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I recently read an interesting essay on one man’s struggle within himself as to the nature of his allegiances to his roots and his country (not the USA) – since his background was very complex. Perhaps I myself, have of recent years began to wonder just what MY country means to me TODAY. Or more importantly – what and why my feelings of MY country have so drastically changed. A country which I learned to love from the values of my family and listening to my father speak of the marvels and goodness that resided only here in America 

I continued that loyalty and ‘proved’ part of it as I voluntarily served in uniform in one our most elite and hazardous units at a perilous period of our history. I kept my nation’s laws and constantly strove to see justice done as I matured. After a period of a relatively liberal but not evil lifestyle, I engaged in more and more in depth responsibility to ‘civic duty’ and stayed true to my conservative beliefs from which that time I never really strayed.

I still felt that America was great, because Americans were good – a notion that was shared by greater men than I – a hundred generations before it ever dawned on me ( Alexis DeTocqueville) . That notion never changed in my heart – but the reality of that pre-supposed contingency that MADE it a reality – began to painfully manifest itself in way I would have never dreamed in my worst nightmares. 

We WERE GOOD. We are no longer a good people by ANY stretch of the imagination in the mind of ANY informed moral person.

Evil had begun to manifest itself in America like a cancer – as I watched in horror and disbelief of what I saw and heard and experienced in years to come. Like most young men – I had lost my ‘innocence’ – like most men as they mature and witness the more harsh realities of life. Even so I had not lost the notion of the goodness of America and Americans.

Years later I would also lose that notion of this innocence/goodness of the country – as knowledge wisdom and understanding became a more commonplace part of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual makeup. Like a woman with the pangs of first childbirth – I had no idea of the pain that I would endure as a result of my knowledge. It was to change the way I would look at my beloved country – forever! I had not ‘left’ the American ideals. They had LEFT ME!

Having afforded my self the luxury of international travel – a ‘value’ instilled in me by my father who was truly cosmopolitan by nature – speaking reading and writing 5 languages fluently – and having frugally traveled to dozens of countries as a young man and experiencing their cultures – - I have had the education to enhance my wisdom form the finite portals of my own city to be witness to over thirty cultures of the world – mostly European – Caribbean and Lain American. I was even a diplomat – a Vice-Consul, to one of them for 5 years. 

Until as of recent years – I had not fully realized the vast abyss of ignorance in my neo-American culture – if we may be so vain as to term this shallow secular ‘ instant satisfaction’ mentality of my fellow idiots – as a ‘culture’. My experience of 74 years now – has taught me that by and far – for the most part – the ‘average’ modern/adult ‘Joe six-pack’ has all the mental acumen of a 12 year old. Note that I did not say “mature adult”. That adjective, for the average American – would be a conflict of terms – an oxymoron as it were.

If you think my conclusions are personal rantings of cynicism and you want objective reliable confirmation of our dazzling world-class stupidity – simply Google these two simple words: “STUPID AMERICANS” 

We are – or more accurately – have as of more recent times of the past 2-3 generations – a nation of immature children with the outward physical features of adulthood. In the common street vernacular — we have been ‘dumbed down’ to the level of morons and imbeciles- to be polite. We were not always like this. I grew up in happier times with essentially ‘good’ educated people – wholesome role models – virtuous entertainers and far more trustworthy leaders. 

Why do you think that when most people my age are asked – “what do you consider the ‘golden years’ of America?” — our young age at the time, not withstanding — had answered almost unequivocally – “Why the 50s – of course!” More precisely to my personal opinion – the mid to late 40s till the mid 50s.

Vulgar Jew created trash like the Beetles and their selfish material godless drug free love mentality were the beginning of the end of that innocent period. They only started an endless stream of trash that infested and morally destroyed most of an entire generation — ALL ultimately under the age-old aegis of greed fame and money. 

Almost nobody locked his or her homes and only a paranoiac would lock his car. Americans ACTUALLY honored veterans on Memorial Day – NOT war criminals. It was not just ‘some holiday’ to stuff yourself and get drunk at parties. Hoodlums in schools – class disruptors – did not necessitate police on school grounds to keep the peace. We had well qualified teachers who had authority AND respect. 

These antisocial misfit trash were despised by virtually ALL of the class in general. Good students were respected not only by teachers – but by their fellow classmates as well. WHY? – Because unlike today – KNOWLEDGE – EDUCATION and WISDOM were revered respected qualities that were desirable. There were NO backwards baseball caps to show the rest of the civilized word that the wearers ALSO had their tiny brains in backwards! Young women did NOT debase their bodies with piercings and tattoos – and the decent majority so considered any such person that did so, as a harlot and street trash. Goodness wisdom and rational thought prevailed over evil.

We had real responsible freedom then. Harsh feelings of racism were seldom encountered and ‘hate’ crimes on blacks or whites were uncommon. Today there is hardly a week goes by that some horror story of some almost always white people – totally innocent – are brutally murdered raped, burned alive, dismembered or tortured to death – even the children. Motives? ” Dey was white” !.
Communism was (as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN) an ‘evil’ – a mortal enemy of Christian doctrine and of free men and NOT to be tolerated. There WAS NO – NADA – NONE – ZILCH – crime and violence in schools – PERIOD! Out of marriage pregnancies WERE RARE – and I am NOT being naive. I WAS THERE! 

There were not the millions of children FORCED to take dangerous psychotropic addicting drugs like Ritalin to ‘cure’ non-existent ‘diseases’ like ADHD. There were NO school massacres like happen here at least bi-annually – and ALL related to these psychotropic drugs – like Ritalin. ‘Columbine’ was a classic example.

There were no ‘drug cultures’ – RAP trash – demonic rock groups – or teen suicides. There WAS – school prayer – morals – TAUGHT in schools – and our ‘icons’ were decent clean cut REAL heroes and role models – not the filthy scummy reprobate rancid trash that permeates every pore of our dysfunctional society today. 

That was of course thanks to the greedy jew managers who sold their souls to promote drug infested jew filth like the Beetles – and the Stones whose messages of Godlessness disrespect and drugs opened the doors to hell later for even more putrid filth like Carnivore – Malice- Blessed Death and Rotten Corpse and a hundred more jew inspired rancid scum whose purpose was to demonize the souls of our youth. Even then I knew something was terribly wrong. 

ALL movies were Ok for grandma to see with her children & grandchildren. Disney world was run by CHRISTIAN family oriented people and not by the filthy porn peddling Godless money worshiping JEW! Our taxes were low and even the low economic classes could afford to have a parent at home to raise the children. THERE WERE NO CREDIT CARDS OR MASS CREDIT MENTALITY – why? Because we were all able to live within our means.

WHY? because we had been taught these and other real life useful values at the foot of our then, responsible parents. I was ‘there’ – to live and experience these truths. You young people reading this – if any of you still respect truth and knowledge as my generation did – take my word for these things – or just ask your elders.

By today’s standards – my parents were struggling poor – yet my father could still afford to have a ‘FAMILY’ Physician come to our home to heal me when I was very sick. Today you would have to be a MULTIMILLIONAIRE to afford this once simple American way of life. Yes Dorothy – ALL physicians used to do ‘house calls’ then. People CARED about other people. Today – I could die in my sleep if I lived alone, and no one would know till I turned to dust! 

America was powerful but LOVED and RESPECTED – not only at home – BUT abroad as well. We were not FEARED and LOATHED as a Godless amoral lunatic nation of war mongering imperialist war criminals as we are today! We had earned something called respect, because we were still a nation of mostly decent compassionate Godly people. The truth was still a priority with most. Do not EVER confuse RESPECT with FEAR. Respect is in the family of love. Fear is closer to HATE!

We have lost our moral rudder and have become a nation not unlike ancient Sodom. Today our ‘Christian/Zionist’ segment of the population have as much innocent blood on their hands as the Marxists of Soviet ilk that we once – as TRUE Christians – feared and despised and warned our children against. We have become what we once despised.

The Ten Commandments are today nothing more – at BEST – than the ‘ten suggestions’. Our ‘entertainment’ is so rancid, evil and blasphemous that it would probably make Satan blush with embarrassment. The 100% jew dominate jew run jew financed Talmudic filth spewed into our living rooms like so much rancid vomit 24-7 is the VAST portion of our children’s non-formal education. Evolution taught as FACT – promotion of gratuitous sex – graphic violence portrayed a normal – normalization of homosexual perversions – glorification of adultery – acceptability of in your face blasphemy – reprobate scum postured as role models – racist hate presented as American as apple pie and more.

We are like ‘dead men walking’ – doomed to the ash heap of history. We have VOLUNTARILY become void of any goodness – compassion and repentance. Truth, wisdom, responsibility and understanding are ‘dirty words’ not even discussed any more. All we love and respect is money, power, comfort, sex and that which makes us ‘feel good’.

I have not heard any real wisdom, humility, truth and understanding come from the mouths of our leaders, since I was a child. We have befriended ALL of our REAL enemies and made enemies of any friends we really had left. Yes – I served my country in uniform – but with morally different people. I trained a lot of young kids for combat duty that had morals and a conscience.

Not surprisingly, not a single one of the 1000+ men I personally had a hand in training at the USATC in Berlin Crisis 1962 were jews. They were all given deferments so we inferior Goyem ( cattle) servicemen could keep them safe and secure at home where they could continue with their posh jobs and lifestyles in Hollywood and in the media corruption our children’s hearts and minds and souls. It’s a jew thing.

The trash in today’s ‘new and improved ‘ Army are legions of murderers, rapists, looters, sadistic criminal thugs that are capable of murdering and raping an entire family of defenseless helpless innocent civilians just for “fun”. These horrendous events are now common everyday occurrences in Iraq and Afghanistan and nobody ‘at home’ gives a damn!

One day you will see these same soulless young killers murder your neighbors and family right here in our own country! Why? Because they were simply “given orders to do so”. by some war criminal madman like George Bush. These horrors have happened in every nation in history that has abandoned morality – and it will happen here! It is only a matter of time. If you think I exaggerate – then research the shameful frightening incident at ’29 Palms’ Naval base and THEN tell me you are not concerned – if of course this doesn’t interrupt really important matters – like your ‘FUN’ at NFL tailgate parties.

I thank The Lord that I was born no later than I was – as I have been a witness to a time of goodness – or at least relative innocence and goodness – the likes of which no young person has ever OR WILL ever witness in his or her lifetime. I fear for the moral well-being of my children and especially grandchildren in years to come – as the ‘poison cup’ of the jew that we have partaken – has become more and more ‘fashionable’ to more and more of our ignorant population.
We ARE today nothing more than a morally rotted corpse – like one of those low budget ‘B rated’ ‘Night of the Living Dead’ late movies. Aside from the horrors that WE have created all over the world as a result of our greed – ignorance – racism – hypocrisy and arrogance – one need but take note of what degenerate inane mindless rot the jew TV vomits into our living rooms 24-7. Half of EVERYTHING YOU WILL SEE is based on our new improved ‘Merkan’ values of sex and money – SEX AND MONEY – get it?

Oh – and have you noticed that virtually ALL of these ‘ads’ are designed to target ‘adults’ with 12 year old brains? There are now scores of in your face adds promoting drugs to make your penis larger as if God created us all with some sort of defect. OR – how to be promiscuous without worrying about horrible diseases that one might catch from EVERYONE – but our wives of course.
There are now even promotions for homosexual perverts – to be able to more easily find other perverts – ” for a good time”. Lotions and oils and garments to make us sexier – NOT JUST CLEANER – abound every hour of the day so as to insure that our children become more and more sexually aware.

Then there are the money mongers. Buy this and buy that – and not to worry – you can buy ANYTHING any luxury you desire and pay for it later (at substantial jew usury premiums of course). Oh and if you get in trouble – being a little too greedy and materialistic – not to worry – there are also dozens of new ‘companies’ specializing in patching up your stupidity – greed and irresponsible behavior – so you can ” get back on your feet” and screw your life up ALL OVER AGAIN! 

There are mortgage rates and special ‘trick plans’ with fancy sounding names for every level of irresponsible excessive expenditure. BUY BUY – SPEND SPEND – not to worry – it all seems like a fantasy world where there are no ‘pipers’ to pay and everything is warm and fuzzy. And just in case you are a dead-beat moron scumbag whose irresponsible lifestyle has wrecked your credit – impoverished your family and ruined your reputation – once again – the AmeriKan way will see to it that its all OK and you can squander more of your children’s education money with those sleazy outfits that will lend you dollars no matter what kind of irresponsible loser you are. RIGHT!
Oh and then there is another thing -DRUGS!. Not as insidious and morality deficient as the money/sex thing – but a another good litmus of sick (no pun intended) society. Remember – NONE Of this garbage existed in the society that I grew up in. We didn’t have to. We didn’t ‘need’ it. Why? – Because we all, once had , wisdom knowledge and good judgment. Note the HUGE deluge of drug ads shoved in our face literally EVERY 6-10 MINUTES ON EVERY NETWORK CHANNEL on TV.

Sometimes I wonder how our nation can function with all of the health related problems that we suffer from – like – upset stomachs – migraine headaches – sore muscles – sleepless nights – aching joints – stressful lives – constipation – diarrhea – stinky feet – balding heads – infected toenails – ulcers – bad breath – dirty teeth – germ infested homes – smelly kitchens – need for alcohol – need for nicotine – fast food – uncomfortable beds – diet schemes by the zillions! – gym fads – an apparent epidemic of allergies – cure for Hypertension – cures for cholesterol – cure for aging – breast augmentations – butt augmentations – cold-cures – cough cures – arthritic cures – Prostate cures – faulty bladder cures – depression cures – herpes cures and on and on and on.

It is as if the Pharmaceuticals industry and the medical profession and the carnival barkers have all been in collusion with one another to produce a sideshow of snake oil cure for anything and everything that plagues an entire nation – apparently ONLY the ‘modern’ American citizen. It is amazing that Americans as a people can even function in normal everyday life as ill as we apparently are. 

And have you ever listened to the voice that – apparently by law – must mention the adverse side effects from these wonder cures. They are stated in a double the normal speaking speed that is impossible to comprehend as if it were of no consequence. It goes something like this: “Ever suffer from pains in your legs or frequent urination or shortness of breath? Well – like zillions of Americans you may be suffering from Hydrocondrocardiosubclavianendometaxis syndrome. Clinical studies have found that a regular regime of the new wonder drug Proloxiline sufanidomie oxypseudofltulanticularsodium succiliate or ‘Proximax’ – a combination of untested but clinically proven toxinogen will greatly reduce the painful effects of the HCD syndrome.

Use only as directed and consult your physician first. Should not be taken if you are pregnant – have any allergies – have a cold or cough – headaches – have ever had an operation – suffer from hypertension – anxiety – high Cholesterol – ever had the flue or a cold – diabetic or are a male between the ages of 18 and 87 or a female who has ever had children or had PMS or exceptionally large breasts or exceptionally small breasts or had ‘hot flashes’ or flatulence – as any of the aforementioned conditions could increase your chances of cancer using this drug – etc etc etc”
AND – if that weren’t enough – here is a classic example of the very very small print that lists the possible negative side effects: CAUTIONS: Side effects may cause diarrhea- dizziness- fever- pain -swelling – headache – weakness – numbness– bleeding – unusual bruising – red or tarry stools- blood in urine- severe pain in legs feet toes – vaginal bleeding – rash – itching swelling – difficulty breathing – trouble sleeping – drowsiness – chest pain – irregular heart beat – coughing – bluish discoloration in hands or feet – blistered skin heart failure – stroke – chills – fainting – sore throat – hair loss – nosebleeds – bleeding from gums – reparatory distress – hallucinations – deep depression – tachycardia – or possible fatal effects.

Actually – ALL of these ‘side effects’ are real – I didn’t make these up and they were from only 2 of the more supposedly benign drugs most Americans commonly use or have used.

Of course the TV screen shows the laughing now healthy ‘patient’ leaping through a field of flowers like Alice in Wonderland. The ‘Madison Avenue’ ad man and ‘Big pharma’ have a quick fix for anything that ails us – even if it nearly kills us. As long as LOTS of money is being made that is ALL that REALLY MATTERS! Only in AmeriKa – what a country!

Point is – we are programmed to live in a make believe world – where we have NO responsibilities and there are NO moral absolutes anymore. Hey – if it feels good – DO IT! If you commit a horrendous mass murder of totally innocent people – not to worry – it is – after all – society’s fault and not yours – and if you are a homosexual pervert or violent scumbag Ebonics/rap raving ‘nigger’ (my euphemism for the typical scumbag violent oyster-brained street trash black – NOT To be confused with any decent hard working NEGRO) – not to worry either – because an ACLU lawyer will be right here to bail you out and place the blame where it obviously belongs – with the decent hard working family valued honest God fearing ( now the minority) who MADE YOU DO IT! Trayvon Martin ring a bell?

We have become so completely ‘moronacised’ ( dumbed down) by our ‘handlers’ that we continue to use divisive and improper ‘created’ erroneous terms like “PRO- CHOICE” to describe the process of murdering an unborn child – or “AFRICAN AMERICAN” to denote a black American whereas it CORRECTLY means and designates any person – black OR white that was born in one of the many African countries and THEN becomes an American citizen by naturalization.

Or how about “ASSAULT RIFLE” to INCORRECTLY describe a simple plain rifle which CANNOT fire automatically as a machine-gun – which in reality is NOT in ANY Way a machine =gun or automatic rifle – or ‘TERRORIST” to describe a national patriot who is fighting an invading force in HIS country.- he is more properly and popularly termed FREEDOM FIGHTER! – Or the term ” CULTURAL DIVERSITY” to force racial intermarriage or homosexual perversions or other such unsavory conduct on a civil moral society.

We always see the improper word “GAY” to INCORRECTLY describe the homosexual pervert / pedophile child molester. There are other sinister evil intended bastardizations of our wonderful English language – but you get the idea. These things are EVIL PERIOD! They serve NO good purpose and act only for the benefit of evil people with evil agendas.

Finally the last straw. One of the things that I grew up with – was a country that whether you were Catholic or one of the diverse Protestant sects – we ALL worshiped ONE SAME GOD. We ALL fell under the belief in one main collective belief – that we are all followers of the Christ and our collective belief was called CHRISTIANITY and was based upon the teachings of our faith.

