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The Alien Beginning and End of Humankind
By Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally

 We, humans, evolved from Jack and Jill - my granddaughters' terrapins!
Dedicated to my children and grandchildren
To my very dear and faithful friend Adalberto Erazo Jr.
And to all seekers of knowledge

From Daryl's Encyclopedia (updated 4 May 2013)
(Re-posted in 2014)

Rashida (Rosetta) Stone

The Rashida (Rosetta) Stone (part only) stolen in 1899 from the town of Rashid (Egypt) by the invading French armies, later stolen by the British invaders. In the “Demotic” section Arabic script is clearly visible. Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Wahshiyah (founder of the science of Algebra) was the first scholar to decode hieroglyphs, one thousand years before Jean Champollion according to Dr Okasha El Daly 

Demotic script on a replica of the rosetta stone on display in Magdeburg. Photo by Chris 73. Creative Commons License. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Chapter One


BBC interviewer:  
"Is Evolution a Theory?" Pr Dawkins: "No, it is a fact!"
Oxford University Professor Richard Dawkins – UK

Oxford University Professor and “Evolved Animal Humanist” Richard Dawkins – ZIONIST IMPERIALIST UK

Addressing University students, Oxford Zoologist Professor Richard Dawkins [1941-….], an intolerant and fanatical Atheist, Evolutionist and Humanist lecturer, stated once to a huge gathering of students (seemingly ready and willing to be indoctrinated) that the cleverest ape-man that has ever lived was Aristotle, a mercenary soldier in Alexander of Macedonia’s army, a man who never went to a real school (the first modern schools and universities came with the Muslims) and who spent twenty years learning “philosophy” while “walking with Plato”, and Pr Dawkins was seen on British television (where freedom of speech is absent) boasting that the “White European race” sprung from the Aristotelian racial lineage. If Irish George Bernard Shaw was alive today, he would have gladly given that arrogant Professor a piece of his uniquely great human mind, but any striving and tolerant Muslim (by definition, a Muslim is moderate and tolerant of everything except evil practices), have the duty to pray to God Almighty to guide the deluded Professor and show him the Light, although there is little hope that this may ever happen. His ape-man religion has been proven many times to be the fabrication of scientists lacking in honesty. The fact is that no indisputable trace of humankind or of its civilisation seems to have yet been discovered beyond ten (twenty) thousand years. Could we, humans, old pyramid (ziggurat) builders, have come from another far away planet or from another dimension or are we simply the recent product of an interbreeding with some extraterrestrial beings (the extraterrestrial gods)? Or are we simply the product of an almost impossible to fathom Creator? 

David Berlinski - Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes


Published on 13 Feb 2016
David Berlinski shows how Darwinism, or the theory of the evolution of species by natural selection advanced by Charles Darwin, does not stand up to scientific or mathematical scrutiny. (Rights belong to Coldwater Media - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.) A great mind among modern intellectuals, David Berlinski, a secular Jew, was a research assistant in molecular biology at Columbia University, and was a research fellow at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria and the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) in France. He has taught philosophy, mathematics, and English at Stanford University, Rutgers University, The City University of New York, the University of Washington, the University of Puget Sound, San Jose State University, the University of Santa Clara, the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and taught mathematics at the Université de Paris. He has a PhD in philosophy from Princeton University and has written on philosophy and mathematics. He authored "The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions" (Paperback edition, Basic Books, September 2009), a true masterpiece.
A selected few, people of great knowledge, faith and wisdom, like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Mark Hanson, a Greek Orthodox Christian reverted to Islam, and one of the brightest world scholars in Islamic and human matters, a man who has attained the highest level of faith and spirituality, seems to have definite answers about God, Mankind, the world and its origins. Such great souls are convinced the world was created by design and that we were all created human, while others like the Nairobi-born Zoologist Richard Dawkins maintain that all we see around us is just an accident of multiple evolutionary processes with no design and no purpose at all, and that we are only animals (rock and bacteria) that have evolved into humans in a world “of savage competition, ruthless exploitation, and deceit”. Of course this is not science, but only the Professor’s atheist religion!

WHERE THERE IS GOD (invented or real, or what He represents), don’t we see more LOVE, hope, goodness, decency, cleanliness, charity, morality, patience in adversity, compassion, forgiveness, freedom, justice, mercy, and humankind as also SPIRITUAL and HUMAN?

And, WHERE THERE IS NO GOD, don’t we see more HATE, inhumanity, evil, indecency, filth, greed and selfishness, immorality, perversions, despair, suicide, cruelty, vengeance, slavery, racism, injustice, covetousness, ruthlessness, ABOMINATIONS OF ALL KINDS, and Man as only material and only an (evolved) animal, an INHUMAN and monstrous being sprung from “thousands or millions of accidental genetic mutations”?

What did Karl Mordecai Marx himself, “the last of the great Jewish prophets” turned atheist, really mean when he wrote “religion is the opium of the people”. We witness rich and poor, black and white, scientists and poets, Atheists and Believers, good and bad people being addicted to religion, all kinds of religion, and not only the “vile populace” of indoctrinated beings (human sheep). Only by going beyond faith, we can manage to understand much of what is happening in a world that belongs to the powerful, the mercilessly cruel, and the rich, and not to humankind anymore, not even to GOD. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson argues that if one believes in God, he or she is strengthened in that belief and God is then with him or her, but if someone does not believe in God, he or she is strengthened in his or her unbelief and abandoned by God. Professor Richard Dawkins drowns himself in an ocean of unbelief and pseudo-scientific beliefs when it concerns God. His opium is the religion of atheism and animalism (‘humanism’). Isn’t it a paradox that Atheists should call themselves Humanists when they believe and claim they are only (evolved) animals?

While the Greco-Roman Holy Christian Bible recognises Satan as the ruler of the world, Dawkins gives us a clue as to who now rule and should rule our world thanks to their “rebellious selfish genes” as tale-told by himself in his famous pseudo-scientific “thriller-manual-manifesto” (The Selfish Gene, 1976) in which he zealously defends the hoax (deceit) of macro evolution, and propounds his “fundamental law of gene selfishness”. Pr Dawkins is paid by our tax-money (with the full blessings of Elisabeth II of "Battenberg Saxe-Coburg Gotha") to preach his fabricated religion of selfishness to our youth. According to him, there is no Merciful, Compassionate, Generous and Just God, no Creator, but, instead, eternal selfish genes competing directly with their alleles for survival created man, and they are “naturally selecting” the best genes for survival, meaning the White European genes inherited from Aristotle, and he, Richard Dawkins, the disciple of the Selfish Gene-God, is one of the worshippers and defenders of Animalism and of western secular ‘democratic’ regimes.

Pr Dawkins would be one of those who survived this savage competition, which gives his “naturally selected” race the right to wipe out the 5-6 billion weaker “poorly-evolved animals” for his own survival. Although billions of people in such a materialist world find it more and more very hard today, due to western cultural and political oppression and terrorism, to believe in a real Invisible (Unseen) God-Creator, why does the Professor show such arrogance and scoff at others who are believers in God, whether He exists or not? His delusion (sickness of the mind) prevents him from seeing and admitting his own fanatical belief in the Selfish Gene-God, his opium! Even Atheists have their prophets like Sigmund Freud, his nephew Edward Bernays (who inspired Adolph Hitler, George W. Bush and other western fascist and Zionist regimes), Charles Darwin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and their likes. We are living in a society and a world where morality has been replaced by force by all kinds of perversions of mind and body, where the New Age religion with its Earth god aims at the breaking down of the family and the prostitution of men, women and children, the abduction of our babies to be sold into sex slavery (carried out by state-protected corporations to Israel and other western and western-client countries), the worshipping of money and fame, the poisoning of mind and body by drugs (including nicotine, alcohol and mainly Jewish owned pharmaceutical so-called medicine), Zionist television, pornography, and the complete control and dehumanisation of mankind. Those who resist the western military regimes and their allies are ruthlessly murdered along with their entire families by the Zionist New Secular (Talmudist) World Order, the Tikkun Olam Yehudim, their countries relentlessly bombed and devastated (germ, chemical, electronic, wave, space…warfare), and their peoples slaughtered mercilessly, jailed, tortured, mentally and physically shattered, maimed for life and starved to death by the tens of millions.    

Margaret Temple (Maryam Noor) aged 65 - How I Found the Truth - SCOTLAND

But, millions other people do not go along with Pr Richard Dawkins’ animal ideology and choose to believe in a God or in many gods. Unfortunately, by their own fault, they do not have adequate armies to protect their beliefs and nations from attacks and destruction by the Atheist, Secular, ‘Humanist’ and Zionist New World Order super military powers. Of apparently intolerant Atheist parents, Mrs Margaret Temple of Scotland (above) found God through Islam (for others it is through Christianity or Christ) at the age of 65 in very mysterious circumstances, and took the Shahadah, the Islamic Testimony that there is none worthy of worship (no other god) except God and that Muhammad is His Messenger. When you sincerely and wholeheartedly look for God, you will find Him, so goes the saying. This is evidence that “God” (or a Godly inspired Arab, Muhammad) was right about the fitra (natural inclination towards Islam) He says in the Holy Furqân (Criterion) or Holy Qur’ân (Recitation) He had put at birth in every human being He had Himself created, and thus disproving the selfish gene fabricated by our learned, but misguided and unscientific Professor.

On Saturday 26th June 2004, the author was sent an Email from one of his correspondents, Christian Cotten ( entitled “A Story of Angels and of a Father” in its French translation: “UNE HISTOIRE D'ANGES ET DE PÈRE” by Mr. Lloyd Glenn. Is it a fabrication or a true story?  It is more likely a fabrication as some Sects are known for inventing such stories to promote their sectarian religions.  But, does it really matter?  Can Richard Dawkins and others like him ever prove that this is simply a delusion?  But, a similar event occurred in my own personal life, and I have no evidence to prove that it is true, and have only my salvaged autobiographical notes.  In this XXst Century, many famous “non believers” and researchers claim they have had similar experiences, including that of visits, encounters, contacts from outer space or from the other dimensions.  Are our very young not fed trash on a daily basis by school (Harry Potter, etc.), television, cinema, newspaper and magazine?     

Below is a true story, but it was “sanitized” for mainline Christian churches. It was originally written in 1994 by Mr. Lloyd Glenn, a Mormon, living in California, about the true accident that happened to his son in 1993.

The Birdies

“On July 22nd I was en route to Washington, DC for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane, and I heard a gentleman asking every male if they were Mr. Glenn. At this point I knew something was wrong and my heart sunk. When I got off the plane a solemn faced young man came toward me and said, "Mr. Glenn, there is an emergency at your home. I do not know what the emergency is, or who is involved, but I will take you to the phone so you can call the hospital."

My heart was now pounding, but the will to be calm took over. Woodenly, I followed this stranger to the distant telephone where I called the number he gave me for the Mission Hospital. My call was put through to the trauma center where I learned that my three year old son had been trapped underneath the automatic garage door for several minutes, and that when my wife had found him he was dead. CPR had been performed by a neighbor, who is a doctor, and the paramedics had continued the treatment as Brian was transported to the hospital. By the time of my call, Brian was revived and they believed he would live, but they did not know how much damage had been done to his brain, nor to his heart.

They explained that the door had completely closed on his little sternum right over his heart. He had been severely crushed. After speaking with the medical staff, my wife sounded worried but not hysterical, and I took comfort in her calmness.

The return flight seemed to last forever, but finally I arrived at the hospital six hours after the garage door had come down. When I walked into the intensive care unit, nothing could have prepared me to see my little son lying so still on a great big bed with tubes and monitors everywhere. He was on a respirator. I glanced at my wife who stood and tried to give me a reassuring smile. It all seemed like a terrible dream. Doctor's filled me in with the details and gave a guarded prognosis. Brian was going to live, and the preliminary tests indicated that his heart was OK, two miracles in and of themselves. But only time would tell if his brain received any damage.

Throughout the seemingly endless hours, my wife was calm. She felt that Brian would eventually be all right. I hung on to her words and faith like a lifeline. All that night and the next day Brian remained unconscious. It seemed like forever since I had left for my business trip the day before.

Finally at two o'clock that afternoon, our son regained consciousness and sat up uttering the most beautiful words I have ever heard spoken. He said, "Daddy hold me" and he reached for me with his little arms. By the next day he was pronounced as having no neurological or physical deficits, and the story of his miraculous survival spread throughout the hospital. You cannot imagine our gratitude and joy. As we took Brian home, we felt a unique reverence for the life and love of our Heavenly Father that comes to those who brush death so closely.

In the days that followed there was a special spirit about our home. Our two older children were much closer to their little brother. My wife and I were much closer to each other, and all of us were very close as a whole family. Life took on a less stressful pace. Perspective seemed to be more focused, and balance much easier to gain and maintain. We felt deeply blessed. Our gratitude was truly profound.

The story is not over

Almost a month later to the day of the accident, Brian awoke from his afternoon nap and said, "Sit down mommy. I have something to tell you." At this time in his life, Brian usually spoke in small phrases, so to say a large sentence surprised my wife. She sat down with him on his bed, and he began his sacred and remarkable story.

"Do you remember when I got stuck under the garage door? Well, it was so heavy and it hurt really bad. I called to you, but you couldn't hear me. I started to cry, but then it hurt too bad. And then the 'birdies' came."

"The birdies?" my wife asked puzzled. "Yes," he replied. "The birdies made a whooshing sound and flew into the garage. They took care of me." "They did?" "Yes," he said. "One of the birdies came and got you. She came to tell you I got stuck under the door." A sweet reverent feeling filled the room. The spirit was so strong and yet lighter than air. My wife realized that a three year old had no concept of death and spirits, so he was referring to the beings who came to him from beyond as "birdies" because they were up in the air like birds that fly.

"What did the birdies look like?" she asked. Brian answered, "They were so beautiful. They were dressed in white, all white. Some of them had green and white. But some of them had on just white." "Did they say anything?" "Yes," he answered. "They told me the baby would be all right." "The baby?" my wife asked confused. Brian answered. "The baby laying on the garage floor." He went on, "You came out and opened the garage door and ran to the baby. You told the baby to stay and not leave." My wife nearly collapsed upon hearing this, for she had indeed gone and knelt beside Brian's body and seeing his crushed chest whispered, "Don't leave us Brian, please stay if you can." As she listened to Brian telling her the words she had spoken, she realized that the spirit had left his body and was looking down from above on this little lifeless form.

"Then what happened?" she asked. "We went on a trip." He said, "Far, far away." He grew agitated trying to say the things he didn't seem to have the words for. My wife tried to calm and comfort him, and let him know it would be okay. He struggled with wanting to tell something that obviously was very important to him, but finding the words was difficult. "We flew so fast up in the air. They're so pretty Mommy," he added. "And there is lots and lots of birdies."

My wife was stunned. Into her mind the sweet comforting spirit enveloped her more soundly, but with an urgency she had never before known. Brian went on to tell her that the "birdies" had told him that he had to come back and tell everyone about the "birdies." He said they brought him back to the house and that a big fire truck, and an ambulance were there. A man was bringing the baby out on a white bed and he tried to tell the man that the baby would be okay, but the man couldn't hear him. He said the birdies told him he had to go with the ambulance, but they would be near him. He said they were so pretty and so peaceful, and he didn't want to come back.

Then the bright light came. He said that the light was so bright and so warm, and he loved the bright light so much. Someone was in the bright light and put their arms around him, and told him, "I love you but you have to go back. You have to play baseball, and tell everyone about the birdies." Then the person in the bright light kissed him and waved bye-bye. Then woosh, the big sound came and they went into the clouds. The story went on for an hour. He taught us that "birdies" were always with us, but we don't see them because we look with our eyes and we don't hear them because we listen with our ears. But they are always there, you can only see them in here (he put his hand over his heart). They whisper the things to help us to do what is right because they love us so much.

Brian continued, stating, "I have a plan, Mommy. You have a plan. Daddy has a plan. Everyone has a plan. We must all live our plan and keep our promises. The birdies help us to do that cause they love us so much." In the weeks that followed, he often came to us and told all, or part of it, again and again. Always the story remained the same. The details were never changed or out of order. A few times he added further bits of information and clarified the message he had already delivered. It never ceased to amaze us how he could tell such detail and speak beyond his ability when he talked about his birdies. Everywhere he went, he told strangers about the "birdies." Surprisingly, no one ever looked at him strangely when he did this. Rather, they always got a softened look on their face and smiled.

Needless to say, we have not been the same ever since that day, and I pray we never will be."


 [PHOTO – confidential and not provided because of this world of beasts and evil doers!]
 A three year-old boy was nearly crushed to death under an office partition glass panel weighing over 100kg, but was ‘miraculously’ saved from a certain death by a wall radiator. (Paris 1986)

What is true, what is false? It is true however that to billions of us God seems really a figment of our imagination, but does denying the existence of God solve the problem of billions of human beings who will never quench their thirst for the divine and the sacred? It is an established fact that millions of people, without having to be indoctrinated in any religion, thirst for God or for some kind of Ethereal Providence – just like an addict for his opium, as would say Mr Karl Marx, the plagiarist (Tsarion). But, those who have lived real miracles know the truth; a truth that intelligent people like Pr Richard Dawkins is unable to comprehend – the possibility of another reality, another world. The “Heart”, not the mind, perceives and understands certain truths. Pr Dawkins’ very existence is a miracle, but he refuses to be grateful to the One Who (might have) created him. Does God or angels exist or not? Many have known God, and seen angels, been with them, talked to them, been assisted by them, and saved by their belief in God, whether He exists or not, simply by their strong Faith in any deity whatsoever or even in any absolutely fabricated Supreme Being. Hindus have been very well known to turn humans into gods. Christians have turned at least one human into God and another human into the mother of God. Hindus have millions of them, and do still believe in them and practice rituals even to this day every single day of their lives! Many lead quite a happy and peaceful life by being a Hindu or a Vedantist.

Even the ones who claim to have had near-death experiences and swear they have seen God, a male, white, blond hair and blue eye Jesus Christ or the “Mother of God”, a white, blond and blue-eyed female, “the Virgin Mary” when they died have definitely seen and lived something wonderful and beyond description after they were certified dead clinically. But, what they saw was at worst the fruit of their own imagination and beliefs. As a historian it may be completely out of question to believe in or rely upon such an unhistorical figure as Jesus Christ, but as a scientist why not? Jesus Christ was an Arab (Middle Eastern Palestinian or Phoenician) and cannot be as “Caucasian” as the White (rather Pink!) European Christians or the Black Africans have been made to believe for now two millennia. But, many people are sincere and have indeed experienced life after death, and seen and heard incredible things before they returned to their bodies. Although some stories are incredible to believe, like in Betty J. Eadie’s book “EMBRACED BY THE LIGHT” (Thorsons, UK, 1995) in which a woman saw the white Jesus Christ as the God-Creator, as One and at the same time as two separate Beings. One common thing to all these miraculous beings coming back from the other side of life is the message of love they bring us, but neither Dawkins’ nor his “selfish genes” can explain this human reality. Whether he is a myth or a real being, many lives have been saved from immorality and a life of crime and sin by the Israelite Jesus Christ (of Bani Isra’il), and by the love Jewish or Pauline Christians attribute to and bestow upon him.

Is there not more to man than Pr Dawkins’ “selfish genes” that are devoid of compassion, hope and a real sense of freedom and justice? There is definitely more to life and truth than what we perceive, see, hear, think and are made to believe. But, whatever the truth, it is beyond doubt that we, humans and human-beasts, the kinds that are ruling our world (the reptilians, would say our great David Icke) are all victims (or accomplices) of a an Elite that has taken over through bloodshed and extreme savagery almost the entire world with their headquarters in the United States of America, Britain, Europe, Eretz Israël and their satellites – the real Axis of Evil. Former US Attorney Ramsey Clark admitted that his country was “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world”. US Professor Noam Chomsky, Professor Howard Zinn, Professor Norman Finkelstein (all three of Jewish ancestry?)  and many other academics and researchers confirm this point of view.

Dr. KENT HOVIND challenged the world of scientists believing in and teaching the “religion of macro-evolution”. A few took up the challenge and failed, and the others ignored it.

“I have a standing offer of $250,000 to anyone who can give any empirical evidence (scientific proof) for evolution.* My $250,000 offer demonstrates that the hypothesis of evolution is nothing more than a religious belief.[36]

[36] ^ a b Hovind, Kent. "Hovind's $250,000 Offer", Dr., 2005. Retrieved on 2006-10-18. “

When Pr Richard Dawkins was asked by a BBC correspondent to provide any proof for macro-evolution, he was unable to do so. When asked whether macro-evolution was just a theory or a fact, he answered it was a fact. Coming from a man of science of such a reputation, Pr Dawkins should be ashamed to utter such a big lie. Whether Dr Hovind is right or wrong about his religious beliefs is not relevant here. The truth is that evolutionists, including Pr Dawkins, have never provided any scientific evidence to conclusively prove their claim of a theory that on the contrary has been proven to be a hoax by many: Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) in The Evolution Deceit, the Origin of life lecture by Dr A.E. Wilder Smith, the work of “Jehovah Witnesses” on the subject, etc.

Kent Hovind had been charged with falsely declaring bankruptcy, making threats against federal officials, filing false complaints, failing to get necessary building permits, and various tax-related charges. He was convicted of federal tax and related charges, for which he is currently serving a 10-year sentence.

Dr Kent Hovind was jailed on 2 November 2006. Although very informative, the wikipedia article is very prejudiced against Dr Hovind both on the science side and the legal aspect. Arun Russo, filmmaker showed in his documentary Democracy to Fascism that there is no law that can force US citizens to pay income taxes on their wages. Jo Banister who used to work for the IRS (US Inland Revenue Service), denounced the IRS as a fraudulent organisation. When victims of the IRS asked in Court to be shown the law, the Judge says: I do not want the Law in my Court; I am the Law!  Another Freemason Judge said somwhere else: TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENCE! 

1. EVOLUTION - FAITH OR FACT? - An Embarrassing Conundrum (VID 6 In A 7 Part Series)


The following article of Mr A.Cressy Morrison, former President of the New York Academy of Sciences first appeared in the Reader's Digest of January, 1948; then, on the recommendation of Professor C.A.Coulson. F.R.S., Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University (the same university where Pr Richard Dawkins teaches), was republished in the Reader's Digest of November, 1960. – It shows how science compels the scientists to admit the essential need of a Supreme Creator. But Pr Richard Dawkins chose not to admit this scientific reality.

“We are still in the dawn of the scientific age and every increase of light reveals more brightly the handiwork of an intelligent Creator. In the ninety years since Darwin we have made stupendous discoveries; with a spirit of scientific humility and of faith grounded in knowledge we are approaching even nearer to an awareness of God. For myself, I count seven reasons for my faith:-


By unwavering mathematical law we can prove that our universe was designed and executed by a great engineering Intelligence.
Suppose you put ten coins, marked from one to ten, into your pocket and give them a good shuffle. Now try to take them out in sequence from one to ten, putting back the coin each time and shaking them all again. Mathematically, we know that your chance of first drawing number one is one in ten; of drawing one and two in succession, one in hundred; of drawing one, two and three in succession, one in a thousand, and so on; your chance of drawing them all, from one to number ten in succession, would reach the unbelievable figure of one chance in ten thousand million.

By the same reasoning, so many exacting conditions are necessary for life on earth that they could not possibly exist in proper relationship by chance. The earth rotates on its axis at one thousand miles an hour; if it turned at one hundred miles an hour, our days and nights would be ten times as long as now, and the hot sun would then burn up our vegetation during each long day while in the long night any surviving sprout would freeze.

Again, the sun, source of our life, has a surface temperature of 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and our earth is just far enough away so that this “eternal fire” warms us just enough and not too much! If the sun gave off only one-half of its present radiation, we would freeze, and if it gave half as much more, we would roast.

The slant of the earth, tilted at an angle of 23 degrees, gives us our seasons; if it had not been so tilted, vapours from the ocean would move north and south, piling up for us continents of ice. If our moon were, say, only fifty thousand miles away instead of its actual distance, our tides would be so enormous that twice a day all continents would be submerged; even the mountains would soon be eroded away. If the crust of the earth had been only ten feet thicker, there would be no oxygen without which animal life must die. Had the ocean been a few feet deeper, carbon dioxide and oxygen would have been absorbed and no vegetable life could exist. Or, if our atmosphere had been thinner, some of the meteors, now burned in space by the million every day, would be striking all parts of the earth, starting fire everywhere.

Because of these, and host of other examples, there is not one chance in millions that life on our planet is an accident.


The resourcefulness of life to accomplish its purpose is a manifestation of all-pervading intelligence.
What life itself is, no man has fathomed. It has neither weight nor dimensions, but it does have force; a growing root will crack a rock. Life has conquered water, land and air, mastering the elements, compelling them to dissolve and reform their combinations.

Life, the sculptor, shapes all living things; an artist, it designs every leaf of every tree, and colours every flower. Life is a musician and has each bird sing its love songs, the insects to call each other in the music of their multitudinous sounds. Life is a sublime chemist, giving taste to fruits and spices, and perfume to the rose, changing water and carbonic acid into sugar and wood and, in so doing, releasing oxygen so that animals may have the breath of life.

Behold an almost invisible drop of protoplasm, transparent and jelly-like, capable of motion, drawing energy from the sun. This single cell, this transparent mist-like droplet, holds within itself the germ of life, and has the power to distribute this life to every living thing, great and small. The powers of this droplet are greater than our vegetation and animals and people, for all life came from it. Nature did not create life; fire-blistered rocks and a salt-less sea could not meet the necessary requirements.

“Who, then, has put it there?”


Animal wisdom speaks irresistibly of a good Creator who infused instinct into otherwise helpless little creatures.
The young salmon spends years at sea, then comes back to his own river, and travels up the very side of the river into which flows the tributary where he was born. What brings him back so precisely? If you transfer him to another tributary, he will know at once that he is off his course and he will fight his way down and back to the main stream and then turn up against the current to finish his destiny more accurately.

Even more difficult to solve is the mystery of eels. These amazing creatures migrate at maturity from all ponds and rivers everywhere those from Europe across thousands of miles of ocean all bound for the same abysmal deeps near Bermuda. There they breed and die. The little one, with no apparent means of knowing anything except that they are in a wilderness of water, nevertheless find their way back not only to the very shore from which their parents came but thence to the rivers, lakes or little ponds so that each body of water is always populated with eels. No American eel has ever been caught in Europe, no European eel in American waters. Nature has even delayed the maturity of the European eel by a year or more to make up for its longer journey. Where does the directing impulse originate?

A wasp overpowers a grasshopper, digs a hole in the earth, stings the grasshopper in exactly the right place so that he does not die but becomes unconscious and lives on as a form of preserved meat. Then the wasp will lay her eggs handily so that her children when they hatch can nibble without killing the insect on which they feed; to them dead meat would be fatal. The mother then flies away and dies; she never sees her young. Surely the wasp must have done all this right the first time and every time, or else there would be no wasp. Such mysterious techniques cannot be explained by adaptation; they were bestowed.


Man has something more than animal instinct the power of reason.

No other animal has ever left a record of its ability to count ten or even to understand the meaning of ten. Where instinct is like a single note of a flute, beautiful but limited, the human brain contains all the notes of all the instruments in the orchestra. No need to belabour this fourth point; thanks to the human reason we can contemplate the possibility that we are what we are only because we have received a spark of universal intelligence.


