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We cannot and will not end the Business of Terror unless we stop the UN, usury and the bank gangsters once for all!  TOTAL BOYCOTT!

 Thursday, 11/19/2015 False Flag Weekly News


FIRST, let me say loud and clear that I am and will remain a law-abiding French Citizen as long as Freedom, Truth and Justice will rule the land!  

NOW, I have never known Paris to have been the “soft target” of all time, but I have known Paris to have been engineering Global Terror and Mass Murder, more specifically in Muslim lands that France has occupied for decades or centuries to this very day.  The following article signed by Gordon Duff is not doing justice to what is really happening in France.

19.11.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Ending the Business of Terror

What "terror attacks"?  Where did Gordon Duff see any Islamic population on this planet?  There is ISLAM, a religion, and MUSLIM populations!  "Islamic" is used by warmongering in propaganda to demonise Islam and Muslims!  I lived in France for 13 years and never saw any "huge Islamic population" at all!  What I saw was very docile Muslim communities mostly from Northern Africa and 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims born in France and treated as second or last class citizens.  It is impossible to obtain a licence to run any creative or industrial businesses or factories, or institutions, but very easy to obtain licences to run  secondary pornographic sex shops, brothels, liquor and tobacco cafés or drug dens, as the main ones are owned or run by Judaics and Zionists!

Of course, Paris "is also laden with cash" as it is one of the weapons, drug and sex trafficking centres in the world with extremely close ties with the terrorist, racist, apartheid and ethnic cleansing entity called Israel!  

As for NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations), i have known this for a long time that they all are run by the GOVERNMENT and controlled by the United Nations Organisations!  So, the only REAL TERRORISM that they support and export abroad is the one sponsored and engineered by the FRENCH MILITARIST GOVERNMENT!

It is comic to see my good friend Gordon Duff repeating verbatim what racist and Zionist France has been writing for decades accusing the British to do exactly the same by harbouring "ISLAMIC" TERRORIST HEADQUARTERS in the City of London, Bradford, Birmingham and Manchester, mainly in the cities with a large Muslim population.  These accusations have been levelled NON STOP for decades, in the 70s, 80s, 90s, in 2000, in 2010, and up to this very day!  This is PROPAGANDA from all those who want to RECONQUER all Muslim lands who are not obeying the dictates of the ne0-colonialists and neo-imperialists.   As a matter of fact, the EMPIRE never ceased to be, whether it is the British, the American, the French, the Russian, or the Jewish Empire for that matter!

It is easy and UNACCEPTABLE to claim that there are TERRORIST HEADQUARTERS in Paris without naming them and giving us verifiable details about them!  

What Gordon Duff does not say is that, for example, QATAR is just a US military base in the heartland of Arabs and Muslims!  Bahrain is owned by Western and Jewish interests! 

Stranger enough is that the West has always mentioned SAUDIA (Occupied Arabia) only to vilify Arabs and Muslims while all along SAUDIA IS CIA and owned and controlled again by Western and Jewish interests!  

So, the mention of Qatar, Bahrain and Saudia is very misleading without saying that they are all Western owned and controlled!

There are still many things that Gordon Duff does not and should know about France!  France is a warmongering, Jewish owned, Jewish controlled, racist and anti-God military power - just like the USA!  Maybe Gordon Duff is still unaware the role France played in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or of other political leaders around the world!  

At the time of 9/11 I read or heard somewhere that the Emir of Qatar and Dick Cheney (or the CIA) owned Al-Jazeera half-half!  So Al Jazeera has never been a source of "information" to me!  I saw Dick Cheney and the Emir of Qatar walking into the headquarters of Al Jazeera to order them not to broadcast their very latest interview with Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin about 9/11 and they complied!

There is no free press, independent television (media) except MILITARIST PROPAGANDA!  There is none mainstream wise!

Indeed, that an Israeli/NATO missile shot down the Russian passenger jet can be the only explanation in the absence of other evidence!  I am hoping that Gordon Duff knows that the top Saudi weaponry arsenal is controlled and handled exclusively by the Saudi!  They will never trust the Arabs!

Terrorists, Refugees, Immigrants, "Islamists", Islamic or Muslim "Radicals" are only scare words to terrorist the stupid and gullible masses!

Gordon Duff is right in broadening our perspective by pointing out how many killings are occurring elsewhere on a regular basis and even on a daily basis.  And they are all engineered by the warmongering West and its Allies like Israel.


"Al Nusra’s leaders strut around Paris like they own it, ..." - Sorry, but this is absolute garbage!

"Qatar has been bankrolling terrorist groups in Paris quite openly. These groups are ISIS."

This again is absolute bovine excrement unless we say Qatar, "Al Nusra" and "Isis" are all acting upon orders from the West or Israel!  Damn it Gordon, Muslims cannot even run a place for praying (Masjid or Mosque) without being controlled and harassed by the State!  Even the Arab Institute in Paris is controlled/run by Jews!

