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Published on 24 Jun 2013
Heart Disease Cure / Very Important & Informative



The Gerson Miracle (2004) [Eng. Captions]


Uploaded on 6 May 2011
The Gerson Miracle introduces us to the physician who developed The Gerson Therapy more than 75 years ago, a therapy that has proven to cure cancer and most other chronic and degenerative diseases. Through his own painful struggle with migraines, Dr. Max Gerson conceived a treatment based entirely on nutrition and the body's own ability to heal itself.

He cured his migraines and summarily concentrated on other methods that prove to naturally boost the immune system, this is the real miracle.

Nine current and former patients speak passionately about their successful recoveries from the most deadly cancers.

Their first-person recovery stories are the greatest testament to the therapy's efficacy. And it is through Dr. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte, that the therapy is still alive in the face of almost insurmountable opposition from the American Medical Association and most major pharmaceutical companies. This film offers a path to a healthier life, in tune with our bodies and environment, not in conflict with them.

Your doctor may not advise you how you can heal your body from degenerative diseases naturally... but this film can.
What is covered in the film:
-- The cancer industry: with the law on its side
-- Natural cancer treatments
-- Dr. Max Gerson's life story
-- The link between farming and disease... and health!
-- The role of toxicity excess and nutrient deficiency in illness.

With every meal, we are either digging our own graves with the silverware, or ensuring a healthy and productive life.
The Gerson Miracle challenges the very foundations that society's sick-care system is based on.

It also delivers a health-affirming message that empowers viewers to reclaim autonomy for their own well-being.
This film dares to reveal that your potential for health exceeds the limitations imposed on us by the sickness industry.
English Captions:
Richard e Monica W.
Captions text corrections and re-sync:
Support the producers, buy the original DVD.
Apoie os produtores desse fantástico documentário, adquira o DVD original pelo website acima.
Besides this, there are 3 other documentaries related to the Gerson Therapy:



- FOOD MATTERS (2008):

Além deste há outros 3 videos ligados à Terapia Gerson:
- MORRENDO POR NAO SABER (2006) (Dying to have known):

- A LINDA VERDADE (2008) (The beautiful truth) Versao completa, original em ingles:

- O ALIMENTO É IMPORTANTE (2008) (Food matters):
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For Your Heart Vein Opening

Ingredients For Making Heart Vein Opening Drink Ingredients: 

1 cup Lemon juice
1 cup Ginger juice
1 cup Garlic juice
1 cup Apple cider vinegar

Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups.
Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar.
Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast. Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases.
Enjoy your drink. Taste good too. 
Final Product 



Are You Suffering from Heart Diseases?
Or have you been advised to undergo Angiography or Bypass? 
Please Wait…………………….. 
Before you undergo Angiography or Bypass treatment, you must try with confidence this remedy. Insha Allah, you will be cured. 
On the 18th April last year, I had to go to Sahiwaal(Pakistan) from the UK to attend the annual Khatme-e-Nabuwat conference. The day before I suffered acute pain at the place of my heart and thereafter, experienced uncomforting which continued for quite some time. I then met in Pakistan Hazrat Moulana Bashir Ahmed Usmani Sahib and disclosed to him, that when the doctors performed Angiography on me, they advised Bypass as they discovered 3 of my arteries were blocked and given a date to operate after a month. 
During this period, a Hakim prescribed the remedy below which I consumed exactly for a month. A day before my bypass operation, I arrived at the Cardiology Hospital in Lahore (Pakistan) and deposited Pak Rs. 225,000.00 towards expenses for my Bypass surgery. After taking a close look at these results and my previous results, the Doctors then asked me if I took any medication after the previous tests were carried out. 
I told them of Hakim Sahebs prescribed remedy. The panel of Doctors, surprised by the results, then informed me that according to the latest reports all 3 arteries were open and functioning normally and that surgery was not required. I was refunded my deposit and told to go home. 
Hazrat Moulana Bashir Ahmed Usmani Saheb himself, prepared this medicine for me and also told me of it’s ingredients and how it is prepared which is as follows: 
1 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Cup Fresh Ginger Juice
1 Cup Fresh Garlic Juice
1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
3 Cups Honey

