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Is that you Jesus, in the company of those four nymphs?
-Fool, of course not!   My wife is Mary Magdalena!  That must be you with your 4 wives!

 Thursday, 11/12/2015 False Flag Weekly News
Streamed live on 12 Nov 2015
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Why did the Greeks and Imperialist Roman barbarians invent such a character as the Palestinian Jesus Christ who they made into a Greco Roman God, and a Unique Begotten Son of God, begotten not made, who voluntarily, despite the legendary fact to the contrary, offered himself as a ritual human sacrifice when he perfectly knew that his sacrifice was fake (a false flag!) and that he would not die, but come back to life after only three days - healthy, completely healed despite all the torture and agonising pain?  Was Jesus Christ therefore not a conman, a fraud, a charlatan, a Con God?   
Do not get offended, you damn Earthlings calling yourselves CHRIST ians and you too humans calling yourselves MU SLIMS who denied the Resurrection of Christ, which according to Paulian Roman Catholic Dogma sends you straight to Hell, even if the Gehenna, from the Arabic Jahannam, the Gates of Hell, The Fire (An-Nar), The Blazing Fire (Jahiim), That which breaks into pieces (Hatama), The Abyss (Hawiyah), etc.,  the   Valley of Hinnom (Jahannum) existed only on Earth and in Palestine.  When some Babylonian or Sumerian or Egyptian bandits came to Palestine or the Arab lands, they called Hell Gehenna, the Valley of Hinnom outside Jerusalem where disobeying or apostate Israelites and followers of various Ba'als and other Arab, Palestinian and Canaanite  Gods, including the one that is still worshipped by the US American leadership at Bohemian Grove, the Great Moloch or Molech, (Malik means leader, ruler or King in Arabic).

(Arabic: ملك‎; Hebrew: מֶלֶךְ‎)  and other "Semitic" languages (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Eblaite, etc.).  This was where the Israelites sacrificed their children as a Holocaust by Fire (2 Chr. 28:3, 33:6). Thereafter it was deemed to be cursed (Jer. 7:31, 19:2-6). (Jewipedia or Ziopedia)

The racist thing about the West and their encyclopaedias, they all say that "Hebrew" (an Egyptian and Babylonian Arabic dialect or patois!) came before "Arabic" when North Arabs inhabited Sumer at the time of legendary or mythical Abraham, and the Rashida (Rosetta) Stone has Arabic scripts !  "Hebrew" started as a cursive Arabic script before the Judaics changed it to the Babylonian square scripts, but all ancient Hebrew cursive scripts have almost vanished from the Jewbooks and even from the Jewinternet!  I have been writing this for decades, yet nobody challenged me, not even Rabbi Marc-Alain Ouaknin who wrote lies in his book about the written Arabic (Phoenician) Alphabet that was borrowed by the Greeks who had none !

Now to my point at last!  Alhamdulillah!

Why did Jesus and Muhammad want to help the poor, the oppressed and the suffering?  

Why has Hindustan shown so much interest in the sufferings of Hindustanis (mainly of Vedantists and rarely of Muslims!) and Jews (See Bimal Roy's "Yahudi") in most of their stupid films meant for retards?   Yet, their Anglo-Indian cinema was heavily dominated and influenced by Islamic theology and Hindu rituals and (Hinduised) Muslims (apostates for the most part and slaves or "house negroes"!): producers, poets, lyricists, music directors, actors, actresses, playback singers, etc.  Have we ever seen a more suffering people than the Hindustanis on cinema as well as in real life after Great Britain left the masses totally impoverished after mass murdering all Freedom Fighters and plundering all the wealth of rich Hindustan where nobody starved until those barbarians invaded their lands and stole everything? 

Yet, the world has forgotten the misery those barbarians created in Hindustan and hail the savagely partitioned country as the "greatest democracy" in the world when they do not even have democracy in their own lands!  They have monarchy, oligarchy, corporatocracy, totalitarian dictatorship, Satanic Illuminati, mediacracy, judeocracy, racism, savage capitalism, State Atheism, Socialism,  Communism, and abominations of all kinds the world has hardly ever known before except maybe in "Sodom"! 

- Yes, My Son, bash those ungrateful humans while you still can although I know from experience that they do not and will never listen, isn't it true Muhammad?   

