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Joe Biden Got What He Deserved And So Will America

1. Oh my Allah, what is wrong with this country? Well, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr will, with the gracious assistance of JEWNYTP (for new readers, JEWNYTP is the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post), will get right down to the root of the problem and you as a direct result will probably fly an airplane into – oh wait, I mean, you will go to and buy a bunch of his books. Then you will get lots of beer and watch college basketball games until the baseball seasons starts. Your shitty baseball team will be out of the running by mid-season, but never fear that’s when NFL training camp begins and you will then go out and buy lots more beer and start watching those pre-season football games, games which are about as meaningful as Israeli Vice-Vice President for American Affairs (IVVPAA) , Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden and his DW (Designated Whore) George “I am not LebaneseMitchell going to Israel to be the subs in an S&M session.    Anyway, when you get that beer, why not buy it from this asshole who got into the organized-crime Bronfman-family-connected beer business.

McCain is the asshole on the right.

But I digress.
And I’m going to digress some more. Let’s talk about the 2012 elections to see who will become the next Israeli-Vice President for American Affairs and the next Israeli Vice-Vice President for American Affairs.  As you all know, Baruch Obama, who currently is the custodian of the Oval Orifice, hasn’t got a Palestinian child’s chance in an Israeli prison of being re-elected. So who is going to run? Wait, wait, I can hear you all now starting to bitch and moan. “Mantiq, who gives a shit about the 2012 elections, most of us won’t even have jobs by then. Please get back to making fun of the fact that our country has been taken over by a bunch of Zionist Jews who want war with Iran and think Rachel Corrie deserved it. Oh, and we want a stupid cat video too.”
Oh ye of little Iman. When have I ever let you down?  Just keep reading, oh, and keep your barf bag handy.
As you all know by now, Sarah Palin,  the future wife of Michael Collins Piper, is a leather-corset cinch to get the Republican nomination.  There is no question she has the single most important qualification to become the first woman Israeli-Vice President for American Affairs. She has great, big, huge, humongous, gigantic, swelling, full, and bursting out all over support for Israel.
In fact, like the overwhelming majority of members of the US Knesset chambers, Sarah Palin supports war crimes against the Palestinians and openly supports the craziest of the Israeli crazies. She supports the expansion of Jewish – and let’s be clear here she used the word “Jewish” settlements. Not Israeli, not Zionist, she said “Jewish” and of course she is correct to use that word. Anyway, she thinks Jews should and will expand their presence in the West Bank (and the Golan Heights, if she even knows where they are):
“I believe that the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expanded upon, because that population of Israel is, is going to grow. More and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead. And I don’t think that the Obama administration has any right to tell Israel that the Jewish settlements cannot expand.”
I guess if she were in Israel last week, she wouldn’t  have had the shit treatment that IVVPFAA  Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden got. See, and then the little pwetty wittle US would not have been so insulted and looked like such a cowardly hypocrite in front of the whole world. 

She also has big boobs. Here they are,  bra-less.

Two Huge Boobs

Oops, sorry all you Mantiqiyyans out there who are US citizens. Those are your boobs.  Firmly supported, lifted and separated by the AIPAC fiscally-padded bra. Remove it and these two boobs will hang further down than Clarence Thomas.

Anyway, here are Sarah’s, from I vastly prefer hers.

Boobs you can believe in

Now I know some of you will object saying that Palin wants to start a war with Iran. Well, hell, so does everybody else. Picky, picky, picky. Besides, I’m sure them there Shi’ite Moooooooooooooselims would rather be bombed by a bombshell than by a documentation-challenged teleprompter-dependent Rahm-Emmanuel-controlled and accomplishmentless president who won’t even tell us what his grades were at Columbia University, if he even went there at all. Besides, his ears are too big.

Kitty Katz

Oops, uploaded the wrong picture again.  It’s cute though, no? Got it from David Icke’s site.
Anyway, you’ve all seen the Obama pictures. Just another Zionist-controlled pussy.
Okay, okay, here’s Baruch Obama wearing a yid-lid. This nice job is taken from Brother Nathanael Kapner’s “Real Zionist News” website. Please click on the link and give this great brother a donation.

This model can also be used like a frisbee when you aren't kissing Israel's ass

Anyway, Piper’s future bride will get the Republican nod in 2012 she and will probably win all of the erectorial votes.  What can we do to stop this?
We have the solution.  No, it’s not the solution I promised to give you at the top of this article. I am still digressing. We’ll get to it soon though. Keep reading.
We believe that in order to counter this:

She's a shoe-in for IVPFAA
The stupid fat ugly Zionist stooge Democrats (as opposed to the stupid fat ugly Zionist-stooge Republicans) should counter with this:

I bet I know who Freeman will vote for

(Yeah, I know, she’s not constitutionally eligible to become President because she’s not old enough. But being constitutionally-challenged does not seem to be an issue anymore.)
But, never fear. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr have looked into our patented crystal bird-feeder and proudly show below the Democratic nominee for Israeli Vice-President for American Affairs in 2012; for she is the one who knows (as you will soon see) what’s really wrong with this country and what should be done about it. It’s the lovely, sweet, demur, and cuddly hottie from the state that brought you GWB and two endless, stupid, illegal wars that have made the entire world, correctly, think that Americans are the dumbest and meanest assholes on the planet.

Behold your savior:

