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 Sunday 13 May 2018
Now, I am struggling to give my grandchildren number 3 (LAYANA) and 4 (KENJI) a semblance of Islam!

14 2017
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Koen Roffel

Koen Roffel Nice pictures!
And a real grandpa!

Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus to Vickie Jacobs
“MUSLIM” SUMMER FÊTE organized by “House Negro” Muslims and reported by “The Guardian News” on Thursday 4 July 2013.

It is the first time since I am in the United Kingdom of Judah (1990/1-2013) that I attended such a venue with my then two granddaughters Jumaymah and Aïshah, accompanied by their father. One “Black Muslim” security assaulted me, assisted with a team of some 10 or more Brown idiots after a young Muslim girl manning a fair-ground ride reported to them that I had taken her photograph. I was ordered by security to show my camera and asked to delete all photographs I had taken of her. I showed them my camera and they saw I had taken photographs of my family, but the girl who was talking to my son was also seen in the background trying to sell him tickets for a ride probably. They called for assistance and this is when the “Black Security” manhandled me!

I was labelled a PEDOPHILE, and the small “Muslim” regiment tried to drag me under a tent to call the Police. My son and granddaughters knew nothing of this, and I was separated from them for some 20-30 minutes having been “arrested” by those idiots, preventing me from joining my family, and I was manhandled by a “Black” security I have known of in the past! Another Muslim (not a savage from the “Indian sub-continent”!) saved me from the madness of the Security team! 

The people who hosted the event also run a local Masjid (the West calls this place of worship by the insulting name of ”mosque”!), but I stopped going there when I found out it was controlled at the time (or maybe before) by a Jewish Member of Parliament, HARRY COHEN, but my granddaughters were attending classes of "Arabic" there and where they were being brainwashed with a kind of primitive and Sectarian religion they called Islam. Later, I learned that their mother (my beloved daughter-in-law who took the Shahada to marry my son!) who TOOK custody of my grandchildren had removed them from there, and totally deprived them of all Islamic education to this very day! Oy vey! Good grief! 

But, this is not the reason I am posting this here. I was wondering if any smart reader who happens to be interested in this short exposé might understand why out of TWELVE THOUSAND people who were reported to have attended the “fête” (fête, not for me!) the journalist I met on site and to whom I told my misadventure took my picture with my granddaughter Aïshah and printed it in his newspaper (rag)!  And, he did not mention a single word of what I told him!  (He was not prevented by the bullies from taking pictures!)

I AM INTRIGUED!   I can speculate endlessly, but I leave it to others to make their mind. Thank you for reading or not reading!   Have a nice day!
Sunday 14th May 2017

P.S. Sorry, Vickie, I am encountering some problems posting on my page!


In general, Muslims do not give a damn about Islam, but only about their tribe, sect, clan, nationalist culture, etc.

Fighting for freedom, truth, justice, Christ and Islam. National and universal reconciliation.

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Since his childhood BAFS learned a lot more about Christianity than about Islam although he was born in a so-called Muslim family.

The White pre-Christian, Greek Orthodox Christian, Catholic and Protestant European so-called WEST who have produced the greatest civilisation in Europe, has always wanted to own and rule the world, until one day they decided to join the Abominable Talmudist Khazar Israel ILLUMINATI (QABBALAH) to share that ownership and rule, at least since the Crusades and the Christian-Mongol Invasion of Muslim lands.   

ISLAM is just an inspiration from MUHAMMAD, the greatest free thinker ("philosopher") and mystic that ever existed!  BAFS read his recorded Revelations from the Invisible World, it is (in translation) a human talking, NOT GOD!  The divine language and expressions are too human to be from God Himself  WHO TO THIS DAY NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE WHETHER HE REALLY EXISTS OR NOT AS MOST BELIEVERS DO BELIEVE!  Or is it just a translation of God's Word (The Forces of Good from Invisible Realm) into the best of the Arabic language of the time.

In one Surah alone, the longest one in the Holy Book, Al-Baqqarah THE GOLDEN CALF, there is plethora of evidence to prove this.  BAFS has learned to read all Holy Books at a different level where he always try to find out common foundational values like the FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, TRUTH, JUSTICE, and for a MORAL WAY of life, God or no God!  

14 May 2018

 (Protestant Faith perspective)

 The Messianic religion of THE EYE is taught by Rabbis in France on live television!
Published on 22 Feb 2018
An Exploration of the Vatican, the "Temple of Lucifer" Exposed! The Jesuit Illuminati Conspiracy to unveil the anti-Christ. An R$E Production 2018. Music: 88Ultra - Para Bellum - Sad World Private Domain - Death and Maiden Emmit Fenn - Blinded All songs used with express permission. With thanks to the artists for providing the soundtrack to this production. Filmed on Location in Rome, Vatican City and Jerusalem.


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