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How could Ashkenazi and other Jews destroy over one billion Christians and makes hundreds of millions of them join their Satanic forces, and destroy over one billion Muslims that easily and making slaves of almost the entire Muslim nation?  This seems very far fetched at first sight, but History is there to prove every single fact some of us have put forward for centuries regarding Jewish parasitism for which reason Europe is passing more and more laws banning all criticism of Jewish criminality and the Ethnic Cleansing and terrorist entity called Israel. 

After they themselves had boasted they had the legendary/mythical Jesus Christ crucified or executed by the Roman invaders and unlawful occupiers of the Holy Land, Palestine and the neighbouring lands, and sided with the Romans in the hunting down and murder of the Early followers of Christ, it has now been established that they had later joined forces with the Romanised Christians and financed the genocidal Crusades against the Muslims who by then constituted the majority of the Holy land and other Arab lands. Again, it has been established that they also financed the slave trade where some 30% of those sold in slavery were Muslims.  Having acquired the necessary skills under Muslim rule in Sicily and Spain, they had now unleashed their hordes on the Americas and other lands that Christendom, mainly Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and England were to brutally conquer and colonise in the name of Christ.  In one colonized land alone, King Leopold of Belgium murdered some 10 million Congolese, tortured and mutilated hundreds of thousands who rebelled against their tyranny.

With their Judeo Masonic Order, they had again financed revolution after revolution, war after war, and political assassinations around the world.  In half a century they managed to cause the death of over one hundred million people.  Since Christopher Colombus, Jewdom and Christendom had slaughtered nearly half a billion inhabitants of the earthy.  But, by that time, Christendom became utterly decadent and abolished all GOD’S LAWS replacing them by man-made laws that did not respect the sanctity of life, perverted all morals and enslaved the inhabitants of the world, and the decadent Christians, apostates and renegades calling themselves the enlightened Ones fell easy prey to Jewish greed and evil ambitions and joined them in the conquest of the entire world to be ruled by them and an Elite chosen by them from occupied and stolen Palestine.  Two thirds of what remains of Christendom have joined them in their wars of conquest, terror, and global plunder, pollution and enslavement, and the other remaining third is trying their best to defend their religion and way of life. 

Muslims became decadent as well and are now reaping the fruits of their treachery towards their own religion and GOD.  The entire West under the control of Jews and Zionists has declared an all out war, a Jewade, a Talmudade and Crusade against the entire Muslim world slaughtering millions in each and every country they invade and occupy.  The greatest world war monger is currently the Un-American Barack Husain Obama Soetero with a “Jewish soul” and “first Jewish President of the United States of America” (the last one being George W. Bush, member of Skull and Bones and Knight of Eulogia) who was given a Nobel Peace Prize for no achievements at all, but to bribe him for preparing the US and NATO to wage very lucrative wars of conquest unhindered, order torture and the mass murder of more millions of innocent people with Jewish controlled France (under genocidal racist Jew Nicolas Sarkozy) having now joined NATO, which has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and escalated the war in Afghanistan, sending out drones to murder at random innocent people in many Arab and Muslim countries including their own ally Pakistan, and operating torture Camps (“rendition”) like Abu Ghuraib, Guantanamo, Diégo Garcia, and literally thousands of other such camps including in Europe, Australia, etc., supporting Israeli butchery of Palestinian people, men, women and children imprisoned in the greatest Concentration and Ghetto of World History after that of the German prisoners of war and other civilians who were starved to death in a horrendous Holocaust at the end of the Zionist World War Two.     

Israeli terrorism and routine torture, persecution and murder of Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, the demolition of their houses, hospitals, schools and universities, are perfected acceptable to the West, even supported and financed.  The White House is run by lethal Jews and perverts and Jew Goldman Sachs is Obama’s biggest contributor and Obama dances to the Israeli tune putting Israeli interests always before American ones.  He lies to and betrays the American on a daily basis and is not impeached.  He promised to withdraw American troops from Iraq, but then he says the occupation will be permanent and forever!  He can send out his armies of killers joined by NATO and murder at will who it pleases Israel to see annihilated.  He is two-faced: Black and Jewish, and not even proven to be American!  YES, HE CAN DO ALL THIS AS ABNER MIKVA BEFORE HE WAS EVEN ‘ELECTED’!

