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Basilica of Saint Helena a couple of hundred yards away from my second home in Curepipe-Road, British Colony of Mauritius, now taken over from the White Creoles (White European Colonialists and former slavers) by racist Black Catholics calling themselves “Creoles”. 

My Roman Catholic Apostolic Primary School “St Jean Bosco” where I was indoctrinated by racist Catholics was located right behind that Basilica, which I visited ‘millions’ of times and even attended mass.  This is also where the White “Father” Charles Ditner had a go at my private parts that scared me to death and made me dash to the nearest tree, a Camellia tree in the school yard that literally saved my honour!   

"Father" Charles Ditner

I had promised myself not to join in the Ron and Joe Hall Circus out of respect for the sacred rule of host-guest relationship between Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth and me, but given the seriousness of the issue under ‘discussion’ of which I am here posing as an expert, which of course does not mean that I am one indeed, but we should have the freedom to challenge each other’s postures intelligently instead of what I see on a regular basis (sickening mutual congratulatory outbursts) and with the aim of establishing the truth for the greater good (a concept quite misunderstood by most of us).  Whether my respectable host will allow this very unpleasant for some and damning indictment of global human madness is not my immediate concern as I am writing for the general public and not to please some bigots (I mean only the bigots) writing on The Ugly Truth.  I am disappointed to have to use a foreign language I only have an elementary knowledge of, but given that even the greatest ‘intellectuals’ amongst us cannot write ‘intelligently’ (e.g. Dr Alan Dershowitz) and are famous for bending words as they go along, and use meanings given by party politics and politics of the day, or simply to suit their own egos.  Adopting a clownish attitude to “study” such serious religious matters is childish and make only fools laugh.  My hope is that disillusioned Christians be not put off by whatever corruption they find in the Gospels (Canonised and Apocrypha) because they still contain along with the Holy Qur’ân the highest moral code ever devised for humankind.   
The challenge is open to all.

The problem we are having to face today is not so much about religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianism (Christianity) or Islam than about the isms brought about by decadent Christians who happened to be part of the super military powers controlling and exploiting the planet, its inhabitants and natural resources.  It is true that the established Church dogma was that Christians should own the entire earth and enslave all its inhabitants seen as inferior to them.  But, Church is not synonymous with Christianity.  But, now that bigots, apostates and renegades have taken over that rulership and continuing the oppression, the agenda has unfortunately not changed one iota and imperial wars of conquest are being carried out to this very day and there is no sign that this will ever stop because decadent Christendom has acquired such a military might that they have been terrorising nation after nation, bombing them indiscriminately, mass murdering them, driving them mad, forcing them to live as slaves, bombing, torturing and persecuting them, keeping them in jail indefinitely, stealing their organs, causing their families to leave in permanent fear and docility, destroying the very fabric of their societies, in particular Muslim society.  The age is one of a global “Crusade” against Arabs, Muslims and Islam carried out by an Unholy Totalitarian Dictatorship Alliance between Church and State, between bigoted Christians and apostates (Atheists, Gnostics and Agnostics alike) under the United Nations Dictatorship and under different guises and legalised norms:

New Age
New Wold Order
Secularism (laïcité)
Lesbianism, Gayism, Bisexualism and Transexualism
Human Rights
Western Civilisation
European Supremacism
White European Supremacism
Jewish Supremacism
Free Market
Drug Culture – Alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

And a few other isms, but for the purpose of this essay, I will call them THEY, meaning the monsters and mass murderers that are plaguing our planet and posing as the "Scourge of God".

 Christian Evangelicals are helping Jews and Atheists to ritually sacrifice our Christian and Muslim babies and children to their Satanic Gods every single day!

On 23rd December 2012, my 67th birthday, I saw a headline in the local The Sun “newspapers”:   Harry kills Taliban chief - Hero prince in missile strike on commander

a missile strike to eliminate a senior terror leader

 “Terror leader” when you fight the English and other occupying bastards and mass murderers!  In order to kill in all impunity individuals as well as entire nations 
TO TERRORIZE their own Zombies at home, they just have to label their targets (usually unidentified as they are always portrayed as nameless and without families or rights to live) as:

Fundamentalists (intégristes)
Shariah Law Barbarians
Oppressors of Women
Arranged Marriage Savages
Freedom and Democracy Haters
And a few other Arabic or Islamic sounding names or labels used by the Judaic-Illuminati World Order.

Lately, they came up with more:

IS (Islamic State)
ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)
Even the labels MUSLIM, ARAB, and ISLAM are used by their Corporate States, Academics, Prostitute Media, and Cretinensia ("Intelligentsia") to scare the shit out of their brainwashed masses!
In Spain, THEY have ethnically cleansed the country of its Muslim inhabitants, and destroyed the flourishing Islamic civilisation.

