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HINDUTVA, ZIONISM & NAZISM - Martin Iqbal & Jonathan Azaziah

The Salala Massacre: NATO’s Naked Aggression Against Pakistan And The Hegemonic Israeli-Indo-American Strategy Behind It

The Zionist entity,
Hindutvadi India
and the
United States
want to see Pakistan
completely and totally
by Martin Iqbal and Jonathan Azaziah

Sunday, January 15, 2012

NATO's Bloody Attack On Pakistan: The Motive

In the early morning of Saturday 26 November two NATO Apache helicopters, an AC-130 gunship, and a number of fighter jets perpetrated a sustained and deadly attack on two Pakistani army border posts on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Located high on the Salala mountain ridge, the two army posts were brutally attacked for approximately two hours. In what was evidently a naked act of aggression, the US-led forces bombarded the border posts for forty-five minutes, left for twenty minutes, and subsequently returned – attacking for a further hour. Twenty-four Pakistani soldiers including two officers were murdered in the assault.

The sustained nature of the attack precludes the possibility of it being a mistake, as claimed by the U.S. government. The United States Military would have us believe that, with its world class communications and intelligence infrastructure, it mistakenly mauled an ally repeatedly for two hours, killing dozens. This is an utterly unfeasible theory. Further throwing this theory into question, it has been revealed that Pakistani forces were in constant contact with American forces throughout the attacks – informing them in no uncertain terms that they were attacking a Pakistani military position.(1)

As a direct result of the attack, U.S. forces are now facing an unprecedented crisis in Afghanistan.(2) Pakistan closed off U.S. supply routes to Occupied Afghanistan, leaving thousands of tonnes of NATO military equipment and fuel stranded in Pakistan, unable to reach its destination across the border. Knowing that this eventuality was not only predictable but inevitable, one has to ask why the U.S. chose to perpetrate the deadly attack.

The brazen and bloody assault on the Pakistani army can only be understood in light of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and the CIA’s ongoing war to destabilise the country. The TTP is a militant-terrorist group fostered by the CIA and India’s RAW, being used as a proxy force against the Pakistani nation as part of a ‘fourth generation war’.(3) The history of the TTP will be revisited in this piece.

Due to offensives mounted by the Pakistani Army and Air Force in the last 8-9 months the TTP had largely been pushed out of its relatively comfortable position in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas’ villages. As a result, the TTP terrorists fled to neighbouring Afghanistan’s mountainous border region; dwelling in caves and camps in far less favourable conditions. A series of Pakistani border posts were subsequently set up in the border region in order to prevent the TTP terrorists from re-entering from Afghanistan.(4) Uprooted from their bases in Pakistan and caught up amid Afghanistan’s savage, merciless winter, these precious CIA-RAW assets were being ‘decimated’, according to well-connected Pakistani analyst Syed Zaid Hamid.

The Pakistani people
are infuriated by
NATO's naked
aggression against
their nation's army.
Through their strategically-placed border posts, Pakistani forces were holding a line and preventing the TTP from re-entering Pakistan. The calculated and bloody U.S-led attack on these Pakistani border posts was nothing more than a pre-planned attempt to forge a path back into Pakistan for the withering CIA-RAW TTP terrorists.

Just as we have seen in the criminal, genocidal attack on Libya, NATO forces are providing military and logistical support to their ground-based proxy armies – in this case TTP terrorists. This is the essence of the strategy of ‘fourth generation warfare’(3) that is being used on Pakistan, in tandem with media manipulation, and the installation and maintenance of a corrupt puppet government.

Less than a month after the bloody 26 November attack on Pakistan’s border posts, NATO’s deadly support of its proxy terror army began to bear fruit. Several serious incidents tied to the TTP occurred in Pakistan’s border region. Notably the TTP bombed a Pakistani Rangers’ vehicle on December 9,(5) killing three Rangers and wounding four others.

On Friday, December 23, fifteen Pakistani soldiers were abducted from the Mulazi area of the northwestern Tank district. A local Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan commander confirmed that the soldiers were being held by TTP militants.(6)

The following day the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan carried out a suicide bombing in Pakistan’s north-western border region, wherein it rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into an Army camp. Nine Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack, and nineteen were wounded when a building collapsed due to the blast. At the time of writing, more bodies are feared to be under the rubble.

On New Years Eve, one week after the abduction of 15 Pakistani soldiers from Mulazi, the TTP carried out one of its most animalistic attacks yet since its NATO-sparked ‘comeback’, blowing up a boys’ primary school in the Shahabkhel area of the Nowshera district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at dawn. The TTP has launched hundreds of attacks like this one, especially on female institutions, depriving thousands of Pakistani children from getting an education due to their parents’ fear of sending them to school and never seeing them again.(7) On the same day, taking a page straight out of the (to be discussed shortly) Zionist-Hindutvadi Dragon Policy, masked gunmen on motorcycles shot dead influential Shi’a religious leader Syed Muhammad Askari Raza in Karachi, causing a wave of protests against what demonstrators called “target killings”,(8) a clear indication that the articulately-awake Pakistani people were cognizant of ‘Israeli’ hands perpetrating the murder. The same motorcycle killers were responsible for the murder of beloved Sunni Mufti Abdul Samad Soomro in Gulbahar, respected Shi’a chief of the Sajjadia Scouts, Nayyar Zaidi in Orangi Town, and Dr. Saleem Kharal of Jinnah Hospital.(8)

Sources close to Syed Raza revealed that the killers and harbingers of chaos were none other than the TTP.(9) The motive was clearly to trigger sectarian war, a long-time goal of ‘Israeli’ policy-makers in the Knesset and Herzliya. Thankfully, the Pakistani people have rejected these cynical and orientalist attempts by the saboteurs to generate Muslim-on-Muslim bloodshed. Five days after the bombing and its attempts at provoking communal war in and around Karachi, in an act of pure, uncut, inhuman savagery, the TTP monstrously executed all of the soldiers that it had kidnapped on December 23rd, vowing to continue its aggression against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan until further notice.(10)

Zionist-run BBC
has been integral
to the propaganda
campaign against
Pakistan and the
Afghan Taliban.
The Afghan Taliban and The Tehrik-I-Taliban Pakistan: Cut From A Completely Different Cloth

Psychological warfare being a central pillar of the ‘fourth generation warfare’ model, is now being unleashed on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Manipulation on the part of the Zionist-dominated mass media skews the facts surrounding these events in order to buttress the Anglo-American-Zionist narrative. This is demonstrated in the coverage of the December 24 attack. The Press Trust of India,(11) CNN,(12) and several other(13) Zionist news outlets manipulated the facts and attributed the attack to ‘The Taliban‘ rather than the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.

The BBC was even more astounding in its dishonest attempts to mislead readers. A 24 December piece published on the BBC website(14) reported the fact that the suicide attack had occurred, and that nobody had thus far claimed responsibility. The sheer barefaced audacity of the BBC’s disingenuous reportage is revealed when one sees what the editor has chosen to directly connect with this story. Beneath the piece we see a section titled, ‘More on This Story’, wherein the reader is provided with a wealth of hyperlinks pertaining to the Afghan Taliban (including the standard Sunni-Shia sectarian rhetoric).

Startlingly, if the reader follows the link “Who are the Taliban?”, they are taken to a page(15) which unequivocally claims that the Taliban is “active in both Afghanistan and Pakistan“, and it “threatens to destabilise Pakistan, where they control areas in the north-west and have been blamed for a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks.

This crude method of disinformation serves to delegitimise the righteous resistance in Afghanistan by blurring the line between the Afghan Taliban, and the CIA-RAW Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan – two completely separate groups. In geopolitical terms the Afghan Taliban has only domestic ambitions; it is fighting a war of liberation to free Afghanistan from foreign occupation. Conversely, the TTP is literally a proxy army of the American-Indian-Israeli nexus now seeking to destabilise and ‘soften-up’ Pakistan.

The American government has struggled to publicly justify its illegal, morally inexcusable occupation of Afghanistan due to the fact that ‘Al Qaeda’ – the ostensible enemy – is simply not there. Senior U.S. generals have admitted this in no uncertain terms. By pegging such terror attacks on ‘The Taliban‘ rather than the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, the Zionist media demonises the Afghan Taliban, and portrays it as a terrorist group with extra-territorial ambitions. Thus for the Afghan war theatre the ostensible enemy morphs from ‘Al Qaeda’, into the Taliban resistance movement. This is the only way the criminal and utterly baseless war on Afghanistan can remain politically tenable.

The Tehrik-I-Taliban
of Pakistan (TTP)
is a powerful proxy
of the CIA, RAW and
Tehrik-I-Taliban: Monstrous Creation Of Mossad, RAW and CIA

Created in 2004 to coincide with the inauguration of the CIA’s genocidal drone program, the Tehrik-I-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) is the perfected product of an ongoing, incestuous relationship between the Zionist entity’s Mossad, Hindutvadi India’s RAW and the CIA itself. One month after Mossad’s false flag attack on September 11th, 2001,(16) and just three days after the criminal invasion of Afghanistan, two ‘Israeli’ agents with Mossad and IOF connections were apprehended inside the Mexican Congress building of Mexico City with 9mm handguns, nine grenades, C-4 explosives, three detonators, 58 bullets and fake Pakistani passports. Their mission was to destroy the Mexican Congress.(17) This false flag operation was intended to be phase II of 9/11, triggering a NATO invasion of Pakistan. When the mission failed, the Zionist entity activated its contingency plan: the Dragon Policy, an updated version of the Oded-Yinon-strategy of balkanizing Islamic states on ethno-sectarian lines.

Following the failure in Mexico City, the upper echelons of Zionist and Hindutvadi intelligence erected four new clandestine agencies solely dedicated to the destruction of Pakistan, which would immediately be followed by the originally-intended aggression to denuclearize the bulwark of Islamic Resistance to international Zionism. The highest ranking figures of Pakistan’s financial, political, military and religious sectors were on the hitlist and every successful attack was meant to soften up Pakistan for the imminent invasion. Using funds from the unlimited bank accounts of Mossad and Aman, the Zionism-Hindutva intelligence nexus established 57 training camps across the northern frontiers of India and occupied Kashmir, kidnapping and blackmailing Resistance fighters to fight against their own comrades while simultaneously forging alliances with mafia bosses and narcotics tycoons and training them in the finer arts of black ops. These various elements served as the perfect quislings as any rebellion whatsoever would be punished with imprisonment in the harshest of dungeons. These puppets would be deployed into the field under Mossad-RAW guidance and once an attack was completed, the Zionist media would report as an ‘act of Islamic terrorism.’ If a ‘checkout’ was not secured, senior operatives of the ‘Israeli’-Indian nexus would finish the job.(18)

The CIA and its corporate offshoot, Blackwater (also known as Xe and Academi), a festering bubble of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim hatred and deep pro-Israel sentiments, joined the Dragon Policy in 2004. Blackwater agents became integrated with the ordnance units of Mossad and RAW. The CIA took a more proactive role by absorbing past recruits of the Zionist-Hindutvadi intelligence training camps and cultivated them into a powerful proxy force that specialized in guerilla tactics and sectarian warfare: the Tehrik-I-Taliban.
The name was chosen for a very sinister, deceptive and specific reason: to despicably smear the real Taliban in occupied Afghanistan, a Resistance force fighting a ‘7arb el 7uriyeh (war of liberation)’ against NATO invaders. It is classic psychological warfare. The Taliban, not surprisingly, has rightfully maintained its innocence and condemned Blackwater for being behind bombings and other provocations in Pakistan.(18) Since its birth, the Tehrik-I-Taliban has murdered or wounded more than 100,000 Pakistanis and caused more than $50 billion in damage to Pakistan’s economy. The Pakistani army has fought back with vigor and has arrested hundreds of Tehrik-I-Taliban militiamen, revealing the nature of this thuggish group of murderers; proxy agents detained in Waziristan, Karachi and Baluchistan have been caught with sophisticated, military-grade weaponry manufactured by the Zionist entity.(19)

Do not let the beauty
of Kashmir fool you;
it is the most militarized
place on earth and
subjugated by cruel,
cruel oppressors.
Occupied Kashmir: 65 Years Of Barbarity Forgotten By The World

On a relatively small patch of land in one of the most strategically important regions on the face of the planet, there exists a people who have lived under a punishing, criminal occupation for more than six decades. No, it is not holy Palestine struggling against the cruel occupier of Zionism but breathtakingly-beautiful Kashmir, seeking “azadi,” the Kashmiri word for freedom, from Hindutva, the supremacist ideology that guides the political leadership of India. There is a Pashtun proverb that says, “Every man takes his home as Kashmir; the paradise of this earth.” This simple, eloquent language indicates that Kashmir, commonly referred to as ‘Heaven on earth’ even in Western circles, is a gem of a place rooted in the most astounding beauty. Beneath the gorgeousness however, is something violently grotesque: 65 years of barbaric occupation and a plethora of unspeakable human rights abuses that have largely been forgotten by the world.

