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How I allowed God to fool me! The Satanic World Order. ALLAN KARDEC.

How I allowed God to fool me!
The Satanic World Order. ALLAN KARDEC.
 Jordan Peterson's Prophetic Message! (2018-2019)
Published on 21 Oct 2018

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A Short Story of Creation - Flat Earth Primer

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A Short Story of Creation - Flat Earth Primer Admin on Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:55 pm

Thanks to Rene J. Nadeau from Boston for writing the following 62-page flat Earth introductory book and sharing it for free with IFERS, "A Short Story of Creation: As Told by a Wondrous Man's Earthly Evolutionary Travel Into a World of Wonderland." Please download and pass this ebook along to anyone you think might benefit from its contents: A Short Story of Creation PDF You can also contact the author at


I had never in my wildest dreams ever doubted the authenticity of the Moon landings. After all, I’d watched them live on TV network news broadcast programs. What often got me thinking was what I hadn't seen. After reportedly having men travel an unbelievable 287,000 miles (1969-1972 to the Moon and then back safely several times) apparently with far less computer power than you and I hold in our hands today, even with our vastly improved technology, we still hadn’t been back to the Moon. Manned space travel had not progressed but in fact had regressed to reportedly an International Space Station, a mere 200 miles high up in Earth’s orbit. So after nearly 50 years, man was staying ever closer to Earth, not exploring outer space as you’d reasonably expect progress would dictate. (7)

I've recently and proudly been able to self-diagnose one of my mental illnesses, and I’m happy to report with self-therapy, I'm on my way to a full recovery. Flat vs Spherical Earth: I believe is a form of wide-spread global mental illness, contributing to declines in everyone's overall health. As an ordinary critical-thinking human-being, I have come to the conclusion that this mental illness should be identified as “Round Earth Taught Anal Retention Disorder Syndrome,”or simply R.E.T.A.R.D.S., as determined by evidence that retarded my own eyes, preventing me from seeing the plane truth on the horizon, victimized by indoctrination experiences that all student inmates have been subjected to. (17)

By the system teaching: Women can be Men and Men can be Women with everything equal. Women: are duped into not wanting to be bothered with being mothers anymore and to act more like men. Feminism is not a grassroots movement but started by the powers that be (the system), in order to brainwash, not to help, but to eliminate women, leading women to believe they were oppressed, when in fact the opposite is true, and they were the most privileged class in all of recorded history. Not having to work outside the home, they were able to partake in the most rewarding job of all: raising their children in the safety of suburbs with their husbands having full job security. Now stay-at-home moms raising children are nearly extinct with others often shaming them into getting jobs. Tricked by the system into believing they were oppressed, these women now must work even harder for a system screwing them out of the natural order of family and life's renewal, in its place working heartless empty corporate wage-slave jobs, burdened with student loan debt, and often raising a child, no longer needing a male role model with assistance of the system, often finding themselves alone or with cats in place of children and family, believing this was all their own idea. They have no clue what hit them but will defend the very system that now enslaves them, as their fertility expires, often ending up lonely, highly educated, (brainwashed) highly medicated, highly in debt, depressed expiring cat owners, with litter boxes to clean, duped again that they can do anything, only to find themselves having to do everything, ending up with nothing but cats rubbing against them and dogs humping their legs, sagging fading tattoos, and a lifetime of rainbows of unnatural hair dye (the likes of scary circus clowns) of blue, green, red and orange (unattractive to men), and more dates with Ben and Jerry including Dr. Feel Good, in order to distract them from the reality of failure. With all these created movements of fat acceptance, debt acceptance, STD acceptance, abortion acceptance, birth control acceptance, age acceptance, poor health acceptance, diabetes acceptance, etc… It all boils down to DEATH acceptance! Women are being liberated right out of existence with the system knowing the way to control anyone's mind is to lead them to believe they’re free and liberated when they’re not! And thereby reducing the population… Sadly, women are no longer in control of their minds and failing to see the obvious on the horizon. (24)

