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Israelis call to assassinate Moon Obama (ISLAM)

 Israelis call to assassinate Obama (the 'Islamic moon') and destroy the USA ('the sun') in 2012

 Saturday, January 21, 2012


Israelis call to assassinate Obama (the 'Islamic moon') and destroy the USA ('the sun') in 2012

Some rabbis close to Sarkozy and racist's members of the French AIPAC (CRIF) are calling to the assassination of Obama, and an attack on Lebanon-Syria at the end of February 2012 to trigger a nuclear World War that will see Israel rising as the new ruling state in the World, in control of the Middle East Crossroads over 4 continents. Videos are here (in French, you'll need an online translator).  Now israelis are openly calling to kill Obama !

 Dear Editor of The Jewish Times: Please re-think your call to assassinate Obama 

  By Dr Kevin Barrett, 

Sent to

Dear Andrew Adler,

As the editor of a mainstream Jewish publication, you have an awful lot of chutzpah to call for the assassination of the President of the United States by the Mossad. I hope this email reaches you before the Secret Service does! If by some miracle you remain free on your own recognizance, or can afford the bail, I would love to discuss the pros and cons of a Mossad assassination of Obama on my radio show with you. I have openings next Wednesday and Friday, 4 to 5 pm Eastern.

You ask, "what would you do" if you were the Prime Minister of Israel, facing the fact that a war with Hezbullah and Hamas would be much nastier for Israel in 2017 than in 2012. Your answer is that Netanyahu's only choice is to start a war now - with Iran as well as Hezbullah and Hamas. And the only way to start that war is to kill President Obama, who stands in its way.

When an apparently logical line of reasoning leads to an illogical or insane conclusion, it is time to re-think your logic. (I'm no Obama fan either, but let's face it, publishing calls for his assassination is stupid and immoral as well as illegal! And war with Iran would be a disaster!)

So start re-thinking. Israel has been operating according to your kind of logic since 1948. And that logic is leading to its destruction.

In 1948, it seemed logical to slaughter whole villages full of men, women and children, in order to exterminate part of the Palestinian population and force most of the survivors into exile. This was the only logical way to get a Jewish majority for the new state. That logic, however, has led to a situation in which billions of people around the world hate Israel, and a significant fraction of those are committed to its destruction.

In 1963, "worst-case" logic dictated that Israel obtain nuclear weapons. To that end, it seems likely that the Mossad participated alongside elements of the CIA in the murder of President Kennedy, who was determined to deny Israel nuclear weapons. A growing minority of Americans is joining a much larger number of intellectuals from around the world who are aware of this likelihood; the result is more anger and disgust with Israel. (See Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment.)

In 1967, strategic logic dictated an attempt to create a Greater Israel through a disguised war of aggression. During this war, strategic logic dictated that Israel destroy the USS Liberty and murder its entire crew. Through a minor miracle, that attempted coup failed, most of the Liberty crew survived, and today, a growing number of Americans loathes Israel in large part due to this incident.

Since the 1967 war of aggression, paranoid/bellicose "logic" has led Israel to refuse to return the territories it stole, despite the consensus of the world community that it must do so. The result is that Israel is a pariah nation, and few around the world would shed a tear at its demise. Ever-growing numbers want a world without Israel. So, in a vicious circle, Israel resorts to ever-more-insane acts of desperation.

Many further examples of your kind of logic have ensued: The Sabra and Shatilla massacres, false-flag terror attacks around the world, cross-border assassinations, invasions of Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead, and so on. Each time Israel acts this way, people like you cite the logical strategic necessity for such actions; while a much larger number of people incur more and more hatred and disgust for Israel and Zionism.

Personally, I have always disliked Israel, because I have always disliked injustice. But until recent years, this was not a high-priority issue for me. Now, after watching one Zionist outrage after another - the most important being the neocon-Zionist coup d'etat on 9/11/2001 and the ensuing war on Islam for Israel - I am committed to putting an end to Zionism.

And I'm far from the only one. I am told by people in a position to know that disgust with Israel is at an all-time high at the upper levels of the US military command. If Netanyahu takes your advice and murders Obama, you just might get to see Israel reduced to smoking radioactive rubble, and American Zionists - even those who had not overtly called for the assassination of the President - made to pay a heavy price. (I shudder to imagine what might happen to you personally, given your openly-published call for Obama's assassination.)

