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Mark Dankof to ADL Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman

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Mark Dankof’s Open Invitation to Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith in New York: Come Out of the Closet and Join Us

Mark Dankof on New Year's Eve, 2010 in San Antonio
Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman
Director, Library and Research Center

Assistant Director, Civil Rights Division
Headquarters: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith/New York
Phone: 212-885-7859
Fax:  212-885-5882
RE:  Your anonymous Internet posts at “J-Hate” on Mark Dankof, Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State-Fullerton , Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper, Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and Press TV/Iran
Dear Rabbi Tuchman:
     You have been positively identified by IPS address and e-mail research/trace as the person posting materials anonymously on the Internet on all the individuals and entities mentioned above, including me, on a website entitled, “J-Hate.”
     I have begun researching you on the Internet since discovering your specific interest in me. Max Blumenthal’s April 13th, 2010 essay at Mondoweiss, entitled, “Propagandistic Anti-Semitism Report Raises The Linkage Issue,” links your name to that specific effort.  Blumenthal’s research and spin tells me a great deal on an initial basis, even as I continue to learn more ongoingly.
     As chronicled in my previous essay, “J-Hate:  Yes, Hate, but Also Cowardice,” you indicated to me via a message sent to my Word Press blog that it was your desire that I not discover your real identity.  The J-Hate site also failed to publish my comments e-mailed to it, in response to the initial posts that involved my name.
     Now that I am fully apprised as to your actual identity and role in all of this, I must say that I am mystified as to why you and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith in New York would feel it necessary to engage in such cowardly and clandestine activity on the World Wide Web, especially since all of the figures targeted by your efforts are amenable to cordial and public conversation and debate about your perceptions and concerns.
     Personally, I find free and fair exchange of ideas in an honest forum and format to be eminently preferable to the utilization of innuendo, guilt-by-indirect-association, ad hominem attacks, and downright deliberate falsehood, especially when employed by someone of your stature who is dishonorably operating in a darkened closet (or is it a running subterranean sewer system?) in both New York and Tel Aviv.
     Proper, peaceful, and lawful exercise of Constitutionally-guaranteed First Amendment rights and freedoms in the public arena among people of good will with diametrically opposed political positions used to define the United States of America as the bedrock foundation of its government, its people, and its institutions.  What is happening in this country, Rabbi, as conveyed by actions like yours?  Perhaps more importantly, why is it happening?
     The ADL has a history too lengthy to recount here, but its fingerprints (and those of its sister organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Israeli Mossad) are all over several recent publicly outlandish embarrassments that are most suggestive of where this country is headed.
     The first is the public leak of the existence of the now-infamous Missouri Action Information Center (MIAC) report of several years ago, which your organization played a direct role in producing in conjunction with our Federal Homeland Security Department.  As chronicled in the Americans for Legal Immigration’s (AIPAC) advisory on MIAC, the SPLC, and your ADL:
ALIPAC is issuing a national advisory to all local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies and officers, along with all DHS Fusion Centers, a warning against any reliance upon faulty and politicized research issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti Defamation League (ADL).
A national scandal emerged in Missouri, after their MIAC Fusion Center issued an eight page document which made many false claims. The documents attempted to politicize police and cast suspicion on millions of Americans. The ‘Missouri Documents’, as they came to be called, listed over 32 characteristics police should watch for as signs or links to domestic terrorists, which could threaten police officers, court officials, and infrastructure targets.
Police were instructed to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community. The ‘Missouri Documents’ also said potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!
The Southern Poverty Law Center was cited as a research source for the ‘Missouri Documents’. Furthermore, the attempt of these documents to cast suspicion of violent and life threatening behavior on millions of Americans who are concerned about these issues is consistent with the regularly released political materials of both the SPLC and ADL.
     A second and related incident crops up in the State of Kentucky, where it emerges at the Daily Paul site that Mr. Baldwin’s Constitution Party was similarly libeled as a “hate group.”  Surely you are aware that the Constitution Party was founded by ex-Nixon cabinet member Howard Phillips, of Jewish background, who also serves as chairman of Washington’s Conservative Caucus.  Phillips has been a Washington insider held in high personal esteem by both his friends and adversaries Inside-the-Beltway for decades.  The Constitution Party’s last two Presidential nominees, Michael Peroutka of Baltimore, and Chuck Baldwin of Pensacola, are an attorney-at-law and Baptist pastor respectively.  Like their counterparts Howard Phillips, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul, no sane person could detect anything about these men in ideological persuasion or personal life, that could possibly be used to support the notion that they and their political parties and followers represent any notions of racism, bigotry, violence, or advocacy of behaviors designed to threaten the Constitutional Republic each has dedicated his life to restoring.  The irresponsible characterizations and canards emanating from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and the Southern Poverty Law Center about all of this will not stand up to even cursory inspection and examination.
     And by now of course, you are also undoubtedly aware that I was the Constitution Party’s U. S. Senate candidate against Thomas Carper and the late William Roth, in 2000.  Since Senator Carper is friendly to the Jewish lobby and Israeli interests up on the Hill, why not pick up the phone and ask him what he knows about me personally?  Be sure to tell him what you and the ADL are up to in terms of updating your dossiers on me, along with Phillips, Peroutka, Baldwin, Buchanan, and Paul.  He can advise you accordingly on what to do with me in particular, once the raucous laughter dies down in his office.  . . .
     Finally, the ADL’s ongoing attempts to label Pat Buchanan as an “anti-Semite” are a matter of most interesting public record available for additional closer inspection. I notice that Eric Margolis, long-time international correspondent and contributor to the Toronto Sun and other syndicated outlets, has positively reviewed Buchanan’s book on the Second World War. Is Margolis now going to be pilloried for flirtations with advocates of  ”extremism” and “hate” ? And what about millions of Americans and people world-wide who have concluded that Buchanan is a more than credible academic voice and historian in chronicling what has gone wrong with with the government, economy, and foreign policy of the United States?  Will all of these folks become a part of the computerized data base being developed by your office in New York?
     And speaking of the Toronto Sun, I have apparently been on your office’s radar screen since writing a Letter-to-the-Editor of that newspaper some years ago, in rebuttal of one Michael Coren, whose missal advocating the mass murder of Iranians via preemptive nuclear attack had been previously published there.  My rejoinder was re-posted by the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
     I’m curious, Rabbi Tuchman.  Are my ideas in this letter to the Toronto Sun really beyond-the-pale, or do they not only reflect the point of view of millions of Americans if the truth be both known and told, but even the concerns of people in your own camp historically, as evidenced by the Los Angeles Times’ recent essay entitled, “In Israel, Growing Intolerance,” and Jerome Slater’s 2007 missal in Tikkun, “The Need Not to Know:  The American Jewish Community and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ? 
     Or, conversely, are the dangerous neo-Nazi legions and denizens at the Los Angeles Times and Tikkun now joining Mark Dankof, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Howard Phillips, Mark Glenn, Mark Weber, and Paul Sheldon Foote as future targets of a covert Hasbara Project operation of discreditation on your part, and that of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith?
