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Michael S. King

Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order NEW DOCUMENTARY 2015

Zionists are represented by the Secular, Atheist and Freemasonic Western warmongering Hegemonists, pornographers, brothel keepers (bestial and human) and perverts of all kinds! [BAFS]
Christic Muslim, one of a kind!

By Mike King


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NY Times: Without Calming Voice, G.O.P. Is Letting Divisive Ones Speak on Muslims
When Ben Carson said that he would not want to see a Muslim elected president, he exposed a fissure between many Republican leaders and elements of the party’s grass roots.

This story represents a 4-ring circus of idiocy involving imitation conservatism, imitation Christianity, imitation Islam and, of course, imitation journalism. Rested and ready after three days spent at Cape May (NJ), the staff of The Anti-New York Times is more than up to the challenge if taking on these four groups of hypocritical posers at the same time.
Rebuttals to selected excerpts:
Slimes: In the years since President George W. Bush sought to separate the Islamic extremists behind the Sept. 11 attacks from the millions of practitioners of what he called a religion of peace ...
Analysis: Fallacy of Prior Assumption! -- Over the course of the 14 years that have passed since the 9/11 attacks, not one shred of evidence has been presented to show that "Islamic extremists" were the ones "behind the Sept. 11 attacks". However, the stack of evidence implicating Israel and the Globalists stands as high as the Twin Towers once did.,204,203,200_.jpg
The false anti-Muslim accusation underpinning the official narrative of 9/11 must not go unchallenged. Books like "Stranger Than Fiction" by Albert D. Pastore and 9-11 Evil by Victor Thorn (and many others) do an excellent job of destroying the myth.

Slimes: ... many in his party (GOP) have come to reject the distinction (between terrorists and peaceful Muslims).
Analysis: That's only because the Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the left-right Piranha Press continue to blame false-flag attack after false-flag attack after false-flag attack on Islam. It's only natural for the "distinction" to become blurred after so many years of slander against Islam.
Slimes: .... the debate over Islam is particularly worrisome for Republicans because it so vividly highlights the vacuum that has been created by the absence of a unifying leader who can temper the impulses of the rank-and-file.

A decade ago I accused Alex Jones of telling lies regarding the Reichstag Fire purported to have been a false flag carried out by Adolf Hitler!  Today I see Michael S. King showing that I WAS RIGHT! 5th of October 2015 (BAFS)


by Mike King of

We all know the story about the Reichstag Fire of 1933, as told by Alex Jones and others. The new Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, ordered that the German Parliament building be set on fire. The resulting blaze was then blamed on the Communists. Hitler skillfully used the fire to acquire more political power for his Party, the NSDAP, and also to crush the Reds of Germany once and for all.
There is just one small problem with this official narrative; it's a LIE!
Not only is there zero evidence of a "false flag" attack, but this "conspiracy theory" ignores three very important facts: 

1 – Stalin's German Reds, who were blamed for the fire, weren't exactly little angels. (*arsonist captured was actually Dutch)
2 – Stalin's German Reds, who were furious over Hitler's rise to Chancellor, had been sowing the seeds of violent subversion and Civil War long before Hitler came along.

3 – Stalin's German Reds were the first to initiate the "False Flag" accusation" against Hitler.
Before you go on repeating this myth of The Reichstag Fire, let us quickly review the historical precedents of Communist / Red violence, and the chain of events leading up to the great fire.
1866 and 1874: Reds Attempt to Assassinate the Chancellor of Prussia – Germany
Red Edward Kullman's gunshot hits Chancellor Bismarck in the hand. Red Frederick Kullman had also tried to kill Bismarck in 1866.
MAY 1878 and JUNE 1878: Reds Attempt to Assassinate the Kaiser of Germany
 The new State of Germany is clearly being targeted by Red subversives. The Kaiser escaped death twice.
1881: Reds Assassinate the Tsar of Russia
Reds throw bombs at the carriage of Tsar Alexander; blowing off his legs and killing him. Four previous assassination attempts had failed.
1886: Reds Kill 8 Policemen In Chicago
Haymarket Square Riots: Red terrorists threw a deadly bomb at a line of police officers. The monument to the dead cops (right) would be itself be blown up in 1968 by William Ayers and his 'Weathermen'. Ayers is a friend of, and ghost writer for, Barack Obama.
1894: Reds Assassinate the Prime Minister of France
Prime Minister Francois Sadi Carnot was stabbed to death by a Red named Sante Geronimo Caserio.
1897: Reds Assassinate the Prime Minister of Spain

 Red Michele Angiolillo kills Prime Minister Antonio Canovas.
1900: Reds Assassinate the King of Italy

Mamma Mia! Red Gaetano Breschi (left) kills King Umberto.
1901: Reds Assassinate US President McKinley
Red Leon Czolgosz kills President William McKinley.
1905: Reds Hurl 'Flower Bomb' At King & Queen Consort of Spain Just After They Were Married.

Spanish Red Mateu Morral (trained in Germany) almost kills King Alfonso and Queen Victoria Eugenie with a "flower bomb" thrown at their wedding procession!
1905: Reds Assassinate Grand Duke of Russia
Red Ivan Kalyayev kills the Tsar's brother, the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich.
1908: Reds Assassinate the King & Crown Prince of Portugal
Reds Buica and Costa kill the Portuguese monarchs.
1911: Reds Assassinate Prime Minister of Russia
 Red Dmitri Bogrov (born Mordekhai Gershkovich) kills the popular Prime Minister.
November, 1918: Reds Capture Berlin, briefly
Front Page Image

  Rosa's Red Radicals seize Berlin after World War I. German military units were able to save Germany from Communist takeover and genocide. Red Rosa was executed.

1919: Reds Blow Up Wall Street, Killing 38

America is stunned by news of the killer bomb blast on Wall Street.
1919: Reds Blow Up The Home of US Attorney General Palmer

American Reds bombed the private home of Attorney General Palmer!
1917-1922: Reds Win Russian Civil War – Kill Tens of Millions

To put it mildly, Reds like Stalin, Lenin & Kalinen were not very nice people.
1929-1933: The ranks of Germany's Reds and Hitler's NSDAP grow rapidly during the Great Depression. There are many incidents of street violence.
Communist Berliners express their admiration for Lenin's Soviet Union! The Reds hated Hitler and sought to destroy his movement. (Later on, Hitler's great accomplishments would actually win over most of Germany's pro-commies.)
JANUARY 30 1933: German Reds Threaten Civil War – Hindenberg Names Hitler as Chancellor

President Hindenberg's position was non-political. He was neither an ally, nor a foe of Hitler. After Hitler's NSDAP gained a plurality of seats in the Reichstag, Hindenberg named Hitler as Chancellor because he saw Hitler as the only alternative to a Communist revolution. The Red mobs, and their banker handlers, were furious over the rise of Hitler!

The Reichstag Fire: standard operating procedure for Red scum psychos.
So, given what we have just learned about their history of violence and murder, did anyone really believe that the Reds would just stand down quietly as Hitler became Chancellor of Germany?
"An end to this system"
The ominous 1933 Communist Party poster above clearly suggests that a violent Red revolution against Hitler (5th from left) & Hindenberg (2nd from left) was approaching.
Is it really that hard to believe that the Reds, with their 5 million German supporters at the time, would attempt to trigger a Civil War?
It was the Reds who were desperate for a big play, not Hitler!
That is why an imported Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe (with some probable accomplices) started the fire. Van der Lubbe (shown above) was caught on the premises. Though he confessed, he refused to name any co-conspirators.
The Reichstag Fire was to have been the start of a bloody Civil War in Germany. Hitler and Hindenberg's swift action and emergency orders averted the catastrophe. Naturally, the Communists shifted the blame to Hitler – a ridicuolus accusation that even the anti-Hitler Western media never suggested.
In fact, even many Hitler-hating liberal historians (and these are the folks who love to blame Hitler for EVERYTHING)  believe that van der Lubbe did indeed start the fire. Only after the end of World War II did the Reichstag "False Flag" Theory suddenly become acceptable "pop history".
The Communist accusation is just as invalid and slanderous today as it was then. Rothschild's Reds burned the Reichstag.
Case Closed! 
So please, stop repeating the LIE that Hitler burned down the Reichstag! 
What else haven't you been told about Hitler and World War II? Read  the literary and historical masterpiece, "Hitler visits Oprah" and find out!

A decade ago I accused Alex Jones of telling lies regarding the Reichstag Fire purported to have been a false flag carried out by Adolf Hitler!  Today I see Michael S. King showing that I WAS RIGHT! 5th of October 2015 (BAFS)
Michael S King (aka Mike King), geopolitical and suppressed history researcher, is a regular guest here at FarOutRadio. We recommend you visit Mike King's site for free samples of his articles and books and also an opportunity to purchase the full PDF or hard copy versions of his latest book, The Talented Mr Putin. Mike's site also provides intriguing pictorial overview history lessons with leading characters from the power group that oversees the new world order.


  1. Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order NEW DOCUMENTARY 2015
    Very truthful, useful, and valuable information, but the bit about Jewish circumscision is simply despicable! The only possible point is about the timing of the 8th day which Pr Roger Dommergue, himself Jewish, found traumatic for the baby! But, I have not yet researched his findings.
    Who will not be moved seeing a baby crying? But, who is moved by the 50 million US aborted babies or the 50 million India's aborted babies because they are girls, or with the half million Iraki babies the US, the British, the Israelis and other have murdered, etc???
    When I and all my brothers were circumcised - not at birth - but several months later months later, we did not cry or scream! When my son was circumscised after his ba[tism by a Jewish doctor, I did not even hear a sound.
    Christians condemn this practice as an abomination when the sort of horror they associate with it does not apply to circcumcision by more than half a billion Muslims worldwide.

  2. Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order NEW DOCUMENTARY 2015
    Regarding animal slaughter by Jews and Muslims alike, and in particular by Muslims, let not the West come to teach them about animal or human suffering. The idea is to cause the least suffering and to get rid of the maximum of the blood, but Western blood eaters and drinkers cannot understand this!

  3. However, Jewish abominable human sacrifice was traditional as fully documented in the "Old Testament" that Christians have adopted as the Word of God!
    Christians too believed in the sacrificed of their own God for their Salvation!

  4. Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    Holy shit! Non Jews are animals and it is permissible to kill children! These apostate Christian (USAmerican, UKians, French and Wester ) manufactured Jewish and Zionist bastards are worse than "savages", literally MONSTERS!

    Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    The real culprits are those who allowed the Jews and Zionists to do what they have been doing for the past century at least! Hitler TRIED to stop them, but International Jewry proved unstoppable to this very day thanks to 'Christian' complicity!

  5. A decade ago I accused Alex Jones of telling lies regarding the Reichstag Fire purported to have been a false flag carried out by Adolf Hitler! Today I see Michael S. King showing that I WAS RIGHT!
    5th of October 2015