The Vale of Kashmir, an independent nation with its own language, its own natural resources which provided self-sustaining autonomy for centuries, and its own rich, ancient, distinct and beautiful culture, one completely separate from India, is a bleeding wound of Rothschild-financed British colonialism. Even prior to the establishment of the British Raj in 1858, the colonialists of the Crown had brutalized and occupied vast parts of the Southeast Asia Subcontinent, including Kashmir. The British empire installed alien rulers in Kashmir, the savage Dogra dynasty, ending indigenous governance and inaugurating over 100 years of monarchical oppression, massacres and other atrocities. The goal was to disconnect the Kashmiri people from their strong faith in Islam, strip them of their history, westernize them and absorb them as subjugated peoples of the empire. The collapse of the dynasty and Britain’s imminent partition of the Indian territory left the Kashmiri people wide open to a new form of oppression: military occupation.(20)

The Dogra dynasty only vanished in title however, as the rulers simply exchanged their puppet kingship over Kashmir for puppet premiership. Britain set up the Radcliffe Commission for the purpose of allotting territory to India and Pakistan and immediately focused on the Vale. Heading it was Britain’s Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, who manipulated the Radcliffe Commission in India’s favor because the Crown did not trust the Pakistan leadership, which was seeking full freedom from colonialism. The Gurdaspur district of the Punjab region should’ve been assigned to Pakistan as it was overwhelmingly Muslim but was nonsensically assigned to India instead. Gurdaspur connected India to Kashmir via an easy-to-reach land route. Without Gurdaspur, India would have no access to Kashmir. Kashmir became a casualty of Lord Mountbatten’s meddling. Dozens of UN resolutions would pass in favor of Kashmiri self-determination after the partition that left Kashmir in limbo but like resolutions regarding Palestine, they would never be implemented. Now, 750,000 Indian troops march through Kashmir at all times, making the Vale the most militarized zone on planet earth.(20)

In defiance of the brutal
Hindutvadi occupation,
the Kashmiri people
still resist and demand
The Indian occupation has been even more barbaric and more slaughterous than its Dogra predecessors. The most deranged and sadistic forms of torture, including electroshock and sexual abuse, are a norm in Kashmir and used by the Hindutvadi occupiers often.(21) Since 1989 alone, Hindutva has murdered at least 93,712 Kashmiri civilians, leaving 22,762 women widowed and 107,434 children orphaned. Indian occupation troops have raped over 10,021 Kashmiri women, arrested 119,752 persons and destroyed more than 105,936 homes and structures.(22) Laws have been institutionalized by the Hindutvadi government to protect its killing machine in Kashmir. The AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) allows the Hindutvadi occupation army to kill with impunity. The PSA (Public Safety Act; an Orwellian name if there ever was one) allows the occupiers to arrest anyone in Kashmir without charge, without warrant. Section 144 bans the gathering of more than 5 persons in a single area, thus outlawing protests and political workshops. In fact, dogs have more fundamental rights than human beings in Hindutvadi-occupied Kashmir.(23)

Despite the genocide and draconian laws of the occupation’s rule, the brave Kashmiris have launched numerous intifada-like uprisings over the years and are now on the verge of erupting again after the recent killing of yet another Kashmiri youth, 18-year old Altaf Ahmad Sood, who was gunned down on January 2nd, 2012 by Indian internal security thugs in a protest against the power shortages throughout the Vale that are manipulated by the occupation as collective punishment,(24) much like how ‘Israel’ forcibly causes blackouts in the illegally besieged Gaza Strip.(25) It is chilling that the young man’s martyrdom came just days before the 19th anniversary of one of the worst massacres in the history of the Hindutvadi occupation: January 6th, 1993’s Sopore massacre, in which Indian paramilitary forces murdered at least 57 Kashmiris, burning many of them alive, wounding hundreds of others and destroying over 295 shops.(26) No different than the Zionist entity is the Hindutvadi regime in its lust for blood.

Zionism and Hindutva
are concretely united
against the oppressed 
peoples of Pakistan and
occupied Kashmir.
Hindutva and Zionism: Ideological Twins, Partners In Occupying Kashmir

The real reason why the horrors that are experienced daily by the indigenous in occupied Kashmir aren’t reported by the Zionist media actually makes all of the sense in the world once the veil of ignorance is removed from one’s eyes: India’s occupation of Kashmir has been guided, assisted, financed and supported by the usurping Zionist entity from its inception. Not surprisingly, multiple research studies and polls conducted by the ‘Israeli’ regime’s foreign ministry found India to be the most pro-Zionist country in the world.(27)

Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna just completed a trip to occupied Palestine, where he met with genocidal war criminals Benjamin Netanyahu (real name: Benjamin Mileikowsky), Avigdor Lieberman (real name: Evet Lvovich Liberman) and Shimon Peres (real name: Szymon Perski) to laud the ties between Zionism and Hindutva and sign a free trade agreement. Due to hundreds of ‘Israeli’ and Indian companies in the fields of security, agriculture, technology, alternative energy, real estate, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications entering partnerships over the last decade, Zionist-Hindutvadi trade skyrocketed to over $5 billion in 2011 and it is expected to triple with the free trade agreement. ‘Israeli’ Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz stated unequivocally that, “Israel views its ties with India as its second most important relationship after the United States.”(28) In godfather of the Zionist entity’s criminal nuclear program and butcher of Qana Shimon Peres’ meeting with Krishna, he called India “the greatest democracy on earth.” Additionally, the Zionist entity sells more arms to Hindutva than any other country on earth, and the bilateral defense trade between the two occupations amounted to $9 billion in 2011.(29)

These nauseating and telling statements however, coupled with the landmark meeting, are mere drops in the bucket. The alliance between ‘Israel’ and India is an abyssal ideological one that began with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, better known as Veer Savarkar, founder of Hindutva, a rabid anti-Muslim, anti-Christian supremacist and agent of British colonialism. Savarkar believed that the entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent belonged to the ‘Hindus,’ and that the nation of Hindutva was preordained to rule over all other groups across the globe for its people were genetically superior. Savarkar was also a Zionist, and his affinity and admiration for international Jewry and its dream of colonizing and cleansing Palestine inspired him to concoct the Hindutvadi ideology to begin with. He and his followers called on the international community to grant ‘the entire restoration of Palestine as a Jewish holy land and fatherland.’ It was the pressure of Savarkar and his vast network of supremacist foot soldiers that forced the Indian nation to switch its initial anti-Zionist stance to the recognition of the Zionist entity on September 17, 1950.(30)

Extremists United:
Hindutvadis view
the Jewish 'state' as their
natural ally in their
war against the Muslims
of the Southeast Asia
Like a cancer, Hindutva slowly spread throughout the Indian political sphere, transforming rational foreign policy into radicalized, expansionist extremism over the course of 30 years, finally rising to prominence in the 1980s through the pro-Zionist, pro-US, pro-war and anti-Muslim Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), an entity fully funded by ‘Israel’ that established deep, deep military, economic and intelligence ties with the Zionist regime upon taking hold of the Indian government. A Hindutvadi Lobby has also been cultivated in the US with the brotherly guidance of AIPAC, the ‘Israeli’ entity’s subversive foreign policy weapon, for the purpose of cutting out American political opposition to Indian hegemony in the region as well as to mask India’s barbarous occupation of Kashmir as ‘national security’ policy.(30) Zionist and Hindutvadi lobby groups are also currently and actively collaborating in silencing voices critical and damning of their respective entities’ crimes on college campuses throughout the US.(31)

The corrosive penetration of Indian military, intelligence and political circles by Hindutva and its need to frame the nation-state world’s view through a Zionist lens was evident as early as 1962 when the Zionist regime came to India’s aid with arms, ammo and military hardware as it fought a war with China. ‘Israel’ would repeat the gesture in India’s wars with Pakistan over occupied Kashmir in 1965 and 1971. Hindutva would reciprocate by sending military equipment to the Zionist regime during al-Naksa (the 1967 war). India’s security forces began getting shipped to the Zionist entity in the 1980s for training with the rise of BJP and multiple times throughout this decade, ‘Israel’ and the Hindutvadi regime worked together to undermine Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. After heavy, covert Zionist lobbying from 1986-1992, India and ‘Israel’ began open relations with the opening of a Zionist embassy in New Delhi and a Hindutvadi embassy in Tel Aviv. Since then, ‘Israel’ has transferred laser guided missiles, tanks, submarines and other naval craft, an anti-ballistic missile system, electronic warfare systems, and hi-tech surveillance equipment to Hindutva, as well as ‘Israeli’-designed Tavor rifles which were given to brutal occupying forces in Kashmir.(32)

The Kargil War between India and Pakistan, fought in occupied Kashmir, would not have been a triumph for India without the Zionist entity rushing military support and intelligence to the Indian army at the height of war. Ravager of Qibya and butcher of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Ariel Sharon (real name: Ariel Scheinermann), and leading Hindutvadi war criminal of Kargil, Prime Minister of India at the time Atal Bihari Vajpayee, signed the ‘Delhi Statement on Friendship and Cooperation between India and Israel’ in 2003 to take cooperation between the two occupiers into a higher dimension, making Zionist training of Hindutvadi paramilitary forces a public spectacle and bringing Mossad and Shin Bet officials to India a year after the Vajpayee-Sharon agreement was inked to train the Kashmir-based Indian army in torture and repression techniques.(32)