As you admit in your article, Israel has painted itself into a corner, a Kobayashi Maru situation, a "no-win scenario or facing a solution that involves redefining the problem." Maybe the best way to redefine the problem would be to forget about plans for mass-murdering Palestinians, Lebanese, and Iranians, forget about plans for assassinating the President of the United States, forget about plans for more big false-flag attacks, and go back to square one. Admit Israel's responsibility for the dead-end situation it is in. Admit who is really the aggressor, and who is the victim. And then, wholeheartedly seek to make amends, as Jews are supposed to do every Yom Kippur.

Imagine if Netanyahu gave a Yom Kippur speech along these lines: "We're sorry. You Palestinians are right. We are the aggressors, and we have perpetrated a grave injustice - not just in 1967, but in 1948 and before that. Your demands for right of return plus compensation, along with a return to the 1967 borders, are almost pathetically minimal and reasonable. Apartheid and endless war doesn't have a future. We want to work with you to build a new Palestine-Israel and a new Middle East. Come home - in numbers that we'll work out based on what's practical. We're willing to endure a temporary lowering of the standard of living for Israeli Jews and Russian-immigrant fake Jews in order to help you return to the country we stole so unjustly, and make it a country for you as well as for us."

After a certain number of Israeli outrages, it will be too late for this kind of offer. It may even be too late now. But it's worth a try, since the current road is such an obvious dead-end.

If you disagree, you're welcome to join me on my radio show and explain why. But please don't use my show as a platform to call for the assassination of the President.


Kevin Barrett

PS You might also enjoy my article on "Zionist shots across Obama's bow"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zionist bullets: Shots across Obama's bow?

Is the state of Israel threatening the life of the President of the United States?

To those brainwashed by America's Zionist corporate media, the question sounds like paranoid fantasy. But the truth is that powerful geopolitical actors do sometimes attempt to intimidate each other through "plausibly deniable" threats. And the Zionists, masters of hardball realpolitik, are said to do such things with some regularity, not to mention chutzpah.

Item: Obama leaves his microphone on to tell the world that Netanyahu is a liar. Zionist flack Dennis Ross is ejected from the White House. It looks like Obama isn't going to obey Netanyahu's orders to attack Iran.

Item: A bullet slams into a White House window. A "lone nut," branded like a steer by the word Israel tattooed on his neck, is arrested and charged with the crime.

Item: The FBI arrests some anti-Obama "good ole boys" armed with "52 weapons, including assault rifles, and 30,000 rounds of ammunition, including special sniper rounds." The crackers were targeting Obama, Eric Holder, and Cynthia McKinney. The ostensible message: "Us crackers gonna get you uppity communistic niggaz." Translated from cracker-speak, the real message might be: "Us Zionists gonna get you uppity pro-Palestinian schwartzes unless you attack Iran when we tell you to." 

Any way you parse it, Netanyahu is obviously out of control, and he and his doomed, illegitimate settler colony are trying to drag the world down with them. Maybe it's time for the US to retaliate in kind, and send out some bullets with Netanyahu's name on them.

# # #

Listen to my interviews with Cynthia McKinney and Gordon Duff, in which we discuss Obama's dissing Netanyahu, and Netanyahu's possible response.

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Extremism in ‘Defense’ of Israel

1 Vote

Israel-Firster: “Take Out the President”

by Justin Raimondo
There’s no doubt about it: Andrew B. Adler, the editor of the Atlanta Jewish   Times, is a fool.   His article   advocating the assassination of President Obama has by now been broadcast   all over the internet, and brought condemnation from every quarter down on his   head. His tearful   apologies, his denials   that he actually meant to call for Obama’s death, and the swiftness with which   major Jewish organizations distanced themselves from his crazed call are, perhaps,   punishment enough for the poor man: I can’t help feeling sorry for him.

The Atlanta Jewish Times   is not exactly the Forward: with a circulation of around 3,000, it is   an obscure publication that carries news of the local Jewish community and is   seemingly typical of the dozens of similar niche newspapers throughout the country   – except, of course, for the views of its editor, which are by   no means typical of the Jewish community. That being said, this incident   underscores a phenomenon that has been largely overlooked until recently, and   that is the extremism of a certain segment of the pro-Israel community. That   this element is present in the Jewish community was acknowledged by none other   than my old friend   Abe Foxman, of the Anti-Defamation League, in his statement   condemning Adler’s piece:

“There is absolutely no excuse, no justification, no rationalization for this kind of rhetoric. It doesn’t even belong in fiction. These are irresponsible and extremist words. It is outrageous and beyond the pale. An apology cannot possibly repair the damage. 