 The real terror and sleeper cells I have known in Paris and elsewhere are the TERRORIST LDJ ("League for the Defence of Jews"), the BETAR, and the Chabad Lubavitch Centres, and the Sayanim working for MOSSAD.  

Yes, Gordon, France has been quite hospitable to ISIS because ISIS is ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE SERVICE!  And, yes is there better proof than the fact that ISIS never attacked Israel or Israelis!

As for Anti-Islamic Turkey, after the destruction of the decadent Ottomans it was and remains a US-European bastard child like Israel and Pakistan!  I am not interested in the details of the politics of the day!

I never deal in hypotheses!  "Refugee backlash""  This again is pure propaganda!  The "refugee crisis" is engineered!  Was it not Germany that sent back half a million "immigrants" back to Turkey on racist grounds just because they were sort of Muslims?

Yes, "al Qaeda began in 1985", and was created, operated and funded by the CIA (USA and the American people!), but to say it was a "terror organization to be run by Colonel Tim Osman, AKA “Osama bin Laden.” is simply not true!  Usama Bin Ladin was an engineer and a deeply spiritual personal, and not part of the US military staff as Colonel Tim Osman!  Bin LAdin became the US worst nightmare only because he wanted to oust the US military from occupying his country, ARABIA!

As for weapons, the entire West and its Allies are supplying weapons to their terrorist agents, mercenaries, cutthroats, cannibals, rapists, Israeli killers, and even to nations on their payroll!  There are NO MUSLIMS in terrorist organisations, and to assimilate Muslims who are defending their families, honour, lives, livelihood and homelands from barbarians, savages from the West, Israel or even Russia, is grotesque and a cowardly act!  The West has "compassion" only for homosexuals, whores, prostitutes, gamblers, drug addicts, etc., but never for Muslims!  

It is wrong to say that Intelligence Agencies are drawn to any "existing terror group anywhere in the world" "like rats to a rotting corpse"", because those terror groups are the creation of those same intelligence services!

African "Boko Haram" is not Islamic nor Muslim even if some traumatised colonised and neo-colonised Muslim retards or fanatics have adhered to it, but yet another terrorist group created by the West and portrayed as a group "that hates technology and western education"!

Where does this lead us in regard to the Paris attack? We have a long list of questions for the French government.


Thursday 19th of November 2015

19.11.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Ending the Business of Terror


The Paris terror attacks were expected. Paris is the “soft target” of all time with a huge Islamic population, but there is something not spoken of. Paris is also laden with cash, NGOs that have supported terrorism in Syria and Iraq are headquartered in Paris.

Paris is also home to a number of “diplomatic” organizations whose members, not just Qatar, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, are in bed with terrorists for not just money. Funding terrorism and supporting terrorists is a way of inexpensively manipulating world events without buy aircraft carriers.

If terrorism buys quasi-national players a “place at the table,” that table is in Paris.

Unlike a decade ago, any media pundit can openly cite the CIA or even NATO’s Gladio organization as the foundation of the terrorist organizations that are talked about and still openly funded, armed and supported, the “household pets” of American Senator’s Lindsey Graham and John McCain or US State Department’s “Donut Dollie,” Victoria “Noodles” Nuland, tied directly to planning the infamous Odessa massacre.

To begin with a bit of perspective, let us remember the 224 Russians who died at the hands of, well we don’t really know. What we do know is that the aircraft exploded at 31,000 feet over Sinai in a region under United Nations control while a massive combined Israeli/NATO air combat simulation was going on less than 30 miles away.

We also know a video crew was positioned more than a day in advance to “record the event,” not unlike the mysterious “Dancing Israeli” video team from 9/11 picked up with video equipment, automatic weapons and, from a 2014 Snowden leak the media refused to carry, 3000 pounds of high explosives as well.

The media role, beginning with Qatar’s Al Jazeera, started with planting a false story about “engine trouble,” sources say was fabricated to “stand down” security to allow the video crew to escape to Jordan by boat. Subsequent stories tell about imaginary bomb timers, hotel maids placing bombs in suitcases and much wilder conspiracies as well were planted until the Paris event pushed the Russian tragedy off the front page.

Our choice is to be led by either the media and their masters like sheep, or use the tools “think tanks” would apply were they really independent, which of course none are.

Occam’s Razor, the analytical tool made famous in the Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle still applies:

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

In this case, an Israeli missile shot down the Russian passenger jet and NATO, whose planes including AWAC radar and command aircraft, knew about it and are either covering it up or were fully complicit from the beginning.

Now we turn our attention to Paris where Occam’s Razor applies as well. We begin by looking at what we know, what we can hypothesize and then by examining the timing to see who benefits, or “cui bono,” another phrase, this time Latin, that is useful in determining responsibility.

