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ISRAELI SETTLERS ... who kill, humiliate and never worried. Instruments of the Israeli policy of systematic colonization.

Here, they take it to one woman who they want to remove her headscarf, to humiliate her. Your prayers, at least ...

There will be justice one day ... in sha al-'Adl

Adolphe Hitler demande la paix et la liberté pour la Palestine!

Jewish Supremacist Single Loyalty—From Pennsylvania to Paris

In the wake of the tit-for-tat murders in Israel the past few weeks, two new instances of how Jewish Supremacists around the globe in fact only have one loyalty—to each other and Israel—have emerged in media sources directed specifically for Jewish consumption.

Both instances are article sin the Israeli-based Times of Israel. The first is a report, written by Jewish teacher from New York. It describes in detail how Jewish Supremacist “holiday camps in Pennsylvania,” and the second concerns a report on increasing Jewish emigration from France to Israel.
Both are valuable in that the provide insight into how Jewish Supremacists view their own position with regard to the Goyish countries in which they live, and the article about French Jews clearly demonstrates Israel’s racially-based immigration policies.

The first article, titled “The blurred lines of Diaspora mourning” appeared in the Times of Israel on July 2, 2014. Written by a teacher of the Talmud from SAR High School in Riverdale, NY, identified as Shira Hecht-Koller, the article clearly demonstrates that the Jews who attend these “summer retreats” openly declare their loyalty to Israel.

Some quotes from the article demonstrate this point:

I am sitting on a patch of grass in central Pennsylvania, a mile and a half up a dirt road, in a camp nestled on a lake, surrounded by forests. But I feel like I am in Israel. Distance, geography and proximity no longer seem to matter. A slice of Israeli life has transplanted itself to these woods, to this grass, to these trees and we mourn together, Israelis and Americans, staff members and campers, parents and children, side by side, collectively sharing our pain and our tears.

As we do every summer, we are gathered for two months of living, learning and teaching together. We share art projects and tennis matches. We learn classic Jewish texts and through hikes, games, overnights in the woods we teach our kids about the history of Israel and its contemporary culture.

Announcements are in Hebrew, and our days are structured according to central themes related to Zionist thought and Israeli culture. Despite our vastly different personal narratives and the diversity of our normal daily routines, for these moments, as we create our own mini-Israel in Pennsylvania, everything is shared.

An Israeli couple, currently on shlichut as emissaries in New York played the violin and flute, while their American students linked arms and sang along. The environment was somewhat surreal. It felt more like I was sitting on a yishuv in the Golan than on a grassy hill in Pennsylvania.

That sense has permeated our daily routine. The kids feel it. They know it. For a moment they can understand what it must be like to live a very different reality.

It informs their values and alters their behavior.

Today, as I was processing the events with a group of fourteen year old girls, with whom I learn every day, one girl commented on the bracelet that she wore on her right arm that was distributed to everyone on the first day of camp. “I know I should probably take it off,” she remarked, “since it says v’shavu banim l’gvulam ['the children shall return to their own borders'] and we can no longer bring them back. I feel guilty leaving it on, but I don’t want to take it off because it reminds me of who we are, how we care for one another and what we are capable of accomplishing.”


This open admission that there is actually a Jewish state within America, to whom these Jewish Supremacists actually owe their allegiance,  is identical to the confession a few years ago by Stephen Steinlight, a Jewish Supremacist who served for five years as the Director of National Affairs for the largest and most powerful Jewish organization in the United States, the American Jewish Committee.

The second article in the Times of Israel deals with the increasing numbers of French Jews who are leaving that country to immigrate to Israel. Titled “Hundreds of French Jews bid adieu at pre-aliyah party”, the article repeats the claim that “rising anti-Semitism” is the cause of the increase in Jewish emigration—without mentioning that the rise in anti-Jewish attacks in France is directly linked to the mass immigration policies which these same Jews supported and agitated to be implemented in France.

The article reveals much about the Jewish single-loyalty question as well. Some quotes:

Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky and his wife, Avital, were among those on hand at the ceremony along with Israeli Immigration Minister Sofa Landver and Haim Korsia, France’s newly elected chief rabbi.

During her address, Landver announced new regulations passed last month that she promised would ensure that most French professional diplomas — especially in paramedical fields such as optometry and physiotherapy — are automatically recognized in Israel, making it unnecessary for the new arrivals to retake exams.

“If you were good at your job here, you will be excellent in Israel,” she said. “We want you back home, our home.”

The article also contained a picture of some of the new immigrants to Israel showing off their Israeli identity cards—an indication that they have already been granted citizenship of Israel before they even set foot in that country.


In other nations, citizenship is usually only granted after a lengthy period of residence—but in Israel, they are quite happy to dish out citizenship based purely on biological descent—on racial descent only, no matter where the chosen individuals might live.