Close cooperation
between Indian and 'Israeli'
intelligence has
brought murderous chaos
to occupied Kashmir.
Nowhere has the Indian-‘Israeli’ relationship been more dangerously and murderously fruitful than the intelligence sector. Mossad and RAW have been in close contact and linked with one another since the early 1970s. ‘Israeli’ tourists that have been visiting occupied Kashmir for decades upon decades have been revealed to be Mossad surveillance squads and just one year after the heinous Kargil War, IOF commander Eli Katzir was sent to occupied Kashmir with an elite Zionist death squad to assist Indian occupation forces in crushing Kashmiri Resistance. Dozens of Mossad-Aman-Shin-Bet-IOF-linked companies are operating in India with the purpose of tracking and oppressing the Kashmiri people, including Ness Technologies, Magic Software Enterprises, Check Point Software Technologies, RAD Data Communications, Veraz Networks and NDS Group. Mossad has also erected an electric barrier fence with thermal imaging devices on the border of the Indian Punjab region and occupied Kashmir, effectively imprisoning people living on the border and cutting them off from family members. RAW and Mossad also deploy ‘journalists’ throughout independent Asian and Western media outlets to misreport, propagandize and outright lie about the happenings in Kashmir.(33)

In January 2008, the Hindutvadi-dominated Indian government launched the ‘Israeli’-made Tecsar satellite into orbit at Mossad and RAW’s request. The Zionist entity would use the highly-advanced piece of machinery to spy on Iran while India would use it for further repressive means in occupied Kashmir.(33) The penultimate pinnacle of the Mossad-RAW nexus is the aforementioned Dragon Policy and at the very heart of it is occupied Kashmir. One of the key revelations that emerged from the now-infamous ‘Raymond Davis affair’ was that Davis was attempting to entrap Kashmiri Resistance fighters and link them to the Tehrik-I-Taliban. Davis himself is directly linked to the proxy terror outfit and an exposed agent of the Zionist-Hindutvadi Dragon Policy.(34)

Azadi activists and fighters in occupied Kashmir have confirmed to these writers that Mossad is “all over Kashmir, like sand in the desert,” according to one 25-year old fighter named Jamal Zaffar Khan of Sopore, who lost his brother, 17-year old Maqbool, in the summer intifada of 2010 to Indian bullets, or rather, ‘Israeli’ bullets from an ‘Israeli’ gun in Indian hands. A Srinagar activist who asked to be identified only as “Zubair Zubair” quipped that, “In the Vale, one cannot tell where RAW ends and Mossad begins.” Another activist, who asked to be identified by his kunya, “Abu Ghulam,” from Kupwara, chillingly stated, “We would rather be killed by the Hindutvadis here. They kill us and drag us into big dirt graves. The Mossad people shoot you, disfigure you and take your organs.” The testimonies mirror those of Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and others who have faced down the cruel and deranged methods of Zionism.

The absolute summit of the Mossad-RAW confederacy is most certainly, false flag terrorism; the intelligence agencies have launched a plethora of attacks since their working relationship began, with the two biggest game-changers being the heartbreaking Babri Masjid demolition of 1992 and the 26/11 ‘masterpiece’ attack in 2008.(30) Both are integral to the hegemonic endgame that the Zionists and Hindutvadis hope will not only bring about the fall of Pakistan as a sovereign nation but the destruction of Kashmir’s autonomy as well.

A terrible horror has been
planned for occupied Kashmir;
a Hindutvadi-Zionist 'Nakba'
to ethnically cleanse the Vale
of its indigenous Muslim
Operation Kurukshetra: Hindutva's 'Nakba'-Style Ethnic Cleansing Plan For The Vale

The NATO bloodshed in the mountains of Salala was an assault that was meant to restart the Israeli-American-Indian 4th Generation Warfare which has ravaged Pakistan for the last 7 years in hopes of eventually leading to denuclearization. There is one more level to this intricate geopolitical plot that has been kept under wraps for years but which will be exposed for the first time in this paper: Operation Kurukshetra, the final phase of India’s ‘Cold Start Doctrine.’ Cold Start is a strategy that is meant to work hand-in-glove with the US Af-Pak doctrine, sending Indian troops into Pakistan as a crushing invasion force while American brigades would form a corridor to Afghanistan by occupying Gwadar Port, thus eliminating a vital Pakistani lifeline and landing a death-blow to Chinese energy interests.(35) Cold Start however is not only a directive to launch a surprise offensive war of aggression, it is a directive to launch a war of expansion. It was designed to capture patches of Pakistani land, much like the Zionist entity’s preemptive expansionist-aggression against Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the rest of occupied Palestine in 1967.(36)

The move towards Cold Start was initiated by then-Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, General Sundararajan Padmanabhan on April 28th 2004, to interlock with the creation of the Tehrik-I-Taliban and the CIA’s drone program. General Padmanabhan’s plan was to essentially eliminate defensive tactics, harnessing the full offensive strength of the Indian army by combining the might of the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and multiple Indian army battle groups to target Pakistan.(37) Militarily, Cold Start was designed to “destroy” the Pakistani army and “enslave” Pakistan, eroding its Islamic character and chaining it to a system of Western-based colonial ‘democracy’. Much of Cold Start was based on the usurping Zionist entity’s strategy for Lebanon, which failed thanks to the efforts and steadfastness of the righteous Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah.(38)

Former Indian
Chief of Staff,
war criminal,
architect of the
Cold Start Doctrine.
The US government has pressed Indian political and military officials to renounce the idea of Cold Start and as a matter of Indian ‘national security,’ in New Delhi, Cold Start doesn’t even officially exist. Stephen P. Cohen, a rabid Zionist, anti-Pakistan hasbaranik and anti-Muslim hatemonger that propagandizes for the Brookings Institute, one of the biggest and most powerful Zionist think tanks in the US, has suggested that Cold Start is a myth that the Pakistani army is obsessed with so they can “delay or drag out doing a serious reorientation of their military.”(39) This would figure, as Cohen is the one who coined the phrase ‘Cold Start’ and has ‘predicted’ numerous crises on the Southeast Asia Subcontinent that have all magically come to fruition, all of which of course come from a Zionist-Hindutvadi point of view.(39)

Adding further fuel to the fire, Wikileaks, the false whistleblower and long-exposed hydra operation of the CIA and Mossad that has been caught time and time again waging psychological warfare against the enemies of Zionism,(40) published information that stated, “Cold Start is not a plan for a comprehensive invasion and occupation of Pakistan. Instead, it calls for a rapid, time- and distance-limited penetration into Pakistani territory with the goal of quickly punishing Pakistan, possibly in response to a Pakistan-linked terrorist attack in India, without threatening the survival of the Pakistani state or provoking a nuclear response.”(41) In Orwellian Newspeak, it is in fact, just that: a plan of comprehensive invasion and occupation of Pakistan.

Cold Start’s godfather, General Padmanabhan, came to be well-liked by the Hindutvadi extremist portions of Indian society and government because of his role as a commander in occupied Kashmir during the opening years of the (ongoing) major intifada that began in 1989. His brutality and monstrous tactics are legendary to the Kashmiri people, he is known for crushing Resistance of all kinds with any and all means of collective punishment available and is a specialist in mountainous warfare as well as psychological ops.(42) Sources close to the ISI have revealed to these writers that the ‘good general,’ a devoted Hindutvadi himself with close ties to BJP and lesser ties with other extremist parties like RSS, is also one of the two architects of Operation Kurukshetra.

Padmanabhan’s counterpart is none other than Eli Katzir, the Zionist ‘counter-terrorism’ commander who has been wreaking havoc on occupied Kashmir for over a decade now. As mentioned earlier, Kurukshetra is the final phase of India’s Cold Start Doctrine. It is named after the Kurukshetra War discussed in the epic Sanskrit poem and Hindu text known as the Mahabharata. This war was an aggressive one, in which cousins fought cousins; in which the ‘righteous’ cleansed the ‘unrighteous’ from holy lands as per the will of ‘the gods.’

Operation Kurukshetra
is the pinnacle of
Hindutvadi supremacism
and extremism.
Like the Zionists, the Hindutvadis name their military operations according to their religious texts because they genuinely believe that Hindutva will reign supreme over the lands allotted to them by ‘the gods’. When applied to the current geopolitical chessboard, the ‘unrighteous’ to be cleansed from the ‘promised lands’ are the indigenous people of occupied Kashmir. Kurukshetra is the Hindutvadi equivalent of the Zionist entity’s “Plan D”, which was implemented by the Zionist militias and Jewish terror gangs that ethnically cleansed historic Palestine from 1947-1948, driving nearly 800,000 Palestinians from their homeland. The Padmanabhan-Katzir plan would come on the back of Cold Start; as Indian forces are hammering key Pakistani army installations, half a dozen Indian black ops brigades integrated with Israeli paramilitary specialists will sneak into Azad Kashmir, the Pakistani side of the Vale, and begin the terror en masse, ethnically cleansing all persons in sight. The brigades would then split up, with three moving north towards Kupwara, Baramullah and the Kashmiri capital of Srinagar, and three moving south towards Kishtwar, Doda and Jammu.

The terror will continue until Kurukshetra is complete, which won’t be until every indigenous Muslim is removed from Kashmir. Whatever Resistance that assuredly will come into existence with the execution of such barbarous tactics is not only to be crushed and tormented according to the methods of Padmanabhan in the early 1990s, but humiliated and mutilated, to discourage any acts of intolerance to oppression in the future, according to Zionist methods during the Nakba and in occupied Lebanon. It is called the ‘Mughrabi Doctrine,’ and it is not surprising that Eli Katzir is a protégé of ‘Israeli’ Defense Minister and 9/11 false flag architect Ehud Barak,(43) the ruthless murderer of Palestinian heroine and legend, Dalal Mughrabi, who Barak maimed, tortured, sexually abused and murdered on live television nearly 34 years ago.

Strategically, Operation Kurukshetra is not only meant to expand the Hindutvadi empire, but to open the doors for its Zionist-run allies in the West to station huge troop deployments in Kashmir to eventually bring about the ultimate endgame: the destruction of Russia and China for the sake of inaugurating the real ‘New World Order’, the ‘Jewish Utopia,’ in which every facet of everyday life on this planet is subject to scrutiny by the Zionists and their Talmudic overlords. Resource-rich Kashmir provides easy access into key ‘hotbed points’ in China, making it the perfect launching point for any future conflict. While he didn’t mention Operation Kurukshetra by name, Indian National Congress President and Hindutvadi extremist Sanjeva Reddy certainly and most blatantly alluded to it in a recent statement meant to intimidate Pakistan, “India will liberate that part of Kashmir not under Indian rule.”(44) Once again applying the rules of Newspeak, “liberation” in this case, translates to Hindutvadi ethnic cleansing. It is also vital to note that the groundwork for Operation Kurukshetra was laid out long before the Cold Start Doctrine was even born, making its exposure in this paper all the more crucial.

The Kashmiri Pandits
were driven from their
homes into atrocious
refugee camps by the
Hindutvadi occupation.
It began with the expulsion of the Kashmiri Pandits, indigenous Hindus of the Vale, at the onset of the 1989 intifada. The Hindutvadi regime blames the "Islamic insurgency" for driving the indigenous from their ancestral homelands but this is mere psychological warfare to fit the Zionist-created ‘War on Terror’ narrative that Islam is intolerant of all other religions and even hostile towards them; this is not the case by any stretch of the imagination as Muslims and Hindus fought together against British colonialism in both India and Kashmir and Islamic scholars even recognized Hindus as “people of the book”, granting them protection under Islamic law.(30) What the evidence actually suggests is that the Hindutvadi regime itself, through occupation administrator Governor Jahmohan, encouraged and engineered the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits. Kashmiri eyewitnesses testify that they saw transports of the Indian government forcibly taking Kashmiri Pandits from their homes.(45)

It was Padmanabhan however, who was the real force behind this policy of dispossessing the Pandits. It is well-known amongst the Kashmiri Resistance and Pakistani intelligentsia that the ‘good general’ had an obsession with Zionist literature and a particular favorite of his was ‘Israeli’ foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s.” Padmanabhan saw this plan as something that absolutely could be integrated into Indian foreign policy and the perfect place to start with in his opinion was Kashmir, where communal war between Muslims and Hindus could be triggered. Padmanabhan, with help from Mossad assets in Jammu and Kashmir, orchestrated dozens of false flag attacks against the Pandits of Kashmir, including bombings and home-burnings, to incite hatred and distrust of the Muslim majority. Once clearing out the Pandits from the Vale, Padmanabhan then hoped to “cleanse the unrighteous” from the “holy lands of Hindutva” before resettling the Pandits in Kashmir in colonies. But the Kashmiri Resistance, led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani, and the Pandits themselves who still somehow maintain peace of mind after 23 years of terror and exile that they’ve endured at the hands of the Hindutvadi regime, have rejected this premise entirely,(46) foiling ‘India’s Yinon Plan.’

