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Posted by Ghyslaine ROC on November 12, 2009 at 3:00am
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“(German*) Attorney (Sylvia) Stolz was sentenced on January 14 2008 to 3 and-a-half years in prison and disbarred for 5 years for offering too vigorous a defense (!) of Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel during his trial in Germany.”

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This is how blatant Secular Jewish-Christian tyranny (under the guise of their respective religions, ideologies, and so-called values) actually is in Europe (and elsewhere) where only Israel’s Jewish and Communist squatters, their mercenary assassins of the Tsahal and Christian renegades (under different names) are allowed the freedom of expression, ownership and movement. The Illuminati (Judeo-Christian Freemasonry, Jewish-Zionist Mafia, Bilderberg Group, CFR, or whatever name they call themselves) control money, industry, business, medicine, government, judiciary, academia, police and almost everything vital. There is no escape. We are doomed if we dare disagree with them or criticise their god-stolen (Zionist-stolen) land of Palestine (Judea or Philistia) that they have renamed Eretz Israel and converted into a legal Apartheid state will real Apartheid Walls financed and supported by the Western imperialists and hegemonists, and mainly the USSA (United States of Soviet America), as we both say, Ghyslaine ROC and I.
Regarding Mujaahida Sylvia Stolz, who would like to see his professional mother, wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter or any other professional brutalised, humiliated, jailed and barred from her wage-earning function for no crime committed?  Anybody may suffer the same fate one day if the New Bolsheviks are not kicked out of all (what remains of) the civilised countries or neutralised!  The West is telling us on the one hand that we have no rights whatsoever to “force” religion on to others, but, at the same time, it is forcing secularism or French laïcité (a Socialo-Communist anti-God religion) on everybody whether they like it or not, and is passing laws to FORCE the world into accepting their racist Jewish-Zionist version of history!  You pay a fine, see your career and family destroyed or simply go to jail like Sylvia Stolz and many others, and even murdered if you dare refuse to go along with them and their myths and murderous ideologies.  They can murder millions with their weapons of mass destruction, spearheaded by their weapons of mass deception, their corporate media, but we are labelled terrorists if we ever try to defend ourselves.  Does this make any sense?
Afghanistan - Forgotten Holocausts of Muslims!

The Fabius-Gayssot racist law is a Jewish-Communist law passed by Christian renegades! The Third Reich set up by money Jews was destroyed by the Goyim, but how is it that the Fourth Reich (actual Germany) set up by the same Jews supposedly “Survivors of the Six Million Jewish Holocaust” is still controlled (with Secular and Christian complicity) by Jews and Zionists today?  Why are the Jews and Communists always involved in all the world’s calamities?  Let us add up all the recorded millions of people their murderous ideologies have been guilty of in just the past century?  The total number will easily exceed one hundred million! And, the guilty ones are: Judeo-Christian Freemasonry, Freudism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism, Secularism and French laïcité, Social Neo-Darwinism (Evolutionism), Humanism, Democracy, French “Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité”, Maoism, Feminism, and, now, the New Bolshevik World Order. Known also as the New Secular World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) dreamt of and planned by the Old Bolsheviks (See The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion or The Zionist Protocols (Протоколы Сионских мудрецов or Сионские Протоколы) and by one of the greatest mass murderers of history, the “Man of Steel” (said to be of Jewish descent like Adolph Hitler!), Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) or Joseph Stalin, and whose Gori (now Georgia) peasant parents did not speak Russian at all!  I know first hand a few things about the Georgian-Armenian Mafia as well as the Russian Jewish Mafia to which Mikhaïl Sergeyevitch Garbatchiov (Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв ) handed over his country!

Like Sylvia Stolz, millions of highly educated people are prevented from expressing themselves freely.  In Mauritius, I am not even allowed to criticise the Apartheid and illegal entity known as Israel or the Fascist State of India where more than 100 million Muslims have gone missing, or to address my countrymen and countrywomen, not even my former science students, because my experience and knowledge are deemed unimportant, unacceptable or too dangerous.  To the exception of a very few countries known as “rogue states” (those who refuse the Jewish Central Bank Mafia), the “Third World” client-states have opted for the Zionist version of history and politics.   Corruption is everywhere where the Jewish usury banking system, law, drug, gambling, prostitution and pornography networks have been introduced.  Mauritius is such a Jewish-Zionist haven. In fact, we never had any real democracy anywhere in the world, but only evil old Jughashvilian Bolshevism in the making (demoncracy).  Literally, this is evil Judeocracy and mediacracy.  Europe has been completely sovietised and now they are fast in sovietising the whole world.  The latest real news on the matter came from the mouth of “Lord” Monckton when he was interviewed by Alan Jones (Tuesday, 03 November 2009).  Mr Monckton reveals the scientifically proven continuous lies about global warming (climate change) and the imminent creation of a World Government (with no democracy, no election, no ballot…!), a “COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP” sealed in a Treaty about to be signed almost in secret in Copenhagen this coming December 2009.

Interview between Alan Jones And Lord Monckton  or Youtube

1/3 Alan Jones / Christopher Monckton interview, Monday, 25.01.10

Everyday lies or unproven allegations are pushed down our throats as facts, and ideas and a certain way of life are imposed upon us via brainwashing. The Myth or historical still unproven fact of the “Jewish Holocaust of Six Million” by the Nazis is being imposed upon us as unique and more ‘deserving’ than the USSR Sixty-Six Million Christian (and Muslim) Holocaust including the Ukrainian Holocaust of Ten Million by the Jewish Bolsheviks.
Or the Congolese Holocaust of Ten Million by Christian Leopold II of Belgium or the African, Native American (North and South), Native Australian and Tasmanian, Arab and Muslim Holocausts of countless millions at the hands of both Christians and Jews!  This is the history that is not taught in our so-called public (Zionist controlled) schools that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi abhorred!  He never sent his children to English schools for that reason.  Old Christian America murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people, including its own, to finally surrender its stolen lands and riches, including their civil liberties, to the invading International bank gangsters.  Pr Yakub Zaki (James Dickie) insisted that Muslims must learn history in order to understand what Zion has in store for us all.  He is a great Muslim Brother and once an acquaintance of mine. We were both targeted by the Jewish-Zionist Secret Services here in the United Kingdom of Judah called Great B’rith’ain!

For the 6,000,000 cult -- The 1898 best-selling novel, War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, mentioned that "six-million" "human beings" were "gassed to death" by the evil Martians.”
Jews Must Live, by Samuel Roth, 1934.    Jews Must Live is

“an account of the persecution of the world by Israel on all the frontiers of civilization”
of which 5 whole chapters + other features were expurgated in its 1964 edition

 Does innocence have a nationality or religion?  !
Afghanistan - Muslim Survivor of Soviet-US-UK  Holocausts 2 and 3 !

Olyeg - Copyright

The author and his Russian wife 1967 - Copyright

In Russia, monstrous atrocities were perpetrated mostly by Jewish Commissars and murderers. The Bolsheviks called the murder of the Christian Tsar and all his family “Talmudic Vengeance”.  The “Jewish Question”, the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Question” and the “Jewish Holocaust of Six Million” are all issues raised and greatly publicised well before an absolutely unknown Hitler (like one Barack Hussain Obama Soetero!) was catapulted to power and financed by Jewish and US bankers, including Prescott Bush.   But, for more than sixty years, we have been indoctrinated in falsehood because the same criminals control our media, text-books and school system that forced us to believe in the exclusivity of Nazi Hitlerian evilness while the evilness of the criminal Jews and Christians for that same period are being brushed aside and pass as secular and liberal democracy in the name of western civilisation. Even the Zionist Holocaust of Palestinians did not count.

(Back in 1857, the British conquistadors butchered many or most of my ancestors and Muslim scholars and Freedom Fighters in Bihar, Hindustan. I am also a Survivor of repeated Holocausts, but only because I did not live in the Jewish-Christian and Communist Killing fields of Chechnya, Lebanon, Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Latin America, Rwanda, Kashmir and so on!  I even survived the vicious attacks in 1988, in Paris, of four Zionist Christian Phalangist murderers hiding there and protected by the French Zionist Police!  As for my son Alyosha (Olyeg), I still do not know what has become of him after his alleged kidnapping at birth in 1968 by the Jewish-Zionist controlled KGB!  In Mauritius, I survived a tear gas attack, one murder attempt, Police persecution, and here in Europe several threats of arrest from Freemasonic District magistrates if I do not shut up (as well as in Paris and Colchester, including a Circuit Judge!

But, in actual fact, Bolshevism (Rothschildism/Bauerism) has completely engulfed Western Europe, and all Western regimes have been Zionised, Sovietised, Bolshevised and work against their own public interest, for war and terror and never for peace and security, for the continuation of poverty and serfdom, for the death of hundreds of millions of people, and for the benefit of the Jewish-Zionist Elite and their Banking gangsters that control them and their deadly corporations and monopolies.  Ever since the Zionists took over the entire West, they censor everything we write, read, watch and listen to.  We are no more what we are, but only what they want us to be.  Censorship is one way of mind and population control, and biochemical manipulation is another weapon the Zionists use freely.  In order to destroy the family and all morality, they promote pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, and there is much more to come.  All Western States protect them as a Supremacist “race” or group.  I have personally witnessed Sharon’s “Jewish people” running, for example, the affairs of the State in France as well as in the United Kingdom, literally owning both France and Britain, and exercising total control on both the French and the English people and their media.  Wherever I turn, I find Jewish (and homosexual) control and Jewish supremacy, and for saying so, I am sometimes followed by Intelligence Service agents or receive death threats!

Muslim Survivor of three Afghani Holocausts!

Institutionally racist at the start, the French and British have embraced Jewish Talmudist genocidal racism as well and today direct their energy against religion, God, Islam and Muslims all over the world.  The racist and misogynist Charles Darwin is commemorated with Elizabeth II on the Jewish £10 bank note!  Did you know that the British had already carried out the Afghan Holocaust when they illegally occupied Hindustan (ruled in peace by Muslims for nearly one thousand years) before the Soviets carried out theirs?  Then the British came back for a third Holocaust, this time with American, French, Israeli, Canadian, Indian and NATO mass murderers?  The criminal Jews are not the only mass murderers in the world.  China and India have had their share as well.  The leaders of the White Christian world started with the wrong religion by making God into a White racist Supremacist while Israelites of the Talmudic religion (Rabbinic Judaism) made God into a genocidal King, a military thief and plunderer, and themselves into its Chosen people.  In the past, they formed a supremacist nation that was to live and thrive as parasites within wealthy nations, a Jewish State (Israel) within a State that they always managed ultimately to betray and (or attempt to) destroy.  But, today, standing victorious on the corpses of Christianity and Christendom, they succeeded in joining their racist and imperialist hosts (the Godless West, polytheist India, Communist China and Russia), not as parasites with the intention to destroy them, but in a symbiotic way, although only temporarily.  (Now, they are bombing Swat Valley people in Pakistan!)

