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Today's good "White" European Christians (non Christians and Atheists alike) and their South African, Australian, Canadian, New Zealander and North and South American offshoots are yesterday's racists, imperialists, colonialists and mass murderers and their number one accomplices in crime were and remain the money and usurious mainly Ashkenazi Jews of whiter complexion than their North African, Asian and Sephardic counterparts.  Of course the evil (or decadent) Christian leadership (including the Atheists calling themselves Secularists or Laïques) know perfectly well about TALMUDIC VENGEANCE, that dream of all Talmudist Jews to exterminate all the Goyim or make them slaves of their Supremacist rulers.  But, it suited the decadent Christian leadership leading  world Freemasonry to invite those Satanic Jews inside their Freemasonic Lodges and set up Judeo Christian movements controlled by their main Jewish Freemasonic Lodge of the "Anti-Defamation League" or ADL Lodge of the B'nai B'rith and its political branches like the illegal American Zionist Council that carried out or was complicit in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination that led to the murder of his Brother Robert and his own son JFK Junior.  Today this Mafia has been renamed AIPAC and is the ruling and controlling body of the entire US government apparatus (NASA, NSA, CIA, FBI, CFR, IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, "Bilderbergers", Trilateral Commission, the World Council of Churches and the UNO are just their subsidiaries!).  Similar Jewish mafias exist in France (CRIF, LICRA, JDL, etc.) and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (Israel, and the Board of Deputies of British Jews).  Both France and Britain (and Israel) train Jewish militia supposedly to protect the Jewish people living in those countries when those Jews have never been threatened in any manner whatsoever by anybody, and on the contrary are in control over almost everything.

Thurs 01/29/2015 False Flag Weekly News

The illegitimate Queen of England Elisabeth II used to claim being the Defender of the Christian faith, but today all European nations have got rid of the religion once known as Christianity and Catholicism and replaced them with the Talmudist religion now known as Holocaustism or Holocaustianity protected by the Vatican itself as Judaics, Zionists and Talmudists are now running that once Christian Holy institution well known for its human sacrifice, rape of nuns, infanticide, sodomy and paedophilia practices.  These abominations have increased tenfold since the money Jews are in control and homosexual priests and woman bishops are now ordained and approved by one and all.         


Good White Europeans and good White Christians do see the evil perpetrated by the Talmudists, but they talk and do not fight back with the only weapon that will make a difference and may give them and us all victory.  That weapon is TOTAL BOYCOTT, economic, political, cultural and even religious, and say no to MISISLAMISM (racism against Islam and Muslims wrongly known as "Islamophobia"), but they won't use it as Jews are in control of all their institutions and churches, and are terrorising them daily with a totally fabricated Muslim agenda of "Islamic radicalism and terrorism" and "massive immigration" of people of "colour", namely Muslims, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics and Blacks.
The Board of Deputies of British Spanish and Portuguese (Sephardic) Jews was established in London in 1760.  The Sanhedrin of the Pharisees and the Sadducees paid a similar treacherous homage to racist Roman imperial power and collaborated and even financed all their evil deeds around the world including the stealing of lands and wealth and mass extermination of natives.  They did the same with the White European conquistadors!  Three glaring examples are Hindustan, Africa and the Middle East.  The Ashkenazi Jews set up their own "Secret Committee for Public Affairs" which merged with the Sephardim around 1810 and joined their British masters in all the latter's military campaigns until they totally took over the British establishment itself to this very day.  They took over Germany, France, Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries.  And they are known today as the most powerful Jewish Lobbies in the West (in the world!): AIPAC, CRIF, BDBJ, CHABAD LUBAVITCH, Judeo-Christian Freemasonry, and so on.

It was the inspired opinion of Muhammad the Arab (not a pure biological type ("race"), but a mixture of all known races) that both the Jews and the Christians had gone astray and he proposed to correct them.  Those among the Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and others who agreed followed Muhammad and were known as Muslims, that is, those who surrender to the One and Only Merciful God and not to the Triune Christian God or the Talmudist God of Vengeance, Theft and Genocide of the decadent Jews (according to their own Holy Scriptures).  Muhammad's wife and in-laws were known Christians.  But, Muhammad warned the Muslims never to ally with the Jews when they are allied with the Christians, and the decadent Ottomans who kept the Muslim nations permanently underdeveloped did not heed that warning.  




When the Jewish and decadent Christian Zionist Alliance conquered the Ottomans and all the Muslim countries in the world, including Indonesia, Palestine and Arabia, nothing would stop them from launching wars of conquest to become sole owner and ruler of the entire world with the complicity of Hindus, Buddhists, decadent Christians (believers, racists, Fascists, Socialists, Bolsheviks, and Communists alike) and the puppets they have placed in all conquered Muslim lands, like, for example the peasant Kings and the highly educated Shah.  Although China and Russia are feigning to oppose them, the main resistance comes from the new generations of Muslims who have no intention to submit to their dictates.  But, they get themselves slaughtered by the millions because they are unarmed/poorly armed/disarmed and they have bad generals.   In punishment, many Muslim countries have been carpet bombed including using radio-active weapons of mass destruction in order to completely wipe out entire Muslim and Arab populations.  Two recent examples: Iraq and Afghanistan.



