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BRENDON LEE O'CONNELL, Croi Croga - Brave Heart.

Muhammad Cédric Frémaux-Soormally & Jumaymah

 To my Sons 

Olyeg Sadabash, Brendon Lee O'Connell, Muhammad Cédric Frémaux-Soormally, their children, grand children, and their mothers.

 Olyeg Sadabash

YES,  fight  for Freedom, Truth, Justice ,and a Moral Way of Life or die a slave, but, fight first for your own because this world is too selfish, mad, inhabited and ruled by degenerates! 
I went through Hell in order to bring one child to this world!

 Brendon Lee O'Connell

Croi Croga - Brave Heart.

The king of Scotland died Alas
Without a son in this life
A man came from the south
King Edward the first
Oh a cruel pagan
The crowd fought
The noble and commoners
Between themselves
Forced to Forget
Their own Patriot.
This Legend

The King died
without a son in this life
Edward has the title
The young fought
People and Lords
Between themselves.

Champions, so strong
Stood in such a war
A champion without soul
A champion without way
Who hanged Thirty
Thirty without nobility
And young boys
Cruel heart
Living legend

Their dignity grew
From the word of the Scots
Six brave years,
Brave enough,
He sacrificed his hand
Too complicated
Too sad
They shouted their freedom,
The man that was brave
Brave Heart

Brendon O'Connell
1 hr ·Wednesday 8th of February 2017

I have withdrawn video's and my blog. They are not deleted, they have just been made private. I have recently put some back up. I need to clean house and remove many - they are embarrassing. Done while extremely angry and extremely..."belligerent".
I cannot go on like this and due to concerns about my health, both physical and mental, I have to discontinue this entire project and make plans to go back to Australia and simply retire. I will be placed in jail for skipping bail. This all needs to be explained - once and for all. In a clear and concise, non emotional video. I'll do my best.
These two documents also explain alot. I realize few read but I know a few do. Most likely they can write a letter too -
1. High Court synopsis -
INDEX - https://www.dropbox.com/…/High%20Court%20Notes%20-%20Index.…

Main body - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1y4cscnm…/High%20Court%20Notes.pdf
2. Sentencing Submission - 72MB PDF Document - - - https://drive.google.com/open…
THIS IS A GOOD INTRO TO THE MATTER https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.my/…/israeli-spying-thr…
AND THIS https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.com/…/israel-greatest-s…
I have at times been a "belligerent dick". This comes from having had to deal with alot of "assholes" in the dead of night, literally. You sometimes pull the trigger on your lonely outpost MG42 when you hear the twig snap and you just keep the tracer flying till the 250 rounds are gone. Past the smoking barrel you note alot of bodies, friend and foe alike. I guess I'm a bit jumpy these last eight years. Apolagies.
Believe it or not, I have some really professional connected friends. If they read this FB post they will be relieved. "At last, he knows what the term 'belligerent' means."
I have had good basic interactions with the Victorian Attorney General, the Tasmanian Attorney General, the New Zealand Attorney General, the New South Wales Deputy Premiere and the head of New Zealand intelligence and many MP.s.