[Photo]  Egyptian pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx

Provision for all living is revealed in phenomena which we know today which Darwin did not know such as the wonders of genes. So unspeakably tiny are these genes that, if all of them responsible for all living people in the world could be put in one place, there would be less than a thimbleful. Yet these ultra-microscopic genes and their companions, the chromosomes, inhabit every living cell and are the absolute keys to all human, animal and vegetable characteristics. A thimble is a small place in which to put all the individual characteristics of two thousand million human beings. However, the facts are beyond question. Well, then, how do genes lock up all the normal heredity of a multitude of ancestors and preserve the psychology of each in such an infinitely small place? Here evolution really begins at the cell, the entity that holds and carries genes. How a few million atoms, locked up as an ultra microscopic gene, can absolutely rule all on earth is an example of profound cunning and provision that could emanate only from a Creative Intelligence no other hypothesis will serve.


[Photo]  Aztec Pyramid

By the economy of nature, we are forced to realise that only infinite wisdom could have foreseen and prepared with such astute husbandry.

Many years ago a species of cactus was planted in Australia as a protective fence. Having no insect enemies in Australia the cactus soon begun a prodigious growth; the alarming abundance persisted until the plants covered an area as long and wide as England, crowding inhabitants out of the towns and villages, and destroying their farms. Seeking a defence, the entomologists scoured the world; finally they turned up an insect, which exclusively feeds on cactus, and would eat nothing else. It would breed freely too; and it had no enemies in Australia. So, animal soon conquered vegetable and today the cactus pest has retreated, and with it all but a small protective residue of the insects enough to hold the cactus in check forever.

Such checks and balances have been universally provided. Why have not fast-breeding insects dominated the earth? Because they have no lungs such as man possesses; they breathe through tubes. But, when insects grow large, their tubes do not grow in ratio to the increasing size of the body. Hence, there has never been an insect of great size; this limitation on growth has held them all in check.

If this physical check had not been provided, man could not exist. Imagine meeting a hornet as big as a lion!


The fact that man conceives the idea of God is in itself a unique proof.
The conception of god rises from a divine faculty of man, unshared with the rest of our world the faculty we call imagination. By its power, man and man alone can find the evidence of things unseen. The vista that power opens up is unbounded; indeed, as man is perfected, imagination becomes a spiritual reality. He may discern in all the evidence of design and purpose, the great truth that heaven is everywhere and in everything, but nowhere so close as in our hearts.

It is scientifically as well as imaginatively true; in the words of the psalmist: “ The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.”

A. Cressy Morrison
Former President of the New York Academy of Sciences

From “GOD OF ISLAM” by Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi, revised edition published by World Organization for Islamic Services, 1978/1398, Tehran, IRAN. A previous edition was distributed free 1971-1974 by the author who was then the head of the UNIVERSAL SOCIETY OF ISLAM at both People’s & Trinity Colleges, Mauritius. The author was also Head of Biology at the Trinity College until 1974.

But, whether there is a God or not, whether we are mere evolved animals or humans don’t we have to get out of the mess our predecessors have put us into? But, the big question is how?

Is it possible to get out the clutches of the military state system called democracy? Democracy is evil mediacracy according to many US personalities, and always ends up in dictatorship, according to Baptist Christian Evangelist Dr Kent Hovind, as it has happened now in the USA, Canada, Australia, and in Europe – all white supremacist regimes, according to Alex Jones, Aaron Russo (Democracy to Fascism), David Icke (Democracy or Fascism), Pr Noam Chomsky (US Fascism), and many others (including the author).

Is it possible to get out of the mind controlled and centralised system of government that has replaced all the gods? Fascism is racism. Military Zionism is Nazism, racism and Fascism, all in one. Karl Marx predicted Jews would one day take over the whole world and be the supreme masters.

Is it possible to get back our liberties taken away by the state terrorist religion? Atheist hegemony is evil.

Is it possible to get rid of the fascist military and corporations that have taken control of our civil life and liberties, that is scavenging our roads, micro-chipping our citizens, curtailing our freedom to circulate, running our governments, police, media, civil services and educational and health institutions, with the complicity of (paid by) the United Nations and big business corporations and the servile taxpayers themselves? We are not eternal sheep that the Élite can take to the slaughterhouse without some of us standing up and putting up a fierce fight or are we?

Is it possible to fight the religion of immorality and savage capitalism (pornography, prostitution, drugs, homosexuality, paedophilia, genetic engineering, wars of conquest, genocide, global slavery, political kidnapping and assassination, global immorality and planet pollution, engineered famines, diseases and climatic catastrophes) imposed upon the masses by our controlled political, social and cultural institutions?

Finally, do we have the right to answer yes to these questions?

We have reached a stage in the evolution of mankind where even thinking has become a crime, where freedom of expression is curtailed more and more, and even hating the criminal deeds of a particular group is a crime.

(The first 800 page manuscript of this book was deliberately destroyed by Denis Yates, an ex British soldier turned computer engineer (technician) and salesman while he had the author’s computer in for repairs, but the Chemsford Trading Standards concluded that he was too honourably known in Chelmsford that he could not possibly have committed such an act. However, it was not a bad thing after all because this new book looks a lot better thanks to new material from the Internet and elsewhere.)

The beauty of the Internet, you just have to click on a button and the whole world is displayed before your very eyes, both sound and picture, with all its lies and truths. Let us give it a try at this very minute at 04.00 AM, Sunday 2nd September 2007, and see what Alex Jones is talking about!

Well, the first two articles are blood curdling:

1. “Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children”
2. “Porter: Kill More Iraqis or Pay $9 per Gallon”

Now, let us check my Email box! This is the last one received.

Information Clearing House Newsletter (Pr Michel Chossudovsky)
Exposed: Pentagon's plan for Iran attack 09/01/07

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq 1,028,907

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America'sWar On Iraq 3739

Cost of  U.S. War and Occupation of Iraq $447,884,620,921

This is what we call history in the making and it is frightening – global plunder and genocide after genocide, endless lies and deception, and who is behind them? Is this the kind of world we really want for our children?  America and the entire West and their Allies drumming for wars non stop on all Muslim countries who say no to their hegemony.

"The Twilight Zone"


Hanford: [at dinner] ... So what are your world views, Driscoll?
Paul Driscoll: ...I don't have any, Mr. Hanford.
Hanford: Of course you do, man. We ALL do! Like all this nonsense about giving the Indians land. What we need are twenty General Custers and a hundred thousand men! What we should have done is swept across the prairie, destroying every redskin that stood before us. After that, we should have planted the American flag deep, high and proud!
Abigail Sloan: I think the country is tired of fighting, Mr. Hanford. I think we were bled dry by the Indian Wars. I think anything we can accomplish peacefully, with treaties, we should accomplish that way.
Hanford: Now, I trust this isn't the path you spoon-feed your students. Treaties, indeed! Peace, indeed! Why, the virility of a nation is in direct proportion to its military prowess. I LIVE for the day when this country SWEEPS AWAY...
[notices Driscoll's disapproving look]
Hanford: ... You some kind of a pacifist, Driscoll?
Paul Driscoll: No, just some sick idiot who's seen too many boys die because of too many men who fight their battles at dining room tables... and who probably wouldn't last forty-five seconds in a REAL skirmish if they WERE thrust into it.
Hanford: ... I take offense at that remark, Mr. Driscoll!
Paul Driscoll: And I take offense at "armchair warriors," who don't know what a shrapnel, or a bullet, or a saber wound feels like... who've never smelled death after three days on an empty battlefield... who've never seen the look on a man's face when he realizes he's lost a limb or two, and his blood is seeping out. Mr. Hanford, you have a great affinity for "planting the flag deep." But you don't have a nodding acquaintance of what it's like for families to bury their sons in the same soil!

Paul Driscoll was played by Dana Andrews.  Abigail Sloan was the school teacher and guess who Hanford was?  THE BANKER!  You do not mess up with the Rothschild Banking Cartel!  All US Presidents who had tried were murdered.


Date of Birth
Date of Death
17 December 1992, Los Alamitos, California, USA (pneumonia, complicated by congestive heart failure)
Birth Name
Carver Dana Andrews
5' 10" (1.78 m)


Sunday 2nd September 2007
Updated 4th of May 2013
Chapter Two will deal with David Icke : “THE ILLUSION OF A MODERN PROPHET”.

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From my unpublished book “THE ALIEN BEGINNING AND END OF HUMAN KIND” (more than 1200 pages, fully illustrated).  I never managed to publish it because of lack of funds (I had other priorities), time, opportunity, incentives (other more qualified authors had written better works than mine), but more importantly because of the Jewish Zionist control of the first London Publishing House I contacted back in 1999 or 2000 - “TA-HA Publishing” whose owner admitted this sad truth to me on the telephone.  For the same reasons, he admitted that he could not publish Adnan Oktar’s (Harun Yahya’s) “The Holocaust Hoax”.  My first attempt at writing “A Different Perspective of World History” (over 800 pages with illustrations) was thwarted in or around 1996 when one Denis Yates (an ex soldier) from Chelmsford deliberately deleted the entire book (draft) when he had my computer in for repairs.  He did this because he was outraged by what I had written in the book about his beloved mass murdering Prime Minister John Major (who was then the leader of the European Union) who I had accused of being behind the mass murders of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans!  

Were he living at the time of giant beings, Pr. Richard Dawkins would have provided them with one tenth of a (nice?) meal!  Lucky chap!

Eric Dubay: Giant Human Beings Existed


Published on 28 Dec 2017

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Published on 4 Jul 2017




Evolution scientifically debunked in 12 minutes.

Published on 10 Dec 2015
By the time you start your "education" you are being gradually indoctrinated into nonsense, your ability to think critically and logically disappears and only the illusion of that remains. 
Gradual + indoctrination = graduation. 
Congratulations you just became another mindless drone that will fight tooth and nail to protect your investment. Because anyone admitting they were wrong, for their entire life, has to do some serious thinking, and most people would rather die than think.



The modern world is plagued with believing nations in permanent disobedience to God’s Laws, Will, and Commandments and completely heedless of His Guidance and dire Warnings.  Whether we retrace the decadence of some of them back to the ancient history of the so-called Semitic people, Mayans, the Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Palestinians, Hittites, Druids, Magi, Wiccans, Persians, Hindus, Chinese, Greeks, Romans of the Biblical Era, Arabs of the Islamic Era, the Crusaders, the Inquisitors, Europeans of the Colonial, Imperial and Slave Trade Era or the economically, intellectually and militarily backward Ottomans, one well documented historical fact is indisputable: the sustainable world was immediately overrun by wild predators in human form and clothing and by civilisation destroyers as soon as Islam ceased to be the driving force of modern civilisation. 

Taking over from Muslims, White Christian Europeans produced the greatest and more advanced civilisation of history.  But, the White bloodthirsty, racist and over greedy European barbaric hordes conquered the peaceful and highly civilised Islamic Spain under the false banner of Christian civilisation to be followed by the fall of Islamic Hindustan and the conquest of far away lands of Oceania and the continent already known to some ancient Europeans (Vikings), Arabs (Phoenicians), Muslims and Africans alike that they called the “Americas” (most probably from the name of a Crypto Jewish merchant and financier close to the de Medicis, Amerigo Vespucci.  They had no hesitation at all to savagely exterminate so many of these far away indigenous populations in order to steal their wealth, natural resources as well as their lands. (See also Paul Warburg’s and other financiers’ role in the modern wars and revolutions!)

However, we would not bother if this was just past history, but it is currently repeating itself and is ongoing and getting worse to the point that even the Whites are now under constant attacks, not by Muslims, but by their acolytes the Jews, the Ashkenazis, the Zionists, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons that are running their government in the shadows!  When John Fitzgerald Kennedy denounced those Secret and powerful Societies, he was assassinated by them!   

At the Majlis al Shura fi Britaniya (Muslim Parliament of Great Britain under Dr Kalim Siddiqui), Muslim experts and analysts have proved that those same barbaric hordes allied with the murderous Jews are now on a New Crusade to exterminate, this time, entire Muslim nations who are seen now rising and posing a threat to Godless (Secular) Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese and Russian hegemony in the world.  We have seen Algeria scorched, the Balkans ethnically cleansed of their Muslim populations, Islam under permanent attack, and Muslims being forcibly de-Islamised and de-Arabised worldwide. Like in Turkey, the Western Secular Judeo-Christian colonial agenda was to secularise (Atheise) all Muslim nations, replace Islam with Nationalism, Liberalism, corporate democratism, Socialism, Communism, Feminism, Humanism (Atheism), Militarism, Materialism, and other anti-Islamic isms where the all powerful “democratic” Totalitarian State replaces God at the head of all public and private institutions, and in particular in Banking, the Judiciary and Education.       

God’s Laws (HUDDUD), both Christian and Islamic have thus been replaced by man made laws that override all spirituality, morality and inherited virtues and way of life.   As all attempts of political struggle for the re-establishment of the Islamic State and way of life have failed and proved catastrophic with millions of Muslim deaths and the gradual destruction of what was left of Islamic and Christian civilisation, we are left with two alternatives:

Abandon Islam and join the Forces of Evil!

Or resist by whatever means at our disposal the imposition of a Satanic way of life on our Christian and Muslim children and grand children, and the best weapon actually at our disposition is civil disobedience and total political, cultural, and economic boycott and independence (emancipation).  But, it is sad to see that most Christians and Muslims, due to both political and religious corrupt leadership, have been made to adopt the slavish in between path:

That of collaboration with the Devil while still claiming to be Christians or Muslims!

 I fail to see how both Christians and Muslims can get out of such a quagmire when they work with Fascists and racists, study and promote their Eurocentric Social Sciences where God is out of the curriculum, and where we never find a single Muslim thinker ever mentioned.  What is the relevance of “Max Weber, Karl Mannheim, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Erich Fromm, Edward Shils, and Edward Carr” to Muslims?  None whatsoever!  Islam does not need philosophers when more than 90% of Muslims worldwide are not even educated in Classical Arabic, Islamic Sciences, Traditions, History and Eschatology due to the decadence of the Ummah of Muhammad and European colonialism, neo-colonialism, totalitarianism and fascism. 

Who amongst the Muslims ever read or studied the works of Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Hamidullah, Morteza Mohtahari, Ali Shariati or Dr Kalim Siddiqui?  While accepting being brainwashed by the European School System, there is no way there can ever be a Revival of the Ummah or of Christendom.  Mauritius is a very tiny country, but can be used to explain the evils of neo-colonialism and European hegemony on the lives and way of life of the inhabitants where they have been brainwashed to accept as norms of a modern society such evils as gambling (including lottery), drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), lethal vaccines, abortion, prostitution, pornography, GM ‘food’, poisonous additives in drinks and food, cannibalism (some of our food may even contain additives of human origins!), corporate drugs (medicine), corporate sports, corporate television, corporate cinema, corporate media, incest (with all the illegitimate children around and single mothers with many lovers, who knows who we are getting married to?), and so on.

Muslims have been lured into using Western nonsensical terminology like “democracy”, “independence”, “autonomy”, “sovereignty”, “freedom”, “justice”, “equality”, “progress”, “modernity”, “patriotism”, etc., when these have never existed even in their own countries.  However, there can never be any constructive dialogue between a super military power and a completely unarmed and disarmed Muslim nation, first because the super military power is always right and is not here to debate but to impose its might and will over weaker people, including its own people at home.  We have seen the results of Western political ‘reforms’ imposed on the conquered Muslims of Turkey:

Closure of the Sufi Tekkes
Closure of Zaviyes
Closure of religious schools
The imposition of secularism
The establishment of nationalist principles instead of Islam
The wearing of the brimmed hat
The banning of Islamic dress for women
The enforced use of the Latin alphabet in place of the Qur’anic alphabet
The banning of the Azaan and Iqaama in Arabic and replaced with Turkish instead
The prohibition of religious instruction in schools
The recognition of equal rights for women and in inheritance
The abolition of polygyny (“polygamy”)
The persecution and arrest of dissidents
The acceptance of homosexuality
The manufacture, trade and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
The acceptance of prostitution and pornography
The imposition of casinos

So, I say, to hell with Western patronising the Muslims or anybody!  Governments lie.  Religious leaders lie.  Scientists lie.  Jews are liars.  Christians and Muslims lie.  We must inform ourselves by reading and doing our own research.

 We have no evidence that the human biological type(s) evolved from pre-human types.  All we can be sure of is that humans appeared all of a sudden on this planet as the best (created) living form (species) compared to all other life forms, but also the worst when we consider the madness of their political, religious and non religious leaders.  The leading countries are very heavily armed and are terrorising the entire planet including their own people at home.  Having abandoned God’s Law, they have made up their own laws and religions, and genocide, global plunder, pollution and endless wars are their fundamental values. 

Humans found God to guide them in order to lead a moral life in peace and harmony with their neighbours, aimed at freedom and justice for all.  The victims of oppression found solace in God’s Promise of a Day of Judgement after death because criminals get very rarely punished for their crimes, and their victims are almost never compensated for their losses.  The weaker hopes for better days and is forced to be patient without ever fully realising that the oppressor is strong only because of his or her own weaknesses.       

Watch out for the money Jews (the International Jewish Mafia) as they are the ones who are currently engineering the end of the world where only an Elite is expected to survive in already prepared bunkers or space facilities.  For those who still are not informed about the danger that Jewish Supremacism represents in our world today, they should read at least

  1. The International Jew by Henry Ford 1920-1922
  2.  The Jew by Hilaire Belloc
  3.  The Jews, Masters of the World by LEON DE PONCINS (The Secret Forces of Revolution) 1932.

Just a few facts from that last named book

On 28 June 1914, the Jew Gavrillo Princip murdered Archduke François-Ferdinand in Sarajevo.  This was used as a pretext to start World War I, a Jewish War.

The Jew Kerensky took over from the Tsar (like the Jew Kemal Mustapha will do later on in Turkey) and Sovietised the Russians.  The Soviets would then proceed in mass slaughter of the Russian and Central Asian nations, both Christians and Muslims.

The Jew provocateur (agitateur) Parvus Helphand with the support of a half-Jew the Chanceller Bethmann-Hollweg obtained from Ludendorf to send Lenin to Russia.

The immense majority of the Bolsheviks were Jews for at least ten years.  They set up and put into practice a doctrine propounded by the Jewish Prophets Karl Marx and Lasalle.

The slaughter of the Tsar and of his entire family at Iekaterinbourg was organised and led by the Jews Yourovski et Golostcheguine who were under the orders of the Jew Jacob Sverdloff, then Presdent of the Tsik of Moscow.

Both Bela Kun and Tibor Szamuelly were Jews as well as all the leaders of the Hungarian bloodthirsty Bolshevism.

The leaders of the German Spartakism were all Jews: Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg, Kurt Eisner.

The American and Austrian Socialist leaders were all Jews.

The Jew Léon Blum was the leader of French Socialism

The Jewish International Bloodline

  1. were behind the Versailles Treaty (Paul Warburg and others)
  2. the recent British Debacle
  3. control American Destiny
  4. are currently the absolute masters of Germany
  5. financed the Russian Revolution and supported the Five Year Economic Plan
  6. own or control the banks
  7. own or control the media
  8. own or control the cables (telegraphs)
  9. own or control the radio
  10. are masters over public opinion
  11. are the Invisible government behind the visible government
  12. control all the world gold 


ISRAËL. A race, a religion, a people cemented by powerful organisations:

The Jewish Committee of America

The Jewish Board of Deputies of the British Empire (set up on 16.2.1883) to collaborate with the government like the Pharisees and Sadducees did with the illegal Roman occupiers of Palestine

The Universal Israelite Alliance (founded in Paris in 1860)

The Universal Freemasonic Order of the Bnai-Brith reserved exclusively for Jews and founded in New-York in 1843 with 75,000 members spread over 492 Lodges and 10 Grand Lodges in the US, Germany, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Czecho-Slovakia, Egypt, Palestine, etc. (1920 figures published by the Jewish Encyclopaedia) - with ties to the Israelite Alliance and the other big Jewish organisations.

The Revolutionary Bund, the greatest revolutionary group in Russia (later to be absorbed into the Communist and Menshevik Parties) and the Priory (Poale) of Zion played both major roles in Russia before the Great War and in Palestine.
The L.I.C.A. (LICRA) or the International league against Anti Semitism (Paris)

All the leaders of the Polish Social Democratic Party, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the Socialist Party were Jews.

About the Revolutionary Priory of Zion, the Jew  Elie Eberlin said:

« The Priory of Zion has assigned as its final goal the creation of a Socialist Jewish State in Palestine”

We have here all the proofs required to see Jews as being the root causes of our human tragedy of modern times.  Jews (representing then some 15 million people) have turned the world upside down and threaten to destroy civilisation.  And, if we do not stop them in time, it will be too late.  Whether God or Aliens created humankind, the Jews are bent on destroying it for good and they have already been largely successful! 


James Henry Fetzer Life on Earth makes no sense absent evolution, on which I have published two books: THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE (2005) and RENDER UNTO DARWIN (2007):
  • Jim maybe it is time to flush evolution down the toilet. It never had any credible evidence associated with it,there is no missing link and we have proof that a superior being existed right here in our country.

    A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900's that proves the organization was...
  • Pearl Vasudha Chanter - -

    After chemists crystallised a new chemical for the first time, it became easier and easier to crystallise in...
  • James Henry Fetzer Life on Earth makes no sense absent evolution, on which I have published two books: THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE (2005) and RENDER UNTO DARWIN (2007):
    Like · Reply · 4 · 8 hrs
    • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus "Life on Earth makes no sense absent evolution" Jim, this is a careless statement. I would love to read your books: THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE (2005) and RENDER UNTO DARWIN (2007). I do not know what is in it, but as a former Head of Biology I never came across any evidence about MACRO EVOLUTION. Evolution is not the correct term. I challenged Pr Richard Dawkins many times and he always either run away or lie outright about his evidence arguing live on British Television that the expression "Theory of Evolution" in reality means FACT OF EVOLUTION. He explicitly said live on television that in this context THEORY = FACT! He was never able to provide one single irrefutable evidence to prove MACRO EVOLUTION. Just like the Jewish Holocaust of Six Million, MACRO EVOLUTION has become a dogma of Neo-Darwinists and anti-God and antireligion fanatics and militants. There is not one iota of evidence that humans have evolved from the rock or from an ape as "evolutionists" preach and argue. I agree with you that Life on Earth" makes "no sense", but I have seen no sense at all in scientists and believers who claim that MACRO EVOLUTION makes sense! I would love to read how you proved that INTELLIGENCE EVOLVED. Truth stands by itself. When I asked Russian Communist Israel Israelovitch if Russians had any evidence of MACRO EVOLUTION back in the sixties as they were teaching "scientific" Atheism, he said they had none and that the so-called discovery in the island of Java of the famous "missing link" by Dr Eugene Dubois was a hoax like all the other 'discoveries'. I hope you understand the implications if humans are only MACRO EVOLVED ANIMALS! Then, all your struggle to teach the truth would have been in vain because you will never be able to prove scientifically that humans should have or have a conscience. Regards. Basheer
    • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus

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    • Timothy Sinsheimer Jim I will definitely look into it more because I want to learn but this discovery of the Nephilim and the Smithsonian appears to be authentic. This evidence appears to be coroborated that the info came out in a lawsuit. There are plenty of old newsp...See More
    • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus

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  • Randy Glisson II Information contained in this World News Daily Report website is for information and entertainment purposes only.
  • Randy Glisson II It's basically the National Inquirer.
  • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus The Alien Beginning and End of Humankind
    By Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally
    Dedicated to my very dear and faithful friend Adalberto Erazo Jr.

    From Daryl's Encyclopedia (updated 4 May 2013)

  • Greg Gibson Why do people believe in aliens? Because the self-proclaimed aliens claimed, "We are aliens." IOW, people believe the "aliens" word. But, what if the "aliens" are lying?

    Yes, numerous giant skeletons have been discovered which have similarities to the Nephilim in Genesis 6 and other ancient literature. Gen. 6. tells how fallen angels (demons) mated with human women to produce half-breeds (demon spirits in human bodies).

    Gen. 6ff. reports that because of this evil, God sent a flood to judge humans. The flood is also recorded in 100+ ancient cultures. IOW, there were either 100+ local floods or 1 universal flood. This is the most established fact in ancient history.

    And, we see phenomena similar to Gen. 6 when we study UFO literature today. Numerous women report UFO abductions where self-proclaimed aliens (Neph.) raped them and/or stole their eggs. This is genetic engineering of an evil, master race.

    I predict that when the NWO comes, alleged UFO aliens will go public, and proclaim, "We are your gods who created you. Worship our Messiah!" (Antichrist who will come to the rebuilt Judeo-Freemasonic-Luciferian temple in Jerusalem.)

    Let's put it this way, if the day comes when the NWO leaders promote the alien theory in their news propaganda, you know these "aliens" are fake and evil like the NWO leaders.

    Dr. Fetzer, I too am surprised you believe in evolution, because you're so skilled at following the evidence wherever it leads. How much have you researched Intelligent Design/creation? More importantly, have you ever researched the evidence for Jesus' resurrection?


"Evolution" was an Islamic Theory Before Darwin was Even Born!

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"O thou man!
Verily thou art ever
Toiling on towards thy Lord-
Painfully toiling, -but thou
Shalt meet Him...
So I do call
To witness the ruddy glow Of Sunset;
The Night and its Homing;
And the Moon
In her Fullness:
Ye shall surely travel
From stage to stage*."

Surah 84 Inshiqaq verses 6, 16-19

Darwin's theory of Evolution describes a growth process that takes place in the biological or physical form that is necessary for us to survive. Natural selection states:

Natural selection is the means by which beneficial variations in a population tend to be preserved while unfavorable variations tend to be lost. One of the key concepts behind the theory of natural selection is that there is variation within populations. As a result of that variation, some individuals are better suited to their environment while other individuals are not so well-suited. Because members of a population must compete for finite resources, those better suited to their environment will out-compete those that are not as well-suited.

Darwin's theory of evolution was referred to by scholars of his time as the "Mohammadan theory of evolution of man from lower forms". Contrary to popular belief the theory of evolution NEVER stated that man evolved from apes and other misguided concepts blamed on that theory. Muslim scholars and scientists did not have the problems with evolution as Christians did and also as later Muslims does who never truly understood Darwin's theory of evolution. In fact the ideas proposed by Darwin about evolution was proposed by Muslim scientists hundreds of years before Darwin.

The Muslim theory of "evolution" ???

By Ghaffar Hassan

Denying evolution not only puts Muslims out of touch with established science, it puts them out of touch with their own scientific heritage.

Is evolution compatible with Islam?
The debate amongst Muslims about the compatibility of evolution by natural selection with Quranic teachings has gained real momentum in recent years. With an increasing number of Muslim scientists coming forward and publicly declaring their belief in evolution, the debate has also began to attract the wrath of conservatives, who feel threatened by evolution and view it as a falsifiable western concoction.
Belief in evolution remains a minority position in virtually all Muslim societies around the world today. According to studies, 22 percent of Turks, 16 percent of Indonesians, 14 percent of Pakistanis, 11 percent of Malaysians, and 8 percent of Egyptians believe in evolution. In comparison, belief in evolution is between 60 – 80 percent in most European societies, and 40 percent in the US.