In Hindustan, THEY have murdered millions of Muslims, destroyed their civilisation, and given the best lands to the Hindus where over one hundred million Muslims live in slavery and abject poverty.

In China and Indo-China, THEY have murdered millions of Muslims and this is ignored by one and all.

In Indonesia, THEY (Capitalists) have murdered millions of Muslims and set up a dictatorship under their control.

In Afghanistan, for nearly a decade, THEY (Russian Socialists and Communists) had been murdering “Mujahideen” and Europeans and Jews have taken over the mass slaughter campaigns by murdering “Taliban” and “Al-Qaeda” for more than a decade.

In Palestine, THEY (Jews, Zionists, Communists) have murdered the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and most of his top men, and are murdering Palestinian “terrorists” and have stolen almost the entire of Palestine (after having been given the best lands by the UN), ethnically cleansed the land for exclusively Jewish Apartheid occupation.

In Lebanon, (falsely passed internationally as a Muslim minority Lebanon!), THEY destroyed the Capital, divided the population into fighting and opposing factions (as THEY would later do in Yugoslavia), bombed civilians indiscriminately, and allowed the murder whole families in Refugee Camps (and later in UN “Safe Havens” in Bosnia-Herzegovina)!

In Chechnya, THEY (Russian Communists) have destroyed the Capital Groznyy, slaughtered en masse the Muslim population and taken over the control of the entire country.

In Central Asia, THEY control all the Muslim countries that were under the control of ‘former’ Soviet Union.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, THEY (Catholic hating Judeo-Christian leadership allied with the Jews) ethnically cleansed the Muslims, mass raped the women and young girls, and took control of the country.  Before this, THEY had bombed Croatia (covertly helped by the US and the French Foreign Legion) and murdered many in all impunity.

In Algeria, THEY (the French and their paid puppets) have murdered millions of Muslims in three Holocausts and taken over the country.

In Iraq, THEY have waged two murderous wars and murdered (by hanging) the head of State Saddam Hussain, raped Iraqi women and young girls (video taped by Jewish pornographers!), tortured prisoners, and stolen the entire country! 

In Libya THEY (with Jewish direct support, e.g., mass murderer Bernard Henri-Lévi) have murdered and sodomised the head of State Muammar Al Ghaddafi, destroyed the country and slaughtered en masse the Libyan population, and they now own the country.

In Syria, THEY (again with Jewish support) have started mass destruction and mass killing by their paid mercenaries in an attempt to murder the head of State Bashar El Asad and the take over of Syria for the benefit of Apartheid Israel.

In Iran, THEY have started assassinating scientists, crippling the population by sanctions and embargoes, waiting for the right moment to bomb the country back to the “Stone Age”!

In Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and other Muslim and non Muslim countries, the same destruction and extermination of the civilian populations are being carried out, including in South America, Africa, Pakistan, etc.

 To those who are interested in real History, they should be well aware by now, that Christianity alone cannot be held responsible for all the sufferings on our planet and for which the Atheist bigots blame RELIGION, all religions, but mainly Christianity and Islam. 
After nearly two thousand years, it is an established fact that the “Holy Book” of the Christians is unreliable as one Pr Bart Ehrman showed it to us in a very scholarly manner.   But, I go along with Ehrman’s findings only to a certain limit because he started as a bigoted Christian Evangelist (“Fundamentalist Bible Thumper”) to end up as a bigoted “Agnostic”.  He still is unable to understand that there is no better world than a genuinely Christian and Islamic world, and that all the isms that the West have fabricated are just abominations responsible for most of the sufferings, destruction, immorality and pollution on our planet – as taught in both Judaism, Talmudism and Zionism.   


Merry (Joyeux) NOËL to all Christians and Muslims and Happy New Year 2013 to all!
With a very Special Prayer for all the oppressed people and Martyrs of the Planet and for our babies and children that WE have allowed and are still allowing the Jews and others to offer as ritual sacrifices to their Gods!

So, it is foolish to impute the cause or causes of human decadence to the “Holy Book” however corrupted it might be!  When I was a teenager, I did establish (with my Catholic neighbour Claude Soopramanien) that the Christian “Holy Book” was corrupted beyond recognition and we went to find some answers from a Catholic priest of the local Basilica of Saint Helena’s Church, one “Adaï Kalam”.  Despite of the fact that Hindus and Muslims have been victims of European-African White and Black Catholic Supremacism, I have a sentimental attachment to the White and Black Catholic intelligentsia despite of their racism because I learned much from them and appreciated much of the life-style of their bourgeoisie as much as I hated their racist and anti-Islamic side, of course.   

But, I did manage to find out already as a teenager that the entire edifice of the Catholic Church was based on a pack of lies about almost everything (like the “Father Christmas” myth!), and I was soon to be confronted with two types of racism: White European and Black African racism.  Black Africans and Malagasies usurped the identity of the salvers known as Creoles and made themselves into a separate Secular (Atheist!) Catholic ethnic group that was still serving the White European and Freemasonic interests and adopting their life-styles (although they had already started leaving the Church) in opposition to the Indians that formed the majority of the population mainly of Hindu and Muslim confessions.  

