Mystery Solved: The WTC Was Nuked on 9/11

By Don Fox, Ed Ward MD and Jeff Prager
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The debate has raged for more than a decade about what caused the Twin Towers to “collapse” in approximately 10 seconds each — 9 seconds for the South Tower, 11 for the North. A large and growing percentage of the public has become skeptical of the conclusion of the government’s official NCSTAR 1 report, according to which, “NIST found no corroborating evidence for alternative hypotheses suggesting that WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition using explosives planted prior to 9/11.”
Skepticism of NIST’s conclusions is well founded. There is eyewitness testimony as well as abundant video and audio evidence of explosions at the WTC on 9/11. There is also seismic data that demonstrates that high powered explosives were used to demolish the Twin Towers. The gross observable video evidence — if you are willing to believe your own eyes — shows that the Twin Towers were destroyed from the top down and the inside out.
We believe that only mini-nukes — which were probably neutron bombs — planted in the center columns of the buildings, detonated from top to bottom and configured to explode upward, can explain what is observed. If they were used to blow apart one ten-floor cube per second, for example, then, since the North Tower stood at 110 floors, that would have taken 11 seconds, while, since the top three cubes of the South Tower tilted over and were blown as one, in that case, it would have taken only 9, which coincides with NIST’s own times.
This is a controversial contention. Judy Wood, Ph.D., has proclaimed that a Tesla-inspired directed energy weapon (DEW) was responsible for the destruction of the WTC buildings and has vehemently denied nuclear bombs were used. Steve Jones, Ph.D., and his followers promote the theory that an incendiary (nanothermite) was the cause of the destruction of the WTC buildings, while they also deny that nukes were used. So these seemingly opposed camps agree on one thing: nukes were not used on 9/11!
The nanothermite hypothesis has been discredited on multiple occasions in articles by T. Mark Hightower and Jim Fetzer, including “Has nanothermite been oversold to the 9/11 community?”, “Is ’9/11 truth’ based upon a false theory?”, and “Nanothermite: If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”. Since it is a principle (law) of materials science that an explosive can destroy a material only if it has a detonation velocity equal to or greater than the speed of sound in that material, where the speed of sound in concrete is 3,200 m/s and in steel 6,100 m/s, while the highest detonation velocity that has been attributed to nanothermite is 895 m/s, it should be obvious: You can’t get there from there!
The DEW hypothesis turns out to be difficult to test, since Judy Wood defines DEWs as sources of energy that are greater than conventional and can be directed, which even encompasses micro and mini nukes within its scope. As earlier articles have explained, including “9/11 Truth will out: The Vancouver Hearings II” and “Mini Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle”, there are multiple grounds for preferring the mini or micro nuke hypothesis over the DEW alternative, which emerge with particular clarity from a study of the dust samples collected by the US Geological Survey. It is ironic that, while the “thermite sniffers” also focus on dust samples, they seem to have missed what we have to learn from them.
Indeed, the nuclear component of the decimation of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, 6 and 7 is the darkest and most closely guarded secret of 9/11. With so many folks claiming different theories it is difficult for average people to know what to believe. Fortunately, we have scientific proof of what happened at Ground Zero. The dust and water samples reveal the true story of what happened on 9/11. This article thus provides more of the scientific evidence–especially from the USGS dust samples–that settles the debate in favor of the demolition of the WTC buildings as having been a nuclear event.
The explosives that demolished the Twin Towers were so powerful that North Tower debris was ejected up at a 45° angle and out over 600 feet into the Winter Garden. This feat alone puts an end to the notion that the buildings were “dustified” where they stood or that an incendiary like nanothermite was the responsible for the destruction of two 500,000 ton 110 story skyscrapers or that the buildings collapsed due to fire.
Debris ejected up at a 45° angle
debris ejected from North Tower
Which lands in the Winter Garden over 600 feet away
300 ton chunk of debris smashes into the Winter Garden
Engineers estimate that 1/3 of the buildings were completely vaporized. And as Judy Wood likes to point out no toilets were found in the rubble. 90% of the debris from the Twin Towers destruction landed outside the building’s footprints. What type of explosives could cause this sort of damage? The only thing known to man that can explain this is nuclear bombs.
The Department of Energy (DOE) collected water samples from the basement of Building 6 eleven days after 9/11 that showed tritium levels 55 times greater than background. How does this prove fusion?
Let’s start with defining tritium: Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen containing one proton and two neutrons. Tritium is radioactive with a half-life of 12.32 years. Also Known As: hydrogen-3, 3H (Helmenstine)
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission provides us some excellent background information on hydrogen:
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, comprising approximately 90% of the luminous universe by weight. Ordinary hydrogen (1H) accounts for greater than 99.985% of all naturally-occurring hydrogen, whereas deuterium (2H) comprises approximately 0.015%. By comparison, tritium (3H) represents only approximately 10-16 percent of hydrogen naturally occurring. Tritium is a rare but natural isotope of hydrogen (H), and is the only natural hydrogen isotope that is radioactive. The tritium atom is sometimes designated T to distinguish it from the common lighter isotope. Notwithstanding the difference in mass, tritium can be found in the same chemical forms as hydrogen. The most important forms, from the perspective of atmospheric behavior of tritium, are tritiated hydrogen gas (HT) and tritiated water (HTO). These tritiated forms behave chemically like hydrogen gas (H2) and water (H2O).
Natural Sources
Tritium is generated by both natural and artificial processes. Tritium is naturally produced primarily through the interaction of cosmic radiation protons and neutrons with gases (including nitrogen, oxygen and argon) in the upper atmosphere.
Anthropogenic Sources
In addition to its natural sources, tritium also has a number of anthropogenic sources which account for the dominant proportion of the global tritium inventory. Anthropogenic tritium sources include fallout from nuclear weapons testing, nuclear reactors, future fusion reactors, fuel reprocessing plants, heavy water production facilities and commercial production for medical diagnostics, radiopharmaceuticals, luminous paints, sign illumination, self-luminous aircraft, airport runway lights, luminous dials, gauges and wrist watches, and others.
Commercial uses of tritium account for only a small fraction of the tritium used worldwide. Instead, the primary use of tritium has been to boost the yield of both fission and thermonuclear (or fusion) weapons, increasing the efficiency with which the nuclear explosive materials are used.
Thermonuclear Detonation during Nuclear Weapons Testing
Nuclear tests have been conducted in the atmosphere since 1945, producing tritium in amounts that greatly exceed the global natural activity, particularly during 1954 to 1958 and 1961 to 1962 when a number of large-yield test series were undertaken. The tritium activity arising from atmospheric nuclear tests can be estimated from the fission and fusion yields of the weapons tests or from environmental measurements. For example, the tritium activity produced per unit yield is dependent upon the attributes of the device, as well as on the characteristics of the detonation site, and tritium generation from fusion reactions is much higher than from fission. The tritium that is produced by a nuclear explosion is almost completely converted to tritiated water (HTO), which then mixes with environmental water. (“Investigation of the,” 2009)
What about WTC-6?
We have established that tritium is a rare hydrogen isotope, the vast majority of the tritium that is produced is used in nuclear weapons and that the tritium produced by a thermonuclear explosion is converted into tritiated water (HTO). Tritiated water WAS found in the basement of Building 6 at concentrations 55 times background levels. Here is Ed Ward’s breakdown of the DOE’s water sample data:
1. Trace definition as it applies to quantity: Occurring in extremely small amounts or in quantities less than a standard limit (In the case of tritium, this standard level would be 20 TUs – the high of quoted standard background levels.)
