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Eustace Mullins was deliberately crippled on Jekyll Island in 2003 where he went alone after booking a room in a hotel, and later poisoned with Big Pharmaceutical dumbing down drugs to make him totally controlable and put in a mental institution. 
This interview was made in 2009.
Published on 8 Feb 2012
The last interview with Mullins. He explains how he had been attacked and the supposed stroke was likely an attack by his enemies. Even in his 80s and serious health problems he has more information about conspires than most people will ever know. Aside from more info on conspiracies we find out Mullins was a speed reader who read hundreds of books at the library of congress and has amassed a vast knowledge on these subjects.

 I taught Tropisms during my Biology classes in the seventies, but I never heard of ANAL TROPISM!  
I was not aware at the time that Jews had decided to remove homosexuality as a DISEASE in all ou medical and scientific text-books to make it NORMAL and UNPATHOLOGICAl by simply calling it "SEXUAL" ORIENTATION, when in fact it is an ANAL "ORIENTATION"!  How can the penetration of an anus (fecal orifice!)  by a woman or vagina hating and human reproduction hating penis be called SEX?  
* For more than five years London, Rome, Paris and Geneva refused me the right to adopt a WHITE EUROPEAN or other BABY, because I was not Christian or White!  Today, the same racists are giving OUR babies to be adopted by homosexuals.

*The KGB objected to my civil marriage to a Soviet citizen I was religiously married to!
*The French Zionist Government kicked my Polish wife (to whom I was religiously married) out of Paris in 1981 preventing me from getting married to her civilly.
*The English Court did not recognize my religious marriage to my French wife!

"As per UNESCO guidelines, your children WILL be taught the joys of homosexual sex and transgenderism in elementary school! They are the future, and they belong to us!"
It's hard to believe that as recently as 27 years ago, the raunchy comedian Andrew Dice Clay -- whose stand-up routines included vicious anti-homosexual jokes so raunchy that even Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat wouldn't repeat them -- could have become the hottest comic in America. But that he was. Indeed, in 1990, the "Diceman" became the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York City, two nights in a row.
As the gay 90's rolled around, Diceman's Brooklynese macho-man act came under increasing fire from womens' groups and organized homosexuals. Ultimately, not even his wild popularity and Jewishness (Born, Andrew Clay Silverstein) could save him from finally being banished and humbled. Years later, after apologizing and toning down his act, he made a modest comeback.
"I don't see how any man can look at another man's hairy ass and wanna ****"

"These fags want their rights. I'll give em their rights. Ten percent off on vaseline. Now get the **** back in the closet!"

"What do these bi-sexuals do? Get up in the morning and flip a coin to decide? Heads: I want **** -- Tails: balls across my nose!" 

On AIDS: "If you go around stickin' your **** in another guy's ***, you're bound to come up with some sort of disease. Maybe this is God's punishment."

And now, here we are, just a few decades later, and the homosexuals are not only "out of the closet," but on the front pages of the world's most influential newspapers. And as this story about a recent event in Australia reveals, they don't intend on ever going back into that closet.
From the article -- a bit of libtarded lunacy from "the land down under:" 

"The soiree, held one Saturday evening in October, was the inaugural Coming Back Out Ball, an event intended to honor older gay, transgender and intersex people ....
Dancing at the ball. Besides being a tribute, the event was meant to call attention to the tendency of some gays and lesbians to return to the closet as they go into nursing homes.
Guests arrived from across the country. Some came with partners of more than 30 years, and others had only just come out in their 70s or 80s. The ball came at an important moment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Australia, as the country awaits the results of a postal survey on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized.
After the dinner plates were cleared, Mr. Meecham addressed the crowd.
“To the L.G.B.T.I. elders who have led the way, who have shaped our community, who have fought for my right to wear these six-inch heels and gold nail polish: To you, I say thank you. I bow down to you.”
Mr. Meecham then leapt off the stage with the microphone and pulled guests out of their seats one by one, inviting them to share their stories.
“I always say that closets are for clothes and mothballs, and that’s it,” said Gordon Wilson, a gay man in his 80s.
As “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” played, two silver-haired women began a simple waltz. ... They spun in a half circle one way, then another. Her companion leaned into the chest of her partner and smiled, allowing herself to be swept around the fringes of the dance floor."
1. Brian Day, 77, wore the Order of Australia medal he received for his help in the AIDS crisis and the fight for "gay rights."   2. Ageing Australian dykes dance to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." 3. I know Koala, I know.

