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An Alphabetic Index of the Files on this site, with modification dates indicated (yy mm dd); e.g. 01 11 07 = November 7, 2001.

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about-author.html - about the author

about-me.html - more about the author

acharya.html - Acharya S., the New Age, and the Culture War on Christianity (06 01 01)

adam-and-eve.html - The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story about about the connection between Sex and Death; the story of Adam and Eve is an adaptation of it, a reworking and replacement of its meaning. The Bible's story of Noah's Ark and the Flood is a reworking of the earlier version in the Epic of Gilgamesh; there, the gods sent the Flood because the human population was expanding too much. (08 08 26)

adhope-poems.html - Poems of A. D. Hope (Alec Derwent Hope) (01 11 07)

Al-Jazeera-CIA-Orwell.html - Al Jazeera is the chief conduit of "Bin Laden" messages; it broadcasts them without questioning their veracity. They accept responsibility for 9/11, and threaten the West - thus fuelling the War on Terror. Many of the initial staff at Al Jazeera came from the BBC Arabic service. Is Al Jazeera editorial policy run by Western agents? There is a precedent: during World War II, Britain secretly ran a "German" radio station mounting ostensibly PRO-HITLER propaganda. ALSO: George Orwell's World War II BBC Broadcasts to India, from the Ministry of Information. (10 03 27)

ambivalence.html - Ambivalence About Stalin; and how Double Taxation laws destroy a country's sovereignty

antisemite.html - Am I an AntiSemite?

anti-civ.html - Marxism as an Anti-Civilization

archaeology-bible.html - The Exodus and the Archaeology of the Bible - the findings of Egyptologist Donald B. Redford, and Israeli Archaeologists Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman. (04 06 03)

asia.html - The Japanese Miracle was undone by the Basle Accord of 1988, which forced to Japan to raise its Capital Adequacy Ratio. How To Kill A Tiger: Speculators Tell the Story of their Attack Against the Asian Tigers in 1997. The Confucian Renaissance, Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations, and more.

asia-crisis.html - How Speculators, in league with the US Government and the IMF, deliberately destroyed the "Asian Tiger" economies in the "Asia Crisis" of 1997 (03 06 04)

atomic-spies.html - Pavel Sudoplatov on the Atomic Spies who helped the USSR get the bomb

avineri.html - Intellectual Origins of the Jewish State

balfour.html - Behind the Balfour Declaration

baruch-plan.html - the 1946 Baruch Plan for World Government (01 09 05)

basle.html - David Grover on why the US & British bankers were able to rein in the Japanese banks via the Basle Accord of 1988

before-columbus.html - Phoenician discovery of America? - Evidence for trans-oceanic contact between ancient civilisations - the Case for Diffusion (02 07 09)

believer.html - Am I a Believer?

bengur48.html - Time magazine's interview with David Ben-Gurion, of August 16, 1948

bengur50.jpg - David Ben Gurion's Millenial Vision of 1962 (50%)

bengur62.jpg - David Ben Gurion's Millenial Vision of 1962 (100%)

bengur-bible.html - What's the Bible get to do with Zionism? David Ben-Gurion's answer (01 11 01)

bengur-recollections.html - David Ben-Gurion offers an atheistic definition of Judaism, arguing that God did not choose them; rather, they chose Him - and themselves (04 01 01).

beria.html - Isaac Deutscher wrote that the Bolshevik Government, in its first years, was run by "emigres had lived many years in the West", who looked down on Russian "backwardness" and pursued "internationalist" politics:

"... they were Marxists in partibus infidelium, West European revolutionaries acting against a non-congenial Oriental background, which ... tried to impose its tyranny upon them. Only revolution in the West could relieve them from that tyranny ... "

"No sooner had Bolshevism mentally withdrawn into its national shell than this attitude became untenable. The party of the revolution had to stoop to its semi-Asiatic environment. It had to cut itself loose from the specifically Western tradition of Marxism ... "

Beria and Gorbachev attempted to return to this "Western" Marxism: each emphatically rejected Stalin. But Deutscher was a Jewish Trotskytist, and this "Western" Marxism is Trotskyism by another name. (03 01 08)

bernstein.zip - Herman Bernstein (1935) argues that the Protocols of Zion is a forgery; with an Introduction by Norman Cohn (1971). Excludes Bernstein's Exhibit A, Maurice Joly's book Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu; it is at joly.zip (02 09 23)

between.html - the struggle between Nippon and Zion (rival accumulators of Capital)

bible.html - Who Wrote the Bible? - How the Torah (including the Book of Genesis) was produced by Ezra, in Babylon, around 458 BC, with the authority of the Persian Emperor (and under the influence of the Zoroastrian religion).

'Ezra arrived in Jerusalem with two important documents in his hand ... this "torah of Moses," and ... a letter from the Persian emperor, Artaxerxes, giving him authority ... to teach and to enforce "the law of your God which is in your hand." The enforcement powers included fines, imprisonment, and the death penalty.' (03 01 01)

bonsai-launch.jpg - publishers' invitation to the launch of Gavin McCormack's book Bonsai Australia Banzai

braudel.html - Fernand Braudel on Jewish Civilization: "There was quite updoubtedly a Jewish civilization ... And yet the Jews are not a race ... German Jews or Ashkenazim, Spanish Jews or Sephardim are biologically at least half German or Spanish, for there was frequent intermarriage and Jewish communities often originated in local conversions to Judaism ... The root of it all was religion: isolation was the consequence of a whole complex of inherited habits, beliefs, even methods of preparing food." (02 05 22)

british-conspiracy.html - Claims that the One-World conspiracy is "British". A graphic overview called One World Conspiracy - "British" or "Jewish"? A Jewish one inside the British one, depicting the three factions of the "One World" conspiracy, is at british-conspiracy.gif. Feel free to make copies and transparencies of it. (04 08 26)

