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In September 2006, former Nazi* Youth Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI, during his address regarding the rationality of the Christian faith to the University of Regensburg in Germany, the Pope cited Manuel II Palaiologos, the 14th-century Byzantine emperor as saying: “show me just what Mohamed brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

So, if that Mohamed is only “evil and inhuman” it is quite legitimate for the non evil and human entity known as White Western Europe and their Popes, dictators and monarchs to destroy the religion he left behind and even exterminate to the last man, woman and infant (like the one portrayed above), the followers who refuse to abandon that religion which Mohamed commanded them “to spread by the sword”.  That those are lies having been disproved hundreds of times by great men and women of history from their own nations does not matter in the least as it suits the rulers of the world to propagate them as long as the world allow them to carry out their wars of conquest, occupation, plunder and genocide without feeling the slightest guilt at all, of course in the name of their religion and civilisation.   

“There are people who believe they have a God-given right to rule over others.  They believe that their outward appearance is superior to all others.  They harbour selfish ambitions to be rich and to have power over what they describe as common people.  They lie, cheat, steal, strangle, stab and slash their way to power.  They believe their actual will power, what Aleister Crowley describes as the Will of Thelema, the Royal Will, must be obeyed. 

Literally millions of people have been slaughtered at the behest of the Royal lust for war and thousands of people have been assassinated so that demonic Dukes and killer Queens can reign supreme.

This Kabbal of Crown Killers use the global network of Secret Societies loosely described as the Illuminati to do their bidding and killing.

The conspiratorial view of history is the correct view of history.  Conspiracy to grab property, conspiracy to make illegal profits, and conspiracy to assassinate has been the driving force behind the royal elite for thousands of years.  Many people believe that conspiracy in world politics simply does not exist, but it is a provable fact that the royal political elite committed murder to gain power over and over again throughout the ages. 

Many of these murders were the result of a conspiracy usually orchestrated by politicians and aristocrats serving members of royal families.  The Roman Emperor was stabbed to death on the Ides of March.  This was a conspiracy

US President Abraham Lincoln was shot at point blank range by a distant relative of a British Prime Minister’s wife William Booth.  This was a conspiracy

Every November the 5th, the Gunpowder Plot is celebrated.  Guy Falkes planned to explode a bomb beneath the Houses of Parliament.  This was a conspiracy.
In recent times, we have seen the last truly popular President of the United States, Mr John Fitzgerald Kennedy, assassinated.  This was a conspiracy

According to Mohamed Al Fayed, Princess Diana was the latest victim of a royal conspiracy in which she was allegedly murdered under orders from the British Royal Family.   

History teaches us that the Royal Elite have killed before and it is most likely that they will kill again.  Many people believe that capital punishment, usually in the form of hanging, is no longer permitted in Britain.  This is not so.  The Royal Family still reserved the right to prosecute and then hang someone if found guilty of treason.  Treason in its most harmless form is simply criticism of the Royal Family.  A more serious form of treason would be to conspire just as Guy Fawkes did to attack the very heart of the Royal political establishment and another serious form of treason would be to accuse the Royal Family of murder and thus turn public opinion against the monarchy possibly resulting in the dethronement of the Royals.

This film does commit treason, but it is the truth.  History tells us that the German impostors who occupy the British throne have consistently tortured, illegally imprisoned and even murdered, sometimes with their own hands, people who have criticized the monarchy throughout history.

This film for the first time ever exposes the murderous and in some cases downright Satanic activities of the monarchy.

The introduction to “Illuminati III - Murdered by the Monarchy” by British film producer Christopher Everard 2008, one of the best ever made documentaries.      

This long introduction was necessary and regards the fate of at least one fifth of the world population under the brink of extinction as a global religious entity.  Western Islam is a hoax, but call it by any synonymous name you want - CIA, MI5, MI6, KGB, DST, MOSSAD, RAW, Scientology, Evangelical, UN, Media, European, State or Integrationist-Assimilationist Islam – it is not and never will be Al-Islam, but only Western, Russian, Chinese, Atheist, Zionist or Indian propaganda meant to vilify and destroy Al-Islam and to exterminate the Muslims after stripping them of all legitimacy and defensive and military power, an agenda established by the Satanic European and British monarchs and their International Bank gangsters, including at their head the Jewish Rothschilds, other Jews, Christians and Atheists, the military Industrial Complex and the major Corporations of the Global Bolshevik Totalitarian Fascist State known as THE WEST.

Mainstream media-portrayed Islam is Jewish and Zionist fabricated and controlled.  It is all about demonizing Al-Islam by exploding the same “Islamic” bombs at the face of the news (disinfo) addicts with terms like: Islamism, Shari’a, polygyny (“polygamy”), cutting of hands, hijaab, niqaab, oppression of women, suicide-bombers, terrorism, stoning the adulterer, honour killings, anti-Semitism, homophobia, fascism, radicalism, fundamentalism, and so on.  The masses are fed with an overdose of each one of those media diabolical slogans of their own brand of boogey-Islam given to them by the rulers of this world and millions buy them without even thinking or refusing to think.  The media has thus succeeded in developing widespread visceral hatred of Al-Islam, Muslims and anything Islamic, including even the Arabic language and culture, and above all a willing direct and indirect participation in the extermination wars being waged against Muslims around the world to such an extent that our next door neigbour always looks at us with suspicion as a Pavlovian reflex.

Western “Intelligence” Services or International Terrorist Syndicate and the Jewish Kabbalah have fabricated a brand of Islam as a fear mongering weapon that they have given to the mainstream media and puppet democratic regimes which are under their permanent and perpetual control.  This includes brands like Islamists, Al-Qaeda, Al-Muhajiroon, Taliban, Jihaadists, Muslim Brotherhood (not the authentic one under Martyr Hassan Al-Banna) and some even include Hizb ut Tahrir.

M. Rafic Soormally denounced the term Islamism more than a decade ago when the French were using it to vilify all Muslim Freedom Fighters around the world calling them “Islamists” or “intégristes” (fundamentalists).  The term Muslim has been systematically replaced in the mainstream media by the term “Islamist” when Western politicians does not approve (or have changed their mind about) any policy proposed or implemented by Muslim leaders.  The sad thing is that the West has been successful in hiring or convincing many Muslim leaders to join their Satanic political System and accept to serve (as willing slaves) the Royals and the State and acknowledge them as their Sovereigns in order to fight Islamic “radicalism” or “Islamism”.

One particular name comes to my mind: Quilliam, a London based “think tank” set up to fight Muslim or Islamic “extremism”, in particular “Islamism”.  They have endorsed the State and media propaganda promoting the Myth of “Islamic or Muslim Terrorism” and work with the Fascist State in order to push for “democratic” reforms in Muslim countries.  Maajid Nawaz, a former Hizb ut Tahrir member, in brief a traitor to the Khilaafah Agenda, Rashaad Zaman Ali and Ed Husain are among the founders of Quilliam and they have joined forces with the enemies of Al-Islam and Muslims to fight what they term the “Islamist ideology”.    