But, living under colonialism and racism, gave me a deeper insight in the real politics of the time and of the imperialist world, and I saw in my lifetime how the ruling Catholics slowly adopted the religion of Mammon and little was left of Christ in their way of life.  And this was the same all over Christendom, especially in the White Western world where Judeo Freemasonry had taken over their way of life almost entirely.  So, I claim that finding the root causes of “Christian Zionism” in the “Holy Book” (despite it being heavily corrupted) is a useless endeavour because I found the causes instead in Freemasonry and in the Jewish Qabbalah.  But, I need to inform the newcomers to a critical study of the “Holy Texts” that they have not invented anything new.  

More than 1400 years ago, Muslims had claimed that the Israelite and Christian “Holy Texts” were corrupted and unreliable.  “Jesus Christ” is reported to have claimed that the Pharisees and the Sadducees had corrupted the Israelite “Holy Texts” as well!  Many Muslim geniuses in comparative religions, like Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr Zakir Naik, and thousands others, including reverts to Islam like Dr Jeffery Lang and Dr Jerald F. Dirks and countless others, have given all the proofs required to show that the Ancient Texts were all poor translations of the long gone originals, and that even the translations were heavily corrupted, altered, mutilated, added to, manipulated, mistranslated, misinterpreted (which I found out already in my teens), while Islam has survived in its original Arabic, unchanged and right here for us to see.  Whether it is the very Word of God or not is another matter.     
But, does it really matter that we all know today that there is no such thing as, for example, Father Christmas or that Jesus Christ was not born on 25 December 2012?   Have we stopped celebrating Christmas and promoting the Father Christmas myth?  No!  It is true that half of Christendom who found out how corrupted and unreliable their “Holy Texts” were left the Church and almost completely the religion as well having adopted a very unchristian way of life.  But, what of the other half of Christendom, do they not count?  Damn it!  They do count!  Is it not true that they have kept the FAITH despite all the unreliability of their “Holy texts”?     

So, it is useless to bombard them with facts proving how corrupt or how unreliable and full of contradictions their Holy (to them) Texts are!  The reason why I meet so much opposition in my writings regarding this issue is because believing Christians are so bigoted that they are not prepared to listen to reason – they are people of blind FAITH!  Should we laugh at them, mock them, keep repeating that their “Holy Bible” is just crap?  Of course, no!  This is not a matter of derision because even in their corrupted state, the “Holy Texts” have produced far more good and Saintly people than all the isms (as listed above) invented by philosophers, ideologues, free thinkers, Atheists, Gnostics and Agnostics alike.   

This is where Islam comes in advising humanity to come to COMMON TERMS with the people of All Scriptures (Revelations).  Muslims have achieved enough (too much already) in the field of Comparative Religion and must now move on to finding COMMON TERMS.  This is why I object to the efforts of some (clowns) ridiculing rather than finding common terms.  It is obvious that “Mathew” never wrote the “Gospel according to Mathew”, but for millions of Christians worldwide this is immaterial because they have decided by conviction or otherwise that this is the very Word of God.

Matthew 7:6 is part of the Sermon on the Mount. The original Koine Greek, according to Westcott and Hort, reads:

μη δωτε το αγιον τοις κυσιν μηδε βαλητε τους μαργαριτας
υμων εμπροσθεν των χοιρων μηποτε καταπατησουσιν αυτους
εν τοις ποσιν αυτων και στραφεντες ρηξωσιν υμας

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast
ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them
under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

The World English Bible translates the passage as:

“Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw
your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample
them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

In the Middle East, both dog and swine (pig) were regarded as unclean and pearls a luxury of extreme value.  Can dogs and pigs appreciate religion?  Can we not see a multitude of humans who cannot either?  Is this not a judgement allegedly passed by Jesus in contradiction with what he is alleged to have preached elsewhere condemning the judging of others?  So, yes, the “Holy Book” is filled with contradictions, mistranslations, anonymous authorships, false and non witnesses, and very little about Jesus, but has this completely destroyed Christendom?  No.  Have we ever read in any man made constitution the following: Do not do unto others what you would not like done unto you?  The Godless State always does unto us what we true Christians and Muslims would never even think of doing unto others!  So, the Godless State is the enemy of both Christianity and Islam, and of any civilised humanity!     

When I hear Ron and Joe Hall mocking the Gospels (GOOD NEWS), I see them missing the whole point and missing the GOOD NEWS and concentrate only on the “contradictions” that give them so much fun talking about!  In this is a greater danger even if the clowns’ intentions are noble, and they sure do not make me laugh at all!  My good friend Vickie Jacobs did not laugh either! 