We know that there were no staged events in this attack unlike the actors hired using blanks during the “Charlie Hebdo” false flag event of January 2015. We cite “Charlie” as a public relations event ordered personally by Netanyahu, any other answer is patently absurd.

How then, in this inexorable set of circumstances, do we now assume that terrorists, who we are told entered Europe as “refugees,” planned and executed this attack, this one act of terror among so many that actually looks like an act of terror?

To broaden our perspective we point out that only a short moment before the Paris attack 40 were killed in bombings in Beirut and “moments” before that a series of attacks were perpetrated in Baghdad as well. Then again, such attacks such as the terror rocket attacks on Latakia killing 23, are a daily occurrence inside Syria.

In the midst of this, we have reliable reports, some from Tel Aviv, that Israel attacked Damascus with missiles. As is always the case during such incidents, intelligence requirements prevent any feedback as to results. What we do know is that if Israel has been engaging in such acts to enhance the political stranglehold on Israel that the Jewish ruling class has assumed, protection of and full complicity with terror organizations is part and parcel to such efforts.

Stepping back to our analytical model, we look at the Russian attacks. The benefitting party is NATO and its ability to draw Russian “innocent blood” without potential for reprisal. It is most likely that the Israeli Air Force or US supplied Patriot batteries were the chosen methodology.

The Beirut bombings walk us into a wider conflict. While Israel battles Hamas at home, thousands of Palestinian fighters, including rogue Hamas factions, have been transited through Jordan by Israel to fight the Damascus government. The current battles in Daraa and Yarmouk are against such forces who are, as confirmed by both reports and Israeli captives and dead, a story too hot for the western press, fighting alongside Israeli “boots on the ground” inside Syria.

Could the destruction of the Russian passenger aircraft be a response to Israeli casualties at the hands of the secretive Russian air attacks on the Golan Heights?

As for Paris, the idea that France was to be punished for its role inside Syria is absurd. Al Nusra’s leaders strut around Paris like they own it, perhaps purchased with the Qatari cash they bask in. Qatar has been bankrolling terrorist groups in Paris quite openly. These groups are ISIS. What is the difference between a group of terrorists living in Paris for “political reasons” no one seems to know but the French “leadership” has long accepted and “terror cells” such as those now being described as “Belgian” that recently butchered over 100 French citizens?

What we are saying is simply this, France has been quite hospitable to ISIS and Al Nusra and these organizations have no reason whatsoever to bite the hand that feeds them, French, Saudi or Qatari, no more than they have never done anything against Israel.

From this, we make the also inexorable jump to Turkey and the terror attacks there that led to the Erdogan victory in a “snap election.” We know quite well who benefitted, we know this as well as we also know that after 200 days of Erdogan’s announced air war on ISIS, Turkish planes have not flown a single sortie against a terrorist target other than Erdogan’s own political enemies.

Our hypothesis again broadens when we look at the refugee backlash the Paris attacks have brought on. Germany just agreed to pay Erdogan $3bn to “take back unwanted refugees.” Is anyone asking who paid Erdogan to send them in the first place?

A short delve into history is useful now. We know that al Qaeda began in 1985 based on a Reagan presidential directive, according to White House Intelligence Coordinator Lee Wanta. Reagan, whose administration was rocked with scandals over narcotics and arms trafficking, “Iran Contra” it was called, opened this floodgate through empowering the creation of a CIA operated and funded terror organization to be run by Colonel Tim Osman, AKA “Osama bin Laden.”

At some point, “bin Laden” became an enemy though it is impossible to find out exactly when as there are more than voluminous accounts of the US both “hunting” and “paying” bin Laden at the same time, up to and after 9/11.

Now we see America working with al Qaeda again. The US backed forces in Northern Syria have, for at least a year now, been entirely ISIS and al Nusra. There have been no Free Syrian Army units in Northern Syria for a very long time. The US has openly given thousands of TOW and Stinger missiles to al Qaeda and ISIS and now, according to French sources, is acquiring Ukrainian BUK missiles to be used against not only Russian and Syrian aircraft but American as well along with any commercial air traffic that might accidentally be wrongly directed as happened with MH17.

Thus, if the US started al Qaeda and backed them openly before and back them openly now, was there a time when the US had stopped backing al Qaeda? Are we missing something here?

It has become impossible to separate any existing terror group anywhere in the world from the intelligence agencies that are drawn to them like rats to a rotting corpse.

