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The suppression of free speech is a recipe for disaster in a literate world because it is an attack on the right to think and express oneself freely.  State terrorism can keep an illiterate peasant in perpetual bondage but can never muzzle the intelligentsia for long as this will inevitably produce the very evils it purports to prevent.  But, many of us know very well that the all powerful and democratically-elected totalitarian Fascist State has no intention to prevent violence because it is itself the perpetrator of violence in the world.  The only reason why some among the people are accused of advocating violence is because the State wants to make sure nobody can ever acquire the means or power to oppose their own violence.

States are elected via the democratic process through manipulation, deception and corruption, and once elected the people’s representatives never represent the people but instead the Corporations and the Elite behind the puppet government.  The State is guilty on a daily basis of cultural terrorism and violence by means of the mainstream (“lamestream”) written press, television and the education system.  Of course, it is out of the question to abuse the right to free speech, but who has the moral authority and wisdom to efficiently deal with it?  All controlling organisations work for those same Corporations that control and even run the government at both national and local levels.

In London, the State allows the corporations to drop into our letter boxes free advertising through the form of newspapers, pamphlets and leaflets.  Callers are duly authorised by the local government and Police to even call at or telephone into our homes at any time decided by them and without our consent, either to market their goods or to collect money for their organisations, businesses or so-called charities.  Millions of travellers on the underground are bombarded with the advertising of those corporations in the form of a free daily newspaper that itself never respects free speech at all.  When the puppet government sets out to attack a defenceless nation that represents no threat to them and that has committed no crime at all, those same media promote violence 24/7 and are never bothered.  It is only the Voice of the people that the State wants to stifle

Who decides what ideas or opinions are dangerous or not?  To this day, the Jews and Zionists in power have decided what can or cannot be said or who can visit the country or not and who can hold public meetings or not and have passed dictatorial laws accordingly.  And, the powers that be use those draconian (unconstitutional) laws to persecute and prosecute any individual of their choice whether they have used violent language or advocated violence or not. They just need to make the accusation and the media would immediately start to demonise and even lynch that individual sometimes to total destruction and even murder like it is the case with all political dissidents and more recently of Iranian scientists and academics and even of religious personalities like Imâm Awlaki who was murdered by the US-Israel Death Squads.

Accusations levelled against the targeted individuals or groups are those of terrorism, radicalism, fundamentalism, etc.  They are never backed up by evidence.  The State allows the FREE PRACTICE of pornography, homosexuality, prostitution, and drugs, incest, rape, sex, gambling, street crime, and violence on both television and cinema.  Yet, that same State falsely pretends that speech that is said (most often falsely) to be in THEORY violent, radical or revolutionary is more dangerous than all of the above put together, and requires the severest punishment and even death, sometimes of an entire nation like what is being inflicted upon totally innocent Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.  The State makes no distinction between the word and the actual deed.  When we allow free speech, not abuse, we let the steam out and this prevents explosions.  By suppressing free speech, we manufacture plots and eventual violence.   

It is quite strange how things have changed.  When in the past members of the Ku Klux Klan or the Jewish Mafia would commit the most horrendous acts of violence, we have not seen them prosecuted or punished at all.  When acts of violence erupted (were engineered?) recently in London and other places, the Police did not stop them.  Why?  Acts of violence is regularly perpetrated by the State against exclusively Muslim organisations and some individuals are even murdered.  Alcohol is sold freely and drink driving causes the most of deaths.  Yet, this type violence, like bar and night club violence, is current and acceptable.  Muslims are regularly accused of violence, but in most if not all cases no actual violence has ever been (conclusively) proven to have happened.  Evidence is even manufactured in order to obtain a conviction.

State blackmail is an extreme act of violence against the individual, the family and the entire community.  The Secret Services here in the UK as well as in the USA are known to resort to it all the time.   Where has the US Constitutional guarantee of the freedom of speech and press gone?  The Americans are a funny lot of “democratic Republicans” with a Constitutional right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS BUT TO NEVER USE THEM against a tyrannical government!  In time of real defensive war, a restriction or total suppression of the freedom of speech is understandable, but not as a matter of daily domestic policy in time of peace.        