 “I would love to hear each and every person that would want to call in” … “looking at Christian Zionism Root Cause” … “we want other people to help us”

Really?   While it is 100% true that “Zionism, Jewish extremism and a few other nasty items” have made our world uninhabitable today, the root cause lies in DECADENT Christendom and in their Unholy Alliance with Jews and Zionists by destroying the decadent Islamic Khilaafah and the setting up of puppet kings and dictators in all conquered Muslim lands including Palestine.  Do we blame the weapons of mass destruction or those who use them?  Jews are indeed the weapons of mass destruction, mass deceit, mass perversion and of global plunder and enslavement!

The root cause of the current wars, mass murders, theft of lands, lies, deceits, bombings, torture camps, rampant crime, immorality, global pollution is the usurious Central Bank System in the hands of mostly Jews.  But, the main reason why they do what they are doing and have done for centuries does not lie in the Holy Scriptures, but in the FACT that decadent Christendom gave them the monopoly over our way of life and very existence on this planet.  

Can we justify everything because of Jewish blackmail, bribery, immorality and supremacy? 

1.      Who financed Napoleon and Wellington?
2.      Who caused the defeat and murder of Napoleon and why?
3.      The defeat of French Catholicism and the decapitation of the French Christian monarchy and of the Christian Russian Tsar gave Judeo Protestant Britain and Judeo Protestant America the leadership of the Global Judeo Zionist Empire! 
4.      Who allowed the setting up of the illegal private Federal Reserve Bank?
5.      Who allowed the Bank of England and the Europeans monarchs and the Jews to own most of the gold, precious stones, oil and the real estate?
6.      Who allowed the UN dictatorship to survive?
7.      Since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who allowed Zionist Presidents to be ‘elected’ (catapulted) at the head of the US army and successive governments?
8.      Who allowed the American Zionist Council to exist and survive as AIPAC when both JFK and RFK wanted the Israeli Agency to register as a foreign agency?  
9.      Who allowed Israeli “Security” firms to control the Security of so many warmongering Western and Eastern nations, including India and Japan?
10.  Who allowed Jews, Jews and Jews at the head of all our vital institutions?

Definitely, not the Torah, not the Talmud, not the Gospels, not the Epistles and not Revelations (Apocalypse)!

1.      Who gave us “civilisation”?  MESOPOTAMIA (IRAQ)!
2.      Who gave us “Jesus Christ”?  PALESTINE!
3.      Who gave us “Christmas”?  PERSIA (IRAN)!
4.      Who sheltered the entire family of Jesus Christ when they were persecuted?  EGYPT!
5.      Who sheltered “Saint Paul” after his conversion?  ARABIA and SYRIA!
6.      Who have Perfected Islam and universalise it?  ARABIA!
7.      Who shows the most respect for Jesus Christ and his blessed Mother?  Guess who?

Christians must be informed and convinced of the fact that by bombing Iraq, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Syria and soon Arabia, what they are doing is just helping DESTROYING THEIR OWN CHRISTIAN ROOTS for the sake of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing Israel!   And this is evil and Satanic!  Let us get rid of Apartheid Israel and of ISRAHELL in the Middle East and the world will know peace!  Christians and more and more Muslims have given too much to Caesar and not enough to God.  So, why always blame the Jews or the Zionists who have already sold their souls to the Devil a long time ago!  

LUKE 6:42 New International Version (©1984)

How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.”


Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally
26th of December 2012


Published on Youtube on 12 Jul 2012 (9 parts)








“Kent Hovind had been charged with falsely declaring bankruptcy, making threats against federal officials, filing false complaints, failing to get necessary building permits, and various tax-related charges. He was convicted of federal tax and related charges, for which he is currently serving a 10-year sentence.”

Dr Kent Hovind was jailed on 2 November 2006.

Although very informative, the wikipedia article is very prejudiced against Dr Hovind both on the science side and the legal aspect.

Arun Russo, filmmaker showed in his documentary Democracy to Fascism that there is no law that can force US citizens to pay income taxes on their wages. Jo Banister who used to work for the IRS (US Inland Revenue Service), denounced the IRS as a fraudulent organisation.

When victims of the IRS asked in Court to be shown the law, the Judge says: I do not want the Law in my Court; I am the Law! 

Another Freemason Judge said somewhere else in Europe: TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENCE!"  (French Jewish-Communist Fabius-Gayssot Law)


By Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally

From Daryl's Encyclopedia

Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants; USA Bishop breaks with Vatican

VANCOUVER, BC – In this moving interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State - - details the recent roles of the Tribunal and its Common Law Courts of Justice leading to the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) and the serving of arrest warrants on Pope Francis I for personal involvement in child trafficking and other crimes. Kevin Annett characterizes Pope Francis I Jesuit “humility and poverty” profile as damage control by a criminal organization. He also discusses common law justice courts starting up in England and the USA.

