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Shalom! Oy Vey, Adolf! With satanic joy in his face, the Jew lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl ...

Shalom!  Oy Vey, Adolf!  
More REDS for Thanksgiving 2016!

With satanic joy in his face, the Jew lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people." - Adolf Hitler


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Published on 23 Nov 2016

Interview with Brent Schlueter about the dangers facing Trump's administration from the ZOG, identity politics, the child rape and murder of #pizzagate and how to dissolve Cultural Marxism for the sake of International Gentile Unity
 Lev Trotsky.jpg
US AMERICAN MERCENARY AND MASS MURDERER Leon Trotsky - Лев Дави́дович Тро́цкий, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein,  the founding leader of the ABOMINABLE JEWISH RED ARMY.

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Goose-Stepping to victory!
By Mike King
It had been many years, decades really, since I last watched Laurel & Hardy's, 'March of the Wooden Soldiers' (aka 'Babes in Toyland'). The stirring climax in which the heroic wooden soldiers drive the evil Silas Barnaby and his 'bogeymen' out of Toyland would always make the child version of your righteous author-to-be here jump up and down while fist-pumping and cheering. I have always hated the 'bad guys!'
This past Thanksgiving Day, having sworn off the now overtly politicized NFL (National Football League) once and for all, I opted to channel-surf instead of watching football. Stumbling across this film took me back to my childhood days, so I parked the dial on New York Channel 11 in eager anticipation of watching a colorized version of the film whose storyline I had long since forgotten, and probably never truly understood, in terms of its hidden meaning.
The "anti-Semitic" TM (whatever that term really means) and the anti-moneylender message struck the older and informed version of yours truly upside the head like a bolt of thunder. I was not at all expecting to revert to the jumping, fist-pumping and cheering of childhood; but that is exactly how I ended up, much to the bewildered amusement of those clueless family members we were compelled to break bread with on "Holidays."
Yes, your paranoid author here pleads guilty to having an overly active, overly suspicious imagination at times; but as it turns out, others have made the same observation. Let's have a closer look at the key elements of the 1934 film, and decide for yourself if the theory of "anti-Semitic" TM wooden soldiers is "crazy".

Toyland is a peaceful, healthy and happy community; in which the people and animals all know and care for one another. The setting is very similar to an 18th or 19th century Germanic village.

The predatory moneylender of Toyland with the Jewish-sounding name, Silas Barnaby, covets the young blonde maiden, 'Little Bo Peep'. Barnaby is always dressed in black, resembles Jewish-Communist Leon Trotsky, and has a side-kick who wears what appears to be a yarmulke.
1 & 2: The goatied Moneylender Barnaby resembles the Jewish Bolshevik Leon Trotsky
3: His little assistant wears a yarmulke.

Barnaby stalks Little Bo Peep and brings her flowers. He boasts of his wealth as he asks her to be his bride. When Bo Peep turns down old Barnaby's marriage proposal, Barnaby threatens to foreclose on Bo Peep's mother (the Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe), who is late on her mortgage payment.
Bo Peep wants nothing to do with Barnaby or his money. When the scorned moneylender threatens to foreclose on her mother's home (shoe), Stannie & Ollie set out to save her home.
Degenerate Marxist Billionaires George Soros and Sumner Redstone bought themselves girlfriends who were nearly 50 years younger.


"With satanic joy in his face, the Jew lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people." - Adolf Hitler

Faced with eviction, Bo Peep contemplates breaking her engagement to Tom-Tom, her true love, and marry Barnaby. Barnaby is not at all moved by the tearful pleas of Bo Peep's mother, so Stannie & Ollie devise a plan.

In an effort to sneak into Barnaby's home and destroy the mortgage note, Stannie and Ollie are found out and reported to the King by Barnaby. With Barnaby at his side, the King orders the pair to be repeatedly dunked in water and then banished to "Bogeyland", where the Bogeymen live. To stop the punishment, a heart-broken Bo Peep breaks her engagement to Tom-Tom and agrees to marry Barnaby. Barnaby then drops the charges.
At the behest of Barnaby, the King orders the water torture and banishment of Ollie. Barnaby relents when Bo Peep finally agrees to marry him.