     And for the goyim among us, there may be an additional question of clarification:  When does a mere sayan become a kidon?  And will the intended victims of what is developing be given the chance to purchase an additional bit of life insurance?
     One thing would seem not to be in doubt upon examination of the evidence.  The Old American Republic is being traded in for its replacement by an ominously repristinated Stalinism, both in domestic and foreign policy.  Mark Weber’s essay at the Institute of Historical Review on the old Russian model and revolution may be applicative here.
     Let’s face it.  Like Old Uncle Joe’s predecessor version, we now have in the post-9/11 era in America, a proliferation of warrantless wire tapping and break-ins; accompanied by circumvention of the FISA court by several Chief Executives; and an entirely new version of American jurisprudence documented by James Bovard’s essay, “Assassin Nation,”  where a Justice Department lawyer named Douglas Letter argued last November 9th in Federal Court that the President of the United States has the authority to order the extra-judicial killing of American citizens, and that no Judge has the right to be “looking over the [Obama] Administration’s shoulder” where this program is concerned.
     Given this environment, what unease should be felt by law-abiding citizens of our land who express dissent from our government’s policies, including those American conservatives defamed in the MIAC report?  What about the fears of decent Arab-Americans and Iranian-Americans who live in an age of burgeoning Islamophobia?
     Notably, this loyal dissent by many profiled Americans left, right, and center, has involved explicit criticism of the Israeli Lobby, of which the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith is but one component, and the government of the Zionist State of Israel. 
     I, for one, do not support handing $10 billion a year to Israel in American taxpayers’ money, to continue enabling the latter to illegally occupy territories denied to it by international law.  I don’t support the continuation of the laughable campaign finance laws in this country that have allowed some 30-odd PACs connected to the Israeli Lobby to flood the American electoral process with money guaranteed to enable a foreign power to exert its undue influence in our Congress, especially by packing its hand-picked emissaries in disproportionate numbers on Committees and Sub-Committees related to Intelligence, Foreign Policy, Homeland Security, and Appropriations (as chronicled by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs).
     I especially protest Israel’s criminal attack last May on the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla in international waters, and the murderous policies being pursued in Gaza which culminated in this atrocity.  I do not support Israel’s resort to “targeted, extra-judicial killings” (read “assassinations”), anymore than I support these practices when used by any government on the planet, including my own.  And despite recent the endorsement of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) by Rudolph Giuliani, Frances Townsend, Clare Lopez, Dr. Raymond Tanter, Tom Tancredo, and other American Neo-Conservatives with connections to Israel’s Lobby and its intelligence agencies, I continue to affirm what the record shows—that the MEK is indeed a Marxist terror organization with a long history of shed blood, and that its recent claims of responsibility for various acts of murder and mayhem in Tehran, and in the Diyala, Balochistan, and Azerbaijan provinces in Iran, reveal the less-than-hidden hand of the Israeli Mossad and American CIA in these events. Is murder truly murder, and terror truly terror, regardless of the identity of perpetrators and victims, or shall it be excused by the Israeli Lobby and its agents of influence in the American government in this situation, as it was in the Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, and in the subsequent celebration of this latter criminal event by Mr. Netanyahu and Company as chronicled in the Sunday Times
     Finally, in the wake of the Jonathan Pollard and Rosen-Weissman spy cases (see ex-CIA station chief in Turkey Philip Giraldi’s new article on the latter), the Lavon Affair, the PROMIS affair, and Israel’s premeditated attack on the USS Liberty (a judgment shared by Dean Rusk, Richard Helms, and Admiral Thomas Moorer), I most certainly oppose the American government’s inexplicable, ill-advised, and little-examined policy of sub-contracting lucrative and sensitive business related to the functions of domestic and international telecommunications; Homeland and TSA-related airport security operations; legitimate American military and intelligence agency work; and essential domestic law enforcement and investigatory projects and functions at both the Federal and State level, to Israeli-owned and affiliated front groups and companies. 
     For reasons that should be painfully obvious by now, that includes our government’s ill-fated involvement with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and Southern Poverty Law Center in profiling and demonizing honest American citizens, as both your clandestine role with the JHate web site and the aforementioned MIAC report fiasco illustrate.  Taken in conjunction with Mr. Giraldi’s new research on the AIPAC spy case, it is clear to many that both your organization and the latter should be defined as registered agents of a foreign regime under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), and forced to comply with the spirit and the letter of its stipulations. 
     One additional recent public revelation that illustrates the point should be included.  This involves the role of the Mossad-affiliated Institute of Terrorism Research and Response organization (with headquarters in Philadelphia and Tel Aviv) in conducting officially commissioned profiling of American citizens in the State of Pennsylvania for covert investigative purposes.  The tragic-comedic results of this contractual relationship are available for all to see through Google search, including the official apology of Governor Ed Rendell for the actions of ITRR while on his State’s payroll.  It is my understanding that the contract has since been canceled.  But it begs the question:  Is your activity at J-Hate, and ITRR’s activity in Pennsylvania, the tip of the iceberg?
     I join, however, with colleague Michael Collins Piper, once the subject of an ADL spying operation, in calling for our new Republican Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman, Representative Peter King of your home state of New York, to lead an investigation in Congress of this entire insidious spider web, and for the subsequent results of his Committee’s work to be made openly available to the American people.  This includes names of companies, financial figures, how specific contracts were granted to the organizations and individuals in question, and how the entire problem developed in the first place.  It should make for interesting reading.
     Finally, Rabbi Tuchman, I offer two (2) sincere invitations.  The first is for you to be a special guest on Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth for sure, and perhaps on Press TV/Iran as well, to discuss many of these issues related to our respective views and concerns, in an open and fair atmosphere of civility and charity.  It would be our intention to include Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party; Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal-State Fullerton; Mark Weber of the Institute of Historical Review (IHR); Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX); Patrick J. Buchanan; and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in these on-air chats, which may well prove stimulating enough for a multiple number of shows and appearances to be scheduled and produced for the international listening and viewing audiences.  I reiterate that this invitation is heartfelt and sincere.  I have sent this open letter to the folks at Press TV/Iran in the hope that they might consider an invitation to you in this identical spirit.
     The second invitation is issued clergyman-to-clergyman.  I invite you to repent of the practice of posting questionable materials on the Internet anonymously, and to consider the condition of your own heart, and that of colleagues like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, when it comes to automatically assigning malignant motives rooted in racial and religious bigotry and malicious hatred to those who disagree with the Zionist agenda for both America and the world, while seemingly excluding the live possibility that this may well explain many of Israel’s actions in the Middle East since the late 1940s and those of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, both in the United States and worldwide. 
     Come out of the closet and join us.  Let us reason together even as our disagreements are likely to remain deep and potentially unbridgeable.
Mark Dankof