 But, what can the good White Europeans and the good White Christians achieve with a sickening religion that is no more Christianity that keeps changing its dogma by the Zionist Popes as well as by the Zionist Protestant, Baptist and Anglican Churches in order to please Jewish power and lobbies into a new religion known as Holocaustianity?   Almost nothing!  They can talk and complain as much as they like; they will achieve nothing.  Muslims can achieve nothing either as their leadership (except to some extent in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iran) is sold out to the "Judeo-Christians" and their abominable life-styles founded on wars, mass murder, theft, deceit, drugs, child murder (depleted uranium, abortion, famine, etc.), paedophilia, incest, prostitution, homosexuality, pornography, adultery, fornication, slavery, gambling, arrogance, pride, gluttony, greed, lies, injustice, Godlessness, and the poisoning of everything we eat, drink and use as medicine, including the air we breathe, and the education we are literally forced to give to our children.    


What makes me want to puke is when I hear the Muslim preachers (young and old) bragging about their religion not even being conscious that Islam did not produce the best nation as expected or planned by "God"!  Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they all failed!  The reasons are quite simple: corruption, hypocrisy, fanaticism, tribalism, cowardice, lack of compassion, greed, selfishness, racism (tribalism), etc.  The only religion that has won is SATANIC MILITARY MIGHT represented by the ILLUMINATI!   For this reason, the Freemasonic warmongering West wants to prevent any Muslim country from ever acquiring weapons that can be used in defence or as a deterrent and curb their hegemonic and terrorist ambitions, and from being independent of their usurious bank gangsters.


It is my view that Christians and Muslims should both abandon their respective futile religions (and Gods!) they have been practicing and worshipping for centuries, and come to COMMON TERMS based on a NEW UNDERSTANDING of their respective Holy Texts, and leave aside ALL the controversial issues. They do have the best guidance for a free, truthful, just, usury free, and moral civilisation, but without STRUGGLE BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY and without ECONOMIC AND MILITARY MIGHT they might as well forget about religion and God or about Paradise and Hell!  By the way Paradise and Hell are right here on Earth!  Without the Roman and European armies Christianity would have been dead a long time ago.  Without the Muslim armies there would be no Islam in the world today except at the individual level.  Both Christendom and the Ummah (universal nation) of Muhammad have been conquered by the armies of Satan and they are exhorted to be peaceful and non violent while Satan is armed to the teeth and carrying out massacres after massacres and plunder around the globe.


I heard Bishop Williamson say during his 2013 interview with Dr Kevin Barrett and Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom that he believes that Jesus is God and he knows Jesus is God.  Such nonsense has to be stopped and put aside.  They are useless and destructive.  Whatever is not historical, even if it is scriptural, is just a matter of personal belief, and should not be stressed upon while addressing the world because faith is a personal matter.  We have access to all the knowledge (science) we need to see the truth and only the truth will set us free as the Christian Holy Scripture says.  Yes, we can never come to common terms in matters of faith, but only in matters of facts.  Secret Societies must be banned in a Godly world because the way of darkness is the way to perdition.  This is how Satan has achieved total control on our lives with their Secret Intelligence Gangster Mafias and Terrorist Cells.  Our new understanding of religion and God contextually must be based on facts and not merely on faith!  Faith is blind and makes us an easier prey by our unscrupulous leaders and misleaders who are sold out to Satan.  History has already proved this many times over.  


There is no "mass immigration" into racist and racialist White European countries and in their offshoot countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United States of America, but only people running away from the White Man's bombings and global terror and the legal importation of cheap slave labour due to a deliberate Judeo-Christian Freemasonic policy to destroy the White European biological type and their Christian values or civilisation of which today Islam is an integral part of (in the so-called West).  The Whites and the Jews have been using Black racists ("House Negroes") of all confessions (except Islam) to carry out their dirty job!  An old strategy of divide, conquer and rule.  Demonising Muslims, Arabs, Freedom-Fighters, and Muslims will serve no good purpose and we heavily rely on those foolish good White Europeans, good White Christians and good Muslims to win the war against Satan.  


It is my view that White Europeans have a legitimate right to keep their biological type as pure as possible and this is perfectly in line with the Muslim Traditions about keeping the bloodline as pure as possible not because of race or genetics, but because of family honour, respectability, 'nobility', education, and piety, and certainly not because of the colour of skin or class.   

But, if we authentic Christians and Muslims want to hate each other and repeat past mistakes at all costs, so be it, and to hell with Jesus and Muhammad!    
Thursday 29 January 2015

Holocaust Testimonies You DIDN'T see in Hollywood BAFS


Published on 8 Feb 2014


"In the 1970's, the stories passed down about the WW-2 German prison camps were welded together into a narrative we now call "the Holocaust" - meaning "the burnt offering." Through telling and re-telling, the Holocaust has grown to a multi-million dollar industry, and has changed to mean something particular to Jewish history. It has been used to found a nation (Israel), and to justify many exceptions to morality. The Holocaust stories, taken together, have become a sort of religious dogma. Those who do not know, recite, and conform to this dogma, have been punished. Sometimes severely.

Investigations of physical evidence and original documentation, however, have cast doubts on the Holocaust narrative that has been formed. For example, areas claimed to be mass graves, have been found with modern investigative technology to contain no human remains. Testimonies of accused perpetrators show evidence of outright fabrication, or were obtained through torture. Many of the supposed eyewitnesses have provided stories riddled by inconsistencies, describe physically impossible events, or were even total frauds who were never actually in the camps.