Deborah Wasserman-Schultz: She can beat Palin in mud-wrestling too

What’s really great about Deborah Wasserman-Schultz (DWS)  is that she is a real Jew, not a fake one like Palin, and she is often touted as a “moderate” on the Middle East. Yes, sirreee, a moderate. So the Dems can put a Jewish female “moderate” in the White House who also has the brains to beat the absolute shit out of Palin in a debate on anything other than make-up. She’s a huge rising star in Congress too, quite powerful in fact, more powerful than most people realize,  but first let’s take a look at how “moderate” she is on the Middle East.  (Note to Shas Party members, the red highlights are mine.)
At a “J-Street” bash last year, she had this to say:
“I will meet and participate with any organization that supports Israel and supports peace and is working to foster an advanced peace process,” said Wasserman Schultz in an interview. “I want to be able to maximize my ability to advance the interests of Israel, and there are different organizations doing that. AIPAC is one of them, and I’m committed to them. J Street has worthy goals as well. The more advocates for Israel in America, the better.”
Well that’s pretty fucking moderate, wouldn’t you say? I mean, a US congresswoman who is out to “maximize” her ability to advance the interests of a foreign country, and a really shitty country at that, now isn’t that your  kind of woman?” Doesn’t it make you hot just thinking about how “moderate” she is?
By the way, DWS actually co-hosted the event at J-Street since it was all about “Jewish American Heritage Month” (JAHM) which DWS “spearheaded” through Congress three years ago. But you know, that son of a bitch George W. Bush never gave her a signed proclamation of JAHM. However, at this event:
“Both Wasserman Schultz and Susskind received actual copies of President Obama’s signed proclamation declaring Jewish American Heritage Month, something the congresswoman noted she didn’t receive from the Bush White House in previous years.”
More proof of Obama’s tough stance on Israel, no doubt.
Here’s just a little more:
“Asked whether her appearance at Wednesday’s event could be seen as having any kind of broader implications, considering J Street differs from AIPAC on a number of Middle East issues, She responded that she has attended AIPAC events in recent months as well, and noted how much she enjoys the diversity of the Jewish community.”
She sure does love Israel. Here’s a nice quote from the book “A Dream of Zion” by Jeffrey K. Salkin.
“I have learned much as a public servant about Israel’s strategic importance to America, but as a Jew, I now realize how important Israel is to our continuity as a people.”
Now that, ladies an gentleman, is 100 percent grade A unadulterated Zionist Bullshit.  Jews, we are told, have been around for thousands of years. Israel has not existed for 99.99999 percent of that time. Hell they even survived the holocaust, in case you readers hadn’t heard about that.
Oh, in case you had not heard, DWS also just got back from a trip to Israel. Since she was not a shiksa, she was not humiliated and exposed for being a complete total stupid zionist suck-up asshole goy like Biden was. More on Biden later. He deserved the treatment he got. And we here at Mantiq al-Tayr fully support any crazy Zionist fanatic like Netanyahu or anyone else who treats US politicians with contempt, scorn, arrogance and hatred. They richly deserve it. But I digress.
She went to Israel and took along a few other reps with her. Her goal, as she makes perfectly clear, was to get them to be more supportive of Israel too. When asked why she took the people she took, she replied.

“These were the members that we reached out to. My first pass through on invitations was for members who had not been to Israel. If you’ve not been to Israel as a member of Congress, you can be supportive but it’s hard to have a real sense of the reality on the ground. There is a very stark reality in Israel. Several members had not been to Israel before.”
As I have said before, the problem is not just that the Israeli Lobby (IL) is more powerful than Jesus when it comes to the US Congress, the problem is that Congress is actually part of the Israeli lobby. DWS, like so many others, is actively using her position as a Congress member to lobby for Israel. She’s no moderate folks. She’s a Zionist first, second and third. And she’s getting to be pretty powerful. Very powerful.
She was elected to Congress for the first time in 2004 in a heavily Jewish district in Florida. DWS is a great fund raiser and had a huge war chest for that election, about 1.2 million bucks. (Her opponent, a conservative Christian, had 30 thousand dollars and still got 30 per cent of the vote) She had so much money she contributed “One Hundred Thousand Dollars” to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which is the outfit that Rahm Emmanuel used to Chair and which he used to finance pro Iraq war democratic candidates.
And surprise, surprise, a couple of years after  her “gifting” “One Hundred Thousand Dollars” to the DCCC, Rahm Emmanuel, former ballet dancer and Israeli military volunteer and son of a terrorist and who is named after a terrorist, made her an important part of the DCCC.  He made  her a co-chair of the “Red to Blue” program in February 2006. . (Israel’s flag has that nice beautiful blue star, doesn’t it?)  Today she one of three DCCC vice-chairmen.
The National Jewish Democratic Council, of which she is of course a member, tells us:
“The Forward has named Wasserman Schultz a “Forward Fifty,” the fifty most influential members of the Jewish community, for two consecutive years. She is a strong supporter of Israel and an active member of the National Jewish Democratic Council. She currently serves on the Appropriations Committee, Judiciary Committee and Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.
By the way, guess which part of the Judiciary committee she serves on? Oh yes, it is the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.
Of course, her role on the Appropriations Committee is no less important – for Israel. On her very own website she openly acknowledges that she is using her position on that committee specifically to aid a foreign nation- at your expense, I might add.
“As one of our closest allies, Israel  is the beneficiary of substantial U.S. aid. These funds are critical to ensuring Israel’s qualitative advantage over security threats. As a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, I am privileged to have the opportunity to make sure Israel has the resources it needs to defend its citizens.”
Needless to say, DWS is “beloved” by the Washington press corps and is very close to Nancy Pelosi
Did I mention that she is also Chief Deputy Majority Whip in the House?  Nancy put her there.
She has her own PAC, is a Vice-President of the Democratic National Committee and some believe she will become Speaker of the House.

That’s shooting too low. You heard it here first. Your first female President is coming folks.
2. Now, back to JEWNYPT’s solution to all of the problems this country is facing.  We all know the country is about to go tits up and that basically it is a matter of time. Fortunately, JEWNYPT has it all figured out for us. In a brilliant front-page article about two weeks ago, JEWNYPT reporter Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman, haha, just kidding, JEWNYPT reporter Jason Horowitz,  proclaims to us that the problem is that IVPFAA Obama does not do everything single thing that Rahm Emanuel tells him to. If he did, then things would be so much better.
Horowitz does the usual media thing of quoting people who don’t buy this notion, but the focus is all about how great it would be if Rahm just had the final say on everything. In fact, some of the criticism of Rahm that Horowitz cites is to the effect that Rahm is just not being enough of an asshole.
And to the surprise of none of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, representatives from the Cardin State (note to Shas party members, in Mantiqiyyan, the Cardin State is Maryland) just love Rahm. Chris Van Hollen (Likud, Maryland), who just happens to be the guy that took Rahm’s place as the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Whore House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (Likud, Maryland) just can’t praise Rahm enough.
One nice little quote in the piece makes it look like Rahm tells Biden what to do. Yes, this is a digression, but it’s a revealing quote.
“Emanuel has maneuvered where possible. He has dispatched Vice President Biden to appear at 25 fundraisers and rallies to assist the “frontline members” of the House, those most in danger of being bounced out of office.”
But the single most interesting part of the article is very near the beginning, where the following quote appears uttered by a Rahm Emanuel loyalist of some note.
Listening to Emanuel would serve “all our overall goals,” . . .”I think that Rahm’s considerable legislative experience translates into advice that the president should heed.”
Who said this? Scroll down and take a look. 


