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 Suzanna Arundhati Roy
Roy in 2013
Roy in 2013
BornSuzanna Arundhati Roy
24 November 1961 (age 57)[1]
Shillong, Assam (present-day Meghalaya), India
OccupationWriter, essayist, activist
Notable worksThe God of Small Things
Notable awards

Debunking the Gandhi Myth: Arundhati Roy

Published on 21 Oct 2014

On The Laura Flanders Show: Author/activist Arundhati Roy on the Annihilation of Caste, B.R. Ambedkar and the Western myth of Mahatma Gandhi. And Glenn Greenwald addresses diversity concerns about his new media venture

Arundhati Roy on India's problems*: – There are marches in support of rapists | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan

 * RACISM!!!
 I am not an INDIAN, but of Hindustani descent!  Bihari father and Gujerati Mother!  My father said there is even a touch of Mozambiquian!  Maybe be also a touch of Chinese!  I always love my Hindustani culture, peoples, and their "millions" of Gods, Urdu poetry, Central Asian and Arab music, spirituality, but the religious "HINDUS" hate me because I am not of their Caste, not a racist, not a rapist, woud not burn down houses, mosques, lynch people, do not share their religious, tribal, political, affiliations, or like their shitty cinema, stop eating beef, etc.

In the year 2,000 or 2001, I called the Indian Embassy saying I wanted to return home from my Colonial exile, they said I cannot, I needed a visa!   I SENT THEM TO HELL!
I called NAPAKISTAN Embassy, and said the same thing. They told me I needed a visa, but that my application had to be sent to Washington as it was th USA that was running the country!

For the past 60 years, I saw MUSLIMS missing in the "Hindu" Bombay Cinema Industry or forced to play "Hindu" parts and always HIDE THEIR RELIGION. A decade or so ago, I read that India's 150 million Muslims were MISSING in most spheres of professional life because of "HINDU RACISM"!

I heard Suzanna Arundhati Roy say that some 150-200 million Muslims are missing in the daily professional and political life of her country "INDIA" and people eating meat are being lynched and even murdered, raped, ad minorities exterminated after being labelled Maoists!

I read a long time ago that NON-VIOENT GANDHIAN (that pervert!) "INDIANS" murdered 50 million babies under the UN Programme just because they were GIRLS - through ABORTION (LEGALISED BABY MURDER!) or that the WHO was monitoring their brothels!


Guru Dutt, held similar thoughts about that damned land where some 50 million people still defecate on the road and in fields! But, I am refused the right to speak out about MY OWN PEOPLES, and we are such a mixture!


The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History


Published on 1 Feb 2013

Brutally Honest trump supporter tells it like it is. 
Take a moment and think about it. Remember it, Share it and maybe, just maybe, we can be great again! The point of this video? Not to create animosity nor give an audience to hateful statements from people who, because of their own apathy, in part created the world we now live. The point of this video is to make anyone who cares to pull together and stop the down fall as best as they can. To be good to one another and stop blaming everybody else for our own short comings. To heal ourselves so that we can heal others. Not as separate parts, but as a whole sum of Humanity! 
This video has now been seen in 190+ countries! Still people don't seem to be getting the point. I am a human being just as you. Doing things for the right reasons just as you. If you're not treating your fellow man (Mankind) (Human Beings) with compassion, or at least treating them as you would be treated, then how are you helping the situation. And if you're not helping the situation, then what are you doing? It's not about invisible lines that divide us rather human qualities that unite us. It's a lie to think you're not good enough. There are two entities in the world. 
1. Evil This is where one feels Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Resentment, Lies, and Inferiority. 
2. Goodness This is where one feels Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Humility, Kindness, Empathy and Truth. 
As I read over the comments I see both Evil and Goodness shared. It is not a country that is evil or good. Rather it is a personal choice of the people in any country to be either Good or Evil. And they do so through their actions.

F...... hang the little if i was there!😠😠😠

Mother Elephant And Her Calf Attacked With Firebombs As Deforestation Drives Them Into The Paths Of Humans

Due to the deforestation across India, numerous elephants can be seen wandering in the villages and communities.
Numerous animals across India have been forced to encroach on human habitats in search of food and shelter, and end up wandering through villages or across crop fields, desperately trying to find a new home. 
However, people often take extreme measures in order to prevent these animals from damaging their property. 
The following photo has caught the moment when angry Bishnupur residents launch firebombs at a mother elephant and her calf as a way to stop them from wandering onto their crops. The panicking animals run across the road, terrified.