If the Holocaust narrative is false, the ramifications are far reaching. Ethnic Germans have been slandered for decades on the basis of the Holocaust. Terrorism used in the founding of Israel was justified through it. It was even used to justify the slaughter, rape, and murder of millions of ethnic Germans after World War 2."

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Texe Marrs - The Jewish Coup in Ukraine/Khazaria

Published on 22 Jul 2014
Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense, July 21, 2014.

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Veterans Today Radio (1-8-15) Webb,Duff,Harris,Dean - Gordon Duff for President!

Things You Don't Know

EMERGENCY ALERT! Terrorists may attack Super Bowl

Nuclear attack on Phoenix could create "whole New World"

As mentioned toward the end of today’s False Flag Weekly News (see above, click here for story links)…
…Super Bowl XLIX will feature the Seattle Truthers (coach Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truth supporter) versus the New England Liars and Cheaters (exposed by DeflateGate). If Seattle grabs a big lead, as seems likely, will Bill Belichick orchestrate a fake terrorist attack to save his team from defeat? Or might the real terrorists behind 9/11 decide to bring down “the Big One” on Phoenix this year?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


A terrorist organization implicated in the events of September 11th, 2001 is targeting Super Bowl XLIX, scheduled for this Sunday, 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time in Phoenix, Arizona.
The terrorist group calling itself NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has announced “we will have some planes” in the skies over University of Phoenix Stadium. The NORAD terrorists are currently running drills simulating terrorist attacks: “We’re practicing for what we’ll be doing during the Super Bowl,” said Mary McHale, a spokeswoman for NORAD (presumably with an ominous cackle).
NORAD’s drill simulating a terrorist attack is code-named Exercise Falcon Virgo – reminiscent of the names of the many “drills” NORAD ran on September 11th, 2001, by far the biggest pre-scheduled National Security Special Event Day in US History. NORAD’s “drills” that went live on 9/11 included Operation Vigilant Guardian, Operation Vigilant Warrior, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Northern Vigilance, Operation Northern Guardian, Operation Global Guardian, Operation Crown Vigilance, Operation Apollo Guardian, Operation Amalgam Warrior, and a drill whose name has not been revealed that put AWACS aircraft over Washington DC to supervise the cruise missile attack on the Pentagon.
Other pre-scheduled drills transpiring during the morning of 9/11 included one by the National Reconnaissance Office “simulating” a hijacked plane crashing into a high-rise building; and another, NORAD’s Vigilant Guardian, also a live-fly hijacking exercise, which also transpired during the exact same times that actual hijackings supposedly occurred; whose official purpose was “hijack multiplication, diversion and confusion,” i.e. inserting false blips representing imaginary hijacked aircraft onto the screens of FAA and Air Defense personnel.
Despite the fact that a live-fly plane-into-building exercise was ongoing on the morning of September 11th, 2001, the same Bush Administration that was running those exercises later lied through their teeth: “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile.” – National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 5/16/02
FAA personnel were flabbergasted by what they saw on their screens on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Realizing that America had been attacked by NORAD insiders, not foreign terrorists, FAA controllers secretly tape-recorded themselves recounting in detail everything they had witnessed during the false flag attack. As the New York Times reported:
(The tape) was later destroyed by an F.A.A. official described in the report as a quality-assurance manager there. That manager crushed the cassette in his hand, shredded the tape and dropped the pieces into different trash cans around the building, according to a report made public today by the inspector general of the Transportation Department.
No reason for this destruction of evidence – a blatant felony under federal law – was ever given, and the “quality assurance manager” was never charged.

Will Super Bowl XLIX go up in the long-feared “Phoenix Fireball” ?

