Monday, 9 January 2012



  The Arrest of Prime Minister David Cameron for War Crimes

Where were we when the warmongering Prime Minister of the private Corporation called Britain, Winston Churchill, gave Palestine to the Jewish Hordes from Europe and let them carry out the Holocaust of the Palestinian people with British financed, trained and equipped military?

Where were we when Britain carried out the Holocaust of Muslims of Hindustan and then savagely partitioned the land and gave the best part of the country and all Islamic Heritage to the Hindus, Parses, Christians and Sikhs? 

Where were we when at the head of the European Union, British Prime Minister John Major carried out the Bosnian Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing of the Muslims of the Balkans, the mass rape of both Muslim and non Muslim Bosnian women, young girls and even babies?

Where were we when British Prime Minister Tony Blair carried out the Holocaust of Iraqi and Afghani people with the complicity of US-Israel?

 Now, we see Libya destroyed and Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran the next targets of “Western Civilization” and the Vatican – all of them countries with Muslim majorities and Muslim lands are being devastated, polluted (irradiated!) and permanently occupied and their inhabitants enslaved economically, politically and ideologically!
The same powers that be caused the mass murder of almost 60 million Christians in Russia showing that the war is not only against Muslims and Islam but against Christians and authentic Christianity as well!

First, nobody is going to arrest David Cameron!  This is again another picnic for those who have nothing better to do! 

But, I will try my best to be present and “document the event” as a souvenir for my grand children.  The last time I tried to “document the event” at my local Masjid (mosque), I was assaulted by a Black Police officer in the presence of some 40 journalists from around Europe, and received death threats from a vigilante as well as from a London journalist who knocked at my door and made similar threats.  They did not like me to have said what Tony Farrell, the Senior Police Analyst in Sheffield has said recently regarding last year’s “Terrorist Threat Assessment 2010” following the Government-Israeli false flag of 7 July 2005.  (Reference: Daryl Bradford Smith’s interview of David Musa Pidcock for “The French Connection” – iamthe   

Second, I still need my freedom in order to educate my grand children and it not yet time for me to go like Princess Diana or Dr Kelly or like so many others before me!  Nonetheless, let me look forward for that memorable day, God willing.


Sovereign Freeman-on-the-land
Servant of GOD and of no man or government
Never voted and never belonged to any political or religious group
Monday 9th of January 2012
From the Totalitarian Fascist and Beastly State of Britain

Bringing truth to the people of Kent


The Arrest of Prime Minister David Cameron for War Crimes

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Time: January 14, 2012 from 10am to 1pm
Location: Number 10 Downing Street, London City, UK
Street: Number 10 Downing Street
City/Town: London
Event Type: peaceful, gathering, of, a, citizens, arrest
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