Saturday, 11 April 2009

Do you know the truth about the EU?


Squatter from Saxe Coburg & Gotha

Ten EU truths

7 deadly Lisbon clauses

Credit Crunch Cure: 1 page

Deliberate ruin of banks

50 reasons to leave

Frankfurt subversion.

Advantages of leaving

Lisbon Treaty one page

Lisbon Treaty full text

versus Hitler's Enabling Act

Flier for Ireland

EU control structures UK

EU Constitution one page

Signs of EU police state

EU's economic destruction

Is Obama failing?

Abolition of Councillors

Abolition of 48 Counties

Map: the 9 EU regions

Transnational regions

The EU's degraded our lives

What will the EU be like?

List of British traitors

British Constitution change

Lib Lab Con: One Party State

The Queen

The EU's Hitler

The dictatorship: Quotes

UK > EU handover.

EU subversion diagram.

Common Purpose

Common Purpose's CEO

Doublesided flier

The terrorism deception

Abolition of our 48 counties

Abolition of Parliament.

Church flier

Future of the credit crunch

Crashes by Central banks

Some revolutionary lyrics - copy of this site

Empty eutruth forum.
Go on: post something!

The Westminster News

The Cornish Free Press

The British Free Press

Government disinformation

Mobilisation talk

Blueprint to get out

Obama to be murdered?

SS child snatching

Wood's rigged elections

David Noakes

GLW: cleaning up EUkip

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