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 Gilad Atzmon censuré à Manchester : "S'il faut, j'irai jouer en Iran !"

RT's Going Underground: Gilad Atzmon, RNCM, Gaza Mon Amour & Zionist intimidation

Gilad Atzmon

William Cooper - Mind Control

Where Truth is still Valued

Youtube : Comment contourner la censure en 5 secondes

Boris Le Lay
 "American holocaust" 100 millions de morts S/T (Hd 720)
Rico Way

Published on 1 Oct 2014
Dans l’émission The TruthSeeker, Daniel Bushell nous parle de l’arrivée aux Amériques des Blancs européens qui ont massacré plus de 100 millions d’indiens dans ce qui est le plus grand génocide de l’Histoire.Il aborde également les mensonges qui ont servi à couvrir cet Holocauste.

Voilà comment nous les européens nous faisons "place nette" quand nous voulons nous enrichir sur le dos des autres...
Nous n'avons donc pas trop de leçons à donner concernant ce que nous appelons "les droits de l'homme" sauf à considérer que ces gens là n'étaient pas des hommes, ce qui en la circonstance fut bien pratique!...
Ici on ne parle que de nôtre invasion aux USA.C'était au XVI°s.
L'Amérique du sud c'est encore un autre génocide et toujours chez les indiens, mais cette fois là, façon "castagnette"...
Pour en savoir plus voir l'excellent documentaire 2015 d'Infolibre sur l'histoire américaine des origines aux crises financières de la fin du 19e siècle en 2 parties:

 Mark Weber speaks on Hitler's Place in History 
Published on 20 Mar 2012
Mark Weber, who is the director of the "Institute for Historical Review", says in his address.., "Is an Objective View of Hitler Even Possible?".

The fact that OUTRIGHT lies about Hitler and the Third Reich Germany are widespread and UNCHALLENGED in today's America (as it is also.., in most of the World) !!

The portrayal of Hitler and his regime is GROTESQUELY unbalanced.., not only in the "mass media".., but even in the supposedly.., "authoritative history books" and reference works about that era of history.

Mr. Weber has written extensively on twentieth-century European history.., and is a court-recognized expert on Germany's wartime policy known as the "The Final Solution"...

As always.., after watching.., do your best to "pass it on".....

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"


"He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History"



06 - Quenel+ - Je sens une vergence dans la Force (English subtitles)

Published on 6 Mar 2015
Amis Belges, pour réserver vos places :
Pour réserver vos places pour « la bête immonde » ou Dieudonné en tournée, rendez-vous sur ou
Pour signer la pétition et se dire intéressé par l’ananassurance :
Pour acheter le livre « Interdit de rire » :

Soral : procès de la quenelle à Berlin, verdict mis en délibéré


Reverse the concert cancellation of the Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” 
― Victor Hugo
Jazz was born as an art form for social commitment through improvisation as a way to express freedom.
If a jazz artist is not able to be free in their expression, then the freedom for everyone is at risk. Silencing an artist is complicit in censorship.

We, the undersigned, strongly protest the recent cancellation of the Royal Northern College of Music's concert featuring Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble; one of the most successful and critically acclaimed jazz groups in Europe.

It is our understanding that due to pressure from the Zionist Lobby group, the North West Friends of Israel, the concert was cancelled due to a "safety" issue.
We... the musicians, artists, listeners, citizens of Britain and the world say: 
  • No to intimidation 
  • No to censorship
  • No to political pressure
  • And, that we all must protect the principles of a free society
If the Royal Northern College of Music is committed to keeping Britain a free country, let music and speech flow freely. We call upon the RNCM to immediately reschedule Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble’s concert. 

We ask the RNCM to not set a precedence in succumbing to pressure and bullying from external forces. Music is one of the few spaces where anything and everything is able to be expressed without the threat of censorship or intimidation.

The RNCM is a leading international conservatoire, training students to world-class levels in music through a specialised learning programme of the highest quality, delivered by internationally renowned teachers and underpinned by a unique artistic programme of performances.
The RNCM also is host to a world class theatre that features performers from the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond who seek the opportunity to perform and express their art.
Gilad Atzmon is a well-known and deeply respected British Jazz artist and author. Gilad was born in Israel in 1963 and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem (Composition and Jazz). A multi-instrumentalist he plays saxophones, clarinet and ethnic woodwind instruments . 
Atzmon tours extensively around the world. His albums, of which he has recorded fifteen to date, explore many themes including those that are political and the music of the Middle East. But it is Atzmon's understanding and expression of the difficult jazz rhythms that resonate with audiences and have the esteem of musical colleagues from around the world.
To listen to an Atzmon jazz interpretation is to experience improvisation of a music theme in which he creates a uniqueness of atmosphere and language.
Letter to
Royal Northern College of Music Linda Merrick, Principal
Please reconsider and reverse the concert cancellation of Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble.

Music is for the world as it brings people from all walks of life together.

But also artists of all genres must be able to express their art without suppression from outside influences or censorship.

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Royal Northern College of Music: Reverse the concert cancellation... 

I am signing because I am a sovereign Freeman-on-the-land and I hate totalitarianism!  I am for truth, freedom, justice and a moral way of life. We are living more and more under a racist Godless fascist dictatorship and I will never accept any kind of oppression!  And I am not Prince Charlie!