U.S. Bishop arrested for urging congregation to break with Vatican
In the interview, Kevin Annett discloses the recent case of a Roman Catholic Bishop in Albany, New York who has been arrested by police after urging the congregation at a church in his diocese to break with the Vatican because of its crimes.

Multiple Languages:


Pastorale catholique 27 ─ Les personnes homosexuelles

Published on 9 Nov 2014
III) La pastorale des disciples du Christ (ceux qui vivent de la charité).
Pastorale 27 ─ La pastorale catholique des personnes homosexuelles (42 mn).
Cette pastorale est décrite dans le Nouveau Testament par Jésus. La théologie catholique est nécessaire pour éclairer le bien. Le projet de Dieu sur l’homme et la femme, lumière de la vérité qui éclaire tout homme.

L'opinion d'une personne s'occupant de pastorale auprès des personnes homosexuelles :

"Bonsoir Arnaud,
Je viens de visionner ta vidéo. Il me semble que tu avais déjà parlé dans une autre vidéo des 3 formes d'homosexualité.
Je t'avoue que le début de la vidéo est un peu décevant d'autant que tu 'retombes' dans les condamnations faites par l'Eglise que ce soit Sodome Je pense que les homosexuels ne s'y retrouveront pas. Mais aussi qu'un hétérosexuel tente d'expliquer l'origine de l'homosexualité est toujours gênant...
Par contre, ce que tu dis dans la deuxième partie (la 2ème forme) et à partir de la 35mn est intéressant. Mais là également très peu d'homosexuels même chrétiens ou cathos sont prêts à reconnaître l'origine psycho-affective des premiers mois de la vie ainsi que cette grande fissure qui s'est formée en eux..
Si tu veux, le discours actuel est de dire que le Christ m'aime à travers cette faiblesse humaine et qu'au fond je n'y peux rien si je suis homo mais en tout cas je suis aimé de Dieu.
Voici mon point de vue : Plus j'avance dans ma vie, plus je crois que ce 'handicap' qui ne me lâche pas depuis 46 ans est devenu source féconde de spiritualité. C'est dans ce sens que j'ai voulu construire ma vie et dans ce sens qu'il faudrait apporter des 'solutions' pour les jeunes qui auraient des tendances homosexuelles. C'est vrai que ce désordre affectif, pulsionnel et du désir sexuel a fait des ravages dans ma vie... c'est incontestable. Maintenant, cette identité homosexuelle. Je pense que le Christ me demande de l'assumer... en tant que personne.
L'autre aspect est tout à fait exact : celui de l'amitié de la fraternité. Se servir de notre sensibilité pour créer des liens des relations fortes et durables... Pour pouvoir nous ouvrir sur les autres et même des familles. Oui c'est une richesse.
J'ai moi-même évolué par la découverte du site Aelred... Tu devrais en parler dans ta vidéo;... Car c'est un moine qui tombait amoureux de jeunes... mais qui a toujours fait face à ses désirs afin de progresser vers une relation plus grande : l’Amour d’Amitié.
Tu vois, ce que je voudrais dire : c'est que certes il y a dans l'Eglise, cet Absolu de la relation homme-femme... Mais que dans l'histoire de l'humanité les amitiés entre hommes ont permis de réaliser des choses extraordinaires.
Et Il faut croire aussi en ces guérisons intérieures ces guérisons du cœur offertes par les sacrements et le Christ qui me permettent aujourd'hui d'expérimenter la Miséricorde et de transformer ces pulsions en charité vivante. Et cela je le dois beaucoup aux enseignements de frère Roger et des Frères de Taizé... Ce sont des hommes qui n'ont aucun jugement vis à vis des homosexuels
et qui en fin de compte m'ont fait découvrir l’Amour inconditionnel de Dieu.
Et c'est à partir de là que j'ai pu reprendre confiance en moi et me reconstruire.
Voilà, ... Je pense que la vidéo aurait pu être davantage dans l'espérance de l'évolution des personnes homosexuelles..
vers la construction de la communion humaine par leur sensibilité, leur talent artistique et leurs capacités à croire en 'l’impossible'..
Bien à toi, dans la Paix du Christ et la Douceur de Marie.

Les trois formes de l’homosexualité, essentielles à comprendre pour établir une pastorale juste. 1° La forme connue par l’ancien Testament (Juges 19, 22) est celle du mauvais larron.
2° La deuxième forme découverte au XVI° s, est liée à une sensibilité désordonnée par rapport à l’ordre de la nature. Elle est souvent celle des grands artistes. Elle est accompagnée de grandes déchirures intérieures (suicides fréquents), et de tentations éphébophiles. Le cas des prêtres abuseurs. 3° La troisième forme plus rare, est d’origine biologique voire hormonale.
Le pape François en 2013 : « Qui suis-je pour juger ? » Le synode des évêques en octobre 2014 : « Trouver certaines valeurs positives dans cette sensibilité ? ».