3. I have to comment on IVVPFAA Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden’s trip to the US capital in Jerusalem for his marching orders. Now there’s been lots of great commentary on this trip. Brother Nathanael’s is most, most interesting and worth reading.
But we have a completely different take on this here at Mantiq al-Tayr. To put it better, we want to explore this trip from a somewhat different perspective. I want to start by saying that I fully support the actions of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and of Israeli Minister Eli Yishai in their efforts to humiliate their underlings Joe Biden and George “I am not Lebanese” Mitchell [Mitchell's mother was born and raised in Lebanon. His father was Irish,  but was raised by a Lebanese family since he was an orphan]. Those two cretins, and all the rest of the Israel ass-kissers, richly deserve to be bullied, humiliated and made to look like the stupid Zionist tools they are.  All of these so-called “American” politicians who compete like starving piranhas to see who can stick their heads the furthest and fastest up Israeli’s ass, should expect to be disrespected by their masters.
American politicians need to wake up. No matter how much you kiss Israel’s ass, it will never be enough. You will, just like a 90 pound weakling is treated by the school bully, constantly be subjugated to more and more demands, no matter even if you decide to swallow after at first just spitting.  It’s time for you to tell the Israelis and their loyalists here in the US, people like Rahm Emanuel and Deborah Wasserman-Schultz,  to go fuck themselves and then you have to get back to the business of actually serving the needs of the American people.
Freeman, a frequent commenter on this site, has a most interesting post on his own website on Biden’s trip to Israel that illustrates exactly what I am saying.
Biden, groveling before the world at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, actually insults a poet of his own Irish heritage, whom he actually misquotes too,  in order to suck up to Israel.  If you are willing make your own heritage subservient to that of another people, then you have no respect for yourself, your people, your heritage, nothing. And you deserve to be treated like a dog by the people to whom you are submitting yourself because they will have absolutely no respect for you and your kind. Why should they?
Any non-Jew who goes as out of his way to be Israel’s bitch is laughed at behind closed, and sometimes open, doors in Israel.  Time to wake up you “American” politicians. Your constituents are starting to catch on.
4.  Okay folks, it’s video time.  Today you will have two videos (yes, the second one features a beautiful woman) of two people who do not sell out their heritage and kiss up to their masters. Both are playing the same song, the Padraig Pearse version of the Irish patriot song: Oró Sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile. The first video is by Dublin born Ken O’Malley and he does a nice quick job in the video below of stating what the song is about before he sings it. His intro is as much worth listening to as the song itself.  And unlike Joe Biden, he sounds like a man.
The second video is by the incomparable Mary Black, one of the great Irish singers. I love her rendering of this song.
Beneath the two videos I have placed an English translation of the lyrics.

Oh-ro You’re welcome home,
Oh-ro You’re welcome home,
Oh-ro You’re welcome home…
Now that summer’s coming!
Welcome oh woman who was so afflicted,
It was our ruin that you were in bondage,
Our fine land in the possession of thieves…
And you sold to the foreigners!
Gráinne O’Malley[5] is coming over the sea,
Armed warriors along with her as her guard,
They are Irishmen, not foreigners nor Spanish…
And they will rout the foreigners!
May it please the King of Miracles that we might see,
Although we may live for a week once after,
Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors…
Dispersing the foreigners!

