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The Mindset of a Cairo Protester by Henry Makow

(Below) Illuminati use Emperor to Control Japan (scroll down)

The Mindset of a Cairo Protester

February 4, 2011
mideast-egypt-protest-2010-4-13-14-48-46.jpgWhen my eldest daughter was 5 years old, she asked, "Mummy, what do elections mean?" There was only one candidate! How do you explain elections in which there is no choice?

By Nancy S.

Walking the streets of Cairo over 20 years ago, I was struck by the apathy I saw on the faces of the people. I had put it down to the repressive 'revolutionary' government's policies and education system which required students to praise a regime which punishes free speech. In short, acting or thinking for oneself was not encouraged.

Looking at the faces of the people at Tahrir Square over the last ten days, I noticed a considerable change. I could see hope, and the feeling that 'yes we can change'. The Egyptian people suddenly became proactive. Regular citizens could be seen cleaning Tahrir square; distributing food and blankets to demonstrators; protecting the Cairo Museum; frisking others for hidden weapons; lining up in an orderly fashion for scarce bread; protecting homes and streets and homes from thugs etc. The Egyptian people have proved that they can cooperate become a force for positive change.

Last Friday I shouted for joy when I saw a man on TV exclaiming that this was the first time in his life he felt proud to be an Egyptian. It was exhilarating to see simple Egyptians feeling pride and dignity in themselves, feelings which have been eroded over the last 60 years. Needless to say the government forced the 'Arabiyya' channel to stop live airing of the protest after that moving moment.

Last year, Nobel prize winner, Ahmed Zuweil offered to help implement educational reforms and even set up a state of the art university in Cairo (with  a team of respectable scholars.) All that stood in his way was an ineffective and corrupt government.


The government is obstinately standing in the way of a people who want to progress; who are fed up with the inefficiency and corruption at all levels; who are fed up with gross inequalities; who are fed up with the lack of choices.

When my eldest daughter was 5 years old, she asked, "Mummy, what do elections mean?" It was really difficult for me to explain. There was only one candidate! How do you explain elections in which there is no choice?

What I couldn't understand over the last few days is HOW COULD A GOVERNMENT BE AT WAR WITH ITS OWN PEOPLE!!!???!!! How could they fire at peaceful protesters, throw poisonous tear gas bombs at them, run over them with their vehicles? How could a government let thugs and criminals loose on its own people, making police presence disappear simultaneously??

But then I realized that the government is just protecting the interests of those they have been serving all this time. The Egyptian people? No, ISRAEL, of course. This is made obvious by news reports of Israel's reaction to the Egyptian people's uprising.

What had given us all here a warm feeling of pride, solidarity and hope - a united voice of Egyptians from all walks of life: rich and poor; young and old; right and left; Christian and Muslim - is extremely unsettling to our not very neighbourly 'neighbour'. 


Talking to my Coptic Christian friend the other day, I commented on how the bombing of the Alexandria Church on the New Year backfired and led to the cementing of the relationship between Muslims and Christians, rather than discord and separatism.

She agreed and expressed her view that it was a government plot. I had come to the conclusion that it was most probably Mossad, but considering the above, maybe they are one and the same.

About a month before the bombing there were reports in the Egyptian press stating that the outgoing Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, in one his many farewell speeches had boasted of the presence of many operatives in Egypt who have succeeded in sowing sectarian discord.  Of course this is not the first time Egypt has experienced false flag operations.

Looking at it from the perspective of whose interests the government is really serving now, it makes sense that they have done their best to keep the bulk of their people in poverty, ignorance and despair of progress all these years.

The thing is that they don't care about individuals like Jehan who doesn't sleep nights worrying about how to feed her children, pay her debts or pay for forced private tuition in what is meant to be free public schooling.

 Local charity groups try to help people like her, but it is not enough. To really solve her problems, the presence of effective social security and health care, educational reform, wage reforms, rooting out corruption etc. are jobs for the government.

A government that doesn't really care about the disparity where some can pay 3,000 L.E. to attend a Kylie Minogue concert, and others may only have 200 L.E. to live on for a month. The man in the protest of 25th January who said that he pays 400 L.E. rent per month when his salary is only 500 L.E. is in no way unique.

So now that the Egyptian people have finally found their voice and solidarity, they are now being sabotaged by shifty elements who want to sow violence and discord. The government is trying to buy them off by threats of lack of security, food and basic necessities if protests don't stop.


The alternative to this repressive regime? We hope and pray for a representative and honest government (does one exist?) that will make real reforms to combat corruption, poverty and reforming the education and health care systems.