2. The stated values of tritium from the DOE report “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center”. “A water sample from the WTC sewer, collected on 9/13/01, contained 0.164±0.074 (2ó) nCi/L (164 pCi/L +/- 74 pCi/L – takes 1,000 trillionths to = 1 billionth) of HTO. A split water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L ( 3,530.0 pCi/L +/- 170 pCi/L and 2,830 pCi/L +/- 150 pCi/L), respectively. Pico to Nano converter – Nano to Pico converter –
3. 1 TU = 3.231 pCi/L (trillionths per liter) or 0.003231 nCi/L (billionths per liter) – – (My original TU calculations came out to 3.19 pCi/L, but I will gladly accept these referenced minimally higher values. )
4. In 2001 normal background levels of Tritium are supposedly around 20 TUs (prior to nuclear testing in the 60′s, normal background tritium water levels were 5 to 10 TUs – ). However, groundwater studies show a significantly less water concentration: Groundwater age estimation using tritium only provides semi-quantitative, “ball park” values: · <0.8 TU indicates sub modern water (prior to 1950s) · 0.8 to 4 TU indicates a mix of sub modern and modern water · 5 to 15 TU indicates modern water (< 5 to 10 years) · 15 to 30 TU indicates some bomb tritium But, instead of “5 to 15 TU” (which would make the increase in background levels even higher), I will use 20 TUs as the 2001 environmental level to give all possible credibility to the lie of “Traces”.
5. Let’s calculate the proven referenced facts. Tritium level confirmed in the DOE report of traces of tritium = 3,530 pCi/L (+/- 170 pCi/L, but we will use the mean of 3,530 pCi/L). 3,530
pCi/L (the referenced lab value) divided by the background level of 20TUs (20 X 3.231 p (1 TU = 3.21 pCi/L) = 64.62 pCi/L as the high normal background/standard level. 3,530 divided by 64.62 pCi/L = 54.63 TIMES THE NORMAL BACKGROUND LEVEL. 3,530 pCi/L divided by 3.231 pCi/L (1 TU) = 1,092.54 TUs
6. This is my ‘fave’ because lies tend to eat their young. Muon physicist Steven Jones calls 1,000 TUs “The graphs below show that hydrogen-bomb testing boosted tritium levels in rain by several orders of magnitude. (“Tritium in precipitation,”) (Jones, 2006) Yet, calls the EXACT SAME LEVELS quoted in nCi/L as “Traces” and “These results are well below the levels of concern to human exposure” (Jones, 2006). Interesting isn’t it.
7. Thomas M. Semkowa, Ronald S. Hafnerc, Pravin P. Parekha, Gordon J. Wozniakd, Douglas K. Hainesa, Liaquat Husaina, Robert L. Rabune. Philip G. Williams and Steven Jones have all called over 1,000 TUs of Tritium, “Traces”. Even at the height of nuclear bomb testing 98% – after thousands of Megatons of nuclear testing – of the rainwater tests were 2,000 TUs or less.
8. It is also important to note that the tritium present was diluted by at least some portion of 1 million liters of water accounting for BILLIONS of TUs.
An important point that Jones glosses over is the dilution of water in the basement of WTC 6. If not for copious amounts of water sprayed on the WTC site undoubtedly the concentration of tritium would have been higher than the measured 55 times normal background levels.
Ed Ward’s Breakdown of the WTC Rain and Fire Hose Water, 4 Million Gallons of Dilution:
WTC 6 = 1 acre (approx.)
WTC site = 16 acres. Rain = 4 million liters. 4/16 = 1/4 of a million liters deposits in WTC 6 in its 40 ft. (depth) by 120 ft. (diameter) crater.
WTC 6 was hot – see thermal images 2nd article on WTC Nukes.
Firemen = 12 million liters. Firemen would mostly be spraying the hot areas.
There are about 5 acres that gradually increase to maybe a total of 6 to 7 acres, but let’s be generous and say they sprayed 8 acres (this will lower the total amount of Tritium Units estimate).
8/16 = 1/2 of 12 million liters = 6 million liters spread over 8 acres = 3/4 of a million liters per acre.
Rain plus Firemen = 1 million liters in WTC 6 in the 40 ft (depth) by 120 ft (diameter) crater.
1 liter of the pooled water = 1,106 TUs X 1 million liters of water = 1.1066 BILLION TUs JUST IN WTC 6 (no other places were checked.)
This completely ignores 104 Million Liters (30 Million Gallons) pumped out of the bathtub and the drain water of 51 TUs. 120 million liters X 51 = 6.120 BILLION TUs.
This completely ignores the amount of Tritium in gas form that escapes into the atmosphere and gets massive dispersal.
Just what happened to Building 6? HOW did all of that tritium get in the basement in the first place?
Plume of smoke seen rising from the area where WTC6 stood:
WTC6 explosionPhoto shows WTC6 damaged BEFORE the North Tower “collapsed.”
Another Bill Biggert photo shows WTC6 blackened BEFORE South Tower debris hits it:
Overhead photo:
Reminiscent of the OKC Murrah Building:
Murrah Building OKC
Chuck Boldwyn slide shows possible placement of mini/micro neutron bombs:
PotentialplacementofverylowyieldminineutronnukesAnother Chuck Boldwyn slide shows the damage done by upwardly directed shaped mini/micro neutron nukes:
WTC6Infrared photo that shows the huge crater in WTC 6:
To sum this up: we see a plume of smoke rising from Building 6, photos that show the building was blackened and bombed out before ANY debris from the Twin Towers hit it, a massive crater in the middle of the building and the DOE found massive quantities of tritium in the basement eleven days after 9/11. Only a thermonuclear explosion explains all of this, which strongly suggests that WTC-6 was nuked. And there is more proof.
The US Geological Survey collected samples of dust and airfall debris from more than 35 localities within a 1-km radius of the World Trade Center site on the evenings of September 17 and 18, 2001. The USGS was primarily looking for asbestos in the dust but they found a host of elements that when analyzed properly proves that nuclear fission took place at Ground Zero.
A quick glance at the chemistry table and immediately the presence of the elements such as cesium, uranium, thorium, barium, strontium, yttrium, rubidium, molybdenum, lanthanum, cerium, chromium and zinc raise suspicions. But deeper analysis shows that these elements correlate with each other according to relationships expected in a nuclear fission event.
Jeff Prager has done extensive work with the USGS dust samples and we’ll use some of the slides from his Vancouver Power Point presentation to help us analyze the USGS data:
Barium and Strontium
People might argue that strontium and barium could be found in building debris and they would be correct however strontium and barium could never, under any circumstances, be found as building debris constituents in a demolition in these quantities.
The levels never fall below 400 ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700 ppm for Strontium and they reach over 3000 ppm for both of them at WTC01-16, Broadway and John Streets. Why?
Barium and Strontium are rare Trace elements with limited industrial uses. The enormous peak in Barium and Strontium concentration at WTC01-16 is readily apparent in the chart at right. The concentration of the two elements reaches 3130 ppm for Strontium and 3670 ppm for Barium or over 0.3% by weight of the dust. This means that 0.37% of the sample was Barium and 0.31% of the sample was Strontium by weight at that location, WTC01-16, Broadway and John Streets. The Mean concentration for Barium including the very low girder coating samples is 533 ppm and for Strontium it’s 727 ppm. These are not Trace amounts. They are highly dangerous and extremely toxic amounts. They are also critical components of nuclear fission and the decay process.
Barium and Strontium
Here we’re plotting the concentration of Barium at each location against the Strontium concentration. The correlation between the concentrations of the two elements, Barium and Strontium is extremely high.