By definition, there cannot be any form of extremism in Islam as Islam defines itself as the Middle Path, neither left nor right and certainly not extremist.  But, Quilliam proposes to “develop a Western Islam that is at home in Britain and in Europe”.  Western Islam is synonymous with subservience while “Islamic West” would mean the supremacy of Islam in the lives of Muslims which Quilliam is obviously not seeking.  How can a Muslim be happy serving the British monarchy and at the same time GOD?  The Grand Orient had the heads of those Royalists chopped off as their leader had bragged on French television, but they are tough and still ruling behind the scenes, as says Christopher Everard, and even in Russia, and as many of us have seen.

As soon as we see any Muslim (Islamic) organization joining anybody to fight for  “queen and country”, democracy, integration-assimilation, feminism, and against terrorism, extremism, anti-Semitism and homophobia, we must tell ourselves that their targets are always or mainly Muslim targets and THEY are the enemies, the hypocrites, collaborators and traitors, whether it is the Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Association of British Muslims, the London City Circle, the British Muslims for Secular Democracy, the current Muslim Parliament (not the original one led by Dr Kalim Siddiqui RA), and so on!  But, like in all organizations and even in Secret Societies, the lower ranks never know what is really on the agenda and sometimes not even the middle ranks.

The world has been indoctrinated to hate everything Arabic.  Al-Qaeda is just another Arabic word used by the Devil to demonise Islam and Muslims.  In my colonial homeland as well as in my motherland Hindustan, millions of Muslim young children, boys and girls, had each a Qaeda (Manual) from which they read and studied the fundamentals of Islam in the original classical Arabic language.  The Devil (“Great Satan”) also uses the terms Shari’a, Hizb Allah, Khilaafah, and even Muhammad in a similar vilifying manner.  And that Devil is the West (CIA-MOSSAD and Company) who gave a satanic political meaning to innocent Arabic terms in order to use them as pretexts to bomb, invade, occupy, devastate, terrorise and plunder all targeted Muslim countries and enslave the survivors with the planned consequence of the establishment of a global totalitarian Fascist State according to the Hegelian adage: problem-reaction-solution.

Muhajir or Emigrant is another Arabic term which has Islamic connotations and which has been vilified.  When the West found the word Black was not strong enough to describe the “inferior African race”, they picked up equivalent terms from other languages, which would be used as sounding more barbaric and more devilish, terms like Négro and Nigger.  Formed in the eighties when I was still living and working in Paris, France, I first encountered Al-Muhajiroon on the terrain in the nineties when I once came out of the Baker Street Masjid after worship and where I had also met our Muslim Brother Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) for the first time.  An English television team was there (why?) and one of the journalists present asked me a few questions on camera.  Taken off guard, I must have said some kind of nonsense as I knew all those interviews were manipulated once the footage reached the studio and also because I was (and still am) very intimidated (at the beginning) when I know I am being recorded!  But, when I finally addressed a group of young Al-Muhajiroonists who were trying to preach to me their brand of Islam, I asked them: 

Are you telling me that YOU, Muslims, want to put the “Islamic” flag on 10 Downing Street?

The Zealots were so excited as if this utopia was imminent and inevitable.  It was obvious that those brainwashed clowns were far from suspecting that their leaders had a different agenda: that of giving Islam a very bad name!  This was exactly when I realized that Al-Muhajiroon was an MI5 and MI6 front set up to destroy Islam from within according to a well known imperialist agenda that dates back to the First Jewish World War.  It is a pity that a lot of naïve young Muslims got dragged into it. 

Then, I watched in horror a “documentary” by a Jewish cameraman who accompanied one Omar Bakri, a refugee, it seems, from Syria, on a tour that lasted nearly a whole year (?) of Muslim “terrorist organizations and meeting places” around the country.  Showing a young Muslim hitting a punching bag in the gymnasium, the television anti-Islamic propaganda ‘documentary’ told the sheeple that those Muslims “were preparing for war”!   It was so obvious to me that all this was staged with the complicity of Omar Bakri, maybe with him not even noticing the real danger as some fanatics are really dumb.  Despite his great knowledge of Islam and Arabic, Omar was acting more like a Dajjal (Antichrist) than anything else.  At one time he was even chairman of the London Shari’a Council and despite the fact that both government and media were vilifying him on a daily basis, I found it strange that he would never be bothered (arrested, detained, charged…) by the Police, but instead he was invited so often on the mainstream television platforms.  It was more evidence to me that he was working for MI5 and MI6. 

When I was later invited to Trafalgar Square by Al-Muhaajiroon to allegedly witness how the British were “embracing Islam”, I met with Omar Bakri and other Muslim personalities and activists as well as a fanatical crowd of Muslims.  When I was taking pictures or filming, one Muslim youth tried to stop me saying: “The Sisters!”  A particular Muslim Sect does not allow pictures of humans or of eyes (including those of animals) to be taken.  These youths have been so brainwashed into believing that Muslim women are not even safe with Muslim men, either in public or even inside the Masajid (mosques)!  My first question on shaking hands with Omar Bakri was:

“Are you Jewish?”

Omar smiled and giggled but did not answer.  I told him about the staged documentary by that racist Jewish journalist and he said with a smile again that he did not know that the journalist was a Jew!  I saw then and understood that Omar was just an actor, a real clown, playing a part written for him by the Secret Services.

If you want to have conclusive evidence that he was protected by the establishment, check when and why the British got rid of him and ask yourself why Britain never charged him for any crime for so long and yet decided once he was on a trip to Lebanon not to allow him back again alleging that his presence was "not conducive to the public good”.  That’s all the ‘crime’ they finally concluded in 2005 he had committed after allowing him (and through him both Islam and Muslims) to be ridiculed and vilified for some 10 or 20 years!  

Another asylum seeker or refugee under the name of Abu Hamza, a hero who lost one hand during the Soviet Afghan Holocaust was used in a similar manner.  He is the first engineer I heard to say on television that the US government carried out the 9/11 explosions and demolished the twin towers and the Solomon Building when it happened.  Tons of racist materials were printed in the English newspapers against him and Islam, but he was never put behind bars.  They needed him out in order to carry out their vilifying campaigns.  It was like with Malcom X.  As long as Malcom was perceived as a Black racist, they let him live, but as soon as he declared during his visit to occupied Arabia while performing the Hajj that he made no difference between Whites and Blacks, he was not useful anymore and the CIA assassinated him!  It was only upon orders from the CIA that Britain arrested Abu Hamza later, but he was never indicted for any crime here in Britain.  George Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese Christian Freedom Fighter was put behind bars for life in France upon direct orders from Washington.  Yet, he committed no crime on French soil.  Recently Condoleeza Rice asked the French government not to release him.