What is true of al Qaeda may well be true for Boko Harum for instance, the African group that hates technology and western education but carries sat phones and travels the Sahel in Toyota Hilux pickup trucks Toyota claims they never made and never sold to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Where does this lead us in regard to the Paris attack? We have a long list of questions for the French government.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
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Rien ni personne n'est supérieur à la vérité

BREAKING NEWS - La preuve que les attentats de Paris sont un false-flag

Publié par sur 18 Novembre 2015, 09:23am
BREAKING NEWS - La preuve que les attentats de Paris sont un false-flag
Présentation générale des faits les plus accablants

La vague d’attentats qui s’est abattue sur Paris pose quelques interrogations. Nous allons énumérer ici les faits qui nous font dire que la thèse officielle de ces attentats de Paris ne tient pas la route. Il est courant de qualifier de « complotiste » les articles qui dérangent et qui sont reproduits par des sites internet de toutes obédiences, y compris par d’authentiques extrémistes. Nous n’y sommes pour rien, nous ne faisons que relever des faits. Que le lecteur se fasse sa propre idée mais franchement, il faut vraiment être de mauvaise foi pour ne pas voir la supercherie de ces attentats…
Déjà pour commencer, une chose simple qu’aucun média n’a osé relever, rappelons quand même que l’Etat français a remis les frontières le jour des attentats, déployant ainsi trente mille policiers,  lesquels ont été mobilisés pour cette opération de contrôle aux frontières devant durer un mois dans le cadre de la conférence de Paris sur le climat (COP21). Comme c’est bizarre… Après les attentats le même jour, cette fermeture des frontières se trouve prolongée avec l’Etat d’urgence décrété…
Le jour même des attentats, vendredi 13 novembre 2015, toujours le même, non vous ne rêvez pas, est présenté le matin même le nouveau "Plan Armes" du gouvernement visant à renforcer le contrôle des armes et des identités aux frontières sur  le territoire national et européen. Bernard Cazeneuve, ministre de l’Intérieur, tiendra un discours pour présenter ce nouveau « Plan armes » à Nanterre le matin du vendredi 13 novembre 2015, quelques heures avant les attentats. Ces nouvelles mesures étaient critiquées car jugées trop fascisantes, mais avec les attentats du même jour, hop, celles-ci seront bientôt votées comme une lettre à la poste. Comme c’est bizarre… (source : )
Un jour avant les attentats,  Le 12 novembre, l’Observatoire national de la délinquance et des réponses pénales —rattaché au ministère de l’Intérieur— ( tiens encore Cazeneuve…)publiait un rapport selon lequel le terrorisme était devenu la seconde préoccupation des Français après le chômage…( source : « La grande peur du terrorisme », Timothée Boutry, Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, 13 novembre 2015.)
Et pour finir, un exercice simulant des attentats a été conduit le matin même de l’attaque par les services d’urgence hospitaliers, sous le contrôle des ministères de l’Intérieur ( tiens encore Cazeneuve…) et de la Défense. Une coïncidence que l’on avait déjà relevée lors des attentats du 11 septembre 2001 à New York et Washington, de ceux du 11 mars 2004 à Madrid, ou encore de ceux du 7 juillet 2005 à Londres. (source : Cf. Intervention du Dr Patrice Pelloux, président de l’Association des médecins urgentistes de France, sur France Info à 10h26 et au journal du soir de France2, le 14 novembre 2015. « Comment le Samu s’est préparé aux attentats simultanés de Paris », Kira Mitrofanoff, Challenges, 15 novembre 2015.)

Ainsi, quand on fait déjà un premier scan des événements, c’est-à-dire juste une petite analyse globale, on se rend compte à quel point la thèse officielle des attentats vole en éclats, cédant sous la pression simple et logique des faits. Les faits sont accablants, et tout cela démontre que les attentats de Paris ont bien été planifiés par les hauts services de l’Etat français.

Mais il y a encore plus fort, nous allons maintenant nous intéresser à la personne de Brahim Abdeslam.