   What is an advocate of verbal violence after all?  Is it just any individual or group who is an “exponent, champion, expounder, proponent, supporter” of verbal violence?  What is verbal violence after all?  At least by me, verbal violence is understood as the intellectual and philosophical force exerted by any individual or group in order to oppose the real physical violence of the Godless State, but in my writings I never solicited anybody to commit any act of physical violence.  I advocate only a course of action favouring a certain mode of behaviour in order to fight State violence and terrorism, namely civil disobedience and cultural and economic boycott.  Where is the "violence" in this?  But, if followed it will certainly trigger the extreme violence of the State against the perpetrators.  I never advocated violence of any kind, murder or assassination.  Only self-defence by whatever means necessary.  Yet, the State has always been seen to commit acts of violence and terrorism.     

  Voltaire, who, unlike most of us, I do not particularly like, advocated the dictum:  "I DETEST WHAT YOU SAY, BUT I WILL FIGHT WITH MY LIFE FOR YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT.”  It is understood of course that free speech has to operate within certain reasonable limits.  But, I do claim the right to advocate VIOLENCE (FORCE) in my writings, but not incitement to commit acts of violence, murder, assassination, literal frenzy, torture, rape and despicable savagery; assaults, attacks, foul play, false flags, onslaughts, rampage, nuclear wars and even genocide like Israelis, Jews, Americans, Britons and Europeans in general are advocating and carrying out against Muslim people and countries on a daily basis.  Finally, I do not take any orders from the real terrorists and mass murderers.

I would like to join Mark Glenn and thank Wordpress for having allowed us to speak freely on the Ugly Truth up to now.

“If anything, wordpress should be thanked and congratulated for allowing this forum to exist.”

Saturday 21st of January 2012


Regarding Mel Gibson’s ACCURATE comment regarding how the jews have trashed the WORLD with evil and endless wars by which they have become wealthy with blood money – I will give a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR reward to ANYONE who can produce undeniable evidence that jews have had absolutely nothing to do with America’s worst moral and economic problems.  GOT IT?

AND that means a hundred dollars for EACH AND EVERY rotted putrid filthy Godless demonic condition that we did NOT Have to any serious extent when I was a child long before we were a jew occupied nation run from IsraHELL.

– Alcoholism
– mass Pornography
– demon worship rock stars
– trashing of our Constitution
– open public mockery of Christ
– open public mockery of His Sacred Mother
– perversion of Christmas into a ‘HOLIDAY’ or orgasmic shopping and drunken partying instead of a HOLY DAY
– serial wars against innocent people
– mass murders of innocent people
– removal of prayer from our schools
– a now totally IsraHELL loyal corrupt Congress
– mass drugging out of our children in schools with addictive deadly psychotropic drugs
– a near 100% Godless jew controlled media
– a jew controled godless insane murderous military who teaches our sons to be terrorists and abortion facilities which have murdered more children than have been lost in all the wars of the past century
– near 100% trashy garbage on TV to corrupt our children and the glamorizing of the lowest elements of society
– bikers
- gang bangers and homosexual perverts just for openers.


God bless Brave men like Mel Gibson for having the courage albeit when intoxicated


I pray God grant him the moral courage to do the same when sober and overcome his drinking excesses.

And BTW – should the moderators decide to censure (as jews usually do when they are exposed) I will post this challenge on SEVERAL TRUE LARGE POPULAR PATRIOTIC WEBSITES – just in case it suddenly disappears.

AND – if it IS censured – for simply speaking the TRUTH about the evil of the jew – don’t EVER EVER FORGET THIS: the words of God Himself. IF – YOU TRASH THIS – YOU WILL HAVE TRASHED THE WORD OF GOD. I am only the messenger.

HERE IS THE MESSAGE. It is directly from the New Testament – and was spoken in the simplest and clearest of words possible by Christ Himself – some two thousand years ago – to the most evil wicked non-repentant cruel sadistic lying murderous stealing cheating filthy Godless creatures to ever infect mankind. 