But things may not always have been this way. Traditionally, western scientists considered evolution a theory primarily promulgated by their Muslim counterparts. A contemporary of Charles Darwin, Sir William Draper, in his book 'The Conflict Between Religion and Science,' refers to “...the Muhammaden theory of the evolution of man from lower forms” (p188).

Draper's observation was based on the fact that Muslim scientists since the 9th century CE have been alluding to the idea that humans evolved from less sophisticated life forms over a long period of time.
Al-Jahiz (781-869 CE), a Muslim scholar based in present day Iraq, states in 'The Book of Animals':
Animals engage in a struggle for existence; for resources, to avoid being eaten and to breed. Environmental factors influence organisms to develop new characteristics to ensure survival, thus transforming into new species. Animals that survive to breed can pass on their successful characteristics to offspring.

Ibn Khaldun, perhaps one of the most famous Muslim Polymaths of all time, published a book called 'The Muqadimmah' in 1377 CE. In it he states:

One should then take a look at the world of creation. It started out from the minerals and progressed, in an ingenious, gradual manner, to plants and animals. The last stage of minerals is connected with the first stage of plants, such as herbs and seedless plants. The last stage of plants, such as palms and vines, is connected with the first stage of animals, such as snails and shellfish.

He adds:

The animal world then widens, its species become numerous, and, in a gradual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and reflect. The higher stage of man is reached from the world of monkeys, in which both sagacity and perception are found...

There were also many other Muslim scholars, writing between the 9th and the 14th century, that expressed ideas similar to those of al-Jahiz and Ibn Khaldun. Persian scholar, Ibn Miskawahy (932-1030) provided perhaps the most vivid account of evolution from that period, seeking to harmonise it with the Quranic description of creation in the process.

So why didn't these ideas take off and integrate into the fabric of mainstream Muslim thought and society? There are a number of reasons.

Firstly, Muslim empires in the past believed in centralising knowledge rather than disseminating it en masse. Centres of learning, such as Baghdad and Cordoba, had their houses of knowledge in which scientists would work, preserving and developing on, primarily, Hellenistic knowledge. There was no printing press, and even when it did arrive it was rejected, thus such knowledge was largely reserved for an elite audience. When centres of learning were conquered and destroyed, as Baghdad was in 1256 by the Mongols, most of the knowledge was lost too.

Secondly, the religious authorities of the time were largely opposed to ideas being put forward by scientists and other rationalist thinkers such as Ibn Rushd, and before him, Ibn Sina. They felt threatened by non-theological attempts to ascertain truths and Muslim leaders often sided with the religious authorities for political reasons.

Thirdly, literalist and dogmatic strands of Islamic theology have been aggressively promoted all around the Muslim world over the past few decades or ever since huge oil deposits were discovered in the Arabian Gulf. The Saudi state, in an attempt at cultural imperialism, has done its best to mainstream Wahabi thinking in Muslim communities everywhere. The result: a retardation and stagnation of thinking in parts of the world that were already very stagnant.

Most conservative Muslims today feel threatened by the idea of evolution, especially since the evidence for it is over-whelming and an increasing number of believers are starting to accept it. History illustrates that this doesn't have to be the case. Evolution is not a modern western construct. Like most great ideas, it has been developed over hundreds of years by many great thinkers, from Aristotle all the way to Dawkins.

Most importantly of all, the theory of evolution today, especially with the advances in our understanding of DNA, is fact. Denying it not only puts Muslims out of touch with established science, it puts them out of touch with their own scientific heritage.

From stage to stage* cannot and does not in any way mean from macro-evolutionary stage to stage!!!!!!


MACRO Evolution BY DESIGN was an Islamic Theory Before Darwin was Even Born

Uploaded on 19 Dec 2010
Quran 29:20 Say: "Travel through the Earth and see how He began the Creation. Then, Allah makes the latter Creation. Allah is capable of (doing) everything".

24.45 . Allah has created every animal out of water . Of them (is a category which) walks upon its belly, (another which) walks upon two legs, and ( a third which) walks upon four . Allah creates what He wills. Allah is Able to do everything (He wants).

21: 30 Have not those who disbelieve seen (known) that the heavens and the Earth were of one connected entity, then We separated them (from each other), and We made every living thing out of water? Will they not then believe?

71.17. And Allah has caused you to grow out of the earth like plants.

32.7. (Allah is He) who has made everything He created better, and He began the creation of the human (being) out of clay.

Please read the article linked at the end of the video description for more Quranic verses about our evolution in this 1400 years old book.

A Message to Atheists:
Evolution theory and natural selection was the work of many scientists and philosophers. However, Muslim scientists contributed a lot to it and they didn't believe many myths from Greek philosophers like Aristotle who believed in spontaneous generation of life for example.

I'm a Muslim who strongly believes in evolution by design NOT in blind evolution and chance, natural selection and chance alone CANNOT make such a wonderful tree of life. Life in this universe is guided same as the universe itself is guided by ingenious laws that we just started to understand. If you think blind evolution and chance can bring sophisticated life answer the Quranic challenge in my other video:

If you still want to attribute evolution to the Greeks please send me a link with advanced knowledge like Muslim scientists had not just the vague ideas Greeks had about evolution, if you disagree ask John William Draper to change the name of evolution his book :)

A Message To Muslims:
-Eve from Adam's rib: Most of the ideas that contradict evolution among Muslims are from the myths of other religions which were imported to Islam and attributed falsely to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Our father Adam (peace be upon him) was preferred or chosen over other people of his time as Allah stated clearly in Quran 3:33-34, just like Allah chose any prophet after him also Quran stated in these verses that all were "offspring", Adam was included and Allah is never short of words.
-Creation of Adam in Heaven: There is no such thing in the Quran, Adam was reworded to stay in Heaven with his wife AFTER he won the contest against the angels (the naming of creatures) as Quran stated clearly in 2:35 and 7:19. When Adam disobeyed Allah and ate from the tree him and his wife were sent back to Earth.

-Why Adam disobeyed Allah? Because Allah didn't promise Adam to be immortal in Heaven, Adam was growing older and Satan promised him that if he ate from the immortality tree then he will not grow older. Quran: 20:120 and 7:20

-Creation of Adam from dust: We are all created from dust, just like our father Adam. Quran 18:37, Quran 30:20, Quran 35:11, Quran 40:67.

-Adam was created suddenly: Just This verse is enough to refute such claim and there are many others Quran 7:11: And We created you (humans, in plural form), then fashioned you (made you in the image you are, also addressing humans in plural form), then said to the angels: Prostrate to Adam!

-How can Adam be our father if there were many humans?: The children of the smart man that Allah chose were the most fit to survive to our days (survival of the fittest), there are many other human species which we found their fossils only and they didn't make it to our time.

-How Adam children got married? If Adam and Eve were the only humans then the only answer is that brothers married their sisters, do you accept such answer? Of course there were other humans and Adam children married them.

-Allah is NOT a wizard, He does NOT pull new stars and new galaxies from a magic hat and certainly He doesn't do that for new species. Allah created and planned this universe on scientific laws; evolution is just one of them. Evolution means way more ingenious creator than a wizard who had to come to Earth and pull species one after another because he couldn't plan that from the beginning and you know very well that Allah is the best planner, evolution was part of the plan from the beginning of creation of this universe.
Please read the article linked here, don't be brainwashed by the myths of other religions. Thank you.

Click on the link below for more information about evolution in the Qur'an.



Dr Deepak Chopra

Success can be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realisation of worthy goals.  Success is the ability to fulfil our desires with effortless ease.  Material wealth is only one component of success.  Success is a journey not a destination.  Material abundance makes the journey more enjoyable.  Success includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationship, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well being and peace of mind.  Yet, even with all that, we will remain unfilled unless we nurture the seeds of divinity inside us.  In reality we are divinity in disguise and the gods and goddesses in embryo that are contained within us seek to be fully materialised.  True success is therefore the experience of the miraculous.  It is the unfolding of the divinity within us.

Law is the process by which the unmanifest becomes the manifest.  It is the process by which the observer becomes the observed.  It is the process by which the seer becomes the scenery. It is the process by which the dreamer manifests the dream.

All of creation, everything that exists in the physical world is the result of the unmanifest transforming itself into the manifest.  Everything that we behold comes from the unknown, our physical body, the physical universe, anything and everything that we can perceive through our senses is the expression of the unmanifest becoming manifest.

The physical universe is nothing other than the self - curving back within itself to experience itself as spirit, mind and physical matter.  In other words, all processes of creation are processes through which the self or divinity expresses itself.  Consciousness in motion expresses itself as the object of the universe in the eternal downs of life.  The source of all creation is divinity of (or?) the spirit.  The process of creation is divinity in motion or (of?) the mind.  The object of creation is the physical universe, which includes the physical body. 

And threes three components of reality, spirit, mind and body are observer, the process of observing and the observed are essentially the same thing.  They all come from the same place, the field of pure potentiality, which is purely unmanifest.  The physical laws of the universe are actually this whole process of divinity in motion or consciousness in motion.  When we understand these laws and apply them in our lives, anything we want can be created because the same laws that nature uses to create a forest or a galaxy or a human body can also bring about the fulfilment of all our other desires.


Pure potentiality = Pure consciousness. It is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.  Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, unboundedness, perfect balance, infinite silence, invincibility, simplicity and bliss.  This is our essential nature.  Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality.  When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of all that was, is and will be.  The field of pure potentiality is your own self…

Dr Deepak Chopra

The rest of the law is unfortunately more of the same hogwash.  I love Dr Deepak Chopra, like I love Pr Texe Marrs, but he feeds on the gullibility of the Western disillusioned masses and the hippies who lost hope and faith in their respective churches.

See David Icke’s new age religion of infinite consciousness, infinite love and of self creation or the Zionist United Nations Dictatorship (UNO) New Age religion that it is trying to impose manu militari on the entire world.

“God is also a human being”, says Minister Louis Farrakhan (2011) of the Black racist Sect known as “Nation of Islam” and is the Shriners’ (Master Masons’) “Father of the Sons of Islam”, that is, the Black “direct descendants of God” destined to “create a new earth and a new heaven”.

“A Shriner belongs to the ancient Arabic order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.”


Richard Dawkins has lost: meet the new new atheists

Secular humanism is recovering from its Dawkinsite phase – and beginning a more interesting conversation
1,158 Comments 13 April 2013 
Atheist advertising campaign launched

The atheist spring that began just over a decade ago is over, thank God. Richard Dawkins is now seen by many, even many non-believers, as a joke figure, shaking his fist at sky fairies. He’s the Mary Whitehouse of our day.

So what was all that about, then? We can see it a bit more clearly now. It was an outpouring of frustration at the fact that religion is maddeningly complicated and stubbornly irritating, even in largely secular Britain. This frustration had been building for decades: the secular intellectual is likely to feel somewhat bothered by religion, even if it is culturally weak. Oh, she finds it charming and interesting to a large extent, and loves a cosy carol service, but religion really ought to know its place. Instead it dares to accuse the secular world of being somehow -deficient.

The events of 9/11 were the main trigger for the explosion of this latent irritation. There was a desire to see "Islamic terrorism" as the symbolic synecdoche of all of religion. On one level this makes some sense: does not all religion place faith above reason? Isn’t this intrinsically dangerous? Don’t all religions jeopardise secular freedom, whether through holy wars or faith schools? On another level it is absurd: is the local vicar, struggling to build community and help smelly drunks stay alive, really a force for evil — even if she has some illiberal opinions? When such questions arise, a big bright ‘Complicated’ sign ought to flash in one’s brain. Instead, in the wake of 9/11, many otherwise thoughtful people opted for simplicity over complexity. They managed to convince themselves that religion is basically bad, and that the brave intellectual should talk against it. (This preference for seeming tough and clear over admitting difficult complexity is really cowardice, and believers are prone to it too.)

The success of five or six atheist authors, on both sides of the Atlantic, seemed to herald a strong new movement. It seemed that non-believers were tired of all the nuance surrounding religion, hungry for a tidy narrative that put them neatly in the right.

Atheism is still with us. But the movement that threatened to form has petered out. Crucially, atheism’s younger advocates are reluctant to compete for the role of Dawkins’s disciple. They are more likely to bemoan the new atheist approach and call for large injections of nuance. A good example is the pop-philosopher Julian Baggini. He is a stalwart atheist who likes a bit of a scrap with believers, but he’s also able to admit that religion has its virtues, that humanism needs to learn from it. For example, he has observed that a sense of gratitude is problematically lacking in secular culture, and suggested that humanists should consider ritual practices such as fasting. This is also the approach of the pop-philosopher king, Alain de Botton. His recent book Religion for Atheists rejects the ‘boring’ question of religion’s truth or falsity, and calls for ‘a selective reverence for religious rituals and concepts’. If you can take his faux-earnest prose style, he has some interesting insights into religion’s basis in community, practice, habit.
And liberal punditry has softened. Polly Toynbee’s younger sisters, so to speak, are wary of seeing all of religion as a misogynist plot. When Zoe Williams attacks religious sexism or homophobia she resists the temptation to widen the attack and imply that all believers are dunces or traitors. Likewise Tanya Gold recently ridiculed the idea of religion as a force for evil. ‘The idea of my late church-going mother-in-law beating homosexuals or instituting a pogrom is obviously ridiculous, although she did help with jumble sales and occasionally church flowers.’
All these writers admirably refuse to lapse into a comfortably sweeping ideology that claims the moral high ground for unbelief. Life’s complicated, they admit. Institutional religion might be dubious, but plenty of its servants buck that trend with a flair that puts secular culture to shame. To adapt a Katharine Hepburn line, the time to make up your mind about religion is never.

In these pages Douglas Murray recently recounted debating alongside Richard Dawkins and being embarrassed by the crudity of his approach. Murray is not one of life’s fence-sitters: it must have occurred to him that atheism has polemical possibilities that would suit him rather well. But he has the sense to turn down the role of the new Christopher Hitchens. A polemical approach to religion has swung out of fashion. In fact, admitting that religion is complicated has become a mark of sophistication. Andrew Brown of the Guardian has played a role in this shift: he’s a theologically literate agnostic who is scornful of crude atheist crusading, and who sometimes ponders his own attraction to religion. On a more academic level, the philosopher John Gray has had an influence: he is sceptical of all relics of Enlightenment optimism, including the atheist’s faith in reason.

What, if anything, do these newer atheists have to say? In previous generations, the atheist was keen to insist that non-believers can be just as moral as believers. These days, this is more or less taken for granted. What distinguishes the newer atheist is his admission that non-believers can be just as immoral as believers. Rejecting religion is no sure path to virtue; it is more likely to lead to complacent self-regard, or ideological arrogance.

It might sound odd to cite Alain de Botton as a critic of complacent self-regard, but this is central to his stated purpose. Attending to the religious roots of humanism can prod us out of seeing secular humanism as natural, the default position, and incite us to ponder our need for discipline, structure, community, and so on. At one point he commends the Christian perspective, that we are ‘at heart desperate, fragile, vulnerable, sinful creatures, a good deal less wise than we are knowledgeable, always on the verge of anxiety, tortured by our relationships, terrified of death — and most of all in need of God’. Is this mere posturing at depth, for ultimately he does not affirm the idea of our need of God in a sustained, serious way? Yes and no: it is also a mark of the intelligent humanist’s desire to avoid simplistic ideologising and attempt some honesty about the human condition. The key novelty of the newer atheism, perhaps, is its attentiveness to human frailty.
The religious believer might say: we do not need humanism to tell us this. Indeed not, but it might not hurt non-believers, inoculated against all religious talk, to hear of it.

This article first appeared in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated
Tags: Atheism, Christianity, Religion, Richard Dawkins, Theo Hobson

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A Response to The God Delusion

Updated June 2012 Version 0.3

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

When I picked up “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins, I was expecting to encounter new reasons put forward to form a positive case for the Atheist worldview, but I have to say that I was disappointed. What I read were rehashed, incoherent and outdated arguments that made me realize that Richard Dawkins is not very well read in philosophy. In light of this I thought it would be useful to provide a compilation of arguments from existing material and respond to his main arguments in the following way:
1. Respond to what Dawkins considers his central argument;
2. Respond to what Philosophers consider his best argument.

Responding to what Dawkins considers his central argument
On pages 157-158 of “The God Delusion,” Dawkins summarises what he maintains as “the central argument of my book”:
1. One of the greatest challenges to the human intellect has been to explain how the complex, improbable appearance of design in the universe arises.
2. The natural temptation is to attribute the appearance of design to actual design itself.
3. The temptation is a false one because the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer.
4. The most ingenious and powerful explanation is Darwinism evolution by natural selection and we don’t have an equivalent explanation for physics.
5. We should not give up the hope of a better explanation arising in physics, something as powerful as Darwinism is for biology.
God almost certainly does not exist.
Preliminary Note
Before I go into Dawkins’ main points, I would like to address his conclusion “God almost certainly does not exist.” My main issue is – how does he conclude that God doesn’t exist from the above statements? It seems to me that his conclusion just jumps out of thin air, to infer that God does not exist just shows how invalid his argument is. It seems to me that the only delusion is Dawkins’ conviction that his arguments undermine the existence of God.
If we could conclude anything from Dawkins’ argument it would be that we should not conclude that God exists based on the design of the universe. However, even if that is true, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist; we can believe in God’s existence from many other arguments, which include:
• The argument from morality;
• The miracle of the Qur’an;
• The cosmological argument;
• The argument from personal experience;
• The argument from consciousness.
If we were to accept all of Dawkins’ statements, it would not be enough to reject the idea that God exists, and it certainly does not provide a positive case for Atheism. However, many of his statements are false. Let us take his statements and respond accordingly.
Statement #1: One of the greatest challenges to the human intellect has been to explain how the complex, improbable appearance of design in the universe arises.
I believe that it is only a challenge if you wish to take God out of the picture. It is indeed a challenge if you presume atheism to be true. However for someone who is reflective and thinks deeply about things, I think the simplest and the best explanation – with the greatest explanatory power – is that there is a supernatural designer. The next point will address why God makes sense of the design in the universe.
Statement #2: The natural temptation is to attribute the appearance of design to actual design itself.
This is not only a natural temptation but a rational conclusion brought to light based upon the fine-tuning of the initial conditions of the universe. Let me start off by presenting the premises of this argument:
1. The fine-tuning of the universe to permit life is due to physical necessity, chance, or design.
2. It is not due to physical necessity or chance.
3. Therefore, it is due to design.
Explaining Premise One
The existence of a universe that permits human life is due to conditions that must have been fined-tuned to a degree that is beyond comprehension. Take the following examples into consideration:
• The Strength of Gravity & the Atomic Weak Force: Physicist P. C. W. Davies concludes that a small change in the strength of gravity or of the atomic weak force would have prevented a universe that permits our existence. P. C. W. Davies argues that this small change is as small as one part in 10100 .
• Volume of the phase space of possible universes: Roger Penrose of Oxford University explains that the creator would have to aim for a very tiny volume of the “phase space of possible universes” to create a universe that resembles our own. This is quite technical science, but we should ask the question: how tiny is this volume? According to Penrose the volume would be 1/10 to the power of X which is 10123. The precision required to produce a universe that resembles our own is much greater than the precision that would be required to hit one proton if the universe were a dartboard!
In light of the above, there are only three possible explanations for the presence of the above fine tuning of the universe:
1. Physical necessity;
2. Chance;
3. Design.
Why it cannot be Physical Necessity
This option is irrational. There is just no physical reason why these constants and quantities should have the values they do. As P. C. W. Davies explains:
“Even if the laws of physics were unique, it doesn’t follow that the physical universe itself is unique…the laws of physics must be augmented by cosmic initial conditions…there is nothing in present ideas about ‘laws of initial conditions’ remotely to suggest that their consistency with the laws of physics would imply uniqueness. Far from it…it seems, then, that the physical universe does not have to be the way it is: it could have been otherwise.”
Additionally if anyone was to take the view that the fine-tuning of the universe to permit human life is due to physical necessity, it would imply that it would be impossible to have a universe not fit for life! However physicists maintain that the universe in which we live didn’t have to be the way that it is, and there could have been many other universes that did not permit human life.
Why it cannot be Chance
Some people who do not understand the impossibility of the universe coming into being by chance exclaim, “It could have happened by chance!” However would they say chance explains how an elephant was sleeping in their garage overnight? Or how a 747 ended up parked in their garden? Even after their irrational perspective is highlighted, they still hold on to the theory that the universe can exist due to chance. In response to this I would argue that it is not just about chance but something the theorists such as William Dembski call “specified probability.”
Specified probability is a probability that also conforms to an independent pattern. To illustrate this, imagine you have a monkey in a room for twenty-four hours, typing a way on your laptop. In the morning you enter the room and you see, “To be or not to be!” The monkey has miraculously written out a part of a Shakespearian play! What you may have expected is random words such as “house,” “car,” and “apple.” However, in this case not only have you seen the improbability of typing English words – but they also conform to the independent pattern of English grammar! To accept this is just the result of blind chance would be irrational and counter discourse, as anyone can claim anything from this perspective. To put this in to context, British mathematicians have calculated that if a monkey did type on a laptop at every possible moment, it would take 28 Billion years (!!!) to produce “To be or not to be”. In conclusion, accepting the chance hypothesis is tantamount to rejecting the existence of our own universe!
Since premises one and two are true, it follows that supernatural design is the most reasonable explanation for the fine-tuning of the universe to permit human life.
Statement #3: The temptation is a false one because the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer.
The above statement, which is a contention to the design argument is flawed for two main reasons. Firstly, anyone with a basic understanding of the philosophy of science will conclude that in the inference to the best explanation, the best explanation does not require an explanation! The following example illustrates this point. Imagine 500 years from now, a group of archaeologists start digging in London’s Hyde Park only to find parts of a car and a bus. They would be completely justified in inferring that these finds were not the result of any biological process but the products of an unknown civilization. However if some skeptics were to argue that we cannot make such inferences because we do not know anything about this civilization, how they lived and who created them, would that make the archaeologists conclusions untrue? Of course not!
Secondly, if we take this contention seriously it could undermine the very foundations of science and philosophy themselves. If we require an explanation for the basic assumptions of science, for example that the external world exists, where do you think our level of scientific progress would be? Additionally if we were to apply this type of question to every attempt at explaining the explanation, we would end up with an infinite regression of explanations. And an infinite regression of explanations would defeat the whole purpose of science in the first place – which is to provide an explanation!
A Note on Rejecting the Supernatural
Dawkins’ also rejects a supernatural designer because he thinks, as an explanation, it lack explanatory power; in other words, no progress is made with an explanation to the apparent fine-tuning. He raises this objection because he feels that a supernatural designer is just as complex as design. However Dawkins’ objection is problematic as he assumes that a supernatural designer is as complex as the universe. But a supernatural designer, in other words God, is one of the simplest concepts understood by all. This opinion is expressed by many Philosophers including the famous atheist turned theist Professor Anthony Flew.
Dawkins’ other assumption is that God is made of many parts; however, God is immaterial, transcendent and one. Just because God can do complex things does not make him complex, it seems to me that Dawkins confuses ability with nature. In other words, just because God can do complex things (such as creating the universe) it does not make His nature complex.So it stands to reason that God is the simplest, and therefore the best, explanation.
Statement #4: The most ingenious and powerful explanation is Darwinism evolution by natural selection and and we don’t have an equivalent explanation for physics.This statement is irrelevant due to the following reasons:
1. Evolution does not have its foot in the door;
2. Evolution is based upon incalculable probabilities;
3. Evolution is impossible because we have not spent enough time on Earth yet.
Let me expand upon these points.
1. Evolution does not have its foot in the door
With regards to the existence of God, evolution does not even have its foot in the door; it’s billions years away. The  fine-tuning argument mentioned above refers to the initial conditions of the universe and various constants that pre-date any evolutionary process. Simply put, evolution has no say.
2. Evolution is based upon incalculable probabilities
The odds against assembling the human genome spontaneously are incalculable. The probability of assembling the genome is between 4-180 to 4-110,000 and 4-360 to 4-110,000. These numbers give some feel for the unlikelihood of the species Homo sapiens. And if anyone were to accept evolution by chance, they would have to believe in a miracle as these numbers are so high! Therefore evolution itself would prove the existence of God!
3. Evolution is impossible because we have not had enough time on Earth yet
According to John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler, the odds of assembling a single gene are between and 4-180 to 4-360. The implications of this are that there simply has not been enough time since the formation of the earth to try a number of nucleotide base combinations that can even remotely compare to these numbers!
Statement #5: We should not give up the hope of a better explanation arising in physics, something as powerful as Darwinism is for biology.
Dawkins basically says that since there is a naturalistic explanation for the apparent design in species and we do not have a similar explanation for physics, we should just wait. Does this not sound like blind faith to you? The statement presumes scientism to be the only way of establishing facts or sound conclusions. Why else would he want to wait for a naturalistic explanation? Dawkins’ presumption that scientism is the only way to establish facts is not true because:
  • scientism, which is the view that we should believe only what can be proven scientifically, is self-defeating. Scientism claims that a proposition is not true if it cannot be scientifically proven. However, the above claim itself cannot be scientifically proven. Therefore, according to this claim, the claim itself is not true, hence scientism defeats itself.
  • scientism cannot prove necessary truths like mathematics and logic. For example, “if p implies q, and p, then q” and “3 + 3 = 6″ are necessary truths and not merely empirical generalisations. In fact, scientism requires these necessary truths, but it cannot prove them, and any attempt to do so would be tantamount to arguing in a circle.
  • scientism is limited in its scope as it cannot address political or moral realities. Concerning morality, scientism can only provide “well-being” as a yardstick for moral truths. However, rapists, liars, and thieves could all have “well-being” due to their actions, therefore the moral landscape, as defined by science, is occupied by good and bad people, and from this perspective morality has no meaning.
It can be seen from the above that Dawkins’ central argument fails and is an embarrassment to the scientific community, as atheist Philosopher Michael Ruse explains,
“unlike the new atheists, I take scholarship seriously. I have written that The God Delusion made me ashamed to be an atheist and I meant it. Trying to understand how God could need no cause, Christians claim that God exists necessarily. I have taken the effort to try to understand what that means. Dawkins and company are ignorant of such claims and positively contemptuous of those who even try to understand them, let alone believe them. Thus, like a first-year undergraduate, he can happily go around asking loudly, “What caused God?” as though he had made some momentous philosophical discovery.”
Responding to what Philosophers consider his best argument
According to Philosopher and lecturer at Yale University, Gregory E. Granssle, Dawkins’ strongest argument can be found on page 55:
“A universe with a creative superintendent would be a very different kind of universe from one without.”
Dawkins’ argument can be summarised in the following way:
1. A universe created by God would be different than the one created by nature;
2. The universe we live in fits better to a universe created by nature;
3. Therefore the universe we live in is most likely to have been created by nature.
I would argue that Dawkins’ argument couldn’t be any further away from the truth; this is because the universe that we live in actually makes more sense being created by God for the following reasons.
1. The universe is ordered and open to rational anaylsis
If God did not exist, the universe would not display the order it does, and it would not be finely-tuned to permit human life. Professor Roger Penrose states, “There is a certain sense in which I would say the universe has a purpose. It’s not there just somehow by chance…I don’t think that’s a very fruitful or helpful way of looking at the universe.”
Additionally, the very fact that we can observe and perform rational analysis on the patterns we perceive in the universe makes more sense if God did exist, because in a naturalistic universe things would be expected to be more chaotic. This does not mean a universe without a God could not be ordered; however it is more likely that God would create an ordered universe, and since the universe we live in is ordered it makes sense that God’s existence fits well with our universe
2. The universe contains conscious and aware beings
A universe that contains consciousness and awareness makes sense with the existence of God. A universe without a God would be very different to the one we are living in.Explanation
Human beings experience things all the time. This article you are reading is an experience; even talking about your experience is an experience. However the ultimate reality that we know from any experience is the one who experiences it – in other words ourselves. When we realise that there is a first-person, an “I”, “me” or “mine,” we come to face a profound mystery. The Philosopher Roy Abraham Varghese puts it nicely when he wrote, “To reverse Descartes, ‘I am, therefore I think…’ Who is this ‘I’? ‘Where’ is it? How did it come to be? Your self is not just something physical.”
The self is not a physical thing; it is not contained in any cell or biological structure. The most unchallenged and intuitive reality is that we are all aware, but we cannot describe or explain what this awareness is. One thing that we can be sure of is that the self cannot be explained biologically or chemically. The main reason for this is that science does not discover the self; it is actually the other way round. For science to try and explain the truth of the self would be tantamount to arguing in a circle! Even scientists recognise this; the physicist Gerald Schroeder points out that there is no real difference between a heap of sand and the brain of an Einstein. The advocates of a physical explanation for the self end up in a muddle as they require answers to even bigger questions, such as “How can certain bits of matter suddenly create a new reality that has no resemblance to matter?”So if the self cannot be explained physically then the next question must be asked: “How did it come to be?” The history of the universe indicates that consciousness spontaneously arose, and language emerged without any evolutionary forerunner. So where did it come from? Even the neo-atheists have failed to come to terms with the nature of the self and its source, because no physical explanation is coherent enough to be convincing. Even Richard Dawkins almost admits defeat concerning the self and consciousness; he states, “We don’t know. We don’t understand it.”
The best explanation for the nature and source of the self is that it came from a source that is thinking, aware and conscious. How else can the self, which is an entity with a capacity to reflect and experience, manifest itself? It cannot have come from unconscious matter incapable to experience and ponder. Simply put, matter cannot produce concepts and perceptions, therefore we can conclude that the self cannot have a material basis but must have come from a living source that transcends the material world; and this is best explained by God. No other answer provides an adequate explanation for this phenomenon.
3. The universe contains objective morality
We all believe that killing 6 million Jews during World War II was morally wrong, however not only do we believe it was morally wrong we believe it was objectively morally wrong. What I mean by objective is that if the Nazis had successfully taken over Europe and brainwashed us to believe that it was ok to commit genocide, it would still be objectively morally wrong regardless of human experience. However since our universe contains objective morality then it can only make sense with God’s existence, because God is required as rational basis for objective morality. Without God morality is subjective, because God is the only conceptual anchor that transcends human subjectivity. So the universe with objective morality makes no sense without God. In this light the Muslim or theist may argue:
1. If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist;
2. The universe with objective moral values does exist;
3. Therefore, God exists.Explaining the key premise
The question about objective good or bad, in other words objective morality, has been discussed by various moral philosophers. Many have concluded that there is no objective morality without God, for instance the late J. L. Mackie in his book “Ethics” states that there are no objective moral values. Humanist philosopher Paul Kurtz aptly puts it as,
“The central question about moral and ethical principles concerns this ontological foundation. If they are neither derived from God nor anchored in some transcendent ground, are they purely ephemeral?”
Paul Kurtz is right; God is the only conceptual anchor that transcends human subjectivity, so without God there is no rational basis for objective morality. To explain this further let us discuss alternative conceptual foundations for morality.In God’s absence, there are only two alternative foundations:
1. Social pressure
2. Evolution
Both social pressures and evolution provide no objective basis for morality as they both claim that our morality is contingent on changes: biological and social. Therefore morality cannot be binding and true regardless of who believes in them. Therefore without God, there is no objective basis for morality. God as a concept is not subjective, therefore having God as the basis for morality makes them binding and objective, because God transcends human subjectivity. The following statement by Richard Taylor, an eminent ethicist, correctly concludes,
“Contemporary writers in ethics, who blithely discourse upon moral right and wrong and moral obligation without any reference to religion, are really just weaving intellectual webs from thin air; which amounts to saying that they discourse without meaning.”
Since the universe contains objective morality, and Gods existence is necessary as a conceptual foundation for objective morals, then the universe we live in makes sense with the existence of God.
A Quick Note on Religious “Evils”
Before I conclude I would like to highlight that a response to Dawkins’ other contentions with the concept of God and religious life. Dawkins seems to attribute all the negative and evil things to religion. However there is a strong argument that these things are not unique to religion itself, but the common conceptual dominator is humanity. This is summarised well by Keith Ward, the former Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford, he writes,
“It is very difficult to think of any organised human activity that could not be corrupted…The lesson is that anti-religious corruptions and religious corruptions are both possible. There is no magic system or belief, not even belief in liberal democracy, which can be guaranteed to prevent it.”
To illustrate this let me use the outdated cliché of “religions are the cause war and conflict” and show how war and conflict are not unique to religions. In the relatively short history of secularism the following massacres have committed in the name of non-religious ideologies such a communism, nationalism and social-Darwinism:
• 70,000,000 under chairman Mao
• 20,000,000 under Stalin
• 2,000,000 no longer exist because of Pol Pot
• 700,000 innocent Iraqi’s in the current occupation
• 500,000 Iraqi children in the 10 year sanctions
So it can be clearly seen above that war and conflict are not religious monopolies, rather they are human phenomena and not unique to religion. As Professor Stephen L. Carter argues in “Civility”:
“[T]he statement that wars have been fought in the name of God is a non sequitur. As the theologian Walter Wink once pointed out, more people have died in the twentieth century’s secular wars than in the preceding fifty centuries of fighting combined…. No religious war in history, not all the religious wars of history added together, did as much damage as this century’s wars of nationalism and ideology.”
This article attempted to respond to Richard Dawkins’ best-seller “The God Delusion” by responding to his central argument and the argument that Philosophers consider to be his best. However, intellectual gymnastics – no matter how truthful – seldom convinces others, so I thought it would best to allow the expression of God – the Qur’an – to have the final say. In the wonderful eloquence and sublime style God says,
“In the creation of the heavens and Earth, and the alternation of the night and day, and the ships which sail the seas to people’s benefit, and the water which God sends down from the sky – by which He brings the Earth to life when it was dead and scatters about in it creatures of every kind – and the varying direction of the winds, and the clouds subservient between heaven and Earth, there are signs for people who use their intellect.” Qur’an, 2:164
The majority of this article has been compiled from:
Contending with Christianity’s Critics: Answering New Atheists and Other Objectors. Edited by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig.
There is a God: How The World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind. By Professor Anthony Flew.
The anthropic cosmological principle. By John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler.
The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology. By William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland.
God?: A Debate Between a Christian and an Atheist. By William Lane Craig and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.