- Yes, Akhi 'Isa, you are right; those ungrateful cowards and liars!  They hate freedom, truth, justice and all morality.  They make up their own religion(s) as they go along.  They do not realise that we gave them the best wisdom of old inherited from the four corners of the Earth and from time immemorial whether there is Such a God or not!  They cannot even understand simple Greek or Arabic or even poetry and allegory.  They distort every single word we said and even added to it!  Those humans are hopeless!  
- Yes, Muhammad, you are right!  Now, they all worship Satan and the Synagogue of Satan (Caesar) is their only place of worship!  There is and will be no Saviour as the warmongers have invented the deadliest weapons of death and mind control, and are fast degenerating everything God or Nature gave them, and robotising the humans!  Humanity is dead forever!  Sodom is back in all its ugliness and Satan is rejoicing and laughing out loud from their long dead hearts !  And, I will not come back, never!  I am not even sure I ever came to this dead planet!

- Akhi, I never said you will come back!  You came, I came, and it was not enough for them.  They are so greedy!  Now, they want you back!  They are hopeless usurers who think they can get away by serving two masters at the same time!  But, the few humans and Believers and Doers of righteous Godly deeds will keep on the fight, and we must both be there for them until this World Ends for good or shall we abandon them?  Will there be a New Beginning! 

 - Muhammad, nobody knows except the Almighty Creator who has to date done a botched job of all His Creations, including Adam, Lilith and Eve!  I was there as well as you, Muhammad, when Satan challenged God and who won?  Satan won, damn it!  Or am I wrong, Muhammad?   
- No, Akhi, you are damn right!  Those fools never understood that God is right there in their own hearts, but only when they keep their hearts pure!  They are dreaming of a non existent heavenly Paradise!

Muhammad, let me ask Basheer a question!  My Son, why did you include Hindustan with our names?  

Because I have known Anglo-India (once known as Hindustan, one of the wealthiest countries on Earth) to be the most wretched country in the entire world where some 40 million people have to defecate on side roads, and where they have to murder 50 million babies under UN control because they are found to be girls, where some 100-150 Muslims have gone missing, and where the descendants of my ancestors have to commit suicide because of Jewish and Christian Usury and Monsanto!  They are my people and they are suffering and I can feel the pain every single day and night through the songs of a God-gifted singer, Muhammad Rafi, who lived at a time when Hindus and Muslims and even Christians could live in peace and harmony although the Muslims had to gradually renounce their religion (or to vilify it) in order to please their Anglo-Hindu masters and rulers.   

So the pain never leaves me, not only for my people (Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Atheists alike), but for all human sufferings around the globe, and in particular in African, South American and Muslim lands, and who is better to understand human suffering than Jesus Christ and Muhammad?  But, you too have become useless to them as you can save only a few of them from despair and suicide!  They all speak in your Holy Names, but they are not Christ ians or Mu slims of the Almighty and All Merciful God, but only worshippers of Mammon, and of the Synagogue of Satan, as you so rightly said it (did you?) or Lucifer as some put it! 

- Muhammad, let's go back to Mars where we came from in the first place and see what we can achieve there as Satan is fast colonising Mars right now!  I do not wish to be crucified again and again!  By the way, my Son, is it Apocalypse 24 that you are now writing?  

I lost count and it will again be casting pearls before swine and I know it, but I have to do my part, God or no God!  I wish you both a good trip to Mars!  Worry no more, this earth will end as it has started!  Only fools think they or their Gods are in control!


Thursday 12th of November 2015 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Outlawing Free Speech on Jewish Identity

by Anthony James Hall

Canadian Hate Speech Trial Highlights Satirical Reversal of Jewish Proposal to Exterminate the German Nation
Arthur Topham Now Convicted in Canada for Instigating Hatred of Jews
Arthur Topham Now Convicted in Canada for Instigating Hatred of Jews
Arthur Topham was convicted of hate speech under the Criminal Code of Canada for a satire involving a pamphlet published by Theodore K. Kaufman in 1941. Kaufman’s text called for the extermination of the German nation. Kaufman advocated the sterilization of all 48,000,000 German males then under 60 years of age.
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.41.35 PM

The aim was to “prevent the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind.” Kaufman proposed that 20,000 surgeons should be assigned to the project of exterminating the capacity of Germans to procreate. He promoted the option of “genetic sterilization” as the best way of eliminating the German component of the human race. Kaufman’s text, a best seller in the United States when it was first published, characterized the German people as “misfits, degenerates, the insane, and hereditary criminals.”

