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Thought Police within the so-called ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’

Who are the 'Thought Police'?

The holier than thou thought police within the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity Movement’ have said the following in response to a recent speech I gave at Middlesex University in London;

‘In line with these principles, we wish to openly state that Ken O’Keefe is not welcome to speak on our campus. We urge Middlesex University Free Palestine Society to distance themselves from his comments, and condemn them as anti-semitic.

‘We invite our fellow student Palestine activists to add their societies names to this statement.’

My response is as follows.


Given that my wife and children are Semitic, it is seems the critical thinking abilities of the above thought police is a bit stunted to say the least.  So let me help you out a bit by providing the actual meaning of the word Semitic;

Semitic |səˈmitik|

1 relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

2 of or relating to the peoples who speak these languages, esp. Hebrew and Arabic.

Your lack of linguistic knowledge or more likely participation in the abuse of language with regard to this word is not surprising, especially as it becomes more obvious that the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity’ movement is rife with infiltrators and subversives posing as friends and allies of Palestine.  As the saying goes, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies’.

The truth is that my actions, and my words are those of a person unafraid of the political correctness traps to which you seem to have submitted yourself.  You might well call me an “anti-American hate monger” and imply that I paint all Americans with the same brush when I have repeatedly called the United States the “greatest terrorist of the 20th and now 21st centuries.”  But I have never seen anybody suggest I be banned from speaking for having stated these words.

But alas, speak the words deemed taboo by the thought police and one becomes unworthy of speaking at all.  Think of how incredibly holier than thou and up your own arse it makes you sound when many if not all of you, do not have a Palestinian wife/husband, or Palestinian children, who have likely never been to Palestine, certainly have not risked nearly as much as I have in defending Palestine, say that I am unworthy of speaking about Palestine or any other issue in universities where I can assure you, many people would be happy for me to speak.  The arrogance and hypocrisy is quite simply over the top.  And if there are Palestinians among this cadre of thought police who genuinely think that I am a liability rather than an asset to the Palestinian cause, then stand up and say so.  I certainly will respect you for having the balls (in a figurative sense) to say so.

To put things in perspective, just over a year ago I was presented the Key to the City of Gaza by the last elected Prime Minister of Palestine, I guess I will have to settle for that instead of your approval.
Also noted is how you have provided a link to my speech, one that purposely edits out the context of what I said.  This is either a massive mistake on your part or a deliberate act that exposes your transparent agenda in attempting to marginalise a genuine ally of the people of Palestine.  Just in case you have made a mistake, here is a link to my entire speech;

As if my words in the above speech were not clear, let me repeat, I seek the destruction of every government and institution that is actively participating in the destruction of our world.  Some being so corrupt and vile that there seems little to no chance in them being reformed, I include the US, British and Israeli governments in this category, along with the United Nations.  All of these entities are vile and disgusting and are taking us straight to hell on Earth via World War III.

Let me be clear however, I do not give a free pass to the crimes of all the other corrupt, racist and violent entities and governments out there.  I simply recognize the obvious, in terms of total destruction and suffering, the entities I reserve my greatest scorn for, specifically the so-called ‘western civilisation’ I come from, represents the gravest threats we face in this tragic world of ours… we are in truth, barbarians.

As much as you seek to censor me or ban me, all you have really done is expose yourselves and a significant problem facing the Palestinians and everyone else genuinely involved in the struggle for justice.  That problem is the false allies of truth and justice, the subversives posing as friends and the dupes to blind to know how much these characters are manipulating them.  The direct enemy is plain to see, a more honest enemy, and in this regard I respect this enemy more than the western “liberal” dupe who is either so full of himself, or so corrupt, that he is blind to the traitor to humanity role he plays.

I am a disciple of Malcolm X’s way of thinking, on more than one level.  With regard to friends and foes he was astute, he was right.  He had no illusions regarding the illusory differences between the Democrats (friends to the black man) and Republicans (racist enemies). “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”

In the 1964 presidential elections, when the US presidential candidates were Lyndon B. Johnson (the “peace” candidate) vs. Barry Goldwater (the “war” candidate), Malcolm X exposed the deceit of this phony distinction.