The following photo shows villagers who throw stones at a herd passing through their village.

Often, villagers burn torches to wave at the elephants and chase them away

Young people are taking pictures of the wild elephants in order to record such incidents  The following photo shows a mother elephant and her calf attempting to navigate the railway tracks constructed through their natural home.

These heartbreaking images were taken by photographer Biplab Hazra, whose goal is to raise awareness  about the state of elephants due to their endangered habitat. 
According to Independent:
“The images highlight the extraordinary level of violence the endangered species faces as they try to survive in smaller, more fragmented habitats. Herds of elephants can cause significant damage to crops, impacting people’s livelihoods. Some farmers use flaming torches to frighten elephants away from inhabited areas.”
Mr. Hazra states:
This happens because the villagers have to save their crops. There are many elephant corridors in human habitations. I’m trying to show this and spread my photos to increase public awareness on the matter.”
The last image shows angry elephants chase these people across farmland as they run through knee-deep water and high crops. 
Elephants need to spend up to 19 hours a day feeding, and produce about 220 pounds (100kg) of dung a day. While villagers do their best to chase them away, the dung is a key means of spreading germinating seeds, and they are vital in maintaining the integrity of forests and grasslands.
This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed properly and as soon as possible, as the number of Indian elephants has drastically decreased in the past several decades.

Mario Savio

Sit-in Address on the Steps of Sproul Hall
delivered 2 December 1964, The University of California at Berkeley
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[AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio]

You know, I just wanna say one brief thing about something the previous speaker said. I didn't wanna spend too much time on that 'cause I don't think it's important enough. But one thing is worth considering.

He's the -- He's the nominal head of an organization supposedly representative of the undergraduates. Whereas in fact under the current director it derives -- its authority is delegated power from the Administration. It's totally unrepresentative of the graduate students and TAs.¹

But he made the following statement (I quote): "I would ask all those who are not definitely committed to the FSM² cause to stay away from demonstration." Alright, now listen to this: "For all upper division students who are interested in alleviating the TA shortage problem, I would encourage you to offer your services to Department Chairmen and Advisors." 

That has two things: A strike breaker and a fink.

I'd like to say -- like to say one other thing about a union problem. Upstairs you may have noticed they're ready on the 2nd floor of Sproul Hall, Locals 40 and 127 of the Painters Union are painting the inside of the 2nd floor of Sproul Hall. Now, apparently that action had been planned some time in the past. I've tried to contact those unions. Unfortunately -- and [it] tears my heart out -- they're as bureaucratized as the Administration. It's difficult to get through to anyone in authority there. Very sad. 

We're still -- We're still making an attempt. Those people up there have no desire to interfere with what we're doing. I would ask that they be considered and that they not be heckled in any way. And I think that -- you know -- while there's unfortunately no sense of -- no sense of solidarity at this point between unions and students, there at least need be no -- you know -- excessively hard feelings between the two groups.

Now, there are at least two ways in which sit-ins and civil disobedience and whatever -- least two major ways in which it can occur. One, when a law exists, is promulgated, which is totally unacceptable to people and they violate it again and again and again till it's rescinded, appealed. Alright, but there's another way. 

There's another way. Sometimes, the form of the law is such as to render impossible its effective violation -- as a method to have it repealed. Sometimes, the grievances of people are more -- extend more -- to more than just the law, extend to a whole mode of arbitrary power, a whole mode of arbitrary exercise of arbitrary power.

And that's what we have here. We have an autocracy which -- which runs this university. It's managed. We were told the following: If President Kerr actually tried to get something more liberal out of the Regents in his telephone conversation, why didn't he make some public statement to that effect? And the answer we received -- from a well-meaning liberal -- was the following: He said,  

"Would you ever imagine the 

manager of a firm making a 

statement publicly in opposition to 

his Board of Directors?"  

That's the answer. 


Well I ask you to consider -- if this is a firm, and if the Board of Regents are the Board of Directors, and if President Kerr in fact is the manager, then I tell you something -

- the faculty are a bunch of 

employees and we're the raw material!  