Mix all the juices & vinegar and boil very slowly for about half an hour until about 1 cup of contents evaporate and 3 cups remain. After it cools down, mix properly with the 3 cups of honey. Fill contents in a clean Jar and take 3 teaspoons on an empty stomach every morning. Insha Allah you will be cured. 
(From Mufti Mohammed Kantharvi. London UK) 
Distributed by AYP (Azaadville) for service to mankind. May Allah accept. 
Please make copies and Hand out to the elderly or to people who do not have access to email. If it makes a difference only to 1 person, you will be highly rewarded by Allah. You may not know, how many persons, this can benefit. 
Please forward this email to as many persons as possible 
From: Ehsan Ramjan <>

To: Abdi Sheik <>; Abdoolah raouf <>; ABDUL KAREEM STONE <>; Ahad Foondun <>; amina ramjan <>; Amreen Ramjan <>;; Hamed Bawallah <>; Hawa Mulbacus <>; ishmail amerat <>; jaaved Pahary <>; "" <>; Keisha Scott <>; "" <>; marouf Ramjan <>; Mohammad Kabir <>; Mustafa Osman <>; Muhsin Ramjan <>; Mustafa rashid <>; Nazim Sharia <>; "" <>; Nur Ramjan <>; Nooreen Ramjan <>; Norita van der Velde <>; raffiq ahsan <>; rafiq uddin <>; Rasha ALsayed <>;;; Sidick Abdoollah <>; "" <>; Uzair Ramjan <>; zakiyyah ramjan <> 

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Subject: FW: ( في خمس دقائق ) Five minutes a day Heart Disease Cure / Very Important & Informative

Ginger is Better than Drugs for Pain, says Study

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Ginger is Better than Drugs for Pain, says Study
A new study published in the journal Arthritis compared ginger extract to the common drugs betamethasone (cortisone) and ibuprofen for the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

While ibuprofen is a popular pain remedy (such as Advil or Motrin), in this study it showed no effect on cytokine production.  Cytokines are immune-regulating substances that can have inflammatory effects on the body, and are therefore linked to pain.  In this study, both betamethasone and ginger extract reduced cytokines in comparable amounts.   The authors of the study indicate that,n “ginger extract was as effective an anti-inflammatory agent as betamethasone in this in vitro model.”

While betamethasone has been used for decades to relieve pain, it is also linked with many serious side-effects, including:  vision problems, weight gain, swelling, shortness of breath, depression, seizures, pancreatitis, heart arrhythmias, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, severe headaches, anxiety, chest pains, sleep problems, acne, slow wound healing, and more.  Ginger, however, is a powerful anti-inflammatory that is safe for use. For more information, consult Arthritis-Proof.

Other research by Dr. Krishna C. Srivastava, a world-renowned researcher on the therapeutic effects of spices, at Odense University in Denmark, found that ginger is an effective and superior anti-pain remedy. In one study, Dr. Srivastava gave arthritic patients small amounts of ginger daily for three months.  The majority of people had significant improvements in pain, swelling, and morning stiffness by eating ginger daily.

Dr. Srivastava also found that ginger was superior to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Tylenol or Advil because NSAIDs only work on one level:  to block the formation of inflammatory compounds.  Ginger, on the other hand, blocks the formation of the inflammatory compounds–prostaglandins and leukotrienes–and also has antioxidant effects that break down existing inflammation and acidity in the fluid within the joints.

Further research in the Journal of Pain also report that ginger is an effective natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce pain and inflammation. Both raw ginger and heated ginger were used in the study with similar effectiveness. The scientists specifically explored ginger’s effects on muscle pain.
Keep reading to discover how to reap the anti-pain benefits of ginger…

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Ginger has been used medicinally for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine in India as a natural anti-inflammatory food.

How to Reap the Anti-Pain Benefits of Ginger (adapted from Arthritis-Proof):

-Add chopped, fresh ginger to soups, stews, stir-fries, and other recipes.  Ginger is delicious in many savory and sweet dishes alike.

-Add fresh ginger to a juicer while making juices.  It combines well with many other vegetables and fruits, such as carrots or apple.

-Ginger capsules (Zingiber officinale) are available for supplementation.  Follow package directions.
-Chopped, fresh ginger can be added to water and boiled in a pot for 45 minutes to an hour. Drink warm or with ice, as a tea.  Add a few drops of stevia to sweeten (stevia is a naturally-sweet herb).

