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Does the solar eclipse prove the moon is artificial?  LOOKS LIKE IT!

There is no God, but we cannot prove a negative either!  Or can we?

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 21, 2017

This is not an in-depth scientific article, merely a quick summation of a few points that came to mind while watching the eclipse on TV today.
Why do eclipses occur?
The Sun’s diameter is 400 times greater than the Moon and coincidentally the Sun also happens to be nearly precisely 400 times further away.
This is the reason that the Sun and the Moon appear the same size in the Earth’s sky and why we on Earth can experience eclipses of the Sun.
The chances of that occurring are, literally, astronomically small.

The moon stabilizes the Earth’s tilt relative to its orbit. It leads to tides, which helped life transition from living in the ocean to living on land.
The moon has a precise altitude, course and speed, allowing it to “function” properly in regards of planet Earth. But how?
Is it just pure coincidence?
In order to have a solar eclipse the Moon has to be exactly the size that it is, which is 2,160 miles. Not 2,161, not 2,159, but 2,160 miles at its equator.
I don’t often believe in coincidences, especially ones as astounding as those involving the earth, moon and sun.
So what are we to believe, that a coincidence of truly astronomical proportions is the explanation for the existence of the moon and the resulting solar eclipses?
Or is it more likely that the precise sizing and positioning of the moon are no coincidence at all and solar eclipses are strong evidence that someone had a hand in positioning the moon?
Said someone cannot be ‘God’ in my opinion, because there is not one shred of evidence that ‘God’ exists.
Just some food for thought…..

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus ·
"the precise sizing and positioning of the moon are no coincidence at all and solar eclipses are strong evidence that someone had a hand in positioning the moon". LOOKS LIKE IT!
"there is not one shred of evidence that (that someone) ‘God’ exists.?
GOD,the ONE we have IMAGINED does exist!
Are we not claiming that our PUNY brain can comprehend such phenomena?


Sustainable Abundancy ·

Phil: Yes, God 'Mooned' the Earth -- as it says in the Bible! And the Bible is the infallible word of God (who was made in the image & likeness of man, not women).

All seriousness aside, Ian certainly did NOT prove that "God Is Dead" (or does not exist) -- only that religions are Faith-Based beliefs (not Evidence-Based beliefs). If/When you've got some "The Proof Is in the Pudding" evidence, then talk to that Halal/Kosher pig-brained Ian again...

Until then, forever hold your 'piece.' But you don't need to suck it. After all, you're not Steve Bannon. ;-).

P.S. An artificial moon, eh? Certainly NOT inconsistent with the Koran or Jewish & Christian bibles...
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Andrew Tempel ·

@Phillip... and I would ask who or what created your God? Or where did he/she/it come from...? At this point most believers leave the room and refuse to answer!
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 12 mins
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus ·
Andrew Tempel Do not ask our puny mind to comprehend that there can be an UNCREATED Creator?
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus ·
Sustainable Abundancy
the Bible is the infallible word of God?

Not that crap again!






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