But we're a bunch of raw materials that don't mean to be --  have any process upon us. Don't mean to be made into any product! Don't mean -- Don't mean to end up being bought by some clients of the University, be they the government, be they industry, be they organized labor, be they anyone! We're human beings!

And that -- that brings me to the second mode of 

civil disobedience. 

There's a time when the operation of the machine 

becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that 

 you can't take part! You can't even passively take 

part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the 

gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all

 the apparatus -- and you've got to make it stop! And

 you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to 

the people who own it -- that unless you're free the 

machine will be prevented from working at all!!

That doesn't mean -- I know it will be interpreted to 
mean, unfortunately, by the bigots who run The Examiner, for example -- That doesn't mean that you have to break anything. One thousand people sitting down some place, not letting anybody by, not [letting] anything happen, can stop any machine, including this machine! And it will stop!!

We're gonna do the following -- and the greater the number of people, the safer they'll be and the more effective it will be. We're going, once again, to march up to the 2nd floor of Sproul Hall. And we're gonna conduct our lives for awhile in the 2nd floor of Sproul Hall. We'll show movies, for example. We tried to get Un Chant d'Amour ("ARTISTIC LOVE" between penises and anuses - faecal orifices???)and [they] shut them off. 

Unfortunately, that's tied up in the court because of a lot of squeamish moral mothers for a moral America and other people on the outside. The same people who get all their ideas out of the San Francisco Examiner. Sad, sad. But, Mr. Landau -- Mr. Landau has gotten us some other films.

Likewise, we'll do something -- we'll do something which hasn't occurred at this University in a good long time! We're going to have real classes up there! They're gonna be freedom schools conducted up there! We're going to have classes on [the] 1st and 14th amendments!! We're gonna spend our time learning about the things this University is afraid that we know! We're going to learn about freedom up there, and we're going to learn by doing!!

Now, we've had some good, long rallies.

[Rally organizers inform Savio that Joan Baez has arrived.]

Just one moment. We've had some good, long rallies. And I think I'm sicker of rallies than anyone else here. She's not going to be long. I'd like to introduce one last person -- one last person before we enter Sproul Hall. Yeah. And the person is Joan Baez.

1 Graduate Student Teaching Assistants

2 Free Speech Movement

Research Note 1: This artifact modified on 2/28/07 to replace "hypocrisy" with "autocracy." Thanks to Larry Friedman for correcting the transcription error.

Research Note 2: This artifact modified on 9/18/09 to include Savio's reference to the movie Un Chant d'Amour. Thanks to Professor Chris Pedersen for correcting the transcription gap. 

Audio and Images (Screenshot) Source: The University of California at Berkeley -- Social Activist Sound Recording Project (UCB Media Resources Center)

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"Un chant d'amour (French pronunciation: ​[œ̃ ʃɑ̃ damuʁ]; English: A Song of Love) is French writer Jean Genet's only film, which he directed in 1950.[1] Because of its explicit (though artistically presented) homosexual content, the 26-minute movie was long banned." 


A "TRANSGENDER woman" was left in tears after her bank account was frozen because she sounded “like a man” over the phone.
Sophia Reis, 47, said she was "humiliated and embarrassed" after telephone banking staff said she failed security checks because she didn’t speak "like a lady".

BPM Media
Sophia Reis, originally from Portugal, said she feels 'mistreated' by Santander

Things went from bad to worse the next day when she went to pay for items in Tesco and discovered Santander had frozen her account.
Now she is fighting to ensure that other transgender people are not treated in the same way.
Sophia, a customer service advisor living in Nottingham, went into her local Santander branch to confront staff after the humiliating telephone ordeal.
She said: "The embarrassment and humiliation I felt was unbelievable.

Sophia updated the identity on her bank account months before phone staff deemed her suspicious
"They said my voice did not match my profile because ‘it sounded like a man on the phone and not a woman.' The whole situation is inadmissible.
"I was crying my eyes out and I am not that type of person at all. I am a very courteous person and I am outgoing but to feel that way when all I asked was for my money to be transferred... I feel mistreated."
Sophia informed Santander last November she would no longer be named Sergio on the account.
But despite changing her registered name and telling phone banking staff she was a transgender woman, they still treated her with suspicion.

BPM Media
Santander has apologised to Sophia since the incident took place
Sophia said: "I work as a woman, I identify myself as a woman and I look good as a woman but for the first time in my life I felt embarrassed about being who I am.

