpalen phir fut ayi - A Ghazal by Mehdi Hassan
Kahan se aye badra - Chashm-e-Bud-Dur

Raga: Miyan Ki Malhar
Lapak Jhapak – Boot Polish
Karo sab nichhavar
Nach mere mora jara nach
Bhaye Bhanjana...darasa tere mange main tera pujari - Basant Bahar
Nacha re mayura
Mammadshaha rangile
Bole re papihara - Guddi
Ek bas tu hi nahin - A Ghazal by Mehdi Hassan
Baadal umad bhar aaye - Saaz

Raga: Miya ki Todi
Bhini bhini bhor aayi - Asha Bhosle's Album 'Dil Padosi Hai'
Jhoothey Naina Bole - Lekin

Raga: Mohanam (Carnatic)
Jyoti Kalas Jalke - Bhabhi Ki Chudiyaan

Raga: Multani
Daya karo e giridhar-gopala

Raga: Nand/Anadi Kalyan
Tu jahan jahan chalega - Mera Saya

Raga: Naya ki Kanada
Chala diye deke gam

Raga: Pahadi
Sunri sakhi mohe sajna bulae - Nagin
Javan hai muhabbat- Anmol Ghadi
Tere nainonne chori kiya - Anmal Ghadi
Mere ankhomen bas gaya koi re - Barsaat (old)
Suhani rat dhal chuki - Dulari
O durke musaphir hamko bhi sath le le - Udan Khatola
Tasvir banata hun tasvir nahin banati - Baradari
Sun more sajna
Mushkil hai bahut mushkil - Mahal
Sajan ki galiyan chod chale - Baazar
Mohe jana hai pike nagariya
Mori atariyape kagan bole
Hai balma teri kasam
Aajki rat piya dil na todo
Prit ye kaisi bol duniya - Daag(old)
Mora nadan balma
Gaya andhera hua ujala - Subah Ka Tara
Sham dhale khidaki tale - Albala
Are ja re hato natakhat - Navrang
Tum mere mai teri
Sare jahanse achcha - Apna Ghar
Chal ud ja re panchi - Bhabhi
Tum ho jo mere hamsaphar
Vrindavanka krishna kanhaiya - Miss Mary
Tasvir banata hun teri khuna jigarase
Do sitaronka jamin par hai milan - Kohinoor
Koi pyaraki dekhe jadugari - Kohinoor
Dil todanevale
Apna bhi koi sathi hota
Tere bharose he nandalala - Title song - non film Album
Jo vada kiya vo - Taj Mahal
Jane kya dhundti rahati hain
Tum apna ranj o gam, apni pareshani mujhe de do
Parbatonke pedon para shamka basera
Savanke jhule pade - Jurmana
Nainka chain churakar le gayi - Chandramukhi
Sakhi ri mera man umade tana dole - Nagin
Ham aaj dil jalae
Do dil dhadak rahen hain aur avaj eka hai
Vo dil kahanse laun
Aaja raja leke barat aaja
Sab kuchh lutake hoshamen ae ro
Chaudavika chand ho - Chaudavika Chand
Ye vadiyan phijae bula rahi - Aaj aur Kal
Tujhko pukare mera pyar - Neel Kamal
Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar
Jara sun hasina ye sajni
Aja re tujhko mera pyar pukare - Waqt
Din hai baharke tere mere - Waqt
Kaun aya hai nigahonmen chamak jag uthi - Waqt
Ham jab simatake aapki bahonmen - Waqt
Maine dekha hai phulonse ladi shakhonmen
Age bhi jane na tu - Waqt
Nile parabtonki dhara - Aadmi aur Insaan
Yara dildara mera dil kahata - Aadmi aur Insaan
Salamat raho
Awaz mein na dunga...chahunga main tujhe sanjh savere - Dosti
Janevalo jara mudke dekho mujhe - Dosti
Gudiya hamse ruthi rahogi - Dosti
Lag ja gale ke phir ye hansi rat - Woh kaun thi
Baharonki manjhil rahe
Rahe na rahe ham maheka karenge - Mamta
Thukade hai mere dilke
Hamne to dilko apke kadmonpe
Usko nahin dekha hamne kabhi - Dadi Maa
Savanka mahina pavan kare sor - Milan
Aajki rat mere dilki salami - Raam Aur Shyam
Ratka samne jhume chandrama
Vahan kaun hai tera musaphir - Guide
Dil pukare a re a re - Jewel Thief
Rulake gaya sapna mera - Jewel Thief
Phulonke rangse - Prem Pujari
Jane na balma pritaki kasam
Tora man bada papi sanvariya re - Ganga Jamuna
Baharon mera jivan bhi sanvaro - Aakhiri Khat
Do dil tute do dil hare - Heer Ranjha (old)
Chalo dildar chalo - Pakeezah
Ye dil aur unki - Prem Parbat
Aaja re, aaja re o mere dilvar aaja - Noori
Kabhi kabhi mere dilmen - Kabhi Kabhi
Karavate badlate rahe sari raat ham - Aap ki Kasam
Chori chori koi ae - Noori
Sainya bina ghar suna - Lahu Ke Do Rang
Dilmen ek lahar si uthi hai abhi" - A Gulam Ali Ghazal
Kahe sataye kaheko rulaye - Quyamat Se Quyamat Tak
Hushn pahadonka - Ram Teri Ganga Maili
Kaise jiyunga main agar tu na mili - Sahibaan
Tod diya dil mera tune ai bewafa - Dulari
Isharon isharon mein dil lenewale - Kashmir Ki Kali
Neela aasman so gayaa - Silsila
Aapko dekhke baadalko pasinaa aa gayaa - Hum Aapke Dilmen Rahte Hai
Baharon Mera Jivan Savaron
Payo ji maine Ram ratan dhan payo
Sab kuch lutake hosh men aaye to kya kiya - Ek saal
Meri ankhon me basagaya koi re mohe ninda aye - Barsaat (old)
Aaj mausam bada - Loafer

