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Le faux Premier Ministre Paul Bérenger et faux Marxiste fait rayer toutes les fausses charges contre Muhammad Cehl Fakeemeeah 2003

 1914-1918 - After the Illumnati and money Jews had taken over the Christian and White European nations, and subjugated the entire world!  THE END OF THE FREE WORLD.

Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

United Kingdom

Wednesday 12th November 2003
Muhammad Cehl Fakeemeeah
98 Hassen Sakir Street (Rue Pagoda)
British neo-colony of Mauritius
Tel. 00 230

My dear Brother Suhail
Well, it seems to me that you will unfortunately not heed advice regarding your health and safety before party politics.  I sincerely hope you know what you are doing.  Instead of jumping in the arena of dirty party politics again I was hoping you would run for your life abroad, for example to the UK where you have some helpers, and rush to a specialist and have a full medical check-up because of your three long years of forced inhuman incarceration, torture and daily humiliation, and carry on with your fasting in peace.  I pleaded with your mother twice to convince you to leave Mauritius for the time being, and she promised to talk to you although she was not optimistic.

I fail to understand how you can go about giving “interviews” to the same people who demonised you, demonise Islam and the Muslims on a daily or weekly basis.  Further, from day one, Reza Issack of STAR boycotted all our efforts to help you and to alert the public.  I am sure you know that the onus was on the prosecution to prove your guilt and not on you to prove your innocence, and I am dismayed reading articles in the STAR or 5Plus weeklies where you are trying to prove your innocence.  On top of that I read you might also change the name of your party, the Hizbullah, under pressure!  I do not recall that you were officially indicted because your party was called Hizbullah!  Most Mauritians hate your religion and you, including Muslims!  I read also that the non-elected Prime Minister Paul R. Bérenger is claiming that 3 years of jail have made a better man of you, to his liking, meaning you were evil before and that you had deserved to undergo this reformation through illegal arrest, torture and humiliation.  Great philosophy!  When you don’t like somebody or his religion, just arrest him, torture him and deprive him of his rights for 3 years and you get a better citizen!  Many would have been driven mad or even would have died after such an ordeal.

However, the Holy Qur’aan says that a thing can be good and bad can come out of it, and a thing can be bad and good can come out of it.  ALLAH knows and we don’t.  I may therefore be wrong, but I have always acted upon not only my intuition but also my knowledge and experience of things.  It seems to me that you take the view that if Allah subhanahu wa ta’al has saved you from the hell of prison, you have also been given ijaaza to keep staying in the hell of Mauritius to confront with equal success the same pack of angry, hungry and bloodthirsty wolves and other hypocrites among your own midst, although your life and the life and freedom of your closed ones are still at stake!  I have read your Khutba-book and it does not show that you are a politician in the popular sense.  Politicians are dishonest, cruel, selfish and corrupt, and they all use religion to buy votes.  You described yourself as a man of God with an unusual unflinching faith in God and not as one with the necessary skills to play with a man of the calibre of Paul!  And here you are, in the middle of Ramadan, totally ignoring your health needs, thinking that you are safe in Mauritius!  I got confirmation only today in an article by Michaëlla Coosnapen (5Plus) that the DPP is Abdool Rafeek Hamuth, a practising Muslim the type of which nobody can corrupt, I am told by a close friend of his.  So, now it becomes clear why you are out.  Had it been a non-Muslim or a Muslim collaborator you would surely still rot in jail today!
Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala saved your life, my Brother, don’t ask from Him too much!  If you think it is safe or wise to stay in Mauritius and give “interviews” to one and all like a real neophyte, it is your choice.  You have lawyers; let them do the talking until you are ‘completely’ safe and ‘completely’ free.  If you need to communicate with the public, send a communiqué to the press, but do not let them manipulate you through bogus interviews.  Fast and work, but get away from the public, from the crowd, at least during Ramadan.  This present freedom is just an illusion.  I know my words are harsh, but I am not like that idiot Reza Issack who is more interested in party politics than in your health and safety.  He behaves like a Munaafik hiding behind religion for political gains.

Given the circumstance, I regard my mission as now accomplished and I hope you will not change the name of Hizbullah in order to please the Kuffar or to please the frightened Muslims in your party!  If you still insist to dabble in real politics, I would advise you to stay away from Saudi “scholars” and turn to Great Britain and ask advice from the Muslim activists here or in the USA, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  But, keep away from the CIA-Salafis and the Mirzaïs, and the racist (tribalist) Muslim traders who are traitors that support State terrorism and are collaborators of all governments.  They are Hinduised Muslims and they have for over a century boycotted the Muslims’ efforts to learn proper Islam, Arabic, Pharsi or Urdu, or even non-racist English and French.  I have never seen and heard a man with greater Imân than Sheikh Hamza Yusuf!  He may help.  

I am also enclosing the email I sent to Brother Beelall to which he has not yet responded.  A certain category of people always says they are busy in order to justify their indolence!  I am not at all interested in the least in “Mauritian” nationalistic party politics.  My only concern is universal Islam and universal Justice, although my Imân and my Dîn are both unlike (less than) many others.  May Allah guide you and help you and your family.  One last piece of advice though, record on audio and videotape all your public representations and talks, and engage a secretary to keep notes of everything you do, with exact date and time, and screen all your members, ‘friends’ and family, and beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

With much love
Your Brother in Islam
Basher Ahmad   
(I have sent you 2 CDs yesterday by air mail.  My Jihaad continues elsewhere.)
Sunday 9th November 2003 at 13hours

   Dear Brother Beelall

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu !

Since your last mail on Sunday 5 Oct 2003, I have not heard from you at all.

I spoke to Brother Suhail and to his mother a couple of times.  I am actually greatly concerned about Suhail’s safety.  I pleaded with him as well as with his mother that he cannot stay in Mauritius for the time being and that he has to leave IMMEDIATELY!