The marriage is later foiled when a veiled Stannie impersonates the bride as Ollie induces Barnaby to hand over the mortgage note at the altar. After Hardy tears up the note, Barnaby lifts the veil to kiss his new  "bride". Horrified, Barnaby explodes in anger and vows revenge. 

Barnaby stages a 'false-flag' kidnapping of one of the 'three little pigs' and his henchman plants sausages in Tom-Tom's house. As Barnaby advises the fooled King with demonic delight, Tom-Tom is tried, convicted and banished across the river to Bogeyland. A distraught Bo Peep follows him.
Based on planted evidence (similar to the planted 'hijacker passports' and Anthrax letters of 9/11), Tom-Tom is banished. Bo Peep follows her lover to the caves of Bogeyland.

Stannie & Ollie find evidence implicating Barnaby in the pignapping, including the fact that the sausage links presented as evidence at Tom-Tom's trial are made of beef, not pork. They later discover the kidnapped pig alive in Barnaby's cellar. The King orders the arrest of Barnaby, who then flees from the angry villagers, escaping to Bogeyland through a secret passage-way at the bottom of an empty well. Stannie & Ollie eventually follow Barnaby.

Barnaby catches up to Tom-Tom and Bo-Peep, and attempts to abduct Bo-Peep. Tom-Tom thrashes Barnaby. Enraged, Barnaby summons a mob of Bogeymen, who chase Bo-Peep and Tom-Tom through the caverns of Bogeyland. The lovers run into Stannie & Ollie, who help them escape. They are welcomed back into town by the happy villagers, who now realize Barnaby's treachery.
Barnaby's agitation riles up the Bogeymen to attack the White Toylanders.

Barnaby leads an invasion of Toyland on a fleet of rafts. The crowd flees in panic as Barnaby's army of torch-wielding Bogeymen scale the walls and open the gates to Toyland.
"No justice - no peace!"
 *We are not equating all Blacks to the Bogeymen, only the violent anti-White Blacks who are generally incited by the Jewish Marxists.

Ollie and Stannie run to the toy shop to grab a toy cannon and darts. Stannie then comes up with the idea of activating the 6-foot tall wooden soldiers. As their buttons are pushed, the goose-stepping wooden soldiers march into action as the stirring musical score of 'March of the Wooden Soldiers' plays.
The awakened soldiers goose-step into action against Barnaby and his hairy henchmen. Game over "homies'! Yeah baby!
The Great One finally came to power and saved Germany from the moneylenders more than one year before the film was released.

Barnaby and his rampaging Bogeyman are driven out of Toyland at bayonet point as the citizens of Toyland cheer for their saviors.

'The March of the Wooden Soldiers' was produced by Hal Roach and significantly altered from the 1903 operetta, 'Babes in Toyland'.  Looking further into Mr. Roach, we learn that he, in 1937, conceived a joint business venture partnering with Vittorio Mussolini, son of the fascist leader of Italy, Benito Mussolini, to form a production company called R.A.M - Roach and Mussolini!
This proposed venture with Mussolini, whose father, as we all know, was very friendly with Adolf Hitler, enraged Jewish-owned MGM. When MGM intervened, Roach was forced to pay his way out of the venture. This "embarrassment" led to the end of Roach's relationship with MGM.
But in the final analysis, Hal Roach had the 'last laugh'. Although very few have ever picked up on the symbolism, Roach's goose-stepping wooden heroes stand tall as a classic "up-yours" to the powers-that-be who control Hollywood and Banking (Barnaby's mortgage business).
And that's something that no can take away from the clever producer.
1- Vittorio Mussolini (center) started a short-lived business venture with Hal Roach (right).
2- Hal Roach (3rd from left) poses with Laurel & Hardy (ends)


By Mike King
New York Times: Austria Seeks to Seize, and Possibly Tear Down, Hitler’s House

In the hopes of waking and re-balling the once great German / Austrian people, we interrupt this latest spectacle of self-abuse (their proud national pastime) with a dose of historical truth.