“The shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists,” he said, “knew that the only way people would run towards the fox (Johnson) would be if you showed them the wolf (Goldwater). So they created a ghastly alternative . . . And at the moment he (Johnson) had troops invading the Congo and
South Vietnam.”

Beware of the Thought Police'

This is my perspective, you, the thought police and false allies of Palestine, which can even include people with Palestinian blood, are the ones attempting to provide cover for the tyrants by prohibiting meaningful deliberation into matters that are of the most critical importance to our world.  A stark example of this is the Jewish supremacism that is of dire consequence to our world.  This is the taboo subject you are charged with enforcing, and in doing so you take sides with the same racist, supremacist ideologies you claim to oppose.  I am proud to be opposed by you, I shall wear your Scarlet Letter as a badge of honour.

I depart by saying that any group of people, whether it is the disciples of Hitler, the Christian Zionists of America or the Jewish supporters of Israel, or the brainwashed false Muslims, I say loud and clear, any group that believes they are “chosen” by God and thus superior to anyone else, is an enemy of all humanity.  Combine this sort of supremacist ideology with the power of America and Israel and we have a recipe for the end of the world.  The stakes could not be any higher, and you, my poor, poor minions, are on the wrong side of history.  You are not the friends of Palestine or justice, you are the guardians of tyranny whether you know it or not.

Ken O’Keefe

Thus far the following thought police entities have saw fit to stand by an anti-Ken O’Keefe agenda;

Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society
Leeds University Palestine Society
Dundee University Action Palestine
Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine
Glasgow University Palestine Society
Liverpool University Friends of Palestine

It would seem that Scotland has a segment of the population feeling inclined to ban me from Scottish Universities, I invite the people of Scotland to express whether this is representative of their national perspective.  If you wish to speak on or against my behalf, please go to the following link and say what you have to say, in fact I encourage all of you to do this.  Perhaps the thought police are right, perhaps I should not be allowed to speak at any university in the so-called ‘western civilisation’.


9 Responses to “Thought Police within the so-called ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’”

  1. ‘In line with these principles, we wish to openly state that Ken O’Keefe is not welcome to speak on our campus. We urge Middlesex University Free Palestine Society to distance themselves from his comments, and condemn them as anti-semitic.
    ‘We invite our fellow student Palestine activists to add their societies names to this statement.’
    ALAN DERSHOWITZ the Chief Devil on planet earth has been doing exactly that for decades as well as ADL of B’nai B’rith!
    I am pretty sure my ‘good friend’ Miss Iqbal Tamimi must have received a similar instruction to kick her “sweetheart” Ghyslaine ROC, one of her main contributors, out of her website “Palestine Mothers” and SHE COMPLIED!

  2. Dear Kenneth
    “I am a disciple of Malcolm X’s way of thinking, on more than one level. With regard to friends and foes he was astute, he was right. He had no illusions regarding the illusory differences between the Democrats (friends to the black man) and Republicans (racist enemies). “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.””
    I know the feeling of the betrayal of some Palestinian movements here in the UK. In 2009 I was licked out of the website called “Palestinian Mothers” and all my contributions thrashed, my uploaded files removed, and I was prevented from even accessing the website because I did not qualify as a genuine “Friend of Palestine” anymore! This happened after I had posted PART 3 of “THE GLOBAL BOLSHEVIK FASCIST STATE” entitled ISRAELI JUDEO-NAZIS written on Friday 11th of September 2009 and posted on Tuesday 10th of November 2009 before I was kicked out!
    If you do not mind, I would like to post that article here in its entirety.


    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

    Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

    Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz 1903-1994 
    “Israelis are Judeo-Nazis!”


    To many people, including authentic Jews and myself, “Barack Hussain Obama” (BARRY SOETERO – I’m still searching for his genuine birth certificate details!) is just another useful and master lying puppet mass murderer of the International banksters and of the Soviet Terrorist Apartheid State of Israel (STASI), the worst ever in modern times after Soviet Russia, the USA, the UK and France. Married to an acknowledged Black Jewess, his children all qualify as STASIAN citizens and potential mass murderers. The sad and outrageous thing about it all is that the authentic peace-loving and compassionate Jews are given a very bad name by the Zionists and by some fanatical Jews. But, the controlled masses, those demoncratised zombies, always buy the Zionist lies and are thus themselves very dangerous and the arch enemies of truth, justice and freedom. Unfortunately, my 28 November 2008 article dedicated to French-speaking zombies did not catch the attention or interest of the webmasters I sent it to (as far as I can remember), in which I mentioned the Zionist ‘election’ motto “YES, WE CAN” which the Zionist and Wallstreet controlled media thrusted down the throats and minds of the gullible American people, and which Zionist omnipotentate Abner Joseph Mikva (Obama’s mentor) used when he proudly and arrogantly announced that America WILL have its first “Jewish” President in Barack Hussain Obama! Satan (Christian renegades and fanatics) likes mixing authentic religion with dirty politics and is using the name “Jew” and “Christian” and their criminal elements to accomplish its devilish plans.