Raga: Palasi
Gori tera gaanv bada pyara - Chit Chor
Hamari yad aayegi, kabhi tanhaiyon men -- Hamari Yaad Aaegi

Raga: Patdeep
Saaz ho tum awaz hun main - Saaz aur Awaz
Megha chhaye adhi rat - Sharmilee

Raga: Pilu
Ajahun na aye balma - Sanjh Aur Savera
Jhulemen pavanki ayi bahar - Baiju Bawra
More sainya ji utarenge paar nadiya dhire baho - Uran Khatola
Chandanka palna reshamki dori - Shabab
Dheere se aaja ri akhiyan mein nindiya - Albela
Apni kaho kuchh meri suno...Kya dilka lagana bhul gaye
Naina divani kuchh nahin mane
Badi der bhai kab loge khabar
Abke baras bite
Na manu na manu...dagabjaaz tori batiya na manu re - Ganga Jamuna
Hai Hai rasiya tu bada bedardi
Sainya tore dvare khade
Vapha jinse ki bevapha ho gae
Na jhatako julphse pani
E meri joharajabi - Waqt
Banwari Re Jeene Ka Sahara - Ek Phool Char Kante
Jaiye aap kahan jayenge - Mere Sanam
Dhoondho dhoondho re saajna - Ganga Jamuna
Allah megh de pani de - Guide
Kali ghata chhaye mora jiya ghabraye - Sujata
Piya piya na lage mora jiya
Main soya akhian meeche
Kabhi aar kabhi paar - Aar Paar
Tere bin soone nayan hamare - Meri Soorat Teri Aankhein
Pi ke ghar aaj pyari dulhaniya chali babul - Mother India
Vikal mora manva - Mamta
Maine shayad tumhe pahle - Barsaat Ki Raat (old)
Nadiya kinare harayee aayee kangna - Abhiman
Ab ke baras bhejo bhaiya ko babul - Bandini
Baharon ne mera chaman loot kar - Devar
Kaun gali gaye shyam - Pakeezah
Tu jo mere sur men - Chitchor
Na jao saiyan chhuda ke baiyan - Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
Din sara guzara tore angana - Junglee
Dhadakate dil ki tamanna - Shama
Sur na saje - Basant Bahar
Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko - Yaadon Ki Baraat
De de pyar de - Sharabi
Sach kehti hai duniya - Ishq Pe Jor Nahin
Maine rang li aaj chunariya sajana tore rang me - Dulhan Ek Raat Ki
Mainu ishq lag gaya rog - Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin
Surmayi akhiyonmen nanha munna ek sapna de jaa re - Sadma
Apni kaho kuch meri suno - Parchhain
Murali bairan bhayi re kanhaiya tori - New Dilli
Ajahun na aye balama - Sawan Beeta Jaye
Chaahat des se aane waale yeh to bataa ke sanam kaise hain - A ghazal by Pankaj Udhas
Saari saari raat teri yaad sataye – Aji Bas Shukriya