¡Gracias por firmar, Basheer!
Royal Northern College of Music: Reverse the concert cancellation of the Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble

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Acabo de firmar la petición, "Royal Northern College of Music: Reverse the concert cancellation of the Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble"
Me parece un tema muy importante. ¿Nos apoyas?
Aquí tienes el enlace:

Dedicated to
Washington D.C. Imâm Muhammad al-‘Asi, Adalberto Erazo Jr. and Kathleen Bates.

Happy Birthday, ya ‘Isa, ya Muhammad, Messengers of the One and Only God, and may peace and blessings be upon you all! 

The Battle of Armageddon is a fiction and only a symbol.  But, World War III is a reality and has been going on since the end of WWII, and is the longest war in modern history.  Some call it (or the one they are expecting) The IVth Reich of the Rich, of the Jews, Zionists and other Godless monsters.  The West, America and their Allies and Puppets, have been waging endless wars against Muslims and Islam and are drone murdering our babies and children and defenceless men, women and infants indiscriminately and in all legality.  It is therefore the Islamic and human obligation of all Muslims of the Universal Ummah of Muhammad to be in a permanent state of war.  In the current circumstances, the purification of the heart, total boycott and civil disobedience remain the most efficient weapons Muslims and non Muslims alike dispose of.  Diplomacy and membership in the UN dictatorship are out of question as this only perpetuates the wars and the massacres.  Despite of the fact that more and more non Muslims are joining in the efforts of Resistance, they all (mostly) lack the Islamic perspective of the whole matter and it is up to Muslims to clarify the misconceptions which often run counter current to resistance.  In trying to do so, I have encountered countless obstacles from all sides, ‘friend’ and foe, but the work of information has to be carried out no matter what.  While we almost always know our enemies, it is not the same with our ‘friends’.

In a French essay posted on the internet more than ten years ago (2002), Ghyslaine ROC, my other half (I can see Mark Glenn smiling!) tried to warn French pacifist and integrationist (assimilationist) Muslims of the many dangers facing them, but it was like “casting pearls before swine” – Six Million of them in France according to Mafia boss Charles Pasqua, and hundreds of millions worldwide!  Muslims never learned the lesson and keep paying a very heavy price.  I am here reproducing one major extract of that article with a few additional notes as readers get easily bored with too much serious stuff. 

The present effort is meant to bring to the notice of the lay readers, whether they like it or not, a forgotten piece of history in which I played a small but not insignificant role.  In Ghyslaine’s well researched piece (I helped her quite a bit though, as always!), she warned Muslims that they cannot vote for an anti-Islamic (Islamicide) government, no matter which one, either in a Muslim country or not, by abandoning Al-Jihaad, without being humiliated as Imâm Muhammad Al-‘Asi will point out in his talk of which I will reproduce the main statements here.  I expect many not to like this because it is an Islamic perspective of our modern predicament, but which has global implications. I am the Messenger of the truth to please God and not to please mortals. Those who have studied history and done their research honestly and earnestly know the “The Ugly Truth” (See also “Crescent and Cross”of Mark Glenn’s) whose hosts are well aware of my postures. I thank our great Brother Mark Glenn for providing at great costs and personal sacrifice a free platform for all genuine fighters for freedom and justice against the common enemy.  (Unfortunately, since December 2013, that freedom seems to have been severely impaired thanks to a leading minuscule team of like-minded self worshipping narcissist egomaniacs specialised in bullying, ad hominem attacks and insults that do not allow freedom to speak anymore unless we all think and speak alike.)     


  1. In order to deliver us into the hands of usurious Jewish Bank Gangsters, the Rothschilds and others, the Catholic Church, the Tsar and the monarchy had to be decapitated/neutralised and the private Jewish Federal Reserve Banking System to be set up (illegally) in the Corporation of the united States of America in 1913.  Bolshevism had to be set up on the corpse of the decapitated Russian monarchy and of the now moribund Christianity and the Holocaust of millions of Christians and Muslims alike.  (Sadly, most Westerners if not all tend to remember only the Christian victims of Jewish and Zionist Bolshevism.) 
  2. In order to prevent the destruction of the Jewish Banking System and Jewish control over the West and its (neo) colonies and dominions, the Jews declared total war on Germany in 1933 followed by France and England who started World War II (Germany never started WWII!), soon to be joined by the Jewish controlled warmongering Corporation known now as the U.S.A. (a war planned in advance), and the vilification of German National Socialism and of its leader Herr Adolph Hitler, the greatest and most charismatic leader Europe has known in those days, and this has not stopped to this very day.
  3.  In order to again neutralise the new threat posed to the Jewish Banking System represented mainly by some Muslim countries, the Jews have this time unleashed the whole world against Islam and Muslims, and the demonisation of both Muslims and Islam has been non stop and is getting worse each day (with all kinds of labels) and the killings of millions of Muslims have already taken place in all legality with several Muslim countries bombed “to the Stone or Dark Ages”, their lands contaminated with WMDs, devastated, and the inhabitants terrorised and traumatised on a daily basis, attacked by drones, occupied, shot at and humiliated, and life made a literal hell on earth for them and their loved ones. Some call it WWIII or Armageddon or the End of Times.
  4. But, the ‘good’ news is that the chicken have at last come home to roost (Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) as the Jews have now officially turned their guns against their Judeo-Protestant and Judeo-Catholic Allies who still in their vast majority have not yet understood the Jewish Peril as we do not see them or their Churches offering any visible or meaningful resistance or condemnation of Jewish and Judeo-‘Christian’ mass murders!  The bulk of the Resistance is Islamic and comes mainly from Muslims who are paying a horrendous price for it, although their worst enemies come from within their own ranks, from apostates, collaborators, pacifists, integrationists and assimilationists.  But, those Europeans who want to see Muslims integrate into their Godless system can wait until hell freezes over because Islam integrates other healthy systems but never integrates into any systems ruled by demonic forces.  Jewish/Zionist controlled Germany made prostitutes of their entire woman population by legalising prostitution in 2002 and they call this Jewish filth civilisation! I am the first to recognise the grandeur of the West, but actually what we have today is an abomination!