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On voit la trouille de ce faux-cul devant le Lobby sodomite!
Qu'il nous cite la Bible au lieu de nous bassiner avec ce sermon d'Anti-Christ!!
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Bonjour Frémaux, toujours respecter les personnes. Sans ce respect, pas de chrétien. 

+Arnaud Dumouch

Bonjour Monsieur ou Madame Arnaud Dumouch
“toujours respecter les personnes”???
Dieu, Celui des Israélites, bien sûr, a-t-il respecté les « personnes » en Sodome et Gomorrhe ???
 Jésus, a-t-il respecté les « personnes » quand il entra au Temple armé jusqu’aux dents avec ses apôtres, lui d’un fouet et les autres d’épées ???
Des prédicateurs vendus à Satan veulent à tout prix promouvoir des « loving and monogamous homosexual relationships” – « des relations homosexuelles, aimantes et monogames » qu’ils disent que la Bible autorise !!!
“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9–10).
“But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching, according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, with which I have been entrusted” (1 Timothy 1:8–11).
Mais, afin de faire croire au monde que l’homosexualité est permise dans la Bible ou dans les Évangiles, ces vendus à Satan n’hésitent pas à enlever le mot homosexuel de la Bible !
Il est vrai que les pauvres « Chrétiens » ne savent plus à quoi s’en tenir ayant le cul entre quatre chaises, entre Dieu, Jésus, Paul et le Vatican !!!
Paul utilise le mot arsenokoitēs (mâle-lit soit le coït anal entre mâles) pour décrire le comportement homosexuel dans les deux passages cités ci-dessus.
Paul connaissait très bien Lévitique 20:13 :
"'If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”
Avec vos pratiques abominables au sein même des églises, Satan a réussi à faire légaliser le coït anal et même le mariage homosexuel ou sodomite ainsi que l’adoption de nos enfants, détruisant ainsi et du coup le sacrement du mariage et la famille !

Les fornicateurs
Les idolâtres
Les adultères
Les efféminés
Les homosexuels
Les voleurs
Les convoiteurs
Les alcooliques
Les vilificateurs
Les escrocs
Les patricides
Les matricides
Les meurtriers
Les kidnappeurs
Les menteurs
Les parjures
Les profanateurs
Les blasphémateurs

Et, quoi encore, tas d’hypocrites de la Synagogue de Satan ???

Signés : Dieu, Jésus et Paul.

Catholique non romain non apostolique

+FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY Vous dites : "Dieu, Celui des Israélites, bien sûr, a-t-il respecté les « personnes » en Sodome et Gomorrhe ???"

Ah pardon, je pensais que vous étiez chrétien. Je ne savais pas que vous étiez de la Loi de l'ancienne Alliance. Dans la Nouvelle Alliance, Dieu aime le pécheur et n'aime pas le péché. 

+Arnaud Dumouch

Cessez de mentir!
Je vois cite la Bible, vous me citez quoi?

"Ah pardon, je pensais que vous étiez chrétien" - Je suis Christique du Christ!

Frémaux, vous devriez lire l'Ancien Testament et comment Dieu, peu à peu, a affiné son peuple, le faisant passer d'une loi de la vengeance, à une loi de la justice terrorisante (Moïse), puis à une loi de la justice miséricordieuse (Les prophètes), avant que, en se faisant homme, il n'enseigne la loi de l'amour qui durera éternellement.

Bref, la lapidation des femmes adultères, c'est fini et pourtant les femmes adultères sont toujours dans le péché.

Bref, si vous êtes chrétien, vous pouvez continuer de montrer que l'homosexualité est un péché, en évitant le langage de haine envers les homosexuels.

+Arnaud Dumouch

Monsieur ou Madame

Vous n’avez répondu à aucune de mes objections pourtant basées sur ce que vous appelez la Parole de Dieu que vous, soumis entièrement à César et non à Dieu, changez au gré du temps.  On ne sait même pas si vous, personnellement, vous êtes homosexuel ou non car vous le cachez jusqu’au moment où on vous découvre.

Vous me demandez de lire l’Ancien Testament, quelle insolence de me prendre pour un non initié du dogme israélite et catholique?

Vous écrivez comme un raciste en reprenant cette absurdité israélite selon laquelle Dieu aurait « SON PEUPLE » à l’exclusion de tous les non israélites !
« … Dieu, peu à peu, a affiné son peuple »

Oui, vous avez sûrement raison de dire que Satan-Dieu a affiné « son peuple » pour faire de lui propriétaire d’une terre volée, la plus importante entité terroriste, raciste et nettoyeuse ethnique de la planète après les USA, la France, la Grande Bretagne, et une grande partie de l’occident.