Raga: Puria Dhaneshri
Meri sanson ko jo mehaka rahi hai - Badalte Rishtey
Rang aur nur ki baraat kise pesh karun - Ghazal
Rut aa gayi re, rut chha gayi re - 1947-Earth
Hai rama yeh kya hua – Rangeela
Tumne kya kya kiya hai hamare liye - Prem Geet
Kitane dino ke baad ye aai sajana rat milan ki
Ruk jao banavasi ram - Sampurna Ramayan
Tori jay jay karatara
Koyaliya ud ja yahan nahi koya
Labon se chumlo, aankhon se thaamlo mujh ko - Aastha
Ya devi sarva bhuteshu – Pt Jasraj
Tere khamosh hothose – Anuradha Paudwal, Pankaj Udhas
Aake teri banho main – vansh
Honth saagar hai aankh paimane – ghulam ali

Raga: Rageshri
Muhabbat aisi dhadkan hai - Anarkali
Shubhadina ayo rajadulara
Mere sang ga gunguna - Janwar
Kaun aya mere manke dvare - Dekh Kabir Roya
Mitava bole mithe bain – Parichay
Ye kya hua – Amar Prem

Raga: Sarang
Savan aye ya na aye - Dil Diya Dard Liya
Aja bhanvara suni dagar
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet - Rani Roopmati
Dair-o-harammen basne waalon - Ghazal from Jagjit Singh's album 'Face to Face'
Saawan rut aaye dekho balam - Sultan Khan / Chitra's album Piya Basanti

Raga: Sudh Kalyan
Rasik balma - Chori Chori (Bhupali)
Ye shamki tanahaiyan
Chand phir nikala - Paying Guest
Meri muhabbat javan rahegi - Jaanvar
Jahaan daal daal par sone ki cheediyaan - Sikandar-e-Azam

Raga: Sudh Sarang
O savare aja pyar liye

Raga: Shankara
Rumajhuma rumajhuma chala tihari - Tansen
Bolo bolo kanha bolo chaliya - Chaliya

Raga: Shivranjani
Pardesiyo se naa – Jab Jab Phool Khile
Milti hai zindagi main mohabbat - Aankhen
Tod diya dil mera
Aavaz deke hamem tum bulao - Professor
Baharon phul barsao - Suraj
Jane kahan gaye woh din - Mera Naam Joker
Sansar hai ek nadiya - Raftaar
Laj rakho giridhari
Khabar meri naa lini re bahut din bite - Sant Gyaneshwar
Rimjhimke geet savan gaye - Anjaana
Mere naina savan bhado - Mahebooba
Banake kyun bigada re - Zanjeer
Na kisiki ankhka nur hun – Lal Qilla
O mere sanam - Sangam
Kai sadiyonse kai janmonse
Dilke jharokhemen tujhko bithakar - Bramhachari
Jo bhi dukh yaad na tha, yaad aya - A Ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Tere mere bichmen - Ek Duje ke liye
Saajan a jao
Lage na mora jiya, sajna nahin aye haye
Kahin deep jale kahin dil - Bees Saal Baad
Tumhe dekhti hun to lagta hai aise - Tumhare Liye
Chuma chuma...Mujhko banale priyatama - Pataal Bhairavi
Yaad teri aayegi - Ek Jaan Hai Hum
Mahive...Na jaiyo Pardes - Karma
Tumse milkar, na jane kyun, aur bhi kuchh yaad aata hai - Pyar Jhukta Nahin
Bheega bheega mausam aaya, barse ghata ghanghor - Bhayanak
Mujhe Kuch Kahna Hai - Mujhe Kuch Kahna Hai
O Saathi Re – Muqqaddar ka sikandar
Karoge yaad to - Bazaar

Raga: Sindh Bhairavi
Ajahun na aye balma - Sanjh Aur Savera
Mehendi lagi mere hathme
Sakiya aaj mujhe nind nahi
Chhod gaye balam - Barsaat (old)

Raga: Sohini
Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya - Swarna Sundari
Jhumati chali hava - Sangeet Samrat Tansen
Jivan jyot jale
Prem jogan ban ja
Kanha re kanha
Din Jogan Ban Gaye – Mughal E Azam ?