Hindutva, like Zionism,
seeks to control the world.
Kashmir, like Palestine,
is only the first step. Hence,
why Hindutvadis and Zionists
'work together' so well.
This plan was modified in the summer of 2008 when Hindutva concocted a plot to settle Indian Hindus from India in occupied Kashmir under the pretext of ‘protecting religious sites’, no different than what the Zionist entity does on a daily basis in occupied al-Quds and the West Bank. The plot was scrapped when massive protests broke out, which the Hindutvadi regime typically replied to with live ammunition, tear gas and barbarity.(47) The latest and most dangerous phase of bringing Operation Kurukshetra to fruition is the “Dogra certificate” affair. In the first week of April of 2011, Indian Revenue Minister Raman Bhalla proposed an identification method known as the “Dogra certificate” for the Hindu residents of Jammu Province in occupied Kashmir to make it easier for them to join the Indian occupation army. Interestingly enough, Indian army officials categorically denied this. What is most telling is that Bhalla, in a classic invocation of the Yinon plan, suggested that India introduce Kashmiri, Rajput and Ladakhi certificates to the Valley as well, completing dividing the nation-state on ethno-sectarian lines.(48) Due to pressure from the Kashmiri people and the Resistance, the Dogra certificate plot was shelved just a few weeks later.(49)

But the damage was already done. Indeed, a subplot of introducing the Dogra certificates was to divide the Vale, making it easier to conquer, if the people were to go along with it, but the real intention was to simply identify those districts, towns and cities that wouldn’t be touched when the hellfire of Cold Start rains on Pakistan and Operation Kurukshetra follows in Kashmir. Cold Start and Operation Kurukshetra are not fantasies festering in the minds of a paranoid Pakistani army and aggravated Kashmiri people as the Zionist media would like the world to believe. They are imminent realities of a complex geopolitical ‘great game’ that looks to remap the entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent in favor of Hindutvadi primacy. The only hope for the region is sustained righteous Resistance and as the Kashmiris have demonstrated over the last century and a half of oppression, colonialism and occupation, their will to fight for liberation is a force that cannot be deterred.

Pakistani President
Asif Ali Zardari is
a puppet of the highest
order; he is the proverbial
'ragdoll' of the
Israeli-Indo-American nexus.
Conclusion: The Resumption Of Drone Strikes, The Zardari Memo Scandal and Cold Start's Abortive Birth

The plot to paralyse, balkanise and denuclearise Pakistan is a multilayered plan that involves a number of foreign actors employing converging strategies. Israeli interests seek to denuclearise and balkanise Pakistan in line with long-standing Zionist policy to divide all Muslim and Arab states. Converging on this strategy is the Hindutvadi plan to aggressively invade Pakistan under the Cold Start doctrine, and ethnically cleanse Kashmir of its Muslim population through a campaign of terror, murder and intimidation. This mirrors Israel’s murderous past and in fact these Hindutvadi strategies have been developed with the close cooperation of Israeli military and intelligence advisors. The American ‘AfPak’ war effort is equally central to this Israeli-Indo-American ‘endgame’ plot. It is intended that American forces will pressure and distract the Pakistani military from the west (Afghanistan) and south (landing at Gwadar), allowing Indian forces to more easily launch their surprise attack from the east. The final piece to the puzzle is the fourth generation warfare being levied at Pakistan in order to ‘soften it up’. This includes the deployment of weaponised CIA drones and CIA-RAW-Mossad assets such as the TTP. Both of these elements are designed to cause instability and foment division and insurrection, as they have been doing since 2004.

Since NATO’s heinous attack of November 26, the activities of the CIA-RAW-Mossad proxy Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan have accelerated and a spate of terror attacks have occurred. The last few days alone have seen multiple signature TTP attacks in northwest Pakistan – the TTP’s stomping ground. A deadly attack on a police station resulted in 9 being killed,(50) and in a separate attack 7 Pakistani soldiers were killed in an ambush.(51) If we look to other recent events within and without Pakistan, we can see clear indications of startling attempts to kick-start the endgame plan into action, and eviscerate Pakistan from all sides.

The CIA's genocidal
drones have returned
to terrorize Pakistan after
a near 2-month hiatus.
On Tuesday 10th January, CIA drone strikes (the aerial phase of the 4GW operation) resumed after a two month hiatus.(52) Prior to this event the last CIA drone strike in Pakistan was carried out on the 17th November. NATO’s subsequent attack on the Salala border posts ushered in a moratorium on drone strikes as Zardari struggled with the CIA to save his Quisling office. The CIA’s resumption of drone strikes on January 10th was characteristically bloody, with at least 4 Pakistanis so far reported killed. Over 2,600 Pakistanis have been murdered in these drone strikes thus far.

On January 13, 2012, corrupt Pakistani President Asif Zardari returned to Islamabad after his second visit to Dubai in quick succession. Previously on Tuesday 6 December, 2011, Zardari had flown to Dubai ostensibly for hospital treatment after suffering a ‘heart attack’.(53) His second and most recent visit was, we are told, a private visit for a wedding.(54) Though Zardari’s office attempts to fool the Pakistani nation into believing nonsensical fantasies about his health and social life, the real reason for these visits to Dubai indicates a much darker and treacherous reality.

In the wake of the staged bin Laden raid of May 2nd 2011, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani (who subsequently resigned on November 22, 2011) drafted a treasonous memo at the request of President Asif Zardari. In the memo delivered to Admiral Mike Mullen, Zardari requested that the CIA help to eliminate the leadership of the Pakistani military establishment. In return for this act of grave treachery, Zardari assured the U.S. that pliant Pakistani military leaders would be installed, and the U.S. would gain full control of the leadership, and of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Interestingly within the memo, Zardari also agreed to hand over to India the alleged perpetrators of the 26/11 Mossad-RAW false flag, and to close down a central branch of the ISI.(55)

Former Pakistani
Ambassador to the
US Husain Haqqani:
Zionist traitor.
In an explosive revelation(56) by Pakistani analyst Syed Zaid Hamid, we learn that Husain Haqqani had actually worked with Washington in order to draw up a list of over 350 targets within Pakistan. These targets consisted of the entirety of the Pakistani military command and control infrastructure structure – targets that would have to be destroyed as part of a three-pronged AfPak/Cold Start/4GW endgame strategy for Pakistan.

In effect, Zardari & Haqqani, in cahoots with the CIA, are actually trying to surrender Pakistan’s sovereignty as they push for one of Cold Start’s central objectives to be realised: the decapitation of the Pakistani military leadership and decimation of the military command and control structure. Working feverishly for the dissolution of Pakistan, Zardari & Haqqani are essentially acting as agents of foreign interests and as such should be arrested and tried immediately.

For the time being, the Pakistani army, air force, and people, have managed to fend off these covert foreign plots. As a further blow to Israeli-Indo-American interests, the CIA has been forced to vacate Shamsi airbase in southern Pakistan – a strategically important base that the CIA had used for drone strikes within Pakistan as well as surveillance on Iran and Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. Shamsi was also used as a base from which to support and surveil CIA-RAW-Mossad aligned separatist groups in southern Pakistan.

In the face of the
powerful Zionist-led enemy,
 Pakistan remains a robust
force of Resistance.
The loss of the Shamsi airbase is a rebuff to the United States without precedent, and is a significant blow to Israeli-Indo-American designs. There are dark actors now attempting to crush Pakistan from all sides with renewed vigour; Pakistan must maintain this momentum and remain ever vigilant in order to counter this threat. Despite the perfidiousness of British colonialism that disconnected Pakistan from most of the Vale and with respect to the definitive call of the Kashmiri people for self-determination, Pakistan and Kashmir are intimately linked as one bulwark of Resistance against these dark actors and their strategy for regional dominance. If anything good is to come out of NATO’s crude massacre in the Salala mountains which martyred 24 unsuspecting Pakistan soldiers, taking them away from their families, it will be that this Resistance is stronger and more unified than ever. And this, is very, very bad news for the Israeli-Indo-American nexus and whatever plot for hegemony that it may concoct next.

~ The End ~

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Monday, 30 January 2012



Author Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

William Blake 28 November 175712 August 1827




And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon
England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was
Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built
England's green and pleasant land.



William Blake was a “known esotericist with connexion to Freemasons”, considered as a prophetic painter and printmaker, largely unrecognised during his lifetime.  (Ref. wikipedia)  But, now that Christendom has gone far beyond decadence and degeneration and on a path of no return, Blake is considered a seminal figure in the history of both the poetry and visual arts of the “Romantic Age”.  “One” contemporary art critic proclaimed him "far and away the greatest artist Britain has ever produced".  He “is said” to have produced a diverse and symbolically rich corpus, which embraced the imagination as "the body of God", or "Human existence itself".

In the same manner that the Western Intelligentsia (Cretinentsia or Jewigentsia) will demonise and destroy Muslim and Islamic personalities, it will use all kinds of artifice to manufacture greatness where the contemporaries saw none at all except Blake’s madness and idiosyncrasies.  Blake will soon be applauded by his later critics for his newly found “expressiveness and creativity, and for the philosophical and mystical undercurrents within his work.”

I would say that Blake was blind for seeing in the Bible what was not there but would agree with him for his hostility to the organised Christianity of the Freemasonic Church of England.  But, Blake did not want to know that Islam was no organised religion and that Christianity was not the only religion in the world.  But, like all Europeans, Blake too had been indoctrinated under a system of institutionalised racism.

When I was 11-12 years old, my English indoctrinators threw Blake at my face and I never understood until I reached my 66th year on this planet that Blake’s lamb was in reality the Christian God’s Son who he had sentenced to death by the Jews and then tortured and crucified by the Romans because of his extreme and blind love for humans he himself claimed he had created in order for all those who would blindly believe in such a sacrifice to be forgiven all their sins past, present and future.  And, that satanic belief was forced by imperial power upon more than one billion people on earth calling themselves Christians.  But, as soon as those Christians were at last freed from the dictatorship of the now decadent Church, they started to invent and carry out all kinds of abominations.

Saying that Blake was influenced by the ideals and ambitions of the Freemasonic French and American Bankers’ Revolutions or by thinkers as Jakob Böhme and Emanuel Swedenborg is meant to make him into a great man.  But, to make him look (just look) greater still, Godless modernists will point out to the singularity of his work that they say makes him difficult to classify.  So, one 19th century scholar William Rossetti would thus characterise Blake as a "glorious luminary," and as "a man not forestalled by predecessors, nor to be classed with contemporaries, nor to be replaced by known or readily surmisable successors".