The Theology of the Cross and the Life and Times of John Rufus Eppler

Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

     Six years after his passing, and on his daughter Jennifer’s 14th birthday today, I have decided to re-post the story of my friendship with Pastor John Rufus Eppler of Dallas.  It is a story which synthesizes sadness and the tragedy inherent in life with the truth of God’s redemptive and reconciling work in history through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Click here for the reflections of six very long years ago.
Written by Mark Dankof
January 25, 2011 at 9:49 am

Mark Dankof on Robert Stark’s show on the Voice of Reason Radio Network


Mark Dankof on New Year's Eve, 2010 in San Antonio

Mark Dankof’ s biography for the Robert Stark Show on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network:

Mark Dankof joins Mark Glenn as a radio voice for “The Ugly Truth.”  Mr. Dankof’s most recent broadcast for that network dealt with the alleged Israeli connection to the Coptic church bombing on New Year’s in Alexandria, Egypt.  His most recent op-ed is entitled, “Joseph Lieberman, MEK Murder in Iran, and the Mythology of a Righteous, Almighty America.”
Mark Dankof is occasionally seen on Press TV in Iran. He is the former 36th Legislative District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County, Seattle, and the U. S. Senate candidate in 2000 in Delaware for the Constitution Party.  His web sites include Mark Dankof’s America at WordPress  and Mark Dankof’s America.
Access Robert Stark’s one hour conversation with Mark Dankof on the Voice of Reason radio network here.
Topics include:
  • Mark’s history of political activism in the conservative and patriot movements and his former talk show on RBN;
  • The economic and foreign policy co-option of these movements;
  • The Israeli Lobby & the push for war with Iran, and possible outcomes;
  • The terrorist attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt;
  • Mark’s experiences while living in Iran.