Mohamed Al-Baradei strolled in last week on the people's uprising and styled himself a leader for the opposition. There is a big question mark around him considering the disproportionate coverage he has been getting in the western run media. Furthermore we should not forget that as the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was partially responsible for the US occupation of Iraq.

After the success of the demonstrators in shaking the Egyptian government and creating a feeling of unity and positive action in the Egyptian people we hope and pray that events will take a constructive turn to build a better future for Egypt with out being hijacked by elements that would take our people further down the drain.

Now we are at a crossroads, we are not sure whether we should accept government concessions and get on with life or stick to our guns and insist on the immediate departure of Mubarak with the risk of the situation escalating out of control, but also with hope for change.

Without doubt actions and also inaction of the government have contributed to the violence we are witnessing today. Along with our new found pro-activity, we should pray to God for guidance to the best road Egypt should take - could the charismatic new prime-minister and group of mainly old regime ministers provide genuine reforms or would a new regime be any better.

We can only pray that we won't be stabbed in the back or hoodwinked by those who claim to have our interests at heart on either side.  Whoever ends up being responsible for running this country, I believe the lesson we have learned over the last ten days is that we, as people, have the ability to  work together to make this a better place to live - with God's help - because "Allah doesn't change the condition of a people who do not change themselves"..


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Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

Comments for "The Mindset of a Cairo Protester "

Dan said (February 4, 2011):
I feel such empathy with the hope Nancy S. and those people in the streets are feeling in Cairo. It's painfully said to watch, because I know their hopes will be dashed whomever 'wins'. I hesitated to send this since people need hope.
But I must say in my humble opinion, that the US State Department policy since the Carter Administration will not allow any democratic progressive state to exist in the Middle East except Israel. Zbignew Brzezenski's reversed the past policy of peaceful 'westernization' of the Middle East to perpetual destabilization. The did that because westernization was working to the extent that a worldly, wealthy middle class was growing in Iran and Iraq, who would have eventually ousted US/London puppets and established real domestic democracies.
What 's happened is Mubarak was getting too chummy with Russian foreign minister Levlov Jan 6th who suggested - nicely - that Israel back off Gaza. That explains the sudden "grass roots democratic revolution". Mubarak is just getting his chain yanked -- hard.

Ron said (February 4, 2011):
I agree with this article but I think it misses out on one important angle.
When a people are on the losing end of a game they sometimes tend to demonize another people and focus their energy on wrath.
As if destroying the other people will magically solve their problems.
Egypt has many problems such as poverty and overpopulation.
These are not simple problems and won’t be solved overnight. I detect a lot of wrath for Israel and the peace treaty with them.
An unwise leadership such as possibly the Muslim Brotherhood may use this demonize Israel concept to rally the people behind them and in the end achieve nothing constructive.
Having a little jihad with Israel is a hell of a lot easier than the hard work of solving the real problems.

I don’t say this in a condescending way.
The Arab people I’ve met in my travels are decently educated and honourable.
Their men are proud and not pussy-whipped like many of us in these modern socialist feminist countries. We could learn from them.

I just hope they are smart enough not to get into a pissing contest that they probably can’t win.
I hope they are wise enough to realize they wouldn’t gain anything worthwhile even if they did win.

Below "Illuminati Use Emperor to Control Japan" (scroll down)

Dutch Royalty Also Serves Illuminati

February 3, 2011
February 2, 2002, was a special day in the Netherlands because the crown prince, Willem Alexander was married to Máxima Zorreguieta. He will succeed his mother Beatrix (right) as Monarch .

by K van V

Re. Illuminati Use the Emperor to Rule Japan

The illuminati also use the European royal houses to control Europe, this is certainly true for the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange.

CIA-Rothschild controlled Wikileaks revealed that the American government pressured the Dutch to stay in the illegal war in Afghanistan. Important contacts in Holland/TheNetherlands:  the royal house of Orange. Indeed the Dutch prime-minister has weekly talks with the Dutch Queen.

Years ago, the website of the Royal House of Orange mentioned that  "Queen Beatrix was involved with international diplomacy via the yearly Bilderberg meetings". This footnote on Queen Beatrix' website was later deemed a "mistake", and was erased, but not from my memory.

The house of Orange has a lot of stock in Royal Dutch Shell. Therefore Dutch research and industry are doing absolutely nothing about new energy technology such as solar cell industry.

