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I love Adolf Hitler even if nearly 6 billion people are ordered to hate him!

I love Adolf Hitler even if nearly 6 billion people are ordered to hate him!

 Ken O'Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler

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Published on 2 Sep 2017

Adolf Hitler has been portrayed as the most vile mad man to ever 
live. This lie has been fed to the masses for decades to further the 
agenda of the Zionist elite that run the show. See more from Ken 

Abel Danger - Field McConnell, Part 1


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Published on 5 Sep 2017

Ole interviews Field McConnell, who was born into a military family, and who has witnessed the fight between good and evil in the world today. Field has turned into a whistleblower, shining light on the deceptive practices of those powers that are manipulating our world affairs. Field speaks about SERCO, the "biggest company that you've never heard of", a private company out of the United Kingdom, which he claims is responsible for running the entire US Military. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: More info about Ole Dammegard: Light On Conspiracies: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: @lightonconspira YouTube:

David Duke says "Unite the Right" rally in CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. was a success.

Shunnon Thomas

By Michael S. KING
Adolf Hitler / Allied firebombing victims (Dresden)

"It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the control and limitation of armaments, which posterity will not for all time be able to disregard for the responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be laid on me. I have further never wished that after the first fatal world war a second against England, or even against America, should break out."

The European Super Banking Powers and their heavily militarized colonies, USA Corporation, Canada and Australia included, and client States like India (to a great extent), and their biggest military and terrorist base in history, Israel, have, after killing Christ, whether he existed or not, almost killed Christianity, and made it an anachronic farce, and have been trying very hard to make Islam redundant as well by exterminating millions of Mulims worldwide, men, women, children, pregnant women and babies, and causing many to give bith to deformed babies, and producing heavily traumatized nationand individuals.  The Bank Gangters indeed have a FINAL SOLUTION for unwanted humankind!  Suffice to label you a terrorist, and scream for REGIME CHANGE, and you are all DEAD!

Several year ago, at the time when the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy and his Judaics were ruling over France as well, I was banned on Dailymotion, and some 50 of my uploaded videos (perfectly in conformity with Dailymotion rules) were, after being duly authorized and uploaded, removed immediately following a threat to me, and a complaint to Dailymotion from ONE Jewish character!  I had dared say:  
Compared to those MONSTERS mentioned above, HITLER WAS ANGEL!  

 And, I was good for the Holocaust Oven too, and, this time, a real homicidal one, but, like SO MANY DEATH CAMPS DESTINED FOR JEWS, I MIRACULOUSLY SURVIVED!  But, they will catch up with me sooner or later as they are still hunting down even 90+ year old Germans for crime that never occured!  The latest I saw was a 93 year old charged by the German descendants of “NAZIS”, with “300,000 counts of murder” against labour camp interned Jews, by supporting their “SYSTEMATIC KILLINGS”.  This is the dogma that has FORCIBLY replaced Christianity and Islam, and God, in the Western and Jewish conquered world!  They call it Western Civilization (LHBT)!

So, damn Christ!

Damn Muhammad!

Damn God!

Damn Napoleon, and damn Hitler!

 But, Adolf Hitler still lives in  the  hearts and under the pen of millions of highly educated men and women as a MAN OF PEACE

By Mike King

Did you know ...
... that just 3 days before the start of the 
history-altering genocidal tragedy that was
 World War II, Adolf Hitler pleaded for 
peace with Britain and France. His sincere 
overtures were ignored as the Allies,
 under the phony pretext of "protecting" 
their aggressive and militaristic 
Polish ally, declared war first!

The headlines of the Hitler-hating newspapers of Britain and America confirmed that it was the Allies who declared "a long war" on Germany while Hitler continued to plead for peace and calm. Note the sub-headline in Image # 3: "Blunt Reply to Goering's Peace 'Try On'" -- a reference to Britian's refusal to even talk with the Germans (Hermann Goering was the #2 man in Germany)

Below is the abridged text of the thoughtful and logical letter which Hitler wrote to French President Edouard Daladier -- just days before the outbreak of the war with British-French Poland -- a letter which The New York Times published on its front page, and cannot now deny

You won't see this letter on the History

 Channel or in a Ken Burns PBS 



August 28, 1939
Hitler Note and Paris 

The text of Chancellor Hitler's letter to Premiere Daladier of France:

Chancellor's Letter

Commentary and images added
pdf of original article 8/28/1939
My dear Minister President:
I understand the misgiving to which you give expression. I, too, have never overlooked the grave responsibilities which are imposed upon those who are in charge of the fate of nations. As an old front line fighter, I, like yourself, know the horrors of war. Guided by this attitude and experience, I have tried to remove all matters that might cause conflict between our two peoples.
I have quite frankly given one assurance to the French people, namely, that the return of the Saar would constitute the precondition for this. After its return I immediately and solemnly pronounced my renunciation of any further claims that might concern France. The German people approved of this, my attitude.
Under the terms of the post-World War I Treaty of Versailles, the Saar region was to be occupied jointly by the United Kingdom and France for 15 years. The Saar's coal production was controlled by France. In 1935, a referendum was permitted and the people of the Saar region (which borders France) voted, by a margin of 91%, to return to Germany.
After the Saar vote to happily reunify with the German 
fatherland was held as promised, Hitler declared that 
Germany's western borders were fixed.