    “Regarding concern in Israel about an Obama presidency, Mikva said that “Barack will be the first Jewish president in the US.”

    He has a yiddeshe nishama,” Mikva said. “He is committed to Israel and its security concerns and understands that democratization does not happen by force but by example, and there is no better example in the Middle East than Israel.””

    (Abner Joseph Mikva – Haaretz, Apartheid Israel)

    Ghyslaine ROC

    P.S. If the article is not appropriate, please, feel free to remove it or not to allow it. THANKS.


    « My article, “LE PREMIER PRÉSIDENT JUIF AUX USA ! OBAMA SERA PIRE QUE BUSH !” (The First Jewish President in the USA! Obama will be worse than Bush! – 28 November 2008) dealt briefly with Barack Hussain Obama as “the first US Jewish President” (although previous ones like mass murderer T. Roosevelt is well documented to be of real Jewish extraction and a racist too). It also dealt with the Jewish dream of hegemony, the ‘prediction’ of my Jewish host Michael Stepanovitch Drinkin from Kislovodsk, ex-USSR, that the entire West will soon be Sovietised, which I thought at the time was pure Bolshevik fantasy; the Jewish Zionist Philip D. Zelikow the myth maker; the perfidious collaboration of Muslim ‘leaders’; Blackwater, the US Contracted Army of Terrorists and Assassins (including STASIANS or ISRAHELLIANS), unaccountable to no one, not even to God, but paid by US tax money and stolen Iraqi and other conquered lands’ money, which Obama intends to keep for ever in Iraq and other occupied and infiltrated countries (Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, etc.); pshychopolitics; brainwashing; and the film Network. (B.A.F.S.)

    The Zionist Mafia always knows in advance the outcome of all “democratic elections”! And, America got theirs because when 75% of the so-called Jews including ISRA HELL decide on something, it always happens. Zionist Lobbies are the most powerful on earth! “Democratic elections” are even carried out by the western armies under military rule and dictatorship! Who finances wars and revolutions? Criminal Jews! Who wins the wars and the revolutions? Criminal Jews! Who always benefit from wars? Criminal Jews! Who control the world? Criminal Jews, but not authentic Jews who are religious and spiritual people! Criminal Jews and Zionists are mostly Atheists, Communists, and some extremely mad fanatics, including among the very young, and are all the henchmen and henchwomen of SATAN! Christian Zionists number 40 million according to their leaders and without them Jews and Judaism will not have earned such a bad reputation as the harbingers of death, pestilence, famine and holocausts! Check also the Zionist connections of the rapist President William Rockefeller Clinton and his lesbian “wife” Rodham Hillary who confessed her mother was Jewish and that they spoke Yiddish in the home. The Jesuits and the Jewish Cabal which give Jews and Christians respectively a bad name and the Globalists are working hard to set up their One World Government with Jerusalem as its Capital.” But, this will have nothing to do with authentic (uncorrupted) Judaism and authentic Jews! 


    It is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people that Bolsheviks, Jews, and Zionists are running or controlling all western racist and militarist regimes, but never without Christian and secularist complacency! We will be wrong to blame solely the criminal Jews when their crimes are only possible because the renegade Christian West wants it! What the Soviets never did in their Gulags, the USA, with full western support, has been doing all along and is still committing the most atrocious crimes against humanity; tortures (extraordinary rendition) and violates every single law that is meant to protect human dignity, life and right to justice. Like ISRA HELL, the USSA (United States of Soviet America) is above International Law. Military Corporatism is running American and western foreign policies, waging endless wars, mass murdering millions, and installing permanent (and secret) military bases around the world, and plundering other peoples’ resources in all impunity. But what the Soviets never did or simply dreamed of, the USSA has done one hundred times over and is unstoppable because the American people as well as the entire West are massively its accomplices in crime. Small island of Diego Garcia was ethnically cleansed of 100% of its inhabitants and displaced in order to set up a permanent American military base in the Indian Ocean, used today by both Bharat (India) and ISRA HELL for joint terrorist military manoeuvres. The world today (including all true Christians) has a million reasons to HATE America, the West and their murderous and usurious bank gangsters until hell freezes over, although we must never forget that a huge minority of Americans and even Europeans (including many Jews) are not only innocent of those crimes but even fight them tooth and nail! 