“Irresponsible rhetoric metastasizes into more dangerous rhetoric. The ideas expressed in Mr. Adler’s column reflect some of the extremist rhetoric that unfortunately exists – even in some segments of our community – that maliciously labels President Obama as an ‘enemy of the Jewish people.’”
Foxman is right: there are indeed extremists among us who could easily be incited   to act on Adler’s recommendation – and not all or even most of them are of the   Jewish faith. We have millions   of Christians in this country who have theological reasons for fanatically   supporting the state of Israel, even over and above the interests of their own   country – not that they would ever admit the possibility of any “daylight”   between the nations. They are, to put it in popular parlance, “Israel-Firsters,”   and proudly so.
Adler, for his part, appears to be at least a sympathizer of the Chabad   movement, an international ultra-orthodox movement some of whose followers   reportedlycheered   the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish extremist. I won’t get into their   theological justification for such kookiness: suffice to say that Chabad has   allied itself with the most extreme   elements, including within   Israel, with parties and   politicians   who call for the expulsion of all Arabs. Chabad of Georgia claims   Adler is not a member, but this has to be taken with a very large grain of salt:   after all, visitors to the web site   of his newspaper are greeted by a promotion   for the local Chabad organization.

Whether he is an official member, or merely a sympathizer, is a detail, however:   the larger picture is that the scenario imagined by Adler in his piece reflects   the all-too-familiar narrative   put out there by our Israel-Firsters, and by the Netanyahu   government, which is that Israel currently faces an “existential” crisis,   the inevitable result of which will be a second Holocaust:

“You are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You are responsible for 7 million Israeli citizens who comprise the state of Israel. You wake up one morning, and the Israel Defense Forces’ military commander hands you a detailed report regarding what to expect during a major conflict with Hezbollah and Syria five years from today. 

“The report states that Israel will come under fire from 15,000 rockets and missiles, and that casualties will be in the thousands. That’s thousands, not hundreds- thousands. 

“Simultaneously, another IDF military commander strolls over while you are finishing your first cup of coffee and hands you a report that Iran has reached nuclear launch capabilities. 

“If that’s not enough, an Israeli diplomat informs you that you cannot expect much help from the United States due to its newly implemented military budget and the administrations never ending “Alice in Wonderland” belief that diplomacy is the answer. 

“To all the Netanyahus out there, what do you do?”

Adler has three suggestions: 

1) “Order a pre-emptive strike against both Hezbollah and Hamas,”

2) “Go against Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s wishes that Israel take a lethal bullet in the name of preserving a healthy, worldwide economic climate, and order the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities at all costs”, and

3) “Give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

Adler describes these actions as possible “options,” and you’ll note they aren’t   mutually exclusive – although carrying out the third option, in tandem with   numbers one and two, seems like overkill , if you’ll pardon the expression.   Yes, but not to someone so imbued with apocalyptic urgency that he would seriously   contemplate the third option. Because, you see, Israel’s very existence is   imperiled: it’ faces an “existential   threat.” Once you accept this premise, the idea that one could save the   lives of millions of Israelis by sacrificing the life of one man – even if he   is President of the United States – becomes all too plausible. True believers   in the “existential threat” narrative would have every reason to not only entertain   the prospect of assassinating a President they thought was anti-Israel – or   even a secret   Muslim – they would consider it a moral duty, whether they did it for religious   reasons or out of a devotion to pure utilitarianism.

In Friday’s column   I wrote about the case of the DC Five, the five bloggers for two liberal Washington   think tanks who were reprimanded – and, in one case, fired – because they used   the term “Israel Firster.” The same organizations – the American Jewish Committee,   the ADL, etc. – that pounced on Adler had just finished jumping all over the   DC Five for engaging in “toxic” and “classically anti-Semitic” discourse, promoting   the “myth” of “dual loyalty” among Jewish-Americans and supporters of Israel   more generally. James   Kirchick, of the Foundation   for the Defense of Democracies, claims to have traced the etymology of “Israel   Firster” back to Willis   Carto, the notorious anti-Semite who published The Spotlight newspaper:   avid researcher Kirchick doesn’t even bother trying to prove the term originated   with Carto (after all, how could one prove such a thing?): it’s enough for him   that Carto’s obscure publication used terms like “Israel-Firster” and routinely   hurled unfounded accusations of “dual loyalty” to make the entire subject off   limits to the rest of us.

