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 One side features a Star of David, the other side is engraved with a swastika

The unique coin. Sold for $850 to a Jewish American collector,7340,L-5072424,00.html

‘A Nazi travels to Palestine’: A swastika and Star of David on one coin

The unique, juxtaposing coin, sold in a recent Israeli auction, contains the remarkable story about an unlikely friendship between two Germans—a Jew and a Nazi—and about the forgotten moment in history when it might have still been possible to save the Jews of Europe from extermination.

 The auction organized by Israeli collectors’ house CollecTodo several days ago was unusual. On the occasion of the 10th of Tevet fast day, which was selected by the Chief Rabbinate as the general Kaddish day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, a number of historic relics from that period were offered for sale.

 They included an oil painting created at the Theresienstadt concentration camp, a prayer for the Jews of Europe composed by then-Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog, and documents related to the murder of Rudolf Israel Kastner.

 The most unique item, however, was a small brass coin—just 3.5 centimeters in diameter. One side of the coin features a Star of David surrounded by a caption in German. The other side is engraved with a swastika, the Nazi party’s symbol.

 One side features a Star of David, the other side is engraved with a swastika

One side features a Star of David, the other side is engraved with a swastika

 At the end of a bidding battle, the unique coin was sold for $850 to a Jewish American collector, whose identity was kept secret.

 “The people who competed for the medallion didn’t do it for financial reasons,” says Anat Katz-Harari, the owner of the collectors’ house, who organized the online auction. “But they did seem very insistent, unwilling to give up, and kept raising the price. In my opinion, it’s completely emotional. They wanted the medallion because they feel connected to its story.”

 The news about the coin with the spine-tingling combination between a Star of David and a swastika stirred a row in certain circles. Jewish American blogger Richard Silverstein, for example, implied on Facebook that the coin was proof of the cooperation between Zionism and Nazism, which he said was being silenced and denied. Others saw it as blasphemy.

 The real story behind this unbelievable collector’s item, however, seems to be a reflection of a forgotten moment in history when it might have still been possible to save the Jews of Europe from extermination. It’s also a story about a government mouthpiece, which was backed by one of the most successful propagandists in history, Joseph Goebbels. Above all, it’s a story about a brave friendship between two Germans—a Jew and a Nazi.

In a car from Germany to Palestine

It may be slightly difficult to understand today, but in the beginning of the Nazi rule in Germany, way before anyone could have imagined the horrors that would be committed by the German people, there were some Zionist Jews who saw Hitler’s political doctrine as an advantage. The Nazis didn’t conceal their desire to get rid of Germany’s Jews, and some Zionists saw it as an opportunity to boost the rate of Jewish immigration from Germany to the Briths Mandate of Palestine, Land of Israel. One of them was Dr. Kurt Tuchler, a German Jewish judge and an active member of the Zionist Federation of Germany.

 Even before Adolf Hitler was named chancellor, the Federation decided to contact Nazi Party officials who they thought might support the Zionist goal. Tuchler turned to Leopold von Mildenstein, who was in charge of the Jewish Desk at the in the security service of the SS and was known for his journalistic writing.

 “In those years, Mildenstein became famous for his travel stories,” says filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger, Tuchler’s grandson.

 Joseph Goebbels, the Reich's minister of propaganda (Photo: Getty Images)

Joseph Goebbels, the Reich's minister of propaganda (Photo: Getty Images)

 Tuchler sought to join Mildenstein on a trip to the Land of Israel, which was still under British rule at the time, in a bid to suggest the place as an attractive destination for Jews. “He wanted to keep him company and influence him to write his travel story from a Zionist perspective,” Goldfinger explains. “He saw it as a mission.”

 And so in the spring of 1933, Tuchler and Mildenstein got in a car with their wives (who were both called Gerda) and embarked on a journey from Germany to the Land of Israel.

 Mildenstein returned from Palestine excited by what he saw. In his writings, he described how Jews were working the land, drying up swamps and fulfilling the Zionist idea, and praised Zionism for benefitting both the Jews and the world.