"Inherit the Wind"- How the Illuminati Brainwashed Christians

April 23, 2014
inherit-the-wind-original.jpg(left, In the movie, Clarence Darrow, played by Spencer Tracy, interrogates William Jennings Bryan, played by Frederic March.)

The movie "Inherit the Wind" (1960) based
on the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, helped make
Americans adopt the doctrine of evolution.
James Perloff shows how Hollywood
distorted the facts to advance the Illuminati agenda.

"We are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories... Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism." (Protocols 2:2-3)

"Now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion." (Protocol 17:2)

by James Perloff

Darwinism used spurious "science" (evolution) to supplant God as man's creator.

Perhaps nothing advanced evolution so effectively as the play and movie Inherit the Wind. It depicts the 1925 "Monkey Trial." The defendant was John Scopes, a Dayton, Tennessee schoolteacher charged with violating the Butler Act, a state law that forbade teaching that man descended from lower forms.

Leading Scopes's defense was famed attorney Clarence Darrow. Assisting the prosecution was former Democratic Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. The most common impression about this trial is that Darrow humiliated Bryan in cross-examination, scoring a powerful victory for Darwinism over religious fundamentalism.

Public beliefs regarding the trial are based mostly on Inherit the Wind, which portrayed a battle between enlightened evolutionists and imbecilic Christians. My book Tornado in a Junkyard compares the screenplay (the Oscar-nominated Spencer Tracy version) to the trial transcript and other records. Here are highlights. (The complete comparison is posted on my blog.)

John Scopes.jpg THE MOVIE opens with the grim town minister and other prudes marching to the local high school. They arrest young Scopes, who is forthrightly teaching biology using Darwin.

IN REALITY, Scopes was not a biology teacher. He taught math, but had briefly substituted for a biology teacher during an illness. The ACLU recruited him to challenge the Butler Act. Scopes never taught evolution. He wrote in his autobiography, Center of the Storm: "Darrow had been afraid for me to go on the stand. Darrow realized that I was not a science teacher and he was afraid that if I were put on the stand I would be asked if I actually taught biology."

"If the boys had got their review of evolution from me, I was unaware of it. I didn't remember teaching it."

IN THE MOVIE, we see Scopes in jail, a persecuted martyr. Aroused by the town preacher's sermon, a lynch mob gathers outside the jail, burning Scopes in effigy. A rock sails through the window, injuring him.

IN REALITY, Scopes didn't spent one second in jail. Violating the Butler Act was not an imprisonable offense. Furthermore, no bad blood existed between Scopes and Dayton's people, who were delighted that the trial put Dayton on the map.

Darrow.jpgIN THE MOVIE, Clarence Darrow arrives, bravely taking the case singled-handedly. The local Christians boo him; a mob outside his hotel threatens a lynching.

IN REALITY, Darrow, left, brought a team of lawyers, and here's what he himself said of his Dayton experience: "Yet, I came here a perfect stranger and I can say what I have said before that I have not found upon anybody's part - any citizen here in this town or outside, the slightest discourtesy. I have been better treated, kindlier and more hospitably than I fancied would have been the case in the north."

IN THE MOVIE, William Jennings Bryan is an ignorant bigot opposed to science. He says: "The people of this state have made it very clear that they do not want this zoological hogwash slobbered around the schoolrooms!" "The way of scientism is the way of darkness."

IN REALITY, Bryan was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. What he really said about science during the trial: "Give science a fact and it is not only invincible, but of incalculable service to man."

IN THE MOVIE, the judge disallows any testimony from eminent scientists whom Darrow has brought. The judge declares "zoology" (which he can barely pronounce) and other sciences "irrelevant to the case."

Bryan.jpgIN REALITY, Darrow called as a witness zoologist Maynard Metcalf, who testified at length. Bryan, left, quickly recognized that the atheistic Darrow was orchestrating a parade of witnesses to promote Darwinism. (The trial was being broadcast on radio nationwide, and reported in newspapers globally.) Bryan asked Judge John Raulston: "Will we be entitled to cross-examine their witnesses?" Raulston said they would.

This enraged Darrow, who knew Bryan would ask his witnesses embarrassing questions like "Where are Darwin's missing links?" and "Are you an atheist?" Darrow therefore had his remaining witnesses submit affidavits. These totaled 60,000 words and occupy 54 pages of trial transcript; excerpts were read in court. The decision to stay off the stand was not made by a bigoted judge, but by Darrow himself, to elude cross-examination. Ironically, most of the "evidence" Darrow's experts discussed - Piltdown Man, "useless vestigial organs" - are long discredited.


But what of that famous "debate" where Darrow supposedly trounced Bryan, symbolizing Darwinian triumph over the Bible?

It was not a debate. Darrow called Bryan as a witness. Thus only Darrow could ask questions, completely controlling the exchange. He peppered Bryan with anti-Bible questions he had spent years developing. On the preceding evening, he rehearsed his inquisition with an associate; Bryan, on the other hand, had to answer everything off-the-cuff.

Naturally, with these advantages, Darrow looked better than Bryan - but not nearly as decisively as in Inherit the Wind, which grossly distorts the event. For example, it has Bryan say that the Bible defines sex as "original sin" (nothing resembling this was said.) And when the movie's cross-examination finishes, Bryan cracks up mentally, wildly shouting the names of the Bible's books (another complete fabrication).

Hollywood distortions aside, why did Bryan place himself in a position where only Darrow could go on offense? The answer is simple. Darrow tricked Bryan into believing that, after this, their roles would reverse: Bryan would be able to question Darrow about Darwinism. This was important to Bryan, since he had been denied cross-examination of Darrow's "experts."

But the next morning, Bryan sat stunned as Darrow changed Scopes's plea from "not guilty" to "guilty," thus ending the trial.

Darrow's words to the judge: "We will ask the court to bring in the jury and instruct the jury to find the defendant guilty."

Darrow had no intention of going on the stand and letting Bryan get revenge by quizzing him on evolution. The trial had NEVER been about John Scopes's guilt or innocence. Its sole purpose was to disseminate Darwinism and assail Christianity.

But in Inherit the Wind, Darrow fights to the bitter end for his client. The backwoods jury finds Scopes "guilty."

Gloom falls on the defendant and his noble attorney, as "bigotry and ignorance" have won the day.


James Perloff is author of several books; his latest is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

First Comment from Len:

You know, Henry, I remember watching "Inherit the Wind" on TV when I was a kid way back in the 1950's and 60's. Even then I knew and said to myself, "This kind of movie is a real putdown to the Christian community and Christian Faith."  Only much later did I come to understand just how sinister the agenda was: the Christ-hating, Christianity-despising Talmudic Jews and "illuminati-elite" were [and continue to this very moment] mock and cartoonize Christians and biblical faith oriented values. The idea of Darwinism and luciferian/satanism is to make "the Animal Kingdom of Mankind" divided between just three classes: the elite who rule and lend money hither & yon; the masses whom they use as "employable & useful to create wealth"; ... and "the useless eaters" who are to be eliminated from the "ecological equation."

 Yeah.  A nice little cabal of Darwinists they are. In their mind & mindset: they are "the gods who rule." we are only the animals and cattle and pack-mules that they manage.

And the truth is: WITHOUT DIVINE INTERVENTION they will probably pull this off. ... but only over my dead body and over the dead bodies of those who love freedom and decent human [and divine] values. I will NEVER yield to their sinister and vile satanic agenda.


  Richard Dawkins, what on earth happened to you?

Dawkins in 2014 is a man so convinced that he possesses God-like powers of omniscience that he can’t understand why everyone is angry at him for pointing out the obvious

Richard Dawkins at home.
Richard Dawkins at home. Photograph: Rex Features
Another day, another tweet from Richard Dawkins proving that if non-conscious material is given enough time, it is capable of evolving into an obstreperous crackpot who should have retired from public speech when he had the chance to bow out before embarrassing himself.

“Date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knifepoint is worse,” huffs Dawkins. Seeming to have anticipated, although not understood, the feminist reaction this kind of sentiment generally evokes, he finishes the tweet: “If you think that’s an endorsement of date rape, go away and learn how to think.”

You can almost imagine him tweeting this, his fingers jabbing away at the keyboard as his glasses slide down a face contorted with disappointment at how irrational everyone is being. This is Dawkins in 2014: a figure of mockery, a man so convinced that he possesses God-like powers of omniscience that he can’t understand why everyone’s getting angry at him for pointing out the obvious. Why won’t we all just learn how to think, damn it! Then we could all live together in a peaceful society where nobody wears “bin liners”, and women shut up about sexual harassment.
Remember when Dawkins was widely respected? When his biggest detractor was late evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould? I don’t. Having grown up after Dawkins made the transition from lauded science communicator to old man who shouts at clouds, it’s hard for me to understand why anyone continues to listen to him about anything.

Sure, he wrote some pop science books back in the day, but why do we keep having him on TV and in the newspapers? If it’s a biologist you’re after, or a science communicator, why not pick from the hundreds out there who don’t tweet five or six Islamophobic sentiments before getting off the toilet in the morning? If you need an atheist, there are many philosophers, scholars of religion, and public intellectuals available who don’t refuse to acknowledge the existence of theology.

Dawkins has been arrogant for years, a man so convinced of his intellectual superiority that he believes the one domain in which he happens to be an expert, science, is the only legitimate way of acquiring or assessing knowledge. All of his outbursts in recent years follow from this belief: he understands the scientific method, a process intended to mitigate the interference of human subjectivity in data collection, as a universally applicable way of understanding not just the physical world but literally everything else as well. Hence his constant complaint that those appalled by his bigoted vituperations are simply offended by clarity; feeble-minded obscurantists who cling to emotion, tradition or the supernatural to shield themselves from the power of his truth bombs.

You don’t have to be religious to find this level of hubris baffling. In his review of The God Delusion, Terry Eagleton remarks:
Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book of British Birds, and you have a rough idea of what it feels like to read Richard Dawkins on theology.
Dawkins’ narrowmindedness, his unshakeable belief that the entire history of human intellectual achievement was just a prelude to the codification of scientific inquiry, leads him to dismiss the insights offered not only by theology, but philosophy, history and art as well.

To him, the humanities are expendable window-dressing, and the consciousness and emotions of his fellow human beings are byproducts of natural selection that frequently hobble his pursuit and dissemination of cold, hard facts. His orientation toward the world is the product of a classic category mistake, but because he’s nestled inside it so snugly he perceives complex concepts outside of his understanding as meaningless dribble. If he can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist, and anyone trying to describe it to him is delusional and possibly dangerous.

All we can do at this point is hope his decline into hysterical dogmatism culminates in a reverse deathbed conversion. But if there’s one thing Dawkins has tried to impress upon us, it’s that miracles don’t exist. So I’ll do him the courtesy of not holding my breath.


Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s

December 3rd, 2014 | by Bob Flanagan
Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s


A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900′s was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution.

During the court case, new elements were brought to light as several Smithsonian whistle blowers admitted to the existence of documents that allegedly proved the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons reaching between 6 feet and 12 feet in height, a reality mainstream archeology can not admit to for different reasons, claims AIAA spokesman, James Churward.

«There has been a major cover up by western archaeological institutions since the early 1900′s to make us believe that America was first colonized by Asian peoples migrating through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, when in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of burial mounds all over America which the Natives claim were there a long time before them, and that show traces of a highly developed civilization, complex use of metal alloys and where giant human skeleton remains are frequently found but still go unreported in the media and news outlets» he explains.

A giant human femur uncovered in Ohio in 2011 by the American Association for Alternative Archeology, similar to the evidence presented in court
A turning point of the court case was when a 1.3 meter long human femur bone was shown as evidence in court of the existence of such giant human bones. The evidence came as a blow to the Smithsonian’s lawyers as the bone had been stolen from the Smithsonian by one of their high level curators in the mid 1930′s who had kept the bone all his life and which had admitted on his deathbed in writing of the undercover operations of the Smithsonian.

«It is a terrible thing that is being done to the American people» he wrote in the letter. «We are hiding the truth about the forefathers of humanity, our ancestors, the giants who roamed the earth as recalled in the Bible and ancient texts of the world».

The US Supreme Court has since forced the Smithsonian Institution to publicly release classified information about anything related to the “destruction of evidence pertaining to the mound builder culture” and to elements “relative to human skeletons of greater height than usual”, a ruling the AIAA is extremely enthused about.

«The public release of these documents will help archaeologists and historians to reevaluate current theories about human evolution and help us greater our understanding of the mound builder culture in America and around the world» explains AIAA director, Hans Guttenberg. «Finally, after over a century of lies, the truth about our giant ancestors shall be revealed to the world» he acknowledges, visibly satisfied by the court ruling.

The documents are scheduled to be released in 2015 and the operation will be coordinated by an independent scientific organization to assure political neutrality.

"Inherit the Wind"- How the Illuminati Brainwashed Christians

April 23, 2014
inherit-the-wind-original.jpg(left, In the movie, Clarence Darrow, played by Spencer Tracy, interrogates William Jennings Bryan, played by Frederic March.)
The movie "Inherit the Wind" (1960) based
on the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, helped make
Americans adopt the doctrine of evolution.
James Perloff shows how Hollywood
distorted the facts to advance the Illuminati agenda.

"We are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories... Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism." (Protocols 2:2-3)

"Now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion." (Protocol 17:2)

by James Perloff

Ds Perloff is author of several books; his latest is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

Funnyzela Stuff February 21, 2012 0

Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about US Presidents


Ancient Man and His First Civilizations



Concerning Literature

Egyptians, Sumerians, Mohenjo-daroans, Harappans, and Cretans, Elamites, and Nubians, were literate 3,000 years, 4,000 years, who knows how many thousands of years, before the world ever heard of Greeks or Romans. And there is ample evidence of their literacy.

Yet there is not one single entry: describing any of the people of their times, whether it be friends, foes, or invaders: or even more incredulously, there is not one single entry describing invading Whites in any of their literature.

Contrast that with Greek and Roman writings, in which these NEWLY literate people, after suffering through the "Dark ages" caused by the Albinos invasion, describe EVERYTHING and EVERYONE - except themselves!

These discrepancies are of course, not accidental, nor for lack of material. Hopefully, the White man has simply withheld this material, and not destroyed it.

On a related matter:

We the lied-to and oppressed, often comfort ourselves by believing that things are getting better, and perhaps in some ways that is so. But in regards to the Albinos trying to steal Black history, well, in that regard things are definitely getting worst!
It comes as a shock to some, that the current, and very false assertion by the Albinos that they are native to Europe, is NEW! Surprisingly, Albino scholars of only a hundred years ago, freely admitted that Albinos MOVED into Europe, and were NOT native to those lands. While they were in error on other things, some even correctly identified the Albino homeland as Central Asia.
Please note this example:

The North American Review

The North American Review (NAR) was the first literary magazine in the United States. Founded in Boston in 1815 by journalist Nathan Hale and others, it was published continuously until 1940.

Until the founding of the Atlantic Monthly in 1857, the NAR was the foremost publication in New England and probably the entire United States.[citation needed] For all its lasting impact on American literature and institutions, however, the Review had no more than 3000 subscribers in its heyday.

The NAR's first editor, William Tudor (1779-1830), and other founders had been members of Boston's Anthology Club, and launched The North American Review to foster a genuine American culture. In its first few years the NAR published poetry, fiction, and miscellaneous essays on a bi-monthly schedule, but in 1818 it became a quarterly with more focused contents intent on improving society and on elevating culture. The NAR promoted the improvement of public education and administration, with reforms in secondary schools, sound professional training of doctors and lawyers, rehabilitation of prisoners at the state penitentiary, and government by educated experts.

The NAR's editors and contributors included several literary and political New Englanders as John Adams, George Bancroft, Nathaniel Bowditch, William Cullen Bryant, Lewis Cass, Edward T. Channing, Caleb Cushing, Richard Henry Dana, Sr., Alexander Hill Everett, Edward Everett, Jared Sparks, George Ticknor, Gulian C. Verplanck, and Daniel Webster.

Please note this entry from:

The North American Review Volume 0139 Issue 334 (Sept 1884)
Title: Our Remote Ancestry [pp. 246-256]
Author: Winchell, Alexander, Prof.
Collection: Journals: North American Review (1815 - 1900)




At the close of the last and at the beginning of the present century, largely owing to the interest taken in the history of primitive man by the Prince of Monaco, systematic excavations were carried out in deep strata of their floors. In one of these, the "Grotte des Enfants," usually named the Grimaldi Cave In the lowest layer of all were found two skeletons—one of a woman past middle life, with a stature estimated (5 ft. 2 in.) and the other of a boy about sixteen to seventeen years of age, and about (5 ft. 1 in.) in height. With them were found traces of a civilization and of a fauna which has led anthropologists to assign them to the end of the Mousterien or beginning of the Aurignacien Period [40,000 to 28,000 years ago]. French anthopologist Dr. Verneau, who has published the results of a minute examination of these two ancient individuals, from various features seen in the skeletons, had no hesitation in assigning them to a Negroid race.


I shall confine myself, in discussing this question, to those fragmentary Human skulls from the caves of Engis in the valley of the Meuse, in Belgium, which have been examined with so much care by Sir Charles Lyell; upon whose high authority I shall take it for granted, that the Engis skull belonged to a contemporary of the Mammoth and of the woolly Rhinoceros. The skull from the cave of Engis was originally discovered by Professor Schmerling, and was described by him, together with other human remains disinterred at the same time, in his valuable work, " Recherches sur les Ossemens fossiles decouverts dans les Cavernes de la Province de Liege, published in 1833 (p. 59, et seq.), from which the following paragraphs are extracted, the precise expressions of the author being, as far as possible, preserved.

In order to neglect no point respecting the form of this fossil skull, we may observe that, from the first, the elongated and narrow form of the forehead attracted our attention. In fact, the slight elevation of the frontal, its narrowness, and the form of the orbit, approximate it more nearly to the cranium of an Ethiopian than to that of a European.

BY CHEIKH ANTA DIOP (1981): PP. 15-16

The Grimaldi Negroids have left their numerous traces all over Europe and Asia, from the Iberian Peninsula to Lake Baykal in Siberia, passing through France, Austria, the Crimea, and the Basin of Don, etc. In these last two regions, the late Soviet Professor Mikhail Gerasimov, a scholar of rare objectivity, identified the Negroid type from skulls found in the Middle Mousterian period.

Click here for the genesis of the European languages: Click >>>

Etruria is probably the best example: aside from Britain; (Click here for British History) of the White Mans attempts at creating a false history for himself, and in that process, obliterating actual history. In its traditional foundation myth, Romulus and Remus are Rome's twin founders . They are descendants of the Trojan prince and refugee Aeneas, and are fathered by the god Mars or the demi-god Hercules on a royal Vestal Virgin, Rhea Silvia (also known as Ilia), whose uncle exposes them to die in the wild. They are found by a she-wolf who suckles and cares for them. The twins are eventually restored to their regal birthright, acquire many followers and decide to found a new city - Rome. The Romans are also known as Latin's: But the Latin's (or Latini, as they called themselves) were an "Original" people of ancient Italy. Quite different from the White invaders from Central Asia.
The most common hypothesis is that the Italic peoples migrated into the Italian peninsula from Central Asia, sometime during the Italian Bronze Age (ca. 1800-900 BC). The most likely route for the "so-called" Italic migration was from the Balkan peninsula along the Adriatic coast. But it is already accepted that the original Europeans were Black people (and no, they did not turn into White people because of vitamin D deficiency), Note People like the "Iceman" below, whose mitochondrial DNA belongs to the K1 subcluster of the mitochondrial haplogroup K, which appears abundantly in ancient North Africa. Also, the Latin's already existed in Italy BEFORE the White people we erroneously call Romans arrived - thus the people we call Romans could not have been italics either!

Logically then: if the people who were originally called Romans, are descendants of Black Anatolians (Troy), and if the other name that we know them by (Latin's) are a "Native" Black Italian people: then just WHO were the White people from Central Asia who usurped these names, and what name did they go by? In the process of creating their "False" history, Whites, as usual, destroyed the writings of the ancients (the last being the Etrusca Disciplina, the Etruscan books of cult and divination, which were collected and burned in the 5th century), and created "False" artifacts to backup their false historical claims (note Capitoline Wolf below). The stupid irony in all of this, is that not only have Whites wiped out the true history of the original Italians, they also wiped out their own history.