Many terrorism experts believe the city of Phoenix has been targeted for nuclear incineration. According to SK Bain, author of The Most Dangerous Book in the World, the freemasonic organized crime outfit behind 9/11 and subsequent “occult mega-rituals” is likely to nuke Phoenix.
Why Phoenix?
Short answer: The name “Phoenix” refers to the mythical bird that incinerates itself and then is regenerated out of its own ashes. According to Bain, the American Eagle is actually a freemasonic phoenix; he quotes Manly P. Hall, author of Secret Teachings of All Ages: “The American eagle upon the Great Seal [of the United States] is but a conventionalized phoenix.” The occultist criminals behind false-flag terror events plan to incinerate the old America, and then “regenerate” a new, totalitarian New World Order America out of the radioactive ashes of the old.
They intend to accomplish this, Bain suggests, by obliterating Phoenix, Arizona with a nuclear weapon. The subsequent state of emergency would indeed create a “whole new world” far beyond the one Philip Zelikow and other 9/11 scriptwriters brought into being in 2001.
Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect sacrificial victim not only due to its name, which symbolizes America (the “eagle” i.e. the phoenix) but also because it lies on the 33rd parallel. As SK Bain suggests, the 33rd parallel includes:
Charleston, South Carolina , birthplace of the Freemasonic “Mother Lodge of the World” (and the site of the beginning of the Civil War at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, as well as the Concelebration of the enthroning of Lucifer in the Vatican) likewise at the 33rd parallel…the Trinity nuclear test site in the Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) desert of New Mexico, on the 33rd parallel…Harry S. Truman, 33rd Degree Freemason and 33rd President, who authorized the use of nuclear weapons on civilian populations…Nagasaki and Hiroshima, straddling the 33rd parallel.”
Bain quotes Sirhan Sirhan attorney Day Williams’ book Masons and the Mystery at the 33rd Parallel: “If a life is taken close to…the 33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”
And blood has indeed been spilt along the 33rd parallel. FDR was poisoned on the 33rd parallel. JFK was shot there, as was RFK. The Iraq-Kuwait border where the 1990 slaughter occurred is on the 33rd parallel. Even alien blood may have been spilled on the 33rd parallel, where aliens allegedly crashed (or were “shot down” by radar weapons) at Roswell in 1947.
Super Bowl XLIX would be an ideal moment, from the terrorists’ perspective, for the Phoenix fireball. After all, the whole world will be watching; the Super Bowl draws over 100 million TV viewers, making this a perfect opportunity for world-changing shock-and-awe.
More esoterically, the numerological portents are disquieting. If we write the date of the Super Bowl in the manner of Illuminati numerologists, 02/01/2015 becomes 02012015, which adds up to their favorite number, 11. The number 11 represents the Twin Towers of Jachin and Boaz, the biggest symbol of freemasonry; the Twin Towers of September 11, the JFK assassination of 11/22, and NWO Armistice Day (11th hour of 11th day of 11th month) are just three of many examples of the freemasonic use of this number. For more, see my article 11 Questions for Veterans Day.
And if we write the date in the shorter fashion, as 02/01/15 or 020115 the digits add up to 9. So the date represents both a 9 and an 11…just like 9/11. The symbolism of the numbers 911 obviously means “dial up an emergency” and programs Americans to turn to their government for help. (Now who would have picked such a date for the “New Pearl Harbor“?) But 9/11 also represents the satanic illuminati wish to overthrow God, whose number is 10, the number of transcendence in the decimal system. Going straight from 9 to 11 means bypassing God and reaching a state supposedly higher than God.
Will the movers and shakers who control Washington DC, that gargantuan maze of freemasonic symbols, decide to “go to 11″ during this year’s Super Bowl?
It’s less likely to happen if enough of us let the bad guys know we’re on to their game.
Please forward this article to everyone you know.


''The Jews are born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race."

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A Kept Culture

So why do we tolerate something we can clearly stop if we so wish?

Remi Fraisse was killed in the early hours of Sunday as people protesting against a controversial dam project in the southwestern Tarn region clashed with security forces - the first such death in mainland France in nearly three decades.

Israel, the psychopathic nation

Is Zionism a collective personality disorder?

By Dr. Laurent Guyénot, translated and introduced by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Can a nation be a psychopath?

According to one expert on political psychopathy, Andrzej Lobaczewski, the answer is yes. Whole nations, even international political movements, can exhibit behavior that parallels that of psychopathic individuals.
Lobaczewski, a Polish psychiatrist, diagnosed psychopathic symptoms among the Communist-era leadership. He argued that individuals with personality disorders, especially psychopathy, tend to gravitate to positions of power, which can set off a contagion in which the entire regime takes on psychopathic characteristics.
In a brand-new article, translated and published here for the first time, Laurent Guyénot argues that Israel (and the international Zionist movement surrounding and empowering it) is a textbook case of political psychopathy. Naturally the Zio-psychopaths, who always have to be 100% right and cannot accept the slightest bit of criticism, will not respond well to this article. Their reaction will offer yet another item of evidence that Dr. Guyénot’s thesis is correct.
Laurent Guyénot is an Engineer (National School of Advanced Technology, 1982) and medievalist (PhD in Medieval Studies at Paris IV-Sorbonne, 2009). He has authored numerous books; the latest is JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State. My recent interview with him on the Charlie Hebdo affair is archived here.

