Wednesday, 2 February 2011



World Masonic Leaders meet in Washington D.C. to Create a “Peaceful” Palestinian State

World Masonic Leaders meet in Washington D.C.

President of the United States Barak Hussein Obama hosted the two world leaders fêted by the world community as the ones who can make or break world peace, in Washington D.C. and at the White House.  According to World Net Daily, before the proximity talks of the Mideast Summit in Washington were to begin, the “Israeli government publically conceded sections of Jerusalem will become part of a Palestinian State while holy sites would be governed by a “Special Regime”.  As World Net Daily reported:

World Net Daily – “Speaking in an interview with Israel's Haaretz newspaper, Defense Minister Ehud Barak outlined a deal with the Palestinians: "West Jerusalem and 12 Jewish neighborhoods that are home to 200,000 residents will be ours. The Arab neighborhoods in which close to a quarter million Palestinians live will be theirs.

There will be a special regime in place along with agreed upon arrangements in the Old City, the Mount of Olives and the City of David," added Barak. Barak told the newspaper what is needed "is courage to make historic, painful decisions. I'm not saying that there is certainty for success, but there is a chance. This chance must be exploited to the fullest."

According to USA Today, this august session will be shared with opposing forces seeking world dominion trying to force the tiny Nation of Israel to concede her life, liberty and the pursuit to worship the G-d of her forefather’s Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the desires of the world communityAt the same time, another visitor was heading also to Washington D.C. and the Eastern Coast of the United States.

As reported by the National Hurricane Center at 11 p.m. EDT on September 1, 2010;

National Hurricane Center – “Category 4 Earl increases in wind speed, intensity and size....Maximum Sustained Winds 140 Mph / 220 Km/Hr -- Minimum Central Pressure 934 Mb...27.76 Inches -- Hurricane Force Winds Extend Outward Up To 90 Miles /150 Km from The Center -- And Tropical Storm Force Winds Extend Outward Up To 230 Miles/370 Km.” 

As CNN reported:

CNN – “Earl, restrengthened to a Category 4, heads toward East Coast.”

It appears that the entire universe is watching the manifestation of this august meeting in Washington, D.C.  This struggle for world dominion appears also to be perceived by the universal scene with the arrival of a Category 4 Hurricane. Are we seeing an “Act of G-d” or has the G-d of the Universe given dominion of Planet Earth into the hands of the Dark Powers of evil “for a short time”.  

USA Today – “President Obama will "turn the page" today from his dramatic Tuesday night speech announcing the end of combat operations in Iraq to a process that's more like watching paint dry: making peace in the Middle East. It won't be easy, as the terrorist attack that killed four Israeli settlers in the West Bank showed Tuesday. The work was that of a Palestinian gunman; the Islamic militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, praised the attack.

After a quick check on Hurricane Earl, Obama begins the biggest diplomatic initiative of his presidency with what the diplo world calls a series of "bilaterals" -- one-on-one Oval Office meetings with the leaders of Israel and the Palestine Authority, along with fellow watchdogs Egypt and Jordan. Then they all get together for a ceremonial "working dinner" in the Old Family Dining Room.”

One thing that was noticed was that these participating global partners all seem to fly as “birds of the same feather, fly in a flock together.”  The overall aura of power and authority all appear to be social acquaintances in the same global Brotherhood of the World Freemasons. 

The guest list for the entire session includes the following:

· United States President Barak Hussein Obama – 32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason in Chicago plus recognized by insiders as a Papal Servant
· Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu – Freemason
· Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas  --    Freemason
· Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak -    Freemason
· Jordanian King Adbullah II -    Freemason
· Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Bilderberger, Freemason, and Knight of Malta

Also participating in the shadows will be the American Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Bilderberger and friend of the Council on Foreign Relations, will be beginning her most difficult diplomatic mission while assisted by Middle East Special Envoy George Mitchell, who engineered peace in Northern Ireland a decade now comes with his resume as a CFR member, former CFR director, Bilderberger, and representative of the international interests of the Vatican.  Prophecy may be in the making over Labor Day, 2010. Are we welcoming to the world scene the “Messiah the Prince”?


  1. Pope John Paul II and Hosni Mubarak

    The Egyptian dictator of the past 30 years seems to be in a spot of trouble these days. It appears that a revolution is brewing in Egypt. Dictatorships have never been a good long-term solution, yet The United States has made friends with many such governments over the years. (Click these links to learn about Nicaragua, Iran, and Iraq) The pretense for these friendships is that they may be evil, but they are less evil than Communism (although lately, the US is trying to become allies with Communist China, a very evil country by any measure.)

  2. "Yasir Arafat, head of a violent organization that has a
    history of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish activities,.."


    Israel is a super violent, ethnic cleansing, terrorist and Apartheid entity!

    And millions of Christians, including the Pope, are supporting/financing that terrorist entity known as ISRAEL!