It's not that we condone Diceman's brand of foul-mouthed graphic "comedy," of course -- although, truth be told, the immature college-aged version of your since reformed and refined reporter here used to crack-up listening to his best-selling cassette tapes -- but the speed in which societal attitudes about the mental and moral perversion of homosexuality has changed is astonishing. Today, Diceman would never even be allowed to finish such an act at any local comedy club. How the heck did the world change so fast?
Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times do not need to be told that "the usual suspects" who shape our culture are behind this stunning anti-family, anti-civilization, anti-God transformation. But rather than repeating, for the umpteenth time, the "who" (cough cough) and the "why" of this abomination, let us instead review the equally important historical lesson of the "how."

"All we are asking for is 'tolerance' ---- to be left alone in our night clubs, bath houses and in our bedrooms. You don't have to approve of who we are or what we do, but if we're not bothering anyone and keeping it on the 'down low,' then why should we be persecuted?"

"Why must we remain "in-the-closet" like 2nd Class citizens?  We don't seek to impose ourselves or our lifestyles on anyone. You don't have to embrace us. We merely ask that you accept us as who we are."

"We were born this way. Just like you were born straight. We are therefore equal to heterosexuals and expect to be treated as such. What does it matter who you love? Let us march in your parades, serve openly in the military, get married and adopt children?"

"You WILL allow gays in the boy scouts! You WILL bake a wedding cake for us! You WILL take our photos at wedding! Or else, we will have the state shut you down!"

"As per UNESCO guidelines, your children WILL be taught the joys of homosexual sex and transgenderism in elementary school! They are the future, and they belong to us!"
Mushy Hollywood films like Philadelphia (Image 1, 1993, starring Tom Hanks) and Brokeback Mountain 
(Image 2, 2005, starring Heath Ledger) got the boobs to feeling sorry for the poor harmless sodomites. And now, the queers and their NWO protectors are shutting down family-owned bakeries 
(Image 3, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, in Oregon) simply for refusing to bake cakes for homosexual weddings.

That's EXACTLY how they did it -- step by step in roughly 5-year phases of media and Hollywood propagandizing. The sheeple of America who, not-too-long-ago, filled up arenas and cracked up laughing at Diceman's anti-homosexual jokes, never even detected that they were being slowly domesticated to the idea of normalizing sodomy and tranny-ism. 
The moral of the story? The Devil, whether you take him to be metaphorical or literal, only needs a tiny crack in the door to enter in and carry out his destruction. And he refers to that tiny crack as --- "tolerance."
 * In London, on two occasions, I was told by Police (called by the shopkeepers) that any shopkeeper has the RIGHT BY LAW not to serve customers if they want to, and I was ORDERED out of the shop each time!  On a third occasion I was assaulted by Police on my way out!  A lady passer-by and mother filmed part of the assault scene and offered to send it to me. I posted it on facebook immediately.  BAFS
"Just hear me out, OK. All I'm asking for is a bit of tolerance and understanding. Nothing more."
(That's how it starts.)

Tristan Meecham, organizer of the "Coming Back Out Ball" in Melbourne, Australia, honored those “who fought for my right to wear these six-inch heels and gold nail polish. To you, I say thank you.”
New York Times: For Older Gays Who Might Re-enter the Closet, a Ball Invites Them Out


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This was meant for my recent post on the Holy State Homosexuality Dogma!

Eustace Mullins - Homosexuality in Secret Societies


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Published on 11 Sep 2011

In Pasadena around 1996, with Jordan Maxwell and Vladimir Terziski. ADL's smear campaign agent Ernie Lazar is all over the web with his fantasies concerning Eustace Mullins. One of Ernie's favourite lies is that Eustace was a homosexual. Unfortunately Eustace cannot defend himself anymore against Ernie's professional allegations, but in this video Eustace left us some of his views on homosexuality, specifically homosexuality in secret societies. 
Ernie Lazar is said to be an uncle of Berel Lazar, Russia's chief Lubavitcher rabbi.

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