If ever there was a clear indication of both the racial basis of Israel and the ability of all Jews, from anywhere, to instantly “switch”, this is it.

Often Jews are accused of dual loyalty. This is an unfair allegation. As Israeli Minister Sofa Landver told the latest group of French Jews about to settle in Israel:  “We want you back home, our home.”

In other words, there is no “dual loyalty.” There is only a single loyalty.


Hear Dr. David Duke on How the Media Ignores Murdered Palestinian Children

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke expose the complete double standard of wall to wall coverage of any crimes against Israeli civilians but essentially ignoring the ten to twenty times greater Palestinian civilian deaths at the hands of Israeli terrorism.


Even more telling is that the Israeli mass, collective terrorist attacks on Palestinians is justified by the media without any condemnation, while individual responses to horrific Zionist crimes for decades are splashed across the front pages.

Dr. Duke points out that any terror against innocent people is morally wrong. He also exposes today the fact that the Jewish controlled media in the Western World blocks criticism of Israeli crimes while it is much more discussed in the Israeli media for Jewish consumption.

He compares it to the way that when a nation conquers others, the conquerors can debate policy and issues, but the conquered are not allowed to criticize their rulers.

Finally Dr. Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery discuss the Israeli racial marriage laws and the incredible hypocrisy of the Western media and governments in not condemning those policies as they would any sate that those same marriage prohibitions in reverse.

Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern and 4am Eastern time.
You can also hear the live stream by calling 712-432- 7855 on your cell or home phone (US) or Skype (US and international).