by Laurent Guyenot
“Judeophobia is a psychosis. As a psychosis, it is hereditary and as a disease transmitted for two thousand years, it is incurable.” (Leo Pinsker, Auto-Emancipation, 1882)
Jewishness is a notoriously ambivalent notion. On the one hand, Judaism is a religion; on the other, Jews are a people, an ethnic group or race. It all depends on the circumstances. But in both cases, Jewishness may legitimately be subjected to psychological analysis. If Judaism is a religion, we may turn to Freud, who addressed the relationship between religion and neurosis in three books: Totem and Taboo, Civilization and Its Discontents and The Future of an Illusion, in which he calls “religion” (referring mainly to Catholicism) a “universal obsessional neurosis of humanity.” If, conversely, the Jews are a people, then we can base our analysis on common sense, which admits that every people has a national character forged by history – or a collective memory, which is to say, its own representation of its history. Concerning the character of the Jewish nation, there is no shortage of opinions from Jewish intellectuals.
Rachel2The hypothesis presented in this paper can be summarized as follows: The Jewish nation, as a state, but also as an organized world community, acts collectively towards other nations and other human communities in the way a psychopath acts towards his fellow men. I will first describe psychopathy as a cognitive and behavioral structure and show how the ideology and methods of the chosen people are related to it. It goes without saying that I do not intend to imply that “the Jews” are psychopaths, but instead that they are the first victims of a mental straitjacket imposed by their elites, who through veritable intellectual terrorism, make of them, to the extent that they comply, the instruments of the collective psychopathy of Israel.
What is a psychopath?
Psychopathy is a syndrome of traits classified among the personality disorders. Canadian psychologist Robert Hare (1) in the wake of Hervey Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity (1941), has defined its diagnostic criteria on the basis of a cognitive model that is now widely adopted, though some behaviorally-oriented psychiatrists prefer the term sociopathy. In an effort to get everyone to agree, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Mental Disorders, the American psychiatric bible, suggested antisocial personality disorder; but the term psychopathy is still in use.
UnknownThe most striking traits of the psychopath are lack of empathy and conscience. Other traits are common to narcissism: psychopaths have a grand vision of their own importance. In their minds, everything is owed to them because they are exceptional. They are never wrong, and failures are always the fault of others. They often show megalomania, but some learn to hide their arrogance under false modesty. If the psychopath pretends to rise to the universal level, it is because he confuses it with his personal interests, and the truth with his own opinions. However, the psychopath is distinguished from the simple narcissist by his appetite for power, which makes him much more destructive. Moreover, his capacity for harm is not inhibited by any scruples or remorse: he is incapable of feeling guilt. Although he imagines himself a hero, and in some cases looks like a hero, the psychopath is, on the human spectrum, the polar opposite of the hero who sacrifices himself for his community; he will not hesitate to sacrifice the people around him, and when he knows he is lost, he consoles himself by causing as many people as possible to fall.
j4ggioiunetayanuBasically, the psychopath perceives others as objects. He has a mechanical view of people and human relationships (and, in some way, of himself as well). Although devoid of conscience, he often has a keen perception of the law, which he, as a mechanic of the social engine, overestimates. He has not internalized moral law and in this sense is not socialized, but he has mastered the rules of the game and cheats without qualms if he can. For the same reason, the psychopath almost always develops an immoderate taste for money; he idealizes it as the epitome of power, the very essence of the social; he thinks that people can be bought and sold like things, and life often proves him right.
The diagnostic criteria for psychopathy also include pathological lying, deception (cunning) and manipulative behavior. The psychopath feels only very superficial emotions and has no real feelings for anyone; but he has developed a great ability to deceive. He can be charming to the point of being charismatic. He typically shows highly-developed verbal intelligence and lies with disconcerting aplomb. He is unable to empathize, but learns to simulate it, sometimes with a tendency to histrionics (Latin histrio, “theater actor”). The psychoanalyst Helène Deutsche makes this trait the mark of “as-if personalities” endowed with purely mimetic “pseudo-emotions,” devoid of inner experience, “a little like an actor with good technique, but not animated by any actual life.” (2) But the psychopath is more than that: he is a manipulator. It is through his extraordinary ability to feign, trick, trap, and capture that the psychopath draws his power. Although he himself is immunized against guilt, he becomes a master in the art of using guilt to dominate others.
1330334342893In any situation, the psychopath projects a persona, which can vary according to circumstances. The opinions he wears in public are all disguises that he tailors to his own advantage. However, lying is so deeply embedded in his nature that the question of his “sincerity” is almost irrelevant: the psychopath can beat a lie detector. The truth has no value in his eyes, or merges with the version of events that suits him. The psychopath is unable to put himself in the place of others, and thus to view himself critically. Confident in any circumstance of being right and innocent (and superior), he considers the resentment of his victims as irrational and pointless.
Although those close to the psychopath – at least those who learn the hard way his true nature – can judge him raving mad, the psychopath is not “sick” because he does not “suffer.” He is innocent of neurosis, and never requests psychiatric care (except as a strategic calculation). He is not psychotic, and cannot be regarded as maladapted to social life. On the contrary, he is, in a certain sense, over-adjusted. That is why the real mystery, from a Darwinian point of view, is not the existence of psychopaths, but their low proportion in the population.
Jewishness and selective empathy
The most optimistic low-end estimate of the proportion of psychopaths in the Western population is 1%. This 1% should not be confused with the famous 1% who own half the world’s wealth; but a study of senior executives of large companies, published under the title Snakes in Suits, shows that psychopathic traits are widespread among them (3). This is not surprising; modern society values psychopathic traits and favors the upward mobility of psychopaths.