41 Responses to Joe Biden Got What He Deserved And So Will America

  1. Mantiq: When will you stop equivocating and tell people what you really think? (joke). Look forward to being with you on the radio again, real soon. . . .
  2. Any thinking person is always glad to see a one of the lowest of life forms get its comeuppance. And a PIMP is definitely the lowest of the low. Thus the PIMP USA will hopefully get its much-deserved ass kicking.
  3. Mantiq, I know your immediate response will be ‘oh there he goes again, he doesn’t have a nasty word for anything or anyone but Israel’ and therefore you’ll assume I am going overboard with my praise, but nevertheless “PRAISE THEE”. This is more than likely your best work and I shudder to think what you’ll have to go through to top this one.
  4. America deserves better than ending up as an appendage of the Zionist thugs.
  5. Brilliant! Perhaps with luck – Palin will just do us all a gracious favor and put herslf on an ice flow for food for the polar bears. It would be the ‘GREEN’ thing to do.
    Meanwhile – here is an article I did on Palin before anybody had caught on that she was a Zionist drag queen disguised as a poster girl for retarded playboy bunnies.
    Regarding your shameless irresponsible diatribe of canned Zionist propaganda of 22 Sept 08
    I, and MILLIONS like me are sick to death of the duplicity and treason. You took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and you have violated that oath in favor of loyalty to a foreign power – the ONLY such country to have – BY PUREST LEGAL DEFINITION – to have committed an ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the last half century. You even display the flag of that criminal country proudly in your office. Have you no shame? Will your next oath be with your hand on the Talmud?
    How DARE YOU insult world leaders with your canned Zionist hate speech. Your ignorance of international history and foreign affairs is an embarrassment to all of us who know the truth. You do not have a clue lady – - NOT A CLUE! The ONLY legitimate “ OUTRAGE” here is that of informed mature persons like myself who are forced to endure your childish outbursts of abysmal ignorance and your pathetic parroting of predictable Zionist Jew racist hatred. Until I had actually read this disgusting diatribe of outright putrid lies and purposeful disinformation, I thought it impossible for a professing Christian and VP nominee to conduct themselves in such an irresponsible manner.
    I have female friends in several Mid-East countries that would just shake their heads in dismay. Do you have any idea how foolish you sound when you make rash idiotic statements like Iranian women are beaten or killed for not covering their hair? Your comments are direct from Zionist propaganda and are third world jokes today. I can still remember when oyster-brained Baptists in THIS country actually believed it when their red-neck moron pastors told them that Catholic Priests had cloven hooves and worshipped idols.
    I don’t care if you want to make a fool our of your self personally – but STOP making people in my country look like brain-sharing imbeciles to other nations! Our international reputation is at an all time low as it is. You are an embarrassment to those of us who are educated. Jews are MASTER liars and consummate deceivers and have been since ‘day one’.. Ask your Zionist pastor to read ALOUD in CHURCH the words of condemnation of the Jews by our lord regarding LIES – IF he has the honesty = John 8 verses 42-44
    How DARE you speak of terrorists murdering civilians in the Mid East – you lying hypocrite! The only REAL terrorists there today that are INDEED murdering HUGE numbers of civilians – mostly helpless children are the IDF and our own military. I have hunted REAL terrorists and know what REAL terrorists are. Child killers like your son, Mrs. Palin are the REAL terrorists. I trained over a thousand young men your son’s age long before he was born, and I pray to God that none of them turned out to be the child murderers that are WELL DOCUMENTED in today’s ‘new improved’ – ‘Army strong’ mindless killers. My conscience is clean.
    You Madam, are inciting murder and even worse – something that your intellectually challenged brain obviously can’t quite grasp. Your diatribe of hate has furnished the murderous Jew Mossad thugs with the possible incentive to commit murder via a ‘Montage’ operation as it is called in the intelligence community. It is also called a false flag operation and has been committed by the Jews on more than one occasion to divert guilt from themselves to one of their enemies. An actual example of the many they have attempted in the past – the scenario goes something like this:
    An unarmed intelligence ship – of the US Navy – -Let’s call her the USS LIBERTY – kind of a nice American ring to it – like our Liberty Bell. She is on duty in international waters. Lets say that it is in the Med and is gathering information on war crimes committed by the Jews. The self-chosen don’t want the world to discover what animals they really are –so they, the IsraHELL government, launch an all out attack – air, sea and land forces (air cav) to murder the entire crew – sink the ship and thus make ALL of the evidence of their murder disappear. Fortunately – the brave little ship somehow stays afloat despite being raked by thousands of rounds of cannon and machine-gun fire – bombs – napalm – all life boats AND radio antenna purposely destroyed and even torpedoes ripping house size holes in the ship – she manages to stay afloat – most of the crew burned alive or blown to bits. The cunning Jews had planned on blaming the murderous attack on the Arabs but alas – those pesky surviving American sailors managed to keep their ship afloat. Unfortunately the tragic story does not have a happy or even JUST ending – YET!
    The Jews are NOTORIOUS for committing this type of crime with their cunning and their “by deceit we wage” war motto. Rather fitting for the Jew mind anyway. What is so horrible about your stupidity is that you may have enabled the murder of Elected President Ahmadinejad of the Republic of Iran along with God only knows how many other innocent human beings. This man is the ELECTED PRESIDENT of a FREE REPUBLIC, and if you had an ounce of class or education or integrity – you might set an example for our children to NOT act like a thug of illiterate street whore and at least address him with the respect of the title – since you know NOTHING about him other than the lies your have been spoon fed by your masters upon whose buttocks you so eagerly press your lips in subservience.
    That is – PRESIDENT – Ahmadinejad to you lady. IF you would want respect for yourself – show it to those elected officials who have earned it. That man has NEVER DONE ANYTHING BAD TO YOU OR ANY DECENT AMERICAN – he is not a drunk or an alcoholic – he is NOT a liar – he is not a traitor to his own country – and he is not a CONFIRMED war criminal – as IS our disgraceful President – so start acting like someone in your substantial position and not like a liberal ‘biker bitch’.
    May I remind you that it was NOT The Iranians the Iraqis the Afghans or ANY OTHER Arab people who PURPOSELY murdered our sons on the USS LIBERTY – it was the JEWS. May I remind you that it was not the Arabs who sold our country out to the Communists in the biggest act of treason in history – ultimately costing MILLIONS OF INNOCENT CHRISTIAN LIVES – it was the JEWS. May I remind you that it was NOT the Arabs who got us into WWII – it was the JEWS. May I remind you that it was not the Arabs who got us into WWI – it was the Jews. May I remind you that it was not the Arabs who threw God out of our classrooms – it was the JEWS.
    May I remind you that it was not the Arab people who made the murder of some 40 MILLION innocent babies possible – it was the JEWS. May I remind you that it was not the Arab people who have elevated violence – murder – abortion – adultery – pornography – homosexual perversions – pedophilia – blasphemy and non-stop damning of God in public in MY country – it is the JEWS. AND may I remind you that it was NOT the Arab people who ARE always at the forefront of mocking and spiting on Christian worshipers in Jerusalem – it was the Jews. Oh – and finally – Mrs. Jew worshiper – it was NOT the Arabs who had our Lord murdered for condemning their filthy blasphemous conduct – IT WAS THE JEWS!