The Milibands,The Mossad and Deception in General 

Alimuddin Usmani Interviews Gilad Atzmon
Alimuddin Usmani: In a recent text you called the British labor opposition leader, Ed Miliband, a shameless Zionist.  Ed’s father, Ralph Miliband, was a Marxist  and a member of Hashomer Hatzair. Is there a contradiction between being both a Marxist and a Zionist?
Gilad Atzmon: This raises a few questions that deserve close attention. First, can someone  be a Marxist and a Zionist simultaneously? Theoretically, NO; practically, YES.
On the theoretical level, there is a blatant contradiction between Marxism and Zionism. Marxism is universal and cosmopolitan, Zionism is tribal and nationalist. Can anyone be a cosmopolitan and a nationalist or universal and tribal? Ordinary people probably can’t, but the Jew can - Ralph Miliband clearly got away with it and he wasn’t the only one.
While the term ‘Jewish Left’ is an oxymoron due to the impossible contradiction between ethno centrism  and the universal, it turns out that quite a few Jews have managed to overcome this hurdle. They operate tribally within their racially oriented Jews-only political cells, but they also identify as Marxists, Socialists and leftists. They must believe that no one notices the duplicity. But many do.
In order to understand this form of political dishonesty we must grasp the Jewish progressive  twist on the universal. Marxism seeks to unite the proletariat regardless of skin-colour, gender or race. The Jewish left strives to transform Marxism into a tribal friendly discourse. They separate society into different identity  groups. Accordingly, the Jewish progressive purports to support  the ‘oppressed’ yet he stays cocooned in a Jews only Marxist ghetto in which he doesn’t mix with the Goyim, let alone the working people.
The next question addresses the case of Ralph Miliband. The fact that Ralph Miliband, a petty Zionist, continually managed to convince his socialist cohorts that he was ‘cosmopolitan’ and a ‘socialist’ shows that the British Left has been hijacked  by a controlled opposition for some time. This fact alone explains why  the working class in this country have been left behind.
Does anyone really believe that  any of the Milibands (Ralph, Ed or David) spent a day in a factory in their entire life? I doubt it. And what about Ralph Miliband’s best friend Eric Hobsbawm, was he a worker or a coal miner?  These people are members of the Jewish middle class pseudo intelligencia. They are people who claim to know what is good for the ‘working people.’ In Yiddish it is called Chuzpah. In practice, it is nothing short of deception.  
Alimuddin Usmani: Three young Israeli settlers who disappeared recently in the West Bank were found dead. Since their disappearance the Israeli government took measures to punish the Palestinians collectively. What do you think of this affair?
Gilad Atzmon: Collective punishment is a popular activity in the Jewish State. After all, the Jews have been waiting for 2000 years to punish the goyim collectively.
In order to understand Israel and its actions we must understand Israeli policy within the context of the Jewish continuum. It is not Zionism that drives Israel to impose collective measures against Palestinians. This response is embedded in the nature of the Jewish state.
There is also a deeper rationale behind such collective punishment. The abuse of the Palestinians in a collective manner contributes to Israeli collectivism. The punishment  of Arabs as a homogenous identity unites the Jews, it enhances the Jewish collective and it sets clear racial barriers between the Arabs, the Goyim and the ‘Jewish continuum’.    
Alimuddin Usmani: The most radical  Zionist figures were born in Eastern European countries : Ze'ev Jabotinsky (Ukraine), Yitzhak Shamir (Belarus), Menachem Begin (Belarus). Is there a link between their place of birth and their harshness against Arabs and Palestinians? 
Gilad Atzmon: The great Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi, said once that Israel is the place where Jews punish Palestinians for crimes committed by the Europeans. There is no doubt that Jewish suffering in Eastern Europe contributed to the formation of hawkish Israeli right wing militarism. However, although the Iron Wall philosophy (the idea that Jews should treat Arabs with a fist) was introduced by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, it was Ben Gurion and the so-called Jewish ‘Left’ who implemented the Iron Wall and expelled the Palestinians.
I have long  agreed with Avi Shlem that Jabotinsky’s Iron Wall matured into Left Zionism praxis by means of osmosis. However, I now think that it might be possible that it wasn’t an ideological transformation that made Ben Gurion into a Jabotinsky disciple. It appears that Jabotinsky and Ben Gurion  as well as the rest of the Zionist elite were interpreting the Jewish national aspiration as a biblical homecoming project driven by racial supremacy and plunderous inclinations. In other words, both Ben Gurion and Jabotinsky treated the Palestinians with a fist because this is how they interpreted the meaning of their Jewish existence.    
Alimuddin Usmani: Do you think that Mossad, whose motto is "by way of deception", inherited a Jewish historical tradition dating from the sicarii (siqariqim in modern hebrew)?
Gilad Atzmon: “By way of deception” is  a quote from the Bible (Proverbs 24:6). And this is significant because, in the eyes of the Israeli it conveys an imaginary  continuum between the Biblical Israelites and the current crop of Mossad agents  who facilitate too many ‘false flag’ operations, foolishly believing that no one notices.
But in fact it is the Mossad motto that helps us to grasp the political  role of people such as the Milibands,  BHL, The CRIF, LFI, Dershowitz, Neocons, Hasbara,  AIPAC,  George Soros and others. The Mossad’s motto suggests that from a Jewish perceptive, deception is kosher. This is devastating indeed. 
Alimuddin Usmani: You attended a joint conference with Alain Sorel on the11th of June. Can you share  your thoughts about this event?
egalite-reconciliationGilad Atzmon: I enjoyed the conference enormously. To start with, entering Dieudonne’s shrine is a spiritual treat that I would happily practice on a daily basis. I admire the man and love the room.  On top of that I am totally inspired by E&R’s activity, the diverse crowd, the intellectual enthusiasm and the scholarly approach. It is a societal transformation at its inception. This was my second event with Alain Soral, whom I regard as the last French thinker. I respect his thoughts,  the methods by which he develops his argument and the depth of his scholarship. It is clear that the harassment Soral endures at the hands of the Jewish Lobby and their puppet anti-Social government is due to the fact that our rulers lack the ability to address the questions raised by Soral and E&R.
Alimuddin Usmani: On the 20th of June Dieudonné prevailed in a case against a Jewish student organization (UEJF) that attempted to censor a video disseminated via YouTube. The UEJF demanded that Dieudonné contribute 50,000 Euros to a Shoah memorial. The judge rejected their claims and stated that Dieudonné’s target was primarily  Prime Minister Manuel Valls rather than the Jews. What is your reaction to this judgment?
Gilad Atzmon: It means that in France the prime minister is far more vulnerable than a certain tribe that believes itself to be ruler of the land.

(Ismael Mohamad / United Press International)

Israel holds US boy without charge after police nearly beat him to death


Fifteen-year-old Tariq Abukhdeir after Israeli police beat him.

Update, 5 July: US says little recourse

Fifteen-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abukhdeir, cousin of recent lynching victim Muhammed Abu Khudair, was brutally beaten by masked Israeli police on Thursday evening in the Shuafat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. He has since been arrested and held without charge and denied medical treatment, according to his family and human rights organizations.
The United States Consulate in Jerusalem has informed Tariq Abukhdeir’s family that they have little recourse beyond following Israeli legal procedures, Suhad Abukhdeir told The Electronic Intifada over the phone from Tampa, Florida.
Suhad is Tariq’s aunt and has been receiving updates from Tariq’s parents every few hours.
The electricity in Shuafat is cutting in and out so The Electronic Intifada was not able to speak with Tariq’s parents directly.
Suhad said that Tariq’s father, Salahedeen, spoke to a consular official on Saturday over the phone instead of in person because it is too dangerous to go outside in Shuafat due to a heavy and violent Israeli police and settler presence in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood.
“When I talked directly to [Tariq’s] mother she said the consulate told them we have to follow the legal procedures here [in Israel]. But there are no legal procedures for Palestinians. Palestinians aren’t considered human,” Suhad said.
The United States Consulate in Jerusalem has yet to respond to a request for comment. Meanwhile the US State Department confirmed to The Electronic Intifada that Tariq is indeed an American citizen and that he was visited by a US consular official on Saturday.