The Coefficient of Correlation between the concentration of Barium and Strontium at the outdoor and indoor sampling locations is 0.99 to 2 decimal places (0.9897 to 4 decimal places). So we have a Correlation Coefficient between the concentration of Barium and the concentration of Strontium of 0.9897, or near perfect. The maximum Correlation Coefficient that is mathematically possible is 1.0 and this would mean we have a perfect match between the two factors we’re examining and the data points would lie on a straight line with no variation between them. To obtain a Correlation Coefficient of 0.9897 with this number of measurements (14) around Lower Manhattan is very, very significant indeed. What this means is that we can say that there’s a 99% correlation in the variation in the concentration between these two elements. They vary in lockstep; they vary together. When one element varies so does the other. We can state with absolute mathematical certainty that any change in the concentration of one of these elements, either the Barium or Strontium, is matched by the same change in the concentration of the other. Whatever process gave rise to the presence of either the Barium or the Strontium must have also produced the other as well. Fission is the only process that explains this.
concentration of barium and strontiumThorium and Uranium
Next we come to the detection of measurable quantities of Thorium and Uranium in the dust from the World Trade Center, elements which only exist in radioactive form. The graph below plots the concentration of Thorium and Uranium detected at each sampling location. Again, the last two locations, WTC01-08 and WTC01-09, are for the two girder coating samples. The Uranium concentration follows the same pattern as Thorium, although the graph scale does not show this markedly. Uranium follows the dip at WTC01-03 and WTC01-16 but the highest concentration of Uranium also matches Thorium in the second girder coating, WTC01-09, at 7.57ppm. 7.57 greatly exceeds normal Trace element levels. This equals 93 Becquerels per kilogram. Normal background radiation is approximately 12Bq/kg to 40Bq/kg with 40Bq/kg the highest level we would expect to see. This girder contains more than twice the expected level of uranium. The second girder contained 30.7 ppm of Thorium, 6 times as high as the lowest level of that element detected. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place. As we said earlier, Thorium is formed from Uranium be alpha decay. An alpha particle is the same as a Helium nucleus, so this means we have one of the favored fission pathways: Uranium fissioning into a Noble Gas and the balancing elements, in this case Helium and Thorium.
thorium and uraniumThe graph of Thorium versus Lithium including the Girder Coatings has exactly the same form as the graph showing Thorium versus Uranium, also including the Girder Coatings. Without the two Girder Coatings the correlation of Thorium to Lithium in the dust is completely linear. We therefore have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium, has indeed taken place. It is out of the question that all of these correlations which are the signature of a nuclear explosion could have occurred by chance. This is impossible. The presence of rare Trace elements such as Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum is enough to raise eyebrows in themselves, let alone in quantities of 50 ppm to well over 100 ppm. When the quantities then vary widely from place to place but still correlate with each other according to the relationships expected from nuclear fission, it is beyond ALL doubt that the variations in concentration are due to that same common process of nuclear fission. When we also find Barium and Strontium present, in absolutely astronomical concentrations of over 400 ppm to over 3000 ppm, varying from place to place but varying in lockstep and according to known nuclear relationships, the implications are of the utmost seriousness. Fission occurred in NYC on 911.
thorium vs lithiumThe graph (below) shows that (apart from the very high peak in Sodium levels for one of the indoor dust samples) the Sodium and Potassium concentrations both display this now characteristic peak at location WTC01-16, the corner of Broadway and John Street. Sodium has the same peak as Zinc at WTC01-22, the corner of Warren and West, and like Zinc, falls to a minimum in the girder coatings – far below the concentrations found in the dust. Potassium is very similar except its concentration was not a peak at WTC01-02, Water and New York Streets, but somewhat lower than the next location, WTC01-03, State and Pearl Streets. There are clear correlations and relationships here which show that the Potassium and Sodium concentrations did not arise at random. They are products of radioactive decay. Remember that Strontium is produced by a fission pathway that proceeds through the Noble Gas Krypton and then the Alkali Metal Rubidium. Similarly, Barium is produced through Xenon and the Alkali Metal Cesium. We know that Uranium fission favors these pathways through the Noble Gases. Just as radioactive isotopes of Krypton and Xenon decay by beta particle emission to produce Rubidium and Cesium, radioactive isotopes of Neon and Argon also decay by beta emission to produce Sodium and Potassium. We would indeed expect to find anomalous levels of these elements present – what was found is again consistent with the occurrence of nuclear fission.
zinc sodium potassium
We know beyond doubt that the only process that can cause Barium and Strontium to be present in related or correlated quantities and any process that can also cause Barium and Strontium to have such strong relational concentrations across different samples, is nuclear fission. We know that if nuclear fission had occurred that Barium and Strontium would be present and a strong statistical correlation between the quantities of each would be found, and we have that, in spades. What else do we have? Quite a lot.
About 400 ppm of Barium and Strontium were measured in two samples of insulation girder coatings (WTC01-08 and 01-09). The concentration of Strontium actually falls somewhat below that of Barium in the second girder sample, WTC01-09, as at WTC01-16, whereas in every other sample the level of Strontium discovered was higher than Barium. Given the elevated levels of Barium daughter products found in the second girder and even the highest level of Uranium found (7.57ppm just West of and behind Tower One) this shows that active fission was still ongoing in the second girder coating, in the very same way as at WTC01-16 and therefore more Barium was found then Strontium. In other samples where the rate of fission had slowed down to give way to decay, the concentrations of Barium and Strontium reverse, due to the different half-lives. Barium isotopes have a shorter half-life then Strontium isotopes so they decay more quickly and after a period of time when no new Barium or Strontium has been deposited, Strontium will exceed Barium. The fact that more Barium then Strontium was still found at WTC01-16 and WTC01-09 shows that the overall nuclear processes taking place were somewhat favoring Barium over Strontium and hence Zinc as well. The tighter cluster of Barium (400-500 ppm) and Strontium (700-800 ppm) concentrations across widely separated sampling locations in Lower Manhattan is cast iron proof that Nuclear Fission occurred. We know that Barium and Strontium are the characteristic signature of fission; they are formed by two of the most common Uranium fission pathways. The fact that their concentrations are so tightly coupled means that their source was at the very epicenter of the event which created the dust cloud that enveloped Manhattan. This was not a localized preexisting chemical source which would only have contaminated a few closely spaced samples and left the remaining samples untouched. The very high concentrations of Barium and Strontium at location WTC01-16 shows that active nuclear fission was still ongoing at that spot; the dust was still “hot” and new Barium and new Strontium were being actively generated, actively created by transmutation from their parent nuclei.
The presence of Thorium and Uranium correlated to each other by a clear mathematical power relationship – and to the other radionuclide daughter products such as sodium, potassium, zinc, lithium, strontium and barium – leaves nothing more to be said. This type of data has probably never been available to the public before and it’s an unprecedented insight into the action of a nuclear device. September 11th, 2001, was the first nuclear event within a major United States city that we have incontrovertible proof for and this is without question the most closely held secret surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001.
Anyone seriously interested in 911 truth will naturally be compelled to fully and thoroughly investigate the serious implications raised by this report personally, and I strongly encourage this. The material is complex yet if I can understand it anyone can.
No one promised us that the answers to 911 would come easily.
There’s more compelling and incontrovertible evidence I’d like to cover now. We’ll discuss the elements:
In this graph Zinc has been divided by a factor of 10 to avoid losing all the detail in the scaling if the ‘Y’ axis instead went up to 3000 ppm. The variation in Lead is matched by the variation in Zinc almost perfectly across all sampling locations, including the Indoor and Girder Coating samples.