Men: are being conditioned that masculinity is no longer a desirable trait with everyone equal and encouraged to act more like women, trending towards being conditioned to live more of a metrosexual lifestyle, even taught by the system and media that they can grow up to be women. In its wake, such men are becoming less and less attractive to women. Women acting like women are increasingly ever more difficult to meet, instead acting more like drag queens causing increased rejection from men’s attempts to meet them. This, along with most of the good-paying manufacturing jobs gone forever that gave men agency, has caused men’s instinctual drive to provide and protect to greatly diminish, and for them to no longer have resources and/or status to attract a woman. The men that do have resources are in ever greater numbers unwilling to enter into marriage contracts or even relationships with women as that leaves them vulnerable to financial and emotional destruction. Women are also in ever greater numbers becoming no longer attractive to men. The fat acceptance movement has tricked women that poor health, tattoos, and circus clown appearances is the new sexy and that it’s all men’s fault in not finding them attractive. It has been insanely vocalized in media that men should love every inch of an obese woman's unhealthy body. This would be like having a male bum sitting on a street corner holding a sign up attempting to attract women saying “you should love me for every penny I have.” Marriage has been made unsafe ground and a recipe for total financial and emotional destruction. “No fault divorce laws” have given preference to women in a life’s contract, including family courts are most always in favor of women while enriching lawyers and judges, where on a whim a woman can toss a man out of his own house, have his children taken away and then be forced to pay child support. Men are conditioned that relationships with women are now to be avoided, with movements encouraging them to just go their own way, the ones that do choose to swim with the sharks practicing catch and release. Many men now never leave home, watching internet porn and playing video games in their parent’s basements. Family life is put on hold or never happens leading to failure to be able to pair-bond with women to produce the next generation. This leads to death/failure as a result of both men and women being unable to see the obvious on the horizon. The system is hell-bent on destroying the nuclear family. (25)

A Flat Earth Awakening Story


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Published on 2 Feb 2017

Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon the most incredible revelation of his lifetime, a revelation so fundamental and Earth-shattering that it awakened his long-dormant spiritual side and caused him to become a firm proponent of intelligent design. In the hopes that others might benefit, Rene is sharing his story of learning at the ripe age of 62 that our Earth is not at all what we've been taught to believe. Please share this video with the atheists you know and help spread the truth about our flat, motionless Earth. 
To read Rene's full PDF for free: 
To buy the book on Amazon: 

 La vie de Nouman Ali Khan ᴴᴰ | Interview
Nouman Ali Khan Français

Mark Siljander @ ICCP

Islamic Community Center of Phoenix

Soral répond ! : l’émission du 17 mai 2015

 BBK ACTUS 72- Liberté d'expression, Dieudonné Provocations. le Syndrome de l'Eléphant rose 

Published on 22 Oct 2012

...arrêtons de nous demander si ce qu'ils nous racontent est vrai et crédible. Ce débat est dépassé. La vraie question est: nous parle t’on vraiment de la sorte? Est-ce que les présentateurs, les polémistes crayonneurs osent le fumisme à si haut niveau? Ou est-ce que quelqu'un fabrique des preuves POUR convaincre les derniers endormis qui croiraient encore apprendre quoi que ce soit dans la boîte à loboto?

Petite leçon de virilité par Alain Soral 

Uploaded on 24 Jun 2011
L'abandon progressif du duel d'honneur dans la société française ainsi qu'un système éducatif castrateur marquent une lente mais certaine émasculation mentale et physique du mâle français. Soral nous rappelle ce que signifie être un homme.

 SHOCKING TRUTH Jewish Zionists - Communist Bolsheviks

 How I allowed God to fool me!


 Published on 30 Jul 2015

Don't scream, you fools of bogus Gods!  The real God is right here in your heart if you have one and if you are sane of mind!  
The truth is that I found nobody to tell me the whole Truth about God, the Universal One and Only God for the whole of creation and humankind, a concept that we can find best described only in Islam.  
The truth is that God did not fool me, but I allowed myself to be fooled because of the lies that humankind taught us about God and Gods.  The perfidious Albion destroyed or considerably reduced all non White European way of life and we ended finding ourselves at the mercy of Corporations that decided in what we should believe or not and what should be our way of life until the end of time.  We jumped from Christ to Victorian hegemony and to that of Satan (all the evil forces that ruled our world with utter cruelty and mendacity) calling it liberation, the most prominent aspects of which being the invention of Western Democracy, the Sexual Revolution of the sixties, and the new religion of Might is Right!  All the military might is theirs and none for the others because the latter might be provoked by the warmongers to defend themselves, in particular the Muslim nations who have been disarmed, prevented from arming themselves ever by order of the warmongers who own and control everything and everybody, almost.
Mauritius Airport 1964 - Leaving for Moscow.  Rendez-Vous with Destiny. - Copyright