    But, anybody who opposes the hegemony of the International bank monopolies and their powerful Secret Societies, their wars, their murderous and immoral ideologies, their monopolies and Satanic New World Order, gets systematically murdered, even if it is the President of the United States! For example, at least three Roman emperors, including Julius Caesar, the legendary Jesus Christ, US Presidents like Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Russian Tsar Nicholas II, El Hajj Malik al-Shabazz (Malcom X), Dr Kelly, Usama Bin Ladin, “Saddam Hussein”, Yasser Arafat, William Cooper, Jack Bernstein, many top US officials including top military, foreign leaders and even Zionist leaders and Jewish dissidents are systematically murdered! Rapist Clinton had his opponents systematically murdered by the tons. However, attempts on the lives of US President Andrew Jackson, Ayatollah Khomeyni and Minister Louis Farrakhan failed. Why did Winston Churchill refuse to have Hitler killed? They later “suicided” him! It took the West two bloody wars and genocidal embargos to “hang” their ally and accomplice Saddam without a proper trial! World politics is all about the US Bolshevik State and the Sovietisation of the world orchestrated by the International Banking Mafia, composed mainly of Jewish financial monopolists: for example, Ben Shalom Bernanke, James Wolfensohn, Robert Zoellick, Josef Ackermann, Kenneth Jacobs, the Rothschilds and other world gangsters. Their major US ‘non-Jewish’ stooge is David Rockefeller, owner of Chase Manhattan Bank, former Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and founder of the Trilateral Commission. Other notorious money criminals are the Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and the Baruch-Warburg clique and European Central Banks. 


    Being leaders of the International prostitution, drug, paedophile, homosexual, gambling and pornography networks, money Jews have one million ways to bribe their way to power, including blackmail and assassination. Since Biblical times, they have had recourse to prostitutes in order to achieve their demonic aims. Even Biblical Abraham passed his wife Sara as a kind of prostitute in order to obtain favours from the Pharaoh, out of fear some say! “Jewish” Monica Lewinski was used as an instrument in order to supposedly frame Bill Clinton, but the real aim was to distract world attention and swindle more funds from the American people. Mel Gibson was framed by two “Jewish” women, a “Jewish” journalist and the Sheriff “Goldsmith”! Even Biblical ESTHER (Hadassah) confirms the treacherous lies and deceit of Jewish leaders. In essence, in its numerous translations, the Persian King Ahasuerus (“Xerxes I”) banished his Queen Vashti because she had disobeyed him! Vashti was replaced by a “beautiful” and “intelligent” Jewish Persian virgin girl (Esther, from the Persian word for Star) after he had sex with her (after she underwent purification for 12 months!) and found her better than all his harem concubines! Ahasuerus had granted supreme authority over the kingdom to Prince Haman, but Jews complained that Haman had ordered the extermination of all the Jews in the Persian Empire – the usual Jewish fairy tale, Haman the “Antisemitic” Agagite, the Biblical Adolph Hitler! Although Persian edicts could never be repealed (reversed) even by the King himself, under the magical spell of the new “Jewish Persian Queen” Esther, the King illegally ordered Esther’s cousin Mordecai (not his own executives!) to inform all the Jews living in every one of the 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia, and the satraps and governors, the legal right to avenge themselves pre-emptively, and in “self-defence” to destroy, kill and annihilate all their enemies “with their wives and children and all their houses, and to take their spoil”. (Esther 8:11 – DRB) Don’t you remember how Sara made Abraham illegally dispossess Ishmael of his Biblical right as the eldest of the family? Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters of the Faith have a lot of explaining to do for all these inconsistencies in the Torah! Esther and Mordecai would be our modern “Jewish” Madeleine Albright and “Jewish” Dr Henry Kissinger! Religious Jews lived in the Persian Empire for 2400 years after Esther, and today the ungrateful ones and Zionists have planned a New Persian Holocaust (the first one was carried out by Saddam Hussain as a paid agent of the West) after the Palestinian, Afghan and Iraqi Holocausts, with the usual genocidal embargos, and the use of nuclear and biological weapons and torture with the full support of the West, its Allies and client states, and its ever lying media! 