"It was humiliating having to go into my bank and to explain myself when all my information was at the click of a button."

Sophia is originally from Portugal but moved to England in 1997 as a single parent with her three-year-old son.

Family circumstances meant that she could never address herself as a woman at home, but she feels comfortable to transition in the UK.
Sophia said: "My son is old enough now and I said 'The woman you know will be coming out more often.'

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ISLAM - Layana and Kenji Frémaux-Soormally, my two youngest Muslim grandchildren, insha'Allah!

Layana and Kenji Frémaux-Soormally

Also known as the PICATRIX 

[Arabic ḥakīm, wise, wise man, from ḥakama, to judge, decide]

Sadly, the Mother and Grandmother chose 
Money and Betrayal as her Religion and Gods!

Granddad with his granddaughter 

Grandson Kenji 

Whether we like it or not!

1st of January 2019


Hassen Rasool - The Royal Call to Prayer From London, England - Karl Jenkins - The Armed Man

Published on 20 Jul 2018

Once again The Call to Prayer was performed by Hassen Rasool who was delighted to be asked to perform the Adhan at The ancient church of St Pancras, on Euston Road, London, United Kingdom on the 4th July 2018. 
 The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins with Haydn’s Mass in Time of War was performed to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. 
The Adhan (The Call to Prayer) was performed in the middle of the musical composition, providing a brilliantly contrasted evening of music and spirituality which was both exhilarating and inspiring. See the end of the video to hear some raw emotion from some members of the audience. "The movement which is the existence of the universe is the movement of love." 
Please subscribe to the channel to be kept informed of new performances and content.

What genuine spirituality does to the HEART!

Adhan in Church by Ben Youcef

Published on 9 Jun 2015

The Call To Prayer in an United States Church. In Muslim countries, the call to prayer is broadcast throughout the city from the tops of minarets; in non-Muslim countries, as a courtesy to neighbors, it is chanted inside mosque walls. The call to prayer is not music, per se. Music is not allowed in the mosque. But the five-times-daily prayer call can be musical. Ideally, a muezzin is sought out for a voice that inspires and awes — a voice like an instrument. "When you hear a beautiful voice, it connects the soul to the divine in a way that words sometimes cannot do," says Jihad Turk, a friend of Ben Youcef's and president of Bayan Claremont, an Islamic graduate school in Southern California. 
And this is his website: 
You can follow me on twitter @MohammedAbbasi

Live in Sarajevo


This is television coverage of our participation in a grand event in Sarajevo to welcome the arrival of Ramadan called "My Umma" Several male and female choirs, a large band and a traditional Morroccan Andalusi ensemble accompanied us in a performance Al Madha and Fiashiya under the sensitive and expert direction of the conductor, Mehmed Bajratarevic. It was a unique and inspiring experience.

The new video clip of Al Firdaus Ensemble. A celtic song in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). From the album "Safa" released in 2014. Featuring: Ali Keeler (vocals and violin) Salma Vives (cello) Youssef El Mezghildi (qanun) Omar Benlamlih (vocals and percussion) Naima Martín (whirling dervish) Caramelo (the cart horse) A production by Ali Keeler and La Nave Nodriza Directed by Josep Bedmar ( Photography by Samuele Malfatti ( Aknowledgements: Sheikh Hassan Dyke, Abdul Wahid Cristóbal Martín, A paso lento, Medina Fernández de Lucas, Ahmed Yahia Alarcon, Javier Mira Nuñez (Hamza), Abdus Salam Cano, Parsifal Elviro, Jorge Bedmar…


After receiving many messages from our friends of Sabyan Gambus who asked when will we upload more cover video to Youtube. finally we could answer those questions in this month. In the end of 2017, Sabyan presented a new cover video for gambus and sholawat lovers. Hope you enjoy our video, Music by: SABYAN GAMBUS 
Stay tune for our new videos in 2018 please like & subcribe to enjoy our next videos.. thank you! 
Sabyan Management Phene / WA : 082122325550 IG : sabyan_gambus

Mostafa Atef - Qamarun
(I apologise for the many idiots we can see in this "low class" congregation!)