Today that has been all but completely destroyed. Now – we have the ‘new and improved’ Christian/Zionist dogma – so painstakingly managed and manipulated by the Jew over the past half century. Today we no longer follow the teachings of Jesus Of Nazareth – but our churches have been sold or traded for the synagogues of Satan so despised by our Lord. We have now become a collective living oxy-moron that which never was – and never will be — CHRISTIANS who worship SATAN. Read John 8-44 – ( Jesus to the jews) “Ye are of your father ,the DEVIL – the father of ALL LIES”

An oxymoron – a contradiction in principles – the marriage of the ultimate holiness and goodness with that which is evil and Godless. We have drunk from the cup of poison, – the same poison offered to our Lord by the Pharisees millennia ago. The pseudo-churches of hell today preach hatred of our fellow man – racism – wealth as equal to Godliness and that number one issue in importance in the obligation of the pastor is to make the flock ‘feel good’ – to satisfy the itchy ears of the hypocrite.

They ‘preach’ NOT the Gospel of Christ – but whatever inane tripe makes us feel good and fuzzy REGARDLESS of how blasphemous or distant from The Lord’s teachings it strays. Hypocrite multi-millionaire rancid scum frauds like Joel Osteen have led countless millions of clueless imbecile fools down the road to damnation with his wicked lies
It shows that we are spiritually dead! With small exception of the few truly faithful left in America – we have sold our souls to the jews (Satan’s earthly children ). We are WORSE than the inhabitants of Sodom – for at least they were not guilty of hypocrisy as part of their blasphemy.

Even the original universal Christian Church – that of Catholicism – in which I was raised, has been infiltrated by the Satanic jews. We now have a full fledged wicked Christ mocking jew masquerading as the Pope and betraying a billion followers. Most Catholics aren’t aware that ‘Bishop’ Ratsinger was the author of most of the blasphemous filth that came out of Vatican II. One look at ‘Pope’ Ratsingers face should reveal the jew wickedness in his black soul.

With the exception of the ONLY true Christian Church left – the Orthodox – and a handful of still loyal believers – ‘Christianity’ as I knew it as a young man in what was once ‘AMERICA’ – and not a colony of IsraHELL – has been totally destroyed by the jews and most of our three hundred+ million citizens – dumbed down to shallow self indulgent delusional sheep.

Since the demise of Christianity I have searched for a ‘church’ where I might feel is sharing the true message of God – where the spiritual head – by whatever name he calls himself – has the integrity and courage to speak the truth – defend the faith – and not only talk the talk – BUT also – as he should do – and as he has been mandated by God – to also walk the walk – lead by example – not hypocrisy. 

I seek a sober modest frugal Christian ‘pastor’ and a TRUE Christian church that will set the example and show no fear to the face of adversity or cave in principles to secular majority or cower to the intimidation of everyday evil influence – such as our evil government and Jew controlled mass media – ergo -’ public opinion’. 

Show me such a place stewarded by such a man – hopefully within my immediate community – and I will join their ranks and attempt to be worthy of their company. I have searched but found little but voices of weakness, ignorance inane hatred, racism, and MONUMENTAL HYPOCRISY. Their phony churches boast of being ” fun” = “dynamic” = “inspiring” = “uplifting” = “casual” = ” informal”= “exciting” and even “prosperous” – but never ever faithful and truthful to the teachings of Christ. They are truly the ‘quislings’ of Christianity in America. I’m not looking for a ‘blow job’ for my ego or a fashion conscious social club for tail-gate party mentality Sunday Christians. My search continues.

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  1. “We WERE GOOD. We are no longer a good people by ANY stretch of the imagination in the mind of ANY informed moral person.”
    Yes, but good can still come out of this rotten nation. It has to or else the entire world is doomed. I pray for it and try to do my best to inform people.
    Joe, you are doing a great job. God bless you.


Well – here is what would actually happen or mostly NOT Have happened if – you can imagine for a moment – that there were NO SELF- CHOSEN in America – PERIOD! Not now – or EVER!  Ironically – many of the Founding Fathers warned and counseled us to drive the jews out of our young Christian Republic for fear of EXACTLY what has happened here since then.  That of course is only wishful thinking – and sadly for America – the reality of situations that we now have – thanks to the lifelong conduct of Jews in America, coupled with our current state of universal dumbed down ignorance –  is that we are morally AND economically bankrupt.

AND – I feel compelled to add – that in no small part – the culpability for this monumental moral disaster must be shared with the greedy ignorant and spineless average American gentile as complicit in ‘allowing’ these avoidable disgraceful ‘events’ to change this once wonderful and unique Christian nation of my childhood into the Sodom- like foul morally rotted corpse that we have most certainly become. Make no mistake – God will NOT hold the ‘other 95%’ – whole harmless.

These assumptions are based on history- events – experiences – laws – organizations – lawmakers and a general moral, sociological and economic condition of our nation that would in all probability NOT have happened without Jewish influence.

There of course must be a perspective for comparison. Since there was little Jew influence at high levels when I was a ‘teenager’ – I use many personal experiences from that general time frame as a pre- benchmark period of our RELATIVE innocence and goodness as a people and a nation in general. The horrible things that have happened to America since that period, are what was predicted would happen to a jew controlled America.  SINCE they DID eventually ‘poisoned the well’, I emphasize those horrible consequences that we have lived with for most or all our lives that have had the most destructive effect on our freedoms – our morality and our economy.

For those of you over 60 this will only be a ‘refresher’ course in America’s recent moral history – as most of you will recall life in the US during the 40s and 50s . For younger generations – especially – who read this – you did not live during those relatively wholesome times – so learn these lessons well – for if you fail to heed this message – you will inevitably repeat these mistakes and completely seal the fate of your country – and that of your children. 

Teach them well. Teach them THE TRUTH! Teach them NOW – or you will be despised by them long after you are gone – as being the generation that allowed their country to end up on the ash heap of history – like EVERY other nation which has sold it’s ‘soul’ to the Jew for 30 silver shekels. We have bartered our moral compass for a bigger Talmudvision and a seat on the 50 yard line at the Stupid Bowl.  Merka is now a place where adults all act like children FACE BOOK ROCKS! GO BUCS!  NFL RULES!  NASCAR IS A BOMB!  I hear this every day  and not just kids! but I digress. Back to the examples.

Grade school and high school violence crime and pregnancies would be as non-existent as they were in the 40s and 50s. Why? Because we would still have school prayer as WELL AS ‘Golden Rule’ ethics taught in school as well as wholesome ‘clean cut’ entertainment and positive role models for our youth instead of the putrid jew created Talmudvision garbage that infected our society like a plague. As a REAL LIFE yardstick.  When I was in high school( mid 50s) there was just ONE pregnancy.  

I KNOW that was true because when a high school girl gets pregnant – one of two things happened. (1) she got a big tummy – or (2) she suddenly takes an urgent and mysterious out of State ‘vacation’  . Today however – teachers like my daughter-in-law tell me that pregnancies are SUPER common even in middle schools involving girls as young as 12 and 13 mostly blacks. Why? Because the jews have  taught us that we should have LOTS of sex with LOTS of people and not to worry because if the girl gets pregnant – just murder the unwanted fetus - the pregnancy the – ‘choice’. .

No Jews – No large number of teen pregnancies
There would have been NO ‘Columbine’ school massacres and no huge numbers of children forced to be drugged out 24-7 on horrible dangerous class 2 narcotic drugs because there would have been no psychotropic drugs pushed by predominantly Jewish psychologists (fake doctors) to ‘cure’ Jew fabricated non-existent ‘diseases’ (My own son is one of the victims of these horrors and I know ALL TO WELL, EXACTLY what is going on with this insanity) Another ‘gift’ from the Jews.  
No Jews – No drugged out children or unexplainable youth suicides
Instead of the drooling imbeciles that we churn out year after year, in a completely failed education system – America would still lead the way with excellent well educated well disciplined graduates from our public school systems – as it was some 50 years ago – before the Jews dominate the policies of our educational system through the horrid jew dominated NEA and other State and local policy makers.

No Jews – no purposeful ‘dumbing down’ of America – the single biggest cause of our sorry condition.
We would still have Creationism and other wholesome Godly concepts taught to our children in Schools. There would be NO teen suicides at the alarming increasing rates we see today. Why? Because we would still be teaching that there is value in human life – and that we are more than just ‘hairless apes’ and that human life has worth beyond material ambitions – instead - our children are taught night after night on the Talmudvision’ Learning Channel and their Science Channel and their  Discovery Channel and their Travel Channel and all their other ‘re-education’ to jew thinking programming 

No Jews – no high teen suicides
We would not have the monumental destructive ‘street’ drug problems that have plagued us since the 60s. Countless young people’s lives irrevocably ruined – perhaps an entire generation – drugged out – turned on and dropped out – all because we allowed soulless immoral Jews like the Beetles and other trash of their ilk to become our NEW icons and role models instead of the wholesome entertainers I grew up with as a teen. 

No Jews – No drug culture
When I was a child – we could walk blocks away to visit Grandpa or friends without our parents worrying about some dreadful thing happening to us. My parents their cars and seldom locked the house. There was NO reason to. Decency prevailed and crime against a private citizen was rare indeed. In EVERY society on earth – when Christian based morals are cast aside – crime and violence has ALWAYS filled the ‘vacuum’. This is NOT UNREALISTIC FANTASY! I lived in that happy time without the chocking Jew influence in every aspect of life.

No Jews – No spiraling violent crime rates
Christmas was a happy time where virtually EVERYONE celebrated the birth of Christ. There were prayers before every school sports event and it was CHRISTMAS – NOT the Jew preferred ‘holiday season’ of today. NO ONE was EVER forced to participate in ANY Christian custom then, and mockery of our Lord was unspeakable and unthinkable. We were taught of the Founding Fathers and that ours was a blessed Christian Nation based upon CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES

No Jews – no destruction of Christmas
Hollywood free of the filth of Jew mentality would be Christian dominated and the entertainment would STILL be suitable for the whole family. We would still have the mind- boggling special effects that are ‘eye candy’ to action movie buffs – but without the associated filth. Oh – and if you think nobody would go because the shows were too boring – ask ANYBODY with gray hair if they felt that George Raft had to blaspheme God to prove he was a ‘tough guy’ for the movie audience – or Humphrey Bogart – or Spencer Tracy or John Wayne-or if Loretta Young or Greta Garbo or Maureen O’Hara or Jennifer Jones were any less beautiful because they didn’t bear their ass for everyone to ogle at. So – you’re a big boy now and you want to see porn! Fine – Just go to your local XXX store – but keep it out of TV and public movie houses – and ESPECIALLY OUR LIVING ROOMS with children.

No Jews – no blasphemies, porn, homo filth, gratuitous sex, or needless violence to poison our children
Disney World was a wonderful place of wholesome entertainment for children and family alike. It was the dream of a wonderful Christian man who wanted a place for decent salubrious entertainment. The Jews with their power in wealth – seized the opportunity and turned it into a hellhole of nasty filth – more to actually honor homosexual pedophile perverts than for joy to children. Everything the Jew psyche touches with his money – regardless of how decent, innocent and clean – he turns into something vile, nasty, filthy and sordid!

No Jews – no homo pedophiles in Disney World – or ANY public place
Abortion was virtually unheard of when I was a teen. I did not know of ONE SINGLE married couple that had their own child murdered for ‘matters of convenience’ till I was well into adulthood. ONE girl was pregnant out of wedlock in our high school – the ENTIRE TIME! JUST ONE! You do NOT have to be a rocket scientist to know either. EITHER (A) the girl’s tummy got big – or (B) she ‘went on a long vacation – usually out of State. Today – children in grade school are routinely made pregnant! EVERY abortion mill and or abortion advocate group IS PREDOMINANTLY funded and or staffed or supported by JEWS – PERIOD! Infanticide is a Jew thing! No Jews – no Jews lawyers – No Jew layers – no Partial Birth Abortion horrors – PERIOD! BTW ‘Holy’ Israel – home of the “CHOSEN” – murders TWENTY PERCENT of its annual live births. So much for the myth of the ‘most holy anointed ones’.

No Jews – DRAMATICALLY Fewer out of wedlock pregnancies
America was free of any major treason since colonial days. That is – until the most repugnant act of treason in history was committed by two Jew Marxist American citizens, Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg. They sold the atom bomb to the devil – just for money! The repercussions from that one vile greedy despicable treachery can never be fully accounted for. The loss of innocent life, misery, torture, destruction loss of freedoms of hundreds of millions of humans is unfathomable. Korea – Vietnam – trillions of dollars spent on defense that could have undoubtedly found a cure for cancer or other plague of mankind was lost forever. Then of course there are the millions of dead and wounded Americans from both wars – widows and orphans – ALL – a ‘special gift’ from the Jews. NONE of those mega calamities would have probably happened were it not for Jews – the people who ‘invented’ communism. Jews = treason.

No Jews – no major treason in America
America has been for most of my life – unique in that we have – as American citizens – been granted the RIGHT to possess and bear firearms. “Freedoms teeth” as President Washington called them. That is- until the Jews got into the act and began to work on their tireless agenda of destroying our Constitutional rights. ALL anti-gun organizations – ESPECIALLY the dreaded legal arm of the Communist Party – THE ALCU – are either supported financed, legislated by and or dominated by Jews. 

No Jews – no anti-Constitutional gun control laws.
Remember hearing this so many times in the past – years ago – if someone voiced an opinion that was controversial – he could always say, “ Heck, it’s a free country!” Freedom speech – so unique to the USA and a Constitutionally granted right that has been fought for and kept by much patriot blood – has been eroded and has ALREADY cost decent sincere Americans prison terms!. Thanks to powerful Jew legislators and lobbies – probably within the next few years – in a decade for SURE – I can be arrested and prosecuted by the Feds just for presenting the facts that I have assembled here. The TRUTH has become a ‘hate crime’ – you know. 

No Jews – no ‘thought police’
We were once on the Gold standard – and aside form our ‘Great depression’ I remember that prices were stable for decades! Gold was $36/oz for longer than I could remember. Even relatively economically poor people could afford to buy a home – a car – afford insurance and be able to pay for a Dr WITHOUT medical insurance! My struggling parents could even afford a Dr. to make ‘house calls’ when I was sick. I still remember that. Greedy banker barons changed that. Today greed has eclipsed all reason and the Federal Reserve has been the ruination of our economy. Who has their fingers in all of America’s finances? Who are the bankers that pull the strings on the quality of life of the average working stiff? You got it. Jews – from the Rothschild’s to the Greenspans – the self-chosen. 

No Jews – no worthless ‘Fed Monopoly play money’
Remember when Americans ran America? Remember when we had REAL enemies that REALLY wanted to AND COULD destroy us. They were called Communists. I remember them well – as THEY were the reason I volunteered to join Special Operations. The USA was the ONLY country that stood in the way of their godless agenda of world domination. Theirs was the bloodiest regime on the planet. The Jew originated Communists murdered over 200,000,000 TOTALLY INNOCENT CIVILIANS to show that there was no limit to their ruthlessness. Today virtually our entire foreign policies are dictated from Israel. The majority of President Bush’s cabinet and advisors are Israelis or Israeli loyal traitors masquerading as loyal American citizens. Check it out for your self. 

No Jews – no Communists
NOW – lets carry that last ‘what if’ there were no Jews ( ERGO: no Communists) dream a bit further to its logical conclusions. REMEMBER THIS FACT!  The JEW ‘INVENTED’ COMMUNISM. They bankrolled it – promoted it and assisted in the spread – like a cancer – throughout the WORLD. IF this horrid plague upon mankind that we know today as the JEW – had been eradicated by their victims – like the black plague of the middle ages – consider the effect on the United States.

There would have been NO WORLD WAR I .  There would have been NO WORLD WAR II  There would have been NO Vietnam War! There would have been NO KOREAN War!  From just those last two events ALONE – there would have been no 100,000+ combat dead and 1,000,000 maimed and 10,000,000 economically and psychologically affected widows orphans friends and relatives (the collective ‘collateral damage’ of war)

There would have been No Cuban missile crisis ( no Castro) and NO Berlin Crisis. There would be no SERIAL Mid-East GULF WARS – the longest, most costly, most war crimes filled event in American history! The Arab people would still be friendly towards the US as friends and allies. There would have been no decades of ‘Cold War’ with the Soviets and those monumentally ENORMOUS military expenditures could have been diverted towards benefiting our own people. 

The results of such mind boggling figures directed into cancer and other deadly terminal disease research and improved medical services security would have saved UNTOLD millions of America lives in the following years! Analysts experienced with such scenarios have concluded that with ONLY the money spent on the Serial Wars in the Mid-East and on aid to IsraHELL those two goals – could have been achieved in our lifetime!

Used to be that it was tradition –(since we ARE – or at least WERE – a Christian based nation) – that all armed forces academies had prayer as part of the curriculum. Not anymore. Prayer AND morality and ethics was of course also a traditional part of American public school policy. Not anymore. You can thank the Jews for that. 

No Jews – no forbidden prayers or forbidden teaching of ethics.
Before the Jew in our once Christian values based nation – there was a Republican Party – because this country was CREATED BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS AS A  R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C ( a government of laws)    NOT a Democracy ( mob rule). The Republican Party USED to be the bastion for morality and goodness in this country. True Christian teachings were at one time inseparable from the policies of this Party. Today thanks to the influence from the Jew and his endless powers of wealth – the Republican Party is no more. It is the Neo-Con Party of the United States of IsraHELL – COMPLETELY bastardized and perverted from the original intentions of our Christian Forefathers. Zionism has replaced Christianity.

Our Constitution has been trashed by war criminal jew compromised George Bush– a lunatic madman and his demonic thugs had stolen the Presidency AND this country.  He and his cabal of treasonous criminals were undoubtedly accomplices in 9-11. His regime also instigated our treasonous Constitution trashing Patriot Act and Homeland Security.  Bush and his co-conspirators have caused the murders of over two million innocent civilians as well as the needless deaths of some 60 thousand not so innocent invading American sons.  

When counseled by an advisor not to trash our Constitutional rights – the traitor criminal coward monkey faced Bush blurted out:  “I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”  ”Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”   ”Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

No Jews – no destruction of the ‘GOP’ and infiltration of the office of the POTUS by jews.
Before the Jews invented the NAACP there were few racial problems in America and the injustices in discrimination that existed were well on the way to being resolved. It wasn’t until the disgraceful rise of Martin Lucifer King that I ever heard an intelligent educated man call a black person a nigger. I CLEARLY remember any white person calling a black a ‘nigger’ just because of his color – as being ostracized by decent whites as a white-trash redneck. When I was a kid I knew nobody that was a real racist.  We had no real racial problems .

Know why? Because the vast majority of blacks back then were decent people and were not ‘ niggers’. Today – thanks to the Jews and their ceaseless efforts to stir up divisive racial hatred (THEY created hate terms like African-American) – we now have a country full of niggers – with decent black folks few and far between and mocked by their own race for being decent and civil. Jews are MASTERS of creating hatred where there was none.