I never did have that coffee and blue berry muffin with Inspector Barry Shelton, sorry Barry. I was invited out for beers with Minister Joe Francis and ex special forces commander James McMahon. Two days later, the Minister was threatened outside parliament house by a serial sex offender - because that's the army we face. Hard as it is to take. The media reported Minister Francis's bush with "T.J" as, 'Minister Naive About Security'. My niece at the age of 11 years old had a run in with one of "T.J's" mates on her way to school. That's the enemy we face. I'll stop there. Here are some news article on Minister Francis's run in with the states corrupt prison officers, police and their sex offender criminal network.
MINISTER THREATENED TWO DAYS AFTER OUR CALL https://au.news.yahoo.com/…/25…/sex-offender-security-scare/
Many opportunities have been lost. I have to take some responsibility for that. There are no university courses in taking on a bunch of racist homicidal maniacs who send out there top men to make sure you get the point as to who is watching you, ala; the Israeli Ambassador and Deputy Foreign Minister - circa, August 8, 2010. Dutiful to Rome, the lonely colonial outpost Australia sent it's emissary's to seal the deal, 30 of them, the Australian Foreign Minister included. Another 100 paid homage with parchments of support. That should of gotten tongues wagging. Hamid Farajollahi sure had a wagging tongue after reading about it. A documentary by Press TV was on the way - it never came. But I held on for two years for it. Not Hami's fault. Maybe Press TV just thought to hot to handle and "too belligerent".
ISRAELI AMBASSADOR COMES OUT AGAINST ME https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.my/…/why-is-media-ignor…
I tried to articulate to someone the trouble I was having "articulating" the events. Like having to explain how The West Australian Newspaper reported me as having threatened to "cut someones head off" using ISIS connections. To call the claim "creative" is all I can come up with. How do I explain the levels of deceit? The same newspaper stating I had complained at my trial the police had deleted my UFO footage off my hard drive? For one, I have no UFO footage on my hard drive and I never said it - ever. They made it up, out of thin air. Any lawyers want to take it on? Maybe I can make a complaint to the press council? I'm done. As a very understanding lady said to me recently, "Brendon, the only thing you have to explain is that the Israeli state came out against you directly in 2010 and its been downhill since then. That's all you have to explain. Anyone who does not get 'it', is not worth talking to."
I have to salvage the rest of my life. It's either that or commit suicide. I'm not one for suicide unless I can take Netanyahu with me. Apparently Bi Bi is threatening it too.
Or the guy that wrote on my little "forum" early 2010, "You have a nerve taking on The Pound." The IP traced to Herzliya, Occupied Palestine. I'll let you work it out. My sister was dead three months later from a massive stroke at the age of 42. Dropped dead in front of her kids. Kept bleeding - highly unusual. Like something was circulating in her blood stream while she was on life support. I'm sure it's a co-incidence. RIP Jacqueline Anne O'Connell. You're not as lucky as Khaled.
RIP Heather Glendinning and your two daughters. I'm sure it's just a co-incidence. I hope the police that had to gather up your lifeless bodies get over the scene.
RIP Eddie Al'Waly, who police say played with petrol in his accounting office in Perth and got the curtain stuck in the door and died, sorry I missed your wedding. Who were you doing work for again? I'm sure it's just a co-incidence.
RIP [Unknown Soldier], brother of one of my main supporters early on. Incinerated in an office fire in the US. I'm sure it's a co-incidence.
I need help. I need to get out of this and return to Australia. I need legal representation. Preferably not a West Australian lawyer as they are simply incapable of acting independently of the West Australian establishment who are incapable of acting independently on the Perth Jewish community who a well known Perth activist assures me have, "the political class by the balls in this state."
I need "thinking" people who can write emails and letters. My issue is a human rights issue. It comes under the Convention Against Torture. If my case gets into the right hands - as long as they know I will be passive and go offline, forever - then I can make this transition back to a normal life possible. This is about me, not "the case" nor the Gazans or anyone else. They will have to save themselves. I cannot even pay my hotel bill. The right hands does not include psychopathic Iranian lawyers. I need a proper human rights lawyer, not an ambulance chasing "contempt of court" bankrupt pretending to be a lawyer.
I've been slashing away for eight years. I've kicked the gorilla in the nuts and lived. ANZAC Spirit and all that. But it's time to retire, with my limp. If you can help, please do.
I would prefer to go back to Australia with a lawyer but I doubt there is time to organize one. In the end, I will just have to face the music. I have placed a few video's back up on my You Tube channel and blog I wanted to get rid of the more embarrassing ones. Sorry my belligerence got in the way of a good thing. Its been a wild ride and a book is in order. There is a warrant out for my arrest after I skipped bail. I do not have the energy to explain it. But its in the link at the start titled, "Sentencing Submissions". If anyone bothers to download and read it, it is FULL of interesting information.
I'll repeat what several people said to me about trying to convey the last 8 years: "Brendon, if people do not grasp immediately the entire Israeli state and Australia's political class coming out against you in 2010, and how that explains the extraordinary 8 years, then they will never get it."
Brendon Lee O'Connell