Movies: Bahman Nassiri’s “The Golden Veil”: Does the House of Rothschild Lurk Behind It?

Mark Dankof on New Year's Eve, 2010 in San Antonio

     It is now a distant memory.      
     I was awakened in my Washington, D. C. apartment in the early dawning of winter in 1978 by a phone call at 5 a.m.  It was my father at the other end of the line.
     He was cordial but terse.  The terseness always accompanied something critically important.  Terseness was matched by his familiar phone-line brevity. 
     The call informed me of his impending arrival later that morning at the now-named Reagan National Airport.  He was traveling with only one bag and would come to my apartment via a quick ride from the airport on the D. C. Metro’s Blue Line.  We would spent one day together before his departure from Dulles International to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Iran.
     The purpose of the trip was explained after he was in my front room.  Lockheed International was sending him back to Iran from San Antonio.  He was to assess the political and security situation in that country, and recommend to his superiors a specific course of action.  Should all of Lockheed’s “Peace Logistics” workers be pulled out of Tehran and brought home to the States?  Or should the company stay the course and maintain its presence in bringing American logistics support to Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s Imperial Iranian Air Force?
     My reaction to the usual paternal briefing was succinct.  I told my father that based on the mobs in the streets of Tehran I was seeing nightly on CBS News, Lockheed ought to spare the money—and potentially my father’s life—and pull everyone out.
     He did not directly respond to this observation.  We spent the rest of our day driving around greater Washington.  He wanted to revisit our former family homes from my early childhood, in McLean and Alexandria, Virginia.  We found both places easily, which prompted him to reminisce about old times on active American Air Force duty as a young officer when my older brother and I were kids, and when my mother was an especially critical component of both stable family unit and fruitful military career.  It was a different America then, before the passing of so many seasons in his life and mine.