Christ, to the Jews (NOT just to the Pharisees and high priests): from the Gospel of John Chapt 8 Vs 44  






SO – WHAT will you do now – you wicked jews?  Will you slander the Lord with your obligatory predictable worn out third world joke of a mantra- as an “ANTI-SEMITE”

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Since the ‘History’ channel Jew Tube did a last ‘WORLD – AFTER MAN’ – FINAL EPISODE, a while back – you know – the everything all back to normal with nature in harmony without nasty people to interfere after all traces of ‘man’ had crumbled into oblivion scenario. – I thought I would follow suit with a parting-shot prognostication of my own. In my version, however – the only creature which has totally vanished from the face of the earth, is the toxic Jew – the greatest threat to world peace in the history of mankind! I get goose bumps just thinking about the wonderful results for America alone!

It is hard to know exactly where to start but here goes. Remember – ALL of these conclusions are based on history – cause and effect type logic. They are really not too hard to conclude. For example – if there had been no Communism – there would be no ‘Red’ China and so on and so forth. The year is now 3000 and the world is pretty much at peace. The Mid-East is now back on the popular tourist list and the US has been at peace with all of its neighbors for almost a century. There are NO JEWS in America. They have been exiled for life – for decades.

America has once again established herself as a world leader – no longer a Jew occupied imperialist aggressor. The Gold standard has once again been established – gas is 25 cents a gallon and we are energy independent as we have discovered thousand year vast reserves of gas and oil and efficient ways to retrieve them. And most foreign nations–especially Arab ones–have outgrown their well-justified hatred of us. Being an American citizen is once again something to be proud of and citizenship is EARNED by respectable people, as it was 200 years before. We are once again recognized as a REPUBLIC – a nation of laws – and NOT MOB RULE. We are a market-based economy no longer with trade deficits at the mercy of powerful criminal Jew robber bank barons. The gigantic Jew Federal Reserve fraud has long since been disbanded and the perpetrators punished.

Israhell – the worlds’ largest terrorist State will have been confronted by ALL of the world’s powers with a VERY VERY SHORT FUSED ultimatum. Dismantle your nuclear arsenal or suffer total annihilation. Every last dollar goes to your mass prison victims in Palestine. You criminals have 24 hours to vacate the land and relinquish it to its original owners or we will annihilate you anyway. Since you are such consummate liars perhaps you can still find some nation fool enough to take your miserable sorry asses in as guests so you can ruin their nation as the only thing you do well -BLOOD SUCKING PARASITES.

Churches are full on Sundays – The horrid Christian Zionist Baptists have need thoroughly discredited and shamed into the oblivion they so richly deserved. The corrupted infiltrated Roman Catholic church joined with the Eastern Orthodox church which KEPT THE Faith and now carefully monitors the background of ANY and All Papal aspirants lest they are betrayed again by the like of the abominable apostate Jew Pope Ratsinger who has reserved a SPECIAL place for himself in HELL!. Christians are once again acting like Christians. The shameless whore carnival mentality TV millionaire false prophets like Pat Robertson and his hate filled ilk have all been run out of town to become used car salesmen under different names.

Homelessness has been all but eradicated. Education has become as honored as it was to the ancient Greeks – unemployment is less than 1% – - medical care is affordable to all – as greed and corruption in that field have been sternly dealt with. Cures have been found for all of man’s worst diseases and as education continues to be desired and sought by all – lawyers have only a narrow area of practice in highly specialized areas. There is a current saying regarding the civil court system –“Only a FOOL would hire a lawyer to do that which can be solved with truth and common sense”.

Street gangs are virtually non-existent and are simply not TOLERATED by the public. Gangsters of any stripe are reviled so strongly by the general public that they must operate in total secrecy for fear of their lives. Racial conflict so frequently stirred up by the opportunistic Jews are a thing of the past. Blacks finally wise up to the fact that they were puppets of the Jews and would now like to become just plain good ‘un-hyphenated’ American citizens that must EARN respect like every one else and stop pissing off everyone else with their tribal Ebonics bullshit. Niggers gang bangers and rap trap crap filth are given one way tickets to third world countries. Today – any decent informed black American citizen would be insulted to be called the insulting obligatory ‘Afro-American’.

Decent  Negroes enjoy all the rights everyone does – just like they ALWAYS DID – as long as they follow the rules!  Obama – arrested tried and convicted of high treason – will have just become a forgotten embarrassing third world joke by now to all educated blacks. Putrid treasonous scum like MLK are now described in history books as the degenerate he actually was.  We now once again celebrate a LONG OVERDUE holiday for the father of our country – George Washington.