The sadistic Jewish-Zionist West loves murdering innocent children

Criminal Jews feed their hosts’ own madness with more genocidal wars and policies of global plunder, by inciting and financing them, although their aim remains the ultimate destruction of the Goyim (all non Jews).  They now completely own their hosts and managed thus to be paid in return with their own first ever real (illegal) State, Apartheid Israel, a murderous foreign military base built on stolen lands within a peaceful Muslim State (Palestine) in the Holy Land.  The help, military and financial support of their western hosts and their allies brought about an acceptable Apartheid military “State" that became the worse totalitarian fascist and murderous entity of all times, for ever unaccountable to nobody, so they think, because they have planned it this way.  But, sooner or later Apartheid Israel will have to account for its horrendous crimes and incitation to genocidal wars. (The Law of Karma!) Muslims ruled over Lebanon for four hundred years, but after France was given a mandate over the region and Jews were armed by the Satanic West, they invaded and bombed the country (with French support) and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent and unarmed civilians.  Retaliation is what they are scared of, and tend to willingly ignore because their crystal ball told them this will never happen.  Maybe, the Jews know best as their strategy is working wonderfully well.  We have seen how they demonised Islam, Arabs and Muslims, destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq, humiliated Saddam Hussain, hired an army of Iraqi traitors to join them in their criminal activities.  Here, in the UK, the Secret Services have been hiring Muslim traitors (and patsies) since before 2001. Today, the whole world is filled with such treacherous young and older Muslims and groups.
Muslim collaborators take many forms.  Some time ago, I received an email from one Dr Shaaz Mahboob of the UK, supposedly a Muslim, in which he says:
“British Muslims for Secular Democracy welcomes the proposals contained in the Government’s Equality Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament. As well as reinforcing laws against gender, age and disability discrimination, the Bill will prevent religious institutions from discriminating against job applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation when they (homosexuals, lesbians, paedophiles, etc.) apply for positions that do not entail the promotion of religion.” (The emphasis and bracket contents are mine)

Dr Shaaz Mahboob is the campaign partner of a former close acquaintance, Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the actual bogus “Muslim Parliament”.  I congratulated Dr Mahboob for promoting “Muslim” acceptance of homosexuality!  Dr Spitzer, a Jewish psychiatrist (and homosexual psychiatrists and Atheists) made the psychiatric disease of homosexuality a “sexual orientation”, although, recently, Spitzer reviewed his position, making the Globalist perverts go berserk!)  As a former Biology teacher, I taught about leaf orientation (tropisms), but I never heard of such a thing as “sex orientation”!  To me, this is not science, but the Zionist Protocols in action!  Some time ago, Dr Shaaz Mahboob and I exchanged some quite hot emails, but Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui never responded to my emails when I found out that he had betrayed (and was still betraying) the Muslim cause.  Dr Mahboob requested me never to write to him again, but he has lately himself been sending me emails again. (Dr Shaaz Mahboob on or 07961365751 or Tehmina Kazi on 0207 631 41750207 631 4175)
Dr Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim “reformist” and “double or triple agent” has written about this matter in an article “Homosexuality and Islam”. As usual, he writes a lot of sense, says a lot on the matter, but nothing about who is behind it and why.  He replied to my email only once, but has refused to discuss our objections on certain Islamic matters.  His fanatics would even kick you off their websites if you dare criticise his works and postures.  However, Dr Ramada has improved his image lately for the better.  I also investigated several other so-called Muslim organisations, mosques associations and charities. Most are controlled (some even set up) by the government and its Secret Services. The same people and groups who are behind Planned Parenthood, abortion, drug trafficking, prostitution, pornography, wars, and other abominable practices are pushing the homosexual agenda. In the UK, non Muslim Blacks are used as a front to push the Jewish-Zionist agenda as they too hate Muslims and Arabs.

In the US, the only Black men and women that the New Bolshevik America loves, protects and idolises are the ones who join them in their murderous adventure: for example, Collin Powell, Codoleeza Rice, Barack Hussein Obama, and others (like the Satanist Sammy Davis Jr or paedophile lover Whoopie Goldberg), and whoever else supports the Apartheid illegal entity known as Apartheid Israel in occupied Palestine and its corrosive Jewish supremacist mafia around the world.  The Global Bolshevik Super State is at hand and the Bolshevisation (Sovietisation) of the planet is nearly complete except for some groups of religious and non religious people, and individuals who still love freedom and justice above their own comfort and lives, and US patriots who still will lay their lives defending their Constitution, their Bill of Rights and their Constitutional Right to own and bear arms to defend themselves against state corruption, oppression, and injustice.  To mention just a few names: Daryl Bradford Smith, Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper, Reverend Mark Dankof, Jonathon Azaziah, and Kenneth O’Keefe. Alex Jones has made many video documentaries about Gulag America and US dictatorial regime. The US today is a Jewish-Zionist dictatorship just like Britain, France and Germany.  Zionists and criminal Jews have set up thousands of mini worse than Siberian Gulags for imminent use!  They already control America, but they want TOTAL control, now!  Muslims form the greatest part of those resisting people (although the non Muslim freedom and justice fighters are not negligible) who can stand up against the Global Bolshevik Fascist State, for which reason an all out war is actually being waged by the Jewish-Freemasonic forces in order to eradicate all Islamic influence and power anywhere in the world, with Britain, the USA and the EU in the lead using Israel as their hound dog.
Achtung! A very dangerous Muslim Terrorist!  Bomb her!

The enemies are not the terrorists, but Muslims…”, said one of the leaders of the International Jewish Mafia that runs the US government and all western regimes.

Missing Links - The Definitive Truth About 9/11

Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, dies in 1849. Before her death, she is reported to have said:

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

The Rothschilds created and financed the Apartheid ‘State’ of Israel in and in the place of Palestine.

On February 13, 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Jewish French President, a puppet of the Rothschilds, who pretends to be Christian (Daryl Bradford Smith), declared to CRIF, the “Jewish State” within the State of France,

“I solemnly promise never to shake hands with anyone who doesn’t recognize the State of Israel.”  
Jewish Zionist President Nicolas Sarkozy

We nearly came to blows, Sarkozy and I, in his office, when he was Mayor in Neuilly-sur-Seine.  Far from suspecting that Sarkozy was Jewish, I remarked to him that the reason why they and the Mayor himself were refusing to renew my French passport may be because Jews had already started to ethnically cleanse the region from its Muslim elements like the Russians have done in Moscow!  Now, I understand why he did not shake my hands!  My charming white green eyed optician J. Plaskow played the same trick on me here after I joined in a discussion in his shop about “Muslim Terrorism” and the London explosions of 7 July 2005 and told the truth about Peter Power and his Jewish connections not suspecting he too was Jewish.
Baby, will you or will you not recognize the Holy Jewish State of Israel?

It is strictly haraam (Islamically forbidden) for the at least Six Million Muslims of France (and the 1,5 billion (?) Muslims worldwide) to recognize the “State of Israel”!  What Sarkozy is saying in fact is that to be or become a French citizen, the sine qua non condition is the recognition of Apartheid Israel!  Strange kind of democracy, isn’t it?  But, what a candid statement!  Like all the Western leaders, including US Presidents, nobody can rule unless he or she first pledges allegiance to Apartheid Israel before the interest of his or her own country.  Whether it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy or William Jefferson Clinton, or any other western leader, they are all the same Zionist puppets.  In other words, all western governments (the real Great Israel!) are in real fact Jewish-Zionist governments controlled from Tel Aviv and the Knesset!  This was the very ambition and purpose of the Rothschilds-Bauers when they created Apartheid Israel with US, British, Russian and French complicity, finance and support.  They already had their Swiss Mafia in the heart of Europe; now they have their Israeli mafia in the heart of the Arab lands and of Islam.

The “Third World” centres of Jewish mafia, finances and vice in South-East Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Bosnia and Lebanon have brought about only misery and wretchedness in these areas. Sarajevo and Beirut (the “Paris” of the Arab world and of the Balkans!) have already known the wrath of European, American and Israeli military might and their ethnic cleansing policies which they are now implementing in conquered Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (and Libya more recently).  No wonder Jewish Lobbies, that is, Jewish states within the Host States, are having Jewish laws (proposed first in or approved by Apartheid Israel) passed by their Christian-turned-apostates minions in order to prevent any criticism of Jewish criminality, the Jewish and Armenian Holocausts, Jewish racism and anti-Semitism.  Soon after they had stolen Palestine, racist and criminal Jews have been reported to have murdered by irradiation more than 100,000 Jewish “Arabs” or mostly Sephardic (see Ring Worm Children).  Criticism of both Zionism and the Apartheid Entity known as Israel in occupied Palestine is getting more and more difficult, sometimes even impossible as the tyranny grows more vicious.  However, Crypto-Jew Nicolas Sarkozy did not invent tyranny; he learned it from his old Christian masters, and is now actively preparing a Civil War in France while the Six Million Muslims are waiting peacefully and indolently for it to happen…and then they would scream Allahu Akbar!  He has lately treacherously joined NATO and the genociders.
All Christian monarchs and popes used to tyrannise and enslave their own nations in the name of the Israelite genocidal and racist god (according to their own Holy Scriptures) and against all Christ’s Teachings.  Then, they went on rampage across the globe, killing, plundering and enslaving other nations as that god’s representatives, and as Emperors, with the financial support of Jewish financiers who were once expelled en masse from all Christian lands. In more recent times, since Christopher “Colombus”, they invaded as many lands as their military might, technology, science and Jewish money allowed them to do, and committed the most atrocious genocides in human history with weapons of mass destruction unheard of (like the first Jewish Oppenheimer atom bombs they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and that they want desperately and imperatively to be the only ones to possess.  Of the two pilots who dropped the Zionist bomb, one was a Jew! (Check this one.) But, to keep the masses in perpetual slavery, they need to control the guns abroad as well as at home.  So, it has been decided that no Muslim nation should be allowed to adequately arm itself for ever while they built their empires with African, American, Australian and Asian blood, especially Black Africans which they made into slaves, their new serfs, in order to build their new nation.