قمرٌ - للمنشد مصطفى عاطف

Published on 12 Jun 2013


 Le soleil d'Allah brille sur l'Occident - Sigrid Hunke
Published on 8 Mar 2014

"Il ne s'agit pas seulement d'élargir notre horizon historique mais encore, en un temps où nous cherchons dans l'ennemi d'hier l'ami de demain, de franchir les vieilles barrières édifiées par la religion, de faire preuve d'une plus grande tolérance et, par-dessus les questions de croyance, de porter notre attention sur les êtres humains." Sigrid Hunke "Du destin du monde arabe, qui une fois déjà a changé la face du monde, peut-être le nôtre va-t-il très bientôt dépendre étroitement. Ne serait-il pas temps dès lors de nous interroger, au-delà de ce qui nous sépare, sur ce qui nous lie, sur ce que nous avons en commun?" Sigrid Hunke "Cet ouvrage a pour but de s'acquitter envers le monde arabe d'une très ancienne dette de reconnaissance. Et si, pour ce faire, il traite d'un grand nombre d'influences directes ou indirectes de la civilisation arabe - quoique ne pouvant évidemment les citer toutes - cela ne signifie pas pour autant que nous lui devions tout! Et cela ne signifie pas non plus que nous songions à négliger ou à minimiser l'importance considérable des influences grecque et romaine, chinoise, indienne ou juive. Pas plus d'ailleurs que nous ne songeons à nier l'évolution propre et la vigueur du génie des peuples germaniques et romains qui surent puiser dans les apports étrangers de quoi se réaliser eux-mêmes. Beaucoup de mains tissent le grand tapis de la civilisation. Chacune d'elles contribue au travail commun et a droit de ce fait à notre gratitude." Sigrid Hunke "La vie n'est pas un vide à remplir. 

C'est une plénitude à découvrir." Christoph Eberhard

Le Soleil d Allah brille sur l'Occident


Published on 19 Apr 2018

Cette vidéo vous révèle les secrets et les vérités occultées quant au progrès réalisé par la civilisation occidentale ; en fournissant les preuves rationnelles indiquant que cette civilisation n a pu voir le jour que grâce au transfert du savoir faire accumule par la civilisation Arabo-musulmane et son rayonnement civilisationnel sur le monde ; dont la premiere ayat du saint coran incite l être humain a la quête du savoir...


1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets - starring Sir Ben Kingsley

Published on 3 Mar 2010

Three school children visit a dusty library to research the story of 'The Dark Ages'. What they find changes their world view dramatically as ingenious inventors and pioneers of science and culture are vividly brought to life. From producer Ahmed Salim and starring Oscar-winning legend Sir Ben Kingsley in the role of The Librarian, this astounding movie provides an eye-opening introduction to the 1001 Inventions initiative. Please sign up to our Twitter and Facebook:

[FILM] 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets - starring Sir Ben Kingsley (English Version)
 Islam Empire of Faith Part 1 Prophet Muhammad and rise of Islam full PBS Documentary
Published on 14 Dec 2011

Part 1 of the famous PBS Documentary "Islam: Empire of faith" produced in 2000. This part is about the Rasool Muhammad SAW and the rise of Islam after its early turbulent history.

Islam Empire of Faith Part 2 The Awakening full PBS Documentary

Published on 14 Dec 2011

Part 2 of the famous PBS Documentary "Islam: Empire of faith" produced in 2000. This part is about the Awakening of the world under Islam - the advancements and discoveries credited to Islam as a system that ran society.

Islam Empire of Faith Part 3

Published on 29 Dec 2010

Part 3 of the famous PBS Documentary " Islam : Empire of faith " produced in 2000 USA, by Robert Gardner

Islam: Empire of Faith [PBS Documentary]

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Published on 7 Sep 2017

Science and Islam - Islamic Knowledge | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

1K 125 Share

Published on 15 Jul 2018

Physicist Jim Al-Khalili travels through Syria, Iran, Tunisia and Spain to explore the relationship between science and Islam. Throughout his journey he will tell the story of the leap in scientific knowledge that happened in the Islamic world between the 8th and 14th centuries and explain how this knowledge helped establish modern science. For more awe inspiring documentaries, subscribe to our channel: Welcome to ReelTruth.Science the home of inspiring documentaries from the scientific and medical world. Here you can find full length documentaries to discover and explore. #scienceandislam #sciencedocumentary #reeltruthscience