Oh and of course other unresolved matters of injustice have been dealt with. Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld have all bee arrested tried and convicted of high treason and war crimes with non found guilty of treason and are serving lengthy prison sentences or an appointment with the hangman.

After the entire economy imploded due to mass corruption and Socialist heavy handedness under the Obama Zionist Socialist regime disaster – he was reported to have been assassinated by his own ‘people’ shortly after his trial. His all Jew cabal of illegally appointed ‘tsars’ will long be remembered as the treasonous criminals they were.

The USS LIBERTY massacre – an act of WAR against American by IsraHELL – was finally properly investigated in 2013 and a blockbuster movie was made to honor the crew and the worst case of a national treason cover up in our history. All the IsraHELL Jew criminals responsible were of course now gone and the names of mega-traitors President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara will forever be disgraced in the history books of our schools as traitors and war criminals.

The 9-11 ‘truthers’ finally had their day and the truth of the greatest crime against the American people ever committed. All of the Jews responsible were of course –‘no longer’ – but the names were burned into the memory of all American school children to be reviled for all generations to come as the ultimate enemies of ALL mankind. Also changed in schools are the lies taught making heroes out of monsters.  FDR and Churchill will be exposed for the degenerate treasonous bastards they actually were. 

Harry Truman will be reviled in history books as a war criminal for the needless murder of a million Japanese civilians – as well as the traitor who made all the evil of the jews possible by his treasonous recognition of terrorist IsraHELL as a legitimate new State rather than the rogue terrorist State it actually was. Woodrow Wilson will now be remembered for he ACTUALLY WAS – a cowardly spineless traitor to America. Scum like draft dodger Bill Clinton and his demonic wife will enjoy eternity knowing that they were considered the most degenerate abysmal filth to ever disgrace the White House.  In other words – the TRUTH -both  beautiful and ugly will be taught to our children so that we will never again be occupied slaves of the Devil.

Confidence in elected officials has risen to the way it was in the beginning. A special civil board has been empowered to deal swiftly with ANY and ALL corruption. ‘Public servants’ are EXACTLY that, and corrupt ones disappear overnight! Sexual improprieties will not be tolerated. ANY public display of homosexual perversion will be punishable by severe prison terms. With no Jew troublemakers to keep the race cards and hate cards going – educated citizens (something new in America after 50 years of being dumbed down) are all in wise concordance with the new reforms.

With no more REAL enemies – our military has been greatly diminished and membership is ONLY after thorough selection based upon integrity of the highest standard as in my day – before the influence of the Jews. Being exposed as a sycophant in the military is now not only a disgrace but a crime today and especially serious when committed by a member of the judiciary. A lifetime of dishonor as an outcast would be the minimum consequence.

Since it has in fact always been considered a PRIVILEGE and not simply a right – like freedom -ONLY educated property owners may vote – but are now in the VAST majority today anyway. Wanna live here? Learn the language – learn the laws – or leave! Illegals have 24 hours to leave or end up in prison making license plates or building roads.The ambitious of all races embrace opportunities on equal playing fields. ‘Affirmative action’ is now a dirty word and insult to decent hard working achievers of all backgrounds. This is America like it was supposed to be. – all possible now with the absence of the devious greedy corrosive Jew.

Income taxes are EXTREMELY restricted with no special interest groups. The IRS was abolished decades ago as illegal and disbanded. The elderly – incapacitated – widows – orphans and honorable veterans ( of non jew instigated wars)  are treated with respect and consideration. ‘Veterans’ of the Gulf war era who murdered over two million innocent civilians were later rightfully branded as vicious war criminals – disgraced in public and given retroactive DDs and no benefits.

Those who did not commit suicide are mostly alcoholics and  bums – held in deep contempt by all decent citizens. Even so – this was a token punishment for the untold misery terror and destruction and disgrace to our country they willfully caused. Many General grade officers like Petrayus and McChrystal were tried by military tribunals and hung for war crimes against humanity too numerous to chronicle here.