Now that our own natural gas reserve is drying out, the wealth and standard-of-living of the Netherlands is seriously compromised. We have a few wind mills that provide energy for a few small villages, that's all. The Dutch government has built new coal energy plants (coal is imported from Colombia and Indonesia) and are planning new nuclear-fission energy plants.

The Dutch economy is in decline. We have the lowest wages in Europe; our middle class is disappearing. Some Dutchmen become ultra rich but the majority is getting poorer by the year, including myself. We turn into a poor "third world grade" country. One of my neighbors migrated to Norway a few weeks ago, out of misery.

Beatrix of Orange repeatedly stresses the importance of a "multicultural Dutch society", and actually speculated that the Dutch identity will disappear and be absorbed by the New World Order.

"We will feel and stay Dutch only because of the Dutch Royal House", she claimed.  Bollocks!  She shakes hands with Muslim imam's in Dutch mosques;  they don't want to shake her hand there, but she does not know that.

What can we expect from her anyway. Her father (Prince Bernhard) was a corrupt German opportunist who collaborated with the illuminati, and  organized the original Bilderberg meetings.

Ine Veen wrote a book "Deceit for the Crown", suggesting former Dutch queen Wilhelmina was not the child of former King Willem III. So the Dutch Royal House may not be legitimate/lawful anyway;  it is only a mirror house of lies.

Historically, the house of Orange (which was founded by William of Orange,  a German-born duke who adopted the name "Prince of Orange") injected a lot of capital into Holland in order to save it from its enemies and bankruptcy.

During the last 100 years, it is vice verse: this corrupting form of royalty has become a deadly millstone around the Dutch neck. The wealth of the Dutch Royal House is enormous; nevertheless the impoverished Dutchmen pay taxes in order to "support" this fake royalty, which is unnecessary anyway.

Every year the queen celebrates "Queens Day" in a public place together with the Dutch people. Two years ago a frustrated Dutchman who lost his job, tried to drive his car into the Dutch Palace during their public parade. He drove full speed against a fence, killed several bystanders who watched the parade, and he died as well later that day, after making a statement that it was deliberate.  So the tension and consciousness is building up, but of course violence is never an answer to anything. There has to be a political way out of the Dutch Royal House of Lies.

-- from the Netherlands
Best regards / Met vriendelijke groeten


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Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

Below - "Egypt: Setting the Stage for WWIII" (scroll down)

Illuminati Use Emperor to Control Japan

February 2, 2011
realohta.jpgThis was written by the famous Japanese revisionist historian Ryu Ohta (with David Icke left.) Ohta passed away May 19 2009 at the age of 78.  He had just translated and published my book "Illuminati" in Japan. He was also responsible for the publication of many of David Icke's books. Benjamin Fulford praised him as one of the "great truth seekers" but apparently the feeling wasn't mutual.
From Weekly Nippon Newsletter, no 496, dated July 16th 2007

by Ohta Ryu

A short commentary critiquing Fulford's article on The Secret History Of The Freemasons In Japan released on the internet site of Jeff Rense.
In this article, I feel there is several important pieces of information that are lacking、and so here is an attempt to bridge the gap with some information I deem crucial for the proper understanding of this rather unknown aspect of these historical events.

After the arrival of Commodore Perry and the enforcement to end isolationism, Rothschild agents like Thomas Glover were sent via Jardine-Matheson to Japan;which is correct but the Sassoon dynasty is not mentioned and should be included.

Glover's "intrigue" was exposed,-"Glover's plot was uncovered and he was driven into bankruptcy"-this is incorrect. That the other agent of Rothschild, Guido Verbeck was sent and that he was successful; this too is incorrect. Glover and Verbeck worked together as a team.

The roles of the British and French Embassies in Japan; are not mentioned.  They played an active and crucial role here. Consequently the dual role of British-English Freemasonry and the French Freemasonry is not mentioned.

And thus by extension, the roles of the Dutch, Belgium and American Freemasonry are missing.

The assassination of Komei Emperor is non-existent, whereas the initial understanding must start from that incident. The problem related to Omura Toranosuke as a changeling] for the future Meiji Emperor is lacking. There is no mention of "the City " of London. I feel his explanation regarding the Russo-Japanese War is off target. The role of the Rockefellers in Japan can not be that simplified and is superficial.

It appears doubtful that Fulford has read Knuth's book on "the City" of London (The Empire of the City).  It is possible that he may not even know of its existence.

The relationship between Freemasonry and Japan post WWII is misunderstood.  Fulford states that, "Every Japanese Prime Minister since the war has been as Freemason".