-Ginger is available in alcohol tincture form.  A typical dose is 30 drops three times daily.  Avoid the alcohol extract if you are an alcoholic, suffering from liver disease, or diabetic.

Medicine never tasted so good.

Recommended reading:  Arthritis-Proof.
I’d love to hear your ideas on how to use ginger.

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5 Cancer-Fighting Spices

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16 Creative Ways to Use Garlic

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16 Creative Ways to Use Garlic

April 19th is National Garlic Day — and we’re celebrating this very important holiday with some of our favorite garlic-heavy recipes. Click through to check them out, and tell us about your favorite in the comments.

Read more:

Garlic and chocolate?! No, really, it’s delicious — I swear!
1. Garlic-Chocolate Truffles
  • 8 Ounces 60% bittersweet chocolate chips
  • 1/3 Cup Dutch-process cocoa
  • 1/3 Cup heavy cream
  • 6 Tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • 2 Tablespoons minced garlic
1. In a medium pot over low heat, bring cream to a simmer. Add in butter and stir until it has fully melted. Add chocolate chips and stir. When the mixture is smooth, transfer to a shallow bowl. Stir in garlic.
2. Let the mixture cool. When it’s cooled, cover it and place it in the fridge for about 2 hours, until firm.
3. With a melon baller (ideally) or spoon, scoop out the chocolate. With hour hands, roll each scoop into 1-inch balls. Roll balls in cocoa powder and serve.
Recipe Credit: The Baking Barrister
More Garlic Recipes:
2. Roasted Garlic
3. Garlic and Spinach Soup
4. Garlic-Tarragon Eggs on Salad Greens

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5. Roasted Garlic Soup
  • 1 Head garlic, cloves separated and still in their peels
  • 1-2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • 1/2 Yellow onion, diced
  • 3 Sprigs fresh thyme
  • 2 Tablespoons sherry vinegar
  • 1/2+ Cup Vegetable broth
  • Creme fraiche for garnish
  • Minced fresh parsley for garnish
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a baking dish, toss garlic with oil, salt and pepper. Roast in oven for about 1 hour. Let cool. Peel off skins. Set garlic aside for later.
2. In a large pot over medium heat, heat butter. Stir in onion and thyme and cook for 3-5 minutes, or until onion is translucent. Add a pinch or two of both salt and pepper and vinegar. With your spoon, scrape up any remaining bits of onion. Stir in roast garlic, about 1/2 cup of broth (more or less as desired) and 3/4 cup water. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for about 20 minutes.
3. Let cool. Transfer soup to blender and puree to your desired consistency. Heat up on the stove until the soup is hot before transferring to serving bowls. Garnish with a dollop of cream fraiche and fresh parsley.
Recipe Adapted From: Food52.
Other Garlic Recipes:
6. Simple Braised Greens with Garlic
7. Garlic & Herb Croutons
8. Roasted Garlic Aioli

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Bring your pizzeria favorite home with this easy and tasty recipe for garlic knots. Both marinara and pesto work great as dipping sauces.
9. Garlic Knots
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil, plus more for greasing pan
  • 2 Pounds Pizza Dough
  • 1-2 Cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 Teaspoon coarse salt
  • 1 Tablespoons finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 1/2 Cup finely grated parmesan or romano cheese
  • 1/2 Tablespoon dried oregano (optional)
1. Arrange oven racks — one should go in the upper third of the oven, and the other in the lower third.Preheat to 400 degrees. Oil 2 large baking sheets.
2. Divide dough in half. Place one half under a clean kitchen towel. Lightly flour work surface and rolling pin. Roll out dough gently into a roughly 10 inch square. Use your fingers to pull on the corners to get the shape right. With a chef’s knife or a pizza cutter, cut the square of dough in half. Working crosswise, cut the halves into 2/3 inch strips — about 15 strips total. Cover cut strips with a clean kitchen towel while cutting the remaining strips.
3. One by one, pull out one strip of dough from under the towels and tie gently into a knot. If the dough is too sticky to work with, flour lightly. Transfer completed knots to baking sheets and cover with towel. Repeat cutting and knotting with remaining dough.
4. Bake knots for about 20 minutes, or until the knots are golden. Switch positions about halfway through the baking process.
5. Meanwhile, make garlic paste. Mince garlic well and, with a mortar pestle or a spoon and a bowl, mash garlic and salt into a paste. Transfer garlic-salt paste to a large bowl and combine well with olive oil. As soon as you pull the knots out of the oven, toss them in the garlic paste. Add the cheese, parsley and optional to the bowl and continue tossing. Serve warm.
Recipe Adapted From: Gourmet.
Check Out These Great Garlic Recipes:
10. Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme
11. Mexican Garlic Soup
12. Garlic Tart

13. Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing
  • 8 Cloves garlic, roasted and peeled
  • 3 Tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 1 Tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 1/2 Cup extra virgin olive oil
1. Place all ingredients, besides the oil, in a food processor or blender. Slowly add the oil to the food processor while the motor is running. When the oil has emulsified, the dressing is good to go!
Recipe Credit: Bobby Flay
See Also:
14. Five Green Salsa with Garlic and Lime
15. Alice Waters’ Aioli
16. Braised Artichokes with Thyme and Garlic

7 Easy Ways To Heal with Ginger

7 Easy Ways To Heal with Ginger
Ginger is a wonder root. Its healing power is inversely proportional to how knobbly and unattractive it looks. Its role in easing digestive problems and healing painful joints is undisputed. It brings relief from coughs and colds and strengthens your immune system. And those are only a few of ginger’s amazing health benefits.
I cannot imagine my kitchen without a handful of young, pink-tipped, robust ginger root. Try these easy and health-boosting  ideas, and you’ll be a ginger lover, too!

For your tummy: Slice fresh ginger into matchsticks. Squeeze a whole lemon on it. Place in a small glass jar. Suck on those matchsticks or eat it as  pickle. Lovely punchy taste, and great for digestion.
For your throat: Grated ginger, mixed with a big spoonful of honey, brings instant relief to a sore throat.
For an Antioxidant bounty: A fresh tomato-ginger relish for your table: 1 tomato, finely chopped, tossed with finely chopped or freshly grated ginger, a little salt, some cilantro or parsley leaves.

For power soups: Stir a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger into your soups, for a dramatic burst of flavor and all the health-giving goodness of this wonder root.

For a guilt-free but delicious bite: Boil 4 potatoes. Cut them into cubes, and toss them with a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic, a teaspoon of finely chopped ginger, 1 green chili, salt and fresh herbs.

To wake up your sleepy grains: Grate some ginger and squeeze some lemon over freshly boiled rice, couscous or pasta for a tasty kick and loads of antioxidant benefits.

For an energetic day: Grate ginger and stir it into a cup of plain yogurt. Place them in a blender with ½ tsp roasted and powdered cumin seeds, a little sea-salt and  2 cups of ice-cold water and give a good whizz. This lassi is a supremely refreshing and digestion-friendly summer drink to kick start your day!
So off I go, to stir up some gingery lassi. Hope you’ll try some, too! Learn more about the incredible goodness of ginger here.

Try Ginger in more delicious ways:
Apricot Ginger Scones
Carrot, Beet & Ginger Soup

Read more:


 Calcium pills 'double heart attack risk'

Calcium supplements taken by millions people every day can double the risk of heart attacks, according to a study, while researchers say they do little to protect bones against fractures.

Despite the link to heart problems, calcium pills are important for those at risk of osteoperosisRecommended by government advisors as a safe way to help fight osteoporosis, they are taken by up to 5m people in Britain.

But researchers say a new study adds to mounting evidence that the supplements are "not safe or particularly effective".

The latest study, which followed 24,000 middle-aged and elderly Germans for 11 years, found taking calcium pills roughly doubled the risk of having a heart attack.

Writing today in the journal Heart, German and Swiss academics find that heart attack risk "might be substantially increased by taking calcium supplements".

They conclude the pills "should be taken with caution" because they raise the annual risk of a heart attack from about one in 700 people to one in 350.

The scientists' findings are at odds with Department of Health advice, published on the NHS Choices website, that "taking 1,500mg or less of calcium supplements is unlikely to cause any harm".

It only warns: "Taking high doses of calcium could lead to stomach pain and diarrhoea."

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) also recommends them for women who need treatment for osteoporosis, unless they already get enough calcium from their diet.

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and adults need about 700mg a day. Clinicians agree it is best to get it through food but some people find this difficult.

Taking it in pill form has become very popular - either alone, in combination with magnesium or vitamin D, or as part of a multi-vitamin. Pills often contain 500mg calcium or more.