But, when I found this out mostly by myself by extensive reading and life experiences I did not become an Atheist outright like hundreds of millions have already done because Atheism is far worse than believing in or accepting a non-existent God without whom so many humans will fall in utter despair, destroy their lives and the life of others.  The one group of humans I dislike is the preachers of whatever religion or ideology, mainly because of their blindness and fanaticism!  Currently, I am giving or throwing away what was left of my life-long priceless library that I was forced to carry from town to town and country to country since 1968 as nobody really wants them because they have the Almighty Google of which they have become lifetime fanatics and addicts.  The few I painfully selected last night for yet another Holocaust was 9 or 10 volumes of the Cassell's Illustrated History of England.  The Central Baptist Church (a Conglomerate or Corporation part of the State Mind Control Apparatus!) adjacent to my Black Ghetto and Attic Flat has already taken over a hundred of my most precious books, Bibles and encyclopaedias on Christianity, many printed in the 19th century.  I kept one printed in 1687 for myself!  They politely refused my Zionist "Jehovah Witnesses'" collection of hundreds of magazines.  The amusing thing is that even the "Jehovah Witnesses" refused them saying "we never take back our magazines"!  But, they were not scared to take away my wife and by fraud (they are indeed con people for the most part!) my house also, and my business (Westminster Court) in Colchester, and there can never be any redress as they are protected by the Jewish Lobby, the Royals and 10 Downing Street.  
My first wife before God - Naïna Gregoryevna Sadabash.  Stavropol 1967
- Copyright

I lived nearly 70 years on an Earth ruled by the forces of evil (symbolically Satan) and endured all kinds of tribulations falsely believing that there was such a God as most of us believe in, and in such things as humanity, love, freedom, honesty, justice, morality and hope, yet, although it is true that to some extent there is much but not enough of each of those divine (moral) qualities, I found no such God or forces of Goodness to counter the power of evil and make sure that most of us can find some kind of happiness (after a life of dedication and service tp others) without having to hate, envy, cheat, steal, trick, lie and murder our way in life or fall victims of the evil ones.  When I left Mauritius in 1975, I carved on the plaque of the "Supreme Court of Justice" the letters IN before the word JUSTICE, meaning that I already found out that there was no such thing as Justice under British rule only to find out later that Justice is not to be found anywhere in the world under Satan's control and reign.
My second wife before both Caesar and God - Shirin A. Gaffoor - Paris, France. - Copyright

I despise religious fanatics and preachers of love for their own religion and hatred for others or advocates of ideologies that are responsible for the downfall of humanity and the extermination and impoverishment of hundreds of millions of the Earth inhabitants.  This whole Jewish and Christian Covenants with God are bogus just as these heavenly Paradise and Hell Muslims and others believe in.  (I have a diffferent reading and understanding of Islamic Holy Scriptures)  All Divine Covenants have been broken after they have been ratified by the Believers!  Even the contract men have with Earthly women is not sacred any more, but a Satanic one as the Shari'a of God (of the Vedas, Israel or Islam) has been outlawed and replaced by a diabolical one that has removed all virility in most of our men and all femininity and real motherhood in most of our women, and made most of us into either Zombies or literal monsters, consciously or not.  As for both Vedantism ("Hinduism") and Buddhism, they are not universal although together they count over a billion followers.  Re-incarnation is another great misconception and deception or simple wishful thinking.  All this mysterious human earth presence seems more like an "Alien" mystification as evidence exists that there also exists an invisible realm of which we know next to nothing, and because of the fact that we can find no earthly answers to our origins and our very existence and destiny.  This led me to title my second attempt at writing a book "The Alien Beginning and End of Humankind" - 1200 pages fully illustrated, but that I never got published because I was told by one Muslim London publisher that "Jews finance my company"! 
My wife Naïna told me in December 1968 that our son died at birth.  
I was not allowed back in the U.S.S.R. to resume my medical studies or to see my wife.  
After my 2nd wedding with Shirin I received this photograph from Naïna telling me our son did not die but had been kidnapped at birth from the hospital!  
She re-married and has a daughter Nina.
 - Copyright