Le cas Brahim Abdeslam

Brahim Abdeslam, 31 ans, commando kamikaze impliqué dans les attentats du vendredi 13 novembre 2015, était propriétaire du café Les Béguines  situé dans une petite rue tranquille du quartier de Karreveld, à Molenbeek en Belgique. Ce bar faisait également office de coffee shop. Les autorités communales ont ordonné le 2 novembre la « fermeture au public de l’établissement », pour une « durée de 5 mois prenant cours le 5 novembre 2015 pour se terminer le 4 avril 2016 ».
(Source : le Parisien )
Brahim Abdeslam s’est fait exploser, seul, à 21h41 à la terrasse du bistrot Comptoir Voltaire, au 253 boulevard Voltaire, à deux pas de la place de la Nation, vendredi soir, blessant grièvement une quinzaine de personnes. Selon le récit du responsable du café à L'Express, le terroriste s'est installé tranquillement dans le café. C'est lorsqu'il a passé la commande qu'il s'est fait sauter. La serveuse, Catherine, a été blessée à l'abdomen et au thorax. Hospitalisée, ses jours ne seraient plus en danger, selon ses collègues, sous le choc. 
Il avait loué une voiture Seat noire, immatriculée en Belgique, et retrouvée à Montreuil, près de Paris, au lendemain des attaques. A son bord, trois fusils d’assaut kalachnikov, onze chargeurs vides et cinq pleins…
Comme par hasard, les autorités ordonnent la fermeture de son bar quelques jours avant les attentats de Paris, que lui a-t-on promis en échange ? De l’argent probablement, ce n’était donc pas son but de se faire exploser…
De plus, Brahim Abdeslam buvait de l’alcool et fumait du cannabis à outrance, c’était un délinquant de droit commun, il n’avait pas le profil d’un fanatique religieux prêt à mourir en martyr. Continuons, il s’installe tranquillement à la terrasse d’un café et se fait sauter, sans crier« Allah akbar », isolé des autres personnes sauf de la serveuse… Et ne tuant personne… Même pas la serveuse qui est à moins d’un mètre de lui ! Incroyable cette ceinture d’explosifs !... Ce n’est pas très logique, un vrai kamikaze ne s’assoit pas à la terrasse d’un café pour passer une commande, secondement, il revendique son acte, troisièmement, il ne laisse pas une voiture rempli d’affaires personnelles, d’armes et de munitions prêtes à servir. Et quatrièmement, s’il avait porté une vraie ceinture d’explosifs il y aurait eu des morts car l’explosion aurait été bien plus puissante.
Hors l’explosion a été vraiment peu puissante. La preuve : la serveuse à côté de lui n’est même pas morte, mais seulement blessée et on veut nous faire croire qu’il est rentré pour se faire exploser avec une ceinture d’explosifs. Franchement, cela ne tient pas la route. S’il avait eu une vraie ceinture d’explosifs, il y aurait eu un tas de cadavres, et la serveuse à moins d’un mètre de lui aurait volé en éclats !
 Il n’a jamais voulu se faire sauter, il devait attendre  et aller chercher les autres en voiture après leur fusillade. Les services secrets ont déclenché à distance des micro-explosifs qu’ils ont dissimulés dans son blouson ou dans la ceinture de son pantalon, assez puissant pour le tuer lui et blesser des gens alentour sans grande gravité. Tout cela dans le but de faire croire  à un attentat suicide. Non seulement il n’y a aucun mort sauf celui qui travaille pour les services secrets et dont il faut se débarrasser, comme dans l’affaire Merah, mais cela passe pour un attentat suicide et provoque quand même une peur terrible. D’une pierre on fait deux coups. On fait naitre une peur terroriste en faisant zéro mort, à qui profite le crime ? Personne n’a relevé l’incohérence de cet acte car les morts du Bataclan aveuglent tout le monde.

Photo: WikiStrike
Photo: WikiStrike
Le mystère des 3 kamikazes du Stade de France

Pourquoi se sont-ils fait sauter à ces endroits-là ? Tout le monde s’interroge. Personne ne comprend. Enquêteurs et experts tentent de savoir pourquoi, alors qu'ils auraient pu provoquer un carnage et une panique mortelle, les trois kamikazes du Stade de France se sont fait sauter vendredi 13 novembre dans des lieux isolés, ne tuant qu'une personne, et encore probablement par accident, là où ils auraient pu faire beaucoup plus de victimes. Rappelons ici la chronologie des faits :

21h20 Au niveau de la porte D, le premier djihadiste actionne le détonateur de sa ceinture explosive remplie de TATP (explosif artisanal) et de boulons. Un passant, proche de lui, est tué.
21h30. Nouvelle détonation. Seule victime : le djihadiste, dont le corps coupé en deux gît sur le bitume. La vitrine du restaurant voisin est à peine fendue.
22h. Dans une rue voisine, une dernière explosion ne tue que le porteur de la ceinture piégée, dans l'entrée d'une impasse, comme s'il s'était isolé avant d'appuyer sur le bouton mortel.

A la fin de la rencontre. S'ils avaient attendu le coup de sifflet final, quand des milliers de personnes se pressent vers le métro, ils auraient là aussi fait de terribles dégâts, d'autant que Paris aurait déjà été sous le coup des attaques contre les restaurants et le Bataclan.
"C'est incompréhensible", confie dimanche à l'AFP, sous le sceau de l'anonymat, une source policière. "Il est miraculeux qu'il y ait eu si peu de victimes. Concrètement, ce qu'ils ont fait, à part se suicider, ça n'a aucun sens." "Ce n'est pas la bonne heure : si vous voulez faire un carnage, vous faites ça au moment de l'entrée ou de la sortie des spectateurs, ajoute le même policier. Autant ce qui s'est passé dans Paris intra-muros a du sens, autant là ce sont juste des mecs qui se sont suicidés."

