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50 million US American Christian Evangelicals bless the Jews and are united with Israel in heaven?
Br Nathanael Kapner

As far as I can remember, we always kept dogs and I have known them to be wonderful animals except my wife’s one, Vidocq, a quite ill-mannered (due to French-style bourgeoisie upbringing) kind of Schnauzer mixed with a Griffon, who I really despised.  I believe our Chinese neighbours who moved in right opposite our Hotel (around 1986) captured it and it ended up being eaten!  Since I was around five, we had dogs: Black who died after being shot by a hunter or some disgruntled neighbour. Then, we had Hitler, Fada, Jerry, Lushire, another Vidocq who gave us many puppies, and last my German shepherd pedigree dog Rexy from Stanway, Colchester.  So, nobody can accuse me of hating dogs, but I do hate the human dogs and pigs I have encountered all throughout my entire life.  I even hate that word God as I have seen what those Europeans who claim to believe in him have done to humanity and are still doing non stop.  But, unfortunately, English speaking people do not have a word for their Biblical deity except that ugly sounding name and are still fighting over the deity’s real name.  Some came up with a fabrication like the barbaric sounding Yarweh, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Yegova, but it sounds so ridiculous when uttered by their non Oriental lips.  Feeling they had to give a proper name to their Deity, they borrowed the name of Jesus Christ who they made into their God, but wanted the world to believe that the later was sentenced to death by the Biblical Jews and crucified by the Romans.  To this day, the ruling Jews (the stars among them) are boasting about having crucified the Christian God and say they will crucify him again if given the opportunity.  After they made their biological God die on the cross, he came back to life just like that, but how he did do that is still a Christian mystery?  

The truth of the matter is that ancients deities, including the Biblical ones, proved all to be fakes, although indispensable in many cases, and did not last very long.  Then, suddenly appeared on the scene, some 1400 years ago, THE DEITY par excellence that brought the entire of Creation together in one Natural religion, one way of Life (called religion by the Latin-speaking Romans and Diin by the Arab-speaking people), and this gave new life to the Supreme Intelligence, resurrected Him from the dead hearts and dead minds of humans.  But, the problem was not yet solved as Christians claimed that their God was not that of the Muslims!  So, here we go again!  The Christian establishment declared war on the other Muslim God despite the fact that Muslims claim AL LAH is not the Deus of the Muslims alone but of all Mankind, all Creation and all the Worlds.   

In Arabic, they call The Deity AL LAH, the One Who is said to have created all of us.  AL LAH did prove to the whole world that He was indeed Real, that He perfected all the past religions and produced the best Nation ever for Humankind for the entire of Creation until the end of times.  But, today, even that Nation has proved to be a failure.  That Nation of those who submit to Him is called Muslim and can be of any religious or non religious confessions as long as they submit to the Divine Law and DO GOOD to their neighbours.  By definition, they are called Muslims and are knowledgeable in Classical Arabic, but the term MUSLIM should include all the good and righteous Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Atheists and others as well.  But, the human mentality needs more spiritual advancement to be able to understand and accept this level of the human reality and experience. 


Unfortunately, in 2012, we have enough evidence to prove not only that we have made Him indeed not the Best Planner of all, and proved that humans cannot possibly be the best of His Creation (except those at the time of Revelations and soon after) when in so many cases dogs, wild animals and even pigs are far better behaved than the inhuman creatures ruling our planet and those indentured slaves serving them.





We see Buddhists worshiping Buddha as a God.  This was never meant to be.
We see Hindus still worshiping animals or half animal and half human as Gods.  This too was never meant to be because even the Vedas never allowed idol worship and had only One Supreme Deity.
We see Christians worshiping the Holy Church, statues, relics, Popes and Saints.  This too was never meant to be and Christians had to grow out of such primitive practices in order to produce a great civilisation, but which soon crumbled doen as it was not founded on the Divine Law anymore.

We see Muslims with no or very little recollection of their past glory and civilisation, now worshiping the State, loving their comfort, spouses, jobs, the wealth they have amassed, often fraudulently, before the love of AL LAH the Supreme Deity and His Last Messenger and Prophet Muhammad!  So, they are ready to be eaten up by the Jewish and Western Cannibals and are already being eaten up by the millions, but the others simply do not care, not enough and too little about those that have already been devoured by the monsters that rule the planet.

We see Atheists worshiping money, music and cinema idols, sex symbols, joining Satanic Cults and armies of mass killers along with the decadent Believers in God or Gods.    

Yet, the mass murderers and destroyers of the planet and life would never have been able to carry out their evil plans without the help of those damned Hindus, Khazari Zionists, Christians, Muslims and Atheists!  In a way, we can say that the “Chosen” people of the Deity - Hindus, 'Jews', Christians and Muslims alike have all been participants directly or indirectly in the accomplishment of the Satanic schemes and plots and conspiracies of the Evil doers of the planet.  This has done away for good with the necessity of any divine (inspired) religion.  Even AL LAH has been rendered totally powerless and useless except in individual cases.  He was meant to exist independent of and despite of His Creation, but as those who claim to believe in Him have produced only rotten and rotting fruits, we have seen the conspicuous absence of AL LAH or of any other Gods in the affairs of modern humans.  All we can see for real (for those who still have this faculty of vision functioning normally) is the war planes, ships and helicopters, the bombs, the weapons of mass destruction, the drones, the chemical, biological and microwave attacks on defenseless populations, on children, pregnant women, babies; the engineered disease causing germs and vaccines, climatic manipulation, the poisoning of the earth, of the seas and the air, the attack on the human genetic fabric, especially in the Muslim world, and the continuing enslavement of the world populations.


The Corporate State controlled “job” market is the ideal place to recruit henchmen and indentured workers into their service and make them into mindless slaves incapable of using their brains to think freely.  The corporations own the cinema, television and written press industry full of thugs, blackmailers, rapists, orgy and drug lovers and pushers.  Criminals of all kinds are there for the entertainment of the slaves, and added to this the magic wand of Hollywood (or Bollywood) just to remind us that the abominable Druids are still holding all power over us.  Their armies of mass murderers are full of hybrids with a few indispensable qualities: absence of conscience, utter ferocity and ruthlessness, and a total absence of humanity.  When I hear that so many Yankees commit suicide in the army, this makes me wonder whether they have not been injected with a Doomsday Gene just in case they become too rebellious.  They either auto-destruct or the computer programmer is pushing the button to kill them making it pass as suicide.  Anyway, I never believed in the theory of suicide in the army unless we admit the army also recruits very dumb killing machines!  On second thoughts, they do!

Today, the computer programmer is the lounge Devil who bombs innocent people from a distance with their Satanic drones.  Haarp does its bit in the assault on the environment as well as on our genes.  Where does AL LAH come into that equation?  His human creation has become a plague ready to be wiped out by the Evil doers and their hordes of Zombies, those walking dead that modern prophets like David Icke, “Peter Joseph”, and other like-minded individuals are trying hard to wake up, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons.  The beauty about Satan is that he finally managed to make even the Believers think he does not exist anymore!  We have no use of exorcists anymore since the Jews have provided us with psychiatrists or psycho-analysts, the most honorable profession of modern quacks, and the most dangerous voodoo men and voodoo women of modern times.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Mark Hanson said that Muslims should excel in everything they do and not just dabble in things and leave them.  What I have seen Muslims do during my life-time is to excel in the job of subservience to the Evil doers.  I used to go to Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral and talk to the gargoyles (crazy?), telling them that I finally understood who they really were and why the Church loves so much putting them in such prominence.  Decades later, I heard this confirmed by people like Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell and others although the French word “église” is not the same as the English “church” derived from Greek mythology.  The Church feeds on the faithful and the Gargoyles (demons) are there to make sure there is always enough food!  The Kalamits have already landed on earth at several locations at the same time.  And just like the old European invaders of the Americas, they claim to have come in peace and as friends and just want to help us.  But, in reality, like in Episode 89 of the Twilight Zone, 2 March 1962, they have come “TO SERVE MAN” back home as COOKED FOOD for their people!  Today, some 6,5 billion humans are being prepared as food for the 'Jewish', Zionist, Israeli and American Kalamits, and we do not need any scientist to decipher any Code like in the film, as it is all out in the open!  The smart thing about 'Jews' (Satanic Khazari Talmudists) is that they always lie very truthfully!   

The bad thing about the Goyim, is that they are just as stupid as the 'Jews' have described them to be, not smart enough to see that they are mere slaves playing in the hands of the Jews!

The 'Judeo'-Christian (Khazari-Zionist-Christian) West calls Muslims who try to defend themselves against wars of aggression, genocidal wars, and wars of plunder by all kinds of labels.  These labels are used on a systematic basis as we can again see in the recent piece of Jewish-Zionist pornographic materiel called the “news” of 1st February 2012: Islamist, radical, al-Qaeda inspired, terrorist, fundamentalist, launching Mumbai-style attacks, etc.  But, the truth is that the Europeans are the real terrorists, the real racists, and the greatest purveyors of violence on planet earth, and are the ones using weapons of mass destruction to decimate an entire population and plunder all other peoples’ wealth.  The systematic use by Russians (Chechnya), Israelis (Palestine and Lebanon), Americans (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and soon Iran) of “depleted” uranium and other demonic weapons has been the cause of babies being born deformed – not as AL LAH meant His creation to be – and, now, we have recently seen the American monsters even microwaving both humans and animals.           

 The so-called “Christian Far Right”, in French “Extrême Droite” led by Jean Marie Lepen that used to represent Christian values was once labelled anti-Semitic and racist by the 'Jewish' (the Satanic Khazari Talmudist) controlled establishment, and even had Muslims among its members.   But, today, Jean Marie’s daughter Marine Lepen has taken over the leadership of the “anti-Semitic” and white racist political movement and is now talking orders directly from the Knesset!  From “anti-Semitism”, they have turned anti-Arab, Anti-Muslim, anti-Islam and pro Jewish, pro “Semitic” and pro Israel!  In the US, they call it the “Religious Right”.  Without them, there would be no nightmare in the world.  They have a new religion called Rapturism and in order to achieve their Rapturist ambitions, they have joined the armies of Satan.  Christianity had already a bad name, but with the Rapturists who claim to be Christians, it has gone far worse.  They are the ones giving what was left of Christianity its worst name ever by their constant preaching of hatred and lies in their Churches and on their Fleet of television Channels about Arabs, Muslims and Islam, and are known also for their utter savagery in the Killing Zones and torture and rape camps.

The once Christian West is today at the head of a Gigantic Criminal Empire, with the world’s biggest armies of mass murderers and terrorists.  The reason why the West thrives on crime at home and abroad is simple.  Is it not a crime to be paid social benefits to buy drugs (alcohol and cigarette) or gamble?  Is it not a crime to allow people to drink and drive and kill people?  Once, I read that 40% of all road deaths were caused by drink-driving!  This is the best way to recruit their henchmen – from a criminal minded and subservient nation.  The reason why the West also thrives on lesbianism, contraception, abortion, prostitution and pornography is also quite simple.  This is again the best way for recruiting their henchwomen.  Domestic crime is rarely punished in the West.  Only crimes against the State are punished, but when the criminal is very smart he or she is immediately recruited into the military!

What can AL LAH do when everything is in the hands of the Evil doers?  Muslim women cannot even wear a dress of their own choice.  Muslim men cannot wear a beard or a skull cap according to their wishes.  They cannot build their own Cultural and Religious Centres or even their Houses of Worship.  They always need planning permission to build their own homes like all the others, but permission from whom?  From the Jews and the Bank gangsters and Royals who own most of the real estate!  They are systematically being told what to do and what not to do.  The Evil doers have the Police and all the Freemasonic Courts of Law in their pockets and the Muslims live in constant fear, and as sole targets of Zionist Godless State terrorism.  However, there is a way to stop them for good, but the Muslims lack faith in their own religion and the will power, the bravery, the spirit of sacrifice, the dedication, sincerity and the loyalty to their pledge to AL LAH and his Last Messenger.  

To succeed, the all-powerful Corporate State of the United Kingdom of Judah and Israel destroyed the very fabric of the family, both Christian and Muslim, and provided all the opportunities for the modern pseudo-Christians to join them and prevented all attempts for Muslims to unite against them.  If Muslims continue getting employed as a Corporate slave, even if he or she had a share in the stocks, the destruction of Muslims will continue.  By doing so, Muslims will always lack in Islamic ethics because they would always be adopting Corporate so-called ethics. 

Thanks to cinema and television, people have been desensitized, demoralized, and adopt in real life one of the many violent, immoral, villainous character they are exposed to.  Ignore the Corporate liars who come and tell us that cinema and television cannot influence people.  Of course they do!  What they do not show in the UK (or even in America), they show it one million times over in their pornographic, bestial and sado-masochist productions available to the public in several Western countries, and even in “Sex Shops” and on the large public screen in France.  Hollywood provides the whole world with all the instruments of torture the most vulnerable among us need to carry out our crimes in our demented state.  And, after the crimes are committed, psychiatrists and priests are invited on a television platform to discuss about them, posing as experts.  But, their answers have been well prepared in advance by the Corporations that hired them.  

I will not object to Christians who believe they have a great religion.  But, at the same time they also have to admit that they also have a Satanic Church that also preaches lies by the tons and with such an establishment there can never be peace and harmony on earth.  None at all!  But, most people do not like to hear the truth, even at the time of Jesus.  If the average American Christian can understand that IT IS WRONG TO DEMONISE Arabs, Muslims, Islam, Allah and Muhammad in Church when we preach Jesus Christ, then half of the battle against the Evil doers is already won.  Let me illustrate this last point and then I will conclude.

In Dean Farrar’s 1896 Quiver Edition “The Life of Christ” , we can read about

An entire page written sucking up to the Jews, praising their “great and noble race” and aspiring to “make both races one in religion, in heart, and life – Semite and Aryan, Jew and Gentile, united to bless and to evangelise the world. – Page XV of the Preface  

BUT, whenever Arabs were mentioned they were systematically maligned.

the Arabs … plundered the Church (of Nativity) – Page 9

the “amazingly repulsive” mention of the circumcision in the “Arabic Gospel of Infancy” – page 14

Herod, a descendant of the despised Ishmael and the hated Esau … his nominal adoption of the Jewish religion – pages 18-19

A savage barbarian with a thin veneer of corrupt and superficial civilization – page 32

Six centuries afterwards, Mahomet is said to have pointed to a comet as a portent illustrative of his pretensions. – page 22

 The Church too is a Corporation!  Is it not?  No need to recount here the horrors we are exposed to by both the mind controlling media and the wild music industry, a very lucrative and Satanic industry.  Even the printed press has got much bolder in its pornographic depiction of their most famous and sellable “stars” and “idols” in both words and pictures.  The Internet is full of those horrors.  If you chose the most malevolent and depraved of all possible evil professions, you are sure to be successful in life, and wealthy even if in reality you will become the lowest of all creatures, which is not the destiny AL LAH meant for His Human Creatures.   

Who can surpass the 'Jews' (Satanic Khazari Talmudists and Zionists), Americans and Europeans in vileness?  Not even Satan!  So, why nor fight them, now?  Why not oppose the fiercest of resistance to their tyranny and denounce their lies as long as it is necessary?  If Believers in AL LAH, both Christians and Muslims, are not willing to carry out that struggle, who is going to do so?

What Christians need to understand is that AL LAH is just the name of the Supreme Deity in the Arabic language and that it should be easy for them to accept this GLARING EVIDENCE and that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make Muslims believe and accept that Jesus Christ is AL LAH because this is simply NOT THE TRUTH!  Many times I have to smile when I hear Christian preachers speaking of “THE GOD” during their sermons, including Pr Texe Marrs, speaking of Jesus Christ or of the ‘Christian’ God.  Damn it, THE GOD is just AL LAH in Arabic!    So, what the big fuss about Arabic? 

There is still HOPE.   

 But, either, we, Christians and Muslims (to start with) get together and come to “COMMMON TERMS” as says the Holy Qur’ân, or WE lose it all to the KANAMITS!

Tuesday 7th of February 2012

Austerity, moi?  Nicolas Sarkozy spends £10k a day on food and keeps 121 cars under his palace

By Ted Thornhill

Last updated at 1:14 PM on 7th February 2012
Nicolas Sarkozy has been promising to cut back on his presidential spending, but he’s actually splashing out £10,000 a day on food and keeps 121 cars under the Elysee Palace, according to a new book.
Socialist MP Rene Dosiere, in L'argent de l'État (Money from the State), sets out what he sees as extraordinary excesses by the French President.
In the explosive book, he accuses Sarkozy of ‘ignoring the most elementary principles of the separation between private and public accounts’.

Big spender: France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, who uses a £215million jet to travel the world

Big spender: France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, who uses a £215million jet to travel the world

Sarkozy, whose palace budget exceeds that of the Queen, recently stated that there will be a ‘rupture’ with his past money-splurging ways and more transparency.
He has cancelled the annual £500,000 palace garden party, but this doesn’t go far enough, according to Dosiere.
Just last week he sent a medical team to the Ukraine on board a state-owned private jet to attend to one of his sons, Pierre, and fly him back to Paris to the tune of £22,000.
His fleet of cars is double the size of predecessor Jacques Chirac’s and cost, annually, £100,000 to insure and a whopping £275,000 to fuel.
Then there are his huge travel costs.
He uses an Airbus A330 – dubbed Air Sarko One - that drained the public purse of £215million to kit out, is accompanied by a delegation of 300 people on trips abroad and travels more often that previous presidents, claims Dosiere.

Sight-seeing: Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni, who he took to the Lascaux caves at a cost of £109,000

Sight-seeing: Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni, who he took to the Lascaux caves at a cost of £109,000

Recent excursions include an 80-mile trip to Saint-Quentin, from Paris, that cost £350,000, a £109,000 sortie to the Lascaux caves with Bruni  and a two-and-a-half-hour trip to Ain that Dosiere worked out cost £700 a minute.

What’s more, he never seems to linger anywhere to meet locals and absorb their culture.

‘Mitterrand and Chirac knew how to take their time admiring a landscape, meeting people, interesting themselves in the history of the host country, Sarkozy behaves like a man in a hurry,’ complains Dosiere.

The French people also chip in for a thousand pounds worth of daily newspapers and Sarkozy’s ‘house’ wine, the red option being a £160 bottle of Crozes-Hermitage, which guests use to wash down foods such as lobster carpaccio and calves cheeks.
His total annual expenditure comes to £95million.

‘The figures make you giddy,’ says Dosiere.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2096799/Nicolas-Sarkozy-spends-10k-day-food-keeps-121-cars-palace.html#ixzz1lmdAAmfc



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  2. #8 by Doug on September 8, 2012 - 2:25 am

    "Where was Putin when Gaddafi needed him?"
    From the Ugly Truth "Russia warns Israel, U.S. striking Iran would be ‘literally disastrous’"


    Vladimir Putin has proved himself to be yet another SON OF THE DEVIL, a wolf in sheepskin!

    Dear Earthlings!

    Forget about the Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Muhammad, Christ, Jews, Palestine, Israel, and




    Some good humans are stranded on that Satanic land of the slave and the coward called AMERICA!

    The entire earth is inhabited by entities ALIEN to the GOD-CREATED HUMAN 'RACE'!

    We all live in HELL on Earth and deal with DEMONS every single day of our lives.

    In our day and age, loving your neighbour is USELESS because what guarantee do we have that your neighbour is not ONE OF THEM?

    At this time of the night, FOUR A.M., I always come up with strange thoughts as a little Devil or Angel often wakes me up to tell me things! . But, during my passage on earth, I have known this night hour to be THE HOUR OF TRUTH!

    At this hour of the night, I always see clearer than all those who are possessed by extra terrestrials, UFOs put together or the Holy Ghost!

    But, there is nothing we can do th change things otherwise we would have done it A LONG TIME AGO! Knowing the truth has become useless because the Devil is too powerful! We slaved for him all those centuries and armed him to the teeth. Now, he is ready to take all of us out!

    What hope do we have? NONE! Christians and Muslims will always have hope, but they are all dead DUE TO THEIR COWARDICE AND HYPOCRISY AND SELFISH MATERIALIST LIFE-STYLE!

    Saturday morning 8 September 2012 at 4.16 A.M.