    All true Muslims are potential truth, freedom and justice fighters, and this scares the Elite of International Bank gangsters and their Satanic “Bilderberger” minions that own, run and tyrannise the world. So, their criminal networks, including the “Jewish” Russian Mafia that is now operating in all freedom in the USSA, with the Japanese, Chinese and Italian Mafiosi, are engaged in a ruthless and merciless war against Islam and unarmed and disarmed Muslim nations, a war “on terror” that they say will never stop, and for which the dumb tax-payers will always pay submissively and with very little opposition! The War is against God and all true religions, but mainly against Islam and the arming of Muslim nations is the key to the balance of power in the world, and until Muslims realise this, they will always remain slaves of the Global Christian Judeo-Freemasonic fascists. But, many keep pushing Islam as a uniquely “peaceful religion” by which they mean Muslim pacifism, which is another word for cowardice and laissez-faire. Criminal Jews issue the fiat money and do not give a damn about our laws! Satanic Rothschild warned us, but we do not give a damn about stopping the usurers! 

    But, is there a law that prevents peace-loving people from defending themselves? In order to realise the Zionist Satanic dreams, Muslims have to be disarmed, and are denied the right to ever arm and defend themselves, and the right to not only freedom of expression, but also to freedom of practicing their religion, which fundamentally commands them to fight evil and enjoin good, a legitimate right, but only by legal means. The STASI, Russia, the USSA, the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and China are at the head of the Satanic war mongering apparatus and their Secret “Intelligence” Services and Shadow Governments are murdering millions of people around the world, stifling dissent at home, terrorising their own people by State sponsored acts of terror like US 9/11, UK 7/7, the Mumbai Chabad-MOSSAD attacks, etc., and ruling with a fist of iron.

    Their New World Order is a Godless, anti Muslim, anti Jewish and anti Christian ideology and practice that are reminiscent of the Talmudist Stalinist Bolshevik regime (the Communists destroyed 500 synagogues!), the most murderous of the past century, and that has now engulfed the whole world, and in particular Christendom. But, with Islam and Muslims, they are living a real nightmare, because there is resistance, both intellectual and armed resistance, which they label as racism, anti-Semitism, fascism and terrorism when they themselves are the real and only racists, anti-Semites, Fascists and terrorists on the planet. Any nation or people that they see with a “potential” to disobey them now or in one hundred or one thousand years to come has to be demonized and deprived of any voice in the media, then invaded, bombed (even from space), embargoed, destroyed and occupied preemptively. This is how Western Bolshevism and civilization operate because they are super military powers! But, they will rule only as long as Muslims remain unarmed or disarmed and away from authentic Islam that gave Humankind inalienable rights to Life, Freedom and Justice, and they know it. 


