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Conférence d’Alain Soral et Jacob Cohen à Marseille 1/2 (26 avril 2015)

Published on 13 May 2015
Seconde Partie : Alain Soral et Jacob Cohen étaient à Marseille le 26 avril dernier pour une conférence sur le thème de la réconciliation nationale. Sans l’imam Abdelfattah Rahhaoui, qui s’est désisté.

Conférence d’Alain Soral et Jacob Cohen à Marseille 2/2 (26 avril 2015)

 Première partie : Alain Soral et Jacob Cohen étaient à Marseille le 26 avril dernier pour une conférence sur le thème de la réconciliation nationale. Sans l’imam Abdelfattah Rahhaoui, qui s’est désisté. Source : Plus d'infos :

Alain Soral, Jacob Cohen et Béatrice Pignède - Projection débat Oligarchie et sionisme 2

Conférence débat autour du documentaire de Béatrice Pignède : « L’oligarchie et le sionisme »

Published on 17 Jul 2013
Projection débat du film de Béatrice Pignède : l'Oligarchie et le Sionisme - 10 juillet !

Alain Soral répond à Enrico Macias par anticipation

Nouvelle version re-up et re-montage affiné de la vidéo de Panamza.

La France est une province israélienne!


Published on 24 Jul 2014

MONDAY / JUNE 25, 2018

Trump Arms an Adversary

Don't let the Anglo name and the "conservative" label fool you. Columnist Bret Stephens (cough cough) is a chosenite and an operative of the Globo-Zio crime syndicate. Much like the recently deceased Charles Krauthammer (cough cough) or the puffed-up sophist George Will, Stephens is skilled at playing the role of the isolated "conservative" who so dauntlessly bucks the libtard tide of his employer and supervisors. And, just like Krauthammer and Will, he can go full libtard and/or full Ziotard, on a dime, whenever his paymasters need to close a Left-Right pincer movement.
This particular double-attack piece slimes up both Turkish President Recip Erdogan and Donald Trump at the same time. Hazmat suits and gas masks on, boys and girls. Let's dive in to Stephens' felonious filth to figure out what he's so mad about.
Image result for bret stephens conservativeImage result for bret stephens conservative
Bret Stephens: "proudly conservative," according to HIS definition.
Image result for erdogan magazineImage result for erdogan magazineImage result for erdogan magazineImage result for erdogan magazineDrag to pan
The anti-Erdoganism and anti-Trumpism of Jewish "neo-conservatives" mirrors that of the Globo-Leftist periodicals of the West. (Note how Stern Magazine (Germany) used the Turkish crescent as devil's horns on the head of the "Oppressor!")

Stephens: The Turkish Air Force took delivery of its first F-35A stealth plane this week at an elaborate rollout ceremony in Texas that featured, "a dancer who performed while wearing a pair of massive leather wings.” If the performance was bizarre, the underlying politics ranged from the incompetent to the perverse.
In a word: Trumpian.
Rebuttal: Trump's politics are "incompetent" and "perverse," eh? How exactly does this Jewish house "conservative" differ from any other members of Sulzberger's seditious stable of openly libtarded loons and Marxist morons?
Stephens: In an era of American baby prisons ...
Rebuttal: "Baby prisons???" (shaking head, sighing, palm to face) -- So, the lone "conservative" at the Slimes advocates openly for no borders and tacitly for child sex trafficking, eh? Interesting.
Stephens: ... and Melania meta-messaging ...
Rebuttal: Well, at least the current First Lady is actually a female, if ya catch my drift -- and a damn fine one at that. 
Stephens: So here’s a quick primer on our former ally Turkey, which on Sunday goes to the polls for presidential and parliamentary elections.
Rebuttal: Though we don't profess to be experts on the Turkish domestic situation; the fact that scum like Stephens -- and so many other neo-cons and libtards of the Piranha Press -- are dumping on Turkey means that President Erdogan must be doing something right. Now that may be a simplistic and reactionary method for evaluating world leaders, but dammit -- it works almost every time!
Stephens: Its economy is in crisis.
Rebuttal: Turkey's GDP growth in 2017 was a spectacular: 7.4%. The "slowdown" to 4.1% in 2018 is still far ahead of any numbers posted by Western European nations. (Turkey actually estimates its 2018 GDP at 7.1% for 2018)
Headline: The Economist: January 4, 2018

Turkey’s Economy is One of the World’s Fastest-Growing

You're busted, Stephens! Of course, there are other factors which determine the economic condition of a nation and, as previously stated, we don't profess to be experts on Turkey. We are, however, experts on recognizing Fake News and researching to correct it. Hear it and believe it from The Anti-New York Times: Stephens' pessimistic claim of a Turkish economy "in crisis" is every bit as false as his allegation of  Trump's "baby prisons."

Image result for turkey economic growthImage result for turkey economic growthImage result for turkey modern
What "crisis?" Since the rise of Erdogan in 2014, the Turkish economy has been rocking and rolling with China-like numbers.