They stole every land they set foot upon, but, authentic “Jews” do not steal or murder, and are not deceitful, although they have inherited a similar law of theft and spoliation of other peoples’ lands and wealth, obviously a Babylonian corruption of their texts.  But, anyway, this proves that Christians have rejected the Mosaic Law (abolished by the Pharisee Rabbi Saul) that forbids stealing, murder and deceit, and even the Message of the so-called Son of God that they should love their neighbour like themselves.  Even those who call themselves Jews or reformed Jews today do not follow the Mosaic Decalogue.  Jewish criminals follow the Talmud and not the Torah.  In real fact, what racist Christians have achieved in the end is the total destruction of White Christian Supremacy.  They have embraced Talmudism instead, and surrendered their new Godless nations of apostates to the International Jewish Mafia, the scalawags, carpetbaggers, bootleggers, perverts, and the forces of supreme evil itself.  Instead of giving the freed Black man equal rights, 40 acres of land and a mule as they had promised, they kept the Black man in perpetual bondage, imprisoned for ever in a culture of false promises, lies, deception, drug, and immorality.  Jewish Christian inherited tyranny takes various forms.  Only a few Black people are brave enough to oppose them.  One of them was Malcom X.  He was murdered by the CIA.  Another one is Minister Louis Farrakhan.  He was recently poisoned, but survived.  All indications show that both Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat were murdered.  Prophet Muhammad too was poisoned by some Jewish person, so it seems, but died only many years.  He forgave the Jewess who poisoned him.
The author - Copyright
It was not my intention to barge in like this in the middle of an already started analysis and indictment of the Global Bolshevik World Order, but the revelation of “Lord” Monckton prompted my immediate reaction.  Having studied for a few years in the USSR (they call it ex-USSR, but it is still there, and even in USSA as predicted in 1968!), I saw that coming a long time ago, but the controlled media, including most Muslim media, has always boycotted my articles for more than two decades.  My private life (and my countless dealings with corrupt Illuminati magistrates, judges, Police and their slaves) did not allow me to find the time or other ways to communicate with the ungrateful masses, except for these sporadic and amateurish pieces.  Had it not been for Ghyslaine ROC, Adriana Evangelizt, and a couple of Muslim Sisters and Brothers from France and elsewhere, I would have sent everything and everybody to hell a long time ago!  But, the truth is finally coming out, and who can stop it?  Maybe the time has come to speak out about this old-new threat of Bolshevism, but my only hope (and prayer) is that it is not too late to remedy the situation because I owe this to my grand children and to our future generation even if the masses are so selfish and ungrateful.

Małgorzata Skrobut - Copyright
“Beloved Bash.

My love, Mishkou, I love you and it is very painful for me when you are far away.  I wish so much I was with you; far from decreasing my feelings are getting stronger.  You cannot imagine how strongly I wish to be in your arms, close to your heart.  When I shall come with the baby, I want to see you strong and in good health like a real father.  Tell, me, what would you like, a daughter or a son?  
I want to have this baby so much.  I now feel that my life without it will be worth nothing.
Take care of yourself Mishinkou.

I kiss you very strongly.
I love you.

Your Margoshia.
Warsaw 8 April 1981”

The ‘uncle’ of my Polish wife (before God!)  Małgorzata Skrobut, one Kouyoumdjian, and many other Lebanese Armenians (Costanian, Bakalian, etc.) were once my clients at the Windsor Hotel in Paris.   I learned many more things from some of them about what Christian Armenians owed to Muslims and Arabs in general, but today because of the Zionist and Crypto-Jewish takeover of the Christian countries, the Westerners have been indoctrinated into hating Muslims and Arabs, and putting the blame of the Armenian Holocaust on the Turkish Muslims instead of on the Jews and Crypto-Jews under the Crypto-Jew, homosexual and alcoholic dictator Mustafa of Salonika (he added Kemal to his name later on) who, in 1908, helped by his Jewish Freemason Brother Djavid Bey of Salonika, led an armed revolt against Abdul Hamid II and his cohort of 16 or so wives (?), and took over the decadent Khilâfah (not Islamic at all anymore!) which was heavily indebted to Jewish usurious bankers, deposed him in 1910 and sent him to the Ottoman Jewish Paradise of Salonika from which came Nicolas Sarkozy’s Jewish or Crypto-Jewish ancestors.  By the way, Małgorzata who was then a student in Paris was kicked out of France by the Russian Jewish (?) Police Prefect of Paris in 1981 (while the Jewish French media was shedding crocodile tears daily about the sufferings of the Polish people!).  She was carrying our baby!  Those damned French Jews!

Let us flee home for our lives!

Crypto-Mustafa (Kemal) installed himself as a French-style laïque and dictator, banned Arabic, even the Arabic Islamic call to prayer, murdered Muslim dissenters and freedom-fighters wholesale, closed down all the Islamic schools and Tariqas and “banished Islam to the mosques”!  A Karaite teacher taught him to read the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew and he was a French-educated Freemason, and developed utter hatred for Islam, Arabs and Muslims.  His prophet and Messiah was the 17th century Jewish Sabbetai (Shabtai) Zevi of Smyrna. Both Kemal and Djavid were Doenme, an underground sect of Ottoman Sabbetaian Jews (wife swappers and orgy lovers) who took Muslim names and outwardly behaved like Muslims, but secretly believed in Sabbetai Zevi, and conducted carefully guarded prayers and rituals in his name.  Crypto-Mustafa admitted himself that his secret prayer was the Shema Israel!  Now, that we have Crypto-Sarkozy and Crypto-Hussain Obama on each side of the Atlantic, what can we expect if not further bloodshed and of the worse kind!  Is it a coincidence that Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and Hitler are all said to have Jewish roots?  Ghyslaine ROC was saying that even God is Jewish because he is said to have created this world exclusively for Jews, a name only quite recently invented!  The reason why I mention Jewish Mustafa is to illustrate what happened to other conquered Muslim countries as well – the same fate if not worse.  When our Brother Dr Tariq Ramadan preaches “Islam dans la laïcité” (Islam within French-style anti-God and racist laïcité), he shows how heavily ‘ignorant’ and misled he is!

However, I have not lost hope in a better future for our grandchildren, although there seems to be realistically NO HOPE AT ALL, unless the balance of military power is re-established in the world.  Our only realistic hope lies with the Muslims (in particular the Iranian men and women fighters) and the American freedom-lovers and freedom-fighters.  But, they too do not seem to be sufficient enough in number to scare those devils and dismantle the Apartheid illegal entity known as Israel (as a priority) because all our problems come from the Illuminati hegemonic West that is using criminal and fanatical Jews, Christian Evangelists, Communists and Israelis as tools to dominate the world!  A powerless human being often resorts to anger.  A powerless religious person often resorts to curses.  A lazy believer wants God to do all the work (Jihaad) in his or her place.  But, none of these ever worked!  Once we have the necessary weapons, we will not need to be angry anymore!  Why do you think Jews want to nuke Iran?  But, in the mean time, while we refuse to arm ourselves, which can be achieved only by standing up for our rights to self-defence upon terms laid down by ourselves and not the enemy, or resort to TOTAL ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT we may perhaps feel content with the Armenian curse on Israel!


THE CURSE If it is anything but a small consolation, everyone I have spoken to in recent days has been highly critical of Israel. It is understandable that the US administration has done nothing to prevent or stop this outrage, but the indifference of the Europeans is harder to fathom. In any case, the damage is done. A wonderful country has been wilfully destroyed. It might recover, one day. There is a spot just north of Beirut, a gorge through which flows the Nahr el Kalb (the River of the Dog). From Antiquity, it became a tradition for conquerors passing through Lebanon to carve their names on the stony walls of the river bank. Assyrian kings, Egyptian Pharaohs, Greek and Roman generals and the more modern armies (such as the nostalgic Régiment de Marche du Tonkin of the French Army). Tourist guides loved to show them to visitors and say: "they all came, they all went, but we are still here"). Maybe, Insh'allah, they will still be there again. In the meantime, I am putting an old Armenian curse on the State of Israel and all those who sail in her, adding that if God
elected that as the country of his chosen people, I do not know who is the schmuck who gave Him the voting bulletin. The Armenian Curse is very effective but secret, though I can tell you that compared to its consequences, the Seven Plagues of Egypt appear as harmless as an old ladies' bridge afternoon.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian

“… when Armenian survivors of the 1915 Genocide arrived in the Lebanon, itself in the midst of a famine and other difficulties, the local authorities built an entire village (Anjar) to house as many as they could. The Armenians owe the Lebanese, and in fact Arabs in general, a debt which can never be repaid enough.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian

“Above all this (Lebanon) was the most hospitable country and people to have ever
roamed the earth.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian


By B.A. Frémaux-Soormally  (At the request of Ghyslaine ROC)

Tuesday 10th of November 2009, my second grand daughter Aïshah’s third birthday. How many like these little angels the criminal Jews, Communists and Christians are killing everyday, including pregnant mothers?  But, as for me, I will never get involved in “peace processes”, UN Resolutions, “Human Rights”, public demonstrations, or the Court of Shaytaan.  Also, I do not believe in curses, so better nobody touches a hair on the head of my loved ones … “from my cold dead hands”!)

  Posted on “Palestinian Mothers” by Ghyslaine ROC
12/11/6009 - Ghyslaine was later banned on Palestinian Mothers and all her postings and contributions (MP3s, videos) were removed by Miss Iqbal Tamimi, the website owner!
 P.S. If there is any accuracy in any statement, would you, please, be kind enough to point it out to me? Thank you.
* Edited 17 November 2011

* From "The Ugly Truth" (Mark Glenn)


#11 by Swissy on January 18, 2013 - 9:04 pm
Sylvia Stolz is German, She was here in Switzerland at a Conference organized by a Swiss man. I was there. Now they are including the owner of the conference hall in big trouble.

(Many thanks for the correction. BAFS)

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The realities about so-called Armenian Genocide. For more information visit: "The events of 1915 constitute a clear-cut genocide...
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Armenian "Genocide" Facts

Travel to TURKEY
Published on 26 Apr 2015
The realities about so-called Armenian Genocide.
For more information visit:

"The events of 1915 constitute a clear-cut genocide against the Armenian people.
There is no legal consensus to support the Armenians’ attempts to portray these actions as a willful, deliberate attempt to commit genocide of the Armenian people – a specific crime defined by international law. Despite being given multiple opportunities to do so, international courts have never designated these tragic events as genocide.

The events of 1915 were a systematic attempt to eliminate an entire race.
The events of April 1915 were triggered in response to years of violence perpetrated by Armenian separatists. The Dashnaks and Hunchakians, Armenian socialist political parties, led 40 uprisings over a 20-year period, evidenced by documents issued during that time. The Ottoman response in April 1915, in which Armenian intellectuals were arrested for inciting uprisings against the Ottoman government, was not a move to cleanse an ethnic group, but a response to a terrorist resistance launched against the Ottoman government.

Read More
Ottoman Armenians are the only group that suffered during the tragic events of 1915.
During this great tragedy, millions of former Ottoman citizens suffered, including Turks, Kurds, Arabs, and Armenians.

Turkey committed a major genocide on April 24, 1915.
On April 24, 1915, the government closed Armenian political Committees and arrested – not killed or massacred – more than 2,300 Armenian leaders for carrying out these crimes against the government. After numerous Armenian rebellions in the decades leading up to 1815 and the Armenian massacres of tens of thousands of Turks, the government informed the high-level Armenian representatives that “[the] Government will take the necessary precautions if Armenians continue to stab in the back and assassinate the Turks.” Unfortunately, this warning was ignored by the Armenian rebels, who increased their attacks upon defenseless Turkish women and children. The celebration of April 24 as the day that the so-called “Armenian Genocide” began is but one of many efforts to propagandize and distort history by the Armenian diaspora

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1.5 million Armenians were killed during the events of 1915.
Dr. Justin McCarthy, an American demographer, Ottoman Empire expert and historian at the University of Louisville, notes 1.3 million Armenians lived in the Ottoman Empire pre-World War I, half of which resided in warzone areas. As such, McCarthy argues, 1.5 million Armenians could not have been killed during the 1912-1922 period. By his accounts, the number of Armenians casualties is closer to 600,000. Prominent scholars, such as British historian Arnold Toynbee, have since confirmed McCarthy’s figure. But in discussing the Armenian casualties, we cannot overlook the two to three million Ottoman citizens, Muslims, Jews, Kurds and Christians, who too lost their lives— a count far higher than the total Armenians killed. Yet, no matter the lives lost, no matter the side stood, a common school of thought holds: 1912-1922 reflected a grim period for Turks, Kurds, Arabs and Armenians alike, and for humanity as a whole.