A precocious Mark Dankof in Alexandria, Virginia in 1959.
Mark Dankof's Childhood Smile Exhibited in Washington in 1958.
     The uncharacteristically poignant nostalgia emanating from my father caused a thought to cross my mind.  Maybe he knew how dangerous this assignment might prove to be.  Perhaps it would be his last.  Had he suddenly stopped over in Washington to bid me possible farewell?  The aura and tone seemed unmistakable.
     That is all that can be presently said about those days.  In the wake of my father’s passing in 2009,  I may one day say more.  But what I remember from late 1978 and early 1979 was the pungent scent of an omnipresent Trinity of tension, tragedy, and mystery.  Those more directly involved and caught up in events revolutionary in the Iran of that time would either lose their lives outright, or have their lives irrevocably changed forever.  The recent death of Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi and the family tragedies of Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan, are microcosms of individual and collective pain whose unbearable poignancy and power has endured for 32 years and counting. 
Cyrus the Great's tomb at Pasargadae, Iran is captured on a winter night most magnificently by the astrophotography of Oskin D. Zakarian of Tehran.
     This tension, tragedy, and mystery is well captured  in Bahman Nassiri’s new movie, The Golden Veil.
      The palpable existential tension and historical tragedy inherent in the end of Pahlavi Iran is effectively conveyed to the viewer  in the romantic relationship between an American journalist with CIA connections (Ben Trimm) and a beautiful young female SAVAK agent, Layla, played by Noelle Perris.  For Iranian and American denizens of this long distant time and place, the eventual tragic conclusion of this love journey is as eminently predictable as the brutal and abrupt end of everything else that characterized life in Iran in the context of the engagement with the United States between 1953 and 1979.  Yet despite the predictability of the pathos and endgame to be endured by two young people caught up in one of history’s most memorable tsunamis, Mr. Trimm and Ms. Perris manage to sustain things quite well with this Persian version of Doctor Zhivago.
     It is in the theme and arena of mystery that producer Bahman Nassiri’s production proves most thought provoking.  The Golden Veil postulates a Freemasonic connection to the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79, and specifically brings the uninitiated to an encounter with the Roshaniya Brotherhood of Afghanistan, a mysterious clandestine cult with implied links to Mr. Bush’s Skull and Bones society at Yale University specifically, and global Freemasonry generally.  A brief glimpse of the Roshaniya Brotherhood’s shadowy leader in the film suggests that his identity is one Osama bin Laden.
Noelle Perris as "Layla" a. k. a. Homeira Ashtiani in "The Golden Veil"
     Bahman Nassiri’s thesis appears fatally improbable, until examined in conjunction with academic F. William Engdahl’s analysis of the overthrow of the Shah published in recent years.  There, the latter offers his evidence that Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s refusal to sign a capitulationist oil concession agreement with British Petroleum in 1978, the silver anniversary of the CIA/British MI6 restoration of the Peacock Throne in 1953, led to the coalescence of the components of a Western-supported conspiracy to jettison its former ally and client. 
     Producer Nassiri’s most impressive initial effort is effectively augmented by his working partnership with Director Terry T. Miller, founder and Lead Producer of A Final Point.  Miller’s considerable skills in past productions range from the Vietnam documentary, Angels from Above, to MTV videos and special projects with the Discovery, History, and Travel channels, and PBS.  The Nassiri/Miller team’s final version of The Golden Veil  would have been an even stronger one with more cinematic time spent examining and developing this critically important angle for the conspiracy theory brought forth.  The George Ball-Zbigniew Brzezinski Working Group on Iran during the Carter Presidency, and the alleged membership of many of its key players in Masonic-oriented secret societies like the Scottish Rite; central banking subsidized NGOs; armament-manufacturing affiliated think tanks; and oil-soaked front groups for Western multi-national energy consortiums, is a Rosetta Stone-like repository for greater understanding of the events of over thirty years ago.  It may potentially provide the pathway for a much anticipated Nassiri/Miller sequel to The Golden Veil, much like Daniel Craig’s  Quantum of Solace evolved from his initial effort in Casino Royale.  Noelle Perris and Ben Trimm would presumably be available for such a production, with their formidable skills and chemistry enhanced by further exploration of the clandestine world’s spider web nexus.
Bahman Nassiri, Producer of "The Golden Veil" a. k. a. "Jaafar"
     This exploration leads inexorably, to dangerous areas for public examination and discussion, especially in cinematic circles and the political milieus of both contemporary America and the largely Los Angeles-based Persian Monarchist expatriate community. 
     Put another way, in the final analysis, what is the relationship between Freemasonry and the House of Rothschild?  Is not the House of Rothschild what ultimately stands behind British Petroleum and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) of by-gone days?  What was Mohammed Reza Pahlavi really thinking of in his interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in 1976?  Did he have a premontion of who and what was really behind what was coming?
     Historically, an examination of this poker-hot question returns the investigator to the year 1770, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild drew up plans for the creation of The Illuminati.  Rothschild would commission Ashkenazic Jew, Adam Weishaupt (posing as a Roman Catholic), to organize and develop this Talmudic-oriented ideology and organization.  The Illuminati, or “keepers of the light,” would dedicate itself to the infiltration of institutions worldwide, beginning with Freemasonry.  Rooted in the doctrine of Jewish racial supremacism by divine right, the infiltration of the worldwide Masonic movement with Illuminist teaching was ultimately designed to divide non-Jews globally through subversive political, economic, social, and religious means.  The endgame is the end of sovereign nation-states and the implementation of One World Government .  The weapon of choice in this war as David Ben Gurion understood, is the Zionist Enterprise and its control of international central banking, secret societies, corporate news media, and purchased politicians.    The Hidden Hand in currency manipulations, assassinations, the perfectly timed coup d’etat, and false-flag incidents leading to war, flies the Rothschild Red Hexagram at full-mast.  This is truly The Golden Veil of the Globalist Conspiracy. The Roshaniya Brotherhood in Afghanistan is not itself The Hidden Hand, but only one of the latter’s many lethal tools available in an arrow-laden quiver.
     Hence the irony and paradox inherent in it all. The alliance of present day-Persian Monarchist leaders with the Israeli Lobby and its corporately financed American Neo-Conservative agents, is a booby-trapped scenario destined by design to destroy both Iran and the United States as independent nation-states with treasured histories and cultures.  As was the case with the French Revolution; the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; two World Wars in the 20th century; the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the late 1970s; the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88; and the present day Bush-Obama War on Terror, the alliances continue shifting, the clandestine world continues its darkening, the front groups continue their proliferation, and the deceptions continue deepening in a pathway leading to Sheol.
     The Golden Veil is on to something pivotal, even if understood only as the genesis of a longer and more perilous journey .  Bahman Nassiri’s admirable hunt for the truth, with his own tragic autobiography only hinted at in his first film enterprise, needs to continue. 
     There is but one other caveat.  The Golden Veil is an understandable apologetic for the Pahlavi regime, given the life history of its fine producer.  In a sequel, Mr. Nassiri would be well served by undertaking  a closer examination of the historical complexities and downside of that dynasty, as chronicled in Dilip Hiro’s The Iranian Labyrinth.  Concurrently, American conservatives could stand a more critical examination and analysis of The American Empire, in the latter’s true intent, methods, and alliances. 
     The result may be the final and fitting death of many mythologies on all sides of the equation.  And as The Golden Veil so states from the outset, “In Love, Death is Only a Pause.”

Joe Lieberman, MEK Murder in Iran, and the Mythology of a Righteous Almighty America

Mark Dankof in University of Texas/Austin colors on a frigid day in northern Idaho. November, 2010.