Taalibaan means students (singular TAALIB), yet, the West made a real big deal with that term only because it is an Arabic term and as I said before the West has been indoctrinated to hate anything Arabic (and Islamic).  They are happy to call the 1968 French riots a STUDENT REVOLUTION, but refuse to call the Afghan resistance to foreign domination by its proper name, an AFGHAN STUDENT REVOLUTION, and they decreed that if anybody is suspected to be (or to have links with) a Taliban, he or she should be arrested, tortured and killed when necessary.  So, they waged a war against all the students of Afghanistan to this very day, killing, maiming and expelling millions with the complicity of corrupt Pakistani (NAAPAKI! UNHOLY!) regimes.  Murdering Afghani Students is described in the West as killing the Taliban!  Read about Yvonne Ridley’s treatment by the Afghani students when they had captured her.  Malika el Aroud moved from Europe to settle down in Afghanistan and live under the Taliban with her husband Dahmane, but the CIA murdered their own collaborator Shah Massoud and blamed it on Dahmane who they then shot in the back.  French women journalists were their accomplices or helped covering up the assassination.  I later met with Malika at her home in Brussels, Belgium.  Malika re-married, but her husband Moaz went to join the resistance in Afghanistan.  Malika was recently arrested and jailed in Switzerland on false charges.  All Muslim Freedom fighters are systematically labeled as terrorists, bombed, killed, assassinated, and their entire families decimated.    

Jihaad just means struggle like in Mein Kampf “My Struggle”.  There is even a book on his Jihaad written by my old Jewish adversary Daniel Cohn Bendit (8 months older than me), the drug addict and pedophile who ran a kindergarten in Frankfurt and was rewarded with respectability by becoming a Minister in the European Parliament. 

It happened several times that certain kids open my fly and start to tickle me. I reacted in a different way according to the circumstances, but their desire posed a problem to me. I asked them: Why don't you play together, why you chose me, me, and not other kids? But if they insisted, I caressed them nevertheless”.
Daniel Cohn Bendit in his book “Der grosse Basar”.

Armed struggle is just part of Jihaad.  The funny thing about the West is that they can wage wars equipped with WMDs, but their targets (and surviving victims) cannot resist by resorting to even petty armed struggle!  There is no point in telling them what Jihaad means because they already know and do not want to hear.  They made up their own definition.  When the Muslim Freedom fighters were killing the Soviets and getting killed by obeying their orders and working for them, the West and its prostitute media gladly called them Mujahideen, but when the same Mujahideen fight their tyranny, occupation and plunder of their country and destruction of their civilization, they are labeled Jihaadists, terrorists, etc.       

I met with members of Hizb ut Tahrir, and found them to be (along with members of the “Nation of Islam”)  the smartest Muslims in the country, and I agreed with their aim for the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilaafah (Caliphate) because it was with its destruction by the Jews and Christians (and so-called Secularists and French laïques) in 1924 that Muslims lost all power in the world and have lived as slaves, oppressed, persecuted, mass murdered, mass raped, tortured, terrorized and vilified to this very day.  I heard Dr Mohammad Naseem who I believe is sincere say that Hizb ut Tahrir has links with the Secret Services.  This might be quite possible.  But, when Dr Tariq Ramadan vilified Hizb ut Tahrir in his book “To be a European Muslim”, I strongly objected to him because he provided no evidence at all against them.

Dajjalic or Antichrist Islam comes under different labels - Salafi, Wahhabi, Modernist, European, Democratic, “Moderate”, Socialist, etc.  The mass killing of children around the world (26,000 are murdered each day by the Dajjalic forces through UN orchestrated starvation programmes and by preventable or Western engineered diseases) is meant to prevent the coming of any new Messiah or the “Second” coming of Jesus Christ.  The forced vaccination of children has decimated millions in Africa and Asia.  The Masajid have been taken over by the State and only State Islam is being taught by (more and more) State-trained Imâms, in an attempt to destroy Al-Islam from within. 

I chose to treat the “Salafi” issue separately.  First, there is no such thing as Salafi or Sunni or Modernist!  Either you are a Muslim or you are something else: a hypocrite, a Kafir (covering up the truth about GOD), an apostate, a deviant, etc.  After the destruction of the Khilaafah, the West used the Saudis to promote their brand of Islam and impose it on Muslims in all Muslim colonized lands (Western client-States with no sovereignty at all).  Because of Saudi finances the Saudi Sect called “The Saved Sect”, with Western backing, has impacted on Muslim communities worldwide.  But, while the West has been demonizing the Saudis for decades, the UK, for example, has at the same time greatly helped promoting the Saudi brand of Islam they call Salafi or that some (like the Russians) call Wahhabi.       

The Jewish Final Solution was a myth, but the Muslim one has been operational for centuries (via Jewish Bolshevism, Chinese Communism, Western isms, including Zionism, etc.) and has already cost the lives of nearly 150 millions of innocent Muslims and mounting through the modern wars of conquests and illegal occupation of Muslim colonized lands.

“Islam”, the Western fabricated one, is the scapegoat that has allowed the West to take over its own people and scrap the freedoms granted to them for centuries by their own Constitutions, habeas corpus, Bill of Rights, etc.  Anybody who stops at “Islam” will never see or understand the global agenda of the “Illuminati” to control and own the entire planet, land, sea, air and space and all that is in or around it.

Incitation to religious hatred, violence, and a culture without GOD or morals is the aim of all Western public school National Curricula that always work for the benefit of the Corporations.  As long as the people or at least the Muslims do not take back their schools, they must get out of the public school Dajjalic system.  Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Mark Hanson, John Taylor Gatto and Christians in favour of home schooling have talked and written extensively on this matter.

'Work for us or we will say you are a terrorist' - By Robert Verkaik, Law Editor
Thursday, 21 May 2009 - The Independent - London

Some victims of Blackmail

Adydarus Elmi (25 years old)
Madhi Hashi (19 years old)
Mohamed Nur (25 years old)
Mohamed Aden (25 years old)

MI5 works in collusion with MI6, Scotland Yard, the Police and the Councils (local government).  I denounced their practices back in 2001, but the media ignored my complaints, including Muslim News, “Lord” Nazir Ahmed, and the Muslim organizations and so-called Charities I sent emails to.

After I denounced them again to journalists on the ground, I received death threats, was followed by suspect-looking men in plain clothes and my £600 digital camera was stolen right from my pocket.

  1. Declare war on Judea
  2. Ban Hollywood, Bollywood, western media and western imposed school curricula in the entire Muslim world.
  3. Ban Western television, soap, sports extravaganza, wild popular music, …
  4. Send every single Muslim to be trained for defending the country, man, single woman and teenager and to acquire an education with Arabic as main language and English as second obligatory language.
  5. Ban all Jewish products, Coca-Cola, milk powder, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, Monsanto, all GM food…

If Muslims were genuine, at least one million of them would flock to The Ugly Truth website and we would see the very same evening or early next morning, usually before sunrise, Air Force 1 dropping Abe Foxman and his goons in Idaho!