The fact that Jews today are disproportionately represented among the elite (they form half of billionaires in the United States, while representing only 2.4% of the population) (4) does not allow us to conclude that psychopathy is more prevalent among the chosen people. In a way, quite the opposite is the case: Jews demonstrate among themselves an extraordinary capacity for empathy, or at least familiarity that breeds exceptional solidarity to the point of self-sacrifice. But the selective nature of this empathy suggests that it is addressed less to the humanity of others than to their Jewishness. In Nomads. Essay on the Jewish Soul (1929) we learn what transpires when two Jews meet. “We have never met before, but I instantly know him. One look, one phrase, and I know where he grew up, how he grew up, where he got his drive and his sense of humor. He is New York. He is Jewish. He looks like my uncle Louis, his voice is my uncle Sam. I feel we’ve been together at countless weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. I know his genetic structure. I’m certain that within the last five hundred years—perhaps even more recently—we shared the same ancestor.” (5)
This is a comment from Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor, about his meeting with Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Council of the Federal Reserve, two very influential Americans, about whom we would like to believe that such familiarity does not affect their judgment of the nation’s interest. Kadmi Isaac Cohen described Judaism as “the spiritualized deification of the race […]. Thus the divinity in Judaism is contained in the exaltation of the entity represented by the race.” (6) It is as if the Jews felt united by a collective or ethnic soul, which occupies more or less of their individual soul according to individuals and circumstances.
IDF slogan: "1 shot 2 kills"
IDF slogan: “1 shot 2 kills”
This is indeed how many Jews recall their Jewishness. “Being Jewish to me,” says Alain Finkielkraut, “is to feel involved, concerned, sometimes compromised by what other Jews do. It’s a feeling of belonging, affiliation; and in this affiliation, there is, for example, the tortured link to Israel.” (7) Every Jew experiences himself as part and parcel of the chosen people; everything he is doing reflects on the community. When a Jew is a victim, all Jewish people are victimized. (By contrast, if he is a torturer, his Jewishness is repressed because it would implicate the whole people in his guilt.) Jewishness is in some sense a latent sentiment capable of being activated by the slightest alarm. “The feeling of Jewishness remains in me something dark, abyssal, and above all, unstable. Both powerful and labile. Nothing is as important to me as my Jewishness which, however, in many respects, has so little importance in my life,” writes Jacques Derrida. (8)
Jewish ethnocentrism
In contrast to the empathy it shows for itself, the Jewish community as a whole, to the extent it submits to its representative elites, tends to behave towards the mass of Gentiles in a psychopathic rather than empathic manner. This is why a goy observer, Werner Sombart, despite his reputation as a Semitophile, highlights features of Jewish collective psychology that are similar to psychopathic tendencies including a temperament that is “coldly utilitarian” and “calculating,” alongside a propensity to mimicry, combined with a mechanical conception of human relations. (9) The founder of sociology Emile Durkheim (1858-1917), very critical of his Jewish community, noticed among Jewish intellectuals a pragmatic and self-interested notion of truth, which can be compared with that of the psychopath: “The Jew . . . seeks to learn not in order to replace his collective prejudices by reflective thought, but merely to be better armed for the struggle. . . . [H]e superimposes this intellectual life upon his habitual routine with no effect of the former upon the latter”. (10) Many Jewish historians, for example, seem to value History less as a pursuit of truth than as a means of power.
clinic-reason3trainingThe hypothesis of a form of “collective psychopathy” with narcissistic tendencies makes it possible to deconstruct the universalism in which Judaism is draped. At the first level, Jewish universalism is a fable intended to obfuscate reality and confuse the goy. But it is not only this, as it also appears in the literature internal to the Jewish community, where it amounts to an expression of limitless ethnic narcissism. The Jewish people are “the seed that is germinating the humanity of the future” (Jacob Kaplan, Chief Rabbi of France); “the living ladder that meets the sky” (Emmanuel Levinas); “Israel equals humanity” (Levinas) (11); “The Jew is closer to humanity than any other,” so that “the enemy of the Jews is the enemy of humanity” and therefore killing Jews is “murdering all mankind” (Elie Wiesel) (12). Worse, “Hitting a Jew is hitting God Himself,” according to Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger (13), taken almost verbatim from the Talmud (Sanhedrin 58b: “Hitting a Jew is like slapping the face of God himself “). This is why the strange notion of “crimes against humanity” was created specifically in 1945 at the Nuremburg Trials to describe the massacre of Jews, while the term “genocide” was coined for the same purpose by Raphael Lemkin in 1944. These terms having since been generalized to other victims of history, the copyrighted term Holocaust was coined — hard to beat.
This equation between Jewishness and humanity, which is the height of ethnocentrism, is the real meaning of Judaism’s claim to embody humanism. Though Israelis are “the most separatist people in the world” according to Nahum Goldman (former president of the World Jewish Organization and founder of the World Jewish Congress), he adds: “The Israelis have the great weakness of thinking that the whole world revolves around them .” (14) So there is not necessarily a contradiction in their minds between universalist discourse and the practice of tribalism. If the Jew is the essence of humanity, what is good for the Jews is good for humanity, on principle. And although fundamentally racist, Jewishness cannot see itself as such: “Judaic ethics […] by definition deny racism. A Jew cannot be racist.” (Elie Wiesel) (15). This does not prevent the same Elie Wiesel from stating that “Jewish history describes an ongoing conflict between us and the others. Since Abraham, we are on one side and the whole world is on the other.” (16)
It has often beenradicalised-israeli-children said that Jews have an ethnocentric conception of universal history, which has no meaning in their eyes except in relation to the Jewish people. Josef Kastein acknowledges this in his book History and Destiny of the Jews (1936): “Because it accepted the idea of the chosen people and salvation, the Jewish world was Judeocentric, and Jews could interpret everything that happened according to a single point of view, with themselves as the center.” (17) Joshua Jehouda illustrates this perfectly in Antisemitism, Mirror of the World: “He who plumbs the depths of universal history, to gain an overall vision, finds that from ancient times until today two opposing currents are fighting over history, penetrating and shaping it constantly: the messianic current and the anti-Semitic current […] Because messianism and anti-Semitism are the two opposite poles of the journey of humanity.” (18)