Original post

Fifteen-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abukhdeir, cousin of recent lynching victim Muhammed Abu Khudair, was brutally beaten by masked Israeli police on Thursday evening in the Shuafat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. He has since been arrested and held without charge and denied medical treatment, according to his family and the rights group Addameer.
Tariq’s family lives in Tampa, Florida and have been on vacation in Palestine since early June. They are scheduled to return to the United States on 16 July. Tariq’s next court hearing is scheduled for Sunday, 6 July.
As photos of Tariq’s horrific facial bruises surfaced, so did two videos that show masked Israeli officers punching, kicking and dragging a handcuffed Palestinian in Shuafat:

Salahedeen Khdeir, Tariq’s father, told The Electronic Intifada by phone from Shuafat that the Palestinian in the video is his son Tariq and that the footage was recorded by neighbors who then released it to a Palestinian media outlet.
Salahedeen says Tariq was visiting his uncle’s house in an area devoid of clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians when he and five other youths were attacked in the yard by two masked Israeli police agents.
Tariq was roughed up the worst, beaten so badly that he lost consciousness. But that didn’t stop the Israeli forces from arresting Tariq and the others without charge and preventing Tariq from receiving medical treatment for five hours.
“Tariq was arrested at 7:35pm but wasn’t transferred to the hospital until around 1:30am,” said Salahedeen. During those five hours his parents were prevented from seeing him as well.
At the police station, Salahedeen came face to face with his son’s attackers, who called Tariq “a tough boy” and claimed he tried to attack them.

Kangaroo court

Tariq’s parents did not see him again until Friday in an Israeli court where the judge extended his imprisonment another 48 hours as requested by the Israeli police, who argued they still needed to question him.
The officers told the judge that Tariq and his cousins were throwing stones, an accusation Tariq and his family vehemently deny. When asked if they had any witnesses to the alleged stone-throwing, the officers said no, Salahedeen recounted.
When Salahedeen showed the video of Tariq’s beating to the judge, he said, she was appalled and asked the officers why they beat a boy who was handcuffed. She also asked why Palestinian youths arrested for throwing stones appear in court with bruises while Israeli Jewish youths arrested for throwing stones appear unharmed.
The officers responded, “When we tell the Jewish kids to stop throwing stones, they stop and let us lock them up. But the Palestinians kids want to fight,” recounted Salahedeen.
“Tariq is scared,” said his father, adding that his son speaks very little Arabic and no Hebrew, making an already nightmarish ordeal even more terrifying for the 15-year-old.
Salahedeen begged the judge to let him stay with Tariq in jail so he so he could check his son’s urine for blood each time he uses the bathroom, as advised by the doctor who treated the boy. This has led his family to fear that he may have internal bleeding. The judge denied Salahedeen’s request, promising that she would personally notify the jail to look after Tariq.

“No protection for Palestinians”

When asked if he expects any accountability or justice for the treatment of his son, Salahedeen said, “No way, this is Israel. There is no protection for Palestinians from the police or soldiers or army.”
Referring to 16-year-old lynching victim Muhammad Abu Khudair, Salahedeen added, “My cousin was kidnapped from outside and got killed after 45 minutes and we gave the police pictures of the kidnappers, the car tags, exactly when and where he was taken and still the police say maybe this is a family problem.”
“He’s a good boy, he’s good in school, he loves soccer, loves music,” Salahedeen said of his son. “This is the first time he went to sleep far away from his home. And where does he end up? In a jail next to the people who hit him almost to death.”
Asked whether the State Department is aware that an American child is being held without charge by Israel, a State Department official responded, “We are aware of these reports but have no comment due to privacy considerations.”
Salahedeen says he has an appointment on Saturday with the US consulate, which had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.
The Palestinian prisoner rights organization Addameer reports that Tariq is one of eleven Palestinians who were beaten and arrested in Shuafat on Thursday, many of whom were minors.
“The continued state-sanctioned violence against children is unlawful and unacceptable,” Addameer stated in an appeal for protests against Tariq’s treatment.
“Addameer urges immediate action and calls on the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United States consulate and all regional embassies and consulates, human rights organizations and journalists to attend Tarek Abu Khdeir’s hearing on Sunday 6 July to investigate the intensified aggression against Palestinian children,” the group added.