Read More
The events of 1915 constitute a clear-cut genocide against the Armenian people.
There is no legal consensus to support the Armenians’ attempts to portray these actions as a willful, deliberate attempt to commit genocide of the Armenian people – a specific crime defined by international law. Despite being given multiple opportunities to do so, international courts have never designated these tragic events as genocide.

The events of 1915 were far more complex than what has been reported in the past and it is important that we recognize this was not as simple a scenario as the Armenian lobby would have us believe.

Despite the propaganda being pushed by a powerful and well-funded Armenian diaspora, the series of events in 1915 and beyond resulted in losses of life on both sides of the conflict. We cannot diminish the suffering that the Armenians faced, but we must acknowledge that millions of Turks, Kurds, and Arabs were also killed during this conflict.

For nearly a century, the Armenian lobby has attempted to portray these actions as a willful, deliberate attempt to commit genocide of the Armenian people – a specific crime which is defined by international law. Nothing could be further from the truth and a detailed examination of the broader context of history paints a vastly different picture.

Furthermore, and as a result, international courts have never designated these tragic events as genocide. There is no legal consensus on the tragedy of 1915 because even though the Armenian lobby has been misrepresenting the facts for nearly a century, history – and the law – tells us otherwise. It’s time to cut through the propaganda and get the facts straight."

Very much in-depth article it's in French... it is a must read and study specially for historians

 Le mythe des Judéo-Arméniens

L'histoire des Arméniens, un des plus anciens peuples du Moyen Orient, se rapproche de temps à autre de celle du peuple d'Israël. Tous les deux partagèrent l'égide des grandes puissances comme l'Assyrie, Babylone, la Perse, les Séleucides, Rome, Byzance et l'Islam. Deux des dynasties royales de l'Arménie proclamèrent une appartenance à la Maison d'Israël. C'est en étudiant une oeuvre sur les Juifs de Turquie, que nous avons été informés de l'existence d'un phénomène, non suffisamment élaboré, qui relie le sort des Juifs à celui des Arméniens. Cet article essaie de contribuer à son investigation.


Selon Avram Galante, les Arméniens des villes d'Eghin (de nos jours, Kemaliye), Darende, Divrik et Arapkir, situées dans la région où l'Arménie s'étend vers la Cappadoce et la Cilicie, étaient considérés comme étant d'origine juive (1). Eghin ou Aghin signifie oeil et source en arménien de même que son équivalent ayin en hébreu. Cette ressemblance phonétique suggère d'ailleurs une origine araméenne commune.

Connue sous le nom de "Pacradounis", il aurait encore existé à Eghin dans la première moitié du 20ième siècle, une secte judéo-arménienne dont les membres différaient des autres arméniens par leurs propriétés morphologiques, ainsi que par leurs traditions. Leur physionomie aurait ressemblé à celle des Juifs, leur tête étant de forme dolichocéphale. En cas de décès, ils changeaient tout dans la maison, n'utilisaient pas l'eau de la maison, et s'abstenaient de travailler pendant les sept jours de deuil.

Ces coutumes rappellent celles des Juifs d'Orient, qui changent en signe de deuil l'apparence de l'intérieur de leur maison, versent l'eau de la maison, et même celle de leurs voisins conformément à une croyance, selon laquelle l'Ange de la mort lave son épée dans cette eau après avoir égorgé le défunt. L'observance des sept jours de deuil est, on le sait, universelle dans la tradition juive.

D'autres pratiques les auraient rapprochés aussi de la tradition juive: non-consommation de la viande de porc; observance du repos pendant certains samedis de l'année; prévalence du mariage intracommunautaire; usage du vin préparé par des membres de la communauté.
Le nom de famille Israélian, que Galante note appartenir à l'une des personnes qui ont témoigné sur l'existence de cette secte et qui l'ont informé sur ses particularités, mérite aussi notre attention. Israélian, signifiant 'fils d'Israël', en langue arménienne.
Il est aussi rapporté que les membres de cette secte auraient excellé dans le commerce et les finances, tout en s'illustrant dans les domaines de la poésie, de la science et de l'art. Galante note que les ruines de Pacradoun, situées entre Divrik et Eghin existaient encore dans la première moitié du 20ième siècle.
L'Histoire juive de l'Arménie
L'Arménie est aussi nommé Amalek dans certaines sources, et les Juifs se réfèrent parfois aux Arméniens en tant que Amalekhites. C'est aussi le terme byzantin utilisé pour les nommer. Il fut probablement adopté dans le Jossipon, chroniques de Josephus, qui rappelle qu'Amalek fut conquise par la tribu de Benjamin sous le règne du Roi Saül, et note que les membres de cette tribu furent les fondateurs du Judaïsme arménien.
L'histoire des Juifs d'Arménie commence probablement avec la déportation des Juifs de la Palestine au Kurdistan il y a 2800 ans par le roi assyrien Salmanasar III, qui régna de 858 à 824 av. J.-C. Selon le Talmud, les Juifs furent autorisés par les autorités rabbiniques à convertir la population locale. La dynastie royale d'Adiabène, qui avec une partie de ses sujets se convertit au Judaïsme, appartint à cette population. La ville d'Arbil, de nos jours, centre d'agglomération kurde important, fut sa capitale. Les Adiabènes furent la seule nation qui vint au secours des Hébreux lors du siège romain.
Le fait que le Judaïsme fut, au commencement du 2ième siècle, une religion fermement établie au Kurdistan central, est accepté par tous les historiens. Pour certains d'entre eux, la nation kurde descendrait de l'une des tribus perdues d'Israël. Certaines légendes du folklore kurde lient l'ascendance des Kurdes à Israël. De même, plusieurs éléments de la vie culturelle kurde et juive se ressemblent et sont tellement entrelacés qu'ils suggèrent la véracité au moins partielle de cette hypothèse.
L'ancien royaume d'Arménie atteignit son apogée sous Tigrane II. Il envahit la Syrie et menaça l'Etat Hasmonéen après être arrivé à Acre. Il s'est retiré ensuite à cause de l'attaque romaine sur l'Arménie (69 av. J.-C.). Selon l'historien arménien médiéval Moïse de Khorène, Tigrane II aurait déporté plusieurs juifs captifs de Syrie et de Mésopotamie vers les villes en Arménie comme Armavir et Vardgess.
Josephus Flavius note que les Juifs de la Judée pris en captivité par le roi arménien Artavazd II (55-34 av. J.-C.) furent déportés vers la région de Van en Arménie, quelques temps après le règne de Tigrane.
La province d'Adiabène dans la haute région du Tigre fut un royaume vassal de l'Empire Parthe durant la majorité de la période hellénistique. Entre les années 36-60, Adiabène fut gouverné par le Roi Izates. Durant cette période, ce petit royaume atteignit à un tel niveau de puissance qu'Izates restaura au pouvoir Artaban III, le roi parthe déposé. Cet évènement assura à Izates la souveraineté sur le vaste territoire de Nisibis et ses environs, ayant comme capitale Arbil, et lui permit de jouer un rôle important dans les luttes dynastiques des Parthes après la mort d'Artaban.
Avant d'accéder au trône, Izates et sa mère Hélène se convertirent au Judaïsme. Après cette conversion, les souverains d'Adiabène s'empressèrent d'établir des liens solides avec les Juifs de Palestine. Ils furent suivis par Monobazos II, le frère et le successeur d'Izates, ainsi que par une partie du peuple. Izates envoya ses fils à Jérusalem pour apprendre l'hébreu et étudier la Loi juive.
Les sources talmudiques racontent qu'Hélène posa un chandelier en or sur la porte du Sanctuaire. Lors de sa visite en Judée, elle éleva pendant la Fête des Tabernacles, une grande souccah qui fut largement fréquentée par les rabbins. Josephus rapporte que durant sa visite à Jérusalem en 46, la Reine Hélène subvint généreusement aux besoins de ses habitants, qui souffraient de la famine. Elle envoya ses agents à Alexandrie et à Chypre pour chercher des céréales et des figues sèches, qui furent distribuées aux nécessiteux. "Elle laissa une si grande renommée qu'elle jouira de la reconnaissance éternelle de notre peuple pour sa charité."
Egalement, lorsque son fils Izates reçut la nouvelle de la famine, il envoya une grande somme d'argent aux dirigeants de Jérusalem. Quant à son frère Monobaz, le Talmud raconte qu'il dissipa tous ses trésors et ceux de ses ancêtres pour secourir Jérusalem. Il coula en or toutes les anses des vaisselles utilisées le jour du grand Pardon et offrit une tablette en or au Sanctuaire.
L'attachement des Adiabènes à Israël fut prouvé de nouveau durant la Guerre romaine, dans laquelle la famille royale prit un rôle actif contre les Romains. Josephus cite à ce propos, les noms de Monobaz et Cenedaus, les guerriers les plus distingués de Monobaz, Roi d'Adiabène. Plus tard, Adiabene fut intégrée à l'Empire romain et devint une des six provinces de l'Assyrie.
Sous l'égide de la dynastie parthe, qui se souleva contre les Séleucides et régna sur l'Arménie de la seconde moitié du 1er siècle jusqu'à la première moitié du 5ème siècle, les cités arméniennes ayant préservé leurs caractères hellénistiques, favorisèrent la libre circulation des peuples intégrés dans cette culture. Ce qui permit la prospérité des Juifs de l'Arménie. C'est vers 360-370 pendant leur déportation vers l'Iran par le conquérant perse Shapur II, que cette migration cessa.
Plusieurs légendes des temps médiévaux et des débuts des temps modernes parlent de l'Arménie et de ses colonies de Juifs autonomes. De même, retrouve-t-on dans certains documents écrits des traces d'information sur les peuplements juifs dans l'Arménie médiévale.
L'Arménie médiévale était composée de principautés féodales chrétiennes, la plupart du temps sous la domination des puissances étrangères. Les Arméniens adhérèrent au courant monophysite du Christianisme, ce qui les opposait aux prétentions de suprématie de l'Eglise byzantine diophysite; de même, revendiquèrent-ils une ascendance remontant à l'ancien peuple hébreu.
L'historien arménien Moïse de Khorène attribue cette ascendance à la tribu Amatuni et à la dynastie féodale des Bagratounis de l'Arménie, qui proclamèrent aussi être les descendants du Roi David et de Bethsabée et les cousins de Sainte Marie. Les Bagratounis accédèrent au pouvoir sur les flancs du mont Ararat où l'Arche de Noé est supposée s'être posée. Ils devinrent les souverains de l'Arménie, en soumettant plusieurs de leurs rivaux féodaux. C'est ainsi que le Royaume arménien restauré dura de 885 à 1045 date à laquelle il succomba aux musulmans. Les descendants de la branche royale restèrent en Georgie jusqu'en 1801 et, malgré l'ambiance chrétienne orthodoxe du territoire, continuèrent à proclamer leur ascendance hébraïque et à conserver ses traditions.
La chute du Royaume Arménien fut suivie d'un déclin général. Beaucoup d'Arméniens peuplèrent la Cappadoce et la Cilicie - provinces byzantines au Sud Est du centre de l'Asie Mineure - et y fondèrent la Petite Arménie, qui s'allia au Royaume Latin de Jérusalem. C'est en 1375, date de la défaite des Latins face aux Mameluks que la Petite Arménie cessa d'exister.
En 1996, une découverte archéologique remarquable a été faite en Arménie. De nombreuses stèles funéraires dont une partie avec une inscription en hébreu ou en araméen, furent découvertes à Eghegis dans la région de Siunik au Sud-est de l'Arménie actuelle. Datant des milieux du 13ième siècle et 1337, elles constituent les premières preuves concrètes de l'existence en Arménie d'une communauté juive antérieure aux temps modernes. Contemporaine des communautés de Georgie, d'Iran, d'Azerbaïdjan, du Daghestan, de la Crimée et d'Ukraine, cette communauté dont les membres furent parmi les notables de la région, aurait existé jusqu'à l'invasion mongole.
De nos jours, la communauté juive de l'Arménie, arrivée de Georgie, Biélorussie, Russie et Ukraine durant le 20ième siècle, n'a point de racines profondes en Arménie.
Sur les Pistes d'un Judaïsme disparu
L'Arménie, durant les différentes périodes de son histoire, a embrassé la Transcaucasie, le Midi, l'Est et le Sud Est de l'Anatolie, se superposant au Kurdistan actuel et adjacent au Sud Est de l'Anatolie. Ce n'est que vers la première moitié des années 500-400 av. J.-C. que le peuple arménien a acquis son identité en tant qu'entité ethnique et culturelle plus ou moins différenciée. Durant l'histoire, l'Arménie et la Judée firent partie des mêmes empires d'Assyrie, de Babylone, de la Perse, des Séleucides, de Rome avec Byzance, et de l'Islam, et partagèrent leurs influences culturelles. Bien qu'à l'instar d'autres communautés juives, le Christianisme ait trouvé un terrain fertile parmi la population juive du Kurdistan et de l'Arménie durant les 4ième et 5ième siècles, le début du processus de disparition des Juifs de l'Arménie en tant qu'entité ethnique distincte remonte à 1375, date de la ruine de la Petite Arménie par les Mameluks.
Qu'advint-il ensuite des Juifs de l'Arménie ? Une grande partie d'entre eux fut absorbée par les communautés juives du Kurdistan. Une autre partie, selon l'exemple d'autres communautés juives du Nord du Moyen Orient, s'est probablement convertie au Christianisme.
Le Jewish Encyclopedia publié entre 1901 et 1906, note que des 5.000 Juifs demeurant dans la région, entre les villes de Van et Mossoul, seuls, 360 auraient encore adhéré au Judaïsme, le reste ayant adopté la religion des Arméniens.(2) Jusqu'aux débuts du 20ième siècle, les citoyens de la ville de Van au Sud Est de l'Anatolie furent considérés comme Juifs par les paysans locaux. D'autres historiens se demandent si une partie des Arméniens vivant à Eghegis, où les vestiges d'un cimetière juif furent récemment découverts, ne serait pas,elle aussi,d'ascendance juive.
Les évolutions qui auraient pu engendrer, au fil de temps la conversion des communautés juives au culte des Arméniens, restent dans le vague. Pourtant, nous disposons de certains points de repères significatifs en ce qui concerne l'investigation du phénomène des Pacradounis.
L'analogie - sinon l'identité - entre les appellations Bagratouni et Pacradouni ne laisse place à aucun doute. Entre Bagratouni et Pacradouni, n'existe qu'une différence de prononciation. Pacradoun ou Bagradoun relèvent de la même identité étymologique, et témoignent en même temps de la continuité historique, territoriale et culturelle des Bagratounis en Anatolie. Qui seraient ces Pacradounis ? Les descendants des Bagratounis, des Juifs d'Arménie convertis au Christianisme, ou les deux à la fois ?
Le bouillonnement ethnique et culturel de ce que fut l'Arménie plaide pour toutes ces probabilités.
Gad Nassi
(1) Galante, Avram. Histoire des Juifs de Turquie, IV, 279-283, Isis, Istanbul, 1985.
(2) V. Turkey.
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Armenia and related articles. Encyclopaedia Judaica.
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- 2004: Moïse Rahmani
- Source :
- Texte reproduit avec l'aimable autorisation de l'auteur