This is how the West manufactures some of their geniuses and great men at a time when they had not yet even  thought of such a thing as human rights for their womenfolk, and they called their thinkers “philosophers”, and “enlightened”!

But, today the West has no need of philosophy anymore.  They have a quasi monopoly on weapons of mass deception and destruction that they are freely using on people who want to express themselves freely, who love freedom and justice for all.  They starve millions by embargoes and sanctions with UN blessings and complicity.  There is no need for diplomacy because there are no real threats or problems to resolve except those they engineer themselves.  So, they make “wars” at will even when there is no army facing them!  The wars are always against women and children!  In the engineered Titanic catastrophe (by the usual bank gangsters), we saw in the Hollywood propaganda film how the civilised West cared for the women and children first.  But, when they fight their bloody wars, the women and children are the first ones to be slaughtered mercilessly and ruthlessly – and TORTURED.  They call it by the civilised name of collateral damage!

After watching “Great” Britain steal Palestine and Jerusalem from the Arabs, Christians and Muslims, and giving them both to the Jewish hordes of mass murderers and Scourges of GOD, I remembered one of Blake’s poems which we were made to pretend having understood at the tender age of 11-12.

The Lamb by William Blake

  Little lamb, who made thee?
Dost thou know who made thee?
Gave thee life, and bid thee feed
By the stream and o'er the mead;
Gave thee clothing of delight,
Softest clothing, woolly, bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice?
Little lamb, who made thee?
Dost thou know who made thee?

Little lamb, I'll tell thee,
Little lamb, I'll tell thee:
He is called by thy name,
For He calls Himself a Lamb.
He is meek, and He is mild;
He became a little child.
I a child, and thou a lamb,
We are called by His name.
Little lamb, God bless thee!
Little lamb, God bless thee!

  It suddenly dawned on me, more than half a century later that the lamb I read about back in the Sixties could well be that human sacrifice the Israelite God had performed on his own only begotten son, begotten not made, for the remission of the sins of perverts and criminals of that planet called earth!  Hate the sin and not the sinner and then forgive the sin!  In other words and in my understanding, that Roman religion opened the gateway to Hell and to the worst of crimes and abominations without any accountability and punishment whatsoever! 



The sacred blood of the lamb fully paid for those abominable sins and sinners for ever and in advance!  So, I checked Blake’s lamb out and found out to my horror that this was indeed the case!  The poor Little lamb…He is meek, and He is mild; He became a little child”, the perfect human sacrifice for an undeserving world!

   I’ll have to check out as well the ‘innocent’ nursery rhyme that I taught to my granddaughters “Mary had a little lamb” and see if that Mary in question was not indeed Maryam the blessed Mother of Jesus the Anointed one, and the lamb not the Christ himself!  When Blake writes “He calls Himself a Lamb, is he not insinuating that the Israelite God called himself a Lamb and who became the little child Jesus?  But, how could Jesus be blessed when he was said by established religion to have been executed like a criminal on the cross?  Was he not cursed instead?  It looks more like a curse to me, whether his so-called followers, the followers of the sacrificed lamb, like it or not!  And, Blake, like all Christians like him, were all so messed up in their mind all because of a completely messed up religion.  

  Although Blake rebelled against the Church, he could not get rid of his inherited nonsensical beliefs in not only human sacrifice, but even in the very sacrifice of God himself or that of his only begotten Son, a belief that defies all logic and made Christianity as polytheist and idolatrous as the older religions like Hinduism, for example, and the laughing stock of the modern day Christians who finally opted out of that religion for good!  The worse is that now nearly a billion Christians are fast becoming apostates, renegades and millions are even involved in waging a war against GOD and Orthodox Christianity that never taught the crucifixion of Jesus in the first place and against the virtues it originally represented, mainly those of love, compassion, freedom and justice, and waging a genocidal war against some 1,5 billion Muslims worldwide.  

   Rik Clayton said that both Christianity and Islam have common sources, like the Angel Gabriel, but this Christian decadence and degeneration has pushed pseudo-Christian Britain to carry out WWI and WWII that saw the mass slaughter of nearly 70 million creatures of GOD.  Britain even carried out both American Bankers’ wars and with the USA financed the Russian Bankers’ Revolution that caused the slaughter of more than 60 million Christians and Muslims.  So, the West (Rome) started with a false and very heavily corrupted religion and ended up with the most warmongering and mass murdering religion of all times!  They call it no more Christianity but Western Civilization and Western Democracy!  As a matter of fact, it is just a Global Jewish, Fascist and Totalitarian Dictatorship that has engulfed the entire world.      

  Now, for the very first time it becomes very clear in my mind the last stanza of Blake’s Jerusalem

   “I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built
England's green and pleasant land.”

  Corporate Western media and academia, representing Western Intelligentsia, and backed by the usurious Bank Gangsters, have been relentless in their mind control campaigns that push for all the wars the military industrial complex has planned for the conquest of the world, the culling of the world’s surplus population, the sterilization of our women, and the enslavement of all the survivors of the greatest planned Holocaust of the history of man akin to the Biblical Old Testament’s Flood.

   But, this is only a stratagem by the warmongers to use religion, both Judaism and Christianity, to advance their plans of conquest and plunder.  It has been customary for their armies to invade other lands, exterminate the natives, and build New Jerusalems everywhere or New York, New Amsterdam, or new whatever!  Everywhere they went they said they were looking for the “Promised Land”, including that Zionist sex pervert Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr.       

   The British sword has been active for many centuries and the slaughter is ongoing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and now in Pakistan, Iran – all of them Muslim countries!  So, the war is clearly against Muslims, Islam and Arabs, even the Arabic language and culture.  While they have already built New Jerusalems and Zions all over the so-called West, they have not yet made real Jerusalem AL QUDS an entirely Jewish possession, cleansed of its Arab and Muslim inhabitants, and under the control of the Vatican and its Military Knights of Malta!

  The West planned their 9/11 (11 September 2011) and 7/7 (7 July 2005) and have moved forward at an incredible pace.  We can no more travel from one country to another without being stripped almost naked right in public at all European airports (or sodomized!) controlled now by Israeli companies of trained perverts and mass murderers.  We are actually living in a VAST CONCENTRATION CAMP UNDER STRICT SURVEILLANCE BY WILD BEASTS AND EVIL CORPORATIONS!  This is what our world has come up to and only Islam and Muslims still oppose a kind of resistance for which they are punished very severely, with their lands invaded and permanently occupied, and millions killed and starved to death.

   100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics due to nuclear action? 



A special thank you to Abu Salem Sofyan  who inspired me to write this piece and to Symbologist Rik Clay who was undoubtedly murdered by a fanatic or if it can be proven that he presented an imminent danger, by those concerned, that is, Freemasons or Zionists for trying to warn us lot  - the careless and unconscious idiots, cowards and hypocrites that we have proved to be.  But, all the evidence tends to show that Rik Clay died from drugs!  In previous articles, I have written about Manley P. Hall and Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell and warned the readers that I do not subscribe to everything they have said or written or to the useless and more than confusing UFO and symbologist craze. Monopolist Wally Olins, linked to Freemasons, created the Zionist 2012 Olympics logo ZION and the whole world seems to be like hypnotized by accepting it all.  It is obvious that poor Rik Clay has also drowned himself in the deep garbage under the cover of the esoteric that many misleaders and so-called spiritualists and consciousness experts have been preaching after having lost their faith in Christianity and in  many of its virtues, although not all.   


   In 1997, I lived in Church Road, bordering the Zionist Olympics Site of Stratford and I drove along the A12 Motorway connecting Stanway in Colchester (a garrison town and the very first Roman Town) where I lived for more than six years.  For over a decade I have known the Stratford Region very well and most of the names mentioned in Rik Clay’s documentary, but his “charka … re-incarnation…thought creating itself into matter…mind before matter idea”, our approaching of some kind of “new cosmological energy of some sort…we are going to create our own reality…”, and other Ickian arguments really not only lead nowhere, but have already MISLEAD millions, including Rik Clay and personal acquaintances like Barry Lyndon, Brian Jessop and many others!  Only a few initiates might make some sense of it all and for no practical purpose.



 I have also known the immoral and lethal television “Soap Opera” series “East Enders” to be the biggest and most successful mind control weapon that has contaminated nearly the entire British population, mainly the working class womenfolk, and almost the entire Asian community who today are unable to use their brains to think freely or do the right thing.      









 That the UN has been set up not only as a debt collecting agency for the debt creating agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, but also as a perfectly legal entity trained in human sacrifice whether through wars, “peace-keeping” operations, forced deadly vaccination (with deadly engineered viruses), has already been fully documented.  William Blake was no prophet poet.  Just like Eric Blair (George Orwell) or Aldus Huxley, he already knew about the Satanic Agenda of the Western imperialists and warmongers.  In 1935, they had their NAZI IIIrd REICH OLYMPICS.  Then, in 1972, they had their ISRAELI BLACK SEPTEMBER MUNICH OLYMPICS.  They had their 2008 ZIONIST BEIJING OLYMPICS most probably to thank China for having joined the Rothschild Bank Gangsters and for producing tons of legal crap that will never pass any Trading Standards test for the Fourth World European and other client consumerist markets (the lowest and most undeserving class)!  



 For 2012, they are now having the ZIONIST LONDON XXX OLYMPICS said to be followed by some kind of CATASTROPHE that would exterminate millions most probably, or even to coincide with some false flag that would take out countless lives right during the Zionist Olympics, not excluding a nuclear threat or even a real engineered Hollywood style attack on London or abroad.  Iran, Syria..?  Olympics 2012 will be just that OR MORE, the organizers have promised, in coded messages or not!  



 But, as some say, only GOD knows!  But, I would like to improve on this and say that SATAN KNOWS BEST!  Why?  Because he planned it all and he has proved himself the best of planners to this day!  So many things have been written about that bloody 2012, the very End of the human genetic type, or of the world predicted for 21 December 2012, according to certain calculations, and in March 2012 we are invited to watch or be victim of the beginning of the End.  The bloody attack may be postponed, but it will happen as planned!  All the signs are here for people who still have eyes to see, ears to hear and heed, brains to think and hearts to understand and even to stop the killing monster once for all.  



 I owe an apology to my dear friend Adriana Evangelizt for attributing to her the date of 20 December 2011 as the fatal day!  She said in her last email to me of Wednesday, 18 January 2012, 14:14:



 The date of 20 December 2011 was not from me as I have said a number of times on my blogs. Oh well, listen, all the volcanoes are becoming active, which corresponds to the Old Serpent in the Revelations (Apocalypse) of John.  It is this one that is more important with the toppling of the magnetic poles that will lead to the physical toppling of the earth.  It is this that will cause the Great Disaster. 



Jesus Christ was allegedly sent to be crucified in order to save humanity.  Muhammad was inspired and provided humanity with solutions to its problems.  I wasted countless years in trying to warn as many as I could, but, most never listened.  If Christianity and Islam are not good enough for the humankind, and if there is such a Supreme Intelligence that was at the origin of Creation, let it or HIM either keep it going as it is, improve it or destroy it!  There is nothing people like us, believers in useless religions or not, can do to stop the Devil!  Those crazy “spirituality, UFO, re-incarnation, vibration, energy, consciousness …” adepts can do nothing either to stop whatever is going to happen unless they are crazy to believe that they are in control of their own destiny!     



Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

Monday 30th of January 2012


P.S. My advice to Abu Salem Sofyan :  Never believe anything until you have done your research extensively and keep away from television and newspapers!