US family pray

Back in Tampa, Tariq’s family is praying for him.
“My whole family is in shock,” 22-year-old Ala Kader, Tariq’s cousin, told The Electronic Intifada over the phone from Tampa. Ala grew up with Tariq, who she says is like a little brother to her.
As a Palestinian, Ala is used to seeing horrifying images out of the region whenever the conflict heats up.
“But to see it happen to your own family members in your hometown from thousands of miles away is devastating,” she said.
“It makes your heart go crazy.”


Photo of Tariq provided by the Abukhdeir family


Photo of Tariq provided by the Abukhdeir family
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L’authenticité de cette photo reste à vérifier car l’âge ne semble pas correspondre, mais il a bien été torturé, tué et brûlé, et il reste néanmoins 50 morts en plus…

Gaza : où sont-ils, les barbus donneurs de leçons ?

Je ne dirai pas ces chiens de juifs car ils font ce qu’ils ont à faire, on ne peut arrêter un malade mental qui décide de torturer et brûler un enfant ! Par contre, qu’attendent ces chiens de musulmans, et encore je demande pardon aux chiens dotés souvent d’un très grand courage, qui laissent faire une telle humiliation, commettre de tels crimes crapuleux et de telles abominations … préférant sautiller comme des cabris en assistant à des matchs de foot plutôt que d’aller défendre leur dignité en ce mois sacré de Ramadan ?

Où sont les DAESH/EIIL/ISIS et autres agents de la CIA ou plus exactement les traîtres de Jihad Joe, 

où sont les barbus des chiens de séouds sabbataïstes donneurs de leçons

où sont les hypocrites qataris, sous-étrons tout juste bons à se payer des call-girls dans les palaces parisiens au cours de soirées arrosées d’alcool et de cocaïne ? 

Où sont ces chiens de gouvernants maghrébins murés dans un silence honteux et suffocant ? 

Pas un traître mot de condamnation, pas la moindre réaction d’indignation ! 

Pas même la moindre initiative de solidarité active ! 

Pour le moment le bilan se résume à 200 pétards mouillés lancés contre l’entité sioniste scélérate, sans même entraîner un seul blessé (!), contre 50 morts à la suite de 400 attaques aériennes lancées par des avions de guerre ultra-sophistiqués ! Et ils osent demander que le bras de fer cesse !!!

Puisse Dieu vous maudire éternellement dans les plus basses strates de la géhenne. Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

News Reporter exposes Israel on live television. WAR against Gaza. الحرب على غزة

Andrés Acárso

Published on 11 Jul 2014
News Reporter exposes Israel on live television. She did what millions didn't dare to do. Much respect.
Please share.

American and Israeli War Crimes

By Margaret Kimberley

July 16, 2014 "ICH" - "BAR" - - How should one describe the U.S.-Israeli relationship? “Co-conspirators”? “Co-dependents”? “Frenemies”? “The corporate media in the United States and other western nations ignore, minimize or tell outright lies about the ongoing massacre” of Palestinians, but surely the Israeli media would do the same for the U.S. How about “Co-enablers in War Crimes”?

Israelis in Sderot sit on a hilltop and watch bombs fall on homes, schools and hospitals that have now killed at least 185 people.”

Of all the partners in international crime in existence right now, the United States and Israel are the worst. Along with their less powerful cohorts like Saudi Arabia they have instigated occupations and carnage on a mass scale. Yet while one hand washes the other, it isn’t always clear who controls whom. Israel uses the political and economic muscle of its supporters to keep American politicians in line, but it also doesn’t have to work very hard to find a receptive ear in Washington.

After killing American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011, the Obama administration refused to disclose the legal rationale for the assassination. Fortunately, Freedom of Information Act lawsuits brought by the New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union revealed that Israel’s war crimes were used as pretexts for American wrong doing.

A Department of Justice memorandum written by David Barron, now an Obama-appointed federal judge, legitimizes extra judicial killings on the grounds that Israel does the same thing. A 2006 Israeli Supreme Court decision ruled that targeted assassination of hundreds of Palestinians were legal and did not violate international law.

Actions by foreign governments are rarely used to justify American policy decisions. On any other subject Obama claims that the United States is exceptional and must be not just a leader in the world, but THE leader in the world. Apparently, claims of exceptionality end when it comes to explaining away state sponsored terror.

A 2006 Israeli Supreme Court decision ruled that targeted assassination of hundreds of Palestinians were legal and did not violate international law.”

Israel becomes the convenient excuse for American criminality but it also acts like this country’s worst enemy. Israel has been caught spying on the United States numerous times. It killed 34 sailors when it attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, murdered United States citizens Rachel Corrie and Furkan Dolgan and uses the threat of electoral defeat to keep American politicians in line. None of these outrages ever damage Israel’s ability to get its way in Washington. Even local and state legislators around the country are loath to stray from the Zionist party line.