  The Armenian genocide: The Turkish side of
   the story.
By the end of WWI, Eastern Anatolia, where the Muslims and Armenians had lived together for a thousand years, was in ruins and the population had
been decimated. After more than 90 years, the debate on the events of 1915 stil
l continues in the public sphere, including the Stanford campus.
Stanford University Turkish Student Association

The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: The issue and the facts

  THE ISSUE: Whether within the events leading to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire genocide was perpetrated against Armenian Ottoman citizens in Eastern Anatolia.
The Ottoman Empire ruled over all of Anatolia and significant parts of Europe, North Africa, the Caucasus and Middle East for over seven hundred years. Lands once Ottoman dominions today comprise more than 30 independent nations.
A century of ever-increasing conflict, beginning roughly in 1820 and culminating with the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, characterized the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire participated in no fewer than a dozen named wars, nearly all to the detriment of the empire and its citizens. The empire contracted against an onslaught of external invaders and internal nationalist independence movements. In this context -- an imperiled empire waging and losing battles on remote and disparate fronts, grasping to continue a reign of over seven years -- must the tragic experience of the Ottoman Armenians of Eastern Anatolia be understood. For during these waning days of the Ottoman Empire did millions die, Muslim, Jew, and Christian alike.
Yet Armenian  have attempted to extricate and isolate their history from the complex circumstances in which their ancestors were embroiled. In so doing, they describe a world populated only by white-hatted heroes and black-hatted villains. The heroes are always Christian and the villains are always Muslim. Infusing history with myth, Armenian Americans vilify the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Americans, and ethnic Turks worldwide. Armenian  bent on this prosecution choose their evidence carefully, omitting all evidence that tends to exonerate those whom they presume guilty, ignoring important events and verifiable accounts, and sometimes relying on dubious or prejudiced sources and even falsified documents. Though this portrayal is necessarily one-sided and steeped in bias, the Armenian  community presents it as a complete history and unassailable fact.
RELEVANCE: The truth demands that every side of a story be told. Fundamental freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution protect those who choose to challenge the Armenian view.
To oppose Armenian orthodoxy on this issue has become risky. Any attempt to challenge the credibility of witnesses, or the authenticity of documents, or to present evidence that some of the claimed victims were responsible for their own fate is either wholly squelched or met with accusations of genocide denial. Moreover, any attempt to demonstrate the suffering and needless death of millions of innocent non-Christians enmeshed in the same events as the Anatolian Armenians is greeted with sneers, as if to say that some lives are inherently more valuable than others and that one faith is more deserving than another. The lack of real debate, enforced with a heavy hand by Armenian, ensures that any consideration of what genuinely occurred nearly a century ago in Eastern Anatolia will utterly fail as a search for the truth.
Ultimately, whether to blindly accept the Armenian portrayal is an issue of fundamental fairness and the most cherished of American rights -- free speech. Simply put, in America every person has the opportunity to tell his or her story. Armenian  possess the right to promote and celebrate their heritage and even to discuss ancient grievances. However, Armenian seek to deny these very rights to others. This is proven by the punitive nature and sheer volume of legislation proposed in the state and federal legislatures, the one-sided curricula proposed to state boards of education, and by the vast sums of money and energy devoted to this cause. Together, these efforts only increase acrimony and antagonism.
The complete story of the vast suffering of this period has not yet been written. When that story is told, the following facts must not be forgotten.
FACT 1: Demographic studies prove that prior to World War I, fewer than 1.5 million Armenians lived in the entire Ottoman Empire. Thus, allegations that more than 1.5 million Armenians from eastern Anatolia died must be false.
Figures reporting the total pre-World War I Armenian population vary widely, with Armenian sources claiming far more than others. British, French and Ottoman sources give figures of 1.05-1.50 million. Only certain Armenian sources claim a pre-war population larger than 1.5 million. Comparing these to post-war figures yields a rough estimate of losses. Historian and demographer, Dr. Justin McCarthy of the University of Louisville, calculates the actual losses as slightly less than 600,000. This figure agrees with those provided by British historian Arnold Toynbee, by most early editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and approximates the number given by Monseigneur Touchet, a French missionary, who informed the Oeuvre d'Orient in February 1916 that the number of dead is thought to be 500,000. Boghos Nubar, head of the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920, noted the large numbers who survived the war. He declared that after the war 280,000 Armenians remained in the Anatolian portion of the occupied Ottoman Empire while 700,000 Armenians had emigrated to other countries.
Clearly then, a great portion of the Ottoman Armenians were not killed as claimed and the 1.5 million figure should be viewed as grossly erroneous. Each needless death is a tragedy. Equally tragic are lies meant to inflame hatred.
FACT 2: Armenian losses were few in comparison to the over 2.5 million Muslim dead from the same period.
Reliable statistics demonstrate that slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died during the war period of 1912-22. Armenians indeed suffered a terrible mortality. But one must likewise consider the number of dead Muslims and Jews. The statistics tell us that more than 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims also perished. Thus, the years 1912-1922 constitute a horrible period for humanity, not just for Armenians.
The numbers do not tell us the exact manner of death of the citizens of Anatolia, regardless of ethnicity, who were caught up in both an international war and an intercommunal struggle. Documents of the time list intercommunal violence, forced migration of all ethnic groups, disease, and, starvation as causes of death. Others died as a result of the same war-induced causes that ravaged all peoples during the period.
FACT 3: Certain oft-cited Armenian evidence is of diminished value, having been derived from dubious and prejudicial sources.
Armenian purport that the wartime propaganda of the enemies of the Ottoman Empire constitutes objective evidence. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, who is frequently quoted by Armenian, visited the Ottoman Empire with political, not humanitarian aims. His correspondence with President Wilson reveals his intent was to uncover or manufacture news that would goad the U.S. into joining the war. Given that motive, Morgenthau sought to malign the Ottoman Empire, an enemy of the Triple Entente. Morgenthau’s research and reporting relied in large part on politically motivated
Armenians; his primary aid, translator and confidant was Arshag Schmavonian, his secretary was Hagop Andonian. Morgenthau openly professed that the Turks were an inferior race and possessed "inferior blood." Thus, his accounts can hardly be considered objective.
One ought to compare the wartime writings of Morgenthau and the oft-cited Gen. J.G. Harbord to the post-war writings of Rear Admiral Mark L. Bristol, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey 1920 - 1926. In a March 28, 1921 letter he writes,
"[R]eports are being freely circulated in the United States that the Turks massacred thousands of Armenians in the Caucasus. Such reports are repeated so many times it makes my blood boil. The Near East Relief have the reports from Yarrow and our own American people which show absolutely that such Armenian reports are absolutely false. The circulation of such false reports in the United States, without refutation, is an outrage and is certainly doing the Armenians more harm than good. … Why not tell the truth about the Armenians in every way?"
FACT 4: The Armenian deaths do not constitute genocide.
The totality of evidence thus far uncovered by historians tells a grim story of serious inter-communal conflict, perpetrated by both Christian and Muslim irregular forces, complicated by disease, famine, and many other of war’s privations. The evidence does not, however, describe genocide.
A. The Armenians took arms against their own government. Their violent political aims, not their race, ethnicity or religion, rendered them subject to relocation.
Armenian ignore the dire circumstances that precipitated the enactment of a measure as drastic as mass relocation. Armenians cooperated with Russian invaders of Eastern Anatolia in wars in 1828, 1854, and 1877. Between 1893 and 1915 Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia rebelled against their government -- the Ottoman government -- and joined Armenian revolutionary groups, such as the notorious Dashnaks and Hunchaks. They armed themselves and spearheaded a massive Russian invasion of eastern Anatolia. On November 5, 1914, the President of the Armenian National Bureau in Tblisi declared to Czar Nicholas II, "From all countries Armenians are hurrying to enter the ranks for the glorious Russian Army, with their blood to serve the victory of Russian arms. … Let the Russian flag wave freely over the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus." Armenian treason is also plainly documented in the November 1914 issue of the Hunchak Armenian [Revolutionary] Gazette, published in Paris. In a call to arms it exhorted,
"The entire Armenian Nation will join forces -- moral and material, and waving the sword of Revolution, will enter this World conflict ... as comrades in arms of the Triple Entente, and particularly Russia. They will cooperate with the Allies, making full use of all political and revolutionary means for the final victory...."
Boghos Nubar addressed a letter to the Times of London on January 30, 1919 confirming that the Armenians were indeed belligerents in World War I. He stated with pride,
"In the Caucasus, without mentioning the 150,000 Armenians in the Russian armies, about 50,000 Armenian volunteers under Andranik, Nazarbekoff, and others not only fought for four years for the cause of the Entente, but after the breakdown of Russia they were the only forces in the Caucasus to resist the advance of the Turks...."
One of those who answered the Armenian call to arms was Gourgen Yanikian who, as a teenager, joined the Russians to fight the Ottoman government, and who as an elderly man, on January 27, 1973, assassinated two Turkish diplomats in Santa Barbara, California.
B. Logic and evidence controvert the allegation of genocide.