Anyway it was too late for me when I finally realise how materialistic, wicked and cruel or simply indifferent to human suffering most humans in the world, including in my own family and household, have been, are and can still be collectively by building their happiness on the misery and at the expense of others like leeches and parasites.  But, even if there is no such hope as is preached by religion, all of them, I am lucky to still have a little life and consciousness left, months or years (hoping and wishing it is not just days!) in order to do certain things that I have always cherished - writing about my life and experiences knowing perfectly well that the younger generation will almost never listen to right guidance, to their elders and their wisdom as money has the power to destroy all humanity in them making them most ungrateful beings, and making us ask the cruel question: why put children on Earth in the first place?  Islam says God giveth and taketh life, but this is only true for us to understand that all life is sacred.  The answer to our purpose in life is very simple.  There is no greater happiness than bringing naturally new angelic life of our own kind or of adopting and taking care of natural new life of the human kind, with courage, a lot of effort and dedication, true love, and personal sacrifice and morals above all things.  But, what the forces of evil that rule the Earth are doing is breeding an entire race of monsters they call humans, but that have no humanity in them. 
I managed the Windsor Hotel in Paris for over 10 years (1975-1988), but my 3rd wife Sylviane Paulette Garnier said in her affidavit to the Court in Britain that I never worked in the Hotel "except changing the odd light bulbs"!  - Copyright

Even my only child hardly listened to his Papa's advice.  He must have understood long ago that even his Papa hardly listen to his own advice, which is true.  He preached to others what he himself could not implement in his own life, not due to moral failure, laziness or hypocrisy, but most probably due to mental (brain) weakness (deficiency).  When the memory is poor it opens the gates to a lot of nasty things as many like myself seem to never learn from their own life experience and mistakes.   But, will my three granddaughters or those coming after them listen to it when they have almost been taken away from me and when they see my life as a total failure, which in many ways it is?  My other grand children, will I ever see them?  My first born son (10 September 1968) Olyeg's children and any others who innocent and foolish or sexually "liberated" women will bring forth to this accursed world and life?  Lesbians are getting "married" these days and giving birth to children from spermatozoa 'donated' by male homosexuals!  Male homosexuals are getting "married" even in Church and adopting our babies, buying them on order!  Fathers are "marrying" their own daughters and making the daughters proud having babies of their own fathers.  Mothers are having sex with their own sons and carrying their sons' children!  But, Muslims are not allowed to have more than one wife!  As many whores or prostitutes as we like, but never two or more wives!  This is indeed a Satanic world we are forced to live in and do not tell me that there is such a God when He does not know how to manage His own Business - the Creation of humankind and its Destiny!  
My wife Shirin could not have children.  In 1981, when she was in Mauritius I married (before God) a Polish girl Małgorzata Skrobut who agreed to bear our children.  
My boss' wife Sylviane (later to be my fourth wife before God) got jealous and wanted to bear my children despite being married herself.  Her husband Gérard who could not have children and never wanted any agreed.  When our son Muhammad Cédric was born he was both baptized and circumcised.  It was a deal between God, Gérard, his wife, my wife, and me, with Gérard holding the aces  

- Copyright

But, the reason why I still love Islam (like I still love all my wives!), but do not trust God anymore, although I cannot live without God (this seems paradoxical, but that's exactly what real life, my life was and is like!), is because both Islam and the acceptance (not the belief in) God as well as the existence of believers and non believers alike who are full of love and compassion (humans with pure hearts) provide us with the proof we need to acknowledge that many of us (although not enough) have a pure heart and maybe even a soul and are the best beings in existence.  As they have definitely not evolved from the rock, they must have been created and designed by some superior force, a Master Designer, a Supreme Creator even if this too seems unbelievable, I mean contrary to reason and completely beyond our human comprehension.  And because of those good souls and for their sake life is indeed worth living even if the hardest bit is when we have to fight the injustice and wickedness of our own loved ones.  Strangely again it is also contrary to reason to say conclusively that there is no such Master Designer.  Life is indeed a contradiction.  I would like to meet the one who claims he or she has found The Truth! 
My 'step' daughter Nina after my first wife Naïna re-married.  - Copyright