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Brendon O'Connell
Brendon O'Connell This is 8 years ago. Thats what a stupid person looks like. "Hey, I've got this wild idea! Lets get arrested and get on the record all the stuff on Israeli Intelligence activity, the Collins Class sub and Jewish supremcism as the foundation of the Israeli state!"
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus I am kind of busy tidying up the mess here! Let me congratulate you for the decision you have taken! As for me I chalenged the Poilice and the authorities one hundreds times to just try and put me in jail even once and warned them to NEVER RELEASE ME AGAIN because I am a TRUE MUJAHID (God or no God!) and I do not give a damn about their Maritime, Admiralty PIRATE Statutory or whatever Law. I always regarded myself as a Sovereign Freeman-on-the-land and I never formed part of any political or religious group and I 'NEVER' voted in my entire life except last year when I was walking home I was in the mood to cast my vote for a known loser George Galloway who I admire a lot (one of the rare ones) although I do not share his public statements on the Six Million Holocaust nonsense. The only reason was because the Polling Station was right at the back of the adjacent Central Royalist Baptist Church and I had my three months old baby in my arms. Some knew me there, including the "Reverend". I walked in and asked to vote for the very first time in my life, but saying aloud who was programmed to win as MAYOR, a "House Negro" Muslim, and that I was voting for the loser George Galloway! When the Lobby backs you, like they did with Barry Soetero, you cannot lose! If Trump WON, it was because the Lobby was secretly behind him! Or else you are saying the Lobby is that stupid and powerless! MY RELIGION IS A LIFE FOR A LIFE, with one difference, MUSLIMS ARE PEOPLE OF GOD AND VERY COMPASSIONATE and we tend to FORGIVE like good CHRISTIANS should do! So, I managed to survive "FREE" like all modern SLAVES until 71 years of age without having to compromise on my RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! Only to learn that the world as a whole do not deserve the TRUTH! They love living in myths and lies! If thos commentary is not appropriate, please, just delete it! Thank you and BONNE CHANCE! Remember the F... word. This is because and when you are ANGRY! So, this would be a good beginning! 

Laszlo Falusi Toth
Laszlo Falusi Toth Brendon ! Ican nothing els to say just take good care of yourself.
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Sonni Maguire
Sonni Maguire Probably a good decision there Brendon,although it feels like a cliff hanger for us,you need to do whats best for yourself,i wish you the best and thank you for an intriguing ride..
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Brendon O'Connell
Brendon O'Connell Well, I just realised that WA is unlikely to extradite on this poxy charge. Maybe I can go to Sydney or, where ever, and Crowd Fund money for the High Court. I need to lobby for a lawyer willing to take it. I have no life, this is it. No hope of work, no uni.Pretty much, this is it for me now.
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Sonni Maguire
Sonni Maguire Welcome in Cairns
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Christian Boyle
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Christian Boyle Brendon O'Connell got a spare room for ya at my place on the gold coast bro if you ever need it.................
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Brendon O'Connell Things have already got a lot better with your change of attitude! Prayers are not enough, you need financial support! But, there is HOPE! Take care!
Christian Boyle
Christian Boyle Brendon O'Connell i mean that too bro, you are most welcome here in my home. Im not far from burleigh beach, lovely 4 bed home, only myself and my elderly mother........you wouldnt be the first mate ive helped out in a time of need, nor the last. what can i say im a big believer in karma, doing right by your fellow man , cos one day who knows...it might be me needing a lil help.

In fact one childhood friend myself and my family did a similar thing for, is now a mega multi-millionaire running a multinational that is about to be listed on the stock exchange.

Think about it dude, its a genuine heartfelt offer
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Christian Boyle "its a genuine heartfelt offer" - this is the bit I like!
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Christian Boyle
Christian Boyle i mean it
Christian Boyle
Christian Boyle It could have very easily been me in Brendons shoes, so id hope that if it was, someone would be willing to give me a chance to get back on my feet and live my life in peace.

So the offer is there bro should you choose to take it up. And theres a hug waiting for ya as well, no homo lol
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Christian Boyle " theres a hug waiting for ya as well"! That's genuine brotherhood! "no homo"! THANK GOD! Basheer
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Christian Boyle
Christian Boyle costs nothing to give a damn and care about people
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Christian Boyle This is called human compassion that is lacking in so many of us! Take care!
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Christian Boyle

Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Christian Boyle My love to your Mother! Basheer

Christian Boyle
Christian Boyle he needs both....and really id say its for him to decide what he needs
Anthony Bagala
Anthony Bagala Such a great move Brendan. You are doing what is best for you and which will ensure you have a complete reset and recover your energy after a very difficult and stressful 7 or 8 years.