As is always the case with Europeanized history, there has always been an attempt by European Academics and researchers to establish a genetic link between modern White Europeans and Europe’s Original Black inhabitants. To that end, there has been no lack of Bogus and mis-attributed Artifacts, along with the requisite bogus history. But today, a new breed of researchers have taken the stage; a group less insecure and more honest - but still not completely honest: Though they present the data, they still present it in a confusing and obfuscating way, and they still can't seem to bring themselves to actually say it, i.e. The first Europeans were Black People and we are Albinos from Central Asia! Note the studies below: there must be some type of Phobia, peculiar only to White people.
As we know, there are three direct ways of entering Europe from Africa:
(1) Cross the Strait of Gibraltar and Enter in Spain, or Cross in Anatolia/Turkey (2) at the Bosphorus (now known as the Istanbul Strait) or (3) the Dardanelle's (formerly known as Hellespont).
We know that modern Africans (The Khoisan like Grimaldi) first entered Europe by way of the Strait of Gibraltar (circa 45,000 ya), because the oldest skeletons are found in nearby France/Monaco.

At about 7,500 ya, African FARMERS moved into Europe by way of Anatolia. These "NEW" Africans mixed with the Grimaldi Africans who were already there. Out of this mixture was born the modern Black European. For centuries, since they first "Usurped" rule in Europe, the Albinos have tried to convince the world that they are "Original" Europeans. It's a lie, and even their own scientists prove it.


Here is some of the nonsense the Albinos write about the Etruscans:

The study goes on to say:

Various tests show that the Tuscans (see next study below) are the Etruscans’ closest neighbors in terms of genetic distances. Despite that broad similarity, however, Etruscans and Tuscans share only two haplotypes. This finding is difficult to interpret in the absence of data on any other European population of the pre-classical period. One possible interpretation is that all or most European populations of that time period were as different from their modern counterparts as the Etruscans appear to be. This would imply either extensive gene flow or a high rate of extinction of mitochondrial haplotypes, both processes causing a drastic change of the mitochondrial pool in the last 2,500 years. More importantly, a result of that kind would force us to reconsider the universally held assumption that patterns in the DNA of modern individuals reflect the evolutionary processes affecting their prehistoric ancestors. Alternatively, should other ancient populations prove similar to comparable modern ones, one should conclude that the Etruscans’ mitochondrial sequences underwent extinction at a particularly high rate and look for an explanation for that. Until more ancient DNA data become available, both scenarios will remain possible, although we favor the latter.

But then they go on to say obfuscating nonsense like this:

Etruscans show closer relationships both to North Africans and to Turks than any contemporary population. In particular, the Turkish component in their gene pool appears three times as large as in the other populations. (Note: The Turks are an Albino people from Asia - now heavily admixed with the indigenous Black people of Anatolia - who first entered the west in the 6th. century A.D, and later conquered Anatolia, then called the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire in 1453. Obviously what these liars are seeing is the genes of the original Black Anatolians - NOT the Turks!

Albino scientists can't help but lie: because the alternative is to admit that they are Albinos, and invaders of Europe. So the say obfuscating things like this, see above: "Various tests show that the Tuscan's are the Etruscans’ closest neighbors in terms of genetic distances". The problem for them, is that they have no way to cross reference other studies to see if the author is furthering the Albino lies, or trying to tell the truth. In this case, there is another study debunking that lie.

Ancient Etruscans Unlikely Ancestors Of Modern Tuscans, Testing Reveals.

News story from the Science Daily — For the first time, Stanford university researchers have used statistical computer modeling to simulate demographic processes affecting the population of the Tuscany region of Italy over a 2,500-year time span. Rigorous tests used by the researchers have ruled out a genetic link between Ancient Etruscans, the original inhabitants of central Italy, and the region's modern day residents.
The findings indicate (as is obvious from the pictured artifacts), that the Ancient Etruscans had little in common with the people who later came to Italy, said Joanna Mountain, assistant professor of anthropological sciences. The findings as documented in ''Serial Coalescent Simulations” indicate a Weak Genealogical Relationship Between Etruscans and Modern Tuscans. The study was published May 15, 2006 in the online version of the National Academy of Sciences. Uma Ramakrishnan, a former Stanford postdoctoral fellow, and Elise M. S. Belle along with Guido Barbujani of the University of Ferrara in Italy, co-authored the paper with Mountain.
To date; the Etruscans are the only pre-classical European population that has been genetically analyzed, Mountain said. Two years ago, Italian geneticists extracted maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA from the bones of 27 people called Etruscans found in six different necropolises (burial sites) in Tuscany. The female lineage was investigated because, unlike the male Y chromosome, many copies of mitochondrial DNA are found in each cell and thus are easier to extract, Mountain explained. The finding is important because it questions the common assumption that residents of a particular place are descendants of its earlier inhabitants, Mountain said.
Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by Stanford University.

Also see:

Click here for a link to the study (pdf).

So who, or more correctly, WHAT are these modern White people of Europe?

They are Albinos, many now admixed with the indigenous Black Europeans they found in Europe: and who they eventually conquered and exterminated: or shipped to the Americas. They originally left Africa with, and as the Albinos, of the Black Dravidians now in India. Physically the only difference between a Black Indian, and a European, is that the European has no, or little, "Melanin" in their skin. Simply looking at a Dravidian, and a Dravidian Albino, bears this out.

The Bhatti tribe of Pakistan still produces Albinos identical to the original Germanics (see their descriptions in the writings of the Roman historian Tacitus). (Note: Pakistan was originally part of India).

The National Geographic "Genographic Project" is an ambitious attempt to answer fundamental questions about where we originated and how we came to populate the Earth. The Genographic Project is a multiyear research initiative led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Spencer Wells. Dr. Wells and a team of renowned international scientists are using cutting-edge genetic and computational technologies to analyze historical patterns in DNA from participants around the world to better understand our human genetic roots.

(For full sized map, click link at top of page).


Note: The "Migration Period" referenced, reflects only the movements of "MODERN ALBINO EUROPEANS": it does NOT reflect the incursions of the first Albinos from Central Asian (circa 1,200 B.C.) who became a part of the Black Greek and Roman civilizations.
Also note: the above Wiki article is not intended as a citation, it is merely to demonstrate that even some Albinos academics acknowledge that their people are NOT native to Europe "Proper". However, in true lying Albino fashion, the Wiki article goes on to say:

To put the above paragraph into lucid though, let us paraphrase:
"God laid down the Albinos in Scandinavia and said "Go forth and Multiply".
No word on how they got to Scandinavia, or where they came from, so obviously God just dropped them there!
This is totally in keeping with the various Albino founding myths:
First they were the original Europeans.
Then they were the original Black Europeans, but they turned White because they weren't getting enough vitamin "D".
When we said, that's nonsense, you're Albinos: they said that they're NOT Albinos because Albinos have "BAD EYESIGHT" and they don't. (They never explain why the Africans with "GOOD EYESIGHT" are still Albinos, but they aren't. (Shouldn't we call those many African Albinos who overwhelmingly have good eyesight "Europeans" or some such thing)?

And now they say that White Europeans: what, grew out of a "Cabbage patch" in Scandinavia, and from there conquered the world?

Click here for the complete story of European Albinos.

Genetics clearly traces the Dravidians, and their Albinos, out of Africa, into India, and finally, into Europe. (The predominate Haplogroup of White/Albino Europeans is Y-dna Haplogroup "R").

Haplogroup R (Y-DNA)
In human genetics, Haplogroup R is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, a subgroup of haplogroup P, defined by the M207 mutation.
This haplogroup is believed to have arisen around 26,800 years ago, somewhere in Central Asia or South Asia, where its ancestor Haplogroup P is most often found at polymorphic frequencies. Cambridge University geneticist Kivisild et al. (2003) suggests that southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup:
Given the geographic spread and STR diversities of sister clades R1 and R2, the latter of which is restricted to India, Pakistan, Iran, and southern central Asia, it is possible that southern and western Asia were the source for R1 and R1a differentiation.
The R haplogroup is common throughout Europe and western Asia and the Indian sub-continent, and in those whose ancestry is from within these regions. It also occurs in North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The "Real" History


On the Island of Malta, the Ghar Dalam culture is the earliest known phase of Malta culture. At the Cave Ghar Dalam the earliest evidence of human settlement on Malta, some 7,400 years ago was found. Because of debris left by these ancient Humans, this cave is also a veritable depository of semi-fossilized remains and extinct species such as dwarf elephants and hippopotami which roamed the island some 250,000 years ago, ostensibly when it was still part of the mainland.

It is suggested that a rise in sea level stranded these large mammals on the island and that the lack of food caused the dwarf versions to evolve. This theory is however challenged by the existence of Pygmy Hippopotamus native to the forests and swamps of western Africa – particularly in the country of Liberia.

During the neolithic Age from 5,000 to 4,500 B.C, the cave was also one of the sites used by a new wave of man who crossed to the Maltese islands from Sicily via a land bridge. By 3,600-3,000 B.C, Temples began to be constructed, simply at first, but then increasingly more sophisticated. So that by 3,000 B.C, construction had become very sophisticated: such as the immense stone blocks and the intricate facades of Hagar Qim.

During the Temple building phase, Egyptian influence on the Maltese is evident in the manner in which they built their tombs and temples and buried their dead. (However, the nature of their statuary, particularly their “Mother Goddesses” which are depicted as Steatopygia females, indicates ethnic commonality with the peoples of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, and the civilization at Catal Huyuk in Anatolia (Turkey). These civilizations trace their begins to the ancient Khoisan of Southern Africa (Grimaldi man); who were the first “Fully Modern Humans” to cross over to Europe in about 45,000 B.C). Click here for more on Grimaldi Man >>>

This phase of Malta culture came to a sudden end at about 2,000 B.C, possibly as a result of invasions. The culture that replaced it, of Mycenaean flavor, is evidenced today only by fragmentary remains; Bronze Age tools and weapons have been found at Borg in-Nadur (near Birzebbuga) and Tarxien Cemetery (near Paola), while Iron Age relics from about 1,200 to 800 B.C, include cart ruts at Bingemma (near Nadur Tower).

The Phoenicians

At around 700 B.C, the White Greeks settled on Malta, especially around the area where Valletta now stands. A century later; Phoenician traders, who used the islands as a stop on their trade routes from the eastern Mediterranean to Great Britain, (from where they obtained Tin, which when smelted with copper (from Cyprus) created the durable metal alloy bronze; Strabo states that there was a highly lucrative Phoenician trade with Britain for tin). They also joined the natives on the island. The Phoenicians inhabited the area now known as Mdina, and its surrounding town of Rabat, which they called Maleth. The later arriving Romans, who also lived in Mdina, referred to it (and the island) as Melita.

Cyrus the Great conquered Phoenicia in 539 B.C. After the fall of Phoenicia proper; the area came under the control of the Phoenician colony in North Africa called Carthage, (which was founded in 814 B.C, under Pygmalion, King of Tyre), it's remains are a suburb of Tunis in present-day Tunisia. During this time, the people on Malta mainly cultivated olives and carobs, and produced textiles. During the First Punic War (wars with Rome) of 218 B.C, tensions led the Maltese people to rebel against Carthage and turn control of their garrison over to the Roman Republic consul Sempronius. Malta remained loyal to Rome during the Second Punic War and the Romans rewarded it with the title Foederata Civitas, a designation that meant it was exempt from paying tribute or the rule of Roman law, although at this time it fell within the jurisdiction of Sicilia province. Finally, in 146 B.C, after a third war with Rome, Carthage suffered total destruction. It was rebuilt as a Roman colony in 44 B.C. The ancient Phoenician language survived in use as a vernacular in some of the smaller cities of North Africa at least until the time of St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo (5th century A.D). Click here for the story of Hannibal >>>

Around 100 A.D, the Maltese Islands were a thriving part of the Roman Empire, being promoted to the status of Municipium under Hadrian. The Bible in the Acts of the Apostles, relates that during 60 A.D, Jesus Christ's apostle Saint Paul, was shipwrecked on the northern shore of the island at Saint Paul's Bay, being received by the person who would be known to posterity as Saint Publius, and stayed in Malta for three months, introducing Christianity and performing various miracles.
When the Roman Empire split into Eastern and Western divisions in the 4th century, Malta fell under the control of the Greek speaking Byzantine Empire from 395 to 870 A.D, which ruled from Constantinople. Although Malta was under Byzantine rule for four centuries, not much is known from this period. There is evidence that Germanic tribes, including the Goths and Vandals, briefly took control of the islands before the Byzantines launched a counter attack and retook Malta.
Euphemius was a Byzantine admiral, Probably born in Messina Sicily, and may have been non-White; at about 826 A.D, he proclaimed himself emperor in Syracuse, and the whole territory of the islands. He was subsequently defeated by Byzantine troops and escaped to Ifriqiya (North Africa), where he asked for help from the Arabs to take Sicily and Malta from the Byzantines. In 827 A.D, he returned to Sicily with a large Arab fleet. Euphemius was killed later that year during an attack on Enna, but the Arabs were successful in taking the Islands.
The Arabs introduced new irrigation methods, new fruits and cotton, and the Siculo-Arabic language was adopted on the islands, and from Sicily to Southern Italy: it would eventually evolve into the Maltese language. The native Christians were allowed freedom of religion, but had to pay an extra tax. The Normans from the Duchy of Normandy successfully invaded Sicily and the Maltese Islands in 1091 A.D, and "Roger I" was warmly welcomed by the native Christians. The Maltese offered to fight for him and in response Roger reportedly tore off a portion of his flag, half-red half-white, presenting it to the Maltese; this formed the basis of the flag of Malta.

The Catholic Church was re-instated as the state religion, with Malta under the See of Palermo. Norman architecture sprung up around Malta, especially in its ancient capital Mdina. Tancred of Sicily, the last Norman monarch, made Malta and Gozo a feudal lordship or fief within the kingdom, and a Count of Malta was instituted. The kingdom passed on to the House of Hohenstaufen from 1194 until 1266 A.D, and Malta was part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation for 72 years. It was under Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen (1194 – 1250 A.D.), that all remaining Muslims were expelled from Malta (in 1224 A.D.) and the entire Christian male population of Celano in Abruzzo, was exported to Malta to replace them - Thus Malta became a purely White Island.

The Etruscans



Having established the true race of the Etruscans, let us now learn about their civilization.



The Etruscans

Etruscans were members of the ancient civilization of Etruria, a country in what is now Italy. Their urban civilization is though to have started well before 800 B.C. But it's true beginnings cannot be ascertained, because their literature, especially the Etrusca Disciplina, the Etruscan books of cult and divination, were collected and burned in the 5th century A.D. by White Christian elements. Some say the Etruscans were originally pelasgians (the original people of Greece), some say that they were Phrygian migrants from Anatolia. But both of those theories seem to miss the fact that the entire area was inhabited by Black people, since about 45,000 B.C, when Grimaldi man first entered Europe. Therefore there is absolutely no reason why the Etruscans could not have evolved In situ.

All that remains of Etruscan writings are inscriptions like this.

If past behavior is any guide, the ridiculous dating of Etruscan civilization to 800-900 B.C, by White people, is in response to the Etruscans being scientifically proven to be Black people. That very late dating, would serve to make it seem that they were not truly "Ancient". The Etruscans called themselves "Rasenna" which was syncopated to Rasna or Raśna. Those that joined the "Sea People" exodus were known as the Tyrrhenians.

The Etruscan pendant (below), which has several Swastika symbols (an ancient sign for good luck), connects Etruscans with ancient Nubia (Sudan) on whose pottery it is first found: and also the Indus valley civilization, as well as the Mesopotamian civilizations. The design of their chariots is similar to Egyptian Chariots - one rider, two horses.

The Etruscan cities were large, and in all ways comparable to cities of the other great ancient civilizations. Etruscan state government, like others of those times, was a theocracy (the king was deified, and considered a god). Their religion employed elaborate cults and rituals.

Very little is known about their social and civic structure, except that their city-states weren't particularly unified. The heads of Etruscan cities, apparently at times, met to discuss military and political affairs. But apart from this, the Etruscans could be considered, as many ancient sources describe them, “duodecim populi Eturiae” or “the twelve peoples of Eturia”, (the twelve peoples, referring to the twelve major city-states).

^Whites can't help themselves. A fisherman dressed like that, who could afford such a fine statue?

Although the divisions between the Etruscan states were not as extreme as those found in other areas; like Sumer, where they were constantly at war with each other. Still, these individual Etruscan states were strange in that they apparently felt no obligation to cooperate with each other, and provide aid to each other in times of need. Consequently they had no mechanism to unify, when faced with a common threat.



Their agriculture was advanced and efficient, and their trading and commercial relationships were far ranging and profitable. Mining and the commerce of metal, especially copper and iron, led to the enrichment of the Etruscans and to the expansion of their influence in the Italian peninsula and the western Mediterranean sea.


Around the end of the 7th century B.C, colonists from the Greek city of Sybaris founded the city of Paestum near Naples (and originally known as Poseidonia). Outside of archaeological evidence very little is known about Paestum during its first centuries. Archaeological evidence indicates that the city was expanding with the building of roads, temples and other features of a growing city. Paestum is also renowned for its painted tombs, mainly belonging to the period of the Lucanian rule, while only one of them dates to the Greek period. It was found, on 3 June 1968, in a small necropolis some 1,5 km south of the ancient walls. The burial monument was named Tomb of the Diver (Italian: Tomba del tuffatore) after the enigmatic scene, depicted on the covering slab, of a lonely young man diving into a stream of water.

Click Here for pictures of Paestum tomb paintings: Click here >>>

Paestum tomb painting

Those wishing to pursue an understanding of the Human Journey, and Specifics of the ancient East African migrations, which led to Modern Man's colonization of the entire world; please visit the National Geographic – Genographic Project – Atlas of the Human Journey. Though as one would expect, when it comes to European and Anatolian (Turkey) settlement, it is not only inaccurate, it is often Racist. But what would you expect?

Please visit the "Additional Material Area" for many more photographs of each civilization, and related material <Click>

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Ancient Man and His First Civilizations


Modern Italy

The Eurasian Invasion - the Latin's

When last we left Etruria, we were mystified by the Etruscan's policy of not helping each other when faced with a common threat. This incredible policy would of course, have devastating effects. Moving ahead to perhaps 1100 B.C. It is at about this time, that Albino people from the Eurasian plains now called "the Latin's" later known as the Romans - migrate in. These Latins may have accompanied the Hellenes into Greece, and then continued on into Italy. The nature of the early contact between the two peoples, is unknown. But, the later relationship is well known to be one of violence. (Please remember that we are using the terms Latin's and Hellenes in reference to Eurasian Albinos as a convenience ONLY).
Soon after the invasion of Whites from Eurasia began, a coalition of the original Black inhabitants of Italy, Greece and the Aegean area, formed a conglomeration called the "Sea People". They boarded ships with all of their belongings and fled the area. But those that stayed behind, still had to deal with the White newcomers.
For more on the Sea People: Click here >>>

Etruscan settlements were frequently built on a hill—the steeper the better—and surrounded by thick walls. So according to Roman mythology, Rome may have actually have been built by Etruscans, they did so on the Palatine Hill according to the Etruscan model: that is, they began with a pomoerium or sacred ditch. Then, they proceeded to the walls.

Were the original Romans Black People?

Were the original Romans Black People? As we have shown on many pages, all of those marble statues and busts of "Supposed" White Greeks and Romans, that we find in museums today, are really 1600-1800s fabrications. White history is so replete with lies and fake artifacts, that it would be impossible for this, or any other "Truth Seeking" publication, to investigate every possibility. So for convenience, we will not delve into this founding of Rome, as documented in the Aeneid. But rather, will work with the conventional story.

The Aeneid

The Aeneid is a Latin epic poem written by Virgil in the late 1st century BC (70–19 B.C.) that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who traveled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans. It is composed of roughly 10,000 lines in dactylic hexameter.
The first six of the poem's twelve books tell the story of Aeneas's wanderings from Troy to Italy, and the poem's second half tells of the Trojans' ultimately victorious war upon the Latins (Whites), under whose name Aeneas and his Trojan followers are destined to be subsumed.
The hero Aeneas was already known to Greco-Roman legend and myth, having been a character in the Iliad; Virgil took the disconnected tales of Aeneas' wanderings, his vague association with the foundation of Rome and a personage of no fixed characteristics other than a scrupulous piety, and fashioned this into a compelling founding myth or nationalist epic that at once tied Rome to the legends of Troy, glorified traditional Roman virtues and legitimized the Julio-Claudian dynasty as descendants of the founders, heroes and gods of Rome and Troy.

Entellus was a Trojan hero from whom the town of Entella in Sicily was believed to have received its name. He was a friend of the Trojan king Acestes. A boxing match between Entellus and Dares is described in Virgil's Aeneid.

The fight between Entellus and Dares, Roman mosaic, ca. 175 A.D.

The reason the poem is important, is because the Trojans were Phrygian's - and this is what the Phrygian king Midas looked like.

And this is how Etruscans depicted the Trojans (the guy on the ground).

Quote: Although it was commissioned by the Emperor Augustus, the poem is more than early imperial propaganda. It proclaims the divine mission of Aeneas to found Rome and the divine injunction of the Romans to unite the world under a noble Emperor such as Augustus.

As a logical matter then, why would the Romans tolerate, much less enthusiastically accept (the Aeneid was very popular), a founding story that gives credit to Blacks for the nations creation, if they (the elites), themselves were not Black?

The other inescapable conclusion, is that the Emperor Augustus was himself Black.  In which case, we can chalk this statue up, to the same people as "The Dying Gaul" statue. With it being nothing more than "Pure White fantasy" probably done in the 1600-1700s.

Augustus of Prima Porta

From Wiki
Augustus of Prima Porta (Italian: Augusto di Prima Porta) is a 2.04m high marble statue of Augustus Caesar which was discovered on April 20, 1863, in the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta, near Rome. Augustus Caesar's wife, Livia Drusilla, retired to the villa after his death. The sculpture is now displayed in the Braccio Nuovo of the Vatican Museums.
The dating of the Primaporta piece is widely contested. It is thought to be a marble copy of a possible bronze original. This original, along with other high honors, was devoted to Augustus by the Senate in 20 B.C, and set up in a public place. Up until this time Augustus had lived modestly, but the fact that the statue was found in his widow's villa shows that he was thoroughly pleased with it.
It is also contested that this particular sculpture is a reworking in marble of a bronze original, possibly a gift from Tiberius Caesar to his mother Livia (since it was found in her villa Ad Gallinas Albas in the vicinity of the ninth marker of the via Flaminia, and close to a late Imperial gate called Prima Porta) after Augustus' death and in honor of the woman who had campaigned so long for him to become the next Caesar. This would explain the divine references to Augustus in the piece, notably his being barefoot, the standard representation of gods or heroes in classical iconography. Also, the reliefs in the cuirass depict the retrieval of Crassus' standards captured by the Parthians, an event in which the young Tiberius himself took a part, serving as intermediary with the Parthian king, in the act that is shown in the central scene of the armor, possibly his grandest service to his adopted father Augustus. With the introduction of Tiberius as the figure responsible for the retrieval of the standards, he associates himself with Augustus, the emperor and the new god, as Augustus himself had done previously with Julius Caesar. Under this hypothesis, the dating of the statue can be placed during the first years of Tiberius' reign as emperor (14 — 37 A.D.).

As a further demonstration of the problems Whites have with the actual race of Augustus: there is the matter of this statue head "Supposedly" Discovered at Meroe in 1910 by J. Garstang. Based on accounts of the Roman wars with Meroe in Strabo's Geography, circa 22 A.D. It was decided that it was the head from one of the many giant statues of Augustus, which were scattered all over Egypt. Aside from that absurdity, of which there is no evidence, the statue head of course, has no inscription.

Like Herodotus, Strabo wrote entertainment in the guise of history. His accounts of the wars is obviously fanciful, and to use that type of material to make historical judgments, is a clear indication of the fragility of White history.

Click Here for some authentic and very reveling images of Roman Emperor Valerian: Click >>>

In time, the Romans had learned how to built cities, now there is great competition for power and territory. Wars rage, but the Etruscan cities fight alone, and the Romans can simply attack and annex each individual city; divide and conquer was the order of the day. This disunity is further illustrated by the fact that the Romans concluded treaties with individual Etruscan city/states, rather than the whole.
But the Etruscans reemerged as a local power during 800 - 700 B.C, spreading their trade to Corsica, Sardinia and Iberia and creating a powerful navy to guard their interests. The Phoenicians and Etruscans became trading partners and rivals, exchanging goods and opportunistic raids with each other. However the situation changed after the "Whites" of Greece, had consolidated power and began to expand into the Western Mediterranean at about 750 B.C.}
In approximately 600 B.C, the Etruscans attacked and occupied the area of Latium and settled themselves in the city of Rome, from here the influence of Etruscan civilization and art made itself felt in the entire Latin sphere.
But their expansion soon collided with that of the Greeks, especially in the sixth century B.C, when Phoceans (Greeks in Italy) founded colonies along the coast of France, Catalonia and Corsica. This led the Etruscans to ally themselves with the Carthaginians (Phoenicians), whose interests also collided with the Greeks.
{Note: The Phoenicians had planted trading posts in Africa, Sicily, Sardinia and Iberia during 1100-900 B.C. while creating their trading monopoly. They had a relatively free hand during that period as other civilizations were suffering from a "Dark Age" during that period because of the invasion of Whites from Eurasia.

In 540 B.C, at the Battle of Alalia; which took place off the coast of Corsica, between Phocaeans and allied Etruscans and Carthaginians. The Punic-Etruscan fleet of 120 ships defeated the Greek force of sixty ships and the nearby colony of Alalia (now Aléria) was taken over by the Etruscans. Corsica was shared by the Carthaginians and Etruscans, and Carthage retained Sardinia.
This led to a new distribution of power in the western Mediterranean Sea. Though the battle had no clear winner, Carthage managed to expand its sphere of influence at the expense of both the Etruscans and the Greeks, and Etruria saw itself relegated to the northern Tyrrhenian Sea. From the first half of the fifth century, the new international political situation meant the beginning of the Etruscan decline after losing their southern provinces.

As Caucasians kept coming in, Rome soon became a large city, similar to the powerful cities of southern Etruria, and it had also become predominately Caucasian. Accordingly, it was a Caucasian uprising that drove the Etruscans from Rome in 509 B.C.
In 480 B.C, Etruria's ally Carthage, was defeated by a coalition of Magna Graecia (the Greek colonized zone encompassing Sicily and Southern Italy) cities led by Syracuse. Later, it was a coalition of Caucasians - Latin’s and the "new" Greeks, that led to the Etruscans' withdrawal from the whole of Latium in 475 B.C.
A year later, in 474 B.C, Syracuse's tyrant Hiero, defeated the Etruscans at the Battle of Cumae. Later, Etruria saw a Gallic (Celtic - see next page for more on the Gauls/Celts) invasion end its influence over the Po valley and the Adriatic coast. Meanwhile, Rome had started annexing Etruscan cities. This first led to the loss of their north provinces.
The Etruscans continued to decline, until finally Etruria was incorporated into Rome. Over time the Etruscans ceased to exist as a separate people, and they along with their culture and technology were totally absorbed into Rome. However, it should be pointed out, that if Etruscan Tomb Paintings are any indication, absorption by the Latin's was not unduly traumatic.

Once again, we must as the question: "Were the original Romans and Greeks Black People?" Please consider: aside from the marble statues and busts (which we know to be 1600-1800s creations), which depict them as Whites. And the constant bombardment of White media; such as Books, Movies, and Television, which serves to "Condition" us to the concept - What evidence is there really that these people were White?

