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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Israel, for YOUR 9/11 FALSE FLAG, This is for You

For using your Zionist owned and controlled MSM to spread fear, lies, distortions, and portraying all Muslims as being some type of demonic throat-slitters, who love death more than life.

Numerous Arab/Muslim countries destroyed (And Persia in your sights); millions murdered (all non-Jews, of course); millions more homeless. Millions of children, orphans of the streets, since your devious, underhanded, back-stabbing 9/11 FALSE FLAG scared the USA into fighting countries you hate, like Iraq and letting the Pentagon turn those beautiful children into orphans.
Like Lebanon, whose River Litani's water you so greedily desire.

The once prosperous nation of Iraq, wrecked beyond recognition thanks to your Congressional lap-dogs wagging their tails and telling the Pentagon to 'Shock and Awe" the hell out of that once beautiful country.

For stealing the land of the indigenous Palestinains of the West Bank thru terror; burning of the farmer's olive groves and bulldozing their homes, so your greedy Orthodox Hasidic crazies can steal to their cold, blackened heart's content.
But most of all, for the trapped peace-loving people caged inside of the world's largest open air prison/ CONCENTRATION CAMP, the wonderful Palestinians of Gaza.

And to all those people you helped MURDER on 9/11 to trick the USA into becoming a carbon-copy of you mean, sadistic, hate-filled things--can't call you human, you don't fit the definition.
For all that and more, Israel, this is for YOU.

Dedicated to some of the major 9/11 FALSE FLAG architects, Israeli CRIME MINISTER 'Bibi' Netanyahu and Israel's Minister of War, Ehud Barak

FOX Zionist Stooge Hannity vs. Ted Rall

A quote on the 'Youtube' page that pretty well says it all about Hannity:

"To call Hannity a douchebag is an insult to douchebags!"

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