NEELU BERRY aka Ved Chaudhari

EOTT #18 Neelu Berry/Ved Chaudhari - Singer/songwriter, pharmacist & private investigator.

Premiered on 5 Nov 2019
281 subscribers
Always a pleasure to share a conversation with an absolute warrior, the one and only Neelu Berry aka Ved Chaudury.  
Please note that there is some disturbing and upsetting content right from the outset which is not for the faint of heart.  
NEELU's websites and links; www.icj3.webs.com 
- Volunteer Private Investigator in the Mass Remedy Process with Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis www.icj3.webs.com/health Witness against MHRA in GcMAF cases of David Noakes +Lynda Thyer www.icj2.webs.com 
- UCc Commercial Liens www.icj13.webs.com 
- Indictment & Law Books + Reports on Baby Sunaina http://sunaina2007.tripod.com 
Death of Baby Sunaina (Niece) http://sunaina2008.tripod.com  
https://icj13.webs.com/indictment led to Police raids around my birthday the following year 2014 
and 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U-pi... which caused me to issue the Commercial Lien in June 2014 https://icj2.webs.com/lien and https://icj2.webs.com/notarised which is ripe or matured and waiting for enforcement - which is why the agents of IRRV in all Councils, (such as Mr Jonathan Wooldridge, Head of Revenues, London Borough of Redbridge Council Tax WORLD'S CT Terrorist No 1) have activated breaches of GDPR on all whistleblowers, because they believe little old men and women can be assassinated without any comebacks... 
Theft of van 15 Jun 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsfsv... 
28 Jul 2017 Confero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDQmv... 16 Aug 20 Jul 2018 
- Theft of home inside view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdgm1... 
20 Jul 2018 Made homeless - Outside CCTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PNxb... 
17 Sep 2018 Dragged out of auction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=645i2... 
New England Company under 1649 law www.allto1.webs.com Swissindo and High Court Claims www.comedycourt.webs.com The Hampstead Trial which collapsed 
Ashtar teleconference with Neelu Chaudhari 1 of 2 https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2d... 
Ashtar teleconference with Neelu Chaudhari 2 of 2 https://www.ashtarontheroad.com/nesar... 
Buried Alive. By James Casbolt/Michael Prince Bridgend suicides on p43 
My singing career https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq1ag... Ghungaroo Toot Gaye - Ankle bells broke by Neelam Blue Diamond Music Producer, composer, singer songwriter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3AdU... 
My Love Is Eternal - 7 beats By Neelam Blue Diamond Humming plaigiarised by Madonna in her track "Frozen" after I left album with Virgin in Aug 1997  
July 1649: An Act for the promoting and propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-... 
Jimmy James SOCIAL MEDIA & PERSONAL CONTACTS FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/jimmyjames.h... INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/eottwithjj/ 
EMAIL - prisonera3028ar@gmail.com 
LINKS FOR EOTT everything on the table vlogcast and podcast YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJl... BITCHUTE - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/gq0o... 

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
If you've ever wondered why Zionism, as it is practiced today in modern Israel, is nothing like the realization of the vision of Zion we Jews cherished throughout the ages, why it is oddly foreign to anything we ever knew or wanted to know, why it is the fulfillment of no Jew, religious or not, be they from any of the far-reaches of the Diaspora; the following conceptualizations of Zion may prove instructive as to why the State of Israel looks as it does, who the real founders of modern "Zionism" are and what its true goals are.

Jerusalem by Wm. Blake

And did those feet in ancient time.
Walk upon Englands mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green & pleasant Land

"The poem was inspired by the apocryphal story that a young Jesus, accompanied by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, travelled to the area that is now England and visited Glastonbury. The legend is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation (3:12 and 21:2) describing a Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem.

And then there's "Zion's Glorious Hope," Song 64 in the Witnesses' religious songbook. The words of this song were set to music composed by Joseph Hayden in 1797.

Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God!
He, whose Word cannot be broken,
Formed thee for His own abode.
On the Rock of Ages founded,
What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation’s walls surrounded,
Thou may’st smile at all thy foes.

See! the streams of living waters,
Springing from eternal love;
Well supply thy sons and daughters,
And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint while such a river
Ever flows their thirst t’assuage?
Grace, which like the Lord, the Giver,
Never fails from age to age.

Round each habitation hovering,
See the cloud and fire appear!
For a glory and a cov’ring
Showing that the Lord is near.
Thus deriving from our banner
Light by night and shade by day;
Safe they feed upon the manna
Which He gives them when they pray.

Blest inhabitants of Zion,
Washed in the Redeemer’s blood!
Jesus, whom their souls rely on,
Makes them kings and priests to God.
’Tis His love His people raises,
Over self to reign as kings,
And as priests, His solemn praises
Each for a thank offering brings.

Savior, if of Zion’s city,
I through grace a member am,
Let the world deride or pity,
I will glory in Thy Name.
Fading is the worldling’s pleasure,
All his boasted pomp and show;
Solid joys and lasting treasure
None but Zion’s children know.


 The hymn is sung to the same tune written by Hayden. It serves also for Das Deutschlandlie, Germany's national anthem. You know:

Germany, Germany above all,

Above all in the world,

When, for protection and defence, it always

takes a brotherly stand together.

From the Meuse to the Memel,

From the Adige to the Belt,

Germany, Germany above everything,

  Above everything in the world…

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


Rik Clay’s interviews on Red Ice Radio - All Four Hours 2008 09 12 By Henrik Palmgren

Here we make available all the four hours of radio interviews that Red Ice Radio did with Rik Clay 

back in June of 2008.

Rik Clay took his own life on August the 28th. His ashes are scattered upon Ilkley Moor, 

overlooking the town above Rocky Valley, at grid ref 126464. Symbolically (and some have said 
sinisterly) this 
occured on Thursday the 11th of September, 2008.

We make these interviews available for everyone who haven’t yet been able to hear them as they 

have had a big impact on many people and the information about the 2012 Zion Olympics in London
is essential.

Feel free to spread these programs far and wide. You can also embed the players on your site/blog. 

Click menu on each player to grab the code.

Hour 1 - The Cosmic Mind: Zion 2012 Olympics

Download mp3 & more info:
Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: Zion 2012 Olympics

Hour 2 - The Cosmic Mind: The End Game Messiah of 2012

Download mp3 & more info:
Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: The End Game Messiah of 2012

Hour 3 - The Cosmic Mind: Q & A

Download mp3 & more info:
Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: Q & A

Hour 4 - The Cosmic Mind: Q & A Continued

Download mp3 & more info:
Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: Q & A Continued

A lot can be learned both from Rik’s research but also from his journey and this tragedy. We encourage you 

to listen to the two-hour program that we did with Ian Crane shortly after Rik’s death. This program was recorded the same day Rik’s ashes was scattered. You can tune in to this program here:

We miss you Rik!
 From the desk of Rubina Subratty


Links: rikclayfoundation.org

"if you know of other places on the web where Rik’s blog and articles have been archived, please 

contact us (look under the contact link in the menu above) and let us know, so we can link it up 
on this page."

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Latest News from our Front Page

Anonymous Warns NATO: "This Is No Longer Your World"
2012 01 30
NATO has poked the bear of the internet (which responded by announcing that
it’s actually a hydra). Anthropomorphic confusion aside, a NATO security report
about “Anonymous”—the mysterious “hacktivist” group responsible for attacks 
on MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Amazon and, most recently, Sony—has led the underground group to
respond by cautioning NATO, “This is no longer your world. It is our world – ...
Next Frontier: Downloading Physical Objects to Your 3D Printer
2012 01 30
Exciting times, friends. While we’ve been cleaning up the proverbial ticker tape
behind by jubilant celebration over the recently-stalled antipiracy bills, the Pirate 
Bay – arguably the premier resource for pirating digital content – has already moved on to the
next big thing. The site has announced a new category called “Physibles” that houses digital files that 
can be downloaded ...
Jobless man builds a house out of $1.82 billion worth of shredded money
2012 01 30
"What would you do with $1.82 billion worth of shredded money? In Ireland,
build houses out of it — at least that’s what Dublin-based artist Frank Buckley 
did. The unemployed artist originally wanted to create a gallery for his series of mixed-media 
artworks called "Expressions of Recession," but he ended up building a house instead." [...] 
Read the full article at: ...
Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions
2012 01 30
The Pentagon doesn’t know what happened to more than $100 million in cash
held at Saddam Hussein’s palace in Baghdad during the Iraq war, according to 
a new report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. 
What’s more, the Pentagon can’t find documents to explain what it spent as much as $1.7 billion 
on from funds held on behalf ...
If You Thought SOPA and ACTA Were Bad…
2012 01 30
Enter the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the most recent of the run 
of international intellectual property lawmaking in the last few years. Few have
likely heard of TPP, because it is also being negotiated largely in secret. The 
word “largely” is key, because, as was the case with ACTA, TPP documents have been leaked, 
creating yet another ...

About Me (Rik Clay) (From Youtube)

Aged 25, I attended and completed both compulsory education 

(the national mind-control curriculum

and university, whilst working on a musical endeavour in which I released 2 albums 

nationwide, shot music videos and toured the UK & Europe religiously. My band 

'FULC' received

rave reviews and praise in the likes of Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Rock Sound 

magazine. The band occupied a good 6 years of my life in which I was lead guitarist and 

backing vocalist.

Due to my musical passion, I developed skills in graphic design / web design / flash and all 

other things multimedia, as an aid for promotion.

Shortly after
FULC's demise in 2005, I began my own solo electronica project 

called 'Somewhere Not Here' and teamed up with the guys in 'Ten Seconds Of Chaos' 

from Leeds. Both were short-lived due to my urge for some true personal development.

I realised a 'real job' was needed to fund my aspirations. Seven years, working in 

local independent record stores had to come to an end, and so I moved on to what I

thought was the dream job - but oh, how I was wrong.

Ethical travel company! Who thought of that one? An ethical travel company 

who's owner becomes a millionaire and buys a mansion in Greece, and then sells out

to First Choice Holidays... poor poor gullible students. Never take an organised

'Gap Year' - do it yourselves!

Just a few damning rush notes by me from the very mouth of the horse (RIK CLAY)! 

From the desk of B.A.Frémaux-Soormally

And so my perceptions started to shift to cut a long story short...

I travelled to
Egypt and took a boat up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor before moving

on to Cairo to see the pyramids at Giza, Saqqara and Dashur. Meditating in the 

'Kings Chamber' is one of those experiences you'll never forget.

On my return, I was introduced to
Julia, a lady who was to become 

my Reiki Master. Over a series of weeks, Julia trained me to

Reiki Level II - a life changing gift.

The summer of 2007, showed me the true meaning of
synchronicity. Experiences, 

too long and complicated to explain, involved the  

crop circles in Wiltshire,  Glastonbury

Daniel Pinchbeck (author of 2012: The Year Of 

The Mayan Prophecy), 

David Shayler (self-declared reincarnation  of the Yeshua spirit),

Stonehenge, Avebury and the islands of  Malta and Gozo.

Along came winter, leaving me no option but to start my studies... oh and squeeze a

trip to the  Yucatan

Where I stand today?

There is a problem with the state of our environment.

There is a problem with society. 

There is a problem with our governments. 

There is a problem with this corrupt pyramid of power enslaving our planet.  

But... there is hope!