    I wholly despise the Zionists who operate secret governments within democratic (only on the surface) governments with the complicity (or under the control) of the country’s Secret Societies, Police, military, judiciary and governing bodies. They deliberately orchestrated the Jewish Holocaust with Nazi help for all who refused to go to Palestine, murder its inhabitants and steal their lands occupied then by the British imperialists! They murder people and political adversaries at will and in all impunity! (JFK, RFK, Itzshaq Rabin, Yasser Arafat, and so on) I also despise the Africans and Asians who monkey white racists in their media, films and everyday life. But, I despise most the imperialist Zionists (at least 40 million of them claim to be Christian Evangelists), the illegal occupiers of all Muslim and many non Muslim lands, their mass murdering and global plundering armies of assassins, mercenaries, and the “New Age” Globalist political, economic and cultural war machine. I despise Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Satanists, Humanists and their usurious bank gangsters and warmongers, and I do not give a damn about what they write and say. The problem is that THEY and their likes deny me and people like me the right to freedom and life: freedom of expression, freedom to believe, freedom of movement; freedom of education for our own children and ourselves; freedom of religion, freedom of living in a healthy and moral environment; and freedom of industry, trade and of a monetary system of our choice. After all, why should we grant private bank gangsters the right to print our currency, inflate and deflate our economy at will? Those usurious banksters also chose who has a right to life or not, the born as well as the unborn. Their UN abortion programme has murdered nearly one billion babies! They have created, promoted or financed the world’s most murderous ideologies: Macroevolution, Wild Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Zionism, Humanism, Liberalism, Maosim, Jewish (Talmudist) supremacy, Jesuit “Luciferian” Jewish-Christian Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the usurious Banking Cartel, perpetual Monopolies, and so on. Their wars, economic crashes, embargoes and revolutions have devastated the planet. But, they ban us from expressing ourselves because they control all mainstream media outlets. Even lithe tiny winy Mauritius is terrorized by Jewish-Zionist power and bows down to Christian Judeo-Masonic diktat! It seems that its first Prime Minister Shivsaagar Ramgoolam (as is the actual President-dictator Aneerood Jugnauth!) and India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru were both Freemasons! 

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

    Pr Noam Chomsky

    If we really want to see “Western civilisation” in “democratic” action, we just have to walk into their pornographic (sex) shops in Tel-Aviv, Paris, London, New-York, Amsterdam, and all throughout their “civilised” West, and we will see how sex (anus) obsessed and perverted they are. And, they take all the evil in the sex-anus industry and try to push it down our throats at gunpoint as fashion in the name of secularism of French laïcité. No wonder, used to filthy habits, they always mass-rape and act like wild animals (evolved apes!) and sadists in all conquered lands. French Hospital records are filled with their young girls and women (including aristocratic families!) who have sex with animals! 


    In his book, Diary Of A Writer, published in 1877, Dostoevsky penned a journal entry, entitled, The Jewish Question. With alarming and frightening foresight, (by which he penetrated into today’s events), Dostoevsky predicted a growing domination over social and political affairs by the Jews with their newly acquired rights:

    “The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.” (Control of the ‘Yid and his bank’)

    Brother Nathanael Kapner, A Former Jew


    Today, criminal Jewish leadership and their powerful Zionist Lobbies form a State within the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and so on! They bribe, blackmail, persecute, prosecute and murder who they want! They own the governments with all its “democratic” branches! How all this came about? Unscrupulous historians on the payroll or under the control of the Jewish Mafia (AZC (AIPAC), ADL, CRIF, including the US Congress, preach their false anti-Nazi religion imputing to Adolph Hitler everything previous personalities wrote about Jewish criminality and perversion, while at the same time they hide Stalinist and criminal Jewish horrors. ‘Historians’ write that Hitler caused WW II or the death of 60 million people. This is a colossal lie! Any honest researcher will find out that Jewish leadership, Czechoslovakia and Britain caused WW II despite the fact that Italy, France, Britain and Germany had signed on 30 September 1938 a “Peace and Security Agreement” in Munich over Czechoslovakia and Europe. Like in WW I, when Britain was not winning the war, money Jews dragged the USA in it. Judea (Jewish capitalists) declared war on Germany in 1933! So, they started the war and innocent Jews paid a heavy price. Zionists and criminal Jews must assume the obvious consequences!


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All American Muslims and Truth, Freedom and Justice Fighters should pledge to first and foremost protect and defend the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (by whatever means necessary) against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Muslims will of course defend any Constitution only as long as it does not go against the Holy Qur’ân and the Authentic Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, his family, Companions, and all the righteous followers and upholders of similar values and virtues whether Muslims or not. 

“Voting for any Kufr (anti-God, anti-Islamic, anti-moral) System is haraam (strictly forbidden) in Islam, but in the absence of Islamic States and Islamic political systems, Muslim minorities can only (and should) vote for programmes that respect the right to freedom, truth, and justice for all.  As for myself, having not yet found any such righteous man-made Constitution, I have never voted in my 63 years of existence, but wrote to Congressman Ron Paul who was running for the US presidency, and told him that I would willingly have voted for him (his programme) were I an American citizen, because he pledged to re-establish both the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights that the Neo-Cohens, the Jewish Lobby and Zionists had scrapped, and which would have benefited us all.  But, I knew (it was obvious) this would not (never) happen.” (B.A.F.S.)