browning.html - The Origins of the Final Solution - Christopher R. Browning. How Nazi policy changed from Ethnic Cleansing to Genocide. (09 05 04)

buddhism.html - Christ as a Buddha figure: the Buddhist origins of Christianity

burnham.html - James Burnham was a Troyskyist who later realised that the USSR was never a Workers' State but the first of a new type of state run by managers, the Managerial State. Nazi Germany, New Deal America & postwar Japan are other examples. His book The Managerial Revolution (written in 1940) was also an important contributor to George Orwell's view of the future in his disutopian novel 1984 (written in 1948). (01 12 07)

bugs.html - bugged comnputer software

bush-poems.html - Australian bush poems (01 11 06)

c20-doc.html - documents: the Balfour Declaration, the 14 Points, Treaty of Versailles

carthage-became-jewish.html - After Carthage fell, Carthaginians and Phoenicians became Jews; this is the origin of the Jews of Spain and North Africa. Freud sided with Hannibal as a Jewish proxy against Rome. (08 08 28)

chinese-civilization.html - The Confucian state: not legalist but civilizational. Chinese Concept of Nature: not a wilderness; man holds an integral place. Enlightenment Europe's fascination with Confucian China. (04 09 20)

cia-infiltrating-left.html - The CIA infiltrating the Left. The Neocons are former Trotskyists who support Zionism, but retain many Trotskyist ideas. They support Globalization, oppose the self-reliant nation-state, endorse open borders (except, perhaps, for Moslems), oppose censorship of pornography, and mostly oppose Government involvement in "morality" issues such as homosexuality. Learn how to spot the Neocons in the media. (03 01 15; major update 03 04 08)

classwar.html - Karl Marx: advocating Free Trade, to promote a Revolution

cobden.html - Richard Cobden: advocating Free Trade, to create a World State; Strobe Talbott, deputy Secretary of State in Clinton's 1st and 2nd administrations, puts the case for World Government.

cohn.html - Norman Cohn's detailed arguments against The Protocols of Zion, in Warrant For Genocide (1970) (02 09 23)

confucian-renaissance.html - Reg Little and Warren Reed, The Confucian Renaissance - the revival of North Asian philosophy and economy; Confucianism as a rival to the Marxist philosophy and the Jewish religion. (02 11 24)

conspire.html - "I Don't Believe in All Those Conspiracy Theories"

convergence.html - Andrei Sakharov on East-West Convergence towards World Government (World Federalism) - How Anatoliy Golitsyn garbled the story, and how his misinterpretation is being taken up in the United States by George W. Bush. (02 02 22)

coombs.html - The role of Dr H. C. Coombs as an agent for change in Australia (his economic policies; his Aboriginal legacies; an exchange between Dr Coombs and myself). (04 10 14)

correctness.html - The Ancestry of Political Correctness - from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution and our own time.

Mikhail Bakunin (c. 1871) on the Jews around Marx: "with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement".

"Jews reign ... Too bad for anyone careless enough to displease them". Similar statements were made by Nietzsche (nietzsche.html) and Dostoievsky (dostoievsky.html).
Mikhail Bakunin warns of the Marxist Dictatorship (1873)

courtois.html - The Black Book of Communism, by Stephane Courtois et al. The Communist terror in the USSR prior to Gorbachev, and in China under Mao (covers the Great Leap Forward). Why can't its death-toll be memorialized? Was it deemed of little weight, compared to the visionary goal being pursued?
Why is Nazism uniquely Evil but Communism respectable? It is because, however it went wrong, Communism is seen as Idealistic or Universalist?
Although Stalinism fell, have different kinds of Marxism - the Fabian, Green & Trotskyist kinds - conquered the West? Is this why the sins of Communism are being denied & forgotten?
After Mao died, China under Deng abandoned Communism, adopting "Market Socialism" instead. (update 09 01 03)

cultural-revolution.html - Chinese Shadows, by Simon Leys (Pierre Ryckmans). On China's Cultural Revolution & Mao's Destruction of China's Heritage. Also has a bearing on the Cultural Revolution under way in the West. Simon Leys was the first Westerner to break the spell of Mao in "Left" circles. (09 01 06)

curtis1.html - Lionel Curtis on why the British Empire should re-incorporate the United States and become a World-State: The Commonwealth of Nations (1911-16)

curtis2.html - Lionel Curtis on why the British Empire should re-incorporate the United States and become a World-State: Civitas Dei: The Commonwealth of God (1938)

danielou-paglia.html - Alain Danielou and Camille Paglia on the struggle between the Dionysian (Shivaite, Feminine) and the Patriarchial cultures (Apollonian, Monotheistic) in the last 5 millenia (01 11 10)

danielou2.html - Alain Danielou on the similarities between Shivaism, Taoism, & the Cynic philosophers, and the contest between them and the rationalistic, moralistic religions (01 11 11)

daoist.html - A Daoist (Taoist) Philosophy of Life (mine)

death-of-stalin.html - The Death of Stalin, by Georges Bertoli, and The Death of Stalin: An Investigation by "Monitor". The latter book shows that Stalin was overthrown by a coup d'etat. Stalin killed, directly and indirectly, millions of people; there is no question of making him a hero. But the murder of such a powerful man, and its cover-up, raise even more questions about who was controlling Communism. (02 03 26)

de-tocqueville.html - Alexis De Tocqueville on Race in America (02 02 10)

deutscher.html - When Trotsky applied for asylum in Britain, he was supported by Sidney & Beatrice Webb, H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw & Keynes. (09 01 11}

diamond.html - Jared Diamond summarises the case for an Indo-European expansion covering the last 5000 years diamond.html (02 02 10)

diop.html - Cheikh Anta Diop argues that many Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. The Great Sphinx had a negro head; a number of Pharaohs had negro features; Egyptian women had wavy braided "Afro" hair. Plus Martin Bernal on Diffusion. (02 07 06)