Not so. The only one said to have officially entered Freemasonry was Hatoyama Ichiro, and he appears to be the only one, with nobody following his lead.

The Freemasonry in Japan is the one that came with the Allies and its domination and the Japanese, if there be Japanese Freemasons are basically nothing more than decoration, an accessory to make their (the non-Japanese) agenda run smoother.

There are other agents of the Illuminati that has rooted deeper in Japan than Freemasonry: The Roman Catholic Church, via the Vatican and the Jesuits. They have managed to infiltrate and even to take roots within the Imperial Family Households.  Also the financial elite families of Japan; there is a disproportional high rate of Catholics in that class.

The Trilateral Committee branch in Japan.  At this point it has completely dominated the Japanese financial world. The CIA, British MI6, Mossad and other secret service agents embedded within Japanese society and their Japanese agents. The so-called Japanese intellectual elites, professors and other think tank members trained via the Tavistock oriented institutions of higher learning abroad; who then returned to Japan.

The Japanese and the non-Japanese agents trained by both the Communist China and North Korea and residing here, very often as Japanese.

The agents of assassination-(against politicians, journalists, even civilians), be they from the Yakuza ultra-right, lone wolves or whoever already trained and connected to the higher ups to be called upon and utilized as necessary.

In other words the war of Anglo-American domination(Illuminati)versus Japan never was finished in 1945 but has been going on since, even to this day.

If there is war, then all elements of resistance should be and would be eliminated.

From the Illuminati side, they have a solid justification. Thus that is why and how former Prime Minister Tanaka was eliminated.

The journalist Takamatsu of the Japan Financial Times who felt that the Lockheed scandal was just an alibi to discredit Tanaka and that is was actually an American conspiracy of the Rockefellers,  was also quickly eliminated.

The list goes on and on. Fulford claims two hundred were killed. What that number is based on, I have no idea. I personally would not be able to list two hundred, but for the common Japanese, it is doubtful if they can even list one in this context.


It is not the Japanese Freemasons who are acting as agents of the American (Illuminati) domination and enslavement of Japan. It can't be; for they don't have that kind of competence nor power. So who could be the agent to implement with success, such an agenda?

None other than the Showa Emperor. The whole Imperial household with Showa Emperor as the Head.

Fulford is focusing still far too much on the outer level. The thread of entanglement must unravel back to Komei Emperor's assassination to comprehend the current situation of Japan and decipher it with any coherent logic.......that is the only way to start.


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Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild Wearing Satanic Neck Pieces

January 29, 2011
Baroness Philippine de Rothschild.jpg
Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild Wearing Satanic Neck Pieces

Left- Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild (born 1933) is seen wearing neck piece featuring Baphomet and the Upside-Down Cross.

From Wikipedia: She  is the owner of the French winery Château Mouton Rothschild. She also has acted under the stage name Philippine Pascale.

She is the only daughter of the vintner Baron Philippe de Rothschild and a member of the Rothschild banking dynasty. At the time of her birth, her mother, Elisabeth Pelletier de Chambure, was the wife of Jonkheer Marc de Becker-Rémy, a Belgian nobleman. After a legal skirmish and the Jonkheer's threats to kidnap his wife's child, the Becker-Rémys divorced in 1934, at which time the lovers married in Paris.

When she was ten years old, she witnessed the Gestapo arrest her mother, Elisabeth de Rothschild, who later died at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

In 1958, she graduated from the Paris Conservatoire National d'Art Dramatique and acted in La Comédie Française with Catherine Deneuve. She played one of the leading roles in Harold and Maude with Madeleine Renaud between 1973 and 1980.

She later met the French theater director and actor Jacques Sereys, and they were married in 1961. They raised three children; Camille, born in 1961, Philippe, born in 1963, and Julien, born in 1971; they use the surname Sereys de Rothschild. The couple are now divorced, but Jacques Sereys remains on the board of Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A. Philippine de Rothschild is now married to Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais, a writer and scholar.[2]
Baroness Philippine de Rothschild2.jpgRothschild entered her father's wine business in the late 1970s. When Philippe died in 1988, Philippine inherited three estates in Bordeaux: Château Mouton Rothschild (bought by her great-great grandfather Nathaniel de Rothschild in 1853), Château d'Armailhac and Château Clerc Milon. She also became chairwoman and majority owner of Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A. At the time of her father's death, the company sold 1.3 million cases of wine a year. By 2000, sales had almost doubled to 2.1 million cases. In 1999, sales amounted to around $155 million.