    People like you ARE the REAL threat to world peace – but the how in hell would you have a clue. I was training young warriors how to defend the sacred rights of OUR people in my country before you were even potty trained! I hope that I would never live to see the day that a person who might very well be a heartbeat away from the Presidency was so ABYSMALLY stupid that they had to share a brain with their masters and allow the strings to be pulled as they appeared animated but brainless as the puppet you have shown the world you REALLY are.
    Do you have a CLUE as to what kind of threat to world peace that idiots like you REALLY ARE? YOU – are the one that MUST be stopped – before you endanger the entire world with your imbecilic ranting and ravings! By YOUR irresponsible actions YOU are RIGHT NOW placing innocent people in harm’s way. Because of criminally irresponsible people like YOU – over a million TOTALLY innocent men women and children – MOSTLY CHILDREN have been brutally murdered all for the greater glory of the MONSTROUSLY immoral and criminal STOLEN state of IsraHELL.
    You babble about failing in Iraq – FAILING WHAT LADY? Failing to have murdered the ENTIRE population? FAILURE to leave only TEN MILLION HOMELESS! Remember – you imbecile – they have done NO harm to anyone here. My own grandchildren are not threatened by them – but YOU and your treasonous ilk ARE DAMN SURE a threat to their lives and safety. You still don’t get it – do you? YOU AND McCain are the threat to world and domestic peace. YOU and country sellers like you = ARE THE ENEMY.
    Because of CRIMINALLY IRRESPONSIBLE idiots like your self, we have a war criminal for a President – our TRUE Christian heritage has all but been totally destroyed – our economic life is a heartbeat away from a flat-line – our reputation among the DECENT people of the world is at an ALL TIME LOW – our children have become violence worshipers with NO REGARD for the sanctity of human life – IN-YOUR-FACE displays of homosexual perversion are epidemic – Americans are actually fined/imprisoned for displays of Christian devotion – ALL major television are Zionist controlled and UNOPPOSEDLY now depicts Christ as an illegitimate “bastard’ lunatic – His mother as a whore – the Bible as fantasy – violence has been eulogized to the level of adoration – heterosexual marriage is openly mocked and ridiculed – torture is OK in America now – we have become engaged in endless serial wars with the enemies – of – NOT THE USA – but IsraHell – our Constitutional freedoms are eroded day by day and hatred and killing are now openly ‘preached’ from pseudo-Christian pulpits in every corner of the land and a hundred more disgusting immoral issues that have turned America into a buried morally rotted corpse – and people like YOU are providing the shovel .
    WHY are you so EAGER to humble yourself before the very SAME people who are at the forefront of ALL of these horrors – people whose leaders have OPENLY displayed their virulent hatred of our traditional morals and values. I am not a wealthy man Mrs. Palin – but I will donate $1000 of my life savings to YOU personally, IF you can prove to me that your new Jew friends who are so eager to gain your loyalties to IsraHELL instead of America (remember – you CANNOT serve two masters) have had no hand at all in the moral demise of my country as above illustrated. No financing – no legislative efforts – no judicial efforts – no endless journalistic efforts and no influence promoting these evils on radio newspapers magazines TV and cinema. I have thrown down the ‘gauntlet’ in defense of my once Christian Republic – do you have the integrity to pick it up?
    You CLAIM to be a pro-life Christian – YOU HYPOCRITE! Are you so arrogant and elitist to believe that the FACT that COUNTLESS innocent children worldwide that will be MURDERED in the name of IsraHELL BY YOUR HAND (and or by your finance, as in Gaza) and YOUR approval is pleasing to our Lord? Just what kind of heresy does your pastor preach that says it is OK to murder those “rag-head – sand-nigger – camel-jockey’s” children (as your Jew friends identify them) – BUT not your own precious white kids! I believe that God has a SPECIAL place for those who support the murder and torture and starvation of the most innocent of His creations – helpless – defenseless children. They are shot for SPORT in Gaza – hunted like animals – as young as 5 or 6. Have you seen this? No of course not. I have. Do you have the GUTS to ask me about the TRUTH of these everyday horrors you support? Of course not. Votes and fame take precedence over justice and truth. Isn’t that what your Jew friends have taught you? I have seen people like you all my life. You are fake – a fraud and a deceiver. Did your Jew masters pay you the full traditional fee of thirty pieces of silver for treason and betrayal ?
    Lady – you have not spent time in the Mid-East – and even if you do – YOU WILL BE CAREFULLY TAKEN TO CAREFULLY DISGUISED PLACES ONLY. You will be shown ONLY what your LYING Zionist masters WILL ALLOW YOU TO SEE. I have been there and WITNESSED horrors that YOU will now be responsible for. How much longer can you live a lie? How much more will you mock our Lord? The TRUTH is my ‘sword’ – not “deception”
    I was once, not JUST a Republican – I was a ‘REPUBLICAN’S REPUBLICAN’ – a formal member of the RNC for over two decades. I was not ‘just a soldier’ – I volunteered to become a ‘Green Beret’ as a young man, to serve and protect my country from REAL enemies – and the youngest to be promoted to Captain in my State and the youngest company commander on record at Ft Gordon training basics during the Berlin Crisis – so do not suppose that this justifiable harsh criticism of your rancid conduct originates from some recycled 60’s liberal love child doper. There are many more REAL people like me – not famous – not rich – not well known – but REAL people who have kept the ‘faith’ – worked hard – respected life – paid their dues and just want the madness to stop and regain control of our OWN country back from the Jews.
    I just want to have a REAL reason to be proud once again to be an American. I want to see our children freed from the stranglehold of the influence of Jew incited Godless TV. I want to see our veterans given decent treatment at VA hospitals and not told “your necessary drugs are not available because they are TOO EXEPNSIVE “ while at the same time our war criminal lunatic President had just spent HUNDREDS OF MILIONS OF TAX DOLLARS to AIRLIFT the most horrific kind of weapons – outlawed by Geneva to supply the Jews so they could massacre MORE terrified civilian refugees – mostly children – mostly Christians, fleeing Beirut Lebanon. There was to be a cease fire in less than 48hours – but our Zionist worshiping war criminal President was not satisfied with the number of mutilated burned to death terrified civilians yet – so he had these 155mmWhite Phosphorous and cookie cutter shells AIRLIFTED BY TAXPAYER EXPENSE SO AS TO HELP THE JEWS MURDER MORE CHRISTIANS! Yes there were ‘terrorists’ murdering Lebanese civilians around Beirut. Those ‘terrorists’ were the IDF JEWS – you idiot! Stop your damned lies! LIES KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE!
    Do you bother to learn this kind of ugly truth – of course not – it might ‘offend’ our good Jew ally IsraHELL. I am an AMERICAN veteran – but because of the lust of our ‘Furher’ for killing civilians, I had to purchase my own “TOO EXPENSIVE” drugs so we could ‘afford’ to murder more children! Of course I am not a famous sexy icon superstar with a JUICY SCANDAL – so my little problem is not newsworthy. Outrages like this happen everyday – 24-7 to untold numbers of Americans, but we are ordinary people and our injustices don’t count anymore in our Zionist occupied nation. How in the name of GOD can a person like you look in the mirror – knowing you have sold your soul to these people for fame and fortune.
    Do you have ANY idea of the fact that you are being used by the Jews. They ‘play you’ like a cheap guitar – knowing that you will jump through whatever ‘hoop’ you are asked to – no matter how demeaning or how vile the request – they KNOW that you will perform for your masters as they dictate. Have you no shame – as a wife – as a mother – as a high elected official to be used like apiece of meat? My mother was an attractive woman and as wholesome discreet and modest as a saint. I DAMN sure would take offense should she have been referred to in public as “HOT and SEXY”. Do you know what that means when a man uses that term to describe a woman? It means she incites sexual arousal by virtue of her body and especially her way of displaying it. I’m sure that your children would be THRILLED to know that their mom works for people that consider her as being able to arouse them sexually. Are you even aware of these things?