disraeli.html - Benjamin Disraeli on Jews and Revolution; and on Nathan Mayer Rothschild

dome.html - Will the 9-11 WTC attack lead to a World War over the Dome of the Rock? (01 09 14)

dostoievsky.html - Dostoievsky's non-fiction work The Diary of a Writer, published serially from 1873 to 1871: "... it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital ... and ... are also the masters of international politics ... what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching !" (06 04 20)

downing.html - F. Gerald Downing, Christ and the Cynics: the early Christians presented themselves, amid the Hellenistic culture of the Roman Empire, as very much like the Cynic philosophers (who were like Taoists). (01 09 12)

dspwomen.jpg - Never forget what the Trots did to our kids: a Democratic Socialist Party poster in Canberra

einstein.html - The Apotheosis of Albert Einstein. Einstein as philosopher, as mentor or "universal man", as Communist, as proponent of World Government, as scientist, as plagiarist, as Zionist (03 08 31)

eir-dec03.html - article from EIR about Jewish-Moslem conflict over the Dome of the Rock

engagement.html - we need new Rules of Engagement (and Disengagement) between the sexes

engagement.html#1 - my advice on how to have a Home Birth and how to rear children.

engdahl.html - F. William Engdahl, A Century of War - Britain's promotion of Free Trade

eth-civ.html - Ethnicity and Civilization: lessons from ancient Greece & ancient India

freney.html - Denis Freney on the 1971 Springbok tour of Australia. This was a major setback for the apartheid regime in South Africa, and a mind-altering event in Australia. (07 03 01)

fdr.zip - F.D.R.: My Exploited Father-in-Law, by Curtis B. Dall (03 06 12)

finkelstein.html - Norman Finkelstein calls the Holocaust Industry a "Shakedown" (02 07 18)

four-room-house.html - Manfred Bietak and the Hebrew/Israelite Four-Room houses at Avaris, the Hyksos capital in the north of Egypt. (08 08 26).

freedman.html - Benjamin Freedman's speech warning about Zionist control.

freud.html - Thomas Szasz (himself Jewish) on Freud as the Jewish Avenger

fries.html - Scholomo Avineri labels Jakob Fries an Anti-Semite & proto-Nazi

garaudy.html - Roger Garaudy (a Marxist) on how dangerous it is to oppose Zionism

gender.mp3 - You mustn't say "Ladies and Gentlemen". From the March 26, 1997 lecture on Gender policy, in the Diploma in Education course at the University of Canberra. The lecturer stated that it was wrong to say "good morning, ladies and gentlemen" or "good morning, boys and girls", because this language is not "gender inclusive". Instead one must say, "good morning, people". Hear for yourself how new schoolteachers are being brainwashed. (02 12 18)

6 minutes 41 seconds; you may need to turn the volume up.
To download: gender.zip

gimbutas.html - Marija Gimbutas on the Goddess cultures and Aryan (Indo-European) invasions, with the counter-argument of Colin Renfrew, and the assessment of Geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (01 11 22)

ginsberg.html - Benjamin Ginsberg on the Jewish role in Communism & Capitalism

glass-bead-game.html - The Glass Bead Game and the Transmission of Civilization; from Herman Hesse's novel. Siegmund Levarie on Noise as the new barbarism. (06 01 14)

goldsmith.html - Sir James Goldsmith argues against Free Trade, in his book The Trap. The front cover asks, "How is it that humanity's greatest leap forward in material prosperity has resulted in extreme social breakdown?" Also presents the case against modern Agriculture, the EU, and the homogenization of the sexes. (02 05 25)

gordon.html - Cyrus H. Gordon's book Before the Bible, on the common East Mediterranean culture ancestral to the Greek and Hebrew cultures. (02 06 28)

guthridge.html - Ian Guthridge on The Biblical Holocaust: the genocide at the heart of the Jewish religion

hawke.jpg - Sydney Daily Telegraph of February 16, 1974, about Bob Hawke; the headline reads "HAWKE: I'D A-BOMB ARABS".

hgwells.html - quotes from H.G. Wells on the World Government Conspiracy

hiding.html - argues that the Protocols of Zion is an authentic document (not a forgery)

hitler.html - the Role of Hitler in the New World Order

holocaus.html - Fighting With Words: The Word "Holocaust".
"How can we tell who is ruling the world? Normally, the conqueror imposes his religion on the conquered. What is the dominant religion in the world today? I submit that it is the Religion of the Holocaust. I submit that in this way we can tell who rules the world." - Phil Eversoul (born Phil Podolner - from a Jewish family).

holocaust-denial.html - the Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial (09 02 09)

holocaust-debate.html - the Holocaust Denial debate (from my mailing list) (09 05 01)

Hoss-Memoirs.html - The Memoirs of Rudolph Hoss, Kommandant at Auschwitz (09 05 03)

holocaust-Red-X-Report.html - Red Cross document "disproving Holocaust" is leading Internet Dissidents astray (from my mailing list) (09 09 22).

house-schiff.html - "Colonel" Edward House's "novel" of 1912, Philip Dru: Administrator, a model Woodrow Wilson followed; and Jacob Schiff's campaigns for Zionism and World Government. (03 01 05) - H. G. Wells, Lionel Curtis, Henry Wickham Steed & Lord Grey advocate the League of Nations as a World Government - The Atlantic Monthly, 1919, January & February (added 04 07 21).

