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Creation of the Universe

Darwinist Fairy Tales on Life

Darwinist Propaganda, Darwinist Demagoguery

A New Name For Darwinist Despair: Modular Evolution And A Perfect Flying Bird: DARWINOPTERUS

The enormous scale of the Darwinist defeat and how Darwinists have no means of saving their theory has been set out with various forms of supporting evidence for a long time now. But the evidence that perhaps made this defeat clearest has come from Darwinists themselves. Darwinists, with no scientific evidence for their theories, confronted by disappointment time and time again and who have suffered their worst rout in the manifest proofs of Creation presented in recent years, have now set reason. Leaving reason, logic and science to one side, Darwinists come up with a new claim. They said, “all the organs in the life form we have just discovered somehow came into existence momentarily.” They then had no qualms about giving this the name of modular evolution. “We do not know how it happened, but it is a form of evolution,” they said. They have quite shamelessly put this false and ludicrous claim out in scientific journals, as if it were that easy to deceive people. This stage to which Darwinists have now come is one of the greatest manifestations of the Darwinist defeat.

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Britons Want Creation To Be Taught In Schools

Great Britain, Darwin’s own homeland, now rejects evolution. For years the bastion of Darwinism, Britain has come to oppose evolution extraordinarily quickly over the past few years. The country heads the list of those in which the fact of creation is spreading the quickest, and the public, as recent newspaper headlines show, now want students to learn about the fact of creation in schools.

Richard Dawkins, who has recently stepped up his pro-Darwinist and atheist activities in Britain, imagined that Darwinism, the worst deception in the world, would be strengthened with atheist camps and demagoguery. Dawkins has been engaged in wide-ranging activities to that end for many years now, and has expressed his concern at the spread of Creationist belief, and has set these fears out in his latest book in such a clear manner that they cannot be denied. Rather than providing any scientific evidence to support his claims, Dawkins makes far from scientific accusations, writes slogans on the sides of public buses, seeks to attract interest by performing impersonations on talk shows and most recently sought shelter behind the idea of aliens. He truly imagined that these false and demagogic methods would work. His latest book, in which he claims to “provide evidence for evolution,” actually contains not a single piece of scientific evidence, only demagoguery, but he actually thinks that this outdated method going back 150 years can still influence people today.

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The Peppered Moth Claim Is a Deception

Tree bark in the mid-19th century during the early part of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain was light in color. For that reason, dark colored variants of the moth species (melanic moths) Biston betularia could easily be seen and caught by birds. Fifty years later, however, lichens, a kind of algae had died around the trees as a result of industrial pollution, and the trees had become darker in color. This time, it was now lighter colored moths that were more visible on the trees and that were caught more often by birds. As a result, the number of light colored moths declined, while the darker melanic moths increased in number, since these were less easily caught.

Evolutionists eagerly seized on this state of affairs as significant evidence for their claims of evolution by way of natural selection. Using the same deceptive techniques as always they set about trying to mislead people into thinking that light moths evolved into darker ones. This claim was heralded to the words as “evolution in action.” But the facts were very different, since these moths in fact underwent no evolutionary change at all, the only thing present being a huge Darwinist deception.

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Darwinists: ''We Confess, Ida Is Not A Transitional Form, It Is A Complete And Perfect Living Being!'' (But, when did they confess this? Right after Harun Yahya revealed their lies.)

It will be recalled that Darwinists tried to publicize the fossil named Ida as the so-called ancestor of human beings in May 2009. We had announced a declaration right away and ended speculations by clarifying that this fossil that is presented to be the so-called ancestor of human beings through wide speculation of mainstream media did in fact belong to a lemur. You may read our statements on Ida, the lemur fossil, here and also here. As a result, the “Ida show”put on play by some Darwinist circles had immediately come to an end. As a matter of fact, anyone having a perspective of true science would instantly see that Ida is a perfect living being with consummate existence for 47 million years unlike the speculations. This fossil preserved in 95% intact form with almost all details present for investigation contained NOT EVEN ONE STRUCTURE WHICH SHOWS ANY INTERMEDIARY FEATURE. This extraordinary finding IS AN EVIDENCE FOR FACT OF CREATION.

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Darwinists Regard Foreign Journals As Sacred

Darwinists have recently been exhibiting a state of great awe. They believe that foreign journals are miraculous. They literally regard these journals as sacred, and regard everything published in them as equally sacred. Since they hold such a belief they imagine that everything published in them will have a stunning impact. The way they are so impressed with all things foreign and their inferiority complex that stems from their inability to defend the theory of evolution scientifically forces them to issue such statements.

This admiration for all things foreign has reached such a dimension that proponents of evolution in Turkey in particular refuse to accept scientific evidence as such unless it is published in these journals they so admire. They oppose all kinds of scientific fact by saying, “If a paper has been published in a foreign journal it is true, and if not, it is wrong.” They still reject such papers if they are collected together in book form. In their eyes, in order for an article to be accurate and scientific it has to be published in a journal of some 50 pages measuring 27x20 cm, on wood-containing paper and lavishly illustrated with pictures of Darwin on the cover. But if the papers are collected together in book form, they will still regard them as unacceptable, no matter what scientific evidence they contain.

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