    I put my pants on the same way any man does – but it is NOT what any decent Christian man wants to hear about their mother – or their sister – or their daughter. Jews especially like to use the tem to describe a woman they would like to ‘bed down’. Did you know that you were described as HOT and SEXY on a Jew Webb Site that supported you PRIMARILY for your slavish ‘IsraHEll first’ attitude. This site also SPECIFICALLY stated that they wanted you to kill Israel’s enemies. I have no reason to think you are in any way that kind of woman – but your Zionist admirers certainly do. Show some class Governor – stop being a Jew shill and sex object. IF you are actually flattered by some Godless Zionist Jew getting sexually excited over you – because you have big breasts and are loyal first to a foreign power – then you DAMN SURE ARE NOT FIT TO SERVE AS A VICE PRESIDENT OF MY COUNTRY!
    I want to see Christian Pastors and NOT Godless Zionists in our Churches. I want to be RESPECTED by the people of the dozens of nations that I have visited- and not just FEARED! I want to experience the kind of aura of goodness that I remembered when I was a child in ‘another’ country – called AMERICA! I want to see past MAJOR injustices like the USS Liberty massacre – and the WACO massacre avenged with JUSTICE. I want to see these UGLY TRUTHS – taught in our schools so our children will know that this country stands for REAL justice, and the criminals involved brought to justice. The USS Liberty massacre? Remember the butchering of hundreds of our sons fathers husbands and friends by your Jew pals? Do you even know what I am talking about? – Oh never mind.
    I want to see prayer restored in our schools to make them places of learning and respect. I want to see criminals of every level brought to justice for grave crimes – such as treason and war crimes so as to restore confidence in our system once more. I want to see and hear TRUTH emanate from Capitol Hill – our news media and our schools. I hope to live to see elected officials – such as yourself – stand up to evil and just do the right thing – the Christian thing the American thing – and tell evil to stay away – which sadly – you have not had the integrity nor courage to do. AND finally – I want to be able to live in a USA that is NOT UNDER OCCUPATION by the Jews – as we have been – but under the positive influence of TRUE Christian principle – not the disgusting Christ mocking heresies of greedy prosperity preachers like Kenneth Copeland and Joel Osteen nor the Zionist war/hate mongers the ilk of Robertson, Falwell Hagee et al.
    PLEASE Mrs. Palin – you are probably a ‘good’ mom and maybe a decent Governor – but you have been bought – body and soul – by the “sons of the Devil” and what you do will only increase human misery and increase the destruction of traditional Christianity in my country through your ignorance. PLEASE leave before you make it any worse. YOU WILL LOSE the respect of decent mainstream Americans AND more importantly – YOUR SOUL
    Joe Cortina
  6. America is a third world sick joke, a grotesque parody of the worst patsy in recorded history.
  7. I love reading your articles they make me feel not alone.I await your next article this is to good to pass up I am going to re read your work now!
  8. As always, brilliant and hilarious!
  9. Hey, Mantiq. What is this someone said about you being on the radio? If you don’t have an Inrernet radio show please get an hour or two on the weekends.
    Webster Tarpley said David Petraeus might run in 2012 and turn America into a military dictatorship.
    I disagree. Petraeus is of Jewish descent and the wars should be unpopular in two years.
    I think the dollar will collapse and the American government will fall with it.
  10. Wasserman-Schultz will surely be a tempting choice for OUR JEWISH LORDS IN ISRAEL. But she’d have to apologize for that idiotic idea of redirecting American tax money from their war agenda into health care for the American goyim. She’ll have to convince them that she knows America is Israel’s mean & lean war bitch and that she’ll forget out any silly notions of wasting any possible war funding by placating the American goyim. That’s just not necessary… and counter productive.
    She’ll also have to prove to OUR JEWISH LORDS IN ISRAEL that she can be trusted with inside false flag operations, like the oil & military oligarchy Republicans are. One way to do that would be to offer false flag plans of her own… like maybe nuking Utah. There aren’t any jews living there, are there?
    No doubt that Wasserman-Schultz is smarter than barbie doll, and her being genuinely jewish is tempting, but she still has to prove she doesn’t have any silly notions of American loyalty or interest that will get in the way of the interests of OUR JEWISH LORDS IN ISRAEL.
  11. Uhm, Daniel F, the wars are already unpopular. Does it matter?
  12. liked your article so much i feel compelled to write my knesset representative to voice my support for the gaza blockade….tongue in cheek…isrealy brown on my collective american nose
  13. Biden is a Jew
    Biden is a (covert) Jew, just like Barack Obama, George Bush (both of them), Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan and thousands more.
    Biden acts like a Jew because he is a Jew,… end of story.
  14. Biden is a Jew
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Well, well,… it seems you are a Jew too.
  15. please would you publish a version of this article in braile, as it is only too obvious that americans and inhabitants of the world are completely blind to such realities and will no doubt put DWS in office purely because she is of the female gender. I can hear the sounds bites already..chewing my face off with the embarrassment of being a human being like them..oh woe is me. thankfully, you and others alike exist to dispel the sensationalist crap that passes(like a ship in the night)for news these days/weeks/months/years..aeons
  16. You guys are taking this the wrong way.
    Let it happen,let this whole thing collapse so that we can then begin something anew.
    Why attempt to limit the inevitable?
    You’re just delaying the rebirth of the nation.
    I say:bomb Iran
    Let Israel decide our foreign policy out in the open without all the silly furtive maneuvering.
    Go along with the global governance agenda for some global currency,but when they try to get control of our guns….BAM!!,that’s when the party starts!
  17. Obama is a Jew
    The Golden Rule: Infiltrate ALL leadership positions, especially those of your enemy.
    To understand what happens in the world, you need to know that
    Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and most other leaders are (covert) Jews.
    See for yourself (PHOTOS):
    And while you are looking,… try this 2.2 MB mega-photo of Rabbis and politicians:
    Obama is a JEW. Bush is a JEW. Clinton is a Jew. Reagan most probably was a Jew,…
    In fact, probably every U.S. President has been a (covert) Jew,… even Abraham Lincoln;
    “Brethren, the lamented Abraham Lincoln believed himself to be bone from our bone and flesh from our flesh. He supposed himself to be a descendant of Hebrew parentage. He said so in my presence. And, indeed, he preserved numerous features of the Hebrew race, both in countenance and character.” Quote from Rabbi Isaac Wise, Lincoln eulogy delivered at Lodge Street Temple, Cincinnati, on April 19, 1865.
    Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were both descendants of the Dutch Jewish immigrant Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt.
    Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt changed his name to Nicholas Roosevelt.
    His wife, Jannetje Samuels, also used the names Jannetje Hamel and Jannetje Thomas (I guess Samuels just sounded too Jewish).
    Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt m. Jannetje Samuels
    .Nicholas Roosevelt m. Heyltje Jans Kunst
     .Johannes Roosevelt m. Heyltje Sjoerts
      .Jacobus Roosevelt m. Annetje Bogert
       .James Jacobus Roosevelt m. Maria van Schaak
        .Cornelis Roosevelt m. Margaret Barnhill
         .Theodore Roosevelt m. Martha Bullock
          .THEODORE ROOSEVELT, US President
    Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt m. Jannetje Samuels
    .Nicholas Roosevelt m. Heyltje Jans Kunst
     .Jacobus Roosevelt m. Catharina Hardenbroek
      .Isaac Roosevelt m. Cornelia Hoffman
       .James Roosevelt m. Maria Eliza Walton
        .Isaac Roosevelt m. Mary Rebecca Aspinwall
         .James Roosevelt m. Sara Delano
    The Delano’s were Jews from France/Spain.