1. No logic can reconcile the two positions that Armenian promote. Eminent historian Bernard Lewis, speaking to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz on January 23, 1998, expanded on this notion,
"The Armenians want to benefit from both worlds. On the one hand, they speak with pride of their struggle against Ottoman despotism, while on the other hand, they compare their tragedy to the Jewish Holocaust. I do not accept this. I do not say that the Armenians did not suffer terribly. But I find enough cause for me to contain their attempts to use the Armenian massacres to diminish the worth of the Jewish Holocaust and to relate to it instead as an ethnic dispute." (translation)
2. None of the Ottoman orders commanding the relocation of Armenians, which have been reviewed by historians to date, orders killings. To the contrary, they order Ottoman officials to protect relocated Armenians.
3. Where Ottoman control was weakest Armenian relocatees suffered most. The stories of the time give many examples of columns of hundreds of Armenians guarded by as few as two Ottoman gendarmes. When local Muslims attacked the columns, Armenians were robbed and killed. It must be remembered that these Muslims had themselves suffered greatly at the hands of Armenians and Russians. In the words of U.S. Ambassador Mark Bristol, "While the Dashnaks [Armenian revolutionaries] were in power they did everything in the world to keep the pot boiling by attacking Kurds, Turks and Tartars; [and] by committing outrages against the Moslems …."
Where Ottoman control was strong, Armenians went unharmed. In Istanbul and other major western Anatolian cities, large populations of Armenians remained throughout the war. In these areas Ottoman power was greatest and genocide would have been easiest to carry out. By contrast, during World War II, the Jews of Berlin were killed, their synagogues defiled. The Armenians of Istanbul lived through World War I, their churches open.
C. The Armenian Allegation of Genocide Fails the Minimum Standards of Proof Required by the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
The term "genocide" did not exist prior to 1944. The term was subsequently defined quite specifically by the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide. This high crime is now recognized by most nations, including the Republic of Turkey.
The standard of proof in establishing the crime of genocide is formidable given the severity of the crime, the opportunity for overlap with other crimes, and the stigma of being charged with or found guilty of the crime. While presenting the Convention for ratification, the Secretary General of the U.N. emphasized that genocide is a crime of "specific intent," requiring conclusive proof that members of a group were targeted simply because they were members of that group. The Secretary General further cautioned that those merely sharing political aims are not protected by the convention.
Under this standard of proof, the Armenian claim of genocide fails. First, no direct evidence has been discovered demonstrating that any Ottoman official sought the destruction of the Ottoman Armenians as such. Second, Ottoman Armenian Dashnak and Hunchak guerrillas and their civilian accomplices admittedly organized political revolutionary groups and waged war against their own government. Under these circumstances, it was the Ottoman Armenians’ violent political alliance with the Russian forces, not their ethnic or religious identity, which rendered them subject to the relocation.
A recent comment on the U.N. position was rendered by, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq on October 5, 2000 when he confirmed that the U.N. has not approved or endorsed a report labeling the Armenian experience as genocide.
FACT 5: The British convened the Malta Tribunals to try Ottoman officials for crimes against Armenians. All of the accused were acquitted.
The Peace Treaty of Sevres, which was imposed upon the defeated Ottoman Empire, required the Ottoman government to hand over to the Allied Powers people accused of "massacres." Subsequently, 144 high Ottoman officials were arrested and deported for trial by the British to the island of Malta. The principal informants to the British High Commission in Istanbul leading to the arrests were local Armenians and the Armenian Patriarchate. While the deportees were interned on Malta, the British appointed an Armenian scholar, Mr. Haig Khazarian, to conduct a thorough examination of documentary evidence in the Ottoman, British, and U.S. Archives to substantiate the charges. Access to Ottoman records was unfettered as the British and French occupied and controlled Istanbul at the time. Khazarian’s corps of investigators revealed an utter lack of evidence demonstrating that Ottoman officials either sanctioned or encouraged killings of Armenians.
At the conclusion of the investigation, the British Procurator General determined that it was "improbable that the charges would be capable of proof in a court of law," exonerated and released all 144 detainees -- after two years and four months of detention without trial. No compensation was ever paid to the detainees.
FACT 6: Despite the verdicts of the Malta Tribunals, Armenian terrorists have engaged in a vigilante war that continues today.
In 1921, a secret Armenian network based in Boston, named Nemesis, took the law into its own hands and hunted down and assassinated former Ottoman Ministers Talaat Pasha and Jemal Pasha as well as other Ottoman officials. Following in Nemesis’ footsteps, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Armenian terrorist groups, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) and Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide (JCAG), committed over 230 armed attacks, killing 71 innocent people, including 31 Turkish diplomats, and seriously wounding over 520 people in a campaign of blood revenge.
Most recently, Mourad Topalian, former Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, was tried and convicted in federal court in Ohio of terrorist crimes associated with bombings in New York and Los Angles and with the attempted assassination of the Turkish Honorary Consul General in Philadelphia. The Armenian youths whom Topalian directed and who conducted these attacks were recruited from the Armenian Youth Federation and Armenian Revolution Federation in Boston.
FACT 7: The archives of many nations ought to be carefully and thoughtfully examined before concluding whether genocide occurred.
Armenian make frequent reference to the archives of many nations while carefully avoiding calls for the examination of those archives. They know that no evidence of genocide has been found to date, as was the case in the Malta Tribunals. They also know that the national archives of several nations, including the U.S., speak primarily of the deaths of Armenians because the recorders were only interested in the Armenians, while intentionally omitting reports of Muslim deaths. Take, for example, the 1915 Armenian revolt in Van where at least 60,000 Muslims perished. Though the evidence for this is overwhelming, the official archives of several countries mention only Christian deaths.
Still, Armenian carefully avoid calls for the collection and examination of all records regarding the events in question. Such would include Ottoman records describing the activities of Armenian rebels and the Russian invaders whom they supported, as well as the archives of Germany, Russia, France, Britain, Iran, Syria and the United States. Most importantly, the unedited records of the Armenian Republic in Yerevan, Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Boston, and ASALA in Yerevan, ought to be examined but remain closed. Only those who fear the truth would limit the scope of an investigation.
FACT 8: The Holocaust bears no meaningful relation to the Ottoman Armenian experience.
1. Jews did not demand the dismemberment of the nations in which they had lived. By contrast, the Ottoman Armenians openly agitated for a separate state in lands in which they were numerically inferior. The Hunchak and Dashnak revolutionary organizations, which survive to this day, were formed expressly to agitate against the Ottoman government.
2. Jews did not kill their fellow citizens in the nations in which they had lived. By contrast, the Ottoman Armenians committed massacres against local Muslims.
3. Jews did not openly join the ranks of their countries’ enemies during World War II. By contrast, during World War I, Ottoman Armenians openly and with pride committed mass treason, took up arms, traveled to Russia for training, and sported Russian uniforms. Others, non-uniformed irregulars, operated against the Ottoman government from behind the lines.
4. Solemn tribunal at Nuremberg proved the guilt of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and sentences were carried out in accordance with agreed-upon procedures. By contrast, the Malta Tribunals, which were convened by the World War I victors, exonerated those alleged to have been responsible for the maladministration of the relocation policies.
5. Open Armenian-Nazi collaboration is evident in the activities of the 812th Armenian Battalion of the [Nazi] Wehrmacht, commanded by Drastamat Kanayan (a.k.a. "Dro"), and its successor, the Armenian Legion. Anti-Jewish, pro-Nazi propaganda was published widely in the Armenian-language Hairenik daily and the weekly journal, Armenian.
6. Hitler did not refer to the Armenians in plotting the Final Solution; the infamous quote is fraudulent. All sources attribute the alleged quote, "Who remembers the Armenians?" to a November 24, 1945 Times of London article, "Nazi Germany’s Road to War." The article’s unnamed author says Hitler uttered the phrase in an address on August 22, 1939 at Obersalzburg. The Times of London author claims the speech was introduced as evidence during the November 23, 1945 session of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Yet the Nuremberg transcripts do not contain the alleged quote.
In fact, the quote first appeared in a 1942 book by Louis Lochner, the AP’s Berlin bureau chief during World War II. Lochner, like the Times of London author, never disclosed his source. The Nuremberg Tribunal examined and then rejected Lochner’s third-hand version of Hitler’s address and rejected it. Instead, it entered into evidence two official versions of the August 22, 1939 address found in captured German military records. Neither document contains any reference to Armenians, nor in fact do they refer to the Jews. Hitler’s address was an anti-Polish invective, delivered years before he conceived the Final Solution.
7. The depth, breadth, and volume of scholarship on the Holocaust are tremendous. The physical and documentary evidence is vast and proves indisputably the aims, methods, and results of the racist Nazi policies. By contrast, scholarship on the late Ottoman Empire is comparatively scarce. Much research has yet to be completed and many conclusions have yet to be drawn. Non-biased research from that period has thus far revealed tragedies afflicting all sides in a conflict with numerous belligerents. Nothing has yet been uncovered which establishes genocide. In light of the ongoing research and the other distinctions raised above, it would be improper, if not malicious, to equate a desire to challenge Armenian assertions with Holocaust denial.