The concentration of Copper follows that of Zinc with one distinct exception at WTC01-15, Trinity and Cortlandt Streets, just several hundred feet East of Building Four. There seem to be two Copper-Zinc relationships. If some of the Zinc was being formed by beta decay of Copper, then the high Copper at WTC01-15 could reduce Zinc, since formation of Zinc by that decay pathway would be retarded by material being held up at the Copper stage, before decaying on to Zinc. Therefore this graph does confirm that some of the Zinc was indeed being formed by beta decay of Copper.
This would at least be a very small mercy for the civilian population exposed in this event since the Zinc isotopes formed from Copper are stable, i.e. they are not radioactive.
zinc lead copper
The copper found in the Ground Zero dust is indicative of nuclear fission. If we plot the concentration of Copper against Zinc and Nickel, we obtain the graphs pictured here. The concentration of Nickel was almost the same everywhere, except for the peak of 88 ppm matched by the Copper peak of 450 ppm.
The Copper – Zinc relationship is very interesting, showing in fact two distinct relationships again depending on isotopic composition. There are two radioactive isotopes of Copper (Cu 64 and Cu 67) with short half-lives of 12.7 hours and 2.58 days respectively which decay into Zinc isotopes. The other two isotopes (Cu 60 and Cu 61) decay the other way by positron emission into Nickel and in fact Cu 64 goes both ways, into both Nickel and Zinc. This would explain why there strongly appear to be two Copper – Zinc relationships.
The decay of radioactive Copper by beta particle emission into Zinc would have been another source for the extraordinarily high concentrations of Zinc found in the World Trade Center Dust.
copper vs zinc
Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of Barium, situated between Barium and Cerium. The concentration of Barium versus Lanthanum is plotted in the graph below.
This graph is almost identical in form to the relationship between Barium and Cerium. A similar inverse exponential (cubic) relationship is clearly visible. In this case, Lanthanum is approximately equal to 5 times the cube root of Barium.
Lanthanum has a much shorter half-life then Cerium; most of its isotopes have a half-life of only a few hours whereas beta decay by Cerium is measured in half-life periods of a month to 10 months. Cerium’s beta decay going back to Lanthanum occurs more quickly but Lanthanum’s beta decay going back to Barium occurs in a similar time-scale to that – a few hours, so we are left with the net effect of Lanthanum’s beta decay being much quicker than that of Cerium, so the concentration of Cerium remaining was higher than that of Lanthanum.
barium vs lanthanumYttrium is also a very rare element and should not be present in dust from a collapsed office building. Yttrium is the next decay element after Strontium. If we plot concentration of Strontium against Yttrium, we see what happens in the graph below. Strontium 90 has a much longer half-life (28.78 years) than most Barium isotopes so we would not expect to see as high a concentration of Strontium’s daughter products as those that are produced from Barium. This is in fact what we see – the concentration of Cerium (next daughter product to Barium) is higher than Yttrium, the next daughter product to Strontium.
strontium vs yttrium
The presence of Chromium is also a telltale signature of a nuclear detonation. Its concentration is shown plotted against Zinc and Vanadium in the graphs below.
There is a strong correlation between the Zinc and the Chromium concentration. The Coefficient of Correlation is high, 0.89.
There is also an indication of strong correlation between Chromium and Vanadium within 6 points of lying on an almost perfect exponential curve, with one outlier, WTC01-03, the corner of State and Pearl Streets, of 42.5 ppm where the Vanadium concentration reached its highest level.
chromium vs zinc
Looking at the data for Zinc we see that the Zinc concentration for WTC01-02, Water Street at the intersection of New York, is 2990 ppm and this immediately stands out. In fact, for the outdoor samples, Zinc is the most common Trace element at all sampling locations, with generally between 1000 ppm and 2000 ppm except for this spike of nearly 3000 ppm at WTC01-02.
This equates to an enormous concentration of Zinc. 0.1% to 0.2% of Zinc in the dust overall and at WTC01-02, 0.299% of the dust was Zinc. This exceeds the concentration of the supposed “non-Trace” element Manganese and Phosphorous and almost equals the elevated Titanium concentration of 0.39% at that same location.
What process produced the zinc?
If we include the data for WTC01-16, the Correlation Coefficient between the Zinc and Barium concentration is 0.007 to 3 decimal places, from which we can conclude that there is absolutely no correlation at all. But if we exclude that one sampling location, where Barium and Strontium concentrations peaked, the correlation coefficient between Zinc and Barium is 0.96 to two decimal places and between Zinc and Strontium, 0.66 to two decimal places. So what happened?
zinc strontium
This shows that the Zinc and Barium concentrations are closely related and if we exclude what must have been an extraordinary event at WTC01-16 as an outlier, the correlation is very good. The Product Moment Correlation Coefficient is 0.96. The concentration of Zinc is now 3 times the concentration of Barium but the correlation between Zinc and Strontium is not so clear, showing that the relationship must be more indirect. This is to be expected since Barium and Strontium are produced by different nuclear fission pathways.
In spent nuclear fuel, Strontium is found as Strontium Oxide (SrO) – the Strontium produced by the nuclear fission explosion under the Twin Towers will certainly have been oxidized to SrO by the heat. SrO is extremely soluble in water, so some of the Strontium concentration results obtained may have been distorted by the rain water which fell on New York a few days after the towers were destroyed.
There is a very strong linear relationship between Barium and Zinc found at the World Trade Center. This may indicate that a closely related nuclear sub-process gave rise to them, which produced 3 times as much Zinc as Barium by weight. If so, that would be a very unusual nuclear event.
There is a lesser known nuclear process that accounts for this, which would be indicative of very high energies indeed. This process is known as Ternary Fission.
What is ternary fission? From Wikipedia: Ternary Fission is a comparatively rare (0.2 to 0.4% of events) type of nuclear fission in which three charged products are produced rather than two. As in other nuclear fission processes, other uncharged particles such as multiple neutrons and gamma rays are produced in ternary fission.
Ternary fission may happen during neutron-induced fission or in spontaneous fission (the type of radioactive decay). About 25% more ternary fission happens in spontaneous fission compared to the same fissioning system formed after thermal neutron capture, illustrating that these processes remain physically slightly different, even after the absorption of the neutron, possibly because of the extra energy present in the nuclear reaction system of thermal neutron-induced fission.
True Ternary Fission: A very rare type of ternary fission process is sometimes called “true ternary fission.” It produces three nearly equal-sized charged fragments (Z ~ 30) but only happens in about 1 in 100 million fission events. In this type of fission, the product nuclei split the fission energy in three nearly equal parts and have kinetic energies of ~ 60 MeV (Wikipedia contributors, 2013)
Mini-Neutron Bombs
We have evidence of nuclear fission and fusion taking place at Ground Zero. Fission triggered fusion bombs fit the evidence. These bombs had limited but powerful blast effects, a burst of neutron radiation as well as EMP effects. Mini-neutron bombs appear to be what was used.