Her wine holdings include Château Mouton Rothschild, Château d'Armailhac, Château Clerc Milon, Domaine de Lambert, Baron Arques, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Mouton Cadet, Opus One and Viña Almaviva.

In 1997, the Baroness was sailing off the coast of Greece when the vessel she was on caught fire and its passengers had to be evacuated. She said to a friend while in the water "You see, there are moments when it doesn't help to be a Rothschild".[2]

Her personal wealth has been estimated at €190 million by Le Nouvel Economiste.

She is a Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur.


A reader replies:
1748390-Opus-One-Vineyard-1.jpgI always recommend to anyone doing the napa wine valley tour to visit only one winery. opus one. the winery is shaped like a ziggurat and you can look around and see and feel the truth for yourself.

it is a ceremonial structure and anyone 1/2 way sensitive will notice the areas that are used for ceremonies (not open to the public but viewable through windows while touring the public space in the winery), and feel the foreboding dark energy there.

perhaps red-child simply means "blood-(sacrifice)-child".

good luck to all of us who care about humanity....fuck these bastards!

Irish People Oppose Banker Bailout

January 27, 2011
28dublin-span-articleLarge.jpgFrom "Irish Dan"
Our Dublin Correspondent

Up to the recent past,
burning bond holders was heresy advocated by Sinn Fein and the other
left parties. It also had the support of a few maverick commentators.

Now the first and former EU ambassador to the US, John Bruton is
thinking along these lines and the concept is gaining acceptance. It
is no longer a 'looney left/ maverick' concept, it is moving center

It now looks like the draconian budget will be passed, while the
government is now down to the minimum seven constitutional ministers,
they gave concessions and goodies to three independent MP who sided
with the government. As I have said the governing party want to take
care of their crony banker buddies and other two parties want to have
the hard decisions taken so that when working inside the budget
constraints they will be able to blame to the outgoing government.

The elections will be called on Tuesday.

FG & Lab in talks with third parties to negotiate debt restructuring.

Both Fine Gael and Labour are believed to be looking at bringing in a
third party to help restructure the country's debt burden. According
to a source very close to the situation, both parties are believed to
be looking at the role Felix Rohatyn played in helping the city of New
York restructure its debts when it faced bankruptcy in the 1970s.

The restructuring would involve forcing haircuts on bondholders and
introducing a debt liability management exercise whereby the terms of
existing bonds are rolled out to much longer periods. Contact has been
made with Rohatyn and a delegation is expected to fly out to New York
over the next few weeks to see how the restructuring process that
happened in New York can be applied to Ireland, says the source.

 Basically as I said it is a conspiracy by 90% of the establishment
politicians  against the people. That includes all the three main
parties. If 'Burning Bond  Holders' was put to the public in a vote it
would have a majority support.

Lebanon's Hezbollah Victory Presages War

January 25, 2011
rtxoun4.jpgLebanon's Hezbollah Victory Presages War

(left, damage from 2006 war)

by Rony, our Lebanon correspondent

Hezbollah's split with the unity government came as no surprise to Lebanese political experts.

Saudi Arabia and Syria have recently tried to negotiate a compromise over the International Tribunal investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri back in 2005. However, the negotiations hit a snag only to drive Hezbollah and its allies (11 ministers) to withdraw from the government, in light of rumors pointing to Hezbollah's involvement in Hariri's murder.

In this regard, Hezbollah believes that by overthrowing the pro-western government, they can rid Lebanon of its commitments towards the Tribunal.

Nevertheless, the collapse of the unity government and the nomination of Mr. Najib Mikati - Lebanese billionaire businessman - paves the way for an open-ended period of political and public turmoil.

Iran and Syria, on one side, and Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S. on the other,  have been using Lebanon in a proxy war in the region.  Israel is more than happy to see the Iran/Syria-backed Hezbollah topple the US/Saudi-backed Hariri. The reasoning for that is plain and simple: A Gaza-2 could be in the making in Lebanon.

Therefore, it is very plausible that Hezbollah will be in the driver's seat.  Lebanon is due to be added to the West's list of pariah states.

In short, no matter how the current deadlock unfolds, Lebanon is once again on a crucial crossroads which will lead to a lose-lose situation for the two opposite political Lebanese camps.

Temporary compromises and fragile agreements will not do Lebanon any good. Thus, regardless of how regional power titans pull the strings, there is one and only way out for both Lebanese leaders and people: rejecting sectarian gerrymandering and embracing a more democratic power-sharing approach.

Unfortunately, the chances of bringing about these changes are slim to none. As a result, Lebanon will remain in turmoil, with a real prospect of war.

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