I apologise for the statement of Islamic faith at the beginning as this is not addressed only to Believers, but to all decent human beings on this planet, living and deceased.  ALLAH, Al-Jihaad, or the West and its anti-Islamic butchers!  Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, may he rest in peace, had warned us : Da’wah or Destruction !  Da’wah is calling (inviting) humanity to Islam!  But, Jihaad is also the Armed Jihaad with top of the art technology in all spheres, or face total destruction!  It is also known as the Lesser Jihaad compared to the Greater Jihaad against the Nafs (Self).  Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction are haraam in Islam, but nothing prevents Muslims from using them as a deterrent because it is a question of survival and any human being has the right to protect his life, that of his loved ones, his property, way of life and heritage and ignore the West who is more interested in “saving the whales in the Pacific” than Muslim lives!

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu ! 


Fourteen hundred years after the perfection of Islam in Arabia, numerous Muslim intellectuals, in particular those specifically indoctrinated in the Western institutions, accept Islam only when it is separated from politics – the fools and traitors!

THE BERTRAND RUSSELL DICTIONARY OF MIND, MATTER & MORALS edited with an introduction by Lester E. Denonn, A Citadel Press Book, USA, First Carol Publishing Group Edition 1993, Copyright 1952, page 115.

“Islam, on the contrary, was from its very beginning a political religion.  Mahomet made himself a ruler of men, and the caliphs who succeeded him remained so until the conclusion of the Great War [1914-1918].  It is typical of the difference between Islam and Christianity that the caliph combined within himself both temporal and spiritual authority, which to a Mahometan are not distinct, whereas Christianity, by its non-political character, was led to create two rival politicians, namely, the Pope and the Emperor, of whom the former based his claims to temporal power upon the unimportance of secular rule.” (ESO 16-7)

Lord Bertrand Arthur William Russell (DIRTY BIRTY, THE MOST EVIL MAN OF THE XXTH CENTURY!) was born in 1872.  He won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1952, although he was famous as a philosopher, a mathematician and an iconoclastic social reformer. He was also an atheist and a pacifist.  He wrote on international relations, war, ethics, politics, metaphysics, sociology, education, sexual relations, marriage, religion, theology, epistemology, traditional and modern logic, semantics, psychology, philosophy of history, history of philosophy, the sciences and, in particular, mathematics and physics.

 When he was over ninety years old, Lord Bertrand Russell founded the Committee of 100 in England, an influential militant group that campaigned, through civil disobedience, for nuclear disarmament and international morality.  He was married four times.  His grandfather was the famous English Prime Minister, Lord John Russell.  Lord Bertrand Russell died in 1970 a notorious controversial thinker.
A few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with joy while listening to the live Khutba (at St Paul Cathedral) on British Television, on the occasion of the funeral service of the Freemasonic queen mother of England (and other stolen lands) when the priest quoted Ecclesiastics 3 from the Holy Bible :

Ecclesiastes 3 - New International Version (NIV)

A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace

 And, I would add:


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the bi-sexual disciple of non-violence who lived with (bedded) a wealthy Jewish homosexual for some time and who paid him back quite substantially, did indeed preach non-violence, but he was also a disciple of violence that he preferred from flight or submission.
The Good Boatman », A Portrait of Gandhi by Pr Rajmohan Gandhi, Penguin Books, Inde, 1995, page 23]

But, the Muslims and Christians have still not learnt that they have to defend themselves by whatever means necessary when their Communities or the oppressed are attacked, exterminated, and how to do it without having to join anti-Islamic or anti-Christian political parties that pass laws in favour of usury, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, prostitution, drugs trade like alcohol, nicotine, soon cannabis, and that do not punish murder, theft, rape, fraud, war crimes (often incited or perpetrated by themselves)!

Christians see France legalise abortion, they keep quiet!  They see Germany legalise prostitution, they pretend they are blind!  They see Holland legalise drugs, they let it go unchallenged!  They see America murder 50 millions babies in all legality (abortion), they are still not moved!  They see the whole of Christendom turned into Sodom and Gomorrah, with brothels, drugs, gambling, vices of all kinds, Jewish pharmaceuticals and vaccines that kill, fluoride, aspartame, GM food unfit for human consumption, they still keep their mouth shut!  But, Muslims and genuine Christians and peace loving and moral Atheists and others cannot and will not keep quiet!  They will fight to the last man, woman and child!   