  Your telephone as well as Suhail’s is both tapped by the Police and they will find a way to frame Suhail again and arrest him and this time he is NOT going to get out at all OR

 they are simply going to have him murdered (“suicided”), normally by even one of his own followers!


Put him on the next flight to London, FORCE HIM to take the plane and come here.  I am willing to pay for his trip NOW!  On his arrival he has to declare that he is applying for POLITICAL ASYLUM and NO MENTION HAS TO BE MADE ABOUT RELIGION AT ALL!  Please, keep me informed of what YOU have decided. 



May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala guide you all. 

Bashher Ahmad

5Plus 9 novembre 2003-11-12

Paul Bérenger lors d’une conférence de presse hier

“Aucune démarche du GM pour amener le DPP
à rayer les charges contre Cehl Meeah”

Le Premier ministre, Paul Bérenger, a précisé hier, lors d’un tour d’horizon de l’actualité, que le Directeur des Poursuites Publiques (DPP) n’a pas été influencé dans sa décision de rayer toutes les charges retenues contre le leader du Hizbullah, Cehl Meeah.

Pour le PM, “il n’y a eu aucune démarche de la part du gouvernement pour amener le DPP à rayer les charges contre Cehl Meeah”*. Sur ce même chapitre, il a aussi déclaré : “Le DPP a pris sa décision et a agi en toute indépendance”. En ce qui concerne la libération de Cehl Meeah et ses déclarations publiques, Paul Bérenger trouve qu’il y a eu un changement d’attitude chez ce dernier : “Les propos et le ton de Cehl Meeah sont différents. Je suis agréablement surpris par le langage de Cehl Meeah depuis sa sortie de prison. Tant mieux pour le pays s’il change et agit comme un vrai patriote”. ہ une de nos questions, le PM a répondu qu’il n’a pas été étonné par la déclaration de Cehl Meeah qui avait déclaré que Paul Bérenger était son “adversaire direct”. 

Sur le plan politique, le PM a expliqué que la candidature de Prakash Maunthrooa est un choix du MSM et non celui du MMM, comme le laisse entendre le PTr : “Que les choses soient bien claires: Prakash Maunthrooa n’a jamais été proche du MMM. C’est un choix du MSM. Le PTr mène une campagne malsaine”. Quant à la partielle de décembre prochain, Paul Bérenger s’est dit serein et confiant dans la victoire de Prakash Maunthrooa. Il a aussi déclaré qu’il y aura un remaniement ministériel après la victoire de l’alliance gouvernemental au No 7. ہ une autre question de ‘5-Plus dimanche’ portant sur le ministère que va occuper Prakash Maunthrooa en cas de victoire, Paul Bérenger a répondu que c’était sa prérogative tout en précisant que Pravind Jugnauth allait garder le portefeuille du ministre des Finances.

Par ailleurs, le premier volet de ce tour d’horizon avait été consacré à l’économie. Le PM a expliqué que la situation économique du pays était moins grave qu’il le pensait. Il a avancé, entre autres, que 12 300 emplois ont été créés, que l’inflation a chuté à 4% et a déclaré que le retour en force des investisseurs étrangers était prévisible. Paul Bérenger a longuement commenté la position du gouvernement par rapport au secteur privé. Selon lui, “c’est un partenariat exemplaire, peut-être unique au monde”. La situation qui prévaut à la douane a aussi été commentée par Paul Bérenger. Il en a profité pour féliciter le receveur des douanes pour son combat contre la fraude et la corruption. Il a aussi déclaré que le gouvernement serait sans pitié à l’égard du syndicat des douaniers qui met des bâtons dans les roues de la réfome. Il a invité les dirigeants de cette centrale à changer leur attitude.
Jean Marie Gangaram

* Paul, tu es un sale menteur de Marxiste!  


En ce qui concerne la libération de Cehl Meeah et ses déclarations publiques, Paul Bérenger trouve qu’il y a eu un changement d’attitude chez ce dernier : “Les propos et le ton de Cehl Meeah sont différents. Je suis agréablement surpris par le langage de Cehl Meeah depuis sa sortie de prison. Tant mieux pour le pays s’il change et agit comme un vrai patriote”. **ہ une de nos questions, le PM a répondu qu’il n’a pas été étonné par la déclaration de Cehl Meeah qui avait déclaré que Paul Bérenger était son “adversaire direct”. [5 Plus - Jean Marie Gangaram]

** Double menteur!


Ce dernier déclare que désormais, “avec une certaine maturité acquise en prison ”***, il est prêt à faire des concessions et à discuter politique : “Je suis pour une politique d’ouverture avec tout le monde, quelle que soit sa communauté, et aussi avec les partis politiques”. Je pourrais travailler avec n’importe quelle formation politique à condition qu’il y ait la moralité et surtout qu’on ne vienne pas m’imposer le silence quand je veux entremêler mes discours de versets coraniques”, déclare Cehl Meeah. Il avance qu’il est fort probable que son parti change bientôt d’appellation, pour aller de pair avec son souci d’ouverture. [5Plus - Jean-Claude Dedans]

*** Propos bons pour les chiottes!

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  1. BAFS
    20/08/03 at 4:54 PM

    Cehl Meeah, political leader of the
    'Party of God' and lecturer in
    jurisprudence, was detained
    and tortured by
    the Mauritian Police.

    Killings and tortures galore,
    the order of the day,
    feasible or impossible! Factual or make-believe!

    Dear Sir

    Slight corrections are necessary, please.

    LA VOIX DES OPPRIMÉS at has been supportive in bringing to the Francophonic audience Cehl Meeah's case. Could you, please, supply a link on your website to Thanks.

    Yours faithfully