If Muslims cannot rule their own lands, they might as well let the Chinese or Russians rule them, but never trust the West or India!

(But, fortunately, we are people of HOPE)


I have stopped using that Judaic and Illuminati concocted vilification term and instead use the original NATIONAL SOCIALIST label, in its proper context, and as perfectly legitimate.  

TUT Podcast Nov 29, 2011

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We are joined by writer/philosopher/former professor* Basheer Soormally of from the U.K. to discuss Islam and how it is being perverted/utilized in order to further Jewish interests.

* 'professor' from life, but not from the Freemasonic academia.

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–note from me, MG–au contraire, mon frère. The credit goes where it belongs, which is to you and your sharp intellect. I merely provided the microphone, you did the singing.



Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos

© Thaier Al-Sudani
The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. 
PR firm Bell Pottinger, known for its array of controversial clients including the Saudi government and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foundation, worked with the US military to create the propaganda in a secretive operation.

The firm reported to the CIA, the National Security Council and the Pentagon on the project with a mandate to portray Al-Qaeda in a negative light and track suspected sympathizers.

Both the White House and General David Petraeus, the former general who shared classified information with his mistress, signed off on the content produced by the agency.

The Bell Pottinger operation started soon after the US invasion of Iraq and was tasked with promoting the “democratic elections” for the administration before moving on to more lucrative psychological and information operations.

READ MORE: Iraqi torture: US unable to restrain Shia militia forces committing kidnap, torture & beheadings

Former employee Martin Wells told the Bureau how he found himself working in Iraq after being hired as a video editor by Bell Pottinger. Within 48 hours, he was landing in Baghdad to edit content for secret “psychological operations” at Camp Victory.
The firm created television ads showing Al-Qaeda in a negative light as well as creating content to look as though it had come from “Arabic TV”. Crews were sent out to film bombings with low quality video. The firm would then edit it to make it look like news footage.

They would craft scripts for Arabic soap operas where characters would reject terrorism with happy consequences. The firm also created fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos, which were then planted by the military in homes they raided.

Employees were given specific instructions to create the videos. “We need to make this style of video and we’ve got to use Al-Qaeda's footage,” Wells was told. “We need it to be 10 minutes long, and it needs to be in this file format, and we need to encode it in this manner.”

The videos were created to play on Real Player which needs an internet connection to run. The CDs were embedded with a code linking to Google Analytics which allowed the military to track IP addresses that the videos were played on.

According to Wells, the videos were picked up in Iran, Syria and the US.

"If one, 48 hours or a week later shows up in another part of the world, then that’s the more interesting one,” Wells explained. “And that’s what they’re looking for more, because that gives you a trail.”

The Pentagon confirmed the PR firm did work for them under the Information Operations Task Force (IOTF) creating content they say was “truthful”. The firm also worked under the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JPOTF). The Pentagon said it could not comment on JPOTF operations. 

US law prohibits the government from using propaganda on its population, hence the use of an outside firm to create the content.
Documents show the Pentagon paid $540 million to Bell Pottinger in contracts between 2007 and 2011, with another contract for $120 million in 2006. The firm ended its work with the Pentagon in 2011.

In 2009, it was reported that the Pentagon had hired controversial PR firm, The Rendon Group, to monitor the reporting of journalists embedded with the U.S. military, to assess whether they were giving "positive" coverage to its missions.

It was also revealed in 2005 that Washington based PR company the Lincoln Group had been placing articles in newspapers in Iraq which were secretly written by the US military. A Pentagon investigation cleared the group of any wrongdoing.

Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos


Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast


Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

A controversial foreign PR firm known for representing unsavory characters was paid millions by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos.
By Crofton Black & Abigail Fielding-Smith of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
The Pentagon gave a controversial U.K. PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda program in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal.
Bell Pottinger’s output included short TV segments made in the style of Arabic news networks and fake insurgent videos which could be used to track the people who watched them, according to a former employee.
The agency’s staff worked alongside high-ranking U.S. military officers in their Baghdad Camp Victory headquarters as the insurgency raged outside.
Bell Pottinger’s former chairman Lord Tim Bell confirmed to the Sunday Times, which has worked with the Bureau on this story, that his firm had worked on a “covert” military operation “covered by various secrecy documents.”
Bell Pottinger reported to the Pentagon, the CIA, and the National Security Council on its work in Iraq, he said.
Bell, one of Britain’s most successful public relations executives, is credited with honing Margaret Thatcher’s steely image and helping the Conservative party win three elections. The agency he co-founded has had a roster of clients including repressive regimes and Asma al-Assad, the wife of the Syrian president.
In the first media interview any Bell Pottinger employee has given about the work for the U.S. military in Iraq, video editor Martin Wells told the Bureau his time in Camp Victory was “shocking, eye-opening, life-changing.”
The firm’s output was signed off by former General David Petraeus—then commander of the coalition forces in Iraq—and on occasion by the White House, he said.

General David Petraeus


Bell Pottinger produced reams of material for the Pentagon, some of it going far beyond standard communications work.
The Bureau traced the firm’s Iraq work through U.S. army contracting censuses, reports by the Defense Department’s inspector general, and federal procurement transaction records, as well as Bell Pottinger’s corporate filings and specialist publications on military propaganda. We interviewed half a dozen former officials and contractors involved in information operations in Iraq.
There were three types of media operations commonly used in Iraq at the time, said a military contractor familiar with Bell Pottinger’s work there.
“White is attributed, it says who produced it on the label,” the contractor said. “Grey is unattributed, and black is falsely attributed. These types of black ops, used for tracking who is watching a certain thing, were a pretty standard part of the industry toolkit.”
Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq was a huge media operation which cost over a hundred million dollars a year on average. A document unearthed by the Bureau shows the company was employing almost 300 British and Iraqi staff at one point.
The London-based PR agency was brought into Iraq soon after the U.S. invasion. In March 2004 it was tasked by the country’s temporary administration with the “promotion of democratic elections”—a “high-profile activity” which it trumpeted in its annual report.
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The firm soon switched to less high-profile activities, however. The Bureau has identified transactions worth $540 million between the Pentagon and Bell Pottinger for information operations and psychological operations on a series of contracts issued from May 2007 to December 2011. A similar contract at around the same annual rate—$120 million—was in force in 2006, we have been told.
The bulk of the money was for costs such as production and distribution, Lord Bell told the Sunday Times, but the firm would have made around £15m a year in fees.
Martin Wells, the ex-employee, told the Bureau he had no idea what he was getting into when he was interviewed for the Bell Pottinger job in May 2006.
He had been working as a freelance video editor and got a call from his agency suggesting he go to London for an interview for a potential new gig. “You’ll be doing new stuff that’ll be coming out of the Middle East,” he was told.
“I thought ‘That sounds interesting,’” Wells recalled. “So I go along and go into this building, get escorted up to the sixth floor in a lift, come out and there’s guards up there. I thought what on earth is going on here? And it turns out it was a Navy post, basically. So from what I could work out it was a media intelligence gathering unit.”
After a brief chat Wells asked when he would find out about the job, and was surprised by the response.
“You’ve already got it,” he was told. “We’ve already done our background checks into you.”
He would be flying out on Monday, Wells was told. It was Friday afternoon. He asked where he would be going and got a surprising answer: Baghdad.