But, too many Muslims seem never to learn their lesson and keep on voting for and working with and for Satan because they are too afraid of him and afraid to lose their comfort and wealth.  What they do not realize is that the day always will come when they will lose everything much earlier than they expect because they refuse to heed Allah’s Warnings and reap only defeat after defeat.  If they could obey faithfully and loyally with perseverance and patience the following three Commandments of the Holy Furquaan (Qur’aan) they will certainly make a huge difference in the balance of power in the world, curb Zionist and western arrogance and stop their destructive wars of aggression and hegemony: 

Surah 2 Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Verse 216; 
Surah 3 Ale ‘Imran (Family of Imran) Verse 200; Surah 9 At-Taubah (Repentance) Verse 23-24. 

 It does not really matter whether these Commandments come straight from God or were simply the inspiration of a mystic because in them lie the solution of all Muslims and of a freedom-loving, truth-loving and justice-loving humanity that will achieve peace globally.


“The idea that the heretofore "passive" Jews are, for the first time in their history, learning to kill, belies the entire recorded history of this plague. There are too many well-documented massacres in history in which the Jews tortured and murdered their victims with the greatest glee, gloating in such barbaric practices of tearing out the hearts of women and children and smearing the blood on their faces, while the Jewish women ripped out the writhing entrails of their dying victims, wrapped the steaming
evidences of their victory around their waists, and began the traditional Jewish dance of the Hatikvah as the celebration of their triumph over their vanquished foes.”

“The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world.”

“They command the world to weep for them, because they control the world. These harbingers of terror claim to be "refugees", since they had no nation of their own, but infested the civilized societies in every part of the world for two thousand years, bringing with them, in every instance, disease and death.”

“This plague is world Communism, and its known carriers, the furry scavengers who have found their way through the sewers into every civilized place, are the international Jews. We are asked to weep only for the Jews, and to ignore the many millions of actual victims of world terrorism in the past one hundred and fifty years, a chronicle of such horror that one scarcely can bear to put down this bloodstained record, not merely in fear that the world might put away its business in order to mourn these countless victims of international Communist terrorism, but that the tragic fate of these innocents, most of them women and children, is one of such pathos that one's heart could break from the full impact of its terrifying implications for everyone alive today.”

Eustace Mullins “The Secret Holocaust”


British Jewish Member of Parliament Sir Gerald Kaufman said he was “brought up as an orthodox Jew and a Zionist”, but he denounced “Israel” ” in the House of Commons, and said:

”They are not simply war criminals, but they are fools”.

 Sir Kaufman said his parents came to England from Poland as refugees and that “Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism”.  “Yasser Arafat was a friend of mine,” he said, and called “for a total arms ban on Israel”.  Pr Leibovitz called the Israelis Judeo-Nazis because the Supreme Court (Judge Landau) had legalised torture and because of the endless atrocities committed by Jews against the Palestinian people including their pregnant women. 

Did we not see how those Satanic Communist Chekists operated in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Kosovo, torturing, murdering, mass-raping as a weapon of war and not sparing unarmed and totally defenceless men, women, children, babies, Muslims and Christians alike, right under the very eyes and with the complicity of the Zionist United Nation that in the first place spawn the Hell called ISRA HELL and legitimise the Union of Soviet Stolen Republics (USSR), run by a Bolshevik Mafia? 

The Huns are back, and like Attila, the “Scourge of God”, flagellum dei,  “remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity”, where the Zionist Ashkenazi Jews (a Mongol-Turkic tribe akin to the Huns) happen to live as leeches and parasites, natural green grass grows no more for their hosts!  They destroy nature (Monsanto) and humanity (Communism), and pervert religion and morality (Zionism).  Today, like Attila and Hulagu Khan, criminals from the Ashkenazi Tribes have stolen the identity of Semites, taken over Palestine and made it into a literal ISRA HELL!  The word “Israel” means STRONG (POWERFUL) AGAINST GOD because according to Israelite records, Jacob wrestled with God (in the form of an angel) and won, and was therefore renamed “ISRA EL!  El is also written as Eli, Elah, or Al Lah (the God)!  But, today the modern Huns are behind all the evil on this planet with the help of renegades from all religions and fanatical and murderous Christian Zionists (Evangelists)! 

