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Holy Qur'aan Surah 61 AS-SAFF The Ranks

Holy Qur'aan
Surah 61 As-Saff

Monday, April 19, 2010
Video : Egypt, Syria/Lebanon and the end of Israel, Netanyahu lost the war and he is already wanted dead or alive by his masters in the West !

After five years, Hizbullah came to the conclusion, with the full evidence, that french zionist jewish networks were behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri because he was backing financially Chirac-DeVillepin for the 2007 french presidential election. Mossadnik Sarkozy needed the help of Israel to kill Hariri to take power in France and take down Syria. Now that Sarkozy is directly named in this affair, Israel is threatening Lebanon and Syria.

Ask yourself where did they get the information about North African guys involved in the operation ?

Sarkozy is also directly involved in the Madrid (2004) and London (2005) bombings, that helps him secure his place in France and then Europe, by supporting the Israeli plan to send more EU troops in Iraq. We were the only people in the place to confirm that Sarkozy and Israel were behind the Rafik Hariri assassination. Like the US embassy in Paris, under Paul Wolfowitz, killed one of the best friend of Saddam Hussein in the West, Jean Luc Lagardere, another Sarkozy 'enemy'. Promote Sarkozy to make sure France will take part in the Syria, Iran wars....

Mubarak is now dying, and strangely Sarkozy was in charge of his security during the last 18 months, bizarre ? ! Netanyahu fears a soft coup d'etat in Egypt that will force him, to ask NATO and Obama to seize the Sinai and probably take control of the Nile river and the Litani river in South Lebanon. In fact, this is the plan and we warned you long time before it happen. Egypt built a wall, but also huge tunnels in the desert to help Israel invade Gaza by the south. According to our sources Mubarak has only few weeks, until he is transformed like Sharon as a living-mummy. Palestinians face a total extermination, a programmed final-solution genocide and Jordan may disappear as a state, that's why his english-jewish king is barking about 'an imminent war' in the Middle East.

Netanyahu disappeared during the last days, the reason is that he is now been too far, like Rabin went too far but on the other side of the way. Netanyahu, like Sharon, fears to be assassinated by his masters, because he thought he was in full power, and unlike Sharon, he forgot that he was just a puppet, like Sarkozy in France. Strauss Kahn, head of the IMF, will take power in France, in 2012 and he will work under the table like the CIA front man Obama is trying to do, without tangible success. Iran is still Iran, Syria is still Syria, Pakistan is still Pakistan, Afghanistan is still Afghanistan and Iraq is still Iraq... Where did you see any change ?

Time is on our side Obama, not yours !

Wa Allah swt 'alam,

islamic Intelligence

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