It is
my belief that, come the Olympics 2012, we are going to see one of the largest 

hoaxes ever perpetrated on man. This may involve  

extraterrestrial visitation alongside that of 

a biblical 'second coming'. 

All I can warn, is that when the time comes, do not be duped!  *

Do not buy any of it!

I don't ask you believe in my truth... please, find your own... just don't allow the 

TV / magazines and press to find it for you.

*When the time comes, who will have control

over what? (BAFS)

12th June 2008, Rik does the Redice interview. He's upbeat, happy, looking forward

to revealing more stuff. *

13th June 2008. 8.24am he's posting, happily

9.51am, he's posting again happily, promising 'full expose of the music industry coming soon'.

His father said that he suddenly came down with adrenal problems? And

"it's total shutdown and he doesn't have the capacity to even contemplate going on the web.."

Yet Rik's blog came down on
the 13th June 2008. So if Rik suddenly became so ill that day,

after posting that he was going to reveal stuff, so ill that he didn't have the capacity to 

contemplate going on the web - then who took down his blog?

Rik Clay found dead in his bed, few days after his interview with Red Ice 

Creations on August of 2008.

Copies of his site and further information:
A recreation of his research with additional work (the original blog has been removed 

from the internet) can be found here:

The whole video without the censorship of the first part as it is seen at YouTube can be

found here:

 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgCzI_r9tnA


Ian Crane - Rik Clay, Integration, Conspiracy 

& Spirituality in 12 Parts

IAN CRANE interviewed by Red Ice Creations (Sweden) on 11 September 2008 after Rik Clay’s death.

12th June 2008, Rik does the Redice interview. 

He's upbeat, happy, looking forward to revealing more stuff. *  

*  YET,




Just a few other damning rush notes by me from the very mouth of 
the other horse (IAN CRANE)! 

From the desk of B.A.Frémaux-Soormally

"When we delve into the occult, this information can come to us very thick and very fast.
 Our challenge is to integrate that information and use that knowledge wisely

"My own awakening… when, if you like, 
the trigger went in my DNA and
the Kundalini was awakened and
the universe decided to kick my arse out of my sojourn in
the corporate realm, 
forced me to reflect on everything I thought that I knew..."

"Rik Clay obtained his information directly from an unknown source!

"I obtained much of my information from the SHAMANIC REALM!  
Consequently, when someone brings information back from the Shamanic Realm,
some of it is JUNK and
some of it is useful! 
And some of it we have to practice
the art of discretion and discernment and filtering 
and decide how it is we are going to put it out there.

"David Icke taught me an amazing lesson.  
His revelationary moment back in the nineties. 



"5,000 piece jigsaw but no picture..

"(Drug addict) DAVID SHAYLER declared he was the re-incarnation of 

"Many suffer from a Messiah Complex…commit Suicide.  

"It is a dangerous sport.  
Serious injury.  
Like MARTIAL ART, you don’t learn it in 5 minutes. 

"It is the Yahweh Syndrome.  
"They think they are the Chosen ones.   

"There is a Messiah Unit in the Israeli Police.  

"Book on how drugs work.  Holland.

"The negative potentials journeying in the Shamanic Realm. 
Dis-incarnate entities interfere in our journey.

 "(We are) looking for the GRAAL!

 "Champolion deciphered the hieroglyphs."   

 (Check this one as it is not true.  An Arab or Muslim working 
for the British Museum (?)  claimed they had been deciphered
 a long time before Champolion!  BAFS)                      

"(We are) hoping to find answers in the Mayan religion.

Topics discussed:
Transpersonal State, Awakening Process, Change, Research, 
Internet, Communication, Soul Returning, Healthy Balance, 
Messiah Complex, Midlife Opportunity, Drugs, Shamanic Journey, Alcohol, Spiritual Entities, Temporary possession, Geopolitics, 
The Journey vs. Speed, Gurdjieff, Terrence McKenna, 
Time wave Zero, Jose Arguelles, 2012, Jeff Stray, 
Destruction of Knowledge, Christianity, Renaissance 
and much more.

(To be continued)

Saturday, 11 February 2012, 0:35

fwd by maisoon

Subject: 100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics due to nuclear action

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Possible 100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics Due To Nuclear Attack


100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics due to nuclear action



Before 9 / 11 and 7 / 7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV programmes, of the events that would later take place.

Similarly, the BBC has broadcasted a series imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics. 

The series includes several clues that suggest that the 'illuminati' are behind the making of the series and that therefore the events that the series imagines, are being planned to take place in the real world.
In the same way that a false flag inside job attack staged on 9/11 and Pentagon and London 7/7 was predicted in films, TV programmes, card games, official drills mimicking the exact scenarios that actually happened and BBC programmes, a false flag inside job attack at the London 2012 Olympics has also been predicted in the Illuminati card game sold in 1995, in BBC program.

If the Illuminati are to move forward in their plans for a totalitarian tyrannical New World Order run by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Banking Dynasties, they would have to stage a large scale terror attack event to scare people into accepting increased surveillance and control and reduced freedoms over their lives just as we have with the Patriot Act I, II, NDAA, torture centres, etc.

Rick Clay exposes 2012 Olympics planned 
inside false flag job and then is murdered 



THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK MURDER!!!....................*
part2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBWY617MrHo

Rik Clay found dead in his bed, few days after his interview with Red Ice Creations on 

August of 2008.

Rik Clay was the 1st researcher i came across that tied all this together. Rik died in 2008 at the tender age of 26. May he Rest In Peace. But for those who havent heard of Riks 

research, i suggest you go to the following links.


Copies of his site and further information:
A recreation of his research with additional work (the original blog has been removed from

 the internet) can be found here:
The whole video without the censorship of the first part as it is seen at YouTube can be found here:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2539417967594130510&ei=0euPSYPIG

Posted by Abu-Suleyman

N.B.  THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK MURDER!!!....................*


ALL the evidence tends to show that Rik Clay died from drugs! 

BUT ...!


What is Jewish Elsevier's Peter Power up to this time?

Surface-to-air missiles on top of flats to protect Olympics as part of huge security operation




 Mailonline 29 April 2012! 

By Daily Mail Reporter

Ground-to-air missiles are to be sited on the roof of a block of flats near the Olympic site as part of a huge security operation to protect the Games.
The Army will station soldiers and high-velocity surface-to-air missiles on the residential block in East London to ward off airborne terror threats.
Residents in the private, gated flats in Bow have received a leaflet warning them that a team of ten soldiers and police will be placed at the building – home to 700 people – for the duration of this summer’s Games.
Warning: High-velocity surface-to-air missiles will be stationed on the residential block in East London to ward off airborne terror threats
Warning: High-velocity surface-to-air missiles will be stationed on the residential block in East London to
ward off airborne terror threats
Launch site: The Army will station soldiers and high-velocity surface-to-air missiles on this residential block in Bow Quarter, East London, to ward off airborne terror threats
Launch site: The Army will station soldiers and high-velocity surface-to-air missiles on this residential block in Bow Quarter, East London, to ward off airborne terror threats

It follows an announcement by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond in November that missiles might be used to safeguard the Olympic site.
Last night, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed the missiles would be deployed within the next few days. They describe them as ‘a useful deterrent’.

Resident Brian Whelan, a journalist, said the MoD leaflet says the missiles will be fired
 only as a last resort.
He said: ‘They are going to have a test run next week, putting high-velocity missiles on 
the roof just above our apartment. They’re stationing police and military in the tower of 
the building for two months.
‘It’s a private, gated community with an old watch tower which is now a lift shaft.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond stands in front of a Rapier System ground-to-air missile launcher during a visit to RAF Waddington near Lincoln
Protection: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond saw some of the Rapier System ground-to-air missile launchers during a visit to RAF Waddington near Lincoln, earlier this year
Target: Security agencies fear the Olympics will be targeted by terrorists and are preparing for a range of difference scenarios
Target: Security agencies fear the Olympic site in Stratford, east London, will be targeted by terrorists and are preparing for a range of difference scenarios
‘We have an MoD leaflet saying the building is the only suitable place in the area. It says there will be ten officers plus police present 24/7. I’m not sure if they are going to live in the building. We have a gym and a pool and people have seen them there so it makes you think it will be some sort of Army base – it’s not ideal.
‘The property management company which runs the place put up posters and gave out the leaflets today.
‘The general tone was, “Great news, aren’t we lucky”, but that’s not normal, it’s not something people should have put on them.
‘I’ve looked these up [the missiles] and I don’t think they’re the kind of thing you can fire over a highly populated area like Tower Hamlets, think of the debris.’
Mr Whelan said the leaflet poses a series of questions residents might ask, such as: ‘Will this make me a target for terrorists?’
The 28-year-old said: ‘But the answer on it is that we will be safer with it here.
‘From the few people I’ve spoken to, and the security we have here, they’re not happy about it. I don’t think it needs to be here at all.’

Manufactured False Flag Bomb Plot Exposed, Officials Irate Over Leak Proving CIA Ran Entire Operation

May 9, 2012
The supposed al Qaeda bomb plot to blow up a U.S. bound plane has completely fallen apparent with recent revelations that the terrorist was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence the entire time.
That’s right, this huge corporate media manufactured story was literally a NON EVENT with the terrorist actually being an operative who then turned the bomb over to the Central Intelligence Agency.
In an all too predictable next move, the corporate media is now running direct homeland security advertisements for body scanners throughout the entire world.
Immediately after the release of this full scale propaganda story, the corporate CIA run media went to work promoting the dangerous naked body scanners and literally worshiping homeland securities draconian “security” measures.
Employees of the Chertoff Group touted their naked body scanners throughout all three major news networks within minutes of the story hitting the newswires.
Meanwhile, the chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee is furious over the leak that eventually proved that the supposed terrorist arrested in this latest staged event was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence.
In a segment on Anderson Coopers (Vanderbilt to be specific) show, Rep. Peter King claimed that its unfortunate this information got out and that a major investigation is being launched to find out how it happened.
“It’s really, to me, unfortunate that this has gotten out, because this could really interfere with operations overseas,” Rep. Peter King of New York told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. “My understanding is a major investigation is going to be launched because of this.”
The mole, who volunteered as a suicide bomber for the terrorist group, was actually working as an intelligence agent for Saudi Arabia, a source in the region familiar with the operation told CNN.
The man left Yemen, traveled through the United Arab Emirates and gave the bomb and information about al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to the CIA, Saudi intelligence and other foreign intelligence agencies, the source said.
The agent works for Saudi intelligence, which has cooperated with the CIA for years, the source said.
“Indeed, we always were the ones managing him,” the source told CNN.
Consider this: If the information was not leaked, networks such as CNN would continue to broadcast 24/7 propaganda as to how al Qaeda almost just blew up an American airline and that we are all in danger if we do not give up more of our rights.
Another report from CNN, this time by Marnie Hunter, used the fear many Americans are most likely feeling from this “bomb plot” to promote the use of naked body scanners not only inside the United States but throughout the world.
Quoting a former head of Israeli airport security, Marnie then went on to reference the Christmas Day Bomber from 2009 (an event completely 100% staged in its own right) and described how the use of naked body scanners inside the U.S. is making us all so much more safe.
A foiled plot to sneak a bomb through airport checkpoints and onto a plane bound for the United States calls attention to gaps in screening measures that are supposed to detect threats airport metal detectors miss.
Outside the United States, the controversial body-scanning technology is not widely used, security experts say. But they say it is the best way to detect plastic explosives hidden on people boarding airplanes.
“Since most of these airports are not using body-scanning technology, including for American flights, I would say that this is an opening that was probably intended to be abused by (the bomb-maker) and those who planned the attack,” said Rafi Ron, president of New Age Security Solutions and former head of security of Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel.
As Madison Ruppert noted in his recent article, “CIA Thwarts Own New Underwear Bomber Plot, Continues Trend of Manufactured Terror,” there are a variety of reasons for such a staged plot.
This comes as Senator Rand Paul is pushing to dissolve the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) completely while they continue to expand operations outside of airports and into the daily lives of Americans with no reason to do so.
When the American people begin to become increasingly intolerant of the TSA’s invasive tactics and dehumanizing treatment as well as the never-ending global war on terror, there has to be something done to keep us believing that this is for our own good.
This farcical case of manufactured terrorism is just another example of this principle at work. Without the CIA keeping us safe by foiling their own bomb plots, we might have real bomb plots, right?
Or, perhaps, the more logical conclusion would be that without these manufactured bomb plots, there would actually be no bomb plots.
Sadly it seems this country is set to continue to lose the very freedoms the terrorists supposedly hate us for, all in the name of security and the worshiping of the Homeland Security gestapo.
It is up to free thinking citizens throughout the country to continue to expose these staged terror plots and the role that the corporate mockingbird media plays in tricking the public into accepting more and more tyrannical actions in response to plots that were actually staged in the first place.