Entertainment which is filthy salacious blasphemous vulgar homoerotic or otherwise universally repugnant by nature (the way the Jews loved it) is not allowed on ANY public venue anyplace anytime and proven violations are severely fined and punished immediately. Corruption of our youth is dealt with swiftly and strongly.  Religious freedoms are to be respected. The death penalty stands. Police brutality of any kind or other such abuse of power will be dealt with SEVERELY and SWIFTLY! Corrupt judges? Their fate is too horrible to contemplate.
You want to remove the laws of God from a courthouse in this nation today? Consider it a death wish in this revitalized and perhaps reborn moral nation.

There will be no more Communist Party –no more ACLU –any more ADL – Lambda or any other Godless anti- Christian, anti-American or pervert support groups tolerated. This was decided by public plebiscite. It was amazing how quickly morality, decency and propriety were restored once the daily poison of the Jew had disappeared!

The slightest infringement of any innocent citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights will ALL bring prison sentences. An educated armed society is a polite society. Violent crime will become uncommon and remarkable. All so- called hollow-hoax museum business will have long since been confiscated and the proceeds diverted to victims of Jew crimes – here and abroad.  History books will carry in detail – for all time in all schools the TRUTH of the Jews – who they were and what they did to mankind. The great wealth of the Rothschilds will have long since been confiscated as those of ALL Jew gangsters and given to charities to benefit their victims.  The unrepentant jew mega-criminal Bernard Maddof was reportedly beaten to death in his country club prison.

The willful cold-blooded murder of the unborn human child will carry the same penalty as the murder on any other innocent human DEATH! The sponsors of ALL Planned Parenthood (AKA MURDER INCORPORATED) abortion mills have long since been arrested tried and convicted for serial murder charges. Today in ‘Jewless’ America no serial child killer would dare show his face in public. Today’s educated moral people simply would not tolerate ANY conduct that would corrupt their children. Our Faith will have been reestablished – strong – pure noble and just – freed by the TRUTH – we the people will never ever become the slaves of other evil ones again.
ANY violation of voluntary oaths sworn on the Bible – “I do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the united States Of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic – so help me God” – from a mayor to the President – from a private to a general officer will be dealt with in the most severe manner.

By this time the once 90% Jew supported Democrat Party will HAVE to change or cease to exist since there has been no Jew to keep it corrupt and Godless. Since there is no more (or WAS no more Republican Party) I can only guess. What WILL be a given – is that BOTH parties will be infinitely more moral. I have always believed that in a TRULY moral nation there is no need or reason for multiple parties – as true morality does NOT make concessions. Think about it. ANY person living here who has a problem with our original bill of rights or our Christian based guide for government can take a hike.

To wit – infanticide is murder – of the vilest kind. It always has been – and always will be in any society in any culture for all time – period! Homosexual perversions are and always have been “an abomination in the eyes of God”. God has NEVER said that it is OK for Democrats to murder children. Infanticide was also FACTUALLY a ‘Jew thing’. I can remember QUITE CLEARLY as a young man – the attitude of the American public towards the murder of the unborn child BEFORE – and AFTER the growing influence of the damned Jew and his blood soaked money!

By all reason – we should be enjoying moral mono-partisanship – and it would have a snappy name – like: THE AMERICAN PARTY!  If basic Ten Commandment Christ mandated American morality becomes a problem to anyone – you don’t need a different party with jew ideas – you need a different COUNTRY to call home!

By this time there will probably be real estate deals made for plots on Mars. Reminding me – that all a man earns in his life for his family friends or charities will NOT be taxed or encumbered in any way. Flying is once more affordable and enjoyable. There would be NO REASON to hijack an airline in the Jew-less future and the dreaded Gestapo Jew created Homeland security will have de-funded and remembered with disgust by American citizens as an affront to our freedoms dignity and values.

With no Jews to ruin Hollywood – entertainment will be like it was in olden times – fit for the whole family. Heavy metal ‘music’ – acid rock satanic rock AND the DRUG CULTURE THEY SPAWNED were ALL Jew creations and will have long since died out. This will be America’s renaissance and the vast majority of the filth that once infected our nation will have been ‘washed away’ – like flushing the toilet.

Everything that was evil about man – greed – power- avarice – pride – hate – lies – filth – lust drugs – deception – fraud – violence – profanity – homosexual perversion – crime and especially murder – was perfected – nurtured – promoted – worshiped and loved by the Jew – who was at last – NO MORE! How the world must have rejoiced at the total disappearance of the “SONS OF THE DEVIL” forever from our shores.