Raga: Sur Malhar
Dar lage garaje badariya - Ram Rajya

Raga: Tilang
Sajna sang kahe neha lagae - Main Nashe Me Hun
Itna to yaad hai mujhe - Mehboob ki Mehndi
Yahi arman lekar aaj apne - Shabab
Meri kahani bhulnevale - Deedar
Mujhe e jindagi divana kar de
Chhup gaye tare nazare - Do Raaste
Lagan tose lagi balma - Dekh Kabir Roya
Choota sa baalama ankhiyan neend udaye le gayo - Raagini
Raga: Tilak Kamod
Jalta rahata din raina
Tumhare bin ji na lage gharmen - Bhumika

Raga: Todi
Insan bano - Baiju Bawra
Mai to ek khvab hun - Himalaya Ki God Me
Jago re jago prabhat aya
Khuda e baratara teri jaminpar - Taj Mahal
Tori Jai Jai Kartaar - Baiju Bawra
Insane bano - Baiju Bawra
Jagmen sunder hai do naam, chahe krishna kaho ya ram – A bhajan by Anup Jalota
Duniya na bhaye mohe, ab to bulale - Basant Bahar

Raga: Vrindavani Sarang
Zutimuti batiya avan kahe – Rudali

Raga Malika
Raga Malika sung by Manna Dey – Jhanak Jhanak Payel Baje



Watch out for imminent Pittsburgh Sandy Hook Hoax!!!

Sent by Kate bates


Palestinian cuisine causes conflict with Jews in Pittsburgh

Restaurant called Conflict Kitchen serves dishes from nations with which the U.S. is in conflict - Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

Conflict Kitchen
Conflict Kitchen in its Palestinian incarnation. / Photo by Screenshot
By Haaretz
Published 16:07 10.10.14 
The Pittsburgh Jewish community is up in arms about a local restaurant that has begun featuring Palestinian food on its menu, CBS Pittsburgh reports. 

Conflict Kitchen serves dishes from nations with which the United States is in conflict. In the past, it has served food from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. 

The restaurant was the outcome of a desire to draw attention to cuisine options from countries that aren’t always represented in the U.S. National menus are typically rotated every three to five months. 

But the restaurant's decision to offer a menu of Palestinian food seems to have upset the local Jewish community, according to CBS. 

“Conflict Kitchen’s focus on countries in conflict is honorable, but Palestine is not in conflict with the U.S.," Gregg Roman, Director of the Community Relations Council at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. "The restaurant is stirring up conflict for the sake of trying to be relevant.”
Jon Rubin, one of the founders of Conflict Kitchen, rejected the criticism, saying the menu seems to be very popular with the restaurant's customers. 

“We’ve had 300 people each day, Monday and Tuesday, we opened on Monday and people are super excited and we’ve been very fortunate we’ve got a great base of customers who like to come to all the versions we do,” Rubin said. 

The idea behind the restaurant, Rubin said, was to "fill what we felt was a void in Pittsburgh. So we started thinking about what can we serve and how can we have a conversation that’s not already here. 

"We realized there has never been a Persian, or an Afghan or a Venezuelan restaurant in the city and that not only have those restaurants never existed but, those communities actually exist here.” 

Rubin said the restaurant was meant to generate conversations about different cultures and help to learn and respect the influences of others. He said he wanted people to be able to have a different perspective on countries that "we either politically or from the media view as enemies.”
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combo facades


Watch out for imminent Pittsburgh Sandy Hook Hoax!!! 


And there was never any Jewish Holocaust or Shoah!  It was a Soviet and Jewish fabrication used to cover U.S.A. and the Allies crimes against Germans where they slaughtered millions of innocent civilians!


Freda Utley “The High Cost of Vengeance” 1949, page 183




 William Cooper - The UGLY Truth - B'nai B'rth & the ADL

A Graceful Watchman For JEHOVAH
The Bauer-Rothschild Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations control everything in the U.S.A.!

