“I have fought all my life against terrorists. We are not terrorists, we are freedom fighters!”  - Carlos the Jackal
   These are the words of truth spoken from the mouth of Carlos and it applies to all freedom fighters around the world who are trying to liberate themselves from the Synagogue of Satan and its Western allies from the mountains of Afghanistan all the way to Latin America. His situation reminds me of the plight of the Lebanese freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah who still remains behind bars even though he was supposed to be released and sent back home long ago to Lebanon. Of course the ones who prevent the release of these freedom fighters are the United States and israHell who pretend to be victims but they are the biggest terrorists in the world and they get help from the jewish infested government of France(Francois Hollande) to keep them behind bars. France really needs another Napoleon Bonaparte to free them from jewish control because it's really getting ridiculous in that country.
    They still haven't gotten over the fact that Cuba is finally free from Yankee and Jewish control and they are angered even more that the Bolivarian Revolution is spreading throughout Latin America. One of the first orders of business the Cuban Revolution did was to kick out the jewish gangsters Meyer Lansky and the rest of the low lifes from America who were turning Cuba into an island of immorality. They also kicked out Chase Manhattan Bank which was strangling the Cuban economy with Riba and made sure the jews were kept under strict surveillance and control so they wont wreck the country like they did before the Revolution.
     Che truly cared about the oppressed people of the world and he waged Jihad to try to free them but was murdered in cold blood by the CIA in Bolivia in 1965.Che's heart was in the right place. I'd like to believe that had he lived long enough in life he would have embraced Islam. Many people in Latin America are converting to Islam because people see it as (and is)revolutionary and are inspired by the Islamic worlds resistance to American Imperialism and zionism due their own experience of America oppressing them and israhelli/jewish involvement in their suffering. God(Allah) has given us the right to resist our oppressors.
They Murdered Hugo Chavez, but they could never destroy his spirit and legacy.
Hugo Chavez in Heaven (Jannah) with Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara
   Your Friend,
              Adalberto Erazo Jr.

Adalberto Erazo
Saturday 28th of December 2013 at 9:35 PM
A piece of hidden history. Enjoy.

Che Guevara in the Omayyad mosque in Damascus