Stephens: The leader of a major opposition party is in prison. A state of emergency, in force since a failed 2016 military coup, has resulted in the estimated detention of nearly 140,000 people, the closure of 189 media outlets, and the arrest of more than 300 journalists.
Rebuttal: Like Trump, Erdogan was faced with a CIA-abetted coup. His bold counter-coup turned the tables on Turkey's "Deep State" and Fake News, leading to the mass arrests of thousands of traitors. Let us hope that Q-Anon is correct in forecasting that a similar counter-coup is unfolding in the USA.
Stephens: Turkey also intends to purchase advanced Russian antiaircraft missiles that are incompatible with NATO systems.
Rebuttal: An indication that Putin and Trump are on the same page when it comes to backing Erdogan.
Stephens: An American pastor, Andrew Brunson, has been held in a Turkish prison for nearly two years.
Translation: A CIA agent posing as a "pastor" is being held in a Turkish prison.
Stephens: All this has been the doing of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an Islamist and vitriolic anti-Semite (he once decried the “Jewish capital” allegedly financing The Times) ...
Rebuttal: Not just an "anti-Semite," but a "virulent" one who properly pegged The Slimes as a Jewish newspaper. Add not just one, but two points to the Erdogan "plus" column!
Stephens: ... who has steadily consolidated authoritarian power over 15 years in power.
Rebuttal: And he is an "authoritarian," (aka, a "strongman" ) -- Jewspeak for anyone with enough balls to buck direct orders from the New World Order crime syndicate. Add yet another point to the "plus" column.
Stephens: Erdogan was once genuinely popular, but his recent electoral victories have been increasingly marred by serious allegations of voter intimidation and electoral fraud.
Rebuttal: If Erdogan was "genuinely popular" when previously elected and then re-elected, and the country has continued to develop rapidly, then why would he even need to rig a third election? And who exactly is making these "serious allegations" of "voter fraud?" Answer: The CIA and its partners at Fake News Jew York Times, that's who!
Stephens: Good news? Well, yes, there is some. Precisely because Erdogan has driven the economy off a cliff, there’s a modest chance he’ll have to face a runoff election next month,
Rebuttal: Wait a second, Stephens? In one breath, you say that the Turkish elections are rigged in favor of Erdogan, and in the next, he might embarrassingly be forced into a runoff election? He's not much of an "authoritarian" if he can't rig an election in his favor, eh Stephens?
Stephens: What’s an American administration to do?
Rebuttal: Here comes the Trump-bashing.
Stephens: Barack Obama tried to embrace him early on as a model for Muslim democracy, a policy that proved to be nearly as fruitless as the Russia Reset.
Rebuttal: The "Russian Reset" failed because it was nothing but a trap. Obongo and Killary smiled in Putin's face -- as their henchmen secretly planned the "Arab Spring" coups and then an anti-Russian coup in Ukraine.
Stephens: Trump has gone further, fulsomely calling Erdogan “a friend of mine” who gets “very high marks” for his leadership. That may not be surprising, since Trump seems never to have met a thug he doesn’t want to imitate and flatter.
Rebuttal: A point for Trump, and another point for "thug" Erdogan.

Stephens: What’s inexplicable is why the administration, led by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, would go ahead with the F-35 deliveries after Republican and Democratic senators tried to block the delivery until Turkey releases Pastor Brunson, drops its bid to buy Russian missiles, and improves its overall behavior.
Rebuttal: Trump, General Mattis and the military power behind them don't give a damn what the "bi-partisan" traitors in Congress have to say -- which is why Trump is expected to meet one-on-one with Putin next month. Crank up the media-hate-machine, "bigly!"
Stephens: The F-35 was leverage. We just squandered it.
Worse, we did it just days before the election, handing Erdogan a political prize that he can wield as evidence that the United States doesn’t dare to oppose him. In the meantime, a country now moving into Russia’s orbit will acquire one of the most sophisticated pieces of military hardware ever made.
Rebuttal: Oh the Globalist butt-hurt! Wonderful!
Stephens: If and when Erdogan goes fully anti-American — he’s already nine-tenths of the way there — what’s to keep him from allowing Russian technicians to take a closer look, so they might gain a better idea of how to shoot it down?
Translation of opening clause: If and when Erdogan goes fully anti-CIA .....
Stephens: Or from using it against American allies in the region, including Israel?
Rebuttal: Ahhh, the penny drops! It always goes back to Israel, "our closest ally." Yeshiva Boy Stephens shows where his true loyalties lie!
Stephens: It will be a lucky thing for Turks if Erdogan fails to win another mandate for five more years of political, social and ethnic repression.
Rebuttal: If the Turks are living under such "repression," then why do they keep electing Erdogan and his party? Oh, that's right, it's the "voter fraud."
Stephens: Should that happen, history will record that the United States did nothing to help, and much to hinder, the forces of freedom. As with so much that the Trump administration does, it’s not a surprise, but it’s still a shock.
Rebuttal: Nothing more to be said to this deceitful, low-life, chosenite propagandist here. In closing, we present three more headlines which speak volumes about the motives behind the Slimes' hatred for Recip Erdogan.

  • Erdogan Slams George Soros and European Currency Speculators While Encouraging Turks to Dump Dollars and Euros
  • Haaretz: Erdogan Hits Back: Netanyahu Is a ‘Terrorist’ and Israel Is a ‘Terror State'

  • Hurriyet Daily News: Erdogan: “I am an enemy of interest earnings. I see it as a tool of exploitation.”

You see that? Both the Globalist banker and the Israel Firster wings of the International PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) have cause to not only hate Erdogan, but also any other world leader that cozies up to him. And, in spite of his nauseating (and perhaps strategic?) fawning over Bibi Satanyahoo -- that hatred extends to Trump.

Erdogan has won re-election with a clear majority --- There will be no runoff.
Image result for erdogan victory Image result for erdogan victory Image result for erdogan victory
If only Erdogan's many millions of supporters would just read the Jew York Times. Then they'd understand how "repressed" they truly are.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in New York Times today that Trump is selling arms to the authoritarian president of Turkey.
Boobus Americanus 2: It's a shame to see a secular democracy like Turkey devolve into an Islamic dictatorship.

Sugar: Turk Power!
 Editor: Though born and raised in New Jersey, Sugar happens to be a pureTurkish Angora -- one of the ancient natural breeds of cats.





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