U.S. Army soldiers, from the 1st. Cavalry Division, survey destruction to a civilian house, which was flattened by an explosion on Friday evening in the al-Mansur district in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, December 25, 2004.


“So I literally had 48 hours to gather everything I needed to live in a desert,” Wells said.
Days later, Wells’s plane executed a corkscrew landing to avoid insurgent fire at Baghdad airport. He assumed he would be taken to somewhere in the Green Zone, from which coalition officials were administering Iraq. Instead he found himself in Camp Victory, a military base.
It turned out that the British PR firm which had hired him was working at the heart of a U.S. military intelligence operation.
A tide of violence was engulfing the Iraqi capital as Wells began his contract. The same month he arrived there were five suicide bomb attacks in the city, including one a suicide car bomb attack near Camp Victory which killed 14 people and wounded six others.
Describing his first impressions, Wells said he was struck by a working environment very unlike what he was used to. “It was a very secure building,” he recalled, with “signs outside saying ‘Do not come in, it’s a classified area, if you’re not cleared, you can’t come in.’”
Inside were two or three rooms with lots of desks in, said Wells, with one section for Bell Pottinger staff and the other for the U.S. military.
“I made the mistake of walking into one of the [U.S. military] areas, and having a very stern American military guy basically drag me out saying you are not allowed in here under any circumstances, this is highly classified, get out—whilst his hand was on his gun, which was a nice introduction,” said Wells.
It soon became apparent he would be doing much more than just editing news footage.
The work consisted of three types of products. The first was television commercials portraying al Qaeda in a negative light. The second was news items which were made to look as if they had been “created by Arabic TV,” Wells said. Bell Pottinger would send teams out to film low-definition video of al Qaeda bombings and then edit it like a piece of news footage. It would be voiced in Arabic and distributed to TV stations across the region, according to Wells.
The American origins of the news items were sometimes kept hidden. Revelations in 2005 that PR contractor the Lincoln Group had helped the Pentagon place articles in Iraqi newspapers, sometimes presented as unbiased news, led to a Department of Defense investigation.
The third and most sensitive program described by Wells was the production of fake al Qaeda propaganda films. He told the Bureau how the videos were made. He was given precise instructions: “We need to make this style of video and we’ve got to use al Qaeda’s footage,” he was told. “We need it to be 10 minutes long, and it needs to be in this file format, and we need to encode it in this manner.”
U.S. marines would take the CDs on patrol and drop them in the chaos when they raided targets. Wells said: “If they’re raiding a house and they’re going to make a mess of it looking for stuff anyway, they’d just drop an odd CD there.”
The CDs were set up to use Real Player, a popular media streaming application which connects to the internet to run. Wells explained how the team embedded a code into the CDs which linked to a Google Analytics account, giving a list of IP addresses where the CDs had been played.
The tracking account had a very restricted circulation list, according to Wells: The data went to him, a senior member of the Bell Pottinger management team, and one of the U.S. military commanders.
Wells explained their intelligence value. “If one is looked at in the middle of Baghdad… you know there’s a hit there,” he said. “If one, 48 hours or a week later shows up in another part of the world, then that’s the more interesting one, and that’s what they’re looking for more, because that gives you a trail.”
The CDs turned up in some interesting places, Wells recalled, including Iran, Syria, and even America.
“I would do a print-out for the day and, if anything interesting popped up, hand it over to the bosses and then it would be dealt with from there,” he said.
The Pentagon confirmed that Bell Pottinger did work for them as a contractor in Iraq under the Information Operations Task Force (IOTF), producing some material that was openly sourced to coalition forces, and some which was not. They insisted that all material put out by IOTF was “truthful.”
IOTF was not the only mission Bell Pottinger worked on however. Wells said some Bell Pottinger work was carried out under the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JPOTF), which a U.S. defense official confirmed.
The official said he could not comment in detail on JPOTF activities, adding “We do not discuss intelligence gathering methods for operations past and present.”
Lord Bell, who stood down as chairman of Bell Pottinger earlier this year, told the Sunday Times that the deployment of tracking devices described by Wells was “perfectly possible,” but he was personally unaware of it.
Bell Pottinger’s output was signed off by the commander of coalition forces in Iraq. Wells recalled: “We’d get the two colonels in to look at the things we’d done that day, they’d be fine with it, it would then go to General Petraeus.”
Some of the projects went even higher up the chain of command. “If [Petraeus] couldn’t sign off on it, it would go on up the line to the White House, and it was signed off up there, and the answer would come back down the line.”
Petraeus went on to become director of the CIA in 2011 before resigning in the wake of an affair with a journalist.
The awarding of such a large contract to a British company created resentment among the American communications firms jostling for Iraq work, according to a former employee of one of Bell Pottinger’s rivals.
“Nobody could work out how a British company could get hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. funding when there were equally capable U.S. companies who could have done it,” said Andrew Garfield, an ex-employee of the Lincoln Group who is now a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “The American companies were pissed.”
Ian Tunnicliffe, a former British soldier, was the head of a three person panel from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)—the transitional government in Iraq following the 2003 invasion—which awarded Bell Pottinger their 2004 contract to promote democratic elections.
According to Tunnicliffe, the contract, which totaled $5.8 million, was awarded after the CPA realized its own in-house efforts to make people aware of the transitional legal framework ahead of elections were not working.
“We held a relatively hasty but still competitive bid for communications companies to come in,” recalls Tunnicliffe.
Tunnicliffe said that Bell Pottinger’s consortium was one of three bidders for the contract, and simply put in a more convincing proposal than their rivals.
Iraq was a lucrative opportunity for many communications firms. The Bureau has discovered that between 2006 and 2008 more than 40 companies were being paid for services such as TV and radio placement, video production, billboards, advertising, and opinion polls. These included U.S. companies like Lincoln Group, Leonie Industries, and SOS International as well as Iraq-based firms such as Cradle of New Civilization Media, Babylon Media, and Iraqi Dream.
But the largest sums the Bureau was able to trace went to Bell Pottinger.
According to Glen Segell, who worked in an information operations task force in Iraq in 2006, contractors were used partly because the military didn’t have the in-house expertise, and partly because they were operating in a legal “grey area.”
In his 2011 article “Covert Intelligence Provision in Iraq,” Segell notes that U.S. law prevented the government from using propaganda on the domestic population of the U.S. In a globalized media environment, the Iraq operations could theoretically have been seen back home, therefore “it was prudent legally for the military not to undertake all the… activities,” Segell wrote.
Segell maintains that information operations programs did make a difference on the ground in Iraq. Some experts question this however.
A 2015 study by the Rand Corporation, a military think tank, concluded that “generating assessments of efforts to inform, influence, and persuade has proven to be challenging across the government and DoD.”
Bell Pottinger’s operations on behalf of the U.S. government stopped in 2011 as American troops withdrew from Iraq. 
Bell Pottinger changed ownership after a management buyout in 2012 and its current structure has no connections with the unit Wells worked for, which closed in 2011. It is understood the key principals who were involved in this unit deny any involvement with tracking software as described by Wells.
Wells left Iraq after less than two years, having had enough of the stress of working in a war zone and having to watch graphic videos of atrocities day after day.
Looking back at his time creating propaganda for the U.S. military, Wells is ambivalent. The aim of Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq was to highlight al Qaeda’s senseless violence, he said—publicity which at the time he thought must be doing some good. “But then, somewhere in my conscience I wondered whether this was the right thing to do,” he added.
Lord Bell told the Sunday Times he was “proud” of Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq. “We did a lot to help resolve the situation,” he said. “Not enough. We did not stop the mess which emerged, but it was part of the American propaganda machinery.”
Whether the material achieved its goals, no one would ever really know, said Wells. “I mean if you look at the situation now, it wouldn’t appear to have worked. But at the time, who knows, if it saved one life* it [was] a good thing to do.”