The Canadian B’nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress persuaded the Attorney General of British Columbia to prosecute Topham for the content of his web site, Radical As discussed in considerable detail in the two and a half weeks of court proceedings before a 12 person jury in Quesnel BC, Topham satirically reversed the terms of Germany Must Perish by inserting “Israel” for Germany.
The main “expert witness” for the government was Len Rudner of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC). It turned out that Mr. Rudner did not write the “expert report” he submitted to the court. It was written, rather, by the Bernie Farber.

Len Rudner, the Crown's Expert Witness, Labelled a "Bafoon" by Canadian Jewish Congress Critic, Ezra Levant.
Len Rudner, the Crown’s Expert Witness.

Farber and Rudner have been the subject of strong attacks from within the Jewish community. Jewish broadcaster Ezra Levant accused them of being “hacks” working for an outfit that is a “dumping ground” for failed politicians who couldn’t “cut it” in real professions. Wrote Levant, “just so you know: Len Rudner and the other baffoons at the Canadian Jewish Congress don’t speak for me. They don’t speak for any of the Jews I know.”

The expert witness for the defense was Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born author, scholar and jazz musician as well as a former member of the Israeli Defense Force. In his testimony Atzmon distinguished religious and ethnic Judaism from political Judaism. According to Atzmon this political strain of identity can lead to “cold blooded murder of

Gilad Atzmon, Expert Witness for the Defense.
Gilad Atzmon, Expert Witness for the Defense.

Palestinian families or extensive Jewish Lobbying in the West. Such acts “deserve criticism,” explained the outspoken Israeli critic of Zionism, Jewish exceptionalism and racialized Jewish exclusivity.

Arthur Topham is to be sentenced for his publications in 2011 and 2012 including his satirical reversal of Germany Must Perish. He was deemed by the jury to be “not guilty” for his publications in 2013. Some observers felt that the presiding Judge, Justice Bruce Butler, displayed throughout the trial an obvious bias towards the Crown prosecutor, Jennifer Johnson.

Mr. Topham wrote an article after the verdict entitled, “Locking Up Your Charter Right to Free Expression.” The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is part of Canada’s “supreme law.” It includes words that supposedly protect freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a country that used to be widely respected as a defender of the principles of universal human rights. Topham observed that “the way is open” to making his case the basis of a Supreme Court challenge to the constitutionality of the offending hate speech provisions of Canada’s Criminal Code.
 Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.39.15 PM

I proved that the photographs were staged and of a drill where some kids were even laughing and parents were watching the show! BAFS

It is the second time I am blocked from posting on facebook! A few years ago I was kicked out of Dailymotion IMMEDIATELY after one Jew threatened to have me kicked out, and then recently blocked from copy-pasting on Youtube! But, this is great news for me as this will give me more time for my domestic matters! BAFS

Jim, how is it that Europe are accepting Middle eastern prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals as "immigrants"! This is all staged and was on the Jewish/Zionist agenda for quite some time! As a French citizen I can prove it! BAFS

The US-ISRAEL created ISIS (like they created Al-Qaeda), the "Jihadis" and the "Islamic State" to replace BlackwaterXe, yet I found nobody to make that connection! This has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, none at all! BAFS
 The Alien Beginning and End of Humankind
By Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally



Jésus le Messager de Lumière - JESUS, THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT.


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    2. N.B. I cannot stand even one mistake in my texts! So, I am reposting this commentary as I do not know how to edit it.

      FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY12 November 2015 at 13:39
      Jesus: Hey Muhammad, did you see what Basheer wrote about me on facebook? Here is the quote:

      "I never read that he ever washed his own clothes that guy (Jesus Christ) or cooked his own food or washed his own feet or paid any rent or taxes to anybody!"

      Muhammad: Well, Akhi, you cannot blame him because all this is true, isn't it? Thank God, time permitting, I used to wash and mend my own clothes, helped in the cooking, washed my own feet, paid the Poor Tax, but as far as I can remember I never paid rent although I borrowed money from the Jews. And you Akhi, you never even paid any tax for the poor or to Caesar while ordering your followers to pay taxes to Caesar or having to put up with wives.