No Jews – no serious escalating race problems.
I remember when it was unthinkable for a seated American President – the ‘Conscience of the Nation’ – to blaspheme God by encouraging young Americans to go out and murder innocent men women and children in His Name. Today we have a Jew loyal madman – influenced, guided and manipulated by treasonous Christian hating Jew thugs, loyal only to THEIR country – Israel. Soulless amoral sadistic monsters like Rice and the jew Albright teach young Americans that human life is meaningless as they mock any vestige of decorum or decency by describing the wanton murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians by OUR military – many of the murdered being children – as “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” – as if these children were inanimate fence-posts or stacks of cordwood!
Cindy Sheehan was 100% correct. Her son DID die for nothing – or rather Israel. EVERY MAN THAT HAS RETURNED IN A BODY BAG FROM IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN – DIED FOR JEW ISRAEL! PERIOD! 

No Jews – no wasted US lives in the Mid –East – no jew demeaning of human life as ‘useless garbage’
This was once a TRULY Christian country – with the teachings of Jesus the Prince of Peace dominating ALL who claimed Christianity as their moral compass. It didn’t matter if the church were Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist or any other Christian based denomination – the basic teachings were essentially AND necessarily the same. Compassion – love for our fellow man – moral behavior – modesty – contrition – truthfulness – fidelity and the spirit of the Golden Rule.
Today we see a bastardized self-contradictory Talmudic Zionist heresy, which has almost completely destroyed true Christian doctrine in America. Satanic Churches seething with boisterous hatred, lies, and blasphemies beyond imagination – preaching racism, death and destruction. This monstrous nightmare did NOT exist before the Jews got influential enough to infiltrate their eternal nemesis – Christianity 

No Jews – no destruction of TRUE Christianity
Television commercials used to be annoying at worst and sometimes even entertaining and clever. BUT – they NEVER taught our young to be evil or commit sins or that immoral conduct was absolutely OK — actually BETTER than OK – and should be REWARDED! That was before Jews dominated Madison Ave. The Jews OWN the add world and care not who is hurt or what damage is done as long as there is MONEY to be made. The examples are legion – but I will mention a couple of classic categories. The one where the car company tells our youth that it DOESN’T MATTER if they have no credit or EVEN BAD CREDIT – that they WILL BE REWARDED ANYWAY!

In other words – its OK kids – if you are a cheat, deadbeat, fraud, liar, con artist or crook – THAT IS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR TO US AND WE WILL REWARD IT WITH A NEW CAR! Or how about the condom adds? Why not just tell teenagers that their parent’s wishes be damned – and just go out and screw their brains out anyway – cause it’s the COOL thing to do today! If you can’t understand that Jews are behind this degenerate mentality – you have already swallowed their poison.

No Jews – No legitimizing of evil and corruption of our youth
Remember when art was art? Something beautiful that inspired the imagination and passion of the viewer. Timeless paintings of the masters – breathtaking sculptures, ageless classics. No matter what the medium – it was the inordinate skill and imagination of the true artist that inspired him to create beauty and amazement for all ages and all generations to enjoy. Take the kids or Grandma to an exhibit without concern. 

Then came the Jews with their degenerate ‘art’ – usually sexual porn that the Jew mind seems so pre-occupied with – or something more sinister – openly blaspheming God in the most offensive way imaginable. AND to guarantee that their filth was made public – they ‘created’ the NEA and plenty of Jew Judges to enforce their public displays of depravities under the guise of ‘art’.  The jew did the same thing to the Germans during the Weimer Republic.

No Jews – no degenerate putrid filth disguised as ‘art’
When I was a kid – I loved parades – all kinds – festive floats – huge balloon figures! Pretty girls in foreign costumes – patriotic parades with marching bands and soldiers – Christmas parades to get that feeling of brotherly love and peace – Western – Indian and cowboy parades with their Wild-West themes and so much more. It was wholesome and as American as apple pie and loved by kids – of all ages! But that is no more. Today a parent MUST approve the ‘parade’ lest it  include some of the most graphic and filthy conduct imaginable to man. A parade with homosexual perverts! Their public displays of sodomy, public fondling – mockery of Christ – as universally disgusting us as they are – have ALWAYS been approved by, financed and or organized by Jews. You can take that to the bank! 

No Jews – No public homoerotic parade filth
It used to be that if ANY pervert was caught molesting an innocent child he was better off going straight to the police than chance the wrath of an angry mob of children’s parents. THAT friends – is ONE of the reasons why there were virtually NO ( and I mean NONE) such incidents when I was growing up in a not yet Jew controlled America. Today – if the pervert is a NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) ‘member’ – the parent will probably end up being sued by the pervert. You think I’m kidding! The Jews run NAMBLA and – big surprise – always defended by the powerful Jew dominated ACLU. These are now dangerous people because we were so ‘tolerant’( read: COWARDS). 

No Jews – no pedophile support – ANYWHERE!
Remember when the good ole USA would defend its own – and if attacked (I MEAN A REAL ACT OF WAR!) by a foreign Government – God help the country which would do such a thing.

Can you imagine a country like say Japan – during 1941 when their Govt. ordered their military to conduct an unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, having such a STRANGLEHOLD on our country that when informed of the attack – President Roosevelt ordered our forces to stand down and allow the attack to continue because “ he did not want to embarrass our friend Japan”.

Of course not! What a ridiculous unrealistic scenario! We wreaked havoc on Japan and let them and the world know that such an act would suffer the severest consequences – of course! Lesson here? – you don’t screw around with American lives, without consequences mister!

Well – realities have changed. Fast-forward to the late 60s when the FRAUD/STOLEN so called State of Israel had time to insert her spies and poisonous influence with America. Let us create a truly analogous situation – albeit on a smaller scale – when the Jews committed an unprovoked ACT OF WAR  on an unarmed American ship in international waters with the intent to MURDER ALL OF THE CREW and sink the ship. They failed in their cowardly treachery to sink the ship – but butchered in cold blood – over 200 of our sons fathers brothers neighbors and friends! 

That was the USS LIBERTY.  NOT only did we PURPOSELY NOT come to the aid of our OWN citizens as they were bleeding to death on the decks of their ship – but NEVER punished the animals that committed this act of war. WHY NOT? – you may ask in understandable disbelief and amazement? Because the Jews by then owned the President ( treasonous  crypto jew puppet – the alcoholic Lyndon Johnson and crypto jew McNamara) as well as much of the rest of the legislative and judicial  - lock stock and barrel -. AND – there has never even been  a proper honest investigation to bring war crime charges against the stinking jews and their criminal filthy stolen shithole of  IsraHELL .

No Jews – no unpunished murders of Americans by Jews - no un response to acts of war by jews  
The above shameful incident ALSO needs an additional ‘what if’ there NEVER any Jews in America approach. This is ‘speculation’ and the only part of this document that is not arguably factual. However it is an educated guess. The first thing that would have happened would have been that Med Fleet’s aircraft would have destroyed ALL of the attacking forces. Secondly – a state of war would have been declared by the President and most probably all of Israel’s aircraft and naval fleet destroyed by fleet air arm within hours. 

Whether or not we would have bombed that piece of crap phony country into the Stone Age is conjecture. They would been declared an enemy of the United States (officially) as they have of course been an enemy of ALL free people since day one. Their aid would have been cut off and there would have been such an outcry of anger from Americans that Jews here would probably be under strict surveillance by ALL Americans. 

There would be no angry Arab people – no concentration camps in Palestine – the stolen lands returned to its rightful owners – no ‘terrorists’ angry with America – no 9-11 – no dead American sons in Iraq and Afghanistan – no hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians by American war criminals – no hatred of America by a billion Muslims – 

No animosity towards America by most of the informed free world as an aggressive preemptive war mongering imperialist State. 

Most probably no more ‘NAMBLA’ no ACLU – no Jew controlled Disney World – no filth on TV – no pro-homosexual legislation – no anti-gun legislation – no freedom of speech legislation – no above a dollar /gal gas – no tax increases – no inflation – no filthy TV – no homosexual movements – no pedophile problems -no desecration of Christmas – and of course – flying would still ‘be fun’. The possible and probable positive consequences are endless!

I have only ‘scratched’ the surface – but use your own imagination for a hundreds of other blessings in a USA without Jews – or in this case – even if still present as people – at least without their corrosive pernicious immoral greedy influence and stranglehold on our nation any more. I haven’t even touched on the massive corruption of our legal system by the Jew lawyers and Jew Judges.  We cannot undo the horrendous damages inflicted by the Jew filth in the past – BUT we can halt further destruction taking a stand against our REAL MORTAL enemy and destroy the beast before it destroys us totally. Take this country back – or lose it forever! GAME OVER!


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

Israel, America’s albatross

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  1. “…school prayer as WELL AS ‘Golden Rule’ ethics taught in school as well as wholesome ‘clean cut’ entertainment and positive role models for our youth…”
    This is how we build civilisation!
    Joe is getting better, but he knows this!


    Comparing Our Fighting Men to Nazis
    Drone Wars Protester Sentenced to Federal Prison

    By David Swanson

    October 12, 2012 "
    Information Clearing House" -  Catholic Worker Brian Terrell of Maloy, Iowa has been sentenced to serves 6 months in a federal prison for his witness against the use of drone warfare.

    Below is a message from Brian and his statement before the court.

    Friends, We are just out of court. I have been ordered to surrender to a federal prison not yet designated on November 30 to serve a six months in lock up, co-defendant Ron Faust was sentenced to five years on probation. Below is the statement I made to the court. Judge Whitworth took great offense at my reference to Air Force security personnel as "goosestepping riot police." Comparing our fighting men to Nazis (the judge's word, not mine) was reprehensible, he said. He is not offended, apparently, by goosestepping US military police intimidating nonviolent protestors, nor by Air Force drones committing crimes against humanity and murdering children. Mentioning these embarrassing facts, however, is an affront to good manners.

    Many thanks for love, prayers and solidarity from many quarters.

    Brian Punishing Free Speech and Letting Murder Off the Hook, Justice Denied in Missouri 

    Brian Terrell’s statement at sentencing, US District Court, Jefferson City, Missouri, October 11, 2012:

    Mark Twain called free speech the "privilege of the grave," a privilege never afforded the living save as an empty formality, not to be regarded seriously as an actual possession. "As an active privilege, it ranks with the privilege of committing murder: we may exercise it if we are willing to take the consequences. Murder is forbidden both in form and in fact; free speech is granted in form but forbidden in fact….Murder is sometimes punished, free speech always."

    Punishing free speech and letting murder off the hook is the order of the day in this courtroom.

    How to speak of an appropriate sentence where no crime has been committed? No crime committed, at least, by the defendants? Last month’s trial in this courtroom concerning a protest of killer drones flown from Whiteman Air Force Base left no doubt that this is the case.

    Each of the government’s witnesses, all of them Air Force police personnel, testified that participants in this protest were nonviolent, respectful and peaceable in assembling at Whiteman Air Force Base, a government installation, to petition that government for redress of a grievance, demanding that the remote control killing carried out daily from Whiteman cease. They testified that at no time, before or during our protest, did they perceive us as a threat.

    Our expert witnesses testified that our behavior was consistent with the activities that the drafters of the First Amendment intended to be protected, not persecuted, by the government. The order and security of the base would not have been compromised had the security police allowed us to proceed to the headquarters to deliver our petition. No testimony to the contrary was offered this court.

    Instead of planning to accommodate a constitutionally protected peaceable assembly, however, the Air Force chose intimidation and conspired to deprive us of the rights they are sworn to protect. We learned from government witnesses that that the phalanx of goose stepping riot police is a “Confrontation Management Team,” deployed only in the case of preannounced events. Whiteman security did not call out the Team to defend the base but to intimidate citizens engaged in lawful activities.

    The court was mistaken a month ago when it said that our group was “allowed” to assemble on the highway right of way by the Air Force and that this space provided for us met free speech requirements of reasonable time and place. This place in question is not only outside the base’s jurisdiction, it is outside the sight and hearing of anyone on the base. The court’s decision is part of a widening disintegration of civil liberties, where speech is tolerated only in designated and remote “free speech zones” where it cannot be heard by the government, and criminalized in any place where that speech might actually have a chance to be understood. Intended or not, the court’s message is a chilling one- that a citizens’ constitutional right to assemble to petition the government extends only to places outside government facilities and where the government does not have to hear it.

    The court’s easy dismissal of international law as not “trumping” domestic law has precedents, but is all the more disturbing for this fact. Last fall, I was on trial for a drone protest in a New York State where, in contrast to this court, former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark was permitted to testify on international law. Judge Gideon, after listening to Ramsey Clark speak of the Nuremburg Principles at length, leaned over the bench and asked him, “This is all interesting, but what is the enforcement mechanism? Who is responsible for enforcing international law?” “They are,” responded Mr. Clark, pointing to us defendants, “and so,” he said to Judge Gideon, “are you!” Every citizen is responsible under international law and every judge more so.

    In our trial here last month, as at our protest in April, our intention has been to put the illegally operated predator drones on trial and so we have focused on the machines that are sowing death and terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan by remote control from Whiteman Air Force Base. It was never our intention to address or to protest the weapons system that is the larger mission of Whiteman, namely the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

    However, Judge Whitworth, both in sentencing Mark Kenney and in our trial, you noted that your commitment to maintain the security of the B-2 weighs heavily in your decisions.

    For a judge to admit to being swayed by a consideration other than the law, not to mention when that consideration is the security of weapons of mass destruction, raises obvious questions about that judge’s impartiality. For my part, Judge Whitworth, I am grateful to you for calling our attention to the larger picture. It is not, of course, the technology of robotics that we protest but the murderous and criminal uses the government puts it to. Drones are the weapon of choice in the current administration’s wars of aggression, but it was the B-2s from Whiteman that first violated Afghan airspace eleven years ago this week and began killing the people of Afghanistan. The crimes against humanity that began in October, 2001, with B-2 airstrikes on a defenseless civilian population continue today with drones operated from that very same base.

    The B-2 Bomber, blasphemously nicknamed the “Spirit Bomber,” is also ready at a moment’s notice to commit the ultimate and unthinkable war crime of delivering the first nuclear payload to any place on earth. A cold war boondoggle, the B-2’s stealth capability shields it from radar the Soviets never got around to developing before their own tragic empire finally imploded. It is a prime illustration of President Eisenhower’s admonition, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

    On the official website for Whiteman Air Force Base I found the base’s mission statement. It is as brief as it is vicious: “Skilled and proud Airmen providing full spectrum, expeditionary, B-2 global strike and combat support capabilities to geographic commanders and the Commander, USSTRATCOM, while supporting Team Whiteman. We kick down doors and kill targets… Weapons on Target, On Time!”

    I have visited Afghanistan and know that eleven years of NATO troops kicking down doors has not brought peace there. Often soldiers don’t seem to know whose door they’ve kicked in or whether the “target” they kill is who they are hunting for. B-2 bombers from a great height or even drones with state of the art video feed do no better. We know that even children are sometimes named as targets to be killed by drones. Children regularly are among their “collateral damage.” The targets themselves are often victims of assassination rather than legitimate casualties of war. Eleven years of kicking down doors has only made the world a more frightening place and has earned our nation more enemies and less security. Whiteman’s mission is not counter-terrorism- it is terrorism.

    Judge Whitworth, you told me at the close of our trial that you do not take sentencing someone to prison lightly. This case offers certain challenges. As my presentence report attests, “There are no identifiable victims of the offense.” Beyond your own surmises, there was no suggestion at trial that our conduct threatened any person, property or institution. The question for you is, how to pass a sentence commensurate with harm done when the substance of the “crime” itself is only a good deed without harmful consequences to any?

    I expect nothing other than a prison sentence today. I accept this without regret and will, if allowed, surrender myself to a designated prison some weeks from now, but I cannot say that I see justice in this. I admit that my conduct was as the government described it at trial. That conduct, however, does not constitute a crime but was a response to one. It is conduct this court should be protecting.

    Our expert witness Professor Bill Quigley spoke from the stand here last month about the difference between law and justice and the ongoing struggle to bring these into one. Since first entering this courthouse back in June, I have been ruminating over the words circling the Great Seal of the United States in the floor of the rotunda of this courthouse, “Let Justice Flow Like a River.” How did these words from the Bible make it into this modern, tax-supported government building? I wonder if these words of scripture might have made their way here to the secular domain from the prophet Amos through Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who quoted them in his classic “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” In any case, these lofty words ring hollow in this place. Justice has not flowed through these proceedings and even law itself has proved but a disappointing trickle. Another Biblical quote suggests itself for the trampling under the feet of the litigants, defendants, judges and attorneys who enter this building oblivious to the unpunished murder in places far away but perpetrated from a place not so far from here; this from the prophet Isaiah: “My Beloved looked for justice and found it denied, for righteousness but heard cries of distress.”

    Scroll down to add / read comments  




    Women of the Mossad

    An Exclusive Revealed
    Joanna Gawlik
    Melissa Carlson
    Jocelyn Baini

    The Assassination of the U.S. Ambassador

    Rose-Marie L. turned out not to be the lost teen abused for years by a group of international panderers based in Lausanne, Switzerland, as she confided to the witness, but a sophisticated intelligence agent with a broad knowledge of world politics and intrigues. She used an escort agency as a cover in order to get the sympathy and trust of the witness and asked him to rescue her. To entice the witness to speak, she boasted that she is well informed and one of the best agents for a group characterised as being Franco-Israeli, and that she knows all about the witness and his kidnapping in Lebanon in the period when Kissinger and Eagleburger were at their helm.

    Lured by female agents related to the Saudi Royal family, he was directed to go to a safe house occupied by agents of the Mossad where armed terrorists forced him into a car that sped towards a Palestinian refugee camp run by a group called Al Saika, controlled from Syria by a group funded by arms dealers. After days of torture, he knew that he was not going to come out alive because the kidnappers were so confident of the outcome that they did not bother to hide their faces.  If he wanted to live, he would have to join the group and be trained as an assassin of envoys from the U.S. or other countries.

    As a disciple of non-violence, he opted to take his own life. When he was discovered in a pool of blood, the terrorists rushed him to the hospital where he received help from pro-peace Palestinians who saved his life. He then flew to the U.S.

    Eventually the criminals were apparently able to recruit someone else as, a short while later, at least two diplomats were gruesomely gun downed:  Ambassadors to Lebanon:  Francis E. Meloy Jr.of the U.S, and Louis de Lamar of France.