huntington.html - Writings of Samuel P. Huntington (oracle of George W. Bush's Clash of Civilizations):
(1) The Crisis Of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission (2) The West: Unique not Universal, in Foreign Affairs, Volume 75 No. 6, November/December 1996 (3) The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996) (4) Carroll Quigley's book The Evolution of Civilizations: an influence on Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations. (03 04 17)

index.html - top-level introduction to this site

india.html - Influence from Ancient India & Persia, on Ancient Greece & the Hellenistic Roman Empire

india-pakistan.html - Sex vs Celibacy, in India and Pakistan; photos from a trip in 2008. India is the home of two ancient sex-temples (Khajuraho and Konark) which have been declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. But India is also the origin of religions which reject sex and instead promote celibacy - Jainism, Buddhism, and the idealist/monist stream within Hinduism. These is evidence that such ideas spread from India to Greece, influencing the Pythagoreans; and, during the time of Emperor Asoka, to Alexandria in Egypt, influencing Jewish sects and thus early Christianity. (08 11 06)

intelect.html - Rabbi Harry Waton: The Jews Are an Intellectual Aristocracy

ivanov.html - Yuri Ivanov's Caution: Zionism (published in the USSR in 1970)

j-over-b.html - Benjamin Ginsberg: Jews Over Blacks (Jews dominate Black lobbies)

japan.html - Two books which compare the Jewish and Japanese psyches are Ben-Ami Shillony, The Jews and the Japanese, and Isaiah Ben-Dasan, The Japanese and the Jews. They present Judaism to the Japanese, in a battle for the Japanese mind (01 09 07)

jewish-emigration-ussr.html - Vladimir Pozner on Why Jews left the Soviet Union - Max Shpak on Why the West Betrays Russians. (04 07 26)

jewish-taoist.html - Did Judaism once have a Goddess? (02 12 30)

johnson.html - Chalmers Johnson on how America's elite caused the "Asia Crisis"

joly.zip - Maurice Joly's book Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, containing parallel passages to the Protocols of Zion (02 09 23)

jewish-revolt.html - S. G. F. Brandon shows that what we know as Christianity emerged from the Roman defeat of the Jewish revolt of 66-70 AD (02 08 08)

jewish-taoist.html - Is there a connection between Judaism and Taoism? (01 11 08)

jewish-utopia.html - Michael Higger explains in his book The Jewish Utopia that whereas Plato's Republic "is chiefy concerned with what will hold the ideal city together", "The rabbis, on the other hand, are mainly interested in that ideology which would hold the whole world, or the Universal State, together". (04 01 03)

judgment.html - S. G. F. Brandon on the development of ideas of the Judgment of the Dead (including Karma) in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greco-Roman Culture, Hinduism and Buddhism (02 08 08)

kaganovich.html - Lazar Kaganovich's account of the Soviet Union & the Murder of Stalin (01 09 06)

kautsky.html - Karl Kautsky, a German Jewish Marxist, on (i) Thomas More's role in Communism (ii) the Church's alliance with the Normans (iii) how the Christian Church developed hostility to the Jews

koestler.html - Arthur Koestler on Communism, Zionism, and being a Jew (02 01 12)

kostel.html - quotes from Richard Kostelanetz: The End of Intelligent Writing

kronstadt.html - Pitirim Sorokin and Dmitri Volkogonov describe the Kronsdadt Massacre and Trotsky's Role (02 07 11)

lavi.html - Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan's Defence Secretary, wrote the Foreword to Dov S. Kakheim's book Flight of the Lavi, in which he takes Israel to task for trying to produce its own fighter plane, the Lavi, as a clone of the American F16. The Israelis hoped to sell it to other countries. (02 12 03)

lawson.html - Henry Lawson on Socialism, Republicanism & Ethnicity (01 10 31)

lawson2.html - Henry Lawson on Rural Australia from the 1870s to 1916 (01 11 06)

leftprot.html - the correct, Left, interpretation of the Protocols of Zion

lenin-trotsky.html - A reader writes, "Lenin was no Jew ... Trotsky was no friend of the Jews". But Lenin did have a Jewish identity, and Trotsky did have strong Jewish ties. (02 02 18)

letters.html - letters to this site

l-george.html - David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain, explained in his Memoirs why his government made "a contract with Jewry" (the Balfour Declaration) in 1917. Leopold Amery, author of the final draft of that contract, acted for the British side but secretly identified as Jewish. Could he represent both parties simultaneously? If so, why keep his Jewish identity secret? Was a conflict of interest involved? His son was executed as a Nazi collaborator. (08 09 08)

lilienthal.html - Alfred M. Lilienthal, The Zionist Connection II, on Jewish domination of America. Lilienthal shows that Jews are a religion, contrary to Nazis who claim they are a race, and contrary to Zionists who claim they are a nation.

lippmann.html - Walter Lippman shows how "Colonel" House, liasing with Lord (Sir Edward) Grey of the Anglo (Rhodes) conspiracy, persuaded Woodrow Wilson to join World War I. Lippman wanted the League of Nations to be a World Government with a World Army and a World Court. His book Men of Destiny is a collection of articles on these themes, originally published in various journals including Foreign Affairs. (03 01 07)

List-National-System.doc - The National System of Political Economy, by Friedrich List, 1841, translated by Sampson S. Lloyd, 1885. About 935 KB (download). (06 01 16)

locke.html - John Locke, philosopher of the "Glorious" English Revolution of 1688, which first put Britain in the clutches of the bankers (up to then, based in Amsterdam, after their expulsion from Spain), is a major "mentor" of the "Free Trade" movement and "English Parliamentianism". Here, the real Locke is disclosed.

lotus.html - The Jew in the Lotus: an encounter between religious Jews and Tibetan Buddhists reveals much about the inner life of both.

maccoby.html - Hyam Maccoby, The Sacred Executioner: Abraham really did sacrifice Isaac: the Jewish Covenant began with a Human Sacrifice. Is this why the "Rock of Ages" is holy?

macdonald.html - Kevin MacDonald's book The Culture of Critique: the Jewish critique of Gentile culture. Jewish intellectual dominance, the New Left's assault on Western culture.