What is a neutron bomb? A neutron bomb, also called an enhanced radiation bomb, is a type of thermonuclear weapon. An enhanced radiation bomb is any weapon which uses fusion to enhance the production of radiation beyond that which is normal for an atomic device. In a neutron bomb, the burst of neutrons generated by the fusion reaction is intentionally allowed to escape using X-ray mirrors and an atomically inert shell casing, such as chromium or nickel. The energy yield for a neutron bomb may be as little as half that of a conventional device, though radiation output is only slightly less. Although considered to be ‘small’ bombs, a neutron bomb still has a yield in the tens or hundreds of kilotons range. Neutron bombs are expensive to make and maintain because they require considerable amounts of tritium, which has a relatively short half-life (12.32 years). Manufacture of the weapons requires that a constant supply of tritium of be available. Neutron bombs have a relatively short shelf-life. (Helmenstine)
Per Sam Cohen “In a broad sense, the neutron bomb is an explosive version of the sun; that is, the relevant energy it emits comes from thermonuclear, or fusion, reactions involving the very lightest elements. To be specific, its fuel consists of the two heavier nuclei of hydrogen, named deuterium and tritium. By means of a fission trigger, a mixture of these two nuclei is compressed and heated, as happens in a hydrogen bomb, to cause nuclear reactions whose principle output is in the form of very high energy neutrons. Also produced will be blast and heat, but so predominant are the neutron effects against human beings, who are a hundred to a thousand times more vulnerable to radiation than blast and heat, that by bursting the weapon high enough off the ground the only significant effects at the surface will come from radiation. In so doing, the blast and heat effects will not be strong enough to cause significant damage to most structures. Hence, a bomb which, accurately but misleadingly, has been described as a weapon that kills people but spares buildings.” (Cohen, 2006)
Neutron Radiation and EMP Effects at Ground Zero
Neutron radiation and EMP appears to be responsible for the “toasted cars” found near Ground Zero. What is neutron radiation? From the Shots Across the Bow Blog: To understand neutron radiation, imagine a pool table set for the start of a game. 15 balls are in the middle of the table, with the cue ball set for the break. The cue ball is a free neutron. When the neutron hits the nucleus, one of three things might happen. First, if the cue ball doesn’t have enough energy, or hits at the wrong angle, it caroms off, barely disturbing the pack of balls. Second, if the ball has too much energy, it slams through the pack, breaking it up. This is fission, and results in fission products, more free neutrons, and energy. Third, if the ball has just the right amount of energy, it just makes it to the pack and joins in, becoming another neutron in the nucleus. Here is where our analogy breaks down, because many times, when a nucleus gets another neutron, it becomes unstable, and begins to decay, emitting alphas, betas, or gammas. This is called activation, and is one of the trickier problems with neutron irradiation and the physical properties of the irradiated matter can be quite different from the original. (“A nuclear power,”)
A large quantity of high energy neutrons bombarding an object will cause the atoms in the material to move i.e. heat up. This is why so few bodies were found at Ground Zero – most of the people that were near the Towers were vaporized either by the blast and heat effects of the bombs or the neutron radiation that was released.
The “Toasted” Cars
Ted Twietmeyer has a post on Rense’s website that goes a long way towards explaining the toasted cars found near Ground Zero. Twietmeyer attributes the damage to aluminum vehicle parts such as engine blocks and mirrors to strong EMP eddy currents produced by nuclear detonations at Ground Zero: “and what else do eddy currents create? HEAT if the currents are strong enough. The stronger the eddy currents, the more heat which will be generated. Although magnetic fields are being created, they are temporary in aluminum because it is not magnetic, but paramagnetic. This means aluminum will be affected by magnetism, but it cannot be magnetized.
A vector is simply a line that shows direction and usually has an arrow. Arrows are not shown above, in an attempt to simplify the image. The direction of force is from upper left to lower right. The notated image above provides a possible explanation for the location of the source of the magnetic pulse, and why some vehicles were damaged and others were not. This parking lot may be the best evidence in support of my theory.
Yellow lines indicate the pulse(s) blocked by the rear row of vehicles. It appears the entire outside of all rear vehicles were destroyed. Note how several hoods on the rear row of vehicles have white dust or ash, indicating an intense heat originating from under the hood. This is probably caused by the engine block vaporizing, and the white dust may be aluminum oxide. If the vehicles are still around somewhere in a junk yard, some simple lab tests will confirm this.
White lines show the pulses that reached the vehicles in the foreground.
Orange shapes around each car show the damage threshold line. The cars are basically undamaged below these lines and some might be repairable. If it wasn’t for “sacrificial” vehicles at the rear, those in the foreground would have been completely burned.
Note that white and yellow lines are not meant to be a literal interpretation to show size of the pulse, how many lines of force hit each vehicle, etc… Each line is intended to show only the direction the pulse(s) came from. Regardless of whether this parking lot is close to the WTC or not, it clearly shows that the nuclear device (or pulse source) was high above the ground. If the pulse source were close to the Earth, then vehicles in the foreground would have been completely shielded from the pulse.” (Twietmeyer, 2007)
Ed Ward’s take: I believe some of what he attributes to EMP was done by neutrons – in particular his linear evaluations (angle computations) would seem more neutron than EMP. EMP should tend to flow around – seems to be a correlation of dust cloud carrying EMP. So the linear blockage of cars protecting other cars would seem to be more appropriate for neutrons. Other than that seems on the money, IMO.
The Temperature of the Pile
Temperatures at Ground Zero were 600 to 1,500 °F or even higher for 6 months after 9/11. Firemen were fighting fires at Ground Zero for 99 days after 9/11. AVRIS data showed that temperature in one spot was 1,341 °F on 9/16/01. These high temperatures could be attributed to neutron bombs that were detonated underground in order to destroy the foundations of the Twin Towers. Some of the hotspots may have been unexploded nuclear fissile material reacting underground.
The workers at Ground Zero experienced hellish working conditions. One Ground Zero worker, Charlie Vitchers, describes the nightmare “The fires were very intense on the pile, the heat was very intense. In some places you couldn’t even get onto it. In some areas where you could walk, you’d travel another five feet and then you could just feel the heat coming up and you would have to just back off. You’d say to yourself, “I can’t see a fire, but I can feel the heat, so something’s wrong here,” and you’d back off.
That was one of the concerns we had about putting equipment on the pile, because the operators were sitting eight or ten feet up above the debris pile in their cabs and couldn’t feel the heat. But they’re carrying a hundred gallons of diesel fuel, hydraulic hoses, and other flammables, and there was nothing to stop the heat from wrecking the machine. If they got stuck in a place where the heat was so intense that it set his machine on fire, that operator wasn’t going to make it out.
We were so lucky. We didn’t lose anyone. We lost a lot of equipment, mostly due to collapses, but didn’t have any piece of equipment catch on fire or anything like that. But hoses melted, and there was a lot of damage to tires- some of them melted just from being too close. I mean, the bottom of your shoes would melt on some of the steel. Some of that was so hot you could feel the hair on the back of your neck start to burn when you walked by. There were cherry-red pieces of steel sticking out of the ground. It was almost like being in a steel-manufacturing plant. You just couldn’t physically go near that stuff.
Every time a grappler grabbed a piece of steel and shook it out, it would just fan the fire, like a fan in the fireplace. All of a sudden there’d be smoke billowing out.
The Army Corps of Engineers eventually supplied us with infrared aerial shots of where the heat was. It was like looking at the blob. The fire was moving under the pile. One day it would be here, it would be 1,400 degrees, the next day it would be 2,000 degrees, then five days later it wouldn’t register over 600 degrees.” (Stout, Vitchers & Gray, 2006)
Conclusions of this Study
Evidence for fission and fusion abounds at Ground Zero. Tritiated water in any significant quantity is a telltale sign of a thermonuclear explosion. A 170 meter high plume of smoke was observed rising from Building 6, and massive amounts of tritiated water were found in the basement. It appears to be beyond reasonable doubt that this building was nuked, because no alternative explanation is reasonable.
