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Almost minutes after I had posted my last piece on Brendon O'Connell,  

"Tuesday, 12 September 2017 HOLY SHIT! BRENDON O'CONNELL - THE FRAUD THAT IS MAX IGAN (Icke, Igan, Allen And O'Keefe)" 

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MUSLIM ABDUL KARIM, Queen Victoria's Last Love - Relationship with an Indian servant - Full Documentary. Terry Ramsey reviews the documentary exploring Queen Victoria's relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim.

- It was in 1997 that I wrote to Al-Fayed about the imminent assassination of his son in Paris by the CIA.  I mentioned in my letter how the CIA murdered JEAN SEABERG there!  Having had no reply, I wrote to Al-Fayed on his own website after the murder and received no reply to this day!

In 2002, I mentioned this letter to the Prime Minister of Mauritius who had Muhammad Suhail Fakeemeeah, a member on my "in-laws'" family arrested, jailed, tortured for three years upon direct orders from Madeline Albright prior to her visit to Mauritius.  After comparing him to Hitler by the press, he was released without charges by my old Marxist adversary Paul Raymond who was then BOGUS Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister's Office never acknowledged receipt of my letter not did the other parties I copied it to. 

**MUST SEE** BANNED IN BRITAIN - Princess Diana - Unlawful Killing


- Best Video On This Subject

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Published on 6 Sep 2014

Other video's on this subject are a white wash of this - the first real investigative piece. They say Sonny Bono, John Denver and Princess Diana were killed because they were threatening the booming land mine business. 
I'm sure having a Muslim baby upset someone at the palace too.  (MORE THAN YOU THINK, MY GOOD MAN!  BAFS) https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.s...

Anyone ever considered that she was turning her attention to the issue of Palestine? The issue of the weapons trade? Does anyone think Prince Phillip issues ANY orders to MI6/special forces assassins? I mean, really? 
No offense to the Diana fans, but a good way to piss off the UK establishment and their vital arms trade is 
interfere in Middle East politics, 
marry a Muslim man and have his baby.
I'd say that just about guarantees your end. 
A shame she did not have a tell all video to be released on her death.


Rubbish. Diana has no intention of marrying Dodi. We only have the ravings of a grief-stricken father to go on. Diana was no longer a member of the royal family and she was free to marry a little green man from Mars and have lots of little green Martians.
Brendon O'Connell to
The Fayeds were Egyptian and like many Arabs couldn't give a hoot about the Palestinians.
Prince Philip has no such power. People need to stop making up stories and if people really want to know one can download the Paget report, over 1000 pages. The conclusion was Henri Paul was drinking and no French person would be an MI 6 agent. More Nonsense from the lunatic fringe!
Brendon O'Connell Afcourse. The Royals would never tolerate that, phillip walking around whike he sees his ex wife with him in tabloits ? And what if she was indeed pregnant ? And how would the family deal with the kids who will be exposed to that ? Diana wasnt naive, but about this she was, because if she thought any royal would tolerate such a situation. Think again. Best thing for her was to keep the relation a total secret. Even her mere existence was a threat.
Diana was married to Charles not Philip his father. She was no longer a member of the royal family, no longer a princess. She was free to marry an alien if she wanted.

I think Miss Diana was an idiot taking on the Royals. She knew what she was doing. She knew she was pissing them off. She played reckless. She should have just left the public eye. She was entering into a world she must have known would not accept her behavior. It was almost like she was goading them. She was playing at the top end of town and that is how the top end of town plays. It was without doubt her possible marriage and child to a Muslim that caused this. I dont believe it had very much to do with the British arms industry although I'm sure they were not shedding any tears. God rest her silly soul.


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I just listened to a Jeff RENSE interview with my fave activist ever Kay GRIGGS. She says Diana, Sonny BONO and John DENVER were all killed within three months of each other because they had formed the nucleus of an effective anti-landmine group. Apparently landmines are a growth industry.


Wow, over an hour to get to hospital. No excuse. How do I know, cause that was my job once. Regardless of blood pressure, never heard such nonsense.

I take back my comments somewhat about Diana's "sillyness". Maybe she was in fact quite brave and working hard at exposing alot of things using her media status. I note someone here commented she was also working on exposing Palestine and Jewish racial and religious supremcism in action against the local Indigenous Muslims and Christians.