    Rose-Marie also read the sworn testimony of Alec Carlson Kouchacji (see its entire text on DOUBTCOME.COM) and found similarities, saying that she too is being tormented by the same or a similar Israeli group, although she said her direct handlers were all Arabs especially Saudis . Like Melissa, she also was given a fake passport that does not reflect her true name or age. She followed the witness in many countries including France , the United States, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and others while impressing him with the information that the group employing her had demanded her loyalty and  tattooed an oath of allegiance with a message of total obedience a few centimeters from her vagina.  She dropped in on the witness, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, alternately asking him for affection and other times rejecting any intimacy. She told the witness the reason that she was planted in his life was actually to replace two female agents that had preceded her, but botched two missions: Nisreen, a Saudi national, and Ibtissam from Morocco.  Commenting on Alec's experience with the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988, she said that she was not surprised as Alec mentioned that the Israelis knew about the bombing because they know everything about Middle Eastern terrorism. She added that, even in Libya, it would have been known by the Mossad. She concluded that there was no way that any Muslim dictator from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, or the Gulf emirates and kingdoms, or the mega-tyrant and terrorist bin Laden, Zawahiri, Al-Awlaki or others would exhibit this arrogance in the face of Christianity unless they had the backing and logistical support of world Zionism. 

    The village of Castries (HE) in southern France is a jewel, yet undiscovered by hordes of tourists and sits on a quiet river called the Berange. It is still a place where you can buy fresh milk, eggs, cheese, and vegetables straight from the farms, and where the greatest admiration is reserved for those who own the nicest pony for their children.

    The American witness chose this environment for its quietness and simplicity away from the distractions of everyday life and stayed several times in that small tucked away village. He needed this peace for reflection and tranquility as, in a few weeks, he would have to appear in a Washington, D.C. court of law, bringing with him strong evidence implicating the Israelis in subversive activities to undermine the Middle East Peace Process worked on so diligently by all of the U.S. administrations since that of Jimmy Carter. With his credible testimony, he could link Israeli agencies to international terrorism that included the kidnapping and assassination of European and American citizens, military personnel, and diplomats. Obviously, the thought of his damaging testimony irritated the Israelis and they were ready to do anything to prevent him from testifying. They followed him while he was in Europe and knew that he had checked into a modest auberge that caters mostly to traveling workers, and was also a popular place for local residents to celebrate marriages, birthdays, and baptisms.

    The DST (the French equivalent to the FBI) kept a discreet nervous eye from afar on these activities in which the Mossad would be surveilling an American citizen on their soil. The Mossad were looking to find something that would enable them to divert and discredit the witness in order to prevent him from taking the witness stand. But, the DST was not worried, knowing that the witness was clever and shrewd and would thwart Mossad plans on his own as he had done many times before. Plus, the DST's hands were full dealing with the increasing numbers of bomb alerts at the Eiffel tower and the Paris Metro, and their tears had not yet dried for the innocent people who died in the Air France Paris to Rio flight and other events, all of which coincided with efforts that France made towards helping the US to achieve peace in the Middle East.

    It did not take long for the witness to strike up friendships with the keepers of the auberge, a hard working family including a father, mother, and daughter. But, they had a black sheep in the family, their son Cyril, a felon. He had spent time in jail and was recently released from a Montpellier prison. For the Mossad, he was their avatar.

    Cyril lived on the premises with his girlfriend Clara, a gypsy who abandoned her children and family and was attracted to the adventures of her man whom she visited in jail while he was building connections with mobs and gangs. According to Clara, Cyril became friendly with gang members and drug dealers who turned him into a professional criminal to the chagrin of his hard working family.

    He traveled to Bucharest and was introduced to Israeli agents who enticed him with money and lucrative business deals to work with them. After assuring them that he was ready to do anything for money, the Israelis asked him to let Clara sleep with the witness and spy on him. Clara, who was devoted to Clyde, accepted and she joined the witness on a trip to Switzerland. But, Clara was very pushy and transparent, and her amateurism betrayed her. She realized that she had been rejected by the witness who suspected that there was something more to it than sex especially when she told him that she had fallen in love with him and that he should stay in France and not go back to Washington. Clara brought the bad news of the rejection to Cyril and the Israelis were enraged. Cyril accused her of making a bad job of it all, beat her fiercely, and confined her to her room. With the help of Gitano friends she managed to escape and told them about her ordeal.

      Cyril was then ordered to involve the witness in personal fights with him so that he could go to local authorities and file criminal reports. The witness' car was tampered with and his room was ransacked and robbed. The witness did not fall into the trap and saw the desperation of the Mossad to silence him. He left the area after seeing first hand the disdain of the Israelis towards France and their disrespect for its civil laws and rights especially as France has the largest Jewish community in Europe, giving the Israelis the possibility of creating a state within a state.

    ISRAEL'S FAKE PASSPORTS contributor Melissa Carlson:

    For Mossad missions, I was issued two fake passports:
    1.  As an American with the name Cynthia Nesbitt
    2.  As a Norwegian with the name Monica Hansen

    (Click the image for larger view)
    The ink had not yet dried on the Oslo Accord documents when Israel, using various means and tactics, unleashed their agents in an effort to subvert the peace process pursued by the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. DOUBTCOME.COM brings you excerpts from an article written in a Washington metropolitan magazine outlining the first initiatives by agents of the Jewish state to destroy Builders For Peace and other well intentioned organizations, and to harass and threaten their board members.




    Exodus 14:14 - The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace

    Leviticus 26:6 - And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land.
    Matthew 5:9 - Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    These messages were among dozens of similar ones published in the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Jewish Week, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and others, and were very clear. The Marrakesh Restaurant, located in the U.S. capital, has dedicated itself to peace in the world and especially in the Middle East. That strategy championed a relevant social issue and came at a euphoric time when the peace process was initiated and "ALL of WASHINGTON" was on the White House lawn kissing and shaking hands. It was an occasion to mend fences between Arabs and Jews. Benevolently opening their dining rooms for peace meetings was a positive step to help different religions come together. For the Marrakesh family, supporting the efforts of the Clinton administration was a sacrosanct duty. Under the title "Children of Abraham," peace were placed in Sunday issues of different dailies at substantial cost, invoking God's Message for humanity to live in peace and harmony.

    (Pornographic photo censored by me BAFS)

    But, the enemies of peace were omnipresent in the U.S. capital. They did not appreciate what they were reading. Quotes from Leviticus, Joshua, Samuel, Ezra, Isaiah, Matthew, Ezekiel, Jeremy, Mark, and Luke interfered with their conspiracies, oppression, and their ability to blackmail anyone who would stand in the way of their greed. They had become too powerful to allow their business to be threatened and defied by a small mosquito using books of ancient history and tales. Their wealth had become so vast that it blinded them from seeing other human beings as equal. After all, they controlled all the Arab and Jewish big money in the Middle East, as well as their armed forces, and rejected the idea that President Bush Senior, followed by the Clinton/Gore administration, should be able to snoop in their territory. They put cold smiles on their faces and found themselves compelled to participate in the festivities while drawing up plans to subvert those noble efforts.

    What better way to attack than to throw up the spectre of immoral sexuality to a society that reacts in horror when it comes to sex, thus becoming willing to destroy anyone caught up in it. The Mossad has perfected the art of destruction through creating sexual scandals. Caught in that web, a person, especially someone who holds a public or elected office, finds himself easily entangled, with the impossible task of proving his innocence to hypocritical crowds ready to cast stones just to proclaim that they are holier than thou. This redoubtable weapon was so effective that many innocent people were forced to pay huge amounts of money or resign their offices, just to avoid a mob lynching. The witness saw the game and understood the tactic: in a street fight, someone well-dressed is always the loser. And, in Washington, the low life will prevail over someone appearing elegant. For years, community leaders, clergy, and politicians shelled out the price.

    The witness knew that this masquerade could not touch him. He did not plan to seek elected office nor did he care very much about being a moral role model. In this case, there was an urgency to stop the hemorrhage of courage and truthfulness. The situation was increasingly critical as everyone in Washington was putting a different face on different subjects for different people. Think tanks looked childish and government spokesmen were responding with nervousness, if not outright silliness. This was ominous, and would touch almost every community, especially the Jewish people. Our witness did not hesitate to descend to the level of the scoundrels, never concerned about his personal reputation. He has been accused of molesting his own children, and of being a terrorist, money launderer, and schizophrenic, along with other unsubstantiated accusations He learned to ignore them, especially as, at the end the day, there was nothing else to accuse him of. He knows the restaurant business where success relies on being honest to customers by offering good food, good service, and a pleasant atmosphere at a reasonable price. Political scandals here and there will not make a dent in the popularity of the Marrakesh, but could increase morbid curiosity and intrigue (major factors that draw people to the U.S. capital). This happened in the past when the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, was arrested after finishing his last freedom dinner at the Marrakesh (as reported in "TERRITORY OF LIES" by Wolf Blitzer).

    The Israelis knew that the Marrakesh was owned by a family of Christian Arab tough cookies. Peace for the Middle East was preeminent to them, especially for the Christian minorities there. Generation after generation, all the people of the region were deprived of a decent life. War, killings, bombings, and bloody conflicts. There was nothing more important than an entente that could give the Jewish people a chance to be able to go wherever they pleased in neighboring countries that contained history and art valued by their ancestors. But, the Israeli side showed no sign of accepting equality and were prepared to trash anyone who did not agree with them.
    Knowing that the witness would dismiss any attempt to threaten him or his reputation, they formulated a plan to attack his Biblical writings and community connections and mock his Biblical messages in order to pressure the media and law enforcement agencies into silencing him.

    In November 1997, a phone call was made to the Marrakesh, pretending to be from someone from the Washington Post interested in writing an article about the role of the restaurant in promoting Arab-Israeli peace. There were to be some videos requiring a private room. At that time, the restaurant had a small second floor dining room totally separated from the main dining area and other patrons. The call sounded genuine as, in the past, scores of publications and television stations had sent reporters and food critics for interviews and taken photographs.

    Coinciding with the Lewinsky affair, the Zionists created plans to close the Marrakesh. It was learned that the phone call had come from the Mossad and their agents, not the Washington Post. The story ended up being spread out on several pages in the Washington City Paper who apparently discovered this vicious farce and omitted parts pertaining to alleged porno shots taken at the Marrakesh from their website archive. obtained a copy from the original publication, exposing the travesty in which the peace process and the good intentions of the government and people of Washington were mocked. 

    Basir Kaochacji, owner of the Marrakesh Moroccan restaurant on New York Avenue NW, is pacing a trench into one of the multicolored carpets on the floor of his establishment. While everything seems to be humming along nicely in the kitchen, what's cooking upstairs has him fitful. It's not every day, one might imagine, that someone shoots a pornographic movie in his restaurant.

    However comfortably garbed he may be in his flowing robe, he's clearly stressed out by the prospect. "What acts are going to be filmed?" he asks me." W^io's in the scene? Two women? A man and a woman? Is it even legal?"
    Downstairs, on the main floor of the restaurant, eight or so groups of twentysomethings recline on the colorful cushions, licking couscous from their fingers and passing carafes, oblivious to the pending shoot above them and the young man furtively carrying a suitcase up the back stairs.

    It's easy not to notice Guye. His sinewy 5-foot-7, 150-pound frame is overmatched by the equipment he's lugging in. With an adolescent face hidden behind Arafatesque stubble, Guye looks like exactly who he was in high school: the loner, the geeky martial-arts buff, the kind of guy who never got laid.

    Kaochacji steps up to Guye, establishing a close-talk rapport that hovers somewhere between camaraderie and menace. Guye handles it all as calmly as if he were a house painter explaining simple plans for a job, reassuring Kaochacji that while there will be nudity and a number of electronic vibrating dil-dos, no men will be filmed; just a nice, tidy lesbian scene will be shot this evening at Marrakesh.

    Kaochacji is somehow reassured by this news.
    The lesbians in question are aspiring adult-film starlets Tammy Dukes and Shiloh Raine. Tammy, 24, once nominated for "Sexiest Guest Ever" on Jenny Jones, is slender, with frosted brown hair. Her almond eyes frequently have clients mistakenly assigning her various ethnicities in addition to the ones actually mixed up among her Japanese, Native American, and Czechoslovakian roots. Shiloh, squeezed into a '70s go-go outfit, is more voluptuous, blond, and looks her age, barely, which is 18. Both women have breasts roughly the size of their heads, cosmetically inflated at $2,650 per boob, courtesy of D.C.'s eminent bosom augmenter, Dr. Ron Perlman.
    Tammy and Shiloh smile at Kaochacji, talking and flirting a little. He warms to the situation and decides to make the best of it, ordering his fawning waiters to bring the satrs anything they need. Food? Drink? Tylenol? A light? One clap of Kaochacji's hands, and their every need is taken care of.
    As Guye props up his expensive lighting equipment, Shiloh sits with the mustachioed owner, who has by now dispensed with the robe and is sporting street clothes. She lights up the first of many Newport Menthols. Kaochacji joins her, sucking on a gigantic brown loaf of tobacco that resembles a cigar but smells infinitely fouler. Shiloh giggles and bats her green eyes. Kaochacji plays it cool, throwing soft-voice conversation pieces her way, a Moroccan Barry White. Shiloh responds in kind, filling the dimly lit room with the light of her innocent smile, a smile that bunches the last lingering baby fat in her face into adorable pinches.
    In the corner, Guye and Tammy laugh at how reassuredeven serene?the Moroccan now seems. His antic manner has evaporated, replaced by the lolling, common lust Shiloh sees so often in men, whether Maryland frat boys or international captains of industry.

    "Watch," Guye says, fiddling with the tripod. "Shiloh will have him holding the camera in a minute................"

                                                                                                     (article to be continued...)



      For years, Jocelyne Beaini lived in fear. Her handlers were watching her 24 hours a day. She had to report every move she made. She could not refuse orders to have sex with anyone they designated and she had to fake passion and love with her target, but never fall in love with him. Orgasms had to be faked during intercourse even if it involved several a day. Pills to prevent pregnancy were a must and, if an accident happened, an abortion would be prompt. Headaches were not allowed and nagging would result in several bad hours.

    Jocelyne liked her mission and, according to her partner, the Moroccan Asmaa Boubarri, she was the perfect Mata Hari. She was fascinated by the strength of her idol and she copied how the master spy had stood up to her interrogators during WW1, evoking similarities with her as being flirtatious and promiscuous, using her art of seduction to bring males into her web. But, she was aware also of the danger of being caught and would be on her own. No one would come to her rescue. She was brainwashed to believe that spying is a noble sport, open only to intelligent people, and that betraying a man is itself a kind of orgasm. Jocelyne liked that feeling and dedicated herself to get to that Super Bowl and earn the final trophy. Never mind that the real Mata Hari was shot by a French firing squad, she was still the heroine who fooled top military intelligence personnel in at least three European countries, including Germany and England. Was she a double or a triple agent? The secrets of her allegiances went with her to the other world. Seconds before the 12 marksmen pulled their triggers, aiming at her heart, she saluted them by throwing them a kiss.

    Neither Mata Hari nor Jocelyne Beaini realized that spying is nothing but the abuse of women by men, and in her interview with DOUBTCOME.COM, Melissa Carlson confided that female spies die early and are easily disposed of by the same people who promised them the moon. Beaini was trained to resist torture, to never crack, and to fool investigators, tiring them out and taking them down a totally confusing path by using her art of playing the fool and shedding tears whenever she felt it was necessary.

    The Israelis knew that they were sending Jocelyne on a very difficult mission. She would have to succeed where others had failed. She was going to spy on a master spy catcher who had uncloaked dozens of women before her. This time she would be trying to sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. The man in question was a master of psychological analysis and detecting fakes for him was a piece of cake. Shortly after being planted, he discovered her secret, but went along and agreed to take her on as his maid. When he saw that Beaini wanted to be intimate, he confronted her and said that he would accept her surveillance of his life, but warned her against hostile comportment and said that in bed he did not like the presence of a third person. In an exclusive interview, he related to DOUBTCOME.COM that Jocelyne was not difficult to detect. Unlike Melissa Carlson and Johanna Gawlik, Jocelyne was not sophisticated. She did not have the education of her predecessors which would have made her more credible and hidden her deception. She was thrown at the smart witness with vulgarity, sexual ineptitude, and a sleaziness far from the normal comportment of a 22 year old who would have been a dreamer about a bright future. Romancing the man of her life and dreaming of children, pillow talk, caresses, daily roses and candle light dinners would have been essential.

    Preoccupied with his activism in the cause of world peace, he ignored the mediocre theatre. He had earned worldwide recognition for his activism in global entente. He demanded that the big and the strong should not step on the poor and less fortunate. He asked the Christian world to take responsibility and show compassion and understanding towards other religions, especially the Jewish people. His initiatives irritated the Zionists, the Washington hawks, the Petro-emirs, and many other groups who thrive on conflict and division. He voiced his contempt for Zionism with its never ending superiority complex, convinced that God had given intelligence exclusively to them and the right to herd the stupid sheep who constituted the rest of the human race. The peace maker had witnessed first hand how the Israeli lobby in Washington subverted the US sponsored peace plan by harassing the participants and sending female agents to the bedrooms of unsuspecting peace activists and Arab diplomats and ambassadors, including Palestine's Hassan Abdel Rahman and Lebanon's Riad Tabbarah. They did not accept being passive in the world and launched a war on Christianity. They made huge efforts to dominate Christian fraternities and organizations, especially the C.I.A. and free masonry. They controlled the unsuspecting Jehovah's Witnesses, the Charismatics, and the born agains. They wanted to maintain divisions between Catholics and Protestants.

    The Israeli Mata Hari related to her masters all the activities and ideas of the witness and, for a period of five years, she followed him from Beirut to Paris, Athens, Rome, Rabat, Geneva, and other world capitals. They did not appreciate what they were hearing. His saying "it as it is" irritated them.

    Taking advantage of the chaos that prevailed in Lebanon, they put forward a plan for Jocelyne. She would lodge a complaint that the witness had tried to recruit her to work for Israeli intelligence, and bring along another witness known by no one but Najib Hawa, one of her best friends and a low life goldsmith who facilitated her spying on the witness for a number of years. Lebanon's courts operate under the Napoleonic legal system which made the accusation sail along easily, unlike in US courts which give the accused the opportunity to prove innocence by taking depositions from accusers and other means.