     One always remembers where he or she was when first hearing about or witnessing the great pivotal turning points in history.
     December 18th, 2010 is such a day.  I was in an American diner on the north side of San Antonio for lunch, when the big screen TV in the restaurant telecast CNN’s “Breaking News” report that the United States Senate had voted 65-31 to remove any remaining restrictions on the inclusion of open, practicing homosexuals and lesbians in the Armed Forces of the United States.
Mark Dankof firing the Colt AR-15 in Northern Idaho in November of 2010.
     The self-congratulatory trinity chosen to face CNN’s international audience in the post-vote Senatorial gala for the winning side were Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut), Carl Levin (D-Michigan), and Harry Reid (D-Nevada).  The financial figures on Israeli PACs published by Hugh Galford and Janet McMahon of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), reveal that all three are major lackeys of the Israeli Lobby.  Jews Lieberman and Levin are arguably the heaviest hitters in the U. S. Senate for the Tribe; Mr. Netanyahu; and the Mossad’s thinly disguised marriage to the American military and intelligence nexus, telecommunications giants, think-tanks, news media, publishing houses, and Wall Street and Homeland Security establishments.  The monies used to elect (read hire) these men are dollars well spent.  Galford and McMahon match the Israeli Lobby’s PAC expenditures with the voting records of these major denizens of Zionist Occupied Territory (ZOA), as Pat Buchanan used to term it.
Poster Boy and Girl for the American Two-Party Love Affair with the Zionist State and the New World Order: Joseph Lieberman and Sarah Palin
     Zionist zealots allegedly on the other side of the political aisle, notably rotund “Christian” Right blowhard John Hagee of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, and AIPAC-vetted Sarah Palin [tapped by Israeli-asset William Kristol of The Weekly Standard to be John McCain's running mate], fail to notice how their good friend at Christians United for Israel (CUFI) meetings, Mr. Lieberman, has served as point man for the homosexual lobby’s greatest victory in its warfare on the older Christian culture in America since the Stonewall Inn uprising in New York in 1969.
     In the last analysis however, the “Christian” Right and a Jewish-controlled and financed American Neo-Conservative movement, will overlook such contradictions with their stated belief system on culture wars in America.
     The reason is as morally, theologically, and politically warped as it is transparently clear.  Dispensational premillennial eschatology, trans-national multinationals and central bankers, and black-operational state intelligence agencies, are now inexorably wedded to one another in the coalescence of the components of the New World Order.  The unfolding results are disastrous for both the United States and the planet.
     Nowhere is this unfolding disaster more tragically apparent than in Iran, where the December 20th Newsweek cover story all but concedes the American and Israeli intelligence community’s link to the recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists in Tehran, and the concurrent bombings in Diyala and Chabahar provinces in that country.  These recent premeditated murders, along with atrocities past in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, and Balochistan, are all chiefly the on-site work of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), with occasional assists from the Kurdish PKK and Jundallah organizations.
Pals of the Mossad and the CIA: The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK)'s recent murder of an Iranian Scientist. Do Lieberman and Palin Consider This as Terrorism?
     That Newsweek magazine would virtually concede the link between the terrorist MEK, PKK, and Jundallah organizations on the one hand, and American/Israeli intelligence on the other, underscores the work done by Ed Blanche of The Middle East magazine, Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal-State Fullerton, the Nejat Society, the Habilian Association, and yours truly.  It isn’t often that Newsweek agrees with any of these sources, but access some of my past work on the MEK  and compare it to their current newsstand edition.
     This is no mere game being played by the American and Israeli governments.  It reveals that war with Iran is already being pursued by other means.  Economic sanctions, aircraft carrier task force deployments in the Persian Gulf region, the demonization of Tehran by a Jewish-dominated American media, and overt threats of preemptive strikes by the Israeli Air Force via Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman, and their Talmudic puppets in Washington, are now being followed by a thinly veiled strategy of employing the Communist oriented-MEK and other terror groups to commit unspeakable crimes within Iranian borders.
     The Sydney Morning Herald recognizes the ultimate threat posed by the Iran policy of Israel and its American Neo-Conservative agents, and reportedly so do the intelligence chiefs of the Australian government.  In a story entitled, Australian Intelligence Chiefs Fear Nuclear War Between Israel and Iran, the paper reports that:
Australian intelligence agencies fear that Israel might launch military strikes against Iran and that Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities could draw the US and Australia into a potential nuclear war in the Middle East. Australia’s top intelligence agency has also privately undercut the hardline stance towards Tehran of the United States, Israeli and Australian governments, saying that Iran’s nuclear program is intended to deter attack and that it is a mistake to regard Iran as a ”rogue state”. 
      America’s disastrous support for Israel’s policies in Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran have critical domestic implications as well.  As ex-CIA agent Philip Giraldi and I discussed with Iranian Press TV’s Saeed Pour Reza on December 20th, the Israeli police state at home is now matched by the American version within the borders of the continental United States.  I reported on this months ago in a piece entitled, “Israel’s Agenda of Control and Death in Gaza:  Coming Soon to an American Neighborhood Near You.”  This madness, as chronicled by James Bovard in his essay “Assassin Nation” in the current January 2010 newsstand edition of The American Conservative, now has the Justice Department arguing in Federal Court this past November 9th, that the President of the United States has the authority to order the killing of American citizens on mere suspicion of “involvement” with “terrorist organizations.”  No legal indictment.  No presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.  No public trial with an examination of evidence.  No provision of an attorney to defend the accused.  Mere suspicion will suffice, thank you.  “Involvement” is not specifically defined and articulated.  Neither does the American government have to explain why the organization (s) in question is defined as “terrorist” in orientation.
     And my essay on “Israel’s Agenda of Control and Death in Gaza,” and Mr. Giraldi’s appearance on Iranian TV yesterday, underscore what the Washington Post conveniently omitted in its major post of December 20th on the advancement of FBI domestic spying and dossier compilements on thousands of Americans not suspected of any criminal wrongdoing:  Israeli intelligence and Israeli-affiliated companies are working hand-in-glove to implement these police state policies with their American counterparts within the continental United States, utilizing TSA airport security operations, Homeland Security and “Counter-Terrorism” seminars, infiltration of the American telecommunications system and the Internet, mail surveillance, and monitoring of legitimate business and banking transactions.
Mossad in Amerikka: The Police State Coming to an American Neighborhood or Airport Near You
     It gets worse.  As Mr. Giraldi recently reported in The American Conservative, my colleagues, Mark Glenn and USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney, were both threatened in the past year after publishing “What I Saw That Day,” Mr. Tourney’s chronicle of Israel’s deliberate, premeditated attack on that American ship on June 8, 1967.  Tourney and his wife were accosted in a restaurant while vacationing in San Diego, by a strange man who knew who they were.  His remarks specifically referenced the book, and indicated that the threats on Mr. Tourney’s physical well-being  had their origins halfway around the world.  You may draw your own conclusions as to what government was being referred to in the gutter threats.
     As for such occurrences in the lives of decent American citizens, we might ask what actions their government is taking to protect them.  We might also ask why a domestic Jewish paramilitary group like Kitat Kohenut draws a free pass when it comes to the investigative concerns of the Federal investigatory machine of the United States.  My essay, “Kitat Kohenut and the American Police State in Amerikka” chronicles the character of this group with information taken directly from their own published site on the World Wide Web.  It is their stated desire to set up operations in every major city and greater metropolitan area of America.  Does this concern the FBI and Homeland Security?  Or will Kitat Kohenut be signing some State and Federal contracts to assist the Israeli-affiliated Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) in the endangerment of the lives and Constitutional rights of every person in this country?
     One thing is assured.  Joe Lieberman and a Zionist Occupied Territory (ZOA) called Capitol Hill won’t be providing the answers.  Neither will their accessories in crime in the Executive Branch, the Neo-Conservative think tanks Inside-the-Beltway, the American intelligence community, and the American news media. 
     In the November 9th, 2010 oral arguments in Federal Court referenced in Mr. Bovard’s aforementioned essay, Justice Department attorney Douglas Letter asserted that no judge has authority to be “looking over the shoulder” of the Obama Administration’s targeted-killing program.
     Let us however, be permitted a collective look over the shoulders of Mr. Letter, Mr. Holder, and Mr. Obama, along with those of the members of the international and domestic machinery of the American/Israeli national security police state threatening Americans, Iranians, and the very survivability of the planet itself.
     Three concluding questions are begged.  Are the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), Kurdish PKK, and Jundallah considered as “terrorist organizations” by the American government?
The Marxist Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK): A Long Track Record of Spilling Innocent Blood. And now the Friend of the Israeli Mossad and American Neo-Conservatives