America – 100 years after Jews no longer exist – hopefully a paradise – or close to it – tranquility – not only at home – but perhaps most of the world – with two generations of monstrous filth – gone forever and their legacy of greed hate and lies and the stench of death that followed anything and everything the Jew ever did or supported. Imagine if you will – his evil reign on earth – now replaced with peace and goodness – wisdom and compassion – hope and love –at last – a real chance at a future for mankind – the world – 100 years after Jews.

FINALLY! – after so many years of occupation –we can finally sing out with pride – “ America the beautiful – home of the brave and land of the FREE – without the words sticking in or throats like warm vomit of blatant hypocrisy. At last – a “ GOD BLESS AMERICA” sticker on a car will ONCE AGAIN – have some real meaning. We have returned the stewardship our own nation to its RIGHTFUL owners once again!

The ‘story’ – albeit speculation based on logic and historic fact – is still just a story. Our current occupation by the Jew is however – 100% REAL! Are we to become free men – or slaves in a colony of ‘greater’ Zionist IsraHELL – to be used up, and sucked dry of our lifeblood? Let us not wait 100 years!  I want my country back – DO YOU?

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.




One of the biggest and most successful tricks of SATAN is to have made the ignorant world masses believe that religion is evil and that the Global Fascist Totalitarian Godless Dictatorship that it has already established on Earth is the best Mankind can ever have.  But, in order to understand what I am going to write here we must first agree on the definition of the word SATAN.  Leaving aside religion, all religions and GOD and Gods, can anybody still argue against a concept whereby SATAN is just a symbolic term or a concept representing the embodiment of the Supreme Evil that we can ever imagine or find on Earth?  If we can still find objections to this idea of SATAN, then we better not even try to convince such people of anything that pertains to the realm of truth and reality in the world.  We just have to ignore them because they are the undeclared enemies of Humankind.  I did not write Mankind on purpose as I do make a huge difference between these two terms.  I have always claimed to belong to Humankind and not to Mankind.

 SATAN is represented on Earth by MAN THE DEVIL, MAN THE EVIL ONE!  This does not include women as they are mere slaves to man’s passions, perversions, evilness and are only their possessions, tools, objects of desire and lust of the Evil ones, and MAN’S INFERIORS.  All this nonsense about the equality of man and woman comes from the imagination of SATAN and his evil ones.  This concept of man-woman equality is pushed only by the evilarchy that has been oppressing the Earth inhabitants for many centuries before Christ and after Christ.  Humankind was given some hope when Islam came upon the scene, but the Golden Age of Islam was not to last.  But, SATAN proved more powerful than the blind and hypocritical faith of both Christians and Muslims.  Today, the Way of SATAN – Diin as Shaytaan - has triumphed over the Way of GOD – Diin Islam. 

While both Christians and Muslims claim they surrender to GOD and submit to His laws and Commandments, which makes them automatically Muslims, by definition, we have seen them heeding more the diktats of the Godless State rather than GOD’s Commandments.  In the whole world, there are actually only two valid universal and compassionate religions of consequence, Christianity and Islam.  One is almost dead, Christianity while Islam is dying although it looks like it is coming back to life.         There are signs that Christianity too is getting some new life breathed into it by a new generation of Christians who although having reverted to Islam the original religion of Humankind, are now preaching a BETTER Islam than the Muslims of old had been preaching in vain.  Why is their Islam better?  It is simply because it is closer to the one that GOD said in the Holy Qur’ân he had perfected Himself  and meant not only for those who profess they have submitted to Him, called Muslims, but to the entire of Humankind, the not-yet-Muslims as well.

The ‘NEW’ MUSLIMS' are therefore following the old religion known as Islam as they carry in their Islamic faith the Christian reality, its spiritual wealth and wisdom as well contrary to most of those Muslims of old, the traumatised and brainwashed survivors of so many holocausts who have in their great majority lost contact with the real world and the real Islam and even of GOD although they still show adherence to the Islamic Faith and even pay with their lives because of it.  The ‘New’ Muslims are the real Muslims of old, and better Muslims in many ways.  Having including in their faith and Way of life the Christian heritage as well, this has allowed them to also open up to all other past religions and the millions of people who still adhere to them as GOD has revealed to humankind, as is recorded in the Holy Book of Islam, that there is not a people (nation) on earth to whom He did not send His Signs through Messengers and Prophets.  Islam was universal from day one and it has to be restored as such, and not reformed as some have proposed in order to please SATAN and not GOD.    