yosefIn his megalomania, the psychopath is convinced that when he uses others, it is for their own good. Similarly, according to rabbinical logic, it is to enlighten humanity that the Jewish community must preserve itself, prosper, and eventually dominate humanity: “Judaism considers only the salvation of the house of Israel, which alone will permit the salvation of the seventy nations of the universe” (Rabi, Anatomy of French Judaism, 1962) (19). This is where the double ethno-religious nature of Judaism helps streamline the paradox that the Jews should remain a separate people in order to spread their universal religion. Such Jewish intellectuals as Felix Adler (1851-1933) have defended the paradoxical idea that the Jewish people must remain ethnically united to accomplish their mission: To spread the universalism that will dissolve ethnicity from the rest of humanity. Only when the mission is completed will the Jewish people disappear. In this way has the most ethnically oriented community manages to impersonate the champions of universalism. (20) Thus when Martin Buber called for a state for the Jews, it was so they could serve humanity. For it is only by fulfilling his messianic dream of a national home, he said, that the Jewish religion can lead humanity towards the messianic age. (21) This argument, developed by Reform Judaism, is intended primarily for goyim but also for “soft” Jews, in order to convince them that their commitment in favor of the group is a service to humanity.
The Innocent Victim
israel_using_self_defense_as_an_excuse_for_genocide_n_ethnic_cleansingThe psychopath is unable to see the other person’s point of view, and criticism strikes him as irrational aggression. This is the reaction of the Jewish elites to criticism: To them it can be nothing other than the expression of visceral anti-Semitism, an atavistic goyish disease. “Judeophobia is a psychosis,” wrote Leo Pinsker, a founding father of Zionism, “a hereditary demonic madness,” “a congenital perversion of human mentality,” “passed down for two thousand years,” “incurable.” (22)
The psychopath does not know the feeling of guilt; he constantly plays innocent. Those who get in his way, or even cast a shadow over his path, are solely responsible for their own destruction. Their accusations are baseless fabrications, their anger an irrational hatred. “One thing that Judaism has which other spiritualities lack is innocence,” explains André Neher, one of the leaders of “the Jewish school of thought of Paris” (with Emmanuel Levinas and Leon Ashkenazi). “We are innocent, and we feel even more deeply that we are innocent when we are accused. […] It is this innocence that we must be aware of at present, and that we must never deny, never, in any circumstance.” (23) And it works: “You will understand nothing of anti-Semitism,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre, “if you fail to remember that the Jew, that object of so much hatred, is perfectly innocent, nay harmless.” (Anti-Semite and Jew, 1946). The Jewish question is thus reduced to the question of anti-Semitism, which, thanks to the mythology of the Holocaust, is elevated to the status of metaphysical Evil. “The hatred of the Jews is the enigma of enigmas …” (André Glucksmann, Hate Speech, 2004) (24). It is a necessary enigma, without which the Jewish people could dissolve. Towards the end of his life, the Jewish writer Ilya Ehrenburg repeated that he would consider himself a Jew “as long as there was a single anti-Semite left on earth.” (25) Persecution is the central theme of the Passover holiday, Hanukkah, Purim and Yom Kippur, and Jewish history as taught to Jewish children, according to Michael Walzer, is one long tale of exile and persecution – Holocaust history read backwards. (26) According to historian Zygmunt Bauman, Israel uses the Holocaust “as the certificate of its political legitimacy, as a safe-conduct pass for its past and future policies, and, above all, as advance payment for the injustices it might itself commit.” (27)
Israel, Psychopath State
The State of Israel is now in the international scene what the psychopath is in a human community. With regard to the Palestinians, “Israeli Jews’ consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians, and insensitivity to their suffering,” in the words of journalist Akiva Eldar (“Operation Cast Lead against Gaza in 2008-2009″). (28) As noted by the Deputy Director of Military Intelligence Yehoshafat Harkabi: “Dazzled by its self-righteousness, Israel cannot see the case of the other side. Self-righteousness encourages nations no less than individuals to absolve themselves of every failing and shake off the guilt of every mishap. When everyone is guilty except them, the very possibility of self-criticism and self-improvement vanishes…” (29) The Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz in 2010 that “Only psychiatrists can explain Israel’s behavior.” However, the diagnosis he offers, including “paranoia, schizophrenia and megalomania,” (30) is in my opinion insufficient. It must take into account Israel’s extraordinary manipulative capacity on the world stage via corruption and propaganda, that is to say, the Bank and the Press.
the_israel_rulesIsrael’s relationship to the United States is that of a typical psychopath to an influential and impressionable man he has decided to use to accomplish his misdeeds. The golden rule of manipulation formulated by Colonel Mandell House (who was the intermediary between the Zionist network and President Woodrow Wilson) applies generally to Israel’s manipulation of the United States: “With the President […] it was invariably my intention to always to make him believe that ideas he derived from me were his own.” (31) Indeed, Israel has managed to lead America into a Middle East policy that only serves Israeli interests, by pretending to the American people that it serves their interests. The psychopath tries to interfere in all the human relationships of his prey, so as to prevent any alliance that could allow him to be unmasked. Isolate and divide-and-rule are the essence of this strategy. This is exactly what Israel and its neoconservative moles have done, by trying to split the United States from its historic allies in the Middle East, with the aim of one day remaining the only ally of the United States in the area; the demonization of all heads of state in the Arab world is part of this strategy.