I think you made a wise and courageous choice.
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Santo Gracias
Santo Gracias Time to focus on you now mate. Get your affairs sorted and heal up. We'll be waiting patiently for you. Peace be upon you brother.
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Randy Johnston
Randy Johnston Lemme know howya go cob, whether its a lift or a visit, no probs
Randy Johnston
Randy Johnston PDF! Awse, toldja!
Christine Batt
Christine Batt You have done your bit. You are entitled to a life. You opened my eyes
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Jason Harrison
Jason Harrison Stay safe mate. Give a shout if you need help bro
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Achtung! This is French humour! The Aussie has been screaming his heart out ever since he was imprisoned. He would never have been imprisoned had WE helped him! He is not the only one to be helped! WE ALL NEED HELP AS LONG AS SATAN IS IN POWER! Some two thousand years ago, it was said that he was in power in Palestine, and some messed up God begot a Son, begotten not made, and had him crucified by Satan in order to save the world from their sins! What? I commit murder or steal and you crucify your son to save me from my crime? And Satan did crucify him, some say, but I read and understood otherwise. Others say that character never even existed and never earned a shekel in his life from a day's honest work, but he fed the multitude with miracles and promises. Jason, this is not addressed to you, but I just woke up from Paradise and keep seeing what YOU Earthlings are doing here on this planet owned and run by Satan. Doing not much for freedom, truth, justice and a moral way of life with the likes of mass murderers and perverts WE "elect" to rule over us and the entire world while we go out and get excited, Satanized, watching the likes of Madonna, Gaga and the Tribe performing on stage! Or go out to our usual games and recxreations and picnics breathing, drinking and eating what harm us more and more, and killing us! We are living in hell on Earth, and we need ACTION! I am not going to say which kind as who really gives a damn! Let us start by quitting smoking, Jewllywooding, drinking poisons like alcohol, and watching that damn television, and read those rags called newspapers, and YOU WILL SEE HOW WE START A REVOLUTION FOR CHANGE! But, no, we are legalizing cannabis (weed!) not for healing purposes, but to make us worse! Will we change? I need to ask Satan that one! Shalom you all! BAFS

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    (In there is a lesson for you, my SOn!)

    Muslims and Truth lovers are garbage and bloody hypocrites!I ALONE could finance the translation by professionals of a dozen of such books if I was not ripped off of all my assets by the Muslims, the Judaics, Christians, and both family and friends!Just to give a a few examples:1. My father disinherited me and had the property he himself gave me seized because I had disobeyed him and married against his will. 2. My satanic blood brothers stole the assets I owned in a private company back home!3. My Satanic brother ripped my wife off over £100,000 in 1990 money when she betrayed me and went into business with him!4. My step son stole my boss' Swiss Bank account I was managing after "he shot himself" in 1983. He was helped by my French wife and the Judaics of the Bank and the French establishment.5. My French wife cheated me with our Freemasonic Jehovah Witness business partners and ripped me off of all my assets in our business plus our home: worth over £200,000 in the year 2000 money! In today's money (2017) we are talking of a couple of million dollars.6. One on-benefit-Pakistani so-called Muslim embezzled over £25,000 of my money, stole my son's car, stole Charity money (£2,000) meant for Kashmir and Imran Khan's Hospital with the blessings of one LORD Nazir Ahmed!7. Lately I understood that £40 I gave for the Samouni Family (Palestine) as well as well over £1,000 worth of personal items, a van full of them, were stolen with the help of the Police and establishment. When Kenneth O'keefe went to the Police to complain the Police attempted to arrest him! I must have missed some others, but the fact is that it cost me millions to finally learn that THERE IS NO SUCH GOD AS THE ONE BEING WORSHIPED BY ALL BELIEVERS AROUND THE GLOBE AND IN THE EARTH'S ENTIRE HISTORY! AND THAT SATAN IS THE SOLE RULER OF THE WORLD! But, this does not mean that I have left ISLAM at all or Godly values! On the contrary my FAITH in it is much stronger with one exception, a big one: FORGET ABOUT THAT GOD NONSENSE and sacrificing your life, time, energy and money for the undeserving masses! My Islamic religion is "GODLY", but firmly founded on Freedom, Truth, Justice and a Moral Way of Life! And my understanding of a good religion is that they must all be founded on similar principles, meaning they must all be FUNDAMENTALLY, RADICALLY, ISLAMIC! I am crazy, maybe, but I do not give a damn! I will always call a thief a thief or a criminal a criminal! Or garbage garbage! And Israel as a RACIST, APARTHEID, ETHNIC CLEANSING ENTITY built of STOLEN PALESTINIAN LAND! Christians are very wrong to show such devotion to ISRAEL, Biblical and otherwise! It offends my intelligence (for lack of a better word) to see how Dr Kevin Barrett has to struggle to print that damn book in French when France was said by Charles Pasqua of the Judeo French Mafia to have 6 million Muslims in the eighties! Kevin must learn that the world is not interested in TRUTH and in JUSTICE and that all that he is doing is IN VAIN! Yet, I agree with him that the fight must go on at least if we want to preserve our sanity and our loved ones, and not become like the monsters! ISRAEL MUST GO OR ELSE THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY PEACE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! ARABIA HAS TO BE FREED! BAFS