    “In the distant past my ancestors may have been Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they are apparently descended form Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt, who came from Holland.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt; The New York Times, March 14, 1935.
    Sarkozy: Sarkozy’s mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece.
    Bill Clinton has these obviously Jew names; Moses BAUM; Simpson Green AYERS; Esther Elvira BAUM; Frances Ellen HINES among his grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Given Clinton’s claim that “If Iraq came across the Jordan River, I would grab a rifle and get in the trench and fight and die,” (for Jews), etc, etc,.. I think we can safely conclude that Bill Clinton is a Jew.
    It is usual for Jews to own every horse in an electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew. Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.
  18. zionists believe they are the chosen ones,which is the littoral definition of racism,to set their race above all others,how this fact is ignored,disgusts me to the core of my being,good article mantiq,and yes rest assured,the US OF ISRAEL,will soon,get theirs,What goes around comes around.
  19. Sarah Palin looks like a hot porn star
  20. This is certainly not an article for the faint of heart. It is very impudent and hard hitting. Methinks this author takes no prisoners. Yet the truth is there, written in impious prose, but there all the same. When will Americans wake up to the truth? Will they ever?
  21. It’s over and out with JewSA since 1776, with Sovjet-Jewnion since 1917 and JewRopean-Union, since 1945! Hahaha! For more informations read real Thinkers like Benjamin Franklin and David Duke about jewish supremacisme and Moonlandingslies…. Hahaha!
  22. skulz fontaine
    George Mitchell is lesbian? How could ANYONE not want to vote for DWS? I mean, lookit at her. Why she’s cute as a bug’s butt. After all, isn’t that what America’s presidency has devolved to? Appearance?
  23. Absolute Proof More Modern Jews Not Biblical Israelites
    The 13th Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler (suicided by Mossad) explains the creation of the
    European Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews who are descended from Huns, not semitic peoples.
    From Dick Eastman
    Arthur Koestler and his wife were killed by Mossad shortly after releasing this book. As expected, The Thirteenth Tribe caused a stir when published in 1976, since it demolishes ancient racial and ethnic dogmas. At the height of the controversy in 1983, the lifeless bodies of Arthur Koestler and his wife were found in their London home. Despite significant inconsistencies, the police ruled their death a suicide. Another Mossad ‘suicide’…
    The Thirteenth Tribe
    By Arthur Koestler
    This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazarsthemselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. . .
    The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain.
    > In the second part of this book, “The Heritage,” Mr. Koestler speculates about the ultimate faith of the Khazars and their impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry. He produces a large body of meticulously detailed research in support of a theory that sounds all the more convincing for the restraint with which it is advanced. Yet should this theory be confirmed, the term “anti-Semitism” would become void of meaning, since, as Mr. Koestler writes, it is based “on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”
  24. Thank you Mr. Cortina for posting your earlier article in these comments. I certainly was taken aback by the virulence displayed in it but after careful reflection understood that without that depth of feeling nothing will ever change. I hope and pray that more people will become incensed enougth to attempt to change the way things are managed in the US because what hapens in America affects the whole world.
  25. In a word?
    Well put!
    Well, TWO words!
    I have a new hero to ad to my rather small list.
  26. skulz fontaine
    Wait wait, isn’t Deborah Wasserman-Schultz’s real name Debka? Seems like I read that…somewhere.
  27. lets faceit until we come together as one the job of turning this country around will not happen i for one am 53 and have 3 sons and 13 grand children and am willing to give my last breath to see them live in a just country and would be proud to do so i have little hope of seeing a united america but i do see some sort of civil unrest which will lead to violence and the elected ones will make sure of it so be ready for it when it comes. stay safe
  28. Biden is NOT a “covert” Jew
    he is an Iraqi Jew .
    An American Jew, with Iraqi Jew background.
    Just a Jew
  29. Tony Blair is a JEW.
    Even Germany and Austria have Jew Presidents/Prime Ministers:
    It is hardly necessary to hide away ones Jew roots at all.
    For example, the Austrian President didn’t even bother to change his Jewish name, Heinz-Fischer:
    Here is a photo of him wearing a Jew skullcap at the wailing wall in Jerusalem.
    At least the German Prime Minister changed her Jewish name, Angela Kasner, to Angela Merkel (via a short marriage).
    Kasner, Kastner, Kasztner, Kostiner, Costner, are well-known Jew names.
    It is usual for Jews to own every horse in an electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew.
    Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.
    This quote from
    “Blair was born at the Queen Mary Maternity Home[1] in Edinburgh, Scotland on 6 May 1953,[2] the second son of Leo and Hazel Blair (nee Corscadden). Leo Blair, the illegitimate[3] son of two English actors, had been adopted by a Glasgow shipyard worker named James Blair and his wife Mary as a baby. Hazel Corscadden was the daughter of George Corscadden, a butcher and Orangeman who had moved to Glasgow in 1916 but returned to (and later died in) Ballyshannon in 1923, where his wife Sarah Margaret nee Lipsett gave birth to Blair’s mother Hazel above her family’s grocery shop.[4][5]
    The Lipsett family in Donegal supposedly originated with a German Jewish immigrant to Ireland prior to the 18th century.[14]”
    So wikipedia says that Tony Blair’s maternal grandmother was a Jew. Hence, Blair’s mother and Blair himself are Jews.
    Think,… if the JEW run wikipedia says Tony Blair is a JEW, then Tony Blair is a JEW.
    You can find out more about Tony Blair’s family tree in the reference [14]: Patrick Hanks, editor. (2003). Dictionary of American Family Names.
    In the following video the Jew Stephen Harper (Canadian Prime Minister) gives a speech where he claims to be the foremost champion of the Jewish people.
    Of course, he wears his Jew skullcap while delivering the speech.
    “Do you really think a goyim can preside over a passover seder? Because that is what Obama did in his personal White House quarters…”
    Like I said, Obama is a Jew.
    Well, it seems he is not ashamed of it,… putting it on the internet for all to see.
    The Haggadah is written in both Hebrew and English. I wonder which language they are singing the passover hymns in.
    Have a look:
  30. if one thinks like a jew one is a jew. if one serves a jew one is a jewpet.
    debka washeraman (he still is) not only is in congress to serve the state of cannibals, she/he is in congress to also serve her/his fellow cannibals in dead america. with fellow traitor illeana ros lehtinen a dod contract worth many tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars was awarded to a young squat in so florida to supply ammo to the army – u.s. if i remember the ammo was from maybe the civil war era.
  31. The current media hipe about Joe Biden being insulted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest announcement of the construction of 1600 new homes in Arab East Jerusalem is nothing but a cover-up for the bitter message Biden conveyed to the radical Jew. The message was based on Gen. David Petraeus, CENTCOM commander’s staff briefing to Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff in January 2010 which highlighted that the radical Jewish government’s constant rubbing Obama administration nose has eradicated America’s position amongst the western puppet regimes in the Arab world, who see “America incapable of standing up to Israel. America is not only viewed as weak, but its military posture in the region is eroding”. Based on the briefing, the stunned Mullen recommended that the White House make that point clear to the Zionist regime.
