It’s mental illness, sociopathy. If a normal person sees someone like yourself is going to give a lecture they have no interest in or don’t agree with they simply don’t go to it. If a sociopath sees the same thing they feel they are entitled to try and stop it from happening. This displays several of the delusions from which sociopaths suffer. Namely delusions of importance, superiority, expertise and authority. They falsely believe their opinions are more valid than anyone else’s and they have the right to dictate the behavior of others. This problem is pandemic in America and all the drugs they pump into the population only makes it worse.
There are ironies associated with the charge of “anti-Semitism”, moreover, because anti-Semitism involves discounting or dis-valuing the worth of a person or of their opinions on the basis of their religious orientation or their genetic lineage. Criticism of the policies or actions of the government of Israel is therefore not “anti-Semitic”. New DNA studies, moreover, have shown most of the population of Israel descends from the Khazar region of Ukraine, which means that “the chosen people” are not even genetically entitled to “the promised land”. The Palestinians, by contrast, are Semites, which means that the greatest practitioners of anti-Semitism in the world are the Israelis, suggesting that the term needs to be re-defined, as Mike Harris and Preston James have proposed.

Vladimir Putin on the Liberation of Auschwitz

January 26, 2015, 16:45
Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to all those attending the requiem held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Red Army and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
1 Map of AuschwitzThe President said, in particular, in his message:
“The Holocaust was one of the most tragic and shameful pages in human history. Millions of innocent people fell victim to the Nazis, went through the hell of the death camps and were shot, tortured, and died from hunger and disease. The Red Army put an end to these atrocities and this ruthless barbarity and saved not just the Jewish people but also the other peoples of Europe and the world.
We must always remember firmly that any attempts to rewrite history and our country’s contribution to the great victory would be tantamount to justifying Nazism’s crimes and would open the door to the re-emergence of this deadly ideology. Forgetting the lessons of our common past could lead to a repeat of these terrible tragedies. It is therefore our duty to defend the truth about the events of World War II and stand up for the achievements, dignity, and good name of the living and the fallen. This is our duty and a matter of honour before the generations to come.”

Putin’s statement sounds fine, until your consider that he is endorsing some variant of the “official narrative”. I am relieved that he did not affirm that 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated in concentration camps by being gassed in chambers using Zyklon B. I would like to believe that the President of Russia has too much respect for scientific research and that he does not embrace assertions that would violate the laws of biochemistry and of materials science. Let me close by observing that we should all share a commitment to getting history right, especially in cases such as this one, where false and exaggerated accounts have been deployed for political purposes to advance the political agenda of a single country for its own national benefit, regardless of logic, truth and evidence.