Former Zionist Jew BENJAMIN FREEDMAN converts to Catholicism and exposes Jewish Conspiracy

 The Bauer-Rothschild Bank of England controls the Royals, Parliament and the Church of England!

Бакинские Тайны 7 - Еврейская община старого Баку


History They Don’t Teach You in School - Zionism


After Christendom was taken over by Satan Bauer Rothschild, non Semitic European (western) Jews (the self proclaimed Chosen Race of People), never stopped dragging the Christians and Christian apostates (Racists, Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Secularists, Laïques, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Humanists, Feminists, Homosexuals, Abortionists, etc,) into wars of extermination and plunder that would profit him Satan Bauer-Rothschild the Lord of Great Israel in the United Kingdom of Britain.

The non Semitic Jewish hordes were used as the very first guerrilla terrorists.
The 1946 British King David Hotel (Britain’s own False Flag) was used among other terrorist acts to justify British already planned abandonment of Palestine to the non Semitic hordes that were armed to the teeth by US, European, Australian and Canadian victors (the British Empire) over Germany.

Racist Western Judeo Christian non Semitic Jews did indeed use “TERROR, ASSASSINATION, INTIMIDATION, LAND CONFISCATION AND THE CUTTING OF ALL SOCIAL SERVICES” to rid the homeland of Jesus-Christ and his bloodline of all its Semitic population.

This was a Satanic BRITISH-US-FRENCH Plan to control Muslims, vilify Islam, and exterminate any freedom-fighters, and non fighting civilians, men, women, children and babies, including Christians!

The notorious racist Europeans and Christians (of Rome and not of Christ, and not of Yakov (James the Just) and Judas (Jude), both Jesus’ brothers, imposed the racist JEW-ARAB divide that racist Semitic HYKSOS, Israelite bandits (called HABARUS, HIBIRUS or HEBREWS by the Egyptians) invented in their own Holy Satanic Scriptures after they were expelled from Egypt to Canaan, the land of Palestine. 

The British gave Canaan, the Land of Palestine, to the Jewish hordes following a British promise made by Earl Balfour to the financial ruler of Great Britain Lord Bauer-Rothschild in repayment of him and his gangsters (mafia) the U.S.A. join the First Jewish Zionist World War using their treacherous puppet Woodrow Wilson.

Bauer-Rothschild human sacrifice in Mesopotomia 2003 (Iraq)


(BAFS – 16 October 2014)


Rothschild Zionism Vatican and Israel

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Trois mois de prison avec sursis et 10 000 euros d’amende requis contre Alain Soral

L’essayiste d’extrême droite est accusé d’incitation à la haine pour ses diatribes contre le journaliste Frédéric Haziza et la communauté juive.

Trois mois de prison avec sursis et 10 000 euros d’amende ont été requis vendredi à l’encontre de l’essayiste d’extrême droite Alain Soral, accusé d’incitation à « la haine, la discrimination ou la violence » à l’égard du journaliste Frédéric Haziza et de la communauté juive. « On est ici dans l’appel à la haine de l’autre. Et l’autre, c’est M. Haziza et c’est le Juif. On est là au-delà de la liberté d’expression et personne dans notre République ne devrait pouvoir être l’objet de telles attaques », a déclaré la procureur Annabelle Philippe.
Dans une vidéo diffusée en décembre 2012 sur Internet, Alain Bonnet, dit Soral, décernait le titre du « con du mois » à Frédéric Haziza, journaliste de la chaîne parlementaire LCP et de radio J, qui avait refusé de le recevoir pour parler de son dernier livre en lui reprochant de « de véhiculer des messages de haine, de violence, de racisme et d’antisémitisme ». « Si j’ai refusé de recevoir M. Soral, c’est que j’ai été meurtri par ce qui se trouve dans sa littérature et sur son site », a expliqué à l’audience Frédéric Haziza, se disant victime depuis lors d’un acharnement des « fans » de Soral qui le poursuivent avec « des messages de haine ».

Lire la suite de l’article sur

Trois mois de prison avec sursis requis contre Alain Soral

Le Point - Publié le - Modifié le

L'essayiste d'extrême droite est accusé d'incitation à la haine pour ses diatribes contre le journaliste Frédéric Haziza et la communauté juive.