We cannot abandon Al-Jihaad without being humiliated!

Muhammad al-‘Asi was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, in 1951.

Here are a few extracts of a talk given by one of the major participants at an International Conference held in London in October 1997 by the Majlis al-Shûra fi Britanya (Muslim Parliament of Great Britain) - Washington Imâm Muhammad Al ‘Asi (USA), attended and partly filmed by my spiritual mentor B.A. Frémaux-Soormally.  However, the transcript in Arabic may not have been correctly transcribed phonetically as the reporter does not speak Arabic.  Imâm Al ‘Asi points his finger at Western Civilisation that he accuses of not being concerned by the plight of Muslims, and he is absolutely right.  Imâm Al-‘Asi is one of the best orators I have ever heard in my life-time.  I quote the Imâm (MP3 sound recording attached):

Washington Imâm Muhammad Al ‘Asi (USA):
NOW, THESE WORDS may come somewhat harsh to some feeble-minded individuals, but these are the words of the Qur’ân and these are the only response that we have to a system that is involved in a protracted haemorrhage of the Muslim world that we have been witnessing throughout all of these years, and the details you have listened to some of them: Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia. Those were not the beginning and those are not going to be the end.  Now, to begin the issue of how we respond to all of this Allah has made it very clear to us:  
Kutiba ‘alaykumul-qitaalu wa huwa kurhul-lakum,  
Wa ‘asa ‘añ-takrahuu shay-'añw-wa huwa khayrul-lakum,  
Wa 'asa ‘añ-tuhibbu shay'añw-wa huwa sharrul lakum. 
Wallaa hu ya'-lamu wa ‘añ-tum laa ta'-lamuun.  

Now, without going into the details of the implications, the linguistic implications of this Ayah, what we should understand in the dynamics of the world around us here is that Allah is telling us that fighting, this is combat engagement, fighting in the true sense of the word: YOU SHOOT AND YOU ARE SHOT AT!  This has been decided by ALLAH for us.  It is not my decision; it is not your decision.  It is not a decision of a particular ruler here or a particular governor there.
It is the decision that is made by ALLAH that corresponds and addresses our condition as Muslims in this world.
Kutiba ‘alaykumul-qitaal, and the word QITAAL here means ACTIVE COMBAT.”
 “They have the right for self-defence!”

It is definitely not the United Nations or the United States or any of these other organisations of what is called International Legality! A word that was repeated by Yasser Arafat until he finally surrendered everything he had and now he has become Mayor of a couple of Cities in the West Bank and Ghazza!

(Basheer laughing on tape!)

This is the example of those who want to proceed with this so-called International Legality until its bitter end.”

Kutiba ‘alaykumul-qitaal!  And, when these Ayat are repeated, they are repeated in this context:  Wa huwa kurhul-lakum!

Of course, you are averse to it.  You are not going to say this to any normal Muslim, and he is going to get high of having to go out to fight!  Wa huwa kurhul-lakum! Of course, you’re gonna hate to go out to fight!

But, what other alternative, what other course do you have?
Look at Alegria !  In the best tradition of Western democracy; these are for those Muslims who still think democratically; these Muslims went to the ballot box!  These Muslims wanted elections, and these Muslims voted for their representatives; what happened?  You have right now a three year answer still in process. 
What happened to these Muslims?   
What happened to the whole population of Algeria? 
It has been displaced from the political process!  It has even been displaced from its own homes and neighbourhoods and they are in the mountains fighting now.  WHY?
Because they wanted elections! 
They wanted the democratic process!  They wanted to recognition of the outside world!
They didn’t gain any of it! 
Kutiba ‘alaykumul-qitaal wa huwa kurhul-lakum!
  Of course, you don’t like to fight.  No one in his right mind likes to fight!  Put a group of people in this world like the Muslims; put them in the conditions that they are in such as the conditions they are in Algeria, in Bosnia, in Egypt, in Palestine, in Kashmir, in the Philippines, in North Africa, in Asia, in minority conditions around the Western world. Plunder their resources, steal them dry and you tell them:
NO, you have to be peaceful; you have to go through the United Nations ;  you have to gain recognition of the European States, the Americans, etc.
And, these people who have tread this course in the past few years, where are they now?  The examples are staring you in the eye!”

« What are we left with in the rest of the Muslim world? » 
And those brothers who still haven’t learnt and still want to pursue this democratic process, give us some sustaining examples of where it can work?  There is none!  That’s the hard fact of the matter!  So, we are left up to do something we don’t like to do, something that we hate doing:
Wa huwa kurhul-lakum! 

But, then ALLAH says:  
Wa ‘asa ‘añ-takrahuu shay-'añw-wa huwa khayrul-lakum, 
 Wa 'asa ‘añ-tuhibbu shay'añw-wa huwa sharrul lakum.  
Wallaa hu ya'-lam wa ‘añ-tum laa ta'-lamuun.

It may be that something that you hate and good will come out of it.  It may be that something that you like and something bad will come out of it. 
Then, ALLAH knows, but you don’t!

  You see, if we were to say these words and we did say these words years ago to these people who opted for the pacifist attitude, and there are still people among the Muslims who opt for this pacifist attitude!

We are not Quakers!

We are not pacifists to the degree that we are annihilating ourselves!

We are not pacifists in a world that has become a slaughterhouse for Muslims!