YT just removed this video off my Channel List. Its still here, but you wont see it when you look at my Channel Dashboard. This video is going a little viral - over 1,500 views a week. I suppose they do not want this video associated with my Channel exposing Jewish racial and religious supremacism and the racist apartheid state of Israel - amongst other things. To the YT chosenites messing with my account. I have video's my channel entirely. I am taking note of the low views on my video's where some do not budge for weeks. The fact the account is not simply deleted shows that this is a small group of racist Jews within YT doing this - lower level. Try deleting my account and you are gonna get a Writ on your ass and the whole thing documented for a little doco. Just accept that Israehell is finished. Get over yourself.


varinia spartacus She was murdered by order of Prince Phillip and Charles. If it were ANYONE else, they would be investigated by the police but not her! WHY??? MURDERED THATS WHY!!


Boy, someone really does not like this video and some of the great comments I have approved - which still do not show up.

There are 17 comments awaiting approval. I cannot get to them. YT REALLY hate this video. The vast majority of the comments I managed to get out of the spam box were very good. They should not have been in that spam box.


they never needed Diana for Queen. they just needed her to make couple kids. he had plans for the camilla witch. ugly ass witch

Be Healthy Ain't she omg why Charles wanted Camilla instead of beautiful Diana I will never understand and yes all Diana was to the royals was to have heirs to the throne. Diana was so beautiful and kind and really cared about people. She did so many good things. What has Camilla done?

+Anne Arteaga this whole thing hurts. And even more that her boys actually excepted that witch after murder of their mother. Unbelievable and unexplainable.

I don't get what you'd hate Camilla? Well i do as it;s typical of women i.e. blame the other woman rather than the man who was cheating on you haha. Camilla had no marrige contract with Diana so owed her no allegiance. The marriage contract was betwen her and Charles. Keep in midn that Camilla was dating Charles whilst Dianna was in nappies. Diana was a grown adult and knew what she was getting herself into when she married into the Royal Family. Both her and Charles were unfaithful to each other. Camilla is not to blame. The people to blame for her murder are the Royal Family. They were probably shit scared that Diana would go public with all kinds of skeletons they haev hidden in their closets.


No. I think Charles liked her. She was rebellious, look at her chart. Sagittarius Rising. She had that "submissive look" that men love down pat. She was no angel. She was deliberately provocative. Where did she think she was? This was no ordinary family. She was having a baby to a Muslim man and the Crown was NO WAY going to have a bar of that. That being said...she also did some great work against the arms industry and it's possible they had a hand in it to. Sonny Bono as also working at that and so was John Denver - they all had unfortunate accidents. RIP Diana.


I agree with you to a point.

She was also taking on the armaments industry and having a baby to a Muslim. I know people who lived near Imran Khan's house in Islamabad. She was always over there. Spent ALOT of time in Pakistan. Think about that.

And they blame everything on Islam, Muslims, and Arabs!
The REAL Leaders Of The World (Must See Documentary)

House of Windsor and the New World Order

The British Monarchy EXPOSED Full Length Anonymous Documentary

THEY manufactured Blackwater-Xe, Al-Qaeda, 9/11, all kinds of false flags, ISIS, DAESH, ISIL, IS, AL NUSRA, MEK, Jihadists, and others, just as they did drug cartels, brothels, orgy houses, pornography and sex shops and industries, gambling dens, casinos, same sex marriage, homosexual adoption of our children (NOT THEIRS!), abortion factories, prison factories, rape factories, Death Camps, Satanist recreations, censorship, dictatorship, racism, fascism, democracy they call democracy, communism, inhuman and thieving gods (Royalties, Israel…), genetically modified organisms, artificial products that they sell as food and drinks, poisons that they sell as medicine, vaccines that kill, cigarettes that kill, alcohol that kills, HAARP everything, genocidal campaigns, wars of aggression and plunder, etc.  


In the toilet known as France where only Freemasons and Jews are authorised by the State and its Institutions to defecate, they keep Muslims in slavery with only a few rights, no right to free speech and freedom to study and research independently, and having to survive under cultural and State terrorism on a daily basis.

Eight year old kids are arrested and kept in custody « because they are not Charlie » !

The use of the Internet by “Muslims” to consult sites of their own creation can see be be sentenced to three years in jail!

A mother who sent money to her son in Syria is charged with TERRORISM!

Fo a twenty year old to have pornographic images and videos of beheadings (manufactured by THEMSELVES) is a crime!

Pointing your index to the sky or wearing a mask is a crime because it is a sign of DAESH!

All suspects are GUILTY when they are Muslims or the targets of the Totalitarian Judeo Fascist State!

Even “PSYCHIATRISTS”, a non scientific Judeo quackery (charlatanisme) help the State in terrorising, poisoning, murdering, and jailing citizens!


Thursday 14th of September 2017

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