According to Mintel, the market research firm, 11 per cent of British adults - equivalent to 5m people - took calcium supplements in the last year.

However, commenting on the new research by the University of Zurich and the German Cancer Reserch Centre in Heidelberg, published in Heart, two leading researchers warn: "The safety of calcium supplements is now coming under considerable scrutiny."

They say there is strong evidence that taking pill calcium floods the blood with the mineral, leading to hardening of the arteries and raising heart attack risk.

Dr Mark Bolland and Professor Ian Reid of Auckland University in New Zealand say today's study "reinforce the conclusions" of previous research.

A 2010 BMJ review covering 12,000 people found supplements raised the risk by a third, they say, while a 2011 study of 28,000 people found they increased heart attacks by more than a quarter.

A recent Australian study was even more "sobering", according to pair. That report, published earlier this year, found "elderly and frail" people who took 600mg daily pills were 76 per cent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease over three years than those not on them.

"The evidence is steadily mounting for a real cardiovascular adverse effect from the use of calcium supplements," they write.

Evidence also suggested that "the anti-fracture effects of calcium [supplements] are modest".

They conclude: "The consistent evidence is that calcium supplements do more harm than good and that other interventions are preferable for reducing the risk of osteoporosis fractures...

"It is now becoming clear that taking this micronutrient in one or two daily boluses [pills] is not natural, in that it does not reproduce the same metabolic effcts as calcium in food.

"The evidence is also becoming steadily stronger that it is not safe, nor is it particularly effective."

Dr Claire Bowring of the National Osteoporosis Society said "care" was needed with calcium supplements.

"If you get all of the calcium that you need from your diet then a supplement will not be necessary," she said.

"Supplementation may be warranted if you are unable to get enough calcium in your diet, but it needs to be done with consideration.

"If you have a heart condition or if you feel you may be at risk of a heart attack it is important to talk to your GP."

Dr Carrie Ruxton, of the Health Supplements Information Service, said it was "irresponsible" to advise women with osteoporosis not to take supplements "on the basis of one flawed study".

It lacked information on calcium doses and results could have been skewed by differences between participants underlying health, she claimed.

She said: "Osteoporosis is a real issue for women and it is irresponsible for scientists to advise that women cut out calcium supplements on the basis of one flawed survey, particularly when the link between calcium, vitamin D and bone health is endorsed by the European Food Safety Authority."

*MORE people now understand the need to get a few minutes' of direct sunlight exposure to help build strong bones, according to the National Osteoporosis Society.

It found a third now know the importance of getting a few minutes daily sun exposure without sunscreen, to help the body manufacture enough vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones.

Three years ago only six per cent understood the importance of daily direct sunlight, according to spokesman Siobhan Hallmark.

The charity launches its annual Sunlight Campaign today. It advises people to get 10 minutes of direct sun exposure on bare skin, once or twice a day, between May and September.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: "We will consider the study carefully once the complete article has been published.

"The majority of people do not need to take a calcium supplement. A healthy balanced diet will provide all the nutrients, including calcium, that they need. Good sources of calcium include milk and dairy foods, fortified dairy food alternatives, e.g. soya drink and green leafy vegetables."

Ten foods that have been banned

On 1 July foie gras will be banned in California. It’s a ban that has sparked a veritable feeding frenzy, with the price of foie gras doubling as Californians scramble for one last taste of the controversial delicacy.

However, it’s not the only food to have fallen foul of the law.
Shark fin

Chef serving up shark fin soup, Bangkok. © RexSharks may not be the cutest of creatures but this is one ban that certainly makes sense. Although actual consumption of the fins isn't illegal, California recently passed a law banning the possession, sale or trade of shark fins and the EU, the U.S, Canada, Brazil and South Africa all have shark finning laws too. 

"Shark finning is an extremely cruel practice," says Professor Duncan, an animal welfare expert based at the department of Animal and Poultry Science at Ontario's University of Guelph.
"When caught, their fins are cut off, and they’re thrown back into the sea alive. It's all the more reprehensible because shark fins don't have any special properties – they’re just pieces of cartilage."
[Related feature: When fast food turns posh]

Tomato ketchup

When HJ Heinz created his first batch of ketchup in 1876 by boiling up tomatoes and adding vinegar and sugar, we're pretty sure he'd never have imagined that the resulting product would end up being banned in France.