Certainly there can be no argument that Whites eventually took over. The question is "Which" Whites, and When? When we cast aside all of those fake marble Statues and Busts, and rely on only the authentic artwork which was done by the people themselves, in their own ancient times, we see a very different story of ancient Greece and Rome.

Below are pictures of authentic ancient artwork, and links to more: When we look at them, something very revealing is instantly apparent: the main subjects and owners of the tombs, were all Black people - as were the "Gods". If all of the wealthy "Elites" and Gods, were Black people, what does that tell us about the nature of these ancient societies?

Etruscan Tomb Painting


To see Etruscan Tomb Paintings Click Here>>

later history relates that some Etruscans lived in the Tuscus vicus, the “Etruscan quarter”, and that there was an Etruscan line of kings (albeit ones descended from a Greek, Demaratus the Corinthian) which succeeded kings of Latin and Sabine origin.


The city of Pompeii is a partially buried Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. The name “Pompeii” in Latin is a second declension plural (Pompeii, -orum). According to Theodor Kraus, “The root of the word Pompeii would appear to be the Oscan word for the number five, pompe, which suggests that either the community consisted of five hamlets or, perhaps, it was settled by a family group (gens Pompeia).” Along with Herculaneum, its sister city, Pompeii was destroyed and completely buried during a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius spanning two days in 79 AD.

Erotic art in Pompeii and Herculaneum was discovered in the ancient cities around the bay of Naples (particularly of Pompeii and Herculaneum) after extensive excavations began in the 18th century. The city was found to be full of erotic art and frescoes, symbols, and inscriptions regarded by its excavators as pornographic.
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Pompeii Wall mural of Mercury/Priapus - between 89 B.C. and 79 A.D.

The Celts/Gaul's

By the end of the ancient era (B.C.), new invaders had migrated into western Europe from the east; and pushed the remaining indigenous peoples south. These new people were mainly Celts, who had been pushed out of their central European lands by the invading White Germanic tribes.
By now, the original people had accepted rule of the conquering Romans, though the acceptance was uneasy. As would be expected, there was almost constant warfare between these two peoples, the western Celts known as Gaul's, and the eastern Celts. But their hatred of each other was less than their hatred of Roman rule. There were many rebellions against Rome by both groups. As we can see from Julius Caesar's comments below; Gaul's and Celts were the same people. As with all the ancient people of Europe, modern racists have sought to portray them as White people. The famous marble statue "The Dying Gaul" is a fake, just as is the statue of Vercingetorix that was put up by Napoleon III in 1865. See photo below.

As we have said and demonstrated many times: modern Whites have institutionalized the falsification of history. Even their translations of ancient texts and historians, cannot be trusted. However, sometimes a bit from one place, coupled with a bit from another place, yields the truth.
In "THE HISTORY OF COUNT ZOSIMUS" circa 500 A.D. Sextus Julius Saturninus (the governor of Syria) is described as a Moor. In other texts, he is described as a Gaul. Such interchangeability of description, would not be possible if Gaul's and Moors were not the same thing: Black People!

Strangely; the statue "The Dying Gaul" does seem to be in exact conformity with the "Supposed" description of "Diodorus Siculus" who is said to describe them as such:
“The Gauls are tall in body, with rippling muscles... They are always washing their hair in limewater and pull it back from the forehead... , so that that they look like Satyrs and Pans; the treatment of their hair makes it so heavy and coarse that it looks like the mane of a horse... some of them shave the beard, but others let it grow a little. The nobles shave their cheeks but let the mustache grow until it covers the mouth".
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Julius Caesar, in his book, Commentarii de Bello Gallico - ca. 50 B.C, comments:
All Gaul is divided into three parts, one of which the Belgae inhabit, the Aquitani another, those who in their own language are called Celts, in ours Gauls, the third. All these differ from each other in language, customs and laws. The Garonne River (roughly divides France and Spain) separates the Gauls from the Aquitani; the River Marne (runs east and southeast from Paris) and the River Seine separate them from the Belgae. Of all these, the Belgae are the bravest, because they are furthest from the civilisation and refinement of (our) Province, and merchants least frequently resort to them, and import those things which tend to effeminate the mind; and they are the nearest to the Germani, who dwell beyond the Rhine (runs north from eastern Switzerland through Germany and the Netherlands to its two-pronged outlet on the North Sea), with whom they are continually waging war.
For which reason the Helvetii also surpass the rest of the Gaul's in valour, as they contend with the Germani in almost daily battles, when they either repel them from their own territories, or themselves wage war on their frontiers. One part of these, which it has been said that the Gauls occupy, takes its beginning at the River Rhone; it is bounded by the Garonne River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the territories of the Belgae; it borders, too, on the side of the Sequani and the Helvetii, upon the River Rhine, and stretches toward the north. The Belgae rises from the extreme frontier of Gaul, extend to the lower part of the River Rhine; and look toward the north and the rising sun. Aquitania extends from the Garonne to the Pyrenees and to that part of the Atlantic (Bay of Biscay) which is near Spain: it looks between the setting of the sun, and the north star.

Note: The Helvetii, refers to a conglomeration of Celtic tribes formed by the Helvetian's of southern Germany and numbering in excess of 300,000, who decided to flee the invading White Germanic tribes.


One of the last, or perhaps the last, of the original Black civilizations to be destroyed by the Whites, were the Arverni of southern France. They were an advanced culture who lived in cities and were wealthy in gold and silver, (as attested to by the huge booty taken from them by the Romans).
Their demise came about because of a revolt against Rome by another Black Gaul city called "Carnutes". In early 52 B.C, Carnutes used the turmoil that accompanied the death of Publius Clodius Pulcher; a Roman politician, as an opportunity to rebell; they slaughtered all of the Romans in their territory.
Seeing this, "Vercingetorix" a young nobleman of the Arvernian capital city of Gergovia, moved to join the rebellion. He was however rebuffed by the nobles of Gergovia, forcing him to raise an army in the countryside. He then returned to Gergovia and took the city, whereupon he was declared king.
In most historical accounts, it is said that Vercingetorix unified ALL of the Gaul's under his command. In his campaign against Julius Caesar, Vercingetorix was at first successful, but over time, the tide began to turn. The end came at the Battle of Alesia, the capital city of another of the Black Gaul people, the Mandubii.
At Alesia, Vercingetorix made his last stand. Caesar instead of making a direct assault, surrounded the city with fortifications in order to starve them out. When Vercingetorix sent for reinforcements, Caesar built another set of fortifications to his rear, to hold back the reinforcements. When the reinforcements arrived, they were of insufficient number to break through Caesars line. After many loosing battles to break out, Vercingetorix was forced to mount his horse, ride out and surrender to Caesar.
Vercingetorix was taken prisoner and imprisoned in the Tullianum in Rome for five years, before being publicly displayed in Caesar's triumph in 46 B.C, after which he was executed. Gergovia, Alesia, and all the other Black Gaullic cities were destroyed. It is estimated that one million persons died in the wars, and another million were sold into slavery; at the end, Caesar had effected an unprecedented genocide. The destruction was so complete, that at this time, the only known evidence of their existence is Roman coins, (such as the one above), and written Roman accounts.

Ancient references to the Celts/Gauls

The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as (Κeltoi) is by the Greek historian Hecataeus of Miletus in 517 B.C; he locates the ''Keltoi'' tribe in Rhenania (West/Southwest Germany). The next Greek reference to the ''Keltoi'' is by Herodotus in the mid 5th century B.C. He says that "the river Ister (Danube) begins from the ''Keltoi'' and the city of Pyrene and so runs that it divides Europe in the midst (now the ''Keltoi'' are outside the Pillars of Heracles (Rock of Gibraltar) and border upon the Kynesians, who dwell furthest towards the sunset (West) of all those who have their dwelling in Europe)".

According to Greek mythology, (''Celtus'') was the son of Heracles and (''Keltine''), the daughter of (''Bretannus''). Celtus became the eponymous ancestor of Celts. In Latin ''Celta'' came in turn from Herodotus' word for the Gauls, ''Keltoi''. The Romans used ''Celtae'' to refer to continental Gauls, but apparently not to Insular Celts. The latter were long divided linguistically into Goidhels and Brythons, although other research provides a more complex picture. Another complication is that in the case of the Romans, Gaul (Latin Gallia) is a historical name used in the context of the Roman Empire in references to the region of Western Europe approximating present day France and Belgium, but also sometimes including the Po Valley, western Switzerland, and the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the River Rhine.

In the third century B.C, Gauls immigrated from Thrace into the highlands of central Anatolia (modern Turkey). These people, called Galatians, later merged with the local population but retained many of their own traditions. The Galatia became its ruling caste in the 3rd century B.C. It has been called the "Gallia" of the East, Roman writers calling its inhabitants Galli. St. Jerome states that as of the fourth century A.D. their language was similar to that of the Treveri. This language is in fact German. (The Romans called all people between the Pyrenees and the Rhine Gauls. The word 'Gaul' didn't imply a specific language).
The German Celts were great warriors, respected by Greeks and Romans. They hired themselves out as mercenary soldiers, sometimes fighting on both sides in the great battles of the times. For years the chieftains and their war bands ravaged the western half of Asia Minor, as allies of one or other of the warring princes, without any serious check, until they sided with the renegade Seleucid prince Antiochus Hierax, who reigned in Asia Minor. Hierax tried to defeat king Attalus I of Pergamum (241–197 B.C.), but instead, the hellenised cities united under his banner, and his armies inflicted several severe defeats upon them, about 232 forcing them to settle permanently and to confine themselves to the region to which they had already given their name. The theme of the ''Dying Gaul'' (a famous statue displayed in Pergamon) remained a favorite in Hellenistic art for a generation. Their right to the district was formally recognized. The three Celtic tribes were settled where they afterwards remained, the Tectosages round Ancyra, the Tolistobogii round Pessinus, sacred to Cybele, and the Trocmi round Tavium.
Diodorus Siculus and Strabo both suggest that the Celtic heartland was in southern France. The former says that the Gauls were to the north of the Celts but that the Romans referred to both as Gauls. Before the discoveries at Hallstatt and La Tene, it was generally considered that the Celtic heartland was southern France, see Encyclopedia Britannica for 1813.
The Celts also expanded down the Danube river and its tributaries. One of the most influential tribes, the Scordisci , had established their capital at Singidunum in 3rd century BC, which is present-day Belgrade , Serbia . The concentration of hill-forts and cemeteries shows a density of population in the Tisza valley of modern-day Vojvodina , Serbia , Hungary and into Ukraine . Expansion into Romania was however blocked by the Dacians .
Further south, Celts settled in Thrace ( Bulgaria ), which they ruled for over a century, and Anatolia , where they settled as the Galatians (see also: Gallic Invasion of Greece ) . Despite their geographical isolation from the rest of the Celtic world, the Galatians maintained their Celtic language for at least seven hundred years. St Jerome , who visited Ancyra (modern-day Ankara ) in 373 AD, likened their language to that of the Treveri of northern Gaul.
The Boii tribe gave their name to Bohemia , Bologna and possibly Bavaria , and Celtic artefacts and cemeteries have been discovered further east in what is now Poland and Slovakia . A celtic coin ( Biatec ) from Bratislava 's mint is displayed on today's Slovak 5 crown coin.
As there is no archaeological evidence for large scale invasions in some of the other areas, one current school of thought holds that Celtic language and culture spread to those areas by contact rather than invasion. However, the Celtic invasions of Italy and the expedition in Greece and western Anatolia , are well documented in Greek and Latin history. There are records of Celtic mercenaries in Egypt serving the Ptolemies. Thousands were employed in 283-246 B.C. and they were also in service around 186 BC. They attempted to overthrow Ptolemy II. It had been known for long time that there was an early Celtic (Lepontic, sometimes called Cisalpine Celtic) presence in Northern Italy since inscriptions dated to the sixth century B.C. have been found there.

The site of Golasecca, where the Ticino exits from Lake Maggiore, was particularly suitable for long-distance exchanges, in which Golaseccans acted as intermediaries between Etruscans and the Halstatt culture of Austria, supported on the all-important trade in salt.

In 391 B.C. Celts "who had their homes beyond the Alps streamed through the passes in great strength and seized the territory that lay between the Appennine mountains and the Alps" according to Diodorus Siculus. The Po Valley and the rest of northern Italy (known to the Romans as Cisalpine Gaul) was inhabited by Celtic-speakers who founded cities such as Milan. Later the Roman army was routed at the battle of Allia and Rome was sacked in 390 B.C. by the Senones. At the battle of Telamon in 225 B.C. a large Celtic army was trapped between two Roman forces and crushed.
The defeat of the combined Samnite, Celtic and Etruscan alliance by the Romans in the Third Samnite War sounded the beginning of the end of the Celtic domination in mainland Europe, but it was not until 192 B.C. that the Roman armies conquered the last remaining independent Celtic kingdoms in Italy. The Celts settled much further south of the Po River than many maps show. Remnants in the town of Doccia, in the province of Emilia-Romagna, showcase Celtic houses in very good condition dating from about the 4th century B.C.

Rome would continue to grow, and in time it would come to absorb the classical Greek civilization as well. As Rome extended its influence and presence throughout the Mediterranean world, it encountered and absorbed deities and religious practices of those it encountered. Attempts were made periodically to suppress religions that seemed to threaten traditional morality and unity; the Dionysian mysteries provoked unseemly exhibitions of enthusiasm and wild behaviour, Christianity was superstition, or atheism, or both; and druidism was thought to employ human sacrifice. Judaism was merely tolerated. By late antiquity, numerous foreign cults had gained vast popularity in the farthest reaches of the Empire, including the mystery cult of the syncretized Egyptian goddess Isis, and deities of solar monism such as Mithras and Sol Invictus, found as far north as Roman Britain.

Roman myth is complicated by the early influence of Greek religion on the Italian peninsula during Rome's protohistory, and by the later self-conscious imitation of Greek literary models by Roman authors, who borrowed narratives of Greek deities reinterpreted as the counterparts of Rome's own pantheon. Rome's early myths and legends also have a dynamic relationship with Etruscan religion, less documented than that of the Greeks.

Some examples of Egyptian-to-Greek-to-Roman Mythology
Amun Zeus Jupiter ("Zeus pater")
Hathor Aphrodite Venus
Khonsu Heracles Hercules
Isis Demeter (Io) Ceres
Osiris Dionysus Bacchus
Horus Apollo Apollo

According to Greek myth Heracles was a divine hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, foster son of Amphitryon and great-grandson (and half-brother) of Perseus. He was the greatest of the Greek heroes, a paragon of masculinity, the ancestor of royal clans who claimed to be Heracleidae and a champion of the Olympian order against chthonic monsters. In Rome and the modern West, he is known as Hercules, with whom the later Roman Emperors, in particular Commodus and Maximian, often identified themselves. The Romans adopted the Greek version of his life and works essentially unchanged.
Alcmene was born to Electryon, king of Mycenae and a son of Perseus. Her mother was either Anaxo, daughter of Alcaeus and Astydamia, or Lysidice, daughter of Pelops and Hippodameia. Hesiod describes Alcmene as the tallest, most beautiful woman with wisdom surpassed by no person born of mortal parents. It is said that her face and dark eyes were as charming as Aphrodite's, and that she honoured her husband like no woman before her. She was the great-granddaughter of Zeus.

According to Roman myth, Rome was founded by Romulus and his twin brother Remus, descendants of Aeneas, divinely fathered by Hercules on a virgin princess or priestess of Vesta, who was exposed to die, but saved by a series of miraculous interventions. They were eventually restored to their royal birthright but decided to found a new city for themselves and their followers. When they could not agree on its site, they used augury to seek the opinion of the gods. Romulus was sent the most favourable signs, and established a city on the Capitoline Hill, and created its sacred boundary; Remus insulted the new city and was killed. Romulus named the new city "Rome" after himself, appointed its first senate and organised its armies. Faced with a shortage of marriageable young women, he invented a religious festival, the Consualia, invited the neighbouring Sabines then kidnapped their daughters.
Each of Rome's legendary or semi-legendary kings was associated with one or more of the religious institutions familiar to the later Republic. Tullus Hostilius and Ancus Marcius devised the fetial priests and their rites. The first "outsider" Etruscan king, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus founded a Capitoline temple to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva which served as a later model for the highest official cult throughout the Roman world. The benevolent, divinely fathered Servius Tullius established the Latin League and built its Aventine Temple to Diana, and instituted the Compitalia to mark his social reforms. His arrogant successor (and murderer) Tarquinius "the Proud" was expelled, and Rome became a Republic, run by annually appointed consuls.

Correction to the lies of the White Mans History

Contrary to the racist revisionism of modern Whites: Rome, like Greece, was a multi-ethnic, multi-racial society. With many Black or mixed-race kings, Black Popes, Black Commanders, soldiers, sailors, and of course citizens. (Being mindful of the White mans propensity for manufacturing fake artifacts to show Whites, there is no guarantee that the following Busts are accurate). And of course, much of our current crop of Greek and Roman sculpture are 18th - 19th century creations. We oftentimes compare Coins with Busts to ascertain the truth. But unfortunately, Whites are also expert at creating perfect fake coins, which look like ancient coins, so there is no guarantee there either. The one saving grace, is that with Black kings, the fabricators will sometimes leave a hint of Blackness in the image, rather than making it appear pure White. Thus from that hint, we can extrapolate.

A perfect example of the difference between the White Mans History: and "Real" factual History!

The legend of Saint Maurice and the Theban legion (circa 250 A.D.)

St. Maurice was an Egyptian from Thebes in Upper Egypt, and General (primicerius) of the Theban Legion. The Theban legend relates that the legion, composed entirely of Christians, had been called from Thebes in southern Egypt, to suppress a revolt of the Bagandae (also Christians) in Gaul (now Saint-Maurice Switzerland). After victory, the soldiers were ordered to sacrifice (Bagandae prisoners?) to the gods in thanksgiving by Roman Emperor Maximian Herculius. But at Maurice’s urging, they refused. Every tenth soldier was then killed (decimation). Another order to sacrifice and another refusal caused a second decimation, and then a general massacre of the Legion. (A Roman legion was typically composed of perhaps 6,000 soldiers, divided into "cohorts" and further divided into "centuries").
So reads the earliest account of their martyrdom, contained in the public letter of Eucherius, bishop of Lyon (434–450), addressed to his fellow bishop Salvius. Alternate versions have the legion refusing Maximian's orders only after discovering a town they had just destroyed had been inhabited by innocent Christians. And some have Maurice as a captain of the legion.
This legend and its historical implications are a wonderful example of the pathetic racism and outrageous stupidity; of the nonsense Whites try to pass of as history. Lets deconstruct this nonsense for examination.
First, Maurice is not an Egyptian name.
Now lets look at the logistics of this: If Emperor Maximian was in Rome at the time he sent for Maurice, it would have taken a minimum of 32 days for the message to reach Maurice. It would have taken Maurice 15-30 days to gather up his 6,000 men and supplies for the journey. On his 80 day (armies travel slow) 2,000 mile journey to Switzerland he would have PASSED Rome. All told, 4-5 months have passed: the Bagandae couldn’t have been much of a threat, and Emperor Maximian must have been very weak militarily. So then, exactly who were the Roman troops with the strength to impose a decimation, and then a massacre, on Maurice’s 6,000 strong Army? Pure nonsense!

Maurice is said to have the title of "Primicerius". But in the military, the use of the term was restricted to units associated with the imperial court, chiefly imperial guards. WHAT WOULD THE IMPERIAL GUARD BE DOING IN EGYPT? Worst yet logically - PERMANENTLY STATIONED THERE? Pure nonsense!
Maurice died 287 A.D. Eucherius, Bishop of Lyon, discovered his story, and wrote about him in about 450 A.D. THEN about ONE THOUSAND years LATER: Whites SUDDENLY started making Statues and Paintings of Maurice in MEDIEVAL UNIFORM, not ROMAN UNIFORM! Pure nonsense!
Why would Whites need to come up with such a ridicules story?
Simple: they needed an explanation for the presence of a prominent Black man in Europe. There are just too many statues and paintings of him to hide or destroy, and replace with White depictions of him – as they usually do. So that ridiculous story was the only way to explain his presence in Europe. Take note that they were careful to place his origin in Africa. Because as we all know, that is the only place Blacks were found in those days – according to the nonsense of Whites.
So who was Maurice? Owing to the fact that he became the Patron saint of the Germany based, Holy Roman Empire: He was probably a Celt from what is now Germany.
But to be clear - the images of Black knights commonly called Saint Maurice by Albino historians WERE REAL BLACK KNIGHTS of the medieval period! Research has revealed that the one above was Ulrich von Hutten (1488 – 1523) who was a German scholar, poet and reformer. He was an outspoken critic of the Roman Catholic Church and a bridge between the humanists and the Lutheran Reformation. He was a leader of the Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire.

Roman Citizens

The Germanic's

also Slav's
The point has been made in these pages, many times, that modern Whites are derived from Central Asian Albinos, who invaded Europe in the early modern era. And that modern Whites have little relationship to Ancient Europeans, Greeks or Romans. To make this point, we quote "Cornelius Tacitus"  (who was likely a Celt, 56 - 117 A.D.) He was a senator, and a historian of the Roman Empire: We quote from his book, The Germania (Latin: De Origine et situ Germanorum, literally Concerning the Origin and Situation of the Germanics).

Cornelius Tacitus, Germany and its Tribes

The Germans themselves I should regard as aboriginal, and not mixed at all with other races through immigration or intercourse. For, in former times, it was not by land but on shipboard that those who sought to emigrate would arrive; and the boundless and, so to speak, hostile ocean beyond us (the north Sea), is seldom entered by a sail from our world. And, beside the perils of rough and unknown seas, who would leave Asia, or Africa, or Italy for Germany, with its wild country, its inclement skies, its sullen manners and aspect, unless indeed it were his home? In their ancient songs, their only way of remembering or recording the past, they celebrate an earth-born god, Tuisco, and his son Mannus, as the origin of their race, as their founders.
The name Germany, on the other hand, they say, is modern and newly introduced, from the fact that the tribes which first crossed the Rhine and drove out the Gauls, and are now called Tungrians, were then called Germans. Thus what was the name of a tribe, and not of a race, gradually prevailed, till all called themselves by this self-invented name of Germans, which the conquerors had first employed to inspire terror.
For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of inter-marriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, (classic Albinism), huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. They are less able to bear laborious work. Heat and thirst they cannot in the least endure; to cold and hunger their climate and their soil inure them.

Decline of the Roman Empire

When Constantine became the sole Roman Emperor in 324, Christianity became the leading religion of the empire. After the death of Constantine in 337, two of his sons, Constantius II and Constans took over the leadership of the empire. Constans, ruler of the western provinces, was like his father, a Christian. In 341, he decreed that all pre-Christian Graeco Roman worship and sacrifice should cease; warning those who still persisted in practising ancient Graeco-Roman polytheism with the threat of the death penalty.
Lay Christians took advantage of new anti-Graeco-Roman polytheism laws by destroying and plundering the temples. Temples that survived were converted into Christian churches: the Pantheon is the most notable example, having once been a temple to all the gods and later, removing the statues of the so-called 'pagan' gods and replacing them with Christian saints, becoming a church in honor of their own one god. Many of the buildings in the Roman Forum were similarly converted, preserving the structures if not their original intent.
Later on, the emperor Julian the Apostate attempted to reverse the process of Christianization and bring back the native forms of polytheism, but his death in Persia caused the empire to once again fall under the power of Christian control, this time permanently.

The decline of the Roman Empire was a slow process, which occurred over a period of over 350 years. Beginning at about 100 A.D. and culminating on September 4, 476, when Romulus Augustus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was deposed by Odoacer, a Germanic chieftain.
Though by appearance, Odoacer was probably a Celt/Gaul: they being the original people of Germany. With the actual true (White) Germaic's following. Note that Odoacers hair stands straight up, White peoples hair cannot do that naturally. (Laugh at the example if you will, but the point still holds true, also note Vercingetorix's hair).

Today's descendants of the Germanic, Slav, and Turk Albinos from Central Asia, have so confused and obfuscated history with their false accounts and fake artifacts, that it is impossible at this time, to say definitively what the hierarchy of ancient western Rome was like, (from artifacts, we know that the Eastern Empire was ruled by Blacks). What little that we do have of artifactual evidence, suggests that like the Eastern Empire, the Western Empire was also ruled by Blacks. This painting of unknown provenance and period, may well be fanciful, but we feel that it accurately depicts the hierarchy of the Western Roman Empire.


Rome's replacement "The Holy Roman Empire" was a realm that existed for about a millennium in West and Central Europe: ruled by a Holy Roman Emperor. Charlemagne (meaning Charles the Great; possibly 742 – 28 January 814 - King of the Franks). He expanded the Frankish kingdom (France) into an empire that incorporated much of Western and Central Europe. During his reign, he conquered Italy and was crowned Imperator Augustus by Pope Leo III on 25 December 800 A.D. This temporarily made him a rival of the Byzantine Emperor in Constantinople. His rule is also associated with the Carolingian Renaissance, a revival of art, religion, and culture through the medium of the Catholic Church. Through his foreign conquests and internal reforms, Charlemagne helped define both Western Europe and the Middle Ages.
He is numbered as Charles I in the regnal lists of Germany (where he is known as Karl der Große), the Holy Roman Empire, and France. He was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800 A.D. and was then the forerunner of the Holy Roman Emperors, largely because he had inaugurated the tradition of imperial coronation by the Pope of the Catholic Church. This continued as a significant institution in the Holy Roman Empire until the 16th century. In a decree following the 1512 Diet of Cologne, the name was officially changed to Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Charlemagne's policy of "renovatio Romanorum imperii" (reviving the Roman Empire) remained at least in theory, as the official position of the Empire until its end in 1806.
Was Charlemagne a Black man? At this point there is no way to know - and that information is not likely to be forthcoming. But it appears that contrary to what Whites say, the Franks were probably a "Native" NOT Germanic people. As such, Charlemagne would have indeed, probably been a Black man. But because Whites have so interwoven European history with lies, there are really no safe assumptions, and no safe place to start.

As to the false Coin: In 1861, Charlemagne's tomb was opened by scientists who reconstructed his skeleton and estimated it to be measured 74.9 inches (190 centimeters). A modern study based on the dimensions of his tibia estimate his height as 1.84 m. This puts him in the 99th percentile of tall people of his period given that average male height of his time was 1.69 m. The width of the bone suggest he was gracile not robust in body build. So at least one thing we know for sure: that COIN image is NOT of Charlemagne. But what's new, Whites routinely use fake artifacts to bolster their lies. Charlemagne was actively and personally involved in wars into distant lands throughout his 46 year reign - Fat guys don't get around like that! So whoever decided to falsely use that coin, didn't even know the history of the man.
But there is no ambiguity about Charlemagne's successor as Holy Roman Emperor: Otto I, he was most certainly a Black man!

Holy Roman Emperor: Otto I

Note: Otto I is the Black Freising King on the "Coat of Arms" of the current Pope: Pope Benedict XVI, who is of German extraction.