1914: The international bankers (cough cough) behind the New World Order crime gang imposed World War I upon peaceful Germany. But that wasn't the worst thing they did to the German people.
1919: By trickery and duress, the victorious NWO then imposed the subsequent inhumane Treaty of Versailles - an atrocity which tore apart chunks of German and Austrian territory and ruined their economies. But that wasn't the worst thing they did to the German people.
1- Woodrow Wilson had no business whatsoever declaring war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.
2- The monetary reparations imposed by the Versailles Treaty were unpayable.
3- After the collapse of Germany's currency, French invaders marched into unarmed Germany and collected physical resources instead. German citizens who complained were harassed at bayonet point and sometimes killed.

1939: The usual suspects then re-imposed World War (Part 2) upon Hitler's resurgent yet still peaceful Germany. But that wasn't the worst thing they did to the German people.
The above headlines confirm that it was Britain & France which started the war against Germany, not vice-versa.
1- "(Britain) Plans For a Long War -- Blunt Reply To Goering's Peace"
2- "(British) War Cabinet Ready For Long War, Will Win At All Costs"
3- "French Invade Reich"

1943-1945: The Allies carpet-bombed and fire-bombed crowded German cities, killing as many as 1 million civilians. But that wasn't the worst thing they did to the German people.
1945-1948: After winning the war and obtaining absolute mastery over the starving German people, the vindictive and victorious Allies (mainly Soviets, but Americans also participated) raped as many as two million women and murdered / caused the deaths of as many as 10 million defenseless Germans. (See "Hellstorm" --- if you've got the stomach for it!) But that wasn't the worst thing they did to the German people.
1 & 2- Relentless fire-bombing of women, elderly and children
3 - Deliberate starvation and disease-killing of 1.5 million exposed German POWs

The aforementioned crimes against humanity killed off many fine Germans, but never even came close to killing a whole people. When the book of history is finally closed on the extinct German race, honest future historians (if there will be any) will, above all, cite the suicidal guilt complex that was instilled in three post-war generations of German (and Austrian) children as the cause of the voluntary extinction. There is no coming back from that psychological atrocity -- a mental sickness, based on trauma and lies, which compels highly infertile German and Austrian libtards to actually welcome the Turd World invasion of one of the few remaining lands of the last pure Aryans. "Vee vere responseeble for zee Holocaust. So vee must velcome effryone." -- recites the obedient Teutonic libtard of manly Merkel's Marxified realm -- which leads us to mention this sad story about the destruction of The Great One's birthplace.
Pathetic German libtards are so very proud of committing national suicide as a means of atoning for the Holohoax.

The Austrian government has moved to seize the house where The Great One was born. Finally wrested from a private owner, the sacred site is to be torn down in order to "demystify a site that has become a magnet for neo-Nazis as well as tourists." Note the pathetic self-flagellation from Austrian politicians, from the article:
"Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has lobbied for the house to be torn down and replaced with an entirely new structure. In a statement on Monday, he repeated that wish, citing the findings of the historical commission, which recommended that “a thorough architectural remodeling is necessary to permanently prevent the recognition and the symbolism of the building.”
Johannes Waidbacher, the mayor of Braunau am Inn, said he fully supported the commission’s finding, noting that it had further recommended that the site be used by a social or municipal institution, to further emphasize the rejection of Nazi ideology."
Of course, the fact that statues of Jewish communists still stand doesn't trouble Herr Sobotka, Herr Waidbacher, and the vast majority of the brainwashed modern German people, at all. Mein Gott! That doomed country is so messed up.
Rosa Luxemburg (Berlin), Marx & Engels (Berlin) and another Marx (Chemnitz). The international movement which they represented actually killed far more people than The Great One mythically killed. Why is no one calling for the removal of those monuments? Answer: Because the Tribe owns the joint now!
*Engels was not Jewish.

I know boss, I know.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Austrian government is going to buy the house that Hitler was born in and tear it down.
Boobus Americanus 2: It's about time! Hitler was the most evil monster who ever lived.

SugarLeave Baby Hitler's housse alone!
 Editor: You guys make a very cute pair.

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