As you could judge for yourself during your last visit here, the German people, in the knowledge of its own behavior held and holds no ill feelings, much less hatred, for its one-time brave opponent. On the contrary, the pacification of our western frontier led to an increasing sympathy. Certainly as far as the German people are concerned, a sympathy which, on many occasions, showed itself in a really demonstrative way.
This is 100% true. Throughout the 1930's, neither in the German press nor among the happy German people, does one find any expression of animosity towards France or England. This is remarkable given what was done to the defenseless nation after World War I (territorial losses, crushing monetary reparations, hunger blockade, occupation, theft of resources, etc).
British Prime Minister David Lloyd George is welcomed by Adolf Hitler to his home, the Berghof on September 4th 1936. [500x637]
 1- After many years of humiliation and suffering, the German people under Hitler had obtained happiness. The last thing they or their government wanted was for another destructive war against France and England.
2- Former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George visited Hitler in 1936, and then wrote:
"There is for the first time since the war a general sense of security. The people are more cheerful. There is a greater sense of general gaiety of spirit throughout the land. It is a happier Germany. I saw it everywhere and Englishmen I met during my trip and who knew Germany well were very impressed with the change.
The idea of a Germany intimidating Europe with a threat that its irresistible army might march across frontiers forms no part of (Hitler's) new vision." (here)
The construction of the western fortifications, which swallowed and still swallow many millions (of Marks) at the same time constituted for Germany a document of acceptance and fixation of the final frontiers of the Reich. In doing so, the German people have renounced two provinces which once belonged to the German Reich, later were conquered again at the cost of much blood, and finally were defended with even more blood. 
I believed that by this renunciation and this attitude every conceivable source of conflict between our two peoples that might lead to a repetition of the tragedy of 1914-1918 had been done away with.
Hitler makes a very logical point here. If someone builds an expensive fence along a certain line on his property, common sense tells us he has accepted that line as his property line, and everything on the other side as his neighbor's. By spending millions of marks on border fortifications at a certain location, Hitler's verbal renunciation of additional territory was supported by actual deeds as well. 
In order to diffuse any possible tension between France and Germany, Hitler renounced any claim to the stolen provinces of Alsace-Lorraine and built Germany's defense fortifications behind the region. 
This voluntary limitation of the German claims to life in the West, can, however, not be interpreted as an acceptance of all other phases of the Versailles dictate. I have really tried, year after year, to achieve the revision of at least the most impossible and unbearable provisions of this dictate by way of negotiation. This was impossible.
In this sense I have tried to remove from the world the most irrational provisions of the Versailles dictate. I have made an offer to the Polish government which shocked the German people. Nobody but myself could even dare go before the public with such an offer. It could therefore be made only once.  

The man is telling the truth, again! In its September 2nd issue, the New York Times will summarize the details of the generous offer that Germany made to aggressive Poland. Among other concessions, Hitler offered to give Poland a 1-mile wide highway running through German territory so that it would always have access to the Baltic Sea. Poland's answer was to increase the abuse of Germans who were stranded in Poland due to the post-World War I land grab.
Western Prussia was stolen at gunpoint under threat of starvation after Germany was deceived and betrayed into unconditionally surrendering during World War I. The ridiculous Danzig Corridor handed the region to the newly-created state of Poland and cut off Eastern Prussia from the rest of the Reich. Germans trapped in the Corridor and the "free city" of Danzig (Image 2 / today Gdansk, Poland) were horribly abused and denied the right of self-determination. 

I am deeply convinced that if, especially, England at that time had, instead of starting a wild campaign against Germany in the press and instead of launching rumors of a German mobilization, somehow talked the Poles into being reasonable, Europe today and for twenty-five years could enjoy a condition of deepest peace.
As things were, Polish public opinion was excited by a lie about German aggression. Clear decisions that the situation called for were made difficult for the Polish government. Above all, the government's ability to see the limitations of realistic possibilities was impaired by the guarantee promise that followed.
Hitler was not the only one to accuse the British press of warmongering. Among others, Lord Beaverbrook, the biggest newspaper man in England, made this same observation in a pair of 1938 private letters. Beaverbrook:
“There are 20,000 German Jews in England – in the professions, pursuing research. They all work against an accommodation with Germany.”
In a subsequent letter, Beaverbrook added:
“The Jews have got a big position in the press here. . At last I am shaken. The Jews may drive us into war.”

Media mogul Beaverbrook wrote privately what he dared not say publicly.

The Polish government declined the proposals. Polish public opinion, convinced that England and France would now fight for Poland, began to make demands one might possibly stigmatize as laughable insanity were they not so tremendously dangerous. At that point an unbearable terror, a physical and economic persecution of the Germans although they numbered more than a million and a half began in the regions ceded by the Reich.

In regard to Poland being propped up and encouraged to fight Germany, again, Hitler can be corroborated by an independent source. From Count Jerzey Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the United States, written privately in 1934:
"Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe ... President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for."
1- Polish Ambassador Jersey Potocki leaving FDR's White House.
 2- Marshal Rydz-Smigley was the effective military dictator of Poland. Backed by the UK, France, & FDR, the "brave" Smigley (who later fled from his defeated country) was very outspoken in his warmongering against Germany. (here)

I do not want to speak of the atrocities that occurred. Suffice it to say that Danzig, too, was made increasingly conscious through continuous aggressive acts by Polish officials of the fact that apparently it was delivered over to the high-handedness of a power foreign to the national character of the city and its population.

It's true, again! As the Polish government "looked the other way", Germans suffered extreme abuse at the hands of Bolshevik terror gangs. The September 3rd massacre at Bromberg, which propaganda historians have tried to mitigate, but cannot deny, gives a clear indication of the malevolent and envious hatred directed towards innocent Germans. At Bromberg, as many as 3000 Germans, including women and children were tied up, tortured, bludgeoned, mutilated, butchered or shot - and it wasn't the first time that such events took place in the Corridor.



May I now take the liberty of putting a question to you, Herr Daladier: How would you act as a Frenchman if, through some unhappy issue of a brave struggle, one of your provinces severed by a corridor occupied by a foreign power? And if a big city - let us say Marseilles - were hindered from belonging to France and if Frenchmen living in this area were persecuted, beaten and maltreated, yes, murdered, in a bestial manner?  

You are a Frenchman, Herr Daladier, and I therefore know how you would act. I am German, Herr Daladier. Do not doubt my sense of honor nor my consciousness of duty to act exactly like you. If, then, you had the misfortune that is ours, would you then, Herr Daladier, have any understanding that Germany was without cause to insist that the corridor through France remained, that the robbed territory must not be restored, and that the return of Marseilles be forbidden?