Or we are going to die fighting!”

« You can see how vulnerable we have become – almost everywhere
And, the Prophet, and those who were with him during his lifetime understood this very well!

It has not been, it will never occur that a people abandon Jihaad except that they will be humiliated!
Look at the world today!  Look around! 

Humiliation has engulfed those who are walking away from Al-Jihaad, whether it is an intellectual alienation from Al-Jihaad or whether it is a practical and physical displacement from Al-Jihaad!
Humiliation will engulf you until you recognise this is the only way out!

Forget that we are Muslims for a moment! 
We are only human beings! 

Who in their right mind, be he a Jew, or a Christian or the others who are moving that International Legality with their veto power and with their nuclear power, will they accept what is happening to us to happen to them? 
Then, ask them:
If you were put in our situation, what would you do? 

Would you sit down and be slaughtered?

Or would you stand up for your rights?
They’ll tell you:  We’ll stand up for our rights?
And, we are telling them : WE WILL STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS ALSO !

And, these are not words of rhetoric!  These are not words of a demagogue!
These are the words and the actions of the Mujahidiin who are giving up their blood and their lives as we speak here today! 
And, this is the opening chapter!  There is more of this to come! 
And, those faint hearted individuals, if you see that this is the trend of the future and you can’t tolerate it step out!

There is no time for these doubting Thomases!  There is no time for those vacillating personalities to be around!”
« But, because we are very upset, we are not going to abandon our responsibility! We are very upset!  We know that this is a direction of sweat, of tears, of blood, and this is only the beginning and it will continue until we become the Ummah that we are expected to be!

For those of you who understand the Ayah :


The real stuff is out there in the battle field!

Look at Egypt, look at Algeria, look at other parts of the Muslim world where we can’t even communicate!  A couple of individuals were supposed to be sitting with us on the panel delivering their ideas and the condition of the Muslims could not come! 
What happened to free speech?
And, if the trend continues like this, we will probably not be able to meet here on another occasion, and that’s something we have to expect because if they are nervous, we are in progress!

And they are pursuing a scorch-earth policy!
They see Algeria converting to Islam, BURN THE PLACE DOWN! 

Wa huwa kurhul-lakum,
Wa ‘asa ‘añ-takrahuu shay-'añw-
wa huwa khayrul-lakum,  
Wa 'asa ‘añ-tuhibbu shay'añw-
wa huwa sharrul lakum.  
Wallaa hu ya'-lamu 
wa ‘añ-tum laa ta'-lamuun
I think my time is up.

Jahangir Mohamed (moderator): “It is up, but I could not stop you in full flow.”


“I am as polite as to recognise that fact.  Thank you very much.  Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu!

Imâm Muhammad Al ‘Asi (USA)
Conference held by the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, October 1997. 

The above quoted verses: Holy Qur’ân Surah Al-Baqara, Ayah 216

* I offered the above recording for free on demand, but out of the 1.8 billion so-called Muslims, not a single Muslim has ever asked for it and I never found it anywhere on the Internet?????)
While the Zionist Jews, at the head of the West, put the whole world to sleep with an alleged Six Million Jewish Holocaust supposedly killed by the Germans during World War II that they themselves had orchestrated, their usurious bankers of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others, the World Bank, the Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the UNO, NATO and the armies of assassins financed by those murderous bankers are perpetrating real Holocausts (Shoahs) in the Muslim World and in other countries deliberately impoverished by their so-called Aid Development Programme (rather Aid Impoverishment Programme)!
The 56 Muslim countries are victims of Western dictates, oppression and tyranny, and the occupation of their lands, and in some cases, ‘secular and democratic embargoes’ are decimating entire populations like in Iraq!  The interest that those usurers steal from the poorest countries in the world sometimes exceeds 30% over the ‘loaned’ capital to their own paid puppets they have put at the head of the occupied countries to do their dirty neo-colonisation job in their place, and that never benefits the oppressed people who are forced to work as slaves until their death, being eternally indebted as the debt was not meant to be payable, but meant to be augmented with more borrowing each year in order to pay only the interest while the capital remains due for life, a fraud committed by the IMF and the World bank under US dictatorship!  These debts are artificial, criminal and impossible to be paid back!  The West practices a terrorist political ‘economy’ (savage Bolshevik capitalism) in all the poor countries of the planet under their direct control pushing the people to starvation or revolt sooner or later.
And, it is a shame to see Muslim countries being members of the United Nations Dictatorship, an organisation of International Terrorism directly responsible for the slaughter of entire Muslim and other populations. 

Their role or absence of a role, particularly in Palestine,  Bosnia, Algeria, Chechnya, Kashmir, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq shows clearly their inherent anti-Muslim racism, their total indifference to human suffering, and makes them accomplices, and in some cases, the very authors of planned and endless massacres of entire defenceless nations, whose right to self-defence is never recognised, and nor the right to free speech !
One blatant example : The United nations have not only allowed the Zionists to slaughter and expel an entire population, after stealing their lands, Muslim Palestine,  and humiliating them for more than half a century, but they have also allowed the criminal Indians (Bharatis) to invade and steal Muslim Kashmir, that they have with Western imperialist complicity
Occupied with more than 700,000 soldier-assassins;
Been found guilty of the massacre of 96,000 Kashmiris, men, women and children;
With 124,500 maimed;
115,000 innocent arrested, jailed, tortured Israeli,  French, or Serbian-style;
And the rape of 48,000 Muslims!