Otto I, the Great (23 November 912 in Wallhausen – 7 May 973 in Memleben), son of Henry I the Fowler and Matilda of Ringelheim, was Duke of Saxony, King of Germany, King of Italy, and "the first of the Germans to be called the emperor of Italy" according to Arnulf of Milan. While Charlemagne had been crowned emperor in 800, his empire had been divided amongst his grandsons, and following the assassination of Berengar of Friuli in 924, the imperial title had lain vacant for nearly forty years. Otto succeeded his father as king of the Saxons in 936, on February 2, 962, Otto was crowned Emperor of what would later become the Holy Roman Empire.
Edith of England (910 – 26 January 946), also spelt Eadgyth or Ædgyth, was the daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England and Ælfflæd. Her paternal grandparents were Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, and his wife Ealhswith. (The obvious corollary is that Edith came from a long line of Black British royalty).
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In order to seal an alliance between two Saxon kingdoms, her half-brother, King Athelstan of England, sent two of his sisters to Germany, instructing the Duke of Saxony (later Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor) to choose whichever one pleased him best. Otto chose Edith and married her in 929. The remaining sister Algiva or Adiva was married to a "king near the Jupiter mountains" (the Alps). The precise identity of this sister is debated. She may have been Eadgifu of England, who married King Charles III of France, or another sister otherwise unknown to history.
As queen, Eadgyth undertook the usual state duties of a Queen: when she turns up in the records it is generally in connection with gifts to the state's favoured monasteries or memorials to female holy women and saints. In this respect she seems to have been more diligent than her now widowed and subsequently sainted mother-in-law Queen Matilda whose own charitable activities only achieve a single recorded mention from the period of Eadgyth's time as queen. There was probably rivalry between the Benedictine Monastery of St Maurice founded at Magdeburg by Otto and Eadgyth in 937, a year after coming to the throne and Matilda's foundation at Quedlinburg Abbey, intended by her as a memorial to her husband, the late King Henry I. Like her brother, Athelstan, Edith was devoted to the cult of Saint Oswald and was instrumental in introducing this cult into Germany after her marriage to the emperor. Her lasting influence may have caused certain monasteries and churches in Saxony to be dedicated to this saint.
Eadgyth died at a relatively young age. Her tomb is located in the Cathedral of Magdeburg, Germany. A lead coffin inside a stone sarcophagus with her name on it was found and opened in 2008 by archaeologists during work on the building. An inscription recorded that it was the body of Eadgyth, reburied in 1510. It was examined in 2009, then brought to Bristol, England, for tests in 2010. Professor Mark Horton of Bristol University said that "this may prove to be the oldest complete remains of an English royal."
Edith and Otto's children were: 1. Liutgarde, married Conrad the Red, 2. Liudolf, Duke of Swabia (930-September 6 957)

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From the words of Cornelius Tacitus, and others: Herodotus, Xenophanes, it is clear that the ancient Romans and Greeks did NOT look like the White, Blue-eyed, Red haired Germaic's. And of course from modern studies, we know that aside from being Germaic, the modern populations also have significant Turk admixture. But just WHO were these White Germanic invaders?

Major Germanic Peoples: English, Norwegians, Danes/Denmark, Franks/France, Goths/Spain, Saxons, Finni, Flemish, Icelanders, Frisians, Gall, Batavians, Calucones, Dutch, Helisii, Ingvaeones (North Sea Germans), Irminones (Elbe Germans), Istvaeones (Rhine-Weser Germans), Jutes, Juthungi, Lombards or Langobardes, Ostrogoths, Teutons, Vagoth, Vandals, Vangiones, Vargiones, Varini, Varisci, Vinoviloth, Viruni, Visburgi, Visigoths, Vispi.

(Pretty much all of Modern Europe, isn't it).

The European Dark Ages

The "Dark Ages" is a term referring to the perceived period of both cultural and economic deterioration as well as disruption that took place in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire: the phrase was first recorded in 1602. Originally, the term characterized the bulk of the Middle Ages as a period of intellectual darkness between the extinguishing of the light of Rome, and the Renaissance or rebirth from the 14th century onwards.
The concept of a Dark Age originated with the Italian scholar Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca) in the 1330s, and was originally intended as a sweeping criticism of the character of Late Latin literature. Petrarch regarded the post-Roman centuries as "dark" compared to the light of classical antiquity. Later historians expanded the term to refer to the transitional period between Roman times and the High Middle Ages, including not only the lack of Latin literature, but also a lack of contemporary written history, general demographic decline, limited building activity and material cultural achievements in general. Popular culture has further expanded on the term as a vehicle to depict the Middle Ages as a time of backwardness, extending its pejorative use and expanding its scope.

The Problem!

Just as the Hellenes and Romans were an illiterate nomadic people, when they first entered Black Europe over a thousand years earlier. And just as they struggled to learn the ways and technologies of civilization, so it was also for the Germanic's. And just as before, there was a "Dark Ages" of regression, while they learned the ways of civilization.
But unlike the Hellenes, the Germanic's did NOT attribute their inheritance of civilization to the rightful benefactor (albeit an unwilling benefactor), the Black ancients. They perhaps ignorantly, perhaps racistly, attributed it to the Classical Greeks. Though somewhat eclipsed by technology today, the sense of a legacy was strongly felt by post-Renaissance European elite, who saw themselves as the spiritual heirs of Greece. As late as 1939 Will Durant could write "excepting machinery, there is hardly anything secular in our culture that does not come from Greece," and conversely "there is nothing in Greek civilization that doesn't illuminate our own".
Had it remained just a sense of debt to the ancient Greeks, the world would have been a much better place today. But it did not, the Germanic's not having any history of their own, decided to make one up, with the Hellenes and Romans as the base. They decided that they were the descendants of the Hellenes and Romans, but since they were White skinned, Blue-eyed, Blond haired, and the Hellenes and Romans were not. They decided to create statues and other artifacts depicting Hellenes and Romans as such.
Then, perhaps as a "Snowballing" effect, they decided that ALL ancient civilizations must be White like them also: soon White Egyptian artifacts began to appear (exclusive of the legitimate Greek and Roman period type). Then ancient Europeans, Mesopotamian's, Hebrews, and Persians became White. Then with their success in wars of expansion and colonization, they decided that because they were so great, then everyone previous of any consequence must also have been White - and the requisite artifacts thus appeared. (All this from a people who just a few hundred years earlier, couldn't figure out why it was a bad idea to shit in the same places that you took your drinking water from).


The Turks

The next, and final wave of White Asians, the Turks, continued their migrations into Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, well into the modern era. And just like the previous Whites, they were bent on conquest. And just like the Germanic's, having no history, they decided to create a place in history for themselves. Thus they became the descendants of the Berbers, Egyptians, Mesopotamian's, Persians, Phoenicians, and Arabs - and oh yes, the Hebrews, vis-à-vis the Khazar Turks.
Interestingly though, Turks in Turkey proper, are taught something quite different. In the Turkish Nations creation myth (a modern country with a creation myth?). From tomes: a large or scholarly book, produced by the Ministry of Education in 1932; Turks are taught that at the dawn of history, their ancestors, led by a mythical gray she-wolf, started migrating outwards from the heart of Central Asia. As the numbers of their people swelled and droughts dried the traditional grazing lands on the steppe, some of them, they are told, even crossed the Bering Strait into the Americas. Presumably becoming the American Indians. In his later years, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the founder of the modern Turkey nation), himself adopted a creed known as the "Sun Theory", which depicts the Turks as the mother race of all mankind, and proposed that all human languages are descendants of one proto-Turkic primal language. (Note: though the theory may sound outlandish, there is justification, and anecdotal evidence, for believing that at least the "North American Indian" was a Turk mulatto).
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, taught that the Turks discovered the America's fifty years before Christopher Columbus. The proof of this assertion, he told journalist, was that the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, had obviously been named by Turks, especially since their capital was called Grand Turk. (The islands are in fact named after a fez-shaped cactus).
All-in-all, it seems fair to say that Whites have done a great job of screwing-up, not only history, but the Planet and it's people.

The Worlds Greatest Painter:

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni - 6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564.

Michelangelo left no documented self-portrait. The often fanciful portraits, said to have been done by his contemporary artists, are of course not accurate, or done by his contemporaries, except the Ghisi engraving. His contemporaries would have known exactly what he looked like, and there would not have been such variation in his appearance as depicted in the various portraits that now exist ( Whites do lie about these things). The description by the 16th century painter and art historian Giorgio Vasari is all there is. It seems that in reality, Michelangelo wasn't exactly a refined man, according to Vasari, "he wore stockings of dogskin constantly for months together, so that when he took them off the skin of the leg often came away with them."
The only known self-portrait of the artist, is scratched into the margin of one of Michelangelo's poems. It is said that the image is a sort of caricature of the artist, done during the years he was painting the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The drawing is described as showing him with cartoon-like features including huge eyes and hair standing straight up on ends." Interestingly, no photograph of the drawing seems to exist.

A painter must paint that which the customer demands. But the problem of reconciling the incongruities of the scene above - Black Parents, White Children - seems to be reflected in the faces of Jacob and Michelangelo.

Who are these modern White (Albino) Europeans?

Through means and methods that we can still only guess at, these least of all humans, both numerically and otherwise, had managed to gain control over much of the world. Though that control is now waning, many, especially the uneducated, are still dependent on them to tell us exactly who they are. But even this simple task is complicated by the fact that these people once claimed to be native to Europe, and today, the uneducated still do. Therefore their researchers and educators tend to lie and double-talk as relates to the origins of the European Albinos.

The Germanics:

This is particularly true of the Germanics: The basic ethnic stock in the composition of the modern peoples of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, North and central France, Lowland Scotland, and England. When we go to the Encyclopedia to look-up Germanics, we are greeted with pure nonsense as to their origins. But when we use a lateral approach, such as looking up their former tormentors, the Huns, then we see more truthful entries.


The Huns

The Huns occupied North China from the 3rd century until 581. Having swept across Asia, they invaded the lower Volga valley (Russia - see map) c.372 and advanced westward, pushing the Germanic Ostrogoths and Visigoths before them and thus precipitating the great waves of migrations (into Europe) that destroyed the Roman Empire and changed the face of Europe.

See T. Hodgkin, Italy and Her Invaders, Vol. I (rev. ed. 1892, repr. 1967); W. M. McGovern, Early Empires of Central Asia (1939); E. A. Thompson, A History of Attila and the Huns (1948); F. Teggart, China and Rome (1969, repr. 1983); J. D. Maenchen-Helfen, The World of the Huns (1973).


The Slavs

The Slavs are the largest ethnic and linguistic group of peoples in Europe belonging to the Indo-European linguistic family. It is estimated that the Slavs number over 300 million in the world. They are usually classified in three main divisions. The West Slavs include the Poles, the Czechs, the Slovaks, and the Wends (also known as Lusatians) and other small groups in East Germany. The South Slavs include the Serbs, the Croats, the Slovenes, the Macedonians, the Montenegrins, the Bosniaks, and the Bulgars. The East Slavs, the largest group, include the Great Russians, Ukrainians, and Belorussians (or White Russians).
Ethnically the Slavs possess little unity, for they have mixed for centuries with other peoples, including Turko-Tatars, Finnic peoples, Germans, Mongols, Greeks, and Illyrian tribes. The Bulgarians are not of Slavic origin. The obscure beginnings of the Slavs have given rise to several theories, all of which include as a possible place of origin the area of the Polesie marshes in Galicia (region spanning southeastern Poland and western Ukraine ). The ancestors of the Slavs were Neolithic tribes who occupied this territory a few centuries before the Christian era. (The Albinos will not venture into their origins before this time, as that would surely lead to Central Asia and Albinohood).

See K. Jazdzewski, Atlas to the Prehistory of the Slavs (tr., 2 vol., 1948—49); J. S. Roucek, ed., Slavonic Encyclopaedia (4 vol., 1949, repr. 1969); F. Dvornik, The Slavs (1956) and The Slavs in European History and Civilization (1962, repr. 1986); S. H. Cross, Slavic Civilization through the Ages (1963); A. P. Vlasto, The Entry of the Slav
s into Christendom (1970); M. A. Gimbutas, The Slavs (1971).



Because the Turks are now a predominately Mulatto people, no efforts are made to hide their origins. Therefore all Albino sources will freely admit that Turks were an Asian People.

Greeks and Romans

Greeks and Romans were a Black and Mulatto people comprised of the Original Black Europeans and the first Central Asian Albinos to reach Europe, circa 1200 B.C. Modern Albinos have nothing to do with these people, as they were the victims of the marauding Albinos from Central Asia. But modern Albinos do falsely claim that the Hellenes of Greece were Albinos. The Greek historian Herodotus clearly explains the Hellenes were only "partly Albino" thusly:.

Herodotus (circa 440 B.C.)

Book 1 – CLIO

[1.58] The Hellenic race has never, since its first origin, changed its speech. This at least seems evident to me. It was a branch of the Pelasgic, which separated from the main body, and at first was scanty in numbers and of little power; but it gradually spread and increased to a multitude of nations, chiefly by the voluntary entrance into its ranks of numerous tribes of barbarians.

Please visit the "Additional Material Area" for many more photographs of each civilization, and related material <Click>

Arab scholar 'cracked Rosetta code' 800 years before the West

It is famed as a critical moment in code-breaking history. Using a piece of basalt carved with runes and words, scholars broke the secret of hieroglyphs, the written 'language' of the ancient Egyptians. 
A baffling, opaque language had been made comprehensible, and the secrets of one of the world's greatest civilisations revealed - thanks to the Rosetta Stone and the analytic prowess of 18th and 19th century European scholars.

But now the supremacy of Western thinking has been challenged by a London researcher who claims that hieroglyphs had been decoded hundreds of years earlier - by an Arabic alchemist, Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Wahshiyah. 

'It has taken years of painstaking research to prove this,' said Dr Okasha El Daly, at UCL's Institute of Archaeology. 'I was convinced that Western scholars were not the first, and I have found evidence that shows Arabian scholars broke the code a thousand years ago.'

The Rosetta Stone was found embedded in a fort wall by French engineers during Napoleon's campaign in Egypt. The stone - now displayed in the British Museum - contains a text in Greek, Coptic and hieroglyph, but still required another 23 years' work to be decoded, a task achieved by Jean-François Champollion, a student of ancient languages.

Champollion's breakthrough came in 1822 when he realised hieroglyphs should be read, not as symbols of ideas or objects, but as a phonetic script. The sound associated with each symbol was crucial to deciphering it. It was a 'eureka' moment. 'Je tiens mons affaire (I've done it),' Champollion shouted, before falling into a dead faint for five days. He awoke to continue his work, but died 10 years later of exhaustion and is buried in Paris's Père Lachaise cemetery. Pieces of papyrus are still placed on his grave in recognition of his great work.

But now it is claimed that Champollion had been beaten by Arabian scholars who, eight centuries earlier, had twigged that sounds were crucial to their decoding. 'For two and half centuries, the study of ancient Egypt has been dominated by a Euro-centric view that virtually ignored Arabic scholarship,' said El Daly. 'I felt that was quite unjustified.'

An expert in both ancient Egypt and ancient Arabic scripts, El Daly spent seven years chasing down Arabic manuscripts in private collections around the world in a bid to find evidence that Arab scholars had unlocked the secrets of the hieroglyph. He eventually found it in the work of the ninth-century alchemist, Ibn Wahshiyah. 'I compared his studies with those of modern scholars and realised that he understood completely what hieroglyphs were saying.'
El Daly stressed that Muslim scholars had not simply been handed the secrets of hieroglyphs after Egypt was taken over by Islam.
'The secret of the hieroglyph was lost and then rediscovered by Arab scholars, who used diligent work to break their code, eight centuries before Champollion,' he said. 'These were people who possessed great astronomical and mathematical knowledge. Decoding hieroglyphs was just the kind of thing they would have been good at.'


Andrew Robinson

The polymath Thomas Young (1773-1829) — physicist, physiologist, physician and polyglot, among several other things — became hooked on the scripts and languages of ancient Egypt in 1814, the year he began to decipher the Rosetta Stone. He continued to study the hieroglyphic and demotic scripts with variable intensity for the rest of his life, literally until his dying day. The challenge of being the first modern to read the writing of what appeared then to be the oldest civilization in the world — far older than the classical civilization of Young’s beloved Greeks — was irresistible to a man who was as equally gifted in languages, ancient and contemporary, as he was in science. He himself described his Egyptian obsession as being driven by “an attempt to unveil the mystery, in which Egyptian literature has been involved for nearly twenty centuries.” His epitaph in London’s Westminster Abbey states, accurately enough, that Young was the man who “first penetrated the obscurity which had veiled for ages the hieroglyphics of Egypt” — even if it was the linguist and archaeologist Jean-François Champollion (1790-1832) who in the end would enjoy the glory of being the first actually to read the hieroglyphs in 1822-23.

From 1814 until the publication of his important Encyclopaedia Britannica article (‘Egypt’ in 1819), Young had had the field of hieroglyphic decipherment largely to himself. Champollion, though actively interested in the Rosetta Stone from 1808, did not tackle its decipherment in earnest until 1821. He quickly overtook Young and became the founder of Egyptology as a science.

During the 1820s, the two men sometimes cooperated with each other, but mostly they competed as rivals. Their relationship could never have been a harmonious one. Young claimed that Champollion had built his system of reading hieroglyphics on Young’s own discoveries and his tentative hieroglyphic ‘alphabet’, published in 1819. While paying generous and frequent tribute to Champollion’s unrivalled progress since then, Young wanted his early steps recognized. This Champollion was adamantly unwilling to concede, claiming that he had worked independently; and in his vehemence he determined to give all of Young’s work the minimum possible public recognition. Just weeks before Young’s death in May 1829, Champollion, writing in the midst of his 1828-29 expedition to ancient Egypt — he was then at Thebes in the Valley of the Kings — exulted privately to his brother in Paris: “So the poor Dr Young is incorrigible? Why stir up old matter that is already mummified? Thank M. Arago for the cudgels he has so valiantly taken up for the honour of the Franco-Pharaonic alphabet. The Briton can do as he pleases — it shall be ours: and all of old England will learn from young France to spell hieroglyphs by a totally different method.”

Such defiantly nationalistic overtones — at times evident in Young’s writings, too — have to some extent bedevilled honest discussion of Young and Champollion ever since those Napoleonic days of intense Franco-British political rivalry. Even Young’s loyal friend and admirer, the physicist Dominique Arago, turned against his work on hieroglyphics, at least partly because Champollion was an honoured fellow Frenchman.
Alongside this, Egyptologists, who are the people best placed to understand the intellectual nitty-gritty of the dispute, are naturally drawn to Champollion more than Young because he founded their subject. No scholar of ancient Egypt would wish to think ill of such a pioneer. Even John Ray, the Cambridge University Egyptologist who has done most in recent years to give Young his proper due, admits: “the suspicion may easily arise, and often has done, that any eulogy of Thomas Young must be intended as a denigration of Champollion. This would be shameful coming from an Egyptologist.”

Demotic script on a replica of the rosetta stone on display in Magdeburg. Photo by Chris 73. Creative Commons License. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Then there is the cult of genius to consider; many of us prefer to believe in the primacy of unaccountable moments of inspiration over the less glamorous virtues of step-by-step, rational teamwork. Champollion maintained that his breakthroughs in 1822-23 came almost exclusively out of his own mind, arising from his indubitably passionate devotion to ancient Egypt and his unrivalled knowledge of the Coptic language descended from ancient Egyptian. He pictured himself for the public in his writings as a ‘lone genius’ who solved the riddle of ancient Egypt’s writing single-handedly. The fact that Young was known primarily for his work in fields other than Egyptian studies, and that he published his studies on Egypt anonymously up to 1823, made Champollion’s solitary self-image easily believable for most people.

Lastly, in trying to assess the differing styles of Young and Champollion, there is no avoiding the fact that they were highly contrasting personalities and that this contrast sometimes influenced their research on the hieroglyphs. Champollion had tunnel vision (“fortunately for our subject,” says Ray); was prone to fits of euphoria and despair; and had personally led an uprising against the French king in Grenoble in 1821, for which he was put on trial. Young, apart from his polymathy and a total lack of engagement with party politics, was a man who “could not bear, in the most common conversation, the slightest degree of exaggeration, or even of colouring” (wrote his closest friend after Young’s death). Young and Champollion were poles apart intellectually, emotionally and politically.

Consider their respective attitudes to ancient Egypt. Young never went to Egypt and never wanted to go. In founding an Egyptian Society in London in 1817, to publish as many ancient inscriptions and manuscripts as possible so as to aid the decipherment, Young remarked that funds were needed “for employing some poor Italian or Maltese to scramble over Egypt in search of more.” Champollion, by contrast, had long dreamt of visiting Egypt and doing exactly what Young had depreciated, ever since he saw the hieroglyphs as a boy, and when he finally got there, he was able to pass for a native, given his swarthy complexion and his excellent command of Arabic. “I am Egypt’s captive — she is my be-all,” he thrilled from beside the Nile in 1828.

Later he described entering the temple of Ramses the Great at Abu Simbel, which was blocked by millennia of sand: “I undressed almost completely, down to my Arab shirt and long linen underpants, and pushed myself flat on my stomach through the small opening in the doorway that, if cleared of sand, would be at least 25 feet in height. I thought I was entering the mouth of a furnace, and, when I had slid entirely into the temple, I found myself in an atmosphere heated to 52 degrees: we went through this astonishing excavation, Rosellini, Ricci, I and one of the Arabs holding a candle in his hand.”

Such a perilous adventure would probably not have appealed to Young, even in his careless youth as an accomplished horseman roughing it in the Highlands of Scotland. Unlike Champollion, Young’s motive for ‘cracking’ the Egyptian scripts was fundamentally philological and scientific, not aesthetic and cultural — in contrast with his attitude to the classical literature of Greece and Rome. Many Egyptologists, and humanities scholars in general, tend not to sympathize with this motive. They also know little about Young’s work in science and his renown as someone who initiated many new areas of enquiry (such as a theory of colour vision) and left others to develop them. As a result, some of them seriously misjudge Young. Not knowing of his fairness in recognizing other scientists’ contributions and his fanatical truthfulness in his own scientific work, they jump to the obvious conclusion that Young’s attitude to Champollion was chiefly one of envy. But not only would such an emotion have been out of character for Young, it would also not have made much sense, given his major scientific achievements and the fact that these were increasingly recognized from 1816 onwards — starting with French scientists, who awarded Young their highest honours.

For Champollion, the success of his decipherment was a matter of make or break as a scholar and as a man. For Young, his Egyptian research was essentially yet one more fascinating avenue of knowledge to explore for his own amusement. Both men were geniuses, though of exceptionally different kinds, and both deserve to be remembered in the story of the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs: Young for taking some difficult but crucial initial steps in 1814-19; and Champollion for discovering a coherent system in 1822-23, and thereafter demonstrating its validity with a vast array of virgin inscriptions.
Andrew Robinson is the author of the biographies Cracking the Egyptian Code: The Revolutionary Life of Jean-François Champollion, and The Last Man Who Knew Everything: Thomas Young. . He has also written two Very Short Introductions for OUP: Writing and Script, published in 2009, and Genius, published in 2011.


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    1. The Death of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
    2. Omar Ibn al Khattab (r)
    3. The Civil Wars
    4. Muawiya
    5. Karbala
    6. Omar bin Abdul Aziz
    7. The Conquest of Spain
    8. The Conquest of Sindh
    9. The Battle of Tours
    10. The Abbasid Revolution
    11. The Significance of the Hijrah (622 CE)
  2. The Classical Period
    1. Fiqh, the Development of
    2. Harun al Rashid
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    5. Al-Kindi
    6. Al Masudi
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    11. Crusades, the Beginning of
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    26. Maulana Rumi
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    29. The African, and Muslim, Discovery of America – Before Columbus
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    4. Genghiz Khan
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    8. Spiritual Renewal in Post Mongol Islamic World
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  4. The Land Empires of Asia
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    3. The Caliphate moves to Istanbul
    4. Babur in Delhi
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    7. Vienna, the Second Siege of
  5. Onset of the Colonial Age
    1. The Portuguese Devastations in the Indian Ocean
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    2. Caliphs, Imams and Dynasties
  10. Education – A Historical Look
    1. The Madrassah – Historical Evolution of the Syllabus
    2. The Madrassah – Ancient Madrassahs of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
    3. The Madrassah – Cultural Archetypes
    4. The Madrassah – The Seven Lives of a Madrassah
    5. The Madrassah – Modern Issues
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From the Silk and Spice route
The Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins
Jesus Never Existed – Sourcing the Legend

email the author
Kenneth Humphreys

Similar ... or copied?
Gandhara Buddhaprototype for Jesus Christ?

Speculation of a link between Christianity and Buddhism first arose as a result of the translation of Buddhist texts into European languages during the British colonisation of India. Similarity in the stories of the births and lives of Jesus and Buddha were immediately apparent to scholars. It was also noted that many of their teachings had close parallels. Buddhism was unquestionably centuries older than Christianity.

Was it possible the authors of Christianity copied their ideas from Buddhism?

East meets West – trade and religious influence
Trade between East and West is of great antiquity. Cuneiform tablets as early as 2400 BC describe shipments of cotton cloth, spices, oil, grains, and such exotic items as peacocks from the Indus Valley region to the Middle East. We can be certain that the silk and spice routes carried more than trade goods. An Oxyrhynchus papyrus fragment from Egypt even contains a passage in a South Indian language. 

Long before the word 'missionary' came to be synonymous with Christianity, Buddhist monks ('dharma-bhanakas') were traipsing across Asia. From the Buddhist heartland on the Ganges, notions of the sacred accompanied the spice and incense. Travelling the trade routes they spread their doctrines all the way from Khotan in central Asia to Antioch and Alexandria in the west.
One such visit is documented in 20 BC in Athens. A Buddhist philosopher, Zarmarus, part of an embassy from India, made a doctrinal point by setting himself alight. His tomb became a tourist attraction and is mentioned by several historians. 

Clearly, the evangelists of Buddha were committed to their cause. Is it simply coincidence that the hero of the Buddhist tale is just a tad similar to the Christian superman? In both the story of the Buddha and the story of Jesus we read of a mystic or holy man, travelling from village to village. Each lives off the hospitality of the people and gets into trouble with the ruling elite by ignoring social status and taking food and refuge from prostitutes.
Is it just possible that the miracles ascribed to Jesus merely mimic the tricks practised by the 'holy men' in India?

silk & spice routes


Alexander and Asoka
Alexander (336-323 BC) carried Greek civilization to the east. Cities along the trade route  – Merv, Bactra, Taxila etc. – became Greek military colonies. The Indian province in the north west – Gandhara – had been a Persian satrap before the arrival of the Greeks and here, in the 2nd century BC, Greek kingdoms with a distinctive Graeco-Bactrian culture emerged. 

But the flow of culture was two way – for example, the Greeks adopted the Indian war elephant and a great deal of speculative Indian thinking. Greek philosophers, like Anaxarchus and Pyrrho, had been in the train of Alexander and had mixed with the Indian gymnosophists or 'naked philosophers.' Even the more ancient Pythagoreans may have been influenced by Indian ideas – vegetarianism, communal property and the 'transmigration of souls.'
After their conquest of the Indus valley the Greeks never again returned to the simple pantheon of their Olympian gods – and founded their first school of Skepticism (see Flintoff, E. (1980), 'Pyrrho and India', Phronesis 25: 88-108.).
At the time of Alexander, the Magadha empire had dominated the middle and upper Ganges but Alexander never got that far. Yet into the vacuum created by Alexander's departure, and bringing east and west closer together, moved Chandragupta (Sandracottus to the Greeks), founder of the Mauryan empire. He conquered Magadha, and also the Greek kingdoms of the north west and much of northern India. His empire included the northern province of Kosala, where a Hindu reformer Gautama Siddhartha (aka "Shakyammuni Buddha") began advocating his 'Middle Path' between greed and asceticism. 