The logic of Hitler's question to Daladier is impossible to refute, which is why propaganda historians have edited the existence of the Danzig Corridor, as well as the abuses and murders which took place within it, out of the history books and off of the TV crockumentaries.

Daladier (left) meeting with Hitler in 1938 to peacefully diffuse the Sudetenland controversy.
Certainly I cannot imagine, Herr Daladier, that Germany would fight against you for this reason. For, I and all of us, have renounced Alsace-Lorraine in order to avoid further bloodshed. Much less would we shed blood in order to maintain an injustice that would as unbearable for you as it would be immaterial to us.
Possibly we, as old front fighters, can best understand each other in a number of fields. I ask you, however, do understand this also: That it is impossible for a nation of honor to renounce the claim of almost two million human beings and to them maltreated at its own borders. I have therefore set up a clear demand to Poland. Danzig and the Corridor must return to Germany. 
I see no way of persuading Poland, which feels herself as unassailable, now that she enjoys the protection of her guarantees, to accept a peaceful solution.  If our two countries on that account should be destined to meet again on the field of battle, there would nevertheless be a difference in the motives. I, Herr Daladier, shall be leading my people in a fight to rectify a wrong, whereas the others would be fighting to preserve that wrong. 

Touche! The Fuhrer got you on that one, Monsieur Daladier! Care to respond, Eddie? Eddie? Hello? (sound of crickets)

That is the more tragic since many important men, also among your own people, have recognized the insanity of the solutions then found (at Versailles) as also the possibility of maintaining it lastingly. 
That our two peoples should enter a new, bloody war of destruction is painful not only for you, but also for me, Herr Daladier. As already observed, I see no possibility for us on our part to exert influence in the direction of reasonableness upon Poland for correcting a situation that is unbearable for the German people and the German Reich.
- Adolf Hitler  
Nearly 7 years into Hitler's reign, at a time when Europe was still at peace and Jews were living well and prospering in Hitler's Germany (it's true!), Hitler's logical, thoughtful and truthful attempt to avert disaster fell on deaf ears. Neither the French nor the British even attempted to refute Hitler's claims. Instead, just like modern day 'court historians,' they simply ignored the irrefutable points which Hitler expressed; and then babbled on about "the rights of Poland."
By now, the warmongering pressures on French President Daladier and British Prime Minister Chamberlain were too much to hold back. Thus emboldened, the militaristic and ultra-nationalist government of Poland allowed ultra-Nationalists and Jewish Bolshevik Partisans to escalate their border provocations of Germany; culminating with the September 1st German counter-attack against Poland, followed by the liberation of the Corridor and Danzig.
Britain and France declared war on Germany, yet did not lift a finger to help Poland. Having been played for 'chumps.' Poland was soon discarded by the Allies as Stalin's Soviet Union then invaded Poland from the east. While continuing to ignore Hitler's pleas for peace, the Allies will spend the next eight months plotting Scandinavian-based maneuvers and deploying a massive mechanized fighting force in northern France, in anticipation of invading Germany via "neutral" Belgium and Holland, sometime in the Spring of 1940.  
The rest, as they say, is history.

The delirious people of German Danzig 
greet Hitler as their liberator. 
Britain & France went to war and 
unleashed hell over this?!

And damn all of us who are guilty, from very very far in space and time, or from right inside and outside the countless Jewish Death Camps of those 6 million eternally innocent Chosen Ones holocausted in never-proven-to-have-exited homicidal gas chambers, and for which the whole world has to atone (to the Jewish Gods), and pay Jews reparations and compensations until the end of the world, and crawl at their Godly feet forever!   

I am not a peacenik, a pacifist, a peace talkist, a peaceprocessist, a peace shitist of any kind (all propaganda terms concocted by the warmongers and perverts!) when millions are being murdered around me, our humanity perverted and even destroyed by the omnipotent military industrial complex and their usurious sponors and owners (Bank Gangsters), past, present and future! 

General Field Marshall Fedor von Bock with French General Dentz

Adolf Hitler - The untold TRUE story

French soldiers of the German Wehrmacht Legion des Voluntaires unit holding a French flag in soviet union, Winter 1941

  Former National Socialist Charged With 300,000 Counts of Murder 


  Barbarossa - Friends in the Ukraine - A German Soldier with an old man


Holohoax Survivors Who Actually Tell the Truth

French Jewish Professor Doctor Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce

  Adolf Hitler with Emmy and her mother Edda Göring, a German actress and second wife of Göring.
I love Hellenist Christ even if nearly 4 billion people hate him!

I love Muhammad even if more than 5 billion people hate him!

 I love Adolf Hitler even if nearly 6 billion people are ordered and terrorized to hate him!

I love God even if nearly 7 billion people misundertand and lie about Him!

Germans under Adolf Hitler wanted only to preserve their biological type(s), while the other European and Jewish racists and usurers simply HATED all who were and are not like them! 

I never submitted to intellectual, cultural, or political terrorism, and always stood firm in the fight for freedom,truth, justice, and a moral way of life.  Only then can we ever achieve peace, protect our habitat, and have mercy (RAHMA) on not only humans, but also on all living creatures or beings. 


Sunday 13th of August 2017

(N.B. More pearls to the swine!  By the way, I did not chose that date 13!)


 Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany tried to avert The Great War.
"The Slavs have now become unrestful and will want to attack Austria. Germany is bound to stand by her ally - Russia and France will join in and then England...I am a man of peace - but now I have to arm my Country so that whoever falls on me I can crush.
Kaiser's telegram to Russian Tsar:
 "I therefore suggest that it would be quite possible for Russia to remain a spectator of the Austro-Serbian conflict without involving Europe in the most horrible war she ever witnessed. I think a direct understanding between your Government (Russia) and Vienna possible and desirable, and my Government is continuing its exercises to promote it. Of course military measures on the part of Russia would be looked upon by Austria as a calamity we both wish to avoid and jeopardize my position as mediator which I readily accepted on your appeal to my friendship and my help." 
"This is the end of negotiations with America, once and for all! If Wilson wants war, let him provoke it and then have it."