Yet Israel is also the tool for American imperialism. Its purported need for security is used as an excuse to destroy the Iranian economy with sanctions, or anything else which also serves U.S. imperial interests. The two countries are true “frenemies,” dependent upon one another while also engaging in high level dysfunction.

Right now Israel is getting its way in Gaza as it kills men, women and children with impunity. The story is the same. Israelis in Sderot sit on a hilltop and watch bombs fall on homes, schools and hospitals that have now killed at least 185 people. Only one Israeli was killed by the Hamas rockets which Americans are told are a threat to Israel’s existence.

The corporate media in the United States and other western nations ignore, minimize or tell outright lies about the ongoing massacre. In the most egregious example, ABC news used video showing destruction in Gaza and claimed the footage came from Israel.

The Palestinians only have the right to be killed.”

While it is true that the photos and videos of maimed and dead children are hardly top secret in the age of the internet, one must be extremely committed to finding information on the scale of the slaughter and of Israel’s policy of targeted assassinations of entire families. Certainly the networks and the major newspapers could make this same information available but they dare not oppose the political order.

Barack Obama and his other partners in world gangsterism such as the prime ministers of Canada, the United Kingdom and other NATO countries blurt out the same lying rhetoric. Like robots they report the same mantra that only Israel, the country with almost no casualties, has a right to defend itself. The Palestinians only have the right to be killed.

Americans are like the wronged lover who is the last to know. Thanks in large measure to media and government propaganda they have no idea who is the aggressor and who is the injured party. Millions of people all over the world are outraged and hate not just our president and congress, but all of us as individuals. The Israeli and American governments have put a bull’s eye on all of our backs and citizens of this country are largely ignorant of the risk to us all.
War crimes prosecutions are never meant for the powerful countries and their friends. If that were so, Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu and Tony Blair and King Abdullah and George W. Bush and Paul Kagame would all be in the dock. They are definitely criminals but they are the top ranked criminals or their henchmen. They never pay the price but people in Gaza still do.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at 

Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

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1st of August 2014

"What's that? The Goyim are catching on?"

Its very easy to ring your relevant "Jewish Community Group" and ask them why they refuse to denounce and distance themselves from the constant stream of genocidal commentary coming from Israel and all levels of its society.
I rang the Sydney representatives for New South Wales "Jewery". 'The Jewish Board of Deputies' and spoke with their controversial CEO Vic Alhadeff. He asked me to text him questions as he was in a meeting. So I did.

I asked him why he had nothing to say on Jewish rabbi's, politicians and academics calling for the slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children? He replied that what I had "specified" were indeed "despicable" but not the "mainstream" in Israel - but that was it and when pressed he replied no more.
Israeli Aademic - you never heard this on Fox News
Just another Israeli politician quoting "JEWISH LAW"
He's only doing what his Rabbi taught him to do
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
In 2010, as Obama's called for talks between Netanyahu and Abbas, Ovadia Yosef called Palestinians "evil, bitter enemies of Israel" and said "Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this world. God should strike them with a plague, them and these Palestinians." SaebErekat of PLO said Yosef's remarks were tantamount to a call for "genocide against Palestinians." Previously Yosef had called Arabs as "vipers," and called for Israel to "annihilate" Arabs. "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable."
 The above then leads to this...
Maybe some are 1 of the snipers 13 kills that day?
Or maybe this one?

ME: "Hi Vic, some dialogue on the grossly inflammatory comments from Jewish religious leaders would be good. Also, Israeli academics calling for the rape of Hamas fighters wives, mother's and sisters. Also the Israeli sniper who bragged about killing 13 Palestinian kids. Also the Israeli Defence Minister signing letters of protection for IDF troops with known racist extremist group Chabad Lubavitch. There is also the matter of former head Sephardic Rabbi of Israel ovadia Yosef calling all non Jews "slaves" for Jews and inciting the murder of Palestinian men, women and children quoting this as "Jewish Religious Law". It would seem this "extremism" is mainstream in Israel rather than "marginalised". Will the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies make public statements denouncing and distancing themselves from this seemingly MAINSTREAM attitude coming out of Israel? "
VIC: " The specifics you cite are despicable. It is most definitely not mainstream opinion in Israel."
ME: " Agreed. But Both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Rabbi's have said the same things over and over again in Israel and on occasion in Western countries. I have countless quotes from Israeli politicians, business leaders, religious leaders espousing these views. Holy books quoted include Tanakh (O.T) Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and various other Rabbinic Commentaries from Mishna (Oral Law). Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is known as "The Rabbi for all Jews". He had 1 million mourners on the street for his funeral. Pictures abound of him embracing Prime minister Netanyahu and Shimon Perez. He has the "Shas Party" with 8 members in the Kinnesette and even the post of Foreign Minister. If these types of views are "despicable" why are the exponents of these views held in such high regard in Israeli society and why have groups such as yourselves not sought to publicly rebuke hose who expound on them?"
So, that was the end of that but I have no doubt Vic and the gang down at The Jewish Board Of Deputies are sleeping a little less well these days. After all, a "GOYIM", the son of a "SHIKSA" knows The Truth about exactly what "Judaism" is.