    On a clear autumn day in 2007, there was a knock on the witness' apartment door in the City of Jounieh . When he answered the door, the witness found himself confronted by two rude policemen in civilian clothes asking him to come along. The witness recognized one of them as being related to the Saudi Hariri Frem organization. Politely, the witness asked what this was all about and who they were, a question that irritated one of the men who did not hesitate to draw out his 357 magnum. No court papers were presented and they confiscated his cellular phone, and a third individual showed up shortly with an Uzi machine gun and took him by force. He was not allowed to call his lawyer or contact the American Embassy.

    Blindfolded, he was transferred the next day for interrogation at the "Center of Information," a newly created institution which was set up by Rafiq Hariri and Saudi groups to monitor and harass their opponents. While in solitary confinement, investigators went through his laptop and documents fishing for something to justify theirr terrorist behavior. Being an American without a lawyer or contact with the outside world, it was very hard for the witness to tell his side of the story and impossible to defend himself, especially when they shrugged off his right to contact his Embassy. The plan worked well and the Mossad agents were going around town spreading the word that the witness had been arrested as a Mossad recruiter and that he would never again see the light of day.

    As in everything else, the Lebanese were split between two groups, one dominated by sophisticated military intelligence and law enforcement officers who graduated from Quantico and West Point and other European military schools, and the other paid by hard core organized crime. The first group knew the witness and his peace activism and his life long struggle against Zionists and their proxies. And the latter had just received orders from Riyadh and Tel Aviv to remove the trouble maker. From the start the witness saw the split. The smart cops knew him and his dedication for freedom and democracy and wanted to clear him and end the sensationalism that could inflame a country fascinated by political intrigues, but the others were interested in creating more chaos and causing a diplomatic rift between Lebanon and the US.

    Because of the explosive situation, the investigation was under remote control. It was conducted by chain smoking nervous underlings who would relate every new finding to their invisible J. Edgar Hoover. Court documents showed that many big names had entered into the case while the witness was blindfolded or in solitary confinement. They all knew that they had beem thrown into a case where they could only come out losers. Used to dealing with bombers and Islamic zealots, they now found themselves having to give opinions on relations between the US and Israel. It was simply too much for them.

    There was one month of deliberation, including questioning and meddling by big names in Lebanese military courts. Court records registered such individuals as Colonel Georges Haddad, Air Force General Charbel Mazraani, military court Judge Sami Sader, information section chief Colonel Sami el Hassan and first officer Mark Sawwan, head of military judges Ahmad Oueidat, state security agents # 21260 Mustapha el Karhani, #26361 Mohammad Shoureige, # 17587 Mohammad Kattouni, military judge Maroon Zakhour, and court secretary Richard Chaaban, agt# 1435 georges matta, agt# 1689 geneid geneid, agt#1476 pierre mourad, SS agent fadi al mouass, agt#1114 youssef mahfouz, agt# 1536 hanna karam, agt#1553 chawki dagher, agt#1844 philippe achkar and the whole thing was supervised by military court chief Jean Fahed who in turn was relating all steps to State prosecutor Said Mirza and Lebanese Immigration boss General Wafiq Jezzini.

    While the witness was watching the struggle between the idiots and the sharp witted, and the good guys and the bad guys, he could recognize them according to their aggressiveness. Jocelyne Beaini and the Israelis were confident that they had eliminated this thorn in their side. Their celebration was short as the Lebanese surprisingly decided to release the witness, proving to the Israelis that they had yet to understand the mystifying side of the Lebanese people who derive their inspiration from their deep Christian and Muslim faiths. They could not harm US-Lebanese relations with threats that there would be more bolts from the blue.

    Jocelyne Beaini proved to be the perfect Mata Hari, walking away unscathed and proving that she could fool all the gumshoes who did not dare ask where she was between the ages of six and 19.
        Who killed
    Dr. Rossell?

    The Mossad, The CIA, and sexpionage

    For the administrative judge in the DC superior court, it was a day unlike any other. He had in front of him a case that looked like none he had ever seen before, a case with no precedent, a case that would have seemed more fitting in a banana republic or the dictatorial regime in Kazakhstan. Realizing that it was unfair for it to carry the burden of an international terrorism act alone, Cigna Insurance company was trying to stop paying for medical treatments for a former persecuted hostage victim in Washington, D.C. The judge heard the testimony of physicians from Georgetown and Sibley hospitals, professionals of considerable integrity, who were up in arms and unable to deal with a case previously characterized by a complete absence of judicial oversight. The medical teams were operating with disgust and fear. Relentless threats and unremitting harassment of their patient prevented them from coming up with the right treatment and diagnosis. The FBI asked relatives and co-workers of the witness to monitor and take notes of occurrences, their nature and timing. Over 18,000 phone calls were documented and delivered to the FBI, but still there was no end to a situation that seemed beyond comprehension.

    On that day in court there was a sense of urgency. The head shrink at Sibley Hospital was demanding that hospitalization coverage should include international hospitalization since the presence of the witness in Washington would only aggravate his condition. It was clear that the terrorists were local and influential, and operating with impunity. The witness knew that his troubles stemmed from his kidnapping in Lebanon and that his escape had shed light on the birth of international terrorism and the main actors and participants in it, especially cooperation between the CIA and Mossad. In that period of time and in that region, they were the only groups calling the shots.

           Continued ->>>

     No doubt they knew all about each others' activities, if not actually cooperating in them. Their diabolical marriage and brutal deeds surpassed all others. Both betrayed their peoples and created an alliance to protect the super rich in the world, regardless of the roots of their wealth and the color of their money. They both engineered the proliferation of arms dealers, drugs, and warlords that created instant billionaires and gave brutal thugs the opportunity to take power in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and others countries. There was plenty of money for them, thanks to the Saudi Royal family and all its branches, i.e. the Al Shammar, the Sudeiris to which Prince Bandar belongs, and the Al Shaykh clan of Prince Turki (these men were the last two Ambassadorsof the Saudi Kingdom to the US and both left their posts abruptly), plus the Al Sabahs the ruling family in Kuwait. This alliance and its wealth was the foundation for Al Qaeda and other Islamic fundamentalists and their undeclared war against the Christian world.
    The death of a Lebanese soldier.

    Is the CIA losing it?

    Jocelyne Beaini lived in constant fear after revealing to the witness her connections to the Mossad-CIA group. She was always on the lookout, moving from one place to another and trying to avoid anyone connected to her past or who had planted her on the US citizen, an individual active in world peace holding high positions in organizations that call for harmony between Jews and Christians and a board member of BUILDERS FOR PEACE, established by the White House for the sole purpose of creating a peaceful Middle East where Israelis and Arabs could live in harmony. The witness believes that the region, to say the least, is vital for the coexistence of all nations. Unfortunately, this philosophy did not go over very well with the big sharks, the principal perpetrators of international terrorism.

      Jocelyne Beaini found comfort in talking to the experienced witness who had shrugged off numerous attempts on his life, the latest by Abou Fadi Raheb, a CIA agent who runs a business in Maameltein, the red district of Lebanon and who had told him that a 6mm bullet would be enough to silence him. The witness explained to Beaini that this was all hot air and that only
    the weak would succumb to such intimidation. And, on the one hand, the Mossad had been feeble and suffered badly, especially after the defeat of Israel forces facing Hezbollah during a war that brought only more insecurity and doubt regarding the presence of Jewish people surrounded by a billion Muslims. On the other hand, the CIA, in the eyes of world diplomats,
    is also scoring very low. It is now a failing giant which is growing weaker by the day and making the US government and American citizens appear to be the most villainous oppressors and warmongers in the world.

      Beaini, whom the CIA had trained to be a sex slave, saw a sarcastic smile on the witness' face when she spoke of the organization. He described them as rogues who had become drunk with money, selling out the interests of their co-citizens. He ridiculed them for trying to impress others through their vaunted expertise in finding out the sexual orientation, preferences,and activities of people in order to blackmail them. And, he
    wondered, if they had shown the same zeal in protecting the US Government and American taxpayers, whether John F. Kennedy might not have been assassinated, the Marine barracks in Lebanon might not have been blown up with the loss of 225 elite soldiers, a number of US diplomats might not have been murdered, TWA and PanAm might still be in business having not lost planes to bombs and hijackers, Saddam Hussein might never have come to
    power, and bin Laden, the Taliban, Lewinsky, Hinckley, Agha, the contras, and others might never have existed or at least accomplished their evil deeds, and the narco-mafias might never have found their way into American homes and cities.

       But, Jocelyne Beaini could not be convinced. She remembered the scenes of torture and rape that had marked her younger years at the hands of her brutal Mossad-CIA handlers. She knew she had been trapped with no way out, existing both dead and alive until she was contacted by Olga Vinokurova whom she had previously met at the "Poker Club" atop a medical center connected with "Our Lady of Lebanon Hospital" which the CIA uses to introduce its new recruits to the big bosses, trainers and agents, and where cash is dispensed secretly.


    Vinokurova had an idea for Beaini. She would be safe if she diverted the group's attention and acted as though she had always worked for Lebanese Military Intelligence. She would be safe if she became intimate with a Lebanese military man.

      With the help of her friend, Samar Raheb, the idea was executed and proved to be easy. In a few days, according to her brother, Elie Beaini, who worked as a parking lot attendant for a strip joint, Jocelyne seduced an old acquaintance, Jean Elias, a warrant officer in the Lebanese infantry. In a few weeks, Jocelyne was engaged to be married to him during the summer. For
    Jocelyne, that seemed to be the end of her problems and she was looking forward to a new life with a family and children. With a smile on her face, she could sleep at night and detach herself from all her former contacts.
    But, not very long after that, the Lebanese military command contacted her to announce that Jean had died in the battle to take Nahr El-Bared, a refugee camp in northern Lebanon where a battle to root out "Fath-el-Islam" was raging. Dressed in black Jocelyne tried unsuccessfully to locate Olga Vinokurova who was nowhere to be found. Hysterical, fearful and confused, Jocelyne contacted the witness to tell him that she did not buy the official story and believed that the CIA had murdered her sweetheart.

    The C.I.A. , the Ambassador and the Pregnant Woman
    On a cool day in early November, Jocelyne Beaini was called to the posh Phoenicia hotel in downtown Beirut by her friend Stephanie Ralph, a CIA operative who lives in Kuwait. They both sat on the terrace overlooking the tumultuous scene above the crater caused by the powerful explosion that took the life of Rafiq Hariri, lord of the warlords that destroyed Lebanon and whose family and friends destroyed its economy.
    Jocelyne expected a serious discussion as both women were to be joined by a Kuwaiti prince and a certain Tahlaoui, a high ranking military man representing the Saudi Defense Ministry.

    There was apparent urgency to that meeting including Saudi Princes Bandar, Sultan, Faisal, and others, plus Kuwaiti Emirs who were aware of the public relations disaster on the horizon for both the Islamic and Christian worlds.

    More and more evidence was surfacing that the sleazy emirs and kings had sold out the Palestinian cause and people in order to keep their thrones at the same time that they had sided with international Zionism to uproot the Christians in the Middle East whom they constantly accuse of being the instrument that keeps bringing Western democracies and bullies into their crystal shop. Events in Iraq and Lebanon are proving by the day that cooperation between the two Gulf countries and Israel are the cause of the quagmire and the slaughter of U.S. boys in Iraq.

    On the agenda of the day: get rid of a witness whose struggle against those evils proved that the CIA was not innocent and watching this anti-democratic tragedy and even, at times, participating, if not engineering it, and ready to sell their positions and intelligence access for gold and money.

    The witness in question was eager to father children for he had lost his six previous ones in all these machinations and struggles. The reports that were coming through agents who infiltrated the Masonic lodges of the District of Columbia where the witness acquired a 32nd degree as a Master Mason meticulously described his pain. His fatherly instincts were his weakness and exposed his vulnerable side.

    Jocelyne Beaine, who was planted as his maid, was told of their plan. In a few days, 19 year old Ganna Pylypenko would arrive in Lebanon from Ukraine to work as a dancer and would be introduced to the witness and have intercourse with him. The witness would be told by Beaine that the Ukrainian woman had fallen in love with him, that she was tired of the night life, that she wanted to start a family that would offer the opportunity to start a new life for him with a wife and children. With the help of the Kiev mafia, she was artificially inseminated at the last minute. All this had to be organized before immigration authorities in Lebanon detected the pregnancy whose test is a requirement for any females who work in night clubs there.

    Through either pure bad luck or a mysterious intelligence tip, the Lebanese authorities postponed the physical examination, but through advanced testing techniques discovered that the artist was indeed pregnant. She was quarantined for ten days then deported.
    To Jew Or Not to Jew?

    When Jocelyne Beaini decided to tell her story to her victim-witness, she started by reading the confessions of her predecessor Melissa Carlson. She found many similarities, but with much more violence. When she was four years old, Lebanon experienced an Israeli invasion and their subsequent hold on all the Christian regions and cities. Making it a top priority, the Israelis soon started to recruit agents and used the Lebanese forces, Saudi intelligence, Lebanese personnel, business executives working in Saudi Arabia, Lebanese military forces and other warlords, plus the tobacco and hashish mafias and anyone in Lebanon who was in need of money. Jocelyne's mother, Jamal, apparently did not heed their warnings at first to join their organization after the murder of her husband, Ibrahim, the father of Jocelyne, a decision that caused Jocelyne to lose the use of her left leg after being brutally maimed by unknown assailants who made it clear that her right leg would follow. Mom then had to acquiesce and disappeared, leaving her three infants behind.

    According to Jocelyne , she was raised by her grandmother in the village of Kartaba while the Catholic nuns at Bhannes Hospital tried desperately to save her leg with pain killers and therapy. She did not see her mother for years and she never went to school. Being vague and amnesiac, she does not remember anything from her younger years until she found herself living with a Druze family on the Golan heights. When she reached her teens, she went into training as a total submissive. She would be beaten for any little infraction and put up against the wall for hours regardless of her leg pain.

    Her handlers, mostly Lebanese working for the Israelis, would subject her to rape and many other humiliations. They tried different sexual positions and perversions on her until she felt that sleeping with a man of a different age, color, filth, and smell was as normal as having a cup of tea. She remembered the never ending scenes of sodomy and fellatio when different men would enter and leave the room in which she was tied or partially tied. She was trained in housekeeping, washing, and ironing until she became a perfect maid because eventually she would take over where her predecessor had left off after Carlson, under Israeli orders, subverted US Middle East peace efforts and disappeared with the files of the board members of the White House BUILDERS FOR PEACE.

    At the age of 22, she was ready to be put on to that same witness whose expertise and experiences prove that the cooperation between Saudi, Kuwaiti, Turkish and Israeli intelligence is the hard core of international terrorism and that they are behind all the ills that the West is enduring.
    Emile Henoud, the Lebanese-Israeli handler of Melissa Carlson who is now in hiding, offered to plant Jocelyne at the shop of his cousin Sam Henoud (who has US citizenship) in the town of Jounieh, a place that was very receptive to the Israeli invasion. Successfully using that trap, she easily became involved in the life of the witness who was in need of a maid. In a few months, she became intimate with the witness and confided to him her desire to seek revenge for the murder of her father and her years of sufferings at the hands of her handlers.
    Jocelyne was not shy about her desire to leave the group, but was nevertheless fearful. She talked to the witness about their power and their hold on the Christian territory. There, there is the big deal maker and billionaire entrepreneur Georges Frem, a former MP and government minister, and a close friend to Rafic Hariri. Both of them died recently, but left behind scores of money lovers and ass kissers ready to carry out any order given by Saudi partners. She would go to meetings where Mansour el Bon, Farid el Khazen, Samir el Khazen, and notables from different influential families like the Gemayels, the Chihas, Sfeirs, Geagea, and others all asked her different questions about the American witness and whether he had any contact with the FBI or Interpol. They would put her in contact with owners of night spots to which he could be lured like Tiffany's, California Dreamers, Lido's, Thymes, and Excalibur where other women would come to assist her in spying on the witness . Many other new girls would come with in an unending supply from a different source: the palaces of the Arab Petro-Emirs .
    This activity of five years was brought to an end by the outcome of the war in Lebanon when the Israelis surprisingly suffered a shameful defeat at the hands of the underdog Hezbollah. Suddenly, events took a completely new course: Jocelyne Beaini retracted her story, not without considerable fear, and confessed to a completely different version. She brought in two females, a Canadian by the name of Carla Chaptini and a Lebanese woman called Samar Raheb. Beaini said they both work for the CIA and that the organization was behind the spy plan from the beginning, and that their contact is a diplomat in the visa section of the US Embassy in Lebanon who is an admirer of Samar and who is ready to facilitate visas for anyone for her.
    DOUBTCOME.COM contacted the witness who was not surprised, but felt sorry for the inaction of authorities about Christian and Jewish relations. He concluded : "If the Americans are really concocting a hateful campaign to slaughter the Jews and send them to a new generation of ovens, then we should all feel ashamed and give them back all our property and forgiveness for being part of that campaign, after accusing them and insulting them for decades. But, on the other hand, if this is really a Jewish way of dealing with Christianity then every free man with or without any authority should come out and say it."

    Desperately looking for a Hitler
    Jocelyne Beaine wanted a safe place where she could tell an urgent story about her friend Olga Sokolovskaya and her painful experiences and suffering at the hands of the Israelis. She chose the Palace Hotel in Ferney, a suburb of Geneva, on the French side of the city. The hotel is owned by Joseph Yazbeck who previously owned the Grand Hotel in Washington D.C., a favorite place for meetings for the Israelis and the Saudis where the sales of F15s,F16s, AWACS, and other military toys for the Arab gulf states were discussed. The urgent meeting was suggested by Marwan Souleiman a close confident of Beaine. Beaine trusted him as he is from the same town of Kordaha in Syria and is a distant cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Marwan assured Jocelyne of the support of his Uncle Sami Souleiman who holds a high position at the Pentagon.

    Surprised at the suggestion, the witness was reluctant at first, but eventually decided to listen. He was suspicious and uneasy as he could not understand the purpose of the meeting.

    Jocelyne recounted, with precision, the unfortunate story of her friend. Olga was born in a small village two hours drive from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. Fatherless and with an alcoholic mother who deserted her at a young age, she grew up with low life cousins in an atmosphere of filth and physical and mental abuse. At the age of eleven, she met her boyfriend who was much older. Slowly, he introduced her to cocaine and other drugs. When she was fully addicted and relying on him for supplies, he introduced her to members of the Russian mafias who took full control of her habits and needs, and she did not realize that she, along with a dozen other females in her condition, were sold naked at an auction to a group of traders whom she learned later were from Tel Aviv.

    Olga was sent by her traders to Eilat after being smuggled from Egypt.
    There, she met Boris who spoke Russian and assured her that she would have her daily dose of drugs. She stayed with him briefly, then moved to Ashdod to a safe house. There she met her pimp who made it clear that she had to please his friends to pay back the expenses of her journey and the coke.