(Figures 2000)

Thousands of houses and Holy sites have been burnt down, and thousands of people have disappeared, and President Clinton, this Zionist master butcher, dares call the Kashmiri Freedom Fighters terrorists!

The Wars of Armageddon have already started and ongoing with mass slaughter of both Muslims (and Christians) in Palestine, the Balkans, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Pakistan, Africa, Kashmir, India, Mali, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, Syria and soon in Iran!  There has indeed been several Holocausts of Muslims orchestrated directly or indirectly by the Secular (laïque), anti-Muslim racist and Totalitarian Bolshevik West, and others are in the making!   The Muslim Ummah has only two choices:

Obey and submit to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and fight by all means necessary

OR continue to submit to the dictates of the Western usurious hegemonists, those manufacturers of holocausts with their Islamicidal and Deicidal institutions, and with the greatest human slaughterhouses, brothels, prisons and Concentration Camps ever known to humanity.

OR even, as the Ummah is doing currently, continue their heedlessness and wait for God to do the job in their place, and THAT, He will certainly never do!

BarâkAllâh Fîk
Ghyslaine ROC
Slightly edited on 26 February 2013

Circulated by B.A. Frémaux-Soormally
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Today, it is the Muslims, to morrow it will be you!
While innocent Muslims are being systematically demonised and jailed for even practicing sports or practicing their religion freely, hundreds of thousands of young European Jews are being sent for training by the military to fight (kill) Palestinians and steal and squat their lands and homes. 

Yasmin Cass’ father Mohammed Hamid is one innocent Muslim victim among thousands – recently jailed possibly for life for no crime committed!  She invited me to meet with her at our friend’s place.

Quoting the Qu’ran = Hate Speech
Calling to Islam = Danger to the Public
Playing Paintball = Military Training
Giving Talks on Islam = Hate Speech and Solicitation to Murder
Mohammed Hamid is one of the many victims of Britain’s ‘war on terror’ languishing in prison. He was arrested, along with fourteen other men, in the wake of the 2005 London bombings and charged with ‘providing terrorist training’. 
On 26th February 2008 Hamid was found guilty of ‘providing terrorist training’ and ‘soliciting murder’ and sentenced to an ‘indeterminate sentence for public protection’ with a tariff (minimum term) of seven years, after which he will only be released if the Parole Board declares he is sufficiently low risk to be freed.

In a public statement Hamid’s daughter, Yasmin Cass, said:

“…My father Mohammed Hamid, a 54 year old father and dawah carrier, was sentenced in 2008 to an “IPP” (Imprisonment for Public Protection). He was singled out for his beliefs – which included challenging the government’s version of events regarding 7/7. He is a man who loves people and people love him right back. Our home has been torn apart by his absence and it is worse knowing he is an innocent man, ‘Imprisoned for Public Protection’, for the crimes of calling non-Muslims to Islam, playing paint-ball, and helping local communities…”

“Mohammed Hamid featured in a BBC documentary produced and directed by Phil Rees.  In the documentary Hamid was filmed paintballing with a group of friends.  In the prosecution of Mohammed Hamid the paintballing footage was adduced as  evidence of Hamid partaking in ‘terrorist training’. A copy of the video can be viewed on the Free Mohammed Hamid Media page.”

Write to Mohammed Hamid:
Muhammed Hamid A8114AG
HMP Long Lartinsouth
WR11 8TZ
Puppy Charlie, Kevin and Basheer 1 February 2013
Mural Street Art by Banksy

The Police Zionist Totalitarian Bolshevik British Dictatorship carries out systematic false flags that they blame on Muslims.  This provides them with a bogus reason to frame, arrest and jail thousands of young educated Muslims, to destroy their careers and break their family.  It is a military tactic to terrorise and keep British Muslims under permanent control with the help and collaboration of corrupt Muslim politicians, religious leaders, lawyers, magistrates, mayors, judges, Councillors, Members of Parliament, and other professionals who have sworn allegiance to the State.

Almost the entire world is at war against Arabs, Islam, and Muslims, and even the Arabic language, but most Muslims failed to see that because of a colonised and neo-colonised mentality and the decadence of the Ummah (Universal Muslim Nationhood).  The UN, UK, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, India, New Zealand, US, Europe, non Muslim Black Africa, Christendom and Judendom are all at war (both master and slave!) and have polluted our planet and turned it into a huge slaughterhouse, brothel, drug and gambling dens, “Sodom and Gomorrah”! 

Muslims are systematically being oppressed, ostracised, hounded and prevented from acquiring on top of their Eastern and Islamic cultures a purely European culture, the best that Europe has to offer to humankind, not the Judeo-Protestant or the Vatican II Catholic or Atheist Secularist trash.  Muslims are institutionally being regarded as inferiors and lowest than all the other “ethnic” groups, vilified 24 hours a day by all the media, television, cinema industry, and so on, and not allowed to improve themselves under an apartheid system of government.