Admittedly, the ban only applies to schools, and children will still be allowed their ketchup fix once a week, but only with French fries. 

The ban was introduced to help preserve traditional French cuisine. "We have to ensure that children become familiar with French recipes so that they can hand them down to the following generations," declared Christophe Hebert, chairman of the National Association of Directors of Collective Restaurants.

Japanese puffer fish 
 Fugu a type of puffer fish at a Japanese restaurant. © Rex

"The Japanese puffer fish is one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine," says Professor Charles Brennan, a professor in food chemistry and nutrition at New Zealand's Lincoln University.

"Its notoriety comes from the poison tetrodotocin which is found in its liver, ovaries and skin."

Both the sale and consumption of Japanese puffer fish, or Fugu, is banned in the EU, and the catching and selling of puffer fish was banned in Vietnam between 2002 and 2010 after a spate of fatal poisonings.

Elsewhere, only licensed restaurants can serve the dish, and chefs must undertake a two or three year apprenticeship. It's not an easy skill to master either - the apprenticeships only have a 35 per cent success rate.

Horse meat

The consumption of horse meat was first banned in 732 when a then Europe-wide papal ban was introduced, while Iceland also introduced a separate ban in the year 1000. 

In more recent years, the slaughter of horses for meat was banned in the US for five years but Obama lifted this ban in November 2011.

To this day the Italians and French have a particular fondness for horse meat. In order to meet the high demand in Italy, around 20,000 horses are imported from Eastern Europe every year, while France's love affair with horse meat goes back at least 100 years - records show that in 1911, 62,000 horses were slaughtered for their meat.

Raw milk            

Yes, you read that correctly. Milk, the stuff that we pour over our cereal and add to our morning caffeine fix is banned in several places, including 22 American states and the whole of Canada. However, the ban only applies to the unpasteurised variety, and was introduced to protect consumers from bacteria found in raw milk.

Critics argue that raw milk contains beneficial enzymes which are destroyed by the pasteurisation process, while also pointing out that higher standards relating to farm sanitation mean that it's high time this law was revoked.

"Pasteurisation does effectively control the majority of pathogens if used properly," says Professor Brennan. "However it also affects the beneficial microbes within milk. Indeed, recent research suggests some health benefits in drinking raw milk over pasteurised milk.”
[Related feature: Food of the future]

Pecorino cheese in an Italian market © RexMaggot cheese

You might want to skip this next item if you’re eating. Casu Marzu, meaning rotting cheese in Sardinian, is a white runny cheese made by injecting Pecorino Sardo cheese with cheese-eating larvae which then hatch into worms – half-inch-long worms at that.

Tradition dictates that the cheese should be eaten with the worms still inside. However the current EU ban on the cheese was introduced because this particular larvae, Piophila Casei, is resistant to stomach acid and can cause gastric lesions. Nevertheless, cheese aficionados have evaded the ban by registering the cheese as a traditional food, which means it's exempt from EU rulings.


In France it's illegal to hunt or sell this tiny French songbird: restaurant owners face a hefty fine if caught serving them, although they are still often sold illegally to restaurants for around £150 a piece.

Those who eat the birds traditionally place a napkin over their head, partly because the process of eating ortolan is somewhat messy (the birds are consumed whole - beak, bones and all) and partly because tradition dictates that those who consume Ortolan must “hide their greed from God”.

 Stevia plants © RexStevia

Whoever came up with the expression "eat your greens" had obviously never heard of Stevia. Stevia is a herb related to the sunflower family and is grown for its leaves, which can be used as a sweetener.

However, in 1985 a study linked the herb to fertility (and other health) problems, resulting in Stevia being banned.

However, the ban is controversial, with many people suspecting the real reason behind it was to stop the herb becoming a viable low-cost alternative to aspartame.

Whatever the reason, in America Stevia was banned by the Food and Drug administration but in 1994, the ban was changed to allow it to be used as a dietary supplement but not a food additive. 

In 2005, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India introduced a Stevia ban, while in the UK Stevia was banned until November 2011 when the European Commission ruled that it could be used as a sweetener.