    He moved then to Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, and introduced her to his first friend. Brutal and sadomasochistic, the friend ordered her to strip naked and lie down on her back. With his one inch thick cane he separated her legs to penetrate her with his dirty bottomed cane. He found great pleasure in seeing her scream with pain, especially when he burned her tits with his cigarette. The friend obviously wanted the 16 year old to be detached completely from human feelings and to turn into an animal. Olga had an innocent virgin look, said Jocelyn, and was highly coveted. She had to please between 15-20 men a day. She remembered going sleepless for days and was never let out of her room. After months of this torture, she was exhausted and thought about suicide, but another Ukrainian woman, Ira, befriended her. Olga told Ira that she wanted to run away but Ira discouraged her as, without any documents, she would end up in another hell: the prison of
    Neveh Tirza for women.

    Olga was deteriorating by the day with no way out. Customers were complaining that she was not pleasing them enough, so she was beaten and then beaten again. On the brink of total collapse, a client was brought in, saying he was from Kuwait, and he reserved her for three days with no sex. A relief but a new life: The Arab man was buying her to be trained at his intelligence agency. More violence and sex ensued in Kuwait until she agreed to move to Lebanon and work at a night club owned by William Rayes, a friend of Beaine, whose elegant Swedish wife was to keep an eye on her. The agents who sent her from Kuwait told her not to fuck with their group as they answered directly to the Israelis who could find her anywhere and at anytime in the world.

    Olga was forbidden to have any friends. She was always accompanied by Beaine and she could not use taxis, but only a special private bus driven by Jocelyne's brother Pierre Beaine.


    But, Olga could not detach herself from her tumultuous and painful past. Beaine started to cry and went on about more graphic sex and humiliation at the hands of the Kuwaitis, more beating and bondage, bleeding rectum and vagina, and lashes on the back for hours.
    The witness at this point had to interfere and put a stop to the macabre scenario. How can he help? Jocelyne said she wanted the help of the FBI. She wanted someone from Washington, from the Administration, as it was urgent not to leave her friend suffering. It was not human and something had to be done.

    The witness saw a red light in his mind. He remembered the Monica Lewinsky affair and that, if it was not for the smart move by Bill Clinton to turn the spy plan into a sexual encounter, he would have sacrificed all the efforts made by the US to keep the Middle East peace process on track and diverted all the good will into a battle among the Administration and the women's movements and the Jewish people. He understood also why George Bush avoided meeting any Israeli leader during the August 2006 Lebanese war and decided to retire to his Texas ranch, because it would have taken only one word from the President to be interpreted as anti-Semitic and made him responsible for the defeat of the Tsahal at the hands of Hezbollah.

    This time the shrewd witness knew that the manipulators of Jocelyne were trying to entrap the FBI or the Secret Service or other Federal agencies and send them into a quagmire that certainly would take them on a path to be nailed as the American neo-Gestapo. He knew that Israel did not want to have anything to do with the US sponsored peace plans that could oblige them to be open and transparent and force the sleazy emirs of the Gulf to share their wealth with their fellow poor Arab Muslims.

    The witness asked Jocelyne Beaine to stop crying.
    An anonymous call, declaring itself to be from the Boubari-Flika group of Rabat-Casablanca, came to an investigative journalist stationed in the Christian
    sector of Lebanon, warning him that a Moroccan female agent called Nawal H. was training to be planted in his life by elements belonging to the February 14 group (in remembrance of the date of the assassination of their
    godfather, Rafiq Harir).

    The handlers of the woman were two men: a Syrian-Kurdish pimp named Hassan and a part time policeman called Elias who was on the government payroll. They were both employed by the Khazen Family whose dean is a former minister and whose son was previously busted in a drug raid.

    The investigator was commenting in his articles about young Pierre Gemayel whose family was dubbed the Kennedys of Lebanon and suffered successively the loss of different members, including women and children. The investigator opined that  the young Gemayel was assassinated as a price for the rapprochement that was being concluded by the mega-duo lawmaker/diplomats, Baker and Hamilton. The
    enemies of peace did not like to see America getting closer to Damascus as a necessity to find an exit out of Iraq and the region, and thought that an emotionally exacerbated Christian Lebanon would explode in anger and result in the kind of bloodshed that they have been used to for decades, something necessary for the enemies to hold on to power and protect their louts.

    After her diaries fell into the hands of US investigators, they revealed that Johanna Gawlik was a trained Mossad agent, operating principally from Krakow, Poland. Because of her cell's suspicious activitiesl, Polish and Vatican authorities had more than once changed parade route plans for Pope Jean Paul II during visits to his native country. She later befriended an American power broker whom she followed throughout the Europe and North Africa. She confided to him the methods used by the Mossad to recruit and train their agents in Europe using Palestinian youths as a cover.

    Video tapes and hours of confidential testimony about a decade of training, preparation, and spying were revealed by Melissa Carlson and obtained exclusively by . Supported by Saudi agents, she was forced into prostitution as a cover. Her intelligent approach led her to renowned American universities and she had no difficulty in climbing upward in the political echelons of Washington where she took
    part in the subversion of White House Middle East peace efforts. (Read her full testimony) 

    Aline (left background) finds and recruits young women candidates for the Mossad. She typically targets model agencies.

    Ilona from Belarus has operated between Egypt and Lebanon. She targets Western diplomats in exlusive hotels and nightclubs. Her handler was a Lebanese person named Joe S., is a triple agent offering services to the CIA, Mossad and Syrian Mokhabarat.

    Bonbon, a Swedish model, approaches her targets by gaining their sympathies. She often portrays herself as homeless.

    Maria, considered a pro, is a Mossad trainer for new recruits. She lives in Prague, the Czech Republic. The Morrocan government once denied her entry into their country, citing irregularities in her passport.

    Dorota, an agent based in Belgium, is a "back-up" for female agents who do not succeed in penetrating their targets. She is a close friend of Joanna G., meeting at the same modeling agency a few years ago.

    Maszena is a pre-agent. Pre-agents are used to identify a target's personality and characteristic. Pre-agents lack communication skills but play an important role in setting up their targets to fall in the hands of the trained agent.

    Marie-Ange is based in Switzerland and speaks several languages. In 1998 she befriended an influential political activitist, following him to Washington, DC, where she gained access to military facilities, taking photographs.

    Sandra, an Italian woman, had infiltrated a member of the organization, The International Coexistance Between Christian and Jews. She was ordered to gather information about the Middle East peace process. Picture was taken just off the beach in Southern Lebanon.

    Anna, based in Poland, was responsible for taking care of the welfare of other young agents. The Mossad helped her gain the title of Miss Poland in exchange for recruiting other models. Her speciality was to obtain U.S. visas for other agents, including Joanna Gawlik for the purpose of spying.

    Kaisa is an Estonian woman based in Budapest, Hungary. Her latest target was an American peace activist.

    Mahmood (left), owner of a restaurant in Krakow, Poland, was a direct handler for Joanna Gawlik (right). He was the principal trainer of many recruits including Gawlik.

    Joanna Gawlik speaking exlusively to about her long ordeal with the Mossad. She vanished two months ago.
    Elena works with Sandra as a team when they attack their targets. Her territory is around the ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. Her latest target was a Swiss-American businessman, philanthropist, and a strong advocate for promoting World peace.
    According to Joanna Gawlik, Katia was sold to the Mossad by her own father. Her area of work was in Spain. Her latest known activity was to follow an American diplomat to Casablanca in Morocco. She was, however, detected by her suspicious behavior. After being detected, she became scared and aborted her mission. She disappeared and was never seen again.
    Cheryl E. According to Nabila K., Cheryl was using the British military position of her father to infiltrate groups who were linking the uncle of Dodi Fayed Adnan Khashoggi, notorious arms dealers and partner of Israeli officers to the death of princess Diana.
    Xia.F.  According to  Nabila F., Xia had to follow an American activist who was promoting the peaceful co-existence between China and the United States.  While in his company during a visit to China, shots were fired but missed the peacemaker.

    Nabila F. was part of the Moroccan group, Moghraoui-Beya taking orders directly from a defense attache to the kingdom in Washington.  She has been briefed about the activities of Cheryl E. and Xia f. But her mission was to become intimate to Arab Americans who supported the Middle-East peace efforts of the U.S. Administration. She presented herself as working part-time for the United Arab Emirate intelligence services. 

    According to Nabila F., Nan S. has operated from Bangkok, Thailand.  Along with a band of about half a dozen people, she has targeted a free lance American investigator working on the international terrorism influence in Asia. After failing to involve the top gun in a sexual scandal they tried to organize his robbery. Failing again they became the laughing stock of the Thai Justice Authority.
    Noura A., Hanan I, Majdouline S. have worked in team and according to Nabila F. have posed as CIA agents to lure heavyweight Arab Americans who worked on the Palestinian-Israeli Peace process. Their mission to rob their victims then entrap them in sexual scandals. They took their orders directly from a retired Saudi Colonel by the name of Wahbi T.
    Siham I. has been the supervisor and drug supplier for Nabila F. and the Casablanca girls. She is in charge of organizing lude parties to bait her victims. She worked closely with a certain Stephanie M. now in Kuwait posing as a photographer for news organisation.
    Maria S. has befriended a Washington investigator who was working through the nightlife in Lebanon and Cyprus on finding a connestion between the Russian Mafia and the Mossad. After enduring extensive pressure she tries to ask her victim to help her turn coat. She was hushed out of Lebanon and never heard from her again.
    According to Nabila F., Karima is Jewish but portrays herself as an Arab. Being from Morocco she has no difficulty communicating. She was placed recently on an Arab American citizen closed to the Washington establishment. Presenting many contradictions in her story she was depicted and had to abandon her mission.

    Nabila F. was aware that the Mossad was taking advantage of the vast presence of its Jewish minority by easily recruiting girls from Moroccan poor families and orphans. Widad A. had the task of spying on Arab businessmen and intellectuals and lure them to Casablanca and other Marrakesh night spots.
    Corinne T. worked closely with Col. Robert D., former Pentagon official and then executive at McDonnell Douglas Corp. She was ordered to follow a board member of the organization, AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR HIGH POLITICS and spy on him and "break" his family. She was betrayed by Melissa C., a confessed Mossad Agent who suspected her of trying to turn coat. She was murdered two weeks later in what her family described to DOUBTCOME.COM as a suicide.
    Along with Anastasia D. and Isabel H., Viktoria is from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The three were to work in team using sex to spy on an American Journalist who was working on establishing a relation between the Israeli military, Russian Mafia and Drug Cartel. When Isabel was unveiled at the Beirut Airport, their plan fell apart.
    Arriving on Air France flight from Bogota, Colombia to Lebanon, Isabel H. was to team up with Viktoria and Anastasia who had already put under surveillance an American expert on International terrorism and whom Isabel had previously befriended and followed from Switzerland, France, Spain and Morocco. Finding irregularities in her passport, the Lebanese authorities denied her entry into their country.
    Olga and Oxana worked in conjunction to infiltrate an American investigator trying to establish the power of the Russian mafia in the nightlife industries in countries involved in the Middle East conflict. By working closely with a certain Gaby who manages a red district style night club, they have used his connections to spy on certain political leaders. But their mission has been recently compromised and have therefore aborted their mission.
    A native of Moldova, Anastasia D. was known for some and Natalia for others. With a mission to infiltrate anti-Zionist individuals, she was to have teamed up with two other women: A lady from Kaliningrad, named Victoria; and the second woman, Isabel from Ecuador. They were to have worked from Lebanon and Cyprus. Their plans were foiled when Isabel was uncovered, denied entry at Beirut Airport by the Lebanese authorities and sent back on the first flight to Paris.
    Natalia G. , known to her acquaintances by the name as Laura, was a back-up to Anastasia. Their mission was to track an experienced private investigator working on shedding new light on the horrific bombing of the American Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, and the present-day harassment of U.S. troops abroad in the Middle East region. Betrayed by an individual in their group they aborted their mission and disappeared.
    Nastya B. was known to by her acquaintances as Sofia. Working closely with Masha Z., she was in charge of maintaining the protection and the discipline of a group of Mossad agents trained by military personel from the former Soviet Union. The group was operating without fear in Lebanon benefitting from the large number of wealthy Saudi agents who enjoyed great influence in the "political machine" in that country.
    Masha Z. was recruited by her own mother, who both presented themselves to work for Egyptian Intelligence Services. Their specialty is to find young, beautiful women from dance schools throughout Russia. With the help of the Russian mafia they had no problem obtaining visas in the countries bordering the war zone in the Middle East, gathering sensitive information from night life and sex concerning the goals and movements of the U.S. in the region.
    Katya, a woman from Belarus, was severely beaten when she stumbled into an operation run by the Mossad in Lebanon. It is suspected members of the Russian mafia conducted the operation. DOUBTCOME.COM found the woman in a coma with a dozen stitches on the back of her head. The Lebanese authorities are too fearful to conduct any sort of investigation.
    Karina, a young woman from Kaliningrad, traveled to Portugal and the Middle East to help learn details about a botched spying operation by the Anastasia's Group. She was explicitly trained in computer use and technology. While touring the region around Iraq, she was ordered to infiltrate an American group working on "soothing" the animosity sentiments of the Arabs toward the United States during the warfare combats.
    Lili M. was part of a group to monitor U.S. activists in favor of improving relations between Christian Europe and the fledgling country, Belarus. Acting on information that she and other Russian nationals assisted by Middle Eastern elements were about to gang up on and spy on a "big wheel" for that unity, European diplomats interfered and botched that operation.
    Intimidated constantly by the wealth and influence of the Saudi Intelligence Services, most of the Middle East governments have turned a blind eye when the Mossad used night life as the best tool to control, threaten and blackmail diplomats and politicians. According to Lili M., Anastasia B. was part of a group sent by the Red Light District Mafias in Eastern Europe to make it clear to owners of Clubs that unless they "submit," they will never get the young ladies to operate their businesses.
    Jocelyn B. has had extensive training in cooking and home cleaning before she was planted at the home of a U.S. politician. She used her acquaintance with religious groups to gain the trust of her victims. She was followed recently by Syrian agents when she met in Cyprus with Israeli elements connected with a Saudi arms dealer. She worked closely with Olga S. from Ukraine. When compromised, both girls disappeared and were never seen again.
    Olga S. is from Ukraine. Potraying herself as a virgin, she tries to "bait" her victims through her innocent look. The Ukrainian mafia asked her to infiltrate an American who was helping the Lebanese authorities pin down the group responsible for dozens of political assassinations during the civil war in that country. She teamed up with Jocelyn B., an agent of the Mossad posing as a cook and maid.
    Julia K. was recruited by an agent who later married her. Teaming up with Liliva, Jessy and other females of different nationalities targeted a Swiss-American office whose work includes monitoring the rebirth of Christianity in the former Soviet Union. Her mission was to seduce the director of that office, break his family and drag him in a sexual scandal. The arrest of one of their members on unrelated charges in Lebanon scared them off and led them to abort their plot.
    Ukrainian Iryna S. confided to her lover that female agents are trying to befriend her. The man, an American major watchdog against corrupted politicians, organized oppression and human rights violations in the Middle East asked her to play along. A flight from Beirut to Vienna, Austria was supposed to take her to a meeting with an Intelligence Israeli officer. An unexpected pilot strike aborted the plan
    Anna G. played the messenger role between the Ukrainian group headed by Alona and Irina and the Smolensk group of Russia, headed by Masha. They have together concocted parallel scenarios to gang up on a committee of rapprochement between the US and different ME governments friendly to the west.
    Tania Y. was prepared in Ukraine to replace Irina S. who along with other agents had run into trouble with security agents of a Middle Eastern country friendly to the US.  Discovering that she is subjected to a very closed surveillance, she camouflaged her mission with prostitution.
    Asmaa B. was part a four-girl team who covered themselves as night artists. They were directed from Morocco by Nabila and others to go to Lebanon and seek a job in a nightclub and then establish contact with Jocelyn B who was working as a maid for an American private investigator. Their plan was to open a trap for Justice authorities in Lebanon. The private I. a pro, unveiled their plot and they all went into hiding.

    Marina B. was coached by Inessa A. and was pat of the same Vienna cell. When she was betrayed by Jocelyn B. she claimed that the group took direct orders from agents associated with the Pentagon and defense contractors
    For the safety of her son Antonio at the hands of the Russian Mafia, Angela had to acquiesce to work with Souheil G. and his assistant Afif who runs prostitution rings in the Middle-East. Serving Saudi and Israeli arms dealers and intelligence agents, she created sexual scandals in order to discredit a private investigator gathering information about American and European hostage taking during the Nixon-Kissinger era.

    Presenting herself as a collaborator to Syrian Intelligence Nastya B. did not have much problem getting closer to some shady operators in Lebanon. Her mission was to gather information about the botched operation of the duo Iryna-Alona from the Vienna Mossad group and who was behind their arrest and jailing in November 2003 in Lebanon. An Arab American political and intelligence pro unveiled her real identity and she was never seen again.


    Olga K. a Belarussian in her teens was given a difficult task to befriend an American-highpolitics doer who has just unveiled a plot by the Mossad to subvert Washington Middle East peace efforts. Although she had to team up with Natalia D. of Moldova she was not able to conceal her stress attacks. As a result of numerous scandals as such, Belarus decided to curb the traveling of their female citizens abroad.
    As a result of the defiance by Putin toward his countrymen oil Jewish billionaires, Antonina A. got recruited by the Russian Mafia and ended up along with a dozen other female agents in the Middle-East to track down the level of cooperation between Washington and Moscow in their efforts against international terrorism. She confided to Jocelyn B. that in case she is caught to claim that she is an agent of the Turkish intelligence trying to harass Armenians. 


     Sold by her own father Alex to the Russian Mafia made up of remnants of the communist party, the Mossad and agents of the International military industrial complex, Antonina A excelled in the game of luring men to her charming web. Working closely with organized crime in the Middle East she was sent to Lebanon and Syria where in case of failure she was instructed to blame it on the Jews. Back in Moscow , along with her father they targeted a peace activist. Alerted by West European agents the "pro" unveiled their identities and both abruptly disappeared


     Under the directive of a local police official, Russians Katrina G. and Anastasia B. teamed up to infiltrate any thing in order to learn the extent of cooperation between US justice authorities and the Lebanese military intelligence in the rapidly unfolding decades of notorious relations between the Mossad and the Saudi Royal Family in the destruction of Lebanon. Operating with fear and nervousness as a result of the Gaza Fiasco and despite their representation as Syrian agents it did not take long before the plot unfolded and they got struck with panic.
    Inessa A. was no small pity informer but a well trained agent who lived in Turkey. Conflicting report about her back ground but according to Irina S. she was dispatched to Lebanon on sensitive missions and took order from a certain Abou Kakash who worked directly under former Lebanese Police General Jamil el Sayyed who is now under arrest following a probe by a UN envoy to investigate high ranking assassinations in that country.