Siddhartha's philosophising had little consequence during his own lifetime but in 270 BC, the grandson of Chandragupta, Asoka, ascended the Mauryan throne. Initially a ruthless imperialist he seems – like Marcus Aurelius – to have spent his later life in soul-searching and pondering the afterlife.
In an action that anticipated Constantine's religious revolution five hundred years later, Asoka adopted Buddhism as a unifying and pacifying ideology for his vast empire and propagated it's doctrines with all the usual zeal of a new convert. 

Judging by his still extant edicts, inscribed on rocks and stone pillars to be found everywhere from Afghanistan to south India, Asoka sought further 'conquest' beyond his frontiers by dispatching Buddhist missionaries in all directions – "Conquest by Dhamma". Carved in stone is Asoka's urging of Forgiveness:
"The killing, death or deportation of a hundredth, or even a thousandth part of those who died during the conquest of Kalinga now pains Beloved-of-the-Gods. Now Beloved-of-the-Gods thinks that even those who do wrong should be forgiven where forgiveness is possible."

By this stage the Buddha's words of wisdom had been codified into a number of "sutras", propagated by a growing number of rival sects.

greek & mauryan empires
Worlds Collide
The 3rd century BC empire of Asoka included a vast area of the Greeks' eastern empire established a century earlier.
After Alexander, the Seleucides ruled the Greek empire east of the Euphrates. A century later they had taken over the kingdom of Antigonus in Syria and Asia Minor but had lost control of Parthia, Bactria and the Indus Valley.
Wooden horse of Troy shows up in Indian art (Gandhara)

"Conquest by Dhamma"

"Now it is conquest by Dhamma that Beloved-of-the-Gods considers to be the best conquest ...
And conquest by Dhamma has been won here, on the borders, even six hundred yojanas away, where the Greek king Antiochos rules, beyond there where the four kings named Ptolemy, Antigonos, Magas and Alexander rule ...
Here in the king’s domain among the Greeks, the Kambojas, the Nabhakas ... everywhere people are following Beloved-of-the-Gods’ instructions in Dhamma.
Even where Beloved-of-the-Gods’ envoys have not been, these people too, having heard of the practice of Dhamma and the ordinances and instructions in Dhamma given by Beloved-of-the-Gods, are following it and will continue to do so ...
This conquest has been won everywhere, and it gives great joy – the joy which only conquest by Dhamma can give. But even this joy is of little consequence. Beloved-of-the-Gods considers the great fruit to be experienced in the next world to be more important.
I have had this Dhamma edict written so that my sons and great-grandsons ... consider making conquest by Dhamma only, for that bears fruit in this world and the next."

Asoka’s rock edict at Girnuri in Guzerat.

Buddhist monks in Egypt?
There are records from Alexandria that indicate the arrival of a steady stream of Buddhist monks and philosophers. They would surely have contributed to the philosophical speculations and syncretism for which the city was noted.
In particular, it seems the original Therapeutae were sent by Asoka on an embassy to Pharaoh Ptolemy II in 250 BC.
The word 'Therapeutae' is itself of Buddhist origin, being a Hellenization of the Pali 'Thera-putta' (literally 'son of the elder.')
Philo Judaeus, a 1st century AD contemporary of Josephus, described the Therapeutae in his tract 'De Vita Contemplativa'. It appears they were a religious brotherhood without precedent in the Jewish world. Reclusive ascetics, devoted to poverty, celibacy, good deeds and compassion, they were just like Buddhist monks in fact.
From the Therapeutae it is quite possible a Buddhist influence spread to both the Essenes (a similar monkish order in Palestine) and to the Gnostics – adepts of philosophical speculations.

Influence of Buddhism on Gnosticism
Buddha gives benediction to his 12 apostles

Buddhism was a religion of quite a different order to earlier 'pagan' cults. It was a scriptural religion, making a strong appeal to the emotions. It offered a moral code – and hope.

The doctrine of Incarnation
The Gnostic idea of liberating the soul from entrapment in matter is not dissimilar to the teachings embodied in the "4 Noble Truths" of the Buddha.
In Buddhism, Mankind is seen as trapped in suffering (dukkha) by desire (tanha). Its cessation (nirodha) is to be realised by an eight-fold path of 'right thought, right deed, right attitude' etc. (magga). Rather than Salvation an equally whimsical Nirvana is postulated.

Nirvana Lite
The path of self-liberation (by meditation, asceticism etc.) is demanding and fails to deliver the immediate consolation ordinary people hope for. An easier option ('outer mystery') soon developed, within both Gnosticism and Buddhism by which 'devotion to the god' (prayer, chanting, ringing of bells, waving incense sticks about, etc.) bestowed liberation (salvation/nirvana) to the god's devotees.

From Gnosticism emerged the Literalists of Christianity, for whom the Saviour was given a real historic presence.

From Buddhism, Mahayana ("greater vehicle") Buddhism emerged, in which the real historical Buddha was gradually raised to the status of a divine incarnation (one in a series of enlightened beings). The Lotus Sûtra (Saddharmapundarîka-sûtram) emphasizes mere faith in the Buddha as sufficient for salvation, and advises Buddhist missionaries to convert humanity, where necessary, through symbolic language, codes, parables, etc.
And interestingly, both developments occurred towards the end of the 1st century AD.
Where Did They Get Their Ideas From?

More than two dozen story elements borrowed from the Buddha
1. Pre-existence. 2. Royal origin and genealogy. 3. Virginal Conception by mother/Virgin Birth. 4. Dream Vision. 5. White Elephant / White Dove parallel. 6. Annunciation to the Husband. 7. Annunciation of Birth by a Woman 8. Righteous foster father. 9. Marvellous Light/Star. 10. Angels and others at birth. 11. The Magi's´ visit 12. Giving of Gifts. 13. Presentation in the Temple. 14. Infant prodigy / precocious youth. 15. Nature Miracle. 16. The Naming Ceremony. 17. The Taming of Wild Animals. 18. The Miracles of the Bending Tree and Gushing Water. 19. The Fall of Idols. 20. Healing Miracles. 21. Sage recognition - Asita / Simeon parallel 22. Anna and Shabari/Old Women parallel. 23. The Appellation of King. 24. Mary / Mahâprajâpati parallel 25. Fast in wilderness / temptation by the devil. 26. Preparing the Way. 27. Reference to Signs 28. Offer of universal Salvation. 

BIRTH of the Saviour

The conception and birth of Christ in the Gospel of Luke has an uncanny resemblance to the birth stories of Buddha.
In both cases the mother was a paragon of virtue, had a vision and, without sex, became pregnant with an extraordinary child. Each was delivered while the mother was on a journey and their births were both announced by angels.
After the birth of Buddha a hermit sage, who had heard the celebrations of angels, was told by them that the infant would sit on the throne of enlightenment.
In the Christian story, the angels appeared and told shepherds that a child was born who is Christ the Lord.
Both narratives stress that holy people came to pay homage to the world's saviour.


The homespun 'wisdom' of Buddha & Christ
Sinner returns to the Father!!

Younger son leaves home and squanders his inheritance on wild living; bankrupt and reduced to feeding pigs he returns home; delighted father kills the fattened calf for him. Sensible elder brother indignant and angry but father explains celebration is justified because his brother had been 'lost and is found'.
(Luke 15:11-32)

Sufferer attains Nirvana!!

Young son leaves home for distant lands. Father distraught. Years later, looking for work, son doesn't recognize his now rich father (who does recognize him). He flees. Father secretly hires him as a scavenger. Years later, dying, he tells son of his inheritance. (Lotus Sutra)


After a meal, an innocent man Charudatta is accused of murdering the courtesan Vasantasena, and is brought to trial. The judge, admitting his incompetence to condemn a Brahmin, sends the case over to the king who condemns the man to be executed and impaled with an inscription on him. 

Charudatta is then ordered to carry his cross (Sanskrit sulam) to the place of execution. Meantime, the king’s brother-in-law, who actually murdered the courtesan, buries her body under a pile of leaves. But she is found by a Buddhist monk who raises her from her 'deadly swoon.' Vasantasena then saves Charudatta from death.
Charudatta forgives his accuser, Samsthanaka, and appoints the Buddhist monk as the head of all the Buddhist monasteries in the realm. There is a marriage in the end as well: Charudatta accepts Vasantasena as his second wife.
2nd BC Sanskrit play Mrchchakatika (Little Clay Cart)


In this story of 'Gautama, a holy man' our hero is wrongfully condemned to die on the cross for murdering the courtesan Bhadra. Gautama is impaled on a cross, and his mentor Krishna Dvapayana visits him and enters into a long dialogue, at the end of which Gautama dies at the place of skulls after engendering two offspring – the progenitors of the Ikshavaku Dynasty.

1. The death episode begins for Buddha crossing the Ganges at Magadha, from whence he goes on to Kusinagari for a last meal.

The fable of Matthew (15:39) similarly has JC aboard ship, to the (unknown) "coasts of Magdala", from whence he goes on to Jerusalem for a last meal.

2. Both Buddha and JC forecast their own death 3 times.

3. Buddha arrives at Ku-kut-tha, JC at 'Gol ga tha'.

4. Both Buddha and JC twice refuse a drink.

5. Buddha dies between 2 trees, JC between 2 criminals.

6. Both promise their last convert that "today you will be in paradise."

7. Death occurs during 'darkness'.

8. A disciple of Buddha – Kas ya pas – travelling with 500 monks – encounters an unknown personage from whom he learns of the death of Buddha. Another unnamed disciple disparages the dead Buddha.

The fable of Luke has the disciple Kle o pas encounter an unknown personage on the road to Emmaus. This 'unrecognised' Jesus disparages the evident lack of faith.

In a variation of the story, the 500 Buddhist monks become Paul's 500 brethren (1 Cor. 15.6) – though Paul renders Kas ya pas as 'Cephas'  (Simon Peter has his own origin in Sâri Putra, also in the Buddhist 'gospel').

9. The dead Buddha is burned and it is the smoke of his corpse which rises– the true "resurrection."
– From a 2nd/1st century BC play 'Samghabhedavastu' (Mahâparinirvâna sûtra)

Essenes – esoteric Buddhists?
The Essenes were a monastic order having much in common with contemporary Buddhists.
Most lived an austere existence in the desert where they eschewed the animal sacrifice of the Jerusalem temple priesthood (they were vegetarians).
Renouncing all normal enjoyments, they lived without personal property, money or women (they recruited from newcomers.) The Essenes extolled the merits of asceticism, penance, and self-torture.
They were, however, interested in the magical arts and the occult sciences.They believed in the pre-existence of the soul and in angels as divine intermediaries or messengers from God.

Influence of Buddhism on the Christians – Q?
Close, striking parallels exist between early Buddhist texts and what Bible scholars postulate as the 'Q' material – ('Q' is shorthand for Quelle, the German for 'source'). The earliest translations of Buddhist texts into Greek date back to the time of king Asoka (3rd century BC).
It seems highly probable that the core of the body of Q material was made up of aphorisms, sayings originally ascribed to the Buddha but later attributed to Jesus. To these sayings were added mini-stories and micro-scenes to produce what became the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

From the Dhammapada, Buddha's observation:
"The faults of others are more easily seen than one's own, but seeing one's own failings is difficult."
Compare to Gospel of Thomas 26
"You see the mote which is in your brother's eye; but you do not see the beam which is in your own eye."
This subsequently was given a more theatrical flourish when it became Matthew 7:3
"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? "

From the Dhammapada:
"When a mendicant, though still young, yokes himself to the Buddha's teachings, the world is illuminated like the moon freed of clouds."
Jesus's statement:
"He who wishes to follow me must know himself and bear my yoke."

The Mûlasarvâstivâdavinaya begins with a long list of kings. This is combined with a list of the last seven Buddhas, to give three periods of “fourteen generations” and a total of 42 – an identical format to the Gospel of Matthew!


The whole idea that man should care about his brother, that he should accept responsibility for society as a whole or for needy human beings in particular, clearly precedes Christianity – in Greek thought and in Buddhism.
The Buddha's philosophy of compassion, his vision of Dhamma, the eternal law that sustains the cosmos, manifests itself among humanity as the moral law.
The Buddha's most celebrated dictum is:
"Hostility is never conquered by hostility in this world; hostility is conquered by love. That is the eternal law."

500 Witnesses
"After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep."
1 Corinthians 15:6

Buddhist tradition states that shortly after the passing away of the Buddha five hundred of his Arhats and disciples met in council at Rajagaha for the purpose of recalling to mind the truths they had heard directly from their hero during the forty-five years of his teachings.

The Coptic biblical text actually identifies the 500 as 'Indian Brahmans'!

In short, we find opportunity, motive, method, location and scriptural evidence, for a profound and detailed Buddhist influence in Christianity's origins. That it was so cannot be doubted.

Symposium on “ The Sanskrit and Buddhist Sources of the New Testament"
Klavreström, Sweden 9/11 2003
Z. P. Thundy, Buddha and Christ: Nativity Stories and Indian Traditions (Leiden, 1993)
L. Adelskogh, Jesus in Comparative Light
E. R. Gruber, H. Kersten,The Original Jesus (Element Books, 1995)
J. Duncan M. Derrett, The Bible and the Buddhists (Sardini 2000)
N. S. Chandramoul, Did Buddhism influence early Christianity? (The Times of India May 1, 1997)

Christian Lindtner, Wer war Kleophas Radikalkritik
Sites dedicated to the Buddhist sources of Christianity:

 2 interesting comments on whether Buddha existed or not


BrianBrian Admin
edited November 2005
Nothing would change for me... Regardless of whether or not a man lived and taught these things, you can see for yourself the inherent truths that the teachings contain. The dhamma speaks for itself - it needs no messenger.
JerbearJerbear Member
edited November 2005
As an agnostic, not much. I still get alot out of meditation. I find that the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path are of great ethical value. I've come from a religious background that is full of myths that have their purpose but found that the basic foundation is a belief that I found I could no longer buy. If this is all a myth, it is a well thought out one.

Remember that the Buddah said for us to make sure we agreed with what he taught with to start. I do agree with most of what I've read so far. Some of it I can see as myth and those parts I use as a possible psychological statement of how our mind might react to certain behaviors. I'm not sure if those "planes of existence" are real.

Third, do you have too much time on your hands BF?

Your Friend,

"Proof" of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife (38-min. video)

A Scientist’s Case for the Afterlife 


Near-death experiences, or NDEs, are controversial. Thousands of people have had them, but many in the scientific community have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those people.
A highly trained neurosurgeon who had operated on thousands of brains in the course of his career, Alexander knew that what people of faith call the “soul” is really a product of brain chemistry. NDEs, he would have been the first to explain, might feel real to the people having them, but in truth they are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.
Then came the day when Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by an extremely rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion—and in essence makes us human—shut down completely. For seven days Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a deep coma.  Then, as his doctors weighed the possibility of stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. He had come back.
Alexander’s recovery is by all accounts a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.
This story sounds like the wild and wonderful imaginings of a skilled fantasy writer. But it is not fantasy. Before Alexander underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul.
This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Learning about it will change your life.
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"Evolution" is not science but philosophy, dogma, religion, politics!
Destruction of the Theory of Evolution in 11 minutes by a world famous Geneticist.

Destruction de la théorie de l'évolution en 11 Minutes, par un généticien renommé mondial.

Pr M. Giertych (Poland) 


Friday, 23 March 2012


COMMENTAIRE : Nous vous l'avons toujours dit que l'homme noir est la seule vraie créature du VRAI Dieu sur la terre. Les autres descendent des Bene Ha Elohim et des Néphilims qu'on les appelle Neanderthal ou pas. Les généticiens occidentaux reconnaissent que la race blanche possède au moins 23% de gènes de l'homme de Néanderthal qui survit en l'homme blanc. Et ils savent aussi que Néanderthal comme Cro-Magnon étaient des cannibales. C'est un détail qui a un rapport avec le livre d'Hénoch qui évoque le cannibalisme des anges déchus et des Néphilims.
La génétique, c'est le livre de chair de notre histoire et de notre rapport au créateur. Les propriétés de l'ADN sont extraordinaiires. Savez-vous qu'exposé à la lumière, l'ADN se dédouble en créant une autre hélice presque virtuelle ? Les expériences sur les brins d'ADN n'ont pas encore tout révélé et ceux qui savent ne livrent pas tout. La génétique peut vous dire d'où viennent les prétendus Juifs actuels, par exemple. A ma connaissance, ils n'ont aucune goutte de sang avec Abraham. L'ADN ne ment pas. Il faut aussi savoir que 97% de l'ADN est inactif - comme s'il était bloqué. Il n'y a que 3 % du génome nécessaire à l'existence d'un être humain.
Sommes-nous tous sur la terre originaires de cette planète ? La réponse est non. Et tous les livres anciens sont unanimes là-dessus. Des races qui sont venues d'ailleurs se sont installées sur terre et ont livré des guerres terribles sur cette planète et ailleurs. Les récits anciens que l'on trouve dans le Mahabharata, dans la mythologie égyptienne ou grecque ou dans la Bible évoquent la même histoire d'extranéens sur cette planète devenue la planète-prison des anges déchus et des Néphilims après la destruction de la planète Krypton qui forme aujourd'hui la ceinture d'astéroïdes en Marset Jupiter. C'est dire la puissance des armes que possédaient ces peuples venus du ciel, des armes capables de détruire une planète entière  en la réduisant en débris ! Ceux qui lisent attentivement la Bible savent que le déluge n'avait pas détruit tous les géants puisque les Anakim vivaient encore sur terre après le déluge. Et ils n'étaient pas les seuls...
La Bible semble survoler des sujets essentiels comme pour mieux hypnotiser le lecteur afin qu'il ne se pose pas de questions mais nous qui pensons qu'il n'y a rien qui ne puisse être interrogé, n'avons pas de tabou. Notre croyance, la seule que nous ayons, c'est la quête de la vérité. Le reste a peu d'importance. C'est vrai qu'il y a des sujets graves dans le monde en ce moment, il se passe un génocide dans mon pays mais je ne peux ne pas évoquer cette question sur laquelle je fais des recherches depuis plus de vingt ans. Il faut bien lire Nombres 21 : 14 qui parle du livre des guerres de l'Eternel. D'accord, le livre est certainement perdu - même si Esdras, le rédacteur assumé de la Bible, l'avait lu mais l'idée de savoir que l'Eternel livrait des guerres m'amène à me poser des questions :
1) Contre qui guerroyait l'Eternel identifié comme Yavhé ? 
2) Quelles armes utilisaient les armées de l'Eternel ?
3) Pourquoi le Dieu créateur était-il obligé de livrer des guerres - alors qu'il lui aurait suffi de parler pour gagner ?
4) Qui était le bon ? Le méchant ?
5) Où se déroulaient ces guerres ?
6) Quelle était la nature de ces guerres : conquête ? Défense ? Agrandissement du territoire ? Luttes intestines ? Guerres pour le pouvoir planétaire, cosmique ?
7) Qui de l'Eternel ou de ses adversaires remporta la bataille finale ?
Vous direz que je suis trop curieux mais c'est ainsi que j'avance dans la connaissance des choses cachées. Je cherche et le hasard m'ouvre des portes. Les questions restent entières car il faut aller chercher les réponses.
Il y a dans la Bible et tous les livres sacrés anciens une histoire sérieuse que l'on camoufle derrière une prétendue spiritualité qui somme toute est précieuse (du fait que l'homme véritable se trouve dans une prison de chair et c'est lui le royaume de Dieu qui est au-dedans de nous) mais quelque chose de concret, de physique s'est produit sur la terre qui a modifié le cours naturel de son histoire. Il me tient à coeur de savoir ce qu'il en est. Le pouvoir hypnotique des pasteurs empêche au croyant de chercher la vérité par lui-même. Sachez que si vous ne vous penchez que sur une religion, vous n'en connaîtrez aucune puisque même votre Bible plonge ses racines dans les religions égyptienne, sumérienne, mazdanéenne voire hindoue. Ne lisez pas que la Bible car il y a des choses intéressantes à découvrir dans l'Avesta, dans le livre des morts (égyptien ou tibétain), le Mahabharata, la Bagavad-Gîta, le Coran, etc. Tous les textes anciens évoquent la même histoire d'un roi qui reviendra sur terre prendre la place qui lui est échue. Qu'importe qu'on l'appelle Maitreya, le Meshiah, le madhi, Ahura Mazda, etc ? Pour l'instant, la terre est livrée au courroux d'esprits méchants qui essaient de détruire la création de Dieu. Ceux qui contrôlent et manipulent la terre et les terriens essaient de s'échapper avant le retour d'un être céleste qui va les exposer et les condamner. Aussi, ils cherchent des exoplanètes où ils peuvent aller se réfugier.
Quand un professeur de collège blanc affirme que l'homme noir est le seul être 100% humain, ce n'est pas nouveau pour nous qui le savons. Le problème, c'est qu'il faut en tirer les déductions qui s'imposent. Si seul le Noir est à 100% humain, alors, il est aussi le seul à être créé à 100% à l'image du VRAI Créateur. Il n'est pas étonnant que ceux qui connaissent cette vérité essaient de le plonger dans l'ignorance. Le Noir est haï parce que ceux qui le haïssent savent qu'ils ne sont pas faits à l'image de Dieu. Plus malins, ils nous manipulent, nous poussant à nous battre, à nous entretuer quand ils ne nous tuent pas et c'est ici que se fait la jonction avec la politique et le cours des événements en Afrique.
Si les anges venus du ciel purent copuler avec les femmes la terre, c'est qu'ils avaient l'aspect humain - sans être de cette planète. En conclusion, les Néphilims, leurs enfants, avaient aussi l'aspect d'êtres humains. Or, eux se prétendent plus humains que ceux qui sont humains et qui étaient les seuls destinés à vivre sur cette planète. Ils travaillent à notre insu à nous modifier de l'intérieur pour qu'on ne ressemble plus à notre créateur. Cette guerre qui vise à modifier notre ADN se fait par la nourriture, les médicaments, les vaccins, le rayonnement électromagnétique, les vêtements, l'éducation, la culture, la fausse religion, etc.
Qu'on ne vous dise pas que les anges déchus sont les enfants ou les descendants de Seth (Genèse 6 : 2). C'est faux ! Ce n'est pas compatible avec ce qui est écrit dans le livre de Job. Les Bene Ha Elohim sont les fils des Elohim qui ont un chef. Et Satan est l'un d'eux (Job 1: 6). L'expression hébreue ‰„Œ€„‰„Œ€est bien la même dans le livre de la Genèse et dans le livre de Job. A moins de vouloir nous faire avaler que les fils de Seth sont des êtres célestes, il n'y aucune chance quand on lit l'hébreu de croire à une telle dissimulation. Si les Bene Ha Elohim ont pu forniquer en chair avec les filles de la terre, les Elohim ne peuvent qu'avoir l'aspect humain - sans être humains. C'est une conclusion qui s'impose. Et en le faisant, ils ont violé la sixième loi de Dieu qui interdit l'hybridisme (remplacé par l'adultère).
Si lorsque un Blanc vous dit que les seuls humains à 100% sont les Noirs, pourquoi ne le croirez-vous pas puisque vous avez tendance à ne pas croire quand c'est votre semblable de Katiopa qui vous le dit ? D'où vient l'homme de Neanderthal dont il parle  si le Noir seul est de cette planète ?
Cette planète qu'on détruit est la nôtre. C'est notre Eden, notre Paradis. Eux cherchent des exoplanètes pour s'enfuir un jour quand elle sera proche de la destruction. Peut-être même ont-ils à coeur de la détruire. Pensez-y.



Un professeur de collège blanc fait grand bruit sur le net. Il y a désormais une vidéo d’une de ses conférences universitaires qui circulent dans le monde.
La conférence de ce professeur d’université se penche sur le sujet des origines de l’humanité, les espèces de Néandertal et de leurs connexions (ou non-connexions) avec certains hommes modernes. Ses découvertes sont renversantes.
Le professeur dit qu’il utilise outils de recherche génétique de pointe pour dénicher ses nouvelles découvertes anthropologiques. Les réseaux sociaux sont tous en effervescence avec ce qu’il a à dire. Et ce qu’il a à dire sort pendant contexte socio-politiques intéressants autour de la race aux Etats-Unis ainsi que dans le monde entier.
Comme tout le monde le sait, les Noirs sont tués en masse dans les rues des Etats-Unis [et partout ailleurs dans le monde, NDLR] d’aujourd’hui, sans doute parce que leurs meurtriers blancs pensent qu’ils sont des sous-hommes. Cependant l’argument de ce professeur peut faire la lumière sur les raisons qui poussent ceux qui voient les Noirs comme des sous-hommes à parfois agir de manière sous-humaine envers ceux qu’ils choisissent à craindre.
Dans la vidéo, le professeur énonce ses preuves scientifiques réfutant que les membres de la race noire physique ont évolué à partir de toute origine animale ou de toute origine Néandertalienne.
Le professeur déclare de manière concise que ses conclusions montrent clairement que les Africains sont la seule race sur la Terre non-mélangée ou dérivé des Néandertaliens. Le professeur affirme carrément: “Ils (les Africains) sont les seuls vrais humains purs, homo-sapiens”. Il termine en disant: “Cela vous donne beaucoup à réfléchir”.


  1. I will not say that I have wasted my knowledge, time, energy and skills trying to inform, wake up and motivate humans having still an ounce of humanity in them to STOP the Satanisation of our vegetal, animal amd human life on earth, but it came out that there were not many non zombified, non-haarped and non mkultraifed humans left in the world to achieve anything worthwhile. Ever since I started writing publicly I will give the amateur readers a 0 over 10 for their useless intelligence and a 10 over 10 for their criminal stupidity.

    It has nothing to do with ME as I am just the MESSENGER, like thousands others, but when we tell readers that Western two-legged animals are commiting all kinds of abominations on planet earth, murdering millions of babies by abortion, sanctions, embargoes, bombings, murdering pregnant women, defenceless men, women and children, torturing them and using them as guinea pigs, polluting our habitat, destroying all traces of past Islamic civilisation, the only civilisation that is still valid today, mass murdering Indo-Chinese, Latinos, Arabs, Africans and Muslims alike, mixing plant, animal and human DNA non stop in their secret laboratories and underground cities and research centres producing abominable creatures, and all this with ou tax money and in the name of democracy and western civilisation, THEY DO ALMOST NOTHING TO STOP THE SUPER MONSTERS!

    They cannot even see they are living in slavery and soon to be interned in massive Labour Concentration Camps, and exterminated by the billions!


    GOOGLE is part of the US-ISRAEL Project!

    1. You are absolutely right... Good day to you...

  2. Adnan Oktar (pen name Harun Yayha)offered $1 trillion (?) for any scientist to provide him with CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE PROVING MACRO-EVOLUTION!

    Richard Dawkins was personally challeneged and even invited to debate.



  3. N.B. I apologise for not being able to correct any mistake on my posts as Google has taken over my Blog and I cannot edit or post without causing some kind of catastrophe. Many of my posts are just being deleted and others have seen their contents removed.
    In one of my comments to Pr. Fetzer (an "agnostic")I wrote:
    "Then, all your struggle to teach the truth would have been in vain because you will never be able to prove scientifically that humans should have or have a conscience."
    Please, read: ...should have or not have a conscience.