Wednesday 26 February 2013


A truly grim report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Security Council of the Russian Federation (SCRF) warns that the Rodina (motherland) has entered into its “most dangerous time in history” as it prepares to defend itself against a rapidly collapsing American empire whose vassal European Union confederation is, likewise, on the brink of outright collapse too.Not just to this SCRF warning is the world trembling today either as Lord Jacob Rothschild, of the historically prominent, and global, Rothschild banking family, yesterday issued a similar warning by stating that the world is now mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II.
SCRF Secretary-Director Nikolai Patrushev notes in this report that the Obama regime is now funding Russian political groups under the guise of promoting civil society, just as in the “colour revolutions” in the former Soviet Union and the Arab world that have plunged our present world into chaos, while at the same time they are using the sanctions imposed over the conflict in Ukraine as a “pretext” to inflict economic pain and stoke discontent among the populace.
Secretary-Director Patrushev further states, “It’s clear that the White House has been counting on a sharp deterioration in Russians’ standard of living and mass protests, but Russia can withstand the pressure, though, thanks to its resilience and decades of experience in combating color revolutions.”
Russian deputy defense minister Anatoly Antonov also notes in this report that NATO’s activities are now many times greater than Russia’s and states: “We’ve noticed that NATO member states are using the situation in southeastern Ukraine as a pretext to discard all diplomatic conventions, tricks and slogans and push forward, closer to the Russian border.”
To how strong the Obama regime is pushing the Federation towards war, this report says, is evidenced by this past week’s deployment to Ukraine by the Obama regime of US military troops and their sending into the Black Sea a fleet of NATO warships.
In response to these Obama regime war moves, this report notes, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich gravely warned the Americans and NATO that their actions now threaten Russia’s security.
Even more astounding, this report continues, the Obama regime stated yesterday its eventual intention” to send their ground troops into Syria and actually warned that an offensive by forces of the Syrian president against ISIS rebels and their supporters (called nonsensically by the Americans as “moderate rebels”) would open the door for an American strike on Syrian government troops.
In response to the Obama regimes warning to Syria that it US forces would begin attacks, this report says, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukashevich stated: “Against this background, statements from Washington that a possible offensive of Assad forces against the moderate Syrian opposition would open the door for a US attack against government forces are a matter of concern.”
This report, as context, notes that the Obama regime is “enraged” at President Putin’s upcoming visit to Iran where the “final plans” for the Iraq-Iranian-Syrian military defeat of ISIS are scheduled to be discussed.
Equally enraging the Obama regime, this report continues, was this past weeks joint Iraq-Iran military assault and encirclement on the ISIS held city of Tikrit that “took the US by surprise”, and who by the defeat of these terrorists would leave the Americans without an enemy to continue to frighten their own people with.
In response to these Obama regime aggressions, SCRF experts in this report say, President Putin has ordered an immediate deployment exercise of rocket and artillery troops and has authorized Russia’s newest Su-30 multirole fighter jets, together with Su-24 attack bombers, to conduct simulated strikes against NATO’s fleet in the Black Sea.
As to how the Obama regime plans to destroy Russia, this report gravely says, they were recently revealed when secret documents were leaked detailing how the CIA-linked American company FTI Consulting, and their US intelligence operative Frank Holder, are preparing to destroy the Venezuelan government…plans so shocking they actually tell the US opposition: “violence should also be encouraged and whenever possible lead to deaths and injuries.”
These “sadistic practices” by the US against any nation that challenges them, this report says, have been long known since the 1980’s when a CIA “psychological operations” manual prepared by a CIA contractor for the Nicaraguan Contra rebels noted the value of assassinating someone on your own side to create a “martyr” for the cause, and which the Obama regime “used to perfection” in Ukraine.
And for the “true cause” of the Obama regime attacking Russia, this report concludes, is the impending economic collapse of both the US and EU as China is now promoting its currency as the new global standard, which when this happens will cease allowing the West to print their way out of the economic quagmire they’ve created for themselves.
With the American people having been lulled to sleep by their mainstream media (which is their government’s main weapon against its own people) as to how dire the global situation has become, it is no wonder that none of them know of the catastrophic fall in the Baltic Dry Index (BDI), and which exactly mirrors the market crash of 2008. After all, the BDI always shows the grim future that is to come, stock markets only reflect human greed and madness.
March 5, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


Another BBC Journalist Under Fire: Bowen Slammed for Saying Netanyahu ‘Played Holocaust Card’ in Congress Speech

March 5, 2015 2:55 pm
BBC Correspondent Jeremy Bowen accused PM Netanyahu of "playing the Holocaust card" during his address to Congress. 
Yet another BBC correspondent has come under fire for offending Jewish sensitivities after he accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of using the Nazi Holocaust to elicit sympathy during his address to Congress on Tuesday.
Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East editor tweeted, “#NetanyahuSpeech He acknowledges [Holocaust survivor] Elie Wiesel in audience. Once again Netanyahu plays the holocaust card. don’t repeat mistakes of the past.”