Wikistrike va maintenant résoudre en direct l’énigme. La clé de compréhension résidait dans le cas Brahim Abdselam que personne n’a vu… à part nous. Et que nous venons d’élucider quelques lignes plus haut.
 Le premier djihadiste se surprend lui-même à exploser, c’est pourquoi il y aura un mort… Car ce n’est pas lui qui déclenche le minuteur, secondement, les services secrets ne le préviennent pas, donc ces derniers ne pouvaient pas savoir qu’au moment même ou ils actionnaient le minuteur, le djihadiste frôlait une personne.
C’est pourquoi 10 minutes après, pour éviter un autre mort accidentel, ils arrivent à isoler l’autre djihadiste en le guidant, en lui parlant, lequel comme les deux autres devait porter une oreillette.
Et 30 minutes après ils ont dû trouver un vice, raconter n’importe quoi, une histoire à dormie debout au troisième afin que celui-ci s’isole dans une impasse, seul, pour qu’ils le fassent sauter à son tour sans faire de victimes. Les services secrets voulaient les faire sauter sans causer de victimes, voilà pourquoi personne ne comprend leurs actes. Si les terroristes avaient été de vrais kamikazes, ils auraient fait de nombreux morts. Car ils se seraient fait explosés au bon moment et avec bien plus d’explosifs.
 Ce qui prouve de manière certaine qu’ils étaient manipulés par les services secrets, c’est déjà le fait qu’ils aient explosés isolés sans faire de mal à personne, et que secondement, leurs ceintures d’explosifs était de qualité très faible. De plus, quand un kamikaze veut faire un gros coup, il n’utilise jamais une ceinture mais un gilet d’explosifs, bien plus puissant.
La preuve irréfutable est le second djihadiste, dont le corps n’a même pas explosé, mais s’est seulement retrouvé coupé en deux. La vitre à proximité de lui se retrouve fendue, même pas brisée. Preuve que tout était calculé pour faire le moins de victimes possible. C’est un false flag absolu. C’est la preuve que l’Etat français est bien derrière : vouloir créer la terreur avec le moins de victimes possibles pour faire passer le changement de constitution tant désiré. C’est tellement gros qu’il est à peine croyable que personne n’ait deviné la supercherie. C’est pourtant d’une simplicité déconcertante.
3 apprentis kamikazes sans cervelle munis de ceintures d’explosifs moyens faites pour tuer un ou deux pigeons, 3 débiles avec des oreillettes d’où ils reçoivent leur ordre, 3 abrutis munis de GPS incrustés dans leur ceinture d’explosifs qu’on promène et qu’on file, voilà nos 3 marionnettes avec lesquelles les services secrets français ont joué aux jeux vidéo. Le Djihad international est devenu la PlayStation des services secrets français.

Le cas Salah Abdeslam

Soupçonné d'être l'un des huit auteurs des attentats de Paris vendredi, Salah Abdeslam, frère de Brahim Abdeslam, le soi-disant kamikaze du boulevard Voltaire, pour une raison indéterminée, recul ou raté, Salah Abdeslam n'a pas déclenché de ceinture explosive à l'inverse de son frère et des six kamikazes qui ont agi au Stade de France et au Bataclan. Les enquêteurs pensent que Salah et son frère Brahim ont pu former l'équipe qui a tiré à la kalachnikov sur des terrasses et des restaurants, y semant la mort et se déplaçant en Seat.
Salah Abdeslam a été exfiltré en Belgique par ses deux amis Hamza Attou et Mohamed Amri. Ils ont fait en voiture le trajet Molenbeek-Paris-Molenbeek - plus de 600 km et 6 heures de route – dans la nuit du vendredi au samedi matin.
 Les enquêteurs ont trouvé du nitrate d'ammonium aux domiciles de ces deux complices ainsi que des munitions de calibre 5.56 et de 7.62, adapté aux kalachnikovs. Le nitrate d'ammonium est un composant utilisé pour la fabrication d'engrais, mais est hautement dangereux. C'est ce composant chimique qui avait entrainé l'explosion accidentelle de l'usine AZF de Toulouse en 2001, faisant 31 morts.
Le commanditaire des attentats est l'ami d'enfance de Salah Abdeslam, le célèbre Abdelhamid Abaaout, qui a pour kounia (nom de guerre) Abou Omar. Ce dernier travaille pour l’EMNI, il s’agit de la sécurité intérieure de l’Etat Islamique (Daesh). L’EMNI est également chargé d’envoyer des espions  et des kamikazes en Europe. Chaque espion touche 50 000 € par l’EMNI pour faire une attaque en Europe. Et beaucoup plus s’il est prêt à se faire exploser (dans ce cas précis c’est la famille du martyr qui touche l’argent). C’est Abou Omar en personne qui gère les dossiers.
Ainsi, il faut comprendre que Salah Abdeslam est protégé par les plus hautes autorités de Daesh. Mais lui et son frère Brahim qui organisaient les attentats de Paris ne devaient pas mourir, mais accompagner et gérer les martyrs. Ils se sont fait doubler par les services secrets français de peur qu’ils ne parlent. Car il est au courant des accords secrets entre la France et Daesh (voir la conclusion). Pour Brahim cela a fonctionné, mais Salah, lui, sentant le coup fourré, a changé de vêtement, s’est débarrassé du dispositif GPS ainsi que de la ceinture explosive.  Et ensuite s’est enfui vers la Belgique pour rejoindre plus tard la Syrie.