    In a rare photo taken together Marina B. was being trained by Inessa A. (here on the right) in the Art of seduction and perfection of the English language. The preparations were aiming to have Marina go to Kuwait as a photographer and from there with the help of established agents to clandestingly sneak into Irak and seduce local power players including Americans. Last seen in Athens at the Hilton Hotel then never heard from
    them again.

    Iryna M. goes by the name of Lolita for her innocent and young look. Lacking communication skills she is mostly used to bait potential targets and has worked as pre-agent for Iryna S. and Marina B.

    When Saudi arms dealers helped the Falachas eave Ethiopia to go to Israel, different intelligence agencies recruited beautiful female children who were sent later throughout the Middle East to keep politicians and intellectuals under surveillance who potentially would be supportive of US inspired democracies. Esthelle K. was one of these girls, brought to operate in Lebanon with the help of a fashion designer. She joined Jocelyn Baini and both infiltrated homes as maids. Trained also as a computer operator and using her good looks, Esthelle had no difficulty in getting closer to an executive who devoted most of his time and writings to the success of the US administration in implementing its Middle East peace agenda

    Jocelyn Baini confided to that she had met Romanian born Christina who is considered a super pro and who was doing public relations for the Summerland hotel in a Beirut suburb, a posh beach resort owned by the Saab Family who at the same time were partners with the Saudi Royal family. Fluent in Arabic and through her job, she was able to come in contact with other agents connected to international business and tourism and befriended an American philantropist, highly placed during the Clinton Administration in matters of world peace, and followed him to to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. There she teamed up with an Estonian Girl named Kaisa, a confessed Mossad agent who was taking music courses at a local university. Then, she went on to Bucharest, her native city, where she threatened the peacemaker to make him abandon his political interests. 

    Jocelyn Baini knew Alona but, in the circle of the Mafia, she went by her title "the colonel." Her mission was to groom Iryna Shenkevich, an innocent looking teenager from Kharkow, Ukraine. As soon as she was satisfied that her prey was ready to hook, she decided to take her to Vienna to meet other military intelligence people. A posh party was organized by Mrs. Baini with champagne, smoked salmon, caviar, and a cake to celebrate their departure, and then a surprise: according to Beirut Airport administrators, the Austrian Airlines plane was boarded by the passengers, but the pilot did not show up. Lacking the proper visa, Iryna and the colonel ended up in jail. Other agents were able to get them released with the help of MP Elie Ferszli who later was involved in a major sexual scandal and was thrown out. 

    When Maria Sokerkina heard that her Middle Eastern boss and mentor William Rayes was charged by Lebanese immigration authorities for passport fraud and sent to jail, she decided to go back to Russia where she was caught in the cat and mouse game between the KGB and the Mafia. Fearing that her daughter Dasha would be harmed, she lived mostly underground and tried to move clandestinely to Italy. Talking to Asmaa Boubarri, who worked for the same outfit in the Rayes clan and had an intimate relationship with the Kuwaiti intelligence services, she told her that she felt as though she were being constantly followed and begged her to contact Doubtcome for help. However, the phone number that she left which was issued to her in the City of Smolensk close to the Belarus border never answered.

    A Kurdish individual by the name of Hassan was the liaison between Lebanese MP George Frem, a Saudi entrepreneur and partner of late prime minister Rafiq Hariri, and a group of Moroccan females led by Asmaa Boubari . Their territory of surveillance included most of the Christian area in Lebanon and Syria. When the group was caught spying against Americans in Switzerland, they panicked and MP Frem was thrown out the government by his long time friend, and then disappeared. His family claimed that he is terminally ill and was undergoing cancer treatment in St Louis, MO. Fearing that the man would have certainly had contact with the FBI, the group dispersed and Asmaa Boubarri had to go back to Rabat where she was placed under 24 hour surveillance.

    Before Nabila vanished between Morocco and Spain, she was very active in enticing many people from the Middle Eastern jet set with her charms, starting her activities within the United Arab Emirates using her friendly personality and smile. According to Asmaa Boubarri, she belonged to a very violent group made up of Saudi and Turkish agents and corrupt CIA off shoots that took part in at least two prominent assassinations: the first victim was Salim el Laouzi, owner of "Al Hawadess," a highly circulated political weekly (ironically, now owned by Saudi interests close to the royal family), who was tortured by having his hands immersed in sulfuric acid; the second murder was of Dr. Rossell, owner of a clinic in the vicinity of Lausanne in Switzerland that specialized in treating torture victims. Dr. Rossell was involved in a mysterious car accident while visiting Egypt and died a few months later after immense suffering. They both tried to help former American hostages taken during the civil war in Lebanon.

    Seeking the protection of the American Council for High Politics after being totally abandoned by her panicky masters, Jocelyn Baini revealed that Nastya Batianova did not like the fact that Iryna Shenkevich tried to introduce her to a creepy individual by the name of Raja Karam who, Doubtcome learned, was under FBI and Swiss Government surveillance. Introducing himself as an international diamond dealer, he was in constant contact with notorious shadowy Israelis who specialized in trading Far Eastern and African precious stones. At the same time, he was a close friend of a Saudi officer, Wahbi Tahlawi, who besides being an intimate associate to Kamal Adham, the head of Saudi military intelligence, was in charge of recruiting American citizens working for compagnies that were building desalinization plants in Al Khobar and, Jedda. The authorities in Switzerland were particularly perplexed about why Raja Karam, in order to infiltrate the powerful Lebanese Christian banking community, had imported a three story high replica of the Our Lady of Lebanon statue and placed it in his backyard in the Geneva suburbs.

    Authorities in Belarus were alerted when Liliya Martinava traveled to Poland with two other females from Minsk in order to join two men at the Warsaw Ramada Hotel. One was Michel from Antwerp, Belgium, and the second was Claude, a Lebanese living in Ivory Coast. They were planning to have Liliya bait an American expert on international terrorism, whom she had befriended previously when both met through Johanna Gawlik in the town of Opole in the south of Poland, and bring him to Belarus. Fearing unpredictable and dangerous consequences, diplomats at the Belarus consulate in the Swiss capital, Bern, had no choice but to refuse to issue documentation for the American to enter their country.
    Through a distressed, coded, and confusing message sent on October 27, 2005 to a doubtcome associated e-mail, using the russian ISP "yandex," Mrs. Martinava denied that she had ever been involved in spying and that it was all connected to the requests of her mother, in order to open together a boutique in Minsk, that her mother asked her to work in houses of prostitution for a few years throughout the Middle and Far East. But, for the moment, she lives in China making better money as an elementary teacher than sleeping for sex.

    When Yakatserina Shasternick met Asmaa Boubari and Jocelyn Baini, she imparted her knowledge to them of the best techiniques to find new recruits. They met secretly in Larnaca, Cyprus with a Syrian individual by the name of
    Marwan, who speaks several languages including Russian and Hebrew, and with an Israeli man named Berel. The plan was to bait beautiful girls, who would be attracted by fame and money, and treat them to lavish dinners at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. Known for decades as the posh spot for notorious arms dealers and intelligence agents from many parts of the world, the Phoenicia was owned by Saudis and by the late Rafiq Hariri who was assassinated on Valentine's Day in 2005. The Phoenicia offered the luxury and protection necessary for the success of their operations. But, the death of Hariri, the billionaire long term prime minister, shattered the group and their plan. The Syrian vanished, Yakatserina returned to her home in Minsk, Asmaa went back to Morocco, and Jocelyn Baini removed herself to an isolated home.

    On a clear Spring 2004 night, the border post at the Saint-Gothard pass on the Swiss Alps was put on full alert: bullet proof jackets and walkie-talkies were distributed, nervous agitation everywhere, and fingers on the triggers of all weapons. The post had just received a communication from the Italian authorities that a gasoline truck was about to enter the pass and blow up the tunnel connecting the two countries in the same wasy as at the Mont Blanc crossing previously. These events coincided with the arrival of a Euro-American investigator at that same border post who was writing a report on the relationship among the explosions in the Alps, the slaughtering of Swiss tourists in Egypt, the downing of several Swiss aircraft, and the lifting of banking secrecy by Bern on criminally owned accounts in their institutions. Two hours before, the investigator had dropped Katrina Ivanskaya at the Milan Airport and was on his way to Geneva. Presenting herself as a tour guide and then becoming intimate with him, the investigator did not like the fact that she tried to snoop in his work and photocopy some sensitive documents. He decided to leave and, at her request, he took her to Malpensa Airport in Milan to return to Kaliningrad in her native country. He learned that prior to her job as a tourist escort, when she operated between the Georges V Hotel in Paris owned by Saudi Prince Walid Bin Tallal and the posh Negresco hotel in Nice and their casinos, she worked in a strip joint called California Dreamer (situated nine miles north of Beirut, Lebanon) whose owner belonged to a family which included several warlords whose violent hands were covered wtih the blood of their victims. After a few months, some elements of the Russian Mafia odered her to contact the antiterrorism pro and relay to him her desire to leave her spying life behind, and now she is working as a maitre' d on the Carnival Lines "Conquest" ship. Joining her on a cruise that left from New Orleans, he found her without remorse, ready to lie, eager to know and afraid of her handlers whom she described as powerful individuals having high positions in Washington.


    Caring very little about their dying agents in neighboring countries and realizing that they have little choice but to eventually aquiesce to US use of military power to enter the remaining corners of the Middle East, including Syria and Lebanon, in order to subdue and eliminate international terrorism and to allow Uncle Sam too close to their secrets, Israel mobilized its best female agents and dispatched them to the area for only one purpose: to prove to the Jewish people that the US Administration has not been candid about its aspirations regarding protection and gaining support by arousing in them a Nazi-like fatalistic complex.
    Jocelyn Baini who feared she would meet the same fate as Hariri, Kassir, Chidiac, Tueini, Hawi, Murr, and other fallen Lebanese politicians and media biggies who enriched themselves during the Lebanese civil war, and known pro-Saudi and Israeli activists, reluctantly agreed to escort Margaryta Muratova, Luiza Londareva, Olga Sokolovskaya, and a Polish woman by the name of Kinga Szewczyk, and introduced them to US businessmen, intellectuals and accademics for the sole purpose of finding any connection with the White House or any Department that could have had secret or open contacts with Syria or Iran or any other "bete noire" related to them, such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas, or Hezbollah that Tel Aviv created in order to seek political manipulation in Washington.
    Using charm and sex and a perfect mastery of the English language, Ms. Muratova, who led the group, used the PR expertise of Ms. Baini and, with a fake Ukrainian passport that had been altered to show a younger age and with her intensive training as a spy, befriended an American activist close to the Washington stablishment and launched a campaign seeking information about Hezbollah and their military capabilities, especially around the town of Baalbeck close to the Syrian border. Alarmed by her aggressive interest in the Shiite group and her campaign of deceit and disinformation, American, Lebanese and Syrian law enforcement agents put her under 24 hour surveillance. They were helped by information supplied to them by the Ukrainian intelligence agency (Sluzhba Bespeky Ukrayiny, SBU). Her movements and activities quickly fell into complete confusion after the brutal death of media mogul Gibran Tuein, the bigwig of the An Nahar newspaper group whose assassination revealed that, in case you have worked for the Mossad, it is time to save you own skin. She lamented to her friend Jocelyn Baini that she felt that the group had been abandoned and was now left to the mercy of the unknown. As instructed during her training that, when things go wrong, she should end her mission and get in contact with a local Lebanese mafia trio by the names of Tony, Elie, and Romeo, they then ordered her into prostitution as camouflage.


    When notorious Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, wanted to impress the giants of the military industrial complex, such as Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Raytheon, and others to do business with the petro-kings and Emirs, he introduced the advice that, it is not by using their Islamic faith in God or the Arab nationalist brotherhood, but rather what he had learned from the Israelis about the art of using juicy females to entice the desert Allah jockeys and satisfy their thirst for sex. Private planes and yachts were ordered equipped with Jacuzzis, saunas, soft hand massages, porno movies,vibrators, etc. that would take the animals to Las Vegas bungalows, Monte Carlo casinos, or Spanish Marbella palaces where orgies took place 24/7. This tactic proved to be the norm for doing politics or business in the Arab world.

    Different Groups also were established to entrap their enemies especially Arab freedom fighters and intellectuals.

    We monitored several groups including the one directed by a Russian female agent, Inessa Afdeeva, who operated among Turkey, Cyprus, and Lebanon and Viktoria Lipchaite of Kaliningrad and her partner Moldovan Anastasia Dolceac whose specialty was to organize daily sex parties where young beauties were supplied constantly for any goal while sneaking, with no fear, through the fingers of corrupt local immigration authorities, and where everything was permitted and nothing was taboo.

    Another extensive group was set up in Morocco and were mostly being beefed up by hordes of females from poor neighborhoods, or lured by the "Metaa Marriage" called also " Al Zawaj el Orfi" translated :( the official marriage for Pleasure) a phenomenon used in Muslim ancient law that facilitated the temporary union of a male with money with a teen delivered by her parents, then sold to the Mafia, the intelligence agencies, or to another prince or other deep pocket. Other streams of beautiful teens were found in orphanages with the help of corrupt social workers while local authorities were looking the other way. Nabila Flika used her own sister and dozens of lusty females to track any foreigner that would be a threat to the position that the Mossad had with the entourage of the Moroccan King. tracked down some of the females, who at the time worked for a certain individual by the name of Khairallah, who originated from Tartous Syria and who owns the West House, a four star hotel which housed the Flika group that included Hanan Bin Khalti, Majdouline Solhi, Siham Mouenness, Leila Massoud, Hayat el Fena, and Hajar Alawi. Melissa Carlson, before joining a White House Middle East peace group was ordered by the Mossad to join the Washington Abu Rich brothers group who run a prostitution outfit serving mainly the Saudi Embassy in the US capital.
    But s ex in politics is a two edged sword: while serving in the government of the late Rafiq Hariri and his mafia, Elie Ferzli was a powerful MP representing the district of the Bekaa Valley and was known to be a protector of the powerful and out-of-control group. But, magic Lebanon proved to be a continuous bouquet of unpredictable surprises: ordered by a more powerful intelligence agency, Ferzli was lured to a sex club in Paris named "les Chandelles" and was, with the help of the French DSET, secretly videotaped, as the masturbating statesman sipped Black Label scotch while watching his past beauty queen wife being penetrated by individuals of different colors and sizes. Soon the news of the event circulated on the internet and reached almost all Arabic speaking internets. Needless to say the arrogant war-made politician disappeared from the fast changing situation and holed up like a rat.

    The Asiatics

    The very attractive and educated Thai female, Wiyarut Louallay, worked as an assistant manager in a resort hotel of Chiang Ray in the northern part of Thailand, close to the Laotian and Myanmar borders where troops from various U.S. military bases would go on vacation in quest of relaxation and sex. There, she struck up an intimate relationship with military personnel who invited her to North Carolina. For years, she tried to track down a U.S. peace activist and courageous investigative journalist who was a long time pioneer in the struggle against international terrorism and who had focused mainly on the satanic relation between Zionism, the military-industrial complex and their greedy, corrupt high brass at the Pentagon as well as politicians and dictators in the Far East. Wiyarut suggested that, if the peace activist would visit her native country, he wouldl be met at the airport by agents of the Thai Government who would provide the necessary protection during his stay. The peace activist, considered to be the most valuable witness that the US government has come to rely on to track all those who for years have conspired in the name of US agencies to kill, kidnap, destroy, and break anyone who has stood in the path of their greed, was set to visit Thailand at the suggestion of Rut early this year.

    Arriving on a flight from the Gulf state of Abu Dhabi, he was met at the Bangkok Airport by an easy going, good looking blond female named Pamela Haddad a, Lebanese national who lives in France. While helping the American to clear customs, Pamela was detained briefly by Thai immigration authorities and then disappeared to clear the way for Natcha Uttiya who goes by the name of Joy and who presented herself as a business woman from the Tunyassiri family (known to have members highly placed in Thai defense procurement positions). Being herself a self employed business woman, she claimed to represent traders from Dubai and Iran. Concerned about the safety of the man in a country where organized crime is stronger than the government, she volunteered to give him a briefing about why Thailand is a dangerous country to visit, and that it is run by a few families who forged alliances with different intelligence agencies from the Mossad to the CIA and the U.S.

    Department of Defense and that they run all criminal cartels from armaments to drugs and prostitution, and human trafficking, and money laundering.

    Initially, the alliances were set up to fight communism, but had been inherited by a new generation of spoiled, money loving military brats who do not hesitate to use violence against anyone who stands in their way. They control the mobile phone business and many banking industries, and another widely known example is the powerful Prime Minister Shinawatra's family which has control of communication satellites, internet service providers, and the only privately owned free-to-air television network. The national counter corruption commission, an independent state agency, was never able to make a dent in their powerful machine. They do not like visitors, especially Americans, who espouse democracy. She suggested he should be accompanied in all his movements by a friend, Bee Rattanaarunotai, who goes by the Arabic nickname of Farida. Farida is an elegant 25 year old female with a top model look who said she lives for sex and is now working for a Jewish diamond importer from the city of Antwerp, Belgium and is not a bit shy when she talks about having sex with all the handsome blond Belgians at her office, where nothing is taboo. She offered the man a tour of "sex-Bangkok" by day and by night, and she pinpointed the places that cater to different appetites and vices.

    Here's a place for sex with passion where girls can kiss while having sex in another place is for anal sex, and then there are the houses for sadomasochists with torture equipments: crosses, dildos, rough condoms, stimulating oils, and dripping hot candles, and the hard to find alleys reserved for homosexuals, hard leather, lesbians, and transvestites.

    Farida offered the American a tour of the different islands in southern Thailand, especially Phuket, a favorite destination for European men for sun and sex, and a perfect place for the female spy to divert the man from his initial goal of looking for the connection between the military and international terrorism. At first, Farida was a fiery and romantic lover, missing no details from roses to soft massages with silky scented oil . All went well until Farida started to get some alarming phone calls on her cellular and things started to get bad when the professional journalist noticed an attitude that did not match anything that he encountered before.