My US American Brother in humanity, Ron Hall, was so disgusted with Christianity that he contemplated embracing Islam, but he was too afraid of what his Tribe would do to him that he chose to join the Agnostics.  (It is the very first time in my life that I am breaking my own rule of discretion and privacy by revealing this matter!  And nothing will stop me revealing more starting with my own family and loved ones!  The only ones who will object are those of a guilty conscience if they have one!) I would never embrace agnosticism because I KNOW!  But, trying to wake up all the others to the truth of life (as far as this can be known) and of current events is almost an impossible task and serves no purpose except keeping us alive and going (surviving) in such a chaotic, ruthless and cruel world.  We know so little and the little we know has to be constantly revised as there are forces out there to write and preach lies that they pass for truth.  But, when we tell the truth (the little we know) the masses will either ignore us or try to "kill" us in all kinds of disloyal and treacherous fashion!   Tell the truth joking, the same earthlings will flock to listen to us and laugh, and even pay for it, but will do nothing to improve things and stop the criminals!  All they want is personal fame and satisfaction, and entertainment, and they do not give a damn about human life, freedom, truth, justice, morality and the future of their own kind and that of the world!  Materialism, Hedonism and Narcissism are their supreme religions and way of life.  It is sad, but this is the truth – MY TRUTH!
In 1981 I was unable to make Sylviane pregnant.  
She had her first and only child Joachim when she was 18 (with a married Jewish man who did not want anything to do with him).  So, we went to 

Père Lachaise Cemetery (where her mother Arlette or Raymonde lived) to pray to Allan Kardec (to mediate) for a child.  Sylviane is seen here behind the pillar praying and touching the effigy of Allan Kardec. 

- Copyright

The Holy Qur’ân is a living miracle, a perfected allegory on past, present and future realities, but only blind, deaf, heartless, soulless and lazy humans (including racists) cannot or refuse to see that!  Am I a human of faith?  No, definitely not!  Yet, I firmly believe (faith, isn't it?) that humankind can exist and survive only in truth and a permanent struggle for freedom, justice and morality and the best concepts for a free and justice loving and caring humanity are found in no other place than in the Book of Islam - the Holy Qur'ân where the permanent struggle to achieve them has been made mandatory even if the Satanic forces have outlawed all resistance to their hegemony on world affairs.  What is Islam?  It is the perfection of all that was, is and ever will be, the very best that the wise of old (Vedas, Israel, Buddha, Christ and Muhammad) could offer to humankind.  But, with time, those who pledged allegiance to the Prophets and to their Messages and even to God disobeyed and joined the Hypocrites and the unbelievers and say:  “Shall we believe as the fools have believed?”  So, Islam too has failed although not completely, but will humans ever return to the Natural Way of Life and Being, show gratefulness and regain their lost honour and dignity?  Very unlikely!  
Life was tough for us in Britain where Sylviane my third wife before God who had moved there in 1990 (against my will) got conned over 1 million French Franks by my own apostate aand Police informant brother who retaliated when I found out (when I moved there) by having our house burgled, our car stolen, and a pig's head placed on our letter box.  The Police never found the burglars although stolen items were seen at my brother's shop by our own sister Farida (now deceased), and said the car was his so he took (stole) it back, and the pig head was just a joke, the Police said!  - Copyright

Humans, in writing or in speech, use allegories as literary or rhetorical devices that convey hidden meanings through symbolic figures, actions, imagery, and or events, which together create the moral, spiritual, or political meaning the author wishes to convey.  (Wikipedia)  Who can therefore deny God did not do the same?  One of the best-known examples of allegory, Plato's Allegory of the Cave suits me very well in order to explain Muhammad's experience when he came out of Cave Hira where he spent quite a long time meditating.  Muhammad was sexually liberated and had no complexes by getting married to a widow, a Christian, a Jew and take other wives according to local and Biblical customs and circumstances.  But, racists would always quote Plato (superior “race”) and almost never Muhammad (inferior “race”) and "monogamy" as the summum bonum of modern Western uncivilisation where they have to disguise their own mercenaries and acolytes as rapists, holocausters, cutthroats, head choppers and cannibals in order to terrorise the whole world into submission, and blaming their own abominations on Muslims and Islam because they know Islam remains the only force of resistance (allied with genuine freedom fighting Christians and Atheists) against Satanic Western Hegemony, Zionist and otherwise !

 'My' Russian son Olyeg who I never met to this day! 
- Copyright

Children Of A Lesser God - Gaza Video


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"Dieudonné en paix" - La première à la Main d'Or

Dieudonné Officiel