The Twin Towers were 500,000 tons each and destroyed in 9 and 11 seconds respectively with debris ejected hundreds of feet out. There can be no doubt that the Twins Towers were nuked as well.
The USGS dust samples prove beyond all doubt that nuclear fission took place at Ground Zero. Fission triggered fusion bombs such as mini or micro neutron bombs explain the dust and water sample evidence perfectly.
The destruction of the Twin Towers was an unprecedented use of nuclear bomb technology. The public had never before witnessed anything like it. While Steve Jones and Judy Wood, among others, have added to uncertainty over what happened to the WTC buildings on 9/11, the mystery has finally been solved. The World Trade Center was nuked on 9/11.
Donald Fox has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices. See his blog at
Jeff Prager, founder of an award winning magazine for Senior Citizens, in 2002 he tried to prove 19 Muslims hijacked four planes and attacked us. By 2005, he realized this was false, sold his business, left the US and began to investigate 9/11 full-time. See 9/11 AMERICA NUKED, Part 1, Part 2.
Ed Ward, M.D., among the leading experts on the use of nukes on 9/11, maintains an extensive archive about them at his “Weblog of Tyranny”,, and has also appeared as a guest on “The Real Deal”, which you can hear at

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59 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: The WTC Was Nuked on 9/11”

  1. Thank you for your technical analysis. I suspected a nuclear demolition for at least seven years now. It was mentioned by a few observers early on and certainly resonated with me because of the nature of the destruction, including the massive amount of fine concrete dust, the miniscule amount of rubble left behind and all the paper blowing in the wind. I suspected that there must of been a massive amount of energy required to heat the moisture in the concrete for each floor slab to the point that it turned to steam and effectively micronized the concrete. The lack of structural steel in my opinion was because it was probably heated to above its boiling point and most of it was either vaporized or liquefied and pooled in the sub basement, which accounts for the tremendous heat that was reported for many months. Besides the dust blowing in the wind the other sign that was puzzling was all that paper blowing about. Paper does not have much mass and therefore probably not effected by the radiation, although the metal cabinets containing it probably melted or vaporized away. Finally the plume of smoke and debris falling back towards the ground was reminiscent of those images from nuclear testing in the past, even the same color.
    I also suspected that thermite was used on the exterior of the building for proper visual effect and because the effect of the nuclear device was probably conical, sparing much of the buildings except the very center at lower elevations and consuming more of the building as the elevation increased.
    Nuclear demolition is the only plausible explanation that can account for everything witnessed at the scene. I have been present for controlled demolition of buildings and what happened in September of 2001 cannot be accomplished with conventional controlled demolition and never mind a jet fuel fire. Thank you for the scientific analysis, At least those who are really looking to get a better understanding now have the opportunity to access something scientifically based.
    • Thank you for the thoughtful comments. You are correct – only nukes can provide the amount of energy required to demolish 500,000 ton buildings in 10 seconds each.
      • Don
        This is great work that you’ve done.
        I can tell you honestly that it was more than five years after I learned that 9/11 was a set-up in 2003 that I suddenly realised that my belief that both of the Twin Towers collapsed in less than 10 seconds was simply incorrect and a result of me parroting information fed to me by others on the internet. This was lazy and sloppy of me.
        I encourage you to review the collapse data on the following web page, especially the collapse footage (ie. time the collapses all the way to ground level like I did) to avoid making the same mistake that I did. Both towers took significantly longer than 10 seconds each to collapse. The North Tower collapsed in less than 25 seconds (ie. more than 20 seconds) and the South Tower collapsed in less than 20 seconds (ie. more than 15 seconds).
        Andrew Mackinnon
    • Fission and fusion were the main causes of the destruction of these buildings but certainly conventional demolition charges were used as well.
  2. Would you agree with the Russian nuclear expert Dimitri Khalezov that the WTC buildings were built with a nuclear demolition device deep under the foundations so when they were obsolete they could be taken down efficiently? I tend to believe Dimitri’s theory that all the buildings were taken out with built in nukes from deep underground. The President was told by false intelligence that there was going to be an atmospheric nuclear explosion from devices in the planes or pre planted in the buildings so believing this in order to save millions of people from dying Bush ordered the buildings to be demolished. Dimitri Khalezov’s theory makes the most sense out of all the 911 theories.
    • From the Granit missle stolen off the sunken Kursk by Halliburton Norway and used on the Pentagon, to the PNET declarations of nuclear underground demolition devices in the WTC tower, Sears tower and UN building – all Rockefeller projects, to the pools of boronated down circulating water now on the tower sites to mitigate radiation signatures underground, to the shootdown of flight 93 by the Happy Hooligans from the North Dakota ANG, , to the press and Congressional blackmail with Anthrax mailings, Dimitri Khalezov has done the best job of telling the complete 911 Grand Illusion story.
      God bles you Dimitri!
      • 100% agreed. Dimitri Khalezov solved 9/11 a few years ago. It was a nuclear demolition. The rescue workers are suffering from rare cancers that are caused by radiation exposure, not “asbstos”. That evidence alone should make genuine skeptics research this topic from the perspective of Dimitri Khalezov’s testimony.
      • Khalezov’s 150 kt big nuke theory fails on several counts but yes 9/11 was a nuclear demolition.
    • Khalezov’s theory of 3 150 kt nukes fails on several accounts. First neutron bombs are generally much smaller than 150 kt and we have strong evidence it was neutron bombs that were used. He states that the bombs were planted during construction which was in 1970-71. A neutron bomb uses tritium (12.32 year half life) which as Ed Ward points out degrades rapidly and after about 3 years is basically useless. 150 kt nukes would have left giant craters at Ground Zero and we don’t see that. Finally the toasted cars show that the source of the neutrons that hit them was above ground. There were underground nukes at the WTC but they were far smaller than 150 kt.
      • So Don you don’t believe that the WTC buildings were constructed with a nuclear demolition scheme as Dimitri claims he saw the original plans for this? If not then how do you suppose that the nuclear devices were installed in to the buildings?
      • Dimitri didn’t say 150 kT nuclear devices… He said the PNET reporting threshold allowed devices less than 150 kT for “peacefu” purpose! The actual kTonnage was not required in the reporting so long as it was less than 150 kT yield.
  3. Wow..! Amazing work sir, absolutely amazing piece of work.
    I wish this could be required reading for every member of Congress and defenders of the “official” thesis in this and other countries…!!
  4. This changes everything… only the government could have supplied such mini-nukes.
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  6. Marine barracks in Lebanon 1983, has always bothered me. I can close to being in that bld. very embarrassing to have my fellow marines used, and murdered. I have always suspected the bomb was in the bld. before they got there. The comments from the Israelis is very telling, also their behavior before the bombing.( massacre of the Palestinians/confrontational towards Marines ). Do you think that was a nuke as well. Our rumor control said the Marines were practically disarmed during the mission. Very little to no security on the frnt gate. Frnt gate was guarded by Lebanese militia. Only one corporal w/45 to confront the dump truck. He only had 5 rounds. Was 5 mi away from okc bomb. it was loud, and I felt the shock wave. I was west of downtown. The crater and the columns, plus extra bombs that they found after the fact, have bugged me.
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  8. It wasn’t our govt. It was the ISRAELI govt. with their TRAITOR moles imbedded in our govt. Google “Israel did 9/11”: for the evidence.
    • Covert op BS. Israel doesn’t control US military directly, or stop a real investigation, or have military and FEMA drills, No, Israel did some – supplied the nuke, like they did for Boston. But the US Government is in WAY deeper than Israel.