As a “citizen” of France, I feel very concerned about France having joined NATO against the wish of Charles DE Gaulle and one of the fundamental values of the Fifth Republic.  But, Jews can do anything they want in occupied France.  The Jewish plan is to destroy the very fabric of White Europeans and all that represents true Christianity.  While promoting the preservation of the Jewish “race”, Nicolas Sarkozy openly promotes inter-racial cohabitation or marriage and advocates coercion in case the French people do not mix freely with people of other “races” or biological types.  They call it CREOLISATION or MÉTISSAGE!  The US invented a new form of racism, ANTIWHITE, called “affirmative action”.  The UK engineered another form of racism called “EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES” which allows everybody to practice his or her own form of racism, including Jews, homosexuals, Blacks and Asians.  Then, the UK promoted “multicultutalism” which Nicolas Sarkozy is now saying is a total failure!  The funny thing about European “values” is that they cam promote opposites at the same time and claim to be always right.  This is what I would simply call BOLSHEVIK FASCISM and TOTALITARIANISM worst than Nazism!     

France has been threatening and bashing Muslims on the head for decades with their racist and intolerant LAÏCITÉ “à la carte” (Ref. M. Rafic Soormally) that contrary to SECULARISM recognizes NO RELIGION, but with plenty of “dérogations” depending on the customer, “à la tête du client”!  She even tried to introduce the same garbage as we find in the US and in the UK: “affirmative action” or “equal opportunities”.  In a land where all citizens are claimed to be EQUAL, this does not make any sense at all!  When Jacques Chirac was suspected of various criminal offences, including of FINANCING, as Mayor of Paris, a COMMUNIST DEATH SQUAD (cut-throats, saboteurs, etc.) known under the fake name of “Mujahidin e Khalq” that took over from a legitimate organization that was fighting the puppet CIA-SHAH of Iran back in the Sixties when I was studying in the USSR and where I met some of them in 1964-65 in Moscow, he proved himself to be above the law and got away with crime because the Courts are in the hands of Zionists!  Sarkozy’s “engineer of diversity” is simply totalitarian fascist tyranny.  This is a new piece of Jewish garbage that the Zionist establishment is throwing at the people of France, threatening TO FORCE THEM TO “RACIALLY” INTERMARRY!  I would like to have Pr Claude Ribbe’s view on the subject as he is of the opinion or found that there is only ONE HUMAN RACE!

Under Jacques Chirac as Mayor of Paris, my WHITE Polish White was kicked out of France by the Zionist Préfecture of Paris!  So much for “inter-racial” marriage back the eighties!  When I married a WHITE French woman, three judges ruled that I was not equal enough to the other French citizens, not French enough to adopt my own biological French-born son in the same hospital where Princess Diana was brought after being murdered, or murdered there together with her baby, had her bowels removed and embalmed against all the laws in France!  This barbaric act could not have been done without SPECIFIC ORDERS FROM that squatter of Buckingham Palace Elizabeth Mountbatten of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (Ref. David Icke, Anthony Hill, etc.)!

With people like me, French racist laïcité never worked, and Sarkozy’s “engineer of diversity” will not work with all true Muslims of France.  Even Muslim collaborators like Yazid Sabeg refused to bow down to Jewish pressure as Sabeg is reported to have said:

“I speak Arabic. I am a Muslim…In no case will I renounce one single element of my identity.” 

Another Muslim collaborator was kicked out of the Sarkozy Tribe, one Abderrahmane Dahmane!.

What has happened to white racists in France is that Jews are now the new racists at all levels of government (Courts, academia, Police, government, employment, etc.) and are discriminating against Whites, in particular if they oppose Israel and the Jewish Lobby.  What Jews have planned to do with the Mexicans in the US, they have planned the same with over exited Blacks and the brainwashed Arab rabble in France.  Nicolas is guilty of crime for having planned and exposed his plan to destroy the national, ethnic, racial and religious fabric of France.  Pornography and homosexuality are like in Israel to destroy womanhood, the family, and all Christian and Islamic values of the French citizens. 

Pornography lover and infamous Jewish Joel Stein, a hater of White Christian America stated in the Los Angeles Times of 19 December 2008 that “JEWS TOTALLY RUN HOLLYWOOD”.  

News Corp. President Peter Chernin – JEWISH
Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey – JEWISH
Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger – JEWISH and Head of the world’s largest Media Conglomerate.
Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton – DUTCH JEW
Warner Brothers Chairman Barry Meyer – JEWISH
CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves – JEWISH.  His great uncle was the first Prime Minister of Israel in occupied Palestine.
MGM Chairman Harry Sloan – JEWISH
NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker – MEGA-JEWISH