      Jesus: Those guys writing about me never even met me, and never recorded the truth as it really happened. Do you think my blessed Mother would not beat the hell out of me, my brothers and sisters if we did not help her in the house chores when our father was out earning money? Those idiots never even recorded that I was married! Otherwise how in hell would my father and mother accept Mary Magdalena to live in the house with me and with them? But, the Roman Synagogues of Satan made sure that all mention of my wife was removed from their Canon!

      Muhammad: Well, Akhi, you have indeed an excellent point. Yet, so many strange and even funny things have been said about you, (and even about me for that matter), like the day when your parents forgot you in the Temple or in Jerusalem and went home as if you never even existed! You were only 12 I think, wasn't you? And once home they remembered they had forgotten their boy and returned to kick your butt and drag you home after they saw you supposedly preaching to the Priests.

      Jesus: Muhammad, enough of this nonsense for now; we have more serious things to attend to! I know you will always find an opportunity to remind me of other stupidities they wrote about me, including that lunatic Saul!

      Muhammad: You are right, Akhi. Yes, let's go and instead help Basheer in kicking some butts in those Synagogues of Satan - the Churches and the Masajid!


  2. JESUS: Hey Satan where are you rushing to that fast?
    SATAN: Sorry, my friend, I am very busy and cannot stop!
    JESUS: But, I have only one question.
    Satan: Hurry up, I must go!
    Jesus: Why do you not physically possess any human anymore?
    Satan: That's a big one and I have no time to waste with such silly questions!
    Jesus: You know, my friend, I made a big mistake by refusing your offer to rule over the world!
    Satan: Oh that one! Yes, you made a fool of yourself by listening to your senile and incompetent father!
    Jesus: But, tell me, my friend, how are you now ruling the world?
    Satan: I am Lucifer the Bringer of Light, not you, fool, and I am worshipped by the rulers of this world, the money Jews, the bank gangsters, the military industrial complex, my Synagogues, the UNO, NASA, NSA, all Freemasonic Lodges, and instead of possessing those stupid Earth creatures made by your stupid Father one by one physically, I possess them all collectively through my academies, Parliaments, Congresses, Public School Sewage Systems, Monsanto, Family Culling Programmes, Corporations that own and run all your Court, Education, Pharmaceutical and Death ( (Health) Systems, your media, sports, printing industry, Charitable, Spying and Mass Control Organisations like the Red Cross, Tavistok Institute, British Royals, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CIA, FBI, Israel, Federal Reserve, World Council of Synagogues, AIPAC, ADL, LICRA, CRIF, and the list is too long!
    Jesus: So, you won the bet with God, didn't you?
    Satan: Of course, you fool, I won a long time ago, and only your followers are still not aware of it! By the way where is your Brother Muhammad?
    Jesus: Oh him! He is busy trying not to tell the truth to his many wives who want to know who will be with him in Paradise!
    Satan: One thing humans have never learned: To never tell the truth to your wives or women! But, they do worse: they worship women instead of God! And I own all their women, almost, to whom they sing so many love songs when they want to possess their body, but only when they are young, fresh and blooming !
    Jesus: Satan,...!
    Satan: Jesus, I have to go now, my cannibal Jihadis are all waiting for me on the Killing fields! And you know what, my friend, they are all paid by your followers' tax money, those stupid Earthlings!


  3. As facebook has again blocked me, I have to post here!
    Field McConnell or his friend Richard Hawkins would most certainly have something very important to say about the logo SERCO on the nuclear bomber at the left foot of Barry Soetero OBAMA the Nobel mass murderer and "Anti-Christ"!

    APOCALYPSE 26 - Thursday, 12 November 2015

    APOCALYPSE 25 - Tuesday, 30 December 2014

    Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally
    Sunday 15th of November 2015

  4. 12 November 2015 at 13:39
    Muhammad: You are right, Akhi. Yes, let's go and instead help Basheer in kicking some butts in those Synagogues of Satan - the Churches and the Masajid!

    13 November 2015 at 01:59
    Satan: Jesus, I have to go now, my cannibal Jihadis are all waiting for me on the Killing fields! And you know what, my friend, they are all paid by your followers' tax money, those stupid Earthlings!

    Sunday 15 November 2015

  5. Erratum
    Field McConnell or his friend DAVID Hawkins (Not Richard!)