Blackened redfish

In the early 1980s, New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme came up with a recipe for blackened redfish which proved so popular that the US Commerce Department was forced to step in and protect redfish stock by closing down fisheries and introducing an emergency temporary ban making it illegal to keep or catch redfish.

Today there are still strict regulations in place regarding the size of redfish that can be caught – but Prudhomme’s recipe remains one of Louisiana’s most popular dishes.


Haggis is banned in the US due to a law against the use of sheep’s lungs in food products. The ban has been a source of contention between the Scottish Rural Affairs Department and the US Department of Agriculture for over 22 years.

Despite rumours in January 2010 that the ban was about to be lifted, haggis remains illegal in the USA, although Americans can satisfy their cravings with what’s known as American haggis, which lacks the one authentic ingredient – sheep’s lungs. But on the plus side, it probably comes with a double helping of fries.


  1. Thanks for this Post this very helpful info.
    a friend of mine have tried this formula and it wonder works, I dont have any problem in hypertension , but due to stress at work i got pain all over my body and also maybe it triggers me with arthritis. , i will try this instead taking harmful pain relievers.

  2. Supporting South Dakota Reservations
    3 August 2012

    1. Bamboo Palm: According to NASA, it removes formaldehyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier.

    2. Snake Plant: Found by NASA to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde.
    CAUTION: poisonous to dogs and cats, skin irritation for humans.

    3. Areca Palm: One of the best air purifying plants for general air cleanliness.

    4. Spider Plant: Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from the air.

    5. Peace Lily: Peace lilies could be called the “clean-all.” They’re often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they’re known for removing mold spores. Also known to remove formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.
    CAUTION: poisonous to humans, dogs and cats.

    6. Gerber Daisy: Not only do these gorgeous flowers remove benzene from the air, they’re known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen over night.

    (Animal Poison Control Center: 888-426-4435).

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  4. Tétanos, le livre choc qui détruit le mythe du vaccin

    Posté le Mardi 5 août 2014 | Commentaires fermés

    Tétanos_Joët_Couve3D-300x300Voici un ouvrage indispensable pour comprendre la dérive intellectuelle et morale de la science moderne occidentale, malheureusement copiée à la lettre par le reste du monde ! Ce livre démontre sans aucune contradiction possible que le vaccin du tétanos ou son traitement avec sérum n’a aucun fondement scientifique. Le pire est que les arguments développés dans cet ouvrage sont compréhensibles pour un enfant de 10 ans ! Ce livre préfacé par le docteur J. Méric, est agrémenté de 180 notes de bas de page ; il est exhaustif et ne souffre aucune remarque. Il est certes très perturbant pour un professionnel de santé car il remet en cause les vérités pseudo scientifiques assénées depuis des décennies et heurte l’ego en dévoilant notre fragilité intellectuelle face à la propagande. C’est pour cela qu’il faut, après l’avoir lu, le prêter ou l’offrir à votre médecin traitant et à votre pharmacien afin qu’ils se remettent de leur aveuglement. Rappelons que ce vaccin (avec les deux autres du DTP) est le seul obligatoire en France mais comme il n’est plus commercialisé pour des raisons d’accidents vaccinaux, il a été remplacé par le Pentavac et autres multivalents encore plus dangereux… Bref, ce livre est une bombe larguée dans le jardin de Big Pharma, une bombe salutaire qui fait voler en éclats des absurdités et des aberrations présentées jusque-là comme des vérités sentencieuses.


    Vous pouvez commander le(s) livre(s) en cliquant sur l’image correspondante :


  5. Plus de 540 000 signatures pour la pétition anti-vaccins : Marisol Touraine panique
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    Publié le : mardi 2 juin
    Mots-clés : France; Politique; Santé
    Commentaires : 41

    143 votes

    La pétition lancée par le professeur Henri Joyeux, visant à alerter sur les dangers de la vaccination et pointant les dessous de la pénurie de vaccins DTP, a déjà recueilli plus de 540 000 signatures à ce jour, provoquant l’ire du ministre de la Santé, Marisol Touraine. Cette femme d’affaires, qui n’a aucune compétence en médecine, est-elle inquiète pour sa prime annuelle ?

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    Qui est Marisol Touraine ?

    Nous voici devant une « gueule d’ange », comprendre, devant une personne dont le charme, le sourire, le charisme, l’air sympathique, bref le délit de « bonne gueule » font illusion : Marisol Touraine (...)