Tous ces faits démontrent sans équivoque que l’Etat français a tout coordonné avec les services secrets, manipulant des islamistes comme des marionnettes, et ce dans leur propre intérêt : changer la constitution, pour faire et imposer un Patriot Act à la française, comme les américains après les attentats du World trade Center. Ils se sont servis de Daesh et de ses agents, comme ils l’ont fait au début pour tenter de renverser Bachar al Assad en Syrie.
N’oublions pas que Daesh est une création artificielle. Ce n’est que l’instrument de la politique de plusieurs États et multinationales. En Syrie, la présence d’officiers français encadrant des groupes armés extrémistes lorsqu’ils perpétraient des crimes contre l’humanité est largement attestée.
En effet, la France n’a pas toujours bombardé Daesh, mais lui a largué des armes durant plus d’un an. Ce point est ignoré de la presse occidentale, mais a été largement discuté un an durant par la presse arabe et perse. La vérité a éclaté au grand jour lorsque cinquante analystes du CentCom ont dénoncé les mensonges des rapports sur la Coalition, qu’une enquête interne a été déclenchée et que, finalement, le général John Allen a été contraint à la démission. Voir notamment : « Stewart, Brennan et Cardillo dénoncent les manipulations du Renseignement au Pentagone » et « Le général Allen présente sa démission (Bloomberg) », Réseau Voltaire, 12 et 23 septembre 2015.

David J. Feldmann pour Wikistrike

Hasna Aitboulahcen

Hasna Aitboulahcen did not blow herself up in Paris raid: police

Hasna Aitboulahcen, the woman found dead after a ferocious police assault on an apartment building targeting the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, did not die in a suicide bombing, a police source said Friday.
Prosecutors said on the day of Wednesday's raid in Saint-Denis in the north of the capital that a woman had detonated an explosives vest and died.

The police source said that the suicide bomber was in fact a man, not a woman.


The decision by the Israeli government to outlaw the country’s main Islamic Movement marks a dangerous turning point in Israel’s relations with its large Palestinian minority. The move effectively drives underground a religious, political and social movement representing the views of a sizeable portion of Israel’s 1.6 million Palestinian citizens.
Benjamin Netanyahu took advantage of a meeting this week with Barack Obama – their first in 13 months – to suggest it was time the US president recognised Israel’s illegal annexation of the Golan. Though he did not mention it, Netanyahu’s motives may have included the fact that last month US oil firm Genie announced it had found reserves there with the potential to produce “billions of barrels”.
In many Palestinians’ minds, non-violence has become tainted by association with Mahmoud Abbas’ years of ineffectiveness and his security coordination with Israel. But some Palestinian intellectuals are advocating non-violent resistance on pragmatic grounds, emphasising the futility of violence faced with Israel’s military superiority.
Despite claims it is seeking to calm tensions in Jerusalem, Israel is intensifying activities to encircle the al-Aqsa mosque and strengthen its control over the holy site, Israeli archaeologists have warned. Sounding the alarm as the US brokered a deal that will see cameras installed in the mosque compound, the group accused Israel of making rapid changes to the physical landscape around al-Aqsa to obscure the area’s Islamic character and create an ever-more arduous “obstacle course” for worshippers.

Jerusalem chaos is a warning of things to come

19 October 2015
Israel has little but stopgap measures to defend against Palestinian protests. Its intelligence agencies cannot predict the lone wolf, its guns cannot deter the knife, its military might cannot subdue the craving for justice and dignity. The current unrest may recede, but more waves of protest of ever greater intensity are surely not far behind.

Videos challenge Israeli police account of shootings

16 October 2015
Israeli human rights groups say videos taken on phones challenge the accuracy of official Israeli accounts of the circumstances in which police have killed or injured Palestinians. The footage provides concrete evidence that police have been “quick to shoot to kill” rather than arrest Palestinians in Jerusalem and Israel who were suspected of involvement in attacks on Israeli Jews.

As unrest grows in Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu seeks scapegoats

13 October 2015
Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a crackdown on Palestinian political leaders in Israel, blaming them for the current unrest, in what appeared to be an attempt to bolster his severely dented image as ‘Mr Security’. After a security cabinet meeting, Netanyahu directed officials to assemble the evidence to make possible the outlawing of the northern wing of the Islamic movement.