 The homoexual Barry Soetoro did not WIN, but was given a bribe for that specific purpose!

They just FOUND OUT that there was no evidence at all to prove that SIX MILLION Jews were incinerated (holocausted!) in homicidal gas chambers, and no evidence whatsoever of even the existence of any homicidal gas chambers! 



By Mike King

Enter the word "appeasement" into a Google Search browser, and then click on "Images". You will see image after image after image of UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, whose very name is synonymous with "appeasement" and weakness in the face of a bully.
As the tiresome cliched story goes,  Chamberlain "appeased" Hitler at the Munich Conference (September 1938) by handing over Czechoslovakia to his domination. War was thus averted, but Hitler was now emboldened by Chamberlain's "appeasement."
That's the official moronic fairy tale; a fable that has been recently resurrected and repeated to wrongly describe the CIA's manufactured crisis in Ukraine and the dangers of "appeasing" Putin.

Blah Blah Blah....

Blah Blah Blah....

Blah Blah Blah....

At the conclusion of World War I, the victorious allies rewrote the map of Central & Eastern Europe. The artificial state of "Czechoslovakia" was pieced together in 1918, combining Czechs, Germans & Slovaks under the new state. Additional minorities of Romanians, Hungarians, and Poles were also forced to live under this 'Frankenstein' state. The German portion (formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) was a long strip of northern territory known as "Sudetenland."

The Globalists created a 'Frankenstein" state of many different ethnic groups.

During the mid 1930's, a closet Communist named Edvard Benes is President of Czechosolvakia. Under his regime, Germans endure brutal attacks and oppression at the hands of Marxists. The 3,500,000 Sudetenland Germans wish to join their German brothers under Hitler's Reich, but are denied the right of self determination by the pro Stalinist Benes government.

Benes the Bolshevik! Right: with Stalin and friends in 1945.

During this time, Jewish & Globalist warmongers in Great Britain are maneuvering Britain into a war against Germany. The Czechoslovakia-Sudetenland controversy is the perfect "hot spot" to get the war started. In an attempt to force Hitler's hand, Czech Marxists intensify their abuse of the helpless Germans.
New York: 1933: Madison Square Garden demo!
1933: Judea Declares War on Germany!

Hitler is pushed to the brink by the deliberate abuse of the Sudetenland Germans. He threatens to liberate the Sudetenland by force, a move that could lead to war with Britain, France, and the USSR. In an 11th hour attempt to avoid war, Hitler invites three European leaders for a conference in Munich.

Hitler: "I want peace with England!"

The Munich Conference is attended by four European heads of State. Hitler, Mussolini of Italy, Daladier of France, and Chamberlain of Britain meet in good faith for the purpose of resolving the crisis triggered by the artificial gangster State of Czechoslovakia.

The four leaders meet.


The talks go smoothly.

Hitler and Chamberlain keep the peace!

The parties agree that the Sudetenland should be united with Germany, and that the Slovaks should have their own State.
The fake Czechoslovakian state is dissolved and Germany later establishes autonomous protectorates over what remains (Bohemia and Moravia). Without a shot being fired, Germans are welcomed into the Reich, while ethnic Czechs and Slovaks also get their own states. Even the minority Poles and Hungarians then join their respective father nations. The Munich Agreement is a win-win-win-win--win for all 5 of Czechoslovakia's ethnic groups!
The rat Benes soon exiles himself in London, where he resumes plotting with the Jewish warmongers who welcome him with open arms. 

Hitler and Chamberlain part on friendly terms.
The Munich Agreement: A fair deal for ALL parties!

["Pascale Publications"]

Upon his return to Britain, Chamberlain is greeted by jubilant crowds. He applauds the Munich Agreement as "peace in our time". All throughout Europe, Chamberlain is  praised for his calm diplomacy.

Chamberlain is greeted warmly by peace loving Brits.


Cartoon depicts Chamberlain skillfully moving the world away from war, and towards peace.

Meanwhile, the degenerate, drunken, cigar chomping Winston Churchill denounces Neville Chamberlain, "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." Churchill said.
British historian David Irving later discovered that the warmongering Czech government had been secretly funneling money to the warmongering Churchill, who was plotting to replace Chamberlain.

It was Churchill and his Jewish bosses who wanted war, not Hitler!

Mr. and Mrs. Churchill get chummy with the rat Commie

Upon his triumphal visit to the liberated German Sudetenland, Hitler receives a hero's welcome.

Free at last!

Tears of joy.

In the summer of 1939, the Globalist warmongers manipulate Poland (which also holds an oppressed German minority captive) into provoking Hitler, exactly as Czechoslovakia had done in 1938. Once again, Hitler calls for an emergency conference.


But by this time around, poor Neville Chamberlain's hands have been tied by the powerful pro war forces in Britain. Less than 1 week before the conflict erupts, Chamberlain had been manuevered into signing a military defense pact with Poland. There will be no peace talks!

Salvador Dali's painting, "The Enigma of Hitler" depicts a desolate landscape, and telephone dripping tears as Chamberlain's trademark umbrella hangs from the branch. The painting signifies how Hitler's desperate phone calls to England were ignored.

By September 1 of 1939, the killing of Germans at the hands of Polish-Jewish Communist militias becomes so widespread that Hitler is forced to invade. Britain and France immediately declare war upon Germany. The gloating Churchill boasts of how his self fulfilling-prophecy regarding the danger of "appeasement" has come to pass.
Thus was born the FABLE of Neville Chamberlain's "appeasement."

Germany invaded Poland to liberate the Germans living under Polish-Jewish oppression.

The warmongers finally get their war!

Can you handle the REAL truth about World War II and the rest of Forbidden History?
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Those liars will never stop lying! They work for Satan!

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· August 13 at 6:20am
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson I feel very poorly about how some of my bloodlines were tricked into fighting some of my other bloodlines under false pretenses.

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Matt Thompson Thiis the truth, my friend!

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Alex Btyne
Alex Btyne The trickery continues...........:(

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Alex Btyne One example: the engineered genocide of White Christians and Muslims (Historians and writers always deliberately ignore the Russian and Central Asian Muslims!).