 if it saved one life* HOLY SHIT!  THAT'S A JUDAIC JOKE!  OY VEH!

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast


The GREAT Muammar Gaddafi. If the western world only knew the truth.


Libya: From Africa’s Wealthiest Democracy to Terrorist Haven After US Intervention

The Utter Destruction of Libya

Libya: From Africa’s Wealthiest Democracy Under Gaddafi to Terrorist Haven After US Intervention

October marks the five-year anniversary of the US-backed assassination of Libya’s former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and the decline into chaos of one of Africa’s greatest nations.
In 1967 Colonel Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa; by the time he was assassinated, he had transformed Libya into Africa’s richest nation. Prior to the US-led bombing campaign in 2011, Libya had the highest Human Development Index, the lowest infant mortality and the highest life expectancy in all of Africa.
Today, Libya is a failed state. Western military intervention has caused all of the worst-scenarios: Western embassies have all left, the South of the country has become a haven for ISIS terrorists, and the Northern coast a center of migrant trafficking. Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia have all closed their borders with Libya. This all occurs amidst a backdrop of widespread rape, assassinations and torture that complete the picture of a state that is failed to the bone.
Libya currently has two competing governments, two parliaments, two sets of rivaling claims to control over the central bank and the national oil company, no functioning national police or army, and the United States now believes that ISIS is running training camps across large swathes of the country.
On one side, in the West of the nation, Islamist-allied militias took over control of the capital Tripoli and other key cities and set up their own government, chasing away a parliament that was previously elected.
On the other side, in the East of the nation, the “legitimate” government dominated by anti-Islamist politicians, exiled 1,200 kilometers away in Tobruk, no longer governs anything. The democracy which Libyans were promised by Western governments after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi has all but vanished.
Contrary to popular belief, Libya, which western media routinely described as “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship” was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States.
Under Gaddafi’s unique system of direct democracy, traditional institutions of government were disbanded and abolished, and power belonged to the people directly through various committees and congresses.
Far from control being in the hands of one man, Libya was highly decentralized and divided into several small communities that were essentially “mini-autonomous States” within a State. These autonomous States had control over their districts and could make a range of decisions including how to allocate oil revenue and budgetary funds. Within these mini autonomous States, the three main bodies of Libya’s democracy were Local Committees, Basic People’s Congresses and Executive Revolutionary Councils.
The Basic People’s Congress (BPC), or Mu’tamar shaʿbi asāsi was essentially Libya’s functional equivalent of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom or the House of Representatives in the United States. However, Libya’s People’s Congress was not comprised merely of elected representatives who discussed and proposed legislation on behalf of the people; rather, the Congress allowed all Libyans to directly participate in this process. Eight hundred People’s Congresses were set up across the country and all Libyans were free to attend and shape national policy and make decisions over all major issues including budgets, education, industry, and the economy.
In 2009, Mr. Gaddafi invited the New York Times to Libya to spend two weeks observing the nation’s direct democracy. The New York Times, that has traditionally been highly critical of Colonel Gaddafi’s democratic experiment, conceded that in Libya, the intention was that “everyone is involved in every decision … Tens of thousands of people take part in local committee meetings to discuss issues and vote on everything from foreign treaties to building schools.”
The fundamental difference between western democratic systems and the Libyan Jamahiriya’s direct democracy is that in Libya all citizens were allowed to voice their views directly – not in one parliament of only a few hundred wealthy politicians – but in hundreds of committees attended by tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Far from being a military dictatorship, Libya under Mr. Gaddafi was Africa’s most prosperous democracy.
On numerous occasions Mr. Gaddafi’s proposals were rejected by popular vote during Congresses and the opposite was approved and enacted as legislation.
For instance, on many occasions Mr. Gaddafi proposed the abolition of capital punishment and he pushed for home schooling over traditional schools. However, the People’s Congresses wanted to maintain the death penalty and classic schools, and the will of the People’s Congresses prevailed. Similarly, in 2009, Colonel Gaddafi put forward a proposal to essentially abolish the central government altogether and give all the oil proceeds directly to each family. The People’s Congresses rejected this idea too.
For over four decades, Gaddafi promoted economic democracy and used the nationalized oil wealth to sustain progressive social welfare programs for all Libyans. Under Gaddafi’s rule, Libyans enjoyed not only free health-care and free education, but also free electricity and interest-free loans. Now thanks to NATO’s intervention the health-care sector is on the verge of collapse as thousands of Filipino health workers flee the country, institutions of higher education across the East of the country are shut down, and black outs are a common occurrence in once thriving Tripoli.
Unlike in the West, Libyans did not vote once every four years for a President and an invariably wealthy local parliamentarian who would then make all decisions for them. Ordinary Libyans made decisions regarding foreign, domestic and economic policy themselves.
America’s bombing campaign of 2011 has not only destroyed the infrastructure of Libya’s democracy, America has also actively promoted ISIS terror group leader Abdelhakim Belhadj whose organization is making the establishment of Libyan democracy impossible.
The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups in North Africa and the Middle East will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.
The CIA first aligned itself with extremist Islam during the Cold War era. Back then, America saw the world in rather simple terms: on one side the Soviet Union and Third World nationalism, which America regarded as a Soviet tool; on the other side Western nations and extremist political Islam, which America considered an ally in the struggle against the Soviet Union.
Since then America has used the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt against Soviet expansion, the Sarekat Islam against Sukarno in Indonesia and the Jamaat-e-Islami terror group against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. Last but certainly not least there is Al-Qaeda.
Lest we forget, the CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden and breastfed his organization throughout the 1980’s. Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of western intelligence agencies. Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means “the base” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used to have a different name: Al Qaeda in Iraq.
ISIS is metastasizing at an alarming rate in Libya, under the leadership of one Abdelhakim Belhadj. Fox News recently admitted that Mr. Belhadj “was once courted by the Obama administration and members of Congress” and he was a staunch ally of the United States in the quest to topple Gaddafi. In 2011, the United States and Senator McCain hailed Belhadj as a “heroic freedom fighter” and Washington gave his organization arms and logistical support. Now Senator McCain has called Belhadj’s organization ISIS, “probably the biggest threat to America and everything we stand for.”
Under Gaddafi, Islamic terrorism was virtually non existent and in 2009 the US State Department called Libya “an important ally in the war on terrorism”.
Today, after US intervention, Libya is home to the world’s largest loose arms cache, and its porous borders are routinely transited by a host of heavily armed non-state actors including Tuareg separatists, jihadists who forced Mali’s national military from Timbuktu and increasingly ISIS militiamen led by former US ally Abdelhakim Belhadj.
Clearly, Gaddafi’s system of economic and direct democracy was one of the 21st century’s most profound democratic experiments and NATO’s bombardment of Libya may indeed go down in history as one of the greatest military failures of the 21st century.