     Is the Israeli government a “rogue state” and a leading perpetrator of State-Sponsored Terror?
     And thirdly, what should the personal and legal fate of Americans be who are “involved” with them?
     The silence is deafening.

Mark Dankof on The Ugly Truth: November 19th


Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

Mark Dankof joins Mark Glenn and Bob Tuskin  on The Ugly Truth to discuss Gordon Duff’s latest article, The Plot to Destroy the United States.
Click here to listen.

Written by Mark Dankof
November 20, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Mark Dankof on The Ugly Truth on November 17th

Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

Mark Dankof joins Mark Glenn on The Ugly Truth  to discuss Israel’s clean sweep of the American off-year elections, and the American bribe to the Zionist State of 20 F-35 aircraft to the tune of $3 billion, in exchange for Israel’s “90-day freeze” on illegal settlements.
Watch the incoming Congressional appointments in particular—Eric Cantor (R-VA) as the new House Majority Leader; Ilena Ros Lehtinen (R-FL) as chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and Peter King (R-NY) as chair of the House Homeland Security Committee. And follow the trail of the money.
Click here to listen.
Written by Mark Dankof
November 20, 2010 at 9:11 pm

Testimony to a Winner: The Dewey Kvidt Memorial Duathlon in Grand Forks

Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

     Back in the spring of 1967 in Hawaii, the two young stars for the Wheeler Air Force Base Little League team in Wahiawa were a couple of kids from the Midwest. The first kid, Dewey Kvidt, was the shortstop who hit 3rd in the lineup. The second youngster, from Iowa, was a first baseman and cleanup hitter named Mark Dankof.
     If you’re reading this, I assume you already know me. You probably don’t know my old friend.
     Dewey Kvidt was born in Minnesota on May 25, 1955. After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Computer Science, he became a fine husband, and loving father of a son and daughter. Known in Grand Forks, North Dakota, his hometown, as a pillar of the community and perpetual athlete-in-motion, he would pass away on September 6th, 2005, of acute myelogenous leukemia, for reasons known only to a gracious and mysterious Lord.
Dewey Kvidt of Grand Forks: 1955-2005. Mark Dankof's baseball teammate at Wheeler AFB Hawaii, Spring 1967.
     The Dewey Kvidt Memorial Duathlon  is now an annual event supported by tons of people in Grand Forks, as well as nationally. I invite you to visit the homepage, and tell your friends and colleagues about this most worthy endeavor on behalf of Altru’s Pediatric Therapy Services.
     Specifically, the Duathlon raises money to procure Universal Exercise Units (UEUs), also known as “spider cages.” Kids profiting by the use of these cages include children with cerebral palsy; traumatic brain injury; cerebral vascular accident injuries; autism; hemi paresis; sensory integration dysfunctions; and any muscular disorder affecting balance, endurance, and strength.
     The next Duathlon in Grand Forks is in June of 2011. Sign up, in any way you can.