mandate.html - Rabbi Harry Waton: God's Mandate to the Jews

marx-vs-the-peasant.html - Marxist policy on farming: Small private farms cf communal farms and state farms. (04 10 21)

mcqueen.html - Humphrey McQueen calls Henry Lawson a Fascist & Nazi (01 10 31)

marriage-malinowski.html - Bronislaw Malinowski debates Robert Briffault on Marriage. Malinowski, an Anthropologist who specialised in Sex-life and Marriage, condemns the attempt to abolish Marriage as a "disaster". Briffault puts a Marxist view. (04 07 02)

mfp.html - my speech opposing the Multi Function Polis, August 6, 1991

mfp-reports.html - Quotes from the 13-volume Report on MFP-Adelaide, of 1991.

mfp-saga.html - The story of the Multi-Function Polis, a high-tech city of the future, proposed by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, to be built in Australia.

money.html - Financing Sustainable Development, by John H. Hotson; Banana Republic? No, Banana Colony, by Dr H. C. Coombs. (03 06 15) Michael Hudson on Interest rates in Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome (03 09 22).

money-masters.html - The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America, by Patrick S. J. Carmack and Bill Still. (03 06 09)

moscow-vs-jerusalem.html - Before the creation of Israel, Jews overwhelmingly identified with the Soviet Union; it had been created by Jews, and many Jews were in top positions. Stalin stole it from them, but he used the same covert methods that Jews used, so it was not clear whether he or they were in charge; and as long as Trotsky was alive, there was a chance of his restoration. Once Israel was created, and Stalin observed how Soviet Jews rallied to it, Jews were gradually removed from the top positions they had held. A Cold War broke out between Moscow and Jerusalem. (08 08 25)

moses.html - Sigmund Freud believed that Jewish Universalism was derived from the Monotheism of Egypt's heretic Pharaoh Akhnaton. Freud wrote his last book, Moses and Monotheism, on this topic. (02 07 01)

mount.html - Ferdinand Mount's book The Subversive Family, about the Marxist-Feminist attack on Marriage and the Family (02 06 28)

murray.html - John Courtney Murray, Thomas Aquinas on The Three Ways of Knowing God. The dialectical method of the Three Ways, first articulated by Aquinas with regard to human knowledge, was later applied by Hegel and Marx to historical processes.

mushakoji.html - Kinhide Mushakoji on the political polarities of East Asia

nat-soc-isr.html - Zeev Sternhell's book The Founding Myths of Israel, about Israel's Nationalist Socialist political system. (02 12 05)

naz-jud.html - Rabbi Harry Waton: Nazism is an imitation of Judaism

nedava.html - Joseph Nedava: Trotsky and the Jews

needham-anthony.html - Joseph Needham on Cultural Diffusion between
the Mid-East and China from around 1500 BC; David Anthony on the Opening
of the Eurasian Steppe at 2000 BC. (02 07 07)

neither.html - relates the name of this site, "Neither Aryan Nor Jew", to St Paul's phrase "Neither Jew Nor Greek", and to the Cynic philosophers who put Greeks and non-Greeks on an equal footing.

new-left.html - The New Left's Cultural Revolution, which began in the 1960s, has split into its components. What these components have in common is "bottom-up" control: children "taking control" of their own lives, preventing their parents from raising them; women "taking control" of their lives and/or marriages. In the same way, the Soviet Union was supposed to be based on workers "taking control' of the workplace; the Kronsdadt massacre, ordered by Trotsky, put an end to that illusion. (02 07 06)

nietzsche.html - Nietzsche and Jewish Culture. Nietzsche opposed Christianity but supported Judaism

nietzsche2.html - Nietzsche as an Aryanist: Nietzsche urged the overthrown of "moralism", which he attributed to Zarathustra (Zoroaster) and his influence on Christianity via Second-Temple Judaism. Zionism, however, a reversion to "First Temple Judaism", is free of that Moralism (02 02 07)

oliphant1.jpg - a poster listing Sir Mark Oliphant and myself as speakers against the MFP, at a public meeting in Canberra on August 6, 1991

oliphant2.jpg - a poster listing Sir Mark Oliphant as a speaker against the MFP, at a public meeting in Canberra on October 11, 1990

oneworld.html - the "One World" (Globalist) Movement (introduces other files)

one-world-or-none.html - The One World Or None report of 1946. In 1946, only the U.S. had the Atomic Bomb. In this report, scientists and journalists tell us that, to prevent nuclear wars, we need a World Government. The Baruch Plan for World Government was put to Stalin in that year: baruch-plan.html (04 02 29)

opencon.html - quotes from H.G. wells, The Open Conspiracy

opensoc.html - Open Society, Open Conspiracy

orwell.html - Riding a bicycle - an act of defiance against arbitrary authority?
George Orwell and Big Brother laws (02 09 04)

ostrovsky.html - Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, on how Mossad tricked America into bombing Libya (01 09 18)

otto-strasser-flight.html - Otto Strasser was the leader of the Socialist Left faction of the NSDAP. He took the socialist plank in the party platform seriously, whereas Hitler had been accepting large donations from German industrialists and was beholden to them. Hitler was finally forced to chose, and got rid of the Socialist Left in the Night of the Long Knives. Gregor Strasser and Ernst Roehm were among those killed, but Otto Strasser escaped and became the leader of the underground opposition. This book is the story of how he became the "most wanted man" in Germany. He opposed Hitler's policy on Race and Jews. On the internet here, for the first time. (big file: 725kb) (08 09 06)