      • Thanks. I’ve been saying this for years. The notion that Israel/Mossad would trust a Bush (I in this case) and his Saudi pals farther than they could throw them is laughable on its face. They’re on record trying to warn everyone including the MSM many times until they gave up. And when they realized it was to be a false flag op, they did document it every step of the way, including the idiot “dancing israeli” student agents, so they wouldn’t end up being the last on the patsy list t be blamed. Complete Bush I rogue CIA/Cheney/Baker op, with Cheney controlling the military on a need to know basis in ignorance. Dubyah didn’t know EXACTLY what was going on until pretending to read “My Pet Goat” which explains the shock face trying to be calm.
  9. Still conjecture as the US Army War College releasedWTC-7 was wired for demolition by MOUSSAD. If one was wired they all were. People died in an insurance scam, the US Government was complicit in the coverup.
    • Thermite MAY have played a minor role but it is not explosive and could not have been the primary cause of the destruction of the buildings. I think it was most likely a combo of mini-nukes and conventional explosives like RDX.
      • Very doubtful on thermite, except as incendiary to keep or get all fuel to burn. A few grenade type thermites. RDX for the cover and the smaller stuff – cutters and explosive. charges of RDX or Similar. And the nukes for the ‘heavy lifting’.
  10. Just a question here. Would they have needed thermite only to cut the impenetrable stainless steel skin of the WTC so the planes (whatever they were) wouldn’t just have crushed themselves flat against it and slid down the towers (the way almost every other plane crash against a building has happened?) So in that case the thermite would have just been for visual effect? Then that might have been backed up by a small missile as conjectured.
    • I was watching Richard Hall break down “Flight 11” hitting the North Tower and it certainly appears that the explosion comes AFTER whatever it was hit the building. And it’s a pretty good sized explosion so it can’t be thermite which is not explosive.
      “Flight 11” sounds like a missile coming in if you watch the Naudet brothers infamous clip. It may well have been a missile and that’s how it was able to penetrate the building.
  11. Whatever did it, however, whatever by whomever will never be totally known……..THAT RIGHT THERE OUGHT TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ALL AMERICANS!! WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT AGAIN!! How can we? We are at the mercy of whatever they want to do, even with more of us than them.. It’s going to take something that will bring the average person to their knees-making them fight for their very lives! We are so far gone and things are ruined by all of so called government-that we are not free or the nation we EVER were. We will become a very different place than we were founded. Because of that we will be under the judgment of God for we were founded on Christian principals that made us the best nation in the world and now we are the worse because we did not stand up for faith, truth, freedom and patriotism! We were given a wonderful life and we ruined it for ever possibly. For the rest of our lives anyway…the future I do not even want to think about and do not think I would want to be alive to see-should this world go on much longer. If people do not wake up and get back to the truth of faith and reality there is not going to be any sanity to living at all. What is truly important about being human, educated and life worth living is being sucked away like fresh air made bad…..and it will be everyone that will feel it. What is happening is greater than any one group, ideology or military might anywhere……how have we become such foolish ignorant human beings with so much wonderful technology and education available? Greed and immoral evil; that is how! God help everyone of us……waite and see all the dark things that will come all over the world………….
  12. Why is Mr Fox covering up what happened? Why has Ed Ward been resurrected, along with Mr Prager? Let’s make it simple for everyone…
    Conventional nukes are
    1) extremely loud
    2) extremely hot
    3) extremely bright
    None of these extremes were seen on 911. Nukes also do not explain the peculiar motion of Hurricane Erin on 911.
    A great deal of the info you need is on this page:
    Mr Ward is written about here:
    Mr Prager is discussed here:
    Vancouver cover up conference discussed here:
    Someone’s pretty desperate. It’d be great to know why these chaps haven’t filed a court case or something similar based on the information they claim is true…
    All the best
    Andrew Johnson UK
    • Andy, been trying to get some facts on that scam site of you and woodhead for years, but somehow you/it don’t seem to get posted. The facts you and Dr Judy Wood keep running from – DESPERATE TO KEEP HIDDEN AND IGNORE…
      Proven 9-11 Nukes
      1. Three Massive WTC Craters – See us government LIDAR proof: – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. – Best,
      2. Five Acres (1.2 Billion Pounds = Weight of Residue of 3 WTC Buildings (WTC 1, 2, 6 and 7) of WTC Land Brought to Searing Temperatures in a Few Hours by an ’Anaerobic, Chlorine Fueled “Fire” – Impossible by Basic Laws of Physics. See us gov Thermal Images proof – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. Best, See: Update
      3. Tritium Levels 55 Times (normal) Background Levels assessed a numerical value of ‘traces’ and ‘of no human concern’. See us government (DOE report) proof: – Nothing but a NUCLEAR EVENT can cause ‘tritium’ formation – basic physics fact – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES.
      4. An Impossible “Fire” (Combustion Process). See Laws of Physics for
      Fire/Combustion Process and Dr. Cahill’s data on ‘anaerobic incineration’. – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES.
      5. 3 Billion pounds of building instantly turned into 2 Billion pounds of
      micronized dust. – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. Best
      6. 16 inch steel Spires that withstood 1/2 a Billion pounds of building falling on them and suddenly turn into limp noodles and partially vaporize. Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES.
      7. Hiroshima effect cancers in responders and locals. Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. ,
      All of the above are facts are proven with referenced links of reputable data sources – many are from the government itself and more…
      More US Drill Death in Waco Explosion – Drill Stops for Reality, Again
      Pictures: US Boston Weapon – Both ‘Explosions’ – The Secret of the Pure Fusion Weapon – Li7 – Lithium 7
      Re: The usual from one scam BS to the next – NEVER ADDRESSING THE FACTS – some file a court case BS like ‘woodhead’ did – you know where she has NO WEAPON? But, it has a list of ‘possibles’ – the most recent of which was a TIME MACHINE. Sure, that’s got to work. The courts are fixed just like government and its covert op sock puppets. Don’t have the money to do stupid sh!t like that, and wouldn’t waste it if I did. Just feeds the fascist system sham.
      Ed Ward, MD – ; ;
      • By ’16 inch steel Spires’ in #6 above, do you mean 16 inches in width? Because they had to have been several stories high. I noticed that little detail right off the bat and it’s one of the items that kept me awake at night. More down below…
    • Andrew,
      I figured this article would grab your attention – I wrote it with you and Judy in mind:)
      Look folks nuclear bomb technology has progressed quite a bit since the 1960s. In the early 90s the Pentagon was calling for mini-nuke weapons research funding: You’re not going to see a big flash from small bombs planted in the core columns of giant skyscrapers.
      Andrew, Morgan and Judy are the ones running a coverup. The only reason Andrew is here is to confuse and obfuscate which is all he and Judy ever do.
      The word is getting out though buddy. Your days of fooling people are rapidly coming to an end. You guys are getting exposed for the dis-info government shills that you are.
      • Andrew, you STUPID dumb ass.
        You stated: Conventional nukes are
        1) extremely loud
        2) extremely hot
        3) extremely bright
        You dumb farkin idiot. These weren’t conventional nukes.
        What a farkin retard.
        ~ Jeff Prage
        Don, Ed, thanks!
  13. When I first read of this as proposed by Jeff Prager, a man whose writtings I had previously found to be quite rational and intellegent, in their content, I first thought old Jeff had done lost his damned mind…That was years ago and I’m still reading.