But, the greatest danger does not lie with Christians or Muslims because of their hypocritical or blind faith, but from the most dangerous religion of all, the RELIGION OF EVIL as professed by the Evil ones living amongst us.  At the top of the list we find, not necessarily in that order, the Evilarchy that rules over the entire Earth:

The Vatican
The British and European Royalties
The Rothschild Dynasty
The Jews
The Friends of Israel

The Evil ones have Gods of Evil by the tons and their faith in Evil is unlike and better than the faith of Christians and Muslims in The Compassionate and Merciful GOD.  They have qualities that both Christians and Muslims have lost if they once had them.  The Evil ones do not have blind faith and their Holy Evil Book never lies.  Their agenda is very well known.  They want to own the entire Planet and all its riches, kill the surplus inhabitants, human and non human, and  They work very hard, day and night, and have armies of slaves to work fro them which also allows them to spend a lot of time in the most evil recreations imaginable.  They are never afraid to kill or to die.  Their most enjoyable recreations are

Human and baby sacrifice
Baby murder right inside their hospitals and abortion clinics
Steal other people’s property
Torture humans and animals
Degenerate everything that GOD created
Hatred of GOD and of His Creation

They are evil, do evil and never stop and they are not hypocritical about their beliefs in Evil and go to all kinds of extremes in order to achieve their goals.  But, they can only do this only because the pseudo Believers in GOD allow them to do as they please.  The Believers in Goodness and GODNESS are afraid to kill in self-defence because the Evil ones have brainwashed them into believing or into accepting by force the fundamental tenet of their political Manifesto according to which it is wrong to kill in self-defence and label self-defence as VIOLENCE.  The evil ones call it violence and so they preach a false religion calling it NON-VIOLENCE!  While in Islam it is a GOD ordained obligation to save one’s lives as well as other people’s lives by whatever humane means necessary, in the religion of the Evil ones, they have the obligation to kill as much and as many as they can in order to get rich and to be the only ones on earth to be and remain rich.        

Christianity suffered a major set back because it based its religion on corrupted, manipulated, fabricated, unauthentic and wrongly translated and wrongly interpreted texts and as an established racist, imperialist and colonialist power.  But, Islam suffered no such set back as it still stands on the most solid foundations and has proved its uniqueness by stayed uncorrupted for more than 1400 years.  The only set back came from the Muslims themselves.  While their Sacred Texts remained intact, their faith has been corrupted (by sectarian divisions, etc.) as well as their way of life because the Holy Book was not anymore the Supreme rule of the land.  This allowed the forces of evil to take over all their lands and destroy whatever was left of their unity and severely threaten the survival of the Islamic civilisation and even the entire Nation of Muhammad.  When I hear of a “Supreme Court of Justice” based on man-made laws and where GOD’s Laws are anathema, in Christendom or in Muslims lands, this make me very sad ad even laugh at such stupidity.

The day when Believers of both religions will show that they have a greater and more dedicated faith in GOD than the Evil ones have in the Devil, that day they will succeed in restoring the Supreme Order of GOD on Earth and see a better and more humane world for all and not otherwise.  But, with stuff like Jesus is God, that he created the world and man, that he met with a wretched death on the cross as a sine qua non condition of their faith or that all we have to do is have blind faith in those untenable tenets without having to obey the Divine Laws, and without coming to common terms with the Muslims, there will never be any Christian-Muslim Alliance for the good of humankind and the forces of evil will triumph and lead this world to its total destruction.  But, as people of FAITH, let us HOPE for the better, not by sitting passively with crossed arms or by hiding behind the religion of “non violence”, or of “love the sinner and hate the sin”, but by doing the bloody job no matter what it costs!  The West has even passed laws to ban not only the hating of the sin but even for talking about it in public!  Consequently, this is the reason Christians are left without CHRIST, without a Godly religion and see themselves adopting the religion of the Devil as it makes it along!

Monday 23rd of January 2012 

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