otto-strasser-hitler.html - Otto Strasser's book Hitler and I. The Strasser brothers, Gregor and Otto, were the leaders of the Socialist Left faction in the NSDAP (Nazi Party). Ernst Roehm belonged to the same faction. The party had been created before Hitler joined - he took it over in the Trotskyist "entrist" style - and the Strasser brothers almost succeeded in ousting Hitler from the leadership. Otto Strasser stood for public ownership of major parts of the economy, an end to Prussian militarism, equality between the nations, no territorial demands, a federated Europe. "There would be no dictatorship, either of class or of race" (p. 93). Hitler branded Strasser's ideas Marxist, even Bolsheviik. Krupp and other industrialists threatened to cease funding Hitler unless the 'National Bolsheviks' were silenced (p. 198). This silencing was "The Night of Long Knives". (08 12 30)

pacific.html - Pacific City: Lessons From the MFP

pearl-harbor.html - FDR and Pearl Harbor: Day of Deceit, by Robert B. Stinnett. Discloses the US plan to provoke Japan to fire the first shot, so as to motivate an isolationist US public to join the war against Germany. US intercepted Japanese Bomb Plot Grids for Pearl Harbor, but did not warn Kimmel. Vacant Sea: US clears shipping out of the path of the Japanese carrier force, to prevent accidental discovery. Myth of the radio silence of the Japanese carrier force. US moved its aircraft carriers & modern warships away from Pearl Harbor, leaving only old ships to be sunk by the Japanese attack. Perhaps, out of dire necessity, Roosevelt had to deceive the American people in order to defeat Hitler. Perhaps the cost of several thousand lives was justified to bring down a greater evil. But why do we have to keep lying about it? Why can't our history books tell what actually happened? (08 12 31)

people.html - Rabbi Harry Waton: the Jews are a People, not a Race

perry.html - Roland Perry: Lord Victor Rothschild was a Cambridge Spty, the Fifth Man (01 09 12)

persian-empire.html - The Persian Empire (538 BC - 331 BC) caused the demise of both Babylon and Egypt. It initially tolerated the traditional religions of Babylon and Ancient Egypt, but, after uprisings, later suppressed them; they never regained their former independence. Cyrus captured Babylon in 538 BC; Darius retook it in 521 BC after a revolt. Darius called himself "a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage". Eastern Greece (Ionia in Asia Minor) was in the Persian Empire, as was Western India. Travel between Greece and India was facilitated by the Royal Highway, a project begun by Assyria and continued by Persia. (08 11 25)

perspectivism.html - Perspectivism in Perspective: we examine other people's perspectives, to discover which things that we thought absolute, are in fact relative.

peter.jpg - photo of the author

philo.html Adolf von Harnack on the creation of Christian Dogma ... the Role of Philo of Alexandria in fusing Judaism with Platonism, paving the way for Christianity. Philo's Logos theology was later adopted by the Church as Christology. (02 08 25) Marcion's break with Judaism: says Christianity is an entirely new religion. The "heretic" we need to reclaim today. (03 09 23)

philos.html - Judaism as a non-theistic philosophy - its connection with "Left" causes

pierce.html - Dr William Pierce calls Blacks "sub-humans". Such abusive, emotive language could lead to the destruction of Free Speech and the justification of Totalitarianism. Pierce is as much a threat to Free Speech as any Zionist or Communist.

poland.html - Kevin MacDonald's review of Jaff Schatz's book on The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland

popper-vs-toynbee.html - The differences between Karl Popper and
Arnold Toynbee over the interpretation of Karl Marx's philosophy. Should
Karl Marx be viewed as a social scientist, or as the prophet of a religion? Did the Totaliarianism of the Soviet Union derive from Plato's Republic, or from Judaism? (04 01 17)

postmortem-journeys.html - Postmortem Journeys - Descents into Hell, and Resurrections - the comparison between Jesus' case and that of Tammuz, Orisis etc. (04 05 03)

protocol.html - The Protocols of Zion, with author's preface & afterword

quigley.html - Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment. The inside history of the Secret Society that runs the English-speaking countries, and its push for World Government (it is the "top-level" conspiracy).

radzinsk.html - Edvard Radzinsky, Stalin - evidence that Stalin was murdered

red-symphony.html - by Dr. J. Landowsky; translated by George Knupffer. Stalin's Formal Communism (Bonapartism) cf Trotsky's Real Communism. Bears on the fact that Communism seems to be continuing, Trotskist/Fabian/New Left style, despite the fall of the USSR. Open Borders, Gay Marriage, the World Court, the Kyoto Protocol, "Hate" Laws which suppress open discussion, these are the signs. Stalin stole their conspiracy; his legacy had to be defeated, just as much as Aryanism and Christianity. (03 12 31)

referenda.html - Decision-making by Computerised Referenda

religion.html - Rabbi Harry Waton: a Jewish View of all Other Religions

return.html - quotes from Uri Davis, Israel: An Apartheid State

rhodes-scholars.html - Cecil Rhodes' Imperialism and the Rhodes Scholarships for World Governance (02 05 27)

rhodes-will.html - The Will of Cecil Rhodes, endowing a Secret Society to run the British Empire and draw the United States back in. The British Empire is now called theBritish Commonwealth. Rhodes' Secret Society is called the Round Table; its American branch is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR set up the Trilateral Commission to co-ordinate North America, Western Europe and Japan. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, as were recent Australian Prime Ministers Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke (02 05 20)

rights.html - Deconstructing the Human Rights Ideology

rig-veda.html- The Rig Veda & the Aryan invasion of India. "The Rig Veda is a collection of more than a thousand hymns written between 1200 and 900 B.C. by people known as Aryans, who came to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India from the Eurasian steppes to the north. The Rig Veda is one of the earliest known writings written in any Indo-European language." (02 01 15)

rome-and-jerusalem.html - The text of Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism (1862) by Moses Hess, the 'Red Rabbi" who converted both Marx and Engels to Communism, and then came out as a Zionist. (04 08 16)