Jews are terrified when a Goyim can "talk the talk" on their dirty little secret - "Judaism"
Say these words at a party of the Jewish Board Of Deputies and you wont be invited again
The question IS, when are the Western mainstream media going to cease ignoring the elephant in the living room? Jews in Israel behaving like Genghis Kahn are NOT behaving out of character. They are being..."Jews". With apologies to Paul Eisen :-)
Please write, ring and email politicians, the media and Jewish Community Groups and tell them we have had enough of the "religion of peace and tolerance" known as Judaism and we would like the Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox Rabbi's arrested and assessed for their danger to the general community - especially Gaza and surrounding areas.
At that time we took all his towns and completely destroyed them - men, women and children. We left no survivors.
We completely destroyed them, as we had done with Sihon king of Heshbon, destroying every city - men, women and children.

...,to drive out before you nations greater and stronger than you and to bring into their land to give it to you as an inheritance, as it is today.
When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations - the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you - and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.
You must destroy all the peoples the LORD your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity and do not serve their gods.
The LORD your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you. 23But the LORD your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed. 24He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under heaven. No-one will be able to stand against you: you will destroy them.
Then the LORD will drive out all these nations before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you. 24Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Western sea. No man will be able to stand against you. The LORD your God, as he promised you, will put the terror and fear of you on the whole land, where ever you go.
The LORD your God will cut of before you the nations you are about to invade and dispossess. But when you have driven them out and settled in their land, and after they have been destroyed before you...
You must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. Destroy it completely, both its people and its livestock.

Do not eat anything you find already dead. You may give it to an alien living in any of your towns, and he may eat it, or you may sell it to a foreigner.
For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. 13When the LORD you God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14As for the men and women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the LORD your God gives you from your enemies. 15This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them - the Hittites, Armorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites - as the LORD your God has commanded you.
They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it - men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.
When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the desert where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. 25Twelve thousand men and women fell that day - all the people of Ai.
That day Joshua took Makkedah. He put the city and its king to the sword and totally destroyed everything in it. He left no survivors.
JOSHUA 10:30
The city and everyone in it Joshua put to the sword. He left no survivors there.
JOSHUA 10:32
The LORD handed Lachish over to Israel, and Joshua took it on the second day. The city and everyone in it he put to the sword, just as he had done to Libnah.
JOSHUA 10:35
They captured it that same day and put it to the sword and totally destroyed everyone in it, just as they had done to Lachish.
JOSHUA 10:37
They took the city and put it to the sword, together with its king, its villages and everyone in it. They left no survivors. Just as at Eglon, they totally destroyed it and everyone in it.
JOSHUA 10:38
Then Joshua and all Israel with him turned round and attacked Debir. 39They took the city, its king and its villages, and put them to the sword. Everyone in it they totally destroyed. They left no survivors. They did to Debir and its king as they had done to Libnah and its king and to Hebron.

JOSHUA 10:40
So Joshua subdued the whole region, including the hill country, the Negev, the western foothills and the mountain slopes, together with all their kings. He left no survivors. He totally destroyed all who breathed, just as the LORD, the God of Israel, had commanded.
JOSHUA 11:11
Everyone in it they put to the sword. They totally destroyed them, not sparing anything that breathed, and he burned up Hazor itself.

JOSHUA 11:14
The Israelites carried off for themselves all the plunder and livestock of these cities, but all the people they put to the sword until they completely destroyed them, not sparing anyone that breathed.
JOSHUA 11:20
For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.
JOSHUA 11:21
At the time Joshua went and destroyed the Anakites from the hill country: from Hebron, Debir and Anab, from the hill country of Judah, and from all the hill country of Israel. Joshua totally destroyed them and their towns. 22No Anakites were left in Israelite territory, only in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod did any survive. 23So Joshua took the entire land, just as the Lord had directed Moses, and he gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to their tribal divisions.
This picture above all others will haunt me


Louis Darquier

Lettre aux Juifs de constantinople (1489)

Ces deux lettres d’un intérêt capital, ont été découvertes par hasard à la bibliothèque de Salamanque (Espagne) parmi les archives de Tolède. Elles ne seront rendues publiques qu’en 1583, grâce au courage du gentilhomme Julien de Médrano.