Alain Soral lors d'une conférence de presse, en 2009.
Alain Soral lors d'une conférence de presse, en 2009.© BORIS HORVAT / AFP

"Censeur tribaliste" (Soral)

Sur son site, Alain Soral avait dépeint Frédéric Haziza comme "un journaliste issu de la communauté dont on n'a pas le droit de parler qui occupe... oui, c'est le mot... il s'agit d'occupation... à peu près la totalité de la super structure idéologique de la France" et qui fait "un boulot de censeur tribaliste". "J'en ai plus que marre que des gens qui représentent moins de 1 % de la population française et qui tiennent à peu près toutes les places de décision crachent à la gueule des Français comme moi", avait-il ajouté en dénonçant "une arrogance, une domination et une malhonnêteté communautaire".
À la barre, Alain Soral, 56 ans, crâne rasé, blouson de cuir sur un tee-shirt portant l'inscription "Goy" (non-juif) en lettres gothiques, s'est présenté comme une victime "de persécutions d'une communauté organisée". "Je suis menacé à travers des procès, on tente de me faire taire", a-t-il lancé en présentant sa vidéo comme "humoristique". "Expliquez-nous son caractère comique", lui a demandé le président. "C'est de l'ironie, celle qui fait rire dans les spectacles de l'humoriste Dieudonné", a répondu Soral qui a affirmé ne pas viser tous les juifs, mais "la communauté des juifs sionistes communautaires radicalisés".

Un "prédicateur de la haine"

Frédéric Haziza et plusieurs associations dont l'Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF), la Ligue contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme (LICRA), SOS racisme et la Ligue des droits de l'homme se sont constitués parties civiles. "M. Haziza n'est pas visé en tant que journaliste, mais en tant que juif", a fait valoir son avocate, Me Stéphanie Zaks. "À travers lui, c'est toute la communauté juive qui est ciblée", a ajouté Me Jérémie Boulay pour la Licra. "M. Soral est un prédicateur de la haine qui fait sa propagande sur le dos de M. Haziza", a résumé Me Stéphane Lilti, pour l'Union des organisations juives de France (UOJF).
Les parties civiles ont réclamé le retrait de la vidéo incriminée et la publication du jugement sur le site d'Alain Soral et dans plusieurs journaux. SOS Racisme et la LDH ont en outre demandé chacun 5 000 euros de dommages et intérêts. Le tribunal a mis son jugement en délibéré au 21 novembre.

L’argumentaire d’Alain Soral résumé en trois minutes (réponse du président d’Egalité & Réconciliation à la question « Qu’est-ce qu’être juif ? ») :

JUIF? Selon Alain Soral

infolive tv


David Icke Debunked (Full Movie)

Chris White

The Interesting Origin of 2012 Theories

New Freedommkf1 Channel

20 reasons US economy has become worse under Obama

By almost any measure that you can think of, the U.S. economy has gotten worse since Barack Obama became president. Unemployment is higher, the cost of food and gas are skyrocketing, the number of Americans living in poverty has spiked dramatically, the housing market is in nightmarish shape and our national debt has absolutely exploded.


The following are 20 ways that the U.S. economy has gotten even worse since Barack Obama became president:

#1 In January 2009, the official U.S. unemployment rate was 7.6 percent. Today it is 9.1 percent.

#2 When Barack Obama took office, the number of "long-term unemployed" in the United States was approximately 2.6 million. Today, that number is up to 6.2 million.

#3 When Barack Obama first became president, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83. Today it is $3.79. This also affects the price of almost everything else that we buy.

#4 In April 2009, the average U.S. household spent approximately $201 on gasoline. In April 2011, the average U.S. household spent approximately $369.

#5 According to an article in the Daily Mail, the cost of a Memorial Day cookout was 29 percent higher this year than it was last year.

#6 When Barack Obama was sworn in, there were nearly 32 million Americans on food stamps. Today, there are more than 44 million on food stamps.

#7 According to the U.S. Census, the number of children living in poverty has gone up by about 2 million in just the past 2 years.

#8 When Barack Obama took office, the U.S. national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars. Today it is 14.3 trillion dollars.

#9 The federal government has borrowed 29,660 more dollars per household since Barack Obama signed the economic stimulus law two years ago.