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Alex Btyne
Alex Btyne I would like to see the Muslims form an Alliance with the Nationalist movements. Where they are welcome guests fighting against the same enemy.

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Alex Btyne Muslims have proved incapable, utterly incompetent, to form any kind of Alliance among themselves to help themselves!. Some 150 million of them were butchered by the enemy since Columbus.! Arabs and Muslims were closer to Germany and German culture than to any other European nation, but Western colonisation and deculturisation (aculturisation or aculturation) have caused them to forget their cultural heritage almost completely. Even in India Muslims have become completely hinduised! Their only chance is an Alliance with Christian Orthodoxy and other Christian denominations (non-Zionist) and all non-racist White Europeans who will fight to preserve their heritage. But, this sounds utopic! Basheer



By Mike King

Dresden: Before & After
FEBRUARY 1945: The cultural wonderland of Dresden, Germany is swollen with terrified refugees who had fled westward from the rapists of Stalin's advancing Red Army. The city became so crowded that new arrivals were asked to go westward because there was no more room available. The refugees doubled the city's population from 600,000 to 1.2 million.
As part of a sick joke, the Allies choose the Catholic holy day of 'Ash Wednesday' to literally turn Catholic Dresden to ashes.
With Germany collapsing and the final outcome of the war already decided, between 200,000-300,000 innocent German civilians (some estimates are as high as 500,000due to the refugees!) are burned alive by fire, boiled alive in molten pavement as they try to run, roasted alive in bomb shelters, or suffocated to death from smoke or oxygen depravation during the Dresden firebombings of February 13-15, 1945.
The tornado-infernos destroy 90% of the city's center, where most of the people are trapped. People burst into screaming balls of fire and pain, before their heads and organs explode due to the intense heat. To escape the open-air oven, terrified Germans flee toward death in the frigid river. The following day, British fighter planes machine-gun survivors on the ground.
Adding modern insult to historical injury, U.S. court-historians and the wholly-owned German government have since steadily downgraded the death toll to a ridicuolusly "low" 40,000!
Imagine filling up 4 - 8 football stadiums with majority women, children and elderly; saturating the structures with gasoline, and then lighting everything and everyone on fire. In essence, that was the Dresden fire-bombing.
Unlike the Germans who strove to restict their air-assaults to military targets and factories, the evil drunkard FDR, the drunken, cigar-chomping, bi-sexual beast Winston Churchill, and his boy Arthur Harris (aka 'Bomber Harris') carried out a campaign of deliberate extermination against the German populace. The fire-massacre of Dresden was their crowing achievement.
Now that you have an idea of just how cruel and unnecessary the Anglo-American massacre at Dresden was; brace yourselves for the modern-day images you about to see -- images of spiteful Jews and communists celebrating the anniversary of the genocidal attack. Think about this: in conquered and still-occupied  Germany, denying the phony Holocaust will get you arrested. But publicly celebrating the REAL Holocaust (which means "burnt offering") of Dresden is permitted and goes unopposed by the pathetic Germans of today.
1- Banner depicts a falling bomb and reads: "All good things come from above."
2- Banner reads: "Bomber Harris Superstar. Thank the Allies." 
3- Topless Feminists of Marxist "ANTIFA / 'FEMEN" celebrate the anniversary of Dresden.
Can you handle the TRUTH about World War II? Read 'THE BAD WAR' by M S King -- available as a pdf, or Amazon Paperback & Kindle.

The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2
2nd Edition (Expanded / Post-Ban)


Just another weblog


Do I ‘remember’ Memorial day? You bet your sweet buns I do! I also remember how it started and and how it is was celebrated in REAL AMERICAN LIFE, and the total hypocrisy it is today!
What a crock of SHIT! NO American soldier has defended ANY American soil or American’s homeland or protected ANY American civilians in this nation since the war of 1812! The only REAL threats to this country by foreign powers was during the communist threats of the Cuban Crisis and the Berlin Crisis. I ought to know – I served in uniform during those years.

Our insane CRIMINALLY IGNORANT/disgustingly irresponsible people have been responsible for the murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent human beings In TWO world wars – which OUR OWN TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT either started – supported – funded – encouraged – incited and or FORCED other nations into.

The good REAL Christian German people were NEVER our enemies. Even General Patton finally realized the monstrous evil he was involved with – when he wrote his wife and told her the TRUTH – “ WE FOUGHT THE WRONG PEOPLE”. Yes – the Japanese did attack our naval forces in the Pacific – but only because our treasonous Marxist Godless jew-controlled President Roosevelt planned the attack, KNEW it was imminent and PURPOSELY kept it secret to insure it would happen.

Yes Dorothy, Marxist traitor FDR sacrificed all those lives at Pearl just to get us into ANOTHER word war that NOBODY – especially the Germans–wanted, but the jews and the Soviets and the British really wanted WAR – but ONLY if they could drag us into one.

The jews and the British had committed high treason AGAINST THE ENTIRE WORLD with their secret agreement known as the Balfour Declaration – when they dragged the USA into a mindless World War I they had created themselves – but that is another story of British/jew treason against Christianity (Islam) and free men.

Apparently we did NOT learn ANYTHING from our war of independence with these jew infested British scum as we fell for the same jew lies from the British that got us into WWII. Same deceit – same mentality – just different lies.

Remember kiddies – that oh-so-impassioned ‘Day Of Infamy speech’ was written a day before an attack that we FORCED and we PLANNED so as to get us on a wartime economy and end our failed Marxist economy (the depression) that caused it in the first place.

Every depression or ‘recession’ we have had in this country was planned and executed by the jews and their ‘Federal’ Reserve bank.

I live in a neighborhood of some of the most shallow, ignorant, irresponsible people I have ever known. Not ONE of them has ever defended anyone’s freedoms or homes in this country, NEVER – PERIOD! Most have never even WORN a military uniform. They ALL passionately scream and yell like demented loons during the Stupid Bowl and its drunken tailgate college frat mentality orgies – but their attitude towards the immeasurable agony and suffering we have caused tens of millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East? Ho hum. Can’t be bothered – can’t you see I’m watching a Bucs game?!