    According to Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Biden told Netanyahu in a private meeting: “This is starting to get dangerous for us. What you’re doing here undermines the security of our forces which are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endagers us and endangers the peace in the region. Since many people in the Muslim world perceived a connection between Israel’s actions and US policy….”
    Abraham Foxman, Boss of pro-Israel Jewish lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has blamed Zionist-controlled Obama administration for underminig Middle East peace instead of the radical Jewish government in Tel Aviv. “This administration has bought into this concept – even Joe Biden’s language, that if we don’t resolve this conflict American soldiers will die – that’s the worst of that fallacy. When the secretary of state then says that it harms the bilateral relationship – what happens between the Palestinians and Israelis impacts American security. The solution of the problem is in Baghdad, Kabul, Tehran, maybe in Riyadh and Cairo. Not in Jerusalem,” quoted Israeli daily Ha’aretz, March 15, 2010.
    Watch an Israeli Hasbara video in which an Israeli woman wants the world to leave her country alone so it can grab more Arab land and kill more Native people.
    The tail wagging the dog
  32. this “spat” is a dance between master and puppet. a show for the public.
    maybe more sinister actions are being covered.
  33. mantiqaltayr
    Hi Rehmat1,
    That is not a “bitter” message. It is the Rahm Emanuel message to the “absolutely insane right-wing terrorist thugs” running Israel that they need, for the sake of show, to slow things down a bit. Emanuel represents the merely “insane right-wing terrorist thugs” who run Israel the rest of the time. The message that Petraus delivered is something EVERYONE in Middle East Studies has known for decades. No surprise, nothing. Not even debatable. My slant on the what’s going on vis-a-vis Israel now is that the powers that be in Israel do not give one rat’s ass about ANYTHING or ANYONE in the US who differs with them on even small points. MCP has often pointed out, quoting I believe from Waters Flowing Eastward, that these people “have no sense of proportion.” We are seeing that now, big time.
    I enjoyed your post, and recommend that everyone read it.
    Now where did that video originate? It looks so much like a joke that it might actually be real. If I have time, I’ll put a laugh track on it.
    best wishes,
  34. For the past almost 100 years (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) the fake “free”, phony “brave”, non “christian” Jewish terrorist lapdogs known as Americans have been lead to their own destruction by their lunatic Zionist masters.
    You said it, Mantiq. Americans, at the behest of their Jewish owners, have become the most hated people in the history of planet earth. Aiding and abetting terrorism (Israel) and being the biggest terrorists ever will draw such ire from others.
    Now it seems as though America will embark on its last tunnel of darkness and perhaps even vote one of these lunatic psychopath nutjobs into the White House in 2012. Not that it really matters I suppose. If that reptile in a wig does not get the nod another treasonous, traitorous American lapdog will. And an attack on Iran will probably draw Russia and China-working diligently behind the scenes to eridicate the Israeli/American terrorists from the Persian Gulf and install a semblence of peace and stability in that part of the world.
    One gets the feeling the world cannot wait for that day and will breath a deep sigh of relief.
  35. Isn’t is just an idea that Americans have to chose who is President? Isn’t that just thinking that we need to ‘make an informed decision’ rhetoric we have been spoon fed for years.
    A little more truth would be that we get to choose which face to look at while eating our GMO MSG microwaved TV dinners at night after working all day at our under-paying stressful go no-where over-taxed soon to be sent overseas (or just replaced by newly legal willing to be paid anything Mexicans) jobs.
  36. To Whom it May Concern;
    Thanks be to our Creator. Maker of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them.
    Thank you for considering my post. I hope it finds all is well with you and yours.
    In addition to the vast myriad of issues confronting the two legged Upright species perhaps this bill S.1322 would explain the many barrels of blood this nation(the usa part of jer(usa)lem has pumped, particularily since this was passed by 77 of jer USA lem senators. (No presidential sig needed.) Please refer to govtrack S. 1322.
    My heart and my soul weeps for you beautiful people of Palestine. Please have strength.
    I pray for strength for the weak and helpless against the evil strong.
    I pray for strong Goodness amongst the Upright and the conscience driven to fight the evil strong.
  37. I agree…America deserves better, but that has not happened in a long time. Why?
    1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
    2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
    3. From courage to liberty;
    4. From liberty to abundance;
    5. From abundance to complacency;
    6. From complacency to apathy;
    7. From apathy to dependence;
    There’s a great book to read if you want to know what’s coming next to America? With the economy going down, illegals getting citizenship, I recommend the book for those who care.
  38. The recent Biden-USA and Israel theatrics were a con-game to cover-up business as usual:
    From Haaretz: March 25, 2010:
    Exclusive / Despite row, U.S. and Israel sign massive arms deal
    “As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington this week absorbing the full wrath of the Obama administration, the Pentagon and Israel’s defense establishment were in the process of sealing a large arms deal.
    According to the deal, Israel will purchase three new Hercules C-130J airplanes. The deal for the three aircrafts, designed by Lockheed Martin, is worth roughly a quarter billion dollars. Each aircraft costs $70 million.
    The aircrafts were manufactured specifically for Israeli needs, and include a large number of systems produced by Israel’s defense industry.
    The deal will be covered by American foreign assistance funds. The Pentagon will issue a formal announcement on the matter on Thursday evening.
    America and Israel have still not reached an agreement regarding the purchase of the Lockheed F-35 war plane. It is still not clear when that deal, which is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion, will finally be sealed and carried out.
    If that deal is signed in the near future, Israel will likely receive its first F-35 in 2014.”
  39. Mr. Charlie
    Spewing filth! (removed)
  40. Dear Mr. Charlie,
    It’s amazing you can make any observances to things arouond you. hell, it’s amazing you can even function what with youor head driven so far up your arse youor collars are permanently brown.
    Are you sincerely that blind or are you a stinking Pelosi/Obama loving marrano that has lost all ability to think past your arrogant Ashkenazi loving, (hooked), nose?
  41. yidlid basher
    hey mr charlie in my cuntry we call a stoopid a chalie. hmmm… says alot about you. as per joe cortina find one thing that the mooooselim did to you. you cant. can you say propoganda??? brainwash??? oops youd have to have a brain for that… silly me. listen i cant understand why you jews or crypto jew or shabbas goy always attack a man. attack the point not the man. well heres to you and your ilk may you attain hidayaat. oh and as my man matiq say maybe next year in…………judastan. bwaaah haa haa. minime come!

    Les rebelles syriens possèdent des missiles sol-air américains  24/10/2012

    Ливан ПВО выстрел ракетно-зенитный комплекс
    Photo : EPA
    Les rebelles syriens se sont dotés de missiles sol-air, notamment des Stinger de fabrication américaine, a annoncé le chef d'état-major de l'armée russe, le général Nikolaï Makarov.

    L'état-major a appris que des activistes qui combattent les forces gouvernementales syriennes disposaient de lance-missiles portatifs provenant de différents pays, dont des Stinger américains. L'identité du fournisseur est pour le moment inconnue.

    La chaîne de télévision américaine NBC News avait annoncé en juillet que les insurgés de l'Armée syrienne libre avaient obtenu deux douzaines de missiles sol-air portatifs, ce qu'un représentant des rebelles a démenti. La Russie a vendu l'an dernier pour un milliard de dollars d'armement à la Syrie et s'oppose à l'embargo sur les armes décidé par l'ONU, arguant que cette mesure n'empêcherait pas le trafic profitant aux insurgés.

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