rosicrucian.html - The secret Zionism of the Rosicrucians. Rosicrucian leaders say they promote ancient Egypt; but they support Akhnaten, against the true Egyptian religion. They identify Akhnaten with Solomon and his Temple; the traditional religion of Egypt is branded "heathen" and "idolatry". (03 07 09)

rousseau.html - Rousseau, Nietzsche & Marx, on Aryanism, Judaism & Equalism

russ1918.html - extracts from the 1918 Constitution of Soviet Russia

russell.html - Bertrand Russell describes, in a private letter, Americanised Jews' role in creating Bolshevism

russell2.html - Bertrand Russell describes the developent of the 1946 Baruch Plan for World Government (01 09 05)

samuel-saul.html - From the Jewish Bible: 1 SAMUEL Chapter 15 NRSV. This chapter says that God, through his prophet Samuel, condemned King Saul for not killing all of the non-Jews he fought, when ordered to do so. Saul, regretting his disobedience, slew the captive king he had spared. (02 02 10)

santamaria.html - The Life and Writings of B. A. (Bob) Santamaria - the Battler's Friend: "The man blamed for the ALP split in the 1950s was the only national figure to stand by Labor's core values" - Clyde Cameron, Labor MHR & Minister in the Whitlam Government. (02 09 05)

schatz.html - Jaff Schatz on the Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland (01 09 16)

schopenhauer.html - Arthur Schopenhauer examines the merging of cultural streams from Judaism and from India, within Christianity

science.html - James Lovelock on Science; links to Dissident Scientists

secret.html - From the Nation of Islam: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews

sex-soviet.html - Sex in the Soviet Union

shahak1.html - Israel Shahak on the Jewish Religion: Jewish History, Jewish Religion

shahak2.html - Israel Shahak on the Jewish Religion: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

slezkine.html - Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century: How Communism began Jewish, but, through Stalin's seizure of control, diverged from Jewish nationalism (06 01 01)

06 01 01 acharya.html - Acharya S. and the Culture War on Christianity

06 01 01 slezkine.html - Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century: How Communism began Jewish, but, through Stalin's seizure of control, diverged from Jewish nationalism

sombart.html - Werner Sombart, The Jews and Modern Capitalism (1911) (02 11 24)

soros.html - Did George Soros cause the "Asia Crisis"?

soros2.html - Soros the Good Guy? Soros the philosopher of the Open Society, opposing Capitalism?

soviet-union-early.html - The early Soviet Union: after Lenin and Trotsky, but before Stalin's ascendancy. (03 10 12)

spinoza-pantheism.html - Spinoza formulates atheistic Judaism, the religion of Jewish Communists.

stalin.html - Reassessing Stalin: Stalin vs. the World Government

stalin-purges.html - Stalin's Purges were directed at the Left Opposition, led by three "dissatisfied Jewish intellectuals" Trotsky, Zinoviev & Kamenev. The evidence presented at the Moscow Trials was 90% fabrication, but 10% genuine: there really was a Trotsky-Zinoviev bloc aiming to remove Stalin. (09 01 11)

star94.jpg - The public will turn against the in-your-face style of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

sudoplat.html - quotes from Special Tasks, the memoirs of Stalin's spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov. Essential reading for understanding the USSR, and the "Jewish Question".

sugimoto.html - Yoshio Sugimoto, Five Concerns About the MFP Project

sutton.html - Antony C. Sutton and Viktor Suvorov on Technology Transfer from the West to the Soviet Union. Exploring this theme: volumes 3 and 2 of Antony C. Sutton's trilogy Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development
volume 3: 1945 to 1965
volume 2: 1930 to 1945
plus Viktor Suvorov, Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War? (03 10 14)

szilard.html - Leo Szilard and H.G. Wells, founders of the Green Left. Leo Szilard helped create the first nuclear chain reaction, and initiated the letter to Roosevelt that got the Manhattan Project under way. Later, he warned of the dangers of nuclear weapons, and joined Wells' crusade for World Government. (04 11 01)

talmon.html - J. L. Talmon's book Israel Among the Nations, about the role of Jews in revolutionary movements

talmon2.html - J. L. Talmon's book The Unique and the Universal asks whether any universalism is possible, given national particularisms. (02 12 28)

tanaka.html - Japan's blueprint for conquest in WW2, released by the Chinese government, proclaimed a forgery by the Japanese government (full text of this document): the Tanaka Memorial. I include this for its historic value, not out of any anti-Japanese sentiment. Japanese tribalism was no worse than Aryan ("white") tribalism, ever-present within the West. Each side ignores its own sins, commemorates only its own dead.

tao-cap.html - the "Free Trade" Trojan Horse in Asia; the "Asia Crisis"

tax-havens.html - Michael Hudson, Distinguished Professor of Economics, writes, "Yes US debt is the new world currency."

Michael Hudson on tax havens ("Offshore Banking Centers"):

A "foreign investor" is likely to be a local oligarch operating out of an offshore account. The complicity of the US Government in setting up such centres. "Much of America's net foreign debt, along with that of countries such as Argentina, is owed to these flight-capital centers." They provide "a cloak of invisibility for the wealth built up by embezzlers, tax evaders, a few drug dealers, arms dealers and government intelligence agencies to use for their covert operations." How they increase the tax burdon on ordinary people. How they can be shut down. (04 03 29)

ten-commandments.html - Thought you knew the 10 Commandments? This is the way they really appear, in the Jewish Bible. (02 02 10)

terry.html - Edith Terry, How Asia Got Rich: "the image of flying geese was ... a symbol of the Japanese model ... By far the most important Western influence on the concept came from the writings of Friedrich List, an early nineteenth-century German economist who played a large role in shaping the economic theories of National Socialism." (03 01 16)

tmf-aug08.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Aug. 8, 2000

tmf-aug11.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Aug. 11, 2000

tmf-aug13.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Aug. 13, 2000

tmf-nov03.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Nov 3, 2000

tmf-oct11.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Oct 11, 2000

tmf-oct25.html - Temple Mount Faithful bulletin of Aug. 25, 2000

tmf.html - Temple Mount Faithful's campaign to demolish the Dome of the Rock

toolkit.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit - the Bernstein / Cohn arguments that it's a forgery, and counter-arguments against the forgery claim, Part 1 (02 09 23)

toolkit2.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit, Part 2

toolkit3.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit, Part 3 (added 03 08 11: Stalin accused of endorsing the Protocols of Zion.)