The Sephardic (Semitic) Jews got all the names of God from the very people their criminal Ashkenazi leadership are set out today to exterminate, the Palestinians and the Arabs?  Adonaï was the Palestinian Adonis.  El (Elohim) was the Arab monotheistic God.  Ya hua or YA HU WAH (YHWH) Allah = He is the God!  This proves that in matters of religion and ethnicity, the original Jews, Christians and Muslims are ONE people, and have only ONE religion, with only ONE God, and that they are all Brothers and Sisters of the same Faith although there are many fabricated differences, but I am not here to criticise other peoples’ religions because we can very easily find faults with each other’s religions.  This chapter is not about the truth or falsity of religion, but about the evils of political and militarist Zionism!  The Huns are back, yes, but in the form of Zionists and Israeli Judeo-Nazis, not of Jews, although there is also a Jewish criminal element in them.  Many Muslims do collaborate with the Devil too, not only Jews and Christians or Atheists! 

Iran President  Ahmedinejad has proved to the world that Islam and Muslims love authentic Jews of the (uncorrupted) Torah and the Jews of Naturei Karta have shown to the world the real Jewish miracle of this century: orthodox Jews (without Esther this time!) and Muslim President Ahmedinejad embracing each other like Brothers, a beautiful, splendid, and sublime gesture.  This is exactly how Muslims and Jews lived for more than one thousand years.  But, this gesture will of course enrage the Zionist Saudi and other Arab CIA puppets who helped the West to carry out the Iranian-Iraqi Holocausts and would still like to see Iran destroyed!  


Ghyslaine ROC
Friday 11th of September 6009

(Posted on Palestinian Mothers on Tuesday 10th of November 2009 before I was kicked out!)

"The truth is that my actions, and my words are those of a person unafraid of the political correctness traps to which you seem to have submitted yourself."

Since I started writing for the French-speaking readers more than ten years, I never showed any fear of the Fascists at all, whether Jews, Friends of Israel, Secularists, etc.

If anybody knows about Adriana Evangelizt, well, we are alike in many ways - born rebels and FREE! 

Ghyslaine ROC


Friday, March 02, 2012

Me voici poursuivi par la LICRA pour "contestation de crimes contre l"humanité".


Le 1er mars 2012, au lendemain du retocage par le Conseil constitutionnel de la loi réprimant la contestation du génocide arménien, j'ai été convoqué dans les locaux de la Police judiciaire de Paris.
Au moment même où la liberté de recherche est reconnue par l'institution française dont l'une des fonctions est de veiller à la constitutionnalité des lois, je suis poursuivi par la LICRA (Ligue contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme) pour "contestation de crimes contre l'humanité" au sujet du documentaire "Un Homme" consacré au professeur Robert Faurisson.

J'ai refusé de répondre aux questions du Gardien de la paix chargé de mon audition.

Le titre de l'éditorial du Monde de ce jour (n° 20 874) est : "Le Parlement n'est pas un tribunal de l'Histoire". Dans sa chronique, Pierre Assouline écrit qu'il "serait temps de reconsidérer la question des lois mémorielles (toutes, sans exception)."

La loi Gayssot du 13 juillet 1990 en vertu de laquelle je suis poursuivi est une aberration par rapport aux principes de notre Droit. La loi n’a pas à intervenir dans la définition de la vérité historique. Dans un État libre, cette fonction est celle des historiens et des citoyens.

Ayant lancé en août 2010 une pétition contre la loi Gayssot soutenue par l'intellectuel Noam Chomsky et signée par plus de 3 000 personnes, je réclame à nouveau l’abrogation de cette loi inique condamnant à de lourdes amendes et à de la prison ferme les citoyens qui ne se plient pas à un dogme historique qui s'est transformé en religion.

J'appelle les esprits libres à se révolter contre cette infamie et à me soutenir dans le combat que j'ai entrepris pour la liberté de recherche.

Paul-Éric Blanrue, 1er mars 2012.


Salut à tous !


Le citoyen engagé said...
Au même moment le grand rabbin de France vient rediaboliser le FN:

Pour qui roule le communautarisme juif à votre avis?
Abu-Suleyman said...
pour la guerre civile... comme la clic a sarkozy nous le montre tous les jours !

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