When I experience a person who knows NOTHING of the nature of my military service – and who says something irresponsibly stupid like: “Thank you for your service to our country” – I want to grasp him by the throat. For all he knows – my ‘service’ may have been like that of the racist, war criminal and COLD-BLOODED MURDERER ON A MASS SCALE Chris Kyle, an insane, cowardly, demonic piece of jew-endorsed/jew-supported filth who got his thrills by MURDERING civilian women and children whose ‘crimes’ were the DEFENSE of THEIR OWN HOMES AND FAMILIES from our marauding hordes of mercenary Godless terrorists.

I thank God I never had that kind of putrid, rancid, Godless, racist, demonic, sadistic, murderous scum in my commands.

Most people here know nothing about FACTUAL AUTHENTIC American history or the ugly fact that this nation has its past based on a foundation of never ending LIES! American history for the past century or so is based on so much deceit that it is a miracle that we still have not already met our well deserved destiny on the trash heap of history.

We ‘merkans have a legacy of taking the most sacred, hallowed, sanctified, venerable, day reserved for reflection, thanksgiving, humility, and gratitude – and predictably turning it into a yet-another shallow, jew-mentality orgy of gluttony, parties, drinking, orgies, and shopping-spree-bargain days at ‘blue-light specials’. It matters not if it is the sacred event of the birthday of our Lord – or the birthday of our NATION – it is all the same commercial trash to our shallow, selfish, petty, minds.

We have taught our dumbed-down, public school product children NO history – NO wisdom. – NO truths and NO MEANINGFUL VALUES WHATSOEVER.

This is how this shameful ‘party day’ got started. A Union General named John A. Logan who was the Union Vets Association leader decided to see if he could inflict even more pain and insult to still-grieving widows and crying orphans of those terrible confederate ‘rebels’. Notice the callus use of language that could ONLY be interpreted as demeaning to ALL of the CSA dead who fought in defense of THEIR land and THEIR families and THEIR freedom. Remember – all you witless brainwashed history experts – the civil war was NOT fought for freeing the slaves. IT WAS FOUGHT FOR STATES RIGHTS. Yes Dorothy – the North had slaves too.

Here is the text of what our thoughtful tactful General Logan stated that we should do to remember the fallen dead – but of course ONLY the fallen dead from the North. In his ‘Reemergence Day’ (as it was originally termed)

…’for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land…’

‘THEIR’ COUNTRY!? – as in belonging to the victors and Jew carpetbaggers, as in SPOILS OF WAR?

What malicious, lying, hate speech – REAL HATE SPEECH! It was a slap in the face of the countless men–both young and old–who gave their lives to protect THEIR countries. I guess to the Union killer Logan the life of an American Southern son was NOTHING! Rot in hell John Logan.

FACT: even Union Generals Sherman and Grant – as hard nosed as they were – tried their best to kick the wretched Jews parasites out of the defeated South.

And as for the fraud criminal Abraham Lincoln – he can rot in hell as well. Lincoln could have prevented all of the unnecessary bloodshed if he wanted to and yet did not. Certainly not MY idea of what a Godly American President should be. His Gettysburg address did nothing more than fuel the fires of hatred between brother and brother. ‘More than a million fighting men have given the last full measure of devotion. Their valor and sacrifices have made possible our freedoms our values our very existence’.

What hypocrisy! Do you have ANY idea of how many young American men from the South suffered torture, starvation and deprivation in Union prisons for their loyalties to their families and THEIR traditions? In my book – John Wilkes Booth was a REAL HERO whether he did it from patriotic motives or self recognition. Lincoln deserved to die for his horrid sins against millions. I have even heard Lincoln called a ‘saint’. Such filthy, putrid, blasphemy.

If any of you school age kids read this – be aware of this truth. Any teacher who taught you that the American Civil war was fought to ‘free the slaves’ is either an imbecile or a DAMNED LIAR! It was fought to preserve STATES RIGHTS. That slavery bullshit will NOT FLY! Slavery may be immoral and un-Christian – but it existed in the North as well as the South.

The tenth Amendment of The Bill Of Rights drafted in 1789 and ratified in 1791 reads as follows–‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution- nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved TO THE STATES, RESPECTIVELY – or TO THE PEOPLE’.

THAT – folks – is what the war was all about – so tell your liberal, lying, jew-indoctrinated teachers to STOP THE BULLSHIT AND THE LIES! Ignorance of HISTORY has caused more war, death, destruction, human misery, hatred, orphans, widows, cripples, and hopelessness than ALL other natural disasters on Earth since the beginning of recorded time. Is the TRUTH now so repulsive that we must keep our own children in endless ignorance?

What the Satanic jews did to the Christian Germans during the Weimar era is CRUCIAL to an understanding of the causes for WWII and the UNITED STATES ASSISTED spread of the horrors of communism from Europe to Asia – but I digress —

Does ANYBODY remember the pure hell that was imposed on every man woman and and child in the South? By the yardstick of WHOSE freedoms? – WHOSE values ?– Whose measure of ‘existence’? I was born in the ‘North’ but I am NOT ASHAMED to admit that I AM ashamed of what the North did to the American people. The cruelty and hardships imposed on innocent women and children was unparalleled with the exception of our treatment of aboriginal people here – certainly nothing to be proud of. We are MASTERS of war crimes and atrocities – even to our OWN people! Don’t even get me started on Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge and Waco.

That NEEDED to be said – I have paid my dues – and so I said it. Our so-called Memorial Day of parties and drunkenness is an abomination and INSULT to ALL decent, Godly men who have ever served in uniform with HONOR for the purpose of at least PREPARING to defend our homeland from ACTUAL UNPROVOKED ATTACK.

Anything else is either IMPERIALISM and or AGGRESSION and/or TERRORISM – PERIOD!

Anyway – later on it became apparent that MY simple observation today – had been shared by MILLIONS of offended Americans and rightfully so! After WWI it was renamed to the present designation of Memorial Day.