toynbee.html - Arnold J. Toynbee was one of the leading intellectuals of the British Empire. He combined deep insight into Civilizational History, with propaganda for the One-World goals of Cecil Rhodes' Round Table group. Here he writes about the formation of Judaism, and argues the case for World Government. (03 03 20)

toynbee2.html - Toynbee on Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution. (03 04 19)

tragedy.html - Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (on the bankers' conspiracy)

transciv.html - is Western Civilization dead?

tribes.html - Joel Kotkin's book Tribes, about the kinds of "Higher Tribalism" operating after the demise of the Nation-State. (02 12 07)

trotsky.html - Seeing the real Trotsky. Trotsky explicitly promoted Radical Feminism, Youth Rebellion, Communal Childrearing and the Destruction of the Family, in his book The Revolution Betrayed. He describes the attack on all tradition launched by the Bolsheviks, and Stalin's reversal of its extremes. (06 05 07)

trots-ndp.html - How the Trotskyists destroyed the Nuclear Disarmament Party

unravel.html - Unravelling Western Civilization

ussr1924.html - the USSR Constitution of 1924: a World Federalism

utopia.html - how Utopian thinking is destroying the West

vanunu.html - Ari Ben-Menashe: the Capture of Mordecai Vanunu (01 09 12)

victimhood.html - Beyond Jewish Victimhood

voltaire.html - inspiring quotes from Voltaire: The Man of Letters

watonpgm.zip - Rabbi Harry Waton: complete text, Zipped

wells-genetics.html - Spencer Wells is a Genetic Anthropologist. He is Director of the Genographic Project, operated by National Geographic to capture a "genetic snapshot" of humanity, before Globalization blurs our genetic trails. He shows that our genes record the history of the Great Migrations. (08 09 04)

wells-lenin-league.html - H. G. Wells saw the end of World War I as an opportunity to create a new world. He supported both Lenin, and the attempt to create a World Government at the Treaty of Versailles. He also advocated the creation of a Jewish state. His ideas for a united world drew on Jewish thought, in discussions with David Lubin and Israel Zangwill; he also worked closely with Walter Lippman. Lubin and Zangwill were leading Zionists; Lippman, also a Jew, helped draft the Treaty of Versailles, and was later a member of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Another friend, Leo Amery, was a secret Jew who drafted the Balfour Declaration. (02 02 18)

werner-princes-yen.html - Richard A. Werner is Professor and Chair of International Banking at the University of Southampton. His book Princes of the Yen is about the role of Japan's central bank in the "miracle" years and the recent "crisis" years. It is also about banking, and central banking, in all countries. (06 01 24)

whitecon.html - the White (Aryan) conspiracy to rule the world

whites.html - the Problem with "whites"

wilton.html - Robert Wilton, St Petersburg correspondent for the London Times, documents the role of atheistic Jews in creating Bolshevism.

wittfogel.html - Karl Wittfogel's book Oriental Despotism blames the Russian civilization for the harshness of Communism. Never acknowledging that the Bolshevik regime had been set up by Jews, he went on to link the bureaucratic control in the USSR with what he saw as similar systems in Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India, China, the Islamic world, Mexico and the Andes. (03 04 29)

wittfogel2.html - Rebuttals of Karl Wittfogel's book Oriental Despotism. (03 04 29)

wives-of-stalin.html - The death of Stalin's second wife Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluieva, and Stalin's involvement with Rosa Kaganovich, whom Stuart Kahan says was Stalin's third wife (02 03 26)

world-war-II.html - Hitler's War, the Japan Miracle, and the China Model. (1) World War II could have been very different from the way it turned out (2) Hitler's policy of "ethnic cleansing" the Ukraine (3) Material unfavourable to Nazis in the 1977 edition of Hitler's War 1939-1942 but which David Irving removed from later editions (4) Hitler's pact with Stalin led Japan to strike south (Singapore) rather than north (USSR) (5) The main part of Japan's army was bogged down in China throughout World War II (6) Richard A. Werner shows that Japan's postwar miracle economy was a Butter-not-Guns adaptation of Nazi economic policy (7) China and Australia compared to National Socialist Germany (08 12 19)

worst.html - the cruelty of leading intellectuals: Spengler & Trotsky

wtc.html - New webpage on 9/11 - was Mossad behind it? The recent Dubai assasination in which Mossad used stolen identities warrants re-examination of evidence that the identities of at least some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers had been stolen. The UK Telegraph interviewed four 9/11 Hijackers, ALIVE. And a Saudi Prince said that at least 7 of the alleged hijckers are alive. The best overview of 9/11 you'll find anywhere, plus links to the best investigative sites for detailed follow-up. (10 03 22)

xLeague.html - beware the League of Rights & the John Birch Society

xTrots.html - how the Trotskyists led the Australian Labor Party up the Free Trade path (01 09 11)

zinoviev.html - The Zinoviev Letter, encouraging revolution in England in 1924

zioncom.html - Is Zionism allied with Liberal Internationalism, or with Communism?

zoroaster-judaism.html - The religion of the First Persian Empire (549-330 BC) was Zoroastrianism; it has shaped Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Marxism and Radical Feminism. (02 12 30)

zoroastrianism.html - The Zoroastrian religion and its progeny: the ancestry of religious fundamentalism, and Marxist millennialism. (03 07 11)

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