Jewish monopolists control almost the entire West.  Billionaire Israeli Zionist Haim Saban largest money contributor in American politics.  Richard Perle & Paul Wolfowitz, the Zionist architects of the Two Iraqi Holocausts (genocide).  Chief Advisor David Axelrod.  Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  (Ref. Dr David Duke).  Members of the Parasitic Tribe are to be found in all the corridors of power in the entire West and in its client states.  Even Jews who criticize the criminal Jews and Israelis are qualified as ANTISEMITES!  Dr Hajo Meyer, 86 years old “Holocaust Survivor” has been qualified by the Jewish “Nazis” as an “anti-Semite … abusing his position as a Holocaust Survivor” because he opposed Jewish crimes, murder and terrorism. (Scotland Herald newspaper 6 February 2010).  HE SURVIVED AUSCHWITZ FOR TEN MONTHS – TOO TOUGH AND IMPOSSIBLE TO GAS!  Simon Wiesenthal was a captured “saboteur” and “terrorist” who was kept prisoner in the camp and was SAVED by the Nazis from a suicidal attempt and nursed back to health!  So, he became a “Holocaust Survivor”, but was proved to be a LIAR who falsified his story!  Nonetheless, he used the “Holocaust” to justify the ethnic cleansing and oppression of the Palestinian people,

While some foolish Christians are burning copies of the Holy Qur’ân, and millions others are out to kill Muslims and destroy Islam, the Jews have almost banned Christianity, Jesus, the Bible and Christmas in public places, schools, etc., and introducing Talmudic values like usury, and homosexuality in the education system. 

Monday 30th of April 2012


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Sarkozy won in Israel

Nicolas Sarkozy lost French presidential election runoff to socialist candidate François Hollande who won 51.9% of votes. In Israel however,  Sarkozy is a real winner. According to Ynet, 92.8% of French Jewish citizens living in Israel voted for Sarkozy. The man with the yarmulka (in the left) won the Jews' hearts but lost his own people.

Sarkozy may want to spend the next 2-3 days reading La Parabole d'Esther. Anatomie du Peuple Élu,  so he understands this discrepancy..




Le Changement c'est maintenant ? Alors tournons la page des années Napoléon !

L’élection de François Hollande ne marque pas seulement le terme d’un quinquennat.
C’est le tournant d’une décennie. Que dis-je ! C’est la fin de dix-sept ans de scandale. Que dis-je ! C’est la borne que nous plantons après tant de siècles pour dire que ça suffit.
Pour ma part, sans jamais désespérer, mais avec de la tristesse parfois, je me suis suffisamment exprimé, toutes ces années au cours desquelles j’ai mené une lutte constante d’homme libre, sur ce système qui consistait à attiser les divisions à travers la promotion de tant d’imposteurs et de faux nez, plus inutiles, plus médiocres, plus vils les uns que les autres.
Ils ne traduisaient que l’expression du racisme exacerbé et du mépris colonial que les décideurs - politiques, économiques, médiatiques- avaient de cette histoire de France qu’on n’apprend pas dans les écoles et des séquelles qu’elle a laissées dans notre société fracturée et meurtrie.
La mise en place systématique de ces professionnels de la «diversité», de ces mercenaires de la négritude, de ces aventuriers de la mémoire, de ces racketteurs de l’antiracisme, dont le rôle était de parler à notre place, nous qu’on n’avait pas envie d’entendre, c’est fini.
Les copains et les coquins, les cabinets noirs, l’éloge de la nullité, le droit de cuissage systématisé au plus haut niveau, le vice, l’arrogance, l’impunité, c’est fini.
Les kermesses coloniales du 10 mai- jour de reconnaissance officielle d'un crime par la République - les kermesses coloniales célébrées en catimini devant des monuments risibles, dans des jardins qui ne sont fermés que ce jour-là, c’est fini.
Les rejetons de négriers et de colons qui prétendent commémorer l’esclavage pour mieux humilier les vrais descendants d’esclaves, c’est fini.
Le népotisme, c’est fini.
Les salauds qui se bousculent pour être en vue au Panthéon au nom de Césaire, c’est fini.
Les danseurs, les footballeurs et les chanteurs qu’on déguise en intellectuels parce qu’on méprise profondément la pensée, c’est fini.
Les «statistiques ethniques» et la «race», c’est fini.
La dénonciation de l’ «auto-flagellation», de la «repentance» et de la «concurrence des mémoires», c’est fini.
Les gens de droite qui se disent de gauche, c’est fini.
Les nègres de service, c’est fini.
Les procès diligentés avec l’argent de l’État, c’est fini.
Les journalistes à la botte qui invitent sur instructions ministérielles, c’est fini.
Les filles violées, insultées quand elles se plaignent, c’est fini.
Les magistrats aux ordres, c’est fini.
Les historiens révisionnistes, c’est fini.
Les plongeurs et les cuisiniers cachés au fond des restaurants parisiens où se goinfrent les soi-disant progressistes qui font semblant de ne rien voir, c’est fini.
Les caïds et les grandes prêtresses de la télévision qui décident, au nom de la redevance, que les nègres - sauf s’ils sont bêtes ou martyrisés - ce n’est pas intéressant ou tout juste bon pour être vu passé minuit, c’est fini.
Les années Napoléon, c’est fini. Fini ! Fini !
Du moins, nous l’espérons.
Les décideurs qui nous ont imposé ces souffrances, ces outrages, viennent d’être balayés par nos suffrages qui sont universels, ne leur en déplaisent. De ceux là, l’histoire ne retiendra rien.
Quant à ceux qu’ils ont mis en place pour exprimer leur mépris, les voici aujourd’hui réduits à ce qu’ils étaient avant de se vendre au plus offrant, réduits à leur néant.
Le problème n’est pas que tous ces charlatans aient accumulé tant de prébendes, décorations, sinécures et vaines gloires aux dépens de la République, ni qu’ils aient exhibé leur abyssale vacuité dans leurs carrosses de mamamouchis, c’est qu’ils aient eu les moyens de faire quelque chose mais qu’ils n’aient jamais eu le courage ni l’intelligence de le faire. C'est qu’ils ne laissent rien derrière eux si ce n’est le souvenir de leur incapacité et de leur déshonneur.
Aujourd’hui, à la veille de la commémoration de l’abolition de l’esclavage, et de la formation d’un nouveau gouvernement, il faut tourner la page.
Mais ceux qui nous représentent, nous les indigènes, les gueux, les pioscrits, les indésirables, les suspects, les racailles , les caillasseurs, doivent désormais savoir que si le changement c’est maintenant, alors il va falloir, tout de suite, aujourd’hui même, en finir avec ces méthodes.
Parce que ceux qui, comme moi, avec moi, se sont battus tous les jours depuis toutes ces années qui étaient des siècles ne désarmeront jamais s’ils devaient s’apercevoir que ceux qui décident, ceux qui sont à présent sur le podium, ont toujours, auront toujours la même couleur.
S’ils devaient s’apercevoir que la «diversité», ce ne serait bon que pour pour les figurants, ceux qui applaudissent, ceux qui courent à côté des voitures à gyrophares des VIP avant qu’elles ne prennent de la vitesse.
S’ils devaient s’apercevoir qu’on va, en fin de compte, reprendre les mêmes, ceux qui sont interchangeables, sous contrôle, pas dérangeants, toujours du côté du manche, ceux qui savent d’autant mieux se taire qu’ils n’ont jamais rien à dire.
Si c’était cela, le «changement», alors la lutte continuerait de plus belle, sans merci.
Et s’il ne restait que les mots pour se battre, ces mots-là, les miens en tout cas, on s’en souviendrait longtemps.
Car parfois, grâce aux mots, à ces mots-là, les miens en tout cas, des monuments qu’on avait abattus ressurgissent de la terre.
Pendant toutes ces années, la seule chose que nous ayons obtenue, la seule chose qui restera, c’est d’avoir fait apparaître à Paris, sur la voie publique, des chaînes imposantes, incontournables, dérangeantes. Pas les chaînettes mignonnettes du Luxembourg. Non ! Les chaînes, les vraies, celles qui font peur, celles qu’ils font semblant de ne pas voir depuis trois ans, place du général-Catroux.
L’une est déjà ouverte. L’autre, c’est à nous de la briser.
C’est donc là et pas ailleurs que nous devons nous rassembler pour tourner la page jeudi 10 mai 2012 à 18 heures devant le monument au général Dumas pour montrer qu’on ne nous paiera pas de mots, puisque les mots, c’est notre affaire et que nous saurons toujours nous en servir.
Pour montrer que nous ne sommes pas seulement une réserve de voix.
Pour faire savoir qu'on ne nous emprisonnera plus jamais derrière des grilles le 10 mai, à l’heure où les travailleurs sont à la peine, blancs-becs et petits marquis devant, nègres matraqués, expulsés, derrière.
Pour rappeler qu’on ne nous mènera plus jamais en bateau.
Jeudi 10 mai 2012 à 18 h, place du général-Catroux (Paris 17e)

Rassemblement pour la commémoration officielle
de l’abolition de l’esclavage
et du 250e anniversaire de la naissance du général Dumas

François Hollande
 Président de la République française

Le plus grand des Dumas, c’est le fils de la négresse. Il a risqué soixante fois sa vie pour la France et est mort pauvre. Une pareille existence est un chef-d’œuvre auquel rien n’est à comparer.  

Anatole France.

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