In answer to defenders of the DC Five who say their writings are being taken   out of context, Kirchick argues   they are encouraging “far right” anti-Semitic discourse taken straight from   The Spotlight’s repertoire, and adds:

As if there were ever a context, other than that of, say, Jonathan Pollard, in which it would be appropriate to label an American Jew an‘Israel-firster’ or ‘dual loyalist.’”

I would ask Kirchick to read Adler’s article, and then revise his sweeping   statement. Surely Adler qualifies as a bona fide “Israel-Firster”: he’s no Pollard,   and he is very far from being an anomaly. Never mind his Jewishness: there are   probably far more alleged Christians immersed in a similarly apocalyptic   mindset who are just as likely to draw the same demented conclusions.

The leaders of pro-Israel groups who lined up demanding the purge of the DC Five, are in denial: if they doubt the existence of Israel-Firsters, let them read the words of an American citizen calmly contemplating the assassination of his own President – in the name of “saving” Israel.

Let them also begin to take some responsibility for Adler’s frame of mind:   faithfully echoing the hysterical cries of the Netanyahu government, they have   pushed the idea that Israel faces an “existential threat” from Iran against   all available evidence. The chief persecutor of the DC Five, one Josh   Block – a former AIPAC spokesman and longtime Democratic party operative   – told Politico there is “no   room” for “political rhetoric that is hostile to Israel, or suggests   that Iran has no nuclear weapons program” in “mainstream Democratic party   discourse.”

As our policymakers contemplate going to war with Iran, the Israel-Firsters among us want to stop the debate before it even begins. They want to police our language so as to make it impossible to even talk about the issue in terms of what serves America’s national interest.

I am struck by how much the War Party’s case for war with Iran resembles the   “ticking   time bomb” argument used to justify torture. Torture advocates routinely   pose the question in the following terms: suppose you were confronted with the   imminent destruction of New York City by a nuclear device, and your choice was   either to torture the details of the plot out of a captive terrorist or allow   the destruction of the city – which would you choose? This limns the scenario   Adler presented to his readers, in which the “ticking time bomb” of a supposedly   pending nuclear attack on Israel is prevented by the assassination of the President.   Granted, it’s an extreme “solution” – but, hey, only an anti-Semite could possibly   object.

The reality is quite different from the impending apocalypse projected by the   Israel lobby, which Adler takes to its “logical” and thoroughly nutty conclusion.   Bristling with weapons bought and paid   for by you and I, its hundreds   of nukes aimed straight at Tehran, the Jewish state has easily repelled repeated   attempts by its neighbors to enforce the Palestinians’ claimed “right of return”:   its military superiority is unquestioned. Our own National   Intelligence Estimate informs us Tehran stopped trying to create a nuclear   weapons program in 2003, and in spite of a relentless propaganda campaign no   new evidence has been uncovered to convincingly show otherwise. Yet to listen   to Israel’s leaders, and their amen corner in the US, one would think nuclear-tipped   missiles are already hurtling toward Tel Aviv. By manufacturing this phony “existential   threat,” the Israel lobby implicitly gave the green light to idiots like Adler,   who take their cynical propaganda dead seriously.

Everyone was shocked by Adler’s article, but was anyone besides Kirchick, Foxman & Co. really surprised? In the context of the hysterics engaged in by Israel’s most vocal“defenders,” this was likely to happen sooner or later. Let us hope and pray no one is sufficiently “inspired” by their rhetoric to act out Adler’s prescription for Israel’s continued survival.


Andrew Adler, 'Atlanta Jewish Times' Publisher, Apologizes For Obama Assassination Comments

Antiobama Rant
Huffington Post   First Posted: 1/20/12 05:47 PM ET Updated: 1/20/12 10:50 PM ET
Andrew Adler, the owner of local publication the Atlanta Jewish Times, has apologized after suggesting that assassinating President Barack Obama is an option that should be considered by the Israeli government.

As reported by Gawker, Adler's article, written earlier this month, describes the urgency in protecting the Israeli people from threats such as Hamas and Hezbollah and argues that there are essentially only three options available to Israel: 1. attack Hezbollah and Hamas; 2. "order the destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities at all costs;" 3. assassinate Obama.

From Adler's column, which is not available online, but which Gawker uploaded to the web:
Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles? Another way of putting "three" in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives ... Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?
You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table.
In a subsequent interview with Gawker, Adler seemed hesitant to stand by his words, saying he had written them just to "see what kind of reaction I would get from readers."
Now, however, Adler has issued a full apology.

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