Merci de nous rappeler que le Dieu israélite de Jésus avait institué « UNE LOI DE VENGEANCE » à « Son Peuple Choisi » confirmant/justifiant ainsi les génocides perpétrés par « Son Peuple Choisi ».

Merci encore de nous dire que ce Satan-Dieu avait aussi institué « UNE LOI DE LA JUSTICE TERRORISANTE (MOÏSE) » confirmant/justifiant ainsi les massacres perpétrés par Moïse, Jésus (Joshuah) et leurs armées !
« … une loi de la justice miséricordieuse (Les prophètes) » ? Connais pas !  Dites le aux indigènes d’Océanie, d’Asie, d’Afrique, des Amériques (Canada compris), et des îles que la Chrétienté a exterminé !

« … en se faisant homme… » ?

Nous voilà enfin, le DIEU-SATAN FAIT-HOMME que plus de la moitié de la Chrétienté a abandonné pour le racisme blanc, les Croisades, le colonialisme, l’impérialisme, les inquisitions, les holocaustes, la traite des Africains et des Asiatiques comme esclaves, le socialisme, le communisme, le marxisme, le féminisme, le féménisme, l’homosexualité, la pornographie, la prostitution, les jeux de hasard, la drogue (y compris le tabac et l’alcool), le satanisme, le blasphème, la religion New Age, etc. !!!

Vous n’êtes que des imposteurs et des menteurs avec votre fausse religion « d’amour » :  Love the sinner, but hate the sin !  C’est de Satan et non du Christ !

« la lapidation des femmes adultères, c'est fini… »

Donc, vive l’adultère et les « bâtards » (terme biblique !) issus de l’adultère! 
« … le langage de haine envers les homosexuels. » ???

Satané prédicateur de merde, m’insulter de la sorte !  Pouvez-vous me citer où j’ai utilisé un « langage de haine envers les homosexuels » ???  Il me semble que vous n’êtes obsédé que par l’homosexualité !

Ensuite, vous êtes bouché, quoi!  Je suis CHRISTIQUE, CATHOLIQUE NON ROMAIN ET NON APOSTOLIQUE, c’est mon droit, et non CHRÉTIEN IDOLÂTRE ET POLYTHÉISTE !

Je ne vous salue pas

En appelant "Satan-Dieu" le Dieu de l'ancien testament, vous tombez dans l'hérésie de Marcion, condamnée dès les premiers Conciles oecuméniques.

Quant à moi, je suis marié et père de famille.

Ma position sur l'homosexualité me vaut de dures accusations d'homophobie par certains "humanistes" et de dures accusations de philophobie par vous.

La réalité est que l'Eglise respecte les personnes homosexuelles et rejette la pratique homosexuelle comme un péché contre la loi naturelle créée par Dieu. 

+Arnaud Dumouch

Donc, vous n’êtes pas prêtre célibataire et homosexuel !  Étant marié et père de famille, il est de mon devoir de montrer davantage de respect car je considère le mariage comme un sacrement et le fait d’être père de famille est une indication claire et nette que vous avez connu la véritable humanité de l’être humain avec toutes ces joies et ses peines, et je ne puis que vous en féliciter.
Pour en revenir à l’hérésie de Marcion ou d’autres, je me dois de vous rappeler que le Chrétien est un hérétique israélite ou juif, et que le Musulman est forcément un hérétique israélite et chrétien.  Mais, il faut aussi reconnaitre que non seulement l’Israélite est lui aussi un hérétique de la première religion révélée, mais aussi un corrupteur de cette religion tout comme le Chrétien qui ne cesse de corrompre la religion du Christ, qu’il ait existé ou non.  Nous n’avons aucune preuve que Jésus ait existé, mais là n’est pas la question car je ne discute jamais de la foi des autres.  Je respecte la foi quelle qu’elle soit tant qu’elle ne nuit pas à autrui ou à soi-même.
En appelant Satan-Dieu, je ne faisais que qualifier votre Dieu que vous dites est un imbécile qui ne sait pas ce qu’Il fait car les Chrétiens (ainsi que les Juifs, d’ailleurs) n’ont cessé de changer Ses Lois comme bon leur semble.  Quant aux « Conciles œcuméniques », je m’en balance vraiment, car les hommes ne peuvent changer la Parole de Dieu, Concile ou pas, comme le Pape sioniste Jean-Paul II l'a fait lors de Vatican II.   Jésus, lui-même, a parlé de la Synagogue de Satan !
Le Vatican a totalement changé le dogme catholique, et c’est pire que l’homosexualité !  Je préfère encore les pédés que les Sionistes, les racistes, les blasphémateurs, et les menteurs.  Combien de Papes non blancs avons-nous eu depuis Constantin ? 
Je ne vous ai pas accusé de « philophobie » que je sache, mais de promouvoir l'homosexualité d’une certaine façon ou d’être trop tendre avec les pédés et pédophiles qui sodomisent nos jeunes et détruisent la famille.  Trop de bonté n’est plus de la bonté, mais de la pure bêtise !
« La réalité est que l'Eglise respecte les personnes homosexuelles » parce que les églises sont remplies de pédés et de pédophiles jusqu’au Vatican, et jusqu’au Pape.  J’ai déjà écrit là-dessus au sujet de Ratzinger, condamné récemment, ainsi que la Reine Élisabeth II, par le Tribunal de Bruxelles, et contre qui un mandat d’arrêt fut lancé.
 Mon ami, ne dites pas de sottises en disant que l’église « rejette la pratique homosexuelle comme un péché contre la loi naturelle créée par Dieu », car l’église en est remplie !  J’ai failli, moi-même être victime d’un prêtre catholique, le Père Charles Ditner de l’Église Sainte-Hélène, alors que je n’avais pas encore dix ans !   Voir sa photo sur le poste suivant:

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Je vous demande pardon si sans le vouloir j’ai blessé vos sentiments.
Respectueusement et christiquement vôtre


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On voit la trouille de ce faux-cul devant le Lobby sodomite!
Qu'il nous cite la Bible au lieu de nous bassiner avec ce sermon d'Anti-Christ!!



  1. Dear Basheer, got your post, read most of it but skimmed toward the end.

    I'll read the whole thing over after I rest awhile, so sleepy keep making mistakes, am drifting off. I'll be in touch later tonight or early tomorrow. Kate, if I can figure out this captia, hah

    I sometimes struggle with my Catholic roots.

    talk to you soon. kate.

  2. “Kent Hovind had been charged with falsely declaring bankruptcy, making threats against federal officials, filing false complaints, failing to get necessary building permits, and various tax-related charges. He was convicted of federal tax and related charges, for which he is currently serving a 10-year sentence.”

    Dr Kent Hovind was jailed on 2 November 2006.

    Although very informative, the wikipedia article is very prejudiced against Dr Hovind both on the science side and the legal aspect.

    Arun Russo, filmmaker showed in his documentary Democracy to Fascism that there is no law that can force US citizens to pay income taxes on their wages. Jo Banister who used to work for the IRS (US Inland Revenue Service), denounced the IRS as a fraudulent organisation.

    When victims of the IRS asked in Court to be shown the law, the Judge says: I do not want the Law in my Court; I am the Law! Another Freemason Judge said somewhere else: TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENCE!"


    The Alien Beginning and End of Humankind
    By Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally

    From Daryl's Encyclopedia

  3. Cet abruti d'Arnaud Dumouch, un homophile, parle de "personnes" homosexuelles, mais ne dirait pas personnes chrétiennes ou personnes musulmanes! Pourquoi?
    Il n'est pas con, mais croit nous amadouer avec son histoire de respect pour les pervers!

  4. When we start telling THE TRUTH about anything, and then drag religious dogma into the discourse, as a foundation for our claims, we cannot be credible at all, except to the unconditional, conditioned, blind and cognitive dissonant believer.

    I read in the Preface of SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AND DOCTRINES OF DEMONS - Copyright © 2013 by B.L. Cocherell - Revised 2015 - "The Bible is unique". This is a gross mistake because there is no such UNIQUE Bible in existence, but MANY Bibles or Versions, even of recent fabrication.
    The word BIBLE itself is misleading.

    The claim that the Holy Bible is "the only book that has the answers to the basic questions of life" is false, racist, and utterly grotesque.
    And the claim that it was "written by the true God" is also false and utterly ridiculous. Even the Holy Qur'ân was written by men, but inspired (or "revealed") by God.

    However, "the demise and disappearance of the early church as a powerful spirit filled entity" is easily provable just like the demise of the Ummah (Nation) of Muhammad and the Satanic destruction of the Khilaafah (Caliphate).

    And, today, it is the Law, Dictates and Traditions of powerful and Satanic men (not women who just follow the men!), and not the Law of God that govern over us all demonising our humanity, manhood, womanhood, motherhood, parenthood, and making innocence and virtue crimes, and where homosexuality, paedophilia, incest, unbridled abortion, racism, wars, deceptions, lies, and other abominations are rampant. And when we disobey we are hounded or simply exterminated and even genocided.

    The coming of the "Kingdom of God as a warning and a witness to humanity before the Messiah returns to rule the earth" is again just a belief, a matter of dogma, and not rational. It is based neither on evidence nor on reason.

    Going back to what is wrongly termed as "THE BIBLE", who did God blame for Satan's alleged misdeed? Not Satan, but Adam and Eve! Who did He allegedly punish? Not Satan, but Adam and Eve? And Lilith? Yet, hundreds of millions of humans trust such a God or Gods (Elohim)! I never did, don't, and never will!

    Monday 19th of September 2016