    • I read Jeff’s stuff pretty much every day and some of it is very complex (the fission stuff especially). Jeff and Ed are both smarter than I am so I read their stuff at least 2-3 times.
  14. When I first saw the towers fall in real time, my first reaction was ‘that’s not possible!’ followed by the thought, ‘NUKES!’ followed by another instant, ‘Nah, they couldn’t have…’ followed by a rather dogged investigation that ended up taking over 1000 hours and most of the rest of the decade. I bought a book called ‘Aftermath’ which is photos taken by one of the only two photographers allowed on the pile (that alone makes you think, why so much secrecy?).
    I searched those photos for anything I could find, thinking I’d find the smoking gun that everyone else had overlooked. Then it occurred to me; it wasn’t what you could see, it was what you couldn’t. There were absolutely NO chairs, desks, telephones, computers or monitors, room dividers, water fountains, toilets or vending machines, all of which were in both buildings to the tune of 10s of thousands. In any version of a gravity/fire collapse, they would have been there, crushed but recognizable. The only filing cabinet retrieved was from a sub-basement and it was warped and oxidized but the paper inside was almost untouched.
    Then I came across a discussion of the tritium levels in the immediate aftermath which alone are conclusive, Judy Wood’s photos of the ‘toasted cars’, and Dimitri Khalezov’s work. While I don’t think a nuke planted in the basement and aimed upwards would create the effect seen (if the building was disintegrated from the bottom up, it wouldn’t have held its structure even to sight appearance while the top fell down first in sequence). I also happened across a newspaper item detailing that thousands of gallons of Pyrocool were ordered and thrown down on the ground; this is a substance well known for absorbing heat but also radiation…also, there were first hand reports coming out in the late 2000s about lights going off and then coming back on again at the moment of the initiation of the collapses, and the weirdness of car doors popping off and engine blocks but not gas tanks bursting into flames (EMP?) as some people tried to outrun the dust cloud, which was reported to be very hot and of high density; one man at least reported that it picked him up and carried him a long way down the street. Many were burned from the dust cloud and one has to ask, how did the dust get so hot from a fire up on the 88th floor?
    So while I’m willing to accept the possible use of thermite on some beams in the basement to perhaps control the downward movement of the buildings, here’s what I tell people happened (and I rarely bother looking at these sites anymore, the mystery has been solved to my satisfaction):
    Look at a photo of the towers in mid-collapse. The outside aluminum cladding and beams are being blow straight outward with tremendous force (and thermite is not an explosive, only a cutting charge). The residual moisture in the concrete floor pans is turning to steam instantaneously and creating all that gray dust, along with disintegration of all the office contents. And that black smoke rising slowly from the center is the massive central core beams being molecularly disintegrated – it’s a mushroom cloud, just not the kind we’ve grown to expect but then again, nobody ever set off small nukes on every other floor of an office building before, detonated by remote control.
    By the way, you missed an important piece of the puzzle and one which proves the point very well, the horseshoe beam:
    Nothing but a nuclear reaction explains that massive beam turning to taffy, although laughingly the guys over at The Amazing Randi’s All Purpose Debunking site think that the beam ‘creeped’ over time due to the heat in the pile, which in their tiny minds was caused by ‘office contents in an oxygen starved fire’; god forbid they should consider anything nuclear.
    There’s a reason why DHS has the meme, ‘see something, say something’; they know that there are huge amounts of fissionable material missing since the USSR broke up, all available to the highest bidder and nukes now come in very small sizes; a brown bag lunch or your secretary’s purse will do nicely. They even have radiation detectors now on major arterial roads going into major cities; a friend got stopped once after having had a radioactive tracer used in a medical procedure; luckily he had been given a note from the clinic for just such an occurrence…
    For the record, I’m just a Mensa-level well-read gramma who had the time and inclination to doggedly pursue this issue; it pains me that engineers such as most of the 9-11 Truth Movement can’t see past their own ‘thermite!’ meme to realize how much of the evidence doesn’t fit; for one thing the ratio of cutting charge to steel is almost 1:1; the amount of thermite in the building would have had to be nearly as much as the weight of the entire towers, an obvious impossibility; and I also cannot fathom the utter idiocy of the American public that it swallowed the ‘official theory’ hook, line and sinker within hours of the tower collapse and still parrot it without even so much as realizing that by their standards, they should beware when using their BBQs this weekend, lest the kerosene firestarter melt the whole thing.
    The truth is, our government hasn’t told us the truth about much of anything since Eisenhower warned of the Military-Industrial Complex; if you want a bit of an eyeopener, see the testimony this past week from a whistleblower that said that back in the late 50s, Eisenhower threatened to ‘invade area 51 if he wasn’t apprised of what was happening out there after Roswell…’
    Okay, I’ll shut up now. Sorry to be so long….
      • Lulz, thanks. Interestingly, I happened on the JREF site and they were discussing this from a link off Veteran’s Today. Every dang one of them felt free to debunk the possibility of nukes as ludicrous and it was obvious NONE of them except possibly the OP had read the information. Well, it’s nice to come across some sanity* on the net, at least once in a while.
        *Sanity defined as people who agree with me:)
  15. Why not entertain the theory that more than one demolition method was applied to bring the towers down? Clearly, we see the demolition charges going off floor by floor and then why not mini nukes to destroy the core… ??? Whomever had the resources to do this crime, certainly would have spared no expense to make it happen…
    Hey, I’m no physicist, only an interested observer.
    • You’re right on the money. We’ve stated that conventional charges like RDX were used as well. Mini-nukes to take out the core columns and RDX on the outer parts of the building. The article was already at 7,000+ words so we were sticking to the nuke angle. Look for future articles to break down how each building was demolished in greater detail.
    • I won’t address the measurements reported up above about radiation levels except to add that the US govt (and I presume the Mossad, at least) has nukes of any needed yield and radiation signature including very small. Add in that the residue was diluted by millions of gallons of water and…
      I talked to a university professor from California who was in charge of a group that went out to test the air in the months afterwards for toxic effects. I asked him if they had tested for radiation and he answered perplexed on why they should have (and no, they hadn’t). That’s half the problem. The other half is that given the most astonishingly toxic working conditions of all time, it would be pretty hard to separate out the diseases caused by the other kinds of dust in the air and radiation sicknesses. Add in that the doctors seeing the first responders and clean up crews were NOT told to be on the lookout for radiation-type illnesses but those caused by asbestos exposure, etc and what do you get? Diseases diagnosed as caused by the air at Ground Zero (heh) with no differentiation. As with NIST, they’re not going to find what they’re not looking for, or are going to call it something else.
      NYC is expecting a spike in their death rates post 9-11 because of the toxins; I also doubt if they’re going to make differentiations between say, asbestos-caused illnesses and radiation-caused illnesses. It’s been my experience based on 30+ years in the medical field that causes of death are often way far afield of reality (‘cancer’ deaths are too often the result of kidney and liver damage from the chemo, for instance; untreated the patient may well have lived a lot longer).
      Another neat little tidbit to add to the nuclear idea: It was reported in a few newspaper reports of the time and in the years afterwards that people who came near Ground Zero with Geiger counters or those little chirping ‘NukeAlert’ keychains had them confiscated and in some cases, they were held in jail overnight. One has to ask why? Did they fit some terrorist profiling list or was word out to the NYPD to prevent anyone from checking radiation levels? I’m sorry I don’t have a link to those articles but if I ran across them in my research I’m sure others did also.
      • I’ve heard that Geiger counters were banned for three days after 9/11 at Ground Zero. I’ll get those links up here eventually.
        The government is paying cancer claims for the first responders now.
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