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Myth of "Armenian genocide" in 1915

The beginning of World War I and the Ottoman entry into the war on November 1, 1914 on the side of Germany and Austria - Hungary against the Entente powers was considered as a great opportunity by the Armenian nationalists. Louise Nalbandian relates that "The Armenian revolutionary committees considered that the most opportune time to begin a general uprising to achieve their goals was when the Ottoman Empire was in a state of war",  and thus less able to resist an internal attack.

Even before the war began, in August 1914, the Ottoman leaders met with the Dashnaks at Erzurum in the hope of getting them to support the Ottoman war effort when it came. The Dashnaks promised that if the Ottomans entered the war, they, would do their duty as loyal countrymen in the Ottoman armies. However they failed to live up to this promise, since even before this meeting took place, a secret Dashnak Congress held at Erzurum in June 1914 had already decided to use the oncoming war to undertake a general attack against the Ottoman state. The Russian Armenians joined the Russian army in preparing an attack on the Ottomans as soon as war was declared. The Catholicos of Echmiadzin assured the Russian General Governor of the Caucasus, Vranzof Dashkof, that "in return for Russia's forcing the Ottomans to make reforms for the Armenians, all the Russian Armenians would support the Russian war effort without conditions. The Catholicos subsequently was received at Tiflis by the Czar, whom he told that "The liberation of the Armenians in Anatolia would lead to the establishment of an autonomous Armenia separated from Turkish suzerainty and that this Armenia could be made possible with the protection of Russia." Of course the Russians really intended to use the Armenians to annex Eastern Anatolia, but the Catholicos was told nothing about that.

As soon as Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire, the Dashnak Society's official organ Norizon declared:
“The Armenians have taken their place on the side of the Entente states is without showing any hesitation whatsoever; they have placed all their forces at the disposition of Russia; and they also are forming volunteer battalions.”
The Dashnak Committee also ordered its cells that had been preparing to revolt within the Ottoman Empire:
“As soon as the Russians have crossed the borders and the Ottoman armies have started to retreat, you should revolt everywhere. The Ottoman armies thus will be placed between two fires. If the Ottoman armies advance against the Russians, on the other hand, their Armenian soldiers should leave their units with their weapons, form bandit forces, and unite with the Russians.” 28
The Hunchak Committee instructions to its organizations in the Ottoman territory were:
“The Hunchak Committee will use all means to assist the Entente states, devoting all its forces to the struggle to assure victory in Armenia, Cilicia, the Caucasus and Azerbaijan as the ally of the Entente states, and in particular of Russia.”
And even the Armenian representative in the Ottoman Parliament for Van, Papazyan, soon turned out to be a leading guerilla fighter against the Ottomans, publishing a proclamation that:
“The volunteer Armenian regiments in the Caucasus should prepare themselves for 6attle, serve as advance units for the Russian armies to help them capture the key positions in the districts where the Armenians live, and advance into Anatolia, joining the Armenian units already there.”
As the Russian forces advanced into Ottoman territory in eastern Anatolia, they were led by advanced units composed of volunteer Ottoman and Russian Armenians, who were joined by the Armenians who deserted the Ottoman armies and went over to the Russians. Many of these also formed bandit forces with weapons and ammunition which they had for years been stocking in Armenian and missionary churches and schools, going on to raid Ottoman supply depots both to increase their own arms and to deny them to the Ottoman army as it moved to meet this massive Russian invasion. Within a few months after the war began, these Armenian guerilla forces, operating in close coordination with the Russians, were savagely attacking Turkish cities, towns and villages in the East, massacring their inhabitants without mercy, while at the same time working to sabotage the Ottoman army's war effort by destroying roads and bridges, raiding caravans, and doing whatever else they could to ease the Russian occupation. The atrocities committed by the Armenian volunteer forces accompanying the Russian army were so severe that the Russian commanders themselves were compelled to withdraw them from the fighting fronts and send them to rear guard duties. The memoirs of all too many Russian officers who served in the East at this time are filled with accounts of the revolting atrocities committed by these Armenian guerillas, which were savage even by the relatively primitive standards of war then observed in such areas.

Nor did these Armenian atrocities affect only Turks and other Muslims. The Armenian guerillas had never been happy with the failure of the Greeks and Jews to fully support their revolutionary programs. As a result in Trabzon and vicinity they massacred thousands of Greeks, while in the area of Hakkari it was the Jews who were rounded up and massacred by the Armenian guerillas. Basically the aim of these atrocities was to leave only Armenians in the territories being claimed for the new Armenian state; all others therefore were massacred or forced to flee for their lives so as to secure the desired Armenian majority of the population in preparation for the peace settlement.

Leading the first Armenian units who crossed the Ottoman border in the company of the Russian invaders was the former Ottoman Parliamentary representative for Erzurum, Karekin Pastirmaciyan, who now assumed the revolutionary name Armen Garo. Another former Ottoman parliamentarian, Hamparsum Boyaciyan, led the Armenian guerilla forces who ravaged Turkish villages behind the lines under the nickname "Murad", specifically ordering that "Turkish children also should be killed as they form a danger to the Armenian nation." Another former Member of Parliament, Papazyan, led the Armenian guerilla forces that ravaged the areas of Van, Bitlis and Mush.

In March 1915 the Russian forces began to move toward Van. Immediately, on April 11, 1915 the Armenians of Van began a general revolt, massacring all the Turks in the vicinity so as to make possible its quick and easy conquest by the Russians. Little wonder that Czar Nicholas II sent a telegram of thanks to the Armenian Revolutionary Committee of Van on April 21, 1915, "thanking it for its services to Russia." The Armenian newspaper Gochnak, published in the United States, also proudly reported on May 24, 1915 that "only, 1,500 Turks remain in Van", the rest having been slaughtered.

The Dashnak representative told the Armenian National Congress assembled at Tiflis in February 1915 that "Russia provided 242,000 rubles before the war even began to arm and prepare the Ottoman Armenians to undertake revolts", giving some idea of how the Russian-Armenian alliance had long prepared to undermine the Ottoman war effort. Under these circumstances, with the Russians advancing along a wide front in the East, with the Armenian guerillas spreading death and destruction while at the same time attacking the Ottoman armies from the rear, with the Allie's also invading the Empire along a wide front from Galicia to Iraq, the Ottoman decision to deport Armenians from the war areas was a moderate and entirely legitimate measure of self-defense.

Even after the revolt and massacres at Van, the Ottoman government made one final effort to secure general Armenian support for the war effort, summoning the Patriarch, some Armenian h4emhers of Parliament, and other delegates to a meeting where they were warned that drastic measures would be taken unless Armenians stopped slaughtering Muslims and working to undermine the war effort. When there was no evident lessening of 'the Armenian attacks, the government finally acted. On April 24, 1915 the Armenian revolutionary committees were closed and 235 of their leaders were arrested for activities against the state. It is the date of these arrests that in recent years has been annually commemorated by Armenian nationalist groups throughout the world in commemoration of the "massacre" that they claim took place at this time. No such massacre, however, took place, at this or any other time during the war. In the face of the great danger~ which the Empire faced at that time, great care was taken to make certain that the Armenians were treated carefully and compassionately as they were deported, generally to Syria and Palestine when they came from southern Anatolia, and to Iraq if they, came from the north. The Ottoman Council of Ministers thus ordered:
“When those of the Armenians resident in the aforementioned towns and villages who have to be moved are transferred to their places of settlement and are on the road, their comfort must be assured and their lives and property protected; after their arrivals their food should be paid for out of Refugees Appropriations until they are definitely settled in their new homes. Property and land should be distributed to them in accordance with their previous financial situation as well as their current needs; and for those among them needing further help, the government should 6ııild houses, provide cultivators and artisans with seed, tools, and equipment.”
And it went on to specify:
“This order is entirely intended against the extension of the Armenian Revolutionary Committees; therefore do not execute it in such a manner that might cause the mutual massacre of Muslims and Armenians.”
“Make arrangements for special officials to accompany the growths of Armenians who are being relocated, and make sure they are provided with, food and other needed things, paying the cost out of the allotments set a side for emigrants.”
“The food needed by the emigrants while traveling until they reach their destinations must be provided ... for poor emigrants by credit for the installation of the emigrants. The camps provided for transported persons should be kept under regular supervision; necessary steps for their well-being should be taken, and order and security assured. Make certain that indigent emigrants are given enough food and that their health is assured by daily visits by a doctor... Sick people, poor people, women and children should be sent by rail, and others on mules, in carts or on foot according to their power of endurance. Each convoy should be accompanied by a detachment of guards, and the food supply for each convoy should be guarded until the destination is reached... In cases where the emigrants are attacked, either in the camps or during the journeys, all efforts should be taken to repel the attacks immediately...”
Out of the some 700,000 Armenians who were transported in this way until early 1917, certainly some lives were lost, as the result both of large scale military and bandit activities then going on in the areas through which they passed, as well as the general insecurity and blood feuds which some tribal forces sought to carry cut as the caravans passed through their territories. In addition, the deportations and settlement of the deported Armenians took place at a time when the Empire was suffering from severe shortages of fuel, food, medicine and other supplies as well as large-scale plague and famine. It should not be forgotten that, at the same time, an entire Ottoman army of 90,000 men was lost in the East as a result of severe short- ages, or that through the remainder of the war as many as three or four million Ottoman subjects of all religions died as a result of the same conditions that afflicted the deportees. How tragic and unfeeling it is, therefore, for Armenian nationalists to blame the undoubted suffering of the Armenians during the war to something more than the same anarchical conditions, which afflicted all the Sultan's subjects. This is the truth behind the false claims distorting historical facts by ill devised mottoes such as the "first genocide of the twentieth century," which Armenian propagandists and terror groups try to revive to justify the same tactics of terror today which brought such horrors to the Ottoman Empire during the last century.