The Ugly Truth: Jeff Rense as the Most Dangerous Man in the “Truth” Movement?

Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

The Ugly Truth Podcast Oct 14, 2010

Alex Jones as the most dangerous man in the “truth movement”? THINK AGAIN. For all Jones’ danger as an agent of disinformation, he is not demonstrably ready, willing, and able to send armed thugs to the home of someone he disagrees with politically. Come listen to today’s program, as Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof discuss Jeff Rense’s recent threats to have agents of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security visit the home of Mr. Glenn, where he resides with his wife and 9 children.
Jeff Rense’s recent postings of Islamophobic articles of “neo-conservative” orientation on his site is another aspect of this curious story.  . . .
Written by Mark Dankof
October 14, 2010 at 10:32 pm

JHate: Yes, Hate, but Also Cowardice


Mark Dankof in San Antonio. Summer 2010.

“You must be on your guard.  You will be handed over to the local councils and flogged in the synagogues.  On account of me you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them.  And the gospel must first be preached to all nations.  Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial, do not worry beforehand about what to say.  Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit.” 
Jesus Christ in the Olivet Discourse, The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 13, Verses 9-11. 

     There is now a new site on Word Press, entitled JHate
     The site is aptly named.  It is surely about Hate.
     But the site’s correct description of itself is incomplete.  It is also about  Cowardice.
     Hate and Cowardice have capital letters in this case, for justifiable reasons.
     Browsers need to know that the individual (s) behind this site post anonymously.  They also refuse to post fair and thoughtful comments by those who have been subjected to libelous characterizations and ad hominem attacks.  The most recent victims have been Press TV of Iran, Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State Fullerton University, and yours truly.  We have all been tagged with the false, predictable, and shopworn charge of “anti-Semitism.”
     Three succinct observations are in order.  The first comes courtesy of Mark Weber of the Institute of Historical Review.  He aptly notes in a letter to Dr. Foote that, “Being attacked by an outfit like this is a badge of honor. You’re on the right side of history and humanity.”
     The second observation was made to me by Dr. Foote himself, regarding these odious and demonic attacks.  The good professor notes that the character of these baseless assaults clearly indicates that the presence of mainstream American conservative critics of Zionism and Israel on Press TV is having a positive effect for truth around the world generally, and in the United States specifically.  The Hasbara Project crowd at Mossad headquarters predictably doesn’t like it.  The folks who brought you the Sabra and Shatila massacres, the utilization of white phosphorus and depleted uranium shells against civilian populations in the Middle East, the murder of unarmed human rights activists on the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla, and recent terror bombings in Iranian Azerbaijan and Sistan-Balochistan provinces, are now blind siding the critics of these policies on the World Wide Net.
     The third observation is my own.  JHate didn’t publish my letter of response to them.  I would like decent people around the world, including international viewers of Press TV, to see it.  The complete text is as follows:
Mark Dankof to JHate
     It’s nice to know that I am considered to be in the same company as Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote, whose education, professional and military credentials, and basic human decency are beyond dispute. 
     As for the predictable charge of “anti-Semitism,” the methodology of demonizing honest critics of Israel’s criminal policies isn’t going to wash this time.  Too many people around the world, thanks to Internet technology, are now aware of Deir Yassin; the bombing of the King David Hotel by Mr. Begin and Company; the Lavon Affair; Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in June of 1967; and the myriad number of Israeli espionage operations against the United States, including the theft of American nuclear raw materials at Pennsylvania’s NUMEC plant, the PROMIS affair, and the Jonathan Pollard and AIPAC spy scandals. 
     As Americans find out what our $10 billion a year “ally” has been up to since 1947, new dawning awareness of the implications of Israel’s policies in Palestine and Gaza is also beginning to invade the American consciousness.  Tolerance of atrocities like the Rachel Corrie murder and the slaughter of innocents on the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla will end.  And as American manpower and money continue to go down the proverbial drain, courtesy of the United States’ assumption of its role as both the chief enforcer of Zionist policies in the Middle East and the developing New World Order globally, patience will also evaporate with the role of the Israeli Lobby in the American domestic political scene. 
     As Daniel said to Belshazzar of Babylon, “. . . God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end (Daniel 5: 26).”  The perverse and racist ideology of modern Zionism will also come to an end in the Biblical God’s good time.
     What may we predict of Israel’s actions as its moral bankruptcy and political unsustainability become progressively more obvious? 
     This is an absolute cinch:  Hasbara Project attacks against decent writers, thinkers, and human rights activists on the Internet, coupled with a false flag incident designed to provoke a war with Iran that is totally unjustified, preventable, and in the interest of no one, save the psychotics in the Netanyahu regime.
     And Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp will lead the corporate media consortium charge to sell this tragic travesty to the American public.  By way of comparison, I will join Paul Sheldon Foote, Paul Craig Roberts, and George Galloway in appearing on Press TV anytime.
     Let’s face it.  You folks are running scared.
     I conclude in reiteration:  “. . . God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end. (Daniel 5: 26)”
In Christ Jesus,
Mark Dankof



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