The Jewish-Zionist  controlled/owned media and "her majesty's government" showed more concern about THE RAIN than of "THE TERRORISTS"!  Why did they 'forget' that the Olympics were to be attacked from the air by the "Muslims, Al-Qaeda ... terrorists" and not get concerned about "her majesty's" safety?  How did they know the terrorists would not attack te Queen's Flotlla and the Queen's herself?  We saw no anti-aircraft haedware deployed for the Jubilee!  WHY?    

Queen and crowds brave rain for jubilee armada

LONDON (Reuters) - The Queen joined an armada of 1,000 vessels and more than a million cheering spectators on Sunday to celebrate her 60th year on the throne with the most dazzling display of pageantry seen on London's River Thames for 350 years.

Pealing bells greeted the start of the flotilla as the queen's gilded royal barge sailed alongside a colourful and eclectic array of boats from leisure cruisers and yachts to rowing boats, a Hawaiian war canoe and Venetian gondolas.

Organisers said 1.2 million people, many waving "Union Jack" flags, braved typically inclement British weather to catch a glimpse of the procession along the seven mile (11 km route) as riverbanks were turned in a blur of red, white and blue.

After four hours on the river, much of it spent standing to review the flotilla passing by, the 86-year-old monarch was still smiling and showing a resolute "British stiff upper lip" as the event concluded in driving rain with a bitter wind.

Elizabeth, her 90-year-old husband Prince Philip and the other senior royal family members even jigged in time to the strains of "Rule Britannia" as the last vessel carrying an orchestra and drenched singers serenaded her.
"It made me proud to be British. It'll be a long time before London has another day like this," said Sandra Evans, 68, a retired shop worker from east London who was wrapped in a soaking wet British flag.

"The royal family has taken a lot of abuse from people over the years, but they've shown their class today."
Up and down the country, millions of people attended diamond jubilee street parties in honour of the sovereign, the only British monarch after Queen Victoria to have sat on the throne for 60 years.

The London pageant, the highlight of four-days of public celebration, drew crowds from Britain and beyond as the queen, wearing a silver and white dress with a matching coat, sailed down the Thames in the royal barge, "The Spirit of Chartwell".

Also on board were heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles, his eldest son Prince William and new wife Kate, a global fashion trendsetter who wore a vivid red Alexander McQueen dress and matching hat.

"It was amazing. It felt like stepping back in time and seeing history come to life," said American student Ashley Nissim, 21, who is studying in London.

From New Zealand Maoris in traditional cloaks paddling a canoe to sailors and costume pirates, the flotilla boasted participants from every corner of the planet in a colourful display that recalled Britain's history and nautical past.

There were even vessels from the 1940 evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk in northern France - a famous rescue performed by crafts of all shapes and sizes and a celebrated piece of British history.

Organisers said Sunday's river pageant, reminiscent of a Canaletto canvas from the 18th century, was the largest of its kind since a similar spectacle was held for King Charles II and his consort Catherine of Braganza in 1662.

The flotilla passed under 14 bridges and past landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London, where the picturesque Tower Bridge bascules were raised in salute.

One of the boats taking part, "Amazon", featured in diamond jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria, Elizabeth's great-great-grandmother, held in 1897 when Britain's empire spanned much of the globe.

Although the queen is still head of state in 16 countries from Australia and Canada to tiny Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean and head of the Commonwealth, Britain is a shadow of its former imperial self.

Nevertheless, the pageant appeared on news sites around the world and was among the top trending topics on the Twitter micro blogging site, with messages ranging from congratulatory to comic. Interest in the festivities and affection for the queen extended to former colonies such as Canada.

"She is a kind of living history," marketing expert Amanda Batchelor told Reuters from her home in Toronto where she was watching on television.

Historians and commentators say the pomp and spectacle of British royal occasions gives the country a sense of national pride at a time when the economy is in recession and people face deep austerity measures.

Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, street parties were being held to mark the occasion. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla dropped into one in central London before the pageant, joining in a rousing rendition of the national anthem.

While the queen and the royal party braved the elements under a canopy on a barge in the middle of the Thames and then for hours on a bankside reviewing stand, the wet conditions proved too much for Prime Minister David Cameron, who moved his Downing Street party indoors.

That said, the government hoped the jubilee would mark the start of a summer of revelry capped off by the Olympic Games in London, raising the public's spirits and their poll ratings.

"You wouldn't get that anywhere else in the world - only the British could put on an event like that," said Paul Slater, 30, a financial consultant, who travelled from Birmingham in central England for the pageant. "Bring on the Olympics."

However, economists have warned that the extra public holidays will hit Britain's already ailing economy, potentially prolonging a recession.

The celebrations come as polls show the overwhelming backing for the monarchy, which has overcome a slump in the 1990s following marital infidelities and the death of the hugely popular Princess Diana in a 1997 Paris car crash

However, not everyone in London was cheering as about 100 republicans waving banners demanding "Votes not Boats" and "Make Monarchy History" staged a protest near Tower Bridge.

"Her achievement is just staying alive, doing little and saying less," Graham Smith, head of campaign group Republic, told Reuters.

Even republicans acknowledge though there is little chance the queen will be ousted and take solace in indications many Britons are simply indifferent -- 2 million people are leaving the country to take advantage of the extended public holiday.

Celebrations will continue on Monday with a pop concert outside Elizabeth's London residence Buckingham Palace and conclude with a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday followed by a carriage procession.

(Additional reporting by Jeremy Gaunt, Philip Baillie, Peter Griffiths and Ethan Bilby, editing by Paul Casciato)

Live: Queen At St Paul's For Jubilee Service

The Queen is at St Paul's Cathedral for a service of thanksgiving on the last day of her jubilee celebrations.
The service comes as Prince Phillip continues being treated in hospital for a bladder infection and will not be part of a series of events, planned to mark the monarch's 60-year milestone.

Buckingham Palace has announced the Queen will give a message of thanks for the weekend's celebrations in a special address to be broadcast at 6pm.

That comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, gave a sermon at the service in St Paul's Cathedral, where he paid tribute to the Queen.

Gathered are leading national figures and members of the Royal Family including Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who leads a large representation from the coalition Government and other figures that include governor generals and foreign leaders, opened the service with a reading.

After the service the Queen will attend a reception at Mansion House while other senior royals including Charles and Camilla will attend a similar event at the Guildhall.

At both events will be members of the thanksgiving congregation.

The Queen and her family will then attend a City of London Livery companies lunch at Westminster Hall.
The highlight of the day will be a glittering carriage procession through the streets of Whitehall.

The Queen and her family will then gather on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to watch a flypast of Second World War aircraft and the Red Arrows .

The Prince of Wales paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother last night, following the Diamond Jubilee concert staged near Buckingham Palace.

Standing on stage with the Queen a few feet away, Charles told hundreds of thousands who had gathered to watch the star-studded event that they were "celebrating the life and service of a very special person".

But he added there was a disappointing element to the night.

"The only sad thing about this evening is that my father cannot be her with us because unfortunately he's taken unwell," he said.

Celebrities attending the concert included Brian May, television presenter Floella Benjamin and ex-Bond Girl Barbara Bach who is married to former Beatle Ringo Starr.

After Prince Charles' speech there was a huge fireworks display fired from the roof of the palace .



Crown Estate posts record profits and boosts Queen

The Queen is set to enjoy a sharp rise in income after the flourishing prime property market in London and wind farm developments off Britain’s coast drove The Crown Estate to record profits.

The Crown Estate, which owns property on behalf of the Queen, said profits rose to £240m from £231m in the year to March 31. This means the Queen will be eligible for a payment of £36.1m next April to fund her official duties, a 16pc increase on the £31m paid by taxpayers to finance the Monarchy this year, despite the Government enforcing sharp public spending cuts elsewhere.
The increase follows changes made by the Coalition to how the taxpayer funds the Monarchy.
George Osborne, the Chancellor, has scrapped the Civil List, which financed the official duties of the Queen, and replaced it with a Sovereign Grant that is equal to 15pc of the Crown Estate’s annual profits.
This marks a historic alteration to the previous arrangement. The Crown Estate’s profits have been paid to the Treasury and taxpayers since 1760, after George III handed the Crown’s property to the state in return for an annual fee to support his duties.

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A Treasury spokesman said the Sovereign Grant is intended to provide the Royal Household with “long-term sustainable finances” and “is not a representation of how much they should spend”.
Under the Sovereign Grant Act 2011, unused funds will be held in a Reserve Fund and could be returned to the Treasury.
“In the past year, the Crown Estate has performed well in difficult circumstances,” the spokesman said. “This is good news for taxpayers, as profits go to the Exchequer and make a valuable contribution to the public finances.
“The Sovereign Grant, which is designed to put Royal Finances on a long-term sustainable footing, is linked to Crown Estate profits.
“However, it is up to the Royal Household to spend the Grant prudently and ensure that their financial position is sustainable. This includes keeping the reserve adequately funded to cope with unexpected costs and dips in revenue.”
It is understood that additional funds from the Sovereign Grant could be used for a backlog of repairs on the Royal palaces.

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A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Royal Household is absolutely committed to ensuring value for money for the taxpayer, having already reduced expenditure by a fifth over five years.
“The Sovereign Grant is a simpler, more transparent way of funding the Monarchy and is, of course, now open to scrutiny by the National Audit Office.”
The Crown Estate’s profits have risen to record levels thanks to an increase in rents from retailers for its urban properties and an increase in income from the seabed it owns around the UK because of rents from new wind farm developments and construction companies paying for material such as sand.
The Crown Estate owns a portfolio of historic assets such as Regent Street, Windsor Great Park, farmland and most of Britain’s coastline, as well as properties bought over the past few years such as Westgate shopping centre in Oxford.
The value of its properties is now £7.6bn, after a 7.4.pc rise in the past 12 months, despite Britain entering a double-dip recession. Including cash in the bank, the organisation is worth £8bn.
Alison Nimmo, chief executive, said: “It has been another tremendous year for The Crown Estate.
“Our super prime portfolio and active asset management have been the cornerstones of this strong financial performance and resilience during recent market volatility.”