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  6. Alex James - Dec 1 2010, 5:26 pm

    Sylvia Stolz Appealing Disbarment before Bavarian Disciplinary Court for Attorneys

    Berufungsverfahren Sylvia Stolz vor dem Bayerischen Anwaltsgerichtshof München
    Sylvia Stolz’s Appeal Trial before the Bavarian
    Disciplinary Court for Attorneys

    Written by Markus Haverkamp
    Translated by J M Damon
    The original German follows this translation

    Today (16 November 2010) was the first day of Sylvia Stolz’s trial to appeal the five-year provisional disbarment that was imposed on her in 2008.
    The trial began at 10:40am in closed session.
    Sylvia [affectionately known to political dissidents as “The German Joan of Arc”] was defended by Ludwig Bock, who also defended Horst Mahler.
    The Appeal Senate consisted of three attorneys plus two judges of the OBERLANDESGERICHT (Higher Regional Court), with Attorney Franz Lutz presiding.
    The GENERALSTAATSANWALTSCHAFT (Chief Prosecutor's Office) was represented by one man and one woman, each around fifty years old.

    After Bock submitted a motion to conduct the trial in public, eight spectators (including Sylvia’s mother) were allowed to observe the proceedings.
    To begin, Bock submitted a motion to postpone proceedings until Sylvia’s release from prison in April 2011.
    Sylvia explained that as long as she remains in prison, she is unable to prepare for trial, since she does not have the necessary access to documents.
    Then Lutz questioned her very rudely as to what attempts she had made in the past year to obtain access to these documents.
    At first she seemed taken aback by his bullying and unable to give a clear answer.
    However, she soon recovered and was able to engage in a lengthy tug-of-war with him.
    In the end, it appeared that she was somewhat intimidated by Lutz’s harsh manner; that she was not entirely sure that she had had adequate access; and that she had not made a determined enough effort to obtain it.
    Then came the prosecutor’s comments, which were even more hostile and acrimonious than Attorney Lutz’s.
    He announced that Sylvia had no need of documents pertaining to the Zündel trial and that she was attempting to unnecessarily prolong the proceedings.
    Then the Senate retired for over half an hour to consider Bock’s motion, which they denied.

    The next item was a statement of Sylvia’s personal data.
    This proceeded briskly as they did not pry unnecessarily into her life history [which seems rather uneventful except for her patriotic dedication to Germany.]
    After that, the Senate read the verdict imposing disbarment.
    The verdict stated that Sylvia had misused her defense of Ernst Zündel to promote her own political views.
    Furthermore, according to the verdict, she had committed the crime of HOLOCAUSTLEUGNUNG (Denying “Holocaust”), had attempted to intimidate lay judges, had depicted the Court as the “forward command post of enemies of the Reich,” etc., etc.


    Markus Haverkamp
    Munich, 16th November 2010

  7. (Continued)

    After the rather awkward reading of the verdict Sylvia was allowed to begin her EINLASSUNG (opening presentation.)

    For over an hour she read from her brief, which primarily made the point that the “Holocaust” is not in face “manifestly obvious.”
    She was careful to do this without placing herself in further jeopardy, by quoting extensively from the works of historians Fritjof Meyer and Ernst Nolte.

    After some time, members of the Senate began asking whether this was relevant to her disbarment, and the presiding attorney asked how much more time she needed for her statement.
    When Sylvia replied that she still had a great deal to present, he announced a short lunch break and proceedings resumed at 3:00 pm.

    During the next two hours she described in detail the course of the Zündel trial and the nature of her defense of Ernst Zündel.
    This was undoubtedly relevant, and the presiding attorney as well as his female assistant listened attentively.

    The other members of the court paid attention for the most part but apparently could not help nodding off occasionally.

    Unfortunately, Stolz’s presentation as dry as well as it was lengthy.

    When she announced that she had reached the halfway point in her presentation, court was adjourned until 10 O’clock Thursday, 2 December.

    In conclusion, I should mention that Sylvia appears quite healthy.

    [There was concern for her health after her first few weeks of incarceration, when she lost considerable weight and appeared stressed and haggard.]

    Judging by her present appearance, she seems to be holding up well.

    We spectators are not allowed to take notes during this trial, I am recounting this brief protocol is recounted from memory and it might contain some minor errors.

    Markus Haverkamp
    Munich, 16th November 2010

  8. I will not say that I have wasted my knowledge, time, energy and skills trying to inform, wake up and motivate humans having still an ounce of humanity in them to STOP the Satanisation of our vegetal, animal amd human life on earth, but it came out that there were not many non zombified, non-haarped and non mkultraifed humans left in the world to achieve anything worthwhile. Ever since I started writing publicly I will give the amateur readers a 0 over 10 for their useless intelligence and a 10 over 10 for their criminal stupidity.

    It has nothing to do with ME as I am just the MESSENGER, like thousands others, but when we tell readers that Western two-legged animals are commiting all kinds of abominations on planet earth, murdering millions of babies by abortion, sanctions, embargoes, bombings, murdering pregnant women, defenceless men, women and children, torturing them and using them as guinea pigs, polluting our habitat, destroying all traces of past Islamic civilisation, the only civilisation that is still valid today, mass murdering Indo-Chinese, Latinos, Arabs, Africans and Muslims alike, mixing plant, animal and human DNA non stop in their secret laboratories and underground cities and research centres producing abominable creatures, and all this with ou tax money and in the name of democracy and western civilisation, THEY DO ALMOST NOTHING TO STOP THE SUPER MONSTERS!

    They cannot even see they are living in slavery and soon to be interned in massive Labour Concentration Camps, and exterminated by the billions!


    GOOGLE is part of the US-ISRAEL Project!

  9. B.A.FRÉMAUX-SOORMALLY27 January 2012 11:30

    Las Freyja de Midtskogen

    N.B. To this day, Monday the 18th of June 2012, I have not received any response at all to my complaint!


  10. FREYJA
    « Me encontré a Małgorzata leyendo un blog antisemita de mala muerte. No es ella la antisemita; lo es el autor del blog, quien la cita en uno de sus artículos y pone una foto suya. Esta es la foto; a buen seguro, lo único decente que figura en ese blog. »

    un blog antisemita de mala muerte ???

    An antisemitic blog ??? All our latest Prophets and Messengers of the One and Only God are said by Westerners to be « SEMITES ».


    Muslims brought civilisation to the West through Spain, Sicily, etc. So, learn a bit about your own history, Hombre!

    Monday 1st of April 2013

  11. Bedros Hajian shared William Bairamian's photo.
    22 April 2014

    "On April 25th of 2014 Turks are having this conference on Armenia terrorism how many of you are ready to shut this down?
    So this is happening at my alma mater later this week. As the world commemorates the Armenian Genocide, some Turkish students at Columbia University in the City of New York have thought it acceptable to call themselves the Young Turks and organize an inflammatory event during the most solemn week of the year for those remembering the atrocities of the Genocide.

    So this is happening at my alma mater later this week. As the world commemorates the Armenian Genocide, some Turkish students at Columbia University in the City of New York have thought it acceptable to call themselves the Young Turks and organize an inflammatory event during the most solemn week of the year for those remembering the atrocities of the Genocide."

    You and 5 others like this.
    Roland Großherzog von Bagratuni And conference of Turkish terrorism?

    Garo AArmenian What about the armenian genocide by the Turks.

    Bedros Hajian I don't think they want to talk about it in their meeting that is up to us to talk about it

    Ghyslaine Roc "The "Young Turks" is a very appropriate name as the Young Turks and the Crypto-Jews were the ones who massacred the Turkish and Ottoman Armenians AS WELL AS Muslims. During WWI more Muslims were butchered by the Europeans, Russian Bolsheviks and the "secular" (Atheist or Satanists) Young Turks than Christian Armenians. It is true, if we are to believe Alexander Soljenytsin, that some 60 million Christians (and Muslims) have been slaughtered by the invading Khazar hordes financed by the US! One thing I deplore is the "Armenian Genocide Dogma" competing with the "Jewish Holocaust Dogma" as if the Jews and the Christian Armenians had a monopoly on human suffering! By the way, are Armenians exclusively Christians? 15% of those defending Sarajevo were Serbs, yet the racist media equated Bosnians with Muslims when only some 33% of Bosnians were Muslims! The Armenian "genocide" should of course be part of Christian Armenian history, but we must not do like the Jews (Khazars) by erecting this "genocide" into a religious dogma. What is there to "commemorate" in any GENOCIDE? It looks more to me like sado-masochism! No offence."


  12. View 33 more comments
    Asdghig Ajamian Devils!
    22 April 2014
    Mayr Anahit In Lebanon the Armenian political parties adapted the "Tragan Chezokutyun" which was the right thing tg do since it was a civil war. Christians against palestinians, christians against muslims, Christians against christians, Shias against Palestinians, Leftists against rightists, different alliances at different times. At certain times We had to self defend against christians as well as against Palestinians. ARMENIANS WERE NOT DIRECTLY TARGETED though. The situation in Syria is not the same. In Syria it is NOT a civil war. ARMENIANS ARE DIRECTLY TARGETED so talking about "Tragan Chezokutyun" means hiding the head in the sand. Somewhat it is acceptable what RA "president" says (no one expects him to do any good for Armenia, let alone for the diaspora) but it is not acceptable what Tashnag leaders say as the Artsakh MP Vahan said if Tro or Njdeh were still alive Hrant would have been executed.
    2 hrs · Like · 1

    Bedros Hajian Mayr Anahit when we say Armenians in Syria are directly targeted some Rambos in USA tell is it is not so, but when we talk with Armenians in Syria on Skype that live in Syria they tell us they are targeted I am puzzled
    1 hr · Like · 1

    Bedros Hajian For example I was accused on March 21st by 6 different people that I am spreading rumors about Kessab little they knew I had direct contact with Kessab via Viber phone, just because we can't give our sources they think we are making up stories as we go along
    1 hr · Like · 1

    Ghyslaine Roc "claimed Sharia Law on Armenians lands". Come on, Bedros, Muslims cannot even claim "Sharia Law" on Muslim lands! There is no Sharia Law even in OCCUPIED Arabia! Here, in the UK, it is the Secret Services that hire Black and White Britishers to pretend converting to Islam and then to claim "Sharia Law" over the entire UK ! This is childish propaganda that you need to get away from as quickly as possible! Armenians are 'targeted'; Christians are 'targeted'; Muslims are targeted; Atheists are 'targeted'; Arabs are 'targeted'; because this is the Empire's Master Plan to divide and rule. Accusing my neighbour is useless when the real culprits (UN, US, EU and ISRAEL!) are not blamed for the murders in the first place.
    2 secs · Like

  13. Bedros Hajian
    22 April 2014

    Anyone can translate this? Those disgusting creatures have claimed Sharia Law on Armenians lands, the whole world is watching while our self appointed leaders here in USA playing genocide resolution games!!! sick and tired...