#10 During Barack Obama's first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.

#11 The combined debt of the major GSEs (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae) has increased from 3.2 trillion in 2008 to 6.4 trillion in 2011. Thanks to George W. Bush, Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress, U.S. taxpayers are standing behind that debt.

#12 Under Obama, the U.S. trade deficit continues to grow. The trade deficit was about 33 percent larger in 2010 than it was in 2009, and the 2011 trade deficit is expected to be even bigger.

#13 Only 66.8% of American men had a job last year. That was the lowest level that has ever been recorded in all of U.S. history.

#14 Just since August, 2 million more Americans have left the labor force.

#15 In 2010, more than a million U.S. families lost their homes to foreclosure for the first time ever, and that number is expected to go even higher in 2011.

#16 The U.S. real estate crisis just continues to get worse. During the first three months of this year, less new homes were sold in the U.S. than in any three month period ever recorded.

#17 The U.S. dollar has fallen by 17 percent compared to other major national currencies since 2009.

#18 Faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. Treasuries is rapidly declining. The mainstream news is not reporting on it much, but right now the Chinese are rapidly dumping U.S. government debt. That is not a good sign.



KATE BATES' LETTER TO EDITOR JESSE BACON - Corbett's SRC is outrageous! Fracking for export must end ...

 From: Kaamilah (Kate Bates)

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Subject: your letter to the editor
To: Jesse Bacon <>

Yes it is good, thanks. K.Bates

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Jesse Bacon <> wrote:

Hi Kathleen,
I edited your letter a bit , mostly  for length.

Corbett's SRC is outrageous!  I support the teachers, students and parents against this supposed reform school position.  Fracking for export must end because of risk to our water table and life itself but while this ghastly program is in effect tax them to the hilt. Tax the shale, not the teachers!

Does that look ok?
Jesse Bacon, Communications Director
PA Working Families


"That all citizens will be given an equal start through a sound education is one of the most basic, promised rights of our democracy. Our chronic refusal as a nation to guarantee that right for all children…. is rooted in a kind of moral blindness, or at least a failure of moral imagination…. It is a failure which threatens our future as a nation of citizens called to a common purpose… tied to one another by a common bond."—Senator Paul Wellstone — March 31, 2000


In Philly, Governor Tom Corbett’s School Reform Commission Cancels Teachers’ Contract