‘Israel is a terrorist state’

12 October 2015
The violence rocking the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and now Gaza is on the verge of spilling into Israel, Palestinian leaders in Israel warned. A wave of unrest has swept Palestinian towns in Israel over recent days. Aggressive policing, vigilante-style attacks by Israeli Jews and a crackdown on the Palestinian leadership in Israel have quickly heightened tensions.

Netanyahu ‘better not disturb the status quo’

6 October 2015
The rapid escalation in violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank suggests the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be entering a new phase, according to analysts. But the term “intifada” risks obscuring as much as it reveals. The clashes are not chiefly about resistance. They have been provoked by the growing stranglehold the settlers enjoy, both on the ground and on government policy.

Netanyahu seeks to impose a new reality at Al-Aqsa

5 October 2015
For the past month Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to rewrite the Biblical story of David and Goliath by declaring war on what he terms Palestinian “terrorism by stones”. The touchpaper for the latest clashes are Israeli transgressions at al-Aqsa mosque compound. Tensions have risen sharply as ever larger numbers of Jewish ultra-nationalists have ascended to the mosque area.

Israel’s new police chief emerges from shadowy world

3 October 2015
Roni Alsheikh, Israel’s new police chief, has spent decades living in two shadowy worlds: as a senior officer in Israel’s secret police, known as the Shin Bet; and as an religious settler who has lived in some of the West Bank’s most extreme and violent communities. Indicating the Shin Bet’s lack of transparency and accountability, the Israeli media had to refer to the new police chief by the initial “R” until a gag order was lifted on Wednesday.

Israel’s army and schools work hand in hand, say teachers

28 September 2015
Nearly 300 Israeli schools have joined an IDF-education ministry programme called “Path of Values”, whose goal is to “strengthen the ties and cooperation between schools and the army”. In practice, say teachers, it has led to regular visits to schools by army officers and reciprocal field trips to military bases for the children, to encourage them to enlist when they finish school.

Israel’s left is finally bringing its racism out of the closet

23 September 2015
The popular shift rightwards in Israel means that even the left can no longer afford to keep its racism hidden from view. For Palestinian leaders, that may be no bad thing: it is easier to grapple with an Israel that grows ever less sophisticated, ever less capable of concealing its central goals. It looks uglier, not simply because things are getting worse but because they are finally out in the open.

Red neoliberals: How Corbyn’s victory unmasked Britain’s Guardian

21 September 2015
Corbyn is not just threatening to expose the sham of the PLP as a real alternative to the Conservatives, but the sham of Britain’s liberal-left media as a real alternative to the press barons. The talkback sections in the Guardian show its kneejerk belittling of Corbyn has inserted a dangerous seed of doubt in the minds of a proportion of its formerly loyal readers.

Netanyahu aims his WMD at Obama

9 September 2015
Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is reluctant to unlock horns with the White House, even as he faces almost certain defeat in trying to block President Obama’s deal with Iran. Is Netanyahu hoping to turn the Iran issue into a doomsday electoral weapon against the Democrats, helping to clear the path into the White House next year for a Republican.

With schools starved of funds, Christians question their future in Israel

8 September 2015
With 47 independent church schools in Israel facing closure as they are starved of funding, many Christians are starting to suspect their government is waging a low-level war against them. Christians in neighbouring states are fleeing the Middle East as they face civil wars and threats of persecution. In Israel the mistreatment of Christians may be more bureaucratic than physical, but its effects are likely in the long run to prove just as tangible.

Israel hopes ‘lost tribes’ can boost Jewish numbers

6 September 2015
Israel is examining ways to expand the scope of the Law of Return, defining who is a Jew, to entitle up to three million more people to immigrate. Immigration rights could be extended to “groups with ties to the Jewish people”, including so-called “lost tribes” in India and Latin America. The move appears to reflect mounting concern that Israel is losing the “numbers battle” against the Palestinians.

‘In an endless war on terror, we are all doomed to become Palestinians’

29 August 2015
In an interview about his new book, Jeff Halper argues that Israel is cashing in – both financially and diplomatically – on systems of control it has developed in the occupied territories. It is exporting its know-how to global elites keen to protect their privileges from both external and internal challengers. In a world supposedly mired in an endless war on terror, we may all be facing a future as Palestinians.

Israel’s thug at the UN

25 August 2015
The appointment by Benjamin Netanyahu of one of his most hawkish and outspoken rivals as Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations has prompted widespread consternation. As one Israeli analyst noted last week, Danny Danon’s appointment amounts to a “cruel joke” on the international community. The new envoy “lacks even the slightest level of finesse and subtlety required of a senior diplomat”.

Israeli politician’s Reform Jew comment provokes fury

19 August 2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been scrambling to extinguish a firestorm after his religious affairs minister questioned the Jewishness of hundreds of thousands of North American Jews. David Azoulay’s disparaging comments about followers of the most progressive branch of Judaism, known as Reform, threaten to undermine Netanyahu’s policy of trying to encourage Jews to immigrate to Israel.

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