Yes – I will remember the men I knew – some well and some only slightly – like Bo Gritz and David Hackworth – who were REAL heroes who risked life and limb against REAL ENEMIES – not old men, children, and pregnant mothers like our brave sociopathic trash today whose fathers were not even born when I trained their grandfathers. I will mourn the REAL MEN – Godly men – like the ones I trained nearly 50 years ago – when we DID face a realistic unprovoked military confrontation by communist forces. not the putrid child murdering scum criminals I see today!

Few young people today even have a clue as to what was the essence of the Berlin Crisis – or the Cuban Crisis – both involving communists. And NEVER EVER forget this fact–JEWS AND COMMUNISM ARE INSEPARABLE.

Memorial Day was meant to be a day of solemn reflection of the sacrifices Americans in uniform made to preserve our most sacrosanct values and human ideals – family – God – country – through selfless sacrifice – of duty – commitment – honor, and valor. Those were lofty ideals – to be sure – but NONE of those values or traits even exists anymore in today’s mercenary army of dumbed-down hired killers–sadists, psychopaths, and human garbage–with the total approval of their brain-dead equally immoral parents. I have encountered that disgrace more times than I can recall.

Just look at the putrid leadership we have, starting with our criminal Zionist sock-puppet ‘President’ and his 100% ass-kissing ambitious war criminal military leaders with ABSOLUTELY no MORALS, NO compassion and no souls, KNOWING FULL WELL – that their heinous crimes protected NO American in ANY Way – and whose greed and lust for power are loyal ONLY to the Jews and Jew puppets to whom they so eagerly grovel.

Remember General ‘BETRAY-US’ and General ‘McWARMONGER’? Two examples of ‘Gulf-War’ criminal thugs. I would RELISH to see these ‘IsraHELL first’ – Godless hypocrites HUNG for their sadistic grizzly crimes! These criminals are the EXACT type who would command military troops to murder civilians in our own neighborhoods if commanded to. A Marine base called 29 Palms has already proven that disgraceful terrifying FACT! I have known their evil ilk my whole life! I have witnessed this type of Jew brutality in Palestine. It is a killing field more brutal and sadistic than even the mass murders of Cambodia.

Remember the Genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot, a Marxist who learned his killing art form from the Jew Commissars of the USSR? It was considered one of the world’s most horrible mass killings – YET the genocide our brave young killers have committed in Iraq – NUMERICALLY EXCEEDS THAT OF CAMBODIA.  That is a truth you will NEVER learn form our Jew controlled MSM. Have you ever bothered to ask your local church, newspaper or TV station WHY you were never told this, or do you even give a damn any more as long as you have your fancy SUV,  your credit cards and cold beer?

And after all, YOUR son is a ‘GOOD’ boy and would NEVER do such horrid things – right? Most of those two million civilians must have slipped on camel dung and hit their heads – right?

NONE – not ONE of these killers in desert camos today are ANYTHING but cold-blooded murdering bastards. Do your own net searches and see the horrible crimes they commit 24-7 against defenseless civilians in their OWN homes in their OWN country. Next time you see one of these bastards home on leave – remember – he is a CRIMINAL, a monster, and should be treated as such.

The rapes – cold-blooded execution murders and beatings of innocent terrified innocent human beings go on 24 hours a day. Only a VERY small percentage of the TRUE number of crimes will EVER be shown or filmed. Even so, the factual evidence of these atrocities are LEGION! Helicopter gunships murdering dozens of helpless children and elderly in the streets – young girls being raped, beaten to death and burned – an old man on HIS OWN STREET gunned down by a dozen brave armed US killers – fathers dragged out of their homes, bound & gagged, shot in the head and thrown in drainage ditches like dogs. Their terrible crimes? Trying to defend their OWN wives and children!

See these atrocities for yourself. In quantity, savage, sadistic cruelty, and frequency they are unparalleled in modern warfare. In just the 24 hours of the Memorial Day itself – these scum we are supposed to honor for ‘keeping us free’ or other cute, lying. Jew clichés to keep us dumbed-down for the furtherance of endless serial wars and genocides against people who have NEVER DONE ANYBODY HERE ANY HARM OR HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN ANY REMOTE THREAT IN ANY WAY – will murder in cold-blood a lot more innocent souls for the greater glory of the Jews.

Do you know how many more women and children must be raped, beaten to death, shot, blown to pieces by bombs and heavy artillery, incinerated by white phosphorous and other horrible deaths? Care to guess? We have already slaughtered a MINIMUM of TWO MILLION CIVILIANS. Take that figure times the months and years we have been MURDERING these poor people there will be ONE THOUSAND MORE DEAD BABIES WOMEN AND CHILDREN in that 24 hour period in the Middle East while we BRAVE ‘merikan party animals get drunk and party and stuff our fat faces as we pay our respects to the murderers who our Godless Jew- dominated society has created to protect IsraHELL!

These ‘poor souls’ do not get a 3-day ‘holiday’ – so there will be more like THREE THOUSAND MORE corpses that we can gloat over having murdered by Tuesday morning. Have a great orgy  party animals, your Jew masters will be proud. I have spoken ONLY the truth – a dirty word in 2015 AmeriKa. I can practically guarantee that by this time next year – we WILL be a police state and anyone who DARES to speak out against evil as I have – will have the Jew police terrorists at his door and will disappear – legally of course from the then totally Jew controlled Federal Judicial System.

We are only a HEART BEAT away from that EXACT scenario at this moment in time – for those of you who can tear yourselves away from your ice cold Budweisers and tailgate parties long enough to see what is raking place before your very eyes . Like it or not – what I said is the truth and you had damn-well better give it thought before the ‘thought police’ come to your home.

May God forgive you for doing nothing to save our own country from Jew greed and goy stupidity.