You might have missed this news.  It wasn’t covered extensively outside Philadelphia.  Early Monday morning at a meeting that had been announced publicly with only a small notice in the newspaper, Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission—Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s state “oversight” body, a sort of stand-in for a locally elected school board—summarily cancelled the school district’s contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.
The purpose of the cancellation was, of course, to free up enough money for the School District of Philadelphia to operate through this school year.  It is now admitted that the local $2-per-pack tax on cigarettes—that the state legislature finally permitted Philadelphia to levy—won’t yield as much money as had been hoped.
The Philadelphia Public School Notebook explains: “At a special meeting that was barely publicized until hours before its 9:30 A.M. start, with no public testimony before acting, the School Reform Commission unanimously voted to cancel the contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers in order to rework its health-care provisions.”  The School Reform Commission explained that by revoking the union contract, it won’t cut salaries but will require teachers to contribute to their health care premiums.  According to the Notebook, “The SRC will also stop underwriting the union’s Health and Welfare Fund, which provides prescription, dental, vision and other benefits to active members and retirees.”  Benefits for retirees will be ended entirely.
According to the Notebook, “The SRC has already ignored provisions of the expired contract.  In summer 2013 it stopped paying teachers for so-called ‘step’ and ‘lane’ increases, which accrue automatically based on experience and advanced degrees earned.”
Chairman of the School Reform Commission, William Green and the school district’s Superintendent William Hite are described by the Philadelphia Inquireras saying that the cancellation of the contract is necessary so that money can be used to re-hire enough teachers to reduce class size and bring back key staff such as counselors and school nurses.  Hite commented: “But we still don’t have sufficient resources in order to educate our children.  This allows us to save millions of dollars that we can return to schools very quickly.”  In a follow-up article by the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, Hite is quoted: “I’ve said over and over again, ‘We don’t pay them enough.’ But I’ve also said, given the fiscal environment in which we are facing, we all have to share in the sacrifice….”
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the School Reform Commission is not entirely sure that the law passed in 1998 by which the state seized control of the school district from the local school board permits the abrogation of the legal contract with the teachers union: “The district will immediately go to court to affirm the SRC’s action, filing a motion for declaratory judgement with the Pennsylvania Department of Education as co-plaintiff.”  The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers will seek an injunction to block the School Reform Commission’s cancellation of the contract.
When Governor Tom Corbett and members of his appointed School Reform Commission demand “shared sacrifice” from Philadelphia’s teachers, one has to step back to consider what has really been going on in Pennsylvania.  In 2011, Corbett, a strong believer in low taxes, slashed over $1 billion out of the state’s education budget.  The school funding formula that directed at least some additional money to school districts like Philadelphia with overwhelming family poverty was scrapped.  Charter schools in Pennsylvania are known to be poorly regulated in state law, and they also take money directly out of local school district budgets.  Philadelphia is host to more charter schools than any other school district in the state.  All this has created a financial crisis that has shifted the burden for serving Philadelphia’s children almost entirely onto the shoulders of classroom teachers and building principals.  Support services of all sorts have not only been reduced; in many schools they have been eliminated.
In yesterday’s coverage, the Notebook reported:“Class size has grown.  Northeast High started off the year with a science class with 62 students and Central with an English class of 50.  Students have had to raise money themselves to put on a play, print a newspaper, or run an after school club.  Most schools have art or music instruction, but few have both.  Parents donate copy paper.”
This blog has extensively covered the school funding crisis Governor Corbett and the legislature have created.  To demonstrate the range of concerns, I’ll provide not mere links but also the dates and titles of the posts: PA Permits Cigarette Tax, But Crisis in Philly Drags On, October 1, 2014; Schools Open in Philadelphia, But Crisis Drags On, September 16, 2014;  Swarthmore Profs Say Philly Schools Lack Needed Money: PA Funding Process Flawed, August 13, 2014;  Huge Hole Remains in Philadelphia School Budget; Legislature Goes Home without Addressing Crisis, August 7, 2014;  Textbook Budgets and Book Distribution Tightly Connected with Standardized Test Scores, July 16, 2014;  Pennsylvania Budget Fails to Provide for Desperate Education Needs of Philadelphia’s Children, July 1, 2014;  Refusing to Educate Other People’s Children: Woes Continue in Philadelphia, June 23, 2014;  Unequal Opportunity the Norm: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, May 21, 2014;  Philly Parent Activist: How Portfolio School Reform Is Destroying the School District, April 14, 2014;  Lacking Fair Basic Aid Plan, Pennsylvania Continues to Starve Philly Schools, February 13, 2014;  and How Philadelphia’s School Crisis Crushes Opportunity: Money and Stability Matter, November 30, 2013.
We are a culture that values people we consider “good sports,” especially when they are women. By abrogating a legal contract with Philadelphia’s teachers, Governor Corbett and his appointed overseers of the Philadelphia schools are implying that school teachers should be good sports and return to the old model—the schoolmarm who boards with a local family and stays in the spare bedroom and who gives up her working life when she herself has a family. It is a model that imagines the personal sacrifice and devotion of well-intentioned young women.  It is also a model from the nineteenth century.
Today we know that teachers’ salaries for men and women are needed to support their families.  We require teachers to be well-trained professionals who earn step increases by furthering their own expertise over the years.  We no longer consider them to be temporary babysitters who give a few years to school children but are really on their way to marriage and motherhood or to a more remunerative “real” profession later.  Or do we?   The calls by people like Governor Tom Corbett for shared sacrifice and appeals to the image of the devoted nineteenth century schoolmarm are especially cynical these days. Really in Pennsylvania and across the country, what politicians expect is for teachers to sacrifice so that the rest of us can have more tax cuts.

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The real victims of Tom Corbett's move to screw over teachers will be the children of Philadelphia

But bashing educators is integral to the political playbook of America’s most vulnerable governor and his Republican party
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Do you think corporations need tax breaks more than teachers need their full paychecks?Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP
Philadelphia School Reform Commission chairman Bill Green declared on Monday that my teachers union needs to “share in the sacrifice”.
And then the unelected, unaccountable entity charged with school oversight for the fifth largest city in the United States – in a las