    The woman did not match the actions of a regular prostitute or a lover or a materialistic money lover or an educated intellectual or a professional escort, but more a woman put by a third party into a difficult position with no goal and no purpose. When confronted with his aggressive inquiries, the woman broke down and started crying hysterically, and whispered in his ear that someone had planted her. Farida asked the pro investigator to allow her a moment of reflection and then she walked away and disappeared in the wilderness .


    Even though Jocelyn Baini was tight lipped about her background, she nevertheless was generous in giving details regarding her connection with the Mossad. She confided to our representative that, after the murder of her father during the early part of the civil war in Lebanon, her mother was recruited by Christian militias working with the Israelis. As she grew up, she was trained by different individual 

    and found herself at times working with a CIA man by the name of Sam, and at other times she was forced by Saudi intelligence to marry a Syrian man as a cover. After that brief marriage, she wound up at a Catholic shelter for homeless youth and begged charity from a priest by the name of Father George who sheltered her in group housing run by the Order of the Apostles. This relationship helped her infiltrate the Christian intelligentsia in the Middle East. Seeking our trust and protection, she provided us with volumes of information concerning her many experiences.

    As Dr. Franklin was leaving the 1st constitutional convention 1787 – he was asked by a lady: “Dr. Franklin – do we have a Republic, or a Monarchy” – to which he responded : “Madam – we have a REPUBLIC – if you can keep it.”

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America AND to the – REPUBLIC – for which IT STANDS

    Get it – morons! Get it Democraps? Get it – all you lazy imbecile irresponsible brain-sharing NFL couch potatoes who have never contributed one iota of your time to the love and preservation and protection and education of your own country – what it represents – what it stands for – and the freedoms which we have now lost – that our Founding Fathers fought bled and died for?


    It was NOT founded as a monarchy – an oligarchy – a dictatorship or a volitile unstable perilous Democracy – but then after all – I would wager my pink slip that you would be hard pressed to find ANY of your fellow feeder sheeple pals who could render an even half way intelligent discourse of the difference between our blessed Republic and the so very anti-American characteristics of a ‘nice sounding’ DEMOCRACY.

    Here is an excellent video that will inform and enlighten. It should be required study for ALL public schools – but of course since the occupying jews obfuscated our freedoms of speech and press – our children will go on living a lie unless you share these truths with them.

    Proof That America is a Republic NOT A Democracy !!!! – YouTube

    To those of you the few who were taught and faithfully have stood by these simple truths at the foot of your parents or elders or teachers – may God bless and keep you – as you are the ONLY vanguard standing between what our country was meant to be and the avalanches of lies and deceptions and frauds created through purposeful evil as well as criminal ignorance. You will probably already poses the wisdom that will reveal and you are encourage to pass it on to the misinformed young and our criminally ignorant adults – at least those who still care what happens.

    Those combined effects are seeds of our own destruction and the guarantors of the destruction of our Constitutional freedoms. Such events will herald the inevitable transition from a Republic to a stinking lawless Democracy to lawless anarchy and finally of course as has happened in every failed democracy throughout history – a tyrannical form of dictatorship where any ‘laws’ are made by and for the rulers themselves.

    In case you tailgating morons have forgotten or never bothered to know – here is one of the frightening signs that even some our own Presidents have now boldly shown their utter treason and contempt for the very document they swore to uphold protect and defend against ALL enemies – including our own home grown domestic enemies -THEMSELVES!
    Statement by former POTUS George W Bush – traitor – war criminal – liar – deceiver and coward. At a briefing during the Gulf War – as he was cautioned by an advisor, that he was violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens ( remember the wiretap scandals) – he angrily responded “I don’t give a goddamn, I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

    “Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.” “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a God-damned piece of paper!”

    To the coward war criminal mass murderer traitor and blasphemer my comment is: That ” God-damned piece of paper just happens to be the Constitution and Bill Of Rights of MY country Mr. SCUMBAG. I took an oath to defend it even from reprobate treasonous filth like you. I and a lot of other good loyal Americans VOLUNTARILY put ourselves in harm’s way to defend those laws and guarantees and we take no small offense to your blasphemous treason against the American people.”

    Those of you who have served HONORABLY before Bush’s jew wars know what that oath was all about. Punks who volunteered to murder helpless civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for the stinking demonic jews need not consider ANYTHING honorable about their war criminal conduct – as I and other decent veterans hold them in utter contempt.

    That was when I finally left the Republican Party as did millions of others, in utter disgust. I should have left the day he put my country ahead of the stinking stolen jew terrorist nation of IsraHELL and initiated a war against millions of innocent people in a country which had never attacked our country nor its citizens in any way -.another act of treason against America.

    NO I have not forgotten Obama’s trashing of our laws and rights but after all -since half of the pint of this paper is to rightfully demonize the concept of a Democracy ( read: Democrat Party) it should be quite obvious that I consider ANYTHING To do with that party as wicked and anti -American as it can be.

    Sadly – there is no more Republican Party today and that is why I left it after 9-11 The ONLY ‘thing’ we as Americans have left of our heritage is of course our Constitution and Bill of Rights – which has been trashed over and over with jew filth like the ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘Homeland Security’ – both smelling like dictatorial Stalinist Marxist tyranny
    But I digress. Back to our Republic VS a Democracy.

    Thomas Jefferson’s quote: ” Democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”

    By the way , in regards to the Jefferson’s astute observation – this question to all the dumb blacks who are supporting the ‘mob rule’ Democrat Party. Since you guys are a minority and the basic proviso of the Democrats ‘Democracy’ ideology is the majority -not laws – rule. Aren’t you the least bit worried that they can vote any time to negate any of your wishes or grievances – unlike a Republican form of government where the already existing laws protect minorities in the Bill Of Rights.

    Here is an unlikely but revealing source for a quote quote about Democracy that reinforces the warnings of the founding Fathers: Karl Marx = “Democracy is the road to Socialism

    Obama is POTUS and he is a ‘DEMOCRAT’ whose party supports the principles of ‘DEMOCRACY’. So on what road is headed down? Why, to SOCIALISM of course as Marx stated.

    Not convinced? Type ( Google) in these two words “democracy socialism”

    Number of hits? seventeen million nine hundred thousand! (17,900,000) Do we ‘get it’ yet?
    The evils of a Democracy were so reviled by our government that a US training manual was published in 1928 that was required reading for all immigrants seeking citizenship as well and all military inductees – so that people might learn the dramatic difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Here is an exact copy in it’s entirety:

    Show it to your children .Teach them well. Teach them the TRUTH Annoy a jew- and show this to a fellow patriot.

    TM 2000-25
    No. 2000-25 | Washington, November 30, 1928
    Prepared under the direction of the
    Chief of Staff
    This manual supersedes Manual of Citizenship Training
    The use of the publication ” The Constitution of the United States,” by Harry Atwood, is by
    permission and courtesy of the author.
    The sources of other references is shown in the bibliography.
    TM 2000-25
    CITIZENSHIP 118-120
    A government of the masses.
    Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct’ expression.
    Results in mobocracy.
    Attitude toward property is communistic—negating property rights.
    Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate. whether it be
    based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without
    restraint or regard to consequences.
    Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.
    TM 2000-25
    Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them.
    Attitude toward property is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic
    Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.
    A greater number of citizens and extent of terror may be brought within its compass.
    Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy.
    Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress.
    Is the ” standard form ” of government throughout the world.
    A republic is a form of government under a constitution which provides for the election of
    (1) an executive and (2) a legislative body, who working together in a representative capacity, have all the power of appointment, all power of legislation, all power to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are required to create (3) a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their governmental acts and to recognize (4) certain inherent individual rights.
    Take away any one or more of those four elements and you are drifting into autocracy. Add one or more to those four elements and you are drifting into democracy—-Atwood.

    121. Superior to all others — Autocracy declares the divine right of kings; its
    authority can not be questioned; its powers are arbitrarily or unjustly administered.
    Democracy is the ” direct ” rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without

    Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy
    and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican

    form of government. They ” made a very marked distinction between a republic and a

    democracy * * * and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic.”

    [A. G. 014.38 (4-28-28).]
    By order of the Secretary of War :
    Major General,
    Chief of Staff.
    Official :
    Major General,
    The Adjutant General.
    Having spent some 22 years in the Democratic Party – I know its policies and beliefs quite well. It is and ALWAYS has been the party of liberals – Christ hating jews – ignorant lazy blacks – ignorant illiterate rednecks – union thugs – low life Hispanics – homosexuals – atheists and the general ignorant stupid detritus of the streets. Those are facts – not opinions. Been there – seen that – EXPERIENCED that. 

    There was an old saying that is still occasionally heard that has a lot of between the lines wisdom. It went something like this: “If you are under twenty and are not a Democrat – you don’t have a heart – but if you are over thirty and are not a Republican – you don’t have a brain.” If the reader DOES have a brain – regardless of age he or she will be able to connect the dots.

    Democracy has also been described by Dr.Ben Franklin as: “two wolves and one sheep deciding on what to have for dinner”. The ultimate ‘majority rules’ mantra ( no matter how evil or dangerous or stupid I couldn’t have described it better.

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams (1814)
    James Madison: “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.”
    Thomas Jefferson: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Isn’t that EXACTLY what the Democrats have legislated from day one that has made them enemies of hard working productive mainstream REAL Americans?

    John Quincy Adams: “The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.”

    James Madison: “Democracy was the right of the people to choose their own tyrant.”
    John Adams: “That the desires of the majority of the people are often for injustice and inhumanity against the minority, is demonstrated by every page of the history of the world.”
    John Witherspoon: “Pure democracy cannot subsist long nor be carried far into the departments of state – it is very subject to caprice and the madness of popular rage.”
    John Marshall: “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”

    Oscar Wilde: “Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.”

    Winston Churchill: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

    G. K., Chesterton: “Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated.”

    George Bernard Shaw: “Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.”

    Alan Coren: “Democracy consists of choosing your dictators after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear.”

    Benjamin Franklin: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Hmmnn? – like the “ah’s entitled” mantra we endlessly hear from welfare blacks who won’t work

    Alexander Hamilton, “Federalist Papers: We are a Republican Government, Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy…it has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”

    So there you have it – right from the People who actually CREATED the government of the United States as well as other famous respected figures.

    I have noticed in recent years the unmistakable presence of two major evils aimed at the destruction of our freedoms by slowly morphing our consecrated Republican form of government into the destructive bogus substitute of one of most failed forms of governance in history – the Democracy.

    One is the fact that the term REPUBLIC is almost never heard today to describe the type of government that we have inherited from the greatest minds of our founders. THIS IS NOT BY ACCIDENT. IT IS BY DESIGN. I have not heard our nation described as the Republic that it IS by ANY of the jew owned news media for YEARS! Thank about that fact for a moment and ask your self why? If you haven’t figured it out by now – then your ignorance is part of the problem. A Republic by its very nature is much harder to infiltrate and sabotage than a Democracy – which ALWAYS fails!

    Number two – you will hear AND read Democracy this and Democracy that on and in every jew published or created news source magazine news story – foreign policy report – entertainment – be it movies – live shows specials – news bulletins – speeches by ALL political candidates except Ron Paul. Have you noticed how we CRAM Democracy down the throats of every one we invade – and if they resist we simply bomb them into rubble and install our own Democratic puppets.

    We never speak of good will nor humanitarian assistance – only that they MUST accept our Merkan Democracy as if the term were mandated by Christ Himself in the most brutal Draconian methods imaginable. Try this little experiment yourself. For those who have never been outside or ‘River City USA’ – as as many school children as you can – what kind of government we have and see what you are told. Virtually ALL will say a Democracy.

    The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves with anguish. For those of you who are multilingual and travel – ask the average foreigner the same question. You may be surprised. USA stupidity is now a third world joke.

    This is all pretty bizarre considering that the word DEMOCRACY was never even used in the Declaration of Independence – nor the Constitution – nor the Bill of Rights – not even the Constitutions of the new ‘colony States’. ONLY THE WORD: “REPUBLIC” Want to embarrass a Democrat? Ask them why?

    In brief summary – here then, are the main features of both systems outlined in plain English for your convenience to save and share with others. I hope this has been enlightening and helpful in understanding your own nation.

    Democracy: a government of the masses. Authority derived thru mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in Mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communist – negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion. prejudice and impulse without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagoguism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.
    Republic: Authority is derived thru the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences. A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass. Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment and progress. Is the standard form of government throughout the world.

    Sadly – after all is said and done my proof may be a mute point – for the fact is – that we today are nothing more than a colony of IsraHELL and since our blessed Constitution has been trashed revised and or deemed a bastardized “living” document – meaning that as George Bush so crudely and viciously stated – that it is nothing more than a “God Damned piece of paper” ( less than toilet paper to him)

    So now – the jews who now rule us are now at liberty to interpret the Constitution to suit their wicked agenda as they have succeeded to turn two thousand year old Catholic Dogma on its ear – distort the words of Christ – and install a jew Pope – how hard would it be for our jew masters to twist the words of a handful of long dead mortal patriots on a 240 year old document. ( who they hate for exposing their evil)

    If you TRULY love this country – then stop simply watching it die day by day. Tear yourself away from your stupid bowl NFL foolishness just once – and do something meaningful for your OWN country family and honor.

    My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

    Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

    ” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

    ” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

    “That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

    Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

    “You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

    “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

    Israel, America’s albatross

    Brazilian student sells virginity for $780,000

    A Brazilian student has sold her virginity in an online auction for US$780,000 as part of a documentary organised by an Australian filmmaker, although a man who did the same only fetched US$3,000.

    Catarina Migliorini, 20, was the subject of 15 bids, with a Japanese man named only as Natsu winning on Wednesday night, according to the website of the film "Virgins Wanted".

    He beat out competition from 14 other men, mostly from Brazil but also from India, Australia and the United States.

    A male whose virginity was also auctioned, 21-year-old Sydney student Alex Stepanov, fetched US$3,000, paid by a Brazilian woman.

    Australian media said Migliorini would be "delivered" to her buyer on board a plane to Australia and that she would be interviewed before and after losing her virginity at a secret location.

    Filmmaker Jason Sisely, who began his project in 2009 and caused outrage when he put posters up in Sydney and Melbourne saying "Virgins Wanted", said Migliorini was ecstatic and had not expected as much such interest.

    "The auction closed last night and Catarina is extremely excited. She was speaking to her family in Brazil online and they were extremely happy for her," he told Australian online news site Ninemsn.
    "But I guess they didn't expect her to do something like this."

    He said the act would be consummated, but not filmed, in the next few weeks.

    "We will fly over the winner to Australia and obviously, for the sake of the film and privacy, we can't disclose where and when the act will take place," he said. "I have to leave some details for the documentary."

    On a "Virgins Wanted" trailer on YouTube, Migliorini said: "I haven't found the right person to do it with, I've been too busy with other stuff."

    She added: "It's more sane than doing it drunk at a party with a stranger."

    According to Britain's Daily Mail, Migliorini's decision to sell her virginity to the highest bidder has sparked outrage across the globe, with some claiming she was little more than a prostitute.

    But she defended the move.

    "I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it," she was quoted by the Mail as saying.

    "If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer."

    She will reportedly use part of the cash to build homes for poverty-stricken families.

    Sisely told Ninemsn that under the terms of the auction a condom was compulsory and Natsu must be tested beforehand for any sexually transmitted diseases.

    "I'm looking forward to my audience's response to the film," he said.


    Babysitter, 33, killed girlfriend's baby by dropping him on the floor and smashing his head against a wall because he wouldn't stop crying

    • Scott Hepburn murdered 18-month-old Ashley Johnson as he babysat for his partner for one hour at her home in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent
    • Hepburn told Samantha Knox that her son was sleeping
    • He 'flipped' because he was tired from getting up in the night with the boy
    By Helen Lawson

    Scott Hepburn
    Scott Hepburn said he 'flipped' as he spent one hour babysitting his girlfriend's baby and killed him

    A man who murdered his girlfriend's 18-month-old son because he was crying has been jailed for life.

    Scott Hepburn, 33, told partner Samantha Knox that her baby boy was asleep to try to cover up his crime.

    But little Ashley Johnson had been attacked by Hepburn as he babysat for Miss Knox for one hour on the evening of January 27 this year.

    Hepburn threw Ashley on the floor from a height of three feet and smashed him against a wall twice before arranging the semi-conscious child in his cot, as if he were sleeping.

    He then went downstairs to watch television. Miss Knox, his girlfriend of four months, arrived back at her home in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, and found her son unconscious when she went to give him a goodnight kiss.

    Hepburn pretended he had 'no idea' how Ashley had sustained extensive skull fractures and a broken leg and continued to watch TV.

    Ashley was taken to hospital but died after suffering extensive fractures to his skull, causing a 'catastrophic' brain injury.

    Today Hepburn was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars by a judge at Stafford Crown Court.

    He had denied the murder charge and was due to face trial in January 2013, but changed his plea to guilty.

    Judge Simon Tonking told him: 'You were alone with Ashley for about an hour and during that time you brutally killed him in what was a sustained and forceful assault.

    Ashley Johnson
    Baby Ashley Johnson was murdered by the man who had been left to care for him

    'On your own admission you twice threw him on to the floor from a height of about three feet and then twice banging, or slamming as you said, his head full on against the wall.

    'The reason which you have given for doing this is that he was crying and would not stop and you were tired, having got up to look after Ashley during the night.
    'You have taken a son from his mother and a grandchild from his grandparents.'
    Hepburn, of Fenton, Staffordshire, told police he had 'flipped' because of the tot’s constant sobbing.

    In his police statement, which was read out to the court, he said: 'He was on the settee crying and I picked him up and walked around the room, but he still kept crying.

    'I just didn’t know what to do. I tried to walk him round the room but he was constantly crying. 

    'I was tired anyway from getting up in the night and I really just flipped.
    'I just like dropped him, sort of threw him on the floor, and he was still crying so I did it again.

    'I picked him up again as he was still crying and I smashed his head against the wall twice.

    'As a result of that, he stopped crying.'

    Staffordshire Police described the case against Hepburn as 'overwhelming'.

    Ashley Johnson murdered
    Floral tributes left outside Miss Knox's home in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent after the murder of her son Ashley, 18 months 

    The court heard Hepburn had a history of violence and was jailed for 30 months in 2002 for an arson attack.

    Robert Price, prosecuting, read out a statement from Miss Knox which described the agony of losing her son.

    She said: 'There will never be any words to describe the pain I go through each day.

    'If I could have one wish, it would be to have you back in my arms and to hear you say mum again.'

    Hepburn, who lived with his parents, was described in court as someone who had did not have any close friends and would spend most of his time alone in his bedroom on his computer. 

    His relationship with Miss Knox began when he messaged her on Facebook.

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