About the Author: Garikai Chengu is a scholar at Harvard University. Contact him on

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The Mauritius "miracle", or how to make "a big success" of a small economy???????


The US ought to learn a thing or two from Mauritius, where all citizens enjoy high standards of healthcare and education
The US military base on Diego Garcia, one of Mauritius’s offshore islands

The US military base on Diego Garcia (1), one of Mauritius’s offshore islands, from which inhabitants were expelled (2). Photograph: Usaf/AFP

Suppose someone were to describe a small country that provided free education through university for all of its citizens, transport for school children and free healthcare – including heart surgery – for all. You might suspect that such a country is either phenomenally rich or on the fast track to fiscal crisis.

After all, rich countries in Europe have increasingly found they cannot pay for university education, and are asking young people and their families to bear the costs. For its part, the US has never attempted to give free college for all, and it took a bitter battle just to ensure that America's poor get access to healthcare – a guarantee that the Republican party is now working hard to repeal, claiming the country cannot afford it.

But Mauritius, a small island nation off the east coast of Africa, is neither particularly rich nor on its way to budgetary ruin. Nonetheless, it has spent the last decades successfully building a diverse economy, a democratic political system (3) and a strong social safety net. Many countries, not least the US, could learn from its experience.
In a recent visit to this tropical archipelago of 1.3 million people, I had a chance to see some of the leaps Mauritius has taken – accomplishments that can seem bewildering in light of the debate in the US and elsewhere. Consider home ownership: while American conservatives say the government's attempt to extend home ownership to 70% of the US population was responsible for the financial meltdown, 87% of Mauritians own their own homes (4) – without fuelling a housing bubble.

Now comes the painful number: Mauritius's GDP has grown faster than 5% annually for almost 30 years.(5) Surely, this must be some "trick". Mauritius must be rich in diamonds, oil, or some other valuable commodity. But Mauritius has no exploitable natural resources. (6) Indeed, so dismal were its prospects as it approached independence from Britain (7), which came in 1968, that the Nobel prize-winning economist James Meade wrote in 1961: "It is going to be a great achievement if [the country] can find productive employment for its population without a serious reduction in the existing standard of living … [The] outlook for peaceful development is weak."
As if to prove Meade wrong, the Mauritians have increased per capita income from less than $400 around the time of independence to more than $6,700 today. (8) The country has progressed from the sugar-based monoculture of 50 years ago to a diversified economy that includes tourism, finance, textiles (9), and, if current plans bear fruit, advanced technology.
During my visit, my interest was to understand better what had led to what some have called the Mauritius miracle, and what others might learn from it. There are, in fact, many lessons, some of which should be borne in mind by politicians in the US and elsewhere as they fight their budget battles.

First, the question is not whether we can afford to provide healthcare or education for all, or ensure widespread home ownership. If Mauritius can afford these things, America and Europe – which are several orders of magnitude richer – can too. The question, rather, is how to organise society. Mauritians have chosen a path that leads to higher levels of social cohesion, welfare and economic growth – and to a lower level of inequality.

Second, unlike many other small countries, Mauritius has decided that most military spending is a waste. (10)  The US need not go as far: just a fraction of the money that America spends on weapons that don't work against enemies that don't exist (11) would go a long way toward creating a more humane society, including provision of healthcare and education to those who cannot afford them.

Third, Mauritius recognised (12) that without natural resources, its people were its only asset. Maybe that appreciation for its human resources is also what led Mauritius to realise that, particularly given the country's potential religious, ethnic, and political differences – which some tried to exploit in order to induce it to remain a British colony (13) – education for all was crucial to social unity. (14) So was a strong commitment to democratic institutions and co-operation between workers, government, and employers – precisely the opposite of the kind of dissension and division being engendered by conservatives in the US today.

This is not to say that Mauritius is without problems. Like many other successful emerging-market countries, it is confronting a loss of exchange-rate competitiveness. And, as more and more countries intervene to weaken their exchange rates in response to America's attempt at competitive devaluation through quantitative easing, the problem is becoming worse. Almost surely, Mauritius, too, will have to intervene.

Moreover, like many other countries around the world, Mauritius worries today about imported food and energy inflation. To respond to inflation by increasing interest rates would simply compound the difficulties of high prices with high unemployment and an even less competitive exchange rate. Direct interventions, restrictions on short-term capital inflows, capital gains taxes and stabilising prudential banking regulations will all have to be considered.

The Mauritius Miracle dates to independence. (15) But the country still struggles with some of its colonial legacies: inequality in land and wealth, (16) as well as vulnerability to high-stakes global politics. The US occupies one of Mauritius's offshore islands, Diego Garcia, as a naval base without compensation, officially leasing it from the UK, which not only retained the Chagos Islands in violation of the UN and international law, but also expelled its citizens and refuses to allow them to return. (17)

The US should now do right by this peaceful and democratic country (18): recognise Mauritius's rightful ownership of Diego Garcia, renegotiate the lease and redeem past sins by paying a fair amount for land that it has illegally occupied for decades. (19)

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2011.

(1) Used by Israel, the USA, the UK and India for military training and as a Torture Camp!
(2) Ethnically cleansed! 
(3) Where political opponents are jailed on trumped up charges, tortured and even murdered!  And where there is no freedom of speech!
(4) Really?
(5) GDP, does it include drug trafficking, prostitution, paedophilia, homosexuality, etc.?
(6) Except slave labour!
(7) Bogus independence from Britain and total dependence on the Judaic owned/controlled World Bank and International Monetary Fund!
(8) I would like to see the evidence!
(9) "tourism, finance, textiles"!  No mention of prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, casinos, paedophilia, pornography, usury, slave labour, Freemasonry*, Israel, etc.?
 (10) What a big lie!  Mauritius is guaranteed protection by US, UK, Israel and India's military!  Mauritius had to relinquish Diego Garcia in order to obtain a bogus independence!  Its Police is trained in or by Israel!  Political leaders like G. Duval openly financed Israel!
(11) The first provable fact at last!
(12)  When you see Mauritius, read World Bank and IMF!
(13)  Why are you afraid to name names?  It was the Whites and the Black and 'coloured' Christians led by a bi-sexual lawyer named G. Duval!  A 'war' against Hindus that ended up with a 'war' on Muslims where the Duval trained and armed TERRORISTS slaughtered Muslim men, women and children, raped and cut off the breasts of women!  Muslims were massacred by Black and 'coloured' Christians and all the records have been kept a State secret to this very day!
(14)  Social unity on the condition that the people become slaves of the State!  M.K. Gandhi called the public schools where Britain used to EDUCATE the young as CITADELS OF SLAVERY! 
 (15)  There is no Mauritian "miracle"!
(16) ???
(17)  John Pilger made a remarkable documentary on that one!
(18)  Stinks of propaganda!
 (19)  Bovine excrement, to quote Field McConnell!

* Freemasonry (India's, Arab and Black African)

John Pilger - Stealing A Nation [2004]

John Pilger
Published on 24 Feb 2013
'Stealing A Nation' (2004) is an extraordinary film about the plight of the Chagos Islands, whose indigenous population was secretly and brutally expelled by British Governments in the late 1960s and early 1970s to make way for an American military base. The tragedy, which falls within the remit of the International Criminal Court as "a crime against humanity", is told by Islanders who were dumped in the slums of Mauritius and by British officials who left behind a damning trail of Foreign Office documents.

Before the Americans came, more than 2,000 people lived on the islands in the Indian Ocean, many with roots back to the late 18th century. There were thriving villages, a school, a hospital, a church, a railway and an undisturbed way of life. The islands were, and still are, a British crown colony. In the 1960s, the government of Harold Wilson struck a secret deal with the United States to hand over the main island of Diego Garcia. The Americans demanded that the surrounding islands be "swept" and "sanitized". Unknown to Parliament and to the US Congress and in breach of the United Nations Charter, the British Government plotted with Washington to expel the entire population.



Franc-maçonnerie : cérémonie d'intronisation de Ali Bongo et Sassou Nguesso en tant que grands maitres des loges du Gabon et du Congo
Promesse solennelle : " Je ferai tout ce qui est en pouvoir pour servir les intérêts de la franc-maçonnerie régulière en général et de cette grande loge en particulier "
- En vidéo
See Translation

??? Proof Malaysian Flight MH370 at Diego Garcia' U.S. Military Base???


    ??? Proof Malaysian Flight MH370 at Diego Garcia' U.S. Military Base???


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Published on 31 Mar 2014
There is so much to decipher through here that it's hard to tell what is being faked and what is the truth is...Regardless of whether or not this story is fake...I think there is a pretty good probability that, that plane is at Diego... Here is the website I got the info off of: Join us in this discussion at:

Is Flight MH370 Philip Wood Story Plausible? Diego Garcia

Published on 19 Apr 2014
Here I take the information we have been given and try to completely debunk the story of Philip Woods and the infamous "black picture". Referred Links Below: 20 Object Found Stuck in a Rectum Diego Garcia Flight 370 Ended in Southern Indian Ocean Dreamlifter taking off Jim Stone Freelance Nat Geo SIM Card Garcia Diego GSM Terminal Building Google Maps Flash Earth Archives Nonsense Page about photo Gan International Airport How big a runway does 777 need Malaysian Flight in South Indian Ocean



Published on 30 Jan 2015
'Who is Diego Garcia?'

Diego Garcia - a remote paradise island. A population expelled. A massive American military base. And, part of Britain.

The story of Diego Garcia, part of the British Indian Ocean Territory, is little known by many people. We look at public awareness of Diego Garcia, how it came to stay in the hands of Britain, how the native population was expelled and why this all happened.

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    Diego Garcia Facts: Seven Things You Didn't Know


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    Diego Garcia, the militarised island in the middle of the Indian Ocean has gained a fair bit of attention this year since it was claimed that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 could have landed there. The grim history of the island was revealed in the 2009 book, 'The Island Of Shame'. More James Whale More About Diego Garcia Diego Garcia is technically part of the UK, located on the content of Asia and part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The US were granted permission to use the island as a military base in 1966 in exchange for cancelling a $14 million British debt for a military hardware purchase. Diego Garcia is now home to around 4,000 military personnel and support staff in 654 buildings. Diego Garcia is the site of an ancient volcano. However, it has now been reduced to a horseshoe-shaped coral reef, with a perimeter of approximately 40 miles and a maximum elevation of 22 feet. It stretches for 15 miles, north to south, and about 35 miles from tip to tip of its horseshoe shape. According to the 2009 book 'Island of Shame', when the US Navy took control of Diego Garcia it forcibly removed its 2,000 inhabitants, sending them to Mauritius and the Seychelles, where they were left on the docks, with no money and no housing, to fend for themselves. Prior to their departure their pet dogs were rounded up and gassed, their bodies were burned in front of their eyes. As well as the network of GPS satellites, there are just five ground antennas the world that assist the operation of the Global Positioning System, and one of those antennas is located on Diego Garcia. Retired United States Army General Barry McCaffrey twice made claims that Diego Garcia is the site of a secret US prison camp. These rumours could be routed in claims of credible evidence exists supporting allegations that ships serving as black sites have used Diego Garcia as a base. However, in 2004, the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated that US government had repeatedly assured him that no detainees had passed in transit or been held on Diego Garcia. The island was a major launch pad for the US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. The island is home to some of the US's most deadly planes, including B-52s, B-1Bs and B-2 bombers. In 2007, the Pentagon granted a $32 million contract to add a submarine base to the island's existing dock. Conspiracy theorist made wild claims this year, that missing Malaysian flight MH370 was landed on the more than adequate runway of Diego Garcia. A freelance journalist claims to have received a photo via text message from an MH370 passenger calling himself Phillip Wood. Data contained with in the black iPhone photo contained GPS information which placed Wood on the island. The internet was quick to quash these claims offering the more likely explanation that the photo is a fake. The question of whether the plane was landed on the island was asked in a White House press conference, press secretary Jay Carney simply answered "I'll rule that one out."

    Diego Garcia - the ugly history!


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    Published on 6 Apr 2014
    Depopulation that is, the compelled expulsion of the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Diego Garcia and occupied by US military.