Now go out and party like children – or GROW UP and be REAL AMERICANS! TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH – Before it is too late – or they will–one day, when they finally figure it all out for themselves–curse you in your graves for the lies you kept on supporting. It is the right thing to do. TRUTH is ALWAYS favored by our Lord.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”
” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”
Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”
— Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister


N.B. Regarding my LOVE FOR ADOLF HITLER, it has to do with my personal reading and research over some 50 years, and as a MUSLIM where in Islam truth rules no matter what!

I was not aware that MARK GLENN was expressing similar views about Hitler, but, as for the Georgian Man of Steal - STALIN - he has the blood of scores of millions of innocent people on his Communist and Jewish hands! 


Some Comments On Mark Glenn And Trevor Labonte


Published on 3 Apr 2017
These things need to be said. There is no excuse for the idiocy Mark Glenn and Trevor La'bonte displayed. Until you understand Joe "Kill All The Jews" Cortina is sending his money over. 
Trevor and Mark could have used their fame to spread the word about Operation Talpiot and Israeli spying and theiving of high technology off the United States. 
Instead, Mark, Trevor and Joe Cortina decided to use that profile to advance the cause that Adolf Hitler and Joesph Stalin were mere "misunderstood nationalists".  
The game is "chess" as Mark Glenn is want to state. In which case, why were they all playing tiddly winks? 
Trevor Labonte could have used ALL that publicity to advance knowledge of the Israeli states domination of all things Talpiot and high technology. Instead he just got himself banned off face book rehabilitating Adolf Hitler. 
 I guess all of Joe Cortina's old CIA buddies were REAL happy. Joe Cortina told me in several emails he wanted to kill every Jew man, woman and child and he would pull the trigger till his trigger finger hurt. He stated that several times. People should stop looking at me as having a "problem" and start looking at everyone else. I have stayed TRUE to these principals - 
 1. Keep the focus on Jewish racial and religious supremacism. Stay away from controversial issues that add nothing to the debate but keep you mired in mud. 
 2. Stay focused on HOW Israel RULES - Operation Talpiot. Domination of high technology sector. Total owning of US spying. 
3. Do not get involved in stupid "debates" on whether planes or photon torpedo's hit the WTC that day
4. Keep the focus on Israel and Jewish Power. It is others who have done nothing but try and deflect me from this course - night and day. Work it out. 

Sunday 2nd of September 2018
My "adopted Son" Brendon O'Connell is damn wrong about Hitler.  For over 1400 years MUHAMMAD, the Prophet of Islam (that he said perfected all previous religions that were in a corrupted state!) has been demonised, vilified, and Muslims massacred by the hundreds of millions, yet Muslims will never stop DEFENDING him no matter what it costs!


 Because others do not focus on
"HOW Israel RULES - Operation Talpiot. Domination of high technology sector,"
Brendon castigates everyone who fights Jewish Power and Zionism the way they can and the way they decided to! 
It seems that Brendon had a go at me because I was one of those that he does not approve of!
I may agree with him about Joe Cortina, but I never saw him write anything that the Jews themselves did not write about non Jews!
As for revealing the contents of private emails, I am dead against this unchivalrous practice!


  1. The other one billion plus people never submitted to Satan and never will!
    Jews can own and rule the entire world with their Satanic buddies the Freemasons and the LHBT ("LGBT"), but they will never see me and people like me submit to their shit.

  2. Ever since the time of the Roman occupation of Palestine, Jews and Christians and other were hunted down, tortured, murdered, oppressed, enslaved, demonised, their land plundered, and their wealth stolen. We read about the collaborating Jews, the collaborating Sanhedrin, and of the Jewish priesthood.
    When Muslim appeared on the scene, the same thing happened to them, and with much more atrocities where Europeans invaded their lands, roasted Jewish and Muslim babies alike, boiled their parents, and ate them, as well as their dogs. Their own Christian priests have been witnesses of those thugs calling themselves Crusaders! They even plundered Churches and murdered Christians.
    Europe, colonised India, Communist China and Communist Russia did the same thanks to the Jewish bank gangsters. Today, any Muslim who defends himself or herself is called a terrorist and is hunted down, jailed, tortured, and murdered by the millions. Their countries are systematically destroyed as well as their way of life. They are enslaved, and forced to live under economic, cultural, and political oppression and terrorism.
    Any nation, even among their own people, that tries to free itself is destroyed and their leaders murdered, for example, GERMANY AND ADOLF HITLER. And, saying that you love Adolf Hitler requires deep insight, knowledge of True History, and a lot of COURAGE! Most people will run away from you!

  3. My Mum suspected there was a very different truth about the war. So I have studied this a little. I also do not appreciate being thought of as goyim or a hybrid crossed with a pig. The disgusting way the Zionuts are treating the Palestinians shows anyone their true color.


    When your mother has grown older,
    When her dear, faithful eyes
    no longer see life as they once did,
    When her feet, grown tired,
    No longer want to carry her as she walks -
    Then lend her your arm in support,
    Escort her with happy pleasure.
    The hour will come when, weeping, you
    Must accompany her on her final walk.
    And if she asks you something,
    Then give her an answer.
    And if she asks again, then speak!
    And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
    Not impatiently, but with gentle calm.
    And if she cannot understand you properly
    Explain all to her happily.
    The hour will come, the bitter hour,
    When her mouth asks for nothing more.

    -Adolf Hitler, 1923


  5. Sunday 2nd of September 2018

    My "adopted Son" Brendon O'Connell is damn wrong about Hitler. For over 1400 years MUHAMMAD, the Prophet of Islam (that he said perfected all previous religions that were in a corrupted state!) has been demonised, vilified, and Muslims massacred by the hundreds of millions, yet Muslims will never stop DEFENDING him no matter what it costs!


    Because others do not focus on
    "HOW Israel RULES - Operation Talpiot. Domination of high technology sector,"

    Brendon castigates everyone who fights Jewish Power and Zionism the way they can and the way they decided to!

    It seems that Brendon had a go at me because I was one of those that he does not approve of!

    I may agree with him about Joe Cortina, but I never saw him write anything that the Jews themselves did not write about non Jews!

    As for revealing the contents of private emails, I am dead against this unchivalrous practice!