In response, Alex Brummer, a well-known journalist himself and vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, condemned Bowen’s statement saying it was “beneath contempt,” the United Kingdom’s Daily Express reported. The UK-based campaign group, North West Friends of Israel, also slammed Bowen, saying on Twitter, “err-’Holocaust card’? The holocaust wasn’t a game, Jeremy. Maybe take a trip to Europe again to see how world treated Jews.”
Other critics labeled the veteran journalist a “slime bag” and calling his statement “deplorable,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported.
Defending himself, Bowen wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “Suggestions I’m an anti-Semite, or a denier of the Holocaust, are untrue and offensive.”
Bowen’s articles have previously been criticized for running afoul of BBC guidelines, according to the Express. In 2009, an inquiry into one of his pieces for the BBC website found that a reference to “Zionism’s innate instinct to push out the frontier” breached guidelines. His coverage last year of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the coastal enclave also had some asking if he was trying to persuade audiences that Hamas does not use human shields. Bowen was additionally accused of “clear bias” in 2013 for mourning  the death of Dr. Eyad Sarraj, a member of the anti-Israel Free Gaza Movement.

The controversy surrounding Bowen’s offending tweet comes just weeks after his BBC colleague, Tim Wilcox, was accused of antisemitism and faced calls for his resignation after he told a French woman that “Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.” His charge was made as he covered the mass rally in Paris following the deadly attacks on the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and at the kosher Hyper Cacher supermarket. The woman, who was the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, told Wilcox she feared the resurgence of anti-Jewish persecution as seen in 1930s Europe.

Veterans Today

NSA disables alternative news show

Or was it their Mossad partners?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Cass Sunstein, Obama’s former Information Czar, famously urged the US government to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Apparently the NSA – or their Mossad partners – is following Sunstein’s advice.

Today’s False Flag Weekly News broadcast was delayed and “disabled” by a Big Brother agency with NSA-level capabilities, according to No Lies Radio producer Allan Rees. (Watch the archived version of the show above, and consult the list of stories we covered, to get an idea of which topics may have been “too hot to handle.”)

False Flag Weekly News runs on a Google Hangouts platform. Today, for the first time ever, Google denied access to the show hosts (Jim Fetzer and myself). When we attempted to connect, we got a 403 error, which is equivalent to a blanket ‘NO’ by the Web server – with no further discussion allowed. Since Google is basically a branch of the NSA, what is surprising is that it took them this long.

Then again, it might not have been Google. According to Allan Rees it could have been “some NSA infection on your computer or hack of your internet stream thru your provider.” But since Jim and I have different internet providers, yet got the same 403 error, whoever did it is no run-of-the-mill hacker, but someone with the capabilities of a state security agency.

It also could have been NSA’s Israeli partners (some would say “masters.”) To see who’s really running our surveillance state, check out the Guardian article NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel.

This is not the first time that NSA-level capabilities have been used to “disable the purveyors of
truth ‘conspiracy theories’.” Information sciences expert Elizabeth Woodworth caught them red-handed using search-engine suppression to prevent RT’s terrific documentary 9/11 and Operation Gladio from going viral and drawing tens or hundreds of millions of views. Woodworth even found that many people who had sent emails containing the url of 9/11 and Operation Gladio saw their emails fall into a black hole in cyberspace, never to emerge. (Check out my interview with Elizabeth Woodworth.)

According to Allan Rees, the NSA may have blocked not only the False Flag Weekly News hosts, but also some of the viewers: ” I also suspect some viewers were blocked as our viewership from down 50% from last week.” If you experienced problems trying to watch the live broadcast, please contact Allan at info(at)NoLiesRadio(dot)org.

Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.


By not educating the racists and the facists about the real reasons behind so-called IMMIGRATION, the BBC is promoting hate and racism!
Those "immigrants" invited are carefully selected by the BBC after they have made sure they will never tell the truth behind their presence here in Britain or elsewhere in Europe.  I know the truth and will never be invited to speak on behalf of immigrants even though I AM AN IMMIGRANT ONLY IN THE EYES AND MIND OF THE RACIST AND THE HATER!
The British had invaded my homeland, mass murdered my ancestors, stolen all their wealth, destroyed our civilisation, and enslaved the survivors and their descendants under various labels: indentured labourers, British subjects, British citizens, immigrants, aliens, invaders, with one thing in common: they are 2nd class citizens and are selectively hated for their traditions, religions (in particular Islam), and for their alleged refusal to integrate-assimilate in British society, or like Prince Charlie said: their refusal to abide by "our values".

Published on 25 Nov 2014

Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford return with the second part of their social experiment. The UK-born citizens discover the impact the immigrants have on public services like schools and the NHS before deciding whether they are a 'gain' or 'drain' on Britain.Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.The Truth About Immigration in the UK 2014 BBC, HD 720p

The Truth About Immigration in the UK 2014 BBC, HD 720p
Did Britain need immigrants to keep economy growing?

BBC political editor Nick Robinson examines the public's anxieties about immigration and reveals the facts of an issue that has transformed British politics. With Britain braced for a new wave of migrants from eastern Europe, a subject once regarded as toxic is now at the forefront of political discussion. The programme dissects the decisions which led to the biggest surge of immigration in modern history and asks whether politicians can control immigration as much as they claim, looking at the potential consequences of their pledges. 1 mp4

bbc documentary, documentary bbc, bbc documentary history, bbc, documentary, bbc documentary 2014, documentaries, history channel documentary, national geographic documentary, documentary films, bbc history documentary, national geographic, history, bbc radio 1, documentary full, history channel, india, documentary 2014,Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick and Margaret Too Many Immigrants Episode 1 BBC Full Documentary 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together. Pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants, they look at the issues of jobs, housing and what it means to be British.

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