The power of the Zionist manipulation of the United States, based on quasi-total control of the mainstream media alongside large-scale psychological operations such as September 11th, is truly bewildering. But it becomes understandable in light of the cognitive mechanisms of psychopathy. It even becomes predictable to some extent, if we keep in mind that the psychopath has no ability to question, no limits to his appetite for power, and no remorse about leading humanity into ruin to save his skin. Nothing better illustrates the psychopathic nature of Zionism than the apocalyptic nuclear blackmail Israel perpetually exercises over the West under the name “the Samson Option.” In 1974 Golda Meir summed it up as “Israel’s willingness in a doomsday situation to take the region down with it” (32) in the event of looming defeat.
And remember: there is no limit to the psychopath’s thirst for power, because he does not seeks power for the comfort it can bring him, but instead loves power for the sake of power.
By drawing a parallel between psychopathy as a personality disorder and the attitude of Israel, I do not mean, of course, the Jews in general. They are the first to be manipulated by their elites, and they are part of this collective psychopathy only to the extent of their submission to those elites. Jewishness, do not forget, is whatever idea the Jews make of it; and the idea the Jews make of it is, almost entirely, the one imposed on them by their elites.
41eiY9BpmEL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_What is at issue is the prevailing ideology of Israel, and (more discreetly) of the organized Jewish community. Dominant discourse is always shaped by the elite. Sometimes a strong current of popular thought emerges to challenge the dominant way of thinking, but nothing of this kind is yet observable in the Jewish community; it is overwhelmingly docile to its elite, which currently dominates the media and the entertainment industry and therefore enjoys considerable mind-control powers. Their ruse is to maintain in the Jews an absolute conviction of the immaculate innocence of their people, and simultaneously to inculcate a paranoid fear of anti-Semitism, this “disease transmitted for two thousand years, incurable.” (Leon Pinsker) (33)
In The Corporation: the Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power (Free Press, 2005), Joel Bakan noted that those “legal persons” that are large companies behave like psychopaths, insensitive to the suffering of those they crush in their pursuit of profit: “Corporate behavior is very similar to that of a psychopath.” That company culture, which involves every employee to one degree or another, is driven by its ruling elite. The Enron case has shown the world the tremendous damage that can be done by a company run by people of high intelligence and perverse ideology. (34) My analysis here of the Jewish community is based on exactly the same reasoning. Like it or not, the character of a nation is as much determined by its legitimate leaders than the reverse. Until proven otherwise Benjamin Netanyahu is as much Israel as Vladimir Putin is Russia.
Ledeen is a "terrorism expert" - an Operation Gladio wet work operative
Ledeen is indeed a “terrorism expert” – he is said to be an    Operation Gladio wet work operative
And since Israel has New York as its second capital, we must also count among its elites the neoconservatives (“neo” here means “crypto” and “conservative” means “Likudnik”), whose leaders define themselves as disciples of Leo Strauss, therefore implicitly as super-Machiavellian. (In his Thoughts on Machiavelli, in fact, Strauss claims he is the only one who understands what Machiavelli never dared to write). This hyper-Machiavellianism of the neoconservatives, to which they admit when speaking amongst themselves, must be taken very seriously. In an article in the Jewish World Review of June 7, 1999, the neoconservative Michael Ledeen defends the thesis that Machiavelli was a “secret Jew” since “If you listen to his political philosophy you will hear Jewish music.” (35) According to Strauss, Machiavelli is the super-patriot who understands that only the nation has an eternal soul, and that, therefore, the best leader is one who has no fear of losing his soul, since he has none. In practice, the art of the Machiavellian prince is to terrorize while diverting popular resentment toward his enemies. I believe that the admission of Ledeen sheds light on the psychopathic nature of Israel. From the Judeo-Machiavellian (i.e. neoconservative) point of view, the current leaders of Israel from Tel Aviv to New York – from Benjamin Netanyahu to Larry Silverstein – are super-patriots.
This article is in no way anti-Semitic; it is a severe criticism of “Jewishness” as a system of thought, a representation of the world and the self. We are critiquing an idea by exposing its dangerous irrationality, nothing more. Even if it is as old as the world, an idea still deserves critique. Since the first victims of a toxic idea are the men and women it inhabits, they are likewise the first we would help liberate. This article is basically a fraternal message to all Jews: Jews of all countries, disunite! Break away from your elites and their pathological ideology! Rejoin humanity!
President Kennedy With David Ben Gurion
msLikewise, not all elites deserve to be put in the same bag. Many are the Zionist leaders who have had the courage to confront the monster they created, and to try to undo the damage. Moshe Sharett, Foreign Minister from 1948 to 1956 and Prime Minister from 1954 to 1955, advocated a moderate Zionism respectful of international rules, in contrast to the methods of Ben Gurion, Pinhas Levon, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres, the clan determined “to set the Middle East on fire,” “to frighten the West into supporting Israel’s aims,” by raising “terrorism to the level of a sacred principle” according to Sharett (36). The Zionist leader Nahum Goldman, quoted above, was in favor of a genuine dialogue with the Arabs and was deeply disillusioned by the attitude of Ben Gurion, whom he described as “organically incapable of compromise” and blinded by self-righteousness. After 1967 he became an outspoken critic of illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. During the government of Begin, he advised President Carter to “break the back” of the Zionist lobby that he had long headed, which he believed had become a “negative factor” afflicting American foreign policy. (37)
t_mainWhy have men like Sharett and Goldman never managed to overcome the psychopathic ideological power machine of Zionism? Could it be because it – like Jewishness itself – is rooted deeply in the Bible? In the final analysis does not the Zionist manipulation go back to the creation by those ancient priests, the Levites, of a tribal god by the name of Yahweh, who usurped the title of the Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity? Ultimately, is not Zionism the logical outcome of Yahwism? This is a question that I will reserve for another article.
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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

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