 The Reich’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, was also very keen about the narrative presented by Mildenstein. As horrible and unbelievable as it may seem from our perspective, the story Mildenstein brought from Palestine matched not only the Zionist stance but also the Nazi one. The bottom line of his articles was clear: Zionism is a way of solving Germany’s “Jewish problem.”

 Goebbels used Nazi mouthpiece Der Angriff ("The Attack" in English), which he had set up in 1927, to convey this insight to the Germans. In 1934, the newspaper published a series of 12 articles by Mildenstein titled “A Nazi travels to Palestine.” Goebbels likely saw the series as his newspaper’s flagship project, using it as a means of advertising.

 As part of the project, the Nazi Party produced a series of small brass coins. One side of the coins featured a Star of David with the caption “A Nazi travels to Palestine,” and the other side featured a swastika with the newspaper’s name, Angriff. These coins, used to promote the “Zionist” articles from the Land of Israel, were given as a free gift to anyone who purchased a subscription for the mouthpiece. “A sort of sales promotion,” Goldfinger explains.

 Image from Arnon Goldfinger's film 'The Flat.' A Nazi newspaper in grandmother's house

Image from Arnon Goldfinger's film 'The Flat.' A Nazi newspaper in grandmother's house

  Ladany believes the coin represents a missed opportunity. “Mildenstein’s series of articles described the Jewish Yishuv in bright colors. He wrote about the establishment of Jewish life here, about the institutions being built, etc. The Nazis wanted to encourage the Jews to leave Germany. In the beginning, they didn’t necessarily want to get rid of the Jews through extermination, as they did later on. Today we know that if more Jews had immigrated from Germany at the time, the majority of German Jews may have survived.”

It’s unclear how many of these coins were produced, but today we know that only few of them survived. Goldfinger himself, who dealt with the Tuchler-Mildenstein story in his award-winning feature documentary film “The Flat,” has one of the coins. The film was born after Goldfinger’s grandmother, Greda Tuchler, died and her family was surprised to find a Nazi newspaper in her apartment—the same newspaper that had published Mildenstein’s articles. Gildfinger’s research revealed that his grandparents had kept in touch with the Mildensteins, even after the Holocaust.

A missed opportunity

“It’s very hard for us to understand, because we know history,” Goldfinger explains. “But my grandfather and Mildenstein were both Germans from a pretty close socioeconomic class, they were both openminded, and after their journey together they became good friends. They developed a shared language, largely thanks to their wives, and remained good friends.

Goldfinger is one of the few people in the world who owns the “A Nazi travels to Palestine” coin. “I was shocked by the existence of such a medallion, and then I ended up buying one myself in an online auction,” he says, refusing to reveal how much he paid for it.

 Prof. Shaul Ladany. ‘The Nazis wanted to encourage the Jews to leave Germany’ (Photo ;Tal Shahar)

Prof. Shaul Ladany. ‘The Nazis wanted to encourage the Jews to leave Germany’ (Photo: Tal Shahar)

 Another person who owns one of these coins is Professor Shaul Ladany, a Holocaust survivor, racewalker and two-time Olympian who survived the Munich massacre. Ladany, a passionate collector of medallions related to the Land of Israel, says he searched for years for the specific medallion combining a Star of David and a swastika.

“It’s a very rare medallion. For years, I used to visit Germany on different occasions, walk into stores for coin and medal collectors and inquire about this medallion. Everyone was surprised to learn that such a medallion even existed. None of the merchants had heard about it. I searched for it in Canada, Australia and the United States too.”

 "The Land of Israel" means the land WHERE the tribe of Israel lived or inhabited, but not the ENTIRE LAND OF PALESTINE!


NAZI" was a derogatory term for members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) - NSDAP


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Haavara Agreement (Hebrew: הֶסְכֵּם הַעֲבָרָה Translit.: heskem haavara Translated: "transfer agreement") was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933. The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939.[1]

The agreement enabled Jews fleeing persecution under the new Nazi regime to transfer some portion of their assets to British Mandatory Palestine.[2] Emigrants sold their assets in Germany to pay for essential goods (manufactured in Germany) to be shipped to Mandatory Palestine.[3][4] The agreement was controversial and was criticised by many Jewish leaders both within the Zionist movement (such as the Revisionist Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky) and outside it, as well as by members of both the NSDAP (Nazi Party) and the German public.[4] For German Jews, the agreement offered a way to leave an increasingly hostile environment in Germany; for the Yishuv, the new Jewish community in Palestine, it offered access to both immigrant labour and economic support; for the Germans it facilitated the emigration of German Jews while breaking the anti-Nazi boycott of 1933, which had mass support among European Jews and was thought by the German state to be a potential threat to the German economy.



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Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines - CDC CLAIMS PCR TEST UNSUITABLE - FART COVID


Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines

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Originally published on by Megan Redshaw

America's Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn't received informed consent

America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) filed a motion July 19, seeking immediate injunctive relief in Alabama Federal District Court to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines -- Pfizer/BioNTechModerna and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) -- for three groups of Americans.

According to a press release, AFLDS is asking to immediately stop administration of experimental COVID vaccines in anyone 18 and younger, all those who have recovered from COVID and acquired natural immunity, and every other American who has not received informed consent as defined by federal law.

The 67-page motion requests the judge issue a preliminary injunction pursuant to § 360bbb-3(b)(1)(C) for the following reasons:

  • There is no emergency, which is a prerequisite to issuing EUA and EUA renewals for COVID vaccines.
  • There is "no serious or life-threatening disease or condition."
  • Vaccines do not diagnose, treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2 or COVID.
  • Known and potential risks of the vaccine outweigh their known and potential benefits.
  • There are adequate, approved and available alternatives to vaccines.
  • Healthcare professionals and vaccine candidates are not adequately informed.

The authors of the motion attached a declaration by a whistleblower who came forward alleging deaths occurring within 72 hours of receiving a COVID vaccine are significantly under-reported in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) maintained by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As of July 9, reported deaths in the VAERS totaled 10,991. Of those, 4,593 occurred within 72-hours of vaccination.

The whistleblower -- a computer programmer who developed more than 100 distinct healthcare fraud algorithms, and who has expertise in healthcare data analytics that allows her to access Medicare and Medicaid data obtained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems (CMS) -- filed a sworn statement under penalty of perjury alleging the actual number of COVID vaccine-related deaths is closer to 45,000.

The whistleblower alleged that VAERS, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least five.

In her statement, she said:

"On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths."

AFLDS said the findings were shocking, and informed consent is impossible when safety data is not accurate.

In a press release, AFLDS said:

"It is unlawful and unconstitutional to administer experimental agents to individuals who cannot make an informed decision as to the true benefits and risks to the vaccine on an independent basis. They must be of an age or a capacity to make informed decisions and have been provided with all of the risk/benefit information necessary to make an informed decision."

One of the named plaintiffs, Deborah Sobczak, the mother of a 15- and 17-year-old, said in the press release:

"My child will not be the subject of an experiment. What kind of monsters are we allowing to control us? Perfectly healthy children have developed heart inflammation, brain bleeding and even died! I have had enough. I am not sacrificing my child so a pharmaceutical company can experiment on her. This madness has to stop."

There is no emergency warranting EUA of COVID vaccines, plaintiffs allege

According to the complaint, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, named as one of the defendants in the lawsuit, declared on Feb. 4, 2020, pursuant to § 360bbb-3(b)(1)(C), that SARS-CoV-2 created a "public health emergency."

This initial emergency declaration has been renewed repeatedly and remains in force today -- a necessary legal prerequisite for the issuance of vaccine EUAs, the complaint states. EUA allowed the mass use of the vaccines by the American public before the completion of the standard regimen of clinical trials and FDA approval.

Plaintiffs allege the emergency declaration and its multiple renewals are illegal because there is no underlying emergency. Using HHS COVID death data, SARS CoV-2 has an overall survivability rate of 99.8% globally, which increases to 99.97% for persons under the age of 70. This is consistent with the seasonal flu, the complaint states.

Plaintiffs argue HHS deliberately inflated COVID case data

Plaintiffs allege HHS' data is deliberately inflated. On March 24, 2020, HHS changed the rules applicable to coroners and others responsible for producing death certificates and making "cause of death" determinations exclusively for COVID.

The rule change states: "COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death."

According to the complaint, HHS statistics showed 95% of deaths classified as "COVID-19 deaths" involved an average of four additional comorbidities. Plaintiffs claim the CDC knew the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death would result in COVID being the underlying cause more often than not.

Plaintiffs said the actual number of COVID cases is also far lower than the reported number due to emergency use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, which are used as a diagnostic tool for COVID. The PCR tests are themselves experimental products, authorized by the FDA under separate EUAs. The package inserts state PCR tests should not be used to diagnose COVID.

The complaint alleges the way in which the PCR tests are being administered knowingly guarantees an unacceptably high number of false positive results.

COVID vaccine risks undisclosed and under-reported, lawsuit says 

AFLDS medico-legal researchers analyzed the accumulated COVID vaccine risk data and found migration of the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the body. Yet vaccines were authorized without any studies demonstrating where the spike proteins traveled in the body following vaccination, how long they remain active and what effect they have, the complaint states.

AFLDS researchers analyzed VAERS and discovered an increased risk of death from COVID vaccines. The database indicated vaccine deaths in the first quarter of 2021 represented a 12,000% to 25,000% increase in vaccine deaths, year-on-year.

From 2009 to 2019, there were 1529 reported deaths associated with all vaccines reported to VAERS, according to the motion. In the first quarter of 2021, there were more than 4,000 reported deaths with 99% of all reported vaccine deaths in 2021 attributed to the COVID vaccine. Only 1% were attributed to other vaccines in the system.

Plaintiffs also disclosed evidence of reproductive harm, vascular disease, autoimmune disease, neurological damage and they highlighted an increased risk of harm for children with COVID vaccines to support their position.

Why the secrecy around V-Safe data?

The complaint called attention to the secrecy of the CDC's V-Safe system -- a parallel system used to track reported adverse events via a smartphone app controlled exclusively by the CDC.

Plaintiffs raised concerns that information in V-Safe exceeds that in VAERS. They claim VAERS is inaccurate because it potentially includes fewer than 1% of all vaccine adverse events, and the federal government is failing to provide data from other monitoring sources such as V-Safe, CMS and the military.

Plaintiffs stated informed consent cannot be given without understanding the risks. They said they can't help but wonder why HHS would fail to disclose to the public critical information related to risk from it's reporting systems, "particularly in light of the fact that they have had the time and resources to study and extend the authorizations on the vaccines, build an enormous vaccine marketing machine and roll out vaccine clinics all over the nation."

The lawsuit was filed by several law firms, including RENZ Law. The complaint and whistleblower declaration can be read here.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.


Got played: 124 million Democrats have taken Trump vaccines
Brighteon <>
Tue, 27 Jul at 05:38

Got played: 124 million Democrats have taken Trump vaccines

In what might be one of the most devastating tactical maneuvers in the history of America, President Trump has managed to corral as many as 124 million Democrats to take "Trump vaccines" that are linked to infertility, autoimmune disorders and increasing deaths.

If these vaccines begin to produce a significant number of deaths in the months and years ahead, based on current CDC numbers, it looks like two Democrats will be killed for every one Republican. And blue states will suffer devastating losses.

Will these deaths be used to blame Trump? Is he reasonably culpable for rushing unproven vaccines into large-scale production via Operation Warp Speed?

Today's podcast looks at the demographic, economic and political implications of what happens if vaccine deaths start to accelerate. By far the larger number of vaccinated people are Democrats in blue states. What happens next?

See the full podcast here.

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Dr Vernon Coleman - Soaring Food Prices and Shortages. Ghettoes. Zuckerberg Infamy. Cowards. Kittens' eyes sewed, injected with chemicals. Big Harma. Floods.


Pr. Roger Garaudy's Appel aux vivants (Call to the living) 1979.


Followed by Les Fossoyeurs Un nouvel appel aux vivants (The gravediggers A New Call to the Living) 1992, but we proved to be all (mostly) only LIVING DEAD with no freedom, and little or no rights!

All that is left are OLD MEN IN BED and OLD MEN IN A CHAIR that MESSIANIC WHO-GATES & Co did not yet manage to cull!

Passing Observations 48

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Those who think it unlikely that food prices will rise much should know that the price for shipping a single 40 foot container from Shanghai to Rotterdam – a standard route from China to Europe - has risen to just under $12,000. And that’s a 626% rise since this time last year when the cost would have been around 2,000 dollars. This matters enormously because if moving fridges, cars and clothes around the world becomes more expensive it will, inevitably, also be more expensive to move food from here to there or from there to here. Food is going to become more expensive. And since some food producers won’t be able to cope with the price rise, food is also going to be in short supply. Drivers and other staff isolating will also add to the shortages.

2. Commodity prices are soaring too. Oil has risen fairly dramatically (making it more expensive to fuel the ships and lorries needed to move food around the world) and agricultural products have also become more expensive. Corn futures have risen by more than 30% this year and wheat and soybean prices are very high. China is importing huge amounts of wheat and that’s having a dramatic effect on the price you and I are going to have to pay for bread. All this is going to get worse because global warming cultists are `encouraging’ oil companies to stop finding new supplies of oil – and so the price of what is available will rise.

3. After Brexit, the UK Government forecast that between 3.5 million and 4.1 million EU nationals would apply to remain permanently in the UK. The civil servants and politicians were wrong of course. And, as always, their estimate was very low. The real figure, by the end of May 2021, was already 5.61 million. Today, one in five Londoners is an EU national. This change will have a dramatic effect on public services (such as hospitals, roads and schools) on voting patterns (because the foreigners will be allowed to vote) and on the nature of every aspect of British culture and day to day life (including religion and the economy). How many of these new immigrants will blend into society? And how many will form ghettoes – with their own culture and language? How many will become productive tax-paying citizens and how many will become an economic burden? No one knows the answers to those questions.

4. In the days of horse-drawn transport, a man used to walk behind horses carrying a shovel and a bucket. That’s what Nick Clegg does these days for Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook infamy.

5. A bronze statue of suffragette Emily Davison has been erected in Epsom, Surrey. Davison’s sole lasting claim to fame is that she threw herself under George V’s horse Anmer at the Derby horse race in 1913. Davison died. The jockey was taken to hospital with concussion. This is one statue which should be toppled and removed. Why on earth anyone would erect a statue to a woman with such scant regard for other lives is beyond my comprehension.

6. Most of the problems associated with social media would disappear if users all had to put their real names on everything they wrote. Anonymity gives power to cowards.

7. More than 75% of all adults around the world have a smartphone. That means that four billion people can be accessed and controlled. Computer technology has gone from curious and interesting to essential and controlling in less than a decade with billions of people constantly feeding apps a steady stream of personal information about their health, finances and whereabouts.

8. Nearly half of all heterosexual couples in the USA met online.

9. Allowing staff to work at home might be great for bosses (who can cut office costs) and great for employees who don’t have to spend money on travel, subsistence and smart clothes for the office – but it’s a bad deal for customers. The problems are endless. You ring a company and find yourself talking to someone who clearly has a baby and two dogs in the same room. You ask for some information. They cannot provide it, either because they can’t access the main computer or the filing cabinet or because they need to speak to someone who is also working at home several dozen miles away. The delays can be catastrophic. It’s about time bosses and staff started to think about the people who pay their wages – the customers.

10. I am in terrible trouble for daring to write about and criticise a scientist who sewed up the eyes of kittens. Here is an extract from my book The Health Scandal which was published in 1988. It deals with someone called Colin Blakemore. `In 1986, Blakemore and a colleague performed an experiment in which they used 13 new born kittens . Each kitten was injected with chemicals. Some of the kittens had the chemicals directly into their brains. In another experiment Blakemore and a colleague used 18 domestic tabby kittens. Two of them were binocularly deprived by suturing the conjunctivae and eyelids. Their eyes were sewn up. In another experiment Blakemore and two colleagues used 59 golden hamsters. In about half (their words) the left eyes were removed and the eyes which remained were injected with chemicals. Blakemore claimed that his work did not have to be justified in clinical terms.’ I did ask, at the time, for some evidence that any human being or animal had benefited from this work. I heard nothing. Since I wrote that book Blakemore has, I think been knighted by the queen.

11. Much of what is happening now is bizarre beyond Ripley’s wildest dreams. In the UK, the National Grid recently announced that Britain should have enough electricity to meet demand over the summer months. What an odd thing to say. Aren’t winters usually colder than summers? Don’t people use more electricity when it’s cold and dark? If they feel they need to reassure us about electricity supplies during the warmer, brighter summer months what are they saying, but not saying, about electricity supplies during the colder, darker winter months?

12. Little or no research is done into the long-term effectiveness and safety of drugs which have been licensed for human use. Once a drug is on the market it can stay on the market for as long as its manufacturer is making a profit — without anyone finding out whether it really does work and is safe. Only if someone somewhere happens to notice that 75% of the patients who take that drug turn purple and explode will the drug’s safety be questioned.

13. Here are items of research no one ever does: Do drugs act differently when given to men and women? How do drugs act differently when given to elderly patients or to children? When prescribed for a routine infection, should antibiotics be given for three days, five days, seven days, ten days, fourteen days or how long? In which patients are non-drug therapies more effective than drugs? Most of the drugs on the market are merely variations on a relatively small number of themes. So, for example, there are scores of different antibiotics available and scores of different painkillers on the market. But many of these are more or less identical — differing only in that they are made by different drug companies. When will someone compare the effectiveness and safety of these different drugs? We are aware that many drugs interact badly. If your doctor gives you drug A then you may be fine. If he gives you drug B you may be fine. But if he gives you drug A and drug B together, the mixture may kill you. Very little research is done into the ways drugs interact when given simultaneously.

14. The politicians make a great fuss when a few footballers suffer a little abuse on social media but while they’re crying crocodile tears over that they’re busy destroying the reputations and lives of doctors who speak out and share the truth. No footballer has had to put up with one hundredth of the lies and libels that have come my way in the last year – and most of the lies and libels and distortions have come from my own government.

15. `To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.’ – Voltaire.

16. I bought replacement SIM cards for a 3E mobile phone but was told afterwards that the replacement cards start to expire the moment they are bought – another nasty phone company trick.

17. The last time I visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park, I was horrified to see that visitors were allowed to have their dogs with them. I saw an owl huddled in a corner, terrified, with a dog barking at it incessantly. And I saw a female rhino angry and stressed by a dog which was barking at the rhino’s calf. Dogs should be kept out of all wildlife parks. To allow otherwise is, in my view, lunacy.

18. The last lawyer to die for the sake of his conscience was Sir Thomas More. And that was a long time ago.

19. The Financial Conduct Authority, which is supposed to protect the public from conmen, sharks and crooked investment managers has lost track of more than £300,000 worth of computer equipment – possibly containing sensitive financial data. Staff have misplaced 323 electronic devices over the last three years.

20. Drug companies have been fined more than £260 million for overcharging the NHS for hydrocortisone tablets. The drug companies managed to overcharge for almost ten years by paying possible competitors to stay out of the market. And we are encouraged to believe that drug companies are all run by kind, honest people who have our health, our lives and our interests at heart.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2021

Vernon Coleman’s latest book is called `Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21’. The book explains how we got here, why we got here and where we will end up if the resistance movement doesn’t win the war we are fighting. `Endgame’ is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. 

Collapse convergence: Floods, droughts, famine, biowar and currency implosion
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Thu, 22 Jul at 05:39

Collapse convergence: Floods, droughts, famine, biowar and currency implosion

While plenty of people can survive one crisis at a time -- such as a food shortage or short-term flood -- very few people are prepared to survive a multi-layered, engineered cluster of catastrophes that are unleashed on top of each other.

My urgent message for all those who wish to survive is that we need to prepare for simultaneous, engineered collapse events that are timed for maximum destruction. The demonic mass murderers in charge of our planet right now are deliberately trying to eliminate as many human beings as possible, and the depopulation vaccines are just the beginning.

Despite all this doom and gloom, preparedness makes this survivable. Because prepared humans are hard to kill.

Listen to today's podcasts for the full details.

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Lisa Haven

Fox News captures 'shocking' footage of migrants forcing way past border


Tuesday, 20 July 2021


             FREEMASONIC JUDEAN WW666 

               -  TAKE THE JABS OR DIE!!! 



                COVID-19 PLANDEMIC 


    - HOW DARE YOU? - Aw shut up you miserable little communist she-devil! I'd like to drown you in a barrel of mule piss. [MIKE KING]

    Stand up to tyranny and censorship!!

  • [CENS🚫RSHIP Alert] 🚨 The White House just TARGETED us! 🎯 Help us STOP the madness!🛑

    Ty & Charlene @ TTAV <>Unsubscribe
    Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 13:58

    Happy Tuesday, Basheer.


    The push to CENSOR the TRUTH about the COVID "vaccines" has reached a fevered pitch!


    As if the “house-to-house” vaccine goon squads weren’t enough, Joe Biden has now accused us of killing people! When responding to questions about "anti-vax" information posted on social media by the “disinformation dozen,” he stated: “These 12 people are out there giving misinformation (that's) killing people.” 


    This inflammatory statement by the basement dweller followed a press conference where White House press secretary Jen Psaki said “there's about 12 people who are producing 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms.” Then over the weekend, the U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, called for a national effort to “stop the spread of misinformation” about COVID vaccines.

    The real “super spreaders of disinfo” are those REFUSE to look at the TRUTH and continue to cling to their religion (yes, it’s a religion) of vaccinology and continually regurgitate “safe and effective” over and over and over. 

    What is the TRUTH?

    • The vaccines are NOT FDA approved
    • Since January 1st… Over 11K deaths reported to VAERS
    • Over 90K hospitalizations & urgent care
    • Over 2,800 incidents of Bell’s Palsy
    • Over 1,000 miscarriages
    • Over 2,400 cases of anaphylaxis
    • Over 3,900 heart attacks

    These statistics are straight from the CDC’s website. These are FACTS, folks. Not conjecture. FACTS


    But when we share these FACTS on social media, our posts are flagged as “misinformation” and then we are publicly attacked, slandered, maligned, and called “killers” by Joe Biden! 


    What kind of lunacy is this? 


    It’s time to put an end to this madness, and the only way we will beat the lying liars in the White House, CDC, and Mainstream Media is to UNITE in our efforts to maintain our health and our freedom. 


    That’s the main reason we are holding our annual conference - TTAC [LIVE] 2021 - in Nashville this October. There is strength in numbers and there is power when we gather IN PERSON to share the TRUTH





    We hope so! We would love to meet you in person and shake your hand (or give you a hug).


    There is NOTHING like it ANYWHERE!


    Why do we say this?


    Two reasons…


    First of all, at TTAC [LIVE] 2021 you will actually have access to meet and greet your favorite health heroes. It’s one of our requirements for our speakers – they must be willing and able to “mix and mingle” with the attendees. You see, this is the #1 factor that differentiates TTAC [LIVE] 2021 from almost every other conference.


    Secondly, most conferences just have a normal lineup of speakers and everyone is forced to attend all the same talks.


    But instead of having to sit through a predetermined lineup of speakers, what if you got to choose your own path?

    • What if you got to pick all the speakers that you want to hear?
    • What if it was a customized experience?
    • What if it was more like a workshop and not a conference?
    • What if you were able to get all the answers that you seek around cancer, vaccines, overall health, and freedom?
    • What if this is so life-changing that it’s looked back upon as “the event heard ‘round the world”?

    Now that’s the kind of event we will put our names on and stake our reputation on.


    And that’s exactly what we’ve done! If you’re ready for a life-changing (or life-saving) experience, we encourage you to go here and learn more today…


    Come join us at TTAC [LIVE] 2021


    It’s time to stand up to tyranny and censorship!!


    It’s time to get together in person and join arms with freedom lovers!


    It’s time!!  JOIN US!!


    To Your Health & Liberty,






    P.S. Don’t delay! Register and reserve your seat today




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No masks, no vax. Ukraine (4% vaxxed) ⁣350,000 took part in a prayer procession.



          No masks, no vax. Ukraine (4% vaxxed)


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