Honorables Juifs, salut et grâce. Vous devez savoir que le roi de France, qui est de nouveau maître du pays de la Provence, nous a obligés par cri public de nous faire chrétiens ou de quitter son territoire. Et ceux d’Arles, d’Aix et de Marseille veulent prendre nos biens, menacent nos vies, ruinent nos synagogues et nous causent beaucoup d’ennuis; ce qui nous rend incertains de ce que nous devons faire pour la loi de Moïse. Voilà pourquoi nous vous prions de vouloir sagement nous mander ce que nous devons faire.
Chamor, Rabbin des juifs d’Arles, le 13 Sabath 1489.

Bien-aimés frères en Moïse, nous avons reçu votre lettre dans laquelle vous nous faites connaître les anxiétés et les infortunes que vous endurez. Nous en avons été pénétrés d’une aussi grande peine que vous mêmes. L’avis des grands Satrapes et Rabbins est le suivant :
— A ce que vous dites le roi de France vous oblige à vous faire chrétiens : faites-le, puisque vous ne pouvez faire autrement; mais que la loi de Moïse se conserve en votre coeur.
— A ce que vous dite qu’on commande de vous dépouiller de vos biens : faites vos enfants marchands, afin que, peu à peu, ils dépouillent les chrétiens des leurs.
— A ce que vous dites qu’on attente à vos vies : faites vos enfants médecins et apothicaires, afin qu’ils ôtent aux chrétiens leurs vies.
— A ce que vous dites qu’ils détruisent vos synagogues : faites vos enfants chanoines et clercs, afin qu’ils détruisent leurs églises.
— A ce que vous dites qu’on vous fait bien d’autres vexations : faites en sorte que vos enfants soient avocats et notaires, et que toujours ils se mêlent des affaires des Etats, afin que, en mettant les chrétiens sous votre joug, vous dominiez le monde, et vous puissiez vous venger d’eux. Ne vous écartez pas de cet ordre que nous vous donnons, parce que vous verrez par expérience que, d’abaissés que vous êtes, vous arriverez au faîte de la puissance.
V.S.S.V.F.F.. prince des juifs de Constantinople, le 21 de Casleu, 1489.
Que de chemin parcouru depuis l’application de ces conseils, il y a plus de 5 siècles ! Contrairement aux Français qui ont la mémoire courte, le peuple élu, lui, n’oublie jamais rien et il ignore tout du pardon chrétien.

Missing is Riyad, Jeddah, Dubai, Masqat 
Worldwide Protests Against Zionist Israeli Attacks on Gaza
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Rabat, Morocco
Rabat, Morocco
Nazareth (
Bethlehem, Palestine
Bethlehem, Palestine
Aukland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso, Chile
Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Nablus (
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Metz, France
Washington D.C.
Washington D.C.
South Korea
South Korea
San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA
Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France
Paris, France
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Lebanon (photo:AP)
Tokyo, ,Japan
Tokyo, ,Japan
Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Kansas City, July 20,photo by Billy Jo Larmore
Kansas City, Missouri (photo: Jo MacNiven)
Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Woman with sign is Elena Stein
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
BuenosAires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sydney, Australia
San Francisco
San Francisco
Bogata, Columbia
Bogota, Colombia
Chicago, USA
Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Montreal, Canada. Photo courtesy of Under the Olive Tree which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM every Thursday from 11am – 12 noon. Learn more at
Montreal, Canada.
New York
New York
Montreal, Canada. Photo courtesy of Under the Olive Tree which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM every Thursday from 11am – 12 noon. Learn more at
Montreal, Canada. Photo courtesy of Under the
 Olive Tree which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM every 
Thursday from 11am – 12 noon. Learn more at
Kansas City, July 20, by Billy Jo Larmore. More photos here
Kansas City, Missouri
Columbus, Ohio



Jésus le Messager de Lumière - JESUS, THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT.





Israël, Nazisme, Holocauste de Six Millions de Juifs - arme à usage industriel à l’échelle mondiale

Israël, Nazisme, Holocauste de Six Millions de Juifs - arme à usage industriel à l’échelle mondiale.

J’emmerde Isra’aïl!
J’emmerde aussi les Juifistes et les Sionistes de France!


Guerre Civile en France - Laïcité terroriste – Génocide et Évangélisation !











Published on 3 Aug 2012
Terminons cette saison artistico-quenellienne avec une chanson pour danser frénétiquement en boîte, tout en conservant un certain militantisme (très tendance)... A la prochaine saison 2012/2013... La terrible Mérée Drante...


  1. Those bastards have been trying to tamper with my Blog as soon as I post about the Jewish and Zionists CRIMINALS or CANIBALS!

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    Living Under Jewish Occupation (must watch)
    Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 8:30AM Gilad Atzmon

    Israel's first reaction was that video is edited and misleading. Following the publication of the video worldwide, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said that the images indicate on a grave incident that is not indicative of Israel's law enforcement policy. I agree with